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Earning a Profit on Ebay
by: Annette Graf

How does a person make money selling on eBay?

Earning a Profit on eBay

When selling a product online, sometimes as a seller we forget to take into account all the additional fees that go along with selling.

As a seller we have all the added conveniences from accepting credit cards through Paypal and other services and the old-fashioned way of waiting for money orders and checks to arrive in the mail.

We have to take into account the fees and costs of those little extras that we have to assist us in our online selling.

Also, if you are using an online management program consider any costs that they may charge to use their services.

Consider that you are selling your grandma's vintage doilies, and you would like to get $15.00 for them, you list your item on eBay. Realizing that when you list them on eBay, your listing fee is $0.30. If you used any other services like buy it now that's another $.05. If you add your item to eBay's gallery to showcase a photo of the item it's another $.25. Just from listing the auction, you are down to $14.40 as your profit. Those fees are charged whether the item is sold or not.

You received one bid of $15.00 on your item. Your final value auction fee that eBay charges you is $0.79. Your profit is now $13.61.

If your bidder decides to pay you via Paypal, you are charged another fee. Realize that when you are selling something you have to take in account any additional fees to determine your profit.

When selling online the basic rule is buy low and sell high. Your in this to try and make some additional cash so if something doesn't sell the first time hang onto it and try and sell it again in the future.


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