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Candle Making

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The Process of Candle Making

Making candles is fun and relaxing. While it does give you the opportunity to
be creative, there are some basic candle making steps you need to follow to
make the process flow well. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your
candles didn't form correctly. Safety is very important in candle making. Most
people make candles in their own kitchen. You will want to have a fire
extinguisher handy as well as a non slip mat placed in from of your stove.
Always wear old clothing and long sleeves. However, make sure your sleeves
don't dangle where they can fall into the hot wax.

Since you will have to get the candle wax very hot to melt completely, there is
the risk of severe burns. You also have the risk of starting a fire. It is
important to clean up all spilled wax immediately. It won't take long for it to
harden, thus becoming very slippery. The dyes and scents used in candle making
can leave stains.

The best way to set up your work area for candle making is to divide it into
three specific work stations for preparation, the melting process, and the
cooling process. The preparation area doesn't need to be large, just a flat
surface that is well organized. To make the process flow best, use a counter in
close proximity to the stove. You will want to keep your utensils, thermometer,
additives, and other candle making supplies in this area. It is a good idea to
know what types of candles you will be making ahead of time so that you have
all the necessary items ready to go.

Your melting work station will likely be the stove. You will need to use a
double boiler to melt the wax to a temperature that is hot enough without
scorching it. The molecular structure of the wax can be damaged if the direct
heat to it is too much. This means your candles won't form well or hold up well
when they are used. Wax comes in sheets or blocks. You will need to chip off
chunks to melt. A hammer and flat head screwdriver work well for this.

Chipping wax should be done in the preparation stage so that you can simply add
more pieces throughout the melting process. You will want to weigh each piece of
wax before you add it to the pot for melting. This will help you determine how
much scent and dye to add, which is based on weight.

The cooling station needs to be a flat area such as a countertop or table. The
wax needs to cool for several hours so this area needs to be able to withstand
high temperatures as well as remain undisturbed for long periods of time. The
area should not be directly in the path of sunlight or heating/cooling systems.
If it is, the candles will not set properly. If you plan to use molds for your
candles, have them set up in the cooling area while the wax is melting. Once it
is done melting, you will need to pour it immediately into the molds. To prevent
a mess from spills, use an old cookie sheet for the molds to rest on.

The candle making process will run smooth and efficient if you follow these
tips for establishing three work stations. While the process should be fun, it
is important that you understand the dangers of candle making including burns
and fires. Taking the proper safety precautions will help ensure the creation
of candles in your home is a great way to spend your time.

Candle Making Basics

The use of candles for light and heat is known to have existed in ancient
times. The remains of candles have been found in the caves of France. It is
believed that cavemen used them while painting and etching on the walls. It is
believed those candles where made out of animal fat. The Egyptians used candles
as well by dripping beeswax onto leave stems. The burning process of a candle
involves the four basic elements of matter which are solids, liquids, gas, and

Today candle making is a fun hobby or craft. For some, it is a very profitable
business venture. Candle making provides you with they ability to create
wonderful designs and crafts out of your candles. There is no limit to the
shapes, sizes, and colors you can make your candles in. A candle is a device to
provide light or fragrance. Candles have become very popular for the wonderful
aromas more than for their ability to produce light. Some candles give off a
popular smell such as vanilla or jasmine. Others smell like a chocolate cake or
cinnamon rolls.

The body of a candle is generally made of paraffin wax. It can also be made out
of beeswax. Paraffin wax is a natural wax that comes from plants. This wax can
be purchased from Petroleum Refinery or the Specialty Wax Processor. Beeswax is
also considered a natural wax, and is taken from honeybees. This is the
substance the bees use to construct their honeycombs. A wick is placed in the
center of the wax before it dries. The wick is made of cotton fibers that have
been braided together. The wick is very thin, but also very powerful. Sometimes
candle makers will use a wick that is wider than normal to increase the size of
the flame.

Safety is a very important part of candle making. The temperature of the hot
wax can result in severe burns. There is also the risk of fire. Make sure your
candle making area is set up properly and that you have a fire extinguisher in
the area. Clean up spills quickly as they will become very slick, leading to
falls if you walk across them.

To make candle making fun instead of frustrating, start will making simple
candles. This is a great opportunity for you to discover what works well with
your set up and gives you the chance to make necessary changes. Initially, work
at implementing good safety habits and melting your wax at the proper
temperatures. You will also want to experiment with your cooling process. Once
you have these areas down, you will start to relax and the process will become
more natural to you. This is the right time to start experimenting with dyes,
scents, and shapes for your candles.

The candle making process is easy to follow if you take your time and learn
from your mistakes. Those who are impatient and take multitasking to an extreme
will most likely not enjoy the art of candle making. However, it is very
enjoyable by those who have plenty of time to take with the process and who
enjoy creating things. Candle making supplies aren't expensive so use the best
you can. This will also help ensure your candles form well and burn properly.

Problems and Solutions for Candle Making

Making candles can be great fun. It is very exciting to decide what type of
candle to make and getting your supplies. However, some individuals quickly
become disappointed and frustrated with the process and give up. There are some
common problems that beginners experience with candle making. Most of them have
quick and easy solutions. It is recommended that all beginners start with the
basic candle making process. This gives you the opportunity to learn the
basics, then you can move on to making the types of candles you really want to.

One secret to making great candles is to use quality products. In general,
candle making supplies are inexpensive. If the wax you purchase is of poor
quality, then it is never going to make quality candles. Heating the wax to the
proper temperature is very important. The temperature will change depending on
the type of candle you are making with it. If the wax isn't hot enough it won't
form correctly. Likewise, wax that is too hot will lose luster and won't be as
sturdy once it cools.

Have you every made a beautiful candle, but when you lit it the room filled
with smoke rather than the fragrance of the candle? This problem has to do with
your wick, it is too long. Simply cut them shorter for future candles. You can
snip the tips of the candles you have already created and this should remedy
the situation.

Some candles burn and smell great, but they look ugly after a few uses with a
crater in the middle of the candle while the edges of the candle jar haven't
even been touched. This is the result of a wick that isn't wide enough. There
isn't much you can do for candles you have already made except melt the wax in
them and start over. You can purchase a wider wick or braid three together to
get a good thickness. The wider the candle jar, the wider you need your wick to
be for the candle to burn evenly.

Cooling candles is an area of trouble for many beginners. Don't rush the
cooling process or you will damage the hardness of the candle. Forcing the
candle to cool will also result in bubbles forming in the top and middle of the
candle. While it won't be a physical defect, the melting wax will go into these
bubbles when you have the candle lit resulting in the wick going out. Candles
should be allowed to cool in an area where they won't be moved until completely
cool. The area needs to be flat and out of direct sunlight. You will also want
to make sure there aren't any heating or cooling vents in the cooling area.

If you notice that your cooled candle isn't as appealing as you'd like because
the wax pulled away from the glass jar in some areas, try heating your jars in
the microwave for a minute or two right before you fill them. This will help
the wax adhere to it correctly with a very smooth look all the way around the

It is important to remember that candle making involves some basic concepts. It
will take a few tries to complete the steps properly, but give it some time. You
will have to experiment to find the methods that work best in your work
environment to make the candles you want. It is suggested that you only make a
few candles at a time to keep from wasting money on supplies while you are
learning. Make sure the finished product doesn't have any burning issues with
the wick or bubbles. If it does, simply melt the wax again and try it once
more. Once you have mastered the basics of candle making, you can experiment
with different types of candles. The internet is a great place to find candle
making tips as well as troubleshooting for your candle making problems.

Operating a Successful Candle Making Business

Making candles can be great fun. Some people choose to take their love of this
art and make money doing what they enjoy spending their time on. There are many
areas of the candle making business you need to consider before embarking on
such an adventure. Knowing how to make quality candles isn't enough. You need
to educate yourself on ways to promote your candles, ordering supplies,
offering customer service, and determining a price for your candles.

We all know candles are a very popular item, so the market for such products is
out there. However, that market can't purchase your candles if they don't know
about it. You will need to establish a plan including where you plan to sell
your candles, and then come up with a handle of ways to get attention to them.
There are many places to sell candles. You can do so from your own home or rent
space at craft shows. Often word of mouth will result in orders. You can also
choose to advertise on the internet.

Advertising online can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Write about
your business on a blog or purchase services from a web hosting company. They
often offer excellent tools for setting up a web page and directing traffic to
your site. In addition, they provide the shopping cart and even credit card
processing for you. Most web hosting companies charge $20 per month, which
isn't a bad investment.

Placing your candles on Ebay or other online auction sites is a great way to
generate sales. As you accumulate feedback for selling a quality product you
will get more buyers. Before you can do any advertising, you will need to
decide what types of candles to sell. You will generate more sells if you show
pictures of your work with each type of candle you sell. People buying candles
want to visualize the product they are purchasing. Once your business starts
turning a profit, consider buying supplies in large quantities to get a

The secret to being a successful candle making business is selling the product
at a fair enough price that the consumer will buy it. Yet you also need to
cover the cost of your time and supplies, while making a reasonable profit.
Don't be tempted to cut corners on the quality of your supplies as this can
greatly alter the quality of your product. Once the word is out that your
quality is poor, you will have a hard time maintaining sales.

To generate business, offer promotions. You can offer free shipping for your
candle products at the online auction sites to have an advantage over the
competition. Many auction surfers will buy a product with free shipping over
one with low shipping. You can also offer a free candle with the purchase of
three or even to send a personalized card if the buyer is going to use the
candle as a gift.

Many successful candle making companies offer personalized service. This means
customers can ask for a particular type of candle in a color and you will make
it for them. This often costs the customer more, but they are likely willing to
pay it. Make sure you communicate well with your customers and know exactly what
they want before committing to such a project.

Every business experiences issues that come up. This is to be expected.
Customers are likely to be more forgiving of such issues if they are provided
with quality customer service. Make sure customers have a way to get into
contact with you. Work out a resolution to any issues that you will both be
happy with. It is best to outline return policies on your website as well so
that there is a place customers can review such information.

Choosing to start your own business is a wonderful and exciting time. Selling
your own candles gives you a business where you can be proud of the quality
product you are making. Taking the time to learn the basics of the business
before jumping in will help ensure this is a fun business venture for you and
hopefully one that is going to be quite profitable.

Candle Making Supplies

Candle Making is a fun hobby and enterprising business venture for others.
There are basic supplies you need in order to make candles. All candles require
three essentials -- wax, wick, and a candle holder. Since candles can be made in
various shapes, styles, and shapes; the amount of wax, length of wick, and type
of candle holder you will use depends on your own preferences. The wax used for
candle making is either paraffin wax or beeswax.

To melt the wax for your candles properly, you will need to purchase a good
quality double boiler. To make the wax melting easy purchase stir sticks and a
thermometer. To ensure the users of your candles can enjoy every bit, consider
adding wick clips to the base of the candle.

Candle molds are very popular to help you design your own candles. You can
purchase hundreds of different style candle molds or you can make your own.
Candle molds are made from aluminum or metal. To make inserting the wick quick
and easy, invest in a wick holder bar. A silicon mold release spray will ensure
your candles slide out of the mold easily and keep their perfect shape. Mold
cleaner will help ensure they work properly time and time again.

Colors add appeal to candles. The market offers a full array of colors to
purchase for candles. There are many shades of the primary colors as well as
pretty pastels and bold brights. Some candle makers like to experiment with
mixing colors to create their own unique and attractive candle colors. The
colors come in the form of a dye.

You have the option of leaving candles plain or adding your favorite scents.
Traditional scents include cinnamon, vanilla, and potpourri. However, the
choices are unlimited. Some of the aromas help you to relax and others will
make your mouth water. You don't want your candle scents to be overpowering or
not strong enough. To be sure you have the right about, add one ounce of scent
for each pound of wax used to make the candle.

The amount of each supply you will need depends on the types of candles you are
planning to make and the size of each. On average, you can get all the supplies
you need to start making candles for $100. Candle making supplies can be
purchased at craft stores or online. To save money on candle making supplies,
consider purchasing a candle making kit. They offer a small supply of all the
items for a discounted price.

Candle making is a fascinating art that allows you to express your own
creations. To help ensure your candles develop in a form that can be used,
purchase the above listed candle making supplies. There are many accessories
available as well to make your candle making more enjoyable. Candle paints help
you create your designs on the candles. This is a great way to create gorgeous
contrasts between the candle color and the overall look. Luster spray gives
candles a very shiny look. A base leveler will help you align crooked candles.
As well as ensure the bottoms are flat and smooth. Candles with wavy bottoms
won't sit well in a holder. Many people will enjoy the great books available on
candle making. They can be purchased at major book retailers or online.

Save Money on Candle Making Supplies

Candle making can be a great past time, hobby, or business venture. While the
supplies for candling making are remarkably inexpensive, the cost does start to
add up over time. There are many ways you can cut back the cost of the candle
making supplies, but I caution you not to sacrifice the quality of the products
you purchase just to save a few dollars. This is especially important for those
who sell their candles. If the quality of the product goes down because you are
buying wax and other supplies that are of less quality, you will end up costing
your business money over the long haul.

Keep a list of the candle making supplies you use. Include the brand, the
price, and the amount of the item you get for that price. This will help you
compare the prices with sales you run across and know if you are getting a
better deal or not. Many craft stores run sales on candle making items before
and right after the holidays. This can be a great time to stock up.

Checking online auction sites including Ebay and Yahoo Auctions can often be an
excellent way to find the same candle making products you use at a discounted
price. It could be that the seller of the items doesn't have the time to make
candles anymore or they simply have moved on to other things.

If you use a large volume of candle making supplies on a regular basis,
consider buying them wholesale. You will pay more up front for your supplies,
yet overall you will save a considerable amount of money. You can search such
wholesalers on the internet and compare prices. Many online wholesalers offer
free shipping as well so that is another area where you can save money if you
normally purchase your candle making supplies online. If you know other people
who make candles as well consider buying in bulk and sharing the cost as well
as the supplies. This is an easy way for everyone to get a discount as well as
reduce the cost at the time of purchase.

Some of the discount candle making products on the market are very comparable
to the quality products you already use. A good way to tell is to compare the
ingredients. You can research the necessary ingredients of each item on the
internet. If the discount products contain all the major ingredients as the
candle making supplies you already use, then give it a try. It is recommended
that you only purchase one or two items at first to test the quality. Keep
track of where you purchased the discounted items so you can return to that
retailer or online store if you are happy with the quality of the products.

Containers and holders for your candles are one area you should never spend a
great deal of money on. I won't recommend buying them for regular price unless
they are for a wedding or other very special occasion. You can buy mason jars,
extra glassware, votive holders, and many other containers to use candle making
at thrift stores and garage sales for a very reasonable price. You might also
check the online auctions to purchase large quantities of candle making
container and holders at a very good price.

The supplies used in candle making can cost you a great deal of money over
time. To save money on the quality supplies you use, take the time to compare
prices both online and at local retailers. Take advantage of discounts and
sales throughout the year at craft stores. Be cautious when looking at discount
candle making supplies. You want to make sure they offer the same quality that
you are already using. Finding supplies at online auctions and buying them in
bulk are also great ways to save you money on candle making supplies.

Candle Making Additives

There are eight distinct candle making additives used in the candle making
process. Some makers choose not to use them at all while others take advantage
of what each type of additive has to offer to their candle making process.
Candle wax additives are inexpensive and work well if you are educated in how
to use them and why to use each kind.

Kemamide is a fine powder. It has a hint of ivory in the color, but it is close
to being transparent. This type of additive becomes clumped if it is exposed to
humidity so keep it in a closed, dry environment. Use this type of additive as
a release agent. Add one teaspoon for each pound of wax.

Poly-AC is a fine powder, white in color. It has a dry texture and should also
be stored in a dry environment to prevent clumping. This additive is a
hardener. To be effective, add one teaspoon for each pound of wax.

Chimasorb 81 is a powder with a yellowish tint. Of all the additives, this one
is the most likely to clump, even in areas of low humidity. Chimasorb 81 is
used to enhance color. You do not need much of it, 1/10 of a percent for each
pound of wax.

Stearic Powder is flaky. The color is white. This additive doesn't react to
humidity at all so it is an agreeable product to use for hardening. They amount
you will use depends on the type of candles you are making. This additive helps
reduce the temperature needed to melt the wax. Add about three teaspoons for
each pound of wax. Be careful not to over use Stearic Powder as doing so will
cause damage to the wax.

103 Vybar generally is sold in the form of very small beads. The beads flow
loosely and do not stick or clump together, even in areas of high humidity. 103
Vybar is a hardener as well. It will add a very creamy texture to your candle
wax. This is a perfect hardener to use for scented candles. Add one teaspoon to
for every pound of wax.

Paraflint is another hardener. It comes in beaded form similar to the 103
Vybar. However, the beads are much larger. You will want to use one teaspoon
for every pound of wax.

Poly 400 comes in the form of beads that vary is size and shape. This is a UV
inhibitor, which will keep your candles from fading in the sunlight. This
additive is also to be used at the rate of one teaspoon for every pound of wax.

BHT Crystal is a yellowish powder. This is an antioxidant for wax that has been
stored in liquid form for a length of time. Using this crystal will also add a
very pretty luster to your wax.

Candle making additives can add a variety of features to your wax. The type of
additives you choose to use will depend on the types of candles you are going
to make as well as the climate in your region. Be careful to use candle making
additives in the right amounts or you will cause damage to the wax, resulting
in ill effects in the visual aspects of the candles as well as their ability to
burn properly. There are many great candle making books out there to help you
figure out which types of additives to use for the various types of candles you
can make.

Making Hand Dipped Candles

Making candles is a great hobby or business endeavor. Once you get the hang of
it, the process is quite simple. For those who have the basics down cold,
consider experimenting with the art of making hand dipped candles. While these
lovely creations take more time, they are stunning. You can use several colors
on each candle giving it a unique color scheme.

There are basic tools you will need to make hand dipped candles. Most of them
you already use if you have experience in making candles. You will need a large
amount of paraffin wax, wick, and a double boiler to melt it in. Other utensils
include wooden spoons, bowls, and a good quality thermometer. The colors
available for hand dipped candles are too many to name. These colors come in
various forms including cakes, chips, powder, or liquid. If you choose to add
scents to your hand dipped candles you need to make sure it is pure oil that
does not have a water or alcohol base to it.

You will prepare your wax for hand dipped candles that same as you do for
regular candles. Let it continue to heat until it reaches a temperature of 160
degrees Fahrenheit. Once it does, turn the heat down very low to keep the wax
in liquid form. Add the color to the wax, using a small amount at a time until
your reach the color you want. Add a small amount of scent the mix at this time
if you desire. Use scents moderately as you don't want to have too powerful of a
smell. Using too much fragrance can also result in the candle not burning

Next, cut the wick for your candles, keeping it just a bit longer than the
candle length you want. If you are making sets of the candles, it is important
to cut the wicks exactly the same length. You will want to dip the wicks into
the candle wax making sure to coat it properly. This is how you will "build"
your candle. After the wicks cool, dip them again. Each time you do, the candle
will grow in size. If you want different areas of the candles to be different
colors, you will be able to do so by simply having more than one color of wax
ready to use. Once your candle is close to the desired thickness you want,
shave it with a soft blade, giving the top a pointed look. Dip your candles a
few more times to give them a smooth finish.

Creating hand dipped candles is a great hobby or business venture. The process
is time consuming, but the creations are beautiful. Learning to make hand
dipped candles can be tricky. This is not a good type of candle for beginners
to try to learn with. They will quickly become frustrated. To practice without
wasting supplies, melt down the wax from the candles you are building and use
it over and over again until you have the process perfected.

To make particular designs on hand dipped candles, consider purchasing a book.
Most will offer you great color photos with step by step directions for making
each hand dipped candle. You will also be able to obtain great color charts for
obtaining the best color for your candles. The internet is also a great place to
get ideas for the colors of your hand dipped candles.

Making Chunk Candles

Chunk candles add a great alternative to the standard pillar candle of
yesterday. These colorful candles add a vibrancy and life to them. Looking at
chunk candles, they appear to be very difficult to make. However, just the
opposite is true. In fact, many candle makers claim they are easier to make
than basic pillar candles. This is because pillar candles have to be perfectly
smooth. If they aren't, it is easy to see the visual defect. Such blemishes
aren't visible in chunk candles. While chunk candles aren't recommended as a
beginner project, they can be made once you know the basics of the candle
making process.

There are two phases to making chunk candles. To make the process easier, it is
recommended that you keep the two separate. Attempts to cut corners often result
in chunk candles that are of poor quality and don't burn well. The first phase
of the project is making the chunks. The second is the process of turning those
chunks into gorgeous candles. Some individuals choose to purchase pre-cut chunks
at craft stores or online.

To make your candles their prettiest, select colors that compliment each other.
To start making the color chunks, spray a cookie sheet with a non-stick cooking
spray. You only want a thin film on the cooking sheet. After the wax you are
using has completely melted, add a color to it as well as any fragrance you
want. Pour the mix onto the cookies sheet. Fill the sheet to the level you want
the depth of your candle chunks to be.

Keep an eye on the cooling color chunks. Once it is the consistency of cookie
dough you will want to use a sharp utility knife to cut it into chunks. Allow
the chunks to continue cooling. If you are making several colors of chunks you
can mix them together or leave them separate. Some people choose to let the
colors mix together on their own while others like to create a design by adding
the amount of each color they want.

Using the same molds that are used for pillar candles, insert your candle wick
through the bottom of the candle mold. Fill the mold loosely with color chunks.
You can put one color on the bottom with another color on top or even layers of
three colors. You can also use only one color. The choice is all yours. Do not
stack as many chunks as you can in the mold or the candle won't form properly.
Just toss them in and let them lay where they end up.

You are now ready to pour the melted wax over the color chunks. It is
recommended that you do leave the melted wax colorless, but some people choose
to add a light color to tint it and add a uniqueness to their chunk candles. As
the candle cools, the chunks will adhere to together with the hot wax. Once the
molds cool the chunk candles should slide out with ease.

Making chunk candles is really quite simple if you have the basic candle making
concepts under your belt. These candles add flare to any decor as well as make
great gifts. They are a bit more time consuming to make since you will be
making your color chunks, but well worth the results. Remember that you can
purchase color chunks to save you time. That is a great option for someone who
plans to make large quantities of chunk candles.

For those who want to get even more creative, consider using embeds on the
sides. You can place them in the candle molds first. They will stay in place
once you put the chunks in the mold. You can adjust the embeds as needed prior
to adding the hot wax to the mold. There are excellent books available on the
various patterns and embeds you can add to make specific chunk candles. There
are also great pictures and step by step instructions available on the internet.

Soy Candles

Making your own candles is very popular. It has always been done with paraffin
wax or beeswax. Soy candles are starting to emerge on the market as well. Soy
candles are made out of 100% natural soy wax without any additives. Candles
made of soy wax will have a wonderful aroma without having any type of
fragrance added. Expert soy candle makers know how to mix the soy wax in
several ways that give the natural scent a bit of a difference as well as make
in fainter or more powerful.

Soy candles can be made with or without wicks. Those with wicks are used the
same way as any regular candle out there. Soy candles without wicks work with
electric candle warmers. The candle sits on the warmer plate and the warmer is
plugged into the wall. There is no flame to cause a fire. Wickless soy candles
are a great choice for dorm rooms, apartments, offices, and anywhere that there
is a potential of a candle being left burning that can cause a fire. Many
offices and dorm rooms have put a ban on burning candles for this reason, but
they often do allow the wickless candles using the burners.

Most candle makers who have tried soy wax are very happy with the results. It
has a wonder natural scent and the texture of the melted wax makes candles that
are very glossy and smooth. It is not necessary to add additives to soy wax as
you often have to with paraffin and beeswax. The additives for those types of
wax are for hardness and gloss. Soy wax offers both on its own.

Soy wax is cheaper than other types of wax as well. If you want to make candles
on a tight budget, this would be the way to go. You will save money on the wax
and you won't need to purchase additives or scents. If you are planning to make
soy candles to sell, you can make a higher profit because your costs are lower.
If you aren't sure, you can purchase a soy wax candle making kit online for
less than $20. It comes with all the supplies you need to make five candles,
including the jars and lids.

Many people enjoy the scent of a burning candle, but find the smoke from them
can be irritating. This is especially true of individuals who are on oxygen,
have bronchitis, or even allergy sufferers. Since soy wax is all natural, there
is no smoke or irritates in the air from it. This makes soy wax candles a great
alternative for many who otherwise wouldn't be able to enjoy using candles.

Candle making is an excellent craft that many individuals enjoy both as a hobby
and as a home business. Soy wax is not used as commonly as paraffin or beeswax,
yet it works just as well for candle making. Since soy wax is less expensive
and very easy to work with, consider trying it. Soy wax melts faster as well,
reducing your overall production time. Soy wax is not carried in all craft
stores, but you can easily purchase it on line in amounts from three pounds to
fifty pounds. The more you buy, the less you will pay per pound, giving you
additional savings.

Making Votive Candles

Votive candles are simple, yet beautiful. These candles are often used to
accent a center piece or design. Often it entails more than one votive candle,
but not always. Votives are very cost effective because they burn for about
fifteen hours. Votives must have a holder as they are not safe to use as a free
standing candle.

Many individuals choose to use votive candles in their jack-o-lanterns at
Halloween because they burn for a long time and illuminate the entire face of
the jack-o-lantern. They are also one of the easiest types of candles to make.
For beginners in the area of candle making votives provide a great learning
experience to learn the basics of the candle making process.

To get started, you will need to gather your votive candle items. This includes
wax, molds, a double boiler, and a thermometer. You will need to have wick and
wick tabs for votive candles. The wick tabs serve as a base for the candle. You
can choose to purchase dye and fragrance if you wish for your votive candles. To
ensure your candles will form properly in the molds, consider investing in mold
spray to keep them clean and lubricated.

Once the wax has melted, add in any colors and fragrances. Immediately pour the
melted wax into the molds, filling them to the lip of the mold. For easy clean
up, place old newspaper under the wax molds before you pour the wax into them.
You will need to save about 20% of the melted wax for the next pouring process.

While the wax is cooling in the molds, prepare your wicks. Attack a wick
several inches longer than the mold to a wick tab. Dip the wicks into the hot
wax. Keep an eye on the votive molds as they won't take as long to cool as
other types of candles. Once you can tell the wax is starting to harden, insert
a wick with the tab into each mold through the bottom. As the wax continues to
cool, it will meld to the metal tab, ensuring it stays in place at the base of
the candle. As the candles cool, make sure your wick is staying in the center
of the votive.

Once the wax has completely cooled, you will notice a sink hole in it due to
shrinkage. You will want to pour melted wax into the molds again to remedy
this. Make the wax about fifteen degrees hotter than the original wax you used
to fill the votives. After the candles have completely cooled again, they will
slide out of the molds easily. Trim the wick to about 1/2 an inch from the top of
the candle. For safety, you will want to use a votive holder that is an inch or
two taller than the candle itself.

Votive candles add class and charm to any home or special occasion. They are
fun and simple to make. You can add any color or scent to your votive candles
to add a personal touch to them. Votive candles burn for a long time, making
them a worth while candle to use. They also make excellent gifts. To make the
process even less expensive, look for votive candle holders at thrift shops and
yard sales. You can further personalize your votive candles by applying pretty
ribbon with a hot glue gun around the rim of the votive candle holder.

How to Make Gel Candles

Gel candles are a great item to make. Not only are they beautiful, but very
easy to light. They also burn slowly, giving your candles a long life for you
to treasure. Gel candles are very easy to make as well as inexpensive. You can
add your favorite scents to them as well. The supplies you need to get started
include gel, zinc wicks, fragrance oils if you desire, and dye to add color.
Some people love the look of a clear gel candle and prefer not to use any dye.
It is important that you only use zinc wicks for gel candles because cotton
wicks absorb the gel, causing them not to light or burn well. You can purchase
these supplies from a craft store or online.

Gel candles can be made in a variety of holders. Using those made of glass will
give you the best results. However, as long as the container is non-flammable
you will be fine. To add uniqueness to gel candles, some makers choose to make
them in fancy glasses, wine glasses, and vases. To add color and themes to
candles, consider using embeds. This can be glitter, marbles, colorful rocks,
sea shells, crystals, or anything else that won't burn.

You will need a hot glue gun to stick the wick to the bottom of the holder you
plan to use. Hold firmly in place until the wick sticks. To make centering
easier, mark the bottom of the holder with a red or black marker right in the
center. The wick should then be placed on top of the mark. Leave the wick long
enough to reach outside of the holder. You will trim it later. To melt the gel,
cut it into small strips. For best results melt it in a double boiler at medium
heat. The gel should be heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. A quality thermometer
is a great investment as the gel won't set properly if you don't get it hot
enough and it will lose the glossy color if you get the temperature too high.

If you desire to add color to your gel candles, add it in slowly. The colors
show more vibrantly in gel candles than wax candles so you will need a lot less
than what you use if you make wax candles. Stir the color into the melted wax
slowly. If you aren't happy with the color you can slowly add more. If you plan
to use embedded objects in the candle, it is suggested you keep the gel candle
color very light. Next, add fragrance if you desire. 1/3 teaspoon is all you
need for each glass of melted gel.

For best results, heat your container in the microwave for about one minute.
This will eliminate those unsightly bubbles that can form on gel candles.
Immediately after removing the holder from the microwave, start adding your
embeds. You will want to dip them in the hot gel to get them to stick in the
holder. You can arrange embeds any way you desire. For best results push them
towards the edges of the holder so that they can easily be scene. You can
create embed patterns or add them loosely.

It is important not to keep the gel very hot while completing the embed
process. Once you have that done, pour the gel into the holder. If you allow
the gel to cool before pouring it in the holder you will end up with clumps of
gel throughout the candle. Make sure the wick is hanging over the top of the
holder before pouring in the gel. Once the gel has set, trim it to the size you

Making gel candles is easy, fun, and inexpensive. It is a great way to make
your own beautiful candles for using, giving as gifts, or selling. There are
wonderful books with plenty of pictures of gel candle designs you can try, or
simply create your own.

Canning Jar Candles

We have all seen those beautiful canning jar candles with the pretty ribbon and
potpourri. It is very easy to make your own canning jar candles with just a few
inexpensive items that you can get from your local craft store or online. You
will need wide mouth canning jars, ribbon, potpourri, votive candles with
holders, and a hot glue gun. Make your own canning jar candles to add charm to
the dinner table as a center piece or gift them to family and friends for gifts.

To start, fill the jar with potpourri. If you desire, add some extras such as
dried apples or cinnamon sticks. Fill the jar full enough that when you set the
candle holder on top it is even with the top of the jar. Place the candle in the
holder once you have got the fit right. Next, glue the ribbon around the top
mouth area of the canning jar. You can further personalize your canning jar
candles by gluing on decorations. Canning jar candles are a great idea for
Mother's Day or crafts for young children to take home.

Canning jar candles are great for all Holidays as well. Add pumpkin cut outs
for Halloween, little bunnies for Easter, and Christmas trees or small
ornaments for Christmas. Canning candle jars make excellent fundraisers or
items to sell at the next craft show. The internet offers many great canning
jar candle decor ideas, especially for the holidays. Your local craft stores
and the internet are great places to get canning jar candle ideas. Those of you
who are more creative will have no trouble designing your own.

McCall's canning jar candles are already made. They come with wonderful labels
that are very rustic looking. This candle collection comes in many wonderful
fragrances with a zinc wick. These canning jar candles come in two sizes, the 5
ounce that burns for about 30-35 hours and the 16 ounce burns for 110-115 hours.
The small candles retail for $13.63 and the larger ones are $24.63. While these
are great candles as well, you will miss out on the experience of candle making
if you choose to purchase them. You will also be able to make several of your
own for the cost of one McCall's canning jar candle.

To save even more money when making canning jar candles, consider making your
own votives. You can do this easily in you home. You will need paraffin wax,
wick, and candle holders. You can choose to use dye for colored votives or
scents to add a wonderful smell to the candles. It is very easy to melt the wax
and add in whatever you want to make the color and smell you desire. Then simply
pour the hot wax into the candle holders. To save even more, shop at thrift
stores and yard sales for canning jars and votive holders at a very low price.

Canning jar candles are very easy to make and they are very beautiful. You can
make them in very little time and young children will be able to do this with
ease as long as you help them with the glue gun. Make canning jar candles for
you own personal use or as gifts. These cute candles are very inexpensive to
make and they last a very long time, giving a delicious aroma.

Make Pillar Candles

Pillar candles add a stylish touch of elegance to your home and even to your
dinner table as part of a centerpiece. I have seen then used before on the
tables at wedding receptions in the colors of the wedding. It was very
appealing. Pillar candles come in all colors and scents. They are called
pillars because they are round and tall like a pillar. There is no standard
size though, as pillar candles come in many widths and heights. Occasionally,
pillar candles are found with a unique design such as a ridge on the top and

Making pillar candles is quite simple. This type of candle is one of the most
common for candle makers to indulge in. To make pillar candles, you will need
molds. You can find them in all sizes at most craft stores. You can also get
them online. Many online auction sites including Ebay and Yahoo offer several
pillar candle molds for one great price. These molds can be found make of
silicon, aluminum, or plastic. For best results, choose pillar candle molds
that are made of aluminum. They allow the wax to cooler better, resulting in a
smooth finish on the candles. They are also very durable.

To get started, decide on the size of candles you want to make and how many.
There are charts in candle making books and on the internet that can help you
determine how many pounds of candle wax you will need to complete your project.
You will also need dye to color the candles and fragrances if you wish to add
that to your candles.

You will need quality wick to make pillar candles. The wider the candle you
will be making, the wider wick you want. To make this easier, simply purchase a
standard type of wick. You can braid three pieces together to make a thicker
wick for wider candles. Many of the pillar candle molds have a wick holder
built. In simply slide a wick the diameter of the whole into it and eliminate
the guess work. Make sure you dip the wick into the melted wax before attaching
it to the candle mold. Keeping the wick in place can be tricky. A good trip is
to cut the wick several inches longer than you need. Then tie it to a pencil or
skewer sitting across the top of the candle mold. This will ensure the wick is
centered as the candle begins the cooling process.

Once your candle wax is at the proper temperature, add in anything you want to
be including in your candle including dye, scents, and additives. Immediately
after, pour the hot wax into the pillar candle molds. Do not pour wax all the
way to the top of the mold. You want to leave about four or five inches

While for most candles you make, leave the candles to cool. Pillar candles need
some further assistance during the cooling process. Once the top of the wax has
started to become solid, you will need to add small relief holes to help with
shrinkage. If you don't create the relief holes your candles will get air
pockets that keep them from hardening properly.

Once the candles have completely cooled, pour melted wax into the holes you
created on the candle. Make sure the wax is about fifteen degrees hotter than
what you had the wax at the first time you poured it. Allow the candle to
completely cool down again. Your candles should slide out of the molds easily.
If they don't put them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Your candles
should be smooth and beautiful. Make sure to trim the wick and you are ready to
burn your pillar candles.

Pillar candles are beautiful. The simple design fits well with the decor in any
room of your home. These candles make excellent gifts and center pieces. Pillar
candles are easy to make and the supplies are inexpensive. This makes pillar
candle making an excellent project, hobby, or money making project. Pillar
candles burn for hours, ensuring you will get hours of enjoyment from your

Making Column Candles

Column candles are very similar to taper candles, but they are wider and
usually shorter. The top of column candles isn't pointed like on a taper
candle. Instead, it greatly resembles the top of a volcano. Column candles are
very pretty and distinct. They have a classic look to them that is timeless.
These candles have a ridge design rather than a smooth design like the column
candles. They add beauty and charm to any environment. Making your own column
candles is very easy.

Column candles burn for hours on end, making them a great investment of both
your time and supplies to make them. On average, column candles burn for 35
hours. Column candles do not produce smoke or dripping, making them very
popular. Some people experience frustration looking for holders to put their
column candles in. They will fit all standard tea light holders and spiked base

You will need some basic items to start making column candles including wax,
molds, wick, color, and fragrance. The fragrance is option, but definitely adds
appeal to your column candles. To melt the wax properly, you will need a double
boiler. You will want to make sure you use high quality paraffin wax to make
your column candles. Bees wax looks beautiful, but does not hold up well with
the structure of the column candle. Too much heat will cause a column candle
made of bees wax to ooze all over, creating a mess as well as a candle that
isn't too pretty to look at.

To ensure the design of your column candles is perfect, coat the inside of the
molds with a special spray for them. You can also get the same results using a
non-stick cooking spray. After you have melted the wax, dip the wick in it. You
will want the wick to be several inches longer than the top of your mold. Insert
the wick from the bottom of the mold. Hold it securely in the middle of the mold
by tying the top of the wick to a pencil that lies across the top of the mold.

This is the point in the process where you will want to add any color or
fragrance to the melted wax. As soon as you have mixed it together, pour the
hot wax into the molds. If you allow the wax to start cooling before you pour
it the candles will have lumps in them. You can remove your finished candles
from the molds as soon as they have completely cooled. Snip the excess wick to
about 1/4 inch of the top of the candle.

If you want to be more creative, you can add leaves or pressed flowers to the
candles using a thin layer of decoupage medium onto the back of the object.
Immediately press it onto the candle, holding it in place for a few seconds. To
make ice crystal column candles, put crushed ice in the mold before adding the
hot wax. For additional craft ideas, consider looking in a book or on the
internet. You will find some really neat column candle crafting ideas that are
quite simple to imitate.

Column candles are very unique in their look and appeal. You can make them
without any difficulty. These candles make lovely centerpieces as well as
personalized gifts. You can find all the supplies you need to make quality
column candles at your local craft stores as well as on the internet.

Making Taper Candles

Taper candles add elegance to your dinner table. They are perfect for romantic
evenings at home. You can make your own taper candles without much experience
in candle making. The process of making taper candles involves and dipping
rather than using molds or jars. Hand dipping takes some practice to get the
hang of, but you will be a pro in no time. While you are practicing, you can
melt that wax down again and again until you known the right way to form your
taper candles. During practice, don't add any color either to keep the costs

You will need to purchase a dipping can from a craft store or online to make
taper candles correctly. A double boiler is to narrow to make this long
candles. In addition, you will need a thermometer, wax, wick, dye for color,
and fragrances to add scent if you desire. It is important you buy wick
specially designed for taper candles. If you use pillar wick, your taper
candles won't burn properly. To make the best quality taper candles you will
want to use paraffin wax. Beeswax can bend easier, especially on warm days.

To melt the wax properly, use a large pot with a few inches of water for the
dipping can to sit in. Never place the dipping can directly on the stove top as
this is a safety issue. You may also expose your home to toxic fumes. While your
wax is melting, work on your wicks. It is important you buy wick specially
designed for taper candles. If you use pillar wick, your taper candles won't
burn properly. Cut the wick at least four inches longer than you want your
candles to be. If you are making sets of taper candles, make sure each wick is
cut the same exact length. This is easy to do by cutting one, then folding
other pieces over and making a few more cuts.

Once you wax has melted and at a temperature of between 150 and 165 degrees,
you can start the dipping process. If you are going to add color or scent you
will want to do it now. Move the dipping can to a flat, dry surface. If you are
using a counter top, place a towel or cookie sheet under the dipping can. Take a
wick and dip it into the hot wax. You will only be getting the wick covered the
first few dips.

The process of dipping taper candles is easy, yet time consuming. You will get
the best looking candles if you don't try to rush the process. Each dip should
be a quick in and out process. Don't allow the candle to linger in the wax
hoping it will absorb more. Instead, it will cause your taper candles to have a
chunky texture rather than a smooth finish. As the wax starts to cool off take
the time to stop dipping and heat it again. Some candle makers dip while they
have another dipping can of wax melting on the stove. This way, once the wax
they are working with cools they can switch. This keeps the process going if
you are able to take advantage of it.

The number of times you will dip each candle depends on the width you want
them. If you are making pairs, keep track of how many times you dip each one so
they will match. As the wax begins to cool after each dip, you can dip it again.
As the candle gets wider you will need to allow it to cool longer after each
dip. You can also try dipping two at the same time -- allowing one to cool while
you dip the other of the set. Once the candle is the desired size and cools
completely, cut the wick to 1/2" inch of the top of the candle.

Making hand dipped taper candles is a great project. The process is not
difficult once you get the process of the dipping down. These candles are great
center pieces and often used at weddings. You can make them any color you like
for the occasion. There are many gorgeous taper candle holders on the market to
add even more appeal to the lovely candles you created.

Making Container Candles

Container candles are a beautiful way to accent your home, especially the
bathroom. To make your container candles look the best, choose glassware that
is sturdy and has a simple design. You can purchase this glassware for a very
low price at most retail stores. You can generally find great deals at yard
sales, flea markets, and thrift sales as well. Try to find glassware with lids
if available.

Clean all the glass prior to using them to prevent dust or other particles from
building up inside. If you have a dishwasher a quick rinse cycle will do the
trick. It is not recommended to make container candles in anything other than
glass containers for safety reasons.

You will need to obtain a few supplies in addition to your glassware before you
can start the process of making container candles. You will need a double boiler
for the wax, quality wax, dye, and fragrances if you desire to use it. It is
best to get wicks with tabs for making this type of candle. For container
candles, you can use either paraffin wax or bees wax. Melt the wax in the
double boiler to a temperature of about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it has
reached that temperature, add your color and scent.

For best results, microwave the glass containers for a minute or two. This will
make sure the wax doesn't leave unsightly air pockets in the container as it
hardens. Place the glass containers on a cookie sheet to make clean up from any
spills a snap. Fill each glass container within one inch of the top. Leaving
that extra space will allow room for the candle to burn and not drip outside
the container. You will need to let your container candles cool for about 20

Gently place a wick with tab into each candle container. You will need to keep
an eye on them as you will need to make sure the wick stays centered as the wax
hardens. Once the candles completely cool, cut the wick to 1/2 of the top of the
candle. A great way to make working with the wicks easier is to take a ball
point pen apart. Place the shell of the pen around the wick and use it to guide
the wick into place. As the wax hardens the wick tab with stay firmly in place.
You can also clip the top of the wick with a cloths pin laid across the opening
to help keep it in place.

You can add creativity to your container candles by decorating the jars with
paints or gluing on colored sequences. Glitter makes a great design tool as
well. For a simple yet attractive design, consider gluing a pretty colored
ribbon around the top of the container. The design of container candles allow
them to burn down to almost nothing, ensuring you get the most use out of each

For great decorating tips and ideas go online. You will be fascinated at all
the great container candles out there including ones for the holidays, special
occasions, and fun themes. The possibilities are endless. For a great family
craft, consider allowing your children to decorate the jars while you take care
of working with the hot wax.

The jars keep the flame from escaping, preventing dripping and possible fire
hazards. However, it is still important to keep them out of the reach of
children and to never leave them burning unattended. If you plan to move a
container candle, make sure the jar has not become too hot as this can result
in severe burns. Candles add beauty and wonderful smells to your home, but
caution should always be used when burning them.

Container candles are very simple and inexpensive to make. They also add beauty
and romance to any home or occasion. These candles leave the maker with lots of
room for being creative.

Making Unity Candles

Unity candles are often a very important part of traditional wedding
ceremonies. This candle is a symbol of the union both families. The ceremony
involves the bride and groom each lighting a taper candle with a large column
candle in the middle. Once they have lit their taper candles, the bride and
groom light the column with the flames form the tapers.

It is very simple to make these beautiful candles. By making them, you can
personalize the message the message on the column candle for those getting
married. The message can be a poem, Biblical scripture, or even a photo of the
couple getting married.

Making the taper candles is very simple. It involves the hand dipping process.
You will dip the two wicks over and over again in the hot wax until the taper
candles are the desired width. After they have completely cooled you can trim
the wick to 1/2" inch of the top of the candle.

To make the column candle you will need to use a candle mold. Simply heat the
wax and pour it into the mold until it completely cools. Prior to pouring the
wax into the mold you will need to insert the wick from the bottom of the mold.
Cut the wick several inches longer so that you can tie it to a pencil or other
object. This will keep the wick centered while the candle is cooling.

After the column candle has cooled, you can place a poem, saying, photo, or
even a wedding invitation to the candle using double stick tape or a glue gun.
For a beautiful effect, consider cutting the attachment in an oval shape using
the scissors that will leave a ridge all the way around the attachment.

To add beauty and appeal to the unity candles, you can make bows for them out
of the wedding colors. For best results, use a piece of wire for each candle.
Twist the wire in the front gently so you don't damage the candles but enough
to hold it securely in place. Don't worry about the wire being seen as the
beautiful bows will cover it up.

You will want to find some very pretty taper candle holders for these precious
unity candles. Generally, the column candle will sit on a matching flat candle
holder, similar to a small plate.

With the overall expense of a wedding, creating your own unity candles or
allowing a friend or family member to do so as a gift will save you plenty.
There are many great books available in craft stores and some bridal shops that
provide step by step instructions for creating your own unity candles. The
internet also offers great ideas and tips for making the process fun. Creating
quality candles doesn't have to be expensive or difficult.

The unity candle ceremony is an important part of many wedding ceremonies. You
can provide the bride and groom with a wonderful trio of candles for their
ceremony that they will treasure forever. The ability to add a personalized
attachment to the column candle is a great incentive for making them yourself.
Making additional column candles for the parents of the bride and groom or the
wedding party is a great gift idea as well. You can place them in gift bags
with bows that match the colors of the wedding.

Use Old Crayons to Make Candles

If you have children in your home, chances are you have an abundance of worn
down crayons that don't get used much anymore. Before throwing them out and
buying new ones, consider using them to make candles. This can be a great way
to turn them into something new and bright again. Most children will love the
idea of creating candles with you and enjoy knowing their old crayons helped
create them. Making candles out of crayons can also be a great gift giving idea.

Before you get started, discuss safety with your children. Since the crayons
will have to be melted at a very high heat, they will not be able to
participate in that portion of the candle making process. Assure them that
there are many other aspects of the candle making that they can be a part of.
To start, gather your supplies. In addition to the crayons, you will need a wax
cartoon. This can be from milk, fabric softener, or orange juice. You will also
need paraffin wax, two full ice cube trays, a double boiler, and white packing
string. If you don't want to use your double boiler an old coffee can and a
saucepan will work just as well.

Trim the top off of the wax carton, leaving it approximately six inches high.
You will want to cut the string at least 8 inches long. You will later cut the
wick to fit the holder. To ensure a wick that burns easier take three pieces
and bread them together. Use smaller pieces of string to tie the ends together.
The holders for your candles can be anything you desire as long as they are
non-flammable. Pretty vases, glasses, and jars work nicely.

Melt about three pounds of paraffin wax in the double boiler or coffee can. To
help it melt faster, cut it into small chunks. The melting process with take
about fifteen to twenty minutes. While the wax is melting, peel the papers off
of the old crayons. You and your children can choose to separate the colors by
lights and darks to have a mix that melds well or you can mix it all together
and see what the color ends up being.

For best results, only add the crayons to the wax after it has completely
melted. After the crayons and wax have both melted together, immediately remove
the mixture from the stove and pour into your candle holders. If you would like
to make scented candles try adding a splash of cinnamon or vanilla to your hot
wax mixture.

It is important that the candles by left alone to completely harden. Make sure
you have an area this can be done without disruption. It is also important to
make sure small children can't reach them, as out of curiosity they may want to
check on their candles. The wax will stay hot for several hours and can scold
the skin.

Making candles out of old crayons is a great way to spend the afternoon
creating a neat project with your children. This process can also be done at
schools and childcare centers with old crayons as presents for parents. Simply
allow each child to decorate the outside of their candle holder while adults
complete the rest of the process.

Be Stylish, Customize That Light

Easy as it is, making candles only need you to follow a few steps and you could
achieve the finished product that you pictured out in your mind. There are a lot
of ways to make candles. It could be by using simple quick steps from the
internet or some more complex methods recommended by your neighbor who is into
candle making.

Whatever it is, injecting some dose of your own creative ideas would make a
whole lot of difference. What then are some tools you could use in making gel
candles with your own brand of style?

As you follow the conventional steps of making gel candles, it would add up the
fun if you consider the following tips:

Use other materials that would let you have fun explore your creativity while
adding more elements of style. Non-flammable things like sand, shells, metal
charms, beads, marbles, pebbles, glitters, aquarium gravel, artificial jewel or
pearls, and the like are among the most attractive things to have in your gel

Add colors that suit the little things you add with your gel candle. If you
want the touch of "beach", you use aqua blue while you put some shells,
aquarium pebbles or gravel and miniature star fish in your candle. You could
also match the style you want to customize by mixing beads with glitters but
consider color harmony as well.

Place some of these little objects at the bottom part of the container before
freely putting them in the other portions of the container. This would hide the
wick tab.

As you pour gel, add these tiny objects in layers. Take note that you need to
place these objects away from the wick. The tip is- the closer these objects to
the outside portion of the container, the more "visible" they could be.

As you make the candles, you would enjoy the fact that you are playing with
colors and style. What makes the gel candles is that they were created out of
pure pleasure and fun. Personalizing these gel candles is another great idea.
You could try to use cut-outs of your name.

As you insert your own brand of style, do not forget to work safely and do not
risk quality of the product over appearance only. There must be a balance of
both. When you feel like you have been training your self well in making custom
gel candles, why not try it out as a small business?

Customize that Candle, be Creative!

"It is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark..."
this is one of the oldest children songs we usually hear about candles.

Candles, what are they for?

Through time, the uses of candles have been changing. For some countries, they
are basic tools for worship. They would always be found on churches, temples
and other worship places. Cakes come with candles too; this gives them the
"symbolic" touch. This makes them as part of ceremonies such as inauguration,
commencement activities and the like.

Today, candles are a part of a growing industry. They are making it big on the
market especially the "gel candles". What makes gel candles so in demand for
costumers? Well, since it is made of mineral oil and plastic polymer, it could
last long and in fact, it is so easy to make. At home, one could try making
these gel candles without too much hassles and expenses.

You could follow the steps below:

Find a container that would best hold into form the candle you have in mind.
Make sure that you will be using non-flammable containers. Use glass if
available, they could show the gel.

Plan to have the wick like about 1.5 inches from the sides and dribble a spot
of hot glue on the bottom of the container you used.

Stick the wink on the hot glue and let it cool down for a few minutes. Don't
use cotton as core wick, zinc is the best choice.

For the gel, cut the gel wax into small parts or cubes and place it into a
container and heat it up. Make sure that the heat is not too hot or too cold.
200 Fahrenheit could make it melt well.

Maintain the advised temperature until such time that the wax would melt and
turn into a smooth and a bit thick liquid. For more attractive effects, you
could use coloring materials that would create a better effect to the product.

Do not use coloring materials that would make the gel lose its transparency.
Ignore the use of water-based and paste dyes as a combination. They do not
complement each others components.

Pour a small amount of essential oil or gel scent for more effects that would 
make the candle "marketable". When pouring such, add more wax cubes if there 
is a "cloudy" effect on the liquid.

Scents you use must be alcohol-free.

When you are about to pour the candle liquid on a container, set a level mark
and make sure that the liquid will not pass over it.

Make it a point to preheat the container (150 degrees). This would minimize the
presence of bubbles that may ruin the form of the finished product.

Then pull up the wick and be sure that it goes up in the center of the candle.
Let the candle cool down for 3-4 hours. Trim the wick at about ? inch.

These steps are so easy to follow. You do not need to let go of your cash every
time you need candles at home. You could pour out your own artistry and put a
personal touch in the candles you use. This would be a very good past time as
well as a way of cost-cutting. In the long run, this may be a great start of
putting up your own candle business.

With just a low amount of capital and your determination to make it big, you
may have the heart of an entrepreneur beneath your chest.

Floating with beauty and style

There is this different mood being set by candles. When the lights are dimmed
or totally out, there will still be that unexplainable effect when candles are
being lit. Just like all other people who believe in what candles could offer,
we would be very glad if you too, could try the difference. Floating candles
are really "in", and you would not regret it if you buy floating candles of
your choice.

Floating candles could really bring that different twist in what you knew or
believed about candles. They define elegance, romance and creativity. For
really tested and proven quality floating candles is what you need. They could
really be a mood setter and they could really stay up for a long time. Set that
mood you wanted, save much and celebrate.

There could be nothing more romantic than floating candles freely moving on
water. These things would mean a lot to some people and some occasions. You
could never know how wonderful the effects are unless you try it out for
yourself. These could really be the one you have been looking for as that great
addition to your preparations for any ordinary day or special occasion.

When you want to create a very romantic mood in any part of your house or other
places, you may need candles. For more dramatic effect, the use of floating
candles would be a very wonderful idea. You can just have a container of water,
let the candles freely float. They could be great messengers of the expression
you want to tell.

There is this unique effect when one uses candle in a certain occasion. For the
added effect, floating candles could really be your secret weapon. When you are
interested about the idea of having them as your way of creating a really rare
but special mood, we have something for you to try out and enjoy. They would
define to you what the real worth of floating candles is.

Are you running out of gift ideas? What do you think could be a creative way of
preparing a gift that is uniquely great? Are floating candles in your mind? If
not, we are now telling you that you should think about it. It is the best idea
we could share to you. When you want to give out the best floating candles,
choose those that are certified water resistant and artistic, you would have
the best pick if you choose it.

For the perfect mood as you have tea

Are you a tea-lover? Having a cup of tea with friends is not just a great way
for bonding but this is also a healthy means especially in these modern times.
Well, there are these tiny things that could really lift the spirit of a
tearoom or even just a table of two reconciling lovers. Do you know what are
they? They are tea light candles. They are what you need in keeping a tea
moment worth your time.

Tea light candles are these tiny works of candle artistry that you may want to
have in your own chosen places for they are surely going to turn the mood for
serenity, romance, and relaxation. There are a lot of wonderful things you
could get from these tiny but valuable candles.

Small but useful as they are, you could get them at 1 to 2 inches in diameter
and 1 to 1 and a half when it comes to height. They could be bought in packages
ranging from a few numbers of pieces to a hundred. This is a great option for
you to choose from. You would be able to think of how many candles you would
need and in response to your needs and your objectives.

Tea light candles are really great add-ons to your dinner table or anywhere in
your dining room. But, those that are unscented could be a better choice since
if they are aromatic; you and those who are around for a meal would get carried
away with the scent and not the meal you prepared.

With their small size, you could feel free to light out some pieces and leave
them for they could last for a long time. This is a proof that you will not
waste money. They are affordable and are very practical for you. They could be
really "in" for any special occasions or even for ordinary days. If there are
occasions and you want gather visitors in your patio, you could put tea light
candles around as you savor every moment shared with those people you choose to
be with.

For ordinary days, they could make it special. When you soak yourself in a bath
tub, you could place these candles around to soothe your mood and feel relaxed.
In this case, you could enjoy the aroma of scented candles.

And if you want to have these tea light candles, you could learn how to make
them online. There are websites that could give you a step by step means of
making homemade tea light candles.

Experience that glow that could set you free of the negative feelings, try
lighting out tea light candles.

How to make a gel candle with an aquatic theme

The beach is always well-loved by many people. This is a picture of peace and
serenity. "Beach" as a theme is really common for parties, fashion, videos
and... candles? Yes, it is possible. The candle industry is now getting
experimental about the designs to use. With candles usefulness, it could also
be made in such a way that it could fit into the modern way of living- that is
trendy and comfortable.

Trendy- bracing some dashes of style, candles could be very good accessories
for the home. In order for you to bring that fun atmosphere of the beach, why
not bring that sand and sea mood at home?

These helpful tips may let you try more options:

Find a container that would best hold into form the candle you have in mind.
Make sure that you will be using non-flammable containers. Use glass if
available, they could show the gel, choose something with a touch of aqua blue.

Plan to have the wick like about 1.5 inches from the sides and dribble a spot
of hot glue on the bottom of the container you used.

Stick the wink on the hot glue and let it cool down for a few minutes. Don't
use cotton as core wick, zinc is the best choice.

For the gel, cut the gel wax into small parts or cubes and place it into a
container and heat it up. Make sure that the heat is not too hot or too cold.
200 Fahrenheit could make it melt well.

Maintain the advised temperature until such time that the wax would melt and
turn into a smooth and a bit thick liquid. For more attractive effects, you
could use coloring materials that would create a better effect to the product.

Do not use coloring materials that would make the gel lose its transparency.
Ignore the use of water-based and paste dyes as a combination. They do not
complement each others components.

Pour ? of essential oil or gel scent for more effects that would make the
candle "marketable". When pouring such, add more wax cubes if there is a
"cloudy" effect on the liquid.

Scents you use must be alcohol-free. For the aquatic theme, choose a "cool"
scent than those which are fruity or musky.

When you are about to pour the candle liquid on a container, set a level mark
and make sure that the liquid will not pass over it. Put some seashell beads,
aquarium gravel, sand, aqua blue glitter, pebbles, and others. Do it by layer.

Make it a point to preheat the container (150 degrees). This would minimize the
presence of bubbles that may ruin the form of the finished product.

Then pull up the wick and be sure that it goes up in the center of the candle.
Let the candle cool down for 3-4 hours. Trim the wick at about ? inch.

You could vary the designs of your aquatic candles by mixing and matching
colors and objects like starfish and clouds, sand and stars, boat prints and
pebbles are just a few of the numerous possibilities.

The sea, sand, bikinis, waves, hats, flip flops... the beautiful sights one
summer afternoon could be reflected by your home made candles. This could set
off as a mere past time but entrepreneurial opportunities may knock on your
door. Gel candles are easy to make, affordable, convenient, and they could be
those attractive possessions of your home.

How to make gel candles as gifts

When a loved-one or any special person celebrates a memorable day of his or her
life, gifts would always be at the top list. Gifts may vary from the simple
greeting cards to the most luxurious car. Does the cost matter? It does but it
does not matter the most. As always said, it is the "thought" that counts.

Though for most people the tag price of your present may "tickle the spine", it
is beyond denial that a "personal" touch expresses more sincerity for the
receiver. Your creativity plus a few tips from us would make that special
person feel extra special because of your own custom gel candles.

1. Prepare the following materials:
   Ceramic containers like mugs or any fancy-shaped figurine that could hold 
     the candle wax when melted and cooled. Glasses are also great.
   Gel wax
   Candle wicks
   Pot (for melting wax)
   Candle scent and color (non alcohol-base)
   Sharp scissors

2. With the use of a pencil, twine the wick around it but leave some of the
   wick free that it could reach the bottom part of the candle container. It 
   must be straight down the center of the container.

3. Put the pencil with the twined wick on top of the container; allow the wick
   to hang down the center of the container. As what the directions tell, melt 
   the wax by cutting them into cubes first to hasten the melting.

4. Add color and scent but make sure that they will not make the wax cloudy.

5. After the melting, pour the gel wax into the container you have prepared.
   Fill the container but set a limit. Before getting to the next step, make 
   sure that the wax turned gel fully cools down.

6. Check out the wick if it really takes the focal point of the container.

7. Trim the wick to ? of its total length.

8. You could tie a ribbon around it or stick a piece of fancy paper with a
   special message or a mini-picture of the receiver. Give it with the purest

As you follow these quick and easy steps, you could unravel both the artist and
entrepreneur in you. This way of preparing gifts would tickle your
resourcefulness and creativity. Moreover, it may be an initiation of your new
business specializing in candles. They are making it big on the market today.

Make shot glass candles for fun and profit

Shot glasses...

You could see these things in drinking places, poured with liquor being shared
by fun-loving people. This is of course an instant when a single shot glass
means a lot. Have you ever wondered about the other benefits of just a shot
glass? Well, there is one exciting and very useful innovation with a shot
glass, which is using them to make candles. Yes, we call hem shot glass candles.

Shot glass candles are really artistic and they could be very useful for the
home and whatever place you think you would need them, not as mere light source
but as well as having decorative purposes.

You could make our own shot glass candles. The steps to make are easy and
economical. Out of these easy steps and with a small sum of money, you would be
able to start a good hobby, a good small business and a good polish for our
creativity. This is also a means of recycling or re-using old candles.

Cut old candles into pieces and place these pieces in a container. When you
want to use a certain color, you could use uncolored wax for your convenience.
Place the container into another container of boiling water. Wait until the
candle pieces melt.

When you see that the wax has melted, his is the right time o put some dye for

Prepare your wicks. Cut them as they fit to the shot glasses.

Place these wicks to the shot glasses.

Pour the wax into the shot glasses but make sure that it does not submerge the
entire length of the wick.

When the wax has nearly set, you see to it that you adjust the wick to the
center of the shot glass. Leave the shot glasses in order for the wax to
completely set.

These are so simple steps to follow, make sure also that when you choose shot
glasses for candle making, and choose the thicker ones for they are much safer.
For wicks, you could tie it around a toothpick before letting it lay in a shot
glass. Remember to cut ? of it before lighting it up.

Scented and Profitable: Candles of Course

You can just imagine how candles give that amazing effect to your home, room or
any close or even open place you light them out. Have you ever thought of
scented candles for the added effect? They could be the best idea around.
Candles would look lovelier and more stylish with them.

Besides that effect being brought by the candles you have at home, there could
be more than that. You could have that aroma you want. You can have that
relaxing and soothing effect. They could be given to you by scented candles.

Scented candles would surely bring a different ambience to any dull place. With
the scent you want, you would surely feel the ease and the rare atmosphere they
could define. They could also be that source of soothing and relieving aroma.
Well, not just any candle could give that to you. When you are looking for the
quality, style and elegance, you have some websites to guide you and let you
choose the right.

Scented candles could remind you of the most beautiful things in life like the
flowers, the scents of the food we love like cookies, fruits and spices. You
could find that relaxing scent and they could even serve as your therapy
whenever you feel stressed.

You could give it a try making your own candles too. You could play with the
aromas you want and colors to meet what you want and what you need. You could
start by mixing or testing small amounts of scent so that you will not have
troubles if your candles would smell strong.

The following are the most recommended scents: lemon, lime or orange scents to
enhance your energy, or vanilla, jasmine, rose and sandalwood scents for
romance. Their scents may leave different effects as well. Explore these scents
and explore the various effects that you would surely fall in love with.

As you become better in scented candle making, it could surely be a good
business venture.

What do you think is missing in your candles? Well if it is not the colors and
whatsoever factors they have, you may think about the scent. It could be very
appealing to both the sight and the nose. You just do not know how much they
could make you feel relaxed and at ease whenever you are stressed out. For the
best ones, why not look for and light out and enjoy both sight and the scent.

Scented or unscented? Both!

No any occasion could choose how votives could really create that special
effect. They could really be great gift items for any special day or any
special person. Through them, you could express what your thoughts are and
express them through the most silent words. The light from them are undeniably
relaxing. How much more if you try researching online? When you found the
answers, you would be more than satisfied.

Do you want to make use of your creativity? Then it is time to get that beeswax
from used candles, find some simple and shallow containers and get you hands
working for some votive candles.

With the variety of style and the versatile sizes ready to be used at their
best in whatever occasion, votive candles are really worth any amount of money
you could spend. When you want to have the taste of the greatest votives
finding out means or researching, are the answer and it could be your source of
your own creative ideas as well. What else do you want to know? We are more than
willing to tell you more.

Did you know that votives, these candles that were actually made for some
moments you share by those people who have passed away especially your loved
ones? Now, they become more popular and the purpose for using them is not as
narrow as it used to be. The most common wax used for traditional votive
candles is paraffin wax.

This makes this kind of candle last for a long time compared to other types.
This makes it also as something that could really be depended on whenever you
need a long-lasting performance from candles. Volatile candles would surely be
the best choice for you when all you wanted is to enjoy that sparks of light as
you add the mood to a certain occasion.

Commonly, votives are used for different purposes be it scented votives.
Scented votives could be used with your own purpose in mind. They could give
that sensual effect to any place in your house where you choose as a venue for
any gathering.

When it comes to unscented votives, they are in demand for churches and other
spiritual activities.

When you need votive candles, there are a lot of them being it colored and
scented, you could find them through many websites. But, you have to be very
careful in comparing the products. Or if not, you could learn online if how you
could start making votive candles. You may be surprise of your own initiative.

And who knows, this could be a business venture soon?

Books on Candle Making

Making your own candles is a favorite craft and hobby many individuals. They
find the process to be enjoyable and relaxing. Candle makers have been know to
turn to their hobby in times of stress. For some candle makers, once they learn
the basics they are ready for new challenges. Purchasing books on candle making
can provide you with everything from basic instructions, tips, and creative
ideas to make beautiful candles. Most candle making books offer wonderful
illustrations as well as step by step instructions.

The type of book you want to purchase will depend on your candle making
experience, the types of candles you are interested in making, and if you are
making candles for fun or to sell. Take the time to explore what each book has
to offer you before making a purchase so that you won't be disappointed. You
might also check with your local library for books on candle making. If you
find one there you really like then you have the option to purchase it. You can
also find great discounts on used candle making books online at Ebay and Yahoo

"The Candle Maker's Companion" by Betty Oppenheimer and Deborah Balmuth is
considered to be the "must have" candle making book. It offers information for
everyone including beginners and advanced. Another great choice is "The
Encyclopedia of Candle Making Techniques". This book has gotten rave reviews
for providing quality information in an easy to understand form.

For those of you who have a solid foundation of basic candle making processes,
consider trying "The Complete Candle Maker Techniques, Projects, and
Inspirations". The book offers great photos of forty different candles you can
make. There are step by step instructions to help you make any of them that
interest you. This book includes great tips and points as well to help candle
makers avoid the common mistakes that affect the results of their candles.

For those of you who enjoy making candles for special occasions and holidays,
the book "Creative Candles: Over 40 Inspiring Projects for Making and
Decorating Candles for Every Occasion" by Sue Spear is a great book to consider
for your collection. This book features candle making ideas for Halloween,
Easter, and Christmas. There are also ideas for creating candles to use as
center pieces and for wedding decorations.

If you are interested in doing candle making with your children, "Great
Candles" is especially designed with fun candles that are easy to do with them.
The book is also written in a way that children will be interested in reading it
as well. The internet is a great resource to find other great candle making
books to meet your expectations.

Candle making is a great pastime. You can educate yourself on the areas of
candle making by exploring various books. There are books designed for all
candle making levels of expertise as well as on particular themes of candles
and types of candles. The market is flooded with resources in the area of
candle making, so the process of tracking down a few good books on the subject
should be easy as well as fairly inexpensive. Remember to check the library,
local book sales, and yard sales for these books as well. Compare prices online
to make sure you get the best price for the ones you are interested in.

The History of Candle Making

The art of making candles has been around since primitive times. Of course, as
time went by they become much different in design than what they were back
then. In the early days, candles were a necessity for heat and light. Today
they serve as decorations, wonderfully smelling mechanisms in our homes, and
offer light for romantic dinners and baths.

The first known use of candles is not completely known. The remains of clay
candle holders that date back to 4 BC have given us the knowledge that they
have been in use for a very long time. Those clay candle holders were found in

Candles were also used in ancient times in both China and Japan. These candles
were made of wax extracted from insects and seeds. The taper candles of India
were made from the wax extracted from boiled cinnamon. Candles are not known to
exist in American until 1 AD. It is believed Native American's burned oily fish
and the back of the Cerio tree. When settlers came to New England, they used
similar techniques to extract wax from bayberries. Many modern candle makers
still use that process to make bayberry candles. However, it is quite expensive
to do so.

Tallow was the product used to make candles in the 1600's and 1700's. This is a
byproduct from animal fat. The product worked well but had a foul odor,
especially when it was burning. Bees wax and paraffin wax both were introduced
in the early 1800's, and tallow stopped being used.

The dipping process for taper candles as we know it today began in 13 AD.
Traveler merchants went door to door from town to town. While there, they made
taper candles for individuals in their homes. Around 15 AD the idea to use
molds for various types of candles was introduced in Paris. While this greatly
improved the candle making process, there were still issues with getting the
candles to burn properly.

In the 1800's, candle makers felt the wick was the weakest area of the candle
as well as the cause for defective burning patterns. A braided wick was
developed in 1825 that seemed to greatly improve the burning of several types
of candles. By 1830, a process was in place to make candles using paraffin wax
and molds. These candles were of good quality and burned well.

As gas and electricity were introduced, the candle making process continued to
evolve. It became much easier and faster to melt the paraffin wax. It is
believed that the reason so many of the elements of candle making stayed the
same, including the hand dipping process is because the popularity of candles
diminished with the introduction of electricity.

Today, candle making is a well known art form. There are many companies who
manufacture wonderful candles with some very unique fragrances. There are also
small businesses that still make their candles by home in their kitchen. Candle
making is a great hobby and fun activity for the whole family to be involved in.

Candles are now used more for luxury and pleasure than for light or heat. The
candle industry continues to grow with new types of candles being introduced
all the time. The amount of colors, fragrances, and types of candles to choose
from in the marketplace is absolutely amazing.

Candles are a very common home decorating item. They are used to accent any
room in your house. They are a common centerpiece for dinner parties and formal
occasions. The unity candles that are presided over at many weddings hold a deep
sense of tradition in the American culture.

The art of making candles has definitely changed over time. If you are
interested in trying your hand at it, choose a candle that is fairly easy to
make such as the container candle or the votive. This will allow you the chance
to get used to the process. There are several good candle making kits available
for a low price as well as books to give you tips and assistance along the way.

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