3. Making A Living As A Musician Ebook

Have you been rejected by the American Idol auditions?
Or maybe a recording company turned you down for no good reason.

Well, you're not alone! We've heard stories like these from many talented musicians who clearly have what it takes to make it yet they are somehow unnoticed by the music industry.

Shocking Music Industry Truth: Record labels do not care what your music sounds like. They only care how many CDs you can potentially sell. Period, that's it, end of story. This is Dollar Driven Business Land, people. It's not a good thing, it's not bad thing, it just is. If you want to make money in music, acknowledge it and move forward accordingly.

Tradition tells you that the only way to realistically make good money is through the tried-and-true, nine-to-five grind--doing something you're not particularly thrilled with.

It doesn't have to be that way for you. Why not make good money at something that excites you, at something that holds your interest? If your desire is strong enough, if you educate yourself and come up with a game plan--and implement that plan!--you can do anything you want.
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