Solar Power

By David Evermon

These days we are experiencing a growing awareness to the fact that our energy resources, as they have been used in the last few years, are probably not going to last for long and that the energy markets are exposed to more and more rapid changes, some due to political reasons and others because of the changing climate of the planet. The main conclusion that we all need to get to is that all sources of energy should be explored and that we should harness the forces of nature to assist us in this quest.

Solar power is not a new concept, it has been properly introduced to the global public many years ago and successfully implemented in different parts of the world in different ways, so it is fairly safe to say that solar power is known to most people, but it is still not as popular as it should be, as a cheap replacement for other source


s of energy. The energy of the sun, from its direct sun rays that are projected directly at the earth or by giant wind turbines is free fro us to use, to manipulate for our needs, and this can be done by almost anyone in any place, it just needs to technology and the know-how.

The most successful way that solar energy has been used up till today is in water heating and heating in general, the way to use the solar power to heat water is by holding water in a tank that is located in a place that is exposed to the sun, during the day the sun warms the tank and increases the temperature of the water, the tank than preserves the heat and the hot water can be used late at night, hours after the sun had heated the water, this is due to a simple concept of heat preservation. The heat warming technique has been changing peoples lives, especially in communities that live in deserts, where the day temperature is extremely hot and that night temperature tends to be significantly lower than the day the use of solar power to heat water is very effective indeed.

The main issue with the solar power products is the cost, sometimes the cost is too high for some, making it difficult on the potential clients to realize that the use of the solar power product will ultimately save them money, since these solar power application can be usually used for many dozens of years they will be doing their work many years after the initial investment will be long forgotten. If you are in the market for a solar power product you should try and make the calculation of running the same application on other sources of energy like running a generator on gas for some minutes every day for years and years. Even without the changes in costs and the growing problem of the availability of those energy sources, it will be clear that the one time investment in solar power will pay itself off in a matter of few years and will not keep costing you like the other traditional energy sources.