Search Engine Marketing Guide: Things To Do To Boost Search Engine Positions And Web Site Traffic For 2006 And Beyond

By Luke Fitzsimmons

Search Engine Marketing is very important if your want your online business to succeed. It is all about good quality high value (unique is best) content, it is what the search engine want as it is what the searchers are looking for. This is just a quick list of the top of my head but is enough to keep you busy.

• Articles: this is the most powerful way for 2006 and beyond to generate good quality one-way in bound links. I will submit them to article directories and submission services, do a search on your favourite search engine for article submission services or article directories to find relevant ones for your industry. Note it is a good idea to use relevant keywords and phrases in your articles but only if they make sense.


• Press Releases: another sure fire way to generate quality links from authority sites. Press releases are much more powerful that advertising as they are objective. Again search in your favourite search engine information on how to write a good press release if you are not familiar with them for example type in ‘tips for writing a good press release’. Then do a search for good press release submission services is a very popular service

• Add regular fresh content to the site: Your Search engine marketing will only succeed if you do this - you could reuse the articles used for submissions etc. But this would probably not be the best method. Although a good idea would be to write a series of articles, use a few of them or a shortened version or an abstract (still with good quality unique content of course) for submission to the directories. Make sure you tell the readers that further articles and information can be found on your website, enticing them to visit your site to read the rest of the articles.

Make a point to add fresh content of a regular basis. For example if you are in the Overseas property industry you should add new properties, buyers guides, area guides, country guides, case studies, customer testimonials, resources (i.e. weather, travel info, car hire etc… these can be affiliate links to generate additional streams of income), again I can help.

Set yourself up a Blog and make a post to ping the search engines every time you add fresh content to your site, this will alert the search engine spiders who will come crawling to review and index your new pages. Again if you don’t know much about Blogs, use your favourite search engine to find out how to set one up. is a popular service.

• Joint ventures: i.e. you email your database in return for an email to another company’s database. You know your industry you should know who to tap up for a joint venture. Don’t simply view similar websites as competitors, this is short sighted instead view them as opportunities and colleagues. You can swap links, exchange content (publish each other articles), email each other databases etc, use your imagination, get creative, there is enough traffic for most websites to succeed. As long as your website adds value and offers good quality unique content you will succeed.

• Hooks: you can offer your visitors something of value in return for them signing up to your newsletter. For example, again if you are an overseas property company Free Brochures, Buyers guide, legal or tax information

• Competitions: use incentive based viral marketing i.e. you can enter your site visitors into a competition for every friend or colleague they tell about your site or register for your mailing list.

• Optimise your web pages and articles: as this article was talking about using fresh content for your search engine marketing strategy I thought it best show you how to create an optimised page, for those of you that don’t know how.

In my experience I have found that it is important to optimise each webpage for a maximum of two phrases.

Title = phrase one | phrase two

Also try to keep your Meta keywords limited to a few, use the same two phrases first as in your title although you can bulk it out with another phrase, like so

Meta keywords = phrase one, phrase two, phrase three

The Meta description must also start with your keywords but be descriptive at the same time, like so

Meta Description =. Phrase one, information for about phrase two from your company / website name

Alt tags (first 3 images on the page should contain the phrases but also describe the picture/image, like so

Alt= phrase one company name logo
Alt= phrase two picture
Alt= phrase one photos

It is also very important to have header tags with the keyphrase in, like so

Phrase one

Start the page copy with a header tag

Then the first 50 words must also contain the two phrases, like so (I have underlined the phrases.
Then use another header with a phrase
phrase two

phrase one


It is recommended to have between 500 – 1300 words on the page with a keyphrase weight of 2 – 5%

The key phrases should be strategically placed in an hour glass shape in the copy, i.e. a few at the top a couple in the middle and a few at the bottom.

But don’t over do it, make the copy read naturally with all the words in context.

It is also recommended to have the phrases in bold and italic somewhere on the page as this tells the search engines they are important, I usually put them in the footer like so.

Phrase one | phrase two

Last but not least it is recommended to have your key phases in hyper links i.e. linking text

For example you can have anchor links to the different header tags on the page for navigation or run of site link at the bottom of the page.

And there you have it, a quick guide on how to optimise a webpage.

Use these SEO techniques for all pages, articles, and fresh content you add to the site and you can’t go wrong, you are giving the search engines what they want, easy to understand content rich pages, regularly updated.

In return the search engines will give you what you want good-targeted traffic that will convert into enquiries.

Follow this search engine marketing guide, build solid content and good links and your search engine marketing campaign should be a success.