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You're Being Lied to About Weight Loss
by: Shawn LeBrun

Here are some of the blatant weight loss lies being thrown at unsuspecting consumers.

Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach.

Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

But as I continue to promote the truth about weight loss, the truth is muddled in the sea of confusion that's created by companies throwing weight loss solutions at consumers 24/7.

The companies pushing these bogus products will continue to make millions as I continue to fight an uphill battle, trying to shed some light for people as to what it really takes to lose weight and get in shape.

Am I bitter that these companies are making millions?


Am I bitter that they're doing it at the expense of people who really are unsure of the best way to go about losing weight and getting their health back?


I know firsthand what it really takes to lose a lot of weight and get in great shape.

And not once was it from an "Ab Stimulator Belt" you wear at work or from a "Fat-Loss Patch" you place on your arm. Nor was it from a "Magic Juice Drink" you sip for 2 days straight while not eating another morsel of food. And now that I think about it, it also wasn't from Coral Calcium or Metabo-Super-Fat-Burning-and-Crime-Fighting Pills. It sure wasn't from an "Ab-Crunch-Whatever-You-Call-It," you know, the torture machine you use for 3 minutes while watching TV and are supposed to lose 20 pounds in a week.

But as I continue to watch these commercials like a deer caught in the headlights, I almost fall for the best marketing money can buy -- the "pictures-never-lie" testimonials. You know, the old "before and after" photos (as hard as I looked, I couldn't see the airbrushing). Hey, if it's in a picture, its gotta be true!

And right before I catch myself reaching for the phone to order (chuckle, chuckle) I ask myself "Why is it these types of commercials clutter the TV mostly at night or on Saturday morning?" Is that when the most gullible tend to watch a lot of these blatant lies and scam products being peddled to them?

Who knows, but I need to change the channel before I get any sicker to my stomach.


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