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Affiliate Marketing

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has many descriptions, yet all have the same meaning.
Affiliate marketing is a huge business piece on the Internet. It is a
cooperative effort between merchants and an affiliate's website. For many years
now, affiliate marketing has proved to be a cost-efficient, measurable method of
delivering long-tern results. It has become famous for Internet sites who are
trying to make some extra or additional income for their site. Every day,
people get interested to affiliate marketing and want to make money out of it.
But in many cases, these new affiliates do not fully understand the affiliate
world and make costly mistakes. In other words, affiliate marketing has often
been misunderstood.

One of the common misconceptions that are being associated about affiliate
marketing is "selling", though selling is an important activity of affiliate
marketing and the central function of a business operation. Another is that
affiliate marketing is commonly linked with "advertising". While the importance
of advertising in marketing a certain product is not to be underestimated, the
fact of the matter is, advertising like selling, is merely a part of the many
functions of marketing.

In affiliate marketing, an affiliate is compensated for every visitor,
subscriber and/or customer provided through his efforts. The said compensation
may be made based on a certain value for each visit. The most attractive aspect
of affiliate marketing from the merchant's viewpoint is that no payment is due
to an affiliate until results are appreciated.

Affiliate marketing is typically being run by affiliate networks and this 
affiliate networks are composed of two functional bodies, the group affiliates 
and the group merchants. Each has their special function and role when it comes 
to affiliate marketing. The affiliate network acts as a third party between the 
merchant and the associated affiliates. The network provides the technology to 
deliver the merchant's campaigns and offers. The affiliate network also collects 
commission fees from the merchant and then pays the affiliates which are part of 
the program.

The merchant is any web site owner that wants or desires to take advantage of
performance based marketing. The benefits to the merchant are many. First, the
merchant maintains and operates the affiliate program. If it would be
extracted, the merchant needs to do their part by researching interested
affiliate websites to ensure that they are a good fit for that particular
website. Finding a fit for their merchandise would be the key to more generated
income. The merchant has access to markets and customers without him spending
valuable time searching out. Banner ads on affiliate sites are not distracting
to the site user. It might produce interest for that product and drive the
consumer to the merchants' website. It is also the merchant who decides how
much he is willing to pay for each sale that results from a visitor sent from
an affiliate.

The affiliate or the affiliate marketer also sees a lot of benefits. The
affiliate is a web site owner that promotes one or more merchants and their
affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing can generate a full-time income for the
affiliate. But this is not an easy task to accomplish. The affiliate needs to
have a better understanding with the merchant what the commission will be,
expected payment method and time involved in the contract. The affiliate has
also the responsibility to stand for the merchandise their user based would be
most interested in. For example, if the site has a user base of mainly
stay-at-home mothers, then on-line job openings such as surveys would be a good
match for them. This group would also appreciate direct links to children's
products and informational sites. Merchandisers often provide targeted,
best-seller items and personal support to their affiliate. They often offer
sales promotions that will benefit the merchandiser as well as the affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a great situation for both the marketer and the
affiliate. If they would work together, they can be an advantage to both. Plus
the fact that it seems to make sense, it is easy and inexpensive way to start,
and you can be up and running within a few days. But there is one thing to
consider, it is how to get traffic and make your offer different than all

Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most effective ways to advertise
online. It is also one of the easiest ways for anyone with a website to make a
profit online. Affiliate Marketing is an agreement between a merchant and a
website owner. The website owner, or the affiliate, allows the use of their
site for the promotion of the merchant's products by linking to the merchant's
website. In exchange, the merchant pays a commission to the affiliate on all
sales generated by the affiliate. Every time someone clicks on the link on the
affiliate website and proceeds to make a purchase, the affiliate gets a
commission. The merchant will pay the affiliate only when a customer clicks on
the product link and makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing programs are described as a win-win situation for both the
merchant and the affiliate because of the pay-for-performance scheme. Both the
merchant and the affiliate enjoy some benefits in affiliate marketing. There
are many benefits on the merchant's side. It gives the merchant a wider market
in which to advertise a product or service. Affiliate marketing will give the
product or service the maximum exposure that it may not get with other
traditional advertising techniques. The more affiliate sites a merchant has,
the higher the traffic, which can convert to sales. Affiliate marketing is the
equivalent of having an army of sales people who will do the advertising and
will only get a commission if a customer purchases.

Meanwhile, since an affiliate marketing relationship is a win-win situation,
the affiliate also enjoys many benefits. Foremost among these is the easy way
to make a profit. The affiliate can earn by having an ad or link to the
merchant's website, which prospective customers will hopefully click and
proceed to make a purchase. As soon as the customer clicks on the ad on the
affiliate's site, is redirected to the merchant's website and goes on to buy
that particular product, the affiliate earns a commission. The more referrals
there are the more profit for the affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money while at home. There are
virtually no production costs. The product is already developed and proven by
the merchant, and all you have to do to find, as many prospects as you can that
will bring in the profit for both the merchant and the affiliate. Affiliate
programs are usually free to join, so affiliates do not have to worry about
start-up costs. There are thousands of products and services you can choose
from. You can find affiliate programs for every product under the sun. Surely,
there is a product or service out there that is relevant to your website.

In addition, there is absolutely no sales experience necessary. Most affiliate
programs offer excellent support when it comes to providing marketing material.
The simplicity of affiliate marketing allows you to be an affiliate marketer at
the least cost and the most comfort. You can even build a successful affiliate
marketing business right in the convenience of your own home. In affiliate
marketing, your responsibility is simply to find prospects for the merchant;
you do not have to worry about inventory, order processing, and product
shipping. These, along with customer service support are the duties of the

Because of the global reach of the internet, you can easily find thousands of
prospects. You can intensify your advertising campaign by exploiting more
aggressive and productive strategies such as viral marketing. By attracting
more prospects, you also maximize your potential to earn. Another benefit of an
affiliate marketer is the minimal risk involved. If the product you are
advertising is not making money then you can dump it and choose another. There
are no long-term binding contracts tying you to products that are not making
enough money.

All the same, the best benefit of being an affiliate marketer is the
opportunity to increase your income; and you can make a profit even if
affiliate marketing is only a sideline business. With your own affiliate
business, you can earn easily earn extra income, although you do have to exert
effort and use your imagination to maximize your earning potential. Indeed, 
affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and most effective business 
opportunities on the web today.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Each of us has its own interest or has a hobby. Some love all kinds of books,
music, and movies while others are into sports and traveling. There are also
people who love to grow flowers and loves pets. These things help us to relax
and forget our everyday problems and troubles and these things are common to
people. But not everyone has a hobby that makes money for him/her except if you
love your job.

Money making hobby could let you treat your family and friends with the extra
cash or you can even quit your current job that you almost certainly hate. That
is why many of us today go online to start a business; their reasons are either
to supplement their income or to gradually replace their offline income from
their job. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start in making money online.

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing partnership between a web merchant and
one or more affiliates. The affiliate is paid a commission for referring clicks,
leads or most often sales to the merchant. An affiliate's advantage is that he
can make money in a business where he doesn't have the upfront costs of
creating his own product, and he doesn't have to worry about e-commerce,
bookkeeping, or even customer support for it is the merchant's responsibility.

Now, for sure you want to be an affiliate marketer with all that benefits an
affiliate could get. But, do you have what it takes to be an affiliate
marketer? Before you begin your venture into affiliate marketing, you need to
decide first which area interest you. What products do you know the most and
which products you could do the best job of selling? Once you discover your
specialty, perseverance, patience, determination comes next. These are the
qualities you should possessed to be a good affiliate marketer.

Too many online business prospectors lose out because they become impatient.
You also have to know what your strengths are, the things in which you are good
at and your capabilities and abilities related to your chosen streak. And the
most important thing is you have to have a strong desire to succeed in
affiliate marketing.

To be an affiliate marketer is not an easy task. You have to learn the
techniques of marketing your product or service. You shouldn't be looking at
every chance because marketing is all about attracting you to look at this or
that particular opportunity. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you should
learn how to listen and to be taught because in life we need to learn skills to
get by.

For an affiliate marketer, you should know how to market your site effectively,
in will enable you to get thousands of visitors coming to your site which
transforms into more sales. This only means that the faster you set up a
website, the bigger your chances of making money online faster. You should
avoid the same mistakes some affiliates make everyday, they are only building a
short-term business where they just make a small sale. Make sure you do
understand that you should be building a long-term affiliate business and not
just something that makes you a few dollars on one sale.

It is also better to have knowledge on how to upsell your visitors for
expensive services. This will in turn make you become recognized as an expert
in your field and making money will be easier. There are some people thinks
that just by having affiliate links on their website will bring them good
profits. This can have some truth to it, but then most successful affiliates
still believe that making use of strong marketing campaigns for their affiliate
programs is still important. But affiliate marketers become much more successful
when they treat their customers or online visitors as friends. Make a commitment
to establish relationships with your customers and especially with visitors to
your site. It is very important for an affiliate marketer to have a good
business relationship with customers or visitors.

You should also be creative. The real key to being successful with affiliate
marketing is to develop a good content based website and weave your affiliate
links into all your content. You have to provide your prospects with good,
quality content to keep them coming back to your site. So, do you have what it
takes to be an affiliate marketer?

The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs has never been as popular before as it is today.
Why? There can be a number of reasons. The most probable reason, however, could
be the fact that the benefits of affiliate marketing have become clearer to a
lot of people now than they were before.

Today, both the merchants and the affiliates can see clearly that affiliate
marketing can work for both of them. The merchant sees affiliate marketing
today as the chance to advertise their products at a lower cost. The
affiliates, on the other hand, sees affiliate marketing as an easy way of
earning profits online by doing what they like most, and that is by creating

Just as the popularity of affiliate marketing has shifted into greater heights,
so has the people's outlook about it changed. No longer is affiliate marketing
considered today as an alternative method for the merchant to advertise his
products, or as a source of additional income for the affiliates. For merchants
and affiliates alike, affiliate marketing is now considered as a main source of
profits and revenues.

So the question now is what type of affiliate marketing will work best for you?
Are all affiliate marketing programs the same? Are the benefits the same? Or are
there affiliate marketing programs that work better than the others?

There are actually different types or classes of affiliate marketing, and the
number of types will depend on how one will classify them. The most basic
affiliate marketing programs, however, falls under two categories:
pay-per-click (PPC), and pay-per-performance (PPP).

*  Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the most popular type of affiliate marketing for affiliates with small
websites, and probably the easiest way for them to earn money. In this
affiliate marketing type, the merchant pays his affiliate whenever a visitor is
referred to his site, that is whenever someone clicks through the merchant's
banner or text ads. The affiliate gets paid a certain amount even if the
visitor he referred does not purchase anything from the merchant's site.
However, typical fees for PPC affiliate programs are small, usually not
exceeding a dollar for every click.

*  Pay Per Performance (PPP)

PPP affiliate marketing is the most popular among merchant and is also the most
lucrative type for the affiliates. In this type of affiliate program, the
merchant only pays the affiliate whenever his referral translates into an
action -- that is whenever the visitor he has referred actually buys something
from the merchant's site or when the visitor becomes a lead. This means a lot
of savings for the merchant. On the other hand, it becomes the most lucrative
type for the dedicated affiliate, for commissions in PPP affiliate marketing
usually comes in the range of 15% to 20% of the actual product sales.

Pay-per-performance affiliate marketing can be further classified into two
popular types: pay-per-sales (PPS) and pay-per-lead (PPL).

*  Pay Per Sale (PPS)

In a pay-per-sale type of affiliate marketing, the merchants pay the affiliate
a certain fee whenever the visitor he has referred to the merchant's site
actually buys something from the merchant's site. Affiliates are often paid on
commission basis, although other merchants would opt to pay a fixed fee. But no
matter what the basis of the fee is, it is generally higher than the fee paid to
affiliates in a pay-per-click affiliate program.

*  Pay Per Lead (PPL)

The pay-per-lead type of affiliate marketing is a slight variation of the PPS
type and is often used by insurance and finance companies and other companies
who rely on leads for their company to grow. In this type of affiliate
marketing, the affiliate is paid whenever the visitor he referred to the
merchant's site fills up an application form or any similar form related to the
business of the company. Compensation for this type of affiliate marketing is
based on a fixed fee whose rates approximate that of the fixed fee in the PPS

Aside from these three specific types of affiliate marketing, a lot of other
affiliate marketing types exist. If the classification is based on the depth of
the affiliate network, it can be classified as single-tier, two-tier, and
multi-tier affiliate marketing. There is also another type of affiliate
marketing that pays the affiliate each time the customer he has referred
purchases something from the merchant's site.

*  Single-Tier, Two-Tier, and Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing

These types of affiliate marketing are based on the different levels or tiers
in the affiliate network by which payments are made. In a single-tier affiliate
marketing program, the affiliates are only paid based on the direct sales or
traffic he has referred to the merchant. All the previously mentioned affiliate
marketing types (i.e. PPS, PPL, and PPC) fall under the single-tier

*  In two-tier affiliate marketing programs, the affiliate is not only paid for
the direct traffic or sales that he refers to the merchant's site, but also on
every traffic or sales referred by various other affiliates who joined the
affiliate program through his recommendation. Multi-tier affiliate marketing
works the same way, although the affiliate gets additional commission for a
wider number of affiliates in different tiers in the affiliate network.

*  Residual Income Affiliate Marketing

In residual income affiliate marketing, the affiliate gets paid not only once
for every customer he has referred to the merchant's site. Rather, the
affiliate is also paid whenever the customer he has referred returns to the
site and purchase another product. Compensation for such type of affiliate
marketing is based on either sales percentage commission or fixed fee basis.

The different affiliate marketing types would virtually work differently for
merchants and affiliates alike, and each would generally have their own list of
benefits. Which type of affiliate marketing will work best for you? It is not
really for me to tell. Rather, it is for you to choose which type of affiliate
marketing program will suit your needs and characteristics best.

How You Can Become a Super Affiliate

The humdrum existence of going to the office day after day doing the usual 9-5
shift is a trying task for those who have lived all their lives doing so. This
is why the convenience of doing work at home under amazingly flexible working
hours is a dazzling prospect to them. Doing work at home that is as fulfilling
as having a career working for a computer on the 19th floor of a skyscraper is
already a possibility in these modern times. This is because the jungle-like
network that is the internet has given birth to a business that has given some
people practically new lives doing nothing but so.

This particular business allows people to work at home under flexible working
hours. There is no boss to scream around putting pressure on everyone about the
deadline at hand. There is no clutter of messy paperwork that needs to be
completed the soonest possible time. Conveniences such as these are experienced
by those who are into affiliate marketing, the newest way to earn money without
having to go through all sorts of routine found in regular employment.

Those who have been in the business long enough can attest to the fact that it
is a lucrative business indeed, one that can actually give people things that
they could not possibly possess or experience under ordinary circumstances.

The business called affiliate marketing involves an affiliate's promotion of a
merchant's website. Here the website owned by the affiliate is made to
advertise and market the website of the merchant through the affiliate program
that they run.

Whenever someone clicks on the merchant's website promoted by the one owned by
the affiliate, the affiliate is given a commission. This is in recognition of
his effort in helping the merchant make a sale.

The system involved in affiliate marketing seems easy, but it also takes a lot
of diligence and perseverance for one to be able to penetrate it thoroughly.
Those who want to get into this type of business should possess the necessary
skills to be able tread through the industry with confidence and
self-assurance. Still, other factors are needed by one to be able to really
break in. Knowledge about the business at hand is very important as it dictates
the actions that are to be done by people who are into it.

The leading figure in affiliate marketing is the super affiliate. He is
basically an e-mail marketer who collects large databases of e-mail addresses
through newsletters. Super affiliates are also those who know the business even
better than affiliate managers as a result of their knowledge about the
affiliate marketing industry inside out. Those who want to be super affiliates
should know that becoming a super affiliate is not easy, because it takes a lot
to be able to master the marketing craft.

Becoming a super affiliate means having one's own website and autoresponder.
These tools will help a lot in one's facilitation of the business. Building
one's own list is another. Creating a loyal customer base and taking care of it
is one secret that successful super affiliates have. Making good customer
relations is also important if one wants to be a super affiliate to reckon with.

Continuing to market to the people on one's list is another must if one wants
to succeed as a super affiliate. Sending out quality content in lieu of ads is
an advantage as products are marketed better whenever enough information is
given about them.

Building traffic to one's own site is also one of the most essential points in
the affiliate marketing business. Making one's affiliate links his own business
will allow him to build a strong relationship with his customers, enabling him
to market to them over and over again.

The most important thing one should remember if he wants to become a super
affiliate is to treat affiliate marketing as a business first and foremost. If 
he is capable of doing this, then he will never have to go back to the humdrum 
existence of working the 9-5 shift. A career as a super affiliate in the 
business which will change his life forever could possibly take that unexciting 
job's place.

7 Ways to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic

An affiliate marketer may have all the things needed for him to be able to
succeed in a business such as affiliate marketing. He may have the necessary
drive, diligence and perseverance to be able to understand how the system
works. He may have all the tools necessary in maintaining the business,
including a really unique and interesting website which could earn him a
fortune if only the whole world could see it. However, all these would prove
useless if he does not know how to drive traffic to his website. His business
would sink into oblivion together with all the sales, fortune and dreams that
he might have realized if he only knew how to do this particular task.

Getting people who matter to see one's website is a difficult undertaking if he
tries to consider the fact that there are rivals everywhere waiting to pin him
down. The immensity of the internet as well as the affiliate marketing world
has given birth to the fierce competition between affiliate marketers, each of
whom has his own great product to offer. With all the websites piling on top of
each other, how would one be able to stand out? The seven best ways to drive
laser-targeted traffic to one's own website would help those who are bent on
sticking it out with this business wherever it is bound to take them.

The first step in driving traffic to one's website is by relying on search
engines and what they can do for the affiliate marketer concerned. Because they
are popular for driving free targeted traffic, they should not be ignored by all
means. Having top search engine rankings is vital in building popularity links,
and the use of the right keywords is important in attaining this goal. Once a
website is on top of the list, it is easily accessible to anyone who wants to
see it for himself.

The second way in driving traffic to one's website is by contacting other
webmasters for a possible link exchange partnership. Locating websites that are
related to one's own website is the primary task. Once there, he should be able
to establish communication by personalizing everything as much as possible. It
is then possible to make reciprocal link exchanges between webmasters whichever
way the affiliate marketer prefers.

The third way is through writing one's own articles. This is an effective way
in promoting a website, because good content that are appreciated by readers
will lead them to visit the writer's very own website out of sheer interest.

The fourth way is through joint venture marketing. This is one of the most
effective ways of promoting a product or a service. Having a partner through ad
swap or link exchange is beneficial to both parties as it allows them to reach a
wide customer base in a short amount of time.

The fifth is through joining affiliate programs. Having affiliates to do the
work means allowing them to bring tons of traffic to a website. Skyrocketing
sales would be realized as a result, and both the affiliate and the website
owner will benefit from the situation.

The sixth is by having a list of subscribers that one can refer to every so
often, because they are those which would prove to be valuable assets for the
marketer concerned. The use of autoresponders and personalized newsletters is
one way of keeping track of them all, and holding on to them by letting them
know about new products and services is an essential task that should be done
by the affiliate marketer concerned.

The seventh is by knowing one's market through and through. It is important for
traffic to be targeted to those who might have a special interest in the theme
or topic of one's website. This way, a solid customer base is going to be
created. Once a potential customer shows an interest in a particular website by
paying it a visit, one must not waste time in trying to show him that his effort
is worth it.

Traffic generating strategies are important in trying to make one's affiliate
marketing career inch forward. It is always advantageous to plan one's moves in
any business that he might undertake. This is particularly so in affiliate
marketing. If one knows how to get people to see what he has to offer, then he
is on the right track.

Why So Many People Fail In Affiliate Marketing

More and More people are lured into affiliate marketing and you might be one of
them. Indeed, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective means of
generating a full-time income through the Internet. It's a fair deal between
the merchandiser and his affiliates as both benefit from each sale
materialized. Like in other kinds of business, a great deal of the profits in
affiliate marketing depends on the affiliate's advertising, promoting and
selling strategies. Everyday, as affiliate marketing industry expands,
competition heightens as well so an affiliate marketer must be creative enough
to employ unique and effective ways to convince potential buyers to purchase or
avail of the products and services offered.

Compared to traditional advertising practices, affiliate programs are more
effective, risk-free and cost-efficient. But why do many people still fail in
affiliate marketing? There are a lot of reasons and a lot of areas in the
program to look into. The most critical aspect in the affiliate program is
advertising. Many affiliate marketers fail in this aspect because they lack
hard work, which is the most important thing in affiliate marketing and in all
other kinds of business as well. Although it pays to be lucky, you cannot
merely rely on it. Affiliate marketing isn't as simple as directing customers
to the business site. If you want to earn big, of course, you have to invest
time and great amount of hard work in promoting the products. As earlier
mentioned, the competition is very high and customers nowadays are very wise,
too. After all, who doesn't want to get the best purchase -- that is, to pay
less and get more in terms of quantity and quality.

Lack of preparation is also a reason why one fails in affiliate marketing,
whether he is a merchandiser or an affiliate. Part of the preparation is
researching. On the part of the merchant, he has to be highly selective in
choosing the right affiliate websites for his affiliate program. In order to be
sure he has the best choices, he must have exhausted his means in looking for
highly interested affiliates whose sites are sure fit to his products and
services. The affiliate site's visitors must match his targeted customers. On
the other hand, the affiliate marketer must likewise research on the
good-paying merchandisers before he signs up for an affiliate program. He must
ensure that the merchants' products and services match his interests so he can
give his full attention and dedication to the program. He can get valuable
information by joining affiliate forums, comparing different affiliate programs
and reading articles on affiliate marketing where he can get tips from
experienced affiliate marketers on how to choose the best merchants and
products with high conversion rate.

The website is a very important tool in the whole affiliate program. As an
affiliate marketer, you should plan how your site is going to be, from domain
name to the design, the lay-out, the content, and ads. Some users are
particular about what they see at first glance and thus when they find your
site ugly, they won't read through the content even if your site has many
things to say and offer. On the other hand, there those who want information
more than anything else. Affiliate marketers with "rich-content" web sites are
usually the ones who prosper in this business because the content improves
traffic to the site. Websites with high quality contents -- with relevant
keywords and more importantly, right information about the product and not
empty hyped-up advertisements -- allow you to earn big in affiliate marketing
even when you're asleep. If you won't be able to sustain the interest of your
site visitor, you won't be able to lead him to the merchants' site. No
click-through means no sale and thus, no income on your part.

Selecting a top level domain name is also crucial to the success of the
affiliate program. Lots of affiliate sites don't appear in the search engine
results because they are deemed by affiliate managers as personal sites. Major
search engines and directories would think of your site as transient ones and
thus, they won't list it in the directory. Before you decide on the domain
name, know first what you are going to promote. Many fail because their sites
are not appropriately named, so even when they feature the exact products the
customer is looking for, the customer might think the site is not relevant and
thus, won't enter the site.

Above all, an affiliate marketer must be willing to learn more. Certainly,
there are still a lot of things to learn and so an affiliate marketer must
continue to educate himself so he can improve his marketing strategies. Many
fail because they don't grow in the business and they are merely concerned
about earning big quickly. If you want long-term and highly satisfactory
results, take time to learn the ins and outs of the business. Continue to
improve your knowledge especially with the basics in affiliate marketing
ranging from advertising to programming, web page development, and search
engine optimization techniques. Likewise, study the needs and wants of your
site users and how different merchandisers compete with each other.

Keep on trying; don't get disappointed if your first attempts did not pay off.
Thousands are attracted by the possibility of generating skyrocketing incomes
through affiliate marketing and so they sign up in any affiliate program
without carefully understanding every aspect of the business. When they don't
get instant results, they quit and sign up for another program and repeat the
process of just copying links and referring them to others. When you sign up
for an affiliate program, don't expect to get rich in an instant. Work on your
advertising strategies and be patient. You'll never know how much you can get
if you don't persevere.

Using Google Adwords to Drive Traffic to your Website

Highly targeted traffic is one of the most important entities in the internet
universe. Any website owner or administrator recognizes the importance of
driving traffic to a website. The success of any website does not rely entirely
on the site itself. You may have a terrific idea for a website, offer an
excellent product or service, or have an exceptionally designed site with
superb content, but if you do not use the right strategies to advertise, your
site would not attract the high traffic you need. Attracting targeted traffic
is a task that should be taken seriously for any site to succeed or make a
profit. Fortunately, there are internet-marketing tools that help the website
marketer to drive traffic to his website. One of the most significant, and
effective, of these tools is Google's Adwords. Adwords is one of Google's
advertising services.

How does Google Adwords work? Google is the largest search engine on the web
receiving over 200 million queries each day through its various services. As
Google is the most popular search engine today, webmasters are keen on having
their websites achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results it
provides. A high ranking can mean high traffic for that website. The search
engine results page is also a great venue for advertisers to promote a product
or service through ads and links. Consequently, Google launched its Adwords
service, as a way for businesses to advertise products and services to a
targeted audience. Google Adwords can guarantee instant traffic. In this
service, Google displays relevant text based ads within its search engine
results page termed as "Sponsored Links". Whenever a particular keyword is
searched on, these relevant links appear in a separate section giving excellent
exposure to the sites listed.

How do you use Google Adwords? First, you have to open an account with the
Google Adwords Service. Then, you should indicate your target language and
country. This is important because you would not want your products advertised
in countries where your product or service cannot be sold. Afterwards, you
should now create an ad group. This involves designing the ad, selecting
keywords and determining maximum cost per click that you are willing to spend
and defining bid amounts. The most important step in creating a successful
Adwords campaign is selecting an effective title tag that will catch the
attention of your target audience. The title tag, generally a short phrase, is
the most important part of your Adwords campaign so make sure that it is
attractive and catchy. You should describe the website clearly and accurately.
The most effective advertising conveys a clear message to the target audience.
With a clear message, you will be attracting qualified leads, which can
eventually convert to sale. Thus, the importance of selecting the right
keywords cannot be overemphasized.

There are keyword variations you can adapt to reach more prospects. Using these
varieties, misspellings and derivatives can help increase the chance of your ads
being served. Broad match is targeting keywords in a loosely defined manner.
Here, the ads appear based on the keywords that have been queried by other
users as opposed to exact match, which calls for the keyword to match the query
exactly. Meanwhile, a keyword phrase set to phrase match will only appear when
the exact phrase is searched on. A negative keyword is helpful in filtering
unrelated pages.

After you have decided on what title tag to use in your ad, you must now define
a budget in order to maximize exposure. Google Adwords recommend a daily budget
for each campaign. However, you should determine a budget that is suitable and
affordable. You should also determine the maximum cost per click. Google will
offer a recommended cost per click, but you do not have to stick with this.
Usually, a number one position is not ideal as it can also attract unwanted
traffic and useless clicks. A number two position is more preferred as it can
filter useless clicks and provide traffic with a higher conversion rate.

To conclude, Google Adwords is an excellent strategy and tool in giving your
site maximum exposure. Nevertheless, Google Adwords should not be your sole
advertising campaign. It will definitely help you find the all-important,
highly targeted traffic you need.

What Affiliate Marketing Mentors to Follow, and Why?

Affiliate marketing has been in the Internet industry for quite sometime now
and it is among the most popular tools used by many online entrepreneurs today.
It is a great option for those who want to put up an online business quickly and
cheaply. However, there is still a large number of the population who knows a
little or even nothing about it. And most of the people who have just
discovered this business usually assume that they can easily make big bucks out
of it. Well, they're definitely wrong.

To be successful in affiliate marketing business is not an easy task and it
will never happen overnight. It's just like an ongoing assignment where you
need to find out and try various advertising strategies and tactics. This may
even require you to sign-up with numerous affiliate programs just to determine
which merchants performs well.

Another misconception that affiliates have 'bout this kind of business is that
they expect to gain more if they place about 20 affiliated banners on just one
niche. Well it will not really work the way you think it would because once
your site is flooded with too many banners, it will look like a link farm and
visitors won't be interested and won't even bother clicking on any of those
banners. So if you really want to promote several affiliate programs in your
website, make sure that they jive with the theme and topic of the rest of the
content on your niche. Bear in mind that three or four affiliated links in your
site are enough, depending on the size of the web page.

There are also some who think that if they add affiliate materials to their
site, they can receive sales right away. Maybe they just don't know that
affiliate marketing is all about advertising. If there's no traffic coming to
your site, how can you expect to get any sales? Remember that the more you
advertise your affiliate link or the site where the affiliate links are placed,
the more clickthru's these links are likely to receive.

If you want to be involved or you've already joined an affiliate program, but
you have the above misconceptions regarding affiliate marketing, then, you
might need a mentor to help you figure out where to start and what to do in
order to succeed.

In the dictionary, the word mentor is defined as a wise and trusted teacher or
counselor. Usually, these persons are experts in the field they are into. They
can give expert advice and guidance as well as supervision to another person.
So when we say affiliate marketing mentors, they are experienced counselors
that have made affiliate marketing their specialty. Affiliate marketing mentors
can be those persons that have already been successful in affiliate marketing
and are always willing to share their experienced-based knowledge from the
viewpoint of both the affiliates and the web merchants. And that's the reason
why we come up with this page. It is aimed to give you the stuffs that
affiliate mentors should possess and follow and why do they need these things.

Of course, it is good for an affiliate marketing mentor to know and apply some
theories and generalities regarding your business but there's nothing more
helpful and effective than telling the client what works today and what are the
things that could probably work in the future and if the trend changes. As a
mentor, you should be one of the sources of knowledge for your client and the
first one to teach them on how to generate more affiliate income. You too, need
to be knowledgeable and equipped with the keys to success for affiliate
marketers as well as for merchants. And you should guide your clients as they
try to do the things that can help boost their profit because once they do well
in that business, it can be counted as one of your great achievements. This also
makes you a successful mentor.

There are some articles on affiliate marketing that says, in order to be
triumphant in affiliate marketing business, you need to encompass and develop
these traits: persistence, patience and thirst for knowledge. And as a mentor,
it is your job to help your clients take in these traits within themselves.
Once they've already developed the abovementioned character, it'll be very easy
for you to explain to them that attaining success in affiliate marketing
requires sweat, blood and of course, hefty time commitment. These traits will
also teach them not to give up.

Moreover, before you train your client to be proficient in search engine
optimization, link exchanges, email marketing, newsletter marketing, reciprocal
exchanges and advertising in forums, you should first become expert on these
fields. They will surely find it hard to learn these things alone and without
supervision from the one who knows best. So make sure that you are
knowledgeable on these things before you accept any invitation to be a mentor.
Yes, being a mentor is way harder than succeeding in affiliate marketing but
this task is very rewarding especially if your client become victorious. The
failure of your client is your failure too so you must do your very best to be
able to bring your client on the road to success. Again, it is never an easy
task and there's nothing you can do about it. After all, that's what affiliate
marketing mentors are for.

Don't Make These Common 4 Affiliate Mistakes!

Myths concerning affiliate marketing are appealing and attractive. People who
do not know the entire system the wrong way round are prone to believing that
it is something capable of giving them great fortune overnight. Stories
concerning affiliates who earn tremendous amounts of money swim in their heads,
and while these stories are as true as they can be, there are those who believe
that they are going to have the same fortune once they indulge in this
particular business.

It is true enough that affiliate marketing is financially rewarding. People who
have gone through everything to be able to succeed in this business are reaping
the seeds that they untiringly sowed. Many of them enjoy the kind of existence
that was not possible for them to have had under ordinary circumstances. Having
gone through the A-Z of affiliate marketing, however, these people are the ones
who know that while such business is lucrative, there is absolutely no easy
money in it.

Ignorance of this fact is one of the main reasons why there are people who fail
miserably in the internet business. There are those who believe in myths
concerning the easy money involved in systems such as affiliate marketing. They
do not know that there are those who have wasted time, effort and too many
resources in trying to pursue the life of ease that they believe this business
will give them. And so they go into affiliate marketing armed with nothing but
myths and fantastical notions of wealth swimming in their consciousness, never
realizing that they bound to make mistakes that would prove to be their

What may be the reason why in businesses such as affiliate marketing, many are
called but few are chosen? Perhaps the answer lies on the fact that many
affiliates make mistakes that result from their ignorance of facts concerning
how the entire business runs. Affiliate marketing is not as simple as an
affiliate promoting a merchant's wares through his website and getting paid for
it. It is also about knowing the market and the customers at hand.

Discovering what the most common mistakes affiliates make can perhaps dispel
the gloom about myths surrounding affiliate marketing by correcting some wrong
notions about it. It might also be able to make those concerned understand that
like any other business, there are dos and donts involved in this one if they
want to make each of their steps count. The first common mistake affiliates
make is their lack of knowledge concerning principles involved in their
business. This refers to the affiliate's knowledge of search engines in

Affiliate marketing involves advertising, and advertising through the internet
could not have been better without the existence of search engines. What every
affiliate has to do is to make these search engines his best friend through
studying search engine optimization closely. This way, he is able to know what
to do in connection with building a better website to ultimately use for his

The second is that affiliates make the mistake of stuffing their sites with
banners that do not provide enough information about the product at hand. The
best way to battle this mistake is to provide good content hand-in-hand with
such banners. It is important for customers to know and understand the features
of a product, and good content will be able to help them realize this goal.

The third is that there are affiliates who make the mistake of promoting only
one product. Consequently, customers are not given enough options to choose
from. There is also the risk of generating fewer sales as compared to having
more options for customers ponder about. It is always better to give them a few
better alternatives than to give them only one.

The fourth is that there are affiliates who make the mistake of promoting too
many products. As a result, customers are confused and end up beyond making a
choice. It is perhaps good to give them only the best choices. This is because
it is ultimately up to them to judge which one is the best for them to

All in all, affiliates that are doomed to fail in this business are those who
do not exert enough effort to understand everything involved in the industry
that they are in. Knowing their path step by careful step will prove to be
beneficial to them, as there is no other way to succeed than to go through any
path slowly but surely.

How to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic Using Overture

In online marketing business like affiliate marketing, no traffic means no
sales. That's the reason why most affiliates or webmasters easily shell out
even big bucks just to get top rankings on the search engines. Once you are
promoting a product or service in you web page, you need to have more visitors
that can be potential consumers to your products and services. This is one of
the fundamental rules to succeed in online marketing business. Here, you just
need to start and get it right and you can do some things wrong but still
manage to succeed. Don't ever try to get it wrong because no matter how hard
you work, you can never find yourself on the way to success.

I guess everyone will agree if I said that obtaining enough highly targeted
traffic is the key to success in affiliate marketing business. This method is
proven to be effective if you're promoting or reselling product or service
online. One of the best and most secured marketing strategies that affiliate
marketers can employ is the strategy of paying for performance. This means that
your investments are used only on results such as additional sales and incomes.

Let's take a practical example. Paying for performance could mean giving a
commission to a sales person only when new sale is made. This strategy assures
you real profit because you can already compute the amount money you have to
spend for every new sale made. Also, you can avoid spending any marketing bucks
because every cent you use up has either come from sale or will generate a sale
in the future.

And one of the proven and most efficient ways of acquiring sales in affiliate
marketing business is by drawing laser-targeted traffic towards your web site
and converting them to sales by means of "Pay-Per-Click" Search Engines

Overture claims to be the Internet's best pay-per-click search engine. It is
the world's leading resource of Pay-For-Performance search on the web. And
what's more enticing about Overture? When you advertise in Overture Premium
Listings, your site will absolutely appear in the leading U.S. search engines
like Yahoo, InfoSpace, MSN, Netscape, AltaVista, Lycos and more. Plus, you can
get the benefit of reaching more than 80% of active Internet users.

PPCSEs like Overture can bring impressive sales because they permit you to pay
for performance by means of attracting precisely targeted traffic to your
niche. And this means people or site visitors who are actively searching for
what precisely you are offering or selling. Overture's secret is to drive
laser-targeted traffic to your website by proposing or bidding on keywords that
are related to the product or services that you are offering. And this strategy
works this way: the more exact the keyword is, the better results you'll
receive and the less you'll have to spend for each new sale.

Overture drives targeted traffic by keeping you away from the general keywords
that are very common and usually come expensive and by casting a wide net of
laser-focused keywords that are more targeted, not so expensive, and with high
conversion rate. I'll tell you, attracting laser-targeted traffic through
Overture is nothing but a "Win-Win" Situation.

Overture's strategy also allows your visitors to respond. And what's important
once you get your visitors to respond? Well, you are given a chance to develop
lifetime customers that will patronize your product and will buy from you over
an over again. Bear in mind that one-time sales can't be a key in creating a
highly-profitable business especially online. You can only achieve this through
PPCSEs like Overture, which gets your site visitors to respond. And once it
happens, you can constantly market and sell your products to them.

Another tactic that Overture uses in order to gain laser-targeted traffic is to
have a "Back-Up Response" for those who "almost bought" your product on the
first visit. To successfully realize this, you need to market and advertise to
them over and over again until you make them a new customer. Offer them an
incentive so that they'll allow you to advertise to them over a certain time
span by means of e-mail or post mail. Here are some of the back-up responses
which you can use: send a free e-mail newsletter, give a free catalog and offer
a promo or sweepstakes which gives them the chance to win free merchandise.

Other things that will surely attract lifetime customers to your site are
offering valued customer discounts, giving seasonal and special offers
especially to your repeat customers and any other incentives to purchase. Don't
get me wrong with this; the abovementioned strategies can surely develop a
trusted relationship between you and your customers. Aside from patronizing
your products over their lifetime, they may even refer others to you or to your

To sum up, one of the most effective and secured marketing strategies that any
businessman can utilize particularly those who are involved in online marketing
is the approach of only paying for performance. And one of the most helpful
online strategies to create more sales is by pulling laser targeted traffic
towards your website and converting them to sales by means of Pay-Per-Click
Search Engines like Overture.

How to Set Yourself Apart From Other Affiliates

Considered today as one of the best and easiest way to earn some money,
affiliate marketing is now attracting many people to represent themselves in
this type of business. But as competition is getting a bit bigger, you may need
some ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the affiliate marketers. For
the major reason that many of your competitors including you are promoting the
exact same program, in the exact same zone or on the exact same websites
perhaps. Now here are some tips that you may consider in order for you to stay
in this business and have the chance to outwit and outplay other competitors of
The first thing is for you to have your own website. It is very essential for
you to have your own website in considering affiliate marketing as your
professional career. Secondly, potential customers primarily go to websites in
order for them to search and sometimes purchase items they were looking for.
For the same reason that it is much easier to remember than a certain URL that
you may be using and you can just point to your visitors the affiliate page in
your website.

Another thing to remember is to have your own ad. A lot of times affiliates
marketers have published the same ad two or three times done by advertisers. In
this case, you may email the owner of your affiliate program asking that you
make your own ads. This way, people may not become immune to ads, because
sometimes seeing the same ads over and over again, may just make your potential
customers to just skip it all together. Besides, your primarily purpose is to
attract or encourage people to click and read your ads and be curios enough to
click through your website.

Step three, have some products of your won which are only available through
your website. Once you have your website going, it is important to have some
products or services that your customers can't find with other affiliate's
site. You want your customers to keep coming to your site and the best way to
do that is to have something on your site that they can't find on others. Being
an affiliate marketer we must then choose a certain market segment where you can
have a potential leadership or at least a strong challenger role.

The fourth step is to build a strong relationship with people who already buy
your product. Now, in order for you as the marketer to fully answer the query
of your potential customers, it is best to try and buy the product by yourself.
With this particular notion, you can better sell the product that you are trying
to market. You can share to your potential customers what a great experience you
had with the product, and this can make them interested enough to buy the
product. You may also be able to provide a support if necessary or you may
provide a confident tutorial or steps on how to use the product that you are
trying to market based on your personal experience. Entailing this idea is to
be totally honest about the product that you are trying to market. If you find
out that the program you were promoting is a scam, stop promoting it and inform
your readers about it. This will help you build credibility with your lists.

We all make mistakes and admitting your mistake will boost your reader's
confidence in you. Lastly, don't try to market everything you see. With
services such as click bank, it is easy to become overwhelmed and try to market
everything in the click bank marketplace. That is not a good idea. It's better
to focus on one market and market products that they would want. This is called
niche marketing.

Try also to promote a certain product, which conforms to the specifications
measured through indications of customer-satisfaction, rather than indicators
of self-gratification. It is the customer who decides what to buy and not the
company or the affiliate marketer. The company simply produces products
catering to the needs and wants of their chosen market segment.

Today, different types of business are emerging from all over the world in a
multinational level to reign supreme on their specific market segment that they
are trying to dominate, and affiliate marketing is one of them. Affiliate
marketing is definitely here to stay and it can become a great way to earn
extra or even part time income. However, it won't happen overnight. Like
everything else in life, you're going to have to put a lot of hard work into
it. Good luck to you in your new venture.

Using An Ad tracker Is Key To The Affiliate Marketer

There's a lot of money in affiliate marketing. This is true, however, only to
those are seriously and zealously working on his affiliate program. Success in
affiliate marketing varies in every individual affiliate and for the most part,
it depends on his will and perseverance. No matter how good an affiliate program
is, it will not prosper if the affiliate marketer does not pay the price of hard
work. One must exert extra effort especially on the aspect of promotion. Nothing
will happen if the links or banners would just lie idle in a web page, an
affiliate must be able to convince the visitor to click it and proceed to the
business site to buy the products. No click-throughs means no income for an
affiliate marketer.

You can actually generate a full-time income by means of affiliate marketing
and you can do it at home, and yes, even while you sleep. You must have a good
web site to begin with. It must have good promotional and informative contents,
pleasing design, inviting banner ads and all other important elements in an
affiliate marketer's web site. It would be great if you have exhausted other
means of advertising such as newsletters, email marketing, message boards and
ad listings such as Google AdWords. You just have to go online once in a while
to check your site and update it and to watch over the development of your
marketing program. Does this sound so easy? It can be this easy if you have
planned your affiliate program well and have taken all the steps towards
success carefully and diligently. Now, there's a tool you can use to help you
go through the program with ease and confidence, the Ad Tracker. For many
experienced and successful affiliate marketers, the Ad Tracker is a key to a
successful affiliate marketing program.

What precisely is an ad tracker? It is a marketing tracking software or program
that allows you to trace and take note of every click-through made by visitors
of your site and by other customers who got your referral link. There are ad
tracking service providers as well, so you will just have to pay them to do the
tracking for you. With the ad tracker, you can keep an eye on the progress of
your marketing campaigns even offline. This tool or program is especially
helpful if you are engaged in several affiliate and pay-per-click programs and
have placed ads in emails, pop-ups and pop-unders, message boards, auto
responders, Ezines, forums, several web sites, surveys and various ad service

Of course, you don't want all your efforts to be put to waste so you want to
make sure you are getting paid for your hard work. Likewise, you want to make
sure every dollar or cent you disburse in your advertising campaigns is wisely
spent. With the help of the ad tracker, you will know accurately how many and
which of your links where clicked on, how many clicked on your links, how many
of your emails were opened and how many of those who opened your email clicked
through the business site and purchased a product, how many products were
purchased, which of your banner ads or links brought the most leads and sales
and many other pertinent facts and figures you need.

Sales records and all data stated are necessary in any business as this could
determine if your affiliate program is still worth continuing. This would also
help you determine which of your marketing strategies is most effective and
which is most beneficial for each product or service you are promoting.

Every decision and plan you make must be well grounded on facts. That decision
or plan of action may not be the best, but it is something not to regret about
when you had valid reasons for coming up with such decision or plan. You cannot
just decide to terminate your affiliate program, just because you don't earn big
in an instant.

If you are serious with affiliate marketing, again and again, keep in mind that
your success lies mainly on promotion and your hard work. If you don't seem
lucky enough to convince many of your site users to buy the products, don't be
disheartened and jump into a conclusion that your affiliate program is a
failure. If it works for others, it could work for you, too. Know whether your
advertising techniques are effective or not, which works best for your program
and which doesn't. Get an ad tracker to help you know all these and you'd
surely be on the right track towards success!

The 3 Easiest Ways For Newbies To Start In Affiliate Marketing

With the aid of the Internet, you can almost have everything right at your
fingertips. With just a few clicks you get access to thousands and even
millions of pieces of information and data on virtually any field of interest.
As years pass by, the Internet continuous to effect radical changes in many
facets of human endeavors, including commerce. Experts say that the information
space, commonly known as the "world wide web," grows by over a million pages
everyday as more and more people utilize the Internet for information,
education, entertainment, business and other personal reasons. It doesn't take
a business-oriented individual to realize that this phenomenon can bring about
sky-high financial gains. The Internet's fast-growing popularity in the recent
years is surely an opportunity for business that any entrepreneur would not
want to miss.

You might be thinking only businessmen can make much money out of the Internet,
don't you? Think again. You too can earn big bucks through the Internet even if
you don't have products to sell and high-profile and established company. How?
That is through affiliate marketing. You might have come across these words
over the net while surfing. Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing between a
merchant and an affiliate who gets paid for referring or promoting the
merchants' products and services. It is one of the burgeoning industries
nowadays because it is proven to be cost-efficient and quantifiable means of
attaining great profit both for the merchant and the affiliate and other
players in the affiliate program, such as the affiliate network or affiliate
solution provider.

Affiliate marketing works effectively for the merchant and the affiliate. To
the first, he gains opportunities to advertise his products to a larger market,
which increases his chances to earn. The more affiliate websites or hard-working
affiliates he gets, the more sales he can expect. By getting affiliates to
market his products and services, he is saving himself time, effort and money
in looking for possible markets and customers. When a client clicks on the link
in the affiliate website, purchases the product, recommends it to others who
look for the same item or buys it again, the merchant multiplies his chances of
earning. On the other hand, the affiliate marketer benefits from each customer
who clicks on the link in his website and who actually purchases the product or
avails of the service provided by the merchant. In most cases, the affiliate
gets commision per sale, which can be fixed percentage or fixed amount.

If you want to be an affiliate marketer and make fortunes out of the Internet,
you may follow the following three most basic and easiest ways to start an
effective affiliate marketing program. First is to identify a particular thing
you are interested in or passionate about so you won't be bored and forced to
develop your affiliate web site later on. Focusing on a specific area you know
very well will help you bring out your best without much risks and effort. You
can add a personal touch to your site and give your visitors who are possible
buyers an impression that you are an expert in your field. In this way, you
gain their trust and eventually encourage them to buy the products you endorse.
Next is to look for good paying merchants and products or services related to
your interest and create now a website. In choosing the products, you must also
consider its conversion rate -- the number of visitors-turned-buyers. There are
various affiliate networks and affiliate solution providers that can give you
info on the most profitable products and best paying merchants. The key here
is, be wise enough to choose the right one.

Now that you have decided where to concentrate, have chosen the products to
endorse and the merchant you are supporting and have created your own web site
with top level domain name and reliable hosting, you are ready to promote. This
is a crucial task, since it is through this that you would be able to increase
traffic to the business website, sales and of course, profit. In affiliate
marketing, it is possible to earn large sums of money in a short span of time
especially when you're endorsing high-priced items. Expensive products are hard
to sell; however, with the right marketing strategies and sales techniques, you
can draw visitors to the merchant's site and make them buy the products. How to
promote the products, though, would need a separate discussion. Continue to
educate yourself by reading books or other articles online about the best
advertising techniques.

Keep in mind, there is no facile and quick path towards success. Affiliate
marketing may seem very tempting due to numerous encouraging testimonies of
merchants and affiliate marketers alike who have benefited from it, but it
entails great deal of hard work and persistence. Likewise, you need to be
creative, flexible and willing to embrace new ideas to market your partners'
products until you find the perfect strategy that works for a specific market
that you are targeting. Neither signing up for an affiliate program nor copying
ads and leading others towards the merchants' site doesn't guarantee success
yet. Many affiliate marketers fail to understand this, so when they don't make
sales, they quit, look for other programs and repeat the same mistake. In the
end, they conclude that affiliate marketing is just one of those scams in the
Internet. Even as you sleep, you can work your way to great financial success
if you employ the right strategies in affiliate marketing. Be creative, be
smart and surely, you'll achieve your goals.

How Many Affiliate Checks Do You Want To Receive?

Affiliate Marketing is by far, one of the easiest ways to make money online. It
is a revenue sharing business relationship between the affiliate who agrees to
promote the products or services, and the merchant who offers them.

The affiliate advertises the merchant's products and services and gets a
commission for every successful referral. Every time a customer is referred to
the merchant's site, through the affiliate's efforts, and makes a purchase, the
affiliate gets a share of the profit. No payment is due to the affiliate until
successful results are realized. Compensation is based on either number of
visits (Pay-per-click), registrant (Pay-per-lead), or commission for each sale

Affiliate Marketers can earn a few bucks to thousands of dollars with affiliate
programs. The opportunity to earn in affiliate marketing can only be limited by
the affiliate's determination, creativity and strategy. It is a brilliant way
to earn online, and you do not have to produce your own product or service to
make a buck. By advertising your merchant's products passionately, you get more
in return. Profits in affiliate marketing usually start small but can get larger
as the campaign starts to build up steam.

There are many ways that an affiliate marketer can do to maximize their
profits. If you ask any affiliate marketer how many affiliate checks they would
want to receive, they will most likely want to get as many as possible. Some
affiliate checks are small, amounting to nothing more than $25. While others
are large and can easily reach the thousands and even more. Over time, these
affiliate checks may build up to a really impressive amount. However, making a
fortune in affiliate marketing is not instant. You should put in enough work
and effort as well. You have to use your imagination to find more ways to
attract more web traffic that can convert to sales for the merchant and profit
for you as well.

How many affiliate checks do you want to receive? Most affiliate marketers will
enthusiastically reply that they want to receive as many affiliate checks as
possible. However, is it as easy as it sounds? Does joining many affiliate
marketers guarantee more affiliate checks that really amount to something? The
answer is No. Most affiliate marketers assume that joining multiple affiliate
programs is a wise option. Because, it is very easy to join affiliate programs
and there is really nothing to lose, affiliate marketers are tempted to join as
many programs they can get their hands on. Thus, they fail to give their
affiliate programs enough attention and work that they ought to receive. The
maximum potential of the affiliate programs are not realized and the resulting
income from these programs will almost certainly be disappointing.

The best way to achieve multiple streams of income is to concentrate on one
affiliate program first. Choose a product or service that you can promote
passionately. Pick a product in which you have complete trust. The best
products and services to promote are those that you use personally. Your
prospects will be able to sense your sincerity whenever you promote a product
that you have experienced. This will greatly enhance your credibility as well
as your product's marketability and will really encourage your prospect to
purchase or avail of the product or service.

As soon as your first affiliate program is making a reasonable profit then you
can proceed to joining another affiliate program and repeat the process. "Too
much, too soon" is a common pitfall in affiliate marketing. Joining too many
affiliate programs simultaneously in the hopes of having multiple streams of
income simply does not work.

Focus first on one affiliate program and work on it so that it makes a good
profit. Then, go find another promising program and give it your best effort.
The question should not be how many affiliate checks you want to receive, but
how many "high-paying" affiliate checks can you receive. The answer lies in
your determination to succeed and determination to maximize your earning
potential. With the right tools, the right actions, and perseverance you can
definitely make a good profit out of affiliate marketing.

Overachieving Your Way to Super Affiliate Stardom

Internet business is a bit confusing especially if you're not really
knowledgeable at it. You will also be left completely blank, asking yourself as
to what type of online business is best for you. Why don't you try affiliate
marketing business?

Affiliate marketing is defined as a revenue sharing relationship between
advertisers or merchants and online publishers or affiliates. It is a low cost
way for merchants to sell their products and services.

In this type of online business, you don't have to take any risk because you
only have to pay the affiliate once the result is achieved. Once a customer is
gained, a portion of the profit from that customer will be given to the
affiliate as commission. Usually, an affiliate gets a commission for referring
clicks, leads or sales to the merchant's website. The said affiliate income can
be a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage.

From this simple commission-based referral system, some affiliates become
experts on this field. In fact, some of them are gaining more than five figures
every month. However, among the thousands of marketers, only 1 to 5% of them
reached this level. And if you're among the lucky ones who achieve this
so-called elite level, you can now be aptly called a "super" affiliate.

This means you are capable of achieving noteworthy percentage of sales or
traffic on your merchant's website. Super affiliates are not only experts on
search engine optimization; they are also great in newsletter marketing, email
marketing, reciprocal linkages, keyword optimization, link exchanges,
advertising in forums and other methods to advertise and promote their products
and services.

But how does a person become a super affiliate? And how can they overachieve
their way to super affiliate stardom? Making your way to super affiliate
stardom is not that easy; and it surely won't happen overnight. Bear in mind
that you need to embrace some tactics, carry out effective online business
strategies and of course give hefty time commitment. You can't be a super
affiliate without blood and sweat and without the following traits -- patience,
persistence and thirst for knowledge. Matched with efficient strategy, these
three traits provide you the formula towards super affiliate stardom.

Affiliate marketing strategies are a bit difficult but they are achievable; you
just have to work hard on it. First, look for a unique and exceptional niche and
focus in it. The reason why most people in the affiliate marketing business
didn't turn out to be very successful is that they try to offer almost
everything under the sun instead of giving all their attention in a particular
niche market. If you want to become a super affiliate, try not to scatter all
your efforts; concentrate on your niche and make it grow by means of promoting,
advertising and selling it well.

The next step you must do after you have established your affiliate storehouse
is to promote it. Most affiliates resort to pay-per-click engines. But what's
more advisable is to discover how to accomplish organic search results or
better yet, hire a search engine marketing company. Through this, you can be
saved from losing all your profits on pay-per-click engines.

Then, familiarize yourself with your product and know your audience. Remember
that credibility builds trust. And you can only make information that puts up
your credibility if you know the products and services your site is offering.
If you're target audience don't trust you, how could you expect them to
purchase from your affiliate storehouse? Moreover, if you take time to learn
the products and services you are recommending, it will be way too easy for you
to establish a website that converts well, which will enhance your affiliate
income in return.

Try to promote and resell products from different merchants. There is
absolutely nothing wrong with this strategy because it is just a way of
protecting your business and broadening your horizons to be sure that you won't
experience the so-called famine effect. Aside from that, promoting different
merchants on the same site provides your site visitors a handful of
destinations to choose from. This strategy will also make you aware on what
your visitor want to see and it can also help you find out how well various
merchants perform against each other.

As mentioned earlier in this page, a super affiliate wannabe should have this
trait -- thirst for knowledge. It is because this trait can help him or her
stay updated and remain on top of the trends. If you are knowledgeable in
internet marketing, then you know that what was adopted few months ago may not
be applicable at present. So it is important to seek knowledge and make sure
that you are updated on what's new about affiliate marketing daily. Keep in
mind that super affiliates take time to read, learn and embrace the changes in
online marketing business.

And what's most important? Never, ever give up. Being engaged in affiliate
marketing business is hard, that's why you must be equipped with patience and
persistence. Check your statistics and find out the things that are working and
those that are not. Make changes if the situation calls for.

These are just few suggestions and ideas if you want to boost your affiliate
income. Let me reiterate, you have to be patience, persistence and
knowledgeable. Then, follow the above mentioned strategies and you'll surely
find yourself on the road to super affiliate stardom.

How to Use Two Tier Affiliate Programs to Your Advantage

To those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, two-tier could be a new
term to you but to those who are involved in this kind of money-making
experience; it could mean a stream of income. Two-tier is an enticing feature
of a particular affiliate program wherein, affiliates are allowed to sign-up
additional affiliates below them. So that when the sub-affiliates otherwise
known as second tier affiliates, earns a commission, the affiliate above
receives a commission too.

In two-tier system, the first tier of commission is just like in the usual
affiliate program. The sole difference is that it has an additional tier/s or
sub-affiliates, whereby marketers also gain a commission once the people that
the additional tiers referred to the program generate sales. Theoretically,
affiliate programs can have multi-tier program with infinite number of tiers,
however, there are practical limitations. As tiers increase, the affiliate
program draws more webmasters who are mostly interested in gaining profit from
other's work and effort.

Two-Tier affiliate program is also recognized as Multi-Level Marketing. When
you sign-up for an affiliate program, you are identified as the first tier and
the person that you have recruited or encouraged to sign up is the second tier.
If there are additional tiers, then the system can now be regarded as
multi-level marketing (MLM). But today, MLM isn't as effective and successful
as it was several years ago. It is because at present, affiliates can freely
select from thousands of affiliate programs and they can quickly switch from
one program to another.

You could probably go wrong if you're thinking that you can depend on your
second tier to do the job for you. So if you want to use two-tier affiliate
program to your advantage and generate more income by encouraging
sub-affiliates to sign-up below you, make sure that you carefully choose your
affiliate merchant. Pick those merchants who generate stable stream of high
quality products, give high or just commissions, offers real time tracking,
furnishes you with a proven and tested advertising arsenal and treat their
affiliates very well. You can also sign-up for the merchant who gives high
visitors-to-sales conversion rate.

It is also advisable if you engage yourself with a web merchant that has a
user-friendly website which you can access anytime so that you can monitor your
statistics including visits and sales. And if possible, choose the one with
powerful marketing tools which you can use in promoting their products.

You're just wasting much of your time and effort and worse, damaging your
integrity once you promote poor affiliate program because your visitor will
surely presume that the product or service you are reselling must be dreadful
too. That's the reason why it is important to pick first-rate affiliate
programs. Through these, you can not only build up a good relationship with
your visitor, but also, you can easily get more tiers to sign-up under you. You
should also be cautious of some affiliate programs that give more importance on
the profits to be earned in taking on other affiliates than on the income from
sales, because you'll just eventually find out that someone has already close
those sales without informing you. Usually, this kind of affiliate program
offers a very low first-tier payment but a sky-scraping second-tier commission.

If you want to start an affiliate program of your own, you surely have to
decide whether it will be a single tier or two-tier affiliate program. Who am I
to say which of these two programs are better? But let me tell you the benefits
you could get out of two-tier affiliate program.

First, your profit will increase due to increased sales from the customers that
your second tier has referred. Second, you have a much broader customer base to
which you can sell your products and services. Then, you gain more and stable
income because the customers referred by your affiliate and sub-affiliates
could probably develop a lifetime loyalty on your site and your products. Plus,
you have an army of sub-affiliates who will promote and resell your products and
services to their visitors and subscribers.

Two-tier program has been a proven winner and should be the number one choice
for the budding affiliates as well as for the affiliate program managers. When
you start gaining profits from your site as well as your tiers, this is now the
right time to say that you have used two-tier affiliate program to your

What Is Niche Marketing, and Do I Need It?

In ecology, a niche refers to the place or position occupied by an organism or
a population within an ecological community called the ecosystem. It is the
term which defines the role the organism or the population plays in the general
scheme of things. The niche an organism or a population holds is the one
responsible for dictating the ability of the species to survive. It is the one
which spells whether an organism or a population will perish or thrive.

In marketing, a niche refers to a service or a product that occupies a special
area of demand. It is that small corner in the market that accounts for a
certain kind of specialty concerning an unmet customer need. To be able to
attract a strong, solid market, the choice of a niche product should ultimately
complement the website one owns. It is through this scheme that he is able to
generate a specific market for the niche product he is trying to sell.

Niches are involved in niche marketing, the process of finding market segments
that are small but potentially profitable nonetheless. To maintain a profitable
quantity of sales, this marketing strategy relies on increasing the loyalty of
customers so that their corporate objectives will be met or surpassed.
Illustrative of this is the fact that the quality of the product or service
sold will generate customer satisfaction and, consequently, customer loyalty.
The result is profitability garnered through a solid market base that trusts in
the ability of the product or service to really deliver.

One of the great things about niche marketing is that it encourages those who
indulge in it to be unique and one-of-a-kind. Here one is not forced into the
lion's den and made to compete against established marketers. He is made to
occupy a strong and secure position that ultimately wins him a real place in
the market. Niche marketing differs from other online marketing strategies
because this particular quality allows it to operate almost autonomously and
without having to contend with corporate sharks that tear each other to pieces.

One of the most important things that should be thought over by those involved
in this type of business is the niche business that is going to be involved in
the process. It is important to consider the type of business that one is going
to work on to be able to ensure himself of the success that he hopes to have. It
is also important for him to know everything about the niche business at hand.
Learning the tricks of the trade in is one of the things that one could do to
make a niche business prosper tremendously.

Being able to reach the niche market is another consideration to make. In doing
so, one should know the exact phrases that people are searching for. The use of
tools can help a lot in knowing the type of keywords that should be used to
make the business profitable. Targeting the right keywords does a lot in making
this type of business soar.

Those who engage in niche marketing know that determining the potential of a
niche before doing everything else is a must if one wants to save all the time
and effort that might be wasted if he plunges into everything head on. Building
a niche marketing site that proves to be profitable should be done after an
unsatisfied customer demand is identified, and marketing the site appropriately
by reaching out to customers the best possible way is what niche marketers
should consider if they want their business to reach skyrocketing success.

Is niche marketing needed in a world teeming with a hundred like systems
designed for people to make money online? Those who know how the system works
will answer in the affirmative, because niche marketing is the only system
capable of filling up a gaping hole in the market by catering to the
unsatisfied needs of customers -- needs that are usually not given notice by
those in the big league. Though niche marketing, one is able to gain a foothold
in the market by being a needle in a haystack. Small and inconspicuous it may
be, but its ability to sting someone so madly once it is found will render him
more than surprised.

3 Necessary Tools for the High Rolling Affiliate Marketer

What does it take to become a successful Affiliate Marketer? What are the
ingredients of an affiliate marketing success story? Is there a shortcut to
Affiliate Marketing glory? All these questions play around in the minds of
affiliate marketers who want to make it big in this business. Although
affiliate marketing is touted as one of the easiest and most effective ways to
earn money online, it is not as easy as it sounds. The wise affiliate marketer
plans every action and executes it the best way he can. He should also maximize
the potential to earn by utilizing the right tools necessary for a successful
Affiliate Marketing business. We have consulted some of the most successful
affiliate marketers in the business and below are the top three necessary tools
for a successful affiliate marketing business.

Important Tool #1: Your Own Website

The most important and indispensable tool in Affiliate Marketing is your own
website. The first step in any successful affiliate marketing business is
building a good, credible and professional looking website. Your website is the
jump off point of all your marketing efforts. Thus, you must first build a
user-friendly website, which will appeal to your prospects and encourage them
to click on the links to the products and service you are promoting and make a
purchase. Therefore, you must first concentrate your efforts in building a
website that will cater to what your prospects need.

The most important thing you should consider is that almost all web users go
online to look for information, not necessarily to go and buy something. Above
all else, make your website full of original, relevant and useful content.
People will love articles that are appealing and helpful. Keep in mind that, in
the internet, content is still king and good quality content will not only build
your credibility, it can also help you achieve a higher search engine ranking.
By posting relevant and useful articles, you establish yourself as a credible
expert in the field, making you a more trustworthy endorser of the product or
service you promote. Establishing a good reputation is a good step in building
up a loyal consumer base.

Important Tool #2: Incentives

Competition is extremely tight in the internet world. You must always be
one-step ahead of your rivals to ensure that you capture a significant share of
your target market. Therefore, you must use every possible means to encourage
people not only to visit your site but also to click and proceed to the
websites of the products and services you are promoting. Building an opt-in
email list is one of the best ways to gather prospects. Offer a newsletter or
an e-zine. Better yet, offer incentives to your prospects to encourage them to
subscribe to your newsletters. You can present free softwares, access to
exclusive services and other freebies that will be helpful to your prospects.

Important Tool #3: Link Popularity

The importance of driving highly targeted traffic to your website cannot be
emphasized enough. The all-important web traffic is at the top of the list of
the most important entities in the internet world. Attracting people to your
site should be the first step you should carry out. Do everything to achieve a
high search engine ranking. Link Popularity is one of the factors that search
engines use to determine search engine rankings. Therefore, to enhance your
link popularity, you must launch an aggressive reciprocal link campaign.

One of the best ways to do this -- at no cost at all -- is by submitting
articles, with your website's link at the resource box, to e-zines and free
article sites. You will not only gain exposure, you will also have the
opportunity to advertise for free, just include a link back to your site. The
more sites you submit your articles to, the better your link popularity is.
Make your articles original, relevant and useful so that more websites will
pick it up and post it.

These are but three of the many tools that an affiliate marketer can use to
maximize earning potential. The possibilities are endless and are limited only
by your imagination, creativity, resourcefulness and determination. You can
always explore other ideas and adapt other strategies, which you think might
help you become a high rolling affiliate marketer.

5 Things You Must Have to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

The idea of being mere passengers on a ship meant to sail to the farthest
points does not appeal to people who like to put their destiny into their own
hands. They have the desire of maneuvering the ships themselves, of being able
to be the ones to take it anywhere they want to. Being aboard a ship on its way
to a particularly great destination is something each and every one of them
dreams of, and the knowledge that they have the capacity to steer it themselves
is what makes them actually want to.

Perhaps this is the reason why more and more people are succumbing to one of
the most popular businesses around -- affiliate marketing. It is because in
this business, there are no bosses to order the employees around. There are no
deadlines to meet and no clutter of work do to. One only needs to be equipped
with the tools needed to succeed in a business such as this, and he is bound to
get what his heart ultimately desires.

Just what are the things needed to be able to succeed in affiliate marketing?
What must one have within himself to be able to do well in this industry? There
is a lot of competition involved in affiliate marketing, and to be able to rise
above the norm, one must be equipped with just the right stuff necessary to
propel him forward. There are five things one must ultimately possess if he
wants to achieve the glory he is yearning for in this business, and these five
things are a must for him to possess to be able to stand out among the rest.

The very first quality one must possess if he wants to try his hand in
affiliate marketing is the willingness to learn and be trained. Treading
through unfamiliar territory is scary stuff if one is not properly equipped,
and he might get lost amidst a jungle of the unknown. Learning the tricks of
the trade is also an important aspect of the game, and one's willingness to
know it all will give him far better advantages in the business than he could
ever imagine.

The second quality one must possess is the willingness to invest time and
effort even if direct results do not seem at all apparent. Although several
months may pass without good news, it is important for one who has his foot in
the industry to hold on and wait. It is this quality which would save him from
giving up after investing a lot of himself in the business.

The third quality one must possess is self-determination. If one wants to
conquer the affiliate marketing world, he must have the ability to push himself
ahead. Never having to say die is a quality each and every affiliate marketer
should possess, and the ability to motivate oneself into scaling greater
heights is an ability which would actually take an affiliate marketer there.

The fourth quality one must possess is discipline. If one knows how to teach
himself to work everyday with all the energy he can muster, then he is close to
achieving what he has set his heart to having in the first place.

The fifth and last quality one must possess is optimism. Negative attitudes and
hearsays should not discourage an affiliate marketer from pursuing what he has
to in order to make life better for himself and for everyone concerned. Neither
should anyone influence his attitude toward the business, because once in it, it
is a must for him to be the captain of his ship and the master of his soul.

The ingredients to success in a business such as affiliate marketing are
diverse and manifold, but the most important thing one needs to be able to make
it big lies in himself alone. It is he who has the capacity to do everything to
be able to realize his prospects, and the desire which fuels his heart in doing
so is the gasoline which should keep the engine going.

Affiliate marketing is all about putting one's fate into his own hands. The
right attitude is the key to being able to steer one's ship into that part of
the ocean where a certain kind of serenity can be found, one that permeates the
atmosphere as the ship sails calmly on.

How To Incorporate Adsense Into Your Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people are lured by affiliate marketing because it can be financially
rewarding, even if you just stay at home. Affiliate marketing programs are best
alternatives to those who are sick and tired of their arduous daily work just to
climb up the venerated corporate ladder. You don't need products to sell, you
just have to market them in your own web site and you don't have to worry about
processing the customers' payments and the shipment of the products. If you are
already into affiliate marketing, probably you were thinking about these
benefits, too, before deciding to join an affiliate program.

Of course you want earn huge amount of commission. Who would not want it
anyway? Keep in mind, however, that affiliate marketing cannot guarantee you
instant success if you don't work on it. There are a lot of ways of maximizing
your income. The Internet is a huge library of information, use it to learn of
other opportunities and ways to increase your income. You can partner with
several merchandisers and promote different products in your website; thereby,
increasing your chance to earn a commission.

The easiest way for you to rev up your revenue potential is by incorporating
Google AdSense into your marketing campaigns. What is Google AdSense? What are
its advantages? How can it boost my revenues? These are some of the questions
you might want to ask. Let's try to probe into Google AdSense, so you would
know how it could help you in your affiliate marketing program.

Merchants place their ads in Google, which is one of the most popular search
engines or tools for locating various resources in the World Wide Web. Now the
Google AdSense program allows you to display these ads in you website and when
your visitors click through them, you earn. The advertiser, which is the
merchant pays Google for every click-through made by the customer and you as a
partner of Google, gets a share from that payment.

What's great about the Google AdSense is that the ads are relevant to the
content of your web page. Most likely, visitors of your web site are interested
on the theme of your site and specifically, on the content of your web page. So,
seeing ads related to their interest would definitely drive them to click
through the link or the ad. Using state-of-the-art technology, Google scans
your web site and matches the content of your pages to their large database of
advertisers; this way, Google is able to find ads that are targeted by the
users of your site. In addition, Google changes the ads in your site as you
change the content of your pages, so you can always expect the ads to be
relevant to your site.

Having Google ads in your website is also a way of convincing your users to
return to your site. Repeat customers multiply your income without having to
exert extra effort to convince them again to click through your links. And your
potential to earn doesn't depend on them alone. Since you already have their
confidence, they can be your endorsers as well. They could refer your site to
family and friends who probably share the same interests with them.

Advertisers in the Google AdSense program range from large international brands
to small-time domestic and local businesses, so the targeted market for the ads
can range as well. This adds variety to your site; thereby, attracting
different kinds of users. As you attract more users, you increase your earning
potential as well. If you are targeting a specific nationality for your site
users, don't worry because AdSense can be used in different languages.

In order to boost your revenues through Google AdSense, you must pay attention
to making web pages of high value topics. Make contents related to high-paying
ads, so you can earn more. Some ads pay only a few cents while some ads pay you
dollars just for a single click. You would need to do a little research on this
so you can come up with a more relevant content. Join affiliate marketing
forums and get tips from experienced affiliate marketers.

Becoming an AdSense affiliate marketer is easy and fast. You just have to apply
online and once your application is approved, you can instantly set up Google
ads in your site. All you need to do is copy and paste some codes in your web
pages and in no time the ads will appear in your site.

Strike while the iron is hot! Take advantage of the favorable circumstances the
Internet is offering you. Make the most of your affiliate marketing
opportunities, use Google AdSense!

Making Money Selling Other People's Products

A lot of people are now getting into online businesses and online marketing
either to supplement their "real world" income or for it to become their
primary source of income. Why? Because online marketing just provides them a
lot of benefits!

First, you can reach just about anybody in the world who has Internet access if
you market your products online. That means a wider market for you, which can
translate to larger profits. Second, setting up an online business requires
only a fraction of the cost required to set up an actual business
establishment, which means a lot of savings for the business owner.

Another aspect that has attracted a lot of people towards online marketing is
the fact that one doesn't have to have his own products to get started. In
online marketing, one can start making a lot of money just by selling, or even
by just trying to sell, other people's products. And getting started with this
kind of marketing strategy is actually quite easy. All that one needs to do is
to set up an agreement with an online retailer or merchant, and after
everything is settled, one can immediately start making money by selling the
merchant's or the retailer's products.

Incidentally, the most popular and the fastest growing method of selling other
people's products online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, in its
simplest definition, is a relationship between an online merchant or retailer,
who has products to sell, and his affiliates, who are willing to promote the
merchant's product on their website.

In a typical affiliate marketing set up, the merchant provides his affiliates
with banners and text ads that links to his site. The affiliates will then get
these ads posted on their website and they get paid whenever traffic or sales
is directed to the merchant's website. Affiliates are often paid on commission
basis, although other online merchants would opt to pay a fixed fee for the
affiliate's compensation.

Starting to make money online with affiliate marketing is relatively quick and
easy. All that one has to do is to sign up as an affiliate for an online
company that offers affiliate programs. An alternative method, and usually an
easier one, is to sign up as a member of an affiliate network -- a network that
hosts a variety of affiliate programs for different online merchants or
retailers. Signing up is usually free, although other companies and networks
may require you to pay a particular fee. Such fees, however, are made as
payment for additional services that the company may render, like providing you
with tools and assistance to jumpstart your online business.

When you sign up with an affiliate marketing program, you are usually required
to fill out a form containing information about yourself. Some affiliate
programs may also require you to present the URL of your website and describe
its contents.
This will allow the retailers to verify that you actually have a website with
contents that are relevant to their products. Some affiliate programs, however,
won't require you to have a website. After filling out the form and all, you are
then allowed to choose the affiliate programs you want to promote.

After signing up with an affiliate program and being an actual affiliate, you
are now ready to start making a lot of money by selling other people's product
online. How do you make money? There are actually a number of ways for you to
earn money as an affiliate, and most of these ways depends on the type of
affiliate marketing program you've gotten into.

Many affiliate marketing programs compensate their affiliates in either of
three ways: pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-sale (PPS), or pay-per-lead (PPL). In
pay-per-click affiliate marketing, the affiliate is paid whenever he directs
traffic to the merchant's site. PPS and PPL affiliate marketing programs work
rather differently. In PPS, the affiliate only gets paid when his referral
converts into an actual sale. In typical PPS affiliate programs, the affiliate
would usually get 15% to 20% commission for each conversion. PPL affiliate
programs work the same way, although affiliates are paid a fixed fee whenever
his referral converts into a lead for the company.

Some affiliate marketing programs are two-tier programs, wherein the affiliate
is also allowed to recommend other affiliates to the merchant. In such
affiliate programs, the affiliate would not only be paid for the traffic or
sales that he would direct to the merchant's site but also for the traffic or
sales directed by the affiliates who signed up with the program through his

Yet another way of earning more profits with affiliate marketing is through
residual affiliate programs. Residual affiliate programs are affiliate programs
where the affiliate gets paid a number of times for as long as the merchant
keeps the customer the affiliate has referred to his site. One form of residual
program gets the affiliate paid a commission every time the referred customer
purchases something on the merchant's site. Another form of residual affiliate
program gets the affiliate paid a percentage every month for as long as the
company keeps the referred customer.

With a lot of options available and a lot of ways to earn money, affiliate
marketing is undoubtedly the most popular and the easiest way to make money by
selling other people's products online. As to how much money one can get from
affiliate marketing actually depends on the affiliate. A dedicated and
hardworking affiliate would certainly get more from the program compared to
those affiliates who would simply sign up and forget about the program later.

How To Continually Grow Your Affiliate Checks

The promise of earning profits without really doing much of anything has
enticed a lot of people towards affiliate marketing. But does affiliate
marketing really work this way?

As an affiliate, all that is required of you is to simply place the merchant's
ad on your website. Then after that, you virtually do nothing but wait for
anyone to click on the merchant's ad and later collect your profits. Easy,
right? Well, not quite often. Many affiliates earn almost nothing from their
affiliate programs simply because they do nothing. Remember that affiliate
marketing is but another form of marketing, and you'll definitely need to
market your merchant's product for you to earn something.

Successful affiliates in any affiliate program simply don't sit there and wait
for money to come. Why? Because there is no money in simply sitting and
waiting. If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing and if you want to
continually grow your affiliate checks, you've got to do something. Think of
ways on how to promote your merchant's business and products better. Think of
ways on how to induce other people to click on the link or ad provided to you
by your merchant. Think of ways on how to make your affiliate sales increase!

So if you're new in affiliate marketing and you try to follow the easy go lucky
pit that most unsuccessful affiliate marketers follow, then you're definitely on
the wrong track. But we're not advising you to stop right there. No. Rather, we
want you to take some steps to make your affiliate program work better and gain
more commissions for you. How? Here are a few guidelines that may help you to
continually grow your affiliate checks:

* Become an expert on your affiliate product.

You can promote your merchant's product better if you know a lot of things
about it. To become an expert, the best thing you can do is purchase your
merchant's product yourself. This way, you can tell your customers about your
first-hand experience using the product. You can even write a testimonial or a
personal endorsement ad about it. But if any condition does not permit you to
purchase the product, you can at least make a thorough research about it.

* Host your own website.

Or at least have a domain name that is short and easy to remember. You
certainly wouldn't expect a visitor to remember a very long and
incomprehensible URL. And if that's so, you also wouldn't expect him to visit
your website any time soon. That means less traffic for your page and the less
chance for your affiliate ads and links to be clicked.

It is also a good idea to create a private website and offer access to it to
anybody who clicks on any of your affiliate ads. Visitors usually get
interested with these private websites. Private websites also gives you a venue
to promote your back-end affiliate products.

* Write your own affiliate ads.

Many merchants usually wouldn't mind if you write and design your own ads for
their products, for as long as you ask permission from them and present them
your ad before posting it on your site. This gives you a greater advantage over
a lot of other affiliates who must be advertising the same affiliate products.

* Participate in chat rooms, discussion boards, and forums related to your

If you use to ignore them before, then it is time for you to start focusing
your attention on them. You can start your own chat or join an existing chat
related to your product. You don't have to promote your affiliate product at
once, but find the chance to advertise and promote it as you go along. The same
would be true for message boards, discussion boards and forums.

* Create a free ezine or newsletter.

Ezines and newsletters are periodical publications whose aim is to inform a
group of people about a certain subject. In your ezines and newsletters, you
don't always have to promote your merchant's product for this may greatly annoy
your subscribers. Rather, find a way to insert your affiliate ads and links on
some portions of the letter. Also, don't forget to promote your ezine or
newsletter on your website.

These are but a few guidelines on how you can increase your affiliate sales and
continually grow your affiliate checks. Sure there can be a lot of other tips
that out there, and if you think they would work, we won't discourage you from
following them. What's important is that you be able to find a way to: attract
more traffic to your site, induce your visitors to click on the ads on your
site, and be able to promote your merchant's products even outside the boundary
of your website. If you can do these, there's no reason for you to fail in
affiliate marketing.

Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Marketers

There are no secrets on how to rank high with the major search engines because
effective search engine optimizations are now immense. What is search engine
optimization? Before we discuss that thing, you have to understand first how
search engines work and a bit of know-how.

Search engines are into providing their users with the most relevant and
up-to-date information to match the search term that was used. They are
sophisticated pieces of technology which allow users to quickly find relevant
websites by searching for a word or a phrase. Search engine results are useless
to users if the information doesn't relate to the search term, or if the results
are old. People expect the most up-to-date and fresh information that is useful
to them.

Updating your website everyday and adding some materials will help you get
noticed by the search engines. So, if you are going to sell any type of product
or service online, you have to optimize your website for the search engines, in
order to boost traffic and sales. It is because over 90% of your business will
likely come directly from search engine results. And for that reason, it is
absolutely important to optimize your site for search engines for you to have
the greatest deals in the entire world.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which webmasters or online
business owners utilize strategic copy to augment their website's status. It is
certain that the internet has grown so fast over the years and the competition
for the best search engine position has created an enormous market. Therefore,
better understanding the fundamental elements of Search Engine Optimization is
vital for an online business' success.

Making use of effective search engine optimization techniques will improve the
page rank of your website. There are many tricks that can be used to increase
page rank; the most effective method is to provide high quality content
consistently. This seems like a simple concept but there are many websites that
fails to provide content that visitors find interesting. Sites which provide
content that are interesting, well-written and regularly updated create highly
engaged visitors who are more likely to return to the website in the coming
days. So, if you can set your website apart from those boring, lifeless sites
then do it. You'll surely have a step closer to achieving high page rank
through search engine optimization.

The next significant factor for an effective search engine optimization is to
include keywords and phrases within your content. To make sure that you are
properly targeting your market, you have to make sure that the keywords and
phrases you have on your site are the keywords and phrase that your site is
actually optimized for. The more keywords you use in your content, the more
likely it is that online visitors will find your site when they do some
research with those words. If you are unfailing with these techniques, then
your overall search engine optimization will increase, boosting your page rank.

You should also have to develop a linking strategy as a part of your search
engine optimization. Not only does this provide free advertising for your site,
but it makes the impression that your site is imperative because of its
affiliated links. For each link that you have pointing back to you, that is
another chance for your potential customer to find you. The more inbound links
that you have pointing to your site, the higher you will be ranked in the
search engines.

Another is to develop a content stratagem. People who get to search from the
internet are looking for information. The more information you provide for them
and the more helpful it is, the more likely you will make the sale. Writing
articles is the most effective way to build up content for your site. When
writing articles to post on your site, make sure that you develop a clear means
of arranging their content. You can do this by simply adding a new page to your
site. This will allow room for extra articles to be added as you write them,
and will allow you to build up an archive of articles which will maintain to
draw online visitors. Make sure also that you have included your archived
articles in a directory that is next to the root web of your site so that the
search engines will catalog your online articles.

Always keep in mind that search engine optimization methods are important in
developing your site's status. With that thing in mind, make sure that you
write high-quality, keyword rich content and link your site to and from a
deliberate family of other sites. These things will help improve your site's
popularity and coerce increased business through your online business.

What's LinkShare, And Do I Need To Use It?

Online affiliate marketing is one of the most effective, cheapest and fastest
ways to promote merchandise. With millions of people getting access to the
Internet everyday, there's a great chance for a merchant to introduce his
products and services to a wider market, thereby, maximizing his revenue.

Likewise, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate full-time income
for a home-based affiliate marketer. For someone who is jaded of going through
a grueling eight-hour work routine, affiliate marketing offers a great
opportunity to earn big without wearing himself out -- physically, mentally and

In affiliate marketing, both parties are benefited since as the merchant earns
from each item sold, the marketer likewise earns a commission.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing but are finding it hard to look
for affiliate programs, affiliates or merchants, you can start by checking
sites of various affiliate networks. Many affiliate programs in the Internet
are being offered through an affiliate program network, which acts as a link
between the merchants and individual affiliates.

Among the most popular is LinkShare, it is through it that merchants and
affiliates meet. LinkShare maintains and manages affiliate marketing programs
for a great number of merchants with various kinds of businesses, products and
services. It also has over 6,000 affiliate site members in its network. It
gains profit from the set-up fees, monthly account maintenance fees and

Joining networks like LinkShare can be of great help in establishing your
online marketing business. Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate marketer,
you need to research well on your partners in order to choose the best for you.

LinkShare provides the facility of acquiring access to a large network of
advertisers (merchants) who offer their affiliate programs to publishers
(affiliates) who are willing to promote their products. In the same manner, it
gives the merchants access to a large network of affiliates who are searching
for affiliate marketing opportunities.

LinkShare is especially beneficial for an affiliate in choosing his partners
since he can find his options all in one location. It would be easier for him
to compare products, commission rates and other benefits given by the merchant.
The merchant usually just waits for interested affiliates to sign up in his
affiliate marketing program but being in the network increases his chance to
promote his products to a larger market, thus, maximizing his potential to gain
huge profit.

To help you decide whether to use large affiliate networks such as LinkShare or
not, let us try to look deeper into its positive and negative sides. The primary
advantage of LinkShare to you as an affiliate is convenience.

As earlier mentioned, you find different pieces of information about your
choices simultaneously all in a single location, so you save time and effort
looking for affiliate programs or merchants.

It's also easier to track your business partner's performance through monthly
reports and statements, as well as its sales and commission rates, so you know
whether the affiliate program is still worth continuing. If you have signed up
for several affiliate programs, you can check all your statistics for each
merchandiser you are affiliated with by logging in just once.

LinkShare helps you manage and maintain all records of your visitors'
click-throughs and sales transaction. It takes care of your commissions and
gives it to you monthly in lump sum. Especially when you have more than one
merchant partner, it would be easier for you to manage your accounts and track
your earnings when you are affiliated through a marketing program network.
Furthermore, every information you get is accurate and secured, so you are
protected from all the risk you might encounter. Above all, you can enjoy
LinkShare's benefits for free. You just have to go to their site and register
your website. Instantly, you get access to a great variety of affiliate
programs available for you.

So, what's on the negative side? Although, it is indeed helpful to join
affiliate marketing networks such as LinkShare, there are some disadvantages,

For one, merchants offer lower commissions to affiliates who partner with them
through the third party program network. This because they still have to pay
for the use of service and the technology provided by LinkShare.

Direct partnership with the merchant cuts costs of advertising through the
network and so the affiliate has bigger potential to earn more. Moreover, it is
possible that your payment may be delayed for a month or more since program
networks would pay you only after the advertiser or the merchant has paid them.

Do you need to use LinkShare or other networks? It depends, actually. You can
opt for direct partnership with the merchant, but this choice is not applicable
all the time. There are a lot of merchandisers who offer their affiliate program
only through affiliate program networks and thus, you have no choice other than
joining the network to get into the affiliate marketing program.

So you are faced with "take it or leave it" situation. But LinkShare and other
program networks are not that disadvantageous. After all, whether you join it
or not, earning big would depend more on your promotional strategies and

Website Or No Website: That's The Question

Do you want to make money through the Internet but you don't have enough
experience or capital to start your own online business? You don't have to
worry, for a lot of online marketing options exist for you to start with. One
of these options, and shall I say the best, is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing provides first time online marketers like you the chance to
market something online even without having your own product to sell. All you
have to do is to sign up with an affiliate marketing program, which is usually
owned by an online merchant or retailer, and start picking the products you
want to promote. As an affiliate, you are paid by the merchant for your
services on a commission basis, that is whenever you have directed a visitor to
the merchant's site and the visitor actually buys something.

Becoming an affiliate in an affiliate marketing program is often quick and
easy, and for most affiliate programs, signing up is also free. But despite
these and all the benefits being promised by affiliate programs, many people
are still hesitant to get into affiliate marketing. One of the reasons why a
lot of people remain hesitant is the lack of a website to start marketing his
affiliate products with. This now leads us to the question of whether a website
is required or necessary in affiliate marketing or not.

Many people say that one can do affiliate marketing even without a website to
start with. Actually, one can really start promoting and marketing his
affiliate products even without a website; and there exist a lot of ways on how
this can be done. In fact, many affiliate marketing strategies that leads to
success can exist without actually needing a website. Among these strategies
are email marketing, offline promotions, writing e-books, writing ezines and
engaging in online discussions like forums, chats, message boards and others.

* Email Marketing

Email marketing, or maintaining email lists, is actually the most popular
affiliate marketing strategy that doesn't require the affiliate to maintain a
website. In this affiliate marketing strategy, what you basically do is
maintain a list of the email ads of your prospective customers and provide them
with articles that are relevant with the affiliate products and programs you are
promoting. Articles that you provide your contacts with need not always be
promotional, for many individuals find such types of email annoying. Rather, it 
would be better if you provide them with something informative and just add small 
text ads that link to your merchant's site.

* Offline Promotion

There are many ways on how you can promote your affiliate products offline.
Among the common medium used for such promotions are classified ads, brochures
and flyers. Classified ads would generally work better compared to the other
two because classified ads in periodicals often get a wider audience.

* Writing Free e-books

If you have a knack in writing, writing an e-book can be the best way for you
to promote your affiliate products in the absence of an actual website. Just
like in emails and newsletters, your readers would better appreciate your
e-book if it is not too promotional but rather informative. Be sure, however,
to make the contents of your e-books relative to the actual affiliate products
you are promoting. And just like in email marketing, you can just place text
ads or banners somewhere near the end of your e-book that links to the
merchant's site.

* Writing Free Ezines

Ezines are publications or articles that aim to inform individuals about a
particular topic. If you don't have a website and yet want to be an affiliate,
you can well use ezines to promote your affiliate products or to insert links
to your merchant's site. If you have a website, your ezine article may actually
work well as content for your site. But since you have no website, you can just
submit your free ezine articles to various websites that hosts ezines, like, and others.

* Online discussions (Forums, Chats, Message Boards, etc.)

With or without a website, you just can't ignore online discussions because
they are great venues for marketing your affiliate products. In chats, forums,
message boards and discussion boards with topics related to your products, you
can easily find people who may be interested with the products you are

With all these strategies, it may appear that one really doesn't need to have a
website to start marketing his affiliate products and promoting his affiliate
programs. Well, starting in an affiliate program without a website may be easy,
but getting successful in affiliate marketing without a website is another
thing. While one can actually gain enormous success in affiliate marketing even
without a website, it is a rare instance that "newbies" like you can reach the
same levels of success.

Having a website is not really a pre-requisite in entering into an affiliate
program, unless otherwise the program owner would require you to have one. But
while this is so, I would still recommend that you have for yourself a website,
if not now, then maybe at a later time. Having a website creates a lot of
advantages in affiliate marketing. For one, it provides you a place where you
can creatively promote not only one of your affiliate products but all of your
affiliate products. With a website, you can also advertise your affiliate
products to a wider market.

Again, having a website is not a requirement in affiliate marketing. But with
the advantages that a website can provide, I'd rather have one for myself and
make affiliate marketing a lot easier for me.

Why You Should Promote Residual Affiliate Programs

Are you a webmaster in need of additional income? Or are you planning to set up
an online business but you still don't have any product to sell? If so,
affiliate marketing may be the best solution for your problems. With affiliate
marketing, you won't need to worry about the products you have to sell. All you
need to have is a website with sufficient contents that are related to the
products of a certain online company offering affiliate programs. By becoming a
member of the program, or by becoming an affiliate, you can start earning a
certain amount of money right away!

Affiliate marketing is some sort of business relationship established between a
merchant and his affiliates. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate agrees to
direct some traffic to a merchant's website. If that traffic is converted into
some kind of action, like a visitor purchasing a product on the merchant's
website or a visitor becoming a lead for the company, the affiliate who
directed the traffic will be compensated. Compensation may take the form of
either a percentage sales commission for the sales generated or a fixed fee
predetermined upon the application of the affiliate on the merchant's affiliate

Promising a lot of benefits both for the merchants and the affiliates,
affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular online marketing methods
today. In fact, almost every merchant or retailer site today offers an affiliate
program that any one can join into. Most retailers would entice people to become
affiliates or members of their program by promising great benefits like large
commissions, lifetime commissions, click through incomes and a lot of other
benefits. But would all these affiliate programs bring off the same benefits?

Most affiliate programs would pay you, as an affiliate, a one-time commission
for every sale or lead you brought to the merchant's website. Commissions for
this kind of affiliate programs are usually large, ranging from 15% to a high
of about 60%. Other affiliate programs would pay you a fixed fee for every
click through or traffic you send to the merchant's site. Programs like this
often pay a smaller fee for every click through, usually not getting any larger
than half a dollar.
The good thing about this kind of program, however, is that the visitor won't
have to purchase anything in order for the affiliate to get compensated.

Another type of affiliate program is the residual income affiliate program.
Residual affiliate programs usually pay only a small percentage of sales
commission for every sale directed by the affiliate to the merchant's site.
This commission often comes only in the range of 10% to 20% sales commission.
Because of this, many people ignore residual affiliate program and would rather
opt for the high paying one-time commission affiliate program. Are these people
making a mistake, or are they making the right decision?

We can't tell, for sure, if people are making a mistake by choosing a high
paying one-time commission affiliate program. But we can definitely say that
they are making a large mistake if they ignore residual affiliate programs.
Residual affiliate programs would indeed pay at a lower rate, but merchants
offering such kind of programs would generally pay you regular and ongoing
commissions for a single affiliate initiated sale! That means, for the same
effort you made in promoting a particular affiliate program, you get paid only
once in a one-time commission program, and a regular and ongoing commission for
a residual program!

So, are the benefits of promoting residual affiliate programs clearer to you
now? Or are they still vague? If they are still vague, then let's make them a
bit clearer with this example.

Suppose there are two online merchants both offering web hosting services on
their sites. The first merchant offers a one-time commission type of affiliate
program that pays $80 for every single affiliate initiated sale. The second
merchant also offers an affiliate program, but this time a residual affiliate
program that pays only $10 for every single affiliate initiated sale. As an
affiliate, we may get attracted at once at what the first merchant is offering,
as $80 is definitely a lot larger than $10. But by thinking things over before
actually getting into them, one may be able to see that the second merchant is
offering us more opportunity to earn a larger amount of money.

Supposed you have directed traffic to the merchant and it converted into a
sale, you'll get paid once by the first merchant for the sale you have
initiated. But with the second merchant, you'll get paid monthly for as long as
the customer you have referred to the merchant continues to avail of the web
hosting service. That means that for the same effort of getting one customer to
avail of the merchant's service, you get
paid monthly in residual affiliate programs while you only get paid once in a
one-time commission type of affiliate programs.

So, are residual affiliate programs worth promoting? Definitely yes, because
you virtually get more money from these types of affiliate programs in the long
run! And would residual affiliate programs work best for you? Probably not,
probably yes. It is not really for me to tell. But with the benefits that
residual affiliate marketing can provide, it would really be unwise to ignore
such programs.

Creating Multiple Streams of Affiliate Marketing Income

Have you ever heard or read the phrase "multiple streams of income" before? Do
you know what this phrase means? For many businessmen, creating multiple
streams of income online or offline is one way of securing themselves as well
as their businesses in the future. They also believe that it can also save them
from the so-called famine effect in the business industry. Once you are engaged
in affiliate marketing business, it is advisable if you have multiple streams
of affiliate marketing income so that if one of those income streams vanished,
it will not upset you the way losing your sole stream would. If you depend on
just one source of income and this single stream has been downsized or has lain
off, you'll surely find yourself bankrupted and hopeless. Try to ask the most
successful online entrepreneurs, and you'll discover that they have established
multiple streams of online income.

There is a businessman that said and attested that the very first step you must
take in creating multiple streams of income is to assess or evaluate your
resources. Start by assessing yourself first. Jot down your answers to the
following questions: What are the talents, abilities, strength and gears that
you possess? Are you gifted with excellent and creative writing skills? Can you
do well at sales? Are you good in communicating with people? Are you born with
an artistic skill or unique ability that other people don't have? Through this,
you can determine the kind of business where can possibly excel.

Next, look around and write down you assets and physical resources such as
computer, color printer, scanner, digital camera, cell phone, CD or DVD burner.
Write these all down because it can be used as a resource. Consider also your
friends and family. Find out what do they possess that you have access to.
Remember that no man is an island. You can use the talents, abilities,
knowledge and resources of everyone you know.

That's basically the initial step if you want to create multiple income
streams. But if you're already a webmaster or a site owner, you definitely have
an edge. Why don't you join affiliate marketing business to help you gain extra
income out of your own website?

Being involved in affiliate marketing is one of the most desirable ways to make
multiple sources of income. It is because affiliate marketing programs come in
various shapes and forms. There are a large number of affiliate marketing
programs that you can sign on with and start gaining bucks right away. In
affiliate marketing, you can make money by promoting and reselling your
affiliate products and by recruiting new affiliates. What's good about this is
that you can find widest array of training materials that can enhance your
marketing abilities. In affiliate marketing, you can be sure that there are
genuine products to promote and sell and there is real income to make.

Either part time or full time, being an affiliate marketer is an excellent way
to create multiple income streams by means of promoting products and services
from web merchants. Here, you can get affiliate commission without investing
big bucks in making your own product and without worrying about book keeping,
customer support and ecommerce. All you have to do is to promote and resell the
products and services in your site and pass on potential customer's the
merchant's site.

In affiliate marketing, it is advisable to promote more merchants in your site
so that your visitors will have variety of destinations to choose from. Using
multiple merchants in the same site or niche means only one thing -- you have
multiple streams of affiliate income. There is absolutely nothing wrong with
this business strategy because this is one of the best ways to protect your
business and expanding your horizons. Through this, you can be assured that you
won't experience crisis if ever one of your web merchants closed his/her program.

However, you should choose only those affiliate programs that interest you so
that you can effectively advertise and promote them. Don't ever be tempted into
signing up for numerous affiliate programs in the hope that one of them will
bring income. Select wisely and don't be engaged in selling products you know
nothing about. Go with the stuff that jives with your enthusiasm; your passion
can capture your client by the nose and guide him/her to your affiliate link.

You should also work hard to make your multiple streams of income more stable.
You can do this by embracing some strategies and tactics and by developing
within yourself, some traits that can help you become successful in any kind of
business such as patience, persistence and thirst for knowledge.

Lastly, just remember the adage that says "Don't put all your eggs in one
basket." So that if one of them is lost, you can still have some to make
omelets. And what do these eggs have to do with multiple streams of affiliate
income? Well, it goes without saying that the more streams of income you
possess, the bigger and better your money lake becomes.

How To Best Select An Affiliate Program

Marketing products and services through the Internet is unquestionably easier
and more rewarding compared to traditional marketing methods. With the millions
of people worldwide getting online each day, there's an enormous possibility for
a merchant to sell his products and generate huge income.

However, merchandisers are not the only ones who can benefit from online
marketing. A booming industry nowadays, provides great opportunity as well to
individuals as affiliate marketers. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate
marketer doesn't need to have his own products and services to sell. All he
needs to do is to refer people to the merchant's business site for them to buy
the products and thereby, earn a commission.

The key to an affiliate marketer's success is to choose a good affiliate
program and to employ excellent marketing techniques in promoting or selling
the products to consumers. Why good and not the best affiliate program? There
is no "best affiliate marketing program," as one program might make one
affiliate marketer a millionaire and the other a frustrated marketer. In other
words, it can be a success to one and a failure to another. But there certainly
is a good affiliate marketing program to start with. How to make it best would
now depend on you.

But before you think how you are going to make it best and financially
rewarding, first think about how you are going to land on a good affiliate
program with the thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities abounding in
the Internet today. Try to look into the following tips and suggestions on how
to best select the affiliate program that's right for you.

Information, that's you need in order to make the right choice. It is helpful
when you have already focused your search to a specific interest, which may be
the theme of your website (if you already have one). In this way, you would be
able to direct yourself towards a program that really matches your needs, wants
and resources. It would be easier for you to eliminate options that are not
suited to your own criteria for a good affiliate marketing program. You can
join affiliate forums and learn some tips and get suggestions from experienced
affiliate marketers. However, be wise enough to weigh their ideas before you
buy them.

The Internet Affiliate marketing program networks are good places to look for
choices. Here, merchants and affiliate marketers like you meet. The merchants
advertise their affiliate programs to interested affiliates who sign up
in the network for free. Third party affiliate program networks are helpful
since they provide you with access to a large number of advertisers
(merchandisers) simultaneously. You can easily track and compare their sales
records, performances, benefits, products and services.

So now you have choices, the next question is which among those options is the
right one. Here are some things to consider in deciding which to take and which
to reject. First is the quality of the products and services. As an affiliate
marketer your goal is not only to make visitors of your site click the link to
the business site; but more importantly, to promote the product so they would
buy it. If the customers are not convinced upon going to the business site,
then you don't earn. Make sure the products you are endorsing are worthwhile or
in the business context, saleable. Ask yourself: if I were the customer, would I
buy it? Would I recommend it to my family or good friend? If you can't convince
yourself or your family and friends to buy it, take a look at your next option.

Another is the affiliate program or the merchandiser's history. Look into their
previous and present sales data, their proven and tested affiliate marketing
systems and their partners' experiences with them. Although, success of the
program really depends on you, this one is still very important. The sales
records don't only show how good the affiliates are, but they speak about the
products' reliability, market availability and the company or the
merchandisers' reputation as well. Moreover, look into and carefully study the
company's compensation plan. Your purpose for joining the program is to earn,
so make sure you'll be paid for all your efforts fairly.

If you do not have much time to promote intensively the affiliate products by
creating banners, graphics and articles, choose affiliate programs that help
you create these for your web site. It would be great if the company provides
training on how to effectively market products online. Remember that affiliate
marketing is a partnership, so make sure your partner is able to support you as
you help him promote his products and services.

Take down all the advantages and disadvantages of each program you are
considering so you can clearly see the difference among your options; then
later, compare the advantages of the programs with your own checklist. Take
time to gather all the info you need to choose the right program. Remember an
informed choice is the best choice.

Top Seven Ways Writing Articles Can Explode Your Business

In today's highly competitive internet universe, the importance of attracting
highly targeted traffic to your website cannot be overemphasized. Routing web
traffic to your site can be your only means of survival, especially in the
cutthroat world of ecommerce. Getting a high search engine ranking can be very
difficult. Fortunately, there is plethora of website promotion strategies you
can use to drive traffic to your website.

There is a wide variety of strategies you can adapt, from paid advertising to
affiliate marketing. However, most of these techniques require payment.
Nevertheless, there are ways to promote your website and increase your web
traffic without spending anything. Writing articles is one of the best web site
promotion strategies you can use, and they can be very effective. How, you may
ask, can writing articles help improve your web traffic? Here are the top seven
ways in which it can help explode your business.

1. Reach more people

When you write good articles, it would be a shame not to share them with other
people. You can post your articles in your website or you can submit them to
other sites such as e-zines and online publishers. By submitting your articles
to these sites, you give exposure not only to your ideas but also to your
website. Simply include a link back to your site or include your information in
the resource box. With this, you get exposure and free advertising as well.
Submit your articles to popular e-zines and take advantage of their popularity.
Other sites who find your article relevant may also link back to you. Thus, you
increase your link popularity, which is one of the most important strategies in
the internet world. Remember that most people are looking for information online
and by filling this need with your quality article; you may reap the benefit of
more exposure and higher web traffic.

2. Free Advertising

Submitting your articles to other websites presents an opportunity to advertise
your website without paying exorbitant fees. Although you should avoid marketing
language in your articles and make it informative and useful to your readers,
you can always include your site's link in the resource box. In addition, by
making your article relevant and helpful to your readers, you are making a good
impression for your website, which could ultimately lead to a visit and
hopefully a purchase. Good quality content in an article is far better and more
effective than a few lines of ad space. You have a very special opportunity to
presell your product or service to your prospective customer.

3. Gain High Search Engine Ranking

Create a new web page for your article in your website. Optimize your article
to make it search-engine friendly. Use top-ranked keywords and Meta tags that
can give your website a high search engine ranking. As soon as you upload your
new webpage to your server, search engines will spider through it and you can
gain an increase in search engine ranking. Remember that search engine
optimized content is a very effective strategy to gain a high ranking in search

4. Increases Link Popularity

Instead of looking for other sites who would want to establish reciprocal links
with your site, you can simply submit an article to other sites. Just do not
forget to include a link to your site in your resource box. When these websites
pick up and publishes your article, you automatically get a link partner. Try to
get as many link partners as you can. Link popularity is one of the factors used
by search engines in determining search engine rankings. Make your article
especially useful and appealing, so that more websites will be encouraged to
publish it.

5. Optimizes your site for improved search engine ranking

By making your site keyword rich, you can greatly improve the search engine
ranking of your site. Remember that keyword density is one of the most
important factors that search engines use when determining the search engine
ranking of site. However, you should always provide relevant, useful and
pertinent information. Avoid the temptation of overusing keywords just to gain
a high ranking as this may turn off most web surfers. Relevance and quality is
still the most important things to consider when writing articles and it will
be doubly useful to your site if you make these articles search-engine

6. Establishes a Good Impression and Reputation

By writing excellent, original and relevant articles, you not only give your
site exposure, you are also creating a good impression on your prospects.
Encourage more people to visit your site and do business with you by
establishing an impressive reputation through your articles. Be seen as an
expert in the field and your will ultimately gain more customers eager to do
business with you.

7. Enhances your credibility through references and testimonies

Certainly, your articles are going to receive feedbacks and testimonies when
you publish them in e-zines and free article sites. Record these positive
feedbacks and comments and use them as promotional material in your website or
in any of your advertising efforts. Your credibility will be greatly enhanced
by these feedbacks, as it will create a good impression on your prospects as
well as your existing customers. In this highly competitive world, excellent
credibility and trust may be the only things you need to attract new customers
or make loyal patrons out of your existing customers. Original, relevant,
useful and pertinent articles are important tools you should utilize to improve
and explode your business

Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing

Are you a webmaster who needs funds to keep your website running? Or is your
website the only way for you to earn income? Whichever you are, for as long as
you are a webmaster or a web publisher and you need cash, affiliate marketing
may work well for you. With affiliate marketing, you may get a lot of cash
pouring into your bank account easily. And if your website is rich in great
contents and you want to earn more profit, why not get into the Google Adsense
program as well?

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Well, simply because affiliate marketing is the easiest and probably the best
way to earn profits online, unless otherwise you are a businessman and would
rather sell your own products online than advertise other businessman's
products on your site. But even online retailers can benefit from affiliate
marketing programs, because affiliate marketing actually works for merchants as
well as it works for the affiliates.

Affiliate marketing, simply said, is a relationship or agreement made between
two websites, with one site being the merchant's website and the other being
the affiliate's site. In the relationship, the affiliate agrees to let the
merchant advertise his products on the affiliate's site. The merchant, on the
other hand, would agree to pay the affiliate in whatever method they have
agreed into. This would generally mean easy income for the affiliate, as he
would do nothing but place the retailer's ad on his site. This would also be
very beneficial for the merchant, as getting affiliates to advertise their
products would be a lot more affordable than hiring an advertising firm to
promote their products.

There are a variety of methods on how the merchant would compensate the
affiliate for his services, and for the webmaster, these methods simply
translates to the method by which he would earn easy cash. Among the more
common methods of compensation are the pay-per-click method, the pay-per-lead
method, and the pay-per-sale method. The pay-per-click method is the method
most preferred by affiliates, for their site's visitor would only have to visit
the advertiser's site for them to gain money. The other two methods, on the
other hand, are better preferred by merchants, as they would only have to
compensate you if your visitor becomes one of their registrants or if the
visitor would actually buy their products.

Getting much profit on affiliate marketing programs, however, does not depend
so much on the compensation method is it does on the traffic generated by your
site. A website that can attract more visitors would generally have the greater
chance of profiting in affiliate marketing programs.

What about Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is actually some sort of an affiliate marketing program. In
Google Adsense, Google act as the intermediary between the affiliates and the
merchants. The merchant, or the advertiser, would simply sign up with Google
and provide the latter with text ads pertaining to their products. These ads,
which is actually a link to the advertiser's website, would then appear on
Google searches as well as on the websites owned by the affiliates, or by those
webmasters who have signed up with the Google Adsense program.

While one can find a lot of similarities between Google Adsense and other
affiliate marketing programs, you can also see a lot of differences. In Google
Adsense, all the webmaster has to do is place a code on his website and Google
takes care of the rest. The ads that Google would place on your site would
generally be relevant to the content of your site. This would be advantageous
both for you and for the advertiser, as the visitors of your site would more or
less be actually interested with the products being advertised.

The Google Adsense program compensates the affiliate in a pay-per-click basis.
The advertisers would pay Google a certain amount each time their ad on your
site is clicked and Google would then forward this amount to you through
checks, although only after Google have deducted their share of the amount.
Google Adsense checks are usually delivered monthly. Also, the Google Adsense
program provides webmasters with a tracking tool that allows you to monitor the
earnings you actually get from a certain ad.

So, where do all of these lead us to?

Where else but to profits, profits and even more profits! Affiliate marketing
programs and the Google Adsense program simply work, whether you are the
merchant or the affiliate. For the merchant's side, a lot of money can be saved
if advertising effort is concentrated on affiliate marketing rather than on
dealing with advertising firms. For the webmaster, you can easily gain a lot of
profits just by doing what you do best, and that is by creating websites. And if
you combine all your profits from both the Google Adsense program and other
affiliate marketing programs, it would surely convert to a large amount of cash.

How to Become A Clickbank Super Affiliate

Making money through affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding careers
one could ever have. What's good about this business is that anyone can join
and make their way to success. Affiliate marketing has been known to be
cost-efficient, assessable method of conveying long-term results. In fact, you
can start even with a shoe string budget. And with affiliate marketing, you can
have the benefit of working from home and enjoying the freedom and flexibility
of working for yourself.

But there are also some people who failed in this kind of business. It could be
because they lack knowledge and tactics. If you are a web site owner and you
want to join in an affiliate marketing business, you should know where to get
good affiliate programs.

Clickbank is an ideal place to start. Here, you can find one of the largest
affiliate marketing programs in the industry. You just need to visit their
site, and secure a clickbank ID. From the Clickbank's
home page, proceed to "Earn Commissions" and look for the products and services
that perfectly fit you and your site. These products are typically ranked
according to their popularity.

Clickbank is one of the affiliate networks that serve as a 3rd party between
the web merchants and the associated affiliates. It is responsible in providing
the technology to deliver the merchant's offers and campaigns. The affiliate
network also do the job of collecting commission fees from the merchant and
giving it to the affiliates involved in the program.

Clickbank provides you a large and increasing network of publishers or
affiliates to tap into. To be more specific, clickbank has more than 100,000
affiliates who are experts in finding potential customers for your affiliate
program. The reason why more and more affiliates are joining Clickbank is
obvious -- the process of gaining commissions in this network is absolutely
fair and transparent.

For web merchants, joining Clickbank is so easy. You just need to sign up in
their site for free and allow them to sell your products. Keep up a promotional
web site that gives your potential customers detailed information about your
offered product or services. At your website, you must also maintain a
comprehensive technical support pages for your product. In return, Clickbank
will promote and sell your product, give customer service for your product,
allow their affiliates to pass on traffic to your web site, enable you to
encourage new affiliates to advertise your web site, furnish real-time sales
reporting for you and the affiliates and send you and all affiliates a paycheck
twice a month.

If you're a Clickbank affiliate wannabe, you surely won't find it hard to be a
part of this network. First, you are required to place their link on your
website and if you don't have a Clickbank account, you need to complete the
Clickbank affiliate form and create your own account. Then, if you already have
a Clickbank username, you are free to choose whatever marketing tools you want
to use bring in more clicks and generate more sales. After selecting marketing
tools, you can now get your affiliate link.

That's how simple it is to join Clickbank. But being a Clickbank super
affiliate is no minor achievement. It means you need to possess the ability to
sell lots of affiliate products. You also need to have expertise in search
engine optimization, email marketing, newsletter marketing, reciprocal linkage,
link exchanges and other methods of promoting your merchant's goods and services.

Among the secrets to become successful in affiliate marketing is to come up
with good content based website and put your affiliate links in all your
content. Your main purpose here is to give your visitors good quality content
about the things they are interested in. Set aside the job of selling. It must
be done by the sales letter page you are transferring them to.

Promote multiple affiliate programs in your website but don't promote
everything the world has to offer. Just choose the affiliate programs that fit
your site and focus on it. Then, it is advisable to automate the whole process,
giving you more time for other ventures. Yes, you've read it right! Automation
is another key to become a super affiliate.

Of course, you have to spend more time in reading, learning and taking up the
changes in affiliate marketing business. Through this, you'll remain on top of
the trends. If you are knowledgeable with online marketing, you'll understand
how important it is to stay up-to-date. In this kind of business, what worked
and what was accepted few months ago may not work at present. So always see to
it that you know what's new in affiliate marketing everyday.

It's really hard to be a Clickbank super affiliate, but you shouldn't say NO to
the thought of giving up. Bear in mind that in affiliate marketing business, you
need to develop persistence, patience and knowledge. These traits will teach you
to carry on no matter how tough the job is. Also, check your statistics. This
will help you find out what is working and what is not. Make necessary changes
if needed but do it one at a time and be patient.

Don't forget that in affiliate marketing, everything won't take place
overnight. And it will not happen without blood, sweat and hefty time
commitment. Again, just encompass patience, persistence and knowledge; then do
above mentioned tactics. Before you recognize it, you will start gaining
profits. Believe me, the fruits of all your efforts here in affiliate marketing
will be way too sweet.

Finding Hot Selling Products to Sell

In order to locate products that sell online, we need to understand what people
already want to buy. Finding a good choice of idea or product is always
accompanied by interfacing the demand for the product in the current market and
the level of competition or market share that the product will be having in the
long run.

"What should I sell? What products are hot selling? These are the questions
most people are trying to find an answer in order for them to make the definite
decision. And if we really want to know the answer to this question, our only
choice is to do some research. There are all kinds of twists along the road
that may lead you to think you have a high-demand idea. We must be able to
understand and satisfy the need, wants and expectations of our customers on a
certain product that they're trying to buy. This three are called the basic
needs or minimum requirements in a purchase. Needs are the basic reasons or the
minimum requirements consumers are looking for in a product or service. They are
called the qualifying or "gatekeeper" dimensions in a purchase. Wants are the
determining dimensions among many choices. Expectations, on the other hand, are
values or intangibles associated with a product or service. Expectations are
actually part of "wants" but they become extremely important when products or
services are not differentiated.

For example, in reading a logic book, university students look for the
following: Relevant logic concepts use of simple language, easy to understand
and affordable prices. These similar ideas can be applied to Internet Sales as
well. After all, the Internet is just another place to sell products. The basic
concept of demand is the same there as it is anywhere else, and has been all the

Now, the second thing that must be considered in finding "hot" products to sell
are the level of competition or the market shares do your product will have.
Market share or level of competition means the ratio of your brand sales versus
the total market sales. While companies would naturally define its target
competitors, it is actually the consumers who ultimately decide the competitive
frame, or the list related products or services that consumers consider when
exercising their purchasing power. We must therefore choose the market segment
where we can have a potential leadership or at least a strong challenger role.
Because the overriding objective of getting into this business is not just to
satisfy the needs and wants of our customers but to do so profitably better
than his competition. Otherwise, our competition will end up satisfying the
customers better than our own interest.

Third factor to be considered in finding hot selling products is finding out
the general interest level about the product. General interest in a product
helps us to gauge where our demand and competition numbers fall into the big
picture. Simply saying, if there isn't much demand for the product, and there
isn't much competition, it would seem that it might not be good a good put up
for sale. But the research doesn't stop here; there is one last thing to be
considered to exactly find the hot selling products that you've been looking
for. We must also learn how others are advertising those products. If there are
a good number of them doing so, it may mean that it's a good product to get
into. Coming to the last phase of the process is analyzing and evaluating all
the information that has been collected. We have to look at all of the data we
have collected on demand, competition, and advertising, and make decision as
how they all balance out.

And here are several factors or aspects that must be measured: (a) not enough
demand means not enough people are going to buy (b) too much competition means
not enough of a profit to go around (c) too much advertising drives up the
price of pay per click ads, and competition as well (d) not enough general
interest, combined with low demand, means there may not be a good market even
if there is competition trying to make the sales.

Building Affiliate Marketing Websites The Easy Way

There are some myths in affiliate marketing, which attract a lot of people to
it believing they are true. First is they think managing an online business is
easy and second, they think that one can make a fortune through online
marketing in an instant. Probably not even 10% of those who are into affiliate
marketing became rich overnight. There may be some who fortunately achieved
overwhelming success in just a short span of time after setting up an affiliate
program, but not a majority of them can confidently say they only had luck.
Anyone who is successful in this kind of business would say he worked hard to
get to where he is right now. Success in affiliate marketing takes time and
hard work, but it's worth it.

If you are planning to start an affiliate program, one of the things you have
to consider is having your own website, not just an ordinary website but a
professional looking one. How do you build an affiliate marketing website? What
are the easy steps to build one? First, you must have already decided on the
theme or niche of your website. It would be better if you already have an idea
what products or services to promote as this would help you plan the design and
lay-out of your web pages. The next thing to do is to choose a domain name and
get it hosted. The domain name is a unique name used to label the actual
address of your website on the Internet. In deciding what domain name to
register, look into the type of products you are endorsing and the theme of
your site. Having the right keywords in your domain name would give you better
chances of drawing more visitors to your website. Also, choose a top level
domain or extension, such as .com because it is more popular. In selecting your
web host, consider the security of servers and up time guarantees.

Now, you can start creating your webpages. Don't be disheartened when you know
a little in this field. There are page generation tools and fast launch sites
available online; you just have to search for them. Countless online sources
could help you build an affiliate marketing website, though you might need time
to study and learn the whole process. This is one of the reasons why your site
or the products you are going to promote must match your interest. Building
your marketing website for the first time would be a lot more fun if you know
very well the theme of your site. If you don't have time to make your own
website, you can use templates or purchase readily available websites. The
latter, however, is a more expensive option.

Creating an affiliate website on your own would be cheaper and more
interesting. In the process of building your website, you may also increase
your knowledge in Information Technology and the use of computers, softwares
and the Internet. As you educate yourself in these fields, you are increasing
your advantage against other affiliate marketers. It helps a lot, though, if
you already know the basics in web page development like programming languages
and graphics softwares because you can make your site extra corporate-looking,
more convenient to use or easier to navigate. Furthermore, if you are
knowledgeable and skillful in this area, you can already concentrate more on
the content of the page rather than the design.

The key to draw visitors to your website is to have high quality content; thus,
the next thing you must pay attention to in building your marketing website is
this. There may be several other factors that contribute to the success of your
affiliate marketing site, but a good content tops the list. This is precisely
the reason why users choose to enter your site. They want to get information
and so when they don't find it, they would definitely go elsewhere. Write
interesting articles related to your theme as this would make them frequent
your site. If you have already looked for affiliate programs that complement
your site, add links to the business sites and other very good informative
sites. Links contribute to how well you will be listed in major search engines
as well. Also, create pages for the products you are endorsing, but don't just
promote the products by putting hyped-up ads. Keep your readers interested by
injecting lots of relevant and useful information. This would make them click
the link to the business site and buy the product. Remember that no good
content means no frequent visitors, no sales and ultimately, no commission.

Make your site simple yet not without a touch of class in order to make it
appear more of a business website rather than a personal website. This would be
pleasing to the eyes and more interesting to browse. To help you with the
design, you can check some successful online stores to get an idea on how you
can make your site look better. Make sure you don't place too many banner ads
since these could distract some site users; and thus, instead of clicking your
ad, they might just leave your site and look for other interesting websites.
After all, banner ads are not the only means of advertising your products. Now
your website is complete, submit its URL to major search engines to increase
your traffic.

Grow from where you started. Learn about use of keywords for search engine
optimization and apply them in your content. Update your site regularly or add
new webpages. Make sure to inform your prospects about the latest updates in
your site. You can use newsletters to accomplish this. The Internet offers a
huge source of information about just anything, make use of it. Continue to
educate yourself on how to improve your website and soon you'll find yourself
successful in affiliate marketing.

Here's Why You Need To Use Landing Pages

All the products that you want to sell online are ready. You have already
signed up with the Google Adsense program or with other affiliate marketing
programs and you have already prepared the ad you want to post on your
affiliate's site. Your mind is now set to being the next most successful online
businessman. But is there anything else that you might have forgotten to
prepare? Maybe none. But how about your landing pages? Are they all set for
your business?

Landing pages are simply web pages where visitors are directed to whenever they
click a result in a web search or whenever they click a web ad. For affiliate
marketing, landing pages would refer to the web page where you, as a merchant,
would want your potential customer to be directed after clicking your ad on
your affiliate's website. Landing pages are, at most times, nothing really
different from other web pages in a particular website, especially if the said
website is an e-commerce site. Some online businessmen would even use the
homepage of their websites as the landing page for their ads. Are these
businessmen making a big mistake? Or should you follow their method in creating
landing pages for their ads?

Well, you can always follow what most online retailers do, directing their
potential customers to the homepages of their websites. But if you want to
achieve something more from your online business, and if you want to earn a lot
of profits, you better create a special landing page for your web ads. Why? Here
are a few reasons why you need to use landing pages for your web ads. And take
note, it would do you a lot better if you create a great landing page than a
so-so one.

Reason no. 1: It is the only way you earn conversions in an affiliate marketing

There are a variety of affiliate marketing programs today, but most of these
programs let the merchant pay the affiliate in a pay per click basis.
Basically, all you have to do is sign up with the program and submit your ad.
The program owner would then distribute your ad to various affiliates who would
then place your ad on their websites. Whenever your ad is clicked, a visitor
would be directed to your landing page and you would have to pay the affiliate
for his service.

As a merchant, you earn in an affiliate program through conversions -- that is
whenever a visitor that is directed to your site actually buys a product on
your site. Without these conversions, you actually earn nothing from the
program. Also, the more visitors that your affiliates have directed to your
site, the larger would your expense be. And the only way that you can recover
from these expenses is through conversions.

Now, you sure won't get any conversion if you have posted an ad on your
affiliate's site without an actual landing page for the potential customer to
be redirected into. It's just like advertising a product without actually
having a store to sell your product. Your advertisement may be enticing enough
to encourage people to purchase a product, but without the landing page, how
will they know how to purchase the product

It is therefore important to have landing pages for your ads because it is the
only way for you to earn something in an affiliate program. Without landing
pages, all you do is spend money paying your affiliates without actually
getting anything in return.

Reason no. 2: Other web pages may just not be enough.

Many people make the mistake of making their website's homepage as the landing
page for their ads. The same is true for those who make use of other pages like
a "contact us" page or a product page. Homepages are often designed to serve
multiple users and contains a lot of links to other pages or to other websites.
The same is with the other two pages mentioned. If you want to be successful in
an affiliate program, we're sure that you don't want your landing page to cater
to the needs of various people, most of which may not be really interested with
your product.

When choosing a landing page, you must always have the customer directed into
that page in mind. Therefore, your landing page must be relevant to the
keywords and the contents you placed on your ad. It is also important that the
landing page can induce your visitor to take action -- that is to purchase your
product or at least provide leads for potential customers.

Final Word

You probably entered into an affiliate marketing program with these things in
mind: to save on advertising expenses and to gain more profit. But if you get
into an affiliate marketing program without actually having a landing page,
you'll end up paying too much without getting anything in return. So if you
still don't have a landing page for your ads, you better start creating one
now. And don't get us wrong; it isn't enough for you to have just a landing
page -- it should be a great landing page!

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