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Car Valeting & Detailing

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Putting Up Your Own Car Valeting and Detailing Business

With so many business owners of car valeting and detailing service today, if
you ever decide to put up the same kind of business, you must be able to come
up with new ideas so as to exceed your customer's expectations. This is the
only way to make the most of referrals. For starters, don't spend too much
money on advertising through the yellow pages and instead allocate the money
for their respective technicians as incentives for a good job done.

Another thing that you might want to consider is applying for a telephone line.
Your business should have a contact number so that it'll be easier to reach
customers and for customers to reach you. Once you have the phone line, you
must have someone who will answer the phone when someone calls. That person
should have excellent communicating skills to encourage the prospects. This is
also one way to ensure that all calls are handled properly. You must hire a
person who will take care of all the inquiries or may be, if you're a good
speaker, you could be that individual (at least you know your business quite
well, right?)

Go into the details of the shop. Your car valeting and detailing crew or
technicians should wear their uniforms with the business logo. The technicians
and crew can simply wear dark blue or black shorts and a polo shirt with logo
as their uniforms. When a customer happens to drop by, he or she will see that
your crew and technicians are presentable.

As the owner of the business, you should also give proper attention to the bays
in your shop. If your business is divided into wholesale and personal detailing
services, you should have two bays for it. By designating two bays for the
wholesale and personal services, your shop will be more organized.

Advertising is still essential for the success of the business. If you're
business offers quality services, your customers can already promote it by word
of mouth advertising. But you should still consider direct mail ads to
supplement the customer referrals.

When a customer asks for a personal car valeting and detailing service, don't
forget to leave a heartfelt thank you note because this will surely capture
your customer's attention and heart, especially the ladies.

Owners of the business, even the crew and technicians, should never appear
arrogant or egotistical to a customer. Don't forget to provide a clean waiting
area for the customers and probably a TV set and some magazines to entertain

Your business should be in a strategic location which customers can easily
access. It should be too far from the main streets so that the shop will be
easier to locate. If you consider all these things and incorporate it in your
car valeting and detailing service, your business will soon be booming.
Customers will surely come flooding your shop especially if your technicians
are among the best. Give your technicians and service crew some form of
incentives so that they can improve their services. That way, they will be
encouraged to work hard to impress you and the customers as well.

Car valeting and detailing can be a worthwhile business but only if you know
how to handle the different aspects of the business. Don't forget to follow the
things mentioned awhile ago because it will be of good use to you.

Profits out of Auto Detailing Hobbies

For car owners who put their auto on an upscale position, auto detailing is
definitely on their list. As cars are growing, as so is the demand for better
care. That is why auto detailing is generating income of about eight billion in
revenue. Who says that there is no income in the knowledge of cleaning and
fixing cars? It is all in how things are done and managed. What are the things
that you should have when putting up a business like this?

Knowledge:  You must know something about cars either small or big. Customers
consider their car as part of their family because they have worked hard just
to bring in the bacon home. That is why it is of utmost importance that you
know something about cars before venturing in the business. If you already have
the idea, then all you will need is some background on running the business.
Money is just secondary but interest should be a must.

Parking:  You need to have a place to do the work. You can do it inside your
garage and yet, that would be pretty messy. You can get yourself an executive
parking lot to nest your business. You have to get a permit from the city
office to form the business in order to acquire permission and authority over
that place. This is very much convenient to employees who have no time to drive
their cars that would take those 2 hours to drive just to achieve detailing.

In this kind of mobile operation, you will need a pickup truck or van and
running water access. There are companies in some cities that customize and
convert trucks into auto shops for detailing with its own portable generator
and water reservoir.

Million Dollar Cars:  Detailers will state that the bulkiness of their business
comes from the dealers but in reality, to be able to have a car announced in an
auction, one must have their cars detailed first. That is how competitive the
market is. However, the market still depends on the cars driving through and
from every angle. These are the cars that needs for a detailing job for twice
in every year.

Budget:  You have to consider that for a business to rise from its steeps is to
have a sufficient budget. Without money to run the detailing job, it is
impossible to expect a lot. You also have to consider the people who will be
working for you.

On the other hand, once you have constructed your business, you have to
introduce a competitive price that would be accepted by the people who wanted a
reachable price. You have to offer what other car wash services do not offer.
Comparing prices, it usually ranges from $35 to $70 every detailing service.
These prices will also depend on how the customer wanted your their car detail
should turn out.

Prices that are this reachable will open a competitive market that provides
customer's stream. Furthermore, you can provide a list of priced services for
the people to know what they will avail. If you achieve a quota of at least 5
customers a day, it's a living.

If the budget still demands, you can go on advertising your auto detailing shop
locally so that people will know and maybe, in time, you can expand it.

Car Valeting -- Detailing Shops or Mobile Services

You can't possibly clean your car thoroughly unless you're an expert in car
cleaning. If you take your car to a car valeting and detailing shop, their
service crew will use different kinds of tools and cleaners to restore your
car's beautiful look. Still, if you prefer to do the task on your own, you can
easily purchase the tools and cleaners in chain stores and auto stores.

In the car detailing shop, the process of cleaning the car thoroughly takes a
lot of time. It is a lengthy process because all the car's details are given
attention. You don't have to worry what cleansers to use because everything
will be handled by experienced professionals in auto detailing. But before you
take your car to a certain car valeting and detailing shop, you should know
where to get the best deals.

Since the gasoline prices have continuously gone up, very small budget is left
to car maintenance. Nonetheless, you should still take your car to a good car
valeting shop. If you can handle the task of cleaning the interior of your car,
then you can simply have the shop do the exterior detailing. Car detailing can
cost around $150 to $200, and that will depend on where you reside.

If you want to cut down on your car detailing cost, choose mobile car valeting
and detailing because they usually charge $10 to $15. So you see, it's a lot
cheaper that what auto shops charge. Here's the best part of the deal -- you
don't have to take the car to any shop because car detailing can be done in
your garage or your yard. You don't have to wait so long in the waiting room
because the service will be given to your car in a more personalized manner.
You can even save gas because you don't have to travel just to have your car

Mobile auto detailers are quite popular these days because of the very low
service fee they charge. Perhaps you can find several mobile detailers in your
area. If you can get referrals from your friends and officemates, the better;
don't just compare the service fees but also try to check the quality of their
service. That's how you can find the best deals.

There are times when you can't find mobile detailers in your area. You need to
settle with the car detailing shops in your locality. Again, you need to ask
referrals from your trusted friends so that you can find a shop which offers
good quality services. After all, you're going to pay a reasonable amount of
money for their services so you should settle with only the best technicians or
service crews in your area.

If the shops offer packaged deals, you can also take advantage of that. But you
need to check if the shops offer clay bars, polishing, and waxing. These are the
3 techniques to completely clean the exterior of your car. If these techniques
are offered in packaged deals, you can choose that package.

Price is usually the secondary consideration when you're talking about car
valeting and detailing. Quality service is what you should look out for whether
it's a mobile detailer or a detailing shop. The choice is yours because you're
the one setting the budget for your car maintenance.

Car Detailing Tips: Kinks and Hints

Dealing with some kinks can be such work but it's all worth it. Although, there
can be hints on how to do away with your kinks. Car detailing can be done or
your can do-it-yourself.

1. If you wanted to wash the wipers of your windshield, use a mitt of a sponge
reserved for applications which are harsh to the surface. You can make your
windshields last a little longer by occasionally applying dressing treatments.
You should wipe off the excess treatment residues so that it won't dry on that
surface. Windshield wipers are expected to help car owners in times of rain and
snow, more reason to take care of it upon detailing.

2. If you have a car that's newly painted or has been repainted, consult the
person who painted your car regarding the longevity of the wax that was put on
your car because of the view that newly applied paints needs to be cured first
to give way for solvents to dissipate as part of the entire process of
detailing. If you "accidentally" applied wax even if the paint is not yet
"cured" then the wax itself will interfere with the entire process of
dissipation. New cars are exempted with this crucial period because owner can
choose not to wait for waxing to be done because the paint of a newly bought
car is cured inside ovens of factories that made the car.

3. Use graphite oil for the mast of your antenna. Graphite coating will make
lowering and raising more efficient without any signs of blockage and this will
further make the electric unit become more reliable. This is most effective
especially if you're having a difficult time with your car's antenna.

4. When you are at that point of cleaning your car's glass either interior or
exterior, make a vertical motion if you are wiping the exterior and use a
horizontal motion in the interior. In these motions, you are sure that cleaning
is more effective than what you ordinarily do. If you have any signs of
streaking, surely, it's not necessary to guess the side being streaked.

5. Spray products must be applied on a cloth rather than to the surface that's
being treated. In this case, you prevent smudges of unnecessary spray parts.
You can prevent spraying nearby areas which will become an additional concern
and add up to your work. You have to make sure that the cloth you use is gentle
and soft enough so that scratches will not be evident.

6. To inspect the finish of your car, you can use the loupe of photographers
which can magnify set ups of glass to be at the distance given on a surface.
This will give you further insight on the paint job that you have done. You
will observe more of what's not seen.

7. In terms of decals, frames of license plates, stickers at bumpers and other
distractions are not advised in a car that is well-detailed. This will just
destroy the car's overall feature and will give other meaning to the fact that
the car is something made out of good detailing.

8. Once you see bird droppings, attend to the cleaning at once. The contents of
their dropping are harmful to your car's paint. Who would want bird droppings on
their newly painted car? Nobody is amused by that right? This is also one reason
why you need to wax your car because it will definitely protect your car from
being damaged. Car detailing must be your first priority.

Car Detailing Tips: How to Wash-Dry your Car

It's a weekend! How good it is to wash your car and detailing it at the same
time. Through washing, you can remove certain residues that came in contact
with your car. You would be amazed how much dirt is stacking up on your car's
interior and exterior. Washing is like bathing, however, you can do car bathing
for just once or twice a month and that would be sufficient enough. All car
detailing processes starts with washing your car then all others will follow.
You can't put on new clothes and perfumes without bathing yourself now, can
you? Well for some people it is, but it's not really the way to go.

How do you go about with the proper washing techniques of your car? Read on:

1. Rinse. Rinsing will be done at the start and at the end of you bathing the
car. You have to thoroughly rinse your car in order to wash away some removable
dirt and those that have stacked up will be softened. Use a hose with
overflowing water but be sure that the stream is not that harsh enough to hurt
your car or gentle enough that it will not reach your aim. Harsh streams of
water can also be the cause of car scratch that is why excessive pressure of
water is not advised. Detailers would prefer the water to flow freely from
above the car or out of the hose with having to use a nozzle.

2. Detergent use. When "soaping" your car, make sure that you use the kind of
detergent that is specially meant for your car and not just what you use in
your kitchen or in your bathroom. Don't use dishwashing soap or liquid because
these things are all too strong which will contribute to your car's scratches
and will strip off its wax.

3. Mix it. In a simpler context, that is all there is to it. After preparing
your equipments and tools, you can now mix your detergent according to the
instructions of the manufacturer. Dip your mitt or sponge into the bucket of
water that holds the mixed solution. Before doing anything else, you have to
follow these guidelines in order to promote safety of your car.

*  Be generous on your water and detergent. You can use an average of 3 or 4
buckets of water for a small car and 5 to 6 buckets for a medium-sized car.

*  Washing should be done in sections. Start on top. This will enable rinsing to
be relatively easier. After doing the roof, you can proceed to the door, fender
and other car sections. Be sure that you do thorough rinsing in between parts.
After applying soap, you should rinse so that film will not develop. The suds
will cause the soap to dry and make an ugly stain.

*  Right after washing the sections, you have to wash or rinse the entire body
of the car. Use generous amounts of water so that all the soap will be washed
away thoroughly. Do not leave crannies, crevices, and nooks where soap can seep
and hide.

*  If you're not satisfied with the first wash, then do it the second time
around. It is better to see acceptable results than settle for what is done. It
is not bad to wash the second time because in detailing the first washing is
just your way of introducing cleaning.

First washing has taken care of the majority of the dirt that is seen and the
second will do the rest of the dirt. That is what good car detailing is all

Car Detailing and Valeting: Getting Your Classic Car Ready For the Car Show

If you are one of the many classic car and hot rod enthusiasts, then you really
want to get your car looking as if it just came out of the show room. However,
you might want to consider the fact that the paint loses its luster as years go
by and getting it repainted can be quite expensive.

Also, preserving the original paint in the classic car you have can add to its
overall value. So, how to people do it when it comes to making the car look
like brand new even if everything about it is as old as the car itself?

You have to remember that cleaning a car is not just about spraying it with
water and wiping it with cloth. Today, professional car cleaning services is
considered to be an art. There are quite a lot of things that are done in the
car in order to make it look like brand new and just got out of the showroom.

If you want to make your classic car look like new, then you should get the
services of professional car valeting and detailing experts. They will be able
to know how to get the shine and the color depth of the paint in the car stand
out and make it look like brand new. In fact, they will be able to do
everything in their power and expertise to remove any contaminants that may
have stuck on the paint of the car.

From grease, to tar, to squashed bugs, you will see that they will be able to
remove it safely without damaging the paint. After removing the contaminants as
well as traffic film, the next step is to wash it with water and applying wax.
After that, they will polish it.

To remove tar and other objects that may have stuck on the paint, they will use
a clay bar that contains small abrasives. These abrasives are so fine that it
will not remove the original paint of the car. What it will do is remove
anything that stuck on the paint, such as tar and over-paint.

They are not only experts in making the paint in the car look like brand new,
but they will also be able to recondition the interior of the car with
chemicals and other cleaners. For example, with the leathers, they will be able
to apply chemicals to regain its once softness and. Professionals will be able
to moisturize the leather and recondition it to make it look as if it has just
been installed in the car.

The carpet will also be reconditioned as well as the chrome, mirrors and other
parts of the car.

In fact, the engine will also be cleaned and detailed. They will remove grease
and dust that may have accumulated and really show off the real engine. One
that is clean and detailed.

These are the things that you might want to remember about auto valeting and
detailing services.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things that they will be able to do to
your car. They know everything there is about cleaning the car that they will be
able to make your car ready for car shows. As a classic car enthusiasts who
wants to show of their car to the public, getting the services of car valeting
and detailing professionals is indeed the way to go.

Automobile Detailing Business Matters

If you love cars and you take pride in keeping it as spiffy clean as possible,
then you have found yourself a new business that is quite in demand especially
in cluttered and urbanized areas. Introducing -- automobile detailing. There is
more that meets the eye with regards to auto detailing. How nice it is to be
the boss of something that you have loved for years. Even though detailing is
considered as a small time business venture, it would be fine because big
things come from small beginnings.

Do not underestimate car detailing because it is considered as hard work and
you have to put in some threads of income for it to work although if doing cars
is your thing, then detailing can become rewarding for you. Rewards will not
come in money but in experience like skills, craftsmanship and the pride of
doing your routine. One more benefit of detailing is that, aside from the
assurance of income, you are about to venture into something that benefits your
body as being physically fit.

How can you start? Connect yourself with friends. You can make a leap at that.
If they liked what you have done, then you have yourself avid customers which
will soon suggest you to other friends of theirs and so on. Then with just the
word of mouth will keep your business afloat. Make sure that when your business
is starting to flourish, you have the right resources to sustain maintenance -
funds, people and place.

Amateur versus professionals Soon you will discover that there is a fundamental
difference between professional detailers than amateur ones. Dealing with the
fact of being an amateur will change once you have entered the business.
Circumstances will differ and so would be your technique and eventually, you
will evolve and your skills will be much more advanced compared to before.
Equipments will also when you are now dealing with professional aspects of
detailing. What you are using when you were once amateur will not be sufficient
and not last that long under full stress hours of professional usage. You are
expected to use all materials and supplies that are available and sometimes,
you are demanded for more that is why, proper purchasing and selection of tools
must be adhered.

Time is indeed, gold Because of the business that you have put up, you are
required to become more professional especially when it comes to coping with
your customer's and dealer's time. How you do the things that are expected of
you must always coincide with the time that you need to spend in order to
achieve the quality of labor it needs. Never sacrifice quality because of time

Detailing will turn out to be very unsatisfactory. As a professional, you would
want to make first impressions to your customers and make it last. Therefore,
you also have to make practice different and new procedures and techniques that
will give you the opportunity to offer a job in a price that's reasonable and at
the same time, competitive.

Take note, you have to be as professional as you can be. And, as much as
possible, be patient to the things that you need to do. Don't compromise the
quality of your service just because time didn't make it. Starting a car
detailing business is easy if you know the rules of the game.

Car Valeting and Detailing: 3 Techniques

Auto valeting and detailing is among the budding and promising industry in the
world today. Most car owners today allocate a significant budget for car
maintenance. They not only want to maintain their car's exteriors but also the
interiors as well. Not all individuals have the time
to attend to their car's needs and so they leave the task to the car valeting
and detailing services.

The cleanliness of your car is very important. It reflects your personality and
it reveals a great deal about you. If you don't want to be judged wrongly, its
time that you take your car to a car valeting and detailing service for
thorough cleansing. If you have insufficient budget at the moment, you can
simply have your car undergo exterior auto detailing because if your car is
presentable on the outside, it could already do the trick. Next time you have
extra money, you can take your car for interior auto detailing.

Car valeting and detailing services offers three popular techniques. Read on
and you will find out what these techniques are.

1. Clay cleaning -- this is the first technique that you should be familiar
about. The clay used for this type of cleaning is an effective yet simple
mixture of clay base and several abrasives. Paint contamination can be removed
by mixing clay with clay lubricants. Clay bars can also remove common exterior
car dirt, tree sap, road grime, bugs, tar, and rust.

You could say that the clay bars acts like detergent cleaners. The clay bars
used for car valeting differ in color, composition, and density of active or
chemical ingredients. The clay bars are also available in mild and heavy-duty
wherein the mild clay bars are used for minor dirt or stains while the latter
is used for heavy dirt and stains. The car valeting crew should know which
appropriate clay bar to use in every situation to bring about the best results.

2. Polishing -- this is the second technique used by car valeting crews or
technicians. Through polishing, contaminations, swirls, scratches, and other
paint imperfections can be removed. With car polishes, the clearcoat is
penetrated thereby carrying out intense cleaning.

3. Waxing -- this is the third technique but this is just simply the wrapping up
of the first two techniques. This is the finishing process for auto detailing.
Wax is available in creams, liquids, and pastes. The products used in waxing
usually contain carnuba which have fatty acids which are quite helpful in
enhancing the car's appearance. It keeps the car surface protected from the
harsh effects and contaminations from the environment. The wax also gives the
car a neat and shiny finish.

So when you're out looking for a car valeting and detailing shop, try to ask if
the three services are being offered. Oftentimes, shops give special packages
that the customers can choose from.

There are also times when people try to do car detailing on their own. This is
definitely a less costly alternative but you need to be very careful when
choosing the products because it may damage your car. You should also follow
all the cleansing instructions carefully to avoid any problems.

For those who can afford the car valeting and detailing services, choose the
shop where you will entrust your car. Now that you know the three techniques,
you should be able to give your car the best treatment and care.

Car Valeting and Detailing -- Franchising or Owning

Offering car valeting and detailing services these days can let you earn a
great deal of money. A large percentage of the US population have their own
cars since it is already a necessity nowadays. With a car, anyone can travel
wherever he or she wants to go. Some individuals are too busy to care for their
cars and so they turn to car valeting and detailing services.

Car valeting and detailing will help any car owner to restore their car's new
look, from the inside to the outside appearance. Your car valet should employ
only the experts in the field so that they can easily restore any kind of
vehicle to superb condition. Services offered in the car valeting and detailing
service depends on the owner of the business but it usually includes wash,
vacuuming, and leather cleaning. Some service providers also give cars a sort
of protection treatment so that the car will be protected from the normal wear
and tear of everyday car use.

Additional services are also provided by some car valeting and detailing like
mini or full valet service and machine polishes. Mobile services are also quite
popular these days wherein the car valeting and detailing service sends one of
their crew to the location of the customer. The prices charged by the valeting
and detailing services vary and it would depend on the service extended to the

Bigger car valeting and detailing companies also offer franchising and these
companies help the franchiser in terms of financing, training, customer base,
and even insurance. The franchiser will usually be given their own operations
manual, uniforms, exclusive use of the logo of the company, marketing and
advertising guidance, and the needed chemicals. If you take advantage of this
franchising offer, the mother company may also provide the methods for
operating practices as well as effective business strategies.

Aside from the services mentioned earlier, a typical car valeting and detailing
service can also offer bumper scruffs, paint repair, repair of trivial
scratches, prevention for tire puncture, and dent removal. The business is not
just about providing service but it is also about educating their clients on
how to properly maintain their car's appearance. Their crew will always stress
the importance of regular washing to prolong the vehicle's paintwork. Regular
waxing is also encouraged. If your car has marks, spots, stains, or any other
cleaning problem, you will simply take your car to the car valeting service and
everything will be put back into place.

With so many customers to serve, anyone who owns a car valeting and detailing
service will make great profits. However, business owners should still consider
their location, their employees, their fees or charges for the service, and
quality of their services. If you're starting out, it would be best to
franchise from a much bigger car valeting and detailing company especially if
you have limited capital and you have little know-how about the business.

The mother company will provide you with almost everything you need, except for
the location of course. But you need to work doubly hard. On the other hand, if
you put up your very own car valeting and detailing business, you will know all
the aspects of the business so you need to research a lot about the various
services offered by car valeting.

It's up to you to decide which business road to take.

Valeting and Interior Car Detailing

Having a car these days is no longer considered a luxury. If you live in the
US, it is a necessity to have a car. So when you already have a car, you need
to take good care of it through the interior car detailing and car valeting.

Let's look into interior car detailing. This is not a very difficult task
because you can do this yourself. To start of, check the carpets of the car.
Try to remove all the stains on the car carpet using a brush and a stain
remover. But before you remove the stain, you need to vacuum it first. For the
mild stains, get a spray bottle and dilute the solution inside it.

Don't spray too much so that mildew can be avoided. After the stains are
removed, let the carpet dry completely. Don't forget to clean the floor mats of
your car. You can use a rigid or stiff brush to clean the floor mat and take it
outside to dry completely.

Second, you can look into the upholstery. Vacuum all the car seats and if you
find any stains, remove it just like how you removed the carpet stains. Leave
the doors of the car open to dry the seats.

Check the door jambs. You can use soapy solutions to clean the plastic and
metal parts of the car door. Use a rag to dry the door jambs. If you find
tougher stains, you can use brushes or Q-tips to remove it.

The car windows should be cleaned with a glass cleaner using soapy solutions.
Make sure that you dry the window thoroughly and erase streaks.

The dashboard can also contain dirt and stains. Remember not to spray any
cleaning solution or water on the dashboard of your car. Put cleaning solutions
on the cleaning tools and then cautiously clean the buttons and knobs.
Everything should be dried thoroughly.

So you see, interior car detailing is not as hard as you think. You can even do
it yourself. There are also car kits that you can purchase if you want to do the
task yourself. You can invest on the car kits and maintain the cleanliness of
your car without paying for any detailing service. Some car detailing services
charge high fees and so if you want to avoid such high fees, do the interior
car detailing on your own. Just follow the steps mentioned earlier and your car
will always look brand new.

Car valeting is another service offered to car owners. If you need valet, you
can simply contact the company that offers such service. Inquire at your local
state business registry and you will be able to find the car valeting services
available in your area. You can contact them by phone or if you want, you can
visit their officeand take your car with you.Special occasions sometimes
require your car to be more presentable and formal and perhaps a car valet can
make your car appear like new again.

Interior car detailing and valeting can be a DIY activity. Try it yourself and
you will be more attached to your car. You will love every moment of it and you
even brag about it to your friends: let them see how you care for your precious
car. If you need to choose a car valeting and detailing service provider, make
sure that you choose only the best.

Steps For Do It Yourself Car Valeting

When your car was brand new, you just can't get over the fact on how great
looking it is. The paint is shiny and has that luster that you can be proud of
showing off in public and you also have those great leather seats that is so
soft and comfortable. However, as years go by, you will see that the luster of
the paint will disappear and scratches may develop that you definitely don't
want to see in your car.

You will also notice that the leather in the seat will become a bit stiff and
quite uncomfortable.

You have to remember that even if you are extra careful or cautious in driving
your car, the environmental factors will significantly affect the look of your
car. The paint will lose its luster and will eventually fade away because of
the environment, such as acids, the suns harmful rays as well as the harshness
of snow and rain.

Most cars manufactured today only have a thin coat of paint. In fact, the
overall thickness will be 4 to 6 millimeters, which will include the
anti-corrosion coatings and the scratch resistant coating. The thickness of the
clear coat can be compared to the thickness of a piece of paper.

Even the bumper and other soft parts of the car will have thin coats of paint.

These are the facts that you need to consider when you plan on detailing or
valeting your car. Basically, you may want to evaluate the paint of the car
before undergoing a detailing or valeting project.

The first step in car detailing is by removing any contaminants in the
exterior, such as tar, bugs, grime, dust and other things that affects the look
of the car.

You must thoroughly wash the car first with water and use a car shampoo to
completely remove the dirt. Then, with a chamois, polish the car and make sure
that no water droplets remain.

There is commercial grade tar and bug removers that will help you remove any
unwanted stains that may have stuck on the paint of the car. Usually, most
professional car detailers will use a clay bar that has a fine abrasive
property which can remove any stains without harming the paint job on the car.

After giving your car a good scrub with the clay bar, the next step is to
remove the clay residue from the car. After removing the clay residue, you are
now ready to apply a professional grade car wax. Then, you may want to use a
liquid polisher compound. Carnauba is also a great addition as it will contain
carnauba fat which will provide a thin coating on your car which will give it
its shine and give the paint more depth and luster.

There is also chrome refinishing products that you can spray on damaged chrome.
With this, you will be able to make the chrome shine like it was brand new as
well as recondition it and remove and damages.

For the engine, there are engine detailer kits that you can use. However, you
have to follow the instructions first. There are basically two things that you
need to apply. The first is the dirt and grease remover, and the second is the
detailer which will make your car's engine shine like it just came out of the
factory line.

For the interior, you may want to use a vacuum to remove dirt from the carpet
as well as the seats. There are also chemicals that will moisturize the
leathers on your seats which will make it soft like it was brand new.

Car detailing/valeting kits are quite inexpensive. All you need to do is follow
the instructions on how to apply each of the compounds and you can be sure that
you will have great results.

Spiffy Clean with Auto Detailing

The practice of thorough polishing, waxing and cleaning of a car in both the
interior and exterior sides in order to produce a fixed quality detail level is
called as auto detailing. It can be practiced as a sort of personal preference
and satisfaction or can also be prepared for elegant cars which feature that
appearance of every car. Different elements of auto detailing include waxing,
polishing and claying.

When it comes to interior detailing, it usually involves overall cleaning of
the car's interior using brushers, vacuums and liquid cleaners. Detailing of
engine involves the cleaning of the engine area from grease and dirt using
all-purpose cleaners and degreasers.

Detailing and its Processes There is really no specific guideline when it comes
to detailing but what is sure is that it is considered as more comprehensive
than just cleaning because of the different features that it sets out for a car
owner. Detailing often involves a lot of steps more than washing. The main goal
of detailing is mainly centered on the protection and beautification of the car.

Not only that, some are also focused on minor services like paint repairs and
restoration of surface as well as complete cleaning in places of one's car that
is normally ignored just by ordinary cleaning like the underchassis, tires,
engine, trim and wheels.

The sequence of detailing the exterior of the car paint is from wash, dry,
polishing, glazing, sealant and waxing. Application of glaze is based on the
person's preference which is entirely optional and also with the application of
both wax and sealant. The important thing is, cleaning is maintained at a
satisfactory status. Shampoos, degreasers, polishes, protectants, waxes,
cleaners and lubricants are developed through time to suit different demands of
professionals and consumers.

Detailing can either be an individual habit or service. Polishing has different
purposes like removing swirls, water deposits, scratches, oxidation and other
paint imperfections. Whereas clay bars are used to remove any kind of
contamination that can injure the car, polishing can remove imperfections on
the car's surface. Generally, polishing is considered as the most time
consuming part of exterior detailing.

Typically, there are two categories of polishes: abrasive or chemical. Abrasive
polishes can remove a smaller portion of the car's clearcoart. Abrasive polishes
can be classified based on the product's abrasive properties. Rubbing Compound
is considered as the abrasion that can remove swirls, heavily made scratches,
and oxidation as well. It can be regarded as a refined piece of sandpaper. The
lesser abrasion is known as finishing polish which is used to remove fine
scratches and lighter swirls and oxidations. It is also used for the removal of
haze that results in the application of an abrasive polish that has more
abrasive contents.

Sealants and Waxing Purposes Polymer and sealants synthetically made are based
which provide more durability than the carnauba wax. These are liquid which are
applied in form which is similar to liquid wax. Waxing can further enhance the
depth and gloss of paint and also provide a shorter yet lasting protection. Wax
can come in numerous forms like paste, liquid and cream. Waxes may contain
carnauba that contains large amounts of fatty acids.

These fatty acids create a solid layer in between the outside world and the
paint which, on the other hand, protects the car and gives it a glossy finish.
Waxes which are synthetic mix high amounts of ultraviolet rays and less amounts
of cleaners which are regarded to as inhibitors to create the identical
protective layer that the carnauba does.

Making Your Car Look New Again With Car Detailing

Every time you use your car, it is subjected to the harshness of the
environment. In fact, even if you don't use your car, it will still accumulate
dust and dirt that can definitely affect your car in a negative way. Bird
droppings, tar and other contaminants can ruin the paint job of your car too
and you also need to consider the heat of the sun, rain, and other factors
which can affect the exterior as well as the interior of the car.

Surely, what you want is to maintain the same brand new look of your car when
you just got it out of the show room. You also want the leather seats to be as
soft as it was before. Even if you are the most cautious driver in the world,
your car will still be subjected to wear and tear. From scratches, to dents, to
chips, to nicks on the paint, you have to remember that the environment is the
number one enemy of your car's finish.

However, although these things are what you can consider as the car owner's
nightmare, there are ways on how you will be able to provide a remedy for it.
With the available car valeting and detailing services today, you will see that
your car will still have a chance to get that brand new look.

You need to remember that cheap car shampoos, soaps, and brushes can wear down
the quality of your car's finish. In fact, it will make the paint look dull and
remove its luster. This is why you may want to try avoiding cleaning your car
with cheap stuff as it contains harsh chemicals that will affect the luster of
your car's paint finish.

Also, you have to remember that you can scratch your car if you don't take care
in polishing it. You have to remember that if you want a car polished the right
way, you have to use chamois as this is one of the softest fabrics that will
never scratch the surface of your car.

If you want to make your car look like new again, then you might want to
consider getting the services of a car detailer or a professional car valeting
service. They are trained professionals that know everything there is to know
about car maintenance, especially when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics
of the car.

From the paint job, to the chrome, to the leather seats as well as the
carpeting, you will see that they will be able to recondition it to the point
that it will look good enough to put in a car show.

They will be able to remove everything from traffic film, to grime, to tar, to
squashed bugs to minor rust buildup in your car's body.

Also, they will be able to clean and detail the engine. By getting rid of the
grime, dust and grease from the engine, you will see a much more detailed
engine that is shiny and looks like that it just came off the line from the

So, if you really want to make your car look like brand new, you should try
getting the services of car detailing and valeting professionals. With their
skills and expertise, you can be sure that you will have a car that looks and
feels like brand new.

Getting Your Used Car Ready for Sale using Car Valeting Service

After 3 years of owning a car, you made a decision that you now need to sell it
and purchase a new one. However, who would want a beat up car that has been used
and abused for 3 years? Someone may want it but they may try low balling you for
a price that is way below your asking price. And, you know that your car is
worth what you are asking and you can't really afford to lower the price even

However, who can blame your buyers. Your car looks quite old with its paint
becoming dull and it has a dirty interior. The paint is also stained with tar,
grease, squashed bugs, and other unimaginable things that you definitely don't
want in your car paint.

If you want to sell your car at a good price, the first thing that you need to
do is get your car cleaned. And, getting your car cleaned doesn't just mean
washing the exterior with water and wiping it dry with chamois, but clean means
getting it really clean that it looks like brand new.

So, how can you do this to an old, beat up, used car?


You may want to try out some of the available car valeting and detailing
services out there. Here, you will not just get a regular car wash, but you
will definitely have a professional cleaning service for your car that you
never thought existed.

Car valeting and detailing services have evolved in to some form of an art.
They won't just clean your car, but they will make it look as if it is brand
new without spending thousands of dollars in refinishing the paint or replacing
the leathers on the seats. They know how to deal with the paint job of the car
and will use techniques that will bring out the true color of the car even when
it is already dull.

Also, car valeting and detailing services have professionals that know
everything there is about leather. This means that if you have worn leathers in
your car, they will be able to recondition it and make it look like it's new.

Basically, car valeting and detailing professionals will make your car look
like it just came out of the show room. In fact, most people who loves to join
car shows and display their car in it gets the services of car valeting and
detailing professionals to get their car ready.

You have to remember that cleaning the car professionally will require a lot of
time and equipments. With car valeting and detailing services, you can be sure
that you will be able to get your used car ready and in showroom condition.

By making your car look like this, you will definitely catch the attention of
potential buyers and with the way the car looks, you can be sure that they
won't even dare try to haggle with the price. In fact, they may even think that
what you are offering is a bargain.

Basically, don't think of it as tricking people in to buying your old car, but
think of it as a way to make your car look better that will make people want to
buy it. Besides, you are putting a fair price for your car right?

So, if you ever need to sell your old car to buy a new one, then you might want
to try giving it that extra appeal by getting the services of car valeting and
detailing professionals.

Detailing Your Car's Interior

For car lovers who spend most of their time working on their cars for hours or
even days just to present it on their selves as a precious gift, cleaning the
interior is more important than the exterior. Enthusiasts will spend most of
their time detailing their cars' inside and it will still make sense.
Technically, there are two surfaces of a car's interior which are divided into:
the breathable surfaces which include the cloth of the car's seats and the vinyl
such as the dashboard.

Step 1 -- Vacuum Before plugging in the vacuum and inhaling everything that
comes in contact, you have to first remove the things that will go against your
work like the mats, auto kits, etc. You must use a strong kind of vacuum. The
small ones which run through rechargeable batteries will not be enough more so
those that are plugged inside the lighter plug of your car. It is more
advisable that you use something more powerful like your home's vacuum cleaner.
That would be perfect for the job.

Remove the mats and just do the cleaning separately. Vacuum everything in sight
which includes those that will soon be cleaned with liquid cleaner. Use a brush
for places inside your car that could get marred with any impact coming from
solid edge attachments.

Step 2 -- Do the vinyl This is easier than vacuuming. Just use a vinyl cleaner
like Simple Green which is pretty much available in automobile stores and the
like. Dilute part of the concentration to water then go intense for stains that
are stubborn. Drench the soft cloth inside the mixture then apply it in a
liberal manner to the concerned sections. After applying, dry it up immediately
using a towel made from microfiber. This is not advised to be used in metallic

Step 3 -- Innermost cleaning If you have the strength for it, remove the car
seats every time you do interior detailing. That is how thorough your cleaning
should be. It will be easier on your part to clean the interior if you have no
seats to hinder your cleaning although there are cars that don't allow you to
remove the seats so you have to work hard just to get the dirt out of the tiny
spaces present on your car seats.

Step 4 -- Floor mat cleaning This is also easy. After removing them from your
car's interior, whale away then hose them and consider them as part of the wash
job exteriorly. Majority who do this gets most of the dirt out but some may find
it quite difficult. If the exterior washing doesn't get the job done, then it is
now necessary to apply a carpet cleaner then brush it.

Clean the part of the driver's seat covered in vinyl with whatever chosen
equivalent you have available. Never try treating the area with dressing for it
will cause some problems like the driver getting slipped and may have
difficulties in pedals.

Tough tip: it is always good to use hot or warm water whenever you plan on
cleaning your interior. You can heat it up in a microwave although this
strategy is only meant for those who are doing it at home because when it comes
to professional car detailing, the model will be stronger. Other models will
provide provisions for water heating.

Detailing your Car Wheels

In order to effectively detail your car, you have to know the categories first.
There is the non-painted wheel and the painted one. Both of these wheel
categories have one thing in common and that is have a brake dust. There is no
way that dust can be an exemption. Even the most expensive car is not exempted
from acquiring as much dust as there is.

Brake dust is something that is responsible for coating the outside portion of
your wheel and goes to detracting appearance. Sources of brake dust are the
part that is close to it which is the brake pads. When these pads wear off,
they become the dust that coats the brake. Fear not, for there is a solution to
these pesky brake dusts. Special cleaners meant for wheels are very much
available in automobile stores which are designed to extract brake dusts and
are to be purchased accommodate non-painted and painted wheels.

Not sure about the paint of your wheels? You can take some polish, it should be
the lighter one, then put it on the white towel, rub it on the area of your
car's wheel. If you see a black color from your rag, then you have a wheel that
is non-painted which means its surface is made of metal. On the other hand, if
you have see that your towel has the same color as your wheel, then it must be
painted. If you don't see any black but then again the wheel seems to have a
metallic surface, there is a possibility that you have a wheel that's clear
coated. On encountering clear-coated wheels, you can just treat it the way you
would treat painted wheels.

In case you have a wheel that is non-painted, you have to determine the kind of
material that was used in order to use the appropriate cleaner. The treatment of
the surface can make considerable difference which should not be disregarded. If
you're not sure about the requirements of different surfaces, you can consult
the manual of factories which supplied your car with its wheels.

It is more advisable that you separate your car's surface washing from cleaning
of your wheel. This will lessen or entirely avoid any kind of scratches because
the tires and wheels tend to contain large amounts of dirt particles. If you
use the same sponge or mitt, you can transfer the particles coming from the
wheels to the surface paint of your car which, in turn, may cause scratches.

You have to keep in mind that wheels are the ones that get all the dirt and are
considered as one of the dirtiest places of your car therefore, you have to give
a more aggressive cleaning attention. If you clean your wheels in a separate
manner, you can use a detergent that has a higher concentration which you
should not use on the car's actual surface because it will cause wax removal.

You have to make sure that all parts of the car are removed from the area to be
able to effectively clean all parts. Washing the parts separately will give you
a more efficient car detailing job. Be sure that you don't lose the parts that
you have removed to be able to put them back in proper places. And, try to
remember the way you removed it in order for you to put it back on properly.

Detailing your Car at its Best

Everybody loves cars. Perhaps the most memorable moment of your entire working
career, aside from owning a house, is having your own car. You would be more
amazed if your car looks and feels best. However, there are certain adjustments
that you have to do in order to maintain the view of the car. In due time, your
car must be refinished to look like it's been bought out of its manufacturer.

It must be subjected to a lot of refurnishing because of encounters with
outside elements like smog, scratches, dirt, heat, and all of those factors
that greatly affects a car's totality. To do away with these, you have to bring
in your car to a car detailing station and give it conditioning.

In car detailing, there are a lot of options that can be done with your car
based on your preference. Once the detailing is through, you have to maintain
your car's integrity in order to have a more pleasant view of its interior and
exterior. Now, to do that, here are some ways of keeping your car from any kind
of unpleasant markings or damages.

1. Scratches away! A scratch on your car is such an annoying sight! This just
makes you want to hunt the person who made that tiny scratch. Scratches are
considered as your car's number one enemy above all the rest. You have, at any
cost, avoid scratches. You have to be aware that grime and dirt, when rubbed to
your car's paint, can leave marks and it will be visible when hit by light.
These elements acts as sandpaper to your car and dulls it up. You have to
remember that anything that will come in contact with your car's paint must be
soft and without small residues.

2. Protect from elements The outside environment and the temperature that comes
across your car are only some of the elements that can do specific major and
minor damages. Every time you're done using your car, you have to store it
inside your garage to lessen any contact with any element. Car cover is also
advisable. Sunlight can help with the deterioration of your car and therefore
cause significance on an indispensible amount of maintenance.

3. Wax it Providing depth and gloss is not enough. You have to apply wax as a
part of your detailing duties to protect your car from elements which have
already been mentioned. These circumstances can be rid of if you would only be
more religious in taking care of your car's inside and outside. After wax
application, you can cover your car and be amazed on how shiny it will be the
next morning. Make sure to make inspections to your car's surface. This will
help you notice certain conditions which will help you anticipate what will

4. Detail habitually It is not a sin to detail your car. More so, it will add
up to people's impression about how you handle things and how they mean to you.
If you're that type of person who can't wash his car every month, don't take
your car's condition for granted. Let someone else do it for you. As much as
possible, you have to detail your car once every month.

You can go on washing and detailing your car as often as possible and that
would be great. This is also advisable when there are harsh conditions in which
your car constantly experiences.

Detailing Services: Giving Your Car the Full Treatment

Your car is an investment that you want to take care of. And, if you really
want to take care of it, you have to remember that taking care of a car is not
just about changing oil every few thousands of miles or replacing the tires
when it's worn. But, taking care of a car is also about keeping it clean.

You have to consider the fact that a clean car will last longer than one that
is neglected. Rust can accumulate because of dirt and dust that may make its
way inside your car and it will also cause scratches in the paint job as well
as the glass parts, such as the windshield, windows, rearview mirrors and side

If you really want a complete cleaning service for your car, then you might
want to consider getting a car valeting and detailing service. Today, there are
quite a lot of companies that offer this kind of service to all types of
vehicles. The great thing about these services is that they will be able to
provide you with a full service for your car that will definitely be of
excellent quality for your money.

They provide total cleaning services that you didn't even know existed. They
just don't wash the outside of your car and wax it, but they will also clean
everything there is that needs cleaning, including your engine, and every nook
and cranny of your car.

Most of these car valeting companies offer different packages. Some will offer
express valting service up to full valeting services where everything will be

There are also exterior cleaning packages where only the exterior of your car
will be cleaned.

Also, they hire only professionals that know their way around cars. They will
be able to remove traffic film and bugs in your windshield and body, and they
will even be able to remove tar spots and even renovate chrome.

Also, it is recommended that you go for hand polishing in order to make sure
that the car finish won't be subjected to the harshness of machine polishing.

If you really want to get your car cleaned professionally, look for a car
valeting service that will be able to provide cleaning in the interior as well
as the exterior. Go for companies that offer shampoo seats, carpets and boot.
They should also be able to clean and condition the dashboard as well as the
interior trims.

The air vents are also very important. Go for a car valeting service to get it
professionally cleaned and serviced. They know how to clean air vents the right

The car valeting service that you should go for should also be able to clean
the underside of your car. You have to remember that in most cars, these are
the most neglected spots and it is also the most crucial part of the car that
you need to get cleaned. If rust accumulates and eats away this part of your
car, then it will cost you thousands of dollars for repair.

Always remember that getting your car cleaned is part of the maintenance to
lengthen its life. So, the next time you think that your car needs a good
clean, you might want to try going for car valeting and detailing services.
With their help, you can be sure that you will have a clean car that will last
a long time as well as a car that will stand out from the rest.

Detailing Car Tips on Glass Cleaning

If cleaning glass is some sort of art, then you are lucky to have your self
work that is also a form of creation. This puts things into perspective.
Glasses that are dirty should be cleaned at once especially if it's your car.
It will be so obvious on your car's window that you are experiencing problems.
Car glass is considered as your friend especially when you're on the road. It
acts as your eyes through the long, winding road.

There are varieties of glass cleaners that are available in the market which
contains ammonia. Ammonia is a car cleaner ingredient that serves to be good in
cleaning glasses. There are also glass cleaners that can be found inside your
house that can be effective in cleaning. The ingredients for the recipe consist
of: vinegar and water with a sprinkle of your car's detergent. There is a more
complex concoction which is composed of sudsy ammonia, dish washing detergent,
a gallon of water, and 70% alcohol.

Some detailers would insist that plain water is the best ingredient in cleaning
your glass. Even collected rain can become the perfect solution for your glass

Thorough cleaning of glass can come in different processes. But before that,
you have to make sure that you have every material needed are all laid out so
that work can proceed smoothly. Now, down with the work: You can do this while
you're washing your car holistically.

Wash the glass with water and soap. Then, use the cleaner that you have chosen
to clean both the exterior and interior of your glass. You have to be very
particular in cleaning the inside of your car especially when it's new. This
supports the idea that interiors made of plastic releases materials which are
gaseous which leaves a film in the inside of your car.

You can choose to use towels which are made of microfibers and see how it can
make wonders for your technique in cleaning the glass. This material will also
disable the thought of harming the surface of your windows and glass, leaving
no scratch marks.

Lastly, like what people do after bathing, you have to dry the glass. Pass a
clean piece of cloth inside and outside the car. Use a cloth either made of
paper towel or cotton or a lint free rag without applying any kind of cleaner.
If you opted to use towels made of paper, don't choose the ones that have
designs or prints on them because this may contribute to slight scratches on
your car's glass. While you are doing the dry passing, inspect your car's glass
carefully in different angles for missed imperfections and residues that you
might have left out. If you have done a good job, you can eliminate the

Cleaning glass should never be done under direct heat or sunlight or if you
have a "hot" car surface. Make sure that you have several towels in order to
have a cleaner slate for every glass portion. Other detailers use newspapers to
clean the glass because of the belief that it contains polishing properties.

Your attention is always a must especially when attending to a do-it-yourself
car detailing. You have to be sure that you are prepared to get "messed up"
when cleaning your car. In this way, you can learn and maybe in the future,
earn for what you know.

Chemicals used for Car Detailing

As amateurs and professionals in the car detailing industry, you have to be
aware of the different chemicals that are used in the overall detailing of your
car. There is a market out there waiting to be tapped, chemicals to be used to
achieve a spiffy clean car environment. Dig this, it is pointless to say that
there are a lot of complete car cleaners in the market because that would be
saving more yet doing less. That's crazy. You can't take a bath using just soap
to wash your entire body! The same goes for cars. The notion of a complete car
cleaner is not possible at all. It just doesn't co-exist with the environment.

Detailing chemicals must be made out of different ingredients which are
formulated in every job in particular. Chelators, solvents, saponifiers,
surfactants, and wetting agents are the most common kinds of chemicals that are
used to detail your car.

Surfactants are fancy. They are molecules that are created by combining
different compounds. Molecules tend to be attracted to the soil and the other,
to water. Hydrophile is the chemical that is attracted to water. A hydrophile's
job is to encompass the soil. On the other hand, the compound that is attracted
to dirt is known as hydrophobe which is responsible for breaking down soil into
small pieces wherein the hydrophile can float away.

In order to dissolve soil, one needs a solvent. Yes, you need water! That is
the universal solvent ever known to man. There are solvents that can work
perfectly on phasing out grease and tar and all those irritable dirt that
sticks deep into your car. These solvents also contain properties that have
lighter effect than water and therefore have a more defining effect. Solvents
commonly used in caring for your car includes butyl and d-limonene which is
made from lemon and orange peels. D-limonene is considered as one of the most
expensive solvents although it can be one of the safest to use throughout the
entire car.

Manufacturers of the hydrophobe and hydrophile molecules tend to modify the
different characteristics of the surfactant. Wetting and penetrating will allow
water to surround dirt or soil so that it can be removed easily. Chemists have
indulged in improving your car's performance by modifying the detergent used.

Ever heard of animal fats used in soap manufacturing? Well, believe it because
you may not know it but you have already used such soap together with lye in
bathing. This process chemically removes the oils and fats in your car's body.
It's like fighting fire with fire. In order to convert oil and fats into soap,
chemists use saponifier which is known to be a kind of strong alkaline produced
substance. If produced as soap, it can be washed away by water.

Now that you have the slightest idea on the different chemicals that are used
it is just proper that you use the information that you have learned in order
to choose the right chemicals for detailing your car. In summary:

1. Whenever you are in doubt about a certain chemical, always test it before
   applying. Use a hidden part of your car in order to verify the compatibility 
   of the chemical to the nature of your car.

2. BNAcids remove soils which are non-organic.

3. Alkaline remove soils which are organic.

4. Petroleum cleaners should be used to remove petroleum soil

5. Do not use a cleaner that is not compatible, whether strong or mild, for
   your car's surface.

Car Valeting: Making Your Used Car Look like New

You just purchased your very own car from the used car lot. Although it may not
be much to look at, you have to consider that it is a used car. You can't really
expect to find something that sparkling and shiny in a used car lot would you?

Anyway, you got the car for a bargain and that's really enough for you. You
have a car that is in working condition which will be able to take you wherever
you want to go and it drives really nice. The only problem is, is that it lost
that once glorious paint that you see before your eyes. You know that it could
be better looking but you just don't have the money to refinish the car paint
as well as replace the leathers on the seats. You also have that damage on the
chrome and very dusty and dirty interior as well as carpets that would make
your mom take the bus instead of riding in your car.

However, have you ever thought that there is a way to make your car look like
new without spending a lot of money?

With car valeting or detailing services, you will see that your car will regain
its once brand new look. Although the condition of the engine as well as the
mechanical parts will not work as it had before when it was brand new, you have
to consider that it will be able to look like new and look as if it just came
out of the showroom.

Whatever car you purchased in the used car lot, you will see that professionals
working for car detailing or valeting services will be able to provide you with
quality service and do their best to make your car stand out from the rest.

Car detailing or valeting is the practice of extremely thoroughly cleaning of
an automobile. It will not only involve washing the car and waxing the exterior
and hand polishing it with chamois, but it will involve a lot of procedures to
really make your car look as if it is ready for a car show. In fact, most
people with classic car don't dare clean the car themselves. What they do is
take the car to auto detailing or valeting companies to get it cleaned and get
that show quality level of cleanliness and detail.

In car detailing or valeting, cleaning the exterior will involve claying,
polishing and waxing. Claying is used to remove any contamination in the paint
such as road grime, tar, dried bugs, tree sap and even paint that was sprayed
over the original paint. Claying is basically getting your car ready for waxing
and polishing.

In the interior of the car, cleaning will involve vacuuming, brushing and using
shampoos and other liquid cleaners for the seats and carpets.

If you really want the full service, most car detailing or valeting services
will even recondition the leather seats and carpets to look as if it is brand

The tires aren't even left out. They will apply a chemical that will make the
tire look blacker and cleaner

The engine will also be cleaned. It will be rid of dirt and grease and really
show the detail of the engine.

When you want a clean car, then you will see that car detailing or valeting
services will be able to provide you with the services that will definitely
exceed your expectations without spending too much money.

Car Valeting: Helping You Keep Your Car Clean

You know that you love your car and you want to preserve the way it looked
before when it was still new. However, environmental factors and accidents will
prevent you from doing so. No matter how cautious you drive, your car will still
end up with small scratches that can look quite ugly in your car. Scratches are
basically the worst enemy of any car owners who wants to preserve the look of
their car.

You also need to consider the chemicals that your car is exposed on, such as
tar, acids on the rain, vapors from salt water, as well as the sun's rays.
These factors can affect the paint finish of your car. In time, you will see
that the paint will become duller and duller, which can prove quite ugly.

Also, the paint can be subjected to stains, such as tar, traffic film, bugs,
and bird droppings. For people who experienced this before, you know how hard
it is to remove such stains from your car's body. If you attempt to remove the
stain, then you will likely end up scratching the surrounding area where the
stain is located.

If you really want to preserve the way your car looked when it was still brand
new or you just want to get your car cleaned, then you will see that car
valeting or detailing services will be there to provide you with these needs.

Professional car detailers don't just wash your car with water and shampoo, but
they will also be able to restore the paint finish of your car. They have the
skills and the expertise to make your old car look like new again.

Assuming that the scratches are only minor ones and your car's body has stains
in it, car detailing or valeting specialists will be able to fix this for you.

With special cleaning equipments and compounds, they will be able to virtually
remove the scratches on your car's body. In fact, it will be able to look like
new again like it just came out from the show room.

The interior of the car can also be fixed. If the leathers in the seats are
getting hard and cracked because of the heat, then detailing specialists will
have the tools and knowledge that is necessary to recondition it.

They will also be able to recondition the chromed parts of your car giving it
the once shiny finish.

Basically, car detailing or valeting have become an art. There are specific
steps on how to properly clean the car and also how to make the finish look new
again. From preparing your car for cleaning, to removing any stains without
scratching your car, to finishing it with a thin coat of carnauba fat, you will
see that these steps are important to make your car look new again.

So, if you have car that has deteriorated when it comes to its looks, then you
will find that there are ways on how you can regain its once beautiful finish.

From the exterior of the car, to the interior, and even to the engine, car
detailing or valeting specialists will be able to clean it without causing any
damage to your car. In fact, they will be able to improve the protective
factors against the harshness of the environment.

Car Valeting: Getting Your Car Ready For the Showroom

Car valeting and detailing services are now very popular nowadays. If you are
the type of person who always wants to keep their car clean inside and out,
then you will see car valeting and detailing services will be able to provide
you with what you need.

You will see that there are quite a lot of companies today that offers this
kind of services. With it, you will never have to worry about cleaning your car
again as they will be able to do it for you and even do it better.

Most car valeting and detailing services will ensure that everything in your
car is cleaned. And, when they say everything, they will usually mean
everything. Full service includes cleaning the outside and the inside of your
car to the point that it will be ready for the showroom. In fact, most people
who needs to get their car to the showroom gets the services of car valeting
and detailing companies.

Not only that they will be able to clean your car inside and out, but you will
see that they will do everything that needs to be done in order to make your
car look like new. They will remove traffic film and bugs, clean and condition
wheel arches, clean allow wheels, remove tar spots, condition tires, condition
exterior trims, renovate chrome, vacuum and shampoo the seats, carpet and boot,
and other services.

In fact, you will even see some companies that offer services such as this will
even be able to provide engine cleaning and get it ready for you to show off in
the showroom or in car shows.

The great thing about it is that most of them will be able to offer you the
full service at a very reasonable price.

So, if you have a Porsche that you need to be in a showroom condition or you
just need your classic car cleaned in order for you to take it to the car show,
you will see that car valeting and detailing services will be able to provide
you with the cleaning you need for your car.

They will make sure that no corners will be left out and they will also make
sure that your car will definitely be something to look at in car shows. They
will have the leather seat covers cleaned and conditioned and you can be sure
that only professionals will handle your car.

They will also apply wax and special chemicals to make the finish of your car
shine like no other.

By the time they finish with the valeting and detailing services, you can be
sure that you will have a car that will look as if it just got out of the
showroom. In fact, you will have a car that will look as if it is brand new.

The leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned to look brand new, the
exterior and interior will be as clean as a whistle, and you can even expect to
have great looking tires that looks brand new and shiny.

So, if you ever need to have your car cleaned to the point that it will be
worthy for displaying in a car show, then you might want to try getting the
services of car valeting and detailing companies out there.

Car Valeting and the Secrets to Detailing Products

Being in the auto valeting and detailing products may be a tough job. Owners of
such business should know how to maximize the use of their valeting and
detailing products to reduce cost and at the same time, aim for higher profits.
Detailing products are not that expensive but if you know how to use them
properly it can help save thousands of dollars.

Try to check on your valeting and detailing crews. How do they use the wax or
wash soap? Most of the time, this product is wasted depending on how it is
used. Tell your detail crews that for every 5-gallon bucket use one cap of the
wax or wash soap. If the car is very dirty, you can use 2 or 3 caps of the wax
or wash soap. If your detailing crew follows such proportions, you can save a
lot on the wax or wash soap.

When using cleaners and degreasers, a pint of the solution is already enough to
clean ten cars; whitewall figures should be cleaned using stronger solutions.
Heavy-duty degreasers should be used for rims to achieve desired results.

For the glass cleaners, mix 50% distilled water and 50% glass cleaner. If you
have window cleaners instead of the glass cleaner, mix 75% distilled water with
25% window cleaner.

Leather cleaners should be used according to the right proportions. There are
lots of leather cleaners to choose from so make sure that you choose a cleaner
that is of good quality and it should also be affordable. Avoid wasting leather
cleaners by using too much of it.

Clay bars can last for many months but always keep the bars moist. You can
store the clay bars in a container where there's moisture.

Car scents should never be sprayed on the car's dashboard. You can squirt the
product two times under the car seats so that you can conserve the product. You
don't need to spray too much of the car scent.

These are only some of the detailing products used if you are involved in a car
detailing service. Educate your valeting and detailing crews on how to conserve
the products. Teach them the right product proportions to use so that the
detailing products are not wasted. If you can save little by little, then the
cost for obtaining such detailing products will be reduced and that is a
positive point for your business.

Since you're already in the car detailing service, why not consider offering
car valeting? This is a very good service that you can offer to people who want
to have a valet visit their homes for a more personal car service. Many people
want a more personalized car valet so that they can have someone attend to
their car's needs while they're out working or doing something else.

Putting up and maintaining a car valeting and detailing business may be hard
but if you know what you're doing, you will succeed in this business endeavor.
By incorporating a car valet service, more and more people will be attracted to
your business. Your usual clients will surely spread your new service by word of

Soon, your car valet service will also become popular especially if they
provide the best car services. With the secrets to efficient use of valeting
and detailing products, your business will keep on earning profits because of
the reduced costs on the raw materials (products).

Car Valeting and Detailing: The Best in Orlando

Like humans, cars are prone to harsh and damaging conditions. Everyday, when
you take your car out for a drive, you drive along humps, rough roads, and
potholes which can cause grime and scratches. You can't control the weather and
so your car will have to withstand heavy rains, pollution, and dust which can
further aggravate the look of your car. When a car is overused, the internal
parts also tend to weaken. If you want to protect the car from improper usage
and from the harsh effects of the environment, you should look into Orlando's
best in mobile car valeting and detailing.

There are lots of tourist spots in Florida that you shouldn't miss but how are
you going to visit all those places if your car has unnecessary wears and
scuffs? If you consider any of Orlando's car valeting and detailing services,
you can freely visit Orlando Universal Resort, Walt Disney, Hollywood Studios,
Islands of Adventure, and City Walk (Blizzard Beach).

If you regularly take your car to any of Orlando's car valeting and detailing
services, you won't get embarrassed and you can even impress your loved one.
What can you expect from these services? Your automobile will be cleaned,
polished, and waxed inside out and the result will be a show-quality detail

When cars are washed regularly, it will ensure a great looking car wherever you
go. Detailing the car would depend on the individual and his/her personal
satisfaction. Car detailing can be interior and exterior.

The interior car detailing involves cleaning the vehicle's interior using
liquid cleaners, vacuums, and brushes. Exterior detailing involves claying,
polishing, and then waxing. There is also another service called engine
detailing wherein the bay area of the engine is cleaned to get rid of grease
and dirt through the use of all-purpose cleansers and degreasers.

If you have a car, it is important that you take it to a car valeting detailing
service three or five times every year. If you want your car to serve you for a
long time, you should take good care of it and you must show love to your car.
Using your car carefully will lessen the possible scratches. The car finish
should not come into contact with any rough things or surfaces. When cleaning
your car personally, try to use cloth or soft towels; never use sandpapers. It
is also advised that you have a garage to store your car when not in use. Try
to avoid storing or parking cars on certain areas that are exposed to
environmental hazards and sunlight because it can contribute to quicker
deterioration of the car; if you don't have a garage, the car will need
constant cosmetic maintenance.

In order to protect the car from sunlight, bird droppings, bug carcasses, and
other elements, you need to take it to a wax car service. The car finish is
very important and so you must exert effort in taking good care of it.

Try the best of Orlando and take your car to Wax Car Detailing, Mobile Car Wash
Orlando and Car Detailing Orlando. These are among the best in the industry. You
can even try the other car valeting services in Orlando so that your car is
always in good condition wherever you go.

Car valeting and detailing is not a problem when you're in Florida because you
can find a lot of services there.

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