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Car Stereo

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Pimp Up Yo' Ride! Why You Need A Good Car Stereo System.

You've got a nice pearled paint job. You've got your 18' sized chrome mags.
You've got an interior job that looks like a dream. But all of that would be
superficial if you don't have a good car stereo system in your ride.

A good car stereo system is a marvel to experience, just like a poorly
constructed car stereo system is such a pity to look at. The price is a big
factor, but not all expensive hardware perform well if installed haphazardly,
or if hooked up with incompatible hardware. It is also subjective, just as some
of us find black cars more appealing than other color cars. If you like your car
stereo system more than any other in the same vehicle, then you have the best.

If you like some other car stereo system more than yours in the same vehicle,
then that one is better. Only you can decide which is best for you. For a car
stereo system to be a good or great, it must first meet or exceed the user's

The type of vehicle also plays a major part in what kind car stereo system you
should build. For some people, after only being in a few vehicles their ears
recognize the inherent characteristics of this unique environment. Most of what
we hear in a vehicle is a recording of the original artist in a given
environment, usually in two channel stereo which can be playing in a totally
different environment with the listeners placed in awkward listening positions
relative to the placement of speakers. A great car stereo system is created
with the understanding of acoustics, basic electronics, and the different
products that are to be used.

A good idea is to gain references to compare to your auto audio system or any
other and experience it live in as many different environments as possible. One
of the best ways to accomplish this is to go to expos' and conventions. As you
hop from exhibit to exhibit you'll immediately notice the difference in sound
characteristics of each setup. You will find some car stereo systems that you
prefer over others, if not a favorite and that is the way to choose a cheap car
stereo system that you like. Also ask for specs, they'll gladly give it to you.

The benefits of aftermarket speakers are: they have a larger frequency response
(more music coming through the car stereo speakers), more power handling
capabilities, they will brighten your highs and increase your auto audio system
bass. There are two types of CAR speakers available: the dual cone and the two 
way. A dual cone has a small paper cone built into a larger paper cone.

Amplifiers are the backbone of your car stereo system. Weak amplifiers damage
good car stereo speakers, not the other way around. Amplifiers provides musical
power and contributes greatly to the elimination of distortion and the upgrade
of sound clarity. The size of the amplifiers will be proportionate to the level
of power you want. You can tell a good power amp by turning the auto stereo
system above half volume and still hearing clear amplification. Bear in mind
that the more power you have the better control you have over your system.

A good car stereo system is something to show for. It can bring satisfaction to
you, the owner, and to those who will witness it. It will also raise the quality
and value of your car in case you wish to resell it.

Duh, It's A Car Stereo!

Pretty self-explanatory isn't it? It's a stereo system in a car, you say. Whoa,
hold your horses, it's not that simple. Although some people like to put home
stereos in their cars and vans (out of dire need for some sounds), sometimes it
just doesn't work. Yeah, maybe before it could've worked just fine, all you
needed was radio and a cassette player (or 8 tracks, for the inner dinosaur in
you) so sure, lug those big box speakers into the back seat and you'll be
blaring down the highway. But nowadays there are things like cd players and mp3
players and your popup LCD panels and all that techie knickknack you'd think
they'd like to build a home theater system right smack on the console of your
van. If you don't know anything about these things but would like to have some
sounds in your car anyway, here are some things to know about a car stereo.

As mentioned above, at first units and speakers from home audio systems and
professional markets were just simply installed into vehicles. However, they
were not well suited to the extremes of temperature and vibration which are a
normal part of the environment of an automobile. Car stereo enthusiasts were
not satisfied with the sound quality of regular car sound systems, and with the
advent of the CD player, they really had to start modifying some of these home
stereos in order to work well in a car environment and voila!, now we have the
modern car stereo.

If you have a new car, first hand bought, say from about 90 to present, chances
are you already have a "factory" car stereo in your car. It means the car
manufacturer already included a car stereo system in your car, unless specified
in the car model but most often this is the case. Some car manufacturers make
their own car stereos, like BMW which includes a pretty decent car stereo
package head unit and speakers. It is a standard which comes with all their
cars (which isn't surprising considering that BMW is included in the league of
"luxury car manufacturers"). Or like Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen, they use car
stereo systems from a German audio manufacturer called Blaupunkt.

A standard car stereo (also called a head unit) usually includes an
auto-reverse tape deck, a cd player and sometimes the optional changer -- a
device which automatically changes the cd in play. On newer car models, the car
stereo can also play mp3s and other digital audo file types like WMA and AAC,
whether on a cd or a memory device which can be hooked up to the head unit.

The car stereo head unit is connected to several speakers. Older car models
usually just had one speaker mounted underneath the dashboard, pointing through
perforations towards the front windshield. The standard for car stereo nowadays
is a pair of "tweeters" (used to bring out high treble) on the driver
side/front passenger side dashboard, a pair of normal "mid" speakers on both
doors, sometimes even the backseat passeger doors if it's a large car and
larger speakers capable of bringing out low ends at the back protion of the

Your car stereo is probably ok as it is, as car manufacturers ensure that the
audio products that come with their cars can handle most dirver's listening
demands. But if you think that what you have isn't enough, you can always

How to: A Car Stereo Installation Guide

Want to save some money? Ever wonder if you could do a car stereo installation
yourself? Yes, you can do it yourself! Go ahead, spend that money on your
hardware! Don't spend it on labor. Besides, doing a car stereo installation
yourself can be a very rewarding experience, not to mention you can learn a lot
from it too. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your "creation" in action,
running smoothly and perfectly.

But be very careful, you really won't want to damage your expensive hardware.
Well, most car audio hardware are no-brainers to install, you'd find that most
of the time the parts have specially shaped sockets and slots etc. and would
only fit where it's supposed to be installed. Still, it's best to proceed

In a car stereo installation, you have to determine what kind of rig you're
going to put into your vehicle. If you're a beginner, it's best you do a car
stereo installation if it's just a simple system. You may want to leave the
complicated stuff to the professionals, like installing delicate equipment like
LCD panels, motorized parts etc. especially if it requires the creation of
custom panels and such.

Head units are one of the easiest to do in a car stereo installation.
Fortunately, most units follow the same size standards (DIN). In many cars,
once the factory radio is removed the aftermarket radio will fit in the hole.
In many other cars, a kit is needed if the factory hole is too big, or not deep
enough. In some cases the dash has to be cut. Any car stereo store should have
kits required for installation.

There are two types of mounting in a car stereo installation. ISO mounting is
when the radio can be screwed to existing factory radio brackets, such as in
most Japanese cars. Ring mounting is when an aftermarket radio comes with a
metal ring that gets mounted to the factory radio hole or aftermarket kit via
bendable tabs. In many cars, dash and trim rings have to be filed to enlarge
the radio hole. Once the ring is installed, the radio slides in and is held by
snaps. In most cases, special tools are required to remove the radio.

Speakers are very critical in a car stereo installation. No matter how
expensive your speakers are, if they are not properly installed, the sound will
not be up to par.

In a simple car stereo installation, you'll probably be using speakers that fit
into a factory location. Just make sure there are no gaps or holes. Sometimes
building a wood or fiberglass baffle helps reduce holes and gives you much
better sound. But always be careful when using power tools around speakers. Car
stereo installation warranties usually don't cover holes in speakers.

For unconventional speaker locations, sometimes metal has to be cut. You might
want to leave this to the professionals, tools like plasma cutters and
pneumatics drills are required. But if you're going to insist, a pair of metal
snips (left and right cut) will do.

A car stereo installation has to put up with vibrations and other noise sources
in its environment. Even though it is impossible to eliminate these completely,
there are products that will greatly decrease the noise and rattling,
particularly on non-luxury cars. Liners, sprays and adhesive strips and even
carpeting applied onto the panels can make a world of difference.

Car Stereo Speaker: Let Your Car Stereo Speak For Itself

Even if you're not a car audio connoisseur, it's easy to be impressed with a
car stereo speaker while looking around in an expo or convention. They're the
first thing you'll probably notice, they come in different colors, shapes and
sizes. Those big throbbing concaves blaring incredibly low bass lines or cool
little tweeters whistling out seething treble sounds.

Car stereo speakers are interesting and very tempting to buy, especially the
big loud ones. But big is not always the best. Each speaker has its own unique
quality, intended use and price range. Some may also be better than others at
certain things so it pays to investigate your type of car stereo amplifier or
head unit before you finally decide on a car stereo speaker for your system.
Here are some features to consider:

Car stereo speakers are not all the same size and wattage, and this can cause a
problem once you try to hook it up in your car. Know the specs of your system.
Sort this out ahead of time, it will save you a lot of hassle. You will be
happier with your new acquisition if you can get to see it in action as soon as

There are also a lot of car stereo amplifiers on the market, it pays to be
aware of how the car stereo speaker you are considering compares to the others,
and how compatible it is to your amplifier or the amplifier you're planning to
buy. Car stereo speakers and amplifiers go hand in hand. You'll want the car
stereo speakers you buy to be suitable for your automotive entertainment needs
and not strain the system.

Style can be an important factor when choosing your special car stereo
speakers. You'll want the one you choose to fit in perfectly with your other
all sorts of stereo speakers. If you're planning to install something
different, you have to take into consideration the modifications your going to
have to make in order to accommodate your new car stereo speakers.

One of the biggest issues in buying a new type of car stereo speaker is
suitability. How suitable your car stereo speakers are is probably the biggest
issue. Don't forget the reason you're buying the type of car stereo amplifier
in the first place, and ensure that the all sorts of stereo speakers you are
looking at will do the job you need no matter what other fancy features they
may offer.

Brand is an important consideration when you are shopping for a car stereo
speaker. The fact is, one brand of type of car stereo amplifier may have a much
better reputation than another, and for good reason. You be the judge. Do your
research. Ask car audio enthusiasts. Read magazines and reviews. Do you want to
take a chance on just any car stereo speakers, or go for the proven name brand?

Lastly, price is important even if you think it's not. After all, would you
want to pay more for your car stereo speakers only to find it cheaper the next
day at a different store? Nobody likes that. When shopping for better car
stereo speakers, it pays to check at least a couple of different stores, just
to make sure you're getting your car stereo speakers at the best price.

Shoe Sale For The Big Boys: The Car Stereo Sale.

Announce a shoe sale, and the women come a'running. Announce a car stereo sale
and the men, or more appropriately, the Big Boys come thundering with their
checkbooks and wallets waving in the air.

The car stereo sale. This is every car audio, or even the regular audio
enthusiasts' Mecca. Only intense prayer is replaced by intense spending.

Car stereo sales happen at audio stores regularly. When a car audio
manufacturer launches a new product, the prices of prior models drop
drastically which may prompt the store or the brand name to initiate a car
stereo sale. Most especially when a new technology comes out, a good example
would be like the introduction of the Compact Disc technology, suddenly all
cassette player car stereos became dirt cheap, no matter how cool that LED
display might be.

Another avenue of car stereo sales are at expos and conventions. Most of the
time, the good stuff come out at expos', whether it be a car expo, audio system
expo, but usually the largest car stereo sale happens at a gathering of car
audio manufacturers. Well, at these kinds of expos' and conventions, it's not
usually a sale because the manufacturers usually try to get buyers for their
newest product. If you have the money and you're out there to buy some serious
hardware, then by all means, SPLURGE AWAY!

But first you have to know what it is you want to buy. Don't go running off to
a car stereo sale without knowing what it is your system needs. There are a lot
of items in a car stereo sale, shiny, glittery and LOUD items that might get
your attention but don't let it tempt you to whip out your wallet just yet.
Although most car audio enthusiasts need not be reminded of this (because they
know their stuff well, it's probably all they think about all day) any car
stereo sale newbie might get the itch to impulse buy, especially when the item
displays high wattage. Or even if it just looks spacy and high-tech.

When planning to go to a car stereo sale, you have to prepare, prepare,
PREPARE. Take a good look at your audio system. What does it need? Do you need
a complete overhaul of your stereo system? If it doesn't really need anything
but you just want to take it up a notch and upgrade it, make sure what you're
planning to buy is compatible with your existing system. Don't but a high watt
bazooka speaker if your amplifier can't handle it. Although audio parts like
these have very high resale value, save yourself some trouble and buy the right
parts. You don't want to end up buying a very expensive paperweight.

Also, do what other enthusiasts' are doing. READ MAGAZINES! These car audio
magazines contain reviews and price listings of the items you may be looking
for. You'll also get acquainted with products you might have never heard
before, it will surely open up your choices and options.

Going to a car stereo sales is also a good way to meet other car audio
enthusiasts' like yourself. Who knows, you might meet someone who might be
willing to just trade items. It will save you the money and gain you some new

Mobile Multimedia: A New Peak For The Alpine Car Stereo

We all know that brand names matter when purchasing car audio hardware. There
are brands that are surely more reputable than others. When you are at the
store and they offer choice after choice after choice, suddenly you feel
overwhelmed on what really to buy. But you can be assured of one thing, if they
offer you an Alpine car stereo you can't go wrong with it.

Alpine car stereo and electronics, founded in 1978, is a world leader in the
industry of high performance mobile electronics. They specialize in mobile
multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment,
security and navigation products for the mobile entertainment.

Alpine car stereos are a new breed of units which feature the convergence of
high performance audio, video, navigation and telematics in the form of Mobile
Multimedia. Navigation systems act as the resource center of the Alpine car
stereo Mobile Multimedia lineup. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), DVD
players, Dolby Digital systems, satellite digital audio radio, mobile data
linking and communication through telematics devices will be fused with
navigation systems to create a platform of products. Mobile Multimedia
integrates Alpine's innovative audio, video, security and navigation products,
as well as its new GUI for Drivers, human interface and information
communications technology.

To grasp what the Alpine car stereo Mobile Multimedia is, take a look at the
IVA-D901 Alpine car stereo Mobile Multimedia Station/CD/DVD Receiver/Ai-NET

The IVA-D901 has 400% more pixels than a conventional in-vehicle display,
meaning that it has 1.15 million pixel elements. It has 50W x 4 built-in power
and 3 PreOuts (4 volt), SAT Radio ready, a Hard Disc Drive (HDD), and Alpine
car stereo Navigation. Key features include:

- 7" Fully Motorized Wide Screen Monitor 
- 18W x 4 MOSFET Amplifier 
- Built-in Dolby Digital/DTS Decoder 
- Bass Engine Plus 
- Subwoofer Level Control 
- Bass Center Frequency Control 
- Bass Band Width Adjustment 
- Treble Center Frequency Control 
- Subwoofer Phase Selector 
- Bass Type Control 
- 4-Ch Digital Time Correction 
- 3 Position 12 dB/Oct Crossover 
- MediaXpander 
- SAT Radio Ready 
- MP3 Text Information Display 
- Quick Search Function 
- CD/CD-R Playback 
- CD Text, Text Display, Text Scroll 
- M DAC -- MaxTune SQ Tuner 
- 3 Auxilliary A/V Inputs with Remote Control Input 
- Dedicated Navigation Input -- Dedicated Camera Input 
- 2 Auxilliary Monitor A/V Outputs 
- Navigation Audio Mix 
- 3 PreOuts (4 volt) 
- MM Driver (Hard Disc Drive) Ready 
- MobileHub Ready 
- Ai-NET Control Center DVD/CD/MP3 Changer Controller 
- "Digital Art" Spectrum Analyzer Display 
- RUE-4190 Universal Wireless Remote Control Included

If these all seems too much for you, Alpine car stereos also have more
conventional head units to offer. The CDA-9835 Alpine car stereo In-Dash CD
Player/Ai-Changer Controller lets you fully customize both illumination and
sound, with a range of 512 colors and super-versatile Bass Engine functions
like digital time correction and parametric EQ. You can download audio
parameter settings and connect and control as many as eight amps. The BioLite
display, Menu key and rotary knob make operation extremely easy.

Like most Alpine car stereo units, it is also SAT Radio Ready, giving you a
much greater choice of listening options than ordinary local AM/FM radio. You
can select from among a wide range of music genres, news, sports, and talk 
programs with digital quality anywhere.

It's A Sony Car Stereo

It's a Sony.

We all know their slogan and yes, they need not say anymore. Sony is a
dominating and well respected name in world consumer electronics. From the Aibo
to the PlayStation to the Vaio, Sony has created, innovated and excelled in the
production of almost anything electronic under the sun.

The Sony Corporation, based in Tokyo is a leading manufacturer of audio, video,
communications, and information technology products for the consumer and
professional markets. Their music, motion picture, television, computer
entertainment, and online businesses also make Sony one of the most
comprehensive entertainment companies in the world.

So it is not surprising to learn that Sony car stereos are also well renowned
in the automotive audio market. In 2005, Sony car stereos launched their latest
carrier car audio product, the Sony car stereo Xplod series which has an amazing
lineup of head units, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, changers and
accessories. It is impressive both in performance and aesthetic value.

A good head unit from the Sony car stereo Xplod Series is the CDX -- M9900 CD
Receiver/Changer Controller/MP3 Player which boasts these features:

- 32,000-color TFT display 
- Video Input for External Source Playback 
- CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 playback 
- 4-Volt F/R/Sub Preouts w/HPF & LPF 
- 52W x 4 High Power 
- CEA-2006 Power Compliant 
- CD/MD Control, CD Text 
- XM Ready 
- Auxiliary Input 
- 1-bit D/A Converter 
- Drive-S with 120dB S/N Ratio
- SSIR-EXA tuner, 18FM & 12AM presets 
- Red key illumination 
- Supplied wireless card remote (RM-X145A) 
- Optional wireless rotary remote (RM-X6S) 
- Optional wired rotary remote (RM-X4S)

This Sony car stereo goes best installed with matching items from the Xplod
series such as:

Sony car stereo XS -- V6941H 6 x 9" 4 -- Way Speakers:

- 6 x 9" HOP Woofer Cone 
- Stroke Stabilizer Surround 
- 2-5/8" Cone Mid 
- 1" Balanced Dome PEI Tweeter, Super Tweeter 
- 400W Peak Power (100W RMS) 
- Flexible Mounting Options

Sony car stereo XM-2100GTX 2/1 Channel Amplifier:

- 600W Max Power 
- 100W x 2 RMS into 4 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz @ 0.04% THD 
- 250W x 1 RMS into 4 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz @ 0.1% THD 
- CEA-2006 Power Compliant 
- Variable 50
- 300 Hz low pass filter 
- 40 Hz EQ boost 
- MOSFET power supply 
- RCA & speaker level inputs

Sony car stereo XS-L102P5 10" Subwoofer:

- 10" Polypropylene Cone 
- 1200W Peak Power (330W RMS) 
- Unique cone design offers superior rigidity
- Gold-plated Binding Posts 
- Small sealed/bandpass enclosure optimized 
- 4-Ohm Voice Coil 
- 2005 Subwoofer Parameters

Like other modern car audio manufacturers, the Sony car stereo also offers
video capable units for playing VCDs, DVDs. A good item from the Sony car
stereo Dream System Series is the MV -- 900SDS Mobile DVD Dream System.

- 9" wide screen TFT display with swivel function 
- DVD/CD-R/RW/VCD/MP3 Playback 
- Built-in wired FM modulator 
- Reversible display image 
- Slot-load DVD Mechanism 
- Memory Stick media for playback of JPEG, MPEG, MP3 
- Built-in Stereo Speakers 
- A/V Input 
- A/V Output 
- Optical Digital Output (Dolby Digital, dts) 
- IR transmitter for wireless headphones 
- 2 sets of wireless headphones included 
- Wireless card remote included

This unit is encased in a grey metallic finish and is ideally attached on the
ceiling of the vehicle.

It is also an amazing fact that a lot of enthusiasts also incorporate the
PlayStation into their Sony car stereos, which is probably one of the reasons
why the Sony car stereo system has earned quite a following.

A Pioneer In Their Own Right: The Pioneer Car Stereo

Look at any good car stereo system and you'll probably see a Pioneer car stereo
unit plugged into the console. Alongside with quality speakers and a strong
lineup of accessories like LCD panels and navigational devices, Pioneer
products/Pioneer car stereos have earned a huge following the world over.

The Pioneer Company is a Tokyo-based corporation, and is one of the world
leaders in digital entertainment products. The Pioneer Company was first
founded in 1938 in Tokyo as a small radio and speaker repair shop business but
today, they are recognized as a leader in technology advancements in the
consumer electronics industry.

The company is truly deserving of their name. They are respected for many
innovations such as interactive cable TV, the Laser Disc player, developing the
first Compact Disc player for the car and the first detachable face car stereo,
DVD and DVD recording, plasma display, and organic electroluminescent display.
Their strength in optical disc and display technology is complemented by its
state-of-the-art software products and manufacturing capabilities.

Nowadays, Pioneer car stereo units are not just simple head units. A car stereo
can easily be comprised of several items built into the console of the car.
Hardware like navigational devices, DVD players with LCD panels, coupled with
the standard array of compact disc, mp3 and cassette players now usually go
together. One would be hard-pressed not to acquire all of these, as it is such
a delight to see these units work harmoniously. But traditionally, a Pioneer
car stereo unit is a head unit with a radio, cassette and cd player. No matter
how bare-bones this might sound, anyone will surely be impressed with the sound
quality and features a Pioneer car stereo can boot.

Something like the DEH-P90HDD Pioneer car stereo single CD player head unit.
The DEH-P90HDD allows you to record CD Audio (from the unit itself or from a
changer) onto a 10GB hard disc drive, which holds about 200 audio CD's (using
ATRAC3 digital compression). Your CD's are recognized by the pre-installed
Gracenote CDDB database, which includes auto-playlists that make finding a
specific CD easy. This Pioneer car stereo unit can also play your MP3 CD's plus
CD Audio, CD-RW, and CD-R discs. Also, the MagicGate Memory Stick player lets
you play recorded Memory Stick tracks. The Organic EL display is easy to read
and accepts image downloads, so you can customize its look. Built-in DSP offers
a 13-band graphic EQ and a huge variety of tools. The DEH-P90HDD is XM Ready and
provides a steering wheel remote. If cassettes are your thing, the KEH-P4020
Pioneer car stereo cassette player head unit is a good product to choose. It is
a full logic cassette system with multi-color display, 45Wx4 High Power, EEQ
equalizer system, Tuner, IP-Bus System Control, flap face and has a detachable
face security.

If you're planning to buy a Pioneer car stereo unit, why not match it with a
set of Pioneer speakers too? Pioneer car stereo has made another innovation in
their REV Series speakers, which incorporates technological breakthroughs in
their IASCA award-winning Premier Reference Series (PRS) speakers. Rev Series
speakers boast Pioneer's Kevlar Fiber Composite Cones, Soft-dome tweeters and
Wave guides. Each speaker features a bright yellow cone and distinctive wave
guides, plus a six-spoke grill with a titanium finish that simulates chrome

With all these impressive products, is it still a wonder why they call Pioneer
car stereos "Pioneer"?

Kenwood Car Stereo Lets You Listen To The Future Of Car Audio.

This brand is a household name for every car audio enthusiast. Mention the name
Kenwood car stereo and they will know what you're talking about.

Kenwood car stereos have produced high quality consumer electronics, test
equipment and communication equipment since 1946. Kenwood car stereos primarily
specialize in the design, engineering and manufacture of wireless communication
infrastructure but are also renowned in the production consumer mobile and home
entertainment systems. Kenwood car stereos are also committed to creating the
finest quality components with state of the art technologies that has earned
them a huge following in the audio products scene.

At present, Kenwood car stereos have a very impressive product lineup that
would make anyone drool over, whether he is an audio enthusiast or not. For the
regular Joe who isn't really into technical stuff, and is just looking for
something nice to put into his ride, Kenwood car stereos offer sleek designs
that will surely satisfy anyone's craving for aesthetic. Tech-freaks and geeks
will also be impressed with the specs a Kenwood car stereo has.

A lot of Kenwood car stereo units nowadays include popup LCD panels for
watching VCD/DVD movies. The Kenwood KVT-717DVD 7.0" Wide, Fully Motorized
In-dash Monitor DVD/WMA/MP3 Receiver is a good candidate for any situation.

* 7.0 inch Wide Color TFT Active Matrix Display 
* Full-automatic Open/Close with slide and angle adjustments 
* Interactive Touchscreen Control with OSD 
* Audio Easy Control Mode while Playing Visual Source 
* Selectable Wall Paper (6 Patterns) 
* Installer/Backup Memory of Audio/Video Setup 
* Maximum Output Power: 50W x 4 (MOSFET Power IC) 
* 3 Preouts with 5V Pre-out Level 
* 2 RCA AV Inputs/ 1 RCA AV Output 
* Video Input for Rear View Camera 
* RGB Input for Navigation System 
* System Q/ System E's+ 
* DVD Menu Direct Touch screen Control 
* MPEG 1/2 Video files (.mpg) and JPEG files (.jpg) Playback 
* Dual Zone Source & Volume Control 
* DVDR/RW Compatible 
* External Media Control -- iPod Ready 
* Optional TV Tuner

For those who might not get what the hell all of these means, just imagine
this: a really thin monitor panel that smoothly retracts and extends at the
push of a remote, crystal clear movie and picture playback, all encased in a
beautiful black matte finish polymer casing done with a space age design.

If all you want is a just a regular car stereo for playing CDs', listening to
mp3s or the radio, Kenwood car stereo have a lot to choose from. A good head
unit would be the KDC-MP928 AAC/WMA/MP3/ CD Receiver with External Media

* Auto-Slide Detachable Faceplate 
* Rotary Encoder & Jog Control Knob for Easy Operation 
* 4096 Color OEL Display 
* Display Customize Function * Maximum Output Power: 50W x 4 (MOSFET Power IC) 
* ACDrive (Advanced Codec Drive) 
* AAC/WMA/MP3 Playback 
* G-Analyzer (Graphic Motion Analyzer) 
* Built-in DSP: DTA/System Q(4band P-EQ)/Digital E's/SRS WOW Digital Effect 
* O.D.D. (Offset Dual Differential) D/A System for Sound Quality 
* Installer/User/Backup Memory of Audio Setup 
* SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready 
* HD Radio Ready 
* External Media Control -- iPod Ready 
* Dual Zone Source & Volume Control 
* AUX Input 
* Gold Plated 3 Preouts with 5V Pre-output Level

The Kenwood car stereo auto slide detachable faceplate allows you to take the
faceplate (one which has all the buttons) in order to prevent theft by taking
away the functionality of the unit left in the car.

Budget Bass: Discount Car Stereo

Dying to satisfy that craving for that boom bass but can't make the budget?
Can't sleep 'cuz of that new Clarion head unit? Look no further, you just need
to find that discount car stereo to fulfill your car audio needs.

Well, there are probably only two instances where a need for a discount car
stereo will come in. These two instances always entail lack of a financial
comfort zone (that's why we call them discount car stereos).

First instance, you don't have an audio system in your car, and you would like
to install one. Following the premise we have above, you're most probably a car
owner who doesn't have enough cash to spend on a new, top of the line system.

What to do: How do you get a discount car stereo? One way is to go to a car
stereo sale. Still, you have to deal with store prices, they're cheap, but not
that cheap. Another is to scour the classifieds and buy and sell for
second-hand items. These are real discount car stereos, but you have to have a
sharp eye to recognize which is a good deal and which is a swindle. Ask the
seller how many years he had it, in what car. Inspect the car where it is
installed. If it's still installed on the car, give it a go. If it's just a
head unit, or a speaker that isn't installed, just be careful. Research the
model of the discount car stereo you're planning to buy, also find reviews.

Second instance: You already have a car stereo system installed, but you would
like to upgrade it. Again, most probably you're just searching for a discount
car stereo/discount car stereo system not far from what you have. Maybe
something with higher wattage, or a head unit which can play mp3s? And again,
try searching at sales. Take advantage of classifieds, buy and sells, second
hands, and also swaps. Chances are, if you're a car audio enthusiast, someone
in your circle currently has a better system than yours and maybe willing to
sell it to you. No need for standard pricing here. Or if others have equivalent
items which they might be willing to swap, like a head unit for an amplifier, or
a nice set of tweeters for a cd changer (I highly doubt it) or your pedigreed
pitbull for the whole shebang! You'll get more discount car stereos if you have
a circle of friends/people who share the same interest.

Other tips which might help: Another way to get a discount car stereo is to
SUBSTITUTE. Like cars, Japanese made units are often cheaper than
German/European/American made units. Also, look at the basics. What is it that
you need, as in the most BASIC FEATURES? Do you really need that mesmerizing
LED display, or can you do without it? Goes for speakers too. If you're not
going to enter a car audio competition and you just want to hear good treble
and bass levels without making your speakers croak, maybe you can do away with
a couple of 3way/4 way speakers. A big subwoofer will definitely need an
amplifier, and those are already 2 things to buy.

Discount car stereos are always a good deal, you just have to know where to get

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