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Cholesterol's and learning about Trigylcerides

When it comes to learning how you can become healthier, you will be able to
lower you cholesterol and you will want to check your body's levels of a fat
called triglyceride. You will find that cholesterol and triglyceride are both
lipids in your body that will help your body to survive. If you don't try to
maintain healthy levels of fats in your body, you will be at risk for a heart
attack and stroke. There are many people who will check with their doctor about
their cholesterol levels so that they are able to stay healthy and so the heart
can tick stronger than ever. You will want to inquire about your triglyceride
levels because you doctor may not inform you of your personal level.

Triglycerides are tested as part of your cholesterol test and it will be the
fourth number , that happens to follow the good and bad cholesterol levels and
your total cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, medical research has only
recently been started on the effects of triglycerides in the blood stream.
Usually, there are levels of triglycerides and the levels of bad cholesterol,
as well as the good cholesterols. So it is apparent that lower levels of
triglycerides are better for your body.

However, it is not yet apparent if triglycerides are contributing to the
problems of high LDL cholesterol or if high levels are a symptom of high LDL
cholesterol. They are still trying to study this type of problem, but there are
doctors who aren't quite sue on how to recommend treatment for the triglyceride
levels. Most of the time, lowering high LDL cholesterol and raising low HDL
cholesterol brings triglyceride levels back into a normal range with no
additional work.

You will find that there are some special cases where the higher levels of
triglycerides are being treated in patients. You will find that a normal
reading of triglyceride is lower than 150. You will find that anything about
the 150 is considered to be high and if you are over 500, then the levels are
extremely high and it could dangerous to your health. Most patients that are
being treated for high triglyceride also suffer from syndrome X. The syndrome X
is a genetic default that will cause you to have high LDL cholesterol, low HDL
cholesterol, also hypertension. You may also have abnormal blood clotting and
issues with insulin.

This is the reason why patients with the syndrome X are at high risk for heart
attack. Your high triglyceride levels can be easily treated if you lose some
weight and exercise. You may also need to get on some medication, although, a
diet could be just as helpful. If you may think that you suffer from the
syndrome X, then you will want to learn more about your levels of cholesterol
and triglyceride. You can do that by talking to your doctor. You will go to
your doctor for a simple blood tests and it will measure the lipids in your
blood so that you can stay heart-healthy. You will want to also talk to your
doctor about changing habits in your diet and exercise routines so that you can
life healthy and you may also want to check out your medications so that you can
make sure that you are being medicated to your advantage.

Check your health, learn about cholesterol

You will know that just how healthy you are when you check your cholesterol on
a regularly basis. You will also find that your doctor will break down that
report so that you have several numbers and a real understanding of just how
healthy you are. With all the medical advances, that you will come across
you'll be able to know exactly what part of your cholesterol is out of control
and how your overall progress is doing.

You will be getting the numbers with an explanation, but it still can be very
confusing. It is very difficult to explain what you are told to someone else.
You will want to get a cholesterol testing kit so that you can test yourself in
the comfort of your own home. You may find that it is difficult to understand
the kit, but if you learn how to do the math, then you will be able to
understand your results and the numbers.

You will first be given a number for your bad cholesterol that is often
referred to as low density lipids cholesterol. This is commonly referred to as
"bad cholesterol" and you can remember this by using the L to stand for
Lower--you want to be sure to lower this type of cholesterol. The bad
cholesterol will end up making about 65-75% of your total cholesterol, however,
you should make sure that your total number is at least lower than 130. Because
LDL cholesterol is the type that causes heart attacks, if you have other risk
factors such as obesity or a family history of heart disease, you want to keep
this number even lower, less than 100 if possible. Your diet is very important
in many ways, but it will lower your bad cholesterol levels.

You will then realize that your second number is your good cholesterol or HDL.
This is a high density lipid cholesterol. You can always remember that your HDL
is healthy by remembering the link to the "h". You will want this to be of at
least 35 or higher for men, but 40 or higher for women. Women have an easier
time raising HDL levels than men do, but this can be done through exercise and
not smoking.

As for your last number, you will fid that it is your total cholesterol level
that will add both your good and bad together. You will find that if you keep
your LDL and HDL levels normal, then you will be able to have a good total
cholesterol level. However, you should consult your doctor if you have any
questions about your cholesterols and the numbers. They will be able to place
you on medication so that you can have a healthy life with the cholesterol
under control.

High Cholesterol and Self Testing

Did you know that high cholesterol is a serious problem that is common in
America? You will find that it is because Americans do not know how to properly
eat. You will find that high cholesterol is part of a serious epidemic, but it
is also killing people because it will cause you to have a heart attack or
stroke. Once you turn 18 years of age, you should go to the doctor on a regular
basis to get your cholesterol checked out.

You will want to make sure that it is checked every five years or so, however,
if you are at serious risk for a heart attack or stroke (because they are
genetically linked), you will want to go every year. You may want to stay
concerned about your cholesterol levels throughout your entire adult lie,
because you can be at risk at anytime for a heart attack, however, if you deal
with it quickly, you'll be able to reduce your risks. You may want to get a
home kit to test your levels in the privacy of your own home. You will then
want to go to some of the local pharmacies to try to locate one. If you do have
high levels, you will want to consult your doctor to help you moderate your
healthy cholesterol levels.

You will want to research all the options that you have and you'll want to do
the research before you test your own cholesterol levels. First, you need to
learn a little about cholesterol levels and what they tell you about your
health. There are three or more different cholesterol readings that your doctor
takes to review your health. When it comes to the good cholesterol or HDL you
will want this level to be above 40 or higher. On the other hand, LDL
cholesterol, commonly called "bad cholesterol" should be kept lower, at 130 for
those in good health with no family history of heart attacks or stroke and at
100 or lower if your family does have a history of heart attacks or stroke.
When it comes to your cholesterol report, you may want to ask about all the
other numbers that may be included, but your cholesterol numbers are the most
important ones to monitor.

You should also know that most home testing kits will only give you a total
cholesterol reading. This number should be under 200 and includes not only HDL
and LDL numbers, but other considerations as well. You may end up suffering
from high LDL and low HDL, but you may have a completely comfortable
cholesterol level. This can be very misleading. Some self-testing kits are now
adding other reading options to make this process easier, but if you aren't
knowledgeable about the many different kinds of cholesterol, this can be

You will want to make sure that you follow all of the directions to the
self-testing kit very carefully. If you will do it correctly, you will find
that testing your cholesterol accurately like the doctor had itself. You will
want to remember that there are some companies that have better products, such
as the kits that are available on the Market.

You will have to prick your finger to test the cholesterol, but then again, if
blood makes your squeamish, you can always find an option that will help you.
These kits are not something that you should replace a regular doctor's visit.
You will want to make an appointment with your doctor if you are uncertain
about your cholesterol levels or if you think that it might be at an unhealthy

Cholesterol and the Effects on Men and Women

There are some people who may deny that there are differences between the sexes
when it comes to cholesterol, but you should know that rather or not you are
being affected from high cholesterol. You will find that many scientists will
help you to determine the differences between men and women so that you can
determine how cholesterol affects you. You should know that men and women have
different hormones and you will find that cholesterol also works in a different
way. With you do the proper research, you can learn about the differences in
steroids in your body.

You will notice that men are less likely to care about what they eat, but they
are less likely to exercise for the benefit of being healthier, but it's more
to look better for the other sex. They are also a lot less likely to go to the
doctor for a problem that could be something serious. For these reasons men run
a higher risk of having high cholesterol at an earlier age.

It may be obvious those women are more likely to be healthier with their
lifestyles. However, this doesn't mean that they are not at risk for having
high cholesterol or avoiding heart disease. Did you know that women are less
likely to respond quickly to a heart attack then men? Even though many women
think that breast cancer is the top health risk for their gender, this is
actually not true--its actually heart disease. There are so many women who
believe that they need to worry about breast cancer, but they really should
think about their chances of having a heart attack. This is why drastically
higher numbers of women die of their first heart attack when compared to the
number of male fatalities for the same reason.

Even though men and women are very different, you will find that there is one
thing that both of the sexes have in common and that is being able to change
the future. Yes, it's true you can change your future by starting to become
healthy and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. You will find that if you
start yourself on a diet that will limit you fat intake, you may be able to
save yourself from a heart attack.

You will find that there are saturated fats, sugars, and alcohol that you are
going to have to avoid in order to decrease your cholesterol, however, remember
that the body does need some fats and sugars for it to perform. You will want to
do everything that you can to stay active and also maintain a healthy life.

You will find that you can control your weight and with that you will be able
to increase your good cholesterol, but you will also be able to decrease the
cholesterol. You may also want to take some fiber supplements so that you can
keep your cholesterol levels just right and you'll be able to dispose the bad
cholesterol before it enters your blood stream. There are some many things that
you can do to keep your cholesterol under control, but you will want to consult
your doctor about what is best for you.

Find out more about Statin Drugs

There are drugs called statin drugs that happen to be the answer to high
cholesterol. There are many popular statin drugs that will provide you safety
and validity of these drugs. It will lower your bad cholesterol levels, but you
will also be able to raise the good cholesterol. These drugs have little or not
side effects when it comes to long term use, but you will also find that you
can risk your risk of an stroke or heart attack by facing your cholesterol
issues. You may want to consider talking to your doctor about you using statin
drugs to help your poor cholesterol levels get better in the numbers.

When it comes to statin drugs on the market, you will find about six. Each of
the major drug companies in the United States produces forms of these drugs,
making them easy to get and use. Rosuvastatin, Fluvastatin sodium, Atorvastatin
calcium, Lovastatin, Pravastatin sodium, and Simvastatin are the statin drugs
that your doctor may prescribe to you for your cholestorial levels. Common
names for these types of drugs that you might recognize include Zocor, Lipitor,
and Lescol. Ask your doctor about what they recommend for you to take.. In
general, rosuvastatin and atorvastatin calcium are used for intensely lowering
cholesterol, and may be taking in conjunction with other medications. There are
many people who suffer from liver disease and if you are one of them, then you
will want to take Pravastatin sodium in small doses. It is also important to
abstain from drinking alcohol as well. Atorvastatin calcium and fluvastatin
sodium are especially useful if you have kidney problems. All of the other
statin drugs you will find that they are proven to help you with your risks of
heart attacks and strokes.

When it comes to the statins you will find that they will work by blocking the
enzymes in your liver that will make you produce cholesterol. With the excess
of cholesterol in your body you will find that this will prevent you from
making your cholesterol levels even higher. You will find that there are statin
drugs that will help you to maintain your healthy cholesterols and lower your
bad cholesterols. However, you should be aware that they will cause you to have
a rare disease known as Rhabdomyolysis. This is where the muscles become
damaged. You will want to make sure that you follow all of the doctor's
instructions very carefully.

You won't want to take them if you have muscle weakness and also the
Rhabdomyolysis may end up progressing into kidney failure and then death. This
is a very serious condition. Mainly, you will want to keep a close eye on your
heath in general and you will want to consult your doctor about any changes in
your health and how you can treat you high cholesterol safely. Remember, statin
drugs are great for some to help them with their cholesterol levels, but it is a
prescription and your doctor will recommend that you start a diet, quit smoking,
and begin an regular exercise routine.

High Cholesterol in Diabetics

For those who have diabetes, you have a condition where the body and pancreas
is not producing enough insulin for your body to properly function. You will
find that it puts you at risk for vision trouble and your doctor will give you
plenty of warnings once you are diagnosed or if you are on your way to
developing diabetes. You will notice that there are many discoveries about the
link between cholesterol and diabetes.

You will also notice that this link is called Macular edema and it be very
harmful to your health. You will notice that diabetes and high cholesterol will
be very harmful to your health. If you have both of then, you will want to make
sure that you pay close attention to your diet and that you increase your
levels of excise so that you don't lose your sense of sight or become affected
by diabetes and high cholesterol horrors.

The illness, macular edema is where you lose vision or become blind in one or
both of the eyes since there is water in the macular of the eye. High glucose
levels in the bloodstream, which happens when your body does not produce
insulin, puts you at a greater risk for developing macular edema, and the
surgery to relieve this condition, if it is even possible, is dangerous and
difficult. The recent studies show that there are diabetics to suffer from high
cholesterol are more likely to develop macular edema.

You will want to note that there are both good and bad kinds of cholesterol.
Good cholesterol is needed in the body, and is called HDL. Bad cholesterol,
called LDL, produces excess lipoproteins in the blood stream, which build up on
blood vessel walls. You will find that scientist claim that it is this that will
cause heart attacks and may be responsible for strokes, and you will want to
take a healthy approach to life so that you can afford the risk of suffering
from such disorders. Because diabetic patients are two to four times more
likely to develop macular edema if they also have high levels of LDL
cholesterol in the blood stream, they need to be extra careful about their

You may not know this, but there are foods like eggs, fish, and milk that
happen to contain a lot of bad cholesterol, however, these foods are foods that
are praised to be healthy for you. . Foods high in trans fats are also culprits
for LDL cholesterol. Although we do need some LDL cholesterol in our body for
things such as cell membrane production, our livers produce most, if not all,
of what we need to function Meaning that you will have to limit your intake of
such foods.

You will find that by avoiding such foods that are high in cholesterol you will
be able to keep your vision by preventing all of the macular edema risks and
diabetic patients will be able to find some control. Low cholesterol diets are
needed for anyone and everyone. You will need to think about your diet and how
healthy you are. You will want to make sure that you do all that you can to
become healthy with diet and exercise. You can check your cholesterol levels by
using a home test kit and you will be able to check the levels more accurately
when you go to your doctor. If you stay healthy you will be able to prevent
macular edema and you will be able to avoid some serious health problems.

Lipid Altering Medication should you be taking it?

You are aware that high cholesterol can be very dangerous to your heart disease
and you will find that other serious health problems like a stroke. You will
find that the doctor will suggest that you change your diet and lifestyle, but
then there are some people are just need a little more. Lipid is a drug that is
prescribed to those who have high cholesterol and keep it under control and
keeping it under control. When it comes to the LDL cholesterol and
triglycerides you will find just what undesirable lipids are for.

If you have lipids that are undesirable can cause you to have a serious medical
issue. If you are at risk, you may want to talk to your doctor, because there is
no way for you to judge your cholesterol without getting tested. If you are at
risk, you may be able to get what's best for you and a situation like this; a
situation that you correct.

Some of the prescriptions that you can get for high lipids include meds like
statins and fibrates, not to mention cholesterol adsorption inhibitors. Statins
lower cholesterol and assist in the prevention of cholesterol being produced
within the body. Fibrates are commonly prescribed with them and you'll be able
to use the lipid-lowering meds to help you eliminate triglycerides from your
body. There are a few different types of fibrates, but gemfibrozil is most
commonly prescribed because it is the most effective one that has the fewest
possible side effects. If you use cholesterol absorption inhibitors, you will
find that you can have a good start to a long fight against high cholesterol.
They are safer for people who have had trouble with side effects of statins and
are looking for an alternative. It lowers triglycerides and significantly
reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

There are some people who simply prefer to have a more natural way of treating
their high lipids. You will want to take some vitamins so that you can reduce
your bad lipids, but also increase your good cholesterol. Niacin is a B vitamin
that is taken in large doses in order to lower the total cholesterol amount,
triglycerides, and bad cholesterol, as well as increasing the amount of good
cholesterol. This is something that you can take without prescription, but you
will want to just with your doctor about using these vitamins and you will not
want to take large amounts of them either.

Your doctor should monitor you so that they can see if your body is responding
favorably and no additional problems arise. You may also want to think about
things like fiber and soy so that you are able to find something natural for
you to consume and help you with the bad lipids that are in your body and blood.

Natural lipid medications and also prescriptions will help reduce a lot of your
bad cholesterol or lipids and it may save you from developing other diseases or
issues. You will want to check everything out with your doctor before you begin
taking them. Vitamins should not be mixed with certain meds and that is why you
will even want to ask your doctor if you are able to take such vitamins.

Low Cholesterol can be dangerous

You will find that when your doctor talks to you about your cholesterol levels
they will begin to put a lot of fear in your head. High cholesterol is a long
term problem that will lead to serious things like heart disease and strokes
(which can be deadly), however, you will find that you can lower your risks and
take steps to make sure that you lead a healthy and full feeling life. You will
find that you may suffer from lower levels, but you may also be high, however,
you will need to talk to your doctor about how you can bring your cholesterol
back to normal through various methods.

There are many factors that will contribute to you have low cholesterol in your
body. Anything lower than 160 mg/dL is considered abnormally low and should be
carefully monitored by doctors. You will find that hypocholesterolemia, liver
disease, malabsorption, celiac disease, malnutrition, and a manganese
deficiency could one of the money factors that will cause you to have too low
cholesterol. A small percentage of people also have very low levels of
cholesterol in the blood steam due to abetalipoproteinemia, a rare genetic

Abetalipoproteinemia is a condition that mainly affects the Jewish population
and not only causes low cholesterol levels, but also causes vitamin
deficiencies and an inability to grow and gain weight at a normal rate.
Hypobetalipoproteinemia is a rare genetic disease that is caused by a gene
defect, but it will also make the cholesterol levels lower in the blood system.
Low cholesterol, lastly, can be caused if medications used to treat high
cholesterol are used improperly.

There is a common concern throughout the medical community about the lower
cholesterol levels. In general, low cholesterol goes hand-in-hand with poor
health. Thus, mortality rates rise with low cholesterol. There are some common
problems when it comes to the low cholesterol that includes thinks like issues
with the respiratory system, depression, hemorrhagic stroke and more. However,
studies are still being done to test theories about these problems and their
link to low cholesterol levels in the body. When it comes to the links for
depression, you will want to be sure that you ask your doctor to check out your
cholesterol levels because you may be suffering from depression because of your
low cholesterol. Elderly patients should also be especially mindful of low

When it comes to cholesterol levels, you will want to control your levels, but
you will not limit it. You will find that if you watch what you eat, then you
will be able to help your cholesterol levels to be normal, unless you have some
rare disease that may prohibit you from doing so.

More Information about What a Stroke is

When an artery becomes blocked or broken you will find that you are at risk for
neuro damage and a stroke. It is a very common condition that will leave a
person extremely disabled. This can cause your brain cells to die and it is not
something that you can fix or repair. One of the most common types of strokes is
known as the Ischemic stroke. You will find that it is caused by an artery.
Depending on the person, you may have different side effects from the stroke
that may not be too disabling, but it could also leave you completely crippled.
It is important that you do everything that you can to not end up taking a
stroke and that you will not have to deal with these types of disadvantages in

Did you know that the right and left side of the brain will control different
sides of your body?. The two sides control the opposite side of the body so if
paralysis occurs it will likely only be to one half of your body. If you happen
to have a stroke and it affects the right part of your brain you will lose your
vision. One the other hand, strokes affecting the left side may cause speech
problems as a result. Any brain cells that die will cause memory loss and
paralysis that may take over parts or the entire side of your body.

Your high cholesterol is the leading cause of having clogged arteries and that
will cause you to have a stroke or heart attack. It is also related directly to
developing heart disease, which makes you susceptible to heart related problems,
which include stroke and heart attack. The doctor that you go to will be able to
test your cholesterol levels at any time in your life, but you should get it
checked once you become 18 or older. Don't wait to get checked out.

Being overweight, smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and genetics
can all be causes of elevated levels that may cause you harm. Also, to fight
your chances of a stroke, you will want to use exercise and a diet to help you
battle your high cholesterol. It may also be necessary to restrict your diet to
get rid of sugars and saturated fats because they can cause elevated levels of
bad cholesterol. You may also want to ask your doctor about certain medications
that you can take to control your cholesterol.

Your friends and family will suggest that you go see a doctor so that you can
avoid the horrors of a stroke. You will want to get annual physicals and
regular check ups to see if you are at risk for a stroke or heart disease. With
the high cholesterol, you will be at risk for a stroke and you will need to be
kept under strict control to help prevent this disease from taking effects on

Soy is powerful for your body

Soy use is relatively new. You will find that there are tons of health benefits
that you will be able to get from soy, but you will also want to include it into
your diet regardless of the risk for heart disease, if you may have it. You
should know that most vegetarians will eat soy as a substitute for meat, but it
will also allow patients to lower your high cholesterol levels. You will want to
check with your doctor about adding soy to your diet

There are a lot of doctors that recommend that you replace meat with soy so
that you can avoid the bad fats, but get the protein that you need. At this
rate, daily, soy has been proven to lower cholesterol. Even the FDA or the Food
and drug Administration has noticed the effects of soy and how it can greatly
reduce your risk of heart disease. Cholesterol clogs veins and arteries with a
fatty substance that hardens to produce plaque; too much plaque in the arteries
can close them completely, causing a heart attack. If you eat soy, you'll be to
reduce your cholesterol levels in your blood so that you can avoid build up in
your arteries and heart. Lowering the amount of cholesterol by eating more soy
can also reduce your risk for having a stroke.

You will also notice that the benefit that you will get from using soy in your
diet does not just stop at helping you with cholesterol. You will also find
that it can help women with their hormone troubles during menopause. The health
benefits of soy do not stop at lowering cholesterol, however. Soy is also very
beneficial for menopausal women, since it increases estrogen levels.

Then that will reduce the effects of menopause such as night sweats and hot
flashes. Because it has been known to raise estrogen levels in the body, eating
soy can also be very beneficial for men trying to treat prostate cancer. There
are still some studies being done about how good soy can help you lose weight
and deal with diabetes.

You will find that soy is a healthy food that can help you with many things
including menopause. You can also use it to lower your cholesterol levels, but
also make yourself generally healthy. You will want to ask your doctor about
the effects of soy and how it may help you fight to become healthier. You will
find that your doctor will fill you in with all the wonders and questions that
you might have about adding soy to your diet and by using soy and exercise to
make you healthier. You will want to add things like fruits, veggies, and
grains so that you can have a stronger and longer healthy life.

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