How To Improve A Golf Swing Using An Easy Golf Swing Techniques

By Jena Luthovski

What differentiates Tiger Woods from other golfers? Well, he manifests a great swing, which makes him get the ball in the right direction and length he desires. Improving your swing can make your game a lot better. A person’s golf swing is the important skills that you should learn in the game. If you can master the swing, you will have more or less unraveled game.

Golf gurus and literature claims that an excellent golf swing has three segments. These three segments are: the ‘down swing’, the ‘back swing’, and ‘the impact - follow through’.

This is where every shot begins. This is where the result of the hit is dependent. You should focus on equally placing your body rotation as well as the arm and club extension.

This is the second segment of the golf


swing. It starts from the hips and in the legs. You should include, during the swing, a good transfer of the weight of your body from the back to the front with your hips, thighs and knees. The impact and follow through complete the whole swing. During the impact stage, the weight of your body should be on the outside of your heel and the inside of your rear foot.

It will take you so time to get used in swinging your body for an ideal golf swing. You should have more patience and perseverance in practicing this technique. Remember that a wrong habit is every easy to inculcate, however, it is difficult to iron out once it sets in the game. Proper guidance is needed because endless practice is not effective if you are doing it in a wrong way.

Here are some basic and quick swing fixes that you can use to improve your golf swing:

- You need to do a 5 minute muscle stretching before you hit your first. Stretching and warming up could save you strokes during the first few holes.

- Map the course of the ball mentally. A straighter and longer hit is achievable if you focus more on your goal.

- Pick a target and stand behind the ball. Before aiming, you need to have a clear target instead of just aiming it straight ahead.

Remember that golf is a mental game. You need to picture yourself doing a perfect hit. It is also very important to look the part while golfing. Golf is a relaxing sport so one should feel relaxed in their clothing.