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Air Freight

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What You Should Know About Air Freight Carriers

Freight is technically the term used to describe the cargo for
shipment. Air freight, on the other hand, is the cargo that is being
shipped via air. This may be done using typical passenger airplane
aboard the cargo area or through specialized cargo planes dedicated for
this special industry.

It is primarily divided into three categories: a) household goods, b)
express deliveries, c) parcel shipment, and d) freight shipments.

Each of which is priced depending on the system as provided by the
National Motor Freight Classification. Each class also corresponds to
the goods that can be shipped. Say for household goods, only those that
can be considered furniture and household appliances can be subjected to
price ranges and services provided in this area. Express deliveries, in
general, include items such as mails, business papers and envelopes.
Parcels, on the other hand, include those items that are usually boxed.
Freight shipment though covers all other huge items that can't be
accommodated by services functioning in the lower classes.

Air freight is further subdivided into two categories: The Less-than-
Truckload Freight which basically accommodate items that are less than
15 000 pounds and have the height of exactly 28 inches or even lesser
than that. The other subcategory of freight shipments is the Truckload
Freight that covers item weighing 43 000 pounds or less and has the
length not exceeding to 53 inches.

Shipments larger than these are often carried by super cargo planes.
Those relatively huge items such as military equipments, planes and
helicopters are carried through the Antonov AN-225- the largest cargo
plane in the world.

For each type of air freight cargo, there is basically some air freight
carriers to do the job. Most often than not, smaller items can be
shipped using passenger air planes turned into air freight carriers.

Boeing 747-400 is usually configured into air freight carrier since it
has space large enough to accommodate items for forwarding. But since it
is not purely designed as an air freight carrier, there are some crucial
limitations that impedes to its absolute use for this exact purpose.
Nevertheless, when used as an air freight carrier, it may function well
enough to transport cargoes of various kinds towards their proper

Air freight carriers like Bekins and North American Van Lines
specialize in household goods delivery. FedEx Express, UPS and DHL top
rate the field of express deliveries yet it is basically everybody's
game since this field appears to be the easiest route when you want to
make money in the forwarding business. Leading air freight carriers in
the parcel division (also known as ground shipment) are FedEx Grounds
and UPS. While for Less-than-Truckload and Truckload freight areas, air
freight carrier names like Old Dominion, AAA Cooper, Averett Express,
Roadway, Schneider and JB Hunt are the most trusted.

In the air freight industry, there are also middlemen in the playing
field. These are often called as freight brokers since they are the
institutions that create arrangements between shippers and air freight
companies. Brokers are reached through online marketplaces. They are the
best sources for discounts since they have the direct contacts with air
service providers.

Major air freight brokers are CHRobinson, Hub Group, Twin Modal and

If you want better and easier access to the names we have listed above,
it is best to find sources through online intermediaries such as
Transcore DAT, and

How Does Air Freight Service Work?

Our present day living is driven by the need to communicate, to be
informed and to send various items worldwide. And due to time constraint
and the immediate necessity to transfer everything in the fastest mode
of transportation available, the airline and cargo industry devised ways
of carrying cargoes while maximizing time incurred during the process.

Cargo shipment by air is now termed to as air freight service. Items
shipped at this mode range anywhere from a couple of pounds to as much
as 43 000 pounds. Therefore accommodating almost all items that need for
immediate shipment.

Parcels and express letters are typically the easiest to ship due to
relatively handy size and weight. For larger-sized items however,
various methods of shipment are required for travel and services vary
depending on the number of categories including:

-- The size and weight of the item
-- The duration (number of days) required for shipment
-- The type of item

There are four basic categories for shipments namely:

a. Household goods which cover items such as furniture and the likes.

b. Overnight express or express shipments that deliver personal and
business items which are observably lighter and smaller in size. These
often come in the packaging of the carrier or the service provider and
are often delivered overnight or within a couple of days, depending on
the choice of service the shipper agreed on.

Parcel delivery, on the other hand, covers those items that are
typically boxed. The services vary and packaging may be provided by the
company or should the shipper chooses, may be shipped on the box of
their own.

The duration of delivery varies yet typical of this kind is the speed
of 500 to 700 miles per day, providing it a coast to coast travel of
around 4 days.

Beyond this types are the LTL and TL freights. These are the actual air
freight services and obviously cover cargoes that need big-time

Items covered in this category often weigh 15 000 pounds to around 43
000 pounds and have lengths not exceeding 53 inches long.

For each type of service level comes different corresponding prices.
Parcel and express packages have pretty simpler system of pricing as
compared with cargoes covered in the Less-than-Truckload-Freight and
Truckload Freight which have more complicated systems of pricing.

National Motor Freight Classification is the system of pricing that
monitors and dictates what price must be given to each item depending on
its loadability, density, mixability and a number of other factors.

Theoretically, fragile items require higher costs of shipment since
they fall in the freight class 125 to 500.

Denser items such as industrial machineries and steel require lesser
care yet take most of the weight falls under the freight class 50 to 85.

Generally, these freight classes have assigned prices for which the
assigned class corresponds to the base rate given.

While most air freight service providers can be contacted directly,
heavier cargoes require freight brokers for easier arrangements and for
the facilitation of savings. Such brokers can be contacted through
online marketplaces. They have the hand for directly arranging shipments
at much lower rates since they act as intermediaries between carriers
and shippers.

It is good to remember that when shipping cargoes with any type of air
freight service chosen, you must know in full all the terms and
conditions included.

Factors that Affect the Air Freight Rate

As with all expenses, air freight rates change all the time. This is
because of the fact that many factors affect the pricing of various
services and resources used in air freight. Learning about the different
factors affecting the air freight rate could help you anticipate changes
in the rate. This means that you will be able to maximize the costs of

What factors affect air freight rates?

1) Demand -- demand affects the prices of everything. The more that
people want to obtain a certain service, the higher the cost is going to
be. This is the basic principle of economics. When the demand for
certain shipping services rises, the air freight rates rise with it.

Demand determines the willingness of a company to part with its
product. Demand determines the price because hey, if people are willing
to pay more for your product, then you would be willing to sell it at
the highest possible price, right?

2) The containers -- the shipping containers, also known as the Unit
Load Devices are designed to protect your cargo from the damages caused
by the journey. Different items require different containers. If you are
looking for a special container to protect your items, it could add a
bit more to your air freight rate than what you anticipate.

The containers used in an air freight service are usually suited to
different types of cargo. This means that the type of item you are
shipping will affect the air freight rates. If you want to include
additional security measures to protect your cargo, then you would have
to pay more money. This is often applicable if you are shipping pets,
livestock, or works of art.

3) Manpower -- the amount and specialization of people required to ship
your products will also affect the air freight rate. This means that the
type of service you require will change the air freight rate. Do you
wish your items to be handled by experts who will take care of your
items, then you might need to add some cash in order to cover the
additional manpower.

Manpower also includes the various people who will handle the paperwork
of your cargo. Obviously, it will take the expertise of more than one
person to make sure that your cargo remains as safe as possible.

4) Speed -- this factor is second only to demand on its effects on the
air freight rate. It is often the case that companies have different air
freight rates based on the speed by which they can deliver your items.
There are companies which offer faster delivery services for additional
charges. There are companies who can deliver your items in one day, and
some companies can even deliver your goods within a few hours. The
speed of delivery is very important because it is often the case that
customers stick with an air freight service because of the speed by
which they can get the job done.

Of course, there are many more factors that affect the air freight
rates charged by various companies. These main factors, however, should
prove to be enough information in order to help you save a lot of cash.
When you study these factors, you would be able to budget your money
easier and thus, maximize your resources. This means that you can ship
more goods at lower air freight rates.

Eyes on Your Package with Air Freight Tracking

Sending packages is now worry-free with air freight tracking. As long
as you have the waybill number with you, you can check the exact
location of your shipment when it has not yet been delivered to its

There was a time when people were not too happy with freight services.
A lot of issues have been tackled regarding lost, damaged or late
packages. This is the reason why freight services are continuously
developing their methods of shipment in order to gain and retain the
loyalty of their customers.

One of the developments is air freight tracking. This method is made
easier now with the use of the internet. Most of these freight services
have their own websites already. You do not have to go to their nearest
branch just to check where your package is at the moment. The process
can be done by just logging into the internet and doing the tracking

Tracking packages is only one of the considerations that are important
in an air freight service. Another consideration that you should be
noted is how your packages are shipped.

Air freight shipment comprised of 3 main categories based on the mode
of shipment.

1. Cargo planes.

Major air freight companies like UPS and FedEx own various kinds of
cargo planes. These planes are exclusively used for their air freight

One of their largest cargo planes is a Boeing 747. It can hold up to 30
pallets of packages in the main level alone. They have special
containers available for those who are shipping animals and other live

Cargoes and packages are loaded using rollers which are built-in into
their load floor area. Once the packages are brought into the rear of
the plane, it will be rolled straight up to the rear or the front of the
cargo hold.

2. Super cargo planes.

These planes are also called the super transporters. They are specially
designed to hold all moving huge and heavy cargos. Helicopters are being
transported this way.

These planes can hold up to 47 tons of loads. It is built with a large
cargo area that fills up most of the space inside the plane. Large
cargos can fit effortlessly through the giant door located at the front
of the cargo hold.

3. Passenger cargo planes.

Almost all passenger planes carry freight with them together with
passengers and all their baggage. One of the major companies that are
using passenger airplanes to ship their packages is the US Postal
Service. It can be noted that a percent of the revenue that is generated
by airlines are from air freight.

Packages are put together will all other packages and baggage in the
compartment area.

These are the methods of shipment that is being used by air freight
services. Knowing what method your service is using is important if you
want to know how you packages are being handled and shipped.

Moreover, the mode of air freight tracking is dependent on the
schedules and the strict compliance that each cargo methods.

If you want to make sure that you package will arrive safety and on
time, pick the best method that you think will give you the best
service. Choose the one with the best air freight tracking service. This
is your assurance that you will have complete track of your package
until it arrive at its destination safely.

Know the Costs and Know How To Save on Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping, in most cases, is fairly complicated when it
comes to pricing. But there are of course some areas when all you need
is to look at the price list and voila- your parcel is already in mid

Letters and parcels are often priced based on the weight, size and the
service level the shipper chooses. These are often fixed and seldom
would one find great discrepancies in pricing. But as for air freight
shipping prices, it is no good to be surprised at how high one item can

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association has provided a system of
pricing shipments known as the National Motor Freight Classification.
This works on the principle of creating classes for items and for each
class are some general prices.

Items are basically grouped into various types to make listing easier.
This grouping is based on qualifications like loadability, mixed-
environment appropriateness, density and a number of other factors. In
general, freight classes apply to all items- from express letters to
huge machineries including helicopters and planes. Freight classes range
from 50 to 500.

Freight shipments are rated by means of "per one hundred pounds"
parameter. However, other air freight forwarders make use of per hundred
weight system and cwt.

Each freight class is able to provide discounts on the base rate. Plus,
there is always a discount given on the transportation rates.

Nevertheless, such discounts can be set off by charges that are often
treated as accesorial yet crucial to the base rate that would later come
up for the shipment. The most commonly found accesorial charges and
surcharges are discussed below.

To save on these charges, it is best to know your grounds first and
study in full the terms and conditions of air freight shipping as
provided by the freight company.

Lift gates

When there is no forklift or loading dock available, a lift gate service
is billed to help drivers load and unload the shipments for residential
pickups and deliveries or commercial pick up and deliveries. To avoid
complications during the process, it is best that you notify the air
freight service provider in case you see the need of a lift gate since
trailers are rarely equipped with this item.

Additional fees in reconfiguring routes- Most air freight shipping are
designed to follow a route of some sorts. If you require the company to
take another route apart from what is earlier set, they would most
likely charge you with additional fees for this extra work.

Extra charges on inside pick up and delivery- When you need to have
your shipment picked up or delivered inside an establishment or a
building, this will impede the carrier to finish his route on schedule.
Thus, to set off the expenses they are likely to use, carriers will
require you of some additional charges.

Residential pick up and delivery- To off set the costs incurred for
transferring shipments to smaller trailers, most air freight shipping
companies require extra charges on residential pick ups and deliveries.
This is the case since most local laws restrain larger sizes of trucks
from entering residential areas.

There are literally hundreds of possibilities for extra payments that
would stock up on your final bill. For Less-than-Truckload and Truckload
shipments, it is advisable that shippers seek for intermediaries who
would not only guide them through the process but would also realize for
them some forms of savings.

Your Guideline for Choosing the Type of Air Freight Services You Need

One's choice of air freight must be dictated by their immediate and
long term needs which maximize the services provided by air freight
companies. Obviously, one only has to avail of certain services that he
truly needs.

There are various types of air freight services specially designed for
specific purposes. While many may perform multiple objectives, it is
still best not to tax yourself with money and time just by choosing the
service that you don't actually require.

Since not all packages have the same size, weight, type of delivery and
duration of delivery, air freight industry has created various methods
and categories wherein customers may choose their needed type of
service. In this article we would try to discuss in brief the various
air freight services that you may choose from. Please read on.

The simplest form of cargo shipment falls under the household goods
category which include items such as furniture, house accessories and
pieces of goods similarly typed in this section. Since these don't
normally require special services, your cargo may be delivered on the
same day it was sent or depending on the service option chosen.

The second class of air freight is the express or overnight express
delivery. These normally cover items such as mail letters, small
envelops and other smaller items. Since they are relatively light,
cargoes of this kind come in air freight company packaging. Two of the
most notable air freight company rendering this service are the FedEx
express and the UPS.

Depending on the available service options, prices and type of delivery
may vary including the duration of travel. Most items in this category
travel some distance through air and may go coast to coast in a couple
of days or overnight.

The next category available is the ground or parcel shipment. Since
items in this type are slightly larger and heavier than the first two
categories, the shipping of items may take a number of days and may move
anywhere from 500 miles a day to 700 miles. Most ground shipments weigh
around 100 pounds or less and each item don't normally exceed 70 pounds.

Depending on the service provider, parcel shipments may either travel
by road, rail and air. However the latter is rarely offered.

This shipment covers most of the business-to-customer type of service
and is often used by companies that make use of cash-on-delivery system
of purchase.

When you need is the service of shipping much larger and much heavier
stuffs, you might want to look into your options covered by the freight

Less-than-Truck-Load is the service that you must avail if you have
cargoes of less than 15 000 pounds. Most shipments of this kind cover
business to business shipment and are often referred to as motor

This type of air freight service often comes in mixed freight
environment which means that cargoes are combined with some other
shipments and can be transferred from one carrier to another, depending
on the type of service the shipper has chosen.

Shippers are required to arrange for their packaging since most air
freight carriers don't give any form of assistance in packaging the

Meanwhile, Truckload Freights are the largest of this kind. They go
anywhere from 15 000 pounds to 43 000 and length can extend up to 53
inches long.

This type of shipment is often mixed with other shipments in one
equipment and arrives at the exact trailer they were shipped on.

The Advantage of UPS Air Freight

UPS air freight is one of the leading names in world-class delivery
services today. This is because UPS air freight has continually shown
that they can exceed the standards set by other shipping industries. It
is because of UPS air freight that many people today are able to meet
their freight deadlines. They are able to deliver the merchandise when
it is needed.

What are the advantages of UPS air freight?

First of all, UPS air freight operates in major business centers across
the world. This means that the people who need delivery services the
most have access to them. It is a known fact that most businesses today
need to deliver or receive materials and merchandise in order to
continually operate. We no longer live in a world where a business can
survive isolated in its own locality. UPS air freight connects
businesses to major centers and thus, ensures the delivery of the needed

UPS air freight also has the advantage of technology. Everyone today
has at least an idea of what technology can do to change a business. It
is often the case that small businesses can get ahead of competition by
simply having better technology. UPS stays ahead of the game by
employing technology that allows people to track their cargo online.
This means that wherever your cargo is, you can see it through the
internet. This, of course, helps reassure people that their cargo is
safe with UPS air freight. This also serves the purpose of keeping the
personnel on their feet. Because of the visibility of the shipments, the
personnel of UPS air freight will do their best to make sure that your
cargo is taken care of.

There are also different types of services to choose from. This means
that people will be able to customize their delivery service as they see
fit. They will be able to actually choose the service that they think
will be right for their cargo. Some of these services are:

1) Urgent Shipments -- this service is designed for people who are in a
hurry. The shipments are given priority to ensure that they arrive long
before the deadline is due. This UPS air freight service can be availed
of by people who are willing to pay a little extra cash for a great
burst of speed. Urgent shipments also have sub-categories to further
accommodate the rushing customer.

2) Routine service -- if you opt for the routine service, your cargo is
still assured to arrive quickly. It is through this transportation and
shipment service that UPS air freight first attracted its customers.
After all, in order for the special services to become truly special,
then the regular service must be exemplary.

3) Customized service -- if your cargo needs some sort of special
handling then this is the UPS air freight service for you! There are
certain things in life that we know need special care. Because of this,
we often take it upon ourselves to device ways to truly make sure of the
safety of these things. UPS air freight provides people with an
opportunity to assure themselves that the things they are shipping will
remain to be safe, even in a journey around the world.

As you can see, many are the advantages of UPS air freight over other
services. That's the reason why UPS air freight remains to be one of the
major players in the world of delivery today.

Choosing the Best Shipment Company

Air freight and cargo have been important in the industry. They play a
crucial role in providing business solutions and supporting the global
chain. There are lots of air shipping companies that provide better
services. But only a few of them can give you kind of service you want
at a competitive shipping cost.

In choosing the best air freight company, you must understand first
some important points before deciding for one. Below are some helpful
points you should look for before dealing with an air freight company.

1. Look for the shipping benefits they offer. An air freight company
should offer direct access or contact to an advanced cargo shipping
network at a reasonable shipping price. They should give variety of
integrated shipping services. And more importantly, the company must be
supported by known air freight shipping companies in the shipping
industry. Example of this big time air freight companies are the
American airlines, Roadway Corporation and Kitty hawk.

2. Find out the shipping services available. Look for the shipping
freight that will suit your needs. It must provide a complete line of
transportation process, from pick up to delivery. The arrival of
shipment must be ensured, and should not exceed 5 days. You can visit
the website of the shipping freight to find out more of their products
and shipping services. You can also talk directly to their customer care

3. Know the sizes of the cargo, the company accepts. Most would
accept any shipment size, but practically you can save almost 50% on
some shipments greater than 200 pounds.

4. Be economical in choosing the shipping company. You must be sure
that you get the best service that's worth your pay. Shipping companies
must only compute for the transportation fee, the service level, and
some factor like the time of the day and the day of the week. There are
also additional fee such as the air freight tax, regulatory fees and
some special services needed. It is vital to canvass first the shipping
cost before dealing with such company.

5. Always check the shipment location of the air freight. Some would
only offer seamless service to respective places.

6. Look for a company that provides easy access. There are some that
needs online registration while others may require you to call their
customer care. You can also apply for credit card so that you easily
start shipping your products after registration. By doing these, you can
won't waste lots of time and effort.

7. Be sure that the company operates a 24/7 customer care service.
This is important so that you can easily track your freight shipments by
inquiring at the customer care center. It is always advisable that you
track all shipments ensuring that they are visible all through the
shipment transit. Check the status of your shipment from the pick up
until you get the proof of delivery.

8. You can always create shipment reports. This is beneficial for you
so that you can have an easy access of the summary of all the shipping
you made.

Shipping can be convenient if you know how to choose the best shipping
company. It is quality that counts. Opt for the air freight company that
uses state of the art cargo engines with competitive shipping rates to
provide chain needs and business solutions.

The Trend in Favor of Air Freight Forwarders

Globalization, internet, improvements in communication and
transportation and a number of other new trends has changed the world
beyond our own reckoning. They have become so fused with our lives that
our daily moves are largely dictated by the uses of all these.

Maybe these changes in times are inevitable. They seem to have been
designed to accommodate our growing need for improvement and faster
living. But when life gets too fast, what will come next? Well, at this
rate we all can say that we have not reached our limits yet. Our
lifestyle sure have changed a lot and everything else followed.
Business, education, government- just to name a few.

Globalization definitely has affected businesses in ways that it
eliminated both the non-performers while taking the best performers to
newer heights. Thus, the survival of the fittest.

Those who found value in adapting to current trends have made
themselves famed in the industry. Those who refused to take the risks of
experimentation have failed and dripped down towards eventual failure.

You, as an ordinary citizen, a businessman or an individual who simply
have to accept the changes must not get tired of kicking with the
trends, unless you want to be counted off the performers.

Air freight industry is one such change that has affected people's
lives worldwide namely the consumers and the suppliers.

Air freight is hardly a new emerging business. It has actually existed
since the early 80's and has been growing since. However, it only
realized its actual use recently when newer airplanes, cargo planes and
systems have been devised.

There are basically a number of categories services that accommodate
each type of air freight forwarding needs.

The Household Goods division is dominated by air freight forwarders
such as the North American Van Lines and the Benkins. This primarily
serves shippers who want furniture, and other household items be
transferred or delivered towards end consumers.

Apart from the freight shipments, the most often utilized services of
air freight forwarders is the express shipments which cover deliveries
of express mails and items of same category. Top grossers in this field
are FedEx Express and DHL.

The parcel division, on the other hand, carries boxed items to their
recipients. Such services are render by air freight forwarders like
FedEx Ground and UPS. Depending on the service level a shipper chose and
the availability of service, parcels can be carried over 500 miles and
above for around three days or more.

Beyond these services are the freight shipment. This is basically sub-
grouped into two: LTL and TL.

Leading air freight forwarders in the LTL division include names like
AAA Cooper, Southeastern and Old Dominion. While forwarders like
Schneider and JB Hunt dictate the game in the TL field.

While shippers can directly contact these forwarders through their
websites, such business are often recommended to pass through online
brokers. These are the institutions that have the hold for all contacts
and necessary information to keep shipments on time and at their best

Air Freight Containers Facts

Some may think that a person's interest in knowing about air freight
containers is weird. Many people tend to take objects and containers for
granted. Think about the last gift you got. Do you remember exactly what
item it was? Now, do you remember what was used to wrap it?

People tend to ignore these details because they think that the present
is more worthy of focus than the box it's carried in. Many people tend
to forget that the box is what protects the present in the first place.
Knowing about air freight containers is very important as it allows you
to realize the conditions that your cargo goes through when it is being
delivered. You can see whether a certain air freight container is
suitable to protect and to hold your cargo.

Did you know that the term "air freight container" is rarely used by
people working on airlines? The proper term is actually "unit load
device" or ULD. This fact alone can help you in making faster inquiries
regarding air freight.

Another fact about air freight containers that you should know about is
the fact that there are actually standards used to determine the quality
of an air freight container. In fact, there is actually an association
which determines the specifications of air freight containers. This is
to make sure that all manufacturers of air freight containers make their
products as uniform as possible. This means that there will be no
substandard products.

The International Air Transport association is in charge of the details
concerning air freight containers. This association is responsible for
setting the standards that would ensure the correct transport of cargo.

Here are some of the details that they specify:

1) Container size -- of course, standardization of the air freight
container size is important. It helps people determine if the type of
air freight container that they got can actually be used in transporting
their cargo. This also makes it easier for companies to determine which
type of air freight container is appropriate for their cargo. Knowing
this is also very important in determining how much space your cargo
will take up in a plane.

2) Door -- it is necessary to standardize the doors of air freight
containers in order to make sure that people are able to actually get
their cargo to fit into the container. The door size is not the only
factor that's standardized. The material used to make the door is also
standardized. This is done in order to make sure that the cargo is
protected from any potential hazard.

3) Modifications -- different types of cargo require different types of
air freight containers. These modifications are also standardized in
order to help determine the dimensions of an air freight container
easier. This of course, saves a lot of space and money. The
modifications could be designed to accommodate the safety of various
cargos, or it could be designed to ensure the comfort of animal cargo.

4) Material -- the materials used in the making of air freight
containers are also standardized. This is done in order to easily
determine the weight of the cargo and container. This of course, is very
important since it determines the efficiency of any vehicle to transport
cargo. The materials used in making air freight containers also have a
big impact on the protection of the cargo.

Why Everybody is Enjoying that Air Freight Advantage

The popularity of air freight services can be attributed to the many
advantages that it can give to the people. Not only are you assured that
your package will arrive in the best condition, you are also assured
that it will be received not a moment too late.

In the past, people were not anymore too happy about sending packages.
There were a lot of complaints about lost packages and damaged or
missing goods. Those who have not availed of air freight services became
wary of using one.

In time, air freight services realized that the only way to maintain
customer satisfaction is to provide them with the best of service. In
the highly competitive market of today, there is little doubt where
customer will put their trust into. And that is for the service that can
bring their packages in their desired destination on time and in the
best condition.

Other advantages of air freight services.


Having branches around the world is very important. This is because
timely reports are needed about the present weather condition in a
specific place or location. Since packages are set to be delivered at
the certain time, it is vital that it should be delivered as promised.

The air freight service should be updated about weather conditions as
well as other important factors that might hinder on-time delivery.
Knowing about these factors beforehand, they will be able to consider
other methods or strategy so that the delivery will not be compromised.

As long as there are frequent updates on the situations around the
world or in the location where the package is headed, customers can
expect their shipment to be received safely and on time.


People are not into going out and picking up their packages. This is
especially for those who are too busy with other things to bother
picking up a package and those who need to take the trip just to get to
the pick-up location.

Air freight services offer door-to-door delivery. Now you do not have
to leave your home just to get your package. As long as the sender gave
out the detailed location, the handler will be able to locate them

These services are equipped with a map of their area. Every street and
corner is presented in the map. In addition, the delivery people are
highly trained to know the quickest route to the point of destination.
The best of the best freight service will even guide the delivery up
until the package is delivered at the receiver's front door.

Anywhere and anytime.

Air freight services are on call whenever and whenever you need them.
These services know that when it comes to delivering important things
and materials, every second counts.

Some air freight services are even open 24 hours. Their customer
service is also on call whenever people want to ask for information or
track down their packages.

Wherever you are in the world, you can always find a number of air
freight services that will provide you with the kind of service that you

Why wait for the next holiday to bring home your package. And why wait
for someone you can trust to send that long overdue materials. Make the
most of the advantages that air freight services can give you today.

Smart Tips for First Time Exporters

Even before, exporting has been rampant in the industry. The internet
being the mode of transaction acted as a useful force in meeting the
needs of the customers. The supply of chain always starts with an
exporter, then to the buying agent, then to the distributor, next to the
stockiest and finally to the retailer.

The faultless, inexpensive but complex communication chain through
different continents created a rapport between the buyer and the
retailer. Both suddenly found out how much to benefit they will incur on
the process of importing and buying of the products.

Today, the conventional supply chain is still useful for major morsel
of exportable goods. But the direct transaction between the overseas
retailers and exporters and overseas retailers is growing rapidly. Wise
exporters have now planned and organized themselves the ideal ways of
serving the best for overseas retailers.

Here are some smart ideas for fast and convenient exporting services:

Retailers Purchase in Small Quantity. Get only small scale retailers
and disregard those load quantities. Retailing means overlooking those
large purchases that can hinder the flow of money, putting your business
at risk. But if your merchandise is not for small order, retailing is
not for you.

Frequent Orders. It may be usual that retailers will order the same
goods every time he comes back to you. He may have enough money for a
large inventory or can keep the goods in a rack space. Export orders are
in demand during peak season like Christmas.

The Margin Level can be higher. You may pay back smaller quantity at a
higher price. Unlike the price in the local market, the retailer may
feel considerable pinch and can lower down the price if you know how to
communicate well.

The issue of trust matters. Importing from other countries may lead to
tremendous profit, but it may be risky than purchasing from a local
market. The issue of giving trust will always be the mindset of the
retailer. During the first few transactions, the retailer will always
have the chance to negotiate with the exporter. Thus, the former should
be careful in taking his orders.

Air Freight is Preferred. Some small scale retailers don't have a
freight engine that's why they are having difficulty with huge shipments
and long period of delivery in sea freight. Opting for Royal Air Freight
is a bit expensive but is ideal. Royal Air Freight will surely meet the
retailer's needs better. First time retailers however may not be aware
of these concerns. It is the exporter's responsibility to quote for the
air freight and inform the retailer if needed.

Getting the right information about the Retailers. There are lots of
retailer's associations in across Europe and USA. The easiest way is to
find them using a directory. You can contact them to be able to get the
complete list of retailers. The Great Indian Bazaar is one of the famous
associations which has piled up a directory of almost 2500 overseas
retailers. The retailers are composed of convenience stores, small
retail markets, large retail outlets and drop shippers.

Exporting to whether small or large overseas retailers do not demand
considerable investment. Shipment can be easily handled by Royal Air
Freights. Therefore, exporters especially those new in this field shall
find the above opportunity worthwhile. Keep in mind that a periphery
from a particular shipment may not gain much, but lots of active
retailers can assure a small exporter busy all through the year.
Imagine How Huge International Air Freight Can Get

From letters to air planes, it is now possible to ship just about
anything through air freight services.

All these stuffs can be carried through commercial airplanes to various
mammoth-like flying machines.

International air freight can be divided into simpler categories
though. While just as we have said, everything can be shipped via air
there should always be some form of separation between items so that
various risks can be avoided.

The three basic categories of air freight are:

-- Air freights that are carried through passenger air lines
-- Air freights that are carried through special cargo planes, and
-- Air freights that are huge enough to be carried by super cargo planes

Along with the passengers, international air lines can also carry with
them stuffs that would be stationed to various air freight service
locations. These then will be delivered via rail or road to their proper

The United States Postal Service has leased some 15 000 to 25 000
passenger planes daily to haul freight. This takes up 5 to 10 percent of
all air freight revenue.

This type of international air freight are packed along with other
shipments on special containers that are designed to fit the storage
area beneath the passenger compartment. However, some air freight can be
put on pallets while other relatively smaller items can be made to fit
on remaining open spaces.

The Boeing 747-400 is usually used as the freight carrier in the
passenger air line category. However, it can also be made to hold 10 000
cubic feet of cargo when on the Combi mode. This is when some of the
passenger compartments are partly turned into cargo areas.

But when configured, this plane can be transformed into a huge cargo
plane which can then haul as much as 5 semi trucks.

Since Boeing 747-400s are not specifically made as air freighters,
there is not as much room as with a cargo plane to fit a forklift truck
for loading pallets, special electric rollers are equipped on the load
floor. These rollers are used to move the cargoes into the inner
chambers of cargo areas.

However, for hauling huge items, a super transporter is needed. It is
used for transporting helicopters and planes and is purely designed to
perform such tasks.

Such planes are built in a way that when an object fits comfortably
through the door then it can fit into the body of the plane. The plane
is large enough to carry terribly hugr stuffs. It carries up to 47 ton
stuffs but still not large enough to carry military tanks.

For such big-time requirements, Antonov AN-225 can do the job.

For this monster-air transporter, three military trucks is just about
as easy as for a Boeing 747-400 to carry international air freights at
its own limits.

This was originally a Russian space shuttle. With a wingspan as huge as
a football field, this air freight super transporter can send to any
destination some 80 cars or 3-4 military trucks. Well, if this isn't
huge enough for your air freight service requirements then you might as
well arrange multiple sending of stuffs.

Now you've seen your options of air freights. From sending your niece
her birthday present to shipping military tanks, you are sure to find
your way of sending cargoes from coast to coast.

Graf Air Freight Tips and Tricks

Graf air freight is one of the leading air freight services that many
business and companies have relied on for years now. This is because of
the highly competitive service that Graf is known for. They are famous
for providing logistic solution in transporting time-sensitive materials
both internationally and domestically.

In addition, they have a highly trained customer service support
present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These people are ready to
answer any queries and eager to help their customers plan out the best
strategy so that their package will be delivered on time and in the best

What makes Graf air freight service different from the rest is that
they maintain strict standards regarding shipment. This is because they
know that there is a constant need for things and materials to be moved
around. With the many issues that involve these kinds of services, it is
important that customer satisfaction is first in mind.

Graf is continuously formulating new strategies to improve their
service. The one thing they focus on is to avoid the many problems that
are related with air freight shipment.

But then it is not only the air freight service that is responsible
transporting cargo effectively and efficiently. It can be noted that
customers have to do their part so that their package or cargo will be
shipped effectively and efficiently.

Below are some tips to help avoid air freight problems.

1. Pad all fragile items.

If you are shipping breakable items with unbreakable ones, it is
important that you pad the fragile items carefully. Rough handling
cannot be avoided especially if you do not make a note regarding the
contents of your package.

Even if you are assured that your package will be handled right,
unavoidable circumstances are sure to happen. Rather than take the risk
that chance, it is best to provide additional safety measures so that
none of the materials will be compromised.

2. Fill up your box.

It is not advisable to ship partially or half filled boxes. This is
because boxes are filed on top of another. When this happens, your box
has the tendency to be crushed by heavier boxes.

The best option would be to put your package in a smaller box. This
way, all the space will be consumed and the materials will be made
intact and immobile.

3. Pack perishable items properly.

If you want you package to arrive fresh and edible in their
destination, you have to make sure that you put them in the proper
package before shipping them.

There are rules and regulations that customers should adhere to when
they want to ship perishable items. Make sure that you know about these
rules beforehand. You can always contact their customer service so that
you will not violate one or two of their rules.

4. Infectious substances and dangerous goods.

Most air freight services have strict standards regarding the shipment
of dangerous chemicals and goods. Some of them do not even accept these
kinds of shipment.

For those who do, you are required to provide the necessary
documentation that will support the safe shipment of these materials. Be
prepared to provide these documentations.

These are some of the tips that Graf air freight are providing their
customers. In doing your part, you can be assured that the company will
do the rest.

Pros and Cons of Air Freight Forwarding and Integrating

With the global arena opening its arms on all people ready to take its
offers and take aways, there surely have emerged newer forms of
forwarding businesses. The pace at which globalization has taken center
stage is lightning quick that you can already consider yourself out once
you fail a couple of times.

Time is the bane and relief for all businessmen. It wont wait for you,
and that is a fact, yet it will always spar you to move faster than what
you have first done. If you would not want to be left behind from the
current trend, advises will tell you to utilize the fastest ways of
arranging and doing stuffs.

With the massive effects of internet in our common and business life,
there is no telling how much faster trend can be in the nearest future.
This is often why businessmen are pushed towards maximizing the
facilities provided by air freight forwarders.

Reliability is probably one of the main qualities shippers are looking
for among air freight forwarders. Luckily, this is what exactly air
freight forwarders offer and even sizing their efforts to accommodate
the doubled demand on forwarding services.

This has been quite the trend for the last several years. Express
consignment carriers had been bulking up their efforts to meet the
tremendous needs of shippers by creating various services and products.
Add to this the fact that most of them had been bombarding improvements
on transit times, provisions of quality service and simplifying the
construction of assigning costs while continually reaching out various
points worldwide.

Worldwide marketing, selling and manufacturing are simply becoming
intensified. Frankly, the game is not simply on having better prices of
shipments but of making shipments faster and lesser bent to risks.

For long, air freight forwarders had dominated the business yet much
effective means of sending products to consumers are being devised to
optimize services, says some experts.

This job is then being taken by integrators who seem to have cut off
various processes in intensifying the speed of delivery. This gives the
shippers some leverage over their competitors especially in the area of
heavy weight shipping.

Traditionally, heavy weight shipments are done by consolidating various
items into single shipment. This can obviously take off some crucial
time before the goods approach the market. And with competition at hand,
you are sure to have lost some sales if your competitors are making use
of faster means of sending their products towards the end consumers.

While air freight forwarding had been useful for so many years the
necessity to amplify the pace of doing business is placed above all.
Thus, when there come other options for doing exactly that, businessmen
easily take sides and go for one that will give them the best.

What seems to be the failure of air freight forwarders is that they
normally have longer processes than air freight integrators. Instead of
having goods handled by various people, integrators create a system
wherein the exact trailer to which your goods were loaded in is the
trailer that will dispatch your items later. This cuts off all other
entities that perform the job.

But you see, in the end it will always fall down to which option you
choose. It is just a matter of seeing which has the greater value- doing
business with air freight forwarders or with integrators?
The Essence Behind that FedEx Air Freight Guy on TV

Ever seen one of those FedEx air freight commercials on TV? You have
probably laughed at the extreme measures the actors were going through
just to have the packages delivered. And you were maybe thinking that
those are exaggeration.

Maybe what was portrayed there was exaggeration. But the essence behind
each of advertisement is clear. It depicts the efficiency that the
company is very much known for. The important thing is the package
should be delivered on safely and on time.

FedEx air freight has been recognized and awarded for providing the
best air freight service in the US and in any part of the world. The
company had long been known to provide reliability, exceptional service
and punctual performance.

Not all air freight services can adhere to the many meticulous and
strict standards that people want in their shipping company. It can be
noted that once they do not find satisfaction in the service, they tend
to look for another that will prove competent.

FedEx is one of those companies that have shown efficiency in their
business. For years, the company have proven their worth and
competitiveness in air freight service. The success of FedEx can also be
attributed to the customers that have continued to enlist their
services. By working together, problems are avoided.

Below are some things that FedEx is advising people to do to ensure
that there packages will be delivered in the rightful manner.

1. Proper labeling.

All packages should be labeled not only on the outer part. For added
security, you should also place a label on the interior side of the box.

Even the best air freight service can encounter situations that are
beyond their control. Damaged or torn boxes can happen. In cases like
this, the label will become undecipherable. So you cannot blame the
service for not being able to bring to package to its destination.

If there is another label available, the problem will be solved

2. Handle with care.

If you want fragile materials to be delivered intact and in their
original condition, it is best to note them down so the handler will
take the necessary precaution in shipping them.

By writing the note clearly and boldly, you are assured that rough
handling will be minimized because the handler is forewarned. It is also
a good idea to tell the air freight employee about the matter as an
added caution. They will be the one who can plan out the best location
for your package.

3. Keeping it dry.

Instead of using ordinary boxes, you can use water-resistant boxes.
This is an additional protection for your package in case of shifts in
weather conditions.

If you do not have this available, you can wrap your box in a plastic
bag. You will be assured that your package will arrive to its
destination safe and dry; just the way you want it to be.

4. Double protection.

Make use of two boxes. Put your box in another box to ensure that the
package will remain intact. Pick a box that is not much larger than the
first one so it will not become too bulky.

Take note of all these important things so that you package will be
safe and secured. After that, you can sit back and let FedEx air freight
do the rest.

Air Freight Company: The Solution Provider

In a fastly glabalizing world, there's absolutely no need to tarry and
be left behind in the rat race. Any measure to get into the next lap
should be taken to maximize one's resources and the logistics that says
the need.

Shipping companies can no longer make use of the traditional (and
almost obsolete) methods these days. Yes, shipment can still be done
through rail roads and highways yet when time is the opponent, we can't
bargain to give away our investments to losses- especially those that
neatly state the make-or-break shots for the company.

The global arena is much too open for anyone who has the means to take
its opportunities. For already-established shipping companies, there is
no other way to make things better but to fly on air.

You heard it right: On air.

This probably is the reason why air freight is becoming the ultimate
and best means of making your stuffs travel.

From simple mails to huge military tanks, you are sure to find one way
to ship everything you want. Air freight companies simply control the
supply chain of various commodities and items that require faster

Freight is basically the term used for describing the cargoes are taken
via air. Shipments then are categorized into various divisions to
provide better services and to help separate a number of services into
their own fields which require special treatments and conditions.

An Air Freight Company, like all other establishment of service, is one
that makes fortune through linking you towards service providers or
providing the services themselves. Some companies have all the machinery
and facilities to offer you all kinds of air freight services. While
others, who are relatively small or just chose to focus on some fields,
can provide you customized services. These services may be their own
innovation or may offer you some services that may not be found with
other similar companies.

Since 1980, many are already speculating that trucking and forwarding
business will be shifting to air services ones the global need arises.
However, the realization of this sign only came recently when more
advanced forms of plane cargoes, larger air planes and other modes of
air transportation have emerged.

Air freight companies cut the coast-to-coast transit time by channeling
services through air. There are basically some types of services that
may be provided with you all by a single air freight company or by
several companies that specialize in certain areas of air freight.

An air freight company normally separate shipment into categories using
the following as their basis:

The items

As we have said earlier, air freight companies can ship anything from 
mail to equipments of any size. This must be specifically priced according 
to the system provided by National Motor Freight Classification.

The kind of cargo to be shipped- Say for parcel deliveries, it should
only include items that are relatively small to be packed into boxes. Or
for super cargo deliveries, items include cars, planes and a variety of
larger equipments.

The duration or time it will take for an air freight company to ship
the goods- A number of air freight companies offer overnight or next-day
delivery. This normally applies for shipments of smaller items like
mails and parcels. However, if we are talking of large items, the
shipping of the item could take anywhere from 3 days up to the number of
days indicated on the terms and conditions of a specific category.

Seeing the big picture, we can tell for sure that we now have some
great solutions of shipping our stuffs. May it be your Christmas gift to
a friend or shipment of supplies and facilities for your industry.

The Advantages of Availing Air Freight Charters

For years, transporting goods by air is deemed to be the most expensive
option there is for businessmen. However, time changed and newer efforts
to make this means a cost effective measure has proven its worth. People
now are fastly becoming involved in air forwarding business, either they
may be the shipper or the shipment service provider.

Air freight is deemed to be the ultimate solution to all forwarding
needs. Additionally, it is also considered as the most lucrative option
for transport. While air freight may not appeal to lower rates, people
considering this choice should look forward to long term profit rather
than on the initial expenses.

Upfront businessmen may see the expenses that entails setting up a
newer system using the means as provided by air freight companies. The
reasons are logical yet the gray line that sets boundary between profit
and over-all efficiency rarely determine the actual playing field.
Nonetheless, the big picture tells us how the whole game actually works.

With the speed and time resolved using air freight services,
businessmen can obviously set leverage over those that do not use the
same system. Imagine if your goods reached the market 3 or fewer days
after the shipment. Imagine how much money that could generate. Then
equate this to the losses you incurred by slower modes of transporting
goods. See how much you have gained using air freight services against
your losses with not availing their use.

Nevertheless, many are still a bit skeptical with how this system truly
works regardless of the fact that many have already shifted from not-so-
fast modes of deliveries towards using air freights for shipment of
goods. But skepticism is not holding back the trend. After all, it is
the global economy that we are working with here.

Having these ideas in mind, its plain to see how advantageous the use
of air freight services can be. Now, if you are into frequent shipments,
it is best to find air freight charters that could cut the costs at some

The internet has provided a sort of marketplace for air freight charter
providers and shippers who would want to avail of such services. It
covers the most comprehensive details and information on resources
pertaining to air freight charters.

If you are a bit wary of making an approach, there will always be some
brokers on online marketplaces that could help you out. Be careful
though that the brokers or the air freight charter service provider you
find is one that would not only help you in the process but could also
dole you out from unwanted expenses.

Aside from the savings that you could get when you charter your leased
or bought air freight charter, you could maximize savings by contacting
intermediaries that would do all the works for. These works include the
arrangement between you and the service provider, contacting all
entities required to get things done and for resolving the extra
payments and surcharges that you might incur if you are to work on your

Remember that there are hundreds of possibilities for additional
charges that would be added to your final bill. It is best that you do
not fall victim on this. Instead, you should find people that could help
you get around from them, or better yet to save you from such charges
and earn you in the process.

The Expansion of the Emery Express Air Freight

The Emery Express air freight was founded in 1946. It was the air
shipping forwarder to operate with a license from the CAB or the Civil
Aeronautics Board. The Emery Express had been working in partnership
with famous airlines and was given a certification as the universal air
shipping carrier.

By that time, the Emery Express carrier operated out of New York
headquarters with a flotilla of automobiles that specifically two Ford
class wagons. Since then, the express air freight has produced over $2.9
billion ocean, global air customs brokerage and other logistics company.

After ten years, the company had expanded its services overseas. Its
first international agency was built in London and had established
transatlantic service. The express air freight advanced to the edge of
modern technology. The computerized tracing and tracking system known as
the Emery Control or the EMCON was developed.

Unfortunately, fuel crisis arise during the time of early 70s. The
company had prompted to charter its own airliner and consecutively
launch the famous Emery Air Force in the mid 70s.

The company now offered additional services such as closed-loop
operation of the transportation process, from pick up to delivery using
the Emery aircrafts and trucks.

In 1987, due to an offer for expansion in the letter market, the Emery
Express coordinated and get hold with the "Purolator Courier". But the
acquisition turned to be unsuccessful. The Emery exerted more effort to
carry on its services until it was purchased by the famous airfreight
known as the Consolidated Freightways Inc.

The CF Inc. eventually merged Emery with CF airfreight- CFI's Inc.
present air shipping company. CF that time became the parent and owner
of Emery. Thus, the new Emery known as the Emery Forwarding was founded.

After 2 years, the new Emery, known as the Emery Forwarding again
struggled monetarily. In return, the CFI Inc planned and implemented
marketing and management restructuring that paved way for Emery to
become the share leader in the air freight business.

By 1992, new marketing strategies and operations had begun to turn the
air freight industry around. Little by little, it had brought back the
confidence of the costumers. The company had received several awards
from known companies as the "primary carrier".

Undeniably, the company has set to its good financial setting. Its
profit gained and at the same year, it won a 10 more years of $1 billion
contract from the US postal office to carry out express mails.

The Emery Forwarding has launched its logistics services in 1992. It
also improved its air global and ocean customs brokerage. In addition,
the company upgraded its information system to meet the needs of the

On the other hand, the Emery's parent company- the CFI Inc, reorganized
itself with the development of new motor carrier unit. Eventually, it
was renamed CNF Inc. with its existing company, the Emery, Menlo
Logistics, and the Con-Way Transportation Services.

In 2001, Emery Forwarding was merged with Vector SCM. It has been part
of the Menlo integrated group of service providers.

Today, Emery Forwarding still looks forward to dealing with more
customers in a different direction to a better strategy and more supply
of good services and business solutions. The company as part of the
Menlo group now proffers ocean forwarding and global air services. It is
reported to have a record of 12,000 employees providing 200 countries
with chain services and business solutions.

Some Services Offered by Delta Air Freight

Delta Air freight is one of the leading companies in the cargo industry
today. They offer many services that enable people to acquire goods or
send their goods from anywhere and to anywhere in the world. Let's face
it: that kind of service is in high demand today. Delta Air freight
provides this service through different means:

1) Domestic shipments -- Delta Air freight can deliver your cargo to any
place within the United States and in some Canadian provinces through
their domestic shipment service. This Delta Air freight service comes in
two options:

a) Priority first freight -- this Delta Air freight service is perfect
for those whose cargos exceed weight and size limitations. This Delta
Air freight can deliver your items when you need it delivered. The
service is guaranteed to deliver your cargo. The only problem you will
be having is fitting the capacity of a certain flight. This means that
if Delta Air freight can find room for your cargo, it will be delivered.

b) DASH -- if you want speed instead of convenience then Delta Air
freight DASH might be the best service for you. This is because Dash
guarantees delivery the same day! Isn't that just amazing? Of course, on
order to get this speed, you will have to sacrifice the convenience of
being able to ship anything you want. You'll have to restrict your cargo
to those which comply with the standards set by Delta Air freight.

2) International shipments -- items that are shipped internationally are
handled with different standards of high quality care. These Delta Air
freight services are:

1) Equation -- this Delta Air freight service is designed for the
express delivery of items that are less than 70 Kilograms in weight.
These shipments are prioritized so people expecting packages can get
them as quickly as possible.

2) Variation -- this Delta Air freight service is used to deliver
sensitive cargo such as livestock, pets, pharmaceuticals and artwork.
This Delta Air freight service features dedicated procedures with the
shipping. It also features specialized containers so as to prevent any
damage to any goods.

3) Dimension -- This is the standard airport-to airport cargo
transportation. It, of course, features the acceptance of any type of
item that does not require any special handling. Because the items do
not require special handling, this means that Delta Air freight will be
able to utilize the space as much as possible. This Delta Air freight
service is perfect for people who are just getting tired of having their
luggage lost by airlines.

3) Special shipments -- there are many items that cannot be considered
into these categories. Here are some special shipments offered by Delta
Air freight services:

a) Delta cares -- people who need to have the remains of their loved
ones shipped often worry about the treatment that the body receives
during the delivery. This Delta Air freight service is designed for the
peace of mind of the bereaved.

b) Pet shipments -- if you need to have pets shipped, then this Delta
Air freight service is for you. You need to follow a certain set of
guidelines in order to have your pet delivered. Delta Air freight will
deliver your pet with the best of care and in the most comfortable way

So what are you waiting for? Call Delta Air freight today.
Types of Air Freight Options

Due to the inevitable changes occurring around the globe and the need
to quickly send and receive various items across countries, the airline
industry has birthed a new way of shipment- air freight.

Air freights are basically cargoes on the shipment which are typified
into various categories to make shipping more organized and easier. Some
primary basis of categorizing air freight are:

- Type of the item

- How large is the item, in terms of the number of items in the
   shipment and size, and,

- The number of days or hours it takes one shipment to arrive on its
   pointed destination.

Shipments, on the other hand, are categorized into the following:

Household goods include art pieces, furniture and other similar items
which are primarily transported using Household Goods (HHG) carriers
such as North American Van Lines and Bekins.

The "Express" category, on the other hand, include personal items and
small business goods which are often considered as overnight shipment
(or express shipment, express letters, and overnight express). Such
transports are carried by shipment companies like FedEx Express, UPS and

Since most items falling under this category are relatively small and
don't normally weigh heavier than a couple of pounds, they often come in
the carrier's own packaging.

Service levels vary depending on the service offered by the carrier or
the personal choice of the shipper. These normally travel by air and may
be delivered on the exact day it was sent to the carrier or may take
several days of travel.

Packages that are slightly larger and heavier than express items are
considered as parcels. These include boxes of shipments, regardless of
the content. Carriers like UPS and FedEx Ground provide the services for
this type of cargoes. Parcels cover most of the business-to-consumer
items and services and don't often exceed 100 pound-weight category.
Since these are relatively small, they often come on the shipper's or
carrier's own packaging.

Types of services on this category also vary. However, a number of
ground shipping can travel for 500 to 700 miles a day in around 3 to
four days, depending on the service rendered by the shipper or the
service option the customer chose. Such shipments don't often travel by
air, instead they move through road and rail.

Freight shipments cover the largest cargoes in the industry. It is
subdivided into two major categories, mainly: LTL of Larger-than-
truckload freight and TL or truckload freight.

Less-than-truckload shipments are also known as motor freights. These
often cover the bulk of business to business transactions. The range of
services vary from carrying 100-pound items up to those not exceeding 15
000 pounds. Since LTL trailers are just as long as 28 inches, most air
freights of this kind cannot exceed this length.

Unlike with smaller packages, shipments don't often come in company

Truckload freight covers larger shipments from 15 000 pounds to 40 000
pounds with a maximum length of 53 inches. This type of air freight
differs from all other categories since these don't normally stop along
the travel and are not intermingled with other shipments. Most are
frequently arranged via freight brokers and online marketplaces.

When availing this type of air freight, it is best that one understands
in full all the terms covered including the claims, pricing and

A Historical Look at the Air Freight Industry

During the early years of aviation, people were constantly looking for
practical uses of airplanes. People were amazed with the machines that
enabled men to fly, but the question of what to do with them plagued
everyone's mind. Of course, the uses for airplanes could not be limited
to entertainment, because that would be wasting the huge potential of
the technology on a pretty superficial industry. The air freight
industry began with the journey of a bolt of silk from Dayton to
Columbus, Ohio in November 1910.

That fateful trip gave birth to the airfreight industry as we know it
today. After that event, everything just progressed to new heights for
the air freight industry. One of the pioneers of the air freight
industry is American Railway Express. The name of the company points out
to the fact that before the advent of the air freight industry, cargo
was usually transported by train.

The airfreight industry made a lot of conveniences possible. First,
there was the matter of speed. Air freight sped up deliveries between
businesses. This means that the air freight industry made it possible
for businesses to acquire various merchandise when they needed it. This
also saved a lot of money on storage. Before the advent of the air
freight industry, businesses had to keep as much stock as possible. This
helped them to meet orders in time. Because of the introduction of air
freight, businesses could just fly in any merchandise.

During the 1920's, shipping of cargo via air grew more popular. In
November 14, 1926, the National Air Transport Company was born. This
company delivered the first air cargo in the United States in September
1, 1927. Many more companies were founded as promoters of the air
freight industry. As the industry was still relatively young, these
companies did not make much profit.

The air freight industry got to a slow start because of the fact that
they had stiff competition coming from passenger carriers. Many
established passenger carriers opposed the establishment of an all-cargo
air freight industry mainly because they feared it would destabilize the
air industry.

Another reason why the air freight industry did not grow as people
hoped was that most businesses were unable to sustain the huge losses
associated with starting an air freight operation. While some people
attempted to remedy this by combining air freight with air passenger
transport, they only succeeded in slowing down the industry.

The revolution of the air freight industry came about when a man named
Fred Smith noticed that the common practice of combining air freight
with passenger freight was highly inefficient. He proposed that air
freights should have different flight patterns from passenger flights.
He was successful in gathering funds mainly because of his proposal for
a guaranteed next-day-delivery service. And so it was that in April
1973, the Federal Express began operations. Of course, the initial years
of business were hard. However, after three years of flying cargo, the
company was beginning to show profit.

By the 1980's, Federal express was a household name. This just goes to
show you how far a truly great idea can take you. Today, the air freight
industry is booming and companies make millions of dollars in profits.
That's a far cry from the way that air freight businesses lost money in
the past.

The Success of the Air Freight Forwarding Industry

The Birth...

Even before, flying has been an innovation. Humans before couldn't
imagine of a time without journey. All they wanted was to fly. That's
why airplanes were born. Eventually, technology made it a reality for
people to ride on the airplane near the pilot. People became restless
that they started thinking of some beneficial ways where they can use
the plane.

It was on the year 1910 when the idea that a plane can be used to
carry shipments began. History revealed that a bolt of silk was the
first to be shipped in a plane. The shipment was carried from Dayton to
Columbus in Ohio. This was said to be the first demonstration of the air

In 1919, another shipment took place. A converted bomber was shipped by
the American Railway Express. The cargo was 1100 pounds, and was
transported from Washington D.C to Chicago. Unluckily, the plane and the
radiator froze had to land in Ohio. However, that didn't hinder the
people from using the plane as freight carrier.

During the late 1920s, more airlines operated as freight carrier. The
creation of the freight carrier was used for American business only. The
air freight had helped them not only in making the transportation of
merchandise rapidly but also the fast pace of the process.

Undeniably, the primitive stages of the air freight business made a
remarkable growth.

By the year 1927 to 1931 the number and size of the shipments had
increased from 45,000 pounds to almost a million pounds. Though there
were some effort at planning and organizing the air freight business,
the commercial air freight did not operate until World War II ended.

The top 4 known airlines namely: American, United, TWA and Eastern
formed the Air Cargo Inc. The primary mission of the company was to pick
up and deliver cargo.

The Air Cargo was active until the end of the world. But in 1944,
United and TWA began to be independent and had their own air freight

There were lots of small plane owners who wanted to part of the air
cargo industry but were not accepted. The big airlines didn't like
smaller airlines to operate in the business. One reason for that was the
possibility that the small airlines might screw up the constant status
of the industry. Another reason was the former didn't want to be
involved in a competition.

Unluckily, those small plane operators who tried fell by the pavement.
There's only one that survived- it's called the "Flying Tigers". The
Flying Tigers made it because it carried both military and civilian
freight. And it was also known before as the largest in air freight
liner industry.

In spite of the good start, the air freight business wasn't developing
that much. It didn't work well in the business. Until someone in the
name of Fred Smith opened up his new air freight known today as the
Federal Express.

The Air Freight Industry Today

Federal express has been known today as one of the successful air
freight carrier. With the aid of modern technology, it now uses air
freight software to be able to provide the needs of the customers. The
air freight software is the latest innovation for freight forwarders. It
will resolve any problems in the system plus give you excellent and cost
effective services.

Today the FedEx or the Federal Express is linked with the (UPS) United
Parcel. The two freight carrier is now known to be the most reliable and
trusted air delivery services in the country.

Popular Air Cargo Freights

In the present day, we usually get and receive our material things from
different places around the world. We usually don't even know that it
came halfway around the world before even getting in your possession. We
never even bother to think about them of course, this is all done by
freight systems around the world, and one of the most popular is air
freight. Air freight is usually used for business purposes and

Once you want to send a package of any content (usually in bulk or big
amounts), we typically send them in air cargo freight services. This
simply proves to be efficient and will likely be the fastest mode of
transportation for your cargo.

These dedicated companies are divided into two divisions; International
Freight Forwarders, which ship goods to other countries or Domestic
Freight Forwarders which ship goods within one country.

Various methods of shipping goods are simplified on your needs; this
depends on the importance of the cargo being shipped. For example, you
need to send product samples from Los Angeles to France for
verification, hence express cargo would be your choice. Charges will
also depend on the value being shipped.

Air Cargo Freight is likely to be a different situation than the mode
of the efficiency of cargo being sent in less time, there are many of
freight companies in the United States alone, this will likely be a
hassle to anybody who wants the best reputable shipping. There are many
good choices of freight service companies; however, this will depend
upon the fee. Fees is another factor, you can usually compare them
online as there are many sites that will offer a good comparison of
services in contrast to the shipping fees itself.

The freight is usually measured on gross weight, value which is then
sent forth to the carrier's tariff or rates. This will grant rights to
the carrier but will never open the containers or packages. If the
particulars are not matching or sent to the wrong address, you will
likely pay for the expenses incurred during the examination, measurement
of value and the freight charge itself.

In the usage of aircrafts being used, large cargo shipping airlines
usually use the latest and greatest but many of them use older models
such as the Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Douglas DC-8 just to name a few.
Some do use much older models but it involves replacement and
strengthening of parts to be usable for cargo services. Some airlines
tend to carry a few passengers from time to time to minimize the cost of
shipping. Also airline freighters which are dedicated to transportation
of goods are mostly divisions or subsidiaries of large passenger

Notable shipping companies around the world are always on the top of
their business, here are some of them which you will likely choose but
this article has no connections to any of these companies and does not
promote nor advertise them, these are used for reference purposes only.

-- Federal Express
-- Korean Air
-- Lufthansa Cargo
-- United Parcel Service
-- Singapore Airlines Cargo

You can simply find your best air cargo freight service by your own
experience. People will likely choose their local air freight forwarders
just for their preference; yours can be different to your liking. Just
remember the factors that you need to weigh to get the best out of your
money and satisfaction.

Doing it the People's Way with Air Canada Freight

Everyday around the world, people are constantly in need of a service
provided that can transport their packages from one destination to the
other. In answer to this need, air Canada freight is continuously
upgrading their strategies and methods to cater to satisfy their
customers' need.

In addition, this freight service is also expanding in different parts
of the world. This is because it is important that even far off places
have their own reliable air freight provider.

What people are looking in an air freight provider?

1. Reliability.

People want their packages to be handled and delivered properly. This
is because they want their packages to arrive at its destination in the
same condition that is sent. That is why people want their service
provider to be reliable.

Gaining the trust of customers is not that easy. They are always on the
lookout for another which will is better than what they have already.
But then, once they know that no other company can do what theirs are
capable of, that is the time when they will be converted to loyal

Showing the customers how reliable you are will gain more repeat
clients. In addition, they are likely to recommend you to other people
who might be in need of the same service.

2. Competitive price.

When people think of air freight services, the first thing that comes
to mind is the price. Because of the nature of the business, it is a
common misconception that it is expensive and that not everyone can
afford them.

With the many competing air freight services now available, there are
already sudden changes in the price already. Before, customers need to
pay for the customs fee or rates that are converted depending on the

Nowadays, you can easily choose one provider that offers the best
service at the lowest price.

3. Speed of service.

There are air freight services that do not conform to the promised time
of delivery. This is what irritates customers the most. Before you know
it, they will be looking for another provider that delivers what they
say they will.

The speed of service is one of the vital factors needed in an air
freight service provider. That is the initial purpose of the packages
after all. It can be noted that the speed of the delivery should not
compromise the quality of the package. These two should go hand in hand.
Without the other, it can never work.

4. Far reaching.

Ever been in a situation wherein your provider did not accept your
package because they do not cater to that certain destination? This can
really irritate customers.

Packages are sent not only on usual locations and famous places. There
are also important materials or things that should be sent to locations
that are just as important.

The air freight service provider should know have a comprehensive
knowledge about important places that are not the usual point of
delivery. There should have one or two employees who should specialize
in the familiarization of different localities.

Air Canada freight is aware of what people want in their service
provider. This is the reason why there are continuous updates on how
best to improve the tools, machines and the personnel that they have. If
this means that they will be on top of the list of air freight provider,
then all the effort will definitely be worth it.

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