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Legal Forms

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Speed Up Your Divorce Settlement with Divorce Legal Forms

Let's face it. Sometimes, no matter how we take care of our family, things get
out of our control and we need to make huge decisions like filing for a
divorce. But though this is a devastating decision to make, we need to be
careful in the steps that we have to take in finalizing divorce.

Why? It is because we need to treat this as a very sensitive issue. We have to
consider how your child will react to it. But, if you have already made your
decision and if both of you have decided it's not smart to live with each other
anymore; then you have to file the necessary divorce legal forms next.

You will have to fill up several forms for divorce, unlike with other legal
proceedings. And you need to fill them up properly so you won't have any
problem at courts. It is therefore advisable to seek for professional advice
from a legal expert or from a divorce lawyer.

They will know if you are filling up the form correctly and if the form is
legitimate. You know, there are lots of fake divorce legal forms out there and
you may not know the difference until they cause trouble. The forms that you
have to fill up also depend whether you have assets and children or none. Here
are some of the legal forms that you may need to accomplish during a divorce if
you have children and assets;

* Appearance form
* Fee waiver form
* Decree of Dissolution of Marriage form
* Instructions form
* Motion for Hearing form
* Notice of Hearing form
* Petition for Divorce Form
* Settlement agreement and decree of dissolution of marriage form
* Summons form
* Waiver of final hearing form

On the other hand, you will need the following divorce legal forms if you have

* Settlement agreement and decree of dissolution of marriage form
* Appearance form
* Decree of Dissolution of Marriage form
* Fee waiver form
* Instructions form for divorce with children
* Motion for Final hearing form
* Notice of final hearing form
* Notice of provisional hearing form
* Petition for dissolution of marriage and requests for provisional orders form
* Summons form
* Temporary order form
* Waiver of final hearing form
* Worksheet for child support

It would really help if you know what divorce legal forms you need to
accomplish before filing it at a court. Just be sure to ask out if the forms
are legal and are not prohibited by your state laws.

Know the Different Real Estate Legal Forms

Before, real estate transactions were not written. Landlords a tenants, buyers
and sellers, made their agreements verbally, accepting their words as a solemn
promise. But today, with the advancement of technology, real estate
transactions are a lot more different.

Although there are some simple and small agreements and contracts that can
still be legal, it is necessary to use printed contracts and agreements to put
every case legally and avoid unwanted cases.

Appropriately worded documents should be properly protected for all parties
involved and should explain clearly all the rights and obligation of each.
Sometimes, a legal case may occur that will require the creation of an informal
document that will show the obligation and stipulations of the parties involved.

Anyone with a little knowledge can prepare such documents but the question now
is, how can you tell difference between what is legal and what is not.

It is a fact that most legal documents prepared by lawyers are complex and
difficult to understand. With the goal to allow common people a simple and
straightforward verbiage, real estate legal forms were introduced.

These are appropriate for the vast majority of users, helping them to go
through their filing of real estate matters easily, even without the help of an
attorney. It is true that legal situations may sometimes require service of an
attorney. But you can save much of your money thru these legal forms.

You can find very useful real estate legal forms in the internet. They are
designed to provide personal protection, prevent misunderstandings, and evade
from liabilities regarding real estate matters. The goal is to provide people
access to the most useful forms needed by landlords, tenants, and property

Most of these real estate forms are freely available online can be immediately
be downloaded in different types of format such as MS Word, PDF, and Text.

All real estate legal forms need to be drafted to comply with the laws of
different states. Generally, standardized forms are not acceptable and many
free forms are also not valid. That is why it is important to find the right
and valid real estate legal forms that will work under your state such as
deeds, contracts, liens, and many others.

Below are some of the most popular real estate legal forms:

* Home Sale Package

-- This complete package includes the contracts, disclosures and other
necessary forms.

* Offer to Purchase

-- Most people use this as an initial attempt to approach a seller about the

* Deeds

-- Warranty forms, Quitclaims, etc -- forms like these are state-specific since
each state have special and unique statutes and governing laws regarding how
deeds should be done. These deed forms are designed to comply with the laws of
different states.

* Landlord Tenant Forms

-- These are forms regarding all the necessary cases that apply to landlord to
tenant conditions.

* Purchase Contracts

-- Residential and Commercial -- This is comprised of contracts for the sale of
real estate such as commercial, residential, lots and others. Addendums and
other contracts are included including the seller's disclosure forms.

* Promissory Notes on Real Estate

-- These are promissory notes offered for any real estate transactions. Various
different notes are also included such as fixed rate notes.

* Contract for Deed

-- This is usually used as a substitute means of financing the purchase price
of property.

* Mortgages (Satisfaction/Assignment)

-- Either you are assigning a mortgage or deed of trust and satisfy them after
they are paid this real estate legal forms are the solution.

There are many other legal forms on real estate that you can find on the
internet. All you have to do is find the appropriate forms that apply on the
state where you are residing.

What To Remember With Guardianship Legal Forms

If you are planning to accept legal guardianship, you need to abide by the
legal requirements, such as properly filling-out necessary guardianship legal
forms. This is to avoid the hassles of being frequently monitored by the court
or any other authorities.

Being properly educated with state laws at your location will be a big factor
in easily carrying out with the entire legal guardianship procedures. All
legalities involved will start by choosing the right legal guardianship forms
with the right official contents.

Where to secure guardianship legal forms

Guardianship legal forms can be obtained by:

* Purchasing from the local bookstores;
* Securing from a legal clinic or from a lawyer; and/or
* Downloading from the internet.

Most get the downloaded forms mainly because of convenience and are normally
free of charge. However, if you are going to do the same, make sure you check
the forms and what are stated must conform to the current state legal laws
where you live.

This advice is the same with those bought from the local bookstores. There are
cases that the forms available from the bookstores contain outdated contents,
which in most cases can mean they are not valid when used even when signatures
from your lawyer and concerned parties are affixed.

So, while downloaded or store-bought forms will spare you from the hassles of
driving over to the lawyer's clinic, it is necessary to check the contents to
avoid the troubles of getting the wrong ones.

Verify the forms

What you should do is check with your lawyer or a legal authority. You can also
visit the library to verify the latest official version of the legal
guardianship forms. Or better yet, be spared of uncertainties by getting the
forms directly from the courts.

These are normally available via the court clerks with little or no fees at
all. When consulting regarding the latest version, you may want to ask what are
the legal procedures involved.

You may want to inquire about political or economic conditions both at the
state or national level since these aspects significantly affect the
requirements of accepting guardianship responsibilities. These conditions and
procedures keep on changing from time to time, so guardianship legal forms are
updated as well.

Be prepared during the process

After you have secured the right form, you may want to anticipate some tricky
issues to show up along the way. This is not to be surprised since this matter
is quite specifically full of legalities involved. In many cases, you have to
be armed with strong will and patience.

Whether you like it or not, you can encounter many difficult transitions
particularly at initial stages of the whole legal works. In addition, there may
be some issues which will question your capacity to become a legal guardian. So
at the very beginning, it is a must that you are well-prepared, financially,
psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

During the process, you may also encounter some emotional stress, such as
coming from the failure of building rapport with the child at first. You also
have to take care of all his/her medical, education, and other personal needs.

In the end, though, legal guardianship can turn out so much rewarding
especially if you do your obligations well, not only over the child's welfare
but over various formalities/legalities involved in accepting guardianship.
Initiating it by getting only the proper guardianship legal forms to accomplish
your desire to accept the custody is a big help in paving a smooth and
hassle-free legal process.

Divorce Legal Forms Online

Hiring an attorney to make your divorce forms can sometimes be costly. And so
are buying them from stores selling legal forms and papers. If you are in need
of these forms but are on a tight budget, you can always surf the internet for
free and downloadable divorce legal forms.

There are lots of these on the World Wide Web. Just check if the one you are
downloading is what you need and whether downloaded forms are legal in the
place where you live. To be sure, you can go to your local library and check
whether what you have is legitimate, up to date and accepted at courts. You can
even ask the clerk there to check on your forms.

Getting to Know Child Custody Legal Forms

In the United States, there have been thousands of child custody cases. Most
are cases which come along with the divorce of the parents of the child in
question. There are also cases where relatives or some close friends of the
parent's questions their ability to take care of the well-being of the child in

Now, the most common cases of child custody case involving other person than
the parents are when the parents are both dead, both absent or away, imprisoned
or are unfit to take care of the child. The latter is usually due to
psychological disorder or financial matters.

Whether you are a parent, a relative or a friend filing for child custody, it
is always a must that you get proper child custody legal forms. You know, many
legal experts believe that if you are to accomplish these legal forms properly,
the chances of getting positive results in a court decision is high. Why? This
is because a completely filled and properly recorded legal form is considered
as a binding and valid paper at court.

Types of Child Custody Legal Forms

In getting your child custody legal forms, it is important that you know what
type of this form you should get. Along with properly filling up this document,
getting the appropriate form is vital in your child custody case. Here are some
of the types of this legal forms and what they look like;

* Custody of Child Form

-- this form is mostly used when the parent is under age and don't have the
capacity of taking care of the child yet. Mostly, the parent agrees that the
custody remains with the grandparents until the parent comes of age. In this
form, the grandparents will allow the parent to have access to the child. But,
the parent shall not influence the child to leave the custody of the

* Shared Child Custody Agreement Form

-- this form is used when the parents of the child is on the process of getting
divorce or are separating. In this form, both the parents agree to have shared
custody for their child. Thus, the form includes schedules when the child will
remain at the custody of each parent. Financial supports are also stipulated in
this form.

* Child Custody and Maintenance Form

-- this form is usually use when the custody and care of the child is being
awarded to the wife with the consent of the husband. The husband thereto pledge
financial support until the child comes of age. The sum is not included in a
divorce settlement.

* General Form

-- this form is most commonly used wherein the custody of the child is solely
on the wife and the husband promises not to interfere. But, husband is obliged
to pay the wife a specific sum as financial support for the child until of age.
However, even if the wife is awarded sole custody of the child, she is not
allowed to move in excess of a certain miles predetermined in the form unless
with the husband's consent.

These are just some of the forms you can get. But, you are advised to still
seek for legal advice regarding the kind of child custody legal forms you need.

Child Custody Legal Forms Online

If you want access to hundreds of free legal forms for child custody, the World
Wide Web is where you should go. There are now lots of websites offering free
downloads of different legal forms including those for child custody. Just be
sure to check the legality of such legal forms in the state where you live.

Getting the Right Free Legal Forms Online

If you need to file legal forms for any kind of legal proceedings or business
deals involving legal issues, you have to make sure that you have to right kind
of forms with you. Otherwise, you will just have to go through the hassle of
getting new forms, filling them up again and filing them at courts. And surely,
it would be much fun to get the legal forms that you need for free. Now, did you
know that the best place to find free legal forms is through the World Wide Web?
You should know that the internet is now an avenue where you can search for
almost anything. And now even legal forms and other legal papers can be found

However, don't be enticed by just any free legal forms online. You may not know
it but you can get free forms online which are not authentic and legitimate. Not
because they are free will it means that you've got a great deal. As you may
know, there are lots of free and good things on the internet; however, there
are also some people out there whose only intentions are to deceive others. So,
you have to beware.

How Not to Be Deceived with Free Legal Forms Online

Being very careful when lurking the Internet is important because there are
also thousands of scammers lurking out there waiting to swindler other people.
You know, it may not involve money, but you wouldn't want to waste your time
and effort, right?

Here are some tips on how you can get real deal on free legal forms online;

* Check the website's authenticity by looking for testimonials about it and the
services offer offered. Be sure to look for real testimonials from real people.
Forums are mostly where you can find these reliable testimonials.

* Before you download free legal forms online, it is better to check whether it
is legal to do so in the place where you live.

* Also check if the legal forms you are about to download are appropriate for
the legal needs that you have.

* After you've downloaded the legal forms, do not be overjoyed just yet. Before
you fill it up, it is better to check if what's written on the form is correct
and if they are accepted at courts in your area.

The Types of Free Legal Forms Online

Aside from the tips above, it will help you a lot if you know what type and
kind legal forms you need. It is better t consult your local library abut this.
The clerk there can also tell you what form you need and for what. Here are some
of the most common types of free legal forms online which you can download;

* Business Legal Forms -- these are legal forms which include rental agreement
forms, forms for article of incorporation, forms used when you assign stock
certificates, agreement forms for shareholders, buy and sell agreement forms,
subscription agreement forms, etc.

* Personal Legal Forms -- these include legal forms such as Last Will and
Testament forms, Living Will forms, forms in Utilizing Gifts to Minors Act,
forms use when you enter a contract, affidavit forms as well as forms used when
you are about to sell any property that you have.

* Real Estate and Property Forms -- these will include forms related to real
estate dealings such as leasing forms, forms for rental application, rent
receipt forms, forms for mortgage assumption agreement, sale and purchase
contract forms and forms used for permission to sublet agreement.

Get California Legal Forms Online Do you need to prepare a contract to sell your real estate property? Or you want to make an employment agreement? Simply put, you are in need of a legal document. And it's good news that California legal forms and legal information are now widely available online. This means that they are accessible anywhere and anytime that you need them. Many people in California just can't afford the legal services of a lawyer. Hence, they look for ways to obtain legal papers given only to those who pay for legal representation. It is because of this that the World Wide Web is now stuffed with people and companies offering legal document preparation services. Aside from legal forms, these sites also guide their customers as they fill out those legal documents. These forms and services can either be free of charge or priced reasonably. Discover Legal Forms Software Legal matters are something that we can't just ignore or take lightly. If we take wrong actions regarding these issues, we can find ourselves in trouble. Hence, it is advisable that whatever legal actions that needs to be taken; hiring an attorney is the best thing to do. But, there are times when we just can't afford to hire the services of an attorney. After all, most attorney fees are just too high that it can literally rip off our pockets. So what we can do is to know whether a legal matter is just a routine one. In which case, you can just rely on legal forms without having to hire an attorney. If you have some backgrounds with law, you can even make your own legal forms. But, without any knowledge of law procedures, this is not an option since you wouldn't know the right legal words used in a legal form. Don't lose hope just yet. With the technology continuing to evolve, you still got another options. The internet. Yes, there are lots of legal forms available online for free downloads. Or if you want, you can create your own even without proper law education. How? By using legal forms software. Legal forms software products are basically programs which can make your legal forms creation as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Most of these come with kits of forms that are easy to fill up and come with instructions. Hence, even if you're not a lawyer, you can do this without trouble. Now, if you're a lawyer, legal forms software can do a lot of good to you. Imagine, with this software, you can create legal forms for your clients in a matter of minutes. You can also accomplish filling up hundreds of forms with it. Different Legal Forms Software Available For your appropriate needs, there are different legal forms software products available. Here are some of them; * Legal Forms Software for Bankruptcy -- this is what you need when you are in need of forms for filing bankruptcy * Legal Forms Software for Divorce -- you don't have to worry about getting forms and filing for the dissolution of your marriage * Software for HR and Employee Manual Legal Forms -- if you own a business or works as HR Manager, this software is for you. You can use this to create handbooks for employees, contracts, arbitration, employee assessment forms, etc. * Software for Living Will Legal Forms -- for family attorneys, this is a handy tool for you. If you are planning to create your own living will, this will be useful. * Software for Legal Forms used in Home Sales -- with these, you can create your own forms whenever you need to sell your home so you can transfer to a new one. * Software for Creating Power of Attorney Legal Forms -- this will help you save on high prices of hiring an attorney to create power of attorney forms for you. Depending on what you need, these software products should be helpful. There are still lots of software available on the internet. However, you should be aware that you need to be careful when looking for software on the web. You know, there are some hoaxes out there and you want to avoid these. But, if you know what and where to look, you can even get the best deals on legal forms software on the internet. You can find discounted or even free software for legal forms creation. Arizona Legal Forms: Having the Power to Manage Your Legal Case If you are residing in Arizona and you have some legal issues that you feel you can manage without incurring the expense of a lawyer, then the Arizona legal forms and legal kits are worth the cost. If you have a relatively simple legal issues, such as a no-fault divorce or separation, or writing a last will and testament, these inexpensive legal forms is the sure answer. These legal forms are usually free of charge thus, helping people who can't afford yet the service of a lawyer to seek a solution to their simple legal matters. Basically, these legal forms are complete with instructions and procedures to aid you in filing out your legal documents. Arizona legal forms are based on Law Reserve and Arizona References. These are arranged through a broad range of legal topic areas, from bankruptcy and real estate forms to divorce and premarital agreements. All these legal areas are catered so it will be easy for people with legal disputes and matters to file their documents in Arizona courts. The following are the most popular and common Arizona legal forms and legal information as well as resources for individuals and customers who are interested in preparing or filing their legal documents without the assistance of an Arizona lawyer or legal professional. These forms are officially permitted and have been specifically designed according to the laws of the state of Arizona. * Arizona Employment Forms -- These are forms for employees. These are comprised of employee hiring and termination, personnel policies and procedures, confidentiality agreements, and many others. * Arizona Lease Forms -- These pertains to Arizona residential and commercial lease forms and other landlord to tenant forms. * Arizona Will Forms -- Whether you are single or married, with or without children, these forms will accommodate your case. * Divorce kit in Arizona -- These are forms which are readily available for filing and completing the dissolution of marriage, in cases of with children or without children, properties or debts under the Arizona State Laws. Examples are also included in this kit for further assistance. * Arizona Corporation kit -- A package of legal forms with articles, ByLaws, Notices, Minutes, Resolutions, and Stock Certificates for use in the state of Arizona. This is designed mainly for Stock Corporation or Professional Corporation. * Forming a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership in Arizona -- This legal forms are comprised of full-size, fill-in-the-blank state and Federal Forms, tax saving strategies, new business checklist, stock certificates, and member certificates. * Legal Forms for Starting and Running a Small Business in Arizona -- This complete package includes more than 60 legal forms and documents with step-by-step procedures needed. * Bankruptcy Packages -- This is available for Arizona bankruptcy cases. * Home Sales Packages -- This package includes the necessary forms for selling your Arizona home. The contract, disclosure forms and others are also included. Above are just among the most common Arizona legal forms or packages. To be guided with your legal matters, you can easily distinguish your legal case through these various legal forms for Arizona by category. * Adoption * Affidavits * Annulment * Arbitration and Mediation * Banking * Bills for Sale * Bonds * Cohabitation * Civil Procedure * Collections * Community and Associations * Confidentiality and non-disclosure * Consents and Permission * Contracts * Criminal * Elder Law * Federal Law * Financial Statements * Guaranty * Leases * Loans and lending * Marriage * And many others. With these Arizona legal forms, you are not just given the power to manage your legal cases but you can evade yourself from costly attorney's fees. Types of California Legal Forms: * California Employment Forms Included in this type are forms for employers such as for employee hiring and terminations, confidentiality agreements, company policies, the list goes on. So whether you are hiring, firing, maintaining or rewarding your employees, you can get legal forms that are just perfect for that. * California Will Forms Whether you are married or single, widowed or divorced, with or without children, there is a California will form that matches your civil status and your situation in life. Among the will forms available online are: * Mutual wills * Divorced Will Form and Instructions * Married Will Form and Instructions * Singles Will Form and Instructions * Widows Will Form and Instructions * Generic Will Form and Instructions * California Lease Forms These forms are for tenants and landlords and for those who need residential and commercial lease forms. Online sites have the following forms for you to fill out: * Residential Landlord Tenant Legal Forms * Residential Supplemental Lease Forms * Lease Application Pre and Post Lease Inventory and Inspection Report * Residential Leases * Lease Termination Forms -- Residential and Non-residential * Lease Closing Statement * Commercial Lease * Lead Paint Disclosure * Notice of Lease for Recording * Temporary Leases Some of the legal forms come in packages which include all the documents appropriate for your situation. The most important is these legal papers are all specifically made for the laws of the state of California. They are written in plain English so they can be easily understood. Free California Legal Forms Online There are lots of online sites that offer free legal forms and advise on what to look out for before signing any contract. All agreements and forms either for employment and real estate can be downloaded for free. These free downloads don't just cover documents for business use but also for personal agreement such as contract when you are selling or purchasing a vehicle or when employing a contractor or worker for home construction or makeover. You can also get free parental consent forms and free Power of Attorney Form. In you're staying in California, you surely have encountered many situations in life wherein you need legal papers and you will encounter more. No need to worry though, because California legal forms are now available online. And you can now get them anytime without spending a single dime. So what are you waiting for? Get your legal forms now. Facts About Florida Legal Forms Each state, under the federal constitution of the United States of America, is given the freedom to litigate or debate on a particular legal issue through their own judiciary system. Every state judiciary adopts their own effective procedures in dealing with the cases under their jurisdiction. The hierarchy or the movements of the cases from the district courts up to the Supreme Court and back again to the Court of Appeals is one example of a procedure that the judicial branch of the states have. This does not exempt Florida being a member of the federal government. The judiciary department of the state of Florida has their own adopted rules and regulations in treating cases and other movements in their legal facet. All states' judiciary have several similarities particularly in the general scheme however, there are differences because of the varying state legislations that is passed for the constituents. Among these differences are in the forms that each state uses. Florida legal forms, though different from other states, still is incorporates the basic entries that most other legal forms have. The need for the legal forms to be original is rooted on the primary problems of fraud and forgery. Because these crimes are ever growing not just in Florida but as well as in other states, authorities must make their own legal form authentic and original. However, there are forms that are easily downloaded in the internet. These forms are those that have something to do with agreements tri-part covenant forms. Here are some of the Florida legal forms that can be obtained over the net: Bankruptcy Forms -- these are submitted to the government to claim for assistance in case that a business has basically lost market. This form is often submitted together with several proof of bankruptcy including the declaration of assets and loses. Bill of Sale -- this is a form that is similar to a binding contract of sale which is submitted to a counsel for proper documentation. Bill of sale is often given to both parties; the seller and the buyer. Divorce Forms -- the primary form submitted for the nullification of marriage. Heirship Affidavit -- this is an article that gives proof to a person of being a legitimate heir over a particular property and asset. Premarital Agreement -- this is filled to ensure financial security over spouses before marriage. This also tackles conjugal claims in the events of divorce or death. This form is also known as the pre-nuptial agreement. Promissory Notes -- this form is a financial form that specifies delay of payment and the corresponding conditions due to the delay. There are other legal forms used in Florida. All of which, when properly processed, are admissible in courts in the state. These forms are not valid if there are no legal intervention in the contents and agreements thereof. Florida State legal forms can also be acquired through packages. This is because one particular case or issue may need as many forms possible and it is a requirement for one another. For example, Divorce Forms may contain one or more forms that are needed for the whole case. Just the same, the form packages can be acquired in their respective department or through the internet. Just be sure that when Florida legal forms are downloaded from the internet, those are the ones that are authorized by authorities. Downloadable Legal Forms for Landlords in Ohio Legal forms for landlords in Ohio Real estate properties are so valuable these days that most people are unable to sell even if they badly need money. And because these properties are so costly, many people are holding off from buying. There's no wonder why rentals in Ohio are truly on the rise. Along with this, legal forms for landlords in Ohio are also becoming more and more in demand. Good thing, they are now widely available online. Landlords in Ohio nowadays no longer need to pay for the assistance of an attorney or legal professional just to secure legal forms. There are many sites in the internet today that offer both paid and free downloadable legal forms that are designed specifically for the laws of the state of Ohio. Such websites offer not just legal forms but also legal information and resources for people who needs to make their own legal papers. So whether you are leasing a residential or a commercial unit, you can always download the landlord and tenant form you need. Here's a list of the lease forms that Ohio landlords may download from the web: * Residential Landlord Tenant Legal Forms Package Such package usually includes forms such as Lease Application, state specific lease, Pre and Post Inventory Checklist, Lead Paint Disclosure and many other forms necessary when leasing a residential property. * Lease Forms for Residential Supplemental Package If you are an Ohio landlord and you already have form for lease agreement, this package is for you. It contains all the forms included in the above package. * Lease Application Such form is filled-out by tenants for the landlord to evaluate. Disclosure forms and authorization for release of information are also included. * Pre and Post Lease Inventory and Inspection Report This form contains an inventory and condition of leased premises before and after the lease period. * Period to Period Residential Leases It is a residential lease form covering a specific term such as two years or six months. It contains many provisions and you can modify some of them according to the agreement between you and your tenant. * Month to Month Residential Leases This residential lease form covers month to month lease. It also includes provisions that you can modify depending on the terms you and your tenant agreed. You may use this form as a guide only and have it modified according to your needs. * Forms for Lease Termination (Residential and Commercial) Designed to be very State-specific, such forms include the number of days tenants should vacate the property, correct the default and other necessary provisions. Termination forms for residential properties are different from commercial ones so make sure you download the appropriate form. * Forms for Lease Closing Statement This is the document where the landlord notes down the tenant's deposits and credits. * Commercial Lease This is used if you are leasing a commercial space in Ohio. This lease form is very detailed but can also be modified to cater your needs. * Lead Paint Disclosure This is required by tint Disclosure. This is required by the Federal Law for residential properties built prior to 1978. It is presented to the buyer in a sale transaction. * Notice of Lease for Recording (Residential or Commercial) This form is used if you want your house or commercial space listed to the official records. Through this, people will know that a parcel of a real estate property is being leased. * Temporary Leases This form is used when the seller allows the buyer to take possession of the property before the closing of the contract of sale. With these downloadable forms, it would be way easy for tenants like you to get whatever you need when leasing a residential or a commercial property. However, you should be extra careful as these forms may contain only general format and content for a particular legal document. Remember that the requirements to make those papers valid and enforceable vary from state to state. So make sure to download legal forms for landlords in Ohio.

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