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American Idol

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Who Watches American Idol?

With so many shows on television lately, it is often a wonder who is actually
watching the shows. Advertisers are obviously extremely concerned with who is
watching a show because it impacts their advertising budget, but many times, it
is important to realize who is actually watching the show for different reasons
as well. What you may not realize is that the actual viewers of the show can
impact you in several ways.

The first way we have already touched on a bit, and that is because of
advertises. If you are watching a television show that is watched by mostly
children you can expect to see a lot of toy commercials and even video game
commercials. This is because these types of items are what children live for.
How many kids do you know of that decide to beg their parents for a tomato
plant? What about a fabulous new home improvement project? Most kids are more
concerned with the latest in toys and that shows based on the commercials that
are pushed during kid friendly shows. While parents may not appreciate this
advertising ploy it has proven extremely effective for most companies and will
likely be used for a very long time.

In the case of American Idol, the type of people who are watching the show also
tends to heavily reflect on who the winner will be. Thanks to the success of
shows like Nashville Star there are very few country music sensations coming
from the American Idol camp. However, you do on occasion have a country
treasure to find, after all Carrie Underwood and a few other Idol rejects are
doing extremely well in country music. The personality of the viewers tends to
show in the actual contestants. Those who perform well in styles of music that
the audience can connect with tend to stay on the show much longer.

Regardless of how it might not seem like the particulars of who is watching
American Idol effects you in reality it is extremely important. What could
happen often is a dramatic shift in viewers, which can ultimately cause your
favorite singer to be cast off to the side and replaced by someone who fits
into the personality of the majority a bit better. Of course, you can always
hope to be on the majority side when it comes to selecting the perfect American
Idol, but with changes and shifts in demographics, it is also possible that you
could find yourself up against a whole cast of potential Idols that you are not
interested in.

What might seem extremely confusing in terms of who is actually watching the
show is actually quite simple. Most people can agree, American Idol does really
well with most viewers who are 40 and younger. While the show does manage to
pick up some viewers in the older categories, it is not anywhere near the
numbers that they are used to seeing from the younger crowds. This leaves many
problems when it comes time to really decide which demographic is the top
winner. Most professionals tend to agree that American Idol has a very large
following of viewers but the truth of who is watching the show is sometimes

As one of the top shows on television, you may discover that your shrink, your
doctor, your lawyer, your mechanic and your tennis coach all watch the show.
The overall diversity of viewers is one of the biggest attractions that pulls
in advertisers. Not only can companies advertise their products during the
show, it is absolutely incredible the way the viewers are pulled from all ages,
all careers and even all parts of the country. Working to keep viewership up is
certainly not easy, but American Idol has found the ultimate secret to success,
and working with this success they continue to grow and develop new ideas for
keeping viewers interested and also new contestants coming to the show year
after year.

Reasons to Watch American Idol

With several seasons of American Idol already over and completed and the
ratings starting to go downhill there are numerous questions about why exactly
people tune into the show. The truth of the matter is that everyone often has
different reasons for tuning in. Whether you are interested in watching the
show because you have a love of music or a different reason there is likely
something that you will find enjoyable.

If most people are downright honest with themselves, they will usually admit
that one of the major reasons is to see exactly what Simon will say. This is
rather sad truthfully, but we are a cruel world. We tend to enjoy watching
someone else be ripped to shreds while we sit on the comfort of our couch and
happily admit we are happy that it is not us being criticized like that.
However, in reality while some may hate on Simon Cowell badly, he really does
know what he is talking about. Plus, he hates those who show up and merely play
around with the competition.

Looking past Simon and trying to focus on the less evil reasons to watch the
show is seeing how each of the contestants tends to evolve. Each week and they
stand around in terror on the stage hoping they are safe they breathe a sigh of
relief and go back to work improving. This allows them to grow substantially
from their very first audition up until the day that someone actually wins the
competition. If you have ever watched the show from the very beginning up until
the end you have no doubt noticed that there is a significant difference. It
just shows and proves to people hat it really is possible to improve and get

For those who are strictly watching the show for entertainment purposes you
have to admit that they do get some awesome guest stars to work with the
contestants. Jennifer Lopez, Dolly Parton, and so many more have all graced the
stage to work with the contestants to improve but also to perform. This is a
fabulous way to check out some of the newest material that the stars have to
offer, but also see what they have to say about your favorite contestant.
Nevertheless, you can also see how each contestant handles the songs of the
week as well.

For those moments when you are just feeling relaxed and peaceful it can be fun
to sit around and watch the jokes that occur. After all the cheesy Ford
commercials, the banter between the judges and even the occasional attitude
from a contestant is all perfectly coordinated to ensure the perfect
entertainment event. Looking at the show as something that is 100% serious is
usually disappointing but you are sure to find someone that you want to root

Another reason to watch; let us face it, everyone on that stage started as an
underdog at some point. Well except for half of the season seven contestants
who were already seasoned professionals. It is a lot of fun to see these
underdogs who would normally never stand a chance in Hollywood actually having
a chance at a music career. The mere idea of getting a fabulous career like
that is incredible and can be described as a dream come true. Watching the
contestant that starts out all meek and quite turn into the ultimate American
Idol right before your eyes is something that is truly special. Most idols
drastically change their appearance during the show, their style changes and
they start to be much more confident. In the end, you are spending all of your
time rooting for them and running to the phone to vote as soon as the polls

While this might seem like a strange set of reasons to watch American Idol you
have to admit that somewhere deep inside your heart, you fit into these reasons
and methods as well. Which reason is yours for watching is always a secret, but
you are likely to have a few of your own. The reasons rarely matter, but what
does matter is watching someone be crowned the American Idol and knowing that
you were a part of it.

Who Really Wins at American Idol?

If you have ever stopped and watched the show, you have no doubt noticed that
there are several people who manage to be extremely successful without actually
winning the show. With this in mind, how is it possible for people to ultimately
be successful if they do not win? Yet at the same time, there are several people
who are capable of winning the show but yet never manage to find ultimate
success. The horrible reality is most people are not capable of finding true
success on the show.

With so many people trying out for American Idol each year it is extremely
important to locate the best talent in the country. At times, this can be
really easy to do, however on other occasions it can be much more complicated
as people struggle to determine which contestants are really best. With a large
number of contestants, there are plenty of opportunities to learn exactly what
it is that you are looking for in a musician. Nevertheless, while we as viewers
are afforded the ability to truly select what we want for the American Idol, it
is much harder for the contestants to determine what they need to do to be
truly successful.

For many idols, the dream of being truly successful is extremely hard to
actually fulfill. For other contestants it is something that is extremely easy
to accomplish. For example, contestants such as Chris Daughtry are capable of
pulling the audience into their performances, which can make it extremely easy
to go on to a truly successful recording contract. As you have no doubt
noticed, there are several former American Idol contestants who have been faced
with extremely bad commercial success after winning the show.

One of the best examples of this is the small size of the careers of winners
like Fantasia, Taylor Hicks and even Ruben Studdard. While artists like Carrie
Underwood, Jordin Sparks and even Kelly Clarkson have gone onto astronomical
success. The newest winner, David Cook is just getting started after winning
and it is unclear just how successful he will really be. With a truly great
appeal it is possible that he can go onto become the next Carrie Underwood, but
he could turn out to be the next Taylor Hicks instead.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum each contestant falls, there is nothing
at all that guarantees success. Of course, the show itself always takes pride on
ensuring that at least the winner is offered a recording contract, however much
beyond this is left to the actual contestant and the type of music that they
select to pick out. Many people might think that each of the winners will go
onto huge success, but as prior indications have shown, this is sometimes far
from the actual truth.

For the contestants who are lucky enough to find total success it is a great
accomplishment. However, it is very important that the other contestants not be
ruled out as well. There are often times when the contestants who do not
actually win the show go on to be much better commercial success than the
actual winners. Just take a look at Season 5; while Taylor Hicks was the actual
winner, Chris Daughtry has been much more successful. This could even lead you
to question whom ultimate won the show, while Taylor walked away with the
number one position, Chris has walked away with awards, more money and much
more commercial success.

Watching each contestant develop into someone that you are actually interested
in watching grow professionally can be a lot of fun. There are several times
when it is lots of fun to watch the underdeveloped contestants grow into actual
artists. With plenty of opportunities to prove themselves, American Idol does
allow plenty of great artists a perfect springboard for their musical career,
how they choose to use their springboard varies, but after being sent home as a
4th place contestant I'm sure Chris Daughtry would agree that winning the actual
contest is not all that matters.

Little Known American Idol Facts

If you have ever watched the show you have no doubt at some point wondered
exactly what could be so very difficult about competing on the show. After all,
don't the contestants simply walk out onto a stage, sing a short song and then
listen to what the judges have to say? This is all that the audience sees, but
in reality the show is about so much more, and learning exactly what the show
is really about is critical to making absolutely certain that someone can go as
far as possible, instead of just failing to make it on through.

The first surprise waiting for contestants is the lack of sleep that they are
able to get during Hollywood week. Of course, it is all over the episodes that
contestants are up until the wee hours of the morning practicing and many even
lose their voices during Hollywood week but this tends to hit most like a ton
of bricks when they are actually arriving in Hollywood and learn how this feels
for themselves. Trying to sing your very best when you are exhausted and your
voice has been going for hours is not easy and with many contestants
underestimating just how difficult it is to do, it can seem a huge shock once
they actually arrive.

Another surprise waiting is the reality that most contestants are not given
free range of the songs they select during the show. Typically, contestants are
provided with a list of songs that they may use. How extensive the list is tends
to vary, but contestants are not permitted to choose a song that is outside of
this list due to copyright issues. By providing contestants with a list of
songs that have been approved the show is able to work directly with artists to
provide appropriate reimbursement for using their songs and also ensure that
there are no complications with lyrics being changed at a later point.

For many contestants it is a surprise to discover that once they reach a
certain point they are not permitted to accept any recording contracts
immediately. Typically, the show locks up all of the contestants in the Top 30
with contracts that bar them from signing with a recording company until at
least three months after the season finale airs on television. This is a huge
disappointment for many contestants, but for others it is a welcome rest that
they enjoy to gather their thoughts and start looking around for all of their
options before jumping.

Regardless the biggest fact that is little known is that often the start of
American Idol will usually not manage to predict the real winner. Everyone
loves to sit around talking about who they think will actually win, but in
reality who people usually anticipate to win and who actually wins varies
substantially. The only year in which there has been a very obvious winner was
in Season four with Carrie Underwood. Simon Cowell predicted her win early on
in the show was completely accurate in his prediction for her. Other
contestants have risen above the crowd at different times and the contest has
been a very tight draw, but every year someone rises above the rest and walks
away with the title of American Idol to pursue their musical career with a
great start in the business.

How to Audition for American Idol

Knowing that you are trying to be a total superstar is not always easy. Trying
to pull yourself from absolute oblivion and making it big as a singer is one of
the hardest parts of the music business, and American Idol has provided hundreds
of thousands people with a way to try to achieve their ultimate goals. Knowing
that it is difficult to break into the music business leads a lot of would-be
singers to try auditioning. The problem is it is extremely important to learn
how to properly audition for the series, without looking like you are a
complete amateur.

Your first step should always be selecting an appropriate song. This does not
mean you should run out and learn a completely new style of singing. You need
something that is comfortable for you, a musician that you enjoy and appreciate
and a style that you can actually sing well. For example, some singers are not
capable of doing low tones as well; you should ensure the song fits your vocal
range properly before committing to sing it during the audition.

Another key tip is ensuring you dress properly. While you certainly do not want
to show up looking completely boring and plain you also do not want to look like
the freak that was let out at night for Halloween either. If you have ever
watched American Idol, you have no doubt noticed that those who dress
incredibly strange are very seldom going to Hollywood. The mere appearance of
their outfit is often enough to distract the judges from their actual singing
abilities and will ensure that you have a short-lived singing career as well.

Picking out the amount of makeup and jewelry to wear as well is also important.
While most men are not going to wear makeup there is a rather large number of
people who start looking towards some type of facial makeup for the sheer
purpose of helping them stick out during their audition. This will rarely be
accepted by the judges. Most of the time you will actually end up crossed out
of the audition with the judges before you ever open your mouth. Again this is
due to you are making a rather resounding impression before ever singing and
typically this is not a good impression.

In picking the sound and preparing yourself for the audition, you should
frequently look for a good vocal coach to help you. The money you spend on a
vocal coach will be well worth the expense since a professional will be
assisting you to get ready. Many people auditioning for American Idol falsely
believe that they are star quality just the way they are. While this may be
true for a small number of those who audition the majority of those who
audition at the very least need a bit of preparation to get ready to audition.
Using a good vocal coach will ensure you get the best preparation possible and
ensure a professional approach.

A final suggestion is to really listen to the opinion of others around you
before actually going to audition. American Idol is really looking for the top
singers in the country; they do not want someone who sounds just like everyone
else. You need to find out where your strengths lie in singing, and what your
weakness is. Minimizing your weakness and maximizing your potential is critical
to the success that you need. If you are completely unsure about how you sound
without music singing, it is time to find out before you go to audition.

The time you spend getting ready for your audition will be vital and combined
with a professional appearance, attitude and fun personality you will make the
powerful great impression on the judges that is needed to actually win American
Idol, rather than end up the laughing stock of the auditions. Putting the time
in for a proper game plan will pay off in the end, and you are sure to reap the
benefit in terms of creative feedback from the judges.

How to Win American Idol

Every year thousands of people from all around the country rush out to audition
for American Idol. The results are intended to provide the opportunity for
everyone in the country to vote for the contestant that they feel is best for
the title of American Idol. What actually occurs usually resembles more of a
piranha attacking everyone and much less similar to a good friendly
conversation or contest. In order to actually win the competition it is very
important to learn how to truly make a great impression, not just on the judges
but also on the viewers as well.

For the majority of contestants it is not always a huge deal to be let down
towards the end. Only a single contestant can actually win the show, so coming
in 4th place is often good enough. However, if you are determined that you want
to go further than ever before, and you really want to win it is critical that
you take some time to really learn how to win. Once you have a few key issues
in place you will be well on your way to the number one finish that you want so
badly, without losing track of what is important.

Your first and utmost important tip is to always ensure that you are memorable.
Have you ever watched the show and seen performances only to forget them a few
minutes later? You no doubt have seen several performers like this, and if you
are out to win, you do not want to be this performer. This does not mean that
you need to rush out and dye your hair hot pink, wear huge sunglasses and sing
with a strange voice. Rather it does mean you need to connect to the audience,
make them interested in you and what you are singing. If you simply walk out,
look terrified and sing for a few minutes you will be quickly forgotten. If you
come out with a song you love, and have a lot of fun you will make a much better
impression on the audience and be a lot easier to remember.

While we are talking about impressions, keep in mind the way you look is a huge
influence on the audience. If you go for the Sanjaya look with a huge pony hawk,
you are not likely to be taken serious as a performer. Rather you are likely to
be considered the joke of the show. If you want to be taken serious, you need
to have fun with it, without seeming like the class clown trying to sing. This
is extremely important because far too many contestants move from having fun to
looking clownish with their performances.

A final suggestion is to watch the ballad songs. Yes they are beautiful and can
be extremely popular, but the slow tempo of the song also makes it much easier
to be forgotten the moment you walk off stage. If people are watching recaps of
the show and cannot remember what you sang, then it is certainly time to rethink
your song choices. You need a song that will connect the audience and get them
moving. An audience that is moving while you sing is much more likely to
actually remember you, rather than the soft soulful ballad that they forgot
about almost immediately after you were finished singing.

Audition Tips You Never Knew

As the number of people auditioning for the hit television series American Idol
can certainly prove the amount of competition is increasing. This means that it
is necessary to show up to the audition fully prepared to show exactly what you
are capable of doing, and minimize any insecurity that you have. Your ultimate
goal is to always walk away with one of the coveted Golden Tickets, but the
reality is that they are hard to come by. This means taking as much time as
possible to learn how to handle yourself during the audition to get the
absolute best reception from the judges possible.

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a singing career is
using a vocal coach and taking vocal lessons. Even the professional singers all
work with talented vocal coaches. You need to learn how to talk, how to breathe,
how to control your voice, and how to improve your skill level continuously.
Very seldom do you ever find a professional singer who does not continue to
work with a vocal coach. This means that it is critical that as an amateur you
work to improve your vocal skills continuously. Just remember, this is not the
time to be cheap, you need to locate a good quality vocal coach that has a
track record of success.

A second tip to follow is you should select your song months in advance and
practice repeatedly. Practice until you know the words forwards, backwards and
sideways. You do not want to be the one contestant that forgets the words to
their song in the middle. The more you practice the better you will know the
lyrics and the less likely stress is to cause you to forget the words. An
additional benefit to practicing so much is you will be comfortable with the
flow of the song, and have ample time to ensure that you can select a new song
in the event that you have too many complications with your first song.

Speaking of song selection it is a good idea to have at least two songs that
you are prepared to sing on audition day. This means two full songs, not one
song that you fully know, and one that you know a little. You need two songs
that you know fully so that you can properly perform the second song if
requested. There are occasions that warrant a contestant singing more than a
single song, being prepared for this situation will ensure that if it does
occur, you are properly prepared for it.

Your fourth tip is pick a specific style. There are no professional musicians
that are masters at all styles. There is a specific reason for this; it would
be far too complicated to master every musical form. This will require you to
select a specific style of music that you are comfortable with and sticking to
it as much as possible. Do you tend to favor a folksy style of singing? Perhaps
you are more comfortable with a rock feel. You might even discover that you sing
classically or even in an R&B style. Regardless of the style that you are most
comfortable with you need to find it. All of your singing should be focused
around the same genre as much as possible. From tone, to flow, to even song
selection you are creating an entire package, make sure the package sounds

Your final tip would be staying modest. There are very few people who ever
swear that they are the American Idol in the auditions. Most who are truly
talented know just how stiff the competition is and they go in ready to work
towards the prize. Those who are merely walking around with a huge ego tend to
be lacking in the singing skills necessary to win and quickly find themselves
on their way out. If you are certain that your singing is the best in the
world, you should simply prove it by singing, rather than telling the judges
that you are destined to be the next American Idol.

Who is More Successful Winners or Losers?

With a lot of people trying out for American Idol each year it is rather
obvious that only a few select people will manage to walk away with the actual
title of American Idol. This is not to say that looking to win is bad, after
all it could be a lot of fun, but is the real winner of American Idol the
actual winner? It could always be argued after looking at the different
contestants that those who are actually the "losers" of the show are in fact
much more successful. With this in mind we will look at the last few seasons
and see who has truly been more successful the winner or the runner up.

Season one brought Kelly Clarkson as the winner and Justin Guarini as the
runner up. While Justin certainly played to the hearts of the teenage girls, in
commercial terms Kelly Clarkson has been much more successful. With this in
mind, it is rather clear that she has emerged as the actual winner; not only of
the title, but also the success for season one.

Season two brought to the world Clay Aiken as a runner up and Ruben Studdard as
the Velvet Teddy Bear that won the show. Out of the season two finalists, it is
Clay Aiken that is better known in the media. After several album releases, as
well as a few stints on Broadway he has created a name for himself, rather than
disappearing into oblivion. Ruben Studdard on the other hand has been slowly
disappearing from the public spotlight for a very long time.

Season three found both Fantasia Barrino and also Diana DeGarmo. From the two
contestants Fantasia is the one with more publicity, however most of the
publicity surrounding her has to do with missed performances from her Broadway
show The Color Purple. Diana DeGarmo has disappeared from the spotlight

Season four provided both Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood. This was a season in
which the best American Idol so far actually appeared. While Bo Bice was
praised as a top rocker, Carrie Underwood has emerged as a truly magnificent
star in the country music field. Winning over the hearts of millions of fans,
she has become truly a darling of country music and found astronomical success.
Season five provided both Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. It is extremely
important to understand that Taylor Hicks is so far the oldest contestant to
actually win the show. Katharine McPhee has so far disappeared back into the
cracks, aside for a bit of brief publicity that surrounded her recent wedding.
Taylor Hicks himself has once again disappeared himself into cracks and is not
in the public eye, nor catching much commercial success following his win.

Season six brought out the unique Blake Lewis as well as the young Jordin
Sparks. So far, Jordin's career has been rising with the incredible success of
a duet with Chris Brown. Several other singles have appeared from her debut
album. While she has found some good success so far, it is still unclear how
successful she will be ultimately, but she has found greater success than Blake
Lewis. While Blake was only a runner up for the season, he has provided a
significantly different sound to the show. While most contestants are quite
boring, Blake Lewis has brought a unique sound that is completely unique for
the entire show.

When Not to Audition for American Idol

With so many people dashing out to audition for American Idol it is important
to realize that there are just some times when it is not appropriate to
audition. This is a heartbreaking lesson for many people, but still something
that has to be said at times. If you are interested in winning, rather than
just losing you need to know the best time to audition and that means making
absolutely certain that the timing is right before auditioning.

You might think that it is a waste of time waiting to audition for American
Idol. After all, someone has to win, why can't it be you? The fact is, American
Idol bars certain people from auditioning again. This means that if you are able
to proceed to a specific point in the contest, you will not be allowed to
audition again. This ultimately could cost you the chance to really become the
next American Idol if you are not quite ready for the challenge yet. In
previous years it has been determined that anyone in the Top 50 contestants was
barred from auditioning again. This means you could be so close, yet so far from
reaching your dream.

If you are working with a vocal coach or a music teacher, it would be extremely
advisable to talk to them about your goals and plans for American Idol. Letting
the teacher know your plans might be a bit scary, but they can generally help
you to ensure that your voice is ready for the challenges that lie ahead.
Auditioning for American Idol is certainly not an easy task, making it into the
Top 12 is even harder and obviously winning the show is even more difficult.
Taking the advice of those whom you are working with will allow you to be
absolutely certain that you get the very best experience possible.

If you are outright determined that you want to get a good bit of practice in
auditions before you actually audition for the show you should look to
alternative talent competitions, or even audition for musicals to allow you
experience on a stage and with judging. Never use American Idol as practice
because you could find yourself hurting yourself in the long run. You should
always save your audition until you are absolutely certain that you are ready.
If you waste your audition before you are truly prepared you will find that you
are left with no options to become the American Idol later on.

It is extremely important that you wait until the right time to audition.
Additionally, taking the advice of those professionals that you are working
with will help you to be absolutely certain that you audition at the right
moment and are fully prepared. Choosing the right clothes, the right song, the
right pitch, and even the right time to audition will go a very long way to
helping you achieve your dream of being the next American Idol rather than
finding yourself on the show where everyone is making fun of you. A bit of
effort put into preparing will certainly pay off and you will discover that the
entire experience, while still exciting will not be as scary if you are truly
prepared. Finding ultimate success in Hollywood is difficult, but getting
yourself pulled together will help you to make a fabulous impression.

What to Avoid When Auditioning

If you have ever watched the first episodes of a season you have no doubt sat
around wondering exactly what someone was thinking when they picked out a song
to sing. If you have ever found yourself in this position and you are
considering auditioning for the show then this gives you a good indication of
what you should not do when it comes to picking out the right song for your
audition. While everyone is certainly free to select their own personal
favorite song to audition with there are a few things that seem to apply pretty
evenly all across the seasons when it comes to picking out the right song.

Your first cardinal sin is picking a song that is from someone considered a
powerhouse. This would include but is certainly not limited to singers like
Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and even Celine Dion. If you hit the high notes
and it does not sound perfect you will sound much more like a cat screaming. It
is extremely important to avoid songs from these artists as well because in all
truthfulness, most people heavily compare contestants to the original and it is
extremely hard to inject your own personality into the song without hurting
yourself. Each year there are dozens of contestants who pick songs from one of
these artists and each year they are always sent home without going very far.

If you are gifted with incredible vocal range then be happy, but certainly do
not take the initial audition as the perfect opportunity to show your range
off. If you are having an off day for some reason, it can bring your American
Idol experience to a screeching halt before it ever begins. If you are
absolutely determined to sing a song from someone like Mariah, Whitney or
Celine save it for Hollywood week when small mistakes will not cost you as
greatly. This will still allow you to show off your vocal skills, while still
staying with a much safer song choice when it matters the most.

Another artist to avoid is Janis Joplin. Regardless of what people think, she
is not a singer that can be easily copied. Most contestants who attempt a Janis
Joplin song try too hard to copy her exact style, and it often ends badly. If
you are interested in showing off a song from someone like Janis Joplin, you
need to work hard to turn it into something that sounds smooth and natural with
your voice. If you are just trying to completely copy the entire flow of the
song you will likely fail. Choose a different artist, or try to smooth out the
song before you actually audition.

A final key piece of advice is always stick to selecting songs from an artist
of the same gender. There is nothing that makes the judges laugh more than
hearing someone that is a guy singing a Madonna song. However, the judges are
not laughing in a positive way, they are much more likely to laugh over your
singing attempt and consider you to be nothing more than a joke. The simple
fact of the matter is the original song is still in the minds of the judges and
if you differ too far, it can hurt your audition no matter how brilliantly you
sing it. If you want to truly select a song from someone of a different gender
make it your own and be certain that it is a unique version in order to have a
good result from your audition. and American Idol

While everyone loves to think that the show is only impacted by those viewers
with the most honorable intentions each year it becomes more obvious that
grassroots efforts from websites such as are making a
substantial impact on the show. Consider just a few short years ago when
Sanjaya managed to hang around for so long. Despite his best efforts to be
kicked off he managed to stay around for weeks after he seemingly gave up
trying to win. In order to keep people around who are best for entertainment
value and much less for their singing entertainment groups like have sprung up.

While there are quite likely more than a single group acting, has certainly drawn the greatest amount of attention. While
contestants try their hearts out each week to acquire the votes needed to stay
on based on a great performances, the websites like Vote for the Worst are out
to ensure that the worst performer stays around. Each week the site selects a
new contestant that they support. This support is intended to both upset the
producers of the show, but also sacrifice someone on the show who is extremely
talented and otherwise would be able to stay around.

The show typically has to deal with outside sources such as this for a long
time, with Vote for the Worst selecting a new contestant to support each week
starting when the viewers are able to begin voting. Typically, they will select
a single contestant to support as long as they are around. However, once that
contestant goes home it is time to move onto someone else to support. Sanjaya
was one of the biggest contestants that drew the most attention and therefore
also brought into the spotlight.

Operated as only a grassroots effort they simply request people to vote for the
contestant that they select. Typically, they also offer up a few reason why it
will be fun to keep them around, but they also acknowledge that someone else
with more talent will have to leave in order to keep their selected singer
around. If you find yourself in this position of being the chosen contestant of
theirs then you could find your stay on the show extended by several weeks if
not longer. It is rather unfortunate that sites such as Vote for the Worst
exist, but they do manage to provide a bit of entertainment.

We have to admit that as viewers you do not always want the most talented
singers, these are not always the most entertaining contestants to watch and
since we ourselves are not actually financing the recording contracts we want
to watch someone that is interesting. In order to maintain the entertainment
value Vote for the Worst could be argued to be doing a service to the viewers.
By ensuring that the value of the show is about so much more than just
selecting the best singer it requires the contestants to reach outside their
comfort zones and look for new ways to connect with the audience in order to
secure their place on the show for the subsequent week. Contestants who fail to
connect with the audience or win the support of quickly find
themselves heading home to return to their normal lives quickly forgotten by the
glittering lights and fame that American Idol brings.

The Reasons that America Loved Blake Lewis

With a large number of artists, emerging all around the world it is very
important to stand out in the crowd. It is even more important to stand out in
the crowd when you are auditioning for a show like American Idol. There has
been one contestant lately who has done just that, after all do you really like
to watch someone who seems exactly like every other musical artist that you have
ever seen? Most people like the idea of unique style, which is exactly where
Blake Lewis excelled. As a beat boxer he mixed together beat boxing and
classical songs perfectly into a truly unique style that was all his own.

If you have ever stopped and watched the American Idol contestants, try to
perform various covers of songs they all tend to sound a bit like the original.
This is something that is completely different about Blake, not only did he
sound completely different than the original, in some ways he was better
especially for younger listeners. With the unique mixture of beat boxing and
songs that he selected he was able to capture the attention of the audience,
without going on stage with a totally wild hairstyle.

The overall draw of Blake Lewis aside from the great beat boxing style that he
injected was a truly all American look. As a young guy, he has a sweetness to
his appearance that made him loveable to everyone regardless of age. Adults,
children and everyone in between loved Blake; he was considered a refreshing
change on the show. With the harsh blow of losing to Jordin Sparks, he was
still fortune enough to release an album that was his own personal style, but
you have to admit, he was able to really bring a personal style to each of his

For example, when was the last time that you have heard an Bon Jovi song mixed
with beat boxing? The remixed version that Blake put together was not only
completely unique from the original, but also still managed to show respect for
the incredible success that Bon Jovi had with the song initially. There was
nothing at all that was terrible about the song, it was different, completely
his own, and still gave proper respect and credit to the original. This sole
performance was a truly remarkable occurrence and allowed a large number of
viewers to see Blake in a completely different light.

If you never liked the idea of beat boxing, you suddenly found yourself
bouncing along to it. It was taken from this strange "sound" and instead
brought into the mainstream where it was thrust into the spotlight. With a
large number of people happily dancing around to his performances he managed to
leave the audience with a truly memorable performance, which is something that
every American Idol contestant strives for each day. Of course, it is never
easy to forge a path completely on your own, but Blake proved that not only did
he have the courage to do it; he also had the skills necessary. This combined
together into a truly special performance every time he took the stage.

Giving top honors to Jordin Sparks was never easy, but he did it with style and
with class. He has gone on to be still to this day one of the most unique
contestants ever to appear on the show, and while he did not win, nor find huge
amounts of commercial success he is still a truly remarkable contestant.

The Mythical Gold Ticket

With so many people looking to create a truly fabulous career for themselves in
Hollywood there is a fresh batch of people each year auditioning. This creates
plenty of opportunity to really find the best talent, but what exactly does the
magical gold ticket really give someone? The majority of people who audition for
the show will never see a ticket, but for those who do it is a perfect
opportunity to try to prove themselves to the judges. This can enable almost
everyone the opportunity to show what they can really do.

Getting a gold ticket on television generally just means that you simply go in,
sing well and do not make a fool out of yourself. Obviously, for television
purposes the entire audition process is typically pumped up a bit to make it
much more dramatic. Do you really think the judges sit around and listen to the
entire crowd that shows up to audition? The reality is that everyone who shows
up to try out is broken down into groups and required to sing for someone else
first. A few of the contestants that are not as talented are always allowed
through, after all this makes the perfect clip to add to the Worst Auditions
show. Just imagine who would be in trouble if someone has actually allowed
William Hung to see the judges based simply on his singing skills alone.

The absolute best way to get involved in the entire process is to look towards
the audition as a series of steps. Most people understand and realize that it
is very important to do their best. However, for those occasions when the best
simply is not good enough it can be entirely crushing. For those who do manage
to secure a gold ticket, the feeling of pure excitement is quite hard to
contain. Picking out a ticket and getting the chance to go to Hollywood and
prove actual singing ability means a lot of people are looking for new and
exciting ways to get started auditioning.

For those who do get a gold ticket, the journey is far from over. As you can
imagine from watching the episodes on the show, Hollywood week is full of
stress, excitement and anticipation. Those who have what it takes to prove
their singing ability usually find that Hollywood week is extremely exciting
and thrilling. Not having the ability to enjoy Hollywood week is typically
those who received a ticket that are not as skilled and mature as the others.

Finding the perfect comfort zone and using all of the experience that you have
gained as the perfect place to start leaves most singers looking eagerly
towards proving themselves. Taking advantage of the experience that American
Idol can give you and putting all of that to work as effectively as possible is
typically a huge help. While most will only see Hollywood week once, there are
still others who are capable of finding themselves attending Hollywood week
more than a single time and loving every moment of it.

Enjoying the experience, taking the advice that is handed out and being willing
to accept all of the experience as positive helps to typically set apart those
who will truly be successful from those who are just buying their time until
they are allowed to go home. In the scheme of things, Hollywood week typically
works to help set those that are amateurs apart from those who really have the
potential to make it as the next American Idol. The experiences that are gained
can be a valuable asset for those looking to really be successful musicians.
Pulling upon the entire experience will allow most of the contestants to grow
in a way that would not normally be possible during the same amount of time if
it were not for the stage presence as well as other experiences that the
contestants are exposed to.

Picking Successful Careers After Idol

For so many contestants it is a very upsetting time after the show ends. Many
contestants start to believe that they are going to fall into complete
oblivion, but at the same time there are a large number of contestants who have
failed who are able to go onto create a truly wonderful career. In order to
actually discover who has been successful following American Idol it is
extremely important that you take some time to really look over all of the
contestants and see who has been successful following the show, and who has not.

The majority of the contestants who make it into the top few places of the show
tend to be offered some sort of recording contract. It is important to realize
that not all contestants who are offered a contract are actually successful
though. Simply being offered a contract is not a guarantee of success, and this
is where many people tend to slip. The idea seems to be that once a recording
contract is offered, the hard work ends. In fact, this is the moment when it
just gets started. For the majority of musicians it is critical to understand
that not only is the contestant up against the other recent American Idol
contestants, they are also then up against the seasoned professionals who make
their living using their vocal talents.

The true test for the contestants is when they are up against all of the other
professionals in the music industry and determine exactly how they are going to
ensure that they stay relevant. What most American Idol contestants do not
realize is that hard work and dedication is simply not enough. It is very
important to create music that people actually want to hear. It is also
important to actually make music that you are interested in though, this means
it is very important to balance these creative desires.

There are several failed American Idols who have done very well for themselves
following the show. The first that tends to come to mind is Chris Daughtry,
this is the biggest success simply because of the fact that he went on with his
band to create major success. Additional huge successes come from people such as
Jennifer Hudson who has gone on to a career in film, while picking up an Academy
Award for her performance in Dreamgirls.

Trying to predict the success of an American Idol contestant is never easy,
however taking the time to actually connect with the audience is a key
ingredient of success. At the same time, though it is absolutely critical to
take some time and really start looking at all of the musical inspirations that
each musician has. If you are looking to create a true connection with your
audience, it is very important to tune into the whims and desires of the crowd.
For many this is extremely hard to do, and for others it is even more difficult
to do.

As you watch each season of American Idol, you have no doubt seen several
different artists that you are interested in watching create a special career.
Working on a separate CD is not something that all contestants are suitable
for. However, it is possible for many of the contestants to create a truly
unique album if they are given the opportunity. The important consideration is
the fact that most people simply do not have the time, or the resources that
would allow them to actually create a spectacular album.

Pulling for the contestant that you are interested in is very important,
because as everyone knows it is critical to ensure that your favorite
contestant receives the recording contract. Typically speaking, it is known
that those contestants who are extremely popular are much more likely to
actually receive a contract over those contestants that are just merely
tolerated by the viewers. It is extremely important to ensure that your
favorite contestant goes as far as you would like, which means showing your
full support. While most people are fully aware that it is difficult to obtain
a recording contract having huge amounts of support is always a great
assistance for the contestant that you have chosen.

Moving From Idol to the Big Stage -- Daughtry and Carrie Underwood

The two American Idol contestants who have gone onto the greatest commercial
success so far are Chris Daughtry and also Carrie Underwood. With Carrie
emerging in season four and Chris appearing in season five they came at
separate times and have left a huge impression on the music industry. The
entertainment that these two artists have provided on the music industry goes
far beyond American Idol and has broken out into the mainstream. Watching the
success of Chris and Carrie goes to show that American Idol really is capable
of finding great stars, however it does still require a great amount of hard

While the spotlight is typically on the winners such as Carrie Underwood and
the other six American Idol winners there are other who are cast off from the
show quickly that find themselves in the middle of a very successful career.
Chris Daughtry is certainly not the first contestant to find himself losing the
competition but still given a recording contract, but he is certainly one of the
most successful. His fourth place finish in the show found many of his fans
believing that he would never go anywhere. However, after he was cast off from
the show, he found himself with a recording contract from 19 Entertainment.

Carrie Underwood has taken the start that she received from American Idol and
turned it into an enormous success. While many people might not be able to list
off all of the American Idol contestants they are usually quite aware of exactly
who Carrie Underwood is. While she received her start on the show and
demonstrated a capacity for several different musical styles, she has proven
time and time again that she is much better at country music and that is her
comfort zone as well.

Upon finishing the show her first album took her to astronomical success and
has been followed up by several additional albums that have all performed well
on the charts and in sales. The draw of Carrie Underwood has been the fact that
she is extremely likeable to a wide variety of fans, while her primary draw is
the country music world, which provides her with some very strong support.

Pulling herself to the incredible success that she has found Carrie has sold
more than 12 million records so far. After being predicted as the winner of the
competition, judge Simon Cowell also went so far as to predict that she would
outsell any other contestants as well. To this day, Simon has been correct in
his assessment of her talents and she has in fact outsold all other contestants.

As you can just imagine, there is great amounts of success awaiting contestants
if they are determined to prove themselves. Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry
have both proven that using American Idol as a start to a musical career really
is possible if you have the determination to make it work. There is nothing that
the idol contestants cannot do if they really put themselves to it. Those that
dream big are usually rewarded if they pursue their dreams. The contestants who
are not determined to make it big will generally slip back into the darkness
while the few stars of the show continue to rise above everything and make an
incredible name for themselves.

Making a Fabulous Impression on the Judges

Learning the best way to make a good impression on the judges is not as hard
and complicated as it might sound. While many people mistakenly believe that it
is impossible to succeed at auditioning for American Idol it really is possible
to win. After all, with the 7th season of the show currently in the ending
stages you will find that it is an increasingly popular show. This means that
not only have there already been six winners, but there will likely be several
additional winners as well.

Ensuring that you make the best impression on the judges possible means you
need to realize that they have seen just about everything and heard just about
everything. You need to figure out a way to make yourself unique and creative,
without seeming over the top. This can be the tricky part. After all, many
people make the mistake of showing up for auditions determined that they are
the best and are crushed when they quickly discover that they did not plan
their audition properly to actually show off their ability to win.

If your idea of auditioning simply means showing up and auditioning then you
will find that you are unprepared to show the judges exactly what you can do.
You are going to need to prepare yourself for the audition and this means not
only song choice, but also practice, clothing, makeup and nerves. If you are
completely calm and know your song well then you are going to create a powerful
impression. While being nervous is entirely normal, the judges like to see
someone who is actually capable of rising above the nerves and still perform

The best way to fully prepare yourself for American Idol typically involves
deciding to audition a year in advance. This will provide you with ample time
to prepare yourself both vocally but also maturity level. This would also
provide you the perfect opportunity to see about locating a good vocal coach to
work with. However, you should never just rely on taking some time to provide
you with the best results possible; after all, it will take some hard work and
determination to actually make the impression on the judges that you really do
know what you are doing.

If you are certain that you would like to audition and you are truly serious
about it you should also see about getting as much experience in singing
competitions or even on stage as possible. The more you can get experience the
calmer you will be. This type of experience is invaluable for most singers
since it will enable you to rise above the nerves that cause so many
contestants to forget the lyrics and stumble badly in front of the judges.
While other competitions may not be as rewarding as American Idol, it can
certainly be helpful to ensure that you are actually as talented as you believe
you are.

While the idea of going into the audition with some confidence might seem
absolutely absurd, it really is possible. If you are unsure about exactly how
to pull yourself together you should look into learning some breathing
techniques for stress management that can help you to fully cope with the
audition. You will really come to appreciate the time that you spend learning
the techniques on the day of the actual audition itself. Rather than stressing
out about not being able to calm down and remember the words, a few deep
breaths will put you back into a calm state.

Putting your best foot forward will allow you to get the biggest impact from
the audition. Getting started preparing yourself for the audition will really
not be as complicated as it might seem, but as long as you are willing to take
some effort you will see that after a brief period of time you have your
confidence back, and you are fully prepared to give the audition your best
effort ever.

Life After American Idol

While you may have never stopped and thought about it, there are some rather
stark differences between the careers of many of the previous winners for
American Idol. Most people start out trying to truly be the best singer that
they can be, but somewhere along the line a few of the American Idols have
somehow moved far off the straight path and ended up somewhere between oblivion
and barely known. Yet at the same time, there are a few American Idol winners
who have gone on to create truly powerful careers that have launched them into
the true success that the show was originally intended for.

Each year there are thousands of people all around the country who audition for
the show. Each year there is only a single winner selected at the very end, but
this is not and has never been a true indicator of the success that the winner
will find after the show is over. For example, how many people really hear
about Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard or even Fantasia? The sad reality is that
all of these singers start out searching for success, but somewhere along the
line, they have moved far away from the success that they dreamed about.

It is extremely important to remember that anytime you are working to build a
career that you have to work at it, and several of the former American Idols
have forgotten this very important consideration. Several American Idols have
gone onto create truly amazing careers, after all how many people have not
heard of Carrie Underwood? While Carrie Underwood certainly leads the pack in
terms of success, it is certainly not the only contestant who has found
success. Other winners of American Idol such as Kelly Clarkson have also found
a great deal of success in the show, and after the show.

Looking over all of the actual contestants and their careers it has appeared
that there are some who find greater success ending the show as the runner up,
rather than as the actual winner of the show. For example, Katharine McPhee has
found more success in the media while Taylor Hicks has started slipping further
into darkness. This is just another example of some of the earlier castoff's
doing much better than the winner.

Overall the absolute best person to emerge from the show was Chris Daughtry,
while his time on the show was special, his time since the show has been an
even greater success. With the creation of the band Daughtry where he is the
lead singer, he has enjoyed the benefit of selling over 3.2 million copies of
the debut album. Additional honors that were passed on is the usage of a
Daughtry song as the closing song each week for Season 6 when a contestant was
sent home.

All across the various seasons there have been several contestants who have
gone on to create albums and find some level of commercial success. Josh Gracin
the former marine from season 2, as well as Jennifer Hudson from season 3,
Kellie Pickler from season 5 who has found success in country music. All of
this points heavily towards the success of the American Idol is not simply
based upon their actual success after the show, but rather how heavily they try
to actually pursue a successful music career.

Watching from the failures of other idols it is really easy to see how quickly
someone can slip into fame, or how easily they can disappear from the
spotlight. Making sure they make a fabulous impression on the world in terms of
record sales is much harder than anyone ever imagined, and the winners of
American Idol are certainly not immune to the problems that many artists face
when selling records. Getting the biggest response from the audience will not
always guarantee a true commercial success, but those who are determined to
make it big like Carrie Underwood certainly have a great shot at the success.

How to Be Removed from Backstage

As the final season of American Idol drew to a close, there were several great
highlights to the season. Not only had another contestant been successfully
awarded the title of American Idol but there was plenty of backstage drama that
goes to show things are not always boring between episodes for the contestants.
If you are looking for a surefire plan to get kicked out of backstage then let
me assist you with a few suggestions, on the other hand, if you want to stay
backstage then look at this as a list of things not to do in order to maintain
your welcome.

With Jeff Archuleta and the horrible stage dad routine that followed him we
learned a few things. First, contestants are not thrilled with others messing
with them while they are rehearsing. For some strange reason the other
contestants had a huge problem with him giving them advice. I suppose following
this mindset they would not really care who was dispensing advice, but rather
still tune everything out if it was not what they wanted to hear from someone
connected to them. If you are determined to have your opinion heard and you are
lucky enough to get backstage you might want to avoid giving advice that seems
to be damaging, such as advising contestants to drink milk before performing.

Other ways to wear out your welcome backstage is to meddle into the song
lyrics. This was certainly proved by many of the songs that contestants have
been talked out of singing. It is also extremely important to ensure that you
select just the right song. This means it is very important to look only for
songs that sound good. If you are looking to get rid of someone, or get
yourself kicked out from backstage then it is a very good idea to start pushing
a song that is inappropriate for the actual contestant.

If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, you could always result
to meddling with costumes, this is a great way to start finding yourself thrown
out of backstage areas. However, most contestants are careful to watch their
clothing to ensure that it is not damaged in any way. If you are absolutely
sure that you want to get rid of somebody then messing with their clothes can
be extremely effective. However, you should also keep in mind this could be a
great way to find yourself completely throw out of the contest if you happen to
be competing as well.

While getting kick out of backstage might seem like a lot of fun. Most people
do not set out to get kicked out of the backstage area of American Idol. If you
are absolutely certain that it is what you want to do, there are plenty of
opportunities to create trouble backstage. It is just extremely important that
you be positive that you do want to be kicked out before you start any crazy
antics. If you are still not positive that you want to be kicked off the show
then it is very important that you instead wait to make any decisions. While it
can be a lot of fun to cause chaos, it could find you in a terrible disaster
that you cannot get yourself out of. Always think through your decisions,
because after all, getting backstage at American Idol is not easy to do.

Guide to Being Kicked Off American Idol

With so much going around about how to be truly successful on American Idol
what happened to helping the little guy out who is just interested in some
entertainment? Not everybody sets out with the goal of actually winning the
show though. Those who are not really interested in winning find that there is
very little advice offered to them. If you want to win then obviously doing
your very best is critical to getting to the final rounds.

For those looking to just have some fun on the show, not worried about whether
they actually win or lose it is possible to have a lot more fun. Stop and think
about the contestants who had a ton of fun on the show. You are likely to think
of someone along the lines of Blake Lewis. While he was an incredibly talented
singer, he also took the time in each episode to inject some of himself into
his performances so instead of just singing his way through each show.

If you are interested in trying to create your own special flair to the show,
it is very important that you take some time to relax and actually enjoy
yourself. Without enjoying the process, you are going to find that you are
struggling to actually go further. The contestants who actually enjoy the
process and procedures of the show will typically go very far, while those
contestants who dislike the entire audition process. Putting your best efforts
into the show is not always easy, but enjoying the show does not mean that you
have to give up all of the creativity that you have.

For many contestants the best way to actually get kicked off the show is to go
against the grain. While this is an old expression, it is extremely true. Stop
and consider what you like personally in music. You probably have interests
that are not that much different from many other people. This interest that you
have in music means that you are apt to purchase music that is similar. If you
are to go against the grain and instead pick a style of music that is not as
popular, you might enjoy it yourself, but you are quite likely to find that
there is very little interest from the viewers of the show.

Other sure ways to be kicked off are by disrespecting the judges. Most of the
time you will notice that contestants on the show that last are extremely
respectful to the judges. This might just seem like a coincidence, but do you
really think that Simon Cowell would allow people to remain on the show who are
completely disrespectful? It would be extremely unlikely for a contestant to
remain that continuously talks down to the judges. It might make for some very
entertaining television for a while, but the serious issue of disrespectful
behavior would never be tolerated even if it did generate an incredible number
of viewers.

The one area where you can really determine if you are going to stay or go home
is in song selection though. Anyone who wants to go home badly, rather than
actually win American Idol simply needs to pick out a bad song. This does not
even mean picking out a song that is terrible in nature. If you select a song
that is great, but it is incorrect for your voice style, and your actual
singing style you could quickly turn a fabulous song into something terrible.
It is very important that contestants choose their songs carefully and this
means looking at all of the options available in terms of songs before actually
picking something. It also means that it is essential that you select a song
that will fit your personality. If you are just interested in getting the boot,
you are much more free to select a song you truly enjoy, rather than something
that sounds good for your voice.

Breaking Down the Judges -- Friend or Foe?

If we have to be truthfully honest, everyone can usually agree that the purpose
of the show is not just to identity the next great American Idol but it is also
to see and watch exactly what the judges will do and say next. Of course, not
all episodes are filled with humorous antics from the judges but you can often
find the judges engaging in some strange encounter. In order to truly determine
which judge is your friend, and which is actually your enemy it is very
important to determine which judges can be of the most help for you.

In general, the judges are full of useful information. The problem comes when
you are trying to decide which judge to listen to when they have differing
opinions. While many people would love to hear that they are absolutely
fabulous and Simon has nothing terrible to say about them, it is a fact that
typically Simon will have something to criticize. But stop and think, most
contestants who take the advice from the judges and use it to their advantage
and decide to start improving their actual skills.

It is extremely important that you learn how to really follow the advice that
the judges are passing out. But being careful how you actually respond to the
judges is also important. Simon Cowell for example has a habit of coming off
extremely abrasive. However, it is extremely important to actually listen to
the advice that Simon hands out. While he is certainly not known for being the
judge that most people want to sit around and cuddle, he is certainly the one
judge that will always give the completely unbiased truth no matter how your
performance occurred.

Paula Abdul tends to strike contestants and even viewers as the loopy older
sister. With her strange antics, weird comments and unique outfits she is
extremely unique for the show. She does tend to pull back in the face of
confrontation and also has a habit of not being quite truthful with contestants
when it comes time to provide them with truthful feedback about their
performances. If you are concerned with getting the best advice possible then
Paula is typically not the best place to get your suggestions. However, it is a
proven fact after the last 7 seasons that Paula is by far the best at making
contestants feel good and even bringing a goofy flair to the show.

The final judge is Randy Jackson, which as everyone knows is typically a pretty
laid back guy. While his career has earned him a lot of respect from music
industry experts, it has also helped him to create a truly special interaction
with the contestants on the show. If you are interested in getting a truthful
assessment of your skills without being embarrassed then Randy is typically a
great choice. However, it is also very important to realize that Randy does at
times soften his feedback in order to protect the feelings of each contestant.

In general, if you are after a truly honest assessment of your skills Simon is
the judge of choice. While he might not be the favorite judge for everyone, he
will certainly give you the information and feedback that you need to actually
get started in the music industry. By following the advice and showing him a
bit of respect, you should start to see that your skills improve, and as proven
by numerous contestants previously his advice is useful and when followed can
help them to rise very far into the ranks of the show.

Putting the effort into improvement that is necessary to actually make it on
the show often requires that you make friends with the devil. This means it is
time to make friends with Simon, since everyone can readily agree that he does
know how to develop talent, but he is a bit brash in his methods of talking to
people. As long as you are willing to overlook a few bad comments, you will
find that your make substantial improvements in your skills and making friends
with all of the judges rather than enemies.

Behind the Scenes of American Idol

If you have ever been interested into diving into the beast that is American
Idol there are a lot of fascinating tidbits that you can learn. While most
people think that the whole show is about fun and excitement it is often
unknown just exactly, what the contestants are put through, and also how much
time is spent in rehearsals, contracts that have to be signed, and even the
minor details of living away from home for a very long time. Struggling to
emerge from the entire experience as the American Idol has sent numerous
potential singers back home crying, while a precious 7 have emerged victorious.

The primary thing that most people do not realize is the bulk of contestants do
not actually get to see the judges when they first audition. Do you really think
Simon would sit through millions of auditions? I would love to personally see
that happen, in reality though because the time of the judges is severely
limited for each city they stop in contestants are first required to audition
with additional personnel from the show. Once they have passed this stage they
are moved along to actually audition with the judges. As you can imagine, it is
around this time that a few unique people are allowed through for the sheer
opportunity to provide some great entertainment when the auditions are released
for television.

Additional bits of knowledge that is often not known is that once contestants
get to Hollywood they are spending very little time sleeping, even less time
seeing the sights and the bulk majority of waking hours either rehearsing or
else they are doing another audition. This is I suppose designed to see which
contestants have a flair for going without sleep and still keeping their
voices. There have been numerous contestants' crash and burn during this part
of the show, and while it might seem cruel, it could serve as an indication of
what a tour schedule could look like.

Other surprises that are waiting in store for contestants is the requirement to
only choose from songs that have been preselected. Many feel that this is
unfair, but honestly in a world that is overflowing with lawyers and legal
loopholes it is likely one of the few measures of protection that American Idol
can be offered. By limited the song selection to only those songs that they have
approved they are able to ensure that they are not accidently infringing on the
copyright of another artist that they do not have an agreement worked out with.

A final surprise in store for many contestants is the contract that they are
required to sign. American Idol has a habit of not allowing contestants to talk
to the media until after they are voted off the show. However, this contract
extends a bit further. In fact, contestants are not allowed to sign with any
other recording company until a minimum of three months after the season finale
airs. This can seem like a huge drain for many contestants, however it is
typically non-negotiable. However, the contract usually does permit contestants
who have been booted to sign with a new recording contract if they receive
permission from the show early in writing. Taking the time to get this approval
is not always worth the effort, but it is something that is required if someone
wants to really try hitting the album beat while they are still fresh in the
minds of viewers.

As you can see, while the show appears to be all fun and games from the
episodes that are released, it is actually far from it. For those who manage to
be successful at winning the show the hard work is well worth the effort. For
those contestants who are determined to actually make something of themselves
regardless of how far they get into the show it is something that can be a bit
of a hassle, but it is still worth the bit of effort to go onto the show and
see what happens.

Avoiding Acting Like an Overbearing Stage Parent

With all of the publicity that American Idol has gotten in recent years, some
of the most entertaining gossip from the show lately has been the overbearing
stage parent that is Jeff Archuleta. Questions still surround his time with the
show, and many parents worry that they could find themselves in Jeff's shoes at
some point with their own talented child. However, much as many parents are
starting to worry, the show really had some good reasons to do what they did.
Learning how to become a stage parent like Jeff Archuleta because is very
important to actually allow your child to find true success on the show.

While it might at first glance just seem like a truly loving parent waiting in
the wings, stage parents are a growing breed that seem to spawn from the depths
of hell, rather than from the encouraging love that most parents come from. At
times crossing over from a lovingly encouraging parent into the area of stage
parent seems to be extremely easy; many parents slide over simply, while other
parents find that the transition is extremely complicated.

It is a well known fact that American Idol will not allow contestants to
actively participate that are under the age of 18 without the permission of
their parents. This has been well known since season 1 kicked off many years
ago. However, while parents' permission is required, parents are not permitted
to simply sign a form and disappear back to their hometown while the producers
handle watching after their kids. I suppose this makes it easier for some
parents to quickly turn into stage parents, but it is necessary for parents to
watch after their own children.

Jeff Archuleta rose to fame as a stage parent due to his constant meddling with
other contestants. He was not content to simply run his son's time on the show.
Rather he was extremely interested in trying to sabotage other contestants
according to reports. Due to this, rumors quickly started flying claiming that
tensions on the show were running high and stating that Jeff Archuleta was at
the center of it all. How true the actual reports are is yet to be seen, but
the fact is many parents find themselves crossing over into the area of
tampering with other contestants. It is extremely important that as a stage
parent, you limit your interaction with your own child, rather than messing
with other contestants.

Another fatal mistake that Jeff Archuleta made which created the disaster that
had him quickly banned from the set was working with his son to change the
lyrics of his song. This created nightmares for the show due to the very real
problems with copyright that were created. By working with his son to change
the lyrics of his songs, he not only broke the rules of the show, he went
against what the producers had told him when he asked about changing the
lyrics, and he cost the show a lot of money in terms of fines and penalties for
the artists who were wronged. This all created a very big drama in the show. Due
to the problems that occurred because of the incident, Jeff Archuleta was banned
from being back stage.

It is extremely important to realize that as a stage parent, you cannot
interfere with other performers and you also cannot become so overbearing that
you are putting the show in danger. Just as American Idol has turned out
numerous winners, they are also turning out numerous "losers" who do still
manage to go onto a truly successful career. If you are willing to let go of
your child and allow them creative input, as well as ensure that you are having
your child follow all of the rules of the show you will discover that it can be
a truly fun experience without all of the drama that follows stage parents.

Why Sanjaya Stayed So Long

With so many extremely talented singers on the show, it was a wonder for many
people exactly how Sanjaya managed to stay for so long. The sheer fact was that
the boy could really sing, this combined with their talent and skills enabled
most people to eagerly support the young boy. It was not until after a short
period of time in the finals that it becomes rather obvious that Sanjaya simply
was not interested in winning anymore. Something deep inside changed and
learning exactly how he was going to get out of the show is what started making
things interesting.

In the beginning, people watched Sanjaya simply for the benefit of watching him
sing and perform. As everyone knows, people were all interested in his actual
singing ability for the longest time. After a brief period, it became less
about his singing ability and much more on the outrageous hairstyles, and even
strange outfits that he would choose to wear. Somewhere along the line, the
importance of his performances started shifting and the amazingly talented
young boy turned into the joke of the show. The overall Sanjaya incident was
incredible for American Idol though.

If you consider all of the people that watched to vote for him because they
remembered how great he was before, added together with all of the people who
tuned in to watch him see what crazy antics he would pull for each episode it
equaled up to an enormous ratings boost for Idol. Sites like also had a true field day with Sanjaya as well. With
continuous cries to keep Sanjaya around he managed to last for a very long time
before finally receiving the boot.

If you were truly honest, you would have to admit that the young boy could
sing. However, watching performances that were less about his singing and more
on his song selection, hairstyle and even clothes was much more entertaining
for the audience. Plus, his little quips back and forth with Simon and the
other judges certainly helped to increase viewers as well while people were
watching to see exactly what he would say to Simon next.

With an adorably lovable quality to him, his draw from teenage girls was
instantly noticeable. He seemed to be the easily approachable guy that they
could all dream about. This combined with his bad boy charm added to his appeal
even more. With all of his talent and his unique flair for extremely creative
haircuts, it was obvious that Sanjaya was enjoying flirting with getting kicked
off the show. Regardless of what happened to change his mind about winning, it
was a very fun ride watching him survive as long as he did.

The biggest downside to Sanjaya going so far into the competition was the truly
talented contestants who did still want to win that took a hit for him. While
the adorable pony hawk style was extremely cute, I am sure those contestants
thrown off for him to stay certainly would not find it so adorable. As he
proceeds on with his life, he has started to slip back into obscurity, and
likely will stay there. With very few options coming his way for a recording
contract, it seems unlikely that you can go to a store and pick up a copy of
his latest album.

As time goes on and the show continues, it is only a matter of time before a
new season of American Idol finds a contestant like Sanjaya. Full of life and
talent, but for some reason decides to throw it all away and move in a much
more unconventional direction. With so many people trying to become the next
American Idol, it is only a matter of time before someone else tries his
tricks, we can only hope that they will manage to be just as entertaining and
keep us excited and longing for more. If time is any indication the show will
have plenty of bad singers, so the rare singer who can actually make it but
chooses to get kicked off is rare enough to once again draw the attention of
the world.

American Idol Contestants -- Instant Stardom and Off

Everybody runs around talking continuously about each season of American Idol
as if it is the greatest experience ever in the world. But if you have been
watching the show for a while, you are very much aware that there was 6 seasons
even before the most recent. This leaves 7 seasons worth of rejected potential
Idols wondering around the world trying to make a life for themselves. While
some of the previous contestants have gone on to do amazing things with their
careers, even more have slipped into the cracks again.

Season one was the start of something huge. Not only was there two hosts,
remember Brian Dunkleman? Do not feel bad, most people have no clue who he is
or that he was involved. But there was also contestants such as Justin Guarini,
Kelly Clarkson, and even Tamyra Gray to mention a few it was an incredible
season. The overall excitement was mounting heavily but where have these
contestants actually gone? Kelly Clarkson of course emerged as the winner and
is still active in the music industry. Justin Guarini has made a few television
appearances, and even released a few albums but his commercial success has been
significantly limited. Tamyra Gray has found to date the greatest success on
television appearing in several different shows. She has also recently found
success in the Broadway showing of "Rent."

Season two started with a bang, and brought with it the former marine Josh
Gracin who has gone onto win the hearts of country music lovers, Carmen
Rasmusen who also released a country music album and even brought with it
Kimberly Locke, Clay Aiken, and the amazing Ruben Studdard. With the talent
that emerged from this season it was undeniable that the show was in full
swing. Ruben went on to record several albums, while Clay Aiken has found great
deals of success with both albums and even on Broadway. Others like Carmen, Josh
and Kimberly are not as followed, but have still received attention following
their time on the show.

Season three found contestants like Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino and the
notorious William Hung who while not an actual finalist still lives on in the
hearts of all true fans for what not to do at an audition. Additional treasures
were found in Diana DeGarmo as well. From season three, it was rather obvious
that it was a bit harder to find lasting talent. Jennifer Hudson has so far
emerged as the most successful contestant of the season, and after being booted
in a 7th place finish she has gone onto star in Dreamgirls with Jamie Foxx and
Beyonce Knowles and even win an Academy Award for her performance. Fantasia
meanwhile has grabbed headlines for her strange antics, failure to appear for
performances on Broadway and less than stellar commercial success.

Season four brought out all of the bad boys of rock, with Constantine Maroulis
and even Bo Bice. By bringing the two rockers to the stage, it was a shift to a
different style of music, and it has been these two contestants credited with
inspiring season five contestant Chris Daughtry to try out. Winning the season
was Carrie Underwood, who has been an enormous success and to date the most
successful American Idol winner yet. The remaining contestants from the year
have managed to slip back into the background with only occasional news
stories, such as Vonzell Solomon the third place contestant arrested for a
handgun at an airport.

Why American Idol's Ratings are Plunging

The world of television is full of ratings, drama and entertainment but in
order to get those ratings it is required that the entertainment be at a
suitable level. Many people have heard for years that American Idol is the top
rated show on television and in simple terms this just means that more people
are tuning in to watch than any other show on television. This means that the
impact of the show doing poorly is honestly quite small in the overall scheme
of things, but still requires some attention.

For years the hit show has commanded the top spot for ratings and combined with
the pricy $700,000 ads for a mere 30 seconds has been one of the most profitable
and popular shows on television. Now at the conclusion of season 7 there is a
significant drop in the ratings and many people are sitting around and asking
exactly why the ratings are plunging and what can be done to change them. In
order to really understand how the ratings are being effected it should first
be pointed out the American Idol has really enjoyed the top spot for years with
very little competition.

For the 2008 season which was the most recent season 7 the lowest ratings that
have been reported was a paltry 21.25 million. This is still enormous but in
terms to the opening show of the season on January 15 at 33.24 million viewers
it is a substantial drop. Watching as the ratings fall people are starting to
wonder exactly where everyone is going, why is there no emotional attachment
that is encouraging viewers to watch. The answer is not simple, but there are
several reasons why the viewership is down.

For the majority of shows the ratings are significantly lower, but American
Idol in all of its infinite glory has captured the title as the most popular
show on television. The problems lately have occurred due to several problems.
With the writers' strike that has caused numerous problems for other television
shows many people started looking to new locations for entertainment. This
combined with many people feeling as if the newest season of American Idol was
a fix due to the large number of seasoned professionals competing caused many
people to abandon the show early on.

The show overall has still enjoyed a rather significant run as the top champion
and the changes that are occurring in the ratings may seem substantial but in
reality all it spells is that more people are looking to new shows for
entertainment. Those who love the show have absolutely nothing to worry about
since the ratings are still enormous; the only worry is that Fox may have to
adjust the prices that they charge for advertising. In terms of still giving
viewers plenty of entertainment the show still to this day delivers and for the
one lucky finalist to emerge as the American Idol of the year there is the
guarantee of receiving a vehicle from Ford, plus a recording contract and a
change to have a huge music career.

Getting past all of the negative influences that are trying to say that the
show is going under leaves people with plenty of reasons to tune in next year.
But with the ratings falling to a level that has not been seen since season 2,
it is no doubt that the producers of the show will sit around trying to
organize some new ways to shake up the industry in the attempt to bring all of
the viewers back. How successful the measures will be is still yet to be seen,
however it is sure to be some pleasing changes that will leave thousands more
auditioning to be part of the biggest show on television. Searching for the
next American Idol each year is often a thrilling time of year, and watching as
someone goes from the small audition to the large star at the finale is always a
true experience.

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