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Nautical Gifts For Christmas
by: Roy Thomsitt

If you are considering looking for a nautical gift, for a friend or relative, this Christmas, then you are in good company. Buying gifts is something that just about everybody indulges in at one time or another during the year, especially Xmas. So, it is no surprise to know that millions search for gifts on the internet. What is more of a surprise though is that nautical gifts are amongst the most popular. Why should a gift of a nautical nature be more sought after than a romantic gift or gift for mum? If recent search statistics are to be believed, then a gift to do with the sea is the more "popular".

What is it, then, about a gift of a nautical origin or inspiration, that makes them so popular? Of course, the word "gift" is English, so the statistics focus on English speaking countries, most notably the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. All of those countries have strong nautical connections. England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland have always had nautical traditions; settlers from Europe travelled to North America by sea in vast numbers, as they did later to Australia and New Zealand. The countries of Britain have been in many sea battles over the centuries.

Millions of people, then, have some sort of nostalgic and historic connection to the sea, so probably feel attached, at a deep level, to matters nautical. That may, or may not, explain the immense interest in nautical gifts that we see today.

Another very simple reason for the popularity of sea related presents could simply be the attractive range you can find with a nautical theme. Here are just a few of the types of sea and ship related gifts you can find online:

Nautical Wall Hanging Gifts

You can find many nautical gifts for hanging on walls, such as a brass bell, mirrors, clocks, bar signs and sculptures.

Bar and Tableware Gifts

You can find some lovely nautical gifts for a bar or the table. The nautical theme has been applied to coasters, table mats, salt and pepper pots and other types of attractive gifts.

Ship Models

Models of ships have been popular for centuries and remain so today. Their beauty and intricacy makes them exceptional gifts for the nautically minded.


Books are an ever popular gift to give and receive. For someone who is interested in nautical subjects such as pirates, seamanship, navigation and boats, then a nautical book is doubly appreciated.

Nautical Lighting

Some of the most attractive nautical gifts are the lighting products. Lanterns and lamps based on a nautical design are very popular and deserve to be so.

There are, of course, many other nautical subjects that make a great theme for a Christmas, birthday or other present. The number one, of course, is a ship; okay, you can't afford a real one, but there are some fabulous models around! Including the perennial ships in a bottle.


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