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Celebrity Portraits

ere's a collection of 170 portraits of famous Seventies personalities by some of the decade's top commercial and fine artists, including Richard Amsel, Kim Whitesides, Robert Risko, Mick Haggerty, Doug Johnson, Lou Brooks, Robert Grossman, Richard Bernstein and many others. The illustrations originally appeared in leading magazines such as Time, TV Guide, Playboy and Rolling Stone, as well as in newspaper editorial pages, advertisements, album covers, and other pop products like cards and buttons, between 1970 and 1980.

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We are all attracted to fame. The famous are talked about,
watched, and dreamed of -- we cheer for them, put their pictures on
our walls, and discuss their success or misfortune.

As you look through this collection of illustrations, notice the number
of celebrities you recognize and consider how much you know about
them. Like magic, these personalities have risen above the rest of us;
with a little glitter and luck, they have made a place in the
daily world. We share our lives with them.

Fame creates heroes. Personalities become objects of awe and
assume power over us. They sell products, advocate causes,
stand in defiance, or quietly lead us to accept the status quo.
These illustrations force us to step back and see in a new way.
Look at Larry Flynt as a nun, Jerry Ford eating ice cream, or
Ralph Nader disguised as the Lone Ranger. Through the art of
caricature, illustrators put a healthy smile on our faces and
remind us how human these people really are.

Fame is capricious, yet sometimes success is well deserved.
The portraits of Golda Meir, Bruce Springsteen, and Henry Fonda
(among others) remind us that there are still people with
special gifts and private talents beyond our reach. We are
glad to be in the world with them. Their fame enriches us all.

The artists here succeed in renewing the legends of great stars.
Like a good song or poem, a strong illustration focuses
experience and allows us to see more in what may appear at first
to be very little. These artists capture our imaginations and
present the fashion, glamour, and hope of success that attracts
us to famous celebrities.

- Peter H. Shriver, 1980

1. Woody Allen
2. Paul McCartney
3. Eddie Money
4. Ike and Tina Turner
5. Bruce Springsteen
6. Dustin Hoffman
7. Paul Newman
8. Marlon Brando
9. Richard Gere
10. Dolly Parton
11. Dionne Warwick
12. Barbra Streisand
13. Maria Muldaur
14. Ralph Nader
15. Sylvester Stallone
16. Elton John
17. King Tut
18. Meryl Streep
19. Sissy Spacek
20. Sally Field
21. Diane Keaton
22. Phil Ochs
23. Tom Waits
24. Bruce Springsteen
25. Elvis Costello
26. Larry Flynt
27. Hugh Hefner
28. Leonard Nimoy
29. Farrah Fawcett
30. Jack Lord
31. Johnny Carson
32. Robert Conrad
33. Mary Hartman
34. Lucille Ball
35. John Belushi
36. Neil Sedaka
37. Jimmy Carter
38. Jerry Brown
39. Jimmy Carter
40. Chief Ed Davis
41. Johnny Rotten
42. Larry Flynt
43. Liza Minnelli
44. Golda Meir
45. Fidel Castro
46. Woody Allen
47. Mel Brooks
48. Martin Mull
49. Steve Martin
50. Lorne Michaels
51. Gilda Radner
52. Chevy Chase
53. John Belushi
54. Elvis Presley
55. Arnold Schwarzenegger
56. Joe Namath
57. Jimmy Connors
58. "Mean" Joe Green
59. O.J. Simpson
60. Mark Spitz
61. Woody Allen
62. Mel Brooks
63. Salvador Dali
64. Elvis Costello
65. Bob Marley
66. The Who
67. Rod Stewart
68. Devo
69. Gore Vidal
70. Buckminster Fuller
71. Timothy Leary
72. Donna Summer
73. The Village People
74. Grace Jones
75. Henry Fonda
76. Elvis Presley
77. Peter Allen
78. The Village People
79. Elvis Presley
80. Ella Fitzgerald
81. Jimmy Carter
82. Gerald Ford
83. Ted Kennedy
84. John Connally
85. Catherine Deneuve

86. Jack Nicholson
87. Ryan O'Neal
88. Richard Gere
89. James Caan
90. John Travolta
91. Robert De Niro
92. Malcolm X
93. Gregg Allman
94. Johnny Winter
95. Diana Ross
96. Janis Joplin
97. Brian Wilson
98. Elton John
99. Blondie
100. The Ramones
101. Billy Joel
102. Burt Reynolds
103. Peter Sellers
104. Jon Voight
105. John Travolta
106. Richard Pryor
107. Lily Tomlin
108. Lily Tomlin
109. Phyllis Diller
110. Mary Hartman
111. Garry Marshall
112. Farrah Fawcett
113. Norman Lear
114. John Travolta
115. Raquel Welch
116. Jim Morrison
117. Deborah Harry
118. Bob Dylan
119. Peter Tosh
120. Talking Heads
121. Grace Jones
122. Barry Manilow
123. Frank Zappa
124. Billy Carter
125. Idi Amin
126. J. Paul Getty III
127. Jim Jones
128. Rod Stewart
129. Billy Joel
130. Wayne Newton
131. David Bowie
132. Bette Midler
133. Neil Young
134. Stevie Wonder
135. Peter Frampton
136. Bob Dylan
137. Jackie Kennedy Onassis
138. Rona Barrett
139. Barbra Streisand
140. Deborah Harry
141. Bonnie Pointer
142. Bob Dylan
143. Rod Stewart
144. Frank Zappa
145. Elvis Presley
146. Telly Savalas
147. James Garner
148. Divine
149. Divine
150. Fidel Castro
151. Howard Hughes
152. Barbra Streisand
153. Diana Ross
154. Bette Midler
155. Judy Collins
156. Linda Ronstadt
157. Richard Nixon
158. Richard Nixon
159. Henry Kissinger
160. Richard Nixon and H. Kissinger
161. G. Gordon Liddy
162. Lou Reed
163. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
164. Rod Stewart
165. Bruce Springsteen
166. David Bowie
167. Elton John
168. Lou Reed
169. Smokey Robinson
170. John and Yoko

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