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Christmas, a Time for Giving and Sharing
by: Hege Crowton

Finally, the season so many of us are looking forward to is just around the corner. Joy, peace, happiness, children, lights, decorations and Santa Claus, these are just a few of the things associated with Christmas. Although these are things most people think about Christmas, for others it might be a nightmare.

Unfortunately Christmas has become the biggest commercial money making machine there is and a lot of people has fallen in its trap. This should not be. Yes, Christmas is about giving but not the type of giving that comes out of your wallet rather the type that comes from the heart.

Giving and sharing is what this season is all about and if all of us could just remember that and take our wallets and money out of the picture, it would lighten the burden of Christmas for so many people.

These two words, giving and sharing, can have different meanings for different people but it basically comes down to the same thing. Offering some of yourself to others in need.

Imagine if you could make a difference for one family this Christmas. Many families have nothing to offer their loved ones, no Christmas dinner, no gifts and no decorations.

Worst of all, some don't even have a place to go. Therefore sharing some of yours with them could be the greatest gift you give someone this year. The joy from doing so would be beyond your belief.

Why not try something like it this year? You might end up making it a tradition, something that you will do every year from now on. Seeing the joy in a little child's eyes, and his/her parents, will put you right into that Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas to us all.


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