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Colour Therapy & Reiki

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History of Color Therapy

Therapy by color is a way to help restore the imbalance by applying certain
colors on the body. Some 2500 years ago, Pythagoras used the light of colors
and color halls were all over ancient Egypt and China for healing. The very
first wheel of color was created by Sir Isaac Newton.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe started studying the effect of colors on the psyche
about one hundred years after Newton made his wheel. Goethe also divided the
colors into two different groups -- the plus group and the minus group. The
Plus group had red, orange, and yellow. The Minus group had green, blue,
indigo, and violet. The plus group caused excitement and brightness. The minus
group caused depression and sadness.

Modern color therapy was pioneered by Neils Finsen of Denmark. In 1877, he
discovered the bactericidal action of energy from solar ultra-violet rays.
Finsen also studied how wounds healed somewhat faster when hit with visible

Edward Babbitt was the founder of the principles of color therapy. He treated a
variety of illnesses and ailments from burns to colds. He found that by placing
a jar of water in the sun, the water would become medicated by the seven color
rays. His principles of Rainbow Healing are followed by some people who drink
the colored, solarized water o stay healthy and fit.

In 1897, Dinshah Ghadiali, MD, saved a woman from intractable dysentery by
shining indigo light on her body. By the third day, she was out of the bed
walking. By 1920, Dinshah invented the Spectro-Chrome. He deduced certain
physiological aspects of each color and how they led certain behaviors.
In 1932, two Californian psychologists, Gerrard and Hessay, established that
red has a stimulating effect, while blue is calming.

In 1985, Darius Dinshaw concluded everything on earth contains some form of
color. These colors arehighly beneficial to keep people healthy and for healing

Color Through Food and Diet

An easy way to introduce color into your life is within the foods you eat. You
can select colors to go with your palette or you can eat the fruits and
vegetables for good health. Just be sure you have a balanced diet with all the
different foods. You don't want to have too much of one color and not enough of
another. The colors of the food will draw us in and when we eat them, we get all
the nutrients plus the healing of the color.

When you go to the store, look around at the produce and see what catches your
eye at first. See what colors really attract you. Is it the Yellow bananas or
the bright red apples? Is it the cold green celery or the deep purple of the
eggplant that catches your eye? Choose your food wisely and eat wisely and in
moderation to each color.

For Red foods: Radishes, Cherries, Beets, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Watermelon,
Cabbage, Meat, Onions, Grapefruit, Apples, Grapes, Pomegranate, and Peppers,

For Yellow Foods: Bananas, Beans, Apricots, Butter or Margarine, Corn, Lemons,
Melon, Onion, Persimmons, Squash, Apples, Onions, and Yolks of eggs
For Blue Foods: Plums, Eggplant, Grapes, Raisins, Prunes, Dates

For Orange Foods: Carrots, Pumpkins, Carrots, Yams, Rutabagas, Peaches,
Oranges, Tangerines, Kumquats, and Papaya

For Green Foods: Lettuce, Spinach, Beans, Kale, Cabbage, Celery, Peas, Lima
Beans, Collard greens, Turnip Greens, Zucchini, Apples, Onions, and Broccoli

This was just a short list of foods you can choose from to get your daily
allotment of color. Take this list to the store and cross off the ones you
picked this week and next week, try others. Go down the whole list mixing and
matching your colors. Let it be a fun things to see how long it takes you to
get through the entire list. Have your family join in too, and teach the kids
while they are young to eat right and it will follow them into adulthood.

How to Heal Yourself

Healing for most people requires a lot of energy use. You will need to have a
clear mind free of any worries or problems that are going on in your life. You
can use meditation or visual imagery to help you relax.

Breathing is always the best way to help you relax. Have a steady rhythmical
breathing. On the inhale, imagine a pure white light coming into your body. On
the exhale, visualize all negativity leaving your body. Send this negative
energy into the ground so it can be neutralized.

Washing your hands and visualizing negative energy going down the drain helps.
You can also use bells or chimes to help cleanse the auric field. Many other
ways to clean an aura are burning incense, ask for protection and cleansing,
rub Frankincense on your hands and wipe it around the auric field, and call for
the Universal Energy to help you.

You can use these suggestions or in your practice, you may find something else
that works equally well. Use that. There is no wrong in Reiki. If you follow
your intuition, that is all you need.

No matter how much you want to help someone else, always take care of yourself
first. Empathic people use their own energies and end up feeling drained and
weak afterwards. This also makes you vulnerable to illness and any negative
energies that are floating around out there.

Direct the Reiki with your mind an use your hands as vessels to carry the
energy to the other person. Let your intent be to help heal the person or to
take away some of their pain. Intent is the most important thing in Reiki.

Always have good intentions concerning yourself or your patients. Most
importantly, practice the Reiki daily to keep yourself strong so you can help

Reiki and Psychic Debris

Psychic debris will accumulate and create blockages in your life force at all
levels. This debris begins in the mental and emotional body. If you don't take
care of it then, it can cause disease and illness in the physical body.

This debris is a reliving of experiences from your past. When you experience an
emotion, you process and gain an understanding of the emotion and release it.

With psychic debris, it just hangs on to you because you were either too young
or too inexperienced to deal with the emotion at the time it happened.

You must be careful during attunements to Reiki. The debris you harbor can be
released during the attunement, but it can linger and attach itself to someone
else in the room. You will learn to protect yourself while giving healing
sessions. Otherwise, you will start to feel the same emotions as the person you
are trying to treat. You will feel sick in your stomach, spinning, and
dizziness. As soon as you take time to clear and balance yourself, you will be
back to normal.

Once you release the debris in your mental and emotional body, you will begin
to think clearer and gain a deeper understanding of feelings and thoughts. You
also are opened up to positive changes in your life. As the blockages are taken
away, you will obtain a higher awareness level. Your Reiki force will return to
its normal flow once more. This is an ongoing process and you must keep up with
balancing and clearing yourself daily.

If you don't balance and clear yourself daily from the emotions you are
obtaining from other people, they can cause a negative impact on your own
system. This can be mental, emotional, or physical. Even walking into a crowded
elevator, you can sense fear, stress, anger, and happiness. Make sure you learn
to protect yourself against psychic debris.

Crystal Meanings M through O

Malachite: This stone has a steady flow of electromagnetic energy. It is used
in healing and can clean the auric field by absorbing negativity. Place in all
four corners of a room to cleanse of toxins. The stone must be cleansed daily.
It will also help to amplify the positivity in your life, so use when you are
feeling down or depressed.

Meteorite: A solid brown to black mottled stone, it helps with greater
awareness of your surroundings. These stones are in tune wit the cosmos'
energies and can help raise our own energies to a higher level.

Moonstone: This stone comes in a variety of colors. It honors the Goddess in
all women and also aids in dieting, meditation, and Psychic awareness. It can
help give us greater flexibility and calmness in our lives.

Nephrite: This stone has creamy type colors. It has a steady energy and helps
to mellow one's existence. It can also assist the wearer in ridding themselves
of negativity. It is a protective stone and helps the body filter out any

Obsidian: This stone is formed when hot lava is poured into water. It has a
strong grounding property and reduces the need for escape from life. It help to
dissolve anger and fear and converts it t flexibility.

Onyx: This stone helps to balance and ground the wearer. It is used for
centering the person to connect with higher powers. It can help to banish grief
and enhance self control. It also brings balance to the body and good for people
under mental and emotional stress.

Opal: This sparkling stone amplifies feelings or buried emotions. It gives us
the ability to be more spontaneous. It is a very fragile stone and will crack
in the sun. It can also help to balance the left and right brain.

Incorporate Some Color Into Your Life

Incorporating color into our lives is really easy to do. We can find colors
everywhere in the food we eat, in nature, and in the cars we drive. You only
have to look at the world that surrounds you to see the vibrant shades of
colors everywhere. Colors helps our moods and energy levels. It can bring out
that creative part of our minds and brighten our day. There is no end to what
you can use different colors for every day.

Here are some suggestions about how to get some more color into your life:

Paint with rich vibrant colors.

Use a colored lampshade or colored light bulbs.

Visualize your favorite colors in your mind.

Use shades that are harmonious and complement each other.

Meditate at a church where you can view the beautiful stained glass windows.
Go to a museum and take in all the artwork and the colors used in each piece.
Look around for natural colors. Notice the blue sky, the blue green ocean,
white moon, and the green grass.

Choose your favorite colors for things around the house. Choose the shade of
clothes you wear, the car you drive, the shoes on your feet, the scarves or
mittens, and the sheets on your bed. Go ahead and dress your husband in that
pink shirt, he will feel much happier afterwards.

You have a choice in everything you do to pick colors that best suit you and
your family's moods and preferences. There are always hundreds of shades to
pick. Painting a baby's room is a project in itself. Do you pick the pink or
blue? How many shades are there of these two? Do you pick a neutral yellow
which can go from Sunrise to Goldenrod and everything in between. Have fun and
enjoy the color schemes you have picked.

Diseases and Color

There are many colors and many diseases. Sometimes too much of a color will
make us sick, same as too little of a color. If we can keep the right balance
in all our systems, it can prove to be quite beneficial to our health. Soak up
each color until you get your fill and go onto the next problem. Whatever is
bothering you can be located in articles on the web or in a book in your
library. Check out these different things and form your own conclusions. You
will find that the amazing colors are going to be part of you for a good long

Below are some diseases and their color that may help improve the problem.

Abdominal cramps: Yellow
Headaches: Blue
Acne: Pink
Alcoholism: Violet
Allergies: Indigo
Alzheimers: Royal Blue
Anemia: Red
Angina: Red
Anorexia: Blue
Appendicitis: Blue
Excessive Appetite: Indigo
Decreased Appetite: Yellow
Arthritis: Violet
Asthma: Red
Back Pain: Blue
Baldness: Violet
Bladder: Violet
Blood Pressure: High -- Blue Green, Low -- Red Orange
Bones: Violet
Bronchitis: Blue
Burns: Green
Cancer: Green
Cataracts: Indigo
Spinal Meningitis: Green
Chicken Pox: Green
Claudication: Red
Colds: Red
Concussion: Green
Constipation: Yellow
Coughs: Blue
Dandruff: Indigo
Diabetes: Indigo
Diarrhea: Green
Indigestion: Yellow
Eczema: Indigo
Depression: Yellow
Insanity: Orange
Obsessions: Green
Epilepsy: Green
Fever: Green
Flatulence: Red
Frigidity: Indigo
Gall Bladder: Orange
Glaucoma: Violet
Goiter: Blue
Gonorrhea: Blue
Gout: Violet
Hay Fever: Green
Heartburn: Red
Hemorrhoids: Blue
Hepatitis: Blue
Influenza: Green
Insomnia: Orange
Itching: Blue
Jaundice: Blue
Kidneys: Violet
Leukemia: Red
Lungs: Indigo
Lupus: Green
Mastoiditis: Blue
Measles: Green
Menopause: Green
Mental Disorders: Violet
Moles: Red
Mumps: Green
Nausea: Blue
Neuralgia: Blue
Nightmare: Blue
Paralysis: Red
Parkinson's Disease: Indigo
Pneumonia: Indigo
Rabies: Green
Rheumatism: Violet
Rickets: Blue
Scarlet Fever: Green
Sclerosis: Violet
Shock: Blue
Skin: Blue
Spleen: Orange
Strep Throat: Green
Syphilis: Green
Tetanus: Green
Tonsillitis: Violet
Tuberculosis: Green
Urticaria: Green
Vertigo: Green


Used by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, they recognized the beneficial
effects of scented baths, candles, and diffusers. Hippocrates, the father of
medicine, recommended the spraying of Athens to help rid them of the plague
that was going though the city.

In 1930, Dr. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse created the basic principles of
aromatherapy. He used some lavender oil after he burned his hand and his hand
healed completely. This led him to believe there might be other uses for these
scents and oils.

Jean Valnet, a French doctor found that these oils were also effective in
disinfection and healing if applied to the skin. He wrote a book n aromatherapy
in 1964 to teach others about this new science.

Professor Paolo Rovesti tested the different oils with different situations.
For depression, he tried Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Lemon Oil. For anxiety, he
used Cypress, Orange Leaf, Lime, and Rose.

One doctor helped a small child that had cancer by letting her smell some rose
oil. It greatly decreased her pain. It has been known throughout history that
odors can cause significant memory triggering responses.

People who mix their own oils find fragrances that are pleasing to them and
help them to relax. The olfactory nerves pick up on the scent and cause
relaxing results. Lemon scents will usually vitalize you as will any citrus
smell. The aromatherapy can be inhaled, sprayed into the air, massaged into the
skin, placed in the bath water, or used in hot and cold compresses.

Those people with asthma must be careful around the fragrant scents because it
could set off an attack. For people with allergies, Sage and Rosemary can set
them off and cause breathing issues. For pregnant women, Juniper oil could set
off uterine contractions.

Be careful of your surrounding and people therein when you try an aromatherapy
session. Most people like to place the scent in the bath water. Find what works
for you and stick to it.


The word chakra comes from the sanskrit meaning wheel or circle. There are
seven chakras or wheels from the base of your spine to the top of your head.
The function of each of the chakras is to spin and rotate and keep the
spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body all in alignment. When we get
sick or ill, it is a sign that one or more of the chakras is out of alignment.

The crown chakra is one of consciousness and is the master to all the others.
It is compared to the pituitary gland. Symbolized by a lotus plant with a
thousand petals, it is found outside the body above the head.

The brow chakra is compared to the pineal gland. It is the chakra of time and
light. The symbol is a lotus plant with two petals. It is located between the
eyes on the forehead. It is also known as the third eye chakra.

The throat chakra is in charge of communication and other forms of expression.
This chakra is compared to the thyroid gland. It is located in the throat area
of the neck and is symbolized by a lotus plant with sixteen petals.

The heart chakra is one of higher emotions, love, compassion, and well-being.

It is compared to the thymus. It is a part of the immune system and the
endocrine system. Symbolized by a lotus plant with twelve petals, it is located
in the center of the chest.

The solar plexus chakra is related to higher emotion and energy and is compared
to the pancreas and outer adrenal glands. Digestion is the conversion of food
into energy for the well being of the self. This chakra is symbolized by a
lotus plant with ten petals. It is located right underneath the ribcage.

The sacral chakra related to base emotion and sexuality. This chakra is
compared to the ovaries or testes. Symbolized by a lotus plant with six petals,
it is located in the groin area.

The root chakra is related to our intuition, instincts, and survival. It is
compared to the inner adrenal glands and the adrenal medulla in the kidney. It
is symbolized by a lotus plant with four petals and is located at the base of
the spine.

Animal Reiki

If it is possible, animals love Reiki more than people. It is a relaxing
exchange of energy between the animal and the practitioner. Some animals
instinctively know you are trying to help them and will stand still and let the
Reiki envelope them. Some animals are givers as well and know how to send Reiki
back to the practitioner as well. This is a wonderful way to bond with your
animal friend.

Animals hold their troubles under the belly or down the spine. Make sure to hit
these areas when you are treating them. Most practitioners will start at the
animal's head and work their way down the spine. You will sense some "hot"
spots and know where you need to go. Talk to the animal as you do the
treatment. Let them know you love and care for them and want them to be around
a long, long time. Three times a week should be sufficient to start. After a
week or so, the spots should be worked out, and the animal will heal more
easily in the future.

Sometimes, it is something simple bothering the animal. Maybe the turmoil in
your family or maybe you are under stress at work and you are bringing it home.
Like children, the animal can pick up on this and it can lead to stress for both
of you. The animal may start to feel run down or get violently ill. Try to keep
your emotions in check and not take it out on the family. Your children and
animals will thank you for it.

These are unconditional bundles of love that you can't buy anywhere else. The
pets in our lives give us so much, and we should at least try to give them some
healing in return. Most dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards, and turtles love to
receive Reiki.

Boji Stones

Boji stones are used in the healing process. You can feel the energy from the
stones trying to help balance your energy field. When you hold the stones, one
in each hand, you can feel them pulling and pushing each other like magnets do.
It is best to always use two stones, making sure that one is a male and one is a
female. When you feel what you think is the strongest energy, notice which stone
is in which hand. Keep this in mind for future uses. When you are ready, lie
down on your back and place the left hand stone above your head and the right
stone at your feet. Visualize a golden white healing light as they work to
release blockages you may have.

These stones can be used on the meridians of the body instead of the
acupuncture needles. You find which sides of the stone are the strongest and
you lay those on the body. When laying the Boji on yourself, it takes away some
of the pain so you can heal faster. The really neat thing is you don't have to
believe in them to have them work for you. Those people who are sensitive to
the vibrations of he stone will feel the energy when they are holding the

The Bojis also have a positive and negative side as well on each of them. The
crystallized ones are usually male, while the smooth ones are the females. The
male is almost always placed on the weakest side of the body.
Taking care of the Boji stones means sitting them out in sunlight or the
moonlight twice a week. To clean them, use baking soda and a toothbrush.
These precious stones at found at geological digs where fossils and petrified
bones are located. Sometimes if it rains, the Boji stones will emerge looking
like a rock mushroom plant.

The Throat, Brow, and Crown Chakras

The Throat chakra correlates to that part of the mind that expresses and
communicates. It can be any form of communication that the person is
comfortable doing -- Art, music, painting, sculpture, and poetry. This chakra
also encourages listening to one's own intuition and following the voice that
leads you. After a while, you will the Universe supporting you in all that you
do. Parts of the body associated with this chakra are throat, shoulders, arms,
and hands. The color associatedwith this chakra is Sky Blue.

The Brow chakra is associated with the spiritual view and the Being within.
This is also the unconscious mind that directs our actions and our life. From
here, we can become aware of the motivation behind our actions. ESP is
associated with this third eye chakra as well. It is the set of all our inner
senses integrating with our outer senses. The element here is the Inner Sound.
This is listening to your own self without the outside physical world involved.
The color associated here is Lapis Lazuli.

The Crown chakra is mostly concerned with unity or separation issues. This is
our root with our father. Not just our earthly father, but our Heavenly Father
is included also. If there is tension in the head, that means that there is
some form of tension in a specific part of the conscious mind. The person may
feel like they are hiding from everyone and not seeing what is truly in their
soul. This is the most hardest part to clarify. Accepting the truth about one's
situation can be mind-reeling until that mind can take time to meditate on the
issue and finally accept it. If doing what made all of us happy worked, it
would be a great life. The counter here is if we continue to do something that
makes us unhappy, it can become a matter of our health becoming worse. The
color that goes with this chakra is Violet.

Using Goddess Oils to Balance the Chakras

Sometimes when you find an unbalanced or closed chakra, you can do some
meditation or visualization to help unblock the chakra. You want them spinning
and aligned properly, but the stress of life will get them out of alignment.
There are some oil blends that may help with this problem. You can mix these up
by using 30 drops of the specific oil to half an ounce of either Jojoba or Sweet
Almond Oil. You could also add these into the bath or add a candle underneath
and let them seep into the air around you. You should only use a certain blend
of fragrances for about a week. After that, your nose will become used to the
smell. Although you should see some improvement within the week.

The oils you can blend for each chakra are as follows:

Root: Yang Yang, Rosewood, Frankincense
Sacral: Jasmine
Solar Plexus: Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin
Heart: Rose, Geranium
Throat: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Chamomile
Third Eye: Sage, Lavender, Rosemary
Crown: Frankincense, Rosewood

Areas to anoint with oils:

Root: Lower pelvic area, Buttocks Goddess: Hera Color: Red
Sacral: Lower back, pelvic area Goddess: Aphrodite Color: Orange
Solar Plexus: Underneath the rib cage Goddess: Persephone Color: Yellow
Heart: Chest area Goddess: Demeter Color: Green
Throat: Front and back of neck Goddess: Athena Color: Blue
Third Eye: Between the eyes Goddess: Artemis Color: Indigo
Crown: Top of the head Goddess: Hestia Color: White

After mixing and applying, you can chant the goddess' name and visualize the
colors that go along with the chakras. Depending on the amount of the blockage,
it will take from one to seven days for it to open back up. Listen to your
intuition and pay attention to your dreams. The answers you seek will be found
within yourself.

Reiki FAQ

What is Reiki energy? Reiki energy is known as the Universal Life Force. It is
also know as Ki, Qi, or Chi in different parts of China. It is taught to us by
the Reiki Masters. We learn how to channel it after being attuned. Then we go
forth and share it with other people.

What does the Reiki energy feel like? For different people, it will feel like
different things. Some have a spinning experience, some see bright colors, some
have beautiful visions, and some feel nothing at all. They may also experience a
warmth or a tingle depending on where the practitioner is.

How does a Reiki treatment work? The practitioner starts the treatment at the
crown chakra and go all the way down to the root chakra, opening any chakras
that are blocked. Then they do each elbow and knee and them you flip over and
they work on your back chakras. After they have opened all of these, you will
flip one more time onto your back while they anchor in your affirmation and
give thanks to you for letting them treat you.

How does Reiki energy know where to go? If you have a specific pain, the
practitioner will still treat the entire body. If the Reiki is needed in one
certain place, it will flow to that area. Your higher self knows where it needs
healing and will direct the Reiki to go there. If the higher self decides it
doesn't want the Reiki, it will block it from entering the body.

When is Reiki effective? Reiki is good for almost any injury. While you are
waiting for the ambulance, give the person some Reiki. Before they go into
surgery and when they come out, give some. There are many instances where Reiki
from the beginning of an injury or illness can really cut down on how much time
it may take to heal. But, even if start Reiki in the middle, the energy knows
where it is needed and goes to work in that area.

Does Reiki work for everyone? Reiki will only work to the degree that the
person's higher self will let it work. If the person is open and willing, the
Reiki will flow an go straight where it is needed. If the person's higher self
doesn't accept it, the Reiki cannot get in. Sometimes when people are getting
ready to die, Reiki can be a wonderful peaceful way to the spirit realm.
Healing doesn't just mean to cure, but the healing of the person's spirit and a
return to wholeness.

Who can give Reiki treatments? Any practitioners that are Reiki II and higher.
Reiki III and Reiki Master have more advanced techniques that they learn to
help different groups of people. If your practitioner is Reiki II, they will be
able to help as good as a Reiki Master for general treatments.

What is distance treatment? These are treatments sent over long distances for
healing when the practitioner cannot travel to where the patient is. For
instance, an American practitioner may send healing to someone in Australia.

Again, all you need is the intent for it to be sent. Draw your distance symbol
and send the loving energy to whoever needs it. There are may Reiki groups that
sent healing to the earth itself after the tornadoes and tsunamis hit the coast
of many countries. You can even send healing into the future for yourself or
others. There is no limit on the good you can accomplish.

How do you get a treatment? Look in the phone book and locate a practitioner
and ask about their credentials. Treatments usually run between $35 and $60.
Some of the practitioners may do distance sessions if you cannot get to their

They will include a note to tell you anything they picked up while sending the

Animal Crystal Shapes

You can use these specific stones for jewelry, meditations, or carry them as a

Alligator: Survival and stealth
Dolphin: Joy and harmony
Frog: Cleansing and Peace
Goose: Safe returns from trips
Otter: Joy and laughter
Salmon: Determination and persistence
Seagull: Versatility
Seal: Contentment
Swan: Elegance
Turtle: Love and protection
Whale: Creativity and intuition

Antelope: Speed and grace
Bear: Strength and self-knowledge
Buffalo: Abundance and healing
Caribou: Mobility
Cougar: Leadership
Coyote: Humor
Elephant: Luck and good memory
Elk: Pride and majesty
Fox: Cleverness
Goat: Diligence
Hedgehog: Self preservation
Horse: Freedom and power
Lizard: Letting go
Moose: Spontaneity
Porcupine: Innocence
Rabbit: Conquering any fears
Skunk: Caution
Snail: Perseverance
Snake: Power
Squirrel: Thriftiness

Bee: Gathering for the community
Bird: Unity and freedom
Butterfly: Transformation
Crane: Balance
Crow: Council and wisdom
Dragonfly: Skill and refinement
Eagle: Healing and potency
Hawk: Truth
Owl: Vision and insight
Raven: Mystery
Sandpiper: Quickness

These are most of the common animals. There are, of course, many more to be
named, but this is a comprehensive list of most animals. When you wear or use
these symbols in your daily life, they can bring the aforementioned value to
your life. They can be totems or just special symbols that connect with your
inner being. Many people have animals as their totems as well as other objects.
These animals stay with you for your entire life and ward off danger when they
feel you are threatened. They are meant to watch over us and keep us protected.

Crystal Ball: Send energy in every direction
Pyramids: Focus all energies
Egg shape: Bring forth new beginnings
Scarab: Abundance
Feather: Call the spirits
Ankh: Enhances fertility of the mind, spirit, and bod
Yin Yang: Balance
Cross: Protection
Heart: Love

There are also other shapes used for crystal making that have numerous meanings
as well. These are the most common seen and used by others. Find your specific
piece by seeing what resonates with you when you look at it and hold it.

Crystals I through L

Iolite: This stone is a bluish lavender color. It represents truth, peace, and
living at a higher awareness level. It is one of the best stones to use in
psychic healing and spiritual activities. It can help open your psychic
abilities and expand upon them> It is mostly used for meditation and astral

Ivory: Use this stone ONLY if you are drawn to it as it comes from elephants
and walruses. It is used in the ailments of bones and joints. It will help make
you become more in tune with animals and nature.

Jade: This stone is used for health and wealth. It sends out a gentle, steady
healing energy. It comes in a variety of colors and can be used on the chakra
that corresponds with its color. This stone can help mellow your existence and
rid you of negativity. It is a very protective stone.

Jasper: This stone will work for practical solutions in your life. Its energy
is used for grounding and protection. Jasper comes in a rainbow of colors.
Native Americans used Jasper to help

them connect to the spirit world and protect them while the traveled.
Kyanite: Used for grounding and tranquility, this stone comes in several
colors. It is used for visualization, dream interpretation, and meditation. It
is also said if this stone is carried around in the pocket for a time, it will
align all the chakras back to where they are supposed to be.

Labradorite: Usually a metallic iridescent stone, it helps the wearer to share
their strengths with the people around them by helping them to relate better to
others. Don't clean this one with salt.

Lapis Lazuli: This beautiful stone comes in many hues of blue. It will help to
organize and quiet the mind. It gives us total awareness and insight into our
dreams. It can help to increase psychic ability and spiritual purity. Wear
close to the throat.

Color Therapy and the Chakras

The seven chakras in our bodies control our mental attitudes and emotions. They
can also reflect when there is an imbalance somewhere. You must first figure out
which chakra is unbalanced. After you do that, find the color that corresponds
to that chakra. You can use color to balance the chakras every day.

An easy way to do this is to get many swatches of fabric with different colors.
These can alos help in balancing the chakras. Th best part is it is very

The process will take about twenty minutes from start to finish. Lie down
somewhere comfortable and make sure you have the seven swatches of fabric
nearby. These are in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and
Violet. They are the colors of the rainbow.

Take several slow, deep breaths and look back over the day's happenings in
reverse. Be sure to take note of any strong emotions or attitudes that were
expressed during the day. What chakras would have been unbalanced by these

Take the color swatch for that specific chakra and lay it on the area of the
chakra you have deemed unbalanced. Envision the color being drawn down into
your body from your head down.

Take several more breaths, breathing deeply, and focus on the color and drawing
it into the chakra. It may take up to five minutes before you feel "full" of

Another route is to take all seven swatches of cloth and place them on each
chakra one at a time. Let the chakra draw in the color until it is full. Then
proceed to the next one until you have done all seven.

Repeat if you feel that the color did not take, or if you are still feeling a
little "empty" of one specific color. This can bring joy and brightness to your
life, so give it a try.

Origins of Reiki

This ancient practice has been around since the early twentieth century in
Japan. A practitioner named Mikao Usui said that he had been blessed with the
ability to heal without depleting his own energy. He went to Mount Kurama and
meditated for three weeks. Afterwards, he went back to his village and began
teaching others about this healing technique and the symbols that needed to be
used in each treatment.

Usui used initiations called Reiji-ho to enhance people's access to the healing
energy. These later became known as attunements. Attunements also gave the
student a clearer ability to channel the Reiki as well.

Included in the Reiki teachings were five tenets that give us a simpler way to
live our lives. Usui was a reader of the works of Emperor Meiji. In the process
of developing his Reiki techniques, Usui borrowed some of Meiji's teachings.
These tenets are to be said twice a day at morning and at night. The five
tenets are as follows: Just for today I will not worry, Just for today I will
not anger, Just for today I will honor all life, Just for today I will earn my
living honestly, and Just for today I will give thanks for everything.

Some of Usui's student preferred to actually touch the patient and find out
where the trouble spots were. Usui practiced a technique called scanning. He
used scanning to find imbalances and closed chakras. He had always thought that
the laying on of hands was only for beginners.

After treating the beggars and homeless of his village many times, Usui saw
that they did not want to help themselves no matter how he tried to help them.
He came up with the idea of an energy exchange between the practitioner and the
patient. Usui would share his Reiki energy in exchange for some type of monetary

The Five Reiki Tenets

The five tenets of Reiki were adapted by Mikao Usui who was a reader of the
works of Emperor Meiji. These principles came straight out of Meiji's writings.
Usui took these principles a step further and incorporated them into his Reiki
practice. The good news is you do not have to be studying Reiki to apply these
principles to your life.

The first principle is "Just for today, I will not worry." This is probably the
toughest principle listed. It is hard not to worry about things which we have no
control over. But in meditation and prayer, we can learn to hand those worries
over to a higher life force and become more open to trust and have faith about
th world we live in.

The second principle is "Just for today, I will not anger." Sometimes when we
get angry, we need to figure out what is causing the real issue. Is the person
who cut in front of you or is it the person in line at the store with ten
returns? Sometimes we can find behavior in other people that mirrors our own
self. That is sometimes hard to accept. Look at other people as teachers and
try to figure out what lesson they are there to teach you.

The third principle is "I will honor all life." You should honor all creations
of God. You can help by planting trees and flowers, appreciating the food you
have, the love from your family, the very air you breathe, and all the animals,
rocks, and oceans.

The fourth principle is "I will live my life honestly." Did you skip the family
picnic because you were sick or because you were too afraid to tell Aunt Martha
you really didn't want to go? Ask in prayer for guidance in your dreams. You
must honor the truth of your emotions and not keep it all bottled up inside.
Th fifth principle is "I will give thanks for everything." Trust that love and
happiness are supposed to be in your life and find yourself becoming grateful
for the smallest of things and the gift of being here on Earth.

Breathing Color

Breathing color is a meditation form. You simply imagine yourself inhaling and
exhaling the colors. Do this someplace that is comfortable sitting or lying.
Breathe about twelve to eighteen times a minute until you have a consistent
rhythm. Surround yourself in a white light that starts at your head and goes
down to the feet and out through the toes. Keep this vision in your mind for
about two minutes.

Now visualize yourself surrounded by the intense light of the color you choose.
Red, Yellow, and Orange are drawn up through the feet from the Earth. Blue,
Indigo, and Violet are drawn down from the atmosphere through the head. Green,
however, is its own entity. It should be seen as coming into the abdomen on a
horizontal level. You take a few minutes to let the green rise up from the
abdomen, then another few minutes to let the green flow down toward the feet.
Breathe in the color and let it journey to your lungs and heart and solar
plexus. As you breathe out, visualize the complementary color.

Now bathe your entire body in a pure white light for two to three minutes.
You can do this exercise in the morning or at night in the bath. Simply relax
and give yourself time to enjoy and visualize the colors that you need to have.
Usually, the first ones that pop into your mind are the ones you need.

If you are busy and don't have time for the whole meditation, then find a
picture that has blocks of every color within it. Study the picture picking out
each color. Stare at each of the colors for a few minutes until you feel like
you have had your fill and g onto the next one. Some colors will jump right at
you, and others will be a little harder to get.

The Attunement Process of Reiki

Most Reiki practitioners allow the energy of Reiki to flow through their hands
and into the patient they are working on at the time. It is an attachment to
the Universal Life Force that they are accessing to bring this healing power to

As the practitioner goes through the many attunements for each level of Reiki,
they will also learn the symbols that are drawn and repeated for maximum
healing. Each level has its own symbols.

Each attunement received by the student raises them to a higher frequency. The
attunement can only be given by a Reiki Master because their connection to the
Reiki frequency is so high that they can help you connect to it as well. An
well known example is tuning in a radio station. You have listened to one all
your life, but now want to go to another new higher one. Such is Reiki, you are
just moving from one vibrational frequency to the next.

As this happens, you become more aware and more attuned to may things. You will
start to notice it a little at a time. Maybe you are more empathetic or maybe
you can attract wildlife wherever you go. You will definitely notice a change
as you go through the Reiki levels on your journey to Reiki Master.

During an attunement, the Reiki master will write the Reiki symbols onto your
aura. These attunements are permanent. Your energy frequency will then adjust
to the higher vibration. These are given usually in groups of ten students. The
Reiki master will approach each student, draw the symbols and anchor them in.
You may feel like you are floating, you may feel like you are in a trance, you
may spin somewhat, or you may feel nothing at all. Once you have access to
Reiki, you can begin your journey of helping others with what you have learned.

Skeptics view on Reiki

Many believe Reiki to be a pseudoscience. Many medical personnel think it is a
waste of time. Doctors express concern when people with serious diseases such
as heart problems, stroke, and cancer choose Reiki over conventional treatment.
The practitioners are playing on the patient's fear and just stealing their
money, doing nothing in the process.

Reiki practitioners maintain that while you should still get the treatment your
doctor has planned, you can use Reiki as a complement to that therapy. The Reiki
community would never advocate causing harm to anyone.

There are also many controversies about the different Reiki schools and how
they differ. Some use different symbols. Some use energy healing instead of
laying in of hands. Some go through each degree in one year, whereas others can
take up to ten years to get to Master.

The churches have issues with Reiki as well. The Catholics believe it opens the
door to evil. Some religions don't even recognize it as a healing force. They
believe that there is no way that a universal force could flow through one
person at any given time.

The best way to help these skeptical people understand Reiki is for them to
have one treatment before they claim it as bunk. They would find that they are
very wrong. Treatments are very relaxing and very gentle with soft music
playing in the background. They would lay on the table while the practitioner
makes a circle of their entire body with the Reiki force. They would start at
the patient's head chakra and go all the way down to the root chakra opening
any that have closed. The they do each knee chakra. Then you flip over, and
they work on your back chakras. After that, they give you an affirmation and
anchor it in with a symbol and you are done. It takes about an hour to go
through the whole process.

Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols have been kept secret until recent times. It is thought that you
can't use the symbols until you are attuned to Reiki. These symbols represent
the energy and power that is used during a Reiki treatment. They help the
practitioner increase the energy flow in some areas if needed. Of course, there
are variations to these symbols in the different schools of Reiki. They all
represent energy and they all work the same. It is what they mean that gives
them their power.

Cho ku rei is the power symbol and is used to help focus Reiki energy. You can
draw this symbol in the air over the affected limb or body part and push it
down into the body. This helps to anchor the healing intent of the practitioner
into the patient's body. You can also use this symbol to charge crystals or even
the food you eat at every meal.

Sei he ki is the mental emotional symbol. It helps the Reiki to harmonize all
parts of your psyche together. It is sometimes used for getting rid of bad
habits or helping to begin a new regimen in your life.

Hon sha ze sho nen is the distance symbol of Reiki. It helps you connect to
issues of the past, present, or future. It can help with some past life issues
as well. You can also use the symbol when doing distant treatments for patients
who can't travel. Some masters use it at the end of a session to help anchor in
your treatment and to say thanks for giving them the opportunity to help you in
your recovery process.

Dai ku myo is the master symbol. It activates Self Empowerment and opens your
spiritual connection. It is believed that this symbol will work at the genetic
and cellular levels. It connects us to God as well as our higher selves. This
is also the symbol used by Reiki masters to activate th attunement process. It
has also been used as a protection symbol. You can draw it on paper or in the
air whenever you feel frightened.

Chakra Stones, Elements, and Colors

1st Chakra: Root

Location: Base of spine Sense: Smell Element: Earth Stones: Black onyx,
hematite, carnelian, garnet Color: Red or black Sound: Do Musical Note: C
Functions: Life force, Instincts, survival

2nd Chakra: Sacral

Location: Underneath the ribcage Sense: Taste Element: Water Stones: Orange
agate, Red jasper Color: Orange Sound: Re Musical note: D Functions:
Procreation, sexuality

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus

Location: Middle abdomen area Sense: Sight Element: Fire Stones: Tiger's eye.
Citrine, yellow stones Color: Yellow Sound: Mi Musical Note: E Functions:
Metabolizing food, emotions, and sympathetic nervous system

4th chakra: Heart

Location: Center of the chest Sense: Touch Element: Air Stones: Jade, Rose
quartz Color: Green or pink Sound: Fa Musical note: F Functions: Circulating
the life blood for energy 5th Chakra: Throat

Location: Throat area of neck Sense: Hearing Element: Ether Stones: Lapis
lazuli, turquoise Color: Sky blue Sound: Sol Musical note: G Functions:

6th Chakra: Brow

Location: Between the eyes Sense: All the senses including psychic ability
Element: Light Stones: Amethyst, Moonstone Color: Purple Sound: La Musical
Note: A Functions: Vision, Imagination, Concentration

7th Chakra: Crown

Location: Top of head at the crown Sense: All senses including consciousness
Element: Will Stones: Moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst Sound: Ti Musical Note:
B Functions: Upper brain functions

These chakras are spirals of energy that rotate in specific orbits. When one is
out of alignment, the body can quickly get sick or ill. They also help in
removing old wasted energies from the body. A Reiki treatment can help you
realign your chakras. They should spin clockwise and in a perfect circle. Some
will be tilted or even spinning backwards depending on how sick you are. Go to
that part which is causing the most trouble. For instance, if you have a sore
throat, is there some truth you are not communicating that you really need to?

Crystals D through H

Diamond: Ignore the monetary value and look at its properties. With other
stones such as aquamarine, it can actually boost the stone's power. Some say that
the blue inside the color spectrum of the stone can actually help with glaucoma.
It was used as a detoxing stone in ancient times.

Dioptase: A deep blue-green crystal, it helps the heart chakra release
negativity and heal itself. It promotes sincerity and emotional balance and its
healing can go deep into the earth.

Emerald: A symbol of love and good luck, this stone is used for harmony and
peace. It also helps with depression and insomnia.

Fluorite: This stone has every color of the rainbow, usually translucent in
appearance. It is used as a balancing stone. The stone is also used to heighten
psychic ability and spiritual connections.

Garnet: Ranging in a multitude of colors, this stone heightens creativity and
helps with the circulatory system. The brighter the stone is, the better it
will work for you. It is used for help with exhaustion, strengthening blood,
hormone balance, and fertility. It also helps us open up to others.

Geodes: These are rock like on the outside and contain a crystalline structure
on the inside. They usually contain forms of quartz, amethyst, and citrine. It
helps with pursuits of math and assists in the decision making process.

Gold: This is an all purpose type of gem. If placed in the sunlight for a time,
it will become positively charged. It can help with degenerative diseases and
chemical imbalances. It imparts an assertive energy to the wearer.

Hematite: This shiny stone is used for grounding and encourages survival
instincts. It also helps to enhance memory, give mental clarity, and give the
wearer a sound sleep. It deflects negativity and restores balance. It was used
by the ancient Egyptians for hysteria and anxiety.

The Root and Sacral Chakras

The Root chakra correlates to our survival, security, and trust. This deals
with issues of finance, shelter, and job. The person is secure and grounded in
the here and now if the chakra is open. Insecurity and fear means the chakra is
blocked. The parts controlled by this chakra include the legs, the skeletal
system, and elimination system. The color for this chakra is red.

We also need to find out what the symptoms are and when they started as this
will take us back to the original problem. This chakra is also the one that
keeps us grounded to Mother Earth. It also represents the relationship between
us and our own mother. If you were raised by a loving mother, you should have a
clear and open chakra. But if you were abused or neglected, this chakra will be
blocked. Thus your relationship becomes a model for security and home.

The Sacral chakra correlates to the parts of our minds that deal with food and
sex. It is about what the body wants or needs, and what the body finds
pleasurable. Parts controlled by this chakra include the reproductive system,
the abdomen, stomach, spleen, skin, muscular system, the face muscles and the
lumbar region in the back. The color for this chakra is orange.

Taste and the element of water are associated with this chakra as well. If
someone does not have a clear chakra, they may be afraid to go out in a boat or
go swimming. They may also have no appetite or enjoyment of food as their taste
will be bland. This goes back to what this chakra controls in the body. It also
is key as to whether the person is willing to feel their emotions or let them
stay hidden inside. Then the digestive system will go awry. Everything has a
consequence once our chakras become unaligned.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care dates back to ancient Egypt. This modality took root in 1895
when David Palmer presented the theory that all illnesses had the root of their
problems in the spine and the nervous system. According to palmer, when the
vertebrae are misaligned, the person will experience any number of ailments.

Chiropractic care holds that the body has the innate ability to heal itself if
it can achieve balance or homeostasis. When we have a misalignment of joints,
this is said to cause an imbalance in the nerves and cells. The chiropractor
after several treatments gets our spines back in alignments and we are
surprised by how much better we feel.

The proof of Chiropractic working is seen on x rays taken before and after the
treatment series, usually for a month to two months. The chiropractor will give
you specific adjustments designed to place your spine back in its natural
position. They may also use electric stimulation to get the muscles to relax
better while this is going on. This does not hurt, but rather feels like little
ants crawling on your back.

When chiropractic care started, insurances wouldn't recognize it as a health
treatment. However, today, in the 2000's, some insurances have started to see
the benefits and have added it to their policies so people can get the specific
help they need from a trained specialist. Medicare covers the treatments and
most third party payors accept claims from chiropractor visits.

The manipulation of the spine has shown to produce good results for back and
neck pain, headaches, and musculoskeletal problems. Some say it even helps with
infectious diseases to strengthening the immune system. Adjustments are given in
the office and are painless. You may hear a "crack" as the air pops out of the
joint being manipulated. They are non-invasive treatments and you will start to
feel better after the very first one.

Opening the Chakras

If you don't want to go to a Reiki Master to get assistance with opening your
chakras, there are some meditations (sometimes called Mudras) that you can try
at home. They have special hand positions, and the power to send more energy to
the ailing chakra. The sounds are chanted three to four times as you do a
meditation for eight to ten breaths.

To open the Root chakra, the tips of your thumb and index finger should touch
on both hands. Concentrate on the base of the spine. Chant the LAM sound.
To open the Sacral chakra, place your hands in your lap on top of each other
with the palms up. The left hand should be under the right. The tips of the
thumbs should be touching. Co
ncentrating on the sacral bone in the back, chant
the VAM sound.
To open the Solar Plexus chakra, place your hands in front of your stomach,
below the ribcage. The fingers should join at the top, and point away from you.
Cross the thumbs and straighten the fingers. Concentrate on the Solar Plexus
chakra and chant the RAM sound.

To open the Heart chakra, you must sit cross legged. The tips of your index
finger and thumbs should be touching on both hands. Place your left hand on
your left knee and the right hand in front of the lowest part of the sternum.
Concentrating on the heart chakra, chant the YAM sound.

To open the Throat chakra, cross your fingers inside your hands, no thumbs. The
thumbs should touch at the top slightly pulled up. Concentrate on the Throat
chakra and chant the HAM sound.

To open the Brow Chakra, place your hands on the lower part of the ribcage. The
middle fngers should be straight with the tops touching,The thumbs point towards
you with the tops touching. Concentrate on the Third Eye chakra and chant the OM

To open the Crown chakra, place your hands near your stomach. The ring fingers
should point upwards. Cross fingers with left thumb under he right one.
Concentrate on the Crown chakra while chanting the NG sound.

Crystals and Illnesses

The following chart is an overview of some illnesses and which crystal to use
to help with healing them. If you need medical attention, please get it.

Acne: Amethyst elixir
ADD: Quartz
Allergies: Aquamarine and Aventurine
Alzheimer's: Blue Obsidian
Anger: Agate, Bloodstone, Garnet, Jade, Rose Quartz
Angina: Emerald
Appendicitis: Chrysolite
Arthritis: Boji stones, Charoite, Copper, Emerald, Fluorite, Pyrite
Back: Lapis Lazuli, Malachite
Bitterness: Amethyst
Bladder: Orange Jasper
Bleeding: Bloodstone
High Blood Pressure: Emerald
Low Blood Pressure: Ruby
Bowels: Jasper
Burns: Rose Quartz
Cancer: Red Adventurine, Selenite, Smoky Quartz
Chickenpox: Malachite
Colds: Emerald
Constipation: Amber
Depression: Amber, Citrine, Kyanite, Sapphire,
Diabetes: Citrine, Emerald, Jade, Sulfur
Dyslexia: Sugilite
Emphysema: Amber, Amethyst, Rose Quartz
Epilepsy: Jasper, Lapis Lazuli
Exhaustion: Yellow Jasper
Chronic Fatigue: Chlorite in Quartz
Fever: Red Obsidian
Gallbladder: Calcite, Citrine, Jasper, Topaz
Goiter: Amber
Gout: Topaz, Tourmaline
Hayfever: Blue Agate
Headaches: Amber, Amethyst, Charoite, Citrine, Hematite
Heart Attack: Dioptase
HIV and AIDS: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
Hypertension: Chrysocolia
Inflammation: Alexandrite, Bloodstone, Copper, Emerald, Malachite
Insomnia: Amethyst, Citrine, Labradorite, Sapphire
Insulin levels: Opal
Joints: Azurite, Calcite, Hematite
Kidneys: Amber, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Citrine, Emerald, Fluorite, Nephrite,
Rose Quartz
Knees: Azurite
Liver: Amethyst, Beryl, Charoite, Jade, Topaz
Lungs: Amber, Beryl, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot
Metabolism: Amethyst, Sodalite
Migraine: Amber, Amethyst, Fluorite, Turquoise
Multiple Sclerosis: Carnelian
Nerves: Tourmaline
Nose Bleed: Carnelian
Obesity: Tourmaline
Osteoporosis: Malachite
Pancreas: Amber, Calcite, Charoite, Garnet, Jasper
Panic or Anxiety Attack: Lapis Lazuli
Parkinson's Disease: Amethyst, Opal
Rheumatism: Agate, Carnelian, Copper, Malachite
Scoliosis: Malachite
Seizures: Labradorite
Senility: Buddstone
Sexual Abuse: Zoisite
Sinuses: Azurite, Blue Agate
Sleep: Amethyst, Lapis Laxuli
Stress: Bloodstone, Fluorite, Hematite, Obsidian
Stomach: Beryl, Fire Agate, Labradorite
Teeth and toothache: Aquamarine, Fluorite
Thymus: Aventurine
Thyroid: Amber, Citrine
Travel Sickness: Jasper
Tuberculosis: Morganite
Ulcers: Blue Agate
Urinary Tract: Calcite, Ruby
Venereal Disease: Zircon
Vomiting/Nausea: Lapis Lazuli
Warts: Blue Agate
Weight Loss: Rose Quartz

Reiki Timeline

August 15, 1865 Miako Usui born in Japan 1868 Beginning of Meiji time 1869 Usui
sent to a monastery school 1871 The Yen became currency in Japan 1877 Usui bagan
his martial arts training 1888 After a bout with Cholera, Usui converted to
Buddhism 1908 Usui's son, Fuji, born 1910 Shoeski Kaneko experienced and
enlightenment after studying Zen for years and began using his healing
abilities. 1913 Usui's daughter, Toshiko, born 1915 Kenzen no Genri, a book,
came out using Usui's five principles 1915 Tamai Tempaku, artist of abdominal
massage, published a book with this new modality 1918 Usui began three year
training in Zen 1919 Mataji Kawakami published a book on the Reiki Ryoho 1920
Mariko Obaasan met Usui on Mt. Hiel and worked with him everyday until his
death 1920 Toshiro Eguchi spent several months studying Usui's principles and
teachings 1921 Usui worked as a secretary forhe Department of Health and
Welfare 1922 In March, it is said that Usui received the Reiki power. He went
to Mt. Koya did his twenty one day meditation. 1922 In April, Usui opened his
first treatment center 1922 Usui tried the Reiju empowerment too 1923 Usui
develops system for levels of Judo 1923 Eguchi returned to a training center to
practice his own te-no-hira or palm healings 1923 Earthquake registering 7.0 on
the Richter Scale, over 106,000 people reported missing, Usui became quick in
spreading Reiki all over Japan and gave him success and a reputation 1924 Usui
moved to Tokyo 1926 Usui traveled to Fukuyama town and died there due to a
stroke 1927 Usui students erect a memorial to him in Tokyo

Mikao Usui brought much into the world when he first realized the healing power
of Reiki existed. He used it to help all kinds of people and helped the world
after bad weather. He taught many students and passed on his wisdom to the next
generation of Reiki scholars.

Celtic Reiki

Martyn Pentacost, a Reiki Master in Britain, was applying Reiki to a dying tree
when he had a revelation. The tree was reciprocating the healing energy back
into his hands. After this experience, he traveled Britain studying and
meditating with the Ogham trees that the ancient Druids knew well.
These particular trees have their own unique healing capabilities. In nature,
most plants and trees do. The ogham trees work with the healing knowledge of
the ancient Celtics and Druids.

Celtic Reiki combines Japanese methods with the Ogham trees healing power. The
ancient Druids had probably already figured out he healing power of the trees.
They held most of their meetings and practice sessions inside a circle of these
trees. The neat thing here is one does not have to touch the tree to share the
energy, it can be drawn through the earth as well.

There are Ogham symbols that are in correlation to the modern Reiki symbols
that are used. The Ogham symbols are like a Celtic alphabet and are used in
magic and communication. The most powerful system is Ogham nan Crann which is
the Tree Ogham.

There is also an ancient story about thorn trees that could heal. There are two
sisters that are opposites of each other. One is dressed in all black and the
other in all white. The dark one will run her hands all over your body,
touching different spots that causes you pain. She speaks some incantations and
draws the symbol for Blackthorn and blows it onto your body. All the negativity
rises out of your subconscious. The white sister then comes in and draws the
symbol for Hawthorn and blows it onto your body. All the negativity recedes
with the light, the pain vanishes, and you feel wonderful. You then fall back
into a nice easy restful sleep.

The Mirrored Body

Everything that happens to you everyday is recorded in your conscious and
unconscious minds. You alone decide how you feel about something, or what you
want to do next. When decisions that you make everyday start to cause you
stress, it can show up in physical symptoms within your body.
A good example is sickness. Why do some people get sick and other don't? Why do
some patients respond to a treatment and others don't? It is all a matter of
your attitude and the fight you are willing to put up to beat the germ or

Your life energy is in every cell in your body and you can communicate with all
of them. If there is some sickness, you must identify what is causing it. If you
can't hear, is there something you don't wish to know? If you can't speak, is
there something you don't want to say? If you can't see, have you been keeping
something from yourself? There are hundreds of examples. We can learn to solve
these problems, but only by asking hard questions. We must face up to the
answers if we want to feel better. It is your choice to take life by the hand
or let it pass you by.

Some symptoms develop after a while because you let the problem continue and
finally your physical body has symptoms of an illness. These tensions in your
body usually correlate to stress in your life when the symptoms developed.
Being aware of this relationship will help you figure out how to resolve the
issues. If you leave the issues unresolved, you will continue to get sicker and
show more symptoms. Your body is trying to tell you something is not right.
Start paying attention to yourself when you are not feeling well and see if you
can trace it back to a certain event.

The Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras

The Solar Plexus Chakra has to do with our feelings of power and control. If
your Sacral chakra is clear, you are quite comfortable with who you are. If it
is closed, you self-esteem has been broken down. The pancreas, liver and
gallbladder are also associated with this chakra. The sense of sight is also
controlled here. Nearsighted people may have insecure feelings about the world
around them. Farsighted people see the world though anger. People with
astigmatisms see the world with a lot of confusion. These people usually have
poor self-esteem and need to be pushed to get where they are capable of going,
whereas those with a clear chakra accept themselves for who they are.

The pancreas is the key organ for this chakra. Diabetes develops when the
pancreas is not working correctly. Could it be that Diabetes is some emotion
that is kept hidden and not sown to the world? Anger? Shame? Embarrassment? The
emotions creates a safe distance to keep you from feeling what you need to and
dealing with it.

The Heart chakra is associated with relationships and perceptions of love from
people around us -- Spouses, children, siblings, parents, and friends. The
circulation of blood through the heart and lungs are associated with this
chakra as well as the thymus gland that helps to control the immune system.
This chakra also correlates with someone having difficulty breathing. The
difficulty is either breathing in or out as with love. Should you let the
person go or stay in your life a little longer?

These people also do not like to be touched a lot. They are quite sensitive and
so this tells us something is wrong with the heart chakra. Even when getting a
back rub from a trusted spouse or friend, they do not enjoy and sit there and
wait for it to be over wondering why they went through with this. The person
rubbing may catch those feelings and be able to relate them to the heart chakra.


The most important thing to know before healing someone else is to heal
yourself. Be free of any negativity and have a positive outlook. This way, your
enthusiasm will be passed onto your patient.

There are several things to look out for when doing Reiki treatments and you
must protect yourself and cleanse your aura and Reiki self daily. You could
take on the emotions of the patient you are treating. Empathic people pick up
on others emotions and this sometimes presents a problem for them. The
practitioner can also drain his own life force if he uses his own life energies
instead of the Universal Life Force. This is why it is so important to be
attuned to Reiki. You will be tapping into a Universal Force and not your own
energies which will drain you pretty quickly.

Love yourself and accept yourself before trying the same with others. This
seems simple, but some people never figure it out. If they don't even like
themselves, how will they be able to help other overcome their problems when
they can'?

Keep your intentions pure and true to the Universal Life Force of Reiki. Have
only good thoughts, good prayers, and good visions. Remembering that Reiki will
not flow if there are malignant thoughts in your heart. Keep everything positive
and upbeat.

Be careful of the patient's different energy flows and don't get too caught up
in theirs. It is easy to do as their energy can make yours freeze. You need to
ask the patient to break his energy lock on you and start again. You can also
ground yourself using breathing or visionary techniques.

Wrapping yourself and the room in the pure white light helps with any
negativity or energy problems as well. This is a veil of protection. After the
white light, surround everything with a golden triangle. This gives added
protection from negativity.

Reiki and Brain Waves

Brain wave patterns, when controlled, can allow you access to advanced states
of consciousness. These include psychic advancement, spiritual growth, astral
travel, and Reiki healing. You need only to open yourself up to learning to
control these patterns and enter into them at will. Reiki is very beneficial to
anyone who is trying to advance their conscious mind and awareness.
The first is the Beta wave. This is the conscious mind. Here we suffer from
stress, worry, and fears. It is imperative that we start to raise and function
on the higher waves that follow.

The second is the Alpha wave. This is the dreaming or unconscious mind. It also
helps control our extrasensory perception, subliminal suggestions, and can take
us to higher states of awareness. This is only a very minimal state -- the
first stage. We can access hidden memories, visions of the future, or even past
lives. Sometimes we even problem solve something that has been bothering us for
weeks and wake up knowing the answer.

The third is the Theta wave. This unlocks the subconscious mind. This wave is
even deeper in extrasensory perception and can be the start of psychokinesis.
It is the level that can help you stop pain and reach higher hypnosis levels.
When you are meditating, this is the level you want to reach.

The fourth is the Delta wave. This leads us to the super-conscious mind. This
wave is found during levels of deep sleep. At this level is where your
spiritual power, wisdom, and experience become available to you. You can
contact your spirit guides, see past lives, travel astrally, and connect to
your higher mind.

As you practice self Reiki each day, take some time to feel the energy flowing
in and around you. You will soon become aware of the different brain waves and
begin to figure out which one you have accessed.

Crystal Meanings S through Z

Sapphire: A dark blue stone, it helps in communication, insight, and intuition.
It is most strongest when placed next to the skin. It helps to lessen tension
and align the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Black Sapphires are the
most protective.

Selenite: This is a type of gypsum stone with white striated crystals. It is
used to work against the effects of cancer and helps to stabilize people that
have epileptic episodes. The wearer must visualize the warm light bringing
energy and healing to them. It may also help with issues of letting go.
Silver: This shiny stone can help wit issues of mental and emotional cleansing.
It helps by giving a balance to your emotions. The stone is good for those with
diminished memory and irrational fears. It is a less assertive stone than most

Sodalite: This crystal is recognized for its healing and meditation powers. It
can help the wearer express themselves better due to the connection with the
Throat chakra. It can assist you in being more objective and less critical of
others and everyday happenings.

Tanzanite: This is a rare blue violet stone. It is a stone of magic that
accentuates spiritual awareness and insight. It is also used in relieving
depression. So named because it was found in Tanzania, this gorgeous stone
helps to dispel negativity.

Tiger's Eye: This stone is widely recognized an is used for money, courage, and
luck. It amplifies thinking and helps you to bring your ideas to reality. It is
used for centering and grounding and helps us recognize our strengths and
weaknesses. It was known as he true balancer of Yin and Yang in ancient China.
Zircon: This stone comes in all colors, but is a clear crystal most of he time.
It helps the wearer to see universal truths and have a connection with all that
is. It helps to relieve depression and insomnia. It also was used back in
history as a poison detoxifier.

Colors and Healing


The Throat chakra is powered by blue energy. Blue represents spirituality and
is a great healing power. It can help you calm you mind, help you sleep, help
with a fever or when you have a major shock in your life. Its calm nature is to
keep us connected with the universe.


The Root chakra is governed by this color. It represents our ties to the earth
and always shows a positive outlook. Red gives strong qualities of courage,
security and self-confidence. It stimulates and energizes the wearer. It can
help when you are tired, are anemic, need courage, or just need some renewed


The Solar Plexus chakra is under this color. It is often referred to as the
brain of the nervous system. When the chakra is balanced, we shouldn't have any
abdominal problems. It helps to cleanse the pores in the skin and stimulates the
brain. Yellow is compared to joy and brightness. It may help when you are tired,
depressed, have skin or weight problems, or suffer from ulcers.


The Sacral chakra is governed by this color. Orange is stimulating and helps us
in times of depression and lonliness. Orange also has the love from red and the
wisdom from yellow mixed into it. This color will help the wearer to increase
their appetite, help with nerves, asthma, and allergies. It also helps when you
lack the energy to do the work you need to get done.


Th Heart chakra is ruled by this color. Green is a harmonizing energy and helps
with balancing. It has a very strong tie to nature and can help the wearer
become peaceful and have more harmony in life. Green can also help you calm
your nerves, when you have migraines, have a need for peace and tranquility,
and need positive and happy feelings.

Herbal Medicine Chest

Building an herbal medicine chest takes some time and thought as to what size
it needs to be and what you will be placing in it. There are many herbs out
there, but take time to learn what each is for and don't take something if you
don't need its healing value.

The first thing to do is make a list of the medicines and herbs you take on a
daily basis and those you take when you need them.

Make a note of your symptoms, what works to help them, and what you might need
to ask your doctor about taking them. Also, try to list if they are elixirs,
tinctures, or tablets. Some herbs run by season and some you can get year round.
Some doctors don't like their patients using herbal remedies. Sometimes people
don't know enough about the herb, and it actually makes them sicker. Read the
labels carefully. Discuss side effects and if the doctor tells you not to take
the specific herb, then don't. It may lead to more problems down the road for
your health.

How much to take also needs to be addressed. Discuss the dosages with your
doctor and obtain a herb guide to look up anything you don't know. Being a well
informed patient helps you and your doctor take great care of your health.

Here is a list of a few herbs and illnesses:

Acne: Burdock
Alcohol Abuse: Milk Thistle
Arthritis: Devil's Claw
Blood Purification: Dandelion
Brain Food: Ginkgo
Breathe Easy: Licorice
Calming Agent: Valerian
Cholesterol: Garlic
Cleanse and Detox: Milk Thistle
Circulation: Hawthorn Berries
Colds/Flu: Echinacea
Cough Calmer: Eucalyptus
Depression: St. John's Wort
Digestion: Peppermint
Eyes: Bilberry
Heart Support: Hawthorn Berries
Insomnia: Valerian
Migraines: Feverfew
Mood Support: St. John's Wort
Nausea: Ginger
Stress: Kava Kava
Water Retention: Dandelion Leaf

Crystal Meanings A through C

Agate: This stone is made of tiny flecks of quartz in ribbons. It is waxy and
soft and always translucent. It helps to build self-confidence. Also, it helps
with left and right brain balance.

Amazonite: This stone is representative of prosperity. It helps to open the
heart, throat, and solar plexus chakras. It increases your self-esteem and
helps you to communicate better.

Amber: Clear or orange petrified tree sap is the charm of this stone. It helps
in past life work. The stone gives the person mental acuity, confidence, and a
balance in their thinking. It can help with depression and bringing forth a
positive attitude.

Amethyst: This stone is for dream recall. It can help enhance psychic
abilities. It reduces nightmares when worn at bedtime. It is considered the
master healing stone.

Aquamarine: This beautiful stone has the calming energy of the sea. It can be
used for protection when traveling, particularly if you will be on water. It
helps to clear blocked communication and assists in verbal wording.
Beryl: This stone helps in filtering out distractions, relieving some stress,
and can help to bring peace to your mind. Most times, these stones are used for
harmony and balance.

Bloodstone: So named because this stone was at the foot of the cross where
Jesus' blood dropped on it. It is used for calming and tranquility. It attracts
good luck and is correlated to honesty and integrity.

Calcite: This crystal comes in many vibrant colors. It is used with the joints,
cleansing the organs, and helping with memory. This stone will keep you anchored
and help you feel comfortable no matter where you may be.

Citrine: A versatile stone, this one is mostly used for mental and emotional
clarity and memory issues. It never has to be cleansed of negative energy,
because these stones are quite positive. Most importantly, it can help us rid
those negative feelings and assist us in accepting events the way they are.

Past Life Regression and Pet Therapy

Some people wonder about past life regression and if it could be helpful to
this life or not. They say that all of have a cell memory that goes throughput
every life we have ever lived. So maybe, this would be helpful to know why
tings are happening at a particular point in time. For instance, if you hate to
have tight collars on, it may mean you were hung in a former life. If you are
afraid of fire, maybe you were burned in a house fire. There are hundreds of

It can be way too easy to blame everything on a past life. You and your
hypnosis person must figure out which is actually a problem for now and which
is in th past. That is not always easy to do. The best part of the journey is
we can go back home for a little time and see our other "soul" friends. It also
gives us an idea of who we used to be and where we came from and where we are

Pet therapy can get even the most stubborn patient to smile. Get a big fluffy
dog that will go around and entertain the people or just sit with is head in
their lap for a pet. They give the patients love and support. The patients will
talk to them more readily than a health professional. Pet therapy has become
more and more popular especially on children's wards. The kids are missing
their pets back home and this gives them something in place of not being able
to see their pet.

It also gets them out of their rooms when the animals come to visit. They are
up and moving around even when they don't feel good. It really brightens their
day. The animals are usually dogs, but a few cats can be spotted sometimes.

Rules for Reiki

Be mindful of everything going on in your life. Whether you are walking the dog
or driving somewhere, become aware of everything that is going on around you.
Live in this moment, the present one. Don't worry about the next. This way, we
are following Mikao Usui's principles of life to not worry and not anger.

To keep up your own practice for other people, you must do Reiki to yourself
daily. This keeps the energy flowing and helps keep you unblocked as a
practitioner. After all, if your chakras are blocked, there is no way you can
help someone else open theirs. You will become a better channel of the
Universal Life Force and the Reiki energy.

When giving a treatment, don't worry about doing it just right. Listen to your
intuition and go where you feel you are shown. If you spend a minute on the
heart chakra and ten on the throat, that is fine. Likewise, in another person,
if you spent only three on the throat. Different people will need different
chakras open. When you feel a cold or closed chakra, you know this is where you
need to work.

Make sure you have a specific routine for doing the treatment. Follow it every
time you give a Reiki treatment. Start at the head and go down through all the
chakras. Do both elbow and knee chakra. There is a rule that what you do to one
side must be done to the other as well. So ensure you have given attention to
left and right and back and front. After you finish, anchor in their
affirmation and help them up.

Don't ever work on someone when you are angry or upset. The Reiki will not
flow. Reiki is a Universal Life Force that is only used with good intent. If
you have bad feelings when you are trying to give a treatment, it will not
work. Always be in a good frame of mind when giving treatments, otherwise it
would behoove you to cancel.

You must learn to trust yourself when you start your practice of Reiki. Use
your intuition to help you know where to go on the body and what you need to
do. Don't question what you are doing, know that you are being guided by what
is best for the patient. It doesn't have to make sense, you just need to do
what feels appropriate and comfortable t you.

There are many books out there that cover hand positions and symbols and have
many strict rules in them. Reiki doesn't have to be strict in its approach. It
is the intent of the practitioner that controls the Reiki. Most practitioners
only want to help the patient feel better. The different hand positions are
useful but sometimes are not needed when we are in the moment and being guided
by our own intuition. If something feels right, then it probably is. There is
no wrong way to use Reiki.

Commit yourself to your practice and keep up with your daily self healing
sessions. As with most things, whatever you put into Reiki is what you will get
out of it. So practice everyday to keep the energy flowing abundantly. After a
couple of weeks, if you miss a treatment, you will find yourself missing the
free flowing energy.

Some practitioners take right off and seem to get everything and do everything
right. Some have t try a little harder. Just don't try too hard. In many
sessions, even when you are feeling like there is no Reiki and nothing is
happening, the patient will speak up and tell you that they feel where you have
been. Trust your abilites. If you start second guessing and worrying, the Reiki
will get blocked. So do what comes natural, even if you don't feel anything and
see how the patient perceives it instead.


These are simple exercises to help you get your chakras open and spinning in
line when they are out of balance or misaligned. If you feel you are stuck in
the past or you are feeling disconnected from other people, then your crown
chakra is probably out of alignment. Chakracises to remedy the problem are
meditation and prayer. The colors associated with the crown chakra are white
and violet.

Problems with the brow chakra include paranoia, false realities, and poor
judgment. Chakracises to try to align this chakra are Lucid dreaming and
visualization. The color associated with the brow chakra is indigo.
The throat chakra can cause problems when we don't speak the truths that we
need to sometimes. Dishonesty and biting your tongue or holding back with what
you want to say can cause this chakra to spin out of balance. The chakracises
recommended are screaming and gargling salt water. The color for this chakra is
sky blue.

The heart chakra problems include Lack of confidence in yourself or others,
depression, and some trust issues. The chakracises suggested here are swimming
and hugging yourself. The color associated with this chakra is green.
The solar plexus chakra, if unaligned, can make you feel overwhelmed,
ultra-sensitive, and scared of life. This chakra is the root of our own
personal self-esteem issues. The chakracises used to treat this are hoola
hooping, dancing the twist, and doing some belly dancing. The color associated
with this chakra is yellow.

The sacral chakra problems can be no creativity and sexual dysfunction. The
chakracises recommended are pelvic thrusts and circular movements. The color
linked to this chakra is orange.

The root chakra is our grounding force. Problems occur when we are confused or
distracted. Some chakracises to try here are marching, squats, and stomping
your feet. Te color associated with this chakra is red.

Bathing with Stones and Crystals

Healing baths are a great way to relax and take advantage of a stone's healing
properties. Even a plain old rocks is said to have some healing properties. The
water helps to enhance the stone's vibrations and this, in turn, will help you
become more aware of your own energy. You should notice a new vitality to the
water with you place a rock or stone in the tub.

Sea salt for ten minutes is also considered a relaxing bath. The salt will help
all the dead skin slough off and you will be renewed with only a smooth skin
without the slippery oil. You can also add some lavender or flower essences to
the bath as well for aroma.

Sometimes to get the full healing power of he stone, you ca run the bath and
let the stone stay in for a while before you get in the water. The energy is
absorbed by the water and you will be quite refreshed when you get out.
You can also try holding the stone in the left hand and placing it under the
water. You should feel the energy transmitting through the water and back to

The most favored stones to bathe wit are Quartz crystals and Granite. You may
also try Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Bloodstone, Agate, and Onyx. Place these in
a mesh bag though, you don't want them to go down the drain.
You want to watch using a few stones in water as they can dissolve. These
include Halite, Selenite, Gypsum, Talc, Calcite, and Alabaster.

You could also place the stone in your bubble bath and let it charge until you
are ready to use it. Place smaller stones in the shampoo or body wash in the
shower. You could place stones in your drinking water or in your hand soap. The
possibilities are endless.

Healing with Colors Daily

Each day of the week has different vibrations and energies. These include
herbal, color, symbolic, and planetary energies. These are the tools of the
Light Worker, the Mystic, the Psychic, and the soul who continually seeks more

Sunday is a great day for working on confidence and gaining insight. Sunday is,
of course, ruled by the sun and its color is Yellow. The herbs used are Cinnamon
and Clove. Work on the Solar Plexus chakra here.

Monday is for purification and repelling negativity. Monday is governed by the
Moon and Cancer and its color is Violet and Blue. Herbs to be used are
Eucalyptus and Jasmine. Work on the Throat chakra here.
Tuesday is a day of personal power. Tuesday is ruled by Mars and Scorpio and
its color is Red. The herbs used are Peppermint, Ginger, and Cedar. This day is
for working on the Root chakra.

Wednesday is the day we build on our energy. Wednesday is governed by Mercury
and Virgo and its color is Orange. Herbs you can use include Lemon oil and
Lavender. Work on the Sacral chakra.

Thursday is the day of expansion. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius
and its many colors are Purple, Indigo, and Blue. Herbs to help on this day are
Nutmeg, Sandalwood, and Lime. Work on the Crown, Brow, and Throat chakras.
Friday is the day of love. Friday is governed by Venus and Taurus and its color
is Green. Herbs to use on this day are Thyme, Sage, and Strawberry. Work on the
Heart chakra.

Saturday is a day of transformation and a day that absorbs negativity. Saturday
is ruled by Saturn and Capricorn and its color is Brown. Patchouli is the only
recommended herb to use. Work on all chakras as Saturday is the day that will
absorb all th bad stuff.

Crystal Meanings P through R

Pearl: These stones are symbolic of a pure heart and innocence. It is used in
balancing the emotions. It is a very nurturing stone, but it will hold
negativity until it can be cleansed. They help to stabilize the mind and
stimulate the heart. It is also said pearl powder can be used on the skin like
a skin cream for wonderful effects.

Peridot: This stone is a visionary stone and is used for health and wealth. It
assists us in connecting to our destinies and in understanding the purpose of
our existence. It can help the body release toxins and with mental cleansing.
Petrified Wood: It is said to help the skin and muscle tissue. This stone helps
you become more aware of all things in nature. It also can assist the wearer to
connect with past life experiences and issues and bring them to light so they
can be dealt with in this life.

Quartz: There are so many different kinds of Quartz and in a rainbow of colors.
It is known as the most versatile healing stone. It is used for harmony and
sending guidance to others. The stone is also used in balancing the Aura. Rose
Quartz is said to amplify the love of life to others from the wearer.

Rhodonite: Tis is called the stone of love. It calms the heart and helps with
grounding and balancing. It will allow us to focus on tasks and gets rid of
confusion. It can also help in spiritual healing and communication.

Ruby: This deep red stone helps with blood sugar levels and re-energizing after
going to exhaustion. It will amplify the wearer's positive and negative
energies, so be careful. It can also bring anger to the surface very fast. The
stone will help with healing and enhances the psychic ability and insight.

Clearing Your Crystals

Clearing a gemstone or crystal is key right after purchase. It may have many
things attached to it on its way to be yours. A cleared crystal will feel
bright and positive. If it feels hot and heavy, it probably needs to be cleared.
Sea salt is the best way to clean your crystals. It will dispel any disease and
negativity. It is also used as a psychic and physical disinfectant. It can be
mixed with water or used dry. Place t stones in the container and let them soak
overnight. If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, you can bring the salt
water in a jar and soak your crystals in it overnight.

The light of the moon is also a powerful cleansing agent for stones. Place the
stones outside during a full to new moon. Place necklaces in tree branches
where the moon will be sure to hit them. The waning moon is a good time to
dispel any negative energies from the stone.

Don't place them in sunlight ever. The sun can fade the intricate color from
the stones. It can also cause cracking or internal damage if they are left out
too long in the sun.

Burying your crystal in herbs such as sage, sandalwood, frankincense, or myrrh
can also help cleanse them. This has a lower cost and is gentle to your stones.
You can also bury them in the dirt. This method is used for deep cleanings.
Simply dig a hole and place the crystal in with the point down, and cover.
Place some kind of marker so you don't lose your stone. The amount of time
needed is up to you and how you feel the crystal is recharging. You can also
use flower pots for this as well.

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