Reverse Cell Phone Directory

By Julie Landry

There are many times where you have likely wanted or needed to find out more details about a mysterious phone number. This happened when you may have needed to to investigate a suspicious phone number from your spouse's call log, or when you needed to track down a prank caller.

Fortunately, it is indeed possible to look up details about cell phone numbers and find out who the owner is. So where can you find places to do this? There are many web sites that offer people the ability to conduct phone number lookups. All you have to do is enter the area code and the seven digit number, and the system will scan a database of millions of records. Then, the system will give you all the information you could possibly want - everything from their name, address, relatives, birthday and more.

People are able to call you fr


om just about anywhere with a cell phone. The technology we have today can give you the ability to do a phone number lookup. Why use a reverse phone number scan? How many times have you received a phone call and your caller id shows a weird number you are not familiar with. Many times that phone call is made from a cell phone. It may not always be a welcomed telephone call you receive. When you lift the receiver there could be a threatening caller or maybe a heavy breather. That call could be for your children from someone you do not want them to be around. There are ways you can find out who that number belongs to.

The phone number you want to look to use a reverse phone number lookup, does not have to be a cell, it will work for a conventional phone as well. Even if the number is listed, imagine going through the phone book number by number looking for it.

A few reputable online cell phone number search sites have been developed. These sites allow for searches and reverse searches of cell phone numbers, so that people will have a resource available to them to provide cellular telephone numbers, as well as the name and address associated with those numbers, and even the cell phone service provider. Other information is also available, such as a map image of the address of the cell phone number, and directions to that address.

Everyday people unknowingly make their cell phone numbers publicly available over the Internet. They make their cell phone numbers be available on some advertisements or classifieds in the newspaper and this newspaper is available online for free. So you can search cell phone numbers of companies through newspaper advertisements as there is a high probability that cell phone numbers of such companies be available on the Internet for free.

Simply by typing the cell phone number you want to search in the search box of your favorite search engines you can get the information or details you want. To get the cell phone number of a particular person you must try out different variations that people use for cell phone numbers.

However, free online cell phone lookups are not reliable and it is better to become a member in online search engine services for a small amount of fee to get their unlimited access to their databases.