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Christmas Gifts Advice
by: Chris Unsworth

Yes its that time of year again. So what's your plan this year? Where you just going to leave it to the last minute again and compete with the rest of the country for the last few items on the shelves come Christmas Eve? I know that with this little guide you can help save yourself from a lot of stress this Christmas so take a few minutes to read on.

1) Its always best to make a start with a list of people you want to buy presents for. Do not feel pressured into buying big gifts for everyone. As the old saying goes 'its the thought that counts' so you can just buy small gifts for some people. Lots of family members come to an agreement prior to Christmas not to exchange gifts. If money is maybe a bit tight for you this year then maybe you should consider this option.

2) Work out your budget. How much do you want to spend in total this Christmas on gifts. Don't forget things like wrapping paper and cards. Take that figure and divide it into amounts you'd like to spend on each person on your list.

3) Be strict with your budget! I've made this a separate point as its so easy to get carried away when your in the shops and spend much more than you intended on your Christmas presents. I know as I've been there myself.

4) To make your Christmas gifts a success its always best to ask the main people you will be spending money on what they would actually like. Likewise make a list of things you would like to receive so you can give people options of things to buy you.

5) Thanks to the advent of the internet you can now buy many of your Christmas presents online. This can save time, effort and money. Certain gifts you might not find on the internet, but its always a good starting point.

6) Now the hardest bit. Going to the shops. Some people may enjoy this, many find the Christmas shopping experience a nightmare. Going early is the keyword. If you don't manage to go earlier in the year than December then at least go early in the morning. You'll beat the main crowds if you can be in the shops when they open then home for lunch.

So all that's left now is just to wrap those gifts and enjoy Christmas. Oh and one last tip. If you can get to the shops in the January sales this is a great time to buy everything for next Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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