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One Baby Bash Coming Up!!!!

Birthdays are one of the most important events in our lives. This day signifies
our arrival in the world and the celebration of it is a commemmoration of that
first time we've ever came into the world. Most especially for our precious

Here are some tips to get that baby bash on the roll and be the talk of the
baby land for a week or so. One, preparation of the baby bash is extremely
important! Create a theme that you would like to follow. Would you like your
baby bash to be a sci-fi adventure? Or would you want your baby bash to be a
costume party? Or rent even an amusement park complete with the merry-go-round
and a clown or two. Whatever you decide, the baby bash needs to be well-thought
of to keep it organized as well as the safety of the guests can be assured.

The baby bash depends on the age of the baby. For one year olds, clowns would
do so that he or she can facilitate the party since the most important guests
would be the little children. Magic shows and puppetry would be sufficient to
keep the children interested and satisfied. While for two years old and older,
since by this time, they are already mobile and have learned to walk, a costume
party or an amusement park theme would be the solution to keep the kids happy.
Balloons to keep them preoccupied, cotton candy to keep them busy and lots and
lots of kiddie food.

Second, sending out the invites. It seems that babies are conversational
pieces. Thus, your network of friends increase since you meet other moms and
dads who have babies near your baby's age group. They can become your buddies,
swapping babysitting time when you need to unwind and relax. Their kids are
your guests in the baby bash and not the parents. Thus, the baby bash must be
geared towards the kid's enjoyment.

Third, preparation of the food. Since this is a kiddie party, finger foods
should comprise most of your menu. Kids easily tire of food and so small
portions must be served at them. If possible, separate the food of the parents
with the kids, if the parents were invited.

Sometimes, a baby bash becomes an adult get-together when there are no other
babies that could be invited.

Whatever you have decided what the baby bash must be like, keep in mind that
the baby's comfort is more important. Sometimes, there are babies who are
afraid of clowns. You must have an alternative activity in mind in case this

Fourth, post baby bash activities. After all the food, the favors and trimmings
gone, it is time to clean up. The most convenient way to finish all the food
left is to ask mothers to take home a portion of the food served. This not only
minimizes food spoilage, it would also keep the kids occupied during the drive
home, in case they start asking for food. Because there are kids who play all
throughout the party and do not pay attention to the food. But once they have
settled down, usually during the ride home, then they start to feel hunger
pangs. Thus, you would be helping parents keep the kids behaved during the ride

Then baby bash need not be a strenuous and nerve-racking activity that moms
would rather not plan for. It could also be enjoyable for the parents as well.

Baby Game Shower: Baby games to play at the Baby Shower

Babies are so much fun. But baby games shower are much more fun since
moms-to-be, godparents, grandparents, and other invitees in the baby shower can
get to play childish games again. Some of the baby game shower that can be
played include Sing It, Baby!, Measuring up Mommy, Here's Looking at You, Kid!,
Don't Say Baby, Baby Truth or Dare, The Seventh Gift, and Dig out the Pins.

These baby games are the common baby game showers usually played. They are a
great way that would let the guests mingle and get to know each other, if they
aren't acquainted yet. This is also another great way to give honor to the
mom-to-be for having that precious baby on the way.

How do we play these baby game showers? Here is the run-down on how to play the
baby game shower and create good memories of a great baby shower.

In Sing It, Baby!, the guests participants form a circle. They can sit or
stand. Then, each guest must sing a line or two from a song that has the word
"baby" in it. When the first game player has finished, the next person seated
on her right has ten seconds to sing another "baby" song. "Baby" songs cannot
be repeated, thus, participants who repeat a song or cannot think of a "baby"
song gets booted out of the game. Last person singing in this baby game shower
wins the prize!

How big has mommy become? Measuring Up Mommy is the baby game shower to play as
this gives the guests the freedom to measure mommy's size. Have a couple of
toilet paper rolls ready and ask each participant to estimate the size of
mommy's girth by cutting the toilet paper to their guess size. Then each one
wraps around the new mommy's stomach the toilet paper they cut. The nearest
length approximating to the mommy's stomach wins the prize!

Remember how you looked when you were a baby? This game takes you down memory
lane as you need to dig up those baby pictures of yours. Because you need them
to play the baby game shower Here's Lookin' At You, Kid! Before the party
itself, request all the guests coming to bring the cutest baby picture of
themselves. Upon their arrival, secure each baby picture and assign a number
per picture. During the game, lay all baby pictures and give each participant
paper and pen and ask them to identify as many baby pictures as they can. The
guest with the most number of correct guesses is the big winner.

This baby game shower makes you NOT say what you are suppose to be attending
to! The game Don't Say Baby is precisely that! Don't say "baby" during the
entire length of the baby game shower for the diaper pin that was given to you
upon your arrival will be taken away from you. The person with the most number
of diaper pins collected at the end of the shower party wins a prize.

This baby game shower is for those who love baby trivia and the like. Play Baby
Truth or Dare by writing down some baby trivia, some correct and others
purposely written incorrectly. During the baby game shower, ask randomly if the
baby facts are either true or false. Those who guess correctly gets a prize
while those who don't will be dared to perform in front of everyone else.

We all know that the single lady who catches the bride's wedding bouquet is
said to become the next bride. In The Seventh Gift, it is not so much a baby
game shower but more of a fable that says that the giver of the seventh gift
unwrapped will be the next expecting mother. However, avoid "planting" the
seventh gift.

Last but not the least, Dig Out the Pins is the baby game shower that tests the
agility of the guests as they fish out the most number of diaper pins from a
large bowl filled with uncooked rice and diaper pins in under two minutes. The
participant that has the most number of pins brings home the prize.

The Baby Bedding Challenge

Having a baby is the most wonderful experience a woman can have as it is a
fulfillment of the biological function of the female species. After the giving
birth process, the real work begins. Feeding bottles, diaper changes,
immunization records are just a few of the things the new mom have to learn
quickly. And one important thing to consider in the arrival of the baby is the
kind of baby bedding he or she will use. According to Dr. Mark Brandenburg
(, the number one rule to follow in
choosing the right baby bedding for your precious infant is safety. The second
rule says safety and the third rule emphasizes safety. We are to conclude that
it is not enough to say it, it must be emphasized that baby bedding is critical
for the comfort of the baby.

In his article on how to find the perfect baby bedding, it must be neither too
hard nor too soft. In the past, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS was
attributed to very soft baby bedding. This happened when the baby's mattress is
too soft that his nose and mouth gets covered and the air he exhales is the air
he breathes. This is dangerous for him since he would breath carbon dioxide
rather than oxygen and the effects could lead to drowsiness, coma or even death.

There are a lot of styles and makes in choosing the baby's bed. And with that,
it follows that the baby bedding must be a perfect fit with the chosen
equipment. The three major selections are: a bassinet, a crib or a cradle. What
differentiates one from the other? A bassinet is an oblong-shaped basket that
serves as a bed for an infant. But sometimes, round bassinets are also
available. A crib is a bed that is flanked with high side bars for a baby or
young child's safety. Cribs are usually more economical since the baby can use
it from infancy to two years. While a cradle is a small low bed that an infant
uses that has rockers on its stand. In all these, the material used to make the
equipment should alert and signal to the mom how much safety precautions are

Bassinets are usually lacey and full of trimmings. The baby bedding must fit
the bassinet so that the baby's space is enough for him or her to be able to
roll from side to side. The crib is usually square, thus, mattresses can be
fitted to the size of the crib. The baby bedding usually is a set of coverlet
and small pillows. Hotdog pillows can also be placed inside. However, the
pillows should not be more than two or three lest the baby can stand on them
and could fall over. The cradle can come in various sizes and shapes. Some moms
prefer cradles so that when the baby is cranky, he or she can be rocked to be
calmed down. The baby bedding for a cradle should follow the shape of it. Not
much can be placed inside it since it is used mainly to rock the baby to sleep.
However, one need not the three to keep the baby safe, warm and secure. One will
do and this would depend on the parent's preference. The most preferred would be
the crib since it can be used for a long time.

Now that we've covered the basic equipment, how do we furnish it with baby
bedding? We have already established that the baby bedding should fit the
sleeping equipment to avoid accidents and other untoward incidents. The most
suitable material to use is cotton as it is absorbent and cool to the baby's
skin. Different designs must be used to stimulate the baby's color and pattern
recognition. Therefore, the baby bedding is a crucial factor in keeping the
baby happy and healthy.

The best baby gift ever is just a click away!

Tired of searching for that perfect baby gift for someone special? Fear no
more! Here is the rundown on where and how to have the most perfect baby gift
of all time. As I have searched the world wide web for the best sites that
would answer my need, here are the more user-friendly sites that I find to give
the best baby gift ideas around.

As with Linus in Peanuts, a baby blanket is a perfect baby shower gift to give
that is full of love and thoughtfulness. Having it personalized is even nicer.
For those with more formal tastes and preferences, monogrammed baby linen would
give that sense of tradition. While those with eclectic tastes and full of
adventurous spirit, baby shower gift baskets, wall art for the nursery room,
personalized baby gift items are just some of the baby gift ideas that you
could give. Each baby gift suggestion can be found in where they give a fine description to each item.

Baby gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes and they speak of your
thoughtfulness for putting it all together. Baby gift baskets are so unique
because you can personalize it, make it blue or a pink basket depending on the
gender of the baby, you can make a gourmet basket, or a food baby basket or
even a baby bath gift basket. There are a lot of ideas you can think of to make
it a unique baby gift.

Another good site that you can visit is where they list
all the possible things and other necessary equipment that the baby might
possibly need. This site narrows down your choices since it would constrain you
to search for items that are within your budget for those budget conscious
spenders. Each item is under a heading such as clothing, nursery, bedding, meal
time, play time, keepsake, jewelry and other items. If you have the funds, why
not start the baby in a starter savings account? The receiving parents would
surely appreciate this baby gift that would start their baby in his or her
million dollar goal at 12 years old!

A click at for those who are into the environment or into
organic stuff suggest some baby gift ideas you can give as they are easy to
make since the materials used are very accessible in stores and groceries.

Visit to find an extensive choice of baby gift stuff
that you can never go wrong with. Its product index extends to more than two
pages to view all of its offering so there are a lot of items to choose from.

Baby gifts are the best when the gift-giver poured love and attention to give
that very special baby gift. It is not that difficult to look and search for
baby gifts as some would think. It is just a matter of creativity and time to
think what the baby might need or use in the future. There are other web sites
and web links that you can visit and find other good ideas for that perfect
baby gift to give away. There are also web blogs of parents that provide not
only gift ideas but other concerns regarding on how to take care of your baby

The Way with Baby Names

Choosing a baby name for your child is almost like choosing his identity. Ever
heard about the association of a person's name with his personality? That's how
our names really work. A name molds a person's identity like a cookie-cutter.
So, better get that best baby name for your son or daughter. Read on for some
tips on how to provide that best baby name for your little angel.

1. Stop it already with the dictates of your family's tradition. Choosing the
right baby name does not have to always rely on what your elderly relatives
deem to be the best baby name. It is your baby's name, not theirs. So, better
act like it. Once your baby is born he will be stuck with that baby name for
life. That means it's not wise to just settle for any baby name that will suit
your grandma's or auntie's taste.

2. Take a look of a picture of his future. You don't want your baby to be
always called with a monicker that will forever ridicule him or will allow his
playmates to make a big laughingstock out of him, right? Research about the
meaning of the baby name you are eyeing to give to your baby. Don't consider
Beelzebub as a prospective baby name just because you heard it from a TV show
and you find it cute. Don't use Rodelfa just because a certain Mexican TV
show's hunky lead actor is called Rodolfo. Just plainly saying yes to your
gutfeel, thinking of the people that pops into your head upon hearing somebody
spout a certain name, trying to follow a fad by naming your baby a certain
celebrity's (sometimes notorious) or NOT THINKING AT ALL in giving your
precious one his or her baby name are huge no-nos!

3. Consider reading the initials of the baby name you are planning to give your
baby. Make sure they don't stand for anything funny, disturbing or something
utterly stupid. Christine Sue Irving? What will happen on the next episode?
Alvin Stephen Stuart? He'll surely remember not to get near any hole. Fran
Ursula Catherine Klein? Uh-oh! See? Can you imagine the sickening situation you
may put your child into when he or she grows up?

4. Go check your family tree once and for all. Some can't still get away from
some traditions regarding baby name decisions, especially when they have a
special bond with a certain family member that they want that person's name to
be a part of their baby's name. If your planning to still follow the tradition
of putting a part of your elder relatives' names on your baby's name, you have
to know whether anybody else in your family use that name too. You don't want
to confuse people when they're calling a name that's owned by two. Ask around.

5. Don't go for the overkill. Being too creative on thinking of a baby name can
backfire, I'm telling you. Examples are too unique spellings. It will be hard
for the kid to keep on spelling his or her name to people who only know the
common spelling of such name.

6. Decide with your partner in coming up with the best baby name for your sweet
baby. It wouldn't be nice to be always blamed when people ask who chose that
awful baby name, right? Okay, kidding aside. Sharing on this kind of
decision-making is a good way of furthering your bond as a couple, not to
mention the possibility of coming up with a better baby name. Remember that the
"two heads are better than one" thought also applies to dealing with the
troubles of finding the most suitable baby name for your baby.

Sound, appeasing relatives and friends and avoiding embarrassing initials and
discovery of disgusting meanings are some of the major concerns that should be
considered in your quest for the perfect baby name. You might find them a bit
taxing. But in the long run, you'll see that doing your homework will make your
baby thank you when the right time comes. Happy baby naming!

Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Planning to host a baby shower? Or a friend of yours recently gave birth to a
healthy bouncing baby? How else could you express that you care for that friend
of yours and her baby? A baby gift basket could be the best present that would
express your concern.

A baby gift basket is one of those themed gift baskets that are presented
containing items that are of value to the recipient. Oftentimes these baby gift
baskets contain the following items that will surely give delight to the new
parents and to the new addition. You could make use of this information to
create or stuff your own baby gift basket that will rid you of those more
expensive commercialized kinds.

Nursery room items. These include colorful mobiles to keep the baby busy,
lullaby music to soothe the infant, and nursery rhymes CD's. Bigger items like
layettes, changing mats for tables and cribs, and other furniture for the baby
may be found in de luxe baby gift baskets. Educational toys are also good to
make the baby gift basket more beneficial in stimulating the baby's mental

Toys R Us. The following toys are also nice to place inside your baby gift
basket. Rattles, pacifiers, teethers, feeding bottles, infant cups, bibs and
spoons are also useful add-ons in your baby gift basket.

Bath Bath Baby. Bath products for babies are also commonly found in baby gift
baskets. These include baby shampoo, baby powder, baby towels, wipes, bubble
bath, brush set and tub toys that the baby will surely enjoy in the near
future. Baby clothing's could also be considered as one of the best baby gift
basket goodies that one could ever give. Just be sure that the clothes you'll
give suit the gender of the baby.

If you are to a baby gift basket to someone with a toddler or a young kid, the
items should also suit the baby's age. Soft toys, board books, board games,
piggy banks will certainly win the jump with delight of a toddler. Clothes for
toddlers are also nice to include in your baby gift basket.

If one is intending to give the baby gift basket as a baby shower present, it
will be nice if baby cookies, baby cakes, jelly beans and other baby foods will
be found there. Announcement and invitation cards may also bring some added
surprise to the recipient of the basket. Small picture frames and albums could
also add more fun to your baby gift basket. Surely, this sweet gesture will be

Gourmet food, wines and other fine food may also be placed inside a baby gift
basket for the parent's celebration.

Oftentimes, bows and ruffles adorn the baby gift basket. But one could still be
more creative by doing a decoupage of baby pictures or baby items. Other
handmade crafts may add personal touch to your basket. They could be in the
form of papier mache', origami, sculpture, small painting, woven or knitted
items, etc.

If the one giving the baby gift basket intends to give it during a christening
celebration or baptism, a small bible, silver cups and any symbolic item that
adheres to the theme of the celebration and that the recipient's religion
appreciates may also be placed in the basket.

A small gesture like giving out a well-thought of baby basket can surely go a
long way. The recipient's smile is enough to mean a sincere "thank you".

Baby beanies: The baby toy of all time?

Baby beanies haven't been around that much since they were "born" only in 1994
when Ty Warner introduced the first baby beanies in the market. Not many people
know that a baby beanie or more officially known as beanie baby were first made
by him. He made the baby beanie to be more lifelike by giving it more air. In
other words, there was less stuffing inside each baby beanie. The usual baby
toys were stuffed to the hilt and they were stiff. While Ty's beanie baby was
half filled with stuffing and half filled with beans. Hence the name beanie
baby. Other competitors sneered and said that his toys would not last long. But
exactly the opposite is what happened!

Now, the "original nine" as they are officially referred to are the first nine
baby beanies Ty Warner made. These are the Spot the dog, Squealer the pig,
Patti the platypus, Cubbie the bear, Chocolate the moose, Pinchers the lobster,
Splash the killer whale, Legs the frog and Flash the dolphin. Collectors have
dubbed them as such since these where the first baby beanies available that
were selling at less than $5.00 each. Each baby beanie comes with a short poem
to introduce it to the toddler. This was written on a red heart-shaped tag that
is attached by the animal's ear.

Not much is known how many baby beanies are totally in existence since there
are lines developed that create a family of baby beanies. The most famous is
the teddy-bear baby beanie that was created. The basic pattern was just re-used
and different colors were utilized to create a family. Different names were
given to each teddy bear in keeping with the tradition of having a name. Some
teddy bear baby beanies are usually used for commemmorative uses such as in the
Fourth of July or there is a Diana, the Princess of Wales have been made as a
commemmorative collector's item.

However, the official baby beanies were mostly animal shapes such as cats and
pigs, dogs and hippopotamuses. These are usually brightly colored and stylized
to make them pleasing in the eye. The official baby beanie comes with his or
her own name. It has its own date of birth. And most important of all, a short
poem that describes its personality.

The baby beanie crazed happened in the late 1996 when a frenzied collection of
baby beanies started. This prompted Ty Warner to retire some of the baby
beanies to hype up even more the sales and marketing side of his products.
There were people who bought wholesale in anticipation of the possible future
value of a single baby beanie. However, as with other fads that easily rise and
can be easily forgotten, the baby beanie craze was just another fad that quickly
fizzled. Or what the expectation of those "investors" did not materialize at all.

Inspite of what happened, baby beanies are here to stay since babies usually
prefer soft toys that they can easily hug and bite and hold easily in their
hand. Baby beanies need not be in the same family of baby beanies to be
appreciated. A colllection of baby beanies show the kind of personality the
baby has or it speaks the kind of personality the giver has.

Baby Crying 101

Communication -- that's what a baby's crying is for. This sweet thing that
suddenly turn into a fit of tears is just craving for your sweeter attention.
All cultures in the world nod to this pattern all infants are accustomed to.

A baby cries the most during his or her first three months. Though the amount
of crying steadily increase, the crying time period may vary from an hour to
most of the day and this could still be considered within normal range. Like,
whoah, right? Babies are also known as howling tear factories.

Some thought that a baby cries more during the afternoon accounting it to the
anxiousness of the mother or the stressed mood of the father after going home
from work. But the most accepted assumption now is that babies have this
automatic screening ability they use to shut off all the noise that may
stimulate some response from them so they could get enough rest. But in the
long run, this filter weakens and totally disappears during the approximate age
of six weeks. This, then, make a baby very sensitive to the external factors
such as noise, movements, etc. And these generally elicit a reaction from a
baby and how best could he or she respond but only through crying.

There are many reasons why a baby succumbs to crying. Deciphering these reasons
is the major feat a parent must surmount. Here are some of the things your
sweetsome baby is making you understand through crying.

Hunger. Yes, your attention-hungry baby is craving to let you know that his
tummy is grumbling. This is the most common reason for a baby to cry,
especially, during his early months. The pattern of the hunger howl could be
characterized as being persistent, demanding and almost rhythmical. But that
rhythm is not at any rate close to becoming musical, of course.

Boredom. What can I say? Aren't these babies just plain spoiled? Crying because
of boredom, errr, I'd find that a bit more twisted or weird if it's with an
adult that is. But babies are really built like this. Crying is their way of
telling you, "Hey get me a life here!" Aside from attention and food,
consequently, babies need a lot of stimulation. And when they don't get this,
there you get your waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! The trick is to pick the baby
up and play with him. This move may be frowned upon by some because of its
amounting to spoiling the baby. But it is important to know that stimulation is
also one of the major necessities of an infant and it won't hurt to provide him
with some while in his growing age. This boredom cry is said to be also
rhythmical and full of sobs and moans.

Discomfort. Pain is another precursor of the baby's crying. Who won't cry when
in pain, right? Babies are not Major Paynes to endure the most excruciating
discomfort they could undergo. They are little, vulnerable beings that need to
be attended to when injured or when in an inconvenient situation. This cry
could be more persistent, louder and more demanding. Shrieking and screaming,
those are words that better describe the crying pattern roused by pain.

Another cause may be disturbance; surely, howling will proceed just when
they're about to sleep or are already fast asleep and suddenly gets surprised
by some noise, or movement. An illness that causes discomfort to a baby may
also be the reason for a baby's bursting into fit of tears.

Baby R Us: One Stop Baby Shop

If Toys R Us is a company that offers various toys for kids, what does Baby R
Us offer? No way! It's not babies! Baby R Us offers baby products.

In 1996, Westbury, New York, Baby R Us opened its first store. It has been
immediately followed with opening six more branches on different locations at
the end of the year. After tremendous expansion and joining the Baby Superstore
chain, Baby R Us store count has reach 218 at the beginning of 2005. What a
mammoth feat for a baby store, right?

Babies R Us is considered a pioneer in retailing premier baby products. It is
said to be the biggest store chain in the world that provides baby products.
They have stores and online stores that assist in giving a unique and fun
shopping experience for their consumers. It has a state-of-the-art baby
registry service that provides more convenience when shopping for your baby's
needs. Baby R Us also has a Mother's room that attends to babies' necessities.

It has an online store that contains various helpful features that include the

The Baby Registry service is a product of Babies R Us teaming up with Parents that are expecting their baby are permitted to create an
online baby registry or update a registry that was set up on one of the Babies
R Us stores nationwide. What this registry rids the parents is the
inconvenience of surmounting geographic barriers and presumption of which
products suit your baby. This way, when your friends and relatives plan to buy
your baby a gift, it won't be that much of a hassle anymore. All that they have
to do is go online, select, buy and get the gift delivered to you on time. All
the land-based Baby R Us stores allow all purchase returns as an added feature.

Baby R Us also constantly maintains a "Top Seller List" that usually include
educational baby equipment, baby books, a pregnant mom's book, diaper
accessories, comfy baby bouncer, play gyms, baby call nursery monitors, a
changing pad, monitors with dual receivers, an infant car seat base, baby
wraps, toddler rockers, baby swings, nursery care kits, feeding bottle set, etc.

Baby R Us online store also allows browsers to check on different brands of
baby products that suit their preferences. The following are the categories
that Baby R Us provides various brands of products on: gear, activity, toys,
nursery, health and safety, specialty stores, feeding, bath and potty, and
clothing and layette.

Baby R Us also presents gift ideas to those who want to share some goodies to
their little kids, nephews, nieces, granddaughter or grandsons. A gift set is
always considered a hit in making parents with their babies smile with
appreciation. These are often in baby gift basket forms that contain various
items that deal with the parents and baby's needs. There are also these
"Parents Favorite" items and Babies R Us' basic gift ideas that are never
surmounted by novel items. Gift certificates are also available as treats to
the parents-to-be. Baby R Us even added "new baby" or "pregnancy" e-card. Along
with this e-card, the option of an e-mail or a paper gift certificate is still

Babies R Us online even has this resource center page that includes various
buying guides, checklists, articles, advices and other information that will
both benefit the parents and the baby.

Baby Shower: The Welcoming Committe on Board

Finding out your pregnant is the best news of all. Well, second to hearing the
grand proposal of a lifetime. After a successful wedding ceremony, hearing that
your love has borne fruit is the icing on the cake. For first time expecting
mothers, it is a difficult and herculean task to search and look for all the
right stuff and equipment the baby will need. Moms-to-be need to list down all
the things the baby would need at the soonest possible time so that little by
little, each item can already be purchased and readied for the baby's arrival.
But there is another easy way to almost have it all, without getting too much
headache over it. The solution is to hold a baby shower party! The only
headache mom-to-be would have is the menu she would have to prepare on that day
and that is easier for her.

Now the burden of searching and looking for baby stuff is passed on to the
invitees. But another concern is raised. How will the baby shower go about? The
best answer there is, is to have a theme that would guide the flow of the baby
shower. There are several ways of choosing and deciding on a theme. Do you want
it to be based on color? In case you already know the gender of the baby, pink
or blue is used to universally represent a baby girl or a baby boy. Or baby
items such as a pacifier or a baby bottle? How about character-themed baby
shower such as the Sesame Street, Power Puff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory or the
Looney Tunes? It could also be a time-of-the-day baby shower whereby each
invitee is tasked to bring something the baby would need or use during that
time of the day.

From, it suggests wonderful baby shower gift ideas
such as a baby gift basket, a layette gift set, vital baby equipment, beautiful
baby linen, a baby massage set, or a baby gift certificate. Each gift idea is
unique. For the baby gift basket, some ideas they suggest is to create your own
baby gift basket or go for the classical clothing baby gift basket where you can
never go wrong. You can also go for monogrammed baby gift baskets, fun baby
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Once the baby shower is finished, take stock of what is already there and not.
For those items still missing from your list, make the necessary arrangments to
have it readily available once the baby arrives.

Just some last few tips for a successful baby shower: hold it four to six weeks
before the due date, establish a theme, write down the guest list, set the tone
and size of the baby shower, plan the games, plan the menu, create baby shower
party favors, and last but not the least, set the time and location, if it will
not be held in your residence. Remember, baby showers are a fun way to welcome
the baby that would be coming soon enough.

Wireless Baby Monitors Night Day

Your baby is the most precious thing in your life. If it is only possible to
watch over him or her day in day out then you would. Unfortunately you are not
robots that do need sleep, eat and rest. You are only humans bound by
physiologic limitations. So to aid you with your wanting to watch your baby 24
hours a day, 7 days a week, you may want to consider using wireless baby
monitors night and day.

What are Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors are devices, either audio or video, that can help you check up on
your baby even if you are not physically present with him or her. This is most
helpful to parents who need to be constantly on the go but still want to watch
over their baby while doing other productive activities.

When are Baby Monitors Useful?

Most people think that baby monitors are only useful at night during the
sleeping periods of both the child and the parents. This, however, is not the
case. You can actually use baby monitors even during the day when you have
other things to do around the house like cooking or other household

Wireless VS Wired Baby Monitors

Video and audio baby monitors can either be wired or wireless. Both modes have
their own advantages and disadvantages. But as of today, parents usually prefer
the wireless devices over wired ones for reasons of mobility.

With wireless devices, parents can go anywhere around the house while still
being able to keep tabs over their babies. The only setbacks of wireless baby
monitors are that it can be more expensive to wired devices and they are also
prone to interference.

Wireless Baby Monitors: Solving Interference Problems

Issues of interference with wireless devices have been the long time concern of
parents who use wireless baby monitors. Instead of the device being able to help
parents, interference turns them into annoyances. So for those who are
experiencing this kind of problem, here are a few tips on how to minimize
interference with your wireless baby monitor.

1) Signals coming from wireless devices usually clash with other signals from
other wireless devices running on the same frequency. When this clashing
occurs, wireless interference occurs. So to avoid interference, change the
frequency of your baby monitor every once in a while and make sure that the
frequency you use does not clash with frequencies of other devices.

To change frequencies, wireless baby monitors are equipped with a switch that
lets parents change frequency easily.

2) Another way to help in solving wireless interference is to find a proper
location for the transmitter as well as for the receiver (baby unit and the
parents' unit). So where should you place your wireless baby monitor to
minimize wireless interference?

You need to place it as far away as possible from other devices especially
wireless ones. This includes router and wireless/ cordless phones. The baby's
and parents' units should also be placed as far away from the microwave oven
since it can also cause great interference.

3) If you have money to splurge on these kinds of devices, you can go for
digital baby monitors instead of the analog ones. Digital technology has
incorporated fixes to help solve the issue of interference.

These are some of the best solutions that parents can take to minimize wireless
interference. They may not be able to eliminate interference totally but they
can help in minimizing their occurrence.

Why You Should Use Digital Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are the parents' best friends when it comes to keeping tabs on
their babies. These devices provide an extra ear and extra eye to ensure the
safety of the little ones.

In the past, baby monitors were simple gadgets making use of a transmitter and
receiver system. But now, as modern day technology progresses, so do the baby
monitors. As of today, digital baby monitors have risen up to provide parents
better quality and functionality when it comes to baby monitors.

Digital Baby Monitors and Other Baby Monitors

One obvious difference between digital baby monitors and other old baby
monitors is that it's digital! This however does not in any way mean that the
former is far more superior to the latter. It's just that they use newer
technologies to aid parents in taking care of their babies.

Advantages of Digital Baby Monitors

Digital baby monitors make use of modern digital technology thus giving them a
little bit of an edge against other analog baby monitors.

When it comes to audio and video baby monitors, quality offered by digital
technology is superb. Another advantage that digital technology has is that it
provides clearer reception. The digital receivers, whether a microphone or s
camera, are also more sensitive to sound and visuals respectively.

One problem of analog baby monitor devices is the fact that there are instances
when neighbours can actually tap in to the signal of your baby monitors and
listen. With the digital technology, privacy is kept since it broadcasts
private signals that only you, the parents, have access to.

Another dilemma that has plagued analog baby monitors before is the range.
There is no total mobility since parents can easily get out of range from the
baby unit. But with digital monitors, the range of the devices has been
extended making it more possible for the parents to roam around the house
without worrying of getting out of range.

Disadvantages of Digital Baby Monitors

Digital baby monitors do also have their fair share of disadvantages. One of
the most controversial topics about digital technology in baby monitors is
health risk. Since these digital devices make use of signals like electro
magnetic waves, they may cause health problems to babies especially when they
are at that stage when growth and development is on "rapid mode."

A solution developed to counter this problem simply states that parents should
put the baby monitor as far away as possible from the child without sacrificing
the quality of monitoring. This way, exposure to the harmful waves is, if not
eliminated, at least minimized.

This next issue can be a disadvantage for some people but not for others. This
issue is about the price. Digital baby monitors are quite more expensive
compared to other baby monitors. This is expected though since it is using the
latest of modern technology. If you have the right budget or extra money to
spare, then the issue of price is not really that of a disadvantage for you.


Digital baby monitors are the latest devices that have emerge from the baby
monitor market. They may have some edge over older analog gadgets but the
latter are nevertheless still effective. If you opt to use the latest
technology when it comes to baby monitoring, and if you have extra money to
spare, then digital baby monitors are the right devices for you.

Why Purchase Baby Monitors With Two Receivers?

A baby monitor enables you to keep tabs on your baby without having to stay
awake all night long. You can even do house chores during the day while making
sure that your little one is safe and sleeping soundly in the next room. This
helpful gadget actually comes with a wide variety of options to choose from.
Perhaps you want to purchase baby monitors with two receivers so that you and
your other half could both monitor sounds coming from your baby's room.

Having more than one receiver makes it possible for both parents to keep a
closer eye on their little bundle of joy. You may also keep the second receiver
on stand by in case your main one runs out of battery juice. In addition, an
extra receiver may also come in handy especially if you have a tendency to lose
things like phones, remote controls, etc.

Facts About Baby Monitors

Before you shop for a baby monitor that suits you, try to get the lowdown on
these valuable modern-day parenting gadgets. A baby monitor, basically, is a
radio transmitter that lets you listen to sounds coming from your baby's room.
This efficient and compact device is made up of two parts: the radio
transmitter and the portable receiver.

A baby monitor is especially useful when your little one is still very young.
By means of the receiver, you will be able to monitor awakenings in the middle
of the night. In this way, you will know when your baby needs feeding, a diaper
change or, perhaps, your mere presence and the comfort of your touch. At
daytime, a baby monitor also provides you with an enormous freedom to do other
things during your baby's naptime.

As a rule, you need to place the radio transmitter within 10 feet of the crib
so that it can pick up even the slightest sounds made by your baby such as
breathing and movement. You can then carry the portable receiver around during
the day or just leave it plugged in at the side of your bed at nighttime. These
days, a good number of baby monitors are battery-operated. Some models even have
extra capabilities including a video monitoring feature and an option that lets
your baby hear your comforting voice.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Baby Monitor

Low-battery Indicator -- As much as possible, you should purchase a baby monitor
that has a low-battery indicator. In this way, you will be alerted whenever your
batteries need replacement.

Compactness -- The smaller the size of the baby monitor, the more effortlessly
you can carry it around. Be sure that you buy a model that allows you to place
the receiver inside your pocket. An option that lets you wrap the portable
device around your waistline is also an excellent alternative.

Sound-activated Light -- It can be difficult to monitor baby sounds if you're
trying to vacuum the floor or watch television. Fortunately, a number of baby
monitors now come with a sound-activated light that illuminates each time it
detects noise. This feature allows you to immediately know that something's
going on without even hearing the sounds.

Double Receiver -- Opting for baby monitors with two receivers is an excellent
idea; that is, if you don't mind shelling out more money than you're supposed
to. At present, there are certain brands on the market that offer buyers with
an option to buy additional receivers. Of course, you can always stick to the
traditional choice -- single receiver -- in case the extra receiver is beyond
your budget.

Using Baby Monitors In Blocks Of Flats

Parents, with the hustles and bustles of modern life, turn to technology to
help them with various things. These technological help come in the forms of
devices that can make one's life easier especially if you are busy with work.
This holds true with the devices called baby monitors which are used by parents
to watch over their babies.

But these devices all have their limitations. In the case of using baby
monitors in blocks of flats with a dozen or more tenants, the devices may
encounter several problems which include interference.

Resolving Wireless Baby Monitor Interference

Baby monitors are devices that help parents watch over their babies. But no
matter how these gadgets may seem to help, there are times when they become
annoying especially when you encounter interferences. Baby monitors,
specifically wireless ones, may experience a lot of interferences especially
when you live in flats with short proximity from other tenants. The chances of
interference are doubled if next-door neighbors also make use of wireless baby

Fortunately, there are several ways on how to resolve interference issues when
using baby monitors in blocks of flats.

1) Change The Frequency of Your Device

Wireless devices such as baby monitors are created to have the ability to
change frequencies. This ability of these devices can help in resolving any
interference problems. If you think this is difficult to do, think again. It
can be as easy as just flicking a simple switch on the device.

2) Proper Location

Wireless baby monitors react to other wireless devices. To prevent
interferences, try to place the baby monitor as far away from wireless devices
as possible. This includes wireless phones, cell phones, and routers.

3) Prioritize Your Baby Monitor

If it is unavoidable that you use wireless devices other than the baby monitor,
make sure that you prioritize your baby monitor. Before switching on any other
wireless device, switch your baby monitor first. This will help the device get
the best reception. It would also be good to note that you should switch the
cordless phone base last.

4) Using Digital Monitors

The latest technology has spawned a new breed of baby monitors  --  digital. These
types of baby monitors have been made to counter any kind of wireless
interference. This may cost a little more than the analog versions, but if you
do have the money to spare, then try to go digital.

Tips When Using Baby Monitors in Block of Flats

1) As much as baby monitors can help parents, personal supervision is still
very important. It is more important when you live in a flat where there are a
lot of people and strangers can easily come and go.

2) Just like with any electronic device, do not let your baby monitor, either
the transmitter or receiver, get in contact with water. These devices have
enough electricity in them to cause shock.

3) Baby monitors always come with a manual or an instruction booklet. Always
follow the instructions of the manufacturer religiously so as not to encounter
any problems with the device that you purchased.

4) Baby monitors, especially the parents' units are very handy and can easily
be carried around. Always remember to carry the units with care because they
may break.

These are just some of the things you can do to resolve interference when using
baby monitors in blocks of flats. They may not work 100% of the time but they
will 100% surely minimize instances of interferences.

The Problems Behind Baby Monitors In Blocks Of Flats

Time and again, parents turn to technology for quick fixes to various parenting
problems. These solutions are often in the form of gadgets that have the
potential of making life a lot easier for the middle-class, working parents.
Then again, if you live in an apartment building with a dozen  --  or more  -- 
tenants, you could come across a number of additional setbacks every time you
try to use a wireless device. Baby monitors in blocks of flats definitely face
the challenge of interfering with each other.

Fixing Wireless Interference

Baby monitors basically provide parents with an extra pair of eyes or ears. As
helpful as these gadgets may be, they could also turn out to be a nuisance
every time you encounter interference problems. Unfortunately, such instances
could take place quite often if you live in a flat with very close (as in
proximity) next-door neighbors.

There are actually a number of ways to get rid or avoid interference issues
when using baby monitors inside an apartment building. Here are some of them:

1) Change the frequency band.

Most modern wireless devices are equipped with capabilities of channel
adjustments. This is one way of patching up interference problems. The process
may be as effortless as sliding a switch or pushing a key. If you happen to be
using a router with a wireless connection, then you should at least stay away
from the uppermost or lowermost channels. These frequencies have a propensity
of interfering with other devices in your home, including the baby monitor.

2) Switch on the baby monitor before other devices.

In order for the baby monitor to obtain the most excellent reception and
transmission using the 2.4-GHz channel, you need to switch off all devices that
operate in the same frequency. Then switch on the baby monitor followed by your
other wireless gadgets. Remember that the base unit of your cordless phone
should be switched on last.

3) Purchase a digital baby monitor instead.

To make sure that your neighbors will not be able to pick up the sounds
transmitted by your baby monitor, buy a digital type as an alternative to the
analog version. This way, you can rest assured that the only sounds you'll hear
are the ones that have originated from your baby's room.

4) Keep your electronic devices at a safe distance from each other.

If channel adjustments still won't work and the substitution of the appliance
is not an immediate alternative, make an effort to keep the conflicting devices
at a safe distance from one another. Doing so will somehow reduce the likelihood
of interference.

Other Safety Tips

- Don't ever use a mere baby monitor to justify your absence. Parental
supervision is undoubtedly important, especially if you live in an apartment
building where strangers can easily come and go.

- Do not position a baby monitor's transmitter or receiver near water. Like any
electronic device, baby monitors can cause an electrical shock if not used

- Adhere to the manufacturer's strict instructions at all times with regard to
the usage and the placement of baby monitors inside your home.

- Handle the baby monitor with care. Do not recklessly carry the device around.
Also, avoid clutching the monitor by the antenna because it can easily break.

- Safeguard the baby monitor from direct heat sources, as well as the glare of
the sun.

- Do not forget to position the baby monitor's receiver or transmitter on a
sufficiently high surface that could not be reached or disturbed by other

Those were some of the things you can do for problems with baby monitors in
blocks of flats. If you can't completely get rid of the dilemma, you can at
least do something to minimize its annoying effects.

The Power of Wireless Night Vision Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have already become a household name. Parents, especially busy
parents, install these devices so that they may be able to observe and tend to
the needs of their baby if they are located in a different place at home. But
another very useful function of baby monitors is during sleeping hours. This
best applies to a setup wherein the baby stays in a room separate from the

If the parents sleep in a different room from the baby, it would prove to be
impossible to be able to monitor him or her perfectly unless you wake up every
minute and check up on your little tyke. So the best way to do this is to use a
baby monitor. With this kind of device, you can monitor your baby as if you were
actually right there beside him or her.

Video Baby Monitors and Night Vision

Baby monitors develop together with technology. As of current date, there are a
lot of different baby monitors all of which have their own unique functions. One
of the latest baby monitors are video baby monitors with night vision capability.

You may have seen it in the movies or on TV -- the navy seals attacking at night
are not at a disadvantageous position since they are using their handy dandy
night vision goggles. That same technology is being used in today's baby
monitors. Even if the lights in the baby's room are switched off, with the help
of the night vision baby monitors, you can easily see your baby. They will work
perfectly well in low light environment and even in total darkness.

Since babies are still quite photo or light sensitive, switching off the lights
will greatly benefit them. And with you having a video baby monitor with night
vision capability, will still be at ease since you will still be able to see
your baby clearly on your monitor.

Wireless Baby Monitors

Baby monitors can be wireless or wired. Wired baby monitors make use of wire
for the device on the baby and your device to be able to communicate with each
other. While this setup is very effective, it will not let you move that
freely. You will only be able to move as fire as the wire goes.

The other kind of baby monitor takes away this disadvantage of distance.
Wireless technology is already being used in baby monitors. You can move freely
around the house and complete your chores while still being able to monitor your
baby. Wireless Baby Monitors can be used to either audio or video baby monitors.

Wireless Night Vision Baby Monitors

Imagine combining the night vision capability with the wireless feature  -- 
ultimate baby monitor. You can carry around the wireless night vision baby
monitor around without being restricted by wires. Aside from that, you will
also be able to see your baby even in the worst lighting conditions.

Wireless night vision baby monitors can truly be your ultimate partner when it
comes to keeping an eye on your baby. It provides the best portability that any
video baby monitor can, and it also provides the best functionality because of
its night vision capability.

Now you do not have to worry about your baby wherever you may be in your house
since having a wireless night vision baby monitor makes it seem like you are
right there by the side of your loved one.

The Perks Of Using Baby Video Monitors

The security and comfort of the baby always come first before anything else.
But as much as you would like to always stay beside your child, it is
inevitable that there are other things that also need to be taken care of.
Doing two things at the same time, watching over your baby and doing your other
household chores, seem quite impossible. So what do you do? You can use baby
video monitors.

What are baby video monitors?

Baby video monitors are the advance version of the simplex transmitter and
receiver system of baby monitors. In the past, baby monitors are only one way
transmissions  --  audio from baby's room are sent to parent's receiver and that's
it. But with the fast development in technology, baby monitors have also been
improved. One of these improvements is the baby video monitor.

Baby video monitors, instead of just using audio, now make use of visuals.
Parents can now opt to choose whether they want a camera installed so that they
may be able to monitor their baby visually. The camera sends feeds to its
partner video monitor used by the parents.

Wired or Wireless

Baby video monitors can either be wired or wireless. There is really not much
difference between the two in terms of monitoring quality except for the fact
that wired devices use wires while the wireless ones don't. If you intend to
use the video monitor at only one location, then you may opt to use the wired
version. But if you intend to use the video monitor in different places all
over the house then it would be a good idea to avail of the wireless devices.
Take note though that wireless video monitors also have their limitations. The
device for the baby and the device for the parents must be in their proper
range with each other or else wireless intermittent connection may occur.

Conventional Baby Monitors VS Baby Video Monitors

The question whether to use the conventional simplex baby monitors or the baby
video monitors will all fall down to preference. If you think that using the
conventional baby monitors would be enough for you to monitor your child, then
so be it. But if you think that having visuals over your child would make you
feel that your child is safer, then go for baby video monitors.

Baby Video Monitors Extreme

The usual setup for baby video monitors is that a camera is placed in the
baby's room then a monitor, usually an LCD type, will be carried by the parent.
But now, video monitors have gone to the extreme level. Parents can now use the
baby video monitors to watch over their youngling even when they are at the
office. With the help of an Internet capable computer, parents can now access
their baby cameras anywhere at any time.

Most of the time however, this system is used to keep tabs on your nanny,
caretaker or babysitter instead of the baby. You may want to make sure that
whoever is in charge of your baby at that moment in time is giving his or her
utmost care and love.

Other uses of these baby video monitors system over the Internet is when you
badly want to see your baby but can't since it still office hours. Just log-in
to your baby cam at home and in an instant you will be able to see your baby.

The Different Types of Baby Monitors

Our children are our most valuable possessions. If only it was possible to be
able to watch over them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then you would. This is
most especially true when it comes to babies since they are dependent on their
parents with everything that they do.

Unfortunately, parents are only humans and as such, you also get tired and will
need rest from time to time. And what better way to rest than from the comforts
of your room. This is where baby monitors come in handy. With these devices,
you will still be able to monitor your baby even if he or she is in another

What Are Baby Monitors?

Basically, a baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm, is a device that can be
used to monitor your children or babies even if they are located in a separate
room than yours. It is a simplex transmitter and receiver system that can be
used to remotely listen for different noises made by your kids and babies.

A transmitter device with a microphone is placed in the room of your baby
(usually near the baby). Another device with a receiver and with speakers can
be carried by you, the parents, or the baby sitter, or anyone who is taking
care of the babies. With baby monitors, you can keep track of your baby's even
if you are doing something else in the proximity of your house.

Types of Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have evolved through the years. From the simple transmitter and
receiver device, different baby monitors have been developed. Currently, there
are two types of baby monitors: video baby monitors and audio baby monitors.

Video baby monitors, as the name implies, use video footages for overseeing
events in the room where the baby is located. It incorporates the technology
used by webcams in computers. Instead of only using the simple transmitter with
microphone, a camera is installed with it. The receiver, instead of just having
speakers, already has LCD screens installed along with them.

Video baby monitors have also taken advantage of the current technology of the
Internet. With the video baby monitor installed in the room, parents can access
the cameras and view the conditions of their babies even when they are at the
office. All they need is a computer with Internet access and voila! Instant
video feed direct from the baby's room.

The other type of baby monitor is the audio baby monitor. This is the
descendant of the basic uni-directional system used by basic and usually old
monitors. These new types of baby monitors however have been integrated with
new technology. Instead of just being able to hear your baby, you can now
actually talk back to him or her.

There are even some devices that will let you send commands to the baby's
device to play different music to hush him or her back to sleep.

Both types of baby monitors, audio and video, can either be wired or wireless.
The wireless devices may, in some cases, be more advantageous than the wired
devices since you will be able to go anywhere anytime for as long as both
devices are within range.

The set back of this setup though is that wireless connections seem to be more
affected with different interferences than the wired devices.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Baby Monitors

Baby monitors, just like with other gadgets, have taken advantage of the
developing modern technology. What was once a simple transmitter and receiver
system have gone up a notch to provide parents the ease of watching over their
baby without sacrificing comfort and security. As of today, parents have
different choices of baby monitors one of which is the wireless baby monitors.

But even with all the advantages these gadgets provide, it is inevitable that
there are also disadvantages.

Comparing Wireless With Wired Baby Monitors

Baby monitors can come as wired and wireless devices. Wired baby monitors, as
its name implies, makes use of wires to be able to connect the transmitting
device and the receiving device. This is a very good system when it comes to
baby monitors the only setback is that, the length of wires makes mobility
quite impossible. The receiver would more or less just stay in one place.

Wireless baby monitors however are more flexible than wired ones. Since it is
wireless, the limitation that the length of wires provide does not apply to it
making it more possible to move around the house while still being able to
monitor your baby.

Almost all types of monitors, whether audio or video, can be wired or wireless.
It all comes down to budget and preference.

The Advantages of Wireless Baby Monitors

As have been mentioned, the most advantageous feature of a wireless baby
monitor is mobility. Imagine being able to move around the house doing all the
necessary chores without losing the ability to watch over the baby. You can
transfer from room to room or while even in the bathroom and still you won't
lose track of what is happening to your baby.

Another advantage of these wireless devices is the ease of setting it up. You
do not have to fidget with wires to be able to set your baby monitoring system
up. Just setup the wireless device for the baby anywhere you want in the room
without worrying whether the length of the wire is enough to reach the other
room where you will setup the receiver.

In terms of aesthetics, wireless baby monitors also provide parents an
advantage. You do not have to worry about wires sticking out or going out of

Last but not the least you can easily transfer the device from one place to
another. For example, if you want to leave your baby in the living room for a
while, you can get the device from the baby's room and transfer it to the
living room without going through the difficulty of moving the wires.

The Disadvantages of Wireless Baby Monitors

If such devices have advantages, then it is possible that they also have
disadvantages. This is true with wireless baby monitors. The most
disadvantageous aspect of these wireless devices is interference.

Wireless interference may come as irksome sounds, static sounds or buzzing
sounds. In video monitors, interference may come in the form of fuzzy or static
reception. These wireless interferences are usually caused by other wireless
devices around the house like the wireless phone or a router. Other wireless
baby monitors from your neighbor's house can also cause interference.
Fortunately, there are ways to solve these kinds of problems like adjusting
channels or changing frequencies.

Another disadvantage of wireless baby monitors is the range. It may have been
freed from the clutches of wires but they are still limited on how far the
distance of the baby's device is from your device.

Taking Care of Your Baby Using Video Baby Monitors

Your baby is the most precious being in your life. And since babies can't still
tend for themselves, it is your responsibility to give the love, care and
security that they need. Sadly, even though they are your topmost priority,
there are still other things in the priority list that need your attention. So
how do you go on with your daily activities without sacrificing the quality of
security, love, and care that you need to give your baby? You can use video
baby monitors.

Baby Monitors

Basically, baby monitors are devices that parents can use to be able to observe
their baby even if they are not in the same room. The most simple baby monitors
make use of a simplex transmitter and receiver system. In the baby's room, a
transmitter device with microphone is installed while the parents have a
receiver device with a speaker. Any sound the baby makes in the room will be
transmitted directly to the device held by the parents. If something is wrong,
the parents will definitely know about it.

But baby monitors have already come a long way. Today, different baby monitors
have been developed which make use not only of sounds but of images as well. A
great example of this is the video baby monitor.

Video baby monitors make use of cameras instead of just the usual transmitter
with microphone device. A camera or a number of cameras are installed in the
baby's room and live video feed are transmitted to a TV or LCD receiver.

These video devices can either be wired or wireless devices. The most basic
application of a wired video baby monitor is to provide live video feed from
the room of the baby to the room of the parents. This is most useful during the
sleeping hours of the parents. With the video baby monitor installed, you can
continually monitor your baby without having to stand up and going to your baby
in the next room.

The wireless video baby monitor however has a larger scope of use. Since it is
wireless, you can go anywhere around the house while bringing an LCD monitor to
keep track of the status of your baby. You can be in the kitchen or in the
garden and still be able to keep an eye over the baby since you are not limited
with a wire. It is important to know though that these devices also have a limit
to their range.

Special Features

Some video baby monitors have special features. This is mostly based on the
manufacturer and provider of your baby monitor.

One great feature of some video baby monitors is the night vision capability.
During night time when the lights are already switched off, you can still
continue the surveillance of your baby. Low lit environments and dark rooms is
not a problem with the help of the night vision feature.

Another special feature that some video baby monitor provides is the baby cam
feature. With the use of the Internet, parents will be able to keep track of
their baby. A few simple clicks on the computer and the baby cam can be
accessed anywhere and anytime.

This is most useful for those parents who have to go to the office and leave
the baby with a babysitter or nanny. Even at work, you can keep on monitoring
the well-being of your youngling.

Shopping For The Best Baby Monitors

Looking after your baby's safety is not an easy task. In fact, a lot of parents
are willing to spend tons of money just to make sure that they're little bundles
of joy are safe and sound. With this in mind, buying only the best baby monitors
that the market has to offer seems like an excellent idea. Unfortunately, some
people mistakenly translate money for quality. The truth of the matter is that
the price tag doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll actually get what you

Like any other products, baby monitors need to suit your lifestyle and satisfy
your requirements, even to the slightest of details. So before you purchase
one, try to dwell on a number of factors first. These things will not only
serve as your guide, they will also help you pick out the best type or brand
for your little one.


The size of your house, as well as the distance of the nursery from your
bedroom  --  or other vital parts of your home  --  need to be taken into
consideration. If you live in a small apartment or if your baby's room is only
a couple of rooms away, then virtually any type of baby monitor will suffice.

On the other hand, parents who own bigger houses or live in multi-story
residences require a device that has a longer range. In this way, they will
know for certain that the transmitter and receiver will not falter even in
extended distances.


Every now and then, people may share a similar opinion when it comes to size.
Some consider smaller devices to be more excellent than larger ones. Because of
this trend, as well as the necessity for better portability, a good number of
modern baby monitors are currently equipped with ultra-small receivers.

Most baby monitors these days also come with receivers that have belt clips.
This feature allows parents to carry the device around without much effort. If
you intend to take the receiver anywhere in the house for extended periods of
time, test out the attachment method just to be sure that it's durable enough
to endure daily usage.

In addition, you also need to check the battery life and power source. You
should at least get a hold of answers for questions such as: "Will I need to
recharge it frequently?"


Since a baby monitor is basically a wireless device, it is highly possible to
experience interference with the signal. You and your next-door neighbors may
utilize similar channels and wind up hearing noises from each other's homes.
Cordless telephones may also interfere with your signal. In case interference
is a big issue for you, you can always look for something that utilizes the
so-called no-interference technology or has additional security features.

Video Monitoring Options

A basic baby monitor allows you to hear whatever's happening in the baby's
bedroom. Then again, technological innovations have made it possible to combine
sound and visual monitoring. Although the video option seems like a brilliant
idea, you still won't be able to stare at the screen all the time. For that
reason, you definitely shouldn't sacrifice an excellent sound quality over
supplementary features.

Keep in mind that the best baby monitors are not always the most costly ones.
What matters most is the fact that it is suitable for your situation and
hardwearing enough to survive every day use.

Shopping For Mobile Baby Monitors

When you're a parent, you need to make use of every probable idea you can come
up with in order to provide excellent care to your baby. Luckily, the modern
world has brought in numerous parent-friendly products that offer help and
support to first-time  --  or even experienced  --  parents. Mobile baby monitors are
examples of such useful devices that make parenthood more manageable than you
would expect, especially if you're a single mom or dad.

What is a Mobile Baby Monitor?

In essence, a mobile baby monitor is a radio transmitter coupled with a
receiver. The set is synchronized to a predetermined frequency band that gives
off a frequency modulation (FM) signal once it is switched on. More often than
not, these portable monitors send out signals between the range of 49,830 MHz
and 49,890 MHz.

Why do you need to buy one?

Mobile baby monitors make it possible for parents to keep tabs on their infants
without the necessity of staying awake or standing outside the nursery door all
night. A typical baby monitor set consists of two parts: a radio transmitter
and a portable receiver. The radio transmitter must be positioned 8 to 10 feet
away from your baby's crib. Then again, you can always position it closer to
the baby for better reception of sounds.

The signal picked up by the radio transmitter is then passed on to the portable
receiver, which can be carried effortlessly around the house. For as long as the
receiver is within the range of distance supported by the device, you will be
able to hear the sounds coming from your baby's room even if you are in another
part of your house.

To recharge the radio transmitter, simply plug it into the socket as it usually
sits still at the side of your baby. Batteries, on the other hand, operate the
portable receiver. Although this can be an addition cost, the price you pay in
order to take pleasure in its portability is certainly worth it.

What are the disadvantages of Baby Monitors?

First and foremost, baby monitors work more efficiently between ground floor
and first floor areas. However, if your home is made of thick concrete walls or
has aluminum siding, then this can terribly decrease the strength of the
transmitted signal.

Parents who own baby monitors have also reported instances of interference.
From time to time, their receivers are able to pick up signals from their
neighbors' wireless devices  --  baby monitors included. Because of these
occurrences, a lot of people have made it a point not to mention any private or
confidential information while the baby monitor is switched on.

Interference with cordless phones and wireless routers is also a common
problem. Every now and then, your baby monitor may compete with these wireless
devices for better signal reception. For that reason, it is better to purchase
one that features a channel adjustment capability. This way, you can change
frequency bands every time you encounter interference problems.

Of course, you also need to factor in the cost of buying a baby monitor. The
high-end versions can cost as much as $300 dollars or more. These mobile baby
monitors normally feature a video monitoring option that allows parents to keep
a closer eye on their babies. Then again, if you prefer the cheaper variety to
the pricey ones, be prepared to shell out around $40 to $90 for the radio

Setting Up Multi-room Baby Monitors

A baby monitor can undoubtedly offer a great deal of assistance to both
first-time and experienced parents. If you want to get things done while your
baby dozes off in another room, then purchasing this nifty gadget is certainly
the way to go. Concerned parents, like you, also have the option of setting up
multi-room baby monitors.

Multi-room Monitoring

A good number of baby monitors only have one radio transmitter and one or more
portable receivers that make it possible for parents to listen in on their
babies all day and all night long. If you prefer to have one radio transmitter
in every room, there are actually a smaller number of choices.

In order to set up a multi-room monitoring system, some parents purchase more
than one baby monitors. By simply positioning one radio transmitter in each
room, you can listen to the sounds coming from your baby's room even if you're
busy with house chores or other stuff.

Then again, this added capability comes with a number of drawbacks. The baby
monitors could interfere with each other. For that reason, you need to make
sure that they are set in different frequency bands; otherwise, you will only
be able to hear irritating electronic screeches. Your most excellent option
these days would be to purchase baby monitors that carry features for
multi-room monitoring.

Other Practical Features

Baby monitors are actually quite new. The idea behind the importance of having
one is that you  --  as a parent  --  are afforded with an extra set of eyes and
ears. This way, you can keep tabs on your baby even while you're busy with
something else. By listening in on your little one, you'll be alerted each time
he or she needs feeding or a diaper change.

Video Monitoring  --  The latest models of baby monitors also feature several
other options that takes the pressure off monitoring your baby 24/7. The video
monitoring capability of some model allows you to watch over your baby anytime
and anywhere in your house.

You may even avail of the web cast feature that makes it possible for a parent,
who's away on a business trip, to keep track of their baby or kid at home. This
is definitely an excellent alternative especially when one of the parents needs
to work away from home for a certain period of time.

Walkie-talkie Features  --  This option provides you with the ability to talk to
your little one through the baby monitor. On top of that, you can even play
music or transmit almost anything you want to the baby. Some doting parents
also make use of this feature to calm their babies down by talking to them over
the baby monitor. Also, when your child is old enough to speak, you can surely
have chats by means of this nifty device.

Other Fun Features  --  Newer models of baby monitors now come with a number of
fun attributes. The wide range of options include rechargeable batteries for
the portable receivers, remote controls, warning alerts for movements  --  or lack
thereof, and monitors with musical capabilities.

Of course, you need to thoroughly choose features that suit you and your baby;
otherwise, you'll end up spending money for something you don't really need.
Plus, if you're planning to set up multi-room baby monitors, make sure that
they function as efficiently as they're supposed to in order to ensure your
child's safety.

Qualities of a Good Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are wonder gadgets for many busy parents. They not only allow
them more time to themselves and to work, but most especially, they give them
the opportunity to provide for the safety of their children even when they are
not right by their side. However, with the many different types available in
the market, new parents may find it puzzling to choose which monitor would be
the most practical purchase for their budget. And so, with whatever type of
monitor you want to purchase  -- whether audio, video, digital or analog- here are
a few qualities that you should always find in a good monitoring device.

What to Look For in a Baby Monitor

Clarity of the Reception (whether audio or video) and less static is always a
good quality for the baby monitor to become effective in child safety. This
allows you to clearly hear or see the activities of the child better.

A good monitor must always be handy. A compact and portable monitor will easily
provide you with comfort as you carry it around the vicinity. With this, it
would be easier for you to keep an eye on the child while working.

A light alarm that activates whenever it picks up sound is always a good
feature of the gadget. This becomes very useful in instances wherein you might
be preoccupied with loud noises in the area such as the sound of the television
or vacuum. This will at least keep you alert and aware if the baby is making

Having an indicator on the gadget that activates whenever the battery is low
prevents instances of the battery running out without you knowing. Not having
this feature could be very dangerous to the child because one might not notice
that something wrong has already happened if the monitor stops working when the
battery drains.

In choosing a monitor, the right range or bandwidth must be considered
properly. If it would be used in a bigger house, then a wider range is
required. A smaller house or apartment might not need as much range especially
if one lives in an area where there may be a lot of interference such as cell
phones and other monitors that could disrupt the signals. But it is also
important to consider the user's activity, especially if work might require him
or her to be of farther distance from the child.

Considering Your Own Needs

Knowing what to look for in a good baby monitor is one thing, but aside from
this, it is also important to consider your own needs. Always remember to
choose those with features that would fit the type of work that you do in order
to make it easier for you to look out for the child.

Also, the family budget in choosing a monitor must also come in mind. If you
are decided on getting the best and if you have the means to splurge on
high-end monitors, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you
are on a tighter budget, many good monitors are available in the market for
almost just as good the quality at more economical prices.

Baby monitors are the wonder gadgets for parents today. Although the whole
process of choosing which type or model to buy may be baffling and many factors
may come to your mind, always remember to stick to the basics that keep the
gadget effective to its goal in keeping the child safe.

Professional Wireless Baby Monitors LCD

Baby monitors are big help to parents who need a lot of things to do but do not
want to sacrifice the security of their baby. Baby monitors can easily be
purchased online or in your local shops.

However, there are also baby monitors that are installed by professionals.
Unlike the baby monitors off the shelf, professionally installed ones usually
make use of high end gadgets in watching over your baby.

The Types of Baby Monitors

Basically there are two types of baby monitors: audio and video baby monitors.
Audio baby monitors only make use of sounds while video baby monitors make use
of a camera and transmitter to send video feeds to a LCD receiver. LCD or
Liquid Crystal Display are the choice of manufacturers in video baby monitors
since it is light, and is the best mobility wise compared to CRT devices.

Baby monitors that use live video feeds may only be of two things: wired or
wireless. Wireless devices are convenient and are the good partners for video
baby monitors that use LCD screens as the parents' unit. They can carry it
around anywhere around the house while still having the convenience of watching
over the baby.

Advantages of Using Professional Wireless Baby Monitors LCD

When hiring or using professional wireless baby monitors LCD, you are assured
of one thing  --  quality. Since this is the kind of service and specialty they
provide, you can be quite sure that you as parents are given the best possible
monitoring they can provide. This is one advantage of going pro.

Another advantage is that there is usually customer support that will be
willing to help you in case you encounter any problems. Just a few presses on
the dial pad of the phone and you will right away be presented with several
solutions to the problem you are experiencing.

Installation of different baby monitors can sometimes be hassle especially if
you do not know anything about gadgets and other electronic devices. Other
people will do it for you while still asking for your consultation.

The quality of devices used as baby monitors will also be of high calibre.
Professionals, to live up to their name, will do anything to please their
customers. They will provide you with the latest in technology baby monitors.
The better the technology, the better monitoring will be.

Disadvantages of Using Professional Wireless Baby Monitors LCD

The biggest disadvantage of using professional wireless baby monitors is its
cost. Compared to using off the shelf gadgets, professional ones will cost way
much higher. This is expected of course since you will be given the best
possible baby monitoring system they can provide. Of course, if you have the
money for it, then this would not be much of a problem.

Another minor disadvantage of this kind of baby monitoring is that you have to
confide with the company if you want something to be changed  --  positions,
monitoring gadget, monitoring system, etc. Unlike when using your off the shelf
baby monitor which you can position to your liking anytime anywhere, you still
have to wait for their personnel to come and do it for you.

In the end, choosing whether to go pro or just use what is available depends on
your preference and most importantly your budget.

Looking For The Best Baby Sleep Apnea Monitors

Everyone experiences pauses in breathing once in a while. This does not only
happen to adults but to babies as well. This breathing pattern is called apnea.
Although this is completely normal to some, it may also be related to some
health conditions that should be a cause for concern especially when it happens
to your baby. Being in this kind of predicament, you may opt to seek for the
help of baby sleep apnea monitors.

The Different Types of Apneas

The word apnea has its origin from a Greek word which means "without wind." It
is the medical term used to describe the occasional cessation of breathing of a
person. Even though it is normal, it may also be a symptom of something more
serious that is health related.

Basically there are three types of apnea: obstructive, central and mixed.
Obstructive apnea is most common in babies and children. It is caused by
obstructions in the airway such as adenoids and enlarged tonsils. This is quite
dangerous especially for babies since it usually happens during sleep time. And
as babies, they still can't articulate whether they are already experiencing
symptoms of the condition.

Symptoms of this type of apnea include snoring, labored breathing, gasping for
air, and changes in color. But the cardinal sign of obstructive apnea in babies
is restlessness.

Another type of apnea is central apnea. This is usually caused by defect in the
part of the brain the controls breathing. In babies, this could be a congenital
defect. Central apnea is very rare in adults but quite common in babies
especially those who were born prematurely. Unlike obstructive apnea, this can
happen at any time of the day.

The third type of apnea is called mixed apnea. This condition is the
combination of obstructive apnea and central apnea. This is particularly very
common in infants. It could occur any time, whether awake or asleep.

What To Do If You Think Your Baby Has Apnea

When your baby is born, he or she is automatically evaluated for any problems
in health like defects in breathing. But this is just an initial evaluation
which can change in the next few months. The first step is to have your baby
checked up by his or her doctor. If apnea is detected, the doctor can suggest
different ways to help you monitor your baby one of which is with the use of
baby sleep apnea monitor.

What to Look for In Baby Sleep Apnea Monitors

There are a lot of different baby sleep apnea monitors each with different
features. In choosing a baby sleep apnea monitor, there are certain features
that the device must have to ensure the proper monitoring of your baby.

Heart Beat Monitor

This feature is a must for the device that you will choose since no apnea
monitor is 100 percent accurate in detecting cessation of breathing. This will
serve as a backup in case the apnea monitor fails to detect apnea because it
will also manifest in the heart rate of the baby.

Another must have feature is a remote alarm. Even if you are not in the same
room with the baby, a remote monitor will notify you if anything goes wrong. It
must also have a power loss alarm. This is used when the devices are low in
power. Last but not the least, the device must also be equipped with an AC
power for recharging and powering the device.

How the Two-way Baby Monitor Benefits You and Your Baby

A baby monitor is a device that is used to check on the baby even if the
watcher is not inside the same room. It is extremely helpful; especially to
parents who cannot possibly stay by their baby's side at all times. The most
common type used is the audio monitor. This type receives and transmits sounds
produced by the baby to a parent unit so moms or dads could hear the activities
of the baby and know if there are any problems while they are at a certain

Lately, additional features have been placed to these audio monitors, wherein
parents could now talk back to their baby. This new feature has proven to be
very beneficial to many of today's parents. These two-way baby monitors not
only provide parents with a means to check on their baby, but a means for
parent-child bonding as well.

What is the difference between the two-way monitor and one-way monitor?

One-way monitors from the name itself, basically only transmit sound through a
single channel wherein parents can hear the sounds that their baby makes from
the other end. However, the much-improved two-way monitors can allow parents to
talk back to their child with their own portable transmitter. Parents who have
children with separation anxiety often prefer this type of monitor, as hearing
a familiar voice could usually calm the child.

What are the major benefits of getting a two-way monitor?

With the new feature of these monitors, parents are not only able to provide
for the safety of their children by being able to hear possible problems from a
distance, but they are also given the chance to solve certain problems or bond
more with their child by talking through the portable parent unit.

Being able to talk back through the portable transmitter can be very beneficial
for parents who have kids with separation anxiety. A familiar voice from the
transmitter could be enough to calm a child's anxiety tantrums or pacify
worries. And thus, parents who often find themselves caught up in the middle of
work, can now simply talk to the child and calm him down without physically
being next to him.

The talkback feature can also help maintain the bond of the parent and child,
despite the parent being at a certain distance. Parents could sing their
lullabies or read stories while they do the laundry or while they clean the
house. Even at a distance, parents are empowered to interact with their child
through the device. And children, upon recognizing the familiar voice of their
parents are given the assurance that they are watched and are in a safe place,
which can be soothing to them.

The main priority of most parents who have baby monitors is basically the
safety of their children. But if one can provide safety and connect with his or
her child without having to compromise work through a simple gadget, then life
would certainly be much easier.

It does not only place the parents at ease, but much more, it decreases the
anxiety on the child and assures him of a safe and secure environment. In
providing safety for the child, sometimes it isn't enough to lend an ear, but a
familiar voice can certainly make all the difference in the world.

With two-way monitors benefiting both the parent and the child, it becomes the
key to hitting two birds with one stone for a lot families.

Flats And Baby Monitors: Fixing Interference Problems

Flats and baby monitors have a very interesting relationship  --  the former may
cause problems for the latter. This has been the concern of parents who use
baby monitors in their flats. Because of the number of tenants who also use
different gadgets, interference among baby monitors is quite common. With this
kind of setup, security and comfort of your baby may be put at risk.

Fixing Interference Problems

Baby monitors are great help for parents who are always on the go. These
gadgets enable parents to multi-task  --  do other chores while still being able
to watch over their baby. However, these gadgets may sometimes cause annoyances
rather than comfort and relief especially when you live in close proximity with
your neighbours such as in flats.

Wireless baby monitors are usually the gadgets that experience this kind of
problem. They experience interferences because of different factors one of
which is the use of other wireless devices either in your flat or in the flat
of other tenants. Luckily, there are several ways on how to, if not eliminate,
at least minimize the existence of interference.

On top of the list is changing the channel or frequency of your baby monitor.
If two devices are running on the same frequency, it will cause interference.
So to prevent this from happening, you should try to change the frequency of
either device. Wireless baby monitors are usually equipped with switches that
allow parents to change frequencies easily.

The next option in fixing interference is by properly placing the baby monitor,
both the baby's and the parent's units, in the proper location. What does it
mean by proper location? It means that the baby monitors should be placed as
far away as possible from other wireless devices. This includes cell phones,
cordless phones, and routers. Microwave ovens could also cause interference on
your baby monitor.

Since it is inevitable that you will be using other wireless devices around
your flat, one of the best things you could do to prevent interference is to
always prioritize your baby monitor. This can be done through switching your
baby monitor on first before any other device. By doing this, you are giving
the baby monitor the chance to get the most excellent signal it can. After that
you can switch on all other devices but you should always have the cordless
phone switched on last.

Another way to fix interference issues is by using digital baby monitors
instead of analog ones. The latest digital technology has incorporated some
fixes to solve interferences. The only setback with this solution is that it
may cost you a little bit more. But if you do have the money for it then by all
means, then go ahead and purchase one.

All of these are just some of the ways on how to fix interferences in baby
monitors. They are not 100% percent fool proof solution but they will be able
to help minimize interferences especially when you live in a flat. Of course,
you should always remember not to depend too much on your gadgets and other

If you can afford to spare some time, please do tend to your child as much as
you can. No device can amount to the bonding between a parent and a baby other
than by spending personal time with each other.

EVPs And Baby Monitors: Ghosts or Just Interferences?

Baby monitors are devices that help parents put their tabs on their babies even
though they are not are not in the same room? But what if baby monitor
transmitters pick up more than what they are supposed to?

It has been the topic of discussions that baby monitors, especially audio
types, pick up more than just sounds coming from the baby. Some parents tell
stories of their baby monitors picking up EVPs.

What are EVPs

EVP is short for the term Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVPs pertain to sounds
or voices that are allegedly coming from beyond the grave. In the world of the
ghost hunters, EVPs are voice recordings that are sent by ghosts or souls that
have not moved on. These are sometimes used to prove that there really is life
after death.

While some ghost hunters use sophisticated gadgets and devices to hunt down
ghost phenomenon, there are those who use baby monitors. Baby monitors are good
for this kind of activities since they are quite sensitive to sounds as well as
other factors in the environment.

There have been a lot of reported cases by parents that they are getting
signals from the baby units that are not relevant to the baby or the
environment. Instead, they receive muffled, indefinable, and sometimes almost
inaudible sounds which resemble voices and words coming from a human. When
examined by experts, these sounds can't be technically explained. But when
examined by professional ghost hunters, they turn out to be ghost voices also
known as electronic voice phenomenon.

Baby Monitors and Interference

Baby monitors can either be wired and wireless. Both types of devices have
their own advantages and disadvantages. For wireless devices though, one of the
disadvantages is interference. Interferences can be in the form of intercepted
voices from other wireless devices such as wireless phones or static sounds.
These interferences can also cause sounds to be muffled and inaudible.

So Are EVPs Real?

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in the afterlife? These questions seem
to have no specific and factual answers and so does the question "Are EVPs
real?" A sound is just a sound and it all depends on how they are interpreted.
If the sound of a cat is interpreted as a moo of the cow, then it comes from a
cow. If an inaudible noise is interpreted as voices of people from the
afterlife then it comes from people in the afterlife.

So are EVPs real? It all depends on what you believe in and how you interpret
these kinds of sounds.

Choosing The Best Baby Monitor For Your Family

A baby monitor is a very useful device for modern parents. Such a device allows
you to check on your child's safety even when you are doing other things at a
certain distance or outside the room. It not only saves you a lot of time and
burden, but it also keeps you at ease knowing that your precious one is safe
even at a distance. However, with the many different kinds of monitors
available in the market at present sometimes it may get confusing. Knowing the
different types of monitors and what to consider will surely help you in making
a choice.

What are the types of baby monitors?

In selecting a monitor that best fits your family, you have three major options
to choose from  -- an audio, video or a sensory monitor.

Audio monitors allow you to hear the activities of your child (ex: crying) as
they pick up sound. This type comes in both analog as well as digital models.
The analog monitors are the most affordable but are usually still reliable.
They work through the radio frequency and use FM signals to transmit the sound.
The major set-back of this variety is the tendency of other receivers picking up
the same signal that your monitor transmits, thus less privacy and disturbances
are possible.

On the other hand, the digital model may cost a little more but it provides
more privacy and usually has a wider range of reception than analog. Another
advantage is that the digital models do not have as much static and they give a
clearer sound quality so you can hear your baby better.

Video monitorsallow you to see and hear your child by combining sound and video
just like miniature TV sets. They use a small camera either mounted on the wall,
table or crib to transmit the images into the LCD display. They are usually
portable and come with multiple cameras and even night vision.

Sensory monitorsdetect the baby's slightest movements even during sleep. It
fits under the mattress of the baby and alarms you when the baby stops moving
or is absolutely still for 20 seconds. Some models available also come with
audio monitors installed. These come with a portable parent's unit that sends
you the alarm and allows you to hear your baby's activities.

What are the things that you should consider?

Always remember, that in choosing the type of baby monitor for your family you
must reflect on which model would best suit you and your baby's needs. The size
of your home, and the clarity of frequency are very important factors to
consider. Simpler monitor models will do for smaller houses, but you may need a
more sophisticated monitor system for a larger house.

The lifestyle and the type of work that you have to do around is also another
important factor to consider, especially if your work requires you to be
farther away from your baby's room and you may need a monitor that covers the
range, particularly a portable one.

Always remember that whether you would prefer an audio, video or sensory
monitor, the clarity of sound and video of your unit should be of very good
quality for you to effectively monitor your child. Whatever model you may
choose, the most important aspects to consider is that your choice must
certainly cater to your needs, fit your budget and most especially provide you
with a good avenue to watch out for your baby's safety.

Baby Monitors For Deaf People

The sound of a baby crying is definitely one of the most precious things in
life that some parents take for granted. The case is different though with a
deaf mother or father. Not being able to hear your little one is upsetting
enough. What makes matters worst is the fact that a lack of ability to perceive
sound can sometimes put your infant's safety at risk. Luckily, technology has
made it possible for manufacturers to create baby monitors for deaf people.

A regular baby monitor alerts parents each time their little bundles of joy
need attention. The device usually functions by means of transmitting sound
from the baby's room to a portable receiver that can be conveniently placed
inside a pocket or strapped around the waist.

People with excellent hearing can rest assured that their infants' cries will
be heard, even if they're in another part of the house. These helpful gadgets
serve as an extension of a person's hearing or visual range. Parents who are
hard of hearing or deaf also share the same opinion about baby monitors. Even
though they put up with a lot of difficulties in caring for their babies, the
ounce of reassurance they get from using such devices is more than welcome.

Special Features

Hearing-impaired individuals are definitely faced with two times the challenge
of caring for a baby. Aside from making sure that they can provide for their
infants' needs, they also have to deal with the fact that they cannot perceive
sounds -- not even the cries of their own little ones.

The majority of baby monitors designed for people who have hearing impairments
are equipped with a vibrating alarm and/or a flashing light system. These added
features alert the deaf parent every time the baby is in need of attention.

A number of products on the market also offer other means of alerting deaf
parents to the cries of their infants. One particular product consists of
receivers that come in two parts: a main clock and a tiny sound sensor. The
main clock functions as the sound-alarm system and is equipped with a vibrating
rod attachment that should be positioned under the parents' mattress. Each time
the baby wails, the alarm system triggers the rod to forewarn and awaken the

Some baby monitors even come with LCD screens that allow you to literally watch
over your baby. This is especially valuable to deaf parents since what they lack
in hearing, they can make up for in visual observation.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Baby Monitor

Buying the most expensive baby monitor on the shelf is not necessarily the best
idea that any parent could muster. You have to understand what you really need
and determine how to compensate for the capability that you lack without
sacrificing anything. Although parting with your hard-earned cash in order to
buy a bunch of gadgets can be difficult, having that much-desired peace of mind
is still more important than any money in the world.

Portability is also an issue when it comes to shopping for the best baby
monitor in town. A receiver that is designed to sit on top of your living room
table may not efficiently serve its purpose especially if you're bound to move
around much or even go out of the house.

Despite the fact that baby monitors for deaf people offer a great deal of
assistance, the cost-friendly and simple act of keeping an eye on your baby is
still your best option. In addition to that, no other gadgets in the world can
ever replace the actual presence of a parent.

Baby Monitors And Wireless Phones: Tips To Fix Interference

Household gadgets that function wirelessly have a tendency to pose a number of
interference problems. The usual culprits behind such tight spots are none
other than baby monitors and wireless phones. Needless to say, deciding to get
rid of one device in favor of the other is certainly out of the question.

What is Wireless Interference?

Interference may appear in the form of buzzing, static or irksome sounds. Aside
from that, baby monitors that come with a video monitoring feature may also
suffer from a fuzzy reception. Another annoying part of the whole interference
dilemma is the fact that you could sometimes pick up your neighbor's phone
conversations on your baby monitor  --  and vice versa. This makes it even more
difficult for you to hear or decode the sounds that are coming from your baby's

How to fix Wireless Interference?

As bothersome as these interference problems may be, they are by no means
without a solution. Here are some tips on how to avoid or, at least, minimize
the nuisance of interfering wireless signals in your home.

1. Factor in your wireless phone.

In order to reduce the likelihood of interference, pick a baby monitor that
works on a different frequency band from your other wireless household devices.
These days, most cordless phones operate on the 2.4GHz frequency band.
Therefore, if you use the same channel for your baby monitor, you'll definitely
encounter problems with the signal.

2. Adjust the channel.

The majority of modern wireless devices allow the changing of channels in an
attempt to fix interference issues. It may be as easy as sliding a switch or
pushing a button. Then again, if you're using a wireless router, you'll have to
use your computer in order to resolve the problem. Remember to steer clear of
the router's lowermost or uppermost frequency bands if you're using an analog
phone that's set in 2.4GHz.

3. Opt for a wireless phone that utilizes the 900MHz, 1.9GHz or 5.8GHz band.

Since these channels are not as commonly utilized as the 2.4GHz frequency band,
they're less prone to interference. If you have a preference for
multiple-handset-capable wireless phones with a handset-conferencing option,
pick one that makes use of only the 1.9GHz or 5.8GHz channel.

4. Switch on the baby monitor first.

To get the best possible reception and transmission from a 2.4GHz baby monitor
with video capability, switch off all 2.4GHz devices in your house. After that,
you may turn on the baby monitor followed by your wireless router  --  that is if
you have one. Last but not least, you may switch on the base unit of your
wireless phone. As a result of sticking to this course of action, the monitor
gets to capture the initial accessible signal that will give out the most
excellent reception and not impinge on your other wireless gadgets in the

5. Consider purchasing a digital baby monitor.

If you want to ensure that your next-door neighbors won't be able to pick up
the transmitted sounds from your baby monitor, purchase a digital version
instead of an analog one. By doing so, you'll be assured that the only sounds
you will perceive are the ones that are coming from your little one's room.

6. Stay at a safe distance.

If frequency band adjustments still don't work and replacement of the product
is not an urgent alternative, try to keep the differing wireless appliances as
distant from each other as possible.

Baby monitors and wireless phones can certainly interfere with each other's
functioning. Even so, you can always do something to fix and/or curtail its
inconvenient effects.

Baby Monitors and Their Role in the Safety of Your Child

In the fast paced world we live in today, many obstacles come with juggling
family life and work, especially with a new baby in the house. Often times,
parents find it difficult to manage their efforts of doing chores while
watching the baby.

No one can be at two places at the same time, and it has been one of the major
dilemmas of parents who still want to be productive around the house but more
importantly want to prioritize their child's safety. This is the very reason
why baby monitors have become very useful to many parents. These gadgets allow
parents to monitor the baby's activities while they are not inside of the
nursery or are working at a distance.

What Is a Baby Monitor and How Does It Work?

A baby monitor is a gadget set that has a transmitter and receiver, which sends
either sound or video (depending on the type) for the parent to be able to
supervise the activities of the baby while he or she is away.

There are different types of these monitors  -- the audio, video or sensory. The
audio baby monitor receives and sends sound so that the parent could hear the
baby from a distance. The video monitor on the other hand works like a tiny TV
by having a camera record the baby's movements while the parent could watch on
a small screen receiver. And the sensory monitor is a movement detector that
alarms the parent when it cannot perceive any movement from the child for more
than 20 seconds.

How Does It Play A Role In the Safety of the Child?

What baby monitors basically do, is allow the parents to know their child's
activities and to watch out for any possible problems from afar, especially if
the baby is asleep. Through this, they could at least do their usual work
without having to feel worried that their child might not be safe inside the
room alone. Many of the hi-tech monitors nowadays, especially the video or even
movement sensitive monitors instantly alert the parents when there are problems

Sensory monitors even send alarms whenever it cannot detect movement from the
baby for 20 seconds or more. Even the simpler models of these monitors like the
audio monitor at least keeps the parents aware if their baby needs them,
especially when the child cries. With this technology, parents are given a way
to make sure that their baby is safe especially during times when no one is
left inside the room to watch the child.

Nowadays, it is really difficult for any parent to be able to be by their
child's side 24/7. But despite such circumstances, it is good to know that
technology has managed to make life easier by giving busy moms and dads the
option keep an eye on their precious little one even when they aren't in the
same room.

And no matter how busy life may get, it is at least assuring to a lot of
families that there is a gadget available that truly contributes to their peace
of mind and adds to the precautions that parents place in providing for their
child's safety.

Baby Monitors: Mom's Best Friend

Pregnant mothers take care of themselves during gestation knowing that
everything that they come upon would affect the tiny baby growing inside them.
She would take every precaution to avoid anything that is detrimental to the
baby. Part of it would be choosing the appropriate nutrition and activity to
ensure the baby's safety. The mother already loves the unborn child.

After nine long months of waiting, finally a baby is born into this world.
Seeing how cumbersome the baby is, the parent's protective nature is invoked.
Any parent would vow to do everything for the baby and would not let anything
harm the newborn. She would want to keep an eye on her child 24/7. However,
there are a variety of roles that a parent has to perform. She has to divide
her time in taking care of the baby and fulfilling her responsibilities to
other family members, and most especially to themselves.

A mother has one, two, many things to do around the house while making certain
that their well-being plus their husbands satisfaction is maintained. Keeping
watch of the baby round the clock is simply an impossible feat. Nowadays, the
wonder of technology has contributed much to the comfort of mankind. And
mothers are truly blessed to have baby monitors in their aid that would ease
their burden.

What are Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are technological device that serve as a pseudo mother who is in
vigil at bedside. It is a radio transmitter that release FM (Frequency
Modulated) signal most commonly between the ranges of 48,830 to 48,890 MHz.
These devices have two components, the transmitter and the receiver.
Transmitters are being placed 8-10 feet within the baby or closer if possible.

Sounds coming from the baby are being picked up and a signal is then
transmitted to the receiver. On the other hand, receivers are being carried
around the house or place somewhere that is accessible to the mother or whoever
it is designated to keep watch of the baby. Usually, the transmitter is plugged
into a socket from its stationary position while the receiver is battery
operated since it could be brought anywhere.

What Baby Monitors Do

Baby monitors generally help mothers oversee the baby without being stuck
inside the baby's room all day. Through this, mothers are able to do what must
be done around the house thereby accomplishing a lot. From the time baby
monitors have been first released, countless of innovations have been made.

A variety of products not only permits auditory signals to be heard but even
allow the mother from the receiver's end to visualize their baby and play music
to soothe the baby even from a distance. To this date, they are no longer just
an electric device to keep an eye when the baby cries but offers a number of
advantages in ascertaining the baby's well-being.

Some top of the trade devices have sensors placed under the baby's mattress
that detects even the most subtle of movements including the baby's breathing.
When no movement is detected for a span of 20 seconds or if breathing is below
the medically accepted rate, an alarm is triggered thereby notifying mommy.

This proves to be truly useful in perceiving life threatening conditions.
Whatever type moms choose to have, it will contribute enormously in making
mom's life easier. Baby monitors are definitely mom's best friend.

Are Digital Baby Monitors Safe for Children?

Today, almost everything has gone digital. Cellular phones, computers and even
simple household appliances, such as telephones and microwaves, have all
switched to digital technology. However, the growing concern of many is whether
these hi-tech gadgets can be considered safe for our health, especially in
gadgets such as baby monitors that are usually placed in such a close distance
to children.

A lot of parents nowadays fear that if they use a digital monitor to help them
keep watch of their child, they might be exposing their offspring to too much
of electromagnetic radiation and this may cause significant damage to the
child's nervous system. Children, after all, are much more prone to damage as
their systems are still developing at such a young age. So we ask the question
that many of these parents want to know, is it really safe to use digital baby
monitors for children?

What is Electro-SMOG and How Does It Threaten Our Health?

Electro-SMOG is the electromagnetic energy that is emitted by common gadgets in
our home such as our televisions, cordless phones, microwaves and digital baby
monitors. Studies have been made over the years claiming that too much exposure
to electro-SMOG can result to health problems affecting the nervous system of
the body. A person may have such initial symptoms of headaches, disruptive
sleep patterns, chronic fatigue and abnormal behavioral patterns in children.

How Are Baby Monitors Different from Other Gadgets with Electro-smog?

Because of the huge possibility of the electromagnetic energy used in the
digital technology of modern baby monitors, a lot of parents are fearful for
the safety of their child. But on the other hand, manufacturing companies of
these digital monitors claim that the amount of radiation that their baby
monitors emit are at levels that do not pose serious danger to children.

Phillips is one of these manufacturing companies that claim that the level of
electro-smog released by their gadgets are 10,000 times lower from the safety
norms that are accepted internationally. The company also adds a recommendation
that for parents to have total peace of mind, they can position the monitoring
device at least a meter away from the child.

Going digital in such technologies has many benefits, but there really are
minimal risks involved. The digital models of baby monitors have proven over
the years to be better in reception as compared to that of the older analog
version. These models have also proven to be much better at providing privacy
for the family. However, for many parents who are concerned with the safety of
their child, switching to modern technology can certainly be frightening.

But as long as one knows how to set certain prevention methods such as placing
the monitor at a safe distance from the baby (at least one meter) and not
adding a lot of other appliances inside the baby's room such as televisions or
computers, then much harm on the child's health can greatly be prevented.
Always keep in mind that the monitor's distance from the child is very

The greater the distance of the monitor from the child, then there is also a
greater reduction to the amount of exposure to radiation. Most manufacturing
companies nowadays have also been improving their products to make them less
health threatening.

In conclusion, parents can always have the option for opting to the hi-tech
digital baby monitors especially because its many benefits, but if fear for the
safety of the child is still present, always remember that there are precautions
that one can follow to minimize risks.

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