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The Basics of Blenders

Blenders are very useful household appliances. Developed in the 1920's, nothing
has come close yet to its functionality even if some argue that there are other
appliances that can do almost the same job.

There are two types of blenders. There is the traditional and the immersion.
Most of us use the traditional blender which consists of a power base that
supports a tall container or jar with blades at the bottom.

The jar better known as the "carafe" could be made from glass, plastic or
stainless steel with a lid to prevent the contents from splashing.

This is where the second type of blender comes in called the immersion blender
or stick. Its power base is slimmer and this is usually attached to a long
metal shaft with a mixing blade at one end.

It is given this name because you immerse the blade into the ingredients
instead of the other way around. Once in position, you press the button to set
the blades' speed.

What makes these two so different is the fact that immersion blenders can only
be used for light duty blending. It can't crush ice or any hard food items. The
bowl or cup that you will put the ingredients in is something you have to look
for on your own.

Earlier it was mentioned that there are some appliances perform similar tasks
to the blender. These are namely mixers and food processors. But there are
slight differences among the three.

Mixers are good for tasks that involve aerating or increasing the volume of
batters by incorporating air into the mixture. Food processors chop dry solids
or knead thick bread though. It is also able to slice or shred produce and
cheeses. The blender can't do that because it can only reduce solids to smaller
particles or blend liquids and it is not able to incorporate air into the

This means that these three appliances are not really competing with each
other. You simply have to know which appliance to use depending on what you are
trying to do.

If you don't want to get confused, try getting a unit that comes equipped with
two attachments namely a traditional blender carafe and a compact food
processor bowl with chopping blade.

Blenders are sold at different prices. These factors are based on the wattage,
the container, the material used, speed and features.

For those who want something light, they can try to buy the cordless blender
similar to a cordless phone. Once you take it out of the station, you can blend
stuff even when you are outside on the patio.

Another option which is also compact is the personal blender. With this, you
can only blend a single serving of your favorite refreshment. Once it is
finished, you can bring it with you. It can even fit in the cup holder station
of the car.

For those who need something that is heavy duty, go for the industrial strength
blender. This is what restaurants use to liquefy fruits and vegetables into soup
and do a few other things in just seconds!

The blender now comes in all shapes and sizes but the basics of this wonderful
appliance are still the same. This is to help you mix different ingredients
together so you can consume it within a matter of minutes.

Types of Blenders

Choosing the right blender would ultimately depend on how you would be
eventually be using it at home. With different types of blenders are to choose
from, it is important that you know how you would be using it so that you don't
end up buying the wrong blender for your home.

When buying a blender, you will usually see the usual and more common models in
most stores. These are the ones that have a steady base and a pitcher-like
container fixed on top of it. These types of blenders are usually the ones that
you can use for mixing your milkshakes and smoothies. These blenders usually
come in several speed options in order to allow you a variety of choices to
serve your needs.

There is another type of blender that can serve a unique purpose. Actually it
can also do the same tasks that a usual blender can do but on a different way.
This type of blender is called an immersion blender. Immersion blenders are
different by the fact that they are hand held when being used. Ordinary
blenders are of the table top variety that also requires its own special
container in order to function.

Immersion blenders are stick hand held type blenders that has a swirling blade
located at the other end. Immersion blenders can be used to stir up soups,
puree or even good enough to chop up certain vegetables. Although they are not
as powerful as the ordinary blender, immersion blenders are more portable and
easier to store.

If you wish to buy a general purpose blender that would do just about anything
in the kitchen, then you would want to prefer buying a good food processor. A
food processor is a heavy duty blender that can do a variety of kitchen tasks
that ordinary blenders may not be powerful enough to do. They are usually the
choice for professional chefs as well as serious cooks who have to do various
kitchen tasks such as chopping, mincing cutting or crushing different kitchen
ingredients easily. These heavy duty food processors have more power and offer
additional options that an ordinary blender cannot perform.

With different types of blenders available, you may need to look for the one
that will provide you with the most number of options that you prefer. One of
the things to look foe is its performance. Surely, it won't matter if you have
the most powerful blender at home but you just try to use it to make your
smoothies. You might have just wasted some of your money by buying a blender
that has features that you do not use yourself. It is even worse when you buy a
blender with some features absent that are looking for.

Depending on your needs, you do not have to buy the best types of blenders in
the market. What should be important that you buy one that is appropriate for
your own needs. Even if you buy the cheapest blender model that you can find
and find that type of blender very suitable for your needs, then you have
bought the best stuff there is.

But if you buy the most expensive one, and found out that it doesn't quite do
what you expected it to do, then you might have suffered a loss in the deal.
Being content in the blender's performance is always more important than the
price of the gadget.

Two things to consider when buying a blender

Blenders are must-items in every household nowadays especially if you are very
health conscious. You see, blenders are pretty nifty when it comes to making
fruit juices that are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. On top of this,
you can also use this gadget to create vegetables dishes that can resemble
meats. This is the reason why most people who are into a specific diet plans or
those who have become vegetarians are investing in good blenders. After all, you
will be taking in only fresh foods and drinks with it.

Even those who have restaurants also invest in blenders for their ingredient
preparation. Like a food processor, blenders can help in mincing and in
grinding ingredients. In fact, it can even turn some hard to bit into
ingredients into powder form. Chefs do this with spices that may be bitter when
bit into. In a powder form, these spices can easily flavor the food that they
are cooking.

But with all the different kinds of blenders in the market, one cannot be sure
of just what to buy for the home or for the business. Another question is if a
blender is the right choice or would a food processor be better. Here are some
tips to help you in your decision.

1. Function

One of the things that you should consider before buying a blender is what you
will be doing with it. A lot of things will depend on the answer to this
question -- the price of the blender, the power, the brand and even, the
dilemma between food processor and blender.

If you are planning to use it for making shakes and juices at home, the blender
is the obvious choice. It is after all not called a liquidizer for nothing. A
blender can be best used when making liquid concoctions, from milkshakes to
alcoholic drinks. You can create Zombies and margaritas with this gadget.

If you are planning to crush ice with it, go for the more expensive blenders as
the smaller cheaper ones will not have enough power to do it. They may be able
to do the job once or twice but crushing ice often will cause the blades and
the machine to big down.

If you are however planning to use it for preparing ingredients when you cook a
meal, the best thing to buy is actually the food processor. With this gadget,
you can slice your tomatoes, mash potatoes, mince pork and shred cabbages. You
can even grate cheese with it. You see, food processors have with it
interchangeable razors and blades that you can use. These blades perform a
variety of function, depending on what you want.

Between the two, the food processor is actually the more versatile as it can
also make juices for you. It will be a harder job but it can be accomplished.

2. Budget

Another consideration when buying blenders for your food and drinks is the
price range that you can afford. If you really want a good blender, I suggest
that you save your money for the expensive ones with a good brand. That way,
you won't need to worry about it not being able to do the things that you want
to do. After all, you cannot be too sure just what you will need the blender
for in the future.

The Importance of Having Your Own Baby Food Blenders

Do you have a baby in the house? If so, you may already be feeling the need to
invest on baby food blenders. This won't be hard to find. Actually, any brands,
as long as it is sturdy and can take on the basic needs of your baby, will do.

One Step at a Time

A baby's need for food will depend on their age. If they reach the point where
they are ready to taste baby food as supplements to their milk, then this is
your chance to give your best and make your own baby food. Buying the processed
and commercially available ones is okay. No one is really stopping from going
that route.

But you will feel much safer if you know every ingredient that you put on your
baby's mouth because it was you who made that. And this is just a simple feat.
You don't have to study anything. All you've got to have as requirement is your
motherly instinct and your good choices of food that you want to blend.

The Blender Buying Guide

You should know what to look for when you want to buy a blender. This is
because no kitchen is complete without it so to help you out, here is buying
guide for you customers out there.

First, the blender must be able to do some basic tasks in the kitchen. These
include crushing ice and combine liquids as well as solids.

The capacity of the blender is also important. The carafe's as they are better
known may be able to hold 1 to 3 liters so knowing which one to get should be
based on your blending needs.

Since the capacity also dictates the size of the unit, you should also consider
the amount of storage space when this is not needed. If this can't fit inside
the cabinet, perhaps this can be placed on top of the shelf instead.

Surely, you don't want your blender to break down only after a few months. To
prevent this from happening, make sure you get a trusted brand. Look at what
material is used in making the body and the carafes. The footing should also be
stable so it doesn't fall to one side especially when you are blending. If you
are to choose between plastic, glass or stainless steel footing, go for the
last as it is the sturdiest.

As for your carafe, stainless steel happens to be the sturdiest however you are
not able to see what you are mixing. This is why glass is much better even if it
is heavier and more expensive than plastic.

Regardless of the capacity of the carafe you choose, don't make the mistake of
putting in 1/4 its capacity. Doing so will create a mess even if it does come
with a lid.

Looks are also important when buying a blender. Why? This is because the
blender should also complement the rest of the kitchen. Fortunately, most
companies have this available in various colors so you will just have to choose
one from the rest.

The ideal blender should have various functions. Since there are so many to
mention, just choose one based on what you plan to do with it. If you want to
try new things with your blender, always read the instructional manual so there
won't be any problems when you use it.

The strength of the blender depends on its wattage. Usually, these are between
300-500 watts for small blenders and 1200 watts for heavy duty models. This
makes the speed settings vary as well. Some units have 13 while others have 16
but for the people at home, sticking between 300 to 500 watts is sufficient.

The blender must also be user-friendly. At one point, these were sold with push
button controls. The problem was that they were very difficult to clean. The
grooves seem to attract spills and this doesn't go away no matter how many
times you clean it.

There are also models that have dials which are probably easier to operate than
push button. The drawback is that they don't look sleek enough to impress people
who see it.

The best once to get are those with touchpad controls because it is easy to
clean. For a few more dollars, you can even one that has programmed settings
even if some find it hard to read.

The blender buying guide should help you find the right blender depending on
your needs. The only thing you have to do now is check out your nearby
appliance store or online to find what you need for your kitchen.

Points to Consider in Buying a Blender

A blender is one popular appliance in most homes all over the globe. Giving it
a try is surely worth it especially if you've created something uniquely your
own that you can then share with other people.

There are many things that you can do with this genius appliance. If only its
inventor is alive now, he will surely be proud of his creation. This was
invented in 1922 by Stephen Poplawski. He intended to use this to be able to
make soda fountain drinks. He did this by placing a blade at the bottom of a
tall container.

Nowadays, blenders can be used for pleasure, fun and even medicinal and health
related purposes. Do you already have one? Then what are you waiting for? This
guide aims to help you find the right appliance of this type for your own good.

1. Power consumption must be taken into consideration. How can you enjoy the
fruits of your labor if after taking in a good amount of smoothie, you will be
presented with too high electricity bill. You must choose the kind of blenders
that run on less than 750 watts. This way, there is no reason why you should
hold back from using it.

Check its parts often. If you see something is wrong, have it checked or if the
damage is too much, you can have them replaced. This will not only lessen your
power consumption, it will also help you maintain your appliance, avoid rusts
from developing and avoid jamming for future use.

2. The accessories should also be your concern. Ask for the parts and
accessories that can be found with the blenders that you are taking into
consideration. Make sure that you have most of what you will need with
everything that you want to be done. So what do you have in mind aside from the
smoothies? Choose the appliance that can cut meat, vegetables and the likes in
different sizes. Choose something that can create puree and will easily aid you
in creating baby food. You can also ask if the blade of your chosen utility can
crash ice, that is if you want this feature.

3. The size matters with blenders. If you will just be using this at home, then
you can have a medium sized. Larger ones will be helpful for business purposes.
You must consider where are you going to place the appliance and if you have
somewhere to store it after you've used it.

4. The speed features must also be looked at. For this reason, your must know
before you go to the store how are you going to utilize the blenders. This way,
the salespeople can recommend to you the brands and types that will suit your
needs the best way possible. Of course, you must also take note of the price.
You cannot exceed according to what you can afford. This is an investment, yes.
But choose the one that you can pay for. This way, you will be able to utilize
the appliance the best way possible once you have acquired it.

In choosing the right blender for you, the abovementioned must be taken into
consideration. This way, you are assured that you will be making the right
decisions according to how you have thought hard about the selection and the
suggestions that you have been given in the process of choosing what you will

Cheap Blenders and Other Ways to Go about Your Company's USP

If you have a business, you must know how important it is to advertise. These
days, you no longer have to take drastic steps so you will be able to afford
the different means of marketing medium. If you are selling cheap blenders, you
can already settle for the print ads and free Internet advertisements.

The Unique Factor So you are selling blenders. But a lot of other businesses
also do. You have to look at those lots and establish why you are worth a try.
What are you going to advertise about? How are you going to phrase your words
to make it appear like you are one tough competitor that will be hard to beat?

The answer to that is to first establish what your USP is. What is this? USP
stands for Unique Selling Proposition. This is what you sell to the market.
This is how you earn. The trait doesn't really have to be uniquely yours. But
you have to make it sound like that through the magic words of copywriting.

Where do you start thinking about your USP? Here are some suggestions.

1. The design of your products. Is there anything that can be tapped regarding
this feature? Is this something that makes your blenders stand out from the
rest of the commercially available ones? Then by all means, use this as a
starting point in developing you USP.

2. Pricing matters. If you are what you claim, if you really are selling your
blenders at cheap prices, you can use that as the one thing that makes you
unique. You will easily catch the interests of your target market. This will
especially be true if aside from the low price, your products can compete with
the best brands in terms of quality.

3. Competitor's analysis. You can take note of what are the USP that your
direct competitors are using. You can choose to match that accordingly or level
up. All you have to understand is that you must claim only what you can deliver.
You must never give your probable clients false hopes. They will not like it and
it will mean bad business for you.

4. Company history. How long have you been in the industry? If you already have
established a name because you've been in the business long enough, then use
this as your USP. You can add up experiences of how you have helped people or
how you have met some of the famous people who had availed products from you in
the past.

5. Promotional gimmicks. You can also use these. But the only disadvantage here
is that you have to yet again change your USP once the promo is over. But this
is a nice way to catch interest. This can help starting companies to be easily

6. Company's goal. You can share this with your probable clients by making this
your USP. By doing so, you are like telling them that you are doing things to
reach out to them so that you can serve them better.

Claiming that you are offering cheap blenders is only one way to go about your
USP. Use the abovementioned tips to develop your own that will be beneficial to
your own success in the future. And choose something that will help you sell out
your products easily to your target market.

A Partial List of the Best Blenders

If only Stephen Poplawski could see how useful the best blenders are at this
point in time, he would have been proud at his invention. He made this kitchen
appliance in 1922. The idea was simple. He used a tall container and placed a
blade at its bottom. He intended to use this to create soda fountain drinks.

And now, with the continuous advancement in technology, many variations of
blenders have been introduced in the market. Now this electric appliance isn't
only for soda fountain. This can create a lot, from juices, to mixing anything
as ingredient to different foods, crushing ice, even to create combinations for
medicinal purposes.

Here are some of the commercially available brands that you can choose from.
Here's a proof that blenders have really advanced since Poplawski's invention.

1. Cuisinart Smart Power 7-Speed Chrome Blender

This appliance may be little. But this has 350W of blending ability. Its
blender jar comes in a pretty size of 40 oz. You can choose to have your
blender in either white or chrome finish. The beauty of this is that you can
crush eyes even if you don't add more liquid with its 7 speed settings.

2. Back to Basics Personal Blender

For those who are looking for affordability more than the look and capability,
this product will be your best choice. Its motor is 350W. Its container can
hold up to 24oz. This is ideal if you will only do single serving of your
creation like the smoothies.

3. Braun PowerMax Jug Blender

If you have a need for blenders on your business, this brand is most
appropriate. For one, this can hold up to 58 oz in its container. There are
also handy holes in its feature. These were intended for the user to be able to
add some liquid while in the process of blending. This is being run by 525W
motor power.

4. Braun Hand Held Blender

This is elegant, handy and very useful. This will also free up some space on
your counter or cabinets in the kitchen. This stand blender runs at 400W motor
power. It comes with attachments like the whisk, chopper and many more. You can
mount this easily on any available space on your kitchen like the wall or at the
side of your working table.

5. Black and Decker Crush Master

Its 475W motor power is all revved up to crush whatever it is that you want to
be done. Its feature is also flexible. There are 10 settings for speed. The
blender canister can hold up to 48 ounces. There is also a 2 oz measuring cup
at its lid. This is ideal for adding whatever you want in the mix in such small

6. Bosch Porche Designer Stand Blender

This is stylish. For one, its container isn't glass. But it is stylish with
more than just the style. It is being run by 450W of motor power. Its jug can
hold up to 6-cups of any liquid.

The list above is only partial. There are a lot that claim that they belong in
the best blenders category. But if you really want to do so, you have to earn
the good reputation. Just like the samples above, these brands went out of the
usual blenders feature. They were attention grabbing and they were also able to
integrate quality with good design.

What you should know before buying a blender

Blenders have become a staple at home in recent years. This is perhaps because
of the increasing awareness on the importance of taking in fresh and healthy
food and drinks. Most vegetarians now, in fact, have either the blender or the
food processor at home. Some even have both. They use these kitchen gadgets to
prepare fruit juices and salads for their meals.

Although it is pretty easy to buy a blender nowadays because of the many brands
and models to choose from, it is always good to research first and see just what
you are buying. Looking into its variety of function will also help you decide
on what models to purchase and how much budget should you allot for it. Here
are some of the things that can help you.

1. It specializes in liquids

Blenders are generally used for making shakes and juices. Also called a
liquidizer or a liquefier, this handy kitchen tool deals well with anything
that is liquid. In fact, it is primarily used in mixing drinks and making
smoothies. You can create Zombies and margaritas with this gadget as well as
milk shakes that children often love.

If you have a baby at home, the blender will also be useful in creating purees
and semi-solid foods that they eat during the first and second years. Babies do
not have yet a strong digestive system in place. This is why their foods are
often mashed and crushed for easy digestion.

However if you plan to use the blender to help you with the mincing and the
mashing, a food processor is a better choice as this appliance can also slice
and dice as well as grate depending on which blade you use. You see unlike the
blender, the razors of the food processor can be changed into another. Each
blade will perform a certain function.

2. Oster is a good brand

If you have a good budget, opt for the Oster brand as it is considered the
sturdiest. Their blenders have very powerful motors that can easily crush hard
objects such as ice. Blenders is even called osterizer sometimes, a term that
the company popularized before. In fact, if you are planning to make shakes
with ice on them, be sure that you allot a big budget for your blender. The
cheaper ones may not have a powerful enough motor to deal with hard ice.

3. Blenders and food processors have similar functions

Blenders in general have the same functions as the food processor. This is why
they are often referred to interchangeably. Some do not even know the
difference between the two. They do differ from one another though. The food
processor deals well with solid foods, the kind that you put as ingredients on
the dishes that you cook. The blender on the other hand is more into making
liquid drinks and food for babies. Between the two, the food processor is
however the more versatile one. With the right blade and the right settings,
you can also make juices using this.

If you have the money, it is better to have both at home. Both food processor
and blenders are great help in the preparation food and drinks for you and your

How to Use the Message Best Price on Blenders on Posters?

If you are the kind of company that sells blenders and you have to think of one
advertising means that will be given to your for free, what would your prefer?
Of course, it is understandable that you choose the broadcast medium. But if
you will cut the imagination part and accept that you have to pay for
everything, you can either go for print or the free version available all over
the web.

One thing that you can focus on whatever the medium is about the best price on
blenders that you are offering.

People would always want to know how much is the price of what they are buying
or are going to buy before they purchase one. So you can use this information
when you avail what you want for your marketing strategies.

It is okay to try the web, submit functional articles to submission sites and
create a link to your own web site. It is free. It can be easy to do especially
when you have the knack for writing. And if not, you can always hire freelancers
to do the task for you.

If it is going to be an offline ad, you may want to try a large format type
like posters where you will be able to highlight everything that you want to

Your Blenders on Posters

Using posters to advance with your marketing campaign can indeed be very
useful. You just have to remember the following when you are making your

1. The poster must be focused. If it is the price that you want to highlight,
then so be it. Avoid using other stuff and other promos. You will only be
confusing your readers that way. You can use the other things that you can
think about on your next advertising ventures. But for now, you have to send
the message across to the people who will be buying from you. So you also have
to be clear so that they will easily comprehend what your point is.

2. Use graphics. When using posters, you must not drown the readers with too
many words. The fact is they might not be interested to read what you wrote
especially when they are just passing by and do not have enough time to go over
your thoughts one by one. The best thing that you can do at this instance is to
use images, a lot of graphics, than settling for words. This way, you will get
people's attention easily. And if you have a powerful ad, people will be able
to retain the information long after they have seen your material.

3. Be cautious with the layout. You must place great importance on this factor.
Your poster must appear like it really wants to reach out to your target market.
You can do this by having the kind of materials that will not take people away
from your materials.

4. You must select the proper locations for your poster. You have to understand
that in print ads, even large format ones like posters, location is very vital.
If you know who your target market is, you will easily gauge where they
frequent. And so you can use this as a guide and place your posters on those

Using the best price on blenders as part of your marketing message is okay.
This is as long as you will be able to communicate that well enough to your
target market.

Non Alcoholic Blender Drinks

Blenders are great in trying to create tasty beverages around the home.
Especially during the summer, non-alcoholic blender drinks can be a welcome
addition to a day at the sun. Creating cooling and refreshing drinks would
almost always be welcome all summer long. Here are some recipes that you might
want to consider.

Banana Berry Drink

This refreshing drink is fairly easy to make in a blender. What you need is one
ripe medium banana, 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup of strawberry and 4 ice cubes. Peel out
the banana and then cut it up into chunks. Put them in the blender along with
the milk, yogurt and the ice cubes. You can then put up the lid and turn the
blender on. Try to blend the ingredients for about 30 seconds or until they
become smooth. This recipe is good enough for two people to enjoy. Each serving
can be prepared with strawberries if preferred.

Orange Hawaiian Punch

This recipe is a great drink for the summer heat. You may need one 46-ounce can
of Hawaiian Punch. You will also need a cup of pineapple juice, 1/4 cup of heavy
cream, 2 ripe bananas and a juice from a half cut lemon.

In order to make this drink, you will need to put in all of the ingredients
into your blender, with the bananas sliced into quarters before being placed
into the container. Let the blender run in order to mix up all the ingredients.
You can then serve the resulting beverage over crushed ice or ice cubes on
glasses garnished with orange slices. This recipe is enough to provide a
cooling beverage for 8 people.

Breakfast Substitute Shake

For those looking for a drink that can also serve as a complete breakfast in
itself, this recipe might do just as good. What you need for this drink would
be an 8-ounce can of sliced peaches in heavy syrup, 1/2 cup plain low-fat
yogurt, and a single 1 1/2 ounce packet of instant oatmeal as well as 4 to 5
ice cubes.

Once you have prepared the ingredients, you put in the peaches, yogurt and
oatmeal into the blender. Turn on your blender in order to mix up the
ingredients until smooth. Next, you try to add in the ice cubes, one at a time
while the blender is still running. Do this until the ice cubes are chopped.

Coffee Cappuccino

If you are looking into a new summer twist to your favorite cup of coffee or
tea, here is a recipe that you might want to try out. In making this beverage,
you will need 1/2 cup of instant coffee, 1 cup of non-fat dry milk powder, 1/2
teaspoon of dried orange peel and 3/4 cup sugar.

Mix in the sugar and the orange peel into the blender and then buzzing it until
the peel is finely chopped. Add the remaining ingredients and blend them until
powdered. When preparing, use 2 rounded teaspoons of the resulting mixture for
every cup of hot water and 3 teaspoons for each mug.

These are just a few of the many non-alcoholic blender drinks that you can try
out. You can even find some new ones if you try to experiment with your own
recipes and mix up in your dependable blender. This tasty treats would easily
make up your day any time.

What are the advantages of doing your own baby food?

1. You are assured that all the ingredients are natural. You can choose the
ones that will be beneficial to your baby because nobody knows them better than
you. You are the boss when it comes to choosing the ingredients that you are
going to place on the mix.

2. You can adjust the food according to your baby's needs. This is especially
helpful if your baby has developed some allergic reactions towards some
ingredients that are popular with the commercially available baby food. By
doing this task yourself, you are confident that you are always giving your
baby the best.

3. You will be giving your baby fresh food all the time. Unlike the
commercially processed ones, you can do your own version at the time before you
knew that it is time to feed your baby. And nobody would know that factor better
than you. By going this route, your baby will benefit from taking in fresh and
safe food that was made by their loved ones all the time.

4. This will cost you less. As days go by, the prices of commodities, even the
food for the babies, never seem to stop from going up. In deciding that you
will do your own baby's food with the help of a good blender, you will be able
to save a lot. Those savings can be used for baby's other needs. Your baby will
surely feel the love and the care that you put into the task. This can also
serve as your bonding moment.

5. You will be able to monitor your child's eating habits. This way, as your
children grow older, you will know what to do in times when they are sick or
don't want to eat certain thing. This is due to the fact that ever since they
are small, you have attended to them personally, even with the food that they

To accomplish all that, start your search for the right and suitable baby food
blenders. You can choose quality over the price, especially when you can afford
that. You can use the blender for other purposes than in making your baby's food
so you need to get the one product that will last through time.

Personal Blenders -- A Look at Back to Basics

Are you tight on budget but likes to go over the available personal blenders?
With the ever changing technology in whatever field you are looking at, you
will find good choices that were meant for your specific needs. So if you want
something that you can use for personal purposes only, there are a lot of
brands that you can choose from. But one brand that focuses on such need is the
Back to Basics. Have you ever heard of it?

Back to Basics

This brand was first made available in the market in 1971. It started offering
products that were intended for food storage and canning purposes. Through the
years, it has kept its principles to give consumers the back to basics kind of
things that work.

The focus of these products is the people who need something fast that they can
work well without any hassles because they cannot afford to miss a beat on their
busy schedules. They are also aiming for families and other groups who are
aiming for fun through food.

Keeping things simple is their main goal. This is a USP in itself or the unique
selling proposition because these products seem to be going against the tide of
high technology and advanced styles when it comes to appliances. The product
lines of this brand ranges from blenders to popcorn makers and smoothie makers.

The Blender Express

This is one of the available blenders from Back to Basics that points to people
who are always thinking about health and their nutrition. It specifically wants
to target busy people who cannot neglect their own health needs.

The blender has two speeds. This runs on a 350W motor power. How will the busy
people benefit from this? This product has a pulse dial and an attached mug
which will fit onto one's cup holder on their cars. Plus, this also comes with
a detachable travel mug which has a lid that is flip-up. The purpose of the
feature is so that you will not accidentally spill its contents. The product is
available in three colors. These are white, blue and brushed chrome.

Blender Solution 5000

Another proud product of Back to Basics is the Blender Solution 5000. This
appliance is three in one as it can chop, blend and make perfect smoothies.
Entertaining at your home will be easier with the aid of this kind of blender.
This is ideal whether you are a busy bee who is always on the go or a stay at
home mom wants the best foods for their families.

This product runs on a 500W motor and a 700W pulse power. It is safe to be
placed at dishwashers. With the advent of this blender, there will be no more
reasons why you can't eat healthy because now you have the perfect aid for that

Aside from personal blenders, Back to Basics has other lines of products that
include fine dining kitchen wares, a gourmet kitchen collection and a lot more.
This brand has really placed a great priority over the people whom they are
vying for in terms of attention.

You will get hooked with the lines of products from this brand because you will
feel like they were really thinking about you even while conceptualizing ideas
to formulate what they have.

How To Buy A Blender

These days, the blender is considered to be a must have in every home. This toy
can be sued to make drinks and cut down the preparation time of making certain
dishes. If you are in the market for one, you need to how to buy a blender from
the appliance store.

There are two types of blenders you can choose from. There are top blenders and
there are hand held blenders.

More people prefer to use the top blenders than hand held blenders because it
can only be used to crush ice and puree items. Naturally if you want to do
other things go for the top blender.

Since there are so many to choose from the store shelf, look around and narrow
this down to at least three.

With the three blenders in mind, you now get the brochure or talk to the sales
person about each one.

One thing you always have to consider is the price. Blenders usually range from
a few dollars to several hundred but this is already the kind that is used in
restaurants. Since you are just buying this for your home, get one that is
priced reasonably with added features.

Price is just one but not the only factor in deciding what blender to buy. You
should also examine what materials the appliance is made of. As much as
possible get the one that is made of high quality materials since this will be
able to withstand scratching and shattering.

You should also go for those that have quick clean features or have removable
dishwasher safe parts so you there won't be any hassles.

If you haven't made up your mind yet, look at product reviews by visiting
online consumer websites. Don't visit just one site but two or three others to
confirm if everyone gave the same review.

Another thing you have to consider when buying a blender is the design. Most
people get items to match the interior of the room and you will surely do the
same with the blender. The best way to make this happen is to see if this is
available in the color that complements with the rest of your kitchen.

A lot of people don't pay attention to this but you should also consider the
right voltage. This is because the more you use it, the higher the wattage of
the blender.

Don't forget to also consider its storage capacity. The bigger it is the better
so you will be able to mix the ingredients in one sitting.

After talking with the sales person in one appliance store, look at others to
see if there is anything better. You can also look online as some websites also
offer this to customers. There may even be a few branded names that could be a
lot cheaper.

Now that you know how to buy a blender, it is time to go shopping for one. If
you forget what to consider, just remember that price, wattage, speed, design
and materials are the 5 most important things to consider whenever you go out
and buy a blender.

By following the tips mentioned, you are sure to find a blender that has the
features you need that is good value for money.

The difference between blenders and food processors.

Blenders are gadgets that one cannot do without in the kitchen. It is a big
help especially in preparing food and drinks for your family. You can even use
it when you organize a party in your home. You can mash vegetables and create
purees, crush ice and fruits and turn them into shakes, it can even make coffee
by helping crush coffee beans. Most chefs also love their blenders because it
can crush hard spices that may be bitter to taste when eaten.

What they do instead is turn these spices into powder which can easily dissolve
into the food. That way, they will not only get rid of the bitter taste, they
will be able to incorporate the flavor into the dish easily.

Blenders however are often mistaken as a food processor. In fact, a lot of
people do not actually know the difference between the two except that one is
smaller than the other. In general, blenders and food processors overlap in
their functions. Being versatile kitchen gadgets, each can also do the other's
job except that of course, it will not be done as brilliantly as when the one
with specialty does it.

Blenders are great with liquids, making juices, smoothies, and margaritas. It
is often used to mix several liquids. In fact, it is also called a liquidizer.
Its blade can turn up to the speed of 18000 revolutions per minute. If you want
your food to purely turn into liquid, the blender is the answer. Blenders are
great with making purees, in grinding food into little pieces. It is especially
useful in mixing alcoholic concoction and fruit shakes. It can also chop ice
although not all models are powerful enough to do this. The blender is also use
to smooth and emulsify sauces as well as chop ingredients for dishes.

Food processor on the other hand work on solids and can give you semi-solid
foods. Between the two, the food processor is often considered as the more
versatile as it can also liquefy something when the settings and time allowance
are set. With its interchangeable blades and disks, you can use the food
processor in a variety of ways. It can for instance chop ingredients for your
dish, slice veggies, shred cabbage for your salad and also make purees for your
little tot.

In baking, a food processor is also a huge help as it can help with the mixing
of ingredients, kneading the bread dough as well as grinding bread crumbs for
your crust. You can even make sure of a strainer which can separate the juice
from the solid. There are manual food processors and there are electric. Most
models will run in a specific speed. You cannot adjust it anymore.

Whether you buy a blender or a food processor for your home will depend on what
you are planning to do with it. If you will use it primarily for cooking, the
food processor is the better choice as it can help you in baking and in
preparing the ingredients such as chopping, slicing and mincing.

If however, you are buying one to make healthy shakes for you and your family,
stick to the blender as it is its job in the first place. If you want to
prepare both food and drinks, the food processor is perhaps the better choice.

How to Use A Blender

Let's say you are throwing a party at home. Naturally, there will be food and
drinks. But what if you suddenly run out of bottled refreshments? For that, you
can make some of your own which is only possible if you know how to use a

1. The first thing you have to do is take it out of the cabinet and put it
together. In most cases, the unit is ready to use. You just have to wash the
carafe and dry it before you throw in your ingredients.

2. For others, you have to place the blade in the retaining ring then set the
gasket over the blades and inside the ring.

3. Next, screw the retaining ring firmly to the bottom of the pitcher. Be sure
that this is seated correctly otherwise you will have a leak.

4. When it is ready, you must place the blender on a flat and dry surface. Set
the carafe and the plug the blender in.

5. Now, throw in the ingredients. Close the lid firmly and then choose the
setting that will do the job. For instance, use the ice or chop setting to make
smoothies or other frozen drinks.

6. If you want to add other things like grate chocolate, use the pulse setting.
This can be placed inside the carafe if you have a secondary lid so you don't
have to switch it off then on again.

Instead of adding ice while it is being blended, you can also use frozen fruit
as this gives it a brighter flavor. Then you pour the drinks into glasses and
serve it to the guests.

7. If you have to make more, just follow the steps mentioned. Don't forget to
wash it after each use using dishwashing detergent, add water halfway and then
run the blender on low speed for a few seconds.

If you have to make more than 3 batches, perhaps you should get a bigger
blended next time. Just make sure to use the right amount of ingredients each
time to maintain consistency in whatever you are making.

8. When the party is over and it is time to clean up, rinse the blender
thoroughly and take it apart before this is placed back inside the cabinet.
Taking care of your appliances will make sure that they will still be working
the next time you have to use it.

The blender is very easy to use and you can make other things with it in a
matter of seconds. If you have a baby at home, you can make him or her food by
adding a small amount of liquid into the cup of fruit and vegetables then blend
this for a few seconds using the Puree setting so the food will smoothen out
lumpy gravy.

So now that you know how to use a blender, the only thing you have to do now is
decide what you want to make and then prepare the ingredients. For those who
want to experiment, do some research online and then practice this at home. If
you just purchased a new one, look inside the box because it may already come
with an instructional book or even a video so you can become an expert in no

Blender Drinks and Other Treats that can be Done Made

Smoothies, anyone? This is just one kind of the many blender drinks that you
can do upon getting yourself this kind of appliance. Are you getting thirsty
already? There is a solution to that. It is to explore your kitchen and start
making your own creations.

More than a Blender

There are more into this appliance than being a blender that will help you
create smoothies and fruit juices. Here's a list of how else can you utilize
this product.

1. If you have the talent for cooking but don't do it often because you just
don't have the time to chop the ingredients that you need, then blenders can
help you with the dilemma and make cooking easier for you to do.

2. You can easily do baby food. This way, you are assured that your baby is
taking in safe ingredients that you yourself have prepared.

3. You can entertain at your home easily with the kind of mixes, spreads and
the likes that your family and friends will surely love. This way, whenever you
have friends or loved ones visiting you, they will have something to look
forward to. And you can also make this your specialty. You can even make a
business out of this. All it needs is just a little practice and a lot of

4. A good blender will also help you create the needed ingredients for your
baking venture. This will not only be useful. This will allow you to spend less
with the ingredients that you will need in baking because you can already make
them by yourself.

5. Blenders will make great sauces. But of course the genius lies in you. So
research about the ingredients and let this little appliance bring magic to
your creation. Eating will be so much fun and an exciting feat if you've
mastered the things that you can do with your blender.

Don't Forget about the Smoothies

The blender was invented in 1922 with the aim to create soda fountain drinks.
This was done by Stephen Poplawski by placing a blade at the bottom of a tall
container. Through time, more developments happened with the appliance. Until
now, this is a popular sight at most people's kitchens.

There are ready made mixes for smoothies that can be bought at your favorite
groceries. All you have to do once you reach home is to use your blender and
add your favorite flavors to create something for your own delight. You can
also develop your own flavors that you can serve whenever there is a special
occasion happening at your home.

It doesn't matter if the weather is hot or cold. Smoothies and other fruit
juices that can be created with the help of your trusted blender will always be
appreciated by the people who will be able to taste such treat. The way to do
this is through research. You can ask around for ingredients and you can also
do your own. Experiment if you must. Just remember that however you do it and
no matter what the outcome is, you should enjoy the process of making them.

There are other things that you can do with this genius appliance more than
blender drinks. But just thinking about those drinks, especially the smoothies
will surely make you run out to the nearest store to buy your favorite flavor.

Preparing Alcoholic Blender Drinks

Refreshing alcoholic blender drinks is just right for the coming summer season.
Cooling off the summer heat would no longer be a problem if you know how to
prepare some of the popular blender drinks out there. Here are some alcoholic
blender drink recipes that you would find quite interesting and easy enough to
prepare during the summer.

Pina Colada

This good and popular rum based cocktail may just be what you need for comfort
during the summer heat. You can mix in your blender a blend of 3/4 cup rum, 3/4
cup coconut milk, 1 1/2 cups of pineapple juice, 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar
along with a cup of crushed ice. Give this mixture a quick buzz on your blender
until creamy. Then serve the resulting mixture into four glasses garnished with
a wedge of pineapple.

Frozen Daquiri

A frozen daquiri is another popular drink that you can create with your
blender. The daquiri is essentially a cocktail composed mainly of rum, lime
juice and sweeteners such as sugar. To make this refreshing summer drink, you
blend in 3/4 cup of rum, 1/4 cup of lime juice, 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar or
honey, and a cup of ice into a blender. Give the blender a quick run to mix in
the ingredients. Pour the resulting mixture into four glasses that you can also
top off with a swirl of whip cream garnished with a fresh strawberry.

Frozen Margarita

Frozen margaritas are essentially made from a cocktail with tequila as its main
ingredient and with crushed ice in a blender. In order to make a frozen
margarita, you need to mix in 1/4 cup of lime juice, freshly squeezed, with 3/4
cup of tequila. You can then add in 1/4 cup of orange liqueur with 2 to 3
tablespoons of sugar, depending on how sweet you want your summer frozen
cocktail drink to be. Don't forget to add in 1 1/2 cup of crushed ice into the
blender mixture and give it a quick buzz.

You can then serve the frozen margarita in salted glasses. Rub a wedge of lime
around the rim of the serving glass and dip them into a dish of kosher salt
before pouring in the cocktail. If you prefer a sweet frozen margarita, you can
dip the glass in granulated sugar instead.

Frozen Espresso Milkshake

For a more unique summer alcoholic blender drink, you can try creating a frozen
espresso milkshake for you and your friends during the summer. Mix in your
blender 3/4 cup of espresso, 1 cup milk, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup
vodka, and 1/2 cup Kahlua. Add in a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Then add
in 1 1/2 cups of crushed ice and then give the blender a spin until to mixture
becomes thick and creamy. You can then pour it into four glasses to share with
your friends. If you wish a mocca shake, you can add in some chocolate syrup.

Preparing these alcoholic blender drinks need not be hard for you. You can try
out these drink recipes in your home using your dependable blender and you can
have for yourself something to cool off with during the summer heat.

The versatility of a food and drinks blenders

With people becoming more and more health conscious, blenders have become a
household fixture. After all, using this home gadget is the easiest way to stay
healthy by making your own fresh food and drinks.

Blenders is one of the most versatile piece of gadget in the kitchen. It can
double as a juicer and sometimes even a food processor. This is why it is often
mistaken for any of the two. But what makes blenders different is the fact that
it can be used in a lot of ways. With a juices, you will only be able to create
juices while the food processor will only help you in creating purees and in
mincing ingredients. With a blender, you can enjoy both functions.

In fact, a lot of people who diet or who subscribe to a certain diet plan often
have this handy tool at home. Blenders are used to create prescribed concoctions
that are otherwise unmixable. You can combine all sorts of veggies and fruits
together without having to cook anything. You are saving yourself from the oil
in cooking plus you are taking in fresh food.

Blenders are also a must for vegetarians. Because they cannot eat meat, they
will often use blenders to mix together foods and drinks that will supply them
with the proteins and other nutrients that they need. Some even keep a separate
blender for the food and the other for drinks. You see, people can cook their
own veggie meat using this kitchen tool. They would just mince the veggies and
then combine it with other veggies. Others however, prefer a food processor,
which is also easy to use.

Coffee drinkers and those who love holding parties will also want a blender in
their homes. They are great for creating cocktail drinks for your small parties
at home. You can make Piņacoladas, smoothies, juices, frapuccinos and even
frozen margaritas. The blender will even help you crush ice that the drinks
will need. You can even create milk shakes and ice cream using this very
versatile kitchen gadget.

Households with a newborn baby also invest in a good blender. Because these
young ones cannot yet eat solid foods until they are about one and a half or
two, mommies will have to prepare purees at home for the first few months.
Although there are purees in the market such as Gerber, some mommies want fresh
home-prepared foods for their children. Babies are often served potatoes, banana
and apples. As they grow older, the blender can also be handy in making
semi-solid foods like cooked meat and veggies.

Those who love to cook will also love to have a blender on their own. With the
help of this handy gadget, they can turn spices that are oftentimes hard and
bitter to taste into powder that the ingredients can easily take in. In fact,
most restaurants will have blenders in their kitchen as this can help in the
cooking of food and in preparing drinks. In fact, cooking schools will surely
have these in their kitchens. Believe it or nor, blenders are even used in

What they use however is not the typical blender that you see at home or in
restaurants. Blenders are used in the fields of food science and microbiology
where it helps in conducting research to create medicines.

A Peek at the History of Blenders

Everything has its origin. From the places that we see now, to the
establishments, to the people living today and lived in the past and even the
things that you use in your everyday life. Aren't you curious to know about the
history of something that is really useful in the kitchen? Take a peek at the
history of blenders.

The Past The man behind the invention of blenders is Stephen Poplawski. He did
this in 1922. He intended this appliance to make soda fountain drinks.
Poplawski was the first person who thought about putting a spinning blade at
the bottom of the container to be able to chop, grind and puree.

It was a man named Fred Osius who picked up where Poplawski left off. He made
certain modifications and improvements to the idea. This was in 1935 where the
now famous Waring Blender was introduced. Osius was part of the Hamilton Beach
Manufacturing Company that was formed by him, L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach.
This was formed in 1910. The company was well known for its kitchen appliances.

More about the Waring Blender

Fred Osius' ingenuity was backed up by the financial support of Fred Waring.
Fred Waring was known as a person who was always fascinated by gadgets. Osius
knew this attitude of Waring. At the time, Osius needed more financial backup
to be able to create the necessary improvements to the blender.

Fred Osius approached Fred Waring at his dressing room after the latter had a
live radio broadcast. This happened in the Vanderbilt Theatre in New York.
Osius pitched the idea and instantly got a promise from Waring to give him what
he needs to be able to do more research about the venture.

It took $25,000 and six months long before Waring decided to drop Osius. Waring
felt that the blender still had some issues regarding the technical aspect and
it seemed like it had already taken too long. Waring had the gadget redesigned.
He made available to the public his own version of the blender he named as the
Miracle Blender in 1937.

This was done at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. At the time, it
retailed at $29.75. In 1938, Fred Waring changed the name of his company, from
Miracle Mixer Corporation it became Waring Corporation. And so the blender's
name was also changed into the Waring Blender.

He was so confident with the product. He approached hotels and restaurants
solely while pitching the unique selling proposition of his product, the
blender or mixer to revolutionize how Americans had their drinks. He was right.
From then on, the success of his product and blenders in general has been famous
and is still is being utilized all around the world up to this day.

The Waring blender is still popular until now. During its start, it became so
useful in hospitals and for doctors who are requiring certain diets for their
patients. Did you know that in 1954, the first million Waring Blender was sold?

Isn't it amazing to know that such helpful utility in your kitchen has gone
through a lot of phases? But the only factor that remains is that it still is
popular because of its many uses. People use blenders to get a dose of
refreshments, medicinal and health related purposes.

How to buy a good blender for your food and drinks

Blenders are versatile gadgets that you can find in the kitchen. It can do the
job of a host of other kitchen tools such as a food processor, a juicer and
even a coffee maker. You see, blenders are powerful enough to mash vegetables
and fruits and turn it into purees like what a food processor does. It can make
juices, cocktails and smoothies like with your ordinary juicer.

It can even grind coffee beans and give you brewed coffee. This versatility is
the reason why some people who don't have the budget or those who don't have
enough space buy a blender instead of buying other kitchen tools. After all why
would you need several equipment for your food and drinks when you can use only

If you don't have blenders at home up until now, you are missing a lot
especially in terms of creating healthy food and drinks for you and your
family. People who subscribe to specific diet plans or those who have turned
vegetarians swear by the usefulness of this gadget. So, you should buy now.
Here are some tips on how to find a good blender.

1. Go with the best

One of the best blender brands in the market today is the Oster. The company
has been known in the field that blenders are often called osterizers the same
way that you sometimes refer to sodas as Coke. If you have the money to spare,
buy this brand as it is known for being sturdy. This is especially true if you
are going to make shakes every time which necessitates crushing hard ice.

The same goes with crushing coffee beans. While other blenders will have a hard
time doing this, the Oster will not have problem. But if you are going to use
the blender for only making purees or juices, you can probably settle for the
cheaper brands that are also good. Just remember not to overdo crushing of ice
just in case.

2. Buy new ones

Although used blenders can last a long time, it is good to buy new ones
instead. At least, when you buy something that nobody has used before, you can
be sure that nothing has happened to it yet. Besides with so much use, the
motor can also bog down. However, if you are sure that the second hand blender
has not been used often, then it will probably be a good buy. Just check the
product and make sure that there are no cracks in the container and the
stainless steel blades are in good shape.

3. Ask for the power

When I say power here, it does not refer to the electricity or the outlet.
Different blenders will have different types. One will have a more powerful
motor than the other. So when you buy, make sure that you ask this question.
The type of blender that you will have to buy will depend on the way you will
use it.

For instance, if you are going to make purees or use it to crush veggies and
fruits that are soft, a blender with les power is already ok with you. However,
if you plan to crush ice with it and make shakes, a model that is more powerful
is the better choice.

Important Factors in Choosing the Right Commercial Blenders

If you are looking into the commercial blenders and are actually planning to
buy one, there are many considerations that you have to think about. You cannot
just decide based on how the products look. You have to go deeper than that.

The Purpose What do you need a blender for? Blenders have many uses depending
on their features. Some are really good food processors as they can while
others were only intended to make purees or crush ice. And others can do all
those and a lot more. If you will be buying one, you have to know how you are
going to utilize that. This way, you can delve more on the features and other
characteristics of the brand that will make it a commendable choice.

The Features Here are only some features that you should be in the lookout for
a worth it buy blender.

1. Motor Speed. The higher it is, the more uses you will have for your

2. Small opening. Aside from the main cover, choose something that has an
additional small opening that is tube like at its top. This will make it easier
for you to add ingredients to the mix while the blending process is going on.

3. A pusher will also be good. This should fit the small opening. This will act
as a way for you to be able to push larger items to the mix while keeping your
hand safe.

4. Pulse button. Aside from the usual list of the speeds available for your
machine, there should be a pulse button. This can be used when you need to do
only a slight of grinding effort and the likes.

5. Touch pad. You may already be used with the raised buttons that blenders
have as a control of the speed. But a touch pad will prove to be more
convenient to use as well as clean. Placing your blender's parts on the
dishwasher is safe. But you can opt to hand wash the blades to keep it at its
peak shape.

6. Power ability. This is why it is important that you know how you are going
to use your appliance before you buy. This way, you can ask for the power
generated piece that can perform the tasks according to your needs. A full
sized processor, for example, would have at least 600 watts.

7. Accessories. Ask for the accessories that come with your chosen blender.
Make sure that you understand all the attachments so that you will be utilize
everything to their full capacity. This way, you can also have additional ideas
of how can you use your blender further.

8. Capacity. With so many commercially available blenders in the market these
days, you will find a small and handy, even handheld types that will suit your
homes perfectly. And you can have the big ones for business purposes.

9. Price. After all the considerations, it really all boils down to this, the
price of your chosen brand. If you want to base your decisions on consumer
ratings, the two most popular brands for such reason are Cuisinart and
KitchenAid. But these two are known to be expensive.

The abovementioned are only some of the things that you must check with as you
go along to your search for commercial blenders.

The Price of Blenders

There are two kinds of blenders. There is the top blender and the newest one
which is much lighter called the hand held blender. There are differences in
their features and this is what sets the price of these blenders very far apart.

Let's first talk about hand held blenders. Some of the biggest names include
Cuisinart, Faberware and Toastmaster. The price range of these three are within
the $11 to $30 price range with speed variations from a single to 18 settings.

Then you have brands like Braun, Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach and Oster
that sell their blends in the $35 to $50 range. It has the same speed settings
like the first but comes with a pulse feature thrown in and have a capacity
between 40oz to 56oz. For $5 to $10 more, you can get those that have larger

The price of blenders gets higher because of both the quality of the materials
used and the motor capacity. You will have to pay $70 to $100 to get that and
some of the best brands to watch out for are Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Hamilton
Beach, Oster and Waring.

For added features and a 60oz container, you can get these in the $125 to $175
price range. These include multiple jars, several attachments and sleek looks.

But you do you really need these multiple features? This probably depends on
who you ask. Someone who is in the food business and operates from the home
will probably say yes because most high end models act as a mixer and a food
processor. It is able to crush ice and other hard food items as well as protect
the user from flying particles or splashes so it is worth the price.

But if you are just using it to stir or mix things then you can stick with
something basic that does not go above $100. For those who want a challenge, go
for something in between and don't worry because these blenders all come with an
instructional booklet while some have videos.

All this information should teach you how to mix bread dough and milling grain
aside from just making fruit juices or milk shake.

Should you have problems, most blenders carry a 1 to 2 year warranty but the
high end models have slightly longer ones.

The blender has been around for almost a century and there is nothing yet in
the market that is able to replace its usefulness in the kitchen. While the
price of the blender is the concern of many, it is best to look beyond that
because there are other things to consider when you play to buy one from the

These include the capacity, its wattage, the features, sturdiness and controls.
These are things you have to ask yourself each time you examine one when you
look for these at the appliance store or online. If you are able to find the
right blender, pay for it and then bring it home.

The price of the blender is reasonable if you are able to use it for 5 years or
more without any problems. Of course, you have to clean it so it stays in tip
top condition ready for the next cake, concoction or recipe that you will make.

Advertising the Use of Blenders

Today more than ever, everybody as long as you have something to advertise must
advertise. It will only boil down to what your product is. For example, you can
focus on the use of blenders if you are selling such appliance.

Reach Out to People

There are many ways that you can opt when you think about when you've decided
it is time to market your products out. Your blenders are exceptionally easy
because many people need that. You just have to tap on what kind of need that
is. Before you can proceed with your advertising venture, you must first decide
on the following.

1. Target Audience

Who are the people whom you want to reach through your ads? It is a vital step
that you do a thorough research about that because you will base your next
steps based on the result. If you know who they are, you can have better ideas
on how to approach them.

2. The Medium

You have many options with regards to the medium. You can go both the online
and offline route. Using the online path is fairly easy. First you have to
create a very good web site that contains all the information that your
probable clients would like to know about your product.

The next step is that you have to drive traffic to your site. You can do this
by making your presence felt in the cyber world. You can join forums and make
friends. In the process, you are also accumulating people who will be
interested with what you have to offer that they will go to your web site. You
can also try writing articles. You must focus on what are the products you are
selling, its uses and features.

The articles should not sound like a hard sell. You are making such and
submitting those to article submission sites in hopes that your target market
will be able to read those and click the link that will transfer them on your
own web site.

If it is offline that you want to utilize, you can go for broadcast. But if you
can't still afford this, you can first opt for the print medium. And you have a
lot of choices when it comes to this. You can go and direct mail pieces like
postcards, brochures and catalogs. You can sell your products while promoting
your web site to the people who will receive those pieces.

You can also try flyers and even large format ones like banners and posters.
What you must focus on at this venture is your marketing message and how are
you going to put that into words. If you cannot decide on such, you can always
hire a freelance writer to do this kind of job for you.

The best thing that you have to keep in mind when using the print medium is
choosing the right printing company. You have to make sure that you work with
the best one you can afford to do the materials for you. You cannot prioritize
cheap price over quality because your ads will be your representation in the
market. You don't want to appear cheap in front of potential customers.

If it is blender that you are selling, then focus on the use of blenders. Give
people ideas why should they buy your products and how are they going to
utilize them.

Blender Tips

Using a blender would help make some tasks easier in the kitchen. And knowing
what blenders can do may help you better make use of them in order to make some
kitchen tasks more convenient to do. Here is some of the most useful blender
tips that you may want to know about.

Basic Uses

A blender can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Just like its name says, a
blender is mainly used to blend a variety of different ingredients. Whether
solids or liquid ingredients, the blender can be used to help blend them. Other
uses for a blender include pureeing, liquefying and even chopping ingredients.
It can also create a variety of delicious smoothies that can be enjoyed by one
of by many, depending on the blender size.

Proper Usage Tips

In order to take advantage of the many benefits of your blender, you must know
how to properly use it. Before you try to turn on your blender, make sure that
you place the lid firmly on the container to avoid the contents from spilling.
And while it is running, try to put your hand on the container to help keep it
stable while it is running.

When you want to check out the contents, try to make sure that you turn off the
blender first before taking the lid off. And before you try to pour out the
contents of your blender, try to make sure that the blade inside it has
completely stopped running.

When using the blender on trying to blend liquids and solids together, try to
start off at slow speeds. And when at this setting your blender seems to be
struggling, don't try to set it at the next higher setting. Instead try first
to add in some more liq2uid before you try to increase at the next higher speed
to finish blending.

In mixing your drinks, especially in using carbonated beverages, try to blend
the other ingredients first using your blender. Pour out the contents of the
resulting blend on the serving glasses and then pour in the carbonated drink
last. To ensure that your cold beverages stay cold longer, you can also have
your blender containers chilled prior to using. They can remain cold when you
try to blend your frozen drinks. This trick will work on glass and stainless
steel blender containers but would not work as well with the plastic ones.

When trying to blend hot liquids, you can keep the feeder cap of your blender
in order to release off some steam. When blending, start the lowest speeds and
then gradually increase to higher settings.

When you wish to crush ice cubes in your blender, add one cup of water into the
blender before putting the ice cubes for chopping. When you wish to use the
blender to grate harder cheeses like Cheddar or the Swiss variety, cut them
first into cubes and let them chill in the refrigerator for a while. After
that, you can then them into the blender through the feeder cap while the motor
is running.

You can also make bread crumbs using your blender. Use stale bread when you
wish to make dry bread crumbs and fresh ones for soft bread crumbs. When the
motor is running, add the bread in small pieces into the feeder cup of the
container. By putting in mind these blender tips, you can find different ways
on how to use your blender.

Blender Buying Guide

If you wish to buy a blender that would serve you for years of dependable use,
you should go for quality and durability. This blender buying guide would at
least help you what to look for when you try to buy a new blender for your home.

First and foremost, buying a blender will depend on how you want it to serve
you. There are different types of blenders available today, with each one
serving a different function or provide a certain feature that some do not.
Aside from using blenders in order to make delicious smoothies and drinks,
there are now blenders that are general food processors. They can cut, crush,
dice and slice almost any food ingredient you prefer.

First of all, there is the ordinary blender that you may want to take a look
at. These models are rugged in construction and usually are equipped with power
that helps them do a variety of things. For people who want to choose a more
portable version of the blender, they might want to prefer taking a look at
handheld versions of the gadget that are also known as immersion blenders.

Immersion blenders are a stick type gadget that has a swirling blade at one
end. It can be used to create a variety of beverages such as shakes and
smoothies as well as puree soups or thicken sauces. Although not equipped with
the power of ordinary blenders, they would make do with convenience being a big
plus because of its portability.

For those looking for the heavy duty version, there is the popular food
processor that has become a great help in many kitchens. Food processors
usually gain points their power ratings that give them better performance
features in terms of the different things that they can be made to do around
the kitchen. These gadgets are powerful enough to chop, dice, mince, crush
different types of ingredients for cooking as just among the few things that it
can do.

When buying a blender, there are certain things that you have to look for, no
matter what the type it is that you prefer. Of course an important factor may
be its looks in terms of design. This is especially true when you try to buy an
ordinary blender. Such models are usually made as countertop version and become
a permanent fixture in the kitchen table. And in this case, the blender chosen
should also be able to complement the look of the kitchen in general in terms
of its own design.

Another thing to consider when buying a blender is its power features. When you
find a blender model at a store, try to check out the speeds available. The
difference in speed options allow blenders to be versatile enough in what they
can do. It is also important to note that blenders having higher power ratings
usually perform better than those with a lower one.

One other thing to consider when buying a blender is the container that comes
with it. Blenders usually have containers that are either made of glass,
plastic, or stainless steel. Each one has their own advantages and
disadvantages. Glass containers tend to perform better in blenders. Glass
containers do not rattle as much as plastic containers once the blender is
being used.

Plastic containers may be light, but they can also easily get scratched. Unlike
glass, plastic may also tend to absorb the smell of anything contained in it.
Glass on the other hand does not and is even easier to clean. Stainless steel
may be durable and may have points in terms of attractive design, but they can
also be easily dented when not used properly.

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