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Adventure Sailing

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What To Bring For Adventure Sailing Vacation

When you book an adventure sailing vacation package, you don't have to 
worry about food when this is usually part of the package. This means 
you only have to bring your own personal stuff with you on board so for 
those who have never done this before, here is what you should bring for 
adventure sailing. 

Given that you will be at sea quite awhile, you should pack a lot of 
casual gear which simply means lightweight clothing with long sleeves so 
you avoid getting sunburn during the day. It will also be a good idea to 
have a wide brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses to protect your face.

If you want to lounge around on deck, you better have a beach towel 
with you as well as sun block. Since the weather could get cold at 
night, you should also have a light jacket. 

Charters usually make port stops before heading home so don't forget to 
bring along a light pair of shoes or sandals so you can do so some 
sightseeing in the island. It will be good to have some insect repellant 
with you so don't get bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. 

If you are under medication, don't forget to bring it with you. Given 
that you will be a way for some time, make sure you have your toiletries 
so you can shave and brush your teeth. 

The most important thing to bring with you when you go adventure 
sailing is a camera. This will allow you to take pictures so you can 
share this with family and friends when you get home. 

For those who want to go swimming, don't forget your bathing suit so 
you can jump in anytime into the water especially when you just want to 
cool off.  If there is some space in your bag, perhaps you can also pack 
in some snorkeling gear as some will rent this to you for a fee. 

All of this should be placed in a 10 kilogram bag which is preferably 
collapsible because of the limited storage space on board most ships. 
This will also allow other passengers to stow their gear. 

You don't have to bring your cellular phone with you because in the 
event that something should happen on board, they have a satellite phone 
and a radio so rescue can be called in. You also don't need to bring a 
first aid kit since this is also available on the ship. 

If you are bored relaxing on board the chartered ship, you can 
volunteer and help the crew with sailing like hauling the main sail in 
the morning, trimming the sails or steering a course during the day. 
With that, you won't feel guilty having done nothing when you decided to 
go on a vacation. 

Another way to help out is to catch some fish which the crew can serve 
as lunch or dinner even if the ship has already been stocked with food 
for the entire trip. You can bring your own rod or check if they have 
some on board that you can borrow. 

Now that you know what to bring for adventure sailing vacation, the 
only thing you have to do now is book the trip. You can do this through 
your travel agent or online. 

What is Inclusive in Adventure Sailing Vacation

Before there was air travel, people went from one place to the other by 
ship. Such voyages took days or even weeks. But these days, adventure 
sailing vacation is gaining popularity and if you are thinking of 
booking one, you should know what is inclusive in most packages. 

The price tag of adventure sailing depends on the destination and how 
long you will be at sea. You might be shocked at first glance how much 
it will cost but if you think about it, you save money in the long run 
because one thing that is already included here is the food you will be 

Another thing that is included will be the cabin. It is not that big 
compared to the kind you often stay in at a hotel but it will do. You 
get clean linen sheets, a bed and a pillow which is all that you need to 
sleep peacefully until you wake up the following morning. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that although food is free, the 
drinks are not included. This means that you have to pay for whatever 
you order. You can avoid this though by bringing in some drinks like 
bottled water, soda or a bottle of wine. 

The ship you will be chartering will already have a skipper and crew. 
Sometimes, if you are lucky which really depends on the mood of the 
crew, they can teach you a thing or two about adventure sailing so you 
can help them out or get you hooked into this as a hobby. 

Depending on the size of the boat being chartered, you may have to pay 
for security deposit or insurance that will be retuned when the voyage 
is over. 

Since the ship is not going anywhere just by using its sails, part of 
what you pay for is the fuel. This will keep the ship moving when there 
is no wind around otherwise, you will be dead in the water. 

Unlike large cruise ships, one thing that is not inclusive here are 
airport transfers and airfare.  With that, you will have to make the 
arrangements yourself especially if you are coming from out of town. 

One thing that chartering companies cannot control is the weather so if 
it is bad, then your planned sailing adventure will have to moved to 
another date. 

So you know what is inclusive in a sailing vacation package, it is best 
to look at one of their brochures or see what is posted in their 
website. If you don't have time to do this, get in touch with your 
travel agent so he or she will fill you in on the details so you can 
decide whether or not you want to make a reservation. 

Once you know that is inclusive in the adventure sailing vacation, it 
will be easy for you to decide which one you want to try. The only thing 
you have to do now is pack your bags and then head down over to the 
docks so you the voyage can get under way.

If this is your first time and you enjoyed it very much, you can plan 
another one in the future as these chartering companies sail to 
different destinations within the year. 

Adventure Sailing is More Fun When You Own The Yacht

You can charter adventure sailing vacation to almost any destination in 
the world. The only problem is that it will cost you a lump sum paying 
for the crew, the meals and the fuel for the trip. You can probably save 
money on a sailing vacation when you own the yacht but only if you know 
how to navigate and control it. 

The advantage of owning a boat is that you can go on a sailing vacation 
at anytime. You don't have to call your travel agent or make any 
reservation online since the boat is just sitting at the dock waiting 
for you to come aboard. The only thing you have to do is buy food and 
fuel which should be enough to get you back to port. 

The boat also brings financial benefits because when you are not using 
it, this can be rented out to those who want to go on their own sailing 
vacation as long as they are able to pay your rate. This of course means 
additional revenue for you so the ship stays in good shape. 

This makes it also ideal for those who want to conduct business on 
board because this is a tax deductible once you register your boat as a 
place of business. To see how this works, get in touch with your tax 

Another financial benefit of owning your own yacht is the fact that 
this is considered to be a second home. This is as long as the boat has 
at least one berth, a permanent galley and a head which is the 
requirement of the IRS. 

If you can't buy your own yacht, there is something called fractional 
boat ownership which means for a certain period during the year, you can 
do whatever you want with the boat. This will allow you to use it to go 
on a trip with your family. 

The best thing about this is that a group of you share the cost of 
owning the yacht which already includes its maintenance, insurance, 
moorage, equipment, fuel and repairs. 

This can only happen of course after you have completed a boating 
safety class and a safety orientation. This will not be a problem for 
you if you are already certified to sail a boat and know how to use all 
the equipment like charts, compass and GPS on board. 

The other option is to join a boat club. Unlike part time sharing, you 
don't get to own a boat. But as a member, you are entitled to up to 4 
advanced reservations at any given time and access to powerboats or to 
sailboats that are up to 30 feet in length. The club for its part will 
shoulder all  the other expenses such as maintenance, cleaning, storage 
and insurance. 

There are many of then around so you won't have a hard time choosing 
one. Some cater to one market while others cater to all. They also offer 
boating classes for those who want to do this for fun or commit 
themselves in the sport. 

Adventure sailing vacation is truly better when you own the yacht as 
the only thing you have to do is drive on over to the docks, stow your 
gear on board and then sail off into the sunset.

Ultimate Asian Adventure Vacation

Asia is the world's largest continent and probably one of the most 
misunderstood. Since the beginning of civilization Asia has been 
regarded as the place of mysticism, diverse culture economy and 
invention. A lot of modern inventions and progress spawned out of this 
continent and at the same time some of the oldest traditions and 
practices can be traced here.

Aside from that you can find some of the top adventure vacation 
destination in Asia. Places that would mystify you and your family and 
take you on a time traveling adventure back to the time where emperors 
reign and dynasties ruled the land. Nomads roamed and monks hold sway of 
the ancient teachings. 

For some people the mere mention of Asia denotes kung fu, martial arts, 
fighting monks and a variety of stereotypes thanks to Hong Kong made 
action films. But more than flying daggers and mystic dragons that give 
eternal life, there is more to Asia than meets the eye. Asia is one of 
the most massive continents in this tiny little planet. Perhaps the 
biggest land mass in a single concentration, because of this it allows 
itself to be home to numerous species of flora and fauna.

This massive concentration of natural beauty is enough to capture the 
interest of top travel and nature related businesses to consider Asia as 
a big contender for the world tourism economy. In fact, according to a 
study in the year 2019, there would have 13,000,000 travelers who 
would've made their way from their home countries to Asia both for 
business and for leisure.

Though relic hunting, temple visitation and cultural showcases are some 
of the things that countries in Asia offers right now, there are more 
than the usual available to the growing market of tourist looking for an 
exotic but familiar sight to see away from home.

One of the most popular sports in the scene right now is wakeboarding. 
In some countries in Asia you could go wakeboarding with having to look 
for a boat. Yes that's right, no boats needed. In some of the resort 
hotels and destinations in Asia waterparks dedicated to wakeboarding 
have come up with an interesting way of making waves without the use of 
a boat.
They call it the motorized pulley system. A motor runs at top speed 
while a series of pulleys located all throughout the man-made lake pulls 
on the rope of the wakeboarder. Pretty neat huh? 
Another new trend in Asia is the equivalent of western theme parks, 
when I say equivalent that means creating a theme park that answers to 
the popularity of them parks in the USA like Disneyland, universal 
studios and Disneyworld. Some of these theme parks are found in Japan 
called Sanrio world, one in Korea called Lotte World and one in the 
Philippines called Enchanted Kingdom.

Check out the places on the internet, they different information that 
they can give you about the price range and others.

So for people looking out the best things to do in the mystifying 
region of Asia go check out the different attractions that would best 
suffice your need to have an exciting adventure vacation, it will surely 
show you what's it like to cross the heritage of the ancestors and the 
modern convenience of life. Be sure to capture that one special moment 
when the best of both worlds combine.

The Ultimate Adventure Vacation in France 

Many people who go on a vacation in France go straight to Paris without 
realizing that there equally interesting places in the country. One of 
which is called 'Rodez' a perfect adventure vacation destination. The 
place is a charming, medieval town that can be found in the Midi-
Pyrenees' Aveyron region, southwestern of France. 

Rodez is considered as a regional capital but not attracting so many 
tourists because there is fewer boosts in commercialization. However, 
for those who are into adventure and exploration a place that is rich in 
culture and history, Rodez is an ideal place because it will satisfy the 
need for a venue that is quite but relaxing. 

One of the things that are unique to Rodez is the monuments made of 
stone that surround the countryside. It is also equally furnished with 
very rich architecture that includes churches, abbeys, menhirs, 
fortresses, dolmen tombs, and medieval castles brought about by the 
settling of the Romans as early as the 1st century BC, and the presence 
of the Knights Templar at the early Middle Ages. 

What is truly charming about the place is that it is originally located 
above a river. The presence of red sandstone Cathedrale Notre Dame which 
is one of the first Gothic buildings in Southern France and also 
considered as a French architectural icon also makes the place very 
interesting for history lovers. 

For those who have an eye for photography and architecture, visiting 
the two main town squares -- the Place de la Cite and the Place du Bourg is 
a must. The construction of the two make them very interesting because 
they are linked using a network of medieval streets that are lined up 
with buildings made of stone, historic alleyways and Gothic wall art and 
other masterpieces made from 10 to the 14th century.

To make the adventure vacation complete in Rodez, don't forget to visit 
the 17th century Episcopal Palace, the Romanesque church of St. Amans, 
the Renaissance hotel, and the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre as well as 
the Roman aqueduct. 

Things to consider 

To ensure that you will enjoy the ultimate adventure vacation trip, you 
must know very well what are the things that you should pay attention 
to. Here are some of the things that you should very well keep in mind 
before going on an adventure vacation in Rodez, France: 

1. Time you are planning to go. This is very important because it will 
entail the other details of your trip. If you want to know which month 
is the safest to go, conduct a simple research about the place first. It 
is up to you to choose which part of the year is convenient for your 
schedule as well of the others who will go on the trip.

Although any time within the year has its own activities to offer, some 
who already went there prefer fall and spring because these provides the 
most beautiful scenery of the place. 

2. People who will you go with. This is also significant because they 
will play a huge role in your entire trip. If you are planning to go an 
adventure vacation in Rodez, make sure that you invite those whom you 
can share the same interests and inclination.

Rodez is not a matter of acquired taste; it is a must that people who 
will go there are into history and enjoying serene medieval places to 
enjoy the vacation.

Preparing for an Adventure Vacation in Slovenia 

If you are up to an adventure vacation that is truly memorable, try 
going to Piran in Slovenia. The charming town can be reached for only 
two hours if you are coming from Venice. Compared to other places 
nearby, Piran is considered as one of the most interesting because it 
hasn't been changed by modernization a lot. Although there are existent 
commercial establishments, the beauty of the town has more or less 
remained the same since medieval times. 

Before finalizing your adventure vacation in Piran in Slovenia, there 
are so many things that you need to prepare. 

Getting to Piran is one of the major considerations for your trip. In 
order to be prepared in going there, you must know what are the 
available means of transportation that you can use. There are basically 
three modes of traveling off to Piran. One is getting there by land 
using a train from Koper. Another is through ferry travel from Venice or 
from other coastal cities located at the northern Adriatic. You can also 
travel via air through a charter flight from the regional airport at the 
Portoroz or a flight from Trieste to Rome from New York and Chicago. 

Staying in Piran is also one of the things that you need to consider 
because this will entail your safety as well as of your belongings. The 
most popular places to stay include the Hotel Tartini located at the 
main square or at the Max Hotel inside an early 18th-century building. 

You also need to prepare your timetable including the date you wish to 
go there and the length of your stay. One week is ideal to visit all the 
places in Piran as well as its neighboring places. It is advisable to go 
there during the summer months of June to August because of the warm 
Mediterranean climate. (TIP: Try traveling in late spring or early fall 
to have cheaper prices and accommodations.)
Discovering a great medieval city 

One great thing in Piran is that you can see and enjoy the sights and 
activities that can be found in its nearby cities like Dubrovnik or in 
some other places in Italy or Croatia, only that you don't have to spend 
so much money. This is because Piran offers one of the lowest costs to 
tourists in terms of places to stay, food, amenities, basic items, and 
other necessities. 

Piran can be considered as one of the most relaxing places for an 
adventure vacation because it stimulates adrenaline rush just by looking 
and walking through wonderful places that remind of the medieval times. 
Aside from the great architecture that can be seen surrounding the 
place, one of the things that is really exciting about this place is 
that it will give you an opportunity to peek into other neighboring 
islands and towns. 

As early as the 7th century, people from all over were amazed by the 
charm of this place. And since it has been under the Venice rule for 500 
years, many parts of the city reflect strong influences of colonialism. 

What makes this city an ideal adventure vacation spot is its being a 
"walking city." People can just walk around the place for sightseeing, 
discovering street food, and observing the lifestyle of the locals. 
Encircled by narrow cobblestone streets, you can always find an activity 
to enjoy or a place to discover.

Having locals that are naturally friendly and accommodating, you would 
not find yourself bored for even just one minute. Walking through the 
city can open you up to many possibilities like discovering a nice local 
restaurant, a lovely coffee shop or can even give you a glimpse of the 
local culture as shown in the activities held at the town square. 

If you are up for a more thrilling adventure vacation, you can visit 
the Venetian-style campanile sitting atop a hill that allow you have 
magnificent views of Croatia and Italy or drive around and discover the 
beauty of the Trieste, Pula and Opatija or the Triglav National Park.

If you still have free time, visit Venice by catching a quick ferry or 
roam around and visit several vineyards and wineries nearby. 
Personal Equipment For Adventure Sailing Vacation in A Cold Climate

Adventure sailing vacation does not only happen when the seas are calm 
and the weather is warm. This can also happen when the weather is cold 
which is why everyone is required to bring some personal equipment to 
maximize the trip and make sure everyone is safe. 

The things you will need for your sailing adventure are a pair of 
sailing gloves, wet weather jacket, pants, boots, personal strobe light, 
safety harness, middle layer pants, middle layer jacket, thermal 
underwear, thermal gloves, neck tube, beanie, sun hat, ski goggles, 
sunglasses, sleeping bag, waterproof touch and batteries, towel and a 
crew bag. 

Since there will be some port calls, you better have you with some 
street clothes so you can do some sightseeing and shopping. It will also 
be a good idea to bring a camera so you can take pictures since you will 
never see such places back home. 

Don't forget to bring some personal stuff like deodorant, cream, 
toothpaste, soap, shampoo, batteries, charger and anything else you need 
for the entire trip which includes any medication that you have to take 
as prescribed by your doctor. This should be sealed in a water tight 
container and this information must be shared with the skipper.

For those who have done this before and want to enhance their skills, 
they can bring a long a compass, chart, binoculars and GPS. This will 
help them navigate in the water so they can probably do this on their 
own when they think they are ready. 

With all these personal equipment, you shouldn't have any problems. Now 
here are some things you don't need to bring. 

Your cellular phone will be of no use out in the ocean so you shouldn't 
even bother bringing it. In the event of an emergency, there is a 
satellite phone on board as well as a radio so the skipper can put out a 
distress call. 

There are also flares and other signaling devices so rescue can easily 
spot the ship if it is in trouble. For minor things like cuts and 
bruises, a first aid kit is already available so you don't need to have 
this as part of your gear.

The personal equipment you will be carrying should be placed in a 
collapsible bag so that this can be stowed when everything you have 
brought is taken out and placed in a locker or bunk. This will also 
allow other people to do the same given that the space onboard such 
ships are very limited. 

What you get in return for signing up for this sailing adventure is a 
room, sheets, pillows, bath towels, fresh meals that is prepared by the 
crew and maybe even a free T-shirt. This is probably the best souvenir 
will you ever have aside from the pictures you will be taking and 
showing to those back home. 

The personal equipment for adventure sailing vacation in a cold climate 
is not that different from sailing in warmer waters except for the fact 
that you will need warmer clothing. You can get a copy of what you need 
to bring from the skipper or the charter company before the trip so you 
are sure that you have all the essentials since you will be away for 
quite awhile. 

Packing Tips for an Adventure Vacation

An adventure vacation is one sure way of freeing your self from the 
stress brought by modern living. However, for most people, vacations are 
not as totally hassle-free because they have to go through one thing: 

Many people are having hard time packing for a vacation because they 
spend so much time thinking what are the things to bring only to find 
out that these exact items would not be used during the trip at all! So, 
to lessen the stress that is brought upon by the thought of leaving 
impending work and schedule for a vacation, here are some useful packing 
tips for you. To make packing for an adventure vacation a hassle free 
task, gather all the things that plan to bring and segregate them from 
"what to bring" side and "what not to bring" side. By doing this, you 
can have your elimination process easier and more efficient. 


- Pieces of clothing. This is considered as the most crucial part of 
packing that is why many people are having hard time in it. When packing 
clothes for an adventure vacation, always bear in mind that you need to 
bring only those that you can use. To do this, finalize the type of 
adventure vacation that you are going to.

Consider the destination and the climate of the place in order to 
determine what are the clothes that you need during you stay. If you are 
going to a place that includes visit to beaches and other nature trips, 
bring clothes that are light and made of cotton because the weather can 
be hot and humid. If you are going to a vacation destination that has a 
cold weather, make sure that you bring jacket or other pieces of 
clothing that can protect your body.

In choosing what clothes to bring, always come up with one specific 
color theme so you won't have to bring lots of items just to match your 
clothes. Also, choose clothes that have fabrics that don't easily get 
crumpled or wrinkled. (TIP: For vacation destinations, it is best to use 
thermal underwear so you can save space instead of bringing heavy 
jackets and coats. For places that have tropical climate, opt for 
clothes that can be layered and can serve double purpose such as a 

When it comes to footwear, it is advisable to bring just two pairs -- one 
pair of closed shoes and a pair of flip flops. If you are going to a 
vacation cruise, always bring pieces of clothing for formal and casual 

- An alarm. This is very important especially if you are heading for a 
destination that have time difference. It is also best to bring a travel 
alarm so you won't have to miss out on something just because you run 
late. (TIP: Bring a gadget that can double as an alarm clock such as 
cellular phones, PSPs, and other handheld devices.)

- Medication. Medication, especially if prescribed, should be given 
proper attention. If you are using prescription medicines, make sure 
that you bring enough amounts to ensure your well being during the trip. 
If you are travelling abroad, copy of the prescription is required to 
ensure that you are not bringing in illegal drugs. If you are not taking 
any prescription medicines, always bring a first aid kit. 

- Toiletries. Shampoos, lotions, liquid soaps, and other toiletries are 
usually available at the hotel but if you prefer your own brand, make 
sure that you place them in small bottles and keep them into a minimum. 
(TIP: Always put toiletries in zip locks so they won't affect other 
items in case they leak due to air pressure.) 

- Cash and credit cards. If you prefer to bring cash, keep them to a 
minimum to avoid hassle in safety. During an adventure vacation, it is 
always best to bring international credit cards for your paying needs.

(TIP: Bring two just in case the ATM eats one, gets broken or lost.)
Off on an Adventure Vacation in Australia 

The Kangaroo Island in Australia is one of the most preferred adventure 
vacation sites in the country. This is because the place offers 
wonderful scenery of nature and offers a peek into indigenous wildlife 
in the area. The place has also become popular for providing access to a 
close encounter with the flora and fauna unique to Australia. 

Aside from amazing Australian fauna, the Kangaroo Island also offers a 
rare opportunity to walk through immense colonies of fairy penguins and 
sea lions, kangaroos that are visible in the hills and fields. If you 
are lucky enough, you can even see koalas munching eucalyptus leaves 
that you can only see in wildlife channels. People who love seeing 
animals on the wild such as wallabies, possums, bandicoots, bats, frogs, 
native birds, and goannas will also enjoy the exhilarating trip. 

Ultimate nature trip 

The Kangaroo Island is located at the southern coast of South 
Australia. Although hidden in the rugged coast, the island can be easily 
accessed for something that is isolated. Considered as an eco-tourism 
destination, not all people get a chance to discover the place because 
the government prefers that it remains a semi-tourist destination site. 
This is to keep the place clean and friendlier to animals that thrive 

Although it is not as commercialized as other adventure vacation 
destinations out there, people who are up for the excitement of 
encountering wildlife will surely like the place. People who are into 
magnificent landscapes, amazing caves filled with limestone, and great 
rock formations will surely insist on coming back to the place in the 

For those who are planning to go on an adventure vacation to Kangaroo 
Island, here are some of the things that they should consider before 
finalizing their trip. 

1. Number of people who will go on the trip. This is very important to 
ensure that everything will be provided for individual needs of the 
people going there. Knowing how many will go on the trip will somehow 
give you an idea what to prepare and what to do upon getting there. The 
number of people who will go on the trip will also help you plan your 
budget and the entire trip as well. 

2. The length of stay. This is very important because the length of 
your stay will give you an idea how many items to bring during your 
trip. It will also determine the budget that you have to prepare and fix 
your schedule while you are on your adventure vacation trip. 

3. The activities that can be done. There are countless of activities 
that can be done in Kangaroo Island. Most of which are inclined to 
discovering and rediscovering the nature. If you will go there, conduct 
a simple research of the things that can be done and choose from them. 
Choose those activities that are inclined with your interests and of the 
people included in the group. 

4. Means of getting there. This is very important because you can plan 
your budget up ahead. The available means of getting to Kangaroo Island 
is via ferry that can last from 45 minutes to an hour from Cape Jervis 
located at the tip of Australian mainland in the south, approximately 70 
miles from Adelaide and via air travel which usually takes from 20 to 30 
minutes from Adelaide. 

5. The available options for staying during the adventure vacation. 
Since it is an isolated island, there are few options to stay at the 
Kangaroo Island. In fact, there are only two decent places to stay 
including the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat found at the Flinders 
Chase National Park and the Southern Ocean Lodge found in Hanson Bay.

The prices of the accommodations range from moderately expensive to 
very expensive.  

Going on an Adventure Vacation with Teens  

For parents who have teeners, it is best to plan an adventure vacation 
for them instead of treating them in kiddie places or giving them 
material things that they don't really need. 

Planning an adventure vacation for teens can be worthwhile family 
activity because it ensures bonding time with the growing kids. If you 
are thinking of an adventure vacation for this age group, keep in mind 
what they will enjoy the most. Teeners nowadays are more into thrilling 
activities to keep them away from being bored. So, make sure that you 
include activities that will keep the physically active such extreme 
sports and others. 

Some of the activities that can be included in the adventure vacation 
may include outdoors activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, and 
biking. If your kids love the waters, bring them to a destination that 
has beaches where they can do so many water-related activities such as 
diving, wakeboarding, snorkeling and others. You might also want them to 
try more daring activities such kite boarding and kayaking. 

For those teens that are into the educational yet fun side, opt for 
activities that include exploration such as visiting ancient ruins and 
even finding a dinosaur fossil. You can also treat them to an ultimate 
nature trip by bringing then to places with huge forests, rich fauna, 
and interesting wildlife. 

Tips for parents 

Aside from giving the teens a break from their studies or whatever that 
they are busy with, an adventure vacation is sure to make the bond of 
the family members tighter and stronger. This is because the family 
member will have the chance to spend as much time with each other during 
the trip. 

But, before finally deciding to bring teens to a specific vacation 
destination, make sure that you consider the tips below. 

1. Get their opinion. Unlike kids, teens are harder to convince in so 
many things. This is because they feel that they are old enough to take 
care and decide for themselves. To avoid conflicts and causes of 
arguments, make sure that you ask the teeners first about your plan. If 
you do this, they can suggest places where they want to go. Take note of 
the places or destinations that they have mentioned and conduct as 
simple research. List down the top three possible options and let them 
decide on it. 

2. Never force them to go to a place that they don't like. Parents 
should realize that teeners are starting to crave for independence. If 
they continue to command their kids and force them to do the things that 
they don't really like, chances are, the trip would not be successful at 
all because nobody from them will cooperate. 

3. Always be prepared. Wherever you go for an adventure vacation, make 
sure that you are well prepared. Some of the things that you should plan 
ahead is the time and length of your stay in a specific place, how to 
get there, the available accommodation and places where you can stay, 
the availability of basic travel necessities, the food available in case 
the teeners don't like the local food, the activities that you can do, 
the places that you should not miss to visit, and of course, your 

Once you have taken consideration to all of those things that are 
mentioned, you can now start making your itinerary and include the 
purpose of your travel. You can even start packing for your adventure 
vacation once these things are settled. 

Gearing up for an Adventure Vacation Cruise 
Adventure vacation cruises is one of the most fun and exciting means of 
getting a new perspective of the other side of the world. This is 
because it allows people to see splendid sights, sounds, and heritage of 
other people in various parts of the world. Apart from giving you a new 
experience, taking adventure vacation cruises will also open up an 
opportunity for you to see and appreciate different cultures as well as 
enjoy nature-endowed sceneries in marine and land. 

If you want to explore some of the world's hidden treasures, now is the 
time to plan the details of your adventure vacation cruise. This is 
because adventure vacation cruises can be quite complicated especially 
for first time cruisers. 

To save you from the hassle, here are some of the things that you need 
to consider in gearing up for an ultimate adventure vacation cruise: 

1. Date and length of your adventure vacation cruise. The date of 
leaving for a cruise should be determined as early as possible because 
you need to book early. In terms of length, the usual vacation cruises 
range from six days to one month -- depending on how much the cruiser would 
want to do and see and the time and money he/she would want to spend. 
But, for an adventure vacation, 6 to 7 days would do. Given this time, 
you can get all things and activities covered. 

2. Who will be going and the total number of the participants of the 
adventure vacation cruise. Whether you will go on an adventure vacation 
cruise with your date, family members, or friends, it is always best to 
discuss thoroughly the final participants of the trip and the 
destination. Always remember that in planning any adventure vacation 
cruise, the major consideration should be who is/are going on the cruise 
and their preference because this will ensure the success of the trip. 

3. Which cruise line to use. Determining the cruise lines that sail to 
your chosen destination will help you finalize your plan. This is 
because it will give you a estimate of how much you need spend, the 
amenities to expect, and the activities that you can do during the 
cruise. You can choose from Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Cruise 
West, Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Crystal Cruises, 
Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean International because these 
offer the most vacation destinations.

If you are interested in cruising aboard in any of these cruise lines, 
make sure that you conduct a research so you can compare each of them 
and come up with a cruise line fit for your needs and budget. 

4. The size of ship to be used. Basically, two sizes of ships are used 
for adventure vacation cruises, which include the small ship, and the 
one is the big ship. For first time cruisers, big ships are ideal 
because it can provide almost everything they need. But, today, more and 
more people prefer cruising using a small ship because it provides an up 
close look at the destination as well as giving a more intimate 

A small ship, on the other hand, is chosen by some because it is more 
intimate and allows better itinerary. It is up to you to decide which 
one will give you the best comfort and amenities possible. 
Belize as the Ultimate Adventure Vacation Destination 

One of the most favorite adventure vacation destinations of people 
nowadays is Belize, a small nation on the eastern coast of Central 
America. And why not? Being a place that is strategically located on the 
Caribbean Sea, Belize has all the adventure and has to offer compared to 
any place there is. 

Belize can be found between the Hondo and Sarstoon Rivers, Belize is 
popular for the Belize River that flows down at the heart of the 
country. Geographically speaking, the north of Belize is characterized 
by flat and swampy coastal plains. Other places are heavily forested and 
consist of flora that is highly diverse. 

Its south area is composed of low mountain ranges of the Maya Mountains 
while its Caribbean coast is lined with soft coral reefs and some 500 
islets and islands called "cayes." Belize boasts off the Belize Barrier 
Reef which is known as the longest in the western hemisphere and is 
considered as the second longest in the whole world, next to the Great 
Barrier Reef.

Off to an extreme adventure 

When people speak of Belize, only two words will come to mind -- romance 
and adventure. If you are planning to go to Belize for an adventure 
vacation, it is a must that you familiarize yourself with the place by 
knowing a dose of its rich history. You should also familiarize yourself 
with going around the place such as knowing various means of 
transportation such as buses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles. You should 
also have any idea what to expect from the place in terms of 
accommodations, foods, and activities that you can do. 

For an ultimate adventure vacation, the following are just some of the 
romantic things and exciting activities and places that you can visit:

1. The Great Barrier Reef. Being one of the world's greatest treasures, 
a trip to Belize would mean nothing if you have not visited the longest 
reef in the western hemisphere, The Great Barrier Reef. You will 
definitely the visit because it doesn't not only give you an amazing 
nature experience but a sense of adventure as well. 

2. Visiting the caves. Caving is indeed one of the most adventurous 
activities that you can do while in Belize. Here, you can witness 
various formations of caves with abundant limestone and wet climates.

3. Exploring the island by land. This can be very tiring but thrilling 
because you get to explore the place on your own and at your own pace. 
You can do your exploration by taking a golf cart ride, castle cars, and 
though bikes that are available for rent.

4. Sea adventure. Exploring the seas can be as exciting as 
rediscovering the land. To relish the beauty of the island and its 
waters, rent a charter boat with guide to go around the island or you 
can rent a kayak that will take you to various parts of the island. You 
can also rent boats for boating; you can do fishing, and do various 
water sports such as jetskis, waverunners, diving, snorkeling, 
windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and catamarans.

Aside from the activities mentioned, one great thing that makes Belize 
a favorite adventure vacation destination is the climate which, is 
tropical and is generally very hot and humid. This makes it a perfect 
getaway destination for people and couples who love beaches while 
basking in the warm and pleasant weather.

Although the climate here is generally hot, rainy season also occurs 
from May to November so don't opt to go there during those times. 

An Exhilarating Adventure Vacation in Daytona Beach 

For those people who are living in congested and noise-infested cities 
across the globe, an adventure vacation would be a super. Imagine you 
need not worry about anything but bask in the sun and lie out in the 
beach a couple days off. When given a chance, most people would opt to 
go to a place where they can have peaceful surroundings. But, there are 
also those who crave for the ultimate adrenaline rush like those people 
who go to Daytona Beach in Florida.  

Considered as one of the world's most famous beaches, the Daytona Beach 
is home to thousands of people who are looking forward to an adventure 
trip of their lives. A very famous city in Volusia County in Florida, 
Daytona Beach is considered as the most famous year-round resort area, 
and houses some of the high rolling Universities in the country like 
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona 
Beach Community College, and Keiser College Daytona Beach Campus. 

Daytona is mostly known for its fancy motorsports events, with both 
Daytona International Speedway and the classic Daytona Beach Road Course 
having hosted several high profile races for more than century now. 
Daytona, if you want it to be called accurately is a seasonal town, with 
large groups of out-of-towners descending upon the city, like ducks 
flying south for the winter, they come for the various motorsports 
events, and one of the most notable is the Speedweeks in early February. 

Aside from the motor sports events, the place is also visited by many 
people because of its natural charm. People that are living within the 
area are friendly and hospitable which makes the tourists come back 
season after season of each year. 

Off to the world's most famous beach

In the recent past spring breakers would flock the beach every single 
day, but since there is a shortage of services that can be offered at 
times because of the overwhelming demand, some would flock to Panama 
City instead. 

Still, the city and its beaches continues to attract over 8,000,000 
tourists each year not to mention businesses So far Daytona Beach is 
also the home to some hotels, motels, condominiums and houses that line 
up along the beach front. Competition has allowed a wide variety of 
price range, most of the year the hotels and motels are typically fully 
booked except during special events, where they make room for more 

Daytona Beach is also known for its high security measures around its 
main hotel locations, some are armed with multiple cameras for filming 
hotel and beach areas. Daytona Beach is one of the few places in the 
world where a family car can be used on an ocean beach. Most other 
driving beaches require 40-wheel drive or other special equipment.

But, what really makes the Daytona Beach an ultimate adventure 
destination aside from the "Speedweeks" -- where Daytona 500 NASCAR race 
and the Rolex 24 sports car races, and others take place -- are the "Pepsi 
400 NASCAR" race on or around July 4 which is traditionally called the 
"Firecracker 400," the Daytona Beach "Bike Week Daytona 200" motorcycle 
race in March, the "Biketoberfest" in October.

The "Turkey Run" car show and events during Thanksgiving weekend which 
is also traditionally called the "Turkey Rod Run," the "Black College 
Reunion" or BCR, and the "Spring Break" as a getaway for so many college 
students out there.

An Enjoyable Adventure Vacation in Panama City 

Being a local tourist destination located in U.S. Highway 98 within Bay 
County, Florida, the Panama Beach in Panama City is considered as one of 
the most sought after adventure vacation destinations today. One of the 
reasons behind this is the brand of Spring Break that the Panama Beach 
offers. Here, a tempting combination -- the cheapness of an American 
resort paired with the lavish attractiveness of the top beaches in the 

Also known and dubbed quite aptly as the Gulf of Mexico's "Miracle 
Mile," and the silky-smooth sand next to the radiant blue water is 
truthfully a celestial sight to regard. Lay your uncertainties behind 
and let the water and the sun do all the work. It is the biggest city 
sandwiched between Pensacola, Florida and Tallahassee, Florida. It is 
the greater in terms of population than two major cities of the Panama 
City-Lynn Haven. It is the county seat of Bay CountyGR6 and is situated 
just east of the hottest adventure vacation destinations, the Panama 
City Beach.

Why take an adventure vacation in Panama City?

In the recent years, the Panama City Beach, became the number 1 Spring 
Break spots in the United States. Not only does it have one of the most 
beautiful beaches in the country, but people can also enjoy parties 
almost anywhere on the beach. 

What makes Panama Beach a truly enjoyable adventure vacation 
destination is the thought of joining over 250,000 Spring Breakers 
yearly. In fact, the place is preferred by more and more people as their 
definitive good-time destination because it offers all the things that 
beach worshippers look for. Panama City is situated in what they dub as 
Florida's panhandle, the whole 27 miles of sugary white sand that cozy 
up to the Gulf of Mexico, exuding warm breezes off the water's edge and 
breath-taking surf for the hardcore water sports enthusiasts. 

The action is just as crazy on the beach as it is off it, with local 
clubs cranking up the groove all day and all night long. The 
northwestern wing of Florida that extends along the Gulf Coast is aptly 
dubbed as the "Panhandle of Florida". The type of weather is a bit 
colder than the southern parts of Florida still it offers milder 
winters, sizzling summers and pleasantly enjoyable spring and fall 
weather. Its beaches are superb with temperate shallow waters and 
excellent white sand. 

The most excellent instance to stopover Panama City Florida is between 
May and October. All through the winter months, it turns a bit nippy for 
swimming and sunbathing, but is all right for golfers, tennis players, 
bikers and other outdoors people and their activities. From the middle 
of March all the way through mid April, more than a few hundred 
thousands of college students from all around the USA go down on Panama 
City Beach for their Spring Break activities. 

This is a grand occasion to stay in the locale if you are looking for 
feral parties and a young throng. On the other hand, if you are in 
search of a serene retreat, you may fancy keeping away from Panama City 
Beach at that time.

Other reasons that make the adventure vacation enjoyable are the key 
attractions including the wonderful ashen sand beaches with their 
temperate lucid waters where people can sunbathe, swim, go on boating, 
scuba diving, snorkeling or even fishing. Other land activities include 
golf, shell assembly, hiking, biking and walking. 
An Enchanting Adventure Vacation in Fiji

Fiji is one of the most enchanting and romantic places in world that is 
why it has also become a favorite adventure vacation destination. Also 
called as the "Republic of the Fiji Islands," this island nation has 
become quite popular to people who would want to getaway from the 
toxicities of the suburbia and enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure. 

A country that occupies an archipelago of about 333 islands, Fiji has 
become a favorite romantic and adventure vacation because of its 
beautiful islets and surroundings. Its two major islands -- Viti Levu and 
Vanua Levu -- ensures that people who will be coming in for an adventure 
vacation will relish their trip because they will be given ultimate 
pampering from the nature. 

Loving Fiji as a vacation destination 

Fiji is indeed perfect for people with adventurous souls and for those 
who see ultimate romance, relaxation, cultural immersion, cruising the 
sea, or extreme eco-tourism escapade. 

For a person to be given a chance to discover the islands of Fiji, he 
or she is one lucky individual! This is because you will be provided a 
vacation that is packed with breath taking attractions and unique 
experiential opportunity. Aside from providing a wide array of 
activities, you can also cleanse your mind and spirit and reflect. 

If you go on a vacation in Fiji, no amount of time will be wasted 
because you can do almost everything and anything under the sun. Here, 
you can sizzle with excitement and adventure or you can just relax while 
enjoying such an untouched nature. You can also have fun while swimming 
with manta rays without worries, enjoy snorkeling, or get into scuba 
diving at the White Wall and the famous Astrolabe Reef. 

The place never fails to draw people who are adventurous and nature 
lovers because it has rich rainforests that have are not harmful animals 
or insects. The place also offers a sacred sanctuary to people who are 
into nature because they can enjoy serene contemplation without worrying 
about their safety. Nature lovers will also enjoy multi-colored birds 
that invade the trees and the sky and various bodies of water like 
streams and waterfalls that are clean and very invigorating. 

The place also offers a year-round warm weather that can make you enjoy 
the sandy beaches, pristine blue waters, lovely coral reefs and 
thrilling high waves. You will also enjoy the ultimate Fiji dining that 
offers multiethnic culinary experience and shopping that will make you 
discover unique cultural and historical artifacts as well as cheap gift 
and souvenir items. 

Aside from the breath taking sights, adventurous sports activities, 
unique dining and shopping experience in Fiji, it is also becoming a 
popular romantic destination. More and more people choose Fiij as a 
venue for their weddings and honeymoons because of its exotic 
environment. If you plan to do your wedding in Fiji, you can opt for 
modern international resorts or smaller venue in islands that will allow 
your dream wedding in a tropical paradise. 

What makes Fiji an ultimate adventure vacation destination it gives 
people a chance to try and enjoy a wide array of sporting events and 
activities. Known to offer a diversity of sports, Fiji will let you 
experience sports that involve the sea, the air and the land. Sporting 
activities include scuba diving, sky diving, badminton, beach 
volleyball, golf, surfing, cruising, and many more. 
An Adventure Vacation to Remember

Everybody loves vacation. There is not a soul that walks the planet 
that would proactively turn down a vacation for the sake of work. An 
average adult works about 40 hours a week and rest about a quarter of 
that time frame. If someone was offered by their boss to go on a paid 
adventure vacation to an exotic location no one dare say no to that. 
People need no convincing especially when it comes to a getaway from the 
routinary ways of life.

People seek out the most exotic places to spend their time away from 
the city. Places with a mystifying appeal to people attract the curious 
to check out the myths and truths of the places. Generally, people are 
curious animals who never stop asking why. That maybe one of the reasons 
why places that have an adventurous appeal are the most sought after. 
Places like the outback, the African bush, the savannah and lots more. 
Places that are screaming adventure are some of the top tourist 
destinations across the globe. But what exactly is it that thing that 
makes a vacation an adventure vacation? Do we need to spend more to 
enjoy more? 

Well, not necessarily. Adventure comes in different shapes and sizes 
and it doesn't have to like one of Indiana Jones' tales or Lara Croft's 
exploits to be worth calling adventure. Even a small camp out in the 
backyard can become a great adventure you just need to know how 
adventure vacations work. First of all, you need to know what an 
adventure is for you.

Since different people have different ideas of what an adventure is, 
seek out the one that you want and start from there. You may want to 
have a jungle adventure or an Ocean adventure and you would never know 
what to choose since you have no idea yourself what you want. Knowing 
the kind of adventure you can handle not only saves you frustration it 
also saves you time, and energy.

Second, map out different locations for your possible adventure. Having 
different locations to consider also allows you have better logistics 
and better grasp of the place. It's like knowing where to get essentials 
of the trip, where to go for a refill, where there's a doctor, where's 
the bar -- like an old adage that goes knowing the field of battle is 
winning half the battle.

Third, work within a budget and a schedule. All good trips and 
successful vacations have a working budget and a well thought and well 
planned itinerary. Knowing your spending limit is also a way of limiting 
the time you spend on looking around and being idle. Planning ahead is 
like building a family; it makes it easier for a person to know the 
direction their heading. Also, planning ahead is also one means of 
ensuring that the trip will be something to remember until the next 
getaway is scheduled. 

There you go, a sure fire way of having an adventure vacation without 
having to go to an overly priced destination city that you have no idea 
about. It's a great way of making sure that your vacation is spent well 
and not in front of the couch in your living room.

So why not there go for it now nothing to lose and just everything to 
gain with so much to see in this little blue planet we have.

An Adventure Vacation in Turkey

Many people would raise eyebrows if a vacation off to Turkey is 
mentioned. But, to those that are into adventure vacation, a trip to 
Turkey, especially in Gaziantep spells as a fun-filled ADVENTURE! This 
is because the place, the Gaziantep province, can be found at the 
southeast part of the country, which most tourists have not stepped foot 

If you are planning to go on an adventure vacation in Turkey, Gaziantep 
is an ideal place because it boasts off a commercialized city wherein 
you can find the things that you are used to. However, despite its 
commercialization, you can still feel its rich culture that has been 
existent for the past 4,000 years. Originally known as 'Ayintap,' 
Gaziantep was a very important settlement area during the times and 
empires of the Roman, Ottoman Hittite, Persian, Babylonian, and 

Standing at the crossroads of Southeastern Anatolia, Asia, Europe, and 
Mediterranean, Gaziantep is indeed a very interesting place to visit 
because it bears woven influences of many civilizations near the 

What is truly interesting about Gaziantep is the old city center where 
traditional house made of stone and have distinctive architectural 
features are still existent up to this time. This is also the place 
where you can find the great 6th-century Gaziantep Fortress as well as 
the Ravanda citadel surrounded with tiny palaces, mosques, watchtowers, 
a bath house and the Mehmet Gazali Tomb. 

For those who are into archeology, it is nice to visit the 
Archaeological Museum where you can find a unique and rare collection of 
the province's Hittite and Neolithic empires. Roman relics that are 
considered the finest in the whole of Turkey can also be found in 
Gaziantep. For more thrilling adventures, you can arrange day trips to 
Mount Nemrut where you can see a historic monolithic sculpture. 

What to consider 

If you conduct a simple research on the Gaziantep province, you will 
find out more interesting activities and places to visit. But, before 
you finally decide to choose the place as a destination for an adventure 
vacation, assess yourself first: 

- Are you prepared to witness a totally different culture from what you 
are used to? This is very important to consider because if you are prone 
to "culture shock" then, you would not enjoy the vacation. To prepare 
yourself for other cultures, make sure that you conduct a research first 
to have a general knowledge on the place.

This research should include the basic pieces of information a tourist 
should know about the place including means of getting there, places 
that offer accommodation and lodging, paper requirements, lifestyle of 
the people living in there, food available for you and what are your 
options, as well as the clothes that you should wear. (Remember, Turkey 
is a Muslim country so people are stricter when it comes to dress code 
especially to women.)

- How much is your budget? This should also be settled before you 
finalize your adventure trip. To know how much you will be spending in 
going and staying in Gaziantep, inquire from travel agencies that handle 
and arrange visits to the place. If the cost would fit your budget well, 
then it is better to have the travel agency arrange everything for you. 

But if it costs too much and you would still want to push though, start 
your research by visiting sites in the Internet that offer information 
on Gaziantep. Although it would cost some of your time, it would cost 
you lesser amount of money. 

Adventure Vacation for All Ages in the US

Adventure vacation is preferred by more and more people nowadays 
regardless of their ages and preferences because it offers a new kind 
experience. It is not the usual vacation that just offers the usual 
routine but something that can people explore seemingly limitless 
possibilities of fun and exposure. 

Today, more and more people opt to bring their family members when 
going out on a vacation because they know that everybody no matter what 
their genders and ages are can enjoy the trip. But, this can be fully 
successful only if the adventure vacation package that has been chosen 
includes a list of activities meant for all ages. 

There are many vacation providers out there ensure that families who 
are looking forward to an adventure vacation can get what they are 
looking for. Most of the adventure vacations that are fit for all ages 
are those that include water activities, tour to wildlife, and mountains 
and caves to be explored.

These activities are proven to be enjoyable for teeners who are just 
having their first taste of freedom and for parents who have not been 
able to experience such activities for a long time.

Since these activities strip people off the modern culture that they 
have used to, these will make the family members closer because of the 
bonding time that has been spent.  

Great adventure vacation site

United States is one of the best places to go on an adventure vacation 
because its nature offers various sites where water and land activities 
can simultaneously be held. But, among all the places where families can 
go on an adventure vacation, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the 

Before adventure vacation has gained its popularity, the Grand Canyon 
in Arizona has been popular to so many families and their generations. 
This is because the place has its innate beauty where culture, history, 
and nature are woven together to create a wonderful combination. 

The highlight of the ultimate adventure vacation is reaching the 
Canyon's rim where one can be overwhelmed by its vastness and natural 
beauty. Since the Canyon can only be reached through the Colorado River, 
the family members will also enjoy traveling a watery path that provides 
a magnificent venue of the water as its moves forth and back the 
canyon's walls.

The trip through the Colorado River will also provide a magnificent 
view of the awesome geological treasure of the place. Aside from taking 
a peek in the wonderful geological marks of the Canyon, side hikes, 
magnificent bodies of water, and amazing scenery will greet each member 
of the family. With these amazing experiences unfolding, no member of 
the family can resist it. 

An adventure vacation to the Grand Canyon will include a trip from the 
Whitmore Wash to the Lake Mead. This trip will give the people on 
vacation greater views of the Canyon while experiencing pleasant rapids 
in the upstream. The watery trip will let the people on vacation to 
float through Hurricane fault zone, down to the Lower Granite Gorge, to 
the Grand Wash Cliffs, and finally off to the Lake Mead.

The adventure vacation in the Grand Canyon will also include a trip to 
the Bar 10 Ranch, the oldest working cattle ranches in the state. The 
ranch is one of the most places that visitors look forward to because it 
offers a wide range of activities perfect for everyone.

These activities include hiking, skeet shooting, horseback riding, and 
even ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) for riding. 

Adventure Sailing Vacation Has No Limits

Adventure sailing vacation has no limits when even the physically 
disabled are able to achieve such a feat. This is as long as there are 
charities and clubs around that allow people with mixed abilities to 
work side by side with an able crew on equal terms. 

Currently, such groups can be booked for a sailing vacation that will 
last from 4 days or 4 weeks. Ships can be charted to go from one point 
in the US to another. Charters those across the Atlantic might sail 
south or the west to enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean. 

Tour groups that provide these cruises are suitable for beginners and 
veterans alike. First timers get learn the basics and at the end of the 
course get a certificate. To get more experience, they will have to head 
out to see regularly. Those who don't have the time can take an online 
course because although it is not a substitute for certification, it is 
a good tool in preparation for your continuing sailing education. 

But if you are just doing this for fun to spend time with friends, you 
don't have to work. Given that charters already assign a trained crew, 
you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ocean voyage. 

Along the way, the ship will dock in different ports. This allows 
people to go inland and spend some time ashore. They can sleep there as 
well or go back to the ship to watch the harbor and the stars at night 
before it is time to set sail to their next destination. 

At sea, the crew might encounter dolphins, seals and whales swimming 
alongside the ship. As they get closer to land, they will most likely 
encounter cormorants, guillemots, kittiwakes, puffins, shags, skuas and 
razorbills among other creatures. 

Part of the package includes good quality fresh food so you don't have 
to bring anything when you come aboard. Crews will do the cooking but 
you can assist if you want to get into the action.  

To make such tours accessible to those who are and are not physically 
challenged, companies make it a point that the meeting points are easily 
accessible by plane and at cheap rates. Booking can be made through your 
travel agent or you can make the reservation online. You can look at 
their itinerary for the year so you know where the ship is going on a 
certain date. 

There are also sailing clubs for the disabled. Some will require you to 
pay a membership fee while others hand this out for free. 

Perhaps the biggest achievement for those who are disabled is to 
compete against others that have similar disabilities. Established in 
1998, the US Disabling Team competes in various races annually and the 
biggest one this year happens to be the 2008 Paralympic Games which will 
be held in Qingdao, China about 430 miles east of the Capital. 

So whether it is just for fun or to race for the grand prize, adventure 
sailing vacation has no limits even to those with physical disabilities. 
This is because they can be trained to run the ship just as well as an 
able bodied person so they are able to set out to sea and return back to 

A Unique Adventure Vacation in Ghana 

People who are fascinated with places that have rich culture should go 
on an adventure vacation in Ghana, specifically the city of Cape Coast. 
The place, which can be found in the central region of Ghana, is a place 
that has a dark history of colonialism and slave trading. 

But, its beautiful coastline that can be seen in the present does not 
have traces of the place's dark history: the picture of millions of 
slaves that are shackled and leaving Cape Coast Castle to go to the New 
World. Now, the amazing coastline does not have a picture of the slaves 
but of fishermen who are catching various kinds of fish and other 
seafood for a living. 

What is truly exciting about the Cape Coast city is that is gives you a 
wonderful feeling being out there in the vastness of the ocean. Imagine, 
isn't it quite an adventure to walk though a large stretch of a dotted 
coastline where you can see historic architecture that bear European 
style, numerous ports that have specific good to offer, several trading 
stations where you can find rare and valuable items, and castles -- some of 
them are ruined by time -- that surround the 300-mile stretch of Ghana's 

Those who are into heritage and rich culture of a certain place will 
definitely enjoy an adventure vacation in Cape Coast City especially of 
you get to see the UNESCO heritage site, the Cape Coast Castle and the 
15th-century Elmina Castle as well as the Fort St. Jago, right beside 
the Elmina.

If you go beyond the coast, you will find out that the land is as 
charming as its coastline. Traveling by land, you can visit the Kakum 
National Park that boast of a rainforest that can easily be accessed. It 
has canopy walkways that allow people to have a panoramic view of the 
fauna as well as the animals including exotic kinds of birds, monkeys, 
and crocodiles. 

If you are up for activities that would pump up adrenalin rush, you can 
book for a safari. You can also go trekking in the mountains, fishing 
for some good qualities of fish and other seafood, canoeing or sailing. 
For an ultimate adventure, try on being a Ghanian for a day by imbibing 
their lifestyle. 

Everything sounds great but you will have to prepare some things before 
going off to an adventure vacation in Cape Coast city in Ghana 

- The place to stay which can either be the Bridge House that is 
located across the Elmina Castle and the Biriwa Beach Hotel which can be 
found in a small fishing village called Biriwa. The accommodations 
usually range from inexpensive to moderately expensive. Breakfast is the 
only meal that is being served with the accommodation. 

- How to get there because this will give you an idea of the place 
where you wish to experience your ultimate adventure vacation. There are 
actually two ways of getting to Cape Coast city -- via air travel or land 
travel. If you are traveling by air, you can take Delta Airlines from 
JFK Airport in New York to Accra or you can travel by land by taking a 
taxi or cab from the capital of Accra which is 80 miles away from Cape 
Coast city. 

- Time of going there which will ensure the success of adventure 
vacation in Cape Coast city, Ghana. The overall weather condition in 
Ghana is hot and humid the whole year. It is best to go there from 
October to March because these are the drier months. The peak season is 
from August to December where majority of the activities are held. Don't 
go in the months of April to July because this is the rainy season. 
A Taste of Vacation Adventure

Adventure vacation is one of the latest trends in holiday getaways 
these days. This is because the very activity offers a whole lot of 
activities that are way beyond the usual vacation. Because of its 
popularity in being a memorable experience, more and more people get 
into it to make their vacation worthwhile. 

In fact, adventure vacation has evolved in so many ways to cater to the 
needs of as many people regardless of their gender and age brackets. 
This is to ensure that everybody can get a dose of a fun-filled and 
unforgettable vacation experience.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to an adventure 
vacation rather than a leisure one, it is now time to start rounding up 
things and decide which will suit your preference and budget best. 

For a group who are all-girls, the perfect adventure vacation would be 
the 'girlfriend getaways' which usually takes place in exotic islands 
and beaches. Today, studies show that there are more women who prefer to 
go on a vacation if given free time. In fact, recent surveys also show 
that compared to men, there are more women who prefer adventure vacation 
especially those that fall under the age range of 34 to 60 years old. 
Majority of them prefer beach hopping, water activities such as surfing 
and kayaking, night parties and other land activities such as mountain 
climbing, trekking, and biking. 

For those who prefer to make their vacation worthwhile by being of 
service to others, the adventure vacation that is perfect for them are 
called 'volunteer vacations'. This type of adventure vacation usually 
takes place in destinations where there is a great need for help.

Today, vacation that is combined with volunteerism remains as one of 
the most preferred types of getaways because some people feel that by 
doing this, they are giving back to the society for all the blessings 
that they have received over the years. Another adventure vacation that 
is similar with type of getaway is the charity vacation. These type of 
vacations are usually organized by organizations that are inclined with 
various sports activities such as walkathons, biking, and others that 
can help raise fund for a specific charity institution. 

Those who are into exploration prefer expeditionary vacation. For them, 
these types of vacation are truly an adventure because they get to 
experience first-hand the things that they are inclined to do or 
interested with. Most of the people who indulge in this type of vacation 
are those into the fields of research.

Majority of them belong or affiliated with volunteer organizations 
worldwide that have strong support in different fields of science. This 
type of adventure vacation may include activities that are related with 
the field of research such as marine explorations, forest restoration, 
and other fields of research that involve the environment. 

For those who enjoy adrenalin rush during their vacation, the action-
packed travels are perfect for them. This type of adventure vacation 
usually includes a list of extreme activities that can Ultimate 5 truly 
awake the adventurous side of any person. Action-packed adventure 
vacations include activities ranging from water such as skiing, land 
such as rappelling, and air such skydiving. 

Another type of adventure vacation that is popular today is the 'family 
adventure vacation' which is prepared to cater to the needs of the 
family members regardless of their ages. Many of these family adventure 
vacations are multi-generational to ensure that all of the members have 
specific activities that they can enjoy.

The range of activities start from theme parks, rides, educational 
tours, food trips, night partying, and other activities that members of 
the family can definitely enjoy.   

A perfect Maui Adventure Vacation

Maui adventure vacation is a great treat -- especially to those people who 
are often gets stressed out by the modern world -- this is because it 
serves as a perfect break away from all the toxicities that life has to 

Although it is tempting just to pack your bags and go there, there are 
some things that need attention before going into a Maui adventure 
vacation. If you plan to go there on your next adventure vacation, take 
some time to know the everything about the place because this will 
really help you a lot in maximizing the time you are going to spend 

The major consideration that you need to consider is your schedule 
during your vacation. Since you don't have all the time in the world to 
explore Maui during your adventure vacation, it is best that you plot 
the list of activities that you will be doing during your stay. Your 
schedule should include the following activities:

- A visit to interesting sites and historical places. This is a must 
important especially for first-time visitors because these tours can 
give them a primer and background about the place. Some of the places 
that you should visit are the "Iao Valley State Park," the 60-ft. tall 
"Banyan Tree," the "Halekii-Pihana State Monuments," the "Alexander & 
Baldwin Sugar Museum," the tiny "Molokini island," the "Olowalu 
Petroglyphs," the "Whalers Village Whaling Museum," the "Black Rock,"
the "Seven Sacred Pools" and the "Haleakala National Park."

- The nightlife, food trip, and relaxation choices. These are also 
must-see and must-haves during a Maui vacation because they are truly 
unique. Make sure that your schedule permits you to have a night out and 
enjoy traditional dances along with regional food choices and authentic 
cuisine that will truly delight you. After an exhausting night of 
dancing and food trip, try to relax at the spas nearby to get the 
soothing Hawaiian pampering that you need. 

- The water adventures and beach activities. A Maui vacation is nothing 
if you don't get to experience its beaches and the water activities 
waiting for you. During your stay, it is a must that your try out 
surfing, snorkeling, kite boarding, scuba diving and wind surfing. You 
can do these water activities in Molokini, Paia, or in Hookipa. 

- Nature exploration by land. Because of its rich landscape, these 
activities are a must during a Maui vacation. Make sure that you try 
various land activities such as biking, horseback riding, hiking, and 
off-road trips because these are definitely an out-of-this world 
experience. You can also opt for off-road nature tripping and discover 
the hidden treasures and extraordinary flora nearby. 

- The ultimate shopping experience. This is also a must for a Maui 
adventure vacation -- especially to self-confessed workaholics -- because you 
get to shop from various department and local stores as well as 
boutiques that offer unique clothing pieces and accessories. Here, you 
can also find unique and authentic Maui-inspired pieces, which you can 
bring home and share with your loved ones, family members, and friends 
once you get home. 

These activities are indeed tempting and relaxing during an adventure 
vacation but before you leave, make sure that you have planned and 
prepared everything you need such as travel documents, reservation for 
accommodations, basic necessities such as clothes, toiletries, 
prescription medicines, and the like to ensure the success of your trip. 

A One of a Kind Experience in Vietnam 
Beach and nature worshippers would definitely enjoy an adventure 
vacation to Phu Quoc in Vietnam. This is because the place can be 
considered as a paradise to those who love bonding with nature -- whether 
enjoying glorious beaches or just simply seeing and discovering the 
beauty that the environment has to offer --  Phu Quoc will surely take your 
breath away. 

Although Phu Quoc is a territorial property of Vietnam, its location is 
nearer to Cambodia compared to the mainland of Vietnam. Originally 
famous for being an island where all sorts of fish and other seafood 
have originated, Phu Quoc was able to reinvent itself and now popular as 
an awesome paradise in Vietnam. 

What is truly exciting about this place is its an pristine deserted 
beaches perfect for countless of water activities such as scuba diving. 
It also features a wide array of jungle habitats and fishing villages 
that is truly unique to Vietnam. To date, there are less than a hundred 
mountains that are considered as primitive forests. People are still 
allowed to use the natural waterfalls but majority them are protected to 
ensure that they would not be polluted. 

To give its visitors a glimpse of what Phu Quoc has to offer, 20 
percent of the island was designated as a national park. And despite the 
commercialization and modernization that continues to take place, it 
will be surprising to find out that the island remains as beautiful and 

However, before finally deciding to Phu Quoc, you should familiarize 
yourself with the place first. You can do this by conducting a simple 
research either through online sites that offer information on the place 
or by reading up on various travel books and magazines what you need to 
know about it. Conducting a research is very vital to the success of 
your vacation because it will give you an idea what to do, where to go, 
and what to expect from the adventure vacation destination. 

When you conduct a research, make sure that you include means of 
getting there, places to stay and accommodation, when is the best time 
to go, food options, and the activities that you can do. 

1. Getting there. This is a very important past of any successful 
adventure vacation because it gives you a good head start. Getting to 
Phu Quoc is possible via air and water travel. If you prefer to travel 
by water, there are ferries available for you from Rach Gia (mainland) 
and Ann Thoi (south coast) or between Ha Tien and Ham Ninh (central east 
coast). You can also travel via air by flying in Los Angeles to Ho Chi 
Minh City and off to Vietnam. 

2. Accommodations and places to stay. This is also very important 
because it will give you an idea how much you need to spare aside from 
your travel expenses. You can choose from Saigon Phu Quoc Resort and 
Spa, which is a four-star hotel or the Mango Bay Resort at Ong Lang 
Beach with earthen bungalows. The prices of which range from inexpensive 
to moderately expensive. 

3. Best time to go.  One of the nicest things about Phu Quoc is that is 
has an incredible all-year round climate. But, if you want to enjoy the 
best seasons, go there on an adventure vacation from November to May 
(west coast) or May to September (east coast). Since the places is great 
for outdoor activities, avoid going there during the October rainy 

A Memorable Adventure Vacation in Brazil 

A memorable adventure vacation should entail not just the people you 
are with but the impact of the place that you have been into. And going 
to Jericoacoara in Brazil can do just that. If you go on an adventure 
vacation in a very inviting place such as this, you will no longer have 
to worry about the people you are with or any other minor considerations 
because what the place offers will surely captivate your heart. 

Popularly called "Jeri," Jericoacoara can be found at the northern part 
of the Brazilian state of Cear. Up until now, the place is still 
considered as a remote island because you cannot access it easily. You 
will need to ride in a bus for long hours and ride is a dune buggy, 
which will take you 12 miles closer to your destination. To many, the 
road to Jeri itself is a big part of the vacation because getting there 
is truly an adventure!

Despite the long hours of travel, you wouldn't find it a waste of time 
especially upon seeing immaculately incredible beaches. You will also be 
amazed to see the how beautiful the eco-protected haven. Getting here 
will definitely give you a taste of going back to basics because you 
would not see paved roads, vehicles or cars, malls, banks, and even 
lighted street lights because there is limited and restricted supply of 

Although it lacks the conveniences that the modern world has to offer, 
the sheer beauty that you can remember for the rest of your life will 
still amaze you: landscape that is dominated by sand dunes, glorious 
warm sea waters and clear lagoons or a national park that boast of 
wildlife unique to Brazil. 

Places and activities to discover 
An adventure vacation in Jeri, Brazil can open up you to a world of 
exciting outdoor activities and places to discover. If you plan to enjoy 
outdoors to the fullest, try windsurfing, sandboarding, kitesurfing, or 
horse-riding. If you want to be more adventurous, start an exploration 
at the dunes, various rock formations, or visit the natural pools in 
nearby villages such as Guriu, a famous fishing community and Mangue 

What you need to prepare 

But before indulging into a vacation free from the toxicity of modern 
life, there are some things that you need to pay attention to such as 
knowing how to get there, places where you can stay, the length of your 
stay, your timetable, as well as the things that you need to bring.

Getting there is possible via air travel and land travel. When you 
travel by air, you can fly from New York off to Guarulhos International 
Airport in Sao Paulo and through North Star Air Taxi through a charter 
flight off to Fortaleza. By land, you can ride a bus hailing from the 
central bus station of Fortaleza off and head to the place called 
"Jijoca" and ride to a four-wheel drive off to Jeri for about 6 hours. 

When it comes to the date of your vacation, you would not have to worry 
because the place has hot and humid weather all-year long. If you are 
planning to do some outdoor activities, go there between July to 
December. Avoid going there during the rainy season of season of 
February to May because not much activities can be done. 

In terms of place to stay and accommodation, worry no more because you 
can get the best services and amenities at the beachfront Mosquito Blue 
or opt for vibrant and decent lodgings at the place called "Pousada 
Biscus" which is less expensive.

A Little Mexican Adventure Vacation 

A lot of people plan their vacations months in advance. The reason why 
some people do it is because they would want everything to be perfect. 
They want the hotel checked out, they want the destination close to the 
hotel, they want their activities lined up and ready for them and of 
course they want to be treated special because after all they are paying 
tons and tons of money.

This is how an adventure vacation is perceived. Months of preparation 
followed by countless weeks of anticipation and anxiety, this is usually 
how a regular vacationer sees it and it's how they live out the drama of 
their vacation.

Now when we talk about vacation some people would think that to enjoy 
their vacation they would need t travel across the globe to seek out and 
uncharted island blissfully located in the middle of nowhere and 
strategically located right next to civilization. Some people would also 
think that they need to spend tons and tons of money just to get them 
there, an island bordered by the savagery of the out doors and the 
comforts of civilization. But sometimes when people look too far away 
they miss what's under their noses. 

Many people prefer going to more luxurious and popular places without 
considering those that could offer exciting adventure and interesting 
places to visit. Nowadays, when you talk about people missing things 
that are right under their noses -- I'm talking about missing out on a good 
place to go to for a vacation. Some people spend too much of their time 
looking away to places like France, Italy, London etc. etc. when some of 
the good places to go to are just a border away in Mexico. 

Though we must admit not all of Mexico is for the sight seers, there 
are many places in the heartland of Mexico that are not really for 
tourist and their vacation getaways. Some are cruel realities of life 
that really require the attention of the government. Mexico is a really 
nice place to be in because of the virgin forests and the beautiful 
beaches, but if there would be any improvement in the tourism scene in 
Mexico, it has to start now.

Anyway, one of the few places that really deserve hats off is a place 
called San Blas, Mexico. Long before Spanish settlers set foot in this 
little gateway to California, people have already started settling here. 
Some people speculate that the lost civilization of the Incas may have 
been from there once.

It may not be as popular as Cancun but it does hold it own brand of 
notoriety especially for birds. Yes that's right birds. Many of the bird 
watching enthusiast flock to this little barrio surrounded by forests, 
lagoons, mangroves and endless islets that serve as excellent breeding 
grounds for both exotic and local species of birds.

Another attraction here are the ruins of Fort San Basilio built atop of 
a steep hill the La Contaduria. Imagine yourself on an adventure 
vacation high above the expanse of the town and the harbor. A good place 
to see the whole town and the beach, a good thing about it is that it's 
not too far away unlike when you need to have your fix on.

Here, you can enjoy not just a peaceful environment but also a feeling 
of self-fulfillment and utmost relaxation.

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