How Do You Download Games To Your Wii?

By Ray Subs

Are you looking for a way to get your hands on some great Wii games without having to clean out your bank account to do it? The Nintendo Wii took home entertainment to the next level following its release two years ago, and as its popularity has continued to grow Nintendo has continued to offer its users the latest and greatest in video game technology.

The problem many users run into is that most of that new technology comes with a very hefty price tag. In order to find enough games to keep them occupied for more than a day or two, players have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing Wii products off of the shelves-a situation that's great for Nintendo, but not so great for those of us on a budget!

This year, Nintendo is helping eliminate that problem through the use of downloadable gam


es, video and other media. There are hundreds of games currently available for the Nintendo Wii, but for most people (those that want to be able to pay their rent) the price of these games can be a bit extreme. With the new variety of downloadable media available online players everywhere can play more games for less money.

Where can you go to download great Wii games online? (As opposed to games with poor quality graphics and more lag than molasses in winter?) It's important to be choosy when you're picking a site to download content form, because you want to be sure you're getting top quality games without any spam, viruses or other nasty little surprises. There really are no guarantees when it comes to downloading media offline, but there are a few things you can look for.

1)Look for a site that offers multiple media. Your Wii is capable of supporting Quick Time Videos, MP3 audio, JPEG images and movies, not just games. Sites that have the capability to offer these multiple media have the capability to offer you a great gaming experience.

2)Choose a site that’s free of pop-ups. Contrary to popular belief, if a site owner chooses to do so they can easily adjust their site so that you don't have to deal with pop-ups. The problem is, that cuts into their profit margin! Download sites all across the net tend to be loaded with spyware, malware and viruses, which means that your download often isn’t the only thing you’re picking up when you come to call. Sites like, which supports Wii media of all types, offer you a pop-up free environment, which means that you can enjoy your experience rather than having to wonder what you’re going to have to clean off your computer next.

Once you’ve chosen a site and found the game you want, the process of moving it over onto your Wii is simple. Just download the game to the hard drive of your personal computer, transfer it to a memory card or disk, and voila! You have brand new media for your Wii at your fingertips.