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Finding a Good Collector Car Club

You may not realize it but finding a good collector car club really is not a
simple task. There are of course dozens if not hundreds of clubs located across
the entire country, yet many of these clubs are subpar at best and do not offer
all of the benefits that you need in order to really justify them. If you have
struggled with this problem there is hope and help, but it is not always easy
to find.

Your first place to start with locating a good collector car club is by
checking with your local auto parts store. Generally if you find a store that
offers very high quality parts there are going to be members of the car club in
there on occasion looking for the latest goodies for their car. This makes it a
prime location to find people to talk to, or even ask the staff about their
suggestions on which clubs are the best. By talking to these people you can
help capitalize on your time, and then move along to actually finding out
information on membership.

You may not realize it as well, but car shows themselves are the prime place to
find good collector car clubs. The majority of car shows that occur are usually
sponsored by a car club of some form. This in addition to the fact that
numerous other car clubs come to investigate the shows that are going on and
view all of the cars means you will almost always have your primo selection of
car clubs available to you to choose from.

For those who do not like the idea of leaving their house to find a club you
can always search the internet. With the idea of technology becoming far more
mainstream than ever before you can locate so much information on it that you
can even use it to locate the good collector car club that you are searching
for. With numerous car club websites offering a breakdown on clubs based upon
state and even those that are specialty clubs you almost always have no
problems finding exactly what you want quickly.

You should also consider the collectors magazines as well. Many car club
members either advertise or give interviews in these magazines which can help
you gather their contact information making it much easier to contact them. You
may be very surprised to discover just how easy you can find collector car clubs
by searching in the car club magazines, yet it can be a very simple and quick

Finding the car clubs is generally not as difficult though, making sure you are
accepted and the club is the type you want is generally the harder parts of the
ordeal. If you know exactly what you are looking for, it is much easier to
locate the club you want, but if you happen to be confused on exactly what you
want then talking to a few people who are members of car clubs can help you to
determine your exact needs.

Finding the car club of your dreams is possible, and with a bit of luck and
good timing you could even find a great club the very same day you start
looking. This allows you to spend your time doing the things you would prefer
instead, such as working on your car or even hanging out at the car shows
admiring the cars that others have worked so hard on.

Never feel as if finding a good collector car club is impossible, with a bit of
work and effort you can find the club that is perfect for your needs. After all,
finding a great collector car club is a great way to show off your car, learn
even more about cars and enjoy meeting some great people who can really make
your hobby thoroughly enjoyable. A great car club is well worth the effort
searching for it, so enjoy your search and have some fun with it.

Choosing the Perfect Collectors Car Club for Kids

There are thousands of car clubs all around the country and selecting a club
that is suitable for your child is something that can be a very interesting
task. It is always a wise decision to carefully check out any club that you are
considering signing your child up for. You certainly do not want to allow your
child to join a club that you know nothing at all about. There are so many
opportunities to get hurt without appropriate supervision, but a good car club
can be a great place for a child to learn about cars.

Always look for a club that is open to children being members. While most clubs
are open to the idea of working with children, not all are. This means it is
very important to ensure that the club you are considering will be welcoming to
your child. It is also very important to ensure that you know what time
requirements are involved. For example, many clubs require members to
participate in several activities a year, and this means that until your child
is able to drive themselves to the meeting you will be responsible for the
transportation. You need to ensure that the schedule fits into your needs as

Many people do not realize just how much is involved in car clubs until after
their child has signed up. While the time issues are not as great for those who
are able to allow their children to drive themselves it can be a huge problem
for those who have to do all of the transportation. It is also very important
that you know exactly what is expected of you as their parent. There are some
clubs that require the parents of minors to also participate, ensuring you know
these details ahead of time can help you make the best choice.

Many clubs have other children already as members. If your child is
uncomfortable with being surrounded by numerous adults, only it may be a wise
idea to look for one of these clubs. This would allow your child to interact
with other children as well as the adults and still gain all of the benefits
that the club has to offer. Slowly easing into the clubs activities with adults
may be a wise idea as well to ensure that your child is completely comfortable.

Never discount the importance of a good car club for a child who is heavily
interested in cars. This can be a great activity for those who are interested
in antique cars and even racecars because they are able to learn from the
people who are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Remember, just as adults
are able to learn from the various other members of the club, so can children,
but it is still very important to make good connections.

It is also important when selecting a club to find out if members are required
to have a car. Some clubs require that all members have a car that is able to
be driven, however not all clubs have this requirement. If your child has a car
already, then this is not such an issue. For children being a part of a car club
is a great learning experience and can be a wonderful venture into the world of
cars. Never discount the importance of a good car club for your child.

Using the Car Club to Your Benefit

People are always wondering exactly what benefits do you really get from
joining a car club. There are some members who simply get the ability to show
off their car, while there are others who are able to gain the experience and
knowledge of dozens of other car enthusiasts without having to pay an actual
mechanic. Still others have the thrill of showing off their vehicle at the car
shows that are held, and even others are able to help out younger or less
experienced car owners with their wealth of knowledge. Determining exactly
where in the mix you fit in is sometimes hard, and you may discover that you do
not simply fit into one category but rather you are able to fit into several

Being able to use the car clubs that you are involved in to your advantage is
sometimes quite easy; if you are looking for advice and helpful assistance then
it is even easier. Those who are trying to use the car club to seek out advice
are usually able to find several people who are quite helpful to them. Having
this form of assistance can be a huge asset especially to those who are just
starting out and learning. Using the information and tips that are passed along
to you can be a very effective way of absorbing information at a much faster

Those who are looking for car shows to show off their car are usually extremely
happy with car clubs. Most clubs have at least one possibly more car shows a
year and can be a great place to show off your car. Using the connections, you
make at car shows can give you plenty of contacts for great deals on car parts,
people interested in buying your car, cars that you are interested in buying,
and plenty of friends and admirers for your car. People love attending car
shows and many clubs organize ways to allow members to attend at a discounted
rate, rather than having to pay the full price as well.

If you happen to love helping to teach someone else, you ay discover that one
of the benefits you love the most is the ability to work with someone to help
teach them everything you know about cars. Not everyone is always willing to
impart with this knowledge and it leaves many people out in the cold. If you
love to share your experiences and knowledge then a good collector's car club
makes a great place. Take a newer member under your wings and you can watch and
help them grow and develop into an avid collector.

If you have a kit car, then working with people in a car club can be especially
important. Since these are cars that are all custom built, they often require
extensive knowledge that is not readily available. Being a member of a good car
club can help you gain access to information about good suppliers, tips and
tricks for creating the perfect car and a wealth of other information. Those
who are interested in kit cars usually discover that they are very difficult to
do and any help they can gather is very helpful.

Another benefit that car clubs provide is many offer various charity work. One
of the most popular offerings that car clubs give is doing annual or
semi-annual car rides for charity. This allows them to show off their cars and
help raise money for the charity of their choice as well. This is a great way
to add a bit of goodwill to your hobby and allows you the benefit of working
extensively with those who are interested in similar ventures. Working with the
members of the car club you can generally organize charity events rather
quickly, which is great if you enjoy working with a specific charity.

Regardless of the reason you are interested in a car club there are always ways
that you can use your membership to your benefit. Some are even able to offer
discounts at hotels, gas stations and various other benefits for members that
may be highly encouraging and exciting for you. Ask about all of the benefits
and get the most possible from your membership with the club of your choice.

Tips to Organize a Car Club

Collectors car clubs are everywhere and there are times when someone wants to
organize and create a new club, or even restructure the current club that they
are involved in. But how do you really handle this? What is the easiest way to
reorganize everything? How can you possibly hold your sanity together and
ensure that the club is maintained to the highest level while you are busy
organizing things to ensure that everything runs smoothly together?

As you can imagine creating a new car club can be a huge hassle. Especially if
you are venturing on the project alone. It is always best if you can seek out
help and assistance from at least one friend or acquaintance who can help you
with the initial organization. It is very important to work out the basic
structure for the club initially. This includes deciding on the mission
statement for the club, as well as your target membership.

For example, in determining target membership are you interested in only
classic cars, or are you looking at any type of car? Perhaps mustang's only or
even only sports cars. Most clubs have a specific model or type of car that
they are most focused on. You need to ensure when you are organizing your club
that you structure it around the particular car that you are focusing on. Many
clubs offer additional activities that are specific to their cars, for example
races are just one event that many clubs organize for members if they are
focusing on sports or racecars.

Additional considerations need to be decided including how often to hold
meetings, where to hold meetings, who is in charge during meetings and if there
will be any membership dues required at the meetings. It is also important to
decide how much to charge for membership fees and also look carefully at the
benefits that you are planning to offer to members.

If you are just restructuring your club, you may be able to just take what is
already in place and modify that to suit your needs. If you need additional
help, you are always able to use the clubs officers to help you with the
reorganization process. If you are a good organizer, it is usually possible to
work out all of the minute details of the organization process in as little as
a few weeks time.

It is also very important to decide if you are going to be creating a website
for the club. If you decide to do a website then you are going to need to
purchase a domain name as well as purchase web hosting space. You may be
surprised at just how affordable the web space really is, however creating the
site can be a rather expensive process. Generally speaking, it takes quite a
while for a club to be able to afford to build the website because of the costs
of a web designer. If someone is able to build the site for you, or you can
build it yourself you may be able to save large amounts of money this way and
free up the clubs money for other activities.

Your last major task is deciding how to advertise. Aside from the obvious of
using the website to your benefit, you may discover that you need to advertise
in magazines for cars that are in your category. For example, if you are
looking to great a club based on sports cars you should advertise in sports car
magazines. If you are creating a collector's club for antique cars then look for
a good reputable antique car magazine. Additionally, you may be able to set up a
booth at car shows to help advertise your club and gain a few members.

As you venture into the world of organizing or reorganizing your club you are
going to notice that it is a very stressful period. However, by taking your
time and carefully looking over all of the tasks that need to be done you may
be surprised at how smoothly the process can be completed. Remember, a club is
designed to be fun so make sure you are having some fun while doing the
administrative tasks.

Tips to Finding the Perfect Collector Car Club

When you are in search of the perfect collector car club there are always
several considerations that you need to take into account. Many clubs have
specific cars that they focus on, while other clubs tend to limit their
membership to only people who live in certain areas. In addition, there are
always different personalities and people who can alter which club is best
suited to your needs.

If you are simply looking for something that is just a casual once in a while
occurrence you are not likely to enjoy a club that has a weekly meeting
requirement. Yet if you are looking for frequent meetings you are not going to
be happy with a club that only meets on occasion. Ensure that you are
comfortable with the meeting schedule that is in place, and always be sure you
know if the meetings are mandatory, or whether they are optional. There are
some clubs that do require you to attend meetings, while others do not require
the meetings to be attended.

You need to also carefully look at the club. Some clubs are designed to be
organized and highly professional, with specific meetings that are required,
and certain events that are required. Other clubs are more flexible and are
geared more towards the light car hobbyist. Ensuring you know the type of club
you are looking for will ensure that it fits your needs perfectly.

One important aspect of the car club that most people tend to overlook is the
members themselves. You may not immediately realize it but the type of members
the club attracts can have a huge impact on your overall satisfaction with the
club. If the club is geared heavily towards those who only light hobbyist then
you are going to want to be a light hobbyist yourself. If however the club is
geared heavily towards older adults, then you are going to want to fit in as
well. Look for a club that either has open membership to a widely diverse
group, or find a club that fits your exact needs and personality. It will
generally take a bit of work to ensure that you are completely comfortable but
it is well worth the effort.

You need to ask about any specific membership dues, as well as time
requirements. If you are a busy executive with barely enough time to think then
you are not likely to be able to fulfill a busy schedule of required events.
This is just a plain and simple determination based upon your schedule. Never
commit yourself to more than you can reasonably handle. If you have the time to
spend, then the activities that the car clubs offer can be a great way to learn
more about cars, enjoy your leisure time and really maximize your membership.

If you are a female looking for a car club you may want to spend the time
looking around for a club geared towards women. While there are far fewer
clubs, you can usually find help and support that a men's club just cannot
offer. Many women are finding that by grouping together they can better learn
about cars at their own pace, as well as enjoy the more feminine aspects of the
classic and collectible car.

Overall, choosing a good car club is going to be heavily dependent upon your
own individual needs. The club that is best suited to your friends may not be
the perfect match for you. What fits best for you in terms of needs and
scheduling as well as the benefits that the club provides to you is very
important in order to really ensure you are getting the most possible from your
collector car club membership. Most people enjoy the time they spend searching
for the car club of their dreams, but more importantly they are thoroughly
excited when they find the club that best matches their needs.

Starting a Small Business Through a Car Club

If you already have a job or even a career and are looking for ways you can
earn a bit of additional money you may find some relief in your car club. Many
people in car clubs prefer to do business with other members and this makes the
prime situation for making some additional money in a business geared towards
cars. Some of the best options that are available may be looking you right in
the face without you realizing it but harnessing your ability and the network
connections you have from your collector's car club could turn into a very
profitable venture.

One of the first things you need to consider is what do you have to offer. Can
you paint well? Do you have the supplies at your home to do the painting? Most
car collectors at some point in time are going to want to paint at least one
vehicle. The process is very expensive though, especially from businesses and
most people do not have the time or space in their home to do it themselves. If
you have the equipment and a bit of free time, it could be a great way to make
some extra money.

Another way you can use the car club to create a small business is if you are
good at working on cars. Not everyone has the time or knowledge to work on
their own cars. Having the knowledge and tools at your disposal makes it quite
easy for you to open up. Create an account at some auto supply stores and you
should be able to get the parts for a nice discount, which can make it even
more profitable. If you really love working on cars then this could be a
fabulous way to earn a bit of extra money and turn your skills and connections
into a nice stream.

If you are good at upholstery work, bodywork, or even detail cleaning those are
other skills that you can use to your advantage in terms of making some money.
Detail cleaning is especially important to most car club member's right before
a car show. Everyone wants their car to look the best possible and this
includes those who do not have the supplies or who are just too busy to do the
cleaning. This is a great way to make some money without consuming your entire
schedule. It is very important if you are interested in using your contacts to
your advantage for business purposes that you be able to demonstrate your

This would mean that if you are interested in detail cleaning cars for others
you should always ensure that your car is clean and organized. If you are
interested in doing mechanical work, ensure that you know what you are doing,
and also make sure you have the appropriate tools. For those who enjoy painting
it is very important to have the tools and supplies that you need readily
available and ensure that your vehicle always looks good. Your vehicle is your
form of advertisement; you always need to ensure it shows the best image of you
possible. Never take your vehicle out if it is running poorly, or in bad shape
when you are using your skills to make money.

People who are willing to put forth some effort and really hone their skills
are usually highly successful at making some money by working with the members
of the clubs on ventures. If you are not willing to put for the a bit of effort
then you are not likely to make much if anything. If you are good at talking to
people, you may discover that it is a great way to supplement your income, or
you may discover that the demand is so large that the business can grow even
further and provide a complete source of income for you. With some work and
time you are sure to find a lot of extra money can be made.

Should Your Car Club Have a Website?

The internet has created a push towards technology and this has created a need
for many people to venture to the internet that normally would never have used
the internet before. This includes many clubs and organizations that are
typically quite small and only offer a few benefits to users. With the use of
the internet though, it is possible to talk and communicate with members like
you never have before. So deciding whether to use the internet to create a
website for your club is not always a simple decision.

With the number of web companies that sell web space for as little as a few
dollars a month and domain names typically only costing $10 or so roughly a
year they are not very expensive to maintain once the initial site is built.
However, the costs to actually build the site can be quite large. If you know
how to create your own website then you are looking at the costs dramatically

If you are trying to decide whether a website is really a good investment
consider the location of all of your members. Consider as well that if you
offer a website you could send out ezines, which are generally much cheaper to
provide to members than standard printed and mailed newsletters. By offering
ezines, you are reducing your monthly expenses, reducing the hassle of having
to drive to the printer, and removing the problems with postage and ensuring
addresses are correct.

A well laid out website should offer some general information about the club,
an area where members can see events that are coming up in the near future and
also a place where people can post information about shows they hear about as
well as advertising for vehicles or parts they are selling. Anything additional
that you offer can just be an added benefit for members.

Many clubs use the website to allow perspective members to find out about
events, membership requirements and other details about the club. There can
also be an area that will allow you to put up a forum. This is a great way to
allow members to really talk and connect to each other when they are looking
for ways to ask questions quickly of other members. A forum is especially great
for posting information about various specials or sales that businesses are
offering that may be useful to club members as well.

Overall, most clubs find that using a website is very helpful for them. If you
can overcome the initial costs, you are likely to find that creating a good and
functional website is a great investment. It can often be a huge time saver when
it comes to communicating with members, as well as working with people who are
interested in membership. No longer would you need to spend long amounts of
time on the phone, instead you could simply direct inquiries to the website and
then assist people who needed further assistance.

For those who are looking for ways to ultimately save time, a website can be
the perfect answer. Another great benefit that many clubs use is the ability to
create an online store that can offer club merchandise for members to buy. The
ability to maximize the potential of the internet for your needs and ability is
huge; working with someone who is knowledgeable in designing websites can make
your dream of organization and efficiency quite possible.

For less than $100, you can generally pay for a domain name and hosting. This
is often the equivalent of two months newsletter expenses for most clubs and
with the prices of web design services varying you are looking at finding
something that fits within your budget no matter what it is. It is quite
possible that once you have created the website you will wonder how the club
ever functioned without it. So take the time to really look around and consider
what else a good website can do for your club, I am sure you will find it well
worth the time.

Should You Start Your Own Collectors Car Club?

If you are someone who loves cars yet discovers that you are in an area where
there is not currently any car clubs you may be lacking greatly in terms of
options available to you. This often occurs in very small cities and is not
always solvable. One of the simplest solutions is often the most complex and
that is creating your own car club. However, should you really drive down this
path? On the other hand, is it much better to continue seeking out a club that
already exists?

If you are considering creating your own car club, you need to ensure that you
have very good organizational skills. You are going to need to be the
president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and general all around go to
person until you build up membership enough to justify the other positions. It
is very important to realize that creating a car club is not simply about
putting together a website and walking away. Someone is going to be responsible
for planning all of the membership requirements, maintaining the list of members
and organizing all of the benefits and activities that the club offers.

If your lifestyle finds you with barely the time you need to plan out a weekly
meal menu for your family, you are probably going to find yourself too busy to
organize a new car club as well. In the beginning, it is going to take quite a
bit of time to organize and create. If you happen to have some friends that you
know who can be of help in getting the initial organization done then you have a
huge advantage that many people do not have.

If you look around and discover that there are numerous other car clubs already
in your area, you are going to have a few options available to you. Either join
one of those clubs, or try to decide exactly what can be different about your
club that will encourage people to join, rather than going to the other clubs.
You need something that will help set you apart and establish the individual
personality of your club and give people a reason to pay attention to you,
rather than ignore everything you do and say.

You also need to take the time to prepare a good website. So many people are
determined to investigate everything on the web. If you are wanting to create a
club do you have the skills to create your website? Do you know someone who can
do it for you? If you have to hire someone to build your website you may be
surprised at how expensive it is, yet it is a wonderful way to communicate with
members, and allow perspective members to see exactly what you are about.

One of the benefits that many clubs offer is a newsletter each month for
members. If you decided to offer this, would you have the time to do it? How
could you reasonably cheaply organize the newsletter? You do not need to embark
on any activities that are very expensive to maintain or you will be forced to
charge very high membership fees that will have people really questioning your

All of these things are just the tip of the iceberg when it is time to decide
whether you should create your own car club. There are always options for those
who simply do not have the time or the skills. You could either look into hiring
someone to handle the administrative tasks for you, or you could look around
until you find a club that suits your needs. Regardless of which option you
choose, you are certain to find the best solution in due time. There is no
reason to stress out or rush into the process so take the time to carefully
consider all of your options and ensure that you are satisfied with your
decision before you embark on your journey.

Should You Raise Membership Fees?

Many collectors' car clubs are struggling with the problems of prices and rates
for everything in the world rising steadily. The problem becomes determining if
it is time to raise membership fees, or start looking for ways to supplement
the money that is needed. Between fund raisers and membership fees most clubs
should be ok, but once the money is not enough to handle the basic needs budget
crisis can occur and it is time to start pinching pennies until a solution is
worked out.

Your first step before raising any membership fees should be looking to see if
anything could be cut from the budget. Many times, there are drains on the
budget that are not immediately apparent. These drains can be large, or they
can be very small. For example, if your club pays each month for a place to
hold meetings that could be severely draining the budget. Maybe you are only
paying a small fee, but each small amount saved can really add up. Look and see
if you can renegotiate the deal with your current location, and look around at
comparable locations to see what options you have. You may be able to find a
lot of relief in the budget this way.

Look at the newsletter as well; many times this is an unnecessary expense that
clubs have. Most people have computers and e-mail lately. Perhaps sending the
newsletter in an e-mail will reduce your mailing and paper expenses to almost
nothing each month. This is often a huge area of opportunities for clubs and
can add up to substantial savings very quickly.

If you simply cannot cut anything from the budget wait before you start raising
fees. With costs for everything rising members may not be able to afford the
increased fees so wait before raising the rates. Look around first for
alternatives such as fundraisers. Perhaps a car wash or even a simple car show
with cheap admission can help your collector's car club raise the money
necessary to combat a membership fee increase. This is not always enough, but
if you are careful how you organize an event and are very successful, it can
sometimes save the need to raise rates.

If you determine that you cannot avoid raising the membership rates, try to
limit the amount as much as possible. If possible, try to stick to no more than
$10 for each membership to increase. This can help to reduce the impact on each
member, but it does add up to a substantial amount once the members have all
paid the increased membership fees. Realize that much as you may not like the
situation, most clubs do have to consider a membership fee increase at some
point or another.

There is no reason at all that you should just raise rates blindly, and of
course there are times when your only option will be to just raise the rates.
Just ensure that before you make rate changes you do your best to avoid the
increase on members. The members will appreciate the effort and the club can
continue to thrive even after an increase if it is handled properly. Proper
leadership and good fiscal decisions can be a huge asset and are much needed
skills when you start working on the budget, so take the time to really look
around at all of the information that is presented to you before making

Should You Buy a Car Through a Car Club?

People are always looking for ways to save money and this quest to save money
extends even to classic and collectible cars. This makes it seem completely
plausible that looking at a good car club to find a great deal on a car. Many
car clubs have places where members are able to advertise their cars that they
are offering for sale. This can allow you to quickly and easily skim over the
ads and see what is available.

One of the biggest benefits from buying from a car club like this is if you are
already a member you have probably already seen the car extensively and have a
very good idea about the overall condition of the vehicle rather than taking a
chance on what is under the hood. Many people purchase a car on the hope and
prayers that there is nothing wrong with it. By buying a car, that you are
already familiar with you can avoid many of the hassles that car shopping
brings with it.

Additionally, buying a car from a car club can allow you to pick out something
at a great deal. Many car club members simply what the money back that they
have invested into the vehicle. This can allow you to pick up a vehicle at a
great deal and allows the previous owner to get money so they can move onto the
next car project they have been planning. This can really allow you to find some
really fabulous deals without having to do huge amounts of haggling.

Buying a car from a car club is another good way to ensure that you helping to
support the club as well. Many clubs ask that a small donation of the sale
price be given so that it can benefit whichever charity the group is associated
with. This can allow you to even donate money to a charity inadvertently. It is
important to realize that not all car clubs have this requirement. Some only
charge a small fee for the seller to advertise, some charge nothing at all.
Each club has their own rules in regard to this and determining how the club
operates in terms of sales is going to require asking the president or other
club member's questions.

As you can imagine those who are looking for a great deal are likely to be very
happy with the great deals that are possible from the car clubs. Finding that
great deal on a perfect car really is possible. Yet it is very important to
remember it is still ultimately about making a profit. You still need to do
your homework to determine how much the vehicle is worth. If for some reason,
you are looking to purchase a kit car or restored classic you may need to take
additional time to determine the true value.

Realize that not all appraisals for vehicles will take into account exactly
what the vehicle offers. This includes components such as turbo chargers,
custom bumpers and even newer engines. These are components that would require
a special appraisal to really determine the true value of the vehicle. If you
are willing to put a bit of work into the process it is still possible to find
that great deal, but still come to the situation knowledgeable.

If you are quite uncertain, what type of car you are interested in buying you
should check out some of the car shows. Many times these shows that are
sponsored by car clubs will have several cars with for sale signs. This can
allow you to really look around and see everything that is available and make a
wise decision. Of course, not all cars at a show are going to be for sale, and
not even all of the shows are going to have any vehicles for sale but if
nothing else this gives you a great opportunity to learn how the vehicles
should look and give you a bit of detailed information on determining the value.

Should You Avoid Car Clubs?

With so many reasons why car clubs are a great idea there are also some reasons
why you should avoid them. Many people discover that the idea of a car club is
much more glamorous than it really is and decide quickly that it is important
to move onto another activity that will be more satisfying. Of course, it is
important to always realize that everyone has different preferences, and
circumstances even change in life itself that may make a collectors car club
more appropriate later on in your life, or when a club fit in perfectly in the
past it may no longer fit into your schedule.

If you discover that you have no time to yourself of your family at all, you
may not be able to devote the necessary time to a car club. There are at least
a few time requirements that are likely to occur from elections, to car shows,
to organized events and possibly even car runs. Most clubs have at least a few
requirements, so ensure before you join a club that you can handle the
requirements. If you have any doubts that you can meet the time requirements
then either look for a different club, or avoid joining a club entirely for a

A lot of people do not always realize just how friendly some car clubs can be.
If you are not the type of person who enjoys constant social interaction then
you may not enjoy a car club much. Those who enjoy company, companionship and
the ability to interact with many others who enjoy cars as they do then a good
car club is a fabulous option. For those who are not huge people fans, a car
club can be a huge nightmare.

Additionally, if you discover that the membership fees for the club are not
within your budget reach you should avoid the club. However, you can always
feel free to talk to the club officers and see if there are any scholarship or
discount programs available that would allow you to join at a reduced rate. It
is important to realize that most clubs do not have these programs if they are
small, however many larger clubs do offer these programs.

Look at the reasons you are interested in joining as well. When you are joining
a car club, it should be because you are interested in cars, not boosting your
resume. If you are joining a car club for the wrong reasons you are going to
most likely be highly upset with the overall experience. Ensuring that you are
joining for the right reasons will help you to be much happier with the overall
situation, rather than continuously upset.

Additionally, if your only goal for joining a car club is to strictly do
business you may want to avoid the clubs as well. Most club members do prefer
to do business with those whom they know and are friends with, but they also
prefer to do business with someone who is active. If you are only joining for
contacts and do not plan on actually participating you are not likely to reap
the benefits that you really want, which would make your time and money more
efficient somewhere else. If you are willing to put a bit of effort into
attending the meetings and shows you may be surprised at just how beneficial
the meetings can be for you, and find the club offers a huge source of new

As you can imagine, if you are joining a car club for a good reason the
benefits are enormous, however joining for the wrong reasons can leave you very
stressed out and quite unhappy with the club overall. Always ensure that you are
satisfied with the club and the arrangements that the club can offer you in
order to be truly satisfied. There are so many clubs to join and be a part of
that you should always ensure that you look for clubs that you will enjoy.

Selling Your Car Through a Car Club

There are some times when selling your car through your collectors car club can
be a great idea. But there are also times when it is not such a good idea.
Determining if it is the best situation for your particular circumstances often
varies depending upon how much you need for the vehicle. For example, those who
are looking for an incredible deal of a great car tend to look at car clubs.
But at the same time, they are also looking for a cheap deal. If you are
looking to get top dollar from your car you may want to sell your car outside
of the club to increase your profit.

Most clubs offer a website to members, and often these websites offer either an
area for members to make announcements about things car related that they are
selling, or a forum which would allow you to make an announcement. Typically,
it is free to advertise your car through the car club, which can be a huge
savings over advertising the vehicle in your local newspaper.

However, it is also important to realize that unless you are a member of a very
large club, you are limiting yourself in terms of potential customers by only
advertising to club members. Yet this can often be a great way to get a fast
sell for your car, which can be a very important deciding factor when you are
trying to determine the best option for selling your car.

Those who are members of your car club may have already seen your vehicle
before. Additionally, you may have had a few people approach you in the past
asking if you would be interested in selling. Generally, if you have had
someone approach you in the past it is always a wise idea to ensure that they
know you are selling if any way possible. This will allow them the opportunity
to buy your vehicle if you are interested and can really speed up the sale
process a lot of times.

If you car is in exceptional shape it is a very wise decision to always ensure
that the car looks its best when you are driving it around. In addition, taking
the car with you to club meetings with a For Sale sign in one of the windows can
be another way of letting members know that you are selling. This is especially
important if the vehicle is a specialty car that is not something that the
general population would be interested in. You must be very careful how you
choose to market though, even inside of your car club. If you seem desperate
for any reason, people are going to try to get you to cut your price.

Make sure you avoid this impression by picking a price and try to avoid
haggling over price as much as possible. Just be aware that if you do sell it
to someone in your car club you have the benefit of probably being able to see
it again. This can be an important consideration if you have come to think of
the car as a family member, rather than just as a car. While the car may not
still belong to you, it is usually possible to still see it and have a form of
visitation per say rather than never seeing it again. Regardless of whether you
choose to sell through your club or not, it can make a great place to start the
advertising process since you are surrounded by others who are also interested
in cars as well.

Reasons to Join a Collectors Car Club

Everyone who decides to join a car club usually has different reasons for being
interested in the process, the majority of people tend to join for different
reasons, but on occasion the reasons you are interested in joining coincide
with someone else's reasons and at other times they tend to conflict. You
should join a car club for your own personal reasons and try to avoid reasons
that are inconvenient for you, or do not combine well with your needs.

Each car club is very different, there are some clubs that are designed mostly
for younger adults, while others are geared towards older adults or even women.
This type of organization helps very well to allow people to interact with
people who are similar and share at least one common thing. This can be a great
way to acquire some new friends, and check out some fabulous cars all at the
same time.

Another reason that many people start looking into joining a car club is so
they can look around for people who are experienced in the style of cars they
enjoy. For example, you wouldn't do the same maintenance to an old classic car
as you would to a kit built car. There are some distinct differences and
joining a car club can help you learn those differences quickly.

Many people who are new to the car world tend to use a car club as a way to
find a mentor. This allows them to really work with people who are very 
experienced and can help them get as much information as possible from the 
meetings or even just hanging out in general. Those who are looking for a 
mentor generally have a large selection of members to choose from and are able 
to find someone who is knowledgeable and willing to work with them rather 

It is well known that most people who are involved in a car club have at least
one possibly more incredible cars that are gorgeous, or well on the way to
becoming gorgeous. If you are looking to buy and sell cars this can be an
important place to make some great connections. Similarly if you are involved
in an auto repair business, or even a body shop this is once again a great
place to make some highly valuable business connections. People are much more
likely to work with someone whom they know on a personal level which can make
your time very valuable.

Still others join car clubs because they love the thrill of the car. There is
simply nothing better than being surrounded by powerful machines that are
gorgeous and properly kept and maintained. A restored car is a special treat
that not everyone enjoys. Those who do enjoy the treat are often hard pressed
trying to locate different cars that they can view. A car club takes away part
of the hassle and allows you to quickly and easily locate numerous gorgeous
cars and since most members take their special car to the meetings you have
ample opportunities to look at how gorgeous an old banged up car can really be
with some work.

Regardless of the reason you are looking for a car club there is no reason to
justify it to yourself. If you are interested in cars, or just enjoy looking at
them there is almost always a good car club that you can join. Many car clubs do
not even require you to own a car, though there are some that are model specific
and require you to own a specific model of car in order to have your membership
approved. Look around, you are going to find hundreds of incredible people,
thousands of fabulous cars and the opportunity to be at the center of it all
with a great car club membership. Never before has the idea of being around so
many incredible cars been such a reality.

Raffles, Drawings and Other Contests for Car Clubs

If you are trying to decide what your club should possibly offer as a raffle
prize there are several things that you should consider but of course, finding
prizes that are car related are always best. Some of the most popular options
are also highly affordable as well, especially if you take the time to call
around and see if you can obtain any donations for the raffle that you are
conducting. Just be careful to ensure that you treat businesses right to get
repeat prizes in the future.

Look to cat detailing and body shops for some gift certificates. Most people
with great classic cars are ever really satisfied with the appearance. This
leaves it quite necessary to usually continuously redo some work of some sort.
A small gift certificate may not go far, but it can be a huge help if someone
is close to finishing the work on their car. Plus, many shops will work out a
deal where you can purchase the gift certificate for at least a reduced price
if not donate it entirely.

Auto parts stores are another great idea for raffles. Most people need auto
parts at some point even if it is something that is basic like oil and spark
plugs for normal maintenance. Providing members with prizes that allow them to
pick up the auto parts of their choice can be a sure way to win over members.

Car seats are sometimes uncomfortable or even neglected in the quest to make
the outside of the car look gorgeous. Consider seeking out either seat covers,
or an upholstery shop for a prize. This would allow members to have some work
done on the inside of their car without having the save up them money to afford
it themselves.

Additionally, look to some restaurants to donate some gift certificates for
free food. These are usually quite easy to arrange and almost always are free
to get, just talk to the manager at the store and you are generally able to
obtain 2-3 complete meals quite easily. Similar arrangements can usually be
worked out for movie theaters as well. This can help you to arrange an entire
date night to give away to members.

If you happen to have a really large budget, you could arrange for a small mini
weekend vacation somewhere. If you are really good at talking to people you
might be able to get some free gas cards to pay for the gas if the destination
is close by, as well as a free or at least reduced priced hotel room as well.
Talk to the managers around the destination area and you may be even able to
snag some free tickets to events and attractions in the area.

As you can see, raffles and contests do not always have to have t-shirts and
hats as prizes. While some people really are thrilled to win a shirt, having a
few big prizes, especially when they are discounted make a great option for
helping to boost the sales of the tickets, or encourage members to attend
meetings if you are always giving away great prizes to those who show up. Just
remember, be very nice to businesses that donate prizes so that they are likely
to work with you again in the future.

Organizing the Club Meetings

The task of organizing and scheduling a meeting can seem like a huge hassle but
they are part of the normal routine for a car club president. The exact matters
that are discussed at each meeting can vary, but having a good idea of what you
are going to talk about can help make the process go as smoothly as possible.
Ensure that you plan your meetings ahead as much as possible so that they go
also go as smoothly as possible.

One of the main issues that clubs talk about is a quick reading of the minutes
from the previous meeting. This is generally done by the Secretary for the
club; however, there are times when someone else is given that job instead.
Additionally, someone is responsible for taking a roll call to see who is
attending the meetings and who is not. These records are generally kept for at
least a year in the event that they are necessary so it is important to ensure
that this is done properly.

Other issues that are raised during meetings are often talks and plans about
events and activities that are in the near future. For example, most people
tend to start planning and organizing car shows, and even races at least two
months in advance. This means that issues are usually discussed at meetings at
least a month before this time so members can all discuss potential plans and
decide who will be doing what for the event.

Additional matters can include any charity runs that are coming up, or any
other events that the club is planning to participate in that are not directly
hosted by the club. For example, if the club always attends a car show that is
sponsored by another car club this would be discussed at a meeting held before
the show so that everyone can ask questions and all details can be clearly
communicated to the members.

During the time of year when the club has elected to hold elections it is very
important to ensure that time is scheduled for the nomination process as well
as the election process. Without the time scheduled for this it is often quite
easy to overlook and this can leave the club scrambling to schedule emergency
meetings to ensure that elections are properly handled.

Another important issue at many meetings is the various news items that arise,
such as talking about car shows, races and even sales that are going on that
can be of great interest to members. For example, if a detailing shop was
running a huge special right before a car show it would be worth mentioning to
members for those who did not have time to detail their vehicle themselves.

Most clubs also reserve a bit of time during each meeting for the club
treasurer to discuss the finances of the club. This allows the club members to
all be fully aware of what the money paid in dues goes for, and ensure that
funds are being properly managed. This serves primarily as a system of checks
and balances to make most people feel much better, as well as ensure that the
treasurer is properly handling the money.

Most clubs are able to handle all of their business in approximately an hour
once a month or so. There are some clubs that meet much more often, but the
majority are able to wrap business up pretty quickly so that everyone can move
along with other plans. With a well organized meeting agenda it is possible to
speed the meeting greatly and still cover all of the essentials.

Local, Regional or National Car Clubs

Deciding which type of collector's car club to join can sometimes be a very
confusing process. After all, what is really the difference between the
different levels and why does it really matter? While the differences in the
overall club may be small between the different areas, there are generally some
distinct differences in what the club expects from you, and also the number of
members and the types of events that are organized.

People who are looking for a small, close-knit type of car club are going to
find happiness in a local club typically. These clubs generally are very
limited with members only coming from a specific area. While some areas are
larger and account for larger clubs, they are still usually much smaller than
the regional or national clubs could ever hope to be. Additionally, these clubs
tend to meet on a weekly or monthly basis and also elect officers once a year.
Another component to the local clubs is they tend to expect members to be
fairly active because everyone lives fairly close together. This can include
rides, shows, races and various other club related activities.

Regional clubs tend to be a bit larger and can often cover several states
within the same region. Most regional clubs are lucky to meet once a month
because of the distance in which people are having to travel in order to attend
meetings. As with local clubs there are generally club officers elected once a
year and there are often meetings held on a monthly basis or even bi-monthly.
The exact location of the meetings can sometimes vary as the club moves the
location around the region to ensure that everyone is able to attend at least
one meeting a year. Clubs at the regional level usually organize and hold at
least one or two car shows a year and several other great events as well for
the members to enjoy.

National collectors car clubs tend to be the largest with the most members for
each club. These are very large and typically do not have meetings on a
frequent basis. Most of these clubs are lucky to meet once a month mostly
because finding time for that many members to all meet together can be a large
logistics problem for officers. The members in national clubs tend to come from
all around the country and often members do not know each other and can only
identify each other based upon seeing another member wearing the clubs jacket
or shirt.

National clubs are also known for organizing several car shows a year.
Additionally, depending upon the exact car style the club may organize a few
races a year as well at locations around the country. Because members come from
all around the country typically, meetings are not a requirement for members. To
help handle the problems with members being located all around the country come
officer election times many elections are held either over the internet, or by
mailing a ballot into the club.

Picking out the club that is best suited to your needs and desires is based
upon your own personality and desires. Many people join all three levels
because each offers something that they want. You are free to join any level
that you are interested in, looking around online you can generally find any
club level you are interested and find out about their membership requirements

Learning Tips and Tricks From Pros

Car clubs are one of the best places to learn some tips and tricks from the
professionals who are quite knowledgeable in car related issues. Have you ever
had a problem with the bodywork on your car and wished you knew someone you
could talk to about it, without having to pay a fortune to take it to a shop?
Collector's car clubs offer a great opportunity to network with people who are
involved in various aspects of cars and make it so simple to tap into the
knowledge that they have to offer.

If you have ever been a member of a car club you know that there are people
from all walks of life, this includes those who work for auto parts stores and
even those who have been involved in car shows and even sometimes an occasional
racecar driver. Everyone is brought together because of their love of cars. This
is a great opportunity to tap into all of the information that you can when you
have a question. Many times, the members of the club will take turns having
small seminars at the club meetings that will allow the knowledgeable members
the perfect opportunity to share information and skills with other members who
are not as knowledgeable.

Taking advantage of all of the opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge
is great in order to improve your overall car skills. Often times the
connections that you learn at these meetings can arm you with information that
can give you an added benefit during a car show, or even during a race.
Sometimes you are able to learn about some things that you should avoid during
events in order not to upset the judges as well. Regardless of what information
you are able to learn, it almost always has a time and a place where it can be
very useful to your overall success.

Never discount the importance of attending the club meetings and learning the
different members. There are going to be some that are more helpful to you than
others. But by networking, you may discover that your love of cars runs deeper
than you imagined, and you may even discover that you would prefer a career
change. Additionally, you may discover that you are interested in working on
another car as well.

Always take the help that you are offered, it can be a huge help, especially
during car shows and races. These are the times when it is especially important
to tap into the knowledge that others have to share and can often make it quite
easy to learn something much faster than you would otherwise be able to learn.
If you have problems, you can also use your network of contacts to help
troubleshoot the problem to ensure that you are able to correct it as quickly
as possible.

As you can see, collector's car clubs offer so much more than just boring
meetings and occasional car shows. The contacts that you make from networking
alone can be very much worth the time and effort that you spend trying to
create the perfect vehicle. Remember, your love of cars is what brings you all
together so you already have something in common and most of the members of
your club are going to be very interested in seeing a fellow club member
succeed, use this to your advantage.

Kids in Car Clubs

As the number of car clubs all across the world continues to grow and expand
there is also a huge increase in the number of children who are interested in
joining. Yet is it really a good place for children to be? Many people worry
that children are exposed to the dangerous aspects of cars much too soon, but
can a car club be a good idea for children?

The purpose of many car clubs is to help educate members and provide members
with a place where they can interact with other members and show off their
cars. Often, there are a few children in each club, but most of the membership
is adults. In order to really gain the best benefits most parents look for
clubs that are mostly adults, so that the child is able to learn as much as
possible from the adults that are members.

With a good car club, it can be a great learning experience for children to
interact with. Allowing them to work with various adults who are also quite
knowledgeable about cars is a great way to allow your child to learn about cars
in a safe environment. The experiencing that your child gains in a good club can
be a lifelong learning experience and can really help take a child that is shy,
and allow them to bloom into a self-assured adult.

Many parents even look to car clubs as a great activity for their daughters as
well. The number of girls who are able to really interact with cars is growing
much higher than previously but finding a good club where your daughter feels
completely comfortable may take a bit of time. Not all clubs are as welcome to
the idea of children as others, and of course there are clubs that are not
geared towards women at all but instead focus most activities on men.

Finding a good club for your child can be a very frustrating experience, but if
you are willing to do a bit of research, you can generally find a great club. It
is important to realize that most clubs will not allow children to be full
members though. The majority of clubs will only allow children to be associate
members; this is generally quite acceptable to most parents and children as
long as they understand that most associate members are not able to vote in

As long as you are willing to make the effort to find a good car club, it can
be a great learning experience for your child. Working with others on learning
about cars and other great experiences associated with cars including car shows
and proper maintenance can be a great experience and can really help a child who
is interested in cars learn even more.

Overall car clubs make a great option for children, especially those who are
close to driving age, or who are already driving age. It can be a good way to
help children learn appropriate safety measures as well as proper maintenance
for their car. In addition, if your child is interested in classic or kit cars,
a good collectors club can be a huge source of inspiration as they learn to
build their own car or work to restore their own car.

While children generally are not able to reap all of the benefits that an adult
can, most children are quite excited with the option of being involved in a good
car club and will generally welcome the opportunity with open arms. Just always
ensure that there is adequate supervision during the meetings to ensure that
your child is safe. Make sure as well that your child has a way to contact you
and that the club officers are aware of the age of your child to ensure that
there are no problems with safety concerns. With proper precautions, a good car
club is the perfect place for a child to learn and develop their interest in

How Much Do Car Clubs Cost?

The amount of most memberships can vary widely, but you should take several
factors into account when you are trying to determine how affordable a
membership really is and whether it is actually worth the money. The ultimate
decision you make is going to be based upon the club itself, the membership
benefits that you are able to use, and the overall pricing. Never sign up for a
club that you cannot afford, and always ensure that the club is a good match for
your needs before purchasing a membership.

There are several extremes when you are looking at memberships. Some charge
very little with yearly membership fees as cheap as $10 per person and others
are very expensive with memberships costing as much as $500 per person.
Obviously, if you are comparing the memberships you want to see a great deal
more benefits offered from the club with the $500 a year membership. In fact,
the list of benefits should be much larger than the other club.

Many clubs are organized to have car shows or even races. If the clubs you are
considering is one of these types of clubs you want to find a club that at
least offers a discount to members off the admission fee to participate in the
event. If the membership fee is very high, you would preferably want free
admission and enrollment. Many clubs do allow the member and at least one guest
to have free admission.

Another important consideration when you are determining a fair price for the
membership is are you getting a newsletter? Most car clubs offer a newsletter
of some sort to members. Included in your membership should be the newsletter
and for an expensive membership you should expect a copy at least once a month.
For those who have much cheaper membership fees the club may not be able to
afford frequent issues, or they may opt to offer the newsletter electronically
by either e-mail or only on their website.

Many clubs are also known for giving free merchandise with the membership. Most
common gifts are t-shirts, sweatshirts or even hats and bags. The exact gift
that your club offers may vary from year to year but anyone who is paying a
large membership fee should expect something. Once again, those who have very
low yearly rates can typically expect the club to skip over this benefit, as
the fee simply is not enough to cover the expenses. However, even those clubs
that do not give away the merchandise will typically offer a store where you
can purchase the merchandise that you choose.

Comparing all of the costs and benefits of a membership can be a delicate task.
Most memberships that offer just a single gift, discounts of $5-$10 off events
and even a newsletter for a typical club should generally cost in the range of
$50-$100 a year. Much more than this the fee should cover at least your entire
family, or provide some other benefit that you will use extensively to justify
the expense. Many clubs that have expensive membership fees tend to offer free
admission for all club events, and also allow you free admission for guests of
your choice. This type of benefit can be a substantial savings if you plan on
attending many events.

However, if you do not plan to attend many events if could be a waste of money.
Most clubs also offer various levels of membership that will allow you to select
the level that you can afford that will meet your needs. Carefully look over the
options that are available and feel free to ask the club officers questions if
you are confused about why the rates are set at their current levels. Asking
questions and seeking clarifications is never a bad thing and instead will
serve to ensure you are well aware of what is and is not included with your
chosen membership.

How Car Clubs Can Help You Build a Car

Looking to build or restore a great new car? Then you are mostly likely going
to need a bit of help with the process, most people certainly do and this is
going to be no exception. It is very important to take all of the help that you
can get in order to make the process of building or restoring your new car as
easy as possible. As you venture in the process of building your vehicle be
sure to use all of the benefits that are available to you to make the process
as painless as possible

Your first goal should be looking around the car club membership for people who
sell car parts. This can be a great way to get some nice discounts on parts that
you are going to need which can make it much easier for you to save money. If
you are needing large supplies of parts then working with a parts distributor
is wise because all of those saved pennies add up. If you are only working on a
single car, you may be able to find another member who will sell you the parts
that you need at steep discounts. Ask around, you may be surprised at what you
are able to find.

If you are going to need painting or even glasswork done for the vehicle, you
also need to ask around. Once again, you may be able to get a discount from
another member, or you may discover that the club has an agreement worked out
with a company that would allow you to receive a discount if you show your
membership card. Either way you can save even more money and spend more on the
inside or other body work for the vehicle.

As you are working on your car, you are also likely going to need to help, most
people have questions when they are building their first few cars and since it
is such a large project it is not something that is done quickly. This will
allow you plenty of opportunities to talk to other members and ask your
questions. This is a great source of free information and can be a huge help
when you are stuck. In addition, you can often find someone who is willing to
come over and help you with something that is particularly tricky.

One area that people do not consider often is the fact that viewing the cars
others have created is a great way to get ideas. After all, anytime you see a
car that looks fabulous you are probably making a mental note of what the owner
did to create that. Being a member of a car club allows you access on a regular
basis to numerous fabulous cars that you can look at for some inspiration. Even
if you see something that is only mildly inspiring you may discover that you are
able to create an entire masterpiece based off a single idea that you see.

Look forward to car shows that your car club organizes as the perfect
opportunity to unveil your incredible new car as well. This is a great
opportunity to show it off and gather the opinions of others. Many people bring
out their special car even when it is not completely finished so that people can
see what it looks like, and offer advice and suggestions on how to complete it.

Remember, if you belong to a car club you are able to use all of the benefits
to suit your needs. Often this just means picking the brains of members that
are more experienced than you and other times it means using the discounts that
have been arranged. With the help that is available, your dream car can become a
reality and often for a much lower price that you would have ever thought. Do
not be afraid to ask for help, after all the love of the car is what is
important and everyone is pulling for you to succeed in your venture.

Holding Elections, Casting Nominations and other Administrative Issues

Deciding how to handle elections and other similar issues for your collector's
car club can seem like a nightmare at times, but if you work on organizing
these events ahead of time, it really is not so bad. It is also very important
to ensure that you have all of the policies and guidelines for elections noted
down in the clubs bylaws to ensure that everyone is well aware of the process.

When you are deciding to start electing officer it is very important to decide
what officers you want or need. Most clubs at a minimum have a President, Vice
President, Secretary and Treasurer. Some clubs may have additional officers as
well, but this is the general list of officers. Additionally, if your club is
very small then you can omit the Vice President; however, this is typically a
matter of personal preference and the choice of the club itself. There are no
strict and hard fast rules that must be followed.

Most clubs opt to make it public knowledge exactly when election time is, and
they also tend to encourage all members to appear. This is generally when the
club will offer prizes and raffles as well for those who attend the meetings
that determine the officers for the next year. These is not always effective,
but it is generally very helpful in encouraging additional members to attend

Another consideration that you need is to decide when club officers will take
office. Many clubs have members taking office around the first of the year, but
hold elections in the fall time before the holidays are a major concern.
However, other clubs have decided to do elections and instatement of new
officers in the summer and fall to completely avoid the holiday hassles. Look
to the input of your members if you are completely unsure about when to hold
the elections, but always be sure that elections are held at the same time each
year for easy remembering.

It is also a wise decision to have some guidelines about who is allowed to
serve as an officer. This is usually just based on the minimum age of 18, as
well as a period of required membership before someone is eligible to hold an
office. The exact requirements that you stipulate can depend on your
circumstances and you may choose to add additional requirements as well
depending on the needs of your club.

Look to other clubs that are similar if you need some ideas about exactly what
you do and do not need. You may discover if your club is very large that only
3-4 officers cannot handle all of the tasks for the club without severely
cutting into their family time. If this occurs, it may be necessary to create
additional officers as they are needed to ensure that everyone is able to do
their job effectively without cutting into other priorities that they have.

It is also important to ensure you make arrangements in the event that someone
is not able to fulfill their office for any reason. Determine what will be in
place to fill the emptied position, will someone be appointed, or will the
members of the club hold a special election to fill the position. Having all of
this information readily available is important to ensure that everything is
open and everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Great Places to Hold Meetings

Car clubs are always tons of fun, but part of the problem with meetings is
deciding where to hold the meeting. Very few car clubs have the ability or
resources to rent or build their own building to handle all of their members
who attend the meetings. This leaves you with the problem of deciding where you
can hold meetings. Of course, you need a place with enough room for all of the
members, as well as plenty of room for parking to ensure that everyone can
attend who wants to.

This can sometimes be a problem, but with a bit of creative thinking it is
possible to locate the space that you need. Many car clubs look to places such
as libraries, schools, churches, and even some restaurants for space to meet.
There are some benefits to looking around for space at these types of places
and there are some disadvantages as well.

If your club plans on meeting during dinner hours it may be a convenient idea
to meet at a local restaurant that has space. This would allow people to eat
while the meeting is going on and help save some time. Peoples' lives are very
busy lately and being able to save a bit of time can be a huge help and is a
great way to be considerate of the time that your members have. It is also
important to consider the type of restaurant. Choosing a nice restaurant may
sound appealing, but it is important to choose something that is enjoyable by
the majority of people and also a reasonable price. Choosing the most expensive
steakhouse in town is not wise since it may be outside of many people's budgets.
Additionally, if many members like to bring their children look for a place that
can offer foods that kids will like.

If you choose a school then you have the benefit of having a playground
available for those who bring their children to meetings. This can be a huge
help especially for younger children and you can usually use the space for free
so that you are not using up any of the clubs resources on meeting spaces.

Some of the other options that are available include car parts stores, meeting
centers, and even local parts when the weather is nice. Look to ensure that
regardless of where you choose for meeting locations there is enough room for
everyone that you think will be attending. Choosing a small local restaurant
that can seat 20 people is great, but not so great if you anticipate 100 people
showing up for the meeting. Additionally, ensuring that there is plenty of
parking is an essential process. Most people drive their prized cars to
meetings; they do not want their car damaged while in a parking lot so you must
ensure that there is enough space for everyone to fit comfortably.

Once you have found a great place to hold your meetings it is probably a wise
idea to use the same location the majority of the time. This will help to
reduce the confusion that members have over the locations of meetings and also
allow you to work out a good routine with the location so that meetings can go
much smoother and be a great event that is tons of fun.

Giving Car Club Memberships as a Gift

Holidays and birthdays are all just some of the times when giving a gift is the
tradition. Yet what can you really give to someone who already has almost
everything? If
the person you are trying to shop for enjoys cars, you have the option of
giving them a membership to a collector's car club. These are great, especially
for those who are interested in cars, and particularly for those who have a
suitable car.

Of course, this is a gift that may take a bit of effort. After all, you would
not want to give a membership to a club they already belong to. Additionally,
you would not want to give a gift to a club that is essentially useless to the

An example would be giving Uncle Fred a membership to the Ferrari collectors
club when the closest car he has ever owned was a Buick.

Additionally, it would be a wise decision to avoid car clubs that require
members to vote on membership. The person you are giving the membership to may
not want someone voting on them without their knowledge. This might upset the
person greatly. If you are looking for just a general membership type car club
you should be able to avoid this problem and still purchase a membership that
is for a general style club.

If you are careful about selecting the club, you can also find some specialty
clubs that allow general membership. This would allow you to still give the car
club membership as a gift. If you ask the club officers who handle membership,
you may be able to even get a certificate that would make a great present to
announce the membership. If the club does not offer something to be used when
it is given as a gift, you could usually purchase something from a store, or
even design the certificate yourself on the computer.

As a creative gift a car club membership is a great option since they are not
something that is always considered a gift. Another great benefit to car club
memberships is they are usually very helpful for people who already have almost
everything you can possibly think of. Aside from being a creative gift, they are
also very adjustable because you can purchase either a single membership or a
family membership.

The majority of people really enjoy receiving a car club membership. This is a
very affordable option and with a wide range of clubs available, you can find
the club that will be perfect for the person you are shopping for. Additional
things that accompany a gift membership beautifully are some of the clubs
merchandise such as the sweatshirts, a t-shirt or even a hat. It is very
important that before you purchase the membership you ensure that there are no
specific time requirements that are expected from members. If you make a
mistake and purchase a membership for a gift that is given to someone who does
not have time to fulfill the membership requirements you could be looking at a
potential problem, rather than the perfect gift that you had in mind.

Creative and unique gifts are sometimes hard to come up with, picking out
something as great as a collector's car club membership shows that you put a
lot of time and thought into your gift and is sure to be a winner no matter
what the occasion. For Christmas, birthdays or even anniversaries it is an
ideal present for any car lover in the family.

Giving Back to the Community

People are always looking for ways to give back to the communities that they
are in, and one of the most giving types of organizations tends to be the
collectors' car clubs. These are the groups that often go around working with
places such as Toys for Tots, and other charity organizations for Christmas
drives as well as numerous other events that are designed to help raise money
for various charities.

Many car clubs organize charity drives. These are great ways for members to get
out and enjoy each other's company while driving around and showing off their
cars and raising money for charity at the same time. Different clubs are
involved with different charities and some are involved with none at all. There
are even some clubs that are very heavily involved and encourage members to do
as much as possible for the benefit of the charity of their choice.

Deciding how much you are comfortable doing for the charity is very important.
If you do not enjoy doing extensive work for charities, it is a good idea to
check with the car club before joining to see if they are involved. Also,
ensure that you know exactly what is expected of you so that there are no
surprises and you can plan accordingly. Most people are more than happy to help
give back to their community, especially if they know in advance what is
expected of them.

If you are creating a new car club, the choice is up to you to decide what
should be expected from members. Most clubs have at least one charity run a
year that they allow members to sign up for, and additionally they usually make
the event a voluntary occurrence. There are very few car clubs that require
members to participate in the charity work that they do simply because not
everyone agrees with all charities.

If you enjoy the idea of helping out different charities then a car club can be
a great place to start, especially since most do offer some form of fundraiser.
Working with those that you enjoy spending time with, looking at great cars and
driving around the car of your dreams is certainly a great way to raise money
and with a bit of luck you can do fairly well at it as well. The entire
situation is usually a great winning scenario and leaves car clubs with a
really great impression on people.

This is especially important in those areas where a lot of people have bad
impressions about car clubs. Many tend to compare car clubs to gangs and other
community problems, despite the fact that they are vastly different. Working
with charities can help cast your club in a good light and make everyone happy
that they are able to help give back a bit to the community.

If your club does not currently do anything for charity, you should consider
it; this is a great way to help out. Spending just a single day a year can be a
huge help for those that are struggling so much, and since the money raised is
from donations of other people it does not hurt anything and can be a lot of
fun if the activities are organized well. So work with your car club and
organize a great way that you can help support a local charity.

Collectors Car Clubs of the Past

Wondering about some of the changes that have occurred with car clubs in the
last few years? There are numerous, after all as lives go on and technology
improves people change as well. What was once fulfilling and satisfying barely
meets anyone's needs now and the car clubs have all been forced to adapt and
adjust as well. This means that the clubs that in the past were the top of the
line have also had to adjust in order to meet the needs of members.

Those clubs that did not evolve have all subsided and closed, while new clubs
appeared. In the past, many people felt that a car club was only useful for an
occasional organized drive and of course participating in only local car shows
with. This would generally be a monthly activity that took place for a few
hours and usually just involved the members of the club. Today's clubs still
take drives, however they tend to occur on a weekly basis now, and are
completely voluntary. Additionally the drives are usually very short, or else
cover the course of an entire weekend and members are encouraged to bring their
entire family along for the adventure.

Additional changes that have occurred include membership fees and acceptance.
In the past, most clubs accepted almost everyone who applied and there were few
if any that charged membership. Now there are very few that accept everyone who
applies and the majority charge at least a small membership fee to help defer
some of the costs that the club has. From organizing events to even making some
charitable donations many car clubs have a few bills that must be covered
somehow. In the past, the clubs were not very well organized. People would
simply meet together, possibly wear a jacket that was identical to other
members and have a small sticker that they placed on their car. Times have
changed and membership often means so much more now.

Car clubs of the past typically involved only men. Women were almost never
around cars, after all in the old days the woman's place was in the kitchen
cooking or taking care of children, never out in the garage with the men.
Today's car clubs have women who are members and car enthusiasts themselves.
The numbers of women who are members have grown dramatically in recent years
and continues to grow even more. There are even some clubs that limit
membership to only women to help encourage and foster the love that women have
for cars.

People also tend to demand more now than they ever did from memberships and
clubs and to help adapt many have worked out deals with businesses and services
that are useful to the car owner, which allows members to receive a discount.
This is something that car clubs in the past never worried about, yet most
clubs offer some form of benefit. The benefits that each club offers varies
greatly, and even the amount of the discounts that each club has available
varies from club to club depending on the deal worked out but you can usually
find something that is beneficial to you.

You can only imagine how car clubs of today will compare to those of tomorrow.
At this point in time collector's car clubs have changed so dramatically that
they are so vastly different and likely more changes are in store as the clubs
continue to adapt to life. People always love cars, after all the power and
thrill of creating a car from the ground up or even restoring an old and
tarnished car into the masterpiece that car enthusiast's love is always
thrilling and likely will not disappear anytime in the future. In addition,
working on cars is a great way for families to bond and it creates the need for
people to get together and learn, show off their cars and admire the work of
others. Car clubs have thus far stood the test of time and will continue to do
so in the future.

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