World Of Warcraft Quests

By Piermon Coultard

When playing the online game World of Warcraft you need to get to know some of the basics about the world and the game play that it allows. It offers multiple professions for the characters and each one of these have certain unique benefits that can be studied and mastered.

When finding wow quests to undertake and complete you gain experience and rewards as you travel through the world. The quests form the foundation of the game and help players to explore the world and this gradually leads them into new areas as they raise the levels of the characters. The quests are a constant source of both risks and rewards for all the players and their characters as they progress through the game. There is a wide range of complex quests that will continually provide the players with engaging and worthwhile challenges and regardles


s of how often players can be online there are so many of them that the player will always be engrossed in the game. Some of the quests are designed to for an individual player to complete them while others require the participation of multiple players and then there are those that are relatively simple and can be completed quickly and others that can take considerably more time and skill to finish.

Quests are quite easy to find and acquire, mostly players just simply walk up to a non-player character or NPC in the game that has an exclamation point (!) above his or her head and simply talks to them. This exclamation point that is above their heads indicates that a particular non-player character or NPC has a quest available. If they have a question mark (?) above their heads this indicates that the player needs to return to that particular NPC in order to complete their quests. Other indicators are present to let players know that a certain NPC will have quests available in the near future when they are more experience and have attained a higher level. The colour of the mark allows for certain information such as an NPC with an orange exclamation will have one or more available quests and an orange question mark means you and the NPC still have outstanding business. If an NPC has a silver exclamation mark above their head it means they have quests that will be available when your character reaches a higher level.

Quests are themed to specific areas and differ from vicinity to vicinity and many have multiple reward choices for the player to pick from, they can be accepted and completed when the player feels they have the ability, experience, level and time to spend online to complete them.

Once a quest has been accepted it will appear in the players quest log, this log is for the purpose of keeping track of all the quests you have so far encountered and whether they have been completed or not, the quest in the log is colour coded dependent upon the difficulty level of the particular quest. The actual details of each of the accepted quests including the quests requirements, which non-player character or NPC to speak with after fulfilling the requirements of the quest and the reward or rewards that will be available upon completion are easily accessible within the players log. The quests you find can be started or abandoned at any time during the game and they can also be easily be reacquired at a later date if necessary. The quests are divided up within the log and are also listed by region, this is to help players identify which ones are outstanding and still need to be completed and depending upon where the player happens to be in the World of Warcraft they can continue or put it aside until a later time and complete it when they are ready.