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Bass Fishing

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The Smart Fisherman's Bass Fishing Techniques

Fishing makes great fun! Whether you fish for a living or for pure hobby, you
have to be as smart as a fisherman should be.

Every smart fisherman has his own fishing techniques that allow him to catch
the fish he has goaled to. Like in bass fishing or fishing in fresh waters, the
fisherman will always have to implore bass fishing techniques suitable for the
kind of waters he is fishing.

The first consideration in developing bass fishing techniques that can bring
you your dream catch is to choose the shore you are to start out.

Also you have to be very keen with the weather. Bass fishing is most productive
in the great lakes and like the ocean, these great lakes are also very dangerous
if bad weathers occur.

That is why it is most ideal to do bass fishing during summer especially if the
place you choose to have your bass fishing adventure is a big lake like the Lake

The other thing to consider in bass fishing is whether you goal to fish in the
deep called off-shore fishing or just in the shoreline.

When you are fishing in the deep, make sure that your boat is fully equipped
with the safety devices and must know the regulations imposed by your host
state regarding bass fishing in their respective area of responsibilities.

Some fishermen use the trolling techniques in the deep sea fishing or off-shore
fishing to catch more fish.

While if you opt to do bass fishing in the shorelines, you only need small
boats and minor fishing gadgets.

Also, it is an experience that to be more productive in bass fishing in the
shore, one technique is to fish during night time.

You may also watch or look at the waters if it is very clear. Most probably you
can not make a good catch when the water is very clear. Bass fishes prefer
discolored waters. Smallmouth bass fishes and many other species do not stay in
clear waters.

The contour of the underwater terrain is also a thing to consider in bass
fishing. You may consult an expert in the terrain of the lake you are fishing
and he will guide you to the best place to fish.

Of course your choice of fishing gadgets will spell much of your success in
bass fishing. Choose the most durable hooks that will hold firm when
opportunity is given.

The choice of baits is also crucial. There are plastic baits that do but
natural baits such as worms and flies make better. Remember always that the
bigger the bait, the probability of catching the big fish is better that having
small baits.

During summer, one bass fishing technique is choosing to fish along Long Point
Bay at Lake Erie because during this time, the bass fishes especially the
smallmouth bass fishes are swimming their way here back to the main lake after
their spawning period.
If you are an amateur in bass fishing, the best thing to do is to fish with a
companion who is an expert in the field not only in fishing but also an expert
in the flora and fauna of the river you are cruising or fishing of.

As a beginner, you may opt to fish only in the shorelines of the lake or you
may try fishing in the smaller lakes. Smaller lakes offer also varieties of
bass fishes including the smallmouth bass and the white bass.

Bass fishing in the rivers is also fruitful to beginners. Catch that catfish
and its fun. There are rivers with runs and pools and in many cases fish are
stacked up in these areas where catching them is as easy as eating nuts.

Definitely your summer fishing will be very educational and full of fun. Plan
your summer bass fishing well by developing and adopting bass fishing
techniques suitable to the waters you aim to explore and the fish you wish to

Bass fishing techniques vary from one situation with another. The few ideas
presented to you here may help you in deciding and planning your next bass
fishing adventure.

Lastly, please bear in mind that safety is the must be technique to adopt in
any endeavor. Always check your gadgets for any defect and if you will use a
boat, it has to be a licensed one.

What's Hot with Bass Fishing?

For years businesses have rode on the vast interest Bass fishing has generated.
Many people are hooked, pardon the pun, on this hobby and have elevated it to a
sport and a passion. Resorts, sports gears and lines have been built and many
more aspects have benefited from these interest.

Today, there are more and more people trying to learn and find out what the
buzz is all about. Bass fishing is more than just catching a fish. Its now
about getting those prized big bass and having the opportunity to show it off.
For beginners there are lots more to bass fishing that meets the eye.

First, try to know the lures that you must have to enjoy bass fishing.

And do you know what the top 3 lures for catching Bass are? Although there was
no particular gauge that was presented by the researchers, a survey was
performed among the pro bass fishermen and it was found that plastic worms was
the most patronized and ranking on the second and third place were the spinner
bait and then the crank bait.

However, picking one of these 3 is not enough. Some factors are still needed to
be considered. Primarily, you must consider if it is better to cover a smaller
segment of water thoroughly or skim across a larger area as quickly as possible
to find fish. Using a worm is slower, but absolutely effective and is very
seductive to Bass. They do best when the fish are schooled over a particular

The problem that usually arise with fishing with a worm is the inability to
sense strikes. Usually the inability to sense them is due to a sinker that is
too heavy and a line that is too thick.

To help you to overcome this predicament you are advised to use a variable
buoyancy worm using lead strip sinkers. Here are some of its advantages:

* No moving lead on the line to dampen the feel of a gentle pickup
* You can apply the precise amount of lead to deliver the worm action needed
* It makes it easier for a bass to inhale the worm
* It aids in hook setting
* It's easier to shake loose from snags
* You can cause the worm to hang virtually suspended over the bottom when
fishing shallow water.

To tell how much lead strip is needed, wrap one strip around the hook and bury
the barb in the worm. Ease it into the water and watch it sink, it should
barely settle toward the bottom. If it sinks to fast, take some off, etc. Make
sure to use no heavier than 8-pound mono line -- preferably 6 pound.

On the other hand, a Spinner bait can be moved more quickly across the surface
and can be bounced on the bottom, sent against a tree limb and moved in many
different ways in order to stimulate strikes. It is a great probing lure for
the shoreline because of its tangle-free construction.

Lastly, Crank baits cover a lot of water in a hurry. Using them, you can check
out a spot without wasting too much time. You can use them for locating fish
that may be scattered.

The most important thing is, no matter what lure you select for the particular
lake that you are fishing on, you need to make it as easy for the Bass to get
at it as possible. Drop that lure right in front of them. Scientists have
proven that Bass calculate the amount of energy it will take them to go after
the prey.

Discover and learn to use one of those lures that you preferred to use for you
to really find enjoyment in bass fishing!

Aside from considering the lures, it is also important to determine the
accurate time in going for bass fishing.

Dawn and dusk are definitely when the biggest bass can be brought in. First,
remember that bass love ambush spots offering lots of cover from the baitfish.
They like to hid, and pounce on their prey.

These bait fish are most active in the early morning or evening. When they
feed, bass follow because the baitfish is less aware of threats when they feed.
Go out fishing during these times for the best success.

When retrieving an underwater lure in poor light, keep it coming at a steady
pace once it is set in motion. This will make it easier for bass to locate and
grab it.

The last thing is, don't bother going out in the dawn/dusk when water is below
50 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature wipes out certain aquatics and
terrestrials, which nullifies the food chain feeding.

Lures and proper time of going on bass fishing are ample factors only that must
be taken into account because other aspects such as water quality considerations
and weather conditions are also necessary for you to win the game on bass

Fishing Beyond Your Imagination

Only few people enjoy outdoor activities. Some says that outdoor activities can
result to lots of skin damages. They say that it is just a waste of time and
money. Few say that it is just a matter of nothingness. But despite of these
say- about of people who has no interests in outdoor activities, there are
still people that engage their selves in these very enjoying and very relaxing
activities that are done outdoors.

One of these outdoor activities is fishing. Fishing entails catching fishes
through nets, bows, reels and etc. Fishing can be considered as one the oldest
activity or let us say profession in this word. Fishing is done ever since the
world began. Our ancestors used to lived in the past mainly relying in fishing
and catching other marine aquatic products.

Aside from the fact that in fishing you gain food and some source of energy, it
is also very enjoyable and relaxing. Fishing may also serve as a factor for
diverting our attention every time we are depressed or stressed. This gives us
peace of mind and freedom. Fishing may also provide us living. It also serve as
a bonding activity for your family, friends or whatever kind of relationships
you are into. So fishing gives us lots of advantages and help.

Fishing is available in every part of this world. It is a fact that the earth
is composed of seventy five per cent of water. It is a fact that no man in this
world can deny. Fishing can be done either in salt water, fresh water or in
whatever aquatic form.

According to statistic, forty per cent of human population is relying in
fishing, not including those people that make fishing as a form of hobby. We
account in fishing the sixty per cent source of our protein in take. Fishing is
not just for living or for human satisfaction but fishing is for a matter of
survival for human beings.

Many places are known for fishing merely because of the reason that almost all
of the locale in this round world are surrounded and located along water
sources; this maybe along the sea, rivers, lakes and bays, without including
the springs in the mountainsides.

One of the places that are much known for fishing is Texas, a state of America
that offers opportunities for fishing enthusiasts and people that make fishing
a source of living. Texas is a place of water sources; sea, lakes, rivers and

In Texas, there are a lot of bass fishing organizations and clubs that offer
extreme features for fishing enthusiasts. They offer sites and location for
fishing, equipments and materials, gadgets, and other fishing related resources.

Texas bass fishing is not just words that entails fishing but also offers
extreme activities for fishing hobbyist and enthusiasts. It offers actions that
will promote fishing. Provide tournaments that give excitements and thrills for
people indulged in fishing. They organize trainings and seminars for new and
old fishing fans. They enhance techniques and knowledge in fishing. They also
provide newly discovered locations and sites for usual and extreme fishing that
no other place can give and offer.

Texas bass fishing organizations also offers web sites that you can visit. This
web sites give information and updates. It also provides news and archives for
bass fishing. In these web sites you can see the latest gears, materials and
equipments regarding fishing. You can also shop through these web sites and
find newly offered and state of the art things for fishing.

You can also submit your articles about your lake, bass fishing tournaments,
conservation issues or anything else, related to bass fishing, that's on your
mind. Registering on these web sites every time you want is also possible.

Visiting your account link to register, create your own personalized navigation
menu of favorite areas of the sites are very much possible as you like it. Make
announcements to all users online, exchange private messages with other bass
fishing members and customize the look of the site to suit your own personal
taste may also be done as long as it is possible for you.

Fishing nowadays is as easy as single flick of your fingers. Fishing is just in
front of you offering activities that you can never resist. Texas bass fishing
is not just for you alone, but also for your loved ones and anybody in this
world. Texas bass fishing is for everybody who looks for enjoyment, relaxation
and excitement. Texas bass fishing, words that supplies and realizes your

The Perfect Place for Bass Fishing in Central Florida

Fishing in Florida is easy, exciting and fun because there are so many
productive places to fish in the state, it's not stretching the truth to say if
you see some water and it's more than a few inches deep, there's probably fish
to be caught. Pair this with the fantastic weather Central Florida has and
you've got heaven on earth for many Bass fishermen. You can virtually go bass
fishing everyday.
You can fish everyday of the year, that adds to the attraction as a fishing
Mecca. Your chances of catching what you want do vary with the time of the
year. But with the temperature and weather barely fluctuating and changes are
at a minimum, it is not unlikely to catch a fish even when out of season.

The largemouth bass is the best known and most popular freshwater game fish in
Florida. Found statewide, largemouth bass have rapid growth rates. Historically
known for huge bass, Florida remains an outstanding destination to catch a
trophy Bass.

Central Florida offers not only Lake Toho which is the most popular lake of the
Kissimmee Chain, but the fame Stick Marsh-Farm 13 fishery as well as the trophy
bass lake Walk in water. Lake Toho is relatively shallow 18,800 acre lake that
is covered with various types of aquatic vegetation. The most abundant is the
massive hydraulic beds that can be found growing to the surface in up to 12
feet of water.

For Florida bass fishing, bream fishing, or anything in between, Bass World
Lodge is the place to be. Their location on the St. Johns River in Georgetown,
Florida gives us quick access to some of the most lucrative Florida bass
fishing and bream fishing grounds in the United States. Bass World Lodge offers
professional guide services, spacious cabins, and fully stocked bait and tackle
shops, as well as bass and pontoon boat rentals.

Lake Toho is a lake that faces North/South, the lake is approximately 9 miles
long and only a couple miles wide

Similar to most of the Florida lakes medium to large Wild Shiners are the best
producers for trophy fish. However, many lurkers are taken on soft plastics,
Carolina rigs; Rat's Traps, crank baits, soft plastic jerk baits, and
suspending hard plastic jerk baits are one of the favorites of the local

The Seminole Indian name Okeechobee actually means big water, an appropriate
title for the largest freshwater lake in the United States occurring entirely
in one state. The lake is approximately 37 miles long by 30 miles wide (448,000
acres, 700 square miles) with an average depth of almost 10 feet. To fishermen
nation wide, Okeechobee is renowned for the sheer numbers of bass it contains
per acre and the fact that it produces more Florida trophy bass over 8 pounds
than any lake in Florida and the United States.

Because the river flows north, the upper basin is the area to the south that
forms its marshy headwaters. The middle basin is the area in central Florida
where the river widens forming lakes Harney, Jessup. Monroe and George. The
lower basin is the area in Northeast Florida from Putnam County to the river's
mouth in Duval County.

The source of the river, or headwaters, is a large marshy area in Indian River
County. It flows north and turns eastward at Jacksonville to its mouth in the
Atlantic Ocean

The total drop of the river from its source in swamps south of Melbourne to its
mouth in the Atlantic near Jacksonville is less than 30 feet, or about one inch
per mile, making it one of the "laziest" rivers in the world. Because the river
flows slowly, it is difficult to flush pollutants.

For example, the water color in the Harris Chain is much stained. This is a
blessing as most bass in these lakes are shallow and hold close to cover. Noisy
lures are effective and multiple presentations to the same spot are required to
get the fish's attention.

The biggest problem most fisherman encounter when fishing in the Harris Chain
for the first time is purely mental. Coming from other areas of the state or
country, they look at the pea-soup water color and get the impression that
these lakes are fishless. This is a shame as they are missing out on some great
action if they only knew more about fishing under these conditions. Never
underestimate Central Florida; it is a well kept open secret that many
fishermen have failed to discover.

Ontario smallmouth bass fishing at its best!

Smallmouth bass can be best found from Ontario's Great Lakes shoals to scenic.
The glacial lakes of the Canadian Shield and in thousands of rivers, creeks,
and lakes in between is the best Ontario smallmouth bass fishing.

Largemouth is largely in warmer bodies of water which has a shallow cover,
whether it is wood and weeds or the rocky outcrops. In some of the lakes with
mixed habitat, the largemouth region overlaps with that of smallmouth, making
for various angling action in Ontario smallmouth bass fishing.
Ontario smallmouth bass fishing are usually best in more open water, where you
can make use of light to medium-action 6- to 10-pound-test lines and 6- to
7-foot spinning rods. The Fly-rodders also find these smallmouths keen to take
top-water poppers or minnow-shaped ribbons when the fishes can be found in
shallow water.

During the summer season, in deep underwater points, submerged islands, rocky
shoals and weed edges are the best and ideal places to catch these
hard-fighting, tail-walking fish.

Ontario smallmouth bass fishing is different from all places for bass fishing.
Northern Ontario is most famous for its medal smallmouth bass fishing. They
love the unsteady clear lakes with little plant life and make your home in
shoreline rocks and points, as well as offshore shoals, they are found often in
the deepest part of the water.

Wilderness Air can take you to the beautiful remote Canadian wilderness as we
fly you in to your own exclusive lake. Stay in one of our deluxe outpost
cabins, which are extremely well maintained and comfortable. Wilderness Air
sometimes represents the best in Ontario smallmouth bass fishing outposts!

The smallmouth bass got its name for the reason the rear end of its lower jaw
does not expand past the eye, while the lower part of the jaw of a largemouth
does. There is a low notch linking dorsal fins and the body often resembles
dark broken bars.

The smallmouth bass typically matures about the age of three or four and can
live up to ten to twelve years. On a light line, Ontario smallmouth bass
fishing is a spectacular battler, and it is often jumping frequently and diving
down into the depths. The average length for a smallmouth ranges between 10 and
20 inches. The Canadian record for the largest smallmouth bass is 10 pounds, 8
ounces caught in Ontario smallmouth bass fishing.

Crawling spinnerbaits or retrieving shallow-running crankbaits along the
sub-merged weed patches also pay off. Bass of both species in deeper water can
be taken with diving crankbaits, Largemouth tactics that work elsewhere are
also effective in Ontario. Fishing differs from flip-and-pitch styles around
the shallow, matted weeds, docks, and stumps, to thrilling top-water stroke on
jerkbaits, poppers, and hovering plastic worms.

Ontario smallmouth bass fishing is the best place for you to go fishing. Here
are some tips on how to enjoy your bass fishing:

First, you should always remember that a smallmouth bass has a very big
difference from a largemouth bass! You need to approach it differently.
Largemouth bass can be found around the thick weed beds, but the smallmouth
bass rather hide out where the rock ledge drops off stridently.The popular
baits are crawfish, minnow, leeches and hellgrammites. You can try using
everything that resembles a minnow such as plastic worms and flag flies.

You should always remember that in Ontario smallmouth bass fishing, it is often
grouped together by size. Now, if you find a smaller-sized group, there will
hardly ever be a bigger smallmouth amongst them. If you' are dropping a live
bait from your boat, the more permissible lines is the better. The Lower
minnows or crayfish down will be directly.

The season like Mid June throughout fall is the perfect time for catching
yourself a big smallmouth! During Mid-June, the smallmouths are found on the
beds, by fall they are found in 10 to 15 foot depths under. The enthusiastic
angler should group rattletraps, cranks and jigs, and always make sure to use a
marker buoy to stay with the school properly.

Now if you want to go fishing, Ontario smallmouth bass fishing is the best idea
that you can have.

Where to Catch Your Dream Bass Fish of a Lifetime- Hook on to These Bass
Fishing Trip Destinations

Bass fishing is an adventure many Bass fishermen are all too willing to
experience. The search for the ultimate bass fishing location is a never ending
quest for many bass fishermen, counting many facets that can qualify it as the
best ever, or maybe as close as it could ever get to perfection.

Here are some of the best bass fishing locations where you can take your bass
fishing trips with your friends or family.

The Soronan Adventure

First stop is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Test the waters of Arizona for some of the best trout and bass fishing around.
The lakes of Arizona offer some of the best bass fishing found anywhere in the
southwest. With four incredible lakes to choose from, there is a bass fishing
trip suited for every condition, season and skills level.

Along with the exciting fishing that awaits you, you'll also discover a world
of lush vegetation and a tremendous wildlife population that thrives in and
around the water environment.

If you arrange for tours available on-line, you will be guided by an expert,
not just on fishing, but on the flora and fauna of the desert, as well as on
the native history of the area.

Everglades fishing of Florida

Lets turn around our short fishing trips to the everglades fishing of Florida.

Everglades fishing is very diverse, from shallow country grass flats to the
outside islands and canal systems. Everglades fishing is done with fast moving
baits, top water plugs big worms, spoons and buzz baits. Plastic worms
sometimes do.

The Florida everglades hold the record of highest number of fish caught per
person per hour of any fishery state.

Brazil -- Bass Fishers Paradise

Regarded as the worlds best bass fishing area is in Brazil. The many flora and
fauna in the vast regions of Brazil offers a unique bass fishing trip
experience for any person.

Bask in the many splendors Brazils environment offers. But of course, it is the
bass fishing that stands out for any bass fisherman. Spend countless relaxing
hours in its calm waters then spend some ample time of your Brazilian Bass
fishing trip absorbing the culture and great food (aside from your catches)
Brazil has to offer.

Mexico's hottest bass laden lakes

One of Mexico's newest fishing lakes, Aguamilpa is a 70,000 acre haven of bass
fishes that is a bass fisherman's dream bass fishing trip destination.
Surrounded by lush mountains for a breathtaking scenery, a bass fishing trip
with friends and family is a worthwhile adventure you are liable not to forget.

First class accommodations are surrounding the are with newly built lodges to
provide a comfortable lodging for all of you. Relaxing times and great food are
among its many attractions but the bass fishing is still its top come on.

Also in Mexico, tagged as the best big bass lake worldwide is Lake Baccarac.

Stocked with Florida Largemouth bass, Lake Baccarac is bestowed with the
largest number of huge 10 pounder and above bass fishes one can catch in a
single bass fishing trip.

With an area of 25 miles long and 5 miles wide, there is enough space for a
plethora of bass fishermen. Surrounded by fresh mountains with the descent of
fresh mountain air, this is a haven for many bass fishermen. Lodging and
accommodations are abounding with latest comforts and amenities one can enjoy.
It's like having a lake in your own backyard.

Then there is Texas.

With its great weather and great people, its lakes are regarded a notch higher
above the rest. Bass fishing is hardly just a hobby for many Texans. It has
become a passion and many other Bass fishermen from all over the world trek
Texas for a fantastic Bass fishing trip.

Some of the more frequented areas for a bass fishing trip are Canyon Lake,
Caddo Lake, Falcon Lake, Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, Lake Fork and so much more.

So the next time you embark on a bass fishing trip, try to visit some of the
best Bass Fishing trip mentioned above and you will surely have the time of
your life. Its you, your gear and a bass, life just cant be better than this
for an avid bass fisherman.

Highly Enjoyable Bass Fishing at Puerto Vallarta

The world's finest destination for vacation is Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It is
well- known for its legitimate environment located on a large bay of beautiful
sandy beaches and they are filled with big lunkers.

This is the real Mexico complete with cobblestone streets and colonial
architecture with beautiful weather that goes along with, and friendly people
bringing their warm smiles.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the loveliest places you can spot on the globe. It
combines a unique ethnic culture with today's resort facilities, reflected in a
variety and inspiring activities and convenient accommodations. Puerto
Vallarta's geographical diversity is represented in its mountains, jungles,
waterfalls, rivers and weather is not a hindrance for your fabtastic vacation.
They always have a great weather that will not spoil your ultimate vacation in

As the Puerto Vallarta's popularity has grown bigger and bigger, more tourist
flock in, luckily it does not get crowded in the view of the fact that it is
located on the huge Banderas bay ("also known as Bay of Flags"), one of the
largest natural bay of Pacific Ocean.

Banderas Bay is one of the most excellent locations for sport fishing in the
globe. Angler's from around the world come back every year to find out if they
can beat the last year's big fish that had been caught. It is a brilliant place
to find bass fish, mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, Dorado, rooster tail, and red
snapper for the reason that it is a 40- mile-wide bay, with a depth of two

Some of the other species that can be caught in the area include Amberjack,
Pargo, Snook, Jack Crevalle, Snapper, Grouper, Rainbow Runner, Red Snapper,
Rooster Fish, Sierra, Spanish Macarel, Triggerfish, and many more.

One of Mexico's hottest bass fishing lake is known as Agua Milpa, which opened
in the fall of 1997.the 70,000 acre lake, one of the most easy to get to of
Mexico's hot bass fishing lake can get to by paved road in 3 hours, either your
heading from Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta or by air to Tepic, Nayarit then a
short 45 minute ride to the lodge.

The largemouth bass fish lake was secluded from fishing until the fall of '97.
It is an ideal food base and has an ideal growing temperature for bass fishing
making it as there own paradise. Agua Milpa Lake is loaded with aggressive
largemouth bass, averaging from 2 1/2 to 10 pounds. The most numbered healthy
bass fish caught was over 50 fishes for just 4 hours and the largest fish
caught that time weighs six pounds.

The best fishing rigs in Mexico are the bass fishing boats and motors. They are
all equipped with new or nearly new outboards, troll motors and swivel fish.

Fishing fanatics from all over the world meet on this lake to try their luck in
catching the largest creatures that are hard to find. They are required to have
a fishing license either for daily or annual purposes. Tournaments and most of
the fishing activities are coordinated at the Puerto Vallarta Bass club located
at the lake Agua Milpa

Catching and releasing fish is now starting to get known in Puerto Vallarta and
in the world which make the anglers more concerned about protecting and
increasing the sport fish population. Practicing good catch and release
techniques provides a first class fishing experience while recognizing our
responsibility to maintain our valuable fishing resources for future
generations. When properly handled and released, fish will continue to
repopulate the waters for our continued enjoyments. If fishes are not released
and handled properly, there will come a time that in the next generation fishes
will not be transparent anymore.

Pity the children of the next generation for they may no longer see the beauty
and exquisiteness of the fishes that swim in the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes,
bays and other aquatic forms. Still pity to them for they can no longer taste
the deliciousness of these fishes.

Come and visit Puerto Vallarta if you want to have the big chance of a life
time. Choose this place for your next vacation and you won't regret the
adventure you'll have to experience and the beautiful sceneries and exotic
beauties of the place.

Bass Fishing and having a big catch

Want to learn more about bass fishing? Are you catching less bass because of
using the wrong lure? You can finally learn how to do it the right way. There
are many articles as well as web sites on the internet which can help you can
information in bass fishing and how to be successful at it.

The promise of this bass fishing article is that it will surely aid you in
getting better bass. Moreover, you just have to follow the tips, techniques and
you will surely catch more and larger bass than you ever think of.

There are bass secrets that are contained in many articles. Many are amazed to
see the results on their very next bass fishing getaway. Some may be very
disappointed spending the day bass fishing and never had a good catch.

Maybe because you have used the wrong bait or if you had spent a little more
time in a different location of the lake before the wind suddenly came. Well,
if you have been thinking about those, these secret bass fishing guides and
articles will easily solve your problem. How? With these, you will know the best
baits to use in every case or situation. Moreover, you will be able to know
where the best part of the lake for catching fish is.

It is affected by so many factors like wind and weather at that particular time
so it is really advised that one should know about it. The next time you try,
you are close to being a bass professional.

These guides will let you learn the various techniques and tips on how to catch
a bigger bass. If you have never tried fishing before, then you will be an
enthusiast once you have read information and articles about bass fishing.

It is not that hard at all. Many people are often disbelievers and have a
common notion of bass fishing, they say it is complicated. But this is not
true. Once you have got an ebook or you have apt information on bass fishing,
you will no longer have a hard time getting improved bass. So what are some of
the few big bass fishing secrets?

First and foremost, you must start off by thinking like a bass fish. It may
sound crazy but it could help you in finding where the big one is. It is also
advised that you find the right and appropriate tackle to use in any situation
or case. You must have a lot of information on crank baits, spinner baits,
plastic worms, buzz baits and many other types of it.

This would be one of the things that you might be sure of. A good lure is one
of the techniques you have to learn and be knowledgeable about. In addition,
you must know what part of the lake or stream is best to bass fish on different
weather conditions. It will be different on a rainy day or a windy day, early in
the morning or late in the evening. Other factors also affect like on a crowded
lake or a steady lake and many others. It is up to you to research further on

Another thing is that you must know the most common bass fishing mistakes that
almost every fisherman makes and executes. After knowing them and knowing the
reason why will instill in your mind that these common practices end up in
error so you must not practice it.

Another grateful thing is that you must choose the right bass fishing rod. You
must learn the techniques and secrets on how to choose and where to find the
most appropriate bass fishing rods there are.

Furthermore, you must know how to develop a successful bass fishing pattern.
This will really help you in your fishing trip and having a larger bass. Some
may go bass fishing at night so it is good that you learn professional night
bass fishing techniques. Moreover, others may also be benefited by learning the
professional winter bass fishing techniques for those who experience four

These are only some of the many techniques and tips on how to improve your bass
fishing strategy. If you do not have any strategy at all, you may really get
disappointed from time to time. But, it is suggested that you first learn and
read sufficient information and guides on bass fishing.

Pro bass fishing: A Different Way of Fishing

Fishing is much known as a profession or a form of occupation. People do
catches fishes and other aqua marine products to have something to eat and to
have something for their living.

They spend money for fishing for they can earn from this. They spend for
equipments and gears. They spend for improvements of their fishing for the make
this as a business.

For some people, especially those outgoing and adventurous, fishing is a matter
of sport and game. They do fishing for their enjoyment and relaxation. They
entertain their selves through fishing because they can get peace of mind and
calmness in the said activity.

Bass fly fishing is a type of fishing that involves using an artificial fly. It
is different from traditional fishing methods in that fly anglers cast a hook
that generally has bits of feather, fur, foam, yarn, or other similar material
attached using thread to form what is referred to as a 'fly', as opposed to
using worms or other bait.

Pro bass fishing is just like the ordinary fly fishing that we know. The only
difference is that it entails the presence of professionals in fishing. These
professionals are those that are well respected in the line of fishing. They
were considered professionals because of their dedication and love in fishing
including their contributions.

There are the types of fly fishing. The best known and the most classic is he
dry fly fishing. The fisherman uses an artificial fly, which he casts so that
it will float on the water. The fly will pass over the fish, which will
hopefully rise up and bite it. The fisherman then tries to control the fish's
attempts to escape, tiring it enough to bring it in to be retrieved from the
water with a landing net.

Many anglers prefer this type of fly fishing because everything can be seen -
the angler casts at a fish he can see, the fly is easily visible on the surface
of the water, and he can see the fish take the fly. The only drawback to this is
that trout and other fish tend to feed underwater, and therefore are not as
likely to come up to take a dry fly.

The second form of fly fishing is what is known as nymph fishing. When the
flies lay eggs in the river or lake, the eggs hatch out as nymphs, make their
way to the surface and they hatch into a fly. Therefore, nymph fishing utilizes
imitations of different nymphs that are weighted to stay below the surface of
the water. This type of fishing is often considered more challenging, as all
the action takes place beneath the surface.

Bass fly fishing has become an increasingly popular sport, and most anglers
will agree that it's not just about catching fish. Some anglers would even
regard fly fishing as a kind of religion, and most consider it a relaxing
pastime that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. It also appeals
to the more environmentally conscious, as it is less harmful to the fish than
many other techniques, and most anglers return their catch.

Pro bass fly fishing requires gears and equipments that will aide the fisher to
a more productive and fruitful fishing. There are gears that are widely used and
there are also some that especially used by pro bass fishers.

The rod is the fisherman's most important piece of equipment, and should be
chosen with care. For beginners, a basic rod-and-reel set is enough; the
features and materials aren't necessarily important. It is more important that
the beginning fisherman learn how to use the rod, and become comfortable with
it before moving on to more complex pieces of equipment.

Pro bass fishing gives not only relaxation and much of enjoyment, but it also
give way to amateur fishers to prove something into their selves that they have
the talents in fishing because of the challenges being offered by the sport.

The fishing sport not just offer things fishing, it also provides things that
are in with nature. In fishing, the enthusiast used to learn how to love the
environment because of the settings and locations of the activities which are
always beyond the beauty of the nature.

Pro bass fishing not only entertains, it also provides a whole new world of

The Thrilling Quest for Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth fishing is said to be best experienced in Southwest Louisiana. This
is a place near bayous, canals, freshwater and salty lakes. The waters here
draw numbers of smallmouth and largemouth bass ranging up to eight-pounds.

Smallmouth bass fishing is enjoyed by fishermen all over America. Searching and
then finally catching the big smallmouth bass is a real achievement for the true
blue American sport fisherman. It is considered to be the America's number one
fresh water sport. Believe it or not, this sport has grown 70% higher than any
other fresh water sport in America.

The smallmouth bass is believed to be, pound for pound, one of the hardest
fighting freshwater fish. The bass runs acrobatic leaps and does "tail walking"
making it one of the most exciting fishes to pursue.

Before you go in search for thet elusive smallmouth bass, you must first know
its characteristics or how it looks like. Smallmouth bass are habitually bronze
to brownish green in color. It has dark vertical bars on the sides. Unlike the
largemouth, the upper jaw of a small mouth does not merely extend beyond rear
margin of the eye. The eye of a smallmouth is reddish. It has 13 to 15 rays of
soft dorsal fins. Its length would go from 12 to 22 inches. And it normally
weighs 8 ounces to 7 pounds.

Here are some guides and tips that can help you bag a smallmouth bass:

* If you fish for smallmouth in the northeast, particularly in Maryland, you
will find that small mouth bass do not stick too tight to cover their presence.
This is more obvious in some of our the slack water reservoirs. This fish
relates much more to a sudden or rapid depth change when they do go for cover.

* Small mouth bass can be caught on a rock ledge that drops off quickly from
about six to twelve feet.

* When trapping a smallmouth bass that is about four or five pounds, try to
swim along with them maki9ng your presence inconspicuous.

* An effective trap for smallmouth bass are plastic worms or flies.

* They are less aware when they are feeding or think they will be feeding.

* This type of sport fish will be usually found on rocky structures with and
without light weed lines.

* The smallmouth has and exceptional sense of sight, smell, and hearing.

* The smallmouth. like most fish, is light-shy.

* Smallmouth bass are schooling fish by nature, so you are likely to catch
several bass in the same locations.

* Once you catch one smallmouth, chances are you will have a chance to catch
more about the same size in the immediate area.

One of the most effective and most popular methods of tricking or catching a
small mouth is to work over the top of these weed beds. Some fishermen prefer
jigs, while others choose live bait.

Here's a list that shows the best top water flies in order to trick small mouth

1.  Stonefly Bugger -- size 6
2.  Franke Hellgrammite -- size 4
3.  Clouser Minnow -- size 6
4.  Sneaky Pete -- size 4
5.  Crayfish -- size 8
6.  Popper -- size 6
7.  Zonkers -- size 4
8.  Bead Head Wooly Bugger- size 6

When is the right time to fish a small mouth?

Smallmouth bass are active in cold waters so, you might catch up with this fish
in the early spring. Start searching for them when the water temperature is in
the mid-40s. The smallmouth might just be about 20-30 feet deep in the waters,
or might be waiting for the temperature to rise a little before emerging higher.

When the temperature begins to reach mid-50s, the smallmouth will start to move
on to cooler or deeper holes, change your technique. Or else do not even bother
yourself in attempting to search them out. All you will need is something to
aid you in searching the bottom. It could be a bait or lure that will catch the
attention of small mouth bass. A plastic worm will be a good strategy with this
because even the most slow-moving bass will respond when you drag one slowly in
its nose. Then when that happens start the battle in search for these small

But do not forget, you are in search for a completely different fish. They are
not just an ordinary fish. They are SMALLMOUTH BASS!!

Make a Christmas card Inspired from Bass Fishing

For the majority people, Christmas time means shopping for gifts, cards and
presents for their friends, family, co-workers and many others. Unfortunately,
shopping for Christmas often times creates a lot of stress and burden for
people due to the fact that they have to go out, fight the crowds and pay
retail prices for the Christmas gifts they buy.

Now, you can get all of your Christmas gifts and supplies including ornaments,
trees, cards, crafts and cookies at discount prices online and at the same
time, same lots of time! Like the bass fishing Christmas card, they are also
available online.

We all know that almost everybody in Florida is fascinated with bass fishing.
They even consider bass fishing as their number one freshwater sport.

Most of these anglers have built bass fishing services because of them; bass
fishing is already a hard habit to break.

Not only that, some of them would even make Christmas cards inspired from bass
fishing. They do this as an effective business product especially on the
holiday seasons or any other special occasions.

For children, Christmas cards are colorful and are usually printed with jokes,
stickers, or games. There are also special Christmas cards that hold money or
gift cards. For adults, Christmas cards are often either traditional or
humorous. And most of the adults get their Christmas cards on the Internet.

Like Bass Fishing Christmas Cards which can be redeemed for online purchases,
catalog orders, and purchases.

Most Bass Fishing Gift Cards are mailed separately to the shipping address of
your choice. Such as:

* Bass Fishing Christmas Cards delivered in 3-6 business days.

* Catalog(s) or the gift cards are shipped separately.

* Free standard shipping to US zip codes

* Gift Card amounts are in US funds

Not only that, here's your second choice...

Most Bass Fishing Greeting Cards businesses provide a great way to send a gift
almost instantly to your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Simply provide them with
the dollar amount and they will email a Gift Card that can be used immediately.

These are important reminders on how you can get the card that you order:

* Most Bass Fishing Christmas Gift Cards are delivered within four hours if
ordered during normal business hours. Otherwise they may take 4 to 24 hours to
be delivered.

* These gift cards are usually delivered without any problems. However, a full
inbox, invalid email address, or a spam filter can prevent the greeting card
from reaching the recipient's inbox. In order to be certain that a Gift Card
has been received, please check with the recipient.

* Gift Cards are available for U.S. orders only and are in US funds.

*  Catalogs will not be mailed, but current catalogs can be viewed online.

And here is your third choice, if you want your bass fishing Christmas card to
be more memorable do it yourself. It's the thought that counts, not the amount

An ordinary hand-made Christmas card is very special, how much more if it was
motivated by bass fishing? Very peculiar is it not? And yet too easy!

Here's what you will need:

a piece of card 17cm x 25cm
a piece of crepe paper or tissue paper slightly smaller than the card
several pieces of colored paper, recycled or interesting texture
metallic braid or cord, or colored ribbon inspire
pinking shears

and of course do not forget your pictures with the bass fishes (have it scanned

And here's the easy way to do it:

1.  Carefully fold the piece of card in half.

2.  Use a very small amount of glue to fix the tissue paper inside the card as
a lining.

3.  Trim a piece of colored paper with pinking shears, so that it measures 13cm
x 8cm. Glue it to the front of the card, leaving an equal margin on each side.

4.  Cut a simple shape -- a Christmas tree, a star, bells etc. -- from an
interesting paper of a toning or contrasting color. Glue the shape to the front
of the card.

5.  When you are done with that, edit the picture that you have just scanned.
You can use Paint Shop Pro for it.

There you have it, just use your creativity and you'll have a Bass fishing
Christmas card to give to a bass fishing enthusiast.

Basic Knowledge about Striped Bass Fishing: Learn More to Catch More

For the first time that you would hear about striped bass fishing, you would
probably think of the factor that drives people to engage in such activities.
You would say that only those people who have an idea on what it is would be
amused of this kind of fishing. But who says no to fishing? If ever you would
then surely your missing one great experience in life!

People have been striped bass fishing for many years. People bass fish for many
reasons. Some of them enjoy fishing regardless of what they catch. While others
fish because they want to catch a lot of stripers and some would fish for food.
Of course every person who is into fishing has the same problem -- finding fish
and catching them.

In 1879, Stripers were first introduced to California from the East Coast. The
stripped bass are also called rockfish because they usually dwell under the
rocks. They look very much similar to a white fish. These species moves around
in groups.

So when you are fishing, and if you catch a striped bass then there is a good
chance that you will be able catch more. This kind of fishes likes to eat
smaller fish, and other coruscations. Stripped bass fish are the favorite meal
of blue fined tuna and sharks.

Striped bass are migratory. Most adults after spawning in rivers move into the
salt water for summer and fall. Many of them feed from one bay to the other. In
late fall & winter some fish moves upstream to the fresh water.

These bass fishes are often caught using small artificial lures. There are
numerous techniques available to pursue the sport of bass fishing.

For beginners, it is advisable to gather more basic tools to get started. Also
it is suggested to start with artificial bait until the angler has a better
understanding of the unique characteristics of the bass fish. Both amateur and
seasoned anglers use Spinner bait. The biggest stripped bass caught is 53

Of course to catch stripped bass you must know how to locate them, but this is
great challenge to most anglers because there are so many factors that need to
be determined to be able to locate one.

Basically the first thing that you should learn in bass fishing is to know how
to read Maps. This way, it would be easier for you to take on the appropriate
location that is good for bass fishing.

You need to remember that bass fish like Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and
stripped bass do not have the same characteristics.

This is another factor in catching bass fishes. These creatures have their own
distinctive traits, so you must learn their nature so that you would be able to
know where to locate them.

The weather condition must also be considered, when it comes to striped bass
fishing. It is very important to know that the most practical places to look
for active bass is just after cold fronts and during early spring and late fall
periods. The depth or the hollowness of the water also serves as a factor to
know a good location.

Once you are aware of their habitat and have mastered the techniques in
catching then you are ready to go on your first stripped bass fishing.

If you want to find and catch Stripped bass there are a lot of guides that can
help you. Legends and masters do exist in bass fishing. They are the ones who
are ordinary men that transcends from their natural being when they are on the
water with a bass casting rod in hand.

It is an extraordinary experience catching these bass fishes and watching them
move and jump out of the water. Even just at staring at them it is really a
wonderful feeling. They are really such beautiful creatures!
Much Ado About Peacock Bass Fishing

Along with the great surge interest of the people with bass fishing in the
entire state, comes another kind of freshwater fishing which needs vigorous
physical strength, open yourself to the interesting world of peacock bass

A peacock bass is actually from the cichlids family of fish not from the bass
family, though it resembles that of a largemouth bass. It would normally have
waylaid attacks to a piteous and unwary victim from a knothole and show his
insatiable desire for food. It would just take hold of a very puny prey from
afar and would eat it voraciously as if it hadn't taken any food for years.

On the other hand, unlike its North American counterpart, the peacock bass is a
lot more eye-appealing and vibrantly decorated with the various shades of green,
blue, orange and gold. But we should not be taken in to these dazzling fašade
because, as a matter of fact, they are far more aggressive than the largemouths
that they can even shatter the rods or destroy the tackle that would already be
enough to restrain the toughest of the largemouth.

One more difference which can be observed is that the largest among largemouth
are always the female while in peacock bass, either the male or the female can
grow to a large portion.

The peacock bass, which is known as pavon in Venezuela and Columbia and
tucunare in Brazil and Peru, is generally categorized into four distinct
species: (a) the speckled peacock, (b) the peacock pavon or tucunare, (c) the
butterfly peacock, and (d) the royal peacock, but fish biologists still suggest
that various other types may actually be present to the whole of South America

It may have acquired its name from the fact that the spot -- a black circular
"eye spot" which is notably rimmed in gold--on the base of the caudal fin which
bears a close resemblance to the tail plume of a peacock fowl.

Male peacocks are normally described to have a well-known hump on their head
which is used as a battering ram in battles with other males and to protect the
fry and their territory as well. Some believe that the hump may be a fat deposit
that the male peacock uses to nourish himself when he is not feeding on fry.

It should be well-noted that before we indulge ourselves with the activity we
should prepare everything that would be needed at first. We can log on to the
web, read magazines or such other activity if we want detailed information
about it. Consultations may be done online so we could be provided with a lot
of options to choose from. It would serve as our guide on what are we going to
bring, basically, on what we are going to need when we go peacock bass fishing.

We should not also fail to notice the tips that expert fishers have especially
for beginners because this would literally be a whale of help aside from having
a guide during the activity. Its better that you already have something in your
mind about what's going to happen in order that you'll be able to assess
whether you can do it or not. And since it as mentioned that peacock bass
fishing somewhat requires physical strength it would be better to train our
body long before the activity.

People would claim that the most excellent peacock bass fishing could be found
on Brazil's Rio Negro River and on Venezuela's Lake Guri. If you happen to have
a spare time and you don't know how you're going to spend it, try to visit the
place and experience the satisfaction that peacock bass fishing would render
upon you.

This activity is unquestionably one that will offer us great fun and that we
will surely stop thinking about our worries even just for a couple of hours or
so. We oftentimes disregard the fact that we should give ourselves a break
after having a hard work to give our minds a time to refresh our thoughts, our
body to relax.

This would surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone of us must
take advantage of. The challenge that is offered when catching an unruly
peacock bass and the memories that you'll have with your fellow adventure -
seekers will all be a part of your memoirs that will certainly linger on your
thoughts as long as you are alive.

Frustrating yet challenging Smallmouth bass fishing in Canada

Canada provides some of the world's best fishing. Summer season opens in March
and ends late in July. Many anglers head for the variety of fish found within
Canada's border.

The lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers provide perfect habitats for an ample
amount fish, and this multiplicity provides a variety of challenges for any
type of fisherman. The geographical diversity found in Canada also offers
opportunities for saltwater fishing, ice fishing, and fly-fishing.

Smallmouth bass is one of the popular species found from Ontario, Canada's
Great Lakes shoals to scenic, glacial lakes of the Canadian Shield and in
thousands of rivers, creeks, and lakes in between.

Smallmouth bass are often-discussed. Nearly every fishing magazine contains a
story or two where the writer extolled this fish as a hard-hitting,
scrappy-fighting, aerial acrobat of the sunfish family. Those who have
experienced smallmouth angling know that this praise is justified.

Little wonder should exist that there has been in recent years renewed interest
in fishing for this species. Smallmouth, although plentiful only in places with
select habitat, are distributed throughout the state. Many anglers need to
travel only a short distance for a chance to fish for this fierce fighter of
the black bass family.

Smallmouth bass are most often bronze to brownish green in color, with dark
vertical bars on the sides. In contrast to the Largemouth bass, the upper jaw
does not extend beyond rear margin of eye. Its Eye is reddish in color and
shallow notch in dorsal fin. Soft dorsal fin has 13 to 15 rays. These species
prefer to stay in rocky habitats in streams and lakes with clear waters.

In streams, these creatures fed on minnows and crayfish while in lakes, they
consumed shad and crayfish.

Smallmouth bass also inhabit a wide range of water -- there are "deep" and
"shallow" bass and they are a schooling fish -- meaning if you catch one there's
a good chance there are several others in the area. Bass generally stick close
to the bottom or near structure like humps and saddles. As ambush predators,
bass need cover to feed successfully so casting accuracy and presentation are
key elements to consider when fishing for them.

Over the years, many anglers and clients express their frustration at trying to
catch smallmouth bass. Legends and masters do exist in bass fishing. Ones who
are everyday men in every way but when they are on the water with a bass
casting rod in hand they transform and transcend their ordinary existence.

And according to these experts, in order to catch smallmouth bass in streams,
cast upstream and let the bait drift into pools and behind objects that break
the current, such as boulders and snags when fishing with hellgrammites
crayfish or some other live bait weighted with split shot. Anglers fishing from
a boat also may anchor upstream from boulders and other smallmouth hangouts.
Cast downstream and let the current hold the bait where it is likely to attract
a smallmouth from this position.

In making live bait from boats, drop anchor over a smallmouth structure and
lower crayfish and/or minnows straight down to the bass. The more legal lines
you have in the water the better. Although smallmouths lie directly beneath the
boat, it may take several minutes before they respond. When one bass does take
bait, the ensuing battle rouses bass nearby into action. Get fresh bait back
into the water as soon as possible after landing a bass to keep the feeding
frenzy going.

The effective lures for smallmouth are those that resemble minnows, plastic
worms and streamer flies while live baits include minnows, hellgrammites and
crayfish. Drop anchor over a smallmouth structure and lower crayfish straight
down to the bass.

As you clock more and more bass-fishing hours you will acquire a knack for
choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. The best advice
is to examine the fishing conditions, ask for guidance from anglers familiar
with the waters you are fishing, and, finally, to try many different lures and
bass-fishing techniques until you discover what works most effectively.

Locating and catching smallmouth is a real challenge. That is why it is really
so much fun. Of course the real reason why we all enjoy fishing is the fun and
camaraderie we experience with our friends and family. Some of the best fishing
stories have nothing to do with how many fish were caught or what bait or
technique was used.

Release those Fishing Urges with Free Bass Fishing Games

Satisfy your craving to fishing not only through the waters but with your home
PC too! Do not fret if it's not the fishing season or the weather is not good
for fishing. You can experience the rush and fun of bass fishing anytime and at
the comfort of your own home. Free Bass Fishing Games are available for you in
the internet.

Here are some bass fishing games and downloads you can come across on the
Internet. They are free to download or play online, just make sure you check
the system requirements included with the bass fishing games or software
summary. Plug in and connect, here are some of the most exciting and realistic
free bass fishing games for you.

1. Fishing Expert 4.0. Fishing Expert contains a database that queries your
fishing conditions, and then provides you with one of over 400 proven fishing
methods or patterns. It takes into account weather, time of year, types of
water, wind conditions, spawning conditions, high/low pressure systems, and
much more.

2. Pro Bass Fishing. Plunge yourself into a fishing adventure made more alive
with splashing fish, jumping frogs, dancing water bugs, rippling water,
bouncing rod tips and the biggest, hardest fighting bass fishes that ever
landed on a PC. The fishing adventures are endless as you choose the lake, the
hot spot, the species, the tackle -- even the weather, its your game and your

3. Rapala Pro fishing by Activision. Rapala Company is well known to every avid
fisherman as they are taking in big bucks for the products and accessories and
now a game is bearing their name. Drive fast on your bass boats and even air
boats. Take the ultimate online bass fishing high with this free to try bass
fishing game.

4. In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies by global Star Software. Get the big boys
out of the boat and be the In-Fisherman. Take the day off virtually and be the
big man in the lake. Bag that trophy fish then strive for more. This free bass
fishing game provides the bass fishing high that the real thing offers.

5. Pro Bass Fishing by Atari. LAN play and do fishing challenges with your
friends and beat the popular on-line gaming portal, Game Spy Arcade. Enjoy the
scenery of the northern and southern lakes. What's up ahead will always be a
surprise. Have that wonderful weekend get away with the boys anytime of the
week and at the comfort of your own home.

6. Outdoor- Life: A Sportsman's Challenge. the Sim -- city meets the backwoods
yokel cousins. Your ultimate hunting and fishing destination is right in your
fingertips. Take those big bucks and monster bass flourishing as you market
your outdoor paradise. You have complete control and power of everything you
want in bass fishing all at the click of a mouse.

7. Championship Bass by EA Sports. This game provides computer anglers with
small selection of lakes and rivers but have an extensive selection of lures
and colors to choose from. Clean and simple play methods and not overly
complicated. Good quality graphics with a huge amount of fun factor, something
you can definitely expect from EA sports.

8. Trophy Bass 4 by Vivendi Universal games. Dubbed as the mother of all PC
Bass fishing games, this game sets the standard of playability and
"fishability". Trophy Bass 4 is a game that provided tons of fun and
demonstrated classic control of any fishing game. It has a large library of
fishing tips thus you will learn real life fishing while playing this exciting

9. Flysim Fly fishing Game by these incredible game portrays real
life physics that you can feel as you practice your fly casting. Practice
flycasts at fish that demonstrate realistic behavior.

10. Trophy Bass 3D by Vivendi Universal Games. This game came up after Trophy
Bass 2. This game came up with new and improved 3D rendered game engines. You
must be familiar with the game series and make up with the speed of these game.
The rush of adrenaline is like a jolt and the experience is breathtaking. Strap
on for the ride of a lifetime!

Fall Bass Fishing, the Call of the Wilds

The great outdoors, its natural splendor beckons mans natural instincts. As men
have grown accustomed to living in high rises and suburban haven, they could not
still shrug off the call of the wilds.

Man has started off as natural hunters even with the convenience of department
stores and groceries, there is still nothing quite like the natural high of
catching your own food. From necessity, fishing has evolved into a sport, now
hordes of fishermen are now sportsmen because of these and bass fishing is one
of the greatest challenges this sport offers.

Just try to look at its development and you will really see the diversity.
Before, fish is only considered as part of our everyday needs, but as time goes
by it was later transformed into this kind of sports which the people
particularly the anglers are getting fond of.

The satisfaction that they find in bass fishing cannot be compared to any other
hobby. Be it young or old, many are becoming quite fond of it. Although there
are a lot of things to be considered once you get yourself into Bass Fishing
but still they disregard all of these.

The allure of bass fishing is never seasonal and the call of the waters never
ceases. Be it not for the coldness of winter, bass fishermen would not be held
back from getting into their boats lugging their gears. It is too much of a
passion for those who truly understands the essence of having to catch the bass.

Moreover, the game of bass fishing does not choose any age. Once you are hooked
to it, you will certainly find the pleasure of bringing home the trophy fish.
Sometimes, anglers even tend to disregard the weather condition because of
their urge to catch bass fish.

Bass Fishing has become a competition to other anglers because at times they
are fond of recording the biggest fish that have been caught and it precisely
gives not only fulfillment but as well as honor on the part of the individual
that was able to catch it.

The bass fish is a trophy fish because of its ability to give a good fight when
it is caught. Its capability to grow into big sizes makes it a good wall mount
without the need to wander off to the deep blue sea. Bass fishes are mostly
fresh water fishes and this doesn't require expensive boat rentals as well
horrendously pocket burning fees and gears.

And since it is fresh water, you can do bass fishing even in fall!

Trying to look at the tips on how to succeed in the game of bass fishing, there
is a very important thing that must be consider there. That deals on the weather
condition. It is a must to consider that aspect in bass fishing. But of course,
you should leave the water when a storm came or when there is lightning that
comes into the area.

It is an advice for you to start to fish early in the morning or in the evening
because bass is active on cooler temperature. You are surely to catch bigger
trophy fish if you will have the bass fishing on the right time.

Fall bass fishing is particularly good because during this season, there is a
lower temperature and the colder the time is the higher the chance for you to
grab on the bass fish.

Northern California for instance, has always been known for its abundance of
the bass fish. This usually happened during the Fall Salmon Run in the
Sacramento River, but oftentimes, this Season looks absolutely phenomenal, and
may not be seen again for many years to come. That is why people who are
involved in fall bass fishing always grab the chance whenever this season comes
because this only comes once a year.

Fall Bass Fishing is like a delicacy, it is VERY special for those who have a
taste for it. Like age, it does not need to consider the best seasons for going
into bass fishing. This is important nonetheless if you want to drive your goal
of winning the game and catching the biggest bass fish for you to track the
record of the biggest bass fish caught.

Florida the Center of Bass Fishing: Convenience at its best with Bass Fishing

Florida has gained an international acknowledgment for its exceptional
saltwater fishing, but the outstanding freshwater fishing has not yet captured
the widespread attention of the same amount of visitors. Residents of this
state are in on the secret, however; that they have three very active
freshwater clubs here in Collier County.

Tourists and out of state bass fishermen are very much welcome here with the
amenities and lodgings available for them. Boats, equipments are for rent and
this provides much convenience for travelers.

Since Florida has more than 7,500 lakes available, anglers sometimes face a
tough decision about where to fish. It is really very important to consider the
lakes. The following list of Top Bass Fishing Areas with Bass Fishing rentals
aims to help anglers find a quality place to catch either a good numbers of
bass or to catch a trophy bass.

1.  Lake George

Lake George is one of the many natural lakes on the St. John's River. It has
extensive vegetation that provides excellent habitat for bass. Wade fishing in
eelgrass with plastic worms fished on the surface, and other top water
artificial lures are productive. Fishing with live shiners is an excellent
method for catching trophy bass during the spring spawning season.

2.  Stick Marsh Reservoir

Anglers in this river can locate bass throughout the reservoir among a variety
of habitats including woody stump fields, submerged canals and hydrilla. Summer
2004 hurricanes drastically reduced levels of hydrilla throughout the reservoir,
however, which can affect where bass are located. Anglers should keep this in
mind when trying to pattern fish. Plastic worms, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft
jerkbaits, and topwater propeller baits are effective. Wild golden shiners are
the top choice for anglers looking to catch a trophy fish.

3.  Lake Tohopekaliga

Most anglers here target trophy bass use live golden shiners during early
spring. Shiners are fished inshore near native vegetation or topped-out
hydrilla . Plastic baits (worms, crawfish and lizards) flipped along grass
edges, hydrilla, and bulrush will also catch quality-sized bass. Spinnerbaits,
soft jerkbaits and chugging baits can also be very productive at times

4.  Lake Kissimmee

Lake Kissimmee is the largest of five main water bodies on the famous Kissimmee
River in central Florida. Lake Kissimmee is nationally renowned for producing
high quality fishing. Tournament anglers on Lake Kissimmee are posting winning
weights of 18 to 20 pounds of bass. Results of an angler survey indicated that
bass anglers had an excellent catch rate of 0.54 fish/hour during spring 2004.

5.  Rodman Reservoir

Rodman Reservoir, east of Gainesville and south of Palatka, covers 9,500 acres
of prime largemouth bass habitat. Since its creation in 1968, Rodman Reservoir
has been known for trophy largemouth bass.

6.  Lake Tarpon

Anglers in this lake are most successful in flipping or pitching plastic worms
along canal and bulrush edges. Offshore bass fishing is productive for anglers
who fish around ledges, humps, coontail, and eelgrass beds. Popular lures
offshore include shad-imitating jigs, crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater baits.
Fishing with wild shiners and live shad is also effective.

7.  Lake Walk-In-Water

The lake is located south of Orlando and east of Lake Wales, and it is just
south of S.R. 60. Lake Walk-in-Water has a national reputation as an
outstanding spot to catch largemouth bass. Anglers frequently catch up to 25
bass a day with several ranging from four to eight pounds. The lake also
produces many trophy bass exceeding 10 pounds each year. A 15- to 24-inch slot
limit regulation and a three-bass daily bag limit are in place to help maintain
quality bass fishing. Anglers may keep three bass per day, either under or over
the protected slot range, of which only one bass greater than or equal to 24
inches is allowed.

8.  Lake Istokpoga

Istokpoga is the fifth largest natural lake in Florida and has an average depth
of only six feet. During angler surveys conducted from October 2003 throughout
May 2004, anglers caught 124,993 bass, of which almost 55,000 were 2 pounds or
heavier, and 1,448 bass were over 8 pounds.

9.  Deer Point Lake

Deer Point Lake is a popular largemouth bass fishing destination in Florida's
panhandle area near Panama City.

10.  Suwanee River

The Suwannee River is a pristine, black water stream flowing 213 miles in
Florida from the swamp-like region at the Georgia border to salt-marsh tidal
creeks at the Gulf of Mexico. This river is known for trophy largemouth bass.

11.  The Everglades

The Everglades are south Florida marshlands intersected with over 200 miles of
canals. Most anglers fish in the canals rather than in the marsh. Anglers work
canal edges with plastic worms, soft jerkbaits, and minnow imitations. Flipping
the vegetation is also a popular technique.

Wherever you decide to go, you can be sure that you can have the time of your
life fishing and all at a convenience. You can just rent out a boat and
eliminate the need to tow your own boat or worse have to buy your own. Other
gears are also available as a rental for your own convenience and ease. There
are also many lodges and inns plus cabins you can rent out for a weekend or

Learn some Basic Guides on Bass Fishing

As you spend more and more hours and days on bass fishing, you will acquire
lots of knowledge about the right lure and technique for the proper way to do
this sport. The best advice most experienced and seasoned bass fishermen, is to
examine the fishing conditions, ask for tips from anglers familiar with the
waters you are fishing in, and finally, try many different lures and
bass-fishing techniques until you discover what works most effectively to the
situation, and which one you are most comfortable with.

Here are some Guides to Bass Fishing to become a better Bass Fisher.

The Technique:

The bait must fall to the preferred depth, then you have to shake the rod tip.
By this, you'll be getting the fishes attention. Do this for at least 30
seconds, then shaking again for about 2 or 3 seconds intervals, stop and pull
slowly about six inches. Then dropping again, slowly back and down and
repeating the process. The first thing to remember if they're not biting is to
slow down.


* During Springtime, fish uphill (position the boat in shallow water and cast
to deep water) and use a 1/8 ounce weight.

* Fish downhill in Fall.

* Try to use a Texas rigged worm to prevent hang-ups.

* Fish out the worm and keep suspended 90% of the time.

* Always try to sharpen the hooks to make sure you have maximized your hookup

* When doodling, it is critical to keep your presentation natural by
downsizing your hooks to 1/0 or lower, and paying delicate, attention to how
straight your bait is in order to maintain a natural presentation.

* Crystal clear waters can be tough. The secret to fishing weenie worms is to
keep slack on your line and "shake" the bait instead of dragging. The shaking
of the rod and your light line gives your worm, grub or reaper an amazing

When to Go:

When the bass quit hitting during the daytime and when it becomes uncomfortably
hot on the lake are good signals that it's time to start night fishing. Night
fishing is usually practiced when the water is in the mid-60s or warmer.

Places to Fish:

Where to fish at night is a question commonly asked by bass fishermen. Bass
don't move great distances in most situations. Smallmouth bass, especially, are
proven stay-at-homes. As the summer wears on, the bass tend to move deeper and
won't come up shallow, even at night in many lakes. Night fishing is productive
when the bass are within the 20-foot zone

Tips and Guides

* Position yourself only as far away as water clarity dictates; stay close
enough for consistent accuracy.

* Try to make the lure land on the water with as little noise as possible.
Cast past the target when possible.

* In windy weather, put tension on the line just before the lure touches down.
This will straighten out the line and prevent it from blowing across

* Learn casting techniques that permit a low trajectory, such as flipping,
pitching, sidearm casting and underhand casting.

* Use a quality rod and reel matched to the weight of the lure. Rods with a
stiff blank but relatively fast (limber) tip are easier to cast than extremely
stiff or uniformly limber rods.

* Cast with the wrist, not the arm and shoulder.

* Lower the lure a few inches below the rod tip before casting; this gives
extra momentum for the cast.

* Be sure to "load" the rod tip, causing it to bend backward, on the
back-cast, then whip the rod forward smoothly.

* Fill the spool of any type reel to within 1/8 inch of the lip of the spool.

The Flip-Cast; use your wrist, NOT your arm.

* Concentrate on the spot you want to hit, not on what you want to miss.
* Use plenty of scent when trying to penetrate thick cover -- it acts as a
* Stick to basic jig colors (black/blue, brown/brown, black/chartreuse).
* Use a plastic worm with a glass bead between the worm and the weight for
inactive fish.
* If you think it's a strike, reel down until your rod is in a hookset
position before you check.
* A strike is anything different (something you wouldn't feel in a bathtub!).
* Tighten your drag all the way down for better hooksets.
* Use 17 to 25 pound test line for bait casting gear, 10 to 14 pound test on
spinning (for flipping finesse baits).

In order to establish a pattern it is essential you understand how a bass lives
in its environment. Knowing where the bass can be found at any given time or
place is something you must develop. Always go fishing with a plan in mind.

Remember that every fish you catch can reveal clues on how to catch another.
After establishing a pattern, realize that when the action slows down in the
area you were fishing, you can then search for more areas that would fill the
same criteria.

Some "Don't Forgets" Before going into a Bass Fishing Charter

Bass fishing charters are now in, because definitely bass fishing is really
rocking our boats with a flowing number of patrons already. It has been the
talk of the town since it was introduced in the late 1700s and has reached its
level of popularity to the extent that even young kids are enthralled to join
such an activity.

Bass fishing may be fun and enjoyable while you're your sitting beside the lake
as you spend your spare time with your family and friends but if you want you
may plan a charter for all of them and experience the thrill and excitement of
watching a school of bass fish run after your baits.

Below is a list of the things that you should be reminded of when you plan to
have a charter. See for yourself.

* You must have a fishing license so that you will be authorized to take or
possess either saltwater or freshwater fish and have a chance to participate
fishing games but you should be mindful that we are consistent with the state
and federal regulations. Securing a fishing license also contribute in ensuring
the future of fishing in the state where we have the activity.

* It is also advisable that we wear a soft soled shoe for our comfort. Boots,
especially those that are intended for work, are big NO-NOs.

* Bring with you seasickness pills if you that it is needed. It is important
that you pack up enough of it for the whole trip. You should make it sure that
you are physically fit before going into a charter for you to enjoy every

* Being on a charter means being exposed to the sun so you should not forget to
have your sunglasses with you for protection.

* Coolers should also go with the trip. This is intended for the fishes that
are going to get caught. It is one of the vital things that we should not fail
to remember for the reason that it would help retain the freshness of the fish.
You do not want to have a spoiled-looking fish right?

* Check the weather forecast of the day. You would surely want to go out if the
sun is up right? But you should always bring with you rain gear for special
purposes. You should always expect for a sudden change of condition.

Well, what else should you bring?

Food, of course. You will be out there in the middle of the sea or lake so you
better bring enough food and beverage for all of you because, for sure, you do
not want to eat raw fish or gulp the salty water when you get hungry and
thirsty, right?

To add up, have your camera, video cam or the like so you will have something
that would remind you of your trip anytime you want. Be sure that you have all
of these things to have a really pleasurable trip while you are in the fly
fishing charter.

There are a lot of bass fishing guides that could offer you great charters. You
may check their websites for information or you may also ask some friends of
where's best, if they are also into bass fishing. Find a charter now and go
with bass fishing, it is one way of comforting yourself and have precious time
with your loved ones.

Florida Bass Fishing Guide: Take a Virtual Tour of Florida's Bass Fishing with
the Best Guide to Help You

The main key for you is to find the most skilled, professional and personal
guides to educate you first about the industry and raise the right queries
about it. Or else you will just be puzzled with the precise thing to do. Or get
lost in a maze of a plethora of locations to go.

Clients are searching for the most dependable and credible guide that they can
run into for them to get the best service they want. There are many bass
fishing guide resources that you can rely on. Most of them could be found in
the internet through their websites.

Some of Florida's well-known and credible bass fishing guides, whether in terms
of its quality and quantity are guaranteed for bass fishing success. They offer
a lot of discount fishing packages you can avail. They implement the no bass,
no pay policy. True credible bass fishing guides will be able to you which
spots to go and what conditions are the best. Primarily they can boost your
chances of landing the big one on your Florida bass fishing trip.

Trophy bass fishing in Florida Lake Okeechobee is the most famous big bass lake
in the country and for many years, it was noted that it has already produced the
best largemouth bass, blue gill and speck fishing in the world.

Roland Martin's Marina has been the top Bass Fishing destinations in the world
since they opened their doors in 1981. They have built their reputation on
years of providing customer satisfaction and still continue to set the standard
in the fishing industry. The group of Florida fishing guides are titled to be
the "Best of the Best" when it comes to fishing Lake Okeechobee or the Florida

This lake was considered as Florida's most Credible Lake, Okeechobee Bass
fishing guides since the year 1981 on Lake Okeechobee and Florida Everglades.
They have been featured on ESPN2, TNN, OLN, FSN and the OUTDOOR CHANNEL. They
are the best whenever you plan to go fishing in South Central Florida on Lake
Okeechobee or the Florida Everglades. They ensure that the customers will have
no regrets at the end of the day.

Other features of the said Team of Fishing Guides are: assistance in every way
possible to make your Okeechobee Bass Fishing trip the best. This is done
because their fishing guides are running the new model 20 to 21ft. Bass boats
that are likewise all well-equipped to the max with the latest Bass catching
and Bass finding gear available.

They can also provide you with some tips and guides, like:

On Lake Okeechobee the two effective ways to catch largemouth bass are either
with artificial lures or wild shiners. Bass Fishing with wild shiners on Lake
Okeechobee has been one of the most popular methods for catching Bass,
especially for the Trophy Bass. Fishing with a Wild shiner is usually a very
fast paced way of catching bass. When you get on them you won't have time to do
much else other than set the hook.

On the other hand, Bass Fishing with artificial lures is the other great way to
catch Bass on Lake Okeechobee; the guides will provide you with a choice between
spinning or bait casting reels. The methods of neither flipping nor pitching are
a very effective way to catch Bass on Lake Okeechobee as well as other

This shows the advantages in terms of service of one of the most prestigious
Florida Bass Fishing Guide. Aside from that there are other features and
benefits that they can offer you if you'll have the chance visit to their
particular sites.

Another bass fishing guide in Florida is the so-called Freelancer which was
launched in business since 1970 and is considered as the oldest continuously
operated guide service even before the arrival of others. All Freelancer guides
have years of experience guiding on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. They know the
latest techniques for catching big bass in Florida's grassy waters which they
claim as their edge over other bass fishing guide.

Important features of the Freelancer are reasonable rates for 4-hour, 6-hour
and 8-hour guide trips, Kids and novices are welcome, Multi-boat parties are
available, transportation is easy and all tackle is furnished.

Florida Bass Fishing Guides: Your Ticket to the Best Fishing Experience in

Southwest Florida has gained world-wide acknowledgment for its incomparable
salt water fishing, but the outstanding freshwater fishing has not yet captured
the wide spread concentration of its visitors. Local residents are in on the
secret, this is shown on the three extremely full of life freshwater clubs in
Collier County.

Florida is extremely well-known for its bass fishing

It will go down in history as the "Year of the Hurricanes." The constant
pounding Florida took during the late summer of last year ranks as one of the
largest natural disasters to ever strike the Sunshine State. It was a royal
chaos at the time. But six months later, there are some positive things

Although the enormous influx of rainwater unfavourably impacted both freshwater
and saltwater fishing for several months, it did some good things for the inland
lakes. Many were at low levels, and the added fresh water was cherished. In some
compliments, the hurricanes are a key part of a natural drawdown-refill cycle
that will pay dividends for bass fishermen in future years.

Florida bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee with a USCG licensed guide service is
an event every bass fishing angler is dreaming of doing sometime in his
lifetime. Lake Okeechobee has a lot of large mouth bass of all sizes which
means that it recommends some very high-quality bass fishing for every person.

Bass fishing Lake Okeechobee -- Florida wild shiners are the preferred bait for
a trophy bass and it is a natural food that they feed on daily, which is why it
is preferred when fishing for bass.

Florida has the best big bass and extremely knowledgeable guides and can
furnish references to back it up. They are very well-mannered, experienced
professional guides that will take you to these bass fishes. They don't do the
actual fishing for you, but they will show you the best places to go as well as
show you some of their techniques. You get to set the hook and experience the
fight of the fish yourself. Florida Bass fishing guides fish the lakes on a
daily basis, just to ensure your success.

Here are some of Florida's bass fishing best guides you can get:

* Lake Okeechobee fishing guides

* Stick marsh farm 13 fishing guide

* Lake Kissimmee guide

* Lake Toho guides

* Harris chain of lake guide

Of course, there are literally thousands of terrific fishing spots in Florida
but here are the top ten best fishing spots:

* LAKE JACKSON. Located just north of Tallahassee, this shallow 4,000-acre
natural lake is best around the Church Cove and Cattle Gap areas in the north
and central portions.

* LOW BUSH BAY. Its is very deep and has a wide variety of underwater
structures, sadly though, it id no longer open to the public.

* LAKE TARPON. Lake Tarpon is located in Pinellas County on Florida's west
coast, about 25 miles northwest of Tampa. Suggested areas for the best fishing:
edges of cattails and bulrush, offshore clumps of vegetation, also near Brooker
creek and in the canal on the south end of the lake.

* TENOROC AREA. Formerly a phosphate mine less than 10 miles northeast of
Lakeland, this 6,400-acre property is a series of marshes and small lakes.

* THE EVERGLADES. The two best areas are 210 square miles of Everglades's
marsh connected with perimeter canals, and 730 square miles of wetlands
bordered by a canal system.

* STICK MARSH RESERVOIR. Created by the flooding of some 6,500 acres of former
farmland. This is an abundant place for bass -- the southern portion of Farm 13
is best.

* THE OKEECHOBEE. Probably Florida's most famous bass fishing location, Lake
Okeechobee (the "Big O") is located in south central Florida, covering 730
square miles, easily accessible from both the east and west coast of Florida.
The best spots are around Eagle Bay Island, Fish eating Bay, and Pelican Bay.

* LAKE WOEHKAYAPKA. Which means "Walk-in-Water," is a 7,534-acre lake off S.R.
60 about 50 miles south of Orlando, a few miles east of Lake Wales, and very
near to Lake Kissimmee.

* LAKE KISSIMMEE. Actually part of a chain of lakes, in Polk and Osceola
counties, Lake Kissimmee is 35,000 acres. Also known for great fishing is West
Lake Tohopekaliga, an 18,810-acre shallow lake just south of the city of
Kissimmee, can be accessed by passing through the locks between the lakes.

* LAKE GEORGE. The second largest lake in Florida, and is a natural lake from
the St. Johns River.

Check out the internet for some of the websites that offer the Florida Bass
fish guides and give them a call. This is one experience you'll likely to never

Some Great Facts about Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Smallmouth bass is regarded to be ranked among the hardest fighting freshwater
fish. It is also often referred to as the brown bass, brownies, bronzebacks,
smalls and smallies. Many anglers and fishermen love the challenge of catching
these aggressive fishes and the great feeling after a well-fought battle.

Smallmouth bass fishes are well thought-out by most people to be the sportiest
freshwater fish. They are known for their fighting stamina and beyond belief
leaping ability. Like largemouths, they will take almost any kind of lure or
bait, but they commonly prefer smaller sizes. Favorites include jigs,
crankbaits, spinners, streamer flies, shiner minnow, crayfish, hellgrammites,
leeches, and nightcrawlers.

The jaw of a brown bass, which extends directly below the eye, is smaller
compared to that of a largemouth bass. Its cheeks have from twelve to seventeen
rows of scales and the dorsal fins are joined with ten spines and thirteen to
fourteen soft rays.

It is golden bronze or brown in color, with a lighter, more creamy underbelly
that the largemouth which has a greenish one. It has vertical dark bands or
marks on the sides and its eyes have a dash of red.

Most brownies weigh between 1 and 1.5 and they can run as high as 4 or 5 pounds.

They have a preference of cool water, but will have a tendency to follow food
sources. It is sensitive to environmental factors and can be greatly affected
by polluted waters. Clean rivers and lakes are necessary for them to survive.
They will move about from one habitat to another as temperature changes
throughout the year.

Smallies prefer rock strewn, gravelly hard bottoms. It is not common for them
to stay in areas with soft sandy or muddy bottoms. Bronzebacks, which are found
in rivers, usually hangout in shallow rocky pools and ledges during the cooler
spring weather. It is also likely for them to settle on grass beds and weedy
patches growing on small islands and along the banks, especially as the growth
attracts forage. When the water heats up, they will tend to transfer to the
deeper pools kin the rivers main channels, or to the faster moving parts of the
riffles that offer cooler water.

In lakes, they in general move to deeper water as the water warms up. They
cling to around structure and shade. Smallies can be found in deeper grass and
weed beds where forage and cover is available.

They prefer to spawn in water temperatures within 62 to 65 degrees. They can
usually be found spawning sometime between April and June. They will spawn in
depths of 2 to 10 feet. The male cleans debris from a small circular area to
create the nest and guards it for about a month after spawning to allow the fry
to grow to swim freely.

The rocky lakes of Canadian Shield produce a perfect environment for not only
the large trophy of these species but for a great number of other fishes. On
Lake Panache, it is not uncommon to catch your limit right off the dock of
smallmouth. If you are looking for big smallmouth bass then you'll probably
want to visit this lake. Smallmouths are one of the hardest fighting fish in
Canada but it's definitely easy to look for it in Lake Panache, its maybe
because of the cool spring fed water that makes them extra scrappy and they
also taste fantastic.

Northern Ontario is also well-known for big trophy brown bass especially in
Five Mile Lake. They are found off rocky points, shoals, reeds and islands.

Even though this kind of fish is not a dominant specie in the lake, it still
has a healthy population and can still provide a full day of fishing if you go
after them. They are usually around 2 pounds but a fair number of 3 and 4
pounders are also caught. Another lake which is in close proximity with the
Five Mile Lake also offers a good site for bass fishing, smallmouth bass in

One more lake in Ontario provides an excellent fishing, particularly for
smallmouth bass fishes. Norse Lake remains calm even in windier days. The
smallmouth bass population in this lake reaches into the 5 pound class.

Truly, the Canadian coasts have a lot to offer especially when we speak of
Smallmouth Bass. Visit the net for more information, tips and guides and see
for yourself!
Discover Bass Fishing in Florida: An adventure for the Whole Family

Bass fishing is one of America's top pastimes. Many people indulge in this
activity for their therapeutic wonders. Great relaxation and the exhilarating
feeling of catching a big bass fish is its biggest drawing power. Many
memorable times are experienced between friends and family on these bass
fishing trips.

Not all states are blessed with having great places to go bass fishing.
Residents of Florida though have a great reason to be happy because they are
one of the states in America that do have many places to bass fish in. In fact,
many of these lakes are transformed to wonderful bass fishing trip destinations.

Many of them have been developed, provided with lodging and rental
establishments to cater to the needs of the bass fishers. Aside from that,
there are also many interesting side trips you can take your family to. Florida
bass fishing is an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Southwest Florida has already acquired worldwide recognition for its
exceptionally rich saltwater fishing, but its richer freshwater fishing could
never be forgotten by anyone who has tried the bass fishing opportunities there.

Local residents are brought together by series and regular competitions
organized by three very active freshwater clubs in Collier Country. There are
also some open competitions that can be enjoyed by out of town fishermen. They
can either compete or just plain watch the excitement going on.

Friendly tournaments are a great common focus of all of these clubs. Other fish
species are never left unnoticed and untargeted, that makes Florida not just
famous for bass fishing.

The state of Florida is blest with beautiful and rich lakes that are good for
fresh water fishing. This could be enjoyed throughout its southwest regions;
there are also ponds, canals and creeks in other places that have good number
bass fish content.

There are also websites created to provide information and invitations for bass
fish loving and catching aficionados to come, sample and prove that not all big
fish are caught by professional fishermen.

These websites provide great details on what you will discover and experience
in Florida when you go there. They center on the bass fishing aspect of the
trip and also the other activities you can do while being there. They also
would help you out plan your trip and set up an itinerary.

The resort owners and the local tourist boards create most of these websites.
They provide great services as well as packages for either as small or large
group. They will provide you with all the information you may ever need about
bass fishing in Florida.

Guided tours are also offered and guides in bass fishing as well. For those
just starting out in bass fishing, Florida has some of the best Bass fishermen
to help you and teach you as well as share some of their experienced tips. They
know all the best spots to go to and the best gears to use.

One of these places is Lake Kissimmee in Central Florida. Experience the thrill
of fishing for giant lunker largemouth bass in this famous lake resort. They
have comfortable lodgings as well as great rentals for anyone who wants to try
to catch the "big one". Aside from that, Lake Kissimmee is just a stone's throw
away from Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and the metropolitan
Orlando area, this means that even the kids would enjoy the other aspects of
this bass fishing trip in Florida. You will see and enjoy the perfect "real
Florida" getaway adventure everyone would like to have in his or her lifetime.

Aside from the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, you can go to Stickmarsh/Farm 13, Blue
Cypress, and Walk-in-Water any time for more bass fishing. The famous Indian
River Lagoon offers fishing for Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Tarpon aside from
bass fishing. You get a variety of catches.

So plan that bass fishing Florida trip now, visit the websites that can show
you the highs of any trip done to Florida. You can just type in the keyword at
any search engine and see for yourself how a weekend or a week of Florida Bass
fishing could provide for you and your family.

Bass Fishing in Florida; A multi-million recreation

Bass fishing represents one of the most popular fishing sports practiced today.
Its popularity has yielded a multi-billion dollar industry unto itself, aside
from the business of other modes of sport fishing. There are boats on the
market designed specifically for bass fishing. Clothes and gears are also very

Freshwater sport fishing in Florida provided recreational opportunities for
over 1.32 million people, over age 16, and generated an economic output of $2.0
billion in 2001. Aside from that, Florida freshwater recreational fishing
generated 19,519 jobs with earnings of $484 million in 2001. Florida freshwater
fishing provided 20.8 million angler days of recreation (92% resident) based on
14.5 million trips. (A trip is from the time someone leaves home until they
return and may include many days; a day is defined by an activity on a specific

Bass habitats include a variety of environments, from rivers, lakes, streams,
and even ponds. Rivers provide one of the healthiest habitats, due to the
highly oxygenated waters from the rapid current. In order to fish bass from
rivers, it is best to seek out breaks in the current, perhaps from a fallen
tree, a stump, or rocks. The fish that bass feed upon will normally school
below a dam, thereby making these spots ideal for bass fishing.

There are at least 32 species of fish commonly caught in the numerous lakes,
ponds, canals and rivers throughout Southwest Florida. The anglers pursuing the
most popular of these freshwater game fish are locally referred to as either
bass fisherman, "perch jerkers", pan fisherman or catfishermen, depending upon
the object of their pursuit.

The most common and popular of these are Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Panfish,
Chain pickerel and Crappie.

Largemouth Bass without a doubt is the most sought after game fish in Florida.
It is the main target of the majority of anglers. Many of these lure busting
monsters in the 10 to 12 pound range are taken every year in local waters.

The yellow and brown bullhead, followed by the channel catfish, is the most
abundant in the area. They are favored by sportsman for the delicious table
fare that they provide. Also harvested commercially, mainly on Lake Okeechobee,
and their tasty fillets are served as an "all you can eat" favorite in most area
restaurants. But it is still the bass fish that promises the challenge of the

Every freshwater river, canal, lake and pond in South West Florida is abundant
with what is locally referred to as "panfish" for the thick tasty fillets they
provide. The term actually covers a wide variety of pan sized fish in the
sunfish family. These include, but are not limited to, the following: bluegill,
bream, warmouth, and the most sought after, redeared sunfish, locally referred
to as a "shellcracker" for its diet of aquatic snails. Another favorite is the
exotic oscar, which has flourished in the hundreds of miles of canals in the

An angler needs only to arm themselves with a cane pole and a can of worms or
crickets for guaranteed success in catching supper. However, most anglers opt
for the ultra-light spinning outfits with tiny spinners and spoons, or the fly
rod with popping bugs. Catches of fifty or more a day are common.

While not particularly sought after, the pickerel must still be considered a
game fish for its savage attacks on the lures most commonly thrown by bass
fisherman. They are fast, tackle busting acrobatic fighters. While edible, they
are usually released due the many pesky little bones in their fillets.

Also locally called speckled perch or "specks" and considered as the favorite
of the "perch jerkers" or crappie fisherman that pursue them. These quick
striking fish fall for a variety of lures. They congregate in large schools and
once located, provide the angler with plenty of action and a great fish fry.

There are innumerable techniques and types of tackle available to practice the
sport of bass fishing. For a beginner, it is advised to gather some more basic
tools to get started. Some suggestions point towards acquiring a 10-pound line,
suitable for the average sizes and weights of this species. Also, it is
suggested to start with artificial bait until the angler has a better
understanding of the unique characteristics of the bass fish. The Spinnerbait
is common artificial bait used by both amateur and seasoned anglers.

The catch and release method was first introduced in the 1950s. It was designed
to reduce the rising costs of restocking hatchery-raised fish, and was normally
used for fish not meant for consumption. Popular consensus does not consider
bass as a food fish, and thus this technique is widely used.

Experience great Bass fishing experience with Georgia Bass Fishing Adventure

Bass fishing has suddenly become one of the most popular sports in town. Almost
everyone is talking about it that you can't resist not asking about it and
trying it for yourself as well.

It may be the promise of fun and excitement of bass fishing that keeps many
people hooked on it. There are also countless television shows today that
concentrate on bass fishing a lot that is why you can't help learning more
things about it.

Learning about it is enjoyable and you can hire a guide to help you catch fish,
as well as teach you about catching them, then later on you're going to develop
your own ideas and formulate theories on having the best fish.

There's a lot of bass clubs where you can join in and numerous fishing
tournaments that you can try. Lots of money awaits you especially in joining
prestigious tournaments where a big deal of money is at stake.

Several states are now "hooked" and "addicted" to bass fishing and Georgia is
considered to be among the best in the world in terms of this newly-found sport.

Catching a spotted bass (also called "spots") which is about 4 pounds can
already be considered to be a trophy since the average one weighs about only a
pound, though spots of this kind is really that unusual in the deep waters of
Georgia. Bass of this kind are often inhabiting deep and clear waters.

Spotted bass are strong fighters, and many anglers feel that spots are the most
spirited black bass species. Although spotted bass do not grow as big as
largemouths and are not as acrobatic as smallmouths, a good spotted bass on the
end of the line gives you a fight to remember.

Lake Lanier would probably be the first thing that would come to mind when one
speaks of Georgia spotted bass. In 1985, Lake Lanier was able to spot an 8
pounds, 1/2 ounce spotted bass. This has set a state-record in Georgia but
continued to have contenders since then.

Spotted bass are common in central and North Georgia in areas drained by the
Coosa, Chattahoochee and Savannah River systems. But there are still some
notable exceptions.

In addition to that, spots are currently making up about 25 percent of the
black bass population in Lake Jackson, and their prevalence is increasing. The
first spotted bass found in biologists' shocking surveys didn't show up until
1998, so their numbers have increased quite quickly. Spotted bass only average
9 or 10 inches in length in this site. Something like 15 percent of the spotted
bass in the lake are more than 15 inches long.

At first glance, spotted bass are almost impossible to differentiate from
largemouths. Spotted bass usually have a sandpaper-like tooth patch on the
tongue, which the latter lack. Also, the rear of the jaw does not extend behind
the eye as it does in largemouths, and lastly, the spiny and soft dorsal fins
are connected with a shallow notch not reaching all the way to the body.

Largemouths weighs between 1/4 pound and 1 pound, but about half the bass in the
population are more than 15 inches long. While the real giants are less common
than they once were, the population is well balanced and fish in a good range
of sizes are well represented.

In Middle Georgia, Lake Jackson is well thought-out to be one of the oldest
reservoirs. The lake is an outstanding trophy bass lake. Over the years, its
waters have produced countless double-digit-weight largemouths, and the lake
record stands at 14 pounds, 7 ounces.

Lake Jackson lead away the waters of the Alcovy, South and Yellow rivers where
they join at the head of the Ocmulgee River and is located about 45 miles
southeast of Atlanta. It is no longer the trophy bass factory that it once was.
Nevertheless, it remains a great place for finding good fishing for decent-sized
largemouths, with a few spotted bass thrown in as a bonus. It also remains as
one among the known lakes in the central part of the state, both because of its
proximity to the Atlanta metropolitan area and because of its time-earned
angling reputation.

In not more than 30 miles from Lake Jackson, there situated another lake known
to be Oconee, which has also gained recognition and had become a favored
destination of fishermen especially from the Atlanta area, and similarly serves
up fast black bass action.

Georgia has really a lot to offer when it comes to bass fishing so better check
it out yourself if you want to experience the beauty and fascination of being
involved with bass fishing.

Discovering the Beauty of Northern California Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing is popularly known on the different parts of the world! Many
people are getting into it. There are even a lot of testimonies regarding their
incomparable experiences with this. They were able to share important moments
they shared with other people who are also hooked into this form of leisure!

One of the states that have greatly promoted it with their natural beauty and
assets and where bass fishing is also very popular is the Northern California.
Let's see on how they give importance to it and on how they tend to get
fascinated with bass fishing!

Northern California fishing offers a wide range and varieties of opportunities.
By far the most rewarding experiences are best noted to happen in the Sacramento
River watershed. It is also because the water types and fishing prospects there
are diverse and unique as compared to other lakes and rivers in the place.

When anglers talk about California fishing, often they really mean Northern
California fishing. In this area, you will find Salmon: Chinook and Kokanee;
Trout: Rainbow, Steelhead and Browns; Catfish: Whites, Channels and Bullhead;
Bass: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted and Stripers. There are also Crappie,
Sturgeon, and Shad runs.

The massive Sacramento River in Northern California has always been the hottest
spot that is commonly visit by bass fishing aficionado. Its watershed
encompasses important river and lakes. The rivers include not only the
Sacramento River which is the most popular, but as well as the American, the
Feather, the McCloud, the Pit, the Yuba, and Squaw Creek. On the other hand,
among the lakes are Shasta, Whiskeytown, Lake Shastina, Lake Siskiyou, and the
McCloud and Keswick Reservoirs.

Now, going back to the Sacramento River, people are fond of calling it the
"Sac". Talking about its geographical location, it stretches 384 miles and
drains a third of California's water. It has something to be really proud of
because there you can find the distinction of the state record of being able to
catch King Salmon that weigh at about 88 lbs.

Besides the Sacramento River, there are also other lakes in Northern California
that you can go to experience great bass fishing. Here are six of them.

The Shasta -- It is the largest man made reservoir in the whole of California.
This lake provides many great points for anglers to bass fish in. This lake
provides many points to go to.

Clear Lake -- Not only is it top ranked in the whole state as the best bass lake
in California, it is also ranked high among the other lakes in the whole nation.

Folsom Lake -- Even with the many bathers and boats in the area, this place is a
haven for many anglers on the know-how. There are some points I n the lakes
where bass fishes thrive and can grow to gargantuan sizes.

The Cal Delta -- Offering up to 2,000 miles of shoreline, this lake is known for
its profusion of big bass fishes. The sheer size provides many anglers to
position themselves without crowding the area.

Berryessa -- A beautiful lake with crystal clear waters filled with large bass
fishes. Many Bass fishing trips has ended in a happy not in this lake.

Oroville -- California's topnotch spot for spotted bass fish. This is the place
for the adventurous bass fishers who loves a great challenge.

The Northern California's Bass Fishing Report.

Dyed-in-the-wool fishermen know if you want to catch fish, you go where the
fish are. What bit yesterday may not bite today? But general trends do hold and
fishing forecasts from Master Guides carry a lot of weight.

Few basins rival the Sacramento Valley's fish biomass density. Its rivers and
streams are measured in thousands of fish per mile, while its reservoirs are
gauged in tons per square acre. This is a fisherman's paradise.

The Sacramento River watershed's constantly changing water levels peak and
recede in annual cycles. This flux is both natural and man-made.

Knowledge and experience of these rhythms can mean the difference between a
productive fishing trip and a waste of valuable fishing time. Having someone
who can pinpoint the best time and place to fish is what makes guided fishing
so much more productive than spending your years on trial and error.

The Practical Bass Fishing Tips for a Successful Fishing Experience

Many men have found bass fishing quite a relaxing experience. Although Bass
fish have been known to be quite a fighter and a struggler the sheer excitement
of waiting and finally snagging it releases certain chemicals into the body that
provides a euphoric feeling making the experience all worthwhile and satisfying.

Many men and women have come back from a bass fishing expedition feeling light
and perky even though they have been outdoors the whole time. The strenuous
activity seems to have recharged their bodies.

The popularity Bass fishing has garnered over the years has grown to an all
time high with more and more people discovering its joys. Some though are
reluctant to start because they have not got a single shred of idea on what to
do. Here are some tips to get you started and some secret to act like an
experienced bass fish catcher.


Artificial baits have been known to catch quite a few Bass! You can also use
baitfish, such as a mullet, with much more visually attractive artificial bait
over it or with its backbone removed so that it swims more naturally and with a
2-ounce egg sinker on the hook to keep it just under the waves.


The best way to get a surface fish, as in any other fishing, is to be sure you
keep your distance. Fishing down the creek would help if the water flow is
fairly decent. It doesn't have to be a lot but enough to keep your bait moving.
If there are any bushes, trees, or shrubs around try to hide behind them then
cast your line in (fly fishing rods are great for this matter).

But remember, to quietly sneak up to them. Any hole with a lot of fish in a
river or creek takes a lot of patience. If they hear or see you, you'll
probably not get any bites. Also look for rocks around the creek. If the soil
is moist or damp, lift up the rocks and you may find some native worms. .

For night time bass use a black jitterbug. Replace the hooks with better hooks
and if there's no moon then use some sort of glow in the dark paint on the
under side of the lure or they will miss it a lot.

If you have lily pads in a spot or two, then the best advice if it is deep is
to run a worm or any soft bait slowly along the bottom right next to the lily
pads. You can also buy plastic frogs and mice to skip along the top of the lily


Water weeds extending about five feet out into the water are a very good source
of bass cover. You can run any kind of artificial bait along the edge of them
and usually snag one or two. Or you can put a weed less worm right in the
middle of the weeds.

Try to look for underwater structures like big rocks and big stumps. They serve
as cover for the bass. Try all the kinds of lures that you can. Cast in one area
around five times just to see if there is any fish that need teasing.

If you catch a fish DON'T LEAVE THAT SPOT stay there and fish more after you
have removed the hook. Fish will follow the fish on your line and try to steal
the bait. Especially if it is white bass you can sometimes catch two at a time
with crappie and perch that is if you have a double rig.

Worms usually work well during light to heavy over cast skies and spinners
usually work better in the morning when the sun is reflecting off the water.
When you set the hook, try to keep your line tight and maybe even give it
another set. When they jump it is real hard to keep your line tight.

Make sure you aren't using dull hooks. Also, smaller hooks can penetrate
easier, making them harder to throw. In most instances, though, nothing beats
an aggressive hook set, and then keeping steady pressure on the fish,
especially when they go airborne.

The Practical Bass Fishing Tips for a Successful Fishing Experience

Many men has found bass fishing quite a relaxing experience. Although Bass fish
have been known to be quite a fighter and a struggler the sheer excitement of
waiting and finally snagging it releases certain chemicals into the body that
provides a euphoric feeling making the experience all worthwhile and satisfying.

Many men and women have come back from a bass fishing expedition feeling light
and perky even though they have been outdoors the whole time. The strenuous
activity seems to have recharged their bodies.

The popularity Bass fishing has garnered over the years has grown to an all
time high with more and more people discovering its joys. Some though are
reluctant to start because they have not got a single shred of idea on what to
do. Here are some tips to get you started and some secret to act like an
experienced bass fish catcher.


Artificial baits have been known to catch quite a few Bass! You can also use
baitfish, such as a mullet, with much more visually attractive artificial bait
over it or with its backbone removed so that it swims more naturally and with a
2-ounce egg sinker on the hook to keep it just under the waves.


The best way to get a surface fish, as in any other fishing, is to be sure you
keep your distance. Fishing down the creek would help if the water flow is
fairly decent. It doesn't have to be a lot but enough to keep your bait moving.
If there are any bushes, trees, or shrubs around try to hide behind them then
cast your line in (fly fishing rods are great for this matter).

But remember, to quietly sneak up to them. Any hole with a lot of fish in a
river or creek takes a lot of patience. If they hear or see you, you'll
probably not get any bites. Also look for rocks around the creek. If the soil
is moist or damp, lift up the rocks and you may find some native worms. .

For night time bass use a black jitterbug. Replace the hooks with better hooks
and if there's no moon then use some sort of glow in the dark paint on the
under side of the lure or they will miss it a lot.

If you have lily pads in a spot or two, then the best advice if it is deep is
to run a worm or any soft bait slowly along the bottom right next to the lily
pads. You can also buy plastic frogs and mice to skip along the top of the lily


Water weeds extending about five feet out into the water are a very good source
of bass cover. You can run any kind of artificial bait along the edge of them
and usually snag one or two. Or you can put a weed less worm right in the
middle of the weeds.

Try to look for underwater structures like big rocks and big stumps. They serve
as cover for the bass. All I can say is try all the kinds of lures that you can.
I usually cast in one area around five times just to see if there is any fish
that need teasing.

If you catch a fish DON'T LEAVE THAT SPOT stay there and fish more after you
have removed the hook. Fish will follow the fish on your line and try to steal
the bait. Especially if it is white bass you can sometimes catch two at a time
with crappie and perch that is if you have a double rig.

Worms usually work well during light to heavy over cast skies and spinners
usually work better in the morning when the sun is reflecting off the water.
When you set the hook try to keep your line tight and maybe even give it
another set that's how I do it but usually it only takes one set. When they
jump it is real hard to keep your line tight.

Make sure you aren't using dull hooks, first of all. Also, sometimes smaller
hooks can penetrate easier, making them harder to throw. In most instances,
though, nothing beats an aggressive hook set, and then keeping steady pressure
on the fish, especially when they go airborne.

Experience Bass Fishing in Florida and Live the Adventure of a Lifetime

The state of Florida is known for its exceptional bass fishing. Its popularity
has yielded a million dollar industry for this state. A lot of boats on the
market are designed specifically for bass fishing and generates revenues as
well for the boat owners.

There are lots of beautiful species found underneath which captivate fishermen
as well as tourists out for some snorkeling or swimming. For people who
specialize in fishing, it is a dream come true to capture such wonderful
species. It is a thrilling experience one can never forget. Good freshwater
fishing can be found not only in lakes but also in ponds, creeks and canals.

Largemouth Bass, Redfish, Black Crappie and Trout are some of the fascinating
sea creatures targeted by expert fishermen in the many inland lakes of Florida.
Fishing guides are very courteous and friendly. This allows the customer to take
full advantage of the knowledge and expertise in the migratory patterns of
baitfish and the predatory fish that pursue them throughout the different
seasons of the year.

St. John River is the longest river in Florida. Its clear copper-colored waters
and floating hyacinth islands are bold and enchanting. The area contains marshy
wetlands as well as citrus groves which are irrigated by zigzag canals linking
the reservoirs, swamps, lakes, palm trees, flat-water marshes and cypress
stands. Large numbers of the best and the biggest trophy black bass are caught
in regular basis. Wetland-dependent species thrive here including blue herons,
limpkins, pelicans, turkey, alligators, bald eagles, rabbits, wild hogs,
tortoise, deer, wood storks, populous and ospreys.

The river itself is great for fishing and catching enormous sizes of fish. In
order to fish bass from rivers, it is best to seek out breaks in the current,
perhaps from a fallen tree, a stump, or rocks. The fish that bass feed upon
will normally school below a dam, thereby making these spots ideal for bass
fishing. There are numerous techniques available to pursue the sport of bass

For a beginner, it is advised to gather more basic tools to get started. Also
it is suggested to start with artificial bait until the angler has a better
understanding of the unique characteristics of the bass fish. Both amateur and
seasoned anglers use Spinner bait.

Ditches and dikes were constructed in the St. John's River headwaters in order
to serve agricultural pursuits. To expose rich soils to grow citrus, row crops,
and to raise beef cattle, the marshes were drained. However, channeling the St.
John's headwaters for groves, farms and ranches eliminated hundreds of
thousands of acres of marshes, upset the fragile wetlands ecology that was the
foraging, nesting and nursery habitat for wildlife, and made the area
susceptible to damage from floods from hurricanes.

In the year 1988, the Management District and the US Army Corps of Engineers
began a project to restore the drained marshes, construct reservoirs, levees,
canals, spillways and water control structures to provide flood protection to
the area. The project also created some fantastic trophy bass fisheries. Since
then more than 150,000 acres of marshes are being restored and enhanced in the
Upper St. John's River headwaters reclamation project.

The space Coast of Brevard County is considered among many fishermen to be the
"Redfish Capital of the world". It is almost an entirely closed system were in,
the Big Bull Redfish do not migrate to the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean,
therefore increasing the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime. It is not
rare to catch Redfish. The brawl of this game fish is both unmistakable and
unforgettable. It pulls hard on the drag and can coil your line in a matter of
seconds. It is really an amazing experience catching enormous sizes of these
sea creatures!

Central Florida also offers visiting anglers the opportunity to catch Trophy
Largemouth Bass and Black Crappie from one of its many Inland Lakes.

There are plenty of wonderful and popular lakes in Central Florida such as Lake
Toho, Kissimmee Chain, Lake George, Harris Chain, Lake Conway, Butler Chain and
the St. Johns River. People all over the world come and visit Florida not just
because of its natural beauty but because of its spectacular bass fishing.

Bass fishing tournaments to watch out for

Bass fishing is really exciting and trilling knowing how big Bass you can
caught. Many people involves themselves in bass fishing, so the more the people
catching bass, the more the competition to have for the most heavy bass caught.
Many places in the whole world have an activity of bass fishing tournaments for
them to be known and to record the biggest bass existing on earth.

The tournaments are about luck, only God can say who can catch the largest bass
present in the battlefield. Body flexibility is needed in the competition for
carrying, and long stamina should be acquired by the players so that they can
last the natures' test. And the most important thing that the player should
have is the skills and experience in bass fishing, this two is the key of
success by each players. This will help them on how they will act and set up
strategies on the tournaments.

There are many active tournaments like in Northwestern Ontario. There are huge
tournaments to participate in, like the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship
on Rainy Lake or the KBI on Lake of the Woods, and some bass fishing tournaments
in Sunset Country.

Shoal Lake Bass Classic Tournament occurs in the 1st weekend in July held on
Shoal Lake, Ontario. This is the primary fishery in the region with schools of
Smallmouths that have never seen a lure before. Smallmouths usually win this
tournament, but big Largemouths can be a factor. The winning weight for this
two day tournament is usually in the 32-34 pound range.

English River Bass Challenge also occurred in Mid July, Tournament held on the
English River System in Grassy Narrows, Ontario. It is a First Nation sponsored
bass tournament on the mighty English River in Northwestern Ontario.

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship is help every 3rd week in July. This is
Canada's Largest Live Release Cash Bass Tournament, with a total of $172,500.00
in cash prizes. With a $50,000 first prize, this event on Rainy Lake attracts
many of the best bass fishermen from all over North America.. The winning
weight for this three day event is usually in the 55 pound range. The
tournament first ran in 1995 and has been growing in size and recognition ever

Kenora Bass International (KBI) happened every 2nd week in August. This event
on Lake of the Woods offers a $30,000 first prize. Anglers here have the
opportunity to fish for largemeouths or smallmouths. Largemouths have won the
tournament more than smallmouths over the last few years. If the water is high,
largest will win, if it is low, smallmouths will be more of a factor. The
winning weight for this three day event will be in the 45-50 pound range.

Ding Wang Ford Bass Tournaments is held every 2nd Sunday in August. This a one
day Bass Fishing Tournament that welcomes anglers of all ages. The tournament
is held in Dryden on the Wabigoon Chain of Lakes (excluding Dinorwic Chain).
The smallmouth bass fishing tournament held on Dashawa, Crowrock and Turtle
Lakes near Atikokan, Ontario. This chain of pristine northern waters has an
abundance of big scrappy smallies.

Anyone who likes fishing can enter the competition. The Atikokan Bass Classic
is known as the "funniest bass tourney in the Northwest".

There are lots of tournaments that are presently existing all around the globe,
like Crow Lake Classic, Last Chance Bass, Other Fishing Tournaments and Derby's,
LOWS Annual Live Release Fish Tournament, Stratton Fish Derby, Agimak Lake
Fishing Tournament, Whitefish Bay Fishing Derby and Crow Lake Classic.

Bass Fishing Tips: Being Prepared

Whether you are on a new lake, or on one that you call home, the main purpose
is to locate and catch as many fish as possible. Each body of water has an
endless supply of different forms of structure and cover in a variety of depths
and water conditions. You can use many types of fishing equipments to be able to
get a lot of fish in a proper and legal way, so we need to take good care of our
equipments used for catching fish.

Here are some bass fishing equipment tips to be remembered:

* Keeping your feet dry. Seal skin sox, a waterproof pair of shoe that can be
worn in any shoe. It will help you a lot in putting your boat in a low lake
that calls for a need for you to step in the water too push off, by doing this
your feet will be dry all day.

* Keeping your rods good as new. It is nice to look at, especially when you
always keep your rod clean. Just use a simple prep pad in cleaning the cork
handles on the rod. If the cork of your fishing rods is very untidy then it
makes your rods look like hundred years older than it really is. Take a very
light grade sand paper and sand the cork handles, you will find out that all
the dirt will go away leaving you with a brand new looking fishing rod. Plus it
will make your rod last longer.

* Hi- tech basin. Handheld computer and organizers such as the palm pilot can
be very helpful to the bass angler. You may be able to log conditions, creating
your own checklist to avoid forgetting stuffs, and store the numbers of your new
friends you've met along the way. You can also download map for your
destinations and when you reach home you can easily access all the information
to your home computer for future purposes.

*  Being prepared. Always carry equipment and parts in the boat just in case
some failures or problems occur.

* Batteries. Always check if you have a good connection. Take care of your
battery. Always bring a spare for emergency purposes.

* Being organized. Instead of using a plastic filing box, and some hanging
folders why don't you just make an article and label them with general bass
angling headings and file your articles as you finish them. Subscribing to a
lot of fishing magazines and reading a lot of good articles will be able to
help you for your future reference. You can put up a mini library that's all
about bass fishing.

* Boat bearings. Many anglers forget to check their wheel bearings on their
boat trailers. Every spring when you get your boat out of storage, always have
your bearings checked. This could save you from a serious accident with your

* Rod basic. The most accurate casting is accomplished when bait casting
equipment is cast overhand. Bait casting gear is extremely well suited for
"targeted" fishing. On some occasions placing a lure under a boat dock, under
over lying limbs or between pontoon boats may be necessary. In this situation
skipping a lure is ideal. A spinning outfit is perfect for this chore. Be
versatile and be able to use both types of equipment.

* Graphite rods. The biggest killer of graphite rods is impact against a hard
object. It may not break in that spot the day it happens but there will be a
weak spot at that point. Keep this in mind when stowing rods for travel. If you
are keeping them on the deck, strap them flush against the deck so that the
parts of the deck aren't rapping against it during travel.

If you are storing them in a locker, do the same or put them in a horizontal
holding system, where they won't hit the side or floor of the locker. If you
are the non boater and your partner doesn't have room in his locker, try to
find the spot that minimizes the repeated bouncing they will take if they are
laid over the gunwale. If you have to, lay them over your leg when running the
big engine. It's never fun to set the hook on a good fish and end up with a
three piece rod

Some Important Reminders About Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Lake Erie

Smallmouth bass fishing at Lake Erie especially during summer is certainly too
much fun. Although when it comes to Smallmouth bass fishing in Lake Eerie,
there is no such thing as too much fun.

Lake Erie is also known as the Great Lake. It nourishes the best smallmouth
bass fishes in the United States.

Many anglers who do regular smallmouth bass fishing at Lake Erie have already
made a minimum catch of fifty smallmouth bass fishes averaging over four pounds
each on a weekend! These are great numbers that would surely attract the
attention of any bass fishing enthusiast.

What can be the reason why smallmouth bass fishing at Lake Erie yields so much
of the good catches? Well Lake Erie aside from its being so large a lake offers
an excellent habitat and forage. The massiveness of the lake has given the
smallmouth bass the ease of pressure usually given by small lakes thus making
this great lake a Mecca of small mouth bass fishes.

But when you're up for a bass fishing at Lake Erie, you must be very vigilant
with the weather. Although it is a lake, the waters often resemble that of the
ocean. A clear bright day may suddenly turn into a bad one accompanied by
forceful winds just like what happened to some ten bass boats fishing the lake
sometime in September of 1992.

Certainly Lake Erie is one of the most diverse fishing grounds in the country.
In this lake you will not only find the most famous smallmouth bass fishes but
also large quantity of yellow perch, the largemouth bass, the northern pike,
white bass, the walleye and many other bass fish species.

While bass fishing at Lake Erie you must remember some standard regulations
which are imposed in some states such as in Pennsylvania, if you are to catch
the walleye, it must already be at least 18 inches, smaller than this is not

In Ohio, which covers about 262 miles of shoreline, smallmouth bass fishing at
Lake Erie during summer have limits as to number the of bags. You are allowed
to have three bags only instead of four and during any other time, you can
catch up to a maximum of six bags.

During spawning period that is from March to April you are not allowed to catch
using the treble hooks. These are new regulations you have to remember.

So if you are bass fishing at Lake Erie and want to share with the typical
smallmouth catch of 80,000 smallmouths during a six week period starting end of
June, just after the spawning period, you can come to Long point Bay. The
smallmouth swims through this bay as they travel back to the main lake after
the spawning period. The Presque Island area is also a good ground for fishing
smallmouth. You may do deep water jigging and catch so much fish.

Offshore smallmouth bass fishing at Lake Erie is highly variable. Walleye
anglers often have to travel more than a dozen miles to find fish, but this is
normal in most of Lake Erie.

While off-shore fishing may not come very attractive particularly to beginners
or amateur fishers, there is also a big chance to a good shore-fishing,
especially for white bass, from the short pier. Channel catfish can be caught
here, but to maximize catch in the shore fishing, you must fish in the night or
when the water is discolored.

In recent years, it was noted that there is a phenomenon of increasing clear
water in the lake which can be attributed to the so called "zebra water
infestation" which has been driving the smallmouth species to the deep waters
even during spawning thus trolling is still the number one way of catching the

When you are along the 42 mile shoreline Lake Erie in the State of Pennsylvania
you may launch at the harbor of Presque Isle Bay at the city of Erie. Here you
will have an easy way to catch the abundant yellow perch, walleye, steelhead
and the smallmouth bass. Perch and walleye fishing is generally excellent at
north point of Presque Isle while smallmouth bass fishing is best in east of

Presque Isle Bay provides relatively calm water that is suitable for smaller
boats. It also offers good fishing for largemouth bass, northern pike, crappies
and bluegills along with smallmouth bass and yellow perch.

Well if you think this summer is the season for you to go smallmouth bass
fishing at Lake Erie, and your jumping point is Pennsylvania, worry not where
to stay because there are numerous campsites and hotels there just along the
shorelines of Lake Erie.

Keeping in touch with bass fishing reports

Fishing nowadays is already considered as a form of sport. In the past fishing
is a form of occupation and used to strive for living. They catch fishes for
their food and some are for earning some money.

Fishing activities are done in water. This maybe in sea, rivers, lakes, bays,
and in other form of water. Almost all bodies of water are rich in fishes and
other water products that the fishers are after to. So fishing can be done
anywhere and anytime because we are surrounded by bodies of water.

It is a fact the world is composed of seventy five per cent water, and the land
is only composed of twenty five per cent. So fishing is very usual to people
especially to those who live in nearby shores and water reservoir.

Fishing is fun to do. It brings lots of enjoyment and relaxation to the fisher.
Not only these, fishing also contributes to the development of human body
because it can be used as form of exercise, not only for human body, it also
help our mind to function well, for mind should be used properly in this sport.

There organization groups for bass fishing. They provide education program and
enhancement of methods and techniques in bass fishing. They are educating
people about fishing through books, flyers and leaflets, and the most sought
out way of education that the fishing enthusiasts choose education through the

These organizations for fishing have their very own sites in the web for easier
access of their members. Educational materials, advertisements, and tips are
posted in their updated pages.

Fishing tournaments are also offered by these organizations. The fishing
enthusiasts are very much interested with this. In tournaments, all outgoing
and adventurous fishers are joining because of the fun they can have.

In the pages of these sites, fishing reports are being posted for the other
fishing lovers to read. These articles are being posted for them to be able to
share the experiences and activities regarding fishing that they have done.

These reports are much patronized by the enthusiasts for these are providing
tips to a better and more successful fishing. Articles' regarding the
activities of fishing includes some anecdotes and newly discovered new

Pictures and images are also present in these reports to more entertain the
fishers that are visiting the sites. These pictures are usually eye catching
and make amazements to the part of the viewers.

Tips for better fishing are also available in the sites of these fishing
organizations. They provide advices that will help in the enhancement and
improvement of the fisher's capabilities in fishing.

Some of the tips and advices in some of the pages that are posted in the bass
fishing reports are the following. They are already summarized for easy
understanding of the readers

You need to fish bass differently in different kinds of water quality.
Following these general guidelines will improve your fishing quality:

Muddy Water: In low-visibility water, a bass finds food using its sonar senses.
You must use lures with the best vibration and noise. You can tell if a lure has
a high vibration by feeling the shaking of your rod as you bring in the lure.
Use your heaviest vibrators and keep them coming at a steady pace so that bass
can detect it.

Clear Water: Bass are overly cautious in clear water with high visibility.
Their survival instincts kick in, and they are wary of anything out of the
ordinary. Use lighter lines that are less visible. Also, use longer casts and
lures that resemble bass food in the area. Spinners usually work in clear
water, but if they are not working try a black spinner blade to reduce the

Normal Water: This water has normal algae and plankton that filters out
sunlight. It is ideal for all types of lures, as the bass are not timid. Use
the shotgun approach here and set up 3 outfits, one using a surface lure, one
using a deep diver, and the last using a plastic worm. Do about 10 casts with
each, and then switch them up to different variations. This is a great way to
find out what is working.

Bass fishing reports are of big help in for the enthusiasts of fishing. Other
fishers should also contribute and send their reports for the development of
the fishing sport.

The Fantastic Bass Fishing Experience in Central Florida

When you go fishing from one place to the other in the U. S. you will see many 
different types of lakes and rivers. Each body of water has its own endearing 
characteristic but they also have a lot of things in common. And that is where 
the lakes and rivers in Central Florida differ from all the others lakes in the 
United States -- it has its own uniqueness.

It is popularly known that Central Florida is famous for fantastic Bass fishing. 
They have the best lakes in the entire Florida because they have the finest 
largemouth bass any other lakes could give.

Bass fishing in Central Florida is world class throughout the year. The 
reproduction of this fish occurs between December and April at which time the bass 
will be at their heaviest. Eight to ten pound trophy-class fish are possible on 
any given day, with a chance at even a larger bass.

You can also find in Central Florida the famous Kissimmee Chain of Lakes where the 
finest largemouth bass can be found.

Central Florida bass fishing is known world wide. Avid fishermen from all over the 
world take their vacations here in order to see and catch their own world-class wall 
mount, a sure pride of their collection.

Before you go on fishing for bass fishes in Central Florida, you have first to 
consider that fishes have different characteristics. And they are as follows:

1. Shallow water fish or literal zone fish: These fishes lives and survive in 
shallow water near the shore line.

2. Of course when there are fishes in the shallow, there are also fishes that 
live in deep water.

3. The last are the classes of gypsies. These fish live in deep-water home but 
they can also survive near the shore.

Now, if you are done categorizing to what characteristic does the bass fish 
belong, start the ultimate fishing.

But wait! You might be wondering where on Central Florida you can get these
bass fishes. Here is a list of lakes where you can find the finest and the best 
bass fishes in the whole Central Florida.

* The Lake Tohopekiga or the Lake Toho -- the Florida's trophy Largemouth 
fisheries are found in Lake Tohopekaliga or "Lake Toho". It is actually the place 
where B.A.S.S is held. This is also know as the Kissimee Chain of Lakes.

* The Lake Cypress

* And the Lake Kissimmee

Try to visit these lakes! And you will never regret it.

While there are so many seasoned Bass fishers from Central Florida and some
from out of state, there are also those who have little or no experience just
yet but want to takes up the sport. It is necessary to know that it is not just
about throwing a line in the water and wait. There are some necessary procedures
and laws to follow.

The following are important guides for fishing bass in Central Florida:

1.  Be sure that the boats you are going to use are fully equipped with all U.S. 
Coast Guard safety equipment and cell phone for emergency purposes.

2.  It is a must to consider the weather condition. You should leave the water 
when a storm comes or if there is lightning in the area.

3.  You should start to fish early in the morning or in the evening because
bass are active on cooler temperature.

4.  Use artificial or live bait to trap the bass. This is an effective technique 
because bass are not aware of the bass fishers when they are feeding.

5.  Bring extra rods and reels. You might need it.

But if you feel like you want the guide services to help you, you can just search 
for them at the internet. Because they already have an advertisement regarding 
the services they offer.

Different bass fishing guide agencies will assist you with your tour. It may 
charge you a certain amount. But it is an expense I am sure will be worth it. 
You will like the pleasure that bass fishing will give to you.

As a reminder do not forget to bring with you your sunglasses and sunscreen 
because it might get hot out there! But of course, do not forget to bring food. 
You don't want an angry stomach on your bass fishing trip, do you?

And best of all be sure you have your camera so, you can take pictures as a 
memoirs of your fantastic bass fishing in Central Florida as well as that 
whopping 15 pounder that you caught.

Bass fishing reports to the rescue

Sometimes even the most techno-oriented person would like to live his life in
the streams where living comes on hand. Bass fishing report either be coming
home with nothing bass on hand, or getting your camera to capture the moment of
having your finest catch.

Bass are fishes with different kinds; the striped bass and the largemouth bass,
small mouth bass and spotted bass. The striped bass comes from the family of
Percicthyidae and its other members include white bass and white perch. The
striped bass and white bass are also known as temperate basses- exercising
moderation and self restraints.

Stripped bass fishing can sometimes be very different activity compared to
chasing those regular bass. The important thing to remember is that each and
every fish requires a slightly different approach to maximize the possibility
of success. The best way to go about things is to know the fish itself. Learn
its movement and capability to escape as a prey.

The largemouth bass, small mouth bass and spotted bass- belong to the sunfish
family Centrarchidae whose other members include: bluegills, pumpkinseed and
rock bass. These basses are also referred to as warm water basses or black

A smallmouth bass is a greenish brown color, with a vertically striped side.
The most suitable way to distinguish the two is simply by looking at their

If you recognize the upper jawbone extends past the eye then you know you have
a large mouth bass on your hands. On the other hand, if the fish has a reddish
eye, and the upper jaw bone stops before the eye, then you have caught a
smallmouth bass.

Another good clue is the weight, a small mouth bass ways and average of seven
and a half pounds. The best place to go small mouth bass fishing is near rocky
streams. Once you have caught them, they pretty much taste like a large mouth

Bass have progressively and gradually grow to be the most well-liked freshwater
sport in the United States. Their popularity has increased due to the rise of
the bass fishing tournament industry that helps sell recreational fishing
products and train other fishermen on how to catch bass.

Modern Bass Fishing has its roots in the Southern United States, originally for
the purpose of food-hunt. The sport has evolved into a multi-billion dollar
industry. The sport has changed radically since the 1950's from modest
beginnings and has develops into the second most specifically sought after game
fish in the USA. The sport has driven the development of all manner of fishing
gear, from rods, reels, lines, lures, and electronics to modern 'Bass Boats'.

Competitive bass fishing alone generates approximately two billion dollars
annually. Overall the latest numbers place the value of the sport at over seven
billion US dollars.

The majority of participants no longer views Bass as a food fish. Nowadays,
most fish are released as soon as it is caught. In competition anglers are
penalized heavily for dead fish, in some cases dead fish are not weighed. Fish
turned in for weighing are immediately released or placed in tanks and treated
for stress and injury to their slime coats, then released back into the water.

Sports fishermen and governmental wildlife departments have initiated the
Largemouth across the world. Largemouth bass can be found worldwide, Japan,
Australia and South Africa have active programs of stocking. The subculture of
competitive Bass Fishing has followed the fish across the globe. There have
been a number of tournament events in the USA involving invited participants
from Japan, South Africa and Australia.

Anglers themselves had created an organization where fishers can best enjoy the
camaraderie of bass fishing with fellow sportsmen. Bass Fishing Clubs take their
existence all the way to United States, and are split up by the western,
central, and eastern divisions. These Bass Fishing clubs is an assortment -from
competitive to recreational.

A usual bass fishing club will give and offer its member with newsletters, and
occasionally periodicals that provide information about upcoming events,
contests and tournaments. Bass Fishing clubs are a great way to get involved in
tournament fishing as they can often be used as springboards to enter national

Most of these bass fisher clubs have their own web pages where you can gather
more information about the club specifically, including dues, locations and
pictures and write ups of past events and tournament regarding bass fishing

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the best insights on the most suitable
technique in bass fishing because everything differs in one way or another. A
small bass is differently caught from a big bass. The technique lies within
your hand. It depends on you what technique to use best.

Bass Fishing Facts You Need to Know

Some people may not be aware of what bass fishing is. Bass fishing has an
interesting story. It begun in the late 18th century and it still continues to
develop until today. More and more people have been hooked up with bass fishing.

It is in fact one of the most popular hobbies of many people and in most
countries. More and more countries have been adopting bass fishing.

It had probably in the beginning practiced in search for food from among the
people in the south of the United States. From that day onwards, it has started
getting numerous audiences of all ages and nations. Today, several countries
such as Australia, Cuba, South Africa, United States and most citizens from
Europe participate in this kind of event.

The year 1768 or 1770 was the birth of bass fishing sports. Onesimus Ustonson
was the one who introduced his first multiplying reels to the fishing gurus and
lovers of bass fishing. From then on, it was developed into bait caster.

William Shakespeare Jr. have materialized the construction of a level wind
device and secured its patent on 1897.

Then after, the William J. Jamison Co introduced the excessively ornamented
Shannon Twin Spinner in 1915 and was enhanced to create today's spinner baits.

In the year 1932, President Franklin D. Roosevelt has instituted the formation
of Tennessee Valley Authority and has encouraged the construction and building
of several dams. These dams were later used for culturing different varieties
of bass fishes. If these dams were not built, the people would not have the
place to go for bass fishing.

Five years later, the famous DuPont Company filed copyright for nylon fishing
net, and this was later urbanized into nylon monofilament fishing line.

The year 1992 is one of the most glorious events in the history of bass
fishing. Larry Nixon, the famous fisherman in the history of bass fishing won
$1 M total earnings for this sport on this year.

A lot of fish species that are being caught in the bass fishing events include
the following:

Micropterus punctatus -- Kentucky Bass
Micropterus dolomieui -- Smallmouth bass
Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede) -- Largemouth Bass

The other known classes of Micropterus are also wedged but in those times, one
that remains most accepted is the Largemouth bass. On the other hand, it should
be emphasized that some of the Australian Bass are different from the above
North American Bass variants even though most share comparable features.

Possibly, the most vigorous success of Bass Fishing was in the 1950s. The
popularity of the game during this age is the springboard to the development of
modern fishing equipments from bass boats, rods, lines, lures and various
fishing gears.

The contribution of bass fishing industry to the US economy records $50 to $70
Billion and the number continues to grow. Statistics show that the audience
base of this sport is increasing and that more and more people are getting
interested in it compared to tennis and golf.

Electronic gears during that time were also integrated and incorporated among
the host of equipments bass fishers which were used at that same time. Reels of
different types, which function in carrying and hoisting, were also created.

Now that you have a little understanding about bass fishing, you can already
start your own bass fishing in your place. It is important to know the certain
facts about bass fishing so that you will fully understand how it started.

In addition, you must know how to build up a victorious bass fishing pattern.
Having a larger bass will really help you in your fishing trip.

Some may also go bass fishing at night if they want to so it is good that you
be taught professional night bass fishing techniques.

Besides, the others may also be benefited by learning the professional winter
bass fishing techniques for those who have experienced the four seasons.

These are only some of the many styles and tips on how to progress and enhance
your bass fishing strategy. But if you do not have any plan at all, you may
really get dissatisfied from time to time. But, it is optional that you first
learn and read adequate information and guides about bass fishing.

The Exciting Environment of Bass Fishing Tournaments in Ocala Florida

It really feels great to talk about things that could stimulate your
imagination and excitement. After the hectic stress of doing your activities
for the whole week, you can no longer wait for the weekend to come. You start
packing up your things and simply waiting for the wee hours in the morning and
get ready for your trip to Ocala Florida.

While on the trip, everybody in the vehicle is sharing the enthusiasm in their
journey to a land of big bass and warm weather.

There's no place like Ocala Florida. If you want to make your fishing vacation
more pleasant by remembering that it is a fishing vacation, make it a point
that you are prepared to enjoy the whole experience, which includes kicking
back and enjoying your friends, your surroundings, and your brief respite from
the daily cares of your life. But some of the people who spend their vacation
do it not simply to relax themselves from their stressful days but they go for
bass fishing for a purpose. There enters the tournament, the competition of big
bass fish fever caught by many anglers.

Before entering any Bass fishing tournament in Ocala, Florida try to remind
some of these things:

The first step is to be sure that you have established your actual fishing
goals and then ensure that they are in fact realistic, based on the amount of
time you plan to spend seeking those goals.

The majority of bass fishermen will tell you that they are going to Florida
seeking that elusive goal of catching a bass over ten pounds. If this is your
goal have you considered how much time you will be able to spend in this
endeavor? Fishing for a bass that size is what you have been doing since you
started bass fishing; will eight hours on the water really give you that chance
you are looking for?

Your decisions to hit the waters of Florida are a step in the right direction,
but remember, fishing is fishing: can you realistically expect to get it done
in an eight hour day? Sounds easy but the truth is, it's not.

The Florida Game and Fish commission makes a list each year of what they
consider to be among the top ten bass lakes which will give you a starting
point. This list is based on both shock surveys and creel counts that are
reported by fishermen during creel surveys. You now need to narrow the list
down to your selection and the only way to do this realistically is to get
several references based on other people's experiences. This is where they
usually hold the tournaments. Ocala, Florida rarely leaves that list.

Most noted lakes and reservoirs in or near Ocala Florida are:


Lake George is one of the premier largemouth bass fishing lakes in Florida. It
is the second largest lake in the state (46,000 acres), and is 18 miles
northwest of Deland and 29 miles east of Ocala.

Lake George is one of the many natural lakes on the St. John's River. It has
extensive vegetation that provides excellent habitat for bass. Wade fishing in
eelgrass with plastic worms fished on the surface, and other top water
artificial lures, is productive. Fishing with live shiners is an excellent
method for catching trophy bass during the spring spawning season.

Hot spots on the lake include Juniper, Salt and Silver Glen spring runs on the
western shoreline. In winter and early spring, look for bass to congregate at
the jetties on the south end of the lake. Casting deep-diving crank baits near
old dock structures along the northeast shore and off Drayton Island can also
be productive.


Created in 1987, the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 Reservoir is synonymous with trophy
bass fishing. This 6,500-acre reservoir near Fellsmere, west of Vero Beach,
became one of the hottest bass lakes in the country during the past decade. FWC
biologists predict a continuation of excellent largemouth bass fishing in
upcoming years. Electrofishing samples continue to indicate good reproduction
and growth of bass in the reservoir.

Anglers can locate bass throughout the reservoir among a variety of habitats
including woody stump fields, submerged canals and hydrilla. Summer 2004
hurricanes drastically reduced levels of hydrilla throughout the reservoir,
however, which can affect where the bass are located. Anglers should keep this
in mind when trying to pattern fish. Plastic worms, spinner baits, crank baits,
soft jerk baits, and top water propeller baits are effective. Wild golden
shiners are the top choice for anglers looking to catch a trophy fish.

The recreational harvest regulation for largemouth bass anglers is
catch-and-release. There is a two-lane boat ramp, paved parking lot, picnic
pavilions and rest rooms. No gasoline, food, ice or other facilities are
available on site. This area is part of the St. Johns Blue Cypress Management
Unit, see here for a recreational map of that unit.

These are some of the lakes where tournaments have been held and could be the
place where future tournaments can be done. Try to practice and study the area
so that when tournament time comes, you have an edge over the competition.
Thousand reasons to go to Thousand Islands for bass fishing

One of the most popular sports in the United States is bass fishing. Thousands
of articles had been written about this sport, from tips to testimonials to
experiences. Thousands or maybe millions are hooked in this sport. You can
usually find them basking on their bass fishing in great lakes and rivers or
other aquatic formations in the United State.

One of the ore popular fishing venues for bass fishing is the Thousand Islands.
This is a group of more than 1,000 small islands in east central North America,
in St. Lawrence River just east of Lake Ontario, to be particular.

Most are part of southeastern Ontario and the rest are part of northern New
York; and many of these islands are privately owned. It has been estimated that
there are as many as 1,700 islands, but an exact count is difficult because of
the large number of tiny islets. The largest is the Wolfe Island (127 sq km/49
sq mi) in Ontario. The islands have been a popular summer destinations since
the mid 1800's.

Because of these, Ontario's most important scenic and recreational attraction
is its waters. The province is home to some 250,000 lakes and has thousands of
rivers and streams. Four of the Great Lakes are the Lake Superior, Lake Huron,
Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The extensive shorelines of these lakes provide a natural playground for the
people. Lake Simcoe, Muskoka and others, are very accessible lakes from the
north of Toronto. They are also popular vacation centers. Ontario also shares
with New York's one of the greatest scenic attractions in North America, the
Niagara Falls.

The Thousand Islands make a patch work of the river as it leaves Lake Ontario.
The islands cater to large rocks, hold farms, estates, and summer cottages that
can cost millions of dollars. Now, because of the popularity of it as a vacation
and fishing destination, there are islands where in resorts and lodge houses are
put up for the accommodation needs of the tourists and bass fishing enthusiasts.

You will find also a lot of establishments that sells and rents gears and boats
to be used for their bass fishing. Restaurants are abundant if you finally get
tired of eating your catch.

Ontario's fishing activity can be divided into commercial fishing and
recreational or sport fishing. Although fishing was an important economic
activity in the 19th century, the commercial catch is relatively small today.
Like other fishery problems; overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction, and
the introduction of predators have greatly reduced catches.

Thousand Islands being very rocky are places that small mouth bass species love
to stay and live. The beautiful scenery and the rocky background of Thousand
Islands, bring adventures to bass fishing aficionados and lovers. They loved to
go there not just for bass fishing but also for sight seeing and camping. There,
they tried to commune with nature and feed their imaginations.

A large part of Canada's freshwater catch comes from Ontario. The major species
of fish caught during recreational fishing are perch, smelt, walleye, and
smallmouth bass. While the colorful fall foliage draws an annual pilgrimage of
tourists to the area. It is the fabulous bass fishing of the Thousand Islands
region that attracts the attention of anglers competing in Thousand Islands for
bass fishing.

The water is clearer, and baitfishes are abundant. The bass always make access
to the bait and make feeding better. Because the zebra mussels have cleared up
the water, vegetation is more widespread, which means the bass have better
overall habitat. Both the largemouths and smallmouths are thriving.

While the bass may be both larger and more abundant, they are still found in
the same areas discovered by touring pros. In St. Lawrence, those areas include
Lake of the Isles, Goose Bay, Chippewa Bay, and the rocky coves and points
around the Admiralty Islands. In Lake Ontario, the key spots are Fox and
Grenadier Islands, and Chamount Bay

These characteristics of Thousand Islands of Ontario make the place greatly
known for bass fishing. The geographical aspect, location and richness of its
great lakes and rivers make bass fishing a sport or hobby very inviting.

Have Your Best Shot in Bass Fishing Game Online

Bass fishing has become one of the most popular sports around. The publicity
around bass fishing is part of why it has become very popular. Most people also
have lots of fun and excitement fishing them. And the number one bass fishing
aficionados are the Americans.

Even some TV shows around United States concentrate their topics on bass
fishing. Learning about bass fishing is enjoyable, and you can hire a guide to
help you catch fish. They can as well teach you about catching them. You will
even develop your own ideas about bass behavior, based on your own observation.

Bass are no longer treated as a food fish by the majority of anglers. When they
catch basses, they released it as soon as it is caught. In contests and
competitions, anglers are penalized seriously for dead fish, in most cases dead
fish are not weighed. Fish turned in for weighing are immediately released or
placed in tanks and treated for stress and injury to their slime coats, then
released back into the water.

And since they do not already treat bass as a food fish; they make an enjoying
sport out of it. Others had created a bass fishing game online which can be
bought or downloaded for free.

Here are two tough bass fishing games that can be bought via the internet:

1.  Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition -- this online internet game is
available for person whose age is from 6 and above. This features 3-D creation
of 4 U.S. lakes and a practice lake of most anglers, multiple play modes,
selectable difficulty levels, and a tutorial. The price of this online game
ranges from $7.95-8.00.

2.  SEGA Bass Fishing -- this is also available for those who are from ages 6
and above. This is suitable for Window 95 and 98.

Now, if you want a free downloadable bass fishing games online, listed below
are the games that you need.

* Pro Bass Fishing

Engross yourself in a fishing quest alive with splashing fish, jumping frogs,
dancing water bugs, rippling water, bouncing rod tips and the largest, toughest
fighting bass ever created on a computer. The fishing expeditions are endless
when you choose the lake, the hot spot, the species, and even the weather.

* Super Bass Fishing Screensaver 2.1

This game displays 40 lanker remarkable photos of bass fishing at its best! You
will view a heart throbbing strikes by lanker bass, scenic settings, extreme
close ups and more! The images of this game contain high color order and are
best seen using a graphics card capable of millions of colors.

* Moving Images Bass Fishing #1

The game features outstanding images of lanker bass-awesome strikes and other
bass fishing related topics! Some images move around your screen at the same
time. You can also arrange the number of images moving.

* Bass Fishing Scenes 2.0

Bass Fishing Scenes features images of lanker bass, remarkable strikes and
scenic fishing locations. This also has exciting images for the freshwater

* Fishing Calendar 1.42

This shows the calendar format of the best fishing days of month and best time
of day based on columnar tables. This can be helpful for you players so you
will know when the time to fish which basses is.

* Ugly Bass Utilities

This is a game that allows sportsman/players to view topographic or other user
maps and use them to specific Latitude and Longitude. This also allows marking
landmarks and locations with symbols and storing information on each point.

Some of these programs are shareware, which meaning is that you only get
limited use or there is a time limit on the usage to play for these games
online. So, when you are already online, play the bass fishing and play it like
there is no tomorrow.

Bass fishing game online is amusing, a challenge that can be shared in a
tournaments. There is lots of plugging about it but people fish for bass for a
wide variety of reasons. And people play for bass fishing game for great
experience. If you have never play the bass fishing game online, what's the
wait! Release those urges for Bass fishing with a bass fishing game online.

The Lake Okeechobee, Bass Fishing Paradise

Okeechobee is a Seminole Indian word meaning "great water cannot see other
side". True to its name, Lake Okeechobee is 748 square miles in size. It is the
greatest provider of drinking water for south Florida, averaging 13-19 feet in

Lake Okeechobee is renowned internationally for its fishing for bass and other
species. It is located northeast of Naples, less than 2 hours away, and is
heavily ringed with tackle shops, marinas, motels, restaurants, etc. You can
find rental boats, gears and lodging to make your bass fishing trip more
convenient and comfortable.

Lake Okeechobee also means 'big water' to the Seminole Indians, it is the
second largest freshwater lake in the United States after Lake Michigan and its
fishing reputation matches its size. Much of the lake's 730 square miles or
450,000 acres are hidden from view by dyke, levee, or trees which screen the

Lake Okeechobee has a 150 mile circumference and its invisible opposite shore
is more than 30 miles away. The best fishing and more than half of the action,
takes place along the lake's western shore where Calhoun's Guide Service is

Lake Okeechobee comprises a 730 square-mile area in Glades, Okeechobee, Martin,
Palm Beach, and Hendry Counties its average depth is 9 feet with a maximum depth
of 17 feet. Recharge comes from precipitation and southward flow of water from
the Kissimmee River. Historically, hydro pattern flowed southward over millions
of acres.

Lake Okeechobee offers all types of waterway structures to fish -- from open
water to narrow canals surrounded by hundreds of different vegetations and

Lake Okeechobee is located in central southern Florida, north of the Everglades
and south of Orlando. Lake Okeechobee links the Atlantic and Gulf sides of
Florida via the Port Mayaca Lock on the east side of the lake and the Moore
Haven Lock on the lake's western side.

Drainage canals lower the lake and drain adjacent lands for farming.
Agricultural activities around the Lake Okeechobee area include cattle
ranching, dairy farming, and crop production of sugarcane, winter vegetables,
citrus, sod, sweet corn and rice.

Lake Okeechobee fishing is well-known not only throughout the U.S. but the
whole world. Haw hunter guide service has clients who come from all over the
world, including Japan and Europe, just to fish Lake Okeechobee with the best
of them.

The lake is approximately 37 miles long by 30 miles wide, with an average depth
of only 10 feet. To fishermen nationwide, it's renowned for the number of bass
it contains per acre and that it also produces more bass over 7 pounds than any
lake in Florida and the United States.

Lake Okeechobee, located in Central Florida, is the most famous big bass
fishing lake in the country. For many years, Lake Okeechobee has produced the
best largemouth bass, blue gill and speck fishing in the world.

Hoover Dike was constructed along the southern regions of Lake Okeechobee to
prevent flooding while also yielding year-round crop production. Tory mucks of
the region contain 50 per cent or more mineral matter by weight and have
considerably more native fertility than saw grass mucks, which were formed
under logographic conditions. The 1950s was a period of technological ambition
and construction, a system of canals, dikes, and pumping stations were
installed to distribute water to the Everglades Agricultural Areas from Lake

Lake Okeechobee provides trips and tours all conducted by highly trained and
efficient guides. They know the movement of the fish and their feeding patterns
which gives you the best advantage over the fish and landing the lanker of a
lifetime. Their cordial manner and willingness to help you enjoy your day on
the water is genuine. Whether you want to book a corporate trip, take a
youngster fishing for the first time, or have special needs, they there to help.

Fishing at Lake Okeechobee for Bass from late fall to early spring is when
Crappie and Bass Fishing at Lake Okeechobee is at its best. Success comes when
using large wild shiners or artificial lures of all types. If you want to
target a true monster size bass, fishing at Lake Okeechobee is certainly the
way to go.

Effective lures for bass fishing

Many say and believe that a bass fisherman is only as good as his Bass Fishing
lures. Well, this is fifty per cent true to some circumstances; because in
reality, a great bass fishing lure is useless unless you know how to use it.

There are accurately thousands of different bass fishing lures available all
around the world and chances at the local bait and tackle shop doesn't make all
of the variety of lures available to you. Lets accept the fact that the world of
bass fishing changes nearly every day, trends come and go, and if the attack
that you usually knew will always be the attack you'll going to use is from
twenty years ago, well it's time to let your self escape in traditional way of
hunting bass.

There are many kinds of bait that looks like a fish, exactly look like one,
topwater, lightest lure that can able to float in the water, the worms that
attract bass for them to think that they are just a worm, the jerk baits that
is usually in light color, the craw cranks who look like a small crab, the
crank baits that look like a fish with a long mouth and lastly, the buzz bait
that releases a noise that calls the bass for it will be in attraction.

High Roller Fishing Lures (salt water) trigger explosive strikes in the open
saltwater flats, possesses the ability to finesse trophies from oyster lined
creek channels as well as shallow mangrove lagoons. In saltwater, High Roller
Fishing Lures deliver thrilling action, strength, cast ability and the
durability needed to catch Bull Redfish, Gator Spotted Sea Trout, Massive
Snook, Monster Kingfish, Tarpon, Bluefish, Spanish mackerel, Stripers,
Amberjack and Jack Crevalle. The Original High Roller, a custom-walking lure,
spooks the competition. Designed for exceptionally long casting, the Original
High Roller is possibly the most versatile fishing lure we make.

The Pop Roller is a delicate Trout, Snook and Redfish bait, ideal for calm
conditions and creek channel fishing. The Chug Roller, with its echoing, deep
chug, calls fish from great depths triggering acrobatic strikes. The Rip Roller
series is the most often lure of fishermen, because it sales almost double than
other lure. Due to the noise that the prop makes when ripped thru the water, it
totally rips the competition, the Crank Roller and the Wiggle Roller round out
the series with un-paralleled buoyancy, flash and structure bumping reactions.

The High Roller (freshwater) is designed for professional fisherman, High
Roller fishing lures are proven tough and performance tested. Originally made
for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, High Roller offers poppers, aggressive
walking baits, noisy crank baits and world-class prop baits that outperform,
out-cast and out-catch the competition.

There are also the so called Classic Bass Fishing Lures, like the Pro Series
Jig, it is weedless designed with dual rattles, the Pro Series Spinner Baits a
premium plated blades, the Tournament Series Spinner Bait it is commonly used
while in a tournament, and lastly the Clacking Buzz Bait it is the noisiest
buzz bait that is existing around the world.

Lures are important in bass fishing for it is the life and the link of the
fishermen to the bass. It creates a big connection to them that in line in
fishing. This lure may be the cause of the last breath of the fish who dares to
eat them and it is also the start of one person to consider him/her self as a

Bass Fishing Tackle-Sparing Some Advice from It!

Many say that only those people who live along the seashore get fond of
fishing. Most working individuals who live in the cities find more interest to
go fishing particularly during weekends when they tend to have their rest after
a long week pressure in work.

It is true that some of the people consider it as their source of living but
others find pleasure in it, so finally they will realize to just make it as
their hobby. Don't you know that most of the people who are getting into it
even spend a lot of money just to buy the necessary equipments for fishing? It
includes the baits, fishing rod and even the boats that they prefer to use when
they go fishing. Some would even make it as their collections.

Talking about fishing as a hobby and just to give you finer points about it,
there are lots of information about bass fishing that you can surf in the net.

Lots of boxes full of lures and baits can be found when you deal about bass
fishing. They had been used once or twice and sometimes anglers would suddenly
realize that these lures would serve its purpose anyway, so they shouldn't
regret even though they spend a lot of money just to purchase such stuffs.

If this is your motivation for most of your lure purchases, then before you
walk into the tackle shop again and spend some more of your hard earned money,
you may want to take some advices first from someone who has been there and
done that, so you wouldn't spare any regret in the end.

Most of the anglers usually go to their favorite tackle departments and try to
check on the different selections of offerings that they are thinking and
planning to purchase. One of the examples of the things that you can realize
after visiting your most favorites tackle department is that, fisherman should
take it more significantly to look at their lures as tools and not as toys.

Moreover, aside from the necessity of knowing the right tool to be used, for a
successful and dedicated bass fisherman, it is a significant consideration that
they must try to know the proper manner of using it and under which conditions.

To give you a clear picture on it, here is a very basic instance. Just try to
consider this scenario, if a miner is hired to drill a tunnel through bedrock,
it would be unproductive to use a bit that is designed to drill through sand or
topsoil. Everything must conform under the proper condition.

Now, obviously the same analysis applies to bass fishing, remember that lures
are intended to be used in certain situations and conditions. To throw jerk
bait with three sets of treble hooks on to a mat of floating moss is the same
as attempting to drill through granite with a sand bit. You have to use the
proper tool for the conditions at hand.

Lure are used to catch fish but you must bear in mind that by simply throwing
your lures in the water, it is already a guarantee that the fish will get near
to you and take the lure as you wish. Bass Fishing needs a lot of
considerations, such as the weather condition, the season, the type of body of
water (be it natural lake, reservoir etc.). This is just the right time that
you will determine where the fish can be found and the time when you can decide
on the right lure to be used.

This may seem like a lot of thinking to do on a day of recreating. But of
course, the more time you spend on the water, practicing these techniques
starts to become second nature and you'll spend much less time organizing
expensive lures that don't seem to work. This is already a big help for you

Remember that there is no substitute for experience, as the saying goes, and
there is no opportunity better than fishing to prove that maxim true. So the
next time you are in the tackle shop, stop for a minute and think about what
you are doing, do not do things without even thinking about it.

Learn More About Some Techniques on Bass Fishing

Splitshotting can mean the difference between taking a cold boat ride and a
great day of catching fish. Invest the time to practice this technique and you
will have more fun bass fishing in the cold winter months. This and other Bass
fishing techniques are required to master the art of bass fishing.

If you put the time in, you will soon learn how to master the fall and winter
bass fishery in British Columbia. Your efforts will be rewarded with
exceptional smallmouth bass of trophy sizes. Remember though it takes roughly 8
to 10 years for a smallmouth bass to attain a weight in excess of 5 lbs., so
conserve your catch by practicing responsible catch and release methods.

Well the cold weather has put the bass into their winter patterns. Forget about
rip baits, spinner baits and crank baits. Now is the time to break out the
finesse gear. One of the most common techniques for getting bass to bite during
this season is splitshotting. It is a fairly straightforward technique and
requires little investment in terminal tackle.

The hardest thing there is to teach a bass angler learning to splitshot is
detecting the bite. The bite will vary according to the activity level of the
fish. There will be times when they pop the bait hard and you will know
immediately that they are eating the bait. Other times there will be a soft,
almost imperceptible tick and then nothing. And finally there is the dreaded
pressure bite. The pressure bite will take two forms.

The first way to describe a pressure bite is you will feel a slight resistance
to pulling your line forward. This is somewhat like hooking a soft, spongy
rubber band. The second pressure bite is when you lose contact with the bottom.

A bass has picked up your lure and is just following along with your forward
movement. This is why it is so important to maintain bottom contact. Once you
realize that you've lost the feel of the weight against the bottom, and your
depth hasn't changed significantly, you have to put two and two together and
get ready to set the hook.

The preferred hook set for this technique is called a sweep set. Once you have
detected a fish holding your bait drop the rod tip towards the fish, reel down
to the point of feeling resistance (or just shy of that point) and 'sweep' the
rod horizontally away from the fish.

If the rod loads up good and you're sure that you've got the hook in the fish
just fight him to the boat. If you set the hook and it didn't feel solid you
may want to set the hook a second time. The drag on your reel should be set
tight enough that it doesn't give on the initial hook set. But it shouldn't be
set so tight that a larger fish can't take the line if needed.

British Columbia, Canada's foremost sport fishing web site containing BC
saltwater fishing, BC freshwater fishing, maps, fishing tackle news, sport
fishing destinations, fishing tips and techniques, editorials, articles and
much, much more. Inside you'll find everything you need to tackle trophy fish
of all varieties including salmon, halibut, steelhead, trout, bass, and
sturgeon to name a few. They also had their own approach and techniques
regarding bass fishing.

Since the best spot to catch bass is never on weeds and cover, use weedless
lures when possible. This will cut down on the expense of losing lures.

Bass exist in a wide variety of temperatures, but tend to get inactive during a
cold front. Fish swim deeper during the sunniest part of the day. Sun seems to
adversely affect bass fishing. Seek out shady spots or deeper water with cover.
On cloudy or overcast days try shallower waters. In cold water, retrieve your
bait slower. Fish tend to react slower in colder temperatures.

Freshwater Fish Identification is another technique used by anglers. So whether
you're watching a consummate professional angler check-in fish during a
tournament, or listening to an on-air running commentary on a television
fishing program, you know that he'll be speaking the truth of the matter.

What's Inside A Bass Fishing Home Page?

Obviously by what it's called, you'd know that a Bass fishing homepage would be
all about bass fishing right? Well, it is, but its not just slapped with
pictures and some word contents and left like that. Bass fishing homepages are
provided with the utmost attention and dedication to details. They cover
everything you need to know about bass fishing.

Many people have been bitten by the pleasure of bass fishing. Now it's all over
for many of the other things in your life because you have been bitten by the
bug, and for most of the ones that are bitten it seems like the "Bass Fever"
just gets worst and keeps on spreading. A good number of people out there are
being hooked to this activity.

Just to bring up some interesting stuff that can be found on bass fishing are,
owning and operating a 3-Day "On-Water" Bass Fishing School, bass charter
service, being the co-host on coast to coast radio and TV shows, teaching
seminars, fishing bass tournaments, and some articles that can be read all over
the world from magazines and over 200 outdoor internet sites.

Don't you know that calls (about 70% of such) come from the ages that ranged
from around 12 years old to about 35 years old. You can imagine that when it
comes to bass fishing, it does not choose age as long as one possesses the
passion for the sport. Once in a while, you can get a few questions non-related
to angling, but mostly anglers seeking information to help them understand more
about this great sport, and it is referring to men, women, boys, and girls. The
"Bass Fever" has bitten so many people that now bass fishing is considered to be
America's (# 1) number one freshwater sport. It is literally a multi-million
dollar industry because it's certainly addicting!

Many bass fishing homepage provides forums wherein bass fishing enthusiasts can
come in and discuss bass fishing. The good thing is that you can come in and ask
questions about bass fishing.

These are the most common questions raised about bass fishing;

First are the most important questions that are continually asked by folks, so
here goes. The number one question asked about is in terms of equipment such
as, what kind of boats to buy, rods, reels, line, electronics, hard baits
(because there are a lot of kinds), plastic baits, hooks, weights, colors, fish
formulas (or as some refer to as attractants), containers, and on, and on, and
on. All the answers can be located on its home page.

The second most asked questions are about the water and weather conditions, how
to locate fish, what baits are the best to use, and so on. These are now the
factor for searching the proper place and time for bass fishing.

Just a pleasant advise for all of you who are hooked to the game, always ask
around it first particularly in purchasing your needed material in bass fishing;

Here are some simple tips and guides most bass fishing homepages provide to
their visitors;

1. Don't buy everything on the shelf that looks good! (There are a handful of
baits that will work anywhere in the nation, face it, bass are bass and pretty
much act the same anywhere you go.

2. Learn as much as you can by reading, but try to find an experienced angler
who is willing to share his information with you.

3. Check around and talk to anglers for information. Most bass anglers are
great people that love bass fishing so much and would love to share information
about the sport of bass fishing with others.

4. Enroll in a bass fishing school if at all possible.

5. Always think of safety while on the water, and be courteous to others.

6. Shop around for the best quality equipment for the money you can afford to

These tips and guides are just but a few of the offerings that a bass fishing
homepage can offer their visitors. You can get lots of information in a short
time. Bass fishing homepages can help you in a lot of aspect about bass
fishing; they can even help you out arrange a bass fishing adventure. Check
them out today, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Locating the Best Bass Fishing Areas

What is it in bass fishing that everybody are driven on to engage on such
activity? People get fond of bass fishing that is why every trend that they
hear about it really catches their interests and as much as possible get into

"Where are the what...? Where are the bass!" How many of the anglers
(tournament and recreational) go to a body of water you've never fished before,
drop the boat in the water, then, ask this question to yourself? This is
probably one of the biggest topics in bass fishing that an angler should learn
more about.

Here you will be getting information on how to locate areas best for bass

Locating bass and understanding the water would be the number one question
among bass anglers today. The next most asked question would be is which baits
they should use to catch a "big" bass.

Now when you think about it, there are really only two (2) main topics that go
hand-in-hand when it comes to bass fishing. If you understood more about these
two, you would definitely become a much better angler, and they are:

1. Knowing how to locate bass.

2. Knowing how to catch bass using all the different techniques, presentations,
and baits.

Learning how to locate bass can be somewhat of a challenge to most anglers
because there are so many different factors that need to be determined such as:

1. Knowing how to read a map -- this is the fundamental skill that you should
try to learn because through a map it is easier for you to take on the
appropriate location good for bass fishing.

2. Knowing the most practical places to look for Active Bass just after cold
fronts and during early spring and late fall periods -- weather condition must
be especially considered as well.

3. Understanding water depth- this is an important element because the depth or
the hollowness of the water will serve as a factor for you to know if it is a
good location.

4. Water clarity- it could be easier for you to now have your bass fishing if
you are well-oriented about the water clarity of your location.

5. Water temperatures

6. Seasonal patterns- this is in relation with the trend whether bass fishing
is seasonal or not.

7. Locating structure areas

8. Finding vegetation areas

But there is more! Being a consistent bass angler is so much more than just
getting in your boat, hitting the water, and casting your baits. That's why
bass tournaments are so competitive and exciting, because the more you learn
about locating bass the quicker you can start catching them right? And hey,
isn't that half the battle?

Let's start by looking at a lake map. There are two general types of lake maps
that most anglers will use which are referred to as the; "Hot Spot" and
"Topographical" maps. The differences between the two is that a "Topo" map
shows more detail, and the "Hot Spots" map shows more fishing spots (well, at
least they're supposed to).

The secret (or key) in learning how to use a lake map would be to sector the
map. What I mean by this is that I will take the map and study it for a moment
(looking for areas where the fish would most likely be.) Next, I will (using a
highlighter) divide the map in sections based on how much time I have to
pre-fish for a tournament or how many days I have to just fish the body of
water for fun.

The size of the sections will vary depending on contours, structure, and how
many places I may want to check out during the course of the day based on what
the map shows me. I am certainly not one to just cast bait into the water and
work it for five minutes and leave; I will try an assortment of baits if I see
signs of fish in any given area to try to establish a working pattern.

Here are some key elements that you can usually look for when it comes to
locating bass on any given body of water:

1. Vegetation areas

2. Irregular contours

3. Shallow water close to deep water areas

4. Points and point drops

5. Various types of structure

It's the Canada Bass Fishing Way

"Fishing, an act of catching fish. Fishing for sport, leisure, and relaxation
is called sport fishing, or angling, derived from the Old English word angel,
meaning "fishhook"."

Bass fishing represents one of the most popular fishing sports experienced
today. The bass family, together with Striped, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted,
Black, and White, serve to start countless numbers of latest anglers every
season. This fame has yielded a multi-million dollar industry unto itself,
aside from the businesses of other modes of sport fishing. To illustrate this
point further, there are boats on the market intended specifically for bass

Canada provides a quantity of the world's most excellent fishing grounds. The
summer season opens in March and ends late in July. Many anglers head for
Vancouver Island to fish for Feeder Chinooks, Halibut, Ucelet, and King Salmon
aside from Bass. The variety of fish found within Canada's borders help to
preserve it as a popular destination for the sport fisherman. The fame of
Canada's fishing and tourism industry can grant many great opportunities, but
it also serves as a problem for protection of the country's resources.

Northwestern Ontario is world-famous for the constantly giving good supply of
bass fishes. But you will also get pleasure from the adventure and experience
of hooking into the fighting Muskie and Northern Pike, the tasty walleye and
Yellow Perch. The gorgeous, dirt free lakes offer up good fishing spring,
summer, and fall. You will grasp your limit most days, but even when the
fishing slows down, the loveliness of our Canadian wilderness is an remarkable
experience in itself.

Fish for bass, walleye, muskie, northern pike, lake trout and yellow perch in
Northwest Ontario Canada at one of Canada's most outstanding fishing resorts,
Ranked #28 in the world for overall fishing and #1 in the world for combined
walleye and muskie (musky) fishing.

Bass (fish), ordinary name for many food fishes, but not equivalent to any
particular scientific classification. A variety of bass are known by such local
names as black, white, or rock bass. Bass or "Smallies" are known as the little
fighters and are enjoyable to catch!

In the United States there are 9 general and 30 type of fish in the family
containing bass and sunfish. The calico bass, also called black crappie, is
originate from the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi Valley to New Jersey and
southward to Florida, Louisiana, and Texas; it reaches a length up to 36 cm (14
in), but rarely weighs more than 0.2 kg (0.5 lb). The rock bass seldom exceeds
that weight and is a poor food fish. It is abundant west of the Allegheny
Mountains, south to Louisiana, and north into Manitoba, Canada.

The most essential basses in this family are the black basses. The largemouth
black bass is also called bayou, lake, or straw bass, and sometimes, in the
southern United States, trout. The smallmouth black bass resembles the
largemouth bass, and the dotted bass is found in the Mississippi basin.
Largemouth bass are found throughout the central United States and may achieve
a weight of 9 kg (20 lb). Smallmouth bass are found from Lake Champlain
southwest to the Appalachian region; they reach a maximum weight of about 2.3
kg (about 5 lb).

Small mouth bass are the feistiest fish in Northwest Ontario, pound for pound.
In the sunset country lakes teem with these fighters waiting to take hold of
your bait and provide you with plenty of action. The sheer numbers of smallies
in this area make Sunset Country one of Canada's first bass fishing locations.
In addition, numerous lakes offer tremendous largemouth bass populations as
well, making this area a must visit destination for any serious angler. With
over 70,000 lakes, they've got some great fishing holes for you to choose from.

Spawning usually occurs over a period of 6-10 days in the late spring and early
summer. Growth is rapid at first. Ask around for tips on the great time to Bass
fish in Canada with your local tourist.

A Review of North Carolina Bass Fishing Reports from the Experts

All of the fishermen, especially those who live in North Carolina love to
compare the lakes in their place and also how they make fishing a great hobby.

When you start to pile things up, it becomes noticeable right away that there
are some "kissing cousins" among bass lakes in the Tar Heel State of North
Carolina: reservoirs that look like each other closely are enough that they are
said to "fish alike." And that no two reservoirs are more strongly related, it
can be argued, than High Rock Lake and Buggs Island Lake.

Heres a tip for you crank bait fishermen: If you use the clip locks, use the
Norman Speedclips, taking the factory split ring off so the clip goes directly
to the bait keeps the action of the bait true and you have a lot less trouble
with the line fouling. That is best to use in North Carolina Bass Fishing.

For bass pro and Buggs Island guide Joel Richardson, summer bass success means
hitting main-lake structure in 12 to 20 feet of water. are relatively shallow,
as Piedmont lakes go; they are fed heavily by tributary creeks but affected
more by river current, and no one will ever confuse them with clear lakes.
They're also shallow enough upstream that navigation into the upper areas can
be touchy.

And for some glorious reason, all of those features cause or allow bass to bite
on those three reservoirs when the weather is pushing 90 degrees and more pages
on the calendar have been throw away than are remaining.

They are the kingpins of their respective river systems -- High Rock on the
Yadkin and Buggs Island on the Roanoke. They are both relatively fertile,
growing good populations of bass, stripers, crappie and catfish of various
shapes and sizes.

This will melt the plastic back together. Obviously you don't want to use this
trick over buying new baits, but if you're stuck on the water with no spare
baits, this will get you through the day.
All of them are fed by a lot of very nice, large creeks. None of them would
ever be considered "clear" by any stretch of the imagination. All of them have
a very strong rung at the bottom of the food-chain ladder: great populations of

Now take this as an example, the three wonderful reservoirs in the Piedmont
region of North Carolina: Buggs Island Lake, Jordan Lake and High Rock Lake.
None of them are tremendously deep reservoirs. At least three fishermen in
North Carolina appreciate this phenomenon.

When you rip a hole in your soft plastic bait, heat the blade of your knife
with a lighter and insert the hot blade in the tear.

After a heavy down pour fish anywhere you can find water running into the lake
this water will be full of nutrients starting a vibrant food chain and bass
will be all over it.

Stitching. Lots of big Bass specialist uses this method for connecting with BIG
Bass. You simply pull the bait along very slowly with your hand rather than your
reel. This forces you to slow down and really enhances the feel of your bait and
any pickup.

Everything from why you are supposed to wear your life jacket, theories on the
shape versus size of baits and why some colors work and some don't. You will
also find general tips about how to arrange or store your tackle, equipment
needed for shore fishing, and ways to stay safe when you are out enjoying our
great sport of bass fishing.

Beginners for bass fishing is a significant area to cover. I hope that we have
been able to help you out as a beginner in having a north Carolina bass fishing
and hope that you will return for more beginners tips and articles soon. Now
what are you waiting for? The water is just waiting for you to come around and
fish. Get your equipments ready and be bewildered with your first catch.

Experience bass fishing in north Carolina to have that new feel and experience
that you won't want to miss all your life.

The Success Found in Bass Fishing Homepage

Are you a bass fishing enthusiast? Do you get a huge bass every time you go on
a fishing trip? Getting a large bass is not as difficult as you think. There
are so many ways that you can improve your bass fishing strategies and
techniques. There are so many websites that you can visit to read on and
acquire knowledge on the bass fishing essentials.

It is advised that you browse these web sites so you can have enough knowledge
and information on what bass fishing really should be. They have articles that
will let you learn and think like a bass and this approach works like a charm.
You will be surprised of the results once you have followed the guide. Even if
you are just a newbie visiting these bass fishing homepages will attract you
and convince you that bass fishing is indeed very enjoyable.

And so much for that whimsy notion that it is boring and complicated well in
fact it is not. Besides, after you have learned it you will be surprised to see
that you will not go home on an empty can. And some even give a guarantee. If
you are not completely satisfied with the ebook, they will gladly refund 100%
of your purchase price. If these bass fishing book does not aid you in catching
more and larger bass on your next fishing getaway, just simply let them know
with the purchase date and they will gladly refund the money you paid.

No questions asked. However, other articles may tell you promises but never comes
out to be. So it is good that you choose and purchase the right and best
product. Moreover, these homepages give you other special offers like another
ebook after you have purchased one. You will get that for free. Like for
example when you buy a certain ebook, you will get a special offer by having
another ebook for free or at a discounted price.

Amazing, isn't it? They will give you the keys to successful fishing in no
time. Some bass fishing homepages give and store lake information, store catch
information which includes fish species, lake conditions, fishing lures,
weather conditions, fishing rig information, fishing baits, retrieves, as well
as topo map location. Furthermore some homepages may also have detailed and
high level reporting, store and retrieve fishing guide information, extensive
online help system, store and retrieve lodging information and many others.

Taking a trip to great lakes for a bass fishing experience is so enjoyable.
These homepages are dedicated to giving you the very finest fishing experience
there is. All you have to do is browse their bass fishing homepage and voila!
Or you can choose to go right away to their booking page to reserve your seat
on a bass fishing of a lifetime.

In addition, some offer reservation request for those interested in reserving
your booking. Since many of their destinations have very limited spaces that
are available for each season or each particular time. However, a reservation
request may not guarantee or assure that you will get the exact date you want.
It is good that you ask and know of their availability. So how can you get the
most from these bass fishing websites?

Some sites may be very hard to browse or check out. But some have tried all
means to make sure that their site is easy to navigate and easy to use. There
are different kinds of bass fishing homepages. There are those concentrated
mainly on lures or baits while some are dedicated to forums and reservations.
But generally, these sites are not only packed with information and tips but
also a home to the nicest people who will take the time to answering your
queries and questions you might have been wanting to ask.

Some web sites have the most impressive collections of bass fishing information
there is on the web. Other may have lots of links and lake information.
Moreover, some may have live chat and lake reports as well. Surprisingly, some
sites even havemaps, tide charts bass fishing products, articles, excellent
articles as well as complete resources on catching bass. So for all those
interested in bass fishing, just feel free to visit these sites and have fun!

Get to know more about Bass Fishing Lures

Bass fishing has evolved to a near cult popularity with so many anglers through
the years that there have been so many products made, clubs formed, and articles
written about it. Here you will read about the types of Bass fishing lures you
can use to catch them. Also, there is also a list on the necessary equipments
to have when going bass fishing.

The type of bass that will bite almost anything is the largemouth bass.
Minnows, worms, or other live bait, plus poppers or streamers presented with a
fly rod, or plugs thrown from a casting or spinning rod are ways where they can
be caught. Since bass is usually associated with weeds, a weedless bait will
often be necessary. Morning and evening are the best fishing times when warm
months come. They usually like to stay in warm water and warm weather. There is
only little bite during winters.

Smallmouth bass pound for pound are the scrappiest fish of all fresh water
bass. They are usually associated with a rocky stream or lake environment where
its favorite food, the crayfish, is plentiful. The best lake fishing takes place
in the month in June and just after, the spawning season, and in early fall.
Natural lure like hellgrammites, dragonfly larvae and crayfish are especially
useful during early morning or late evening. Most likely, the best artificial
lures are those who are used on the surface. Light tackle is ideal. Fish
quietly, casting toward rocks or logs, keeping the rod tip up and the line
tight. Many fishermen debate on the colors used for their lures. This may vary
on the bass fish that is to be caught.

Fishing requires more than just a simple fishing rod and some lure for serious
fisherman. People who fish for leisure are those who fish because it's their
hobby, they can have some tools and accessories that will help them make it
easier and be able to catch more fish. Here are some suggested tools for
starters that will help them improve in catching fish:

* Fishing Rod. The most important piece of equipment and should be chosen with
care. A basic rod-and-reel set is enough for beginners. It is necessarily
important to have more featured materials. The most important is that you
should learn how to use the rod and be comfortable to it before moving into
another difficult type of equipment. Professional fisherman can experiment
different types of rod for them to know what works best for them.

When buying a fishing rod, know before you enter the store what kind of fishing
you'll be doing, and under what conditions. Rods come from different varieties
of materials, from wood laminates to fiberglass to carbon fiber. Rod handles
should fit securely in your palm, and practice casting with the rod, to test
how flexible and easy to use it is. In addition have the proper length of the
rod. For using lighter lure, or catching tiny fish, a 4 inch to 6 inch rod is
advisable to use. For using larger lure, which gets larger fishes or casting
longer distances, a rod of at least 6 inches may be required.

* Waders. It is a water- resistant covering you wear over your pants to keep
them dry so you can wade out into the water. A lot of are made like overalls,
covering the chest and the legs, and with boots attached, for ultimate defense.
Make sure the boots are warm and secure, to supply better balance while walking
on wet rocks.

* Fishing Vest. Contains several pockets for storing fish equipments and your
hands are free to manage the fishing rod. Also, should you have to wade out
into the water, wearing a vest will let you to have all of your gear with you
at all times. Make a decision beforehand which gear is necessary; if you store
too much in the vest, it may make it too heavy to wear, which could bring you

*  Tackle Box or Fly Box. In fishing it requires a lot of supplies and you
need a something big to store all your gears. Spend in a durable tackle box, in
which you can store your entire lure, keeping it easily to get to. Styles are
classified into simple and inexpensive, and large and costly. Fishermen may
only need something small, but the more advanced fishermen may want something
handier. Furthermore, you should consider a fly box. Small enough to fit a vest
pocket and allows you to keep them with you as needed.

Mexico: World's Best Bass Fishing Site

Bass Fishing is indeed an adventure for the anglers and travelers. It gives
them a lot of enjoyment and excitement as well. It is now already popular in
most countries which have an endowed resource of water. Mostly, bass fishing is
being done in lakes. And one of the best popular places of bass fishing in the
world is in Mexico.

Bass Fishing in Mexico is an awesome and ultimate experience because it has
some of the best bass fishing in the world. By its good environment and
productive resource of water, most anglers and travelers fish here. Mexican
bass lakes like Huites, El Salto, Baccarac, Agua Milpa, Comedero and Guerrero
can offer basses over 10 pounds on any given cast.

Because of its nature's beauty, it can never be said that it is god's gift. The
sheer anticipation of a bass fishing trip to Mexico is enough to drive any
angler obsessed. Crazy anglers are being encouraged for it can produce well.
Mexico bass fishing can be done on the greatest black bass lakes in the world.

There are four such lakes on the West coast of Mexico: Lake El Salto, Lake
Agua Milpa, Lake Huites, Lake Baccarac, Lake Comedero.

Lake El Salto produces more double-digit bass than any bass lake in the world.
It is a 23,000 acre impoundment, home to some of the very best Largemouth Bass
Fish in the Mexico and in the world. It is located 50 miles north of the
beautiful seaside resort of Mazatlan. Over a thousand of bass ranging over 10
pounds have been caught and released at this great Mexico bass fishing lake.

Lake Agua Milpa, offers big numbers of quality largemouth bass. Also, Lake
Huites is considered to be one of the finest waters among the rest. Thus, Lake
Baccarac is an ideal hotspot for catching large mouthed bass. It is the best
big bass lake in the entire world. The first fishing season was beyond most
anglers' dreams and the lake has been improving every year. The lake is
approximately 25 miles long and 5 miles wide. It is within among green forested
mountain peaks.

Lake Comedero is a beautiful mountain lake within the Sierra Madre Mountains
100 miles notheast of the seaside resort of Mazatlan. It has clear and cool
water with thousands of hungry black bass striking almost any type of lure all
year. It is the world's best bass lake for numbers of bass from 8 lbs. to 12
lbs. with some bass ranging from 12 to 15 lbs.

The bass fishing at each lake differs because of the age of each Lake. Mostly
the older lakes produce larger bass but not quite as many numbers as the newer

On the other hand, East coast of Mexico has two great Lakes for Mexico bass
fishing: Lake Guerrero, producing numbers with an occasional ten-pound plus;
Lake El Cuchillo, the newest Mexico bass fishing lake of them. It is located
less than a hundred miles south of the Texas/Mexico border. It has been
producing some very impressive catches.

Mexico bass fishing is the best bass fishing in the world because of its two
primary reasons

The first primary reason is being the highly growing season. Having the warm
temperatures in the most part of Mexico, the growing season for bass is a few
months longer than in most areas of the United States. So as a result, the bass
grow larger, faster than they do in the some lakes throughout the United States.

The second is fishing pressure. The local population does not take advantage of
the great Mexico bass fishing. In return, there will never be over fifty and
most of the time under twenty five boats of bass fishing on Mexican Lake on any
given day instead of hundreds of bass boats fishing the lakes every day
Therefore, the bass have lot less pressure put on them, which makes bass
fishing Mexico the best. Indeed, Mexico is still the best site of bass fishing.

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