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KissĒ Online Slot: The Glam of Rock Meets the Glitz of Online Casinos

Kiss Online Slot

When you've resorted to all the come-back gigs you can do and all the plastic surgery the body will allow, there is only one final resort to embed yourself into the modernized world and that's to have a casino game made of your art. Kiss™ have done this and they have pulled off one of the best experiences you're likely to find online.

God Gave Rock 'n' Roll Slots to You

Kiss 100 slotKiss™ are not the first nor last to join the digital age this way. Dolly Parton and Jimi Hendrix have been converted to the casino halls of fame and recent acts such as Megadeth and Guns 'n Roses lead the current trend of musicians whose work tables acknowledgment from the industry that is casino.

The Kiss™ online slot is highly revered with the average score and rating coming in a 4.5 out of 5. The game is played across the world, harbored in online casinos that can be found through comparison sites such as where you will locate the best online casino providers for your region and with it exclusive free offers to play such games like Kiss™ for free.

The game brought Kiss™ to the attention of the masses thanks to the work of gaming developer WMS. Upon its presentation, at the 12th Gaming Expo in Vegas, it broke new ground with features unseen before, bit like four guys face painted white and black playing American rock.

Lick it Up and Play for FREE

Kiss slot sceneThe game brought the sound of Kiss™ to the player audio section playing hits "Detroit Rock City," "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Shout it Out Loud." The gameplay took the stature of the band literally with unique features seeing expanded reels hit colossal sizes.

You have two grids to the game. A traditional 4 x 5 grid and a colossal reel set that's 12x5.

All of the bands trademarking's are embedded into the game, even a specialized symbol for Gene Simmons' tongue. There is plenty of entertainment to be had with bonus rounds which offer out free spins of the game.

If ever there was a perfect revival for a band of days gone by, having the work of the group placed into this format works wonderfully and the same can be said of the other artists that have taken this approach, though perhaps more on the say-so of the record labels that hold the rights.

Giving the winning formula it won't be too long till another band from the 70s pops up. We would personally think a Led Zeppelin slot would be fitting, perhaps Black Sabbath could offer a unique horror-esque theme to the ranks of other slots. But for commercial appeal our money is on Queen. The game would write itself. Keep on rocking boys and girls and if you wish to see the game for yourself, head to the link and take that casino stairway to heaven.  

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