Stop Smoking: And Stop Making Excuses

By Richard MacKenzie

Smoking is a bit of a strange habit as it is one of those things that we really now that we shouldn’t do, but feel that we just can’t help it once we get hooked and become addicted. Its hold over us can seem to be one packed with amazing strength and power. Seeming to sap all our willpower and make us a slave to its tempting allure. If you are or have ever been a smoker you will understand just how hard smokers make it to give up! Yes you did read that right – smokers make giving up hard! In actual fact smoking is quite easy to stop once you stop making it difficult on yourself and stop making excuses. After all, most smokers quit every day when they go so sleep or when they are at work – sometimes going hours without a smoke and without any problems – well that is until they near a break time or until th


ey head for the coffee machine just after waking.

So do you smoke, however really want to give up? If so then what excuses are you giving to yourself not to quit? Maybe you are saying things like, ‘it’s too hard to stop’, ‘the cravings are too powerful’, ‘and I have got no willpower to give up’. Well if you are saying these types of things to yourself then you need to challenge them as you are not quite telling yourself the truth. How do I know? Well I used to say things like this when I smoked. When I decided to really give up (instead of all of those half hearted attempts) I found it just as easy as it should be. In fact it was so simple that I really didn’t have to do anything. I actually had more time to do stuff as I didn’t have to go for a cigarette every 30 minutes. I have loads more cash too that I had saved from not buy a couple of packets of cigarettes each day – that really sweetened the deal for me as well.

When I gave up I just used self hypnosis and it was the most pleasurable and rewarding thing I have done. I now have more money, better health and I don’t smell of smoke anymore.

Simply put, hypnosis reprograms the part of your mind that holds your beliefs and habits, so it’s a great place to stop smoking. We refer to this part of your mind as your sub-conscious mind.

If you are really serious about getting your act together and stopping smoking right now, then I would recommend that you try a hypnosis download or recording and put this unwanted behaviour behind you right now. I wish you the best of luck and success in your new life as a non smoker.