Why You Should Learn How to Play the Piano

By Chris Chew

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument but do not know which instrument to take up? Do you know that being able to play a musical instrument well is a very satisfying lifelong experience?

The feeling is even more satisfactory and thrilling if you are playing with a band or you are simply backing a singer whether professionally or just for the fun of it and one of the best instruments you can master is learning how to play the piano well.

Why choose to play the piano when there are so many other instruments to choose from? Well, for starters, once you mastered the keyboard on the piano, you can then play on other electronic keyboards and can create the sound of all the other instruments and even more! Isn't that a good enough reason why you should choose to learn to play the p



Here are more reasons why you should learn to play the piano. Playing the piano well makes you feel and look sophisticated and elegant Somehow, a pianist just exudes some kind of elegant charm more than other musicians.

Just close your eye and imagine a pianist in his tuxedo tickling the ivories. Now change your mental image and imagine another musician of your choice playing another instrument. Now open your eyes and tell me which of the two musicians exude more elegance?

Besides the aesthetic image of a pianist, playing the piano helps to keep your brain active because your brain is doing mental exercises to coordinate the movements of all your fingers. There are numerous scientific studies which show that pianists are more mathematically inclined.

This may sound like common sense, learning how to play the piano not only helps you to kill boredom it can give you a sense of well being. If you do not have anything to do, you can go and play the piano and sing to yourself and take notice of how you feel. It is a simply awesome way to overcome boredom.

Imagine that in entertaining your family or your friends when they drop by for a visit. All of you will have fun and at the same time, developing stronger bonds. Wouldn't that be fun?

Furthermore, many people will actually respect you and with some even thinking that you are a genius. No joke. Many people actually admire someone who can play the piano well. From my personal experience, I have often get compliments from people saying that I play the piano like a maestro and this could be you.

You should know that a good pianist never stop learning. This is because there is absolutely no way to memorize every song and if you can play by ear, you are learning new tunes every time from the TV, radio or from whatever medium without you even being aware of it until someone ask you whether you can play a certain song and although you have never learnt that particular song before, the tune just pops into your head with your fingers running beautifully over the piano keys. This is where your subconscious mind takes over. Isn't that interesting?

Learning to play the piano proficiently is also a fantastic ego booster. There is no better feeling and satisfaction when playing a difficult song effortlessly and flawlessly to an appreciative audience.

Therefore if you are thinking of learning a musical instrument, why not choose to learn how to play the piano?