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Verities & Balderdash
Harry Chapin

Elektra 1012
Released: August 1974
Chart Peak: #4
Weeks Charted: 33
Certified Gold: 12/17/74

Harry ChapinThe story song was Chapin's speciality, and this collection more than satisfies as it leaves a lush legacy of the singer-social activist taken away from us way too young after a 1981 auto accident. With the perennial "Cat's in the Cradle," this thoughtful, insightful, entertaining and amusing performer, who could make us cry and laugh in the course of a few tracks, etched his place in history -- it's the most timeless tearjerker ever. Every parent or child of the 1970s may still get a bit misty eyed when hearing the song, the classic story of a father who regrets having not spent enough time with his son. * * * * *

- Zagat Survey Music Guide - 1,000 Top Albums of All Time, 2003.

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