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What are the Benefits of a Coffee Franchise?

Building a business from the ground up can be an intimidating, back breaking,
and bankrupting process for many would be business owners. Most businesses fail
miserably after the first year and even those that hang on often fail to do much
more than break even (if that) during their first three years in existence. For
this reason we are seeing a growing trend among those who are interested in
owning a businesses in franchise purchases and ownerships.

If you know very little about what it means to own a franchise businesses such
as a franchise coffee establishment you might not realize how many benefits
ownership of a business such as this really has. Name recognition is often one
of, if not, the greatest challenges that most businesses face. It is difficult
to get people to try something they've never heard of before, especially if it
has something to do with food or drink. It is much easier for most to go to the
same big chain stores that line malls and shopping centers across the nation
rather than taking a chance on the new kid in town that offers something

While name recognition goes a long way to making ownership of a coffee
franchise, or other franchise establishment, there are plenty more wonderful
reasons to consider a franchise business rather than going it alone. In fact
one of those reasons is that in a franchise you aren't going it alone. You will
have training and education that allows you to build your business on the
experience of others without making many of the costly mistakes they have made
in the process. Build on the positive and avoid the negative to make more
immediate profits than if you were to build your own business from the ground

Another great benefit of joining a coffee franchise is that they have the
ability to do extensive marketing research that most small business owners
cannot afford. This means that the advertisement campaigns are much more likely
to appeal to your target audience and get results than if you were creating the
ads yourself. You will also find that most larger franchises run national
advertisements that you are not likely to be able to afford until you have a
few franchises under your belt and would have even more difficulty affording if
you were building your own business. Professional advertising is a huge benefit
to small business owners and a coffee franchise will receive a big bump in
business due to a successful ad campaign.

Training is yet another big benefit to choosing a coffee franchise rather than
going it alone with your business. Most franchises offer comprehensive training
programs for everything from paper work, closing sales, perfect water
temperatures for brewing coffee, and how a uniform should look on staff.
Extensive training in these methods means less mistakes which turns into great
profits. A coffee franchise may not be the perfect business but going with a
franchise is often a much quicker path to profits than stepping outside the
franchise umbrella could ever be.

Before You Invest in a Coffee Franchise

There are many people who dream of someday owning a business of their very own.
Franchises make this a possibility for many people who would not ordinarily have
the opportunity. While the franchise path to business ownership may be the
preferred method for many would be investors it is not necessarily an easy
path. There are several things that must be taken care of before the process of
franchise ownership begins for your coffee franchise.

Money. You must have some money of your own to invest. Even with a perfect
credit rating, most franchises require a certain amount of liquid asset
investment, a certain amount of personal worth, and a substantial down payment
or franchise fee in addition to any sums of money that you may have financed.
Be sure to check with the franchises you are considering and make sure that you
have the required assets before going a step further.

Credit. Unless you've just come into a sizable inheritance or prize winning,
chances are that some financing will be necessary in order to purchase the
coffee franchise you are considering. There is nothing wrong with needing
financing; most business owners need it in the beginning. However, you must
have decent credit in order to qualify for that necessary, in many cases,
financing. Get your credit in order before going one step further and keep an
eye on it for at least a year before attempting financing for your coffee

Skills. You will need to have some combination of management skills for money
and staff in order to be a truly successful coffee franchise owner. Whether you
yourself have the skills needed or you make wise decisions in the beginning to
hire managers that have those skills as well as your complete trust to assist
you in the daily running your coffee franchise, someone must be in a position
to make decisions that can do so with authority and certainty. You should also
have a few skills that are relative to running a coffee business if this is the
business you are going into.

Goals. Finally, goals are a necessary ingredient when building a successful
coffee franchise. You need to have immediate goals as well as long-term goals
and create a plan of action that takes you towards your goals. Your long-term
goals are likely to change as your business evolves and as your experience
increases. Be sure to revisit your goals often and see if any adjustments need
to be made in your planning process to achieve those goals more quickly, more
realistically, or more efficiently.

Building a successful coffee franchise really starts before any papers have
been signed. You must have the proper mind set in order to be successful in any
business pursuit. By taking time to create a plan, arrange financing, save
money, get your affairs in order, and set goals you are establishing a pattern
of behavior that is important to the success of your coffee franchise before
you make the purchase.

Pop Culture and the Coffee Franchise

Coffee is more than a drink these days it is a cultural phenomenon that seems
to have taken the world by storm. While we aren't quite sure it exactly how it
began or when it got so big, one thing is for certain: coffee is a drink that
is definitely here to stay. If you are interested in beginning a business of
your own, you might want to cash in on this big business (in excess of 5
billion United States Dollars per year) and the popular culture it represents.

For whatever reason the idea of a coffee franchise has grown, expanded, and
evolved over the last two decades making it one of the most sought after
franchise types available on the market today. Why is it so popular? The
possibility of high profit for a low investment is one reason though certainly
not the only reason. Investors tend to go with a product they believe in and
since many Americans begin their day with a cup of coffee and drink another cup
or two at some point during the day coffee promises some degree of demand on
behalf of consumers.

For those planning to go into business that have done their homework it is
understandable that a business like this, that has constant demand, is
certainly appealing. The reason it is appealing is because all markets revolve
around a system we know as supply and demand. There is typically a certain
amount of demand for a product that has a limited amount of supply. The
shortage of supply sets the price and the fills the demand (to some degree).

With the coffee franchise there is obviously enough demand to warrant fairly
hefty prices on the cups of coffee that are served. This means that the market
is not yet saturated beyond the capacity to entertain a few more contenders in
most location (though some are arguably pretty well saturated with coffee
franchises you'll have to decide for yourself whether the area you are
considering can handle an additional coffee franchise store).

Higher profit potential for hard work and effort is appealing to those
considering opening a franchise store of any sort. Coffee often offers this
allure. As far as pop culture goes, you will find coffee kiosks, vending
machines, and cafes almost anywhere these days. Even hospitals are beginning to
offer gourmet coffee centers for visitors. In other words coffee is becoming
more and more a way of life in the United States than yet another example of
popular culture.

The joys of a great cup of gourmet coffee are no longer reserved for the rich
and famous. In addition to that, we are seeing a much younger generation
experiencing the thrill of the caffeine and chocolate buzz that is often the
result of a perfect cup of coffee. The popularity of coffee is fueling growth
in an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, much less stopping. Are you
ready to take your coffee franchise on that ride?

The Importance of Location for a Coffee Franchise

In the world of business, location is extremely important. Most of us have
heard the saying "location, location, location". There is a reason it is a
saying and it is important for everything from the perfect photograph and
romantic settings as it is in the world of real estate and business success.
Spend time scouting out locations that you feel would be great places to open a
coffee franchise business and ask yourself the following questions.

Is this is a high traffic location? Most people are rather lazy by nature. You
want to find a location that people will drive by often. In other words, you do
not want to select a location for your coffee franchise that is low traffic-at
least not if big business is your goal. If you found a location that you think
is perfect for a coffee shop sit back sometime and see how much traffic drives
by the area you are considering. If the rate of traffic is busy you will get a
good bit of advertisement value from putting up a sign and having people pull
in on impulse.

Can customers easily get into and out of your location? As a customer there are
few things that I find more frustrating than a business that is located in an
area that proves difficult for entry and exits. Most coffee franchise customers
are going to be in a hurry and on the go. You want to make the process as
seamless as possible and this means you want a location that allows quick
access off the road and back onto the road. People are more likely to make you
a daily or weekly stop if your business is convenient for them to enter and
exit. Many coffee franchises are electing to have two drive thru windows for
added convenience, this is something else you may want to consider for your
location if possible.

Is it near entertainment? You might find yourself awed and amazed at the number
of people who stop in for a cup of coffee and perhaps a sweet treat after a
night at the movie, theater, or even a game of bowling. Many people find that a
great cup of coffee is a nice way to end the day (especially if you have a nice
variety of decaf on hand). Even those that may not have considered it before
will find they are often tempted to make the stop after a movie-especially
those on dates that aren't quite ready for them to end if they see the sign and
the coffee franchise in question is located conveniently near the theater or
other entertainment venue.

With these things in mind, make sure you choose your location carefully for the
best possible effect. Location won't guarantee success but a great location is a
good deal of insulation against failure. When planning your coffee franchise
keep all the locations in mind, ask the questions mentioned above, and go with
the location that really is the best location to attract business rather than
the location that has a certain look. Aesthetics can always be changed later
on; the location is pretty firm once selected.

ABCs of a Coffee Franchise

One thing that is often overlooked about running a business by those hoping to
run one of their own is that it isn't an easy proposition. If running a
successful business were easy, there would be many more people doing it. The
good news is that a franchise, such as a coffee franchise, makes the running of
your business seem as simple as ABC.

Accounting. Franchises often have a unique method of accounting for the money
earned, money owed, inventory on hand, inventory needed, and countless other
details that are often learned by other business owners through painful
sessions of trial and error. Learning these accounting practices makes
financing the business, operating the business, paying taxes, payroll, and
ordering new supplies much less painful than they have the potential to be.
Little details such as this are often overlooked during the planning stages
though vitally important to the success of a business.

Business management. This is a skill that isn't inherent in most people. There
are things that must be learned in order to properly manage a successful coffee
franchise, or any other business. Managing a business requires the ability to
see the big picture while still paying attention to the minutest details. You
need to be able to make sure the store is clean, the staff is in proper
uniform, the coffee is being stored and prepared properly, and that the money
is going where it needs to be when it needs to be there. This is a skill that
is taught during training sessions with most franchises and one that needs to
be remembered and perfected.

Customer Service. When you buy a coffee franchise you will discover that your
customers are your most valued assets. You will also learn that your employees
and staff are you biggest tool in keeping customers or loosing them. A coffee
franchise is part of the service industry and you need to stress this fact to
anyone on your staff. Good customer service is essential for your business.

Demand. Before you build a coffee franchise you need to see if there is enough
demand in the area to warrant a new business. Some markets are quickly becoming
saturated with coffee franchise stores because of their popularity and
relatively low start up costs. Do not allow your business to be a victim of low
demand. Build in an area that is underserved or that has an unusually high
amount of traffic to meet the demand (such as an exceptional location).

Exceptionality. Competition is fierce in the coffee franchise industry. You
must be exceptional in every aspect of building your business in order to stand
heads and shoulders above the rest. Offer customers the most delicious coffee,
the best service, and the nicest atmosphere and you will find that your
customers are loyal to your business. Fail to do this and you will find your
customers going to the coffee shop down the road.

Let the alphabet be your guide and think of other ways you can make your coffee
franchise stand out among the crowd.

Why are Coffee Franchises so Popular?

Investors everywhere are enamored with the idea of building a coffee franchise
business. There are many reasons for this but the bottom lines boils down to
the fact that so many among us love coffee-especially those that own and
operate a coffee franchise. While loving your product or service is a great
reason to go into a certain business, there are many other things that should
be considered. With that in mind, many of the following reasons contribute to
the wide popularity of the coffee franchise in the United States.

Low Investment. While this certainly isn't true of all coffee franchises there
are many emerging coffee franchises that allow business owners to invest in
their franchises and build upon the capital of their good names for well under
one hundred thousand dollars. In the world of franchises this is huge with more
popular franchises selling in excess of one million dollars for the first
restaurant or store.

Low Overhead. This is yet another great reason to look to the wonderful product
of the coffee bean upon which to build your business. The less money spent on
expenses equal greater profit. Profits are the goal when investing in a coffee
franchise or any other business venture.

High Profit Potential. When you consider the cost of a cup of coffee at your
average coffee franchise store the return on the investment is phenomenal.
People spend more on a cup of coffee than they will spend on a gallon of
gasoline at today's prices and consider it money well spent for the pleasure a
good cup of Joe provides. The costs involved in creating that cup of coffee are
relatively low when compared to the cost of a fast food hamburger and yet the
cost of the cup of coffee is generally much higher.

Popular Product. Coffee is popular with millions of drinkers worldwide and new
people turned on to the wonderful world of coffee each and every day. Not only
are we looking at a world of growth as a business but coffee drinkers are
growing younger than in years past. Coffee is a part of pop culture these days
and seems to be a fad that is here to stay. You will need very little
advertising to get your message across. Your biggest concern will be to
continue providing excellent products and service so that customers will return
day after day.

Pop Culture Appeal. I mentioned above that coffee houses, stores, and cafes
have become a part of pop culture. This is appealing to many would be business
or franchise owners and a huge reason that the coffee franchise has become
prominent across the country in big towns and small communities alike. It is an
opportunity to become a part of the popular culture of a generation and that is
the sort of momentum that many business owners would love the opportunity to
capitalize upon.

If you are considering buying into a franchise business, a coffee franchise may
be the perfect solution. Examine carefully your reasons for wanting to do so and
take the time to put pen to paper before buying in to make sure you are getting
the best value for your investment dollar.

Best Kept Secrets of Coffee Franchise Ownership

Once you've made the decision to purchase your very own coffee franchise there
are many questions, doubts, and fears that will arise. There are a few secrets
that successful franchise owners know that those who do not succeed often
either overlook, forget, or do not believe the importance of. Growing a
business is hard work. Heed the secrets below in order to make your coffee
franchise the best in the business and to have a staff that is loyal to you.

1) Take your time when selecting your franchise and find a coffee franchise
that you really like and not just one that you think will make you the most
money. If you do not like the uniforms, rules, restrictions, or coffee in the
beginning chances are good that you aren't going to grow to like them over
time. Instead, go with a business that you believe in and let your enthusiasm
be contagious. Your customers and your staff will know if you are in business
just to make money or you really want to build a great environment for everyone.

2) Be passionate. If you can't get passionate about coffee then a coffee
franchise probably isn't the business solution you're looking for. If you are
passionate about coffee, make sure you build your business around the coffee
that lights your fire and not some off brand that doesn't make your mornings
shine (besides you don't want your customers to catch you sneaking a sip of the
other guy's coffee).

3) Be prepared to work. Building a business is hard work. Far too often
franchise owners expect to pay the bills, sit back, and watch the profits roll
in. In a perfect world, maybe but in the world in which we live hard work is
necessary to begin your business and an absolute necessity when it comes to
making your business grow.

4) Make work fun. Build a team atmosphere, play fun music when customers aren't
in the business, and give your employees incentive to succeed. While this isn't
a field in which you can afford to pay your employees a great amount of money
you can do little things that give them incentives to do well and succeed.
These goals are often better for some employees than higher pay would be and
will breed a loyal staff that actually enjoys coming to work day in and out.

5) Be involved. If you are involved in the daily operation of your business you
are in a much better position to see when things start to look bleak and correct
potential problems before they arise. If you are not involved the problems may
be catastrophes that are much more expensive and time consuming to fix than if
you had caught them early on.

There are many ways to run your business and it is your business (as long as
you remain within the guidelines of the franchise) but it is much better to
follow the steps above and keep things running smoothly than risk significant
problems by ignoring some of these valuable recommendations.

Pros and Cons of the Coffee Franchise

In the world of business and investing there are always pros and cons. The same
holds true when it comes to investing in a coffee franchise or any other
franchise for that matter. The problem is that far too few people sit down and
discuss the pros and cons before jumping in with both feet. Before you make the
final decision regarding your coffee franchise future it is a wise plan to take
a step back and analyze the benefits and potential pitfalls of your business.
The following information should help with overall pros and cons and you can
add to your list with details that are specific personal preferences.

Pros of a Coffee Franchise

Excellent potential for low investment and high profits. Most coffee franchise
stores have fewer overhead expenses than many retail establishments or even
establishments that require a huge amount of money for cooking and storing cold
and/or frozen foods. You are also looking at lower costs related to actually
operating a coffee franchise with less staff than many other business ventures

Having a good reputation for quality, service, and consistency. Building a
business is tough period. Building a business and a reputation for quality and
service at the same time are tougher still. A coffee franchise eliminates the
need to build a reputation if you choose wisely and will bring in profits much
more quickly as a result.

Building on a solid business plan. This is invaluable to most business owners
just starting out and struggling to find a foothold in the market and in the
world of business. A franchise offers the benefit of their experience to new
business owners and that is something that a franchise fee just doesn't cover
when it comes to value.

Cons of a Coffee Franchise

Having the potential for market saturation. The coffee market is a tough
business to break into. Even with an excellent name there is a great deal of
competition in this particular field because of the reasons mentioned above.
This means you are going to need to be aggressive in your marketing and work
hard to be better than the alternatives in the area. This means you need to
have a cleaner store, friendlier staff, better music, and other incentives to
get more people in the door than other coffee franchise businesses in the area
or seek areas that aren't already saturated with coffee cafes, houses, and

You must follow the directives of the parent company. For many who have dreamed
of owning their own business and being their own boss a coffee franchise, or any
other franchise, is definitely not the way to go. You must follow the corporate
directives in order to maintain your status as a franchise store and build upon
the capital of the good name of the franchise.

This is only a small sample of potential pros and cons for franchises. You must
decide which things you can live with and those you'd feel better leaving
behind. Your coffee franchise, if you choose to go that route, will be a
long-term commitment. Do not take that commitment lightly.

Coffee Franchise v Building a Unique Business

Building a business from the ground floor is a very time consuming, emotionally
taxing, and financially straining prospect. This is one reason that franchise
businesses are so popular among those seeking the security of business
ownership but not willing to risk their financial futures and security in the
effort. The price that is paid for the lower risk of franchise ownership is
lower profits while the business is being built in the form of franchise fees
and expenses related to following the rules and requirements of the franchise

The problems with building a business of your very own are plentiful. The first
hurtle to overcome is that the average first time business owner doesn't know
beans about coffee much less about the market, building a business plan, or
operating a business. This is problematic if you are pursuing something as
specialized as coffee for your business. A coffee franchise does not only
provide a product and concept for running a business but also provides valuable
training on the product as well as the process of running a business. This
knowledge alone is well worth the franchise fee when you choose a great
partnership for your business.

Coming up with a concept that is unique and trendy is another problem that most
first time business owners face. It's great if you have a fabulous concept and
the know how to implement that concept it can be disastrous if you are lacking
one or the other however. The coffee franchise builds upon someone else's
concept and implementation. This means that you learn from the trial and error
of other people saving time and money in the process while turning over an even
great profit much sooner than if you were building your own business from the
ground floor.

A coffee franchise is often preceded by its reputation. This is another benefit
that is huge when it comes to expensive advertising and name recognition. If you
have a name that people know before they walk in the door then your customers
know what to expect and you will have customers that come to you because they
tried the franchise elsewhere and liked it. People enjoy doing what is familiar
to them for the most part and you can capitalize on the efforts of others to
build a reputation to catapult your own.

Franchises are essentially partnerships. The parent company is dedicated to
your success because they have their name attached to your store. While they
aren't necessarily silent partners in the running of your business (as most
franchises have very strict formulas for success) they are going to make their
best effort to help you succeed as a partner rather than a competitor. This is
good for you as a coffee franchise owner as you have someone that is willing to
help you succeed. Most people going it alone are doing just that and have no one
there to help them work through the rough spots or offer training, education, or

The Potential Pitfalls of a Coffee Franchise

All businesses have a few potential pitfalls that should be watched for when
considering a partnership of sorts, as would be the case with a coffee
franchise. A coffee franchise has excellent possibilities when it comes to
profits but the reality is that most coffee franchises fail to capitalize on
the massive profits that could be earned. This doesn't mean that there aren't
many franchise owners that are doing well financially with their coffee
franchise businesses. It simply means that there are many more who aren't doing
as well financially as they should be with their coffee franchise businesses.

At the same time you really should examine potential problems that often arise
when becoming a part of a larger franchise organizations rather than going it
alone. More often than not the benefits far outweigh the potential problems but
you should be aware of both the potential for great success and the potential
for a few stumbling blocks (or outright landslides) along the way as the result
of a franchise affiliation.

The first roadblock that often arises is that you, as a franchise owner, are
more often than not limited to products created by and for the franchise to
serve in your coffee cafe, shop, or house. This means that the new great flavor
that you fell in love with last week may never be on your menu and many business
owners find this to be a hard lesson to swallow.

The other problem with being limited to the corporate version of products and
goods is that these are often neither the best nor the least expensive. This
means that you are likely going to pay more for something that you may not
truly appreciate the quality of. Hopefully, if you've elected to go into
business with a particular franchise company you appreciate their quality but
every once in a while something better comes along at a better price and it's
difficult to pass it up though you are often required to do so.

Another big problem for those who go into the business of owning a coffee
franchise often come across is the fact that you've dreamed of becoming your
own boss and running your own business only to find out that you are still a
slave to corporate policies and your own franchise agreement if you want to
keep your franchise rights.

Worst of all for many people is the fact that after years and years of being
told how to dress and what to do at work you might find yourself required to
wear a uniform when working in your very own store as well as being told how to
serve the products you are paying to serve. It's a tough role for some to
swallow. Unfortunately, it's part of the package if you want to enjoy the
benefits of building a business with a coffee franchise. Only you can decide,
in the end, if the pitfalls are worth those benefits.

The Coffee Franchise for Women in Business

Women in business are a growing occurrence. Once relegated to the roles of
caretakers more women are stepping up to bat in recent years and discovering
that we are not only excellent caretakers and tenders but also exceptional
providers and business minds. Savvy women in business often follow the path of
least resistance. One way to do this is to buy into a coffee franchise as a
business investment.

Why would a coffee franchise appeal to women in business?

There are actually quite a few reasons that coffee franchises are appealing to
women in the world of business not the least of which is the fact that a
franchise offers name recognition, which can cut years of struggling to build a
steady customer base off the timeline. Customers are what makes money in
businesses such as a coffee franchise and name recognition often brings
customers in the door much more quickly than a new business that no one has
ever heard of.

Coffee franchises also offer products that many women find personally
appealing. This is often one level in which women in business differ from men.
Women are much less likely to go into business offering a product or service
that they do not genuinely like or believe in. If a woman loves coffee this is
a business that she will see as an attractive business because she knows the
product, enjoys the product, and is in a position to really be able to help her
customers by making appropriate suggestions to those who seem to be at a loss
(personally, I'm almost always at a loss in a coffee cafe because there are so
many wonderful goodies from which to choose).

Women in business also like the idea of coffee franchises in many instances
because it presents a challenge but doesn't overwhelm. There are plenty of new
and wonderful things to learn when opening a coffee franchise but the vast
majority of them are pretty straightforward and not overly technical or
complicated. This makes the path to ownership much more attractive to women who
are less technically or mechanically inclined than the average guy and some of
those who would simply rather save mechanical or technical pursuits for
pleasure rather than business.

If this isn't enough however, there is always my personal favorite reason that
a coffee franchise is more attractive than some of the other food centered
franchises that are available for women: no frying. That's right. Most coffee
franchises do not require a steady supply of greasy food to prep, prepare, and
clean up. There is no pervasive scent of fried food that seeps into pores,
clothes, and nasal passages. While all women will not count this is a favorite
reason it is quite possible that most women will at least somewhere down the
road consider it a definite plus when it comes to coffee franchise ownership.
The scent of coffee is much more attractive than the scent of French
fries-especially in the early hours of the morning when most coffee franchise
stores are busiest.

Things to Know When Choosing a Coffee Franchise

It is always a good idea to have a clear picture of any business venture in
your mind before jumping in with both feet. The same holds true for a coffee
franchise. You should take the time to learn everything possible about the
franchise you are buying into, the market in your area, the projections and
expectations for similar markets, and the competition. Those are the biggies
that you should never even consider signing with a franchise before knowing.
There are a few more subtle details you need to make yourself aware of however,
before you dive in that will help insure your success or at the very least give
you proper caution where needed in your business venture.

The most obvious thing you need to know about when deciding to open a coffee
franchise is coffee. There are many resources online that can help you learn
more about the products you will be peddling and there is no replacement for
knowledge. Learning about coffee can also help you narrow down and ultimately
select the coffee franchise that you feel will meet your standards and needs
best. The more you know about the product you will be selling the greater the
opportunity to make a profit.

The second thing you need to do is learn how to tell the difference between
offerings from one coffee franchise to the next. The best way to do this is to
ask. Most franchises have a website and an email contact as well as phone
numbers. They want franchise owners to invest in their organizations and are
generally pretty open to inquiries. They are especially open to those that ask
thoughtful and insightful questions that aren't already spelled out and
answered on their websites. Be sure to read through the website several times,
write down any questions you may have, double check the website for answers,
and then ask the person on the other end. You should also seek clarification if
there are issues that you have questions about that aren't answered fully or
that leave room for misinterpretation.

If your questions aren't answered fully and completely once asked during the
search process this could be an indication that other issues will not be
addressed thoroughly for those who have purchased a franchise within the
organization already. A coffee franchise is appealing because you are entering
into a partnership rather than going it alone. If you aren't getting the
support you need when shopping around chances are that it won't be any better
when you are a paying customer. Seek commitment elsewhere in other words.

If you are the kind of person who likes that little something extra you might
want to find a coffee franchise that offers a little something more than just
coffee-not that just coffee isn't perfectly acceptable and better for some
investors. However, you should consider your personality and what you look for
in a coffee shop when selecting the coffee franchise that you want to make your
own. If you combine all the advice mentioned above you should be well on your
way to finding the perfect coffee franchise for your business investment.

5 Tips for Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise

Chances are quite good that if you are beginning a coffee franchise that you
have visions of successful endings and massive expansion swimming around in
your dreams at night. These are good dreams to have but do not allow them to
occupy your thoughts and dreams at the expense of the work at hand to grow your
current coffee franchise business to the point of successful expansion and

1) Study all aspects of the coffee franchise before deciding to buy. In fact,
study the big picture for several different franchises before you decide to
buy. What looks wonderful on the surface may look completely different upon
deeper inspection. This is definitely true of businesses that you are
considering as an investment. Do the numbers and pay attention to the type of
support that you should expect from the franchise partner. In fact, it's a
great idea to talk to others who own coffee cafes within the franchise to see
how supportive the partner company really is when it comes down to it. You
might be surprised and amazed by the companies that have a tendency to leave
their store owners hanging and those that are very supportive of store owners
and work to help make the success mutual. Go with the companies that not only
meet your criteria but also work with you to help you achieve your goals.

2) Plan to work your business. This is important at least for a little while
because you never know when you'll need to be able to work your business. Stuff
happens in business and no matter how great you think your staff may be you
never know when you will come across a staffing crisis. Be prepared to work
your business if necessary in order to make it successful. In fact, working
alongside your staff is a great way to build their confidence in you and make
sure that everything is on the up and up.

3) Put money into your business. It takes money to make money and if you are
pulling all of the profit out of your business and not investing at least half
(though preferably more than half) into growing and expanding your business you
are doing yourself and your business a great disservice.

4) Appreciate your staff. A little appreciation goes a long way to instilling
loyalty from your employees. Set goals, give awards (and praise), and build a
team of staff. You will find that by doing these things you are creating a
loyal staff and a great working atmosphere.

5) Serve your customers. Repeat business is the bread and butter of any retail
or service industry establishment. It takes a lot of effort on someone's behalf
to get the customers to walk in the door and very little effort (or a distinct
lack of effort) to insure that they will never again walk through the doors of
your business.

If you make these five tips a priority in your business you should have the
success you are dreaming of.

Who Wants a Coffee Franchise?

If you look around your community or town you will find that there are all
kinds of businesses (unless of course you live in a very small town or
community of course). It takes all kinds of businesses to keep a community
running smoothly and meet the laws of supply and demand. Now, take a look at
your community through the eyes of a potential business owner. Take note of
specialty shops, franchise stores, and retail establishments that line the
streets and boulevards of your hometown. Is there are coffee franchise among
the mix and if so, how many?

Many people are beginning to compare certain coffee franchises to McDonald's.
In fact, there are certain areas of the country where one particular coffee
franchise seems to be more prevalent than the hamburger giant. If your
community isn't blessed with any sort of coffee cafe, coffee house, or coffee
franchise store you might seriously consider bringing one in. The reason being
that coffee is considered liquid gold by many in the business. Coffee is
something that people are willing to pay more for one cup than they often pay
for a gallon of gasoline. If you've visited the pump lately I'm quite certain
you can do the math there.

More importantly, those that drink coffee rarely limit themselves to one cup a
month, a week, or even a day. They are truly loyal to this beautiful dark brew
and drink several cups a day. This means that a good quality franchise is very
likely to be visited by those coffee lovers in the community at one point in
time or another and coffee lovers seems to be growing in scope on a regular
basis. Even those who don't ordinarily drink coffee are often tempted by some
of the fancier coffee drinks that are often sold at a coffee franchise store
and will visit as an occasional treat or reward for a job well done.

You should also keep in mind that there are many coffee franchise businesses
that are so much more than just a few cups of coffee. There are those that also
serve tea, those that have bakeries, those that have cafes, and many other great
combinations to compliment the coffee being sold. This means that you are not
necessarily limited to coffee if you choose to go with a coffee franchise for
your business investment.

With these options available
to franchise owners who on earth would want to invest in a coffee franchise for
their business investment? Chances are that almost anyone that is looking to
build a business that provides a useful service to the community while
promising a decent return on investment and phenomenal growth potential would
be interested in beginning a coffee franchise business of their very own. This
includes almost anyone that is trying to start up a great business. Are you
interested in a coffee franchise yet? If not, you might want to check out the
financials of most coffee franchises. Once you do the math you might find that
you are very interested.

Can a Coffee Franchise Secure Your Future?

There are many reasons that people consider franchise ownership. First and
foremost among those reasons is a secure future for the family of the franchise
owner. Some choose to invest in a coffee franchise in order to plan for better
golden years once retirement age has been reached while others seek potential
earnings for a comfortable living both now and in the future. Whatever your
reason for seeking franchise ownership I'm sure the question as to whether or
not coffee really is the way to go has come up at one point in time or another.

Is Coffee the Way to Go?

There is no cut and dried simple yes or no answer for this question. Each
investor is different just as each coffee franchise is different. You must
consider several contributing factors when weighing whether or not a coffee
franchise is the wave of the future you are looking for with your investment

Many people begin their days with a nice piping hot cup of coffee. Many would
be investors seeking franchise ownerships appreciate the symbolism of a coffee
franchise business as a new start or beginning and the fact that so many people
not only across the nation but around the world begin their days with a cup of
this delicious brew.

If you are one of those people then undoubtedly the allure of a coffee
franchise will tug a bit and that is a good thing, if you believe you can sell
coffee, if you believe in the particular coffee franchise you are considering,
and if your target area isn't already saturated with coffee related businesses
and franchises. You absolutely do not want to be the new kid in a saturated
market unless you have something new and different to offer that the other
coffee franchise establishments in the area do not.

If you are wondering why coffee the answer is relatively simple. First of all
coffee is big business. Around the world coffee is being consumed on a more
regular basis as many of the negative connotations and side effects of coffee
are being replaced by benefits and low or no caffeine options. New people are
waking up to the appeal of coffee on a daily basis and many consumers of coffee
drink more than one cup per day. This means that those coffee drinkers are
likely to return on a regular basis bringing in repeat customers and if you
choose the right set up for your coffee franchise you can capitalize on repeat
business while also drawing in your share of new loyal customers as well.

Can a Coffee Franchise Secure your Future?

Absolutely! But this will only happen if you choose wisely, treat your coffee
franchise like a business rather than a hobby, and take proactive steps in the
process of growing and exposing your business. A franchise goes a long way
towards establishing name recognition and professional advertising but you must
play an active role in the growth of your coffee franchise as well if you are
seeking true success and a comfortable living and/or retirement.

What is in a Coffee Franchise?

The biggest bonus or boon of franchise ownership is the name recognition that
you are purchasing along with the education and training that most franchises
offer as part and parcel of the commitment on your behalf as well as the hefty
franchising fees. Truthfully speaking though, there is much more than just a
name that you get when buying into a coffee franchise, or any other for that

When deciding on the coffee franchise that you wish to purchase for your
investment you should pay careful attention to the type of education,
commitment to franchise owners, training, and other forms of assistance that
are available to franchise owners within the organization. You want to choose a
coffee franchise that is as committed to the success of your franchise operation
as you are in order to have the best possible partnership.

Purchasing a franchise business makes you a partner in many ways rather than
someone that is simply going it alone. For this reason it is vitally important
that you choose wisely when you decide which company to enter into a
partnership with. Do your homework and pay attention to more than just the
numbers or the bottom line when determining which coffee franchise you wish to

The numbers are great and should not be overlooked but you should avoid tunnel
vision that allows you only to see those franchises that are offering the most
immediate profit potential. Most people purchase a franchise business such as a
coffee franchise for the long term potential for profits rather than an
immediate windfall. This is the wise route to take of course and could lead to
serious long-term profits.

Another thing you want to pay close attention to when selecting a coffee
franchise for your investment needs is the possibility for growth. Is there a
lot of competition in your area? Is there the potential for growth and
expansion in your area? Are you interested in or willing to have multiple
coffee franchise stores in different cities? If you are interested in this sort
of expansion does the franchise you are considering allow it? Remember that all
franchises have different philosophies, requirements, and restrictions. This is
the sort of small print you need to flesh out during the courtship phase rather
than discovering once the marriage has been made.

You should also keep in mind that a coffee franchise doesn't necessarily mean
that it only deals with coffee. There are plenty of coffee franchises that
offer so much more than a simple cup of coffee in the morning. There are coffee
franchise stores that offer full deli services for breakfast and lunch, those
that are also bakeries, and those that serve coffee, tea, and smoothies. Truth
be told, there are all kinds of grand ideas that work well with a coffee
franchise and many of them have been thought of already. This means that
franchise opportunities are generally available for many of these new and
wonderful ideas. All of these things are part and parcel when building a coffee

Coffee Franchise Options

One thing that coffee franchises offer that very few types of franchises have
to offer is options. There are literally tons of options for the coffee
franchise that simply do not exist for other franchises because of the types of
businesses that many of them are. Coffee is a business that can be done in a
small amount of space or it may occupy an entire store with fresh coffee,
brewed coffee, and dozens of other options.

If you are looking for an excellent business but are afraid to work yourself
into one particular mold a coffee franchise might be an excellent choice for
you to put your research efforts into learning more about. In addition to
finding coffee franchises of varying sizes and scope you will also find wide
variances in price from one franchise to the next Many franchises are quite
expensive to purchase and operate while some of the coffee franchises available
on the market are surprisingly low in start up costs and overhead. It depends,
as mentioned above, largely on what your plans and expectations may be.

The first coffee franchise that you might want to consider and the one that
requires the smallest investment is the kiosk. This is a very small venture for
your investment dollar that doesn't promise the eye glazing profits that some of
the larger franchise stores present but does at least offer an affordable
entrance into the world of franchise ownership. By purchasing one adding
another to your portfolio once you get the first up and running you have the
potential to add more to your investment portfolio and build a substantial

The drive thru coffee shop is the second on the list. This is a great high
volume business. There are some that choose to have two drive thru windows so
that more business can be accommodated simultaneously. This is a great business
decision if your coffee franchise store is located in an area that is busy
enough to accommodate both windows. The expenses in an operation such as this
are a little more than a kiosk but not as much as a walk in coffee shop.

The walk in coffee shop requires a more substantial investment. The options are
to offer freshly brewed coffee to guests who enter as well as a few snacks that
compliment coffee and quite possibly some coffee for your customers to carry
home for their brewing pleasure. These little hot spots are not as comfy cozy
as most coffee bistros are coffee houses but tend to turn a nice tidy profit
for those that are willing to make the investment.

A coffee house is going to be one of the more significant investments when it
comes to a coffee franchise sort of business. Most of these will have some sort
of prevailing theme, excellent coffee, a few options for those who do not like
coffee, and a delicious dessert or two for those who need a few additional
calories to finish off the experience or get the morning going.

There is no right or wrong way to build your coffee franchise only the method
that you are most comfortable building. Decide which of these is best for you
and then compare your options.

A Coffee Franchise by the Numbers

Franchises often make expensive partnerships though many people find them far
less expensive than building a brand new business venture. There are still
plenty of expenses that go into building a franchise that are often overlooked
until too late. Before you even consider buying into a coffee franchise you
need to sit back and take stock of your overall financial situation. Business
is risky, even going the lower risk route of purchasing a franchise there is no
small degree of risk involved that you will lose your investment and perhaps any
collateral you had invested in your business venture.

How much cash do you have available to invest in your coffee franchise? Most
franchises will require a personal commitment of finances even if you can
arrange for a good portion of the costs through financing. The reason for this
is that most people are going to work twice as hard when their own money is on
the line to make the business a success. It is a sound business move on their
behalf and one of the reasons that they are able to become franchises and
maintain a solid reputation for quality goods and services.

What is your net worth? There are quite a few bigger named franchises that
require you to have a certain amount of net worth before they will even discuss
an investment opportunity with you. There are various reasons for this and each
company has its own reasons. The bottom line is that you should expect to be
asked for your total net worth and prepared to divulge that information when
applying for franchise partnerships.

What are you willing to use as collateral in order to secure any business loans
you may need? This is an important question to ask yourself. It is best; if at
all possible, not to risk your personal home or your family's security (IRAs
and 401Ks) to secure the funds needed to buy into a franchise business. That
isn't always possible however and extreme caution is urged when doing so. It is
best to go into this with your eyes opened to the risk rather than wearing rose
colored glasses. You run the risk of losing whatever you use to secure the
funds for your business. Are you willing to accept that risk? Is your family?

What money are you going to live on while building your business? It takes a
little time to build a steady profit that will provide a sustainable income. Do
you have enough money set aside to pull you through the lean months while you
are building your business or do you have some other methods of earning income
during that important time for your business?

Finances are surprisingly the most overlooked aspect of building a business
such as a coffee franchise and one of the most important and necessary for
doing so. You need to plan to support your family while you are building your
business in addition to having the money that will be needed to start your
business in the first place. It takes money to run a business and this is more
true in the first few years of your business than at any other time.

How to Compare One Coffee Franchise to Others

A coffee franchise in most areas is a solid business decision. The complication
often arises when deciding on one coffee franchise over its many worthy
competitors. There are many franchises on the market that offer coffee as a
primary source of revenue. Consider some of the following things when deciding
which coffee franchise is the best one to meet your needs while promising the
most solid financial future for your business needs.

Start up fees. Different coffee franchises will have different requirements for
building space, design, decor, equipment, inventory, and other associated fees
in order to begin your business. Make a list of all the franchises you are
interested in purchasing, the fees involved in starting the business, and what
is included in those fees as well as what other money you may need to come up
with on the front end of your business venture.

Financing. Many coffee franchises have resources to help those who wish to buy
into the franchise find financing. Some do not however. If there are
opportunities for financing within the franchise this is a plus to many would
be franchise owners while others prefer to come up with their own financing.
Some franchises also require those who buy into the franchise to have a certain
amount of money to invest in addition to any financing. You need to hammer out
all the fine print and financial details before making any decisions or
property purchases.

Franchise fees. Every franchise has fees associated with buying into the
franchise. In essence you are 'renting' the name of the parent company in order
to run your business. Each franchise will have certain requirements of those who
buy into the franchise by means of monthly fees, advertising contributions,
required inventory, and other requirements that may not exactly be financial
(among these are uniforms, store policies, and procedures for paperwork).
Understand before buying into a coffee franchise exactly how much the franchise
fees will be each year (or what percentage of your revenue will be required) and
what those fees buy you as the franchise owner.

Training/Support. This is the final of the major considerations you need to
check when comparing one coffee franchise with others. A company that offers a
true partnership and extensive training and support to franchise owners is
worth its weight in gold. You need to find out how much training and support
are offered, how they are offered, when they are offered, and what this will
mean to you as a franchise owner. A company that offers virtually unlimited
training to help you get business up and running is worth more money and higher
fees than those that leave you to tread water until you sink or swim.

Consider each of these things when comparing coffee franchises for purchase.
Decide which issues are most important to you and which franchise opportunity
is most likely to offer all the things you are looking for your investment.
That will be the best possible choice though you might want to keep a top 3
list in case something falls through in the process.

Things to Look for In a Coffee Franchise

Building a business isn't necessarily an easy task to pursue. Many people go
the franchise route when building their businesses so that they may build upon
the successes of others rather than learning things about building a business
the hard way. A coffee franchise is a good business for most would be business
owners. The problem is that very few who are interested in owning a coffee
franchise actually put pen to paper and decide what they find attractive about
the various coffee franchises that are available to them.

Does the franchise offer the type of training and support you are going to need
to help you get things up, running, and off to a great start? This is important.
Most people going into the business of owning a coffee franchise have never
worked in a coffee house or restaurant before and are not aware of the
subtleties or making a great cup of coffee. More importantly they know next to
nothing about the business end of things in many cases. A franchise partner
should be dedicated to your success and that of your business as both reflect
directly upon them. Make sure they have plenty of opportunities for learning
about and growing your business in place.

Is there a location nearby from which you can sample the product? It would be a
shame to buy into a coffee franchise only to discover you don't really care for
the coffee. It's very difficult to enthusiastically sell and promote a product
you do not believe in. With this in mind make sure you've sampled the coffee
and other items that your coffee franchise business is going to carry before
buying in.

Do the products offered by this franchise excite you? Seriously it is much
easier to promote and sell a product, good, or service that you find exciting.
For some people the idea of a coffee franchise that dealt with coffee only
isn't all that exciting; others find it very exciting and that enthusiasm
shows. Make sure you are excited about your business and the products you are

What kind of advertising is covered in the franchise fee? Advertising is the
thing that often gets people in the door of your coffee franchise business.
Without adequate advertising you are going to face a few extra hardships when
it comes to bringing people into your business. If the parent company offers an
aggressive advertising campaign for a nominal fee or as part of the franchise
fee you are much more likely to enjoy greater success (provided you do your
part once customers walk through the door).

There are many things that different franchises do differently. Find out
exactly what the franchise company you are considering offers its franchise
owners as incentive and compare to other coffee franchises you are considering.
You might find that one is heads and shoulders above the rest and that is the
one you'll want to do business with. A few extra steps in the beginning save
time and aggravation later.

The Appeal of the Kiosk Coffee Franchise

Many malls and shopping centers around the country have them, even some
supermarkets in select areas have them as well. I'm talking about the coffee
franchise kiosks. They are a great and inexpensive investment for many would be
franchise owners and they provide very low overhead with a potentially high
return on investment as there is almost always foot traffic in the malls and
shopping centers they populate.

Why is the kiosk attractive to coffee franchise owners?

The primary reason that this particular coffee franchise is appealing is
because of the extremely low start up and operational costs involved in
operating a business such as this. Rather than renting a storefront or building
a business in a physical location the kiosk coffee franchise has considerably
lower costs involved in ownership and operational expenses.

In addition to low rent the kiosk is a small space that has low inventory. This
keeps operational expenses quite low as well. This is a huge benefit for those
looking to build a business with a minimal investment and relatively low
capital available to invest in operational expenses.

If these reasons aren't enticing enough, there is very little equipment to buy
for a coffee franchise as well. This means another lower expense. One reason is
that there is limited space for additional equipment. Another reason is that
there really is no need for additional equipment. These stations are great
because they do a few things but do them exceptionally well. Rather than having
a full storefront devoted to a wide variety of coffee flavors the kiosk offers a
couple of coffee flavor options to customers. This keeps lines moving quickly
and customers moving along happily.

Yet another great benefit is the fact that there is really only a need for one
staff member at a time. This keeps overhead even lower and earmarks more of the
income for profit. If you are going to have an active role in running your
franchise business this minimizes the expenses even more. If not you still only
have a real need for two or three staff members on alternating days and hours in
most cases to turn a nice tidy profit.

Another expense that is eliminated with most kiosk coffee franchises are the
expenses of utilities such as electricity, heat, and air conditioning that can
be quite extensive in many businesses. Every penny that you can eliminate from
leaving your business the better when it comes to expenses. A kiosk allows you
to eliminate many of the expenses that often plague small businesses before the
profits begin to take off.

If you are considering a coffee franchise as your business of choice you might
want to carefully consider whether or not the idea of a kiosk coffee shop would
be appealing for you. The benefits of a store such as this are great for new
business owners and the pathway to profits, though slower, are ultimately
greater over time with expansion and perseverance.

How to Find a Coffee Franchise Opportunity

The Internet is filled with information about beginning and running your own
business. More importantly it is also filled with information that is
particularly relevant to beginning your own franchise business. If you are
interested in purchasing a coffee franchise you need to begin by gathering the
facts and the Internet is a great place to do just that.

A simple search on almost any major search engine will net many results for
franchise opportunities that are related to coffee. Your best bet is to go to
several different franchise websites that offer pertinent information on
various franchises within a given category. In this instance you would want to
search for services that offer information specifically regarding coffee
franchises. Franchise Gator is a great place to begin your search though other
search engines such as Franchise Advantage and are also excellent
resources when searching for various franchise opportunities.

These websites are also excellent resources for information about the
franchises and shouldn't be used as a mere listing service (or you are wasting
a valuable resources). Of course if you are looking for a list of franchises
alone and then wish to narrow them down after you've taken a few moments to get
the basics about each coffee franchise business then this is a great place to

The bottom line is that you can find almost every coffee franchise opportunity
in the United States and several across the globe by performing a simple search
online and planning to spend a good deal of quality time sifting through the
results. If you prefer to take the easy route, and there is absolutely nothing
wrong with that, the websites and directories mentioned above are excellent
tools for your arsenal.

What these sites do is eliminate a lot of flipping from one website to the next
searching for information and guidance by putting all the information you'll
need in one place. It makes the search much more convenient while also making
an easy reference point for you to return to for information as you narrow down
the coffee franchise businesses you are most interested in pursuing. Use these
tools wisely and they will serve you well on your coffee franchise search.

Before committing to one coffee franchise opportunity however you should do a
much more complete study of the franchise than you will find on most of these
directories. You will want to know how well the company is doing as a whole and
what the financial forecast and outlook for the parent company are before buying
into the franchise frenzy.

The reason most people decide to pursue a coffee franchise opportunity is to
achieve financial security and even prosperity. For this reason you want to
make a decision about your coffee franchise that will help you achieve those
goals. Take the time to do the work before you invest and make decisions based
on reason with a plan for profit rather than based on emotion and a hope for a
payoff on your efforts.

Finding a Coffee Franchise with Flair

There are many ways to add a bit of flair to most businesses. Unfortunately
most franchise businesses frown on adding flair that isn't uniform. For this
reason, if you want something a little more than a cup of coffee out of your
coffee franchise (other than profits of course) you might want to make sure you
plan for that in the beginning and seek coffee franchise opportunities that have
a little bit more than just a cup of Joe to get your motor running.

Why would you want more than coffee in your coffee franchise?

This is actually a great question and the answer is quite simple. Not everyone
likes to drink coffee. I know that many of you out there just fainted dead away
but it's true. There are those among us who do not infuse coffee directly into
the veins each and every morning to wake up. In addition there are those who go
so far as to not liking coffee at all. It's a sad state in which to exist I know
but there you have it. If your business offers more than a cup of coffee to your
customers and clientele you are going to be able to capitalize on those who come
along with friends but aren't as thrilled to be in a coffee shop. In fact, if
you offer the right combinations and selections you just might find a loyal
customer base that doesn't ever purchase coffee in your franchise store.

The good news is that there are many coffee franchises that offer a little bit
more than coffee for franchise owners to serve. My personal favorite is one
such business that offers fudge and coffee though this is certainly not the
only calorific option available. There are plenty of businesses that combine a
bakery with a coffee franchise or a cafe atmosphere with the coffee culture.
Some newer businesses are also combining smoothies with their coffee options.

If you are like many of the people that inhabit the United States you are
probably well aware that there are plenty of coffee drinkers out there. If you
open a coffee franchise in an area that isn't already saturated with coffee
franchises and provide excellent quality and service chances are that your
business will do well whether your focus solely on coffee or offer those extras
that you might find interesting on a personal level.

There really is no one right or wrong option to make when selecting your coffee
franchise only the decision that is either right or wrong for you. Not everyone
wants a business with a split focus and there is a good bit of argument in
favor of a business that does one thing and does that one thing exceptionally
well. It is up to you which of these will be appealing to you. If you grow
quickly bored with the same thing variety may be the perfect spice of life
however, if you are the type of person that enjoys the idea of perfecting one
thing then you might be more inclined to stick with coffee and make your coffee
franchise business the best on the block by far.

Which Coffee Franchise is Best for You?

When it comes to the wonderful wide world of franchise business opportunities
there are plenty from which to choose. The coffee franchise is one particular
franchise that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds with new businesses and
franchises being created in this field on a very regular basis. Much like the
drink, coffee franchises have seen a few evolutions during the course of the
last decade and business is, quite literally booming in little drive thru
coffee shops and huge coffee cafes across the country and around the world.

The big problem with this is that as businesses are created and franchises made
there are more decisions that must be made when deciding on whether or not to
open a coffee franchise of your own. If you do decide to open a coffee
franchise, there remains the question of which coffee franchise is the best
choice for your management style and desires for your business future.

Putting pen to paper is always a great way to begin the search for the perfect
franchise. Study the establishments in your area and the general vicinity in
which you would like to place your coffee franchise (assuming of course, this
is the sort of business you are planning to pursue) and do the math. Some
questions you will want to ask are: are there existing coffee franchises in the
area and what sort of competition will they create? What type of market do you
have for the business you are pursuing? Will business be largely seasonal and
is there a way to cut cost during slower seasons that will not jeopardize the
reputation of your business and the good name of your coffee franchise? Are you
interested in a "hands on" business or do you wish to leave the running of the
business in the capable hands of managers? Finally, you need to ask yourself if
you can feel passionate about the coffee franchise you are considering?

Each of these questions is an important question to answer before deciding if a
particular coffee franchise meets your needs. Different franchises have
different requirements and some will only deal with franchise owners who are
interested in a direct involvement in the daily running of the business. Others
are a little more open to investment franchising. You should also ask yourself
if you prefer a coffee franchise that deals with one thing and does that one
thing exceptionally well or a franchise that handles coffee and something else.

Building a business is a lot of hard work. Investing in a coffee franchise is a
good beginning for many investors that are willing to put the effort into
learning their business well (as are any franchise opportunities) but they are
somewhat risky in light of extreme competition in many areas and battles with
the big names that everyone is familiar with. Choose wisely when deciding the
coffee franchise you will pursue and make sure it is one that you can enjoy
working with as hard work is a requirement for building a successful franchise.

Why Choose a Coffee Franchise?

A coffee franchise might very well be the perfect business for many would be
business owners seeking the safety of buying into a name that is well know and
well loved rather than engaging in the riskier business practice of building a
business and a brand name from the ground up. If you are looking for a
franchise opportunity consider carefully the gold mine that a coffee franchise
can be in the coffee culture of the new millennium.

Some say it all began with Friends though there are those who will argue that
the growth of the coffee industry has been a long time in the coming and that
the popular situation comedy is only a testament to just how popular and iconic
coffee houses were becoming. Regardless of why, one thing is certain. Coffee has
become big business and those that are seeking a franchise business to build
would do well to consider the value of owning a coffee franchise when making
business plans and decision.

A coffee franchise will require lower start up costs than many restaurant
businesses and the operating costs for many of the smaller coffee businesses
are lower than a typical full service restaurant and even the average fast food
restaurant on a normal day. There is less staff involved in running a coffee
franchise and, in many cases; there are lower energy costs involved in the
daily operations of these types of businesses.

Another reason to consider a coffee franchise for your investment business is
that they are popular and seem to be growing in popularity each and every day.
Some communities are more open to a coffee house or coffee cafe than others but
those that accommodate these types of businesses often find that they perform
quite well and turn nice tidy profits. The days of one big kid on the block
when it comes to coffee are long gone. There are plenty of options available
when it comes to coffee franchises and believe it or not, there are plenty of
customers that are both brand loyal and that enjoy switching things up a bit.
This means that there are plenty of opportunities for new customers on a
regular basis as people expand their horizons, try something new, or find a new
favorite brand to be loyal too.

In addition to a coffee franchise that deals solely with serving coffee to the
demanding public there are plenty that also offer goods and services that
compliment coffee quite nicely and go well with your coffee time. From wi-fi
access and Internet cafes to those coffee franchise restaurants that offer
smoothies, bagels, sandwiches, baked goods, and countless other enticements to
get customers in the door there are plenty of options when searching for a
great coffee franchise investment.

There are plenty of reasons why a coffee franchise is a sound investment
decision. The bigger question you may need to ask yourself is why not choose a
coffee investment with all the great things going for them?

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