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Crochet Patterns: As Old As Time

Have you ever wondered where and when this needlework hobby started? According
to the September 1997 newsletter of the Crochet Guild of America, a researcher
theorized that the art of crochet could be traced as far back as 1500s in
Italy. However, there is no solid evidence for this statement.

But even so, we can only imagine that this craft has been around for the
longest time. And it has evolved from making only home decor works to stitching
clothes and other fashion accessories as well.

Reminiscing Crocheting can let you do a lot of things. From small purses to
jackets and sweaters, there are a lot of options to choose from. But there are
probably some hobbyists that are looking for those old, classic patterns that
can usually be seen during the early 1900s or even earlier. To help you in
finding those hard-to-look for patterns, here are some resources that you can
check out in the World Wide Web.

- Vintage Crochet Patterns. Tabitha Gibbons, the owner of this web site, offers
several volumes of crochet patterns books. She sells a wide selection of vintage
crochet patterns, from little doilies, rugs, afghans to bed covers and table
cloths. By visiting her web site, one can fill out the name and email form to
receive a free pattern book.

- Crochet Treasures. "Patterns from the past; Creating heirlooms for tomorrow:
" This is the slogan of this web site with a collection of classic patterns. It
is a member-based site that offers over 950 vintage patterns to its subscribers.
For visitors, it also offers about 25 free vintage crochet patterns for personal
use. However, it is not accepting new members at the moment until further notice
by the owner.

- Celt's Vintage Crochet. Yet another vintage crochet patterns site, this
really has a wide variety of vintage patterns to choose from. And the best
thing about this site is that all of these patterns are for free! It also
showcases the owner's finished projects, most of which are doilies and other
table accessories.

- Soft Memories. This site brings you back to the past with its collection of
more than a thousand vintage crochet patterns. The patterns are grouped in
different categories -- doilies, bed jackets and slippers, hanky edgings,
potholders, ruffles and flowers, doll clothes, and other home decor pieces. All
of these patterns can be viewed and printed out by subscribing to the site.
There are also a few free patterns available for visitors to get a peak of what
the site has to offer.

- Vintage Crochet Patterns e-book. This sort-of e-book contains 20 wonderful
vintage patterns that are easy to crochet and can be hits in fairs and bazaars.
Some examples of the patterns available are the crochet work bag, beaded doily,
and the wedding ring bedspread. This is a portable document file (pdf) that can
be downloaded for free from Crochet and Knitting web site.

- 1800's to Early 1900's Vintage Pattern Links. This site, authored by a lady
named Martha who is also known as StarGazer, has several links to patterns that
were designed way back 1800s up to 1930s. These patterns can be accessed for
free. The site also has links to other web sites that offer vintage crochet

- Antique Crochet Patterns. This section in the web site Knitting-Crochet has
almost a hundred of vintage patterns categorized into baby pieces, men's or
ladies' wear, slippers, tablecloth, doily, and many others. It also offers to
convert your knitting patterns to crochet and vice versa. Best of all, these
patterns are free to access and print for personal use!

- Antique Crochet Patterns. This one is different from the site above as this
is the web site name itself, not just a section. This site offers vintage
crochet patterns from 1850s to 1950s and all of these are baby items such as
bonnet, booties, hat, jumper, afghan, and a lot more. It also provides free
lesson for the wannabes and beginners of this needlecraft.

These are just a few of the tons of resources you can find online that offers
hard-to-find vintage patterns. Whether free or fee-based, these sites and
resources can surely take you back in time with the wonderful, classical
patterns that they offer.

Learning the Craft of Crocheting

Crocheting is not an activity made only for our grannies and for bitter
spinsters. It can be done by everyone. Especially, now that clothing trends are
now more inclined into the use of crocheted items, popular clothing designers
are also smitten by crocheting.

However, crocheting is not only for the plain Jane. One has to have the
patience and, of course, the time to be able to do anything crocheted. So how
does one actually get herself learn to crochet?

It really is not a hard skill to learn. But it neither is an easy one. In order
to get you going, all you need is a good crochet hook, yarns, measuring tape,
yarn needle, some pins, and a lot of determination to finish a crocheting

Here is a rundown of tips on how to easily learn crocheting:

Hold the Yarn Like a Pro

For newbies in crocheting, holding a yarn could be quite a tricky job. Even if
it only takes some time of getting used to, knowing how hold it properly and
skillfully is not to be overlooked.

Here is how:

1. Let the yarn pass through your fingers upon holding it. This is how it is
done: the little finger, then, beneath the ring finger, then, above the
forefinger and the middle finger.

2. Another way to hold the yarn is to loop in the region of the little finger,
and then, make it cross the forefinger.

3. Upon holding the hook, imagine how you would hold a pencil or a spoon.
That's how it should be held. In that position, it won't be hard for you to
heave the yarn from your fingers down to the loop in the hook.

As you go along the process of crocheting and you start to get the hang of it,
you will learn your unique and most comfortable way of working with the yarn.
Don't be afraid to adopt a new method of holding it. It will help you become
more of an efficient crochet craftsperson in the long run.

Size Matters When it Comes to the Hook and Yarn

One should not take for granted the skill of identifying the right hook and
yarn to use in any crochet project.

Hooks are identified through different letters and numbers that correspond to
certain sizes. In crocheting, the higher the number or letter of the hook, the
thicker the hook is. As for yarns, their varieties are identified through names.

Resizing the Crochet Project Through the Pattern

To reduce the size of a project, it is as simple as deducting some stitches.
One can skip a stitch in a row and continue with the next to reduce the size of
the project. To enlarge a project, it is as easy as inserting more stitches in a
row. One can easily join two stitches of the same row together. This will make
one produce a solo stitch on the next row prior to it.

Reading a Pattern Like a Book

What can complicate the activities of one that is engaged in crocheting are the
abbreviations on a pattern. The use of memory and logic can help a lot in
surmounting this little crocheting obstacle. The outcome of being able to
memorize these important abbreviations is a much faster pace in crocheting and
more efficient hands.

1. Crochet patterns and instructions are worked usually in rounds or rows. It
will be indicated on the pattern if you are doing or working in rounds, rows or
mixture of both.

2. Crochet patterns and instructions are generally ranked according to
difficulty level such as advanced, intermediate, easy or beginner. Choose a
pattern with a difficulty level that suits your abilities. Then, increase the
level of difficulty as your skill advances. 3. Count the stitches that you have
made as you go on with your work to monitor the stitches needed on each round or
row as required by the pattern.

4. Verify your gauge by crocheting a sample of about 4 X 4 inches in the
pattern. When your gauge results into a larger size than what is on the
pattern, then use a smaller hook; when your gauge is smaller, then use a larger

When it's time for you to actually accomplish a crochet project, make sure that
you follow the instructions well and you make your patience a bit sturdier than
before. Prepare your devices beforehand to ensure the smooth flow of your
crocheting endeavor.

Learn How to Crochet the Easy Way

There are different methods on how crochet a particular product. Each method
should be according to the type of crochet item that will be made. The
patterned diagrams will provide the person the needed instructions and details
to proceed in making his crochet. A crochet is hand worked and needs a lot of
patience to finish a particular pattern.

The type of pattern he will use must correspond to his skill level in
crocheting. He may not want to attempt doing the tough patterns because they
may require great crocheting skills. There are patterns, which have basic
diagrams and simple instructions for those beginners in crocheting.

Here are some simple basic steps for beginners on learning the steps of crochet:

1. A person must have the right tools and supplies in making a crochet product.
There are tools that he can avail cheaply in the market like yarns, knitting
needles, crochet hooks, and patterned diagrams. He may also need scissors, size
G crochet hook if he chooses to make pompom hats, worsted weight yarns with a
variety of colors to choose from, and a yarn needle for doing the stitches.

2. He may begin with his crocheting by holding the crochet hook with his right
hand allowing the forefingers to bend the hook of the loop. He may then make
his next step by pulling through the knot on the center of the hook.

3. He may slide the loop of the hooked thread to create a slipknot on the hook.
He must simultaneously repeat the same process in order to create the chained
stitches needed to have a quality made crochet product. The thickness of the
chains should just be appropriate on the type of product that is being made.

4. He may perform his next step by bringing back the thread or yarn on the top
of the loop making the thread to go around the hook so that it will be double
stitched. He may use his forefinger to grab the knot to tighten the chain
stitches of the crochet.

5. He may skip the first double stitched chain to proceed on the knot that is
not properly hooked on the knot of the loop. He needs to make sure that the
chains do not loosen and the strands should be properly aligned with the other
threads. It is much better to have a tighter knot on the chains of the crochet
to make the product sturdier.

6. He may position the hook center to the next hole of the second double stitch
chain. After getting through the hole, he may slide the thread passing into the
center of the third double stitch chain that will go on the upper part of the
loop. He has now created two loops on the double stitch chain. This will make
the loops tighter and stronger.

7. He may return from the first chain bringing back the hook from back to the
front and slowly slide the needle to make a knot on the center hole of the
first chain. The hook must be carefully pushed through the middle to create a
knot from the first loop.

8. Returning from the third loop, he may create another extra chain stitch to
make a reversed counter clockwise loop. This is for the purpose of retaining
the knot to support the double stitched chains. He may start from the first
step anew to create new chains in a new row and create the similar loops alike
from the previous rows.

9. He can then create a single crochet stitch on the first loop tightening the
next loops of the double stitch chains on the previous rows. He must create an
exact replica of the loops if possible to ensure that the following double
stitch chains will have similar results with the first made loops. He should
not forget to make knot ensuring that all stitches will be intact and will be
on their proper places.

To cap the work, he may cut the excess thread and allot at least 6 inches on
the last chain stitches for making an extension. These are the only basic steps
for beginners, there are much complicated designs that a person may work on once
he has mastered the basic crocheting steps.

All About Free Online Crochet Patterns

Since the dawn of the new technology, the Internet has been a viable source of
lots of information worldwide. With its easy access to almost everything, more
and more people are turning to the Internet to find the solutions to their

Take for example the concept on crocheting. With its worldwide acceptance, more
and more people are interested to learn how to make crochet by obtaining some
useful patterns in the Internet. These types of information are very useful for
some people who cannot afford to buy crochet books or crochet patterns in the

What's even more valuable and gainful about free online crochet patterns is
that they are so easy to download, considering the fact that they are free,
which means all you have to do is to find the best crochet pattern that will
work for you, download it, and viola! You have an instant crochet pattern to
start with.

Consequently, in sewing, whether it entails knitting, crocheting, or
cross-stitching, having some patterns to guide you throughout the production of
your handicraft is such an important factor in order to create a good product,
if not a masterpiece.

Crochet patterns are built to make crocheting easier for most people who are
interested to this kind of hobby. Hence, obtaining free crochet patterns online
is a definite advantage on every crochet maker's part.

However, even if free online crochet patterns are very useful, it does not
necessarily follow that every pattern would work for every crochet maker. This
only means that it is also important to consider some factors in choosing free
online crochet patterns simply because not all of the free online crochet
patterns are created equal.

Hence, for those who simply cannot distinguish which free online crochet
pattern he or she should choose, here is a list of some tips that could assist
every crochet maker in their projects:

1. Obtain a free crochet pattern nearest to your own size and area of interest

This means that you have to consider whether the online pattern that you are
about to obtain would work best for you. To do this you must be able to
identify which patterns will suit you according to your size or the size of the
person who will wear it, your style, your area of interest like choosing afghan
patterns if you are into afghan, etc.

Even if these patterns are for free downloading online, the fact that you might
just be wasting your time downloading free online crochet patterns that you will
simply not use because you do not have any use for it is a great waste already.
Hence, it would be better to obtain a particular pattern that will not waste
your time or effort.

2. Get free online crochet patterns for beginners if you are just a newbie

Getting a free online crochet pattern that is not suitable to your level of
expertise is just as wasteful as when you have spend your money for it.

Keep in mind that it would be better for a beginner like you to get a good make
of free online crochet pattern. There are some patterns that are specially built
for the beginners. Besides, getting a free pattern that is on the advanced level
will only confuse with all those loops and crochets that you are still not
familiar with.

3. Choose a pattern with no specific requirements on tools

There are some free online crochet pattern that are requires some specific
tools. This is not bad. The only drawback is that there may be some instances
that you simply do not have tools that the pattern is requiring you to use.
Some patterns require specific hooks. For example, a typical afghan pattern
requires a special "afghan hook," known as the "double hook needle.

4. Check the gauge or measurement

Whether the crochet pattern is free or not, it is extremely important to always
verify the "gauge" of a particular pattern. This is extremely important if the
pattern is designed for slippers, clothes, or booties. To do this, you must
first sew an unattached example of a finished job before starting on your own
project. The ideal size would be those that have at least 10 rows high, and not
than 20 stitches across. Use this on the measurement being claimed by the
pattern's measurements. If there is any discrepancy, you have to make some
adjustments with the size of your hook.

The point here is that if you have chosen as near as to your own measurements
and figure type as possible, there should not be a great of alteration to do.

The bottom line is that not all free online crochet patterns are useful. You
should also do your part in analyzing, evaluating, and deciding on which
pattern will work well.

Tips on How to Choose Free Filet Crochet Patterns

One of the best variations of crochet is the filet crochets. Its patterns can
either be obtained free or you can purchase them from your local crochet store.

Generally, filet crochet refers to that type of crochet that entails a good
combination of the usual chains of loops along with the addition of meshes or
"closed slabs or blocks."

In making filet crochet, one should remember that the groundwork of the product
is constantly the amount of meshes or blocks contained in the first row. Then,
you just have to add six more.

When starting to make a filet crochet, you should always start with the ninth
chain on the first row from the hook. This is the common way of starting a
filet crochet.

Basically, filet crochet has only two individual colors. The first one is the
"open mesh" that is made up of one double crochet, with 2-3 empty spaces, plus
a final double crochet. On the other hand, the "solid mesh" that is highly
identified by a 3 or 4 "double crochet" stitches that forms a square.

Keep in mind that when making filet crochet, the last stitch of either an open
or a solid mesh is the primary stitch of the next mesh as well.

In order to make a good filet crochet, it is also important to consider the
pattern that is to be used in the project. Usually, filet crochet patterns are
conglomerations of "open and solid meshes," typically running the design in
most of the "solid meshes" and the setting of the "open meshes."

In today's crochet market, finding a filet crochet pattern is not such a hard
work. You can always find some good file crochet patterns in every local store.
With the visible existence of the internet, consumers can also avail of the free
filet crochet patterns being sold online.

One good thing about it is that they are free. However, not all free filet
crochet patterns are created equal. Hence, it is still important to know how to
look for the best filet crochet pattern even if they are given for free. It does
not necessarily mean that because they are free, you will just have to settle to
whatever pattern you can obtain.

Here is a list of some tips that you can use in choosing free filet crochet

1. Do your homework

Before deciding on which type of free filet crochet pattern you have to use, it
is important that you do your homework first. This means that you have to
research on the typical filet crochet patterns that worked best form some

There are some instances wherein crochet patterns are too difficult to start
with. Hence, you must know what factors that is necessary to consider before
choosing a filet crochet pattern.

2. Learn the language

This means that you have to learn how to understand the abbreviations of used
in making crochet patterns. Keep in mind that most of the filet crochet
patterns that are given for free only use abbreviations.

Therefore, it would be relatively harder for you if you keep on referring to
your reference manual about the meaning of those abbreviations. This will
definitely consume most of your time.

So in order to facilitate the process, learn how to read abbreviations and
understand them.

3. Be wary on the crochet gauge

Free filet crochet patterns should also be evaluated according to their crochet
gauge. Keep in mind that any discrepancy on the gauge or measurement can ruin
the overall result of your project.

Hence, it is important that before you start with your filet crochet pattern,
always make a sample first. To do this, you must make a model of "10 by 10
squares" within the specifications of the thread and the hook.

Try to multiply the amount of squares in the project to that of the length of
one square. This will enable you to identify the size of the completed work.

The idea here is to work consistently with the specified measurement or gauge
of the free pattern; otherwise, you might only be working on a wrong project.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that even if some filet crochet
patterns are given for free, it is still important to consider some factors
before obtaining them. Besides, if you have chosen a filet crochet pattern that
will not work best for you, even if they are free, you will still waste some
money because of the yarn that you have used to create that pattern.

Where to Find Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet has been a well-known art of making fabrics. Crocheting utilizes a
crochet hook to be able to make loops and rows which are turned into fabrics.
Today, crocheting is not only a process for making fabric, it has become a
worldwide hobby which is loved by people across the globe.

Crocheting is said to have started during the 1800s and first became popular in
Europe. However, many people believe that crochet, being a fairly simple method
of fabric creation, started centuries before the 1800s. There are claims of
evidence of crochet existence during the ancient Egypt times and during the
establishment of the Church. But as of now, no available evidence exist in to
prove these claims.

Crochet has become popular because of its apparent easiness and one does not
need any expensive tools to engage into it. There are also a lot of available
resources for people which are available out there regarding crocheting. There
are a number of comprehensive books about the art of crocheting and other
materials which contains instructions on how to create beautiful crochet
patterns. If one is not too keen on buying books about crochet, he can use the
Internet to be able to find some resources about different patterns and
techniques which are used in crocheting. The Internet provides numerous
resources which are free of charge for people who would want to be involved in

Here are some websites where one can find different crochet patterns which are
easy to do. is a website where one can find some nifty patterns which are easy
to do. It is a crafter's resource center. This site contains free craft
patterns, lessons and projects for crochet. There are more than a thousand
patterns to choose from. Aside from crochet patterns, there are also other
patterns for other kinds of fabric-making methods such as knitting, sewing and
making quilts.

This website is a center for resources regarding crochet. It is updated weekly
and features an online directroy that contains thousands of links to free
crochet patterns and techniques. There are more than 90 categories which people
can choose from. Categories include hats, afghans, ponchos, doilies, clothing,
holiday, kitchen and baby crochet.

This website contains a section for beginners. The introduction directory
provides links to crochet tutorials which have illustrations. There are
sections on tips and tricks for crochet and one can also read the
"encouragement and testimonials" section to get some emotional boost in doing

Overall, it is a website which contains comprehensive information and
substantive links for people who would want to engage in crocheting.

This website contains easy-to-follow instruction on how to crochet and on how
to do other methods such as knitting. There is also a section on newsletters
and stories regarding crocheting. There is a full-blown section on free
patterns. The pages containing the patterns contain illustrations which is very
helpful for many people. They also have a section which provides help in doing
the patterns.

The patterns in this websites are very useful for making practical clothing
stuff such as ponchos, hats, caps, handbags, scarves and other decorative

There are numerous resources about crocheting in this website. One can sign-up
for their free newsletter to be able to receive information about the new
development in crocheting. Aside from crochet, it contains information for
other crafts such as antique crochet and antique knitting. There are also
materials on the basics, terms and techniques, general instructions and other
items regarding crocheting.

This website contains over 30 crochet patterns that are available free of
charge. These patterns compose of projects for toys, hats, afghans, filet
crochet, classic granny squares and scrunchies.

There are also some sections on other crafts such as candle making, knitting,
sewing, recycling and home decorating. Projects are also itemized according to
occassions such as halloween, mother's day, christmas and valentine's day.

The Internet has given crochet a new boost in terms of gaining popularity
because it makes available the different resources that can be used by crochet
enthusiasts and experts. The Internet lets people share their patterns and take
crochet into new heights. One can use the Internet search engines to find more
free crochet patterns and projects.

Free Crochet Resources For Your First Project

Have you been hearing a lot about crocheting? Are you friends and neighbors so
much into this hobby that you also want to try out but do not know where to

Crochet is gaining its name back again in the needle craft industry. This hobby
started a long time ago, probably in the 16th century, but still staying alive
especially with its popularity now even in the fashion industry.

Crocheting may not be that easy to learn and master. A lot of patience is
needed when starting out with this new hobby. You should be able to learn how
to read the patterns, understand the terms and know the basic hand moves and
stitches. Also, you would need a pattern to start with. The pattern will guide
you how to make those designs that you choose.

There are books and magazines available in your local bookstore that has
several patterns in them. But there are also web sites in the internet that
offer tons of different patterns for free. Some even have a free tutorial for
beginners to learn how to make a successful crochet project.

Here are some of the free resources that can be found online:

- Craftown. This site is indeed a "Crafter's Resource Center." The site offers
thousands of crafts projects and patterns including crochet. There is also a
learning center section which offers free lessons on the craft you want, be it
crochet or any other needle craft hobby.

The free crochet lessons page on the Craftown's site shows the different chains
and crochet styles that are usd in almost all projects. It has drawings that
show the correct hand form, how the stitch should look like and the needle
position. It has clear instructions that any beginner can surely follow.

Of course, to get you started in your crocheting adventure, the site offers a
lot of crochet patterns with different difficulty levels. Thus, a beginner will
surely find an easy one to start with.

- Crochet Pattern Central. This site is like an online directory of thousands
of links to sites that have free crochet patterns. All kinds of crochet
projects can be found here like afghans, doilies, hats, kitchen decor, baby
items, ponchos, scarves, and many more. For the beginners, the site also has
the Crochet Instruction Directory section where you can find a list of links to
crochet tutorials and lessons. These tutorial sites are illustrated with clear
and easy-to-follow instructions to make your first crocheting experience a lot
more fun.

- Crochet in The crochet section of also has several links
to sites that offer how-to's of different crochet stitches and patterns both for
beginners and experienced alike. There is also an A-Z index of free crochet
patterns available in the internet.

- Lion Brand Yarn. One of the most popular yarn brands, the Lion Brand offers
several resources for free to the hobbyists which is a good marketing strategy
for them. First of all, it has its own set of crochet tutorials that can either
be viewed online or downloaded for offline use. It even has an illustrated
dictionary for beginners who cannot fully grasp yet the terms being used in
most of the crochet patterns.

And, of course, the site also has almost a thousand free patterns available
that feature their different yarn products. These patterns have different
categories such as adults, children, infants, home decor, and pets. These
patterns are also classified according to the skill level required so hobbyists
can easily determine which pattern to choose.

- AllCrafts. This web site is also like a one-stop-chop for all your needle
craft needs, be it crocheting or knitting. It has several links to free crochet
patterns organized in different categories. The site also offers reviews of
crochet books and magazines available at or from your local

- Crochet N More. This online site offers over 300 free crochet patterns for
hobbyists to start a new project. There are also premium patterns available for
a certain fee. The site also has links to some web sites of other people who
just love crocheting, with free patterns and free advising on your project.

These are just some examples of the many resources online that are all about
crochet. Even if you are just a beginner, you will not feel left out because of
the different help and tutorials that you can get for free. So start checking
these sites now and make your very first project that you can show off to your

Crochet Patterns for the Scarf

Scarves are a common thing, particularly on those who live in a cold climate.
This keeps the neck warm and should be brought everywhere aside from coat that
is worn in the outdoors.

The scarf does not always have to be just a plain color. With a little
imagination and ingenuity, putting some art into it will be a good idea that
will really make it standout.

Scarves can be worn all year round. The thickness of the yarn used really
depends in the climate and there are many varieties to choose from at the
specialty store. As for the designs, the person can get some reference from
magazines, the internet and what retailers bring out during the seasons of
spring and winter.

Friends who also do this as a hobby can also help the person decide what
patterns to follow and make. Some shows in television also teach beginners and
advanced people what patterns are nice to make.

Fashion television is also a good show to be informed for crochet patterns of
scarves since the professionals in the fashion world have already spoken about
what is in the thing. Some designs that were popular a few years ago gain
popularity again so it is best to be updated. These designs undergo a cycle
with 4 seasons coming and going annually.

During the first half of the year since the snow has not melted yet, scarf
patterns could be on the lighter color of shade. This could be complimented
with patterns in stripes, lines and zigzags that is different from the overall
color of the scarf.

With the coming of spring, patterns of animals such as butterflies and birds
will be a good addition for the scarf. The overall color of the scarf should be
light in color. Adding shapes such as triangles, squares and circles will really
make it unique.

The coming of the fall season will mean changing from light colors to dark
colors. The overall color of scarves could be black, brown, dark blue and gray.
Adding small things in between such as leaves, trees or alternating it with
light colors will also give it a good look.

This continues on into winter with bright colors taking shape with the coming
of the Christmas season. The scarves in general are red but it can come with
designs such as a Christmas tree, a snowflake or a snowman etched in the
center. Colors used here could be in black, white or green which will really
make people take notice of the pattern.

For the person to make a scarf, it will require some yarn. This can be found in
the specialty store that comes in plain or in multi-colored ones. Choosing the
yarn is not only about color but should also about its thickness.

Living in a cold climate, will require a thicker one for the person to keep
warm. If the temperature isn't that bad outside, getting one that is much
thinner will do.

Homemade scarves are nice gifts to give people. The person who made it does the
stitching with a personal touch that the recipient will surely cherish. This can
be done by knowing the things that the person likes then putting it on the scarf.

Pulling the yarn, twisting it and letting it go around in circles will change
the way how a scarf is made. With single or double stitching, or switching it
from one color to the next, these are just some of the things that are done to
make a beautiful crochet pattern for the scarf.

The scarf is truly a useful thing to have in a cold climate. The person has two
choices. The first is to simply buy it off the rack. Since most scarves sold
come in free size that may be too long to short for the person then the next
best thing is to make one.

This is done by following the pattern done then making one with the right
length. If the person wants to really wrap it around, this can go to more than
80 inches long. With practice, the person will be able to make custom designs
instead of copying those that are made by some of the leading manufacturers.

Are You Searching for Some Free Crochet Poncho?

Crocheting, or the art of making "needlework" by connecting "lopped stitches"
with a curved needle, is a classical hobby that is being enjoyed by many people
all over the world. Like knitting, crocheting has been handed down from
generations to generations, and still, it lures many aficionados.

Today, contemporary crochet fanatics are doubly fortunate because there is a
myriad of information that is freely available in the Internet today. This
includes some of the free crochet poncho patterns that are well accepted and
admired in the industry.

Basically, making crochet is both a talent and hobby rolled into one
magnificent activity. One of the best things about crocheting, and probably the
reason behind its popularity, is that the process that is being used is so easy
to understand. With the right tools and the right patterns, everything will be
as easy as 1-2-3.

Take for example the crochet poncho. Through crocheting, people who love to
wear ponchos can easily create their own masterpiece. And with the goodness of
the Internet, there are many free crochet poncho patterns available online.

What was once considered and utilized as a covering for the body when raining,
ponchos, or capelets to some people, are known "neoteric fashion" craze in the
society today. Modern ponchos still bear the same shape but they are already
made from different material and have an entirely different purpose.

As mentioned, ponchos are now being used as a fashion trendsetter. For this
reason, the main materials used to make ponchos are yarn or thread. Hence,
crochet ponchos are one of the modern styles being used to make fashion
statements these days.

Thankfully, the Internet has provided the poncho lovers as well as the crochet
fanatics enough information that will truly enhance their skills and talents as
far as making crochet poncho is concerned.

With the advent of the Internet, it so easy to find a free crochet poncho
pattern of your choice. You can find the best crochet poncho pattern for the
adults, children, or for anyone who wants to wear this remarkable type of

Hence, if you are in search of a free crochet poncho pattern, all you have to
do is to search online and you can exactly find what you need.

There are lost of websites that could give you such information. Just be very
careful when getting some information online because you will never know what
you are getting. This is because even if this crochet poncho patterns are given
for free, not all of them can actually provide you with the kind of information
that you really need.

Because of its vastness and wide reach, the Internet is currently being
utilized as a means of transporting nuisance activities that could do more harm
than good. And even if things are not done intentionally, there are some people
who are not really experts on some things like making poncho patterns, and
still, they insist on making one.

The problem with these kinds of free crochet poncho is that they can confuse
you or even damage the totality of your project. And what you thought was a
great bonus because of a free pattern, you have actually wasted many things.
After all, it was only the pattern that was given for free, right?

So what do you have to about it? Here are some tips that can help you through:

1. Do your homework

Since you are already on the Internet, why don't you make the most of it? Try
to look for some reliable websites that could give you the best free crochet
poncho patterns. You can do this by looking through some forums that features
crochet ponchos. And the best thing about it is that you can shop for more free
crochet ponchos without the risk of losing your money.

2. Widen your search

To get a better list of workable free crochet poncho patterns, it would be
better if you will widen your search. Do not just focus on the things that you
wish to find. Having a variety on topics about crochet ponchos would definitely
bring you tom some ideas that you never thought existed. In this way, you will
be able to see things that you have never even bother to consider.

The point is that the Internet can give you more than what you need if you will
just learn how to get out of the stringency of a certain topic.

Indeed, free crochet poncho patterns online are not hard to find. You just have
to be more open to new ideas and explore those that you have not tried yet.
After all, what you are doing is an art. And like any art, your imagination
should be working at its best; in turn, the possibilities become endless.

Want Crochet Poncho Patterns for Free?

Crocheting is becoming a popular hobby nowadays. This is true for most of the
not-so-young yet not-so-old ladies who spend most of their time at home.
Crocheting is an artful craft, needlework in particular, that takes time to be
learned and mastered. Not everyone can easily learn this hobby. Those who are
good at crocheting can even earn good money from it.

There are many things that you can crochet. One of those is the poncho. Have
you seen Jessica Simpson wear that lovely and fashionable over-shirt piece of
cloth in the Newlyweds series? That is a poncho. It has now become a fashion
statement among women. Most of the ponchos are crocheted which makes them
comfortable and stylish to wear over your plain shirt or spaghetti straps.

Do you want to make yourself one that you can show off to your friends? Here
are some resources found in the web where you can find poncho patterns and
instructions for free.

- "Coming Home" Poncho worn by Martha Stewart. This particular poncho is
similar to the one worn by Martha going home as well as on her 'Poncho' show.
It is a wide-necked poncho with v-shaped bottom. It is big enough to fit an
adult medium size. The Lion Brand website offers this pattern for free with
instructions and frequently asked questions.

- Angelhair Ponchette. This is one variation of poncho which is more like the
mini kind. It falls just above the waistline and has wide neckline. The yarn to
be used for this particular design is the "angel hair" type. This pattern can be
found in the Hip Vintage Crochet web site.

- Diamonds and Lace Poncho. This free poncho pattern was designed by a lady
named Dot. As the name implies, it has diamond and lace design all throughout
the crocheted piece. It fits most sizes, even up to 2X, and is about 18 inches
from the neck to the bottom edge. This pattern can be found in Crochet
'bythehook' blog site of the author.

- Asymmetric Poof Crochet Poncho. Best for the winter season, this closely-knit
poncho uses the Poof kind of yarn. It is just like a crocheted rectangle with
one side short and the other, long, which are joined together to make a
single-pointed poncho. It is also comfortable to wear because of the softness
of the yarn being used. This pattern can be found from Crystal palace Yarns web

- Easy Peasy Poncho. Having wide spaces, this poncho is best to wear during
summer. This one has a v-shaped bottom with hanging strands. Should you want
this kind of poncho, you can visit Myra Wood's web site.

- Crocheted Baby Poncho. Want your baby or toddler to be as fashionable as you
are? You can make her a poncho with matching hood with this pattern. This,
however, needs intermediate skill level in crocheting because of the complexity
of some stitches. This pattern can be obtained from Coats and Clark web site.

- Groovy Granny Poncho. Not really strictly for the old folks only, this poncho
is more like those designs that were famous during the 60s. The layered color
pattern makes it groovy and stylish. It has the usual v-shaped bottom, with a
slightly v-shaped neckline, ribbon and flower trimmings that give this fashion
wear a twist. This one is available from the Lion Brand web site.

- Scarf Ponchette. Yet another ponchette, this pattern is good for beginners as
it is simple to do. It looks elegant and stylish because of the type of yarns
used -- fun fur and color waves. This pattern can be printed out from the Lion
Brand website.

- Left-over Poncho. Do you have lots of left over yarns from other crochet
projects? Do not throw them. You can still have a use for them with this
pattern. This one is a poncho of different color combinations. You can find
this pattern from Crochet Pattern Central.

- "Coming Home" Pooch Poncho. If adults and kids have ponchos and ponchettes,
dogs can have one too! This particular pattern was designed after the "Coming
Home" poncho worn by Martha Stewart. This is just the tiny version of it and
specifically made for little dogs. So if you want your dogs to be as stylish as
their owner, better get this pattern now from, again, the Lion Brand web site.

There are indeed hundreds of free poncho patterns out there to choose from.
These are just a few of them. You can definitely find one that suits your taste
and matches your skill level. You will surely enjoy selecting among all the
pretty patterns available.

The Basics of Crochet And Simple Patterns

Today, crochet is not anymore just for grandmas. Yarn design is now very
popular and is anybody that has a creative sense, patience and imagination.
While the patterns may seem to look so hard, when learned, one will be
surprised how easy it is. Crochet projects are ideal gift items for your loved
ones as well as useful in the home.

The internet has thousands of free crochet patterns from beginner to advanced
that are readily availble so that you can practice simple patterns. All you
need to do is browse the net and discover so many sites that makes crocheting
more enjoyable.

Guide before starting:

Keep the yarn from intertwining or coiling by changing the way that you turn or
flip your project after each row is completed; for instance, turn your project
clockwise after you have made an even numbered line or row and then turn it
counterclockwise after you have completed an odd numbered line or row.

A tapestry needle, as it has a rounded end is good for weaving the yarn ends
into your project when finished. A tapestry needle number 16 that is used
generally for plastic canvas basting is a suitable size to manipulate when
working on "worsted weight yarn crochet patterns". When you weave the loose
ends, make sure you weave two inches going to one direction and another two
inches going the opposite direction.

Learn basic crochet stitches to understand crochet patterns:

Chain stitch

To make the chain stitch, you need to create a "slip knot" so to start
chaining, pass the hook underneath the yarn, pull the yarn through then catch
it with your hook. Draw the yarn again back in the loop that is on your hook so
to form your "first chain". When you pass your hook underneath the yarn, this
act is referred to as "yarn over". Keep on repeating this chaining manner for
as many as the pattern requires it.

Slip Stitch

The "slip stitch" is mainly used to seam "rounds" of crocheting all together.
The slip stitch has no tallness therefore it can not be made into rows. Insert
your hook in the chain then "yarn over" and draw a loop passing the chain. Draw
then the new loop passing the "old loop".

"Single crochet" stitch

To practice this stitch, make fifteen chain stitches. Insert your hook in the
second chain from the hook "yarn over" and draw a loop going through the
"chain". "Yarn over" once more and draw the new loop going through "two loops"
on your hook. In each chain row that you make, work through a "single crochet"
at the end of the row "chain 1 and then turn".

"Half double crochet" stitch

Make fifteen chain stitches first, to practice, then "yarn over" the hook once.
Insert your hook in the third chain from your hook and "yarn over" then draw a
loop going through the chain twice. "Yarn over" and draw the yarn going through
all the three loops on your hook and make a "half double crochet" in each chain
stitch across. Then make two chain stitches and flip to the other side.

"Double crochet" stitch

"Yarn over" you hook once and then insert the hook in the fourth chain counting
from the hook; "yarn over" and draw the yarn going through two loops on the hook
and "yarn over" once more and draw it towards you going through the remaining
two loops on the hook. Make a "double crochet stitch" in each chain stitch
across and at the end make three chain stitches and turn. Make a "double
crochet stitch" in each stitch across

"Triple crochet" stitch

Practice by making fifteen chain stitches. Yarn over the hook twice and insert
the hook in the fifth chain from the hook, (*) "yarn over" and then go through
two loops on the hook; repeat two more times.

Checking the pattern gauge

To check your pattern gauge, you need to stitch an unattached work sample
before you begin your project; normally at twenty stitches across, fifteen rows
high and measure or calculate from the inside rows that is the main portion of
your project; compare this alongside what the gauge of the pattern says.

When your sample is found to be too large then you need to use a hook of a
smaller size and making another sample and check again the gauge.

When your sample is found to be too small then you need to use another hook of
a larger size, stitching another work sample.

Keep on practicing and in time, you will be able to identify and do all the
stitches with ease!

6 Pointers on How to Read and Understand Free Crochet Pattern for Babies

Dress patterns do seem to cost a lot these days and sales assistants often do
not have the time to advice you over the counter.

Thankfully, patterns are now available for free, in more ranges, to suit every
figure type that is based on figure development, built and height.

This is, indeed, a welcome gift especially for mothers who have just given
birth, had too many expenses, and could not simply afford to buy newer clothes
as the baby grows. Hence, for mothers who know how to sew their own baby's
clothes, it is better to find a free crochet pattern for optimum guide.

Free crochet patterns for babies are specially made to fit and suit the taste
of every mother who is into crocheting. Moreover, the best thing about it is
that the sizes that were included in the pattern have their won sizes for
proper identification on what kind of pattern that will best work for you and
your baby.

In addition, there is more than just choosing the design or the kind of design
that you will use in order to make a crochet of the baby's clothing. Any of
these factors may affect the total outcome of the product; hence, it is
important to choose the pattern meticulously, even if it is free.

So before grabbing the opportunity of getting a free crochet pattern for your
baby's clothes, it is worth getting to know a little about pattern sizes and
figure types. This avoids having to alter a pattern drastically before it will
fit your baby.

Here's a list:

1. Try to learn the standard crochet abbreviations

If it is your first time to obtain
a free crochet patter for your baby, you might wonder whether the reason why
they were given free is that, they do not have the budget for fully defined
patterns with full text and meaning. Maybe you have thought that they have
constricted the words into 3 to 4 letters just so they could cut back prices on
the catalogs so that they could it to you for free.

Funny as it may sound, it is not simply the way you thought it is. Crochet
patterns really make use of abbreviations. Hence, it would be better to learn
the words so that you would understand what the instruction is all about.

2. Be careful on the asterisk

If you think that there are just too many asterisks in the pattern, it is not.
Asterisks are included in the patterns not for the sole purpose of placing it
there but because it has its reason.

Asterisk is utilized to indicate the starting line of the instructions, which
will be employed more than one time. For instance, if the pattern instruction
says "rep between ** three times" this means that you have to work on the
instructions for another three times after you have worked on it once. That
would be 4 repetitions overall.

3. Be wary on the brackets

Brackets are not used in pattern instructions just for the sake of having them.
They are used to elucidate the instructions. Usually, they are combined with the

4. Parentheses

These are generally used to put in instructions that should be toiled within
the correct number or instances that the instructions are carried out. The
number should be stated right after the parentheses.

Moreover, parentheses are used to record the size of the pattern to be used as
well as the size of the clothing. It is also used to spell out the directions

5. Learn to read "yarn labels"

Reading a crochet pattern would also require you to learn how to read yard
labels. Before you buy the yarns that are specified in the pattern, it is
necessary that you should know the kind of yarn that is required for a
particular pattern, the measurement, "yardage of the skein," and the fiber
substance and the proper care for each material.

6. Choose the hooks wisely

Hooks may vary depending on the size that is being required by a particular
pattern. This goes to show that not all crochet hooks can work well with all
kinds of patterns.

Crochet hooks have different sizes, which may affect the kinds of loops that
will be produced.

Indeed, obtaining a free crochet pattern for you baby is not as easy as it may
sound. Nevertheless, if you already know how to read patterns and are familiar
with the kind of materials that are being required, it would be easier for you
to identify the benefits that you can derive from it.

Different Crochet Patterns For Beginners

When just beginning to crochet, keep in mind that your first work must be easy
and something that is fun to do. Select a pattern that needs no or very little
shaping like a pillow or a scarf. Tote bags and hats are also simple projects
to make requiring very little shaping.

There are a wide selection of colors and yarns so you can choose what colors
suit you best, but remember to begin with a moderately smooth yarn that is easy
to handle, like a worsted-weight type of yarn.

Patterns that use large hooks or needles and two threads of yarn can be great
first projects because will be fast to complete. Search for patterns that are
marked as "beginner".

Here is a pattern that when accomplished, makes a 7 inches by 9 inches block
that can be a good practice for beginners; also, with these basic crochet
pattern, one can easily create a scarf, pillow or a doily:

Materials needed:

* Any color of yarn that is Worsted-weight

* Size 8, and 14 inches long "knitting needles"

* Big eye yarn needle

* Small scissors

"Casting On"

1. Create a "slip knot" on the needle's shaft, on one needle.

2. Put this "needle" in your left hand, and hold the other needle on your right
hand so you can manage the yarn. Insert the point of the "right needle",
starting from the front to the back, in the "slip knot" and underneath the
"left needle".

3. While holding the left needle which is still in your left hand, move your
"left fingers" over so that it braces the right needle.

4. With your index finger at the right, get the "yarn from the ball".

5. Let go your grip on the right hand that id holding the needle and use your
index finger so to carry the yarn "under and over" the right needle's point.

6. Return your "right fingers" to the right needle, then pull the yarn all
through the stitch with the point of the right needle.

7. Slide the point of the left needle unto the back of the new stitch, and take
off the right needle.

8. Gently pull the ball of yarn to create the stitch that should fit well on
the needle. Now you have successfully made a stitch known as casting on.

9. Insert the point of the "right needle", starting from the front to the back,
and into the stitch you have just made, under the left needle. Then repeat steps
five up to step nine 26 times, up until you will have "28 stitches" on your left
needle. This now completes the "cast-on row".

"First knit row":

1. Hold the needle having the stitches on your left hand and insert the point
of the "right needle" in the first stitch, starting from the front to the back,
same as in "casting on".

2. With your "right index finger", draw the yarn from its ball underneath and
then over the point of the right needle.

3. Pull the yarn through out the stitch with the "right needle point".
This now completes the one knit stitch. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 every stitch
remains on the left needle.

Measure the piece, so that it is 7 inches wide. Start the next "knit row" as

Turn the right needle then hold it in your left hand. On your right hand, with
the free needle, follow steps 1 to of your "first knit row" in every stitch.
Work these until the block is 9 inches long. Then "bind off" all of the

Here is a sample of a free doily pattern:

Pattern: Start at the center. Chain 5, "join in a ring".

R1: Chain 8, * double treble crochet (thread 3 times over ) in the ring, chain
4, and then repeat from * 10 times more (12 double treble crochet total
counting starting chain), join with "sl", "st" to 5th "st" of ch-8 first made.

R2: Chain 9, double treble crochet in every double treble crochet with chain-3
between. Join with "sl", "st" to 5th "st" of starting chain.

R3: Chain 8, * double treble crochet in the center of the chain-4 of the
preceding round, chain 3, double treble crochet in the next double treble
crochet, chain 3, and then repeat from * around.

R4: Chain 9, double treble crochet in every double treble crochet with chain-4
between. Join to starting chain.

R5: Chain 5. * over chain-4 work 6 double treble crochet, double treble crochet
in the next ,double treble crochet, chain 5, double treble crochet in next
double treble crochet, chain 5, double treble crochet in next double treble
crochet, and repeat from *. Then chain 5, and join to starting chain.

R6: Chain 6. * skip 1 double treble crochet, double treble crochet in next,
chain 1, and make a d treble crochet with chain-1 between in every other double
treble crochet of group of previous round. Chain 6, double treble crochet in
next d treble crochet, chain 6, double treble crochet in next, chain 1, and
repeat from * to end of round. Chain 6, join.

R7: Chain 5, * double treble crochet in each chain and each double treble
crochet until 11 double treble crochet have been made (counting ch-5 as 1st d
treble crochet) chain 7, double treble crochet in next double treble crochet,
chain 7, and double treble crochet in next double treble crochet, and repeat
from *. Join.

R8: Chain 6 (to count as double treble crochet and chain 1). Make double treble
crochet in every 2nd "st" of proceeding round with chain-1 between. Join.

R9: Chain 10, * skip 2 double treble crochet (count d treble crochet from which
chain started) and make double treble crochet over next ch-1, chain 5, skip 2 d
treble crochet, double treble crochet over next ch-1, chain 5, skip 2 d treble
crochet, d treble crochet over next ch1, then double treble crochet in each
double treble crochet and over each ch-1 until there are 15 double treble
crochet in group. Ch 5, and repeat from *. In last group, make only 14 double
treble crochet, and join to 5th "st" of starting chain which is counted as
double treble crochet.

R10: Chain 11, * double treble crochet in next d treble crochet, chain 6, d
treble crochet in next, chain 6, double treble crochet in next, chain 1, double
treble crochet in every 2nd "st" of group, always with ch-1 between, chain 6,
and repeat from *. Join.

R11: Chain 12, * double treble crochet in next double treble crochet, chain 7,
double treble crochet in next, chain 7, double treble crochet in each chain and
each double treble crochet (15 d treble crochet in group), chain 7, and repeat
from *. Join.

R12: Chain 15, * double crochet in next double treble crochet, chain 12, double
crochet in next d treble crochet, chain 12, double crochet with chain-1 between
in every other double treble crochet of 15 double treble crochet group (8 d c),
chain 12, and repeat from *. Fasten off the thread.

Enjoy your projects!

Free Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners and Skilled Crafters

Free crochet hat patterns are ideal projects for beginners interested on
embarking into the world of crocheting. At the same time free crochet hat
patterns are great miniature projects that would challenge even skilled crochet
crafters. Crochet enthusiasts can easily search online for complimentary crochet
patterns designed specially for hats.

The available projects for crochet hats range from the basic pattern to the
intermediate all the way to the intricate patterns for proficient crotchet
crafters. The free patterns offered come in various sizes from children to
adults. A crochet crafter looking for a specific size of crochet hat pattern
can easily find one online without having to resize the dimensions of the

Free crochet hat patterns are also available in various designs that are
perfect for any time of the year. There are crochet hat patterns with Christmas
designs that would make for great giveaways during the holidays. Spring and fall
designs are also available in crochet hat patterns. Different styles of hats are
also available in free crochet patterns like beanies, ski hats and berets.

More than just Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Craft sites that provide free crochet hat patterns also offer an assortment of
services and bonus items that every crochet enthusiast will definitely derive
benefit from. Numerous crafting sites offer free crochet patterns not only for
hats but also for other types of wearable items such as afghan shawls and baby
booties. Even decorative and functional crochet projects like pillows, purses
and doilies are available and can easily be downloaded from various craft sites

Crochet enthusiasts can also order crochet supplies from online craft sites.
These sites offer a wide array of brand names that produce various items
related to crocheting. Crochet enthusiasts can also get hold of crochet kits
that contain free crochet patterns. The kits come complete with everything an
individual will need to begin a crochet project.

Aside from patterns, many sites offer compilations of free crochet patterns
packaged in a convenient e-book. The e-book can be saved into a crafter's
personal computer and specific pages from the e-book can easily be printed when
needed. These are easier to haul around than a thick crotchet pattern book
particularly when a crafter is on the move.

Craft sites also offer learning videos that come with free crochet patterns.
These short educational videos can easily be saved on the hard drive and
watched over and over again. Craft videos for crocheting are ideal for
beginners as they normally feature the basic stitches. This is very helpful for
beginners that require a visual demonstration of how the stitch is done.

Craft sites also have an online forum that visitors can use in case they have
any questions regarding the free crochet pattern they downloaded from the site.
Crochet enthusiasts can also exchange ideas and patterns amongst themselves
through the online forum. Many experts also pass on valuable advice on the
forum that can be very useful for beginners.

How to Get Free Crochet Hat Patterns Online

There are numerous resources that can provide free crochet hat patterns.
Crochet enthusiasts can get free patterns from craft magazines as well as
crochet books in libraries and bookstores across the country. However, the
Internet seems to be the biggest and most convenient source compared to the

It is easy to find online resources for free crochet patterns. A simple search
at any search engine will bring up more than thousands of website hits. Check
out the list and have a look at what each site has to offer. Some sites may
require free membership signups before a visitor can download any free crochet
patterns from the site.

Although it may quite tedious and irritating, signing up for the membership is
something a crochet enthusiast should not pass up. Membership to most craft
sites allow access to various parts of the website like forums and other
downloadable items. In addition, most websites also accept submissions from
crochet enthusiasts who would like to share a crochet project they made

Before downloading any free pattern, it is important to establish the status of
the website especially if it requires a visitor to signup before accessing any
item from the site. Bear in mind that some websites have the unfortunate habit
of selling their site listing to other sites that may lead to annoying Spam
mail. In this manner, a crochet enthusiast can enjoy the downloaded free
crochet pattern with no worries.

How to Find Free Crochet Doily Patterns

There are many free crochet patterns available in the Internet. It provides a
wide range of information and instructions about crocheting. Making a crochet
product is a fun thing to do especially if a person has a lot of free time to
spend in crocheting different products. He may find it helpful to find sites
where he can find free crochet patterns that will easily teach him how to

Learning how to crochet requires a lot of reading and understanding to make a
crochet on an open mesh and a solid mesh pattern. He may find classes and
seminars that offer tutorials on crochet making. These classes may provide a
person adult education seminars, exhibits, design classes, libraries, and
personalized lessons that a person will surely enjoy in his learning to knit or

However, these kinds of classes may offer shared patterns and tips to their
students. He may have the alternative of hiring a personal teacher if he has a
group of friends who are willing to share the expenses of the lessons. The
interest of learning the craft can be fun especially with the type of
environment that he is attending.

The National Guilds sponsor offers a lot of interesting programs, fashion
shows, consumer shows, exhibits, and different opportunities that a person may
learn about crocheting. To find free crocheting and knitting patterns, here are
some ways on how to find lessons and pattern that will satisfy his interests.

1. To find the perfect free pattern, he may search the Internet for free
subscription and registration for the sites that offer lessons on crochet and
knitting. There are varieties of patterns to choose from for skilled crochet
makers and for starters on this craft. Yahoo and Google search engines should
help him find the site that will provide the necessary information on crochet.

2. He may borrow a copy of simple patterns from his neighbors who took classes
on knitting and crocheting. He may save more money from borrowing rather than
buying books and magazines.

3. He may visit the sites and get the email addresses of those who are crochet
enthusiasts. He may ask questions and even trade common patterns for new
designs and outlines. It is better if the person may have the same level of
knowledge in crocheting so that he may find it interesting to chat and send
messages to the person with the same expertise they share about crochet.

4. He may get the advice of craft experts and ask them how they improved in
their skill on crocheting. He may ask for old pattern manuals and basic design
patterns that would serve as his first step in learning the techniques of
crochet and knitting.

5. He may join organizations and guilds like the Crochet Guild of America that
offers free classes and tutorials to those who would like to be experts on
crochet. The registrations are free and they are able provide their members
with free patterns that they may bring to their homes for work on and be a
master of the craft.

6. It would be a big help if he can purchase books, which have topics that
teach a person on crochet and knitting. There are books that provide
instructional content with free patterns for beginners. If he does not have
enough money to buy these books, he may go to the nearest library or he may
find discount bookstores and garage sales for used and old books.

7. He may use the keywords crochet free patterns in searching the Internet.
This will help the person to see more free patterns and information about
crochet works and designs. Contents of topics should just be enough to provide
him what he needs.

8. He needs to make sure that the instructional patterns would be easy to
understand especially if he is just beginning to learn. All patterns should
correspond to his level of knowledge and skills.

These tips would certainly help a person to avail free information and
instructional tools on crochet. He should not be satisfied with his learning
skills on crocheting and on the patterns that would help him to be expert in
creating new designs and products such as crochet hats and filet crochet

Afghan Crochet

Crocheting is a craft of making fabric out of yarns, threads and other
materials with the use of a hook. Crocheting is claimed to have originated
during the 1800s but people believe that it existed during much earlier times.
Some people believe that crochet existed in some of the places in Arabia, China
and the Americas.

Crochet as we know it, is done by making a slip-knot loop and by pulling a
second loop through this loop. The process is repeated until a chain is
created. Patterns are made by hooking the loops together.

There is a variation of crochet that is very popular and it is called the
afghan crochet.

Afghan crotchet is also known as Tunisian crochet. This kind of crocheting uses
an elongated hook which is equipped with a stopper on the end which the handle
is located. This is what people call as the Afghan hook.

In employing the afghan crochet method, the rows are worked in two halves. The
first half of the rows is done from right going to the left while the other one
is worked from left towards the right. The pattern is never turned as compared
to other forms of crocheting.

After one has done the starting chain, the beginning row is done by inserting
the afghan hook through the chain. This pulls a loop from the yarn and the hook
is inserted to the next chain. This is done without having the loop off the
hook. After one has been able to finish a row, she will have the same number of
loops and the number of stitches across. The other half of the row, one will
work the loops off the afghan hook.


There are a lot of afghan crochet patterns that one can choose from. Each and
every pattern has a different technique and personality that goes with it. This
article tries to give some resources about free afghan crochet patterns. Here
are some of them.

Medallion Strips

This is an afghan pattern which consists of strips which were crocheted as a
medallion pattern. This is an example of what one might call as a "patchwork
crochet," wherein strips are done individually but are later sewn together. A
wool or acrylic yarn is best for this kind of pattern.

Baby Afghan

This is a pattern which can be used for babies' fabric. This is a very easy
pattern to develop and can be done in a few hours. The colors can be changed to
suit what the parent wants or if the baby is a boy or a girl.

This is a pattern which uses the granny square pattern. One must do six round
of white and one round blue. Put these two together in a checkerboard pattern.
One can use a whip stitch to be able to join the squares. After one has been
able to join all the squares, she should then have a small blanket. This is
usually around 3 by 4 squares.

Afghan Medallion

These eyer colorful medallion looking patterns which are made out of afghan
patterns. These medallions are laced

Beefy V

This is an afghan crochet fabric that is suitable as gifts for men. These are
long enough to cover one's toes and has enough width to embrace the body. This
is done using a worsted-weighted yarn.

There are a lot of afghan crochet patterns out there that crocheters can
utilize. One can buy different resource books about afghan crochet. These
resources can be very helpful for people who would want to pursue afghan
crochet. However, the best choice for afghan crochet enthusiasts would be the
Internet. The Internet contains a lot of resources about crocheting in general
and afghan crocheting as well. There are sites which contains pictures and
step-by-step ways of developing afghan patterns.

Some of the websites which contain information on crochet patterns are :

This website contains different pattern collections. It also features some
crochet techniques and basics. There are also other patterns which are features
such as flower garden crochet, wheels doilies and afghan medallions.

This website contains a free crochet pattern index. Although it doesn't contain
as much information as its counterparts, it still contains substantive
information about crocheting.

It contains different patterns and easy-to-follow methods for crocheting.

Those were some sites which contain crochet patterns. One can use search
engines to find millions of resources out there about crocheting in the

Tips on How to Read Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

If you have to make or do with the little that is left when all the bills have
been paid, knowing just how much you have got in the pooled money will help you
plan how to make the most of it.

Hence, trying to work out the least, you are likely to have to play around
within the coming year. Then list the priorities like new shoes to replace the
ones that are hopelessly dated or worn out; a new coat because the one you have
got is too short or already falling apart.

Prices change from season to season and it is a pretty safe bet they will
increase rather than decrease, so set yourself a realistic limit for whatever
items you must buy. Then work out the clothes you will need to sew yourself
with the balance or make a new one out of a masterpiece.

For this reason, the ability to make your own clothes is now a trend today.
Survey shows that 16 out of the 20 respondents claimed that they would rather
make their own clothes rather than buy the expensive ones in the market.

Consequently, when special occasion gets near like the Christmas season, you
cannot help but wonder whether making your own crochet scarves that you can
give out as gifts is a wonderful idea.

Christmas is that time of year when everybody just wants to give something to
each other, even if it means they do not have the means to do so. Hence, if
ever you have some yarns left, with some hooks ready to do the job, acquire
some free Christmas crochet patterns and start those gifts right away.

One of the best things about crocheting these days is that some people are kind
enough to give away crochet patterns. In this way, you get to start making your
own crochet scarves or crochet hats to give to the couple upstairs and let them
know that someone really cares!

However, getting a free Christmas crochet patterns is not that easy, especially
for a beginner. This is because crochet patterns might be very confusing for
someone who is not yet familiar with the abbreviations and the terminologies
that each pattern entails.

Hence, for better understanding of using these free Christmas crochet patterns,
here is a list of some tips to guide you through:

1. Always read every row before starting on it.

The concept of making crochet is based on every row that you each pattern has.
It is not advisable not to work on rows because in crochet, what you should be
doing is to make a chain of loops. Hence, it is important to read and
understand the instructions stipulated for each row before starting on making

2. Before starting your crochet, read the whole pattern first

It is extremely important to read the whole pattern first before you start
making your Christmas crochet. If you seem hesitant with any portion of the
pattern that you have, it would be better to try practicing first before
starting on the project.

The point here is that there is no use in starting to make a crochet if you
really did not understood it well.

3. Always use a marker

Like cross-stitching and knitting, trying to finish your project without
marking on the area or rows that you have already crocheted can be very
confusing. Hence, in order to create a smooth flow of the process, it would be
better to mark each row every time you have finished making one. In this way,
you will not be confused and you will be kept glued to what you are doing.

4. Learn the abbreviations

The only best way to succeed in interpreting and analyzing a pattern is to
learn to understand the abbreviations. It is only when you have mastered the
abbreviations of the words that you can easily go on with the pattern as fast
as you can.

Otherwise, more time will be consumed in stopping once in a while just to refer
back to the meaning of those abbreviations.

Indeed, making a Christmas crocheted item is not easy. However, it is not that
complicated either once you have learned how to understand the pattern and the
instructions that go with it.

Tips on How to find The Best Free Baby Crochet Patterns Online

It really does not matter if you are a professional or a newbie when choosing a
crochet pattern. As long as you know the guidelines or some pointers in making
crochet patterns, the rest, as they say, will be history.

As you go along with your journey into the world of crocheting, there is always
a room for you to discover something new. In addition, the best way to do that
is to find more patterns for variations on your work.

Among the many kinds of patterns that are made available in the market to day,
free patterns are the best. Why? They are free! After all, it is not everyday
that you get to make a crochet pattern that is absolutely, 100% free. Hence,
most people really do grab this opportunity.

Consequently, if you are on the look-out for some free crochet patterns, the
best thing that you could find are those that pertains to the baby's garments.
In fact, some surveys show that among the different items being sold in the
market today, the baby clothes are the most widely held; and to obtain without
any charge is an absolute bonus.

There are many ways to acquire a baby crochet pattern. Many books, magazines,
or journals are dedicated to give utmost assistance to anyone who loves to make
baby crocheted garments. However, with the advent of the information technology,
obtaining a free baby crochet pattern over the Internet is relatively easier and
more diversified.

Free baby crochet patterns that can be found in the Internet are, generally,
made by devoted "crafter" or manufacturers of any kinds of craft supplies.
Usually, they create these free patterns to extend help to those who cannot
afford to buy the expensive patterns.

There are some free baby crochet patterns that entails instructions that are
described in full details, like in very systematic way, and relatively easier
to follow. However, not all of these free patterns are created equal.

In fact, it cannot simply be denied that even if there are some free patterns,
there are some examples of patterns that do not just have meaning. Some of
those free patterns are completely nonsense. These kinds of free patterns could
be made by people who are not adept in making crochet patterns.

In turn, they do not know how to make the instructions of the pattern in a more
systematic order, hence, they leave out some steps without even becoming
conscious of it. There are also instances wherein the pattern maker does not
have a clear identification on the kind of instructions that he must project
for you to understand his pattern.

Hence, it would be better to evaluate and analyze every free baby crochet
pattern first before downloading them from the Internet. Here are some tips
that you can make use of:

1. Understand and analyze the pattern first

If, by any chance, you were able to find some free baby crochet patterns in the
Internet and you have already downloaded them, it would be better to read and
analyze the pattern first before buying the materials already.

Try to analyze if the pattern is logical. You can do this by imagining how it
will take place once you have started to make the pattern. Will it be realistic
when applied to the actual process of making a baby crochet? Try to assess if
the patterns are systematically instructed in details and if there are no
"missing links" in order to finish the project.

Try to identify as well, if the free baby crochet pattern is demonstrated well.
The best way to recognize that is to see if the steps are illustrated by some
clear images and with some clear and understandable set of words. This will
guarantee enough that the instructions are clear and not vague.

2. Do your homework

Since you will be looking for free baby crochet patterns over the Internet, it
would be better to do your homework first. That is, you should research more on
the ideal website that can give you the best free baby crochet pattern that you

Finding some good sites in the Internet can ensure you that the patterns that
you will obtain are tried and tested, hence, the results will be just the same
if applied to your capabilities.

Best of all, finding some reliable free baby crochet patterns through these
reliable websites have added bonuses. They provide you with some forums or
suggestion box where you can instantly air your concerns regarding the problem.

3. Have a hard copy

If you are already fond of downloading free baby crochet patterns from the
Internet, it would be better to have a hard copy of those files. Try to print
them out and bind them. This will facilitate the use of these patterns instead
of printing them only if you need them.

Given all that, you can be sure that obtaining a free baby crochet pattern is
one of the best bonuses that you can have while you are into crochet making.

Filet Crochets can be Interesting to Make!

A filet crochet is also known as a handicraft needlework that is created by
using hooks. It is patterned on a simple graph or crochet outline. It is made
by using two different colored yarns.

The use of a hard mesh where he can create multiple crochet chain stitches from
a square pattern and a open mesh to make a double loop stitch on the allotted
spaces and create the last crochet on the loop. Most patterns may come up with
the last crochet on an open or a hard mesh will also be the first crochet of
the next mesh.

Filet crochet is a detailed work to do. He can make a combination of stitches
from the open and hard meshes. This is done by working on the patterned outline
of the hard mesh and using the open mesh as the background of the design.

Half-doubled crochet stitches are also created to make a variety of double
crochet stitches. He must remember to measure the height of the double-stitch
crochet exactly half of its height. He must also consider the proportionality
of the double crochet stitch in their widths.

Filet crochet is mostly done in rows with the use of cotton thread to make
linen or wall hangings on the loops. A person may need the use of smooth thread
because the filet crochet is more detailed and is done with great patience and
dedication to finish the crochet product.

The possibility of finishing a filet product can be easily done if he practices
to make different crochet in different patterns in creating crochet designs on
personal names and passages of different text messages.

Some easy patterns on filet crochet are simple cross-stitch works. They can be
converted conveniently to different filet crochet designs by making the solid
mesh pattern area filled with cross-stitches and allowing the open mesh block
with no filet crochet on the outline.

The best filet crochet designs can be the outcome of blocked stitches on the
open mesh patterns. The highlighted areas should be left unstitched before
finishing the patterns on the solid mesh to create a more beautiful filet

A person may use multiple color combination in a filet crochet design. This
style can create a much colorful background, which can be easily distinguished
by the eyesight. He may work on the crochet from the top stitch going through
the patterned piece of the solid mesh outline. This will create a much
appreciative thread cross-stitches, which will make a contracting outcome on
the finished filet crochet design.

To be more familiar on the different aspects on a filet crochet, here are some
patterns and ways on how to make a perfect filet crochet using different
stitches to make different blocks on the open mesh.

1. He must consider the open and solid mesh patterns. The spacing should be
very important to create a double stitch thread from a cross-stitch design. The
squares on the solid mesh should have equal stitches to leave the open mesh a
free space for the background.

2. To make an open mesh, he must create two chains of double stitches, after
filling out the pattern. He may skip the next two chained stitches leaving a
free space for the open double crochet. Finally, he can make a double stitch in
the next double crochet chains.

3. To make a filet crochet on the solid mesh, he should double the crochet in
the following double-chained spaces ant then double cross stitch on the last
double crochet.

4. To begin an open mesh, he must make five double crochet chains and leave two
double stitches on the sixth chain then double crochet on the next
double-chained stitch.

5. He must consider the solid mesh block that is patterned. He can double
crochet on the next double-chained stitches or make a double crochet on the
next chain space. This will result to the same designed on a filet crochet

He must remember that some stitches will pattern the design to block the solid
mesh to create a filet crochet. This will be an easier approach that would
result to beautiful designs. The filet crochets are always complimented with
good patterns on the solid and open meshes, which he can combine to produce
stunning filet crochets.

Easy Crochet Patterns for a Crochet Trainee

Easy crochet patterns are perfect for beginners. Easy crochet patterns can
teach a beginner the basic crochet stitches. The only thing needed is a crochet
hook and a ball of yarn. Simple crochet patterns can be finished in less than an
hour, which is a great way to spend the time productively. A beginner will be
able to master any basic crochet stitch with the help of any easy crochet

Children and adults interested in learning how to crochet can begin with easy
crochet patterns. Although it may take some time and a few easy crochet
patterns before a beginner can master the basic stitches. It won't be long
before a crochet novice is creating wonderful masterpieces that will become
family heirlooms.

Available Easy Crochet Patterns

Crochet patterns for simple projects generally contain step-by-step
instructions that are accompanied by colorful photos or sketches illustrating
each part of the design. Aside from this, easy crochet patterns also contain
valuable tips and additional how-to notes about the project.

These projects also provide helpful suggestions on the most appropriate type of
yarn a beginner should use for a project. Different easy crochet patterns are a
great way to introduce a beginner to the various types of yarn used for
crocheting. There are various types of easy crochet patterns that are available
to a novice.

From wearable items such as baby booties, bibs and mittens or decorative pieces
like doilies, afghan covers or pillowcases. The simplest crochet pattern a
beginner can do is a scarf. There are various crochet patterns for simple
scarves that incorporate a single crochet stitch. However, there are crochet
patterns for scarves that make use of two or more stitches. This helps a
beginner become acquainted with more of the basic crochet stitches.

Dishcloths and doll blankets are another example of easy crochet patterns that
are perfect for beginners. One more easy crochet pattern that a beginner should
consider trying out is the granny square project. Granny squares can be used to
create other crochet projects like vests and blankets wherein the size can be
adjusted for kids, adults and even pets.

Beginners can also try out easy crochet patterns like a kitchen mat or even a
poncho. Coasters, round or square, also make great projects for beginners as
well as miniature purses that can be given away as gifts. Hats are another easy
crochet pattern that make ideal gifts also.

Resources for Easy Crochet Patterns

There are numerous resources that can provide easy crochet patterns for
beginners and even advanced crochet enthusiasts. Various craft books that are
dedicated to crochet offer a variety of crochet patterns that range from the
basic to the complex. Although craft books provide a comprehensive guide for
beginners and skilled crocheters it often quite too bulky to lug around. At the
same time leafing through numerous pages takes too much.

Assorted craft magazines are sold in large quantities at bookstores everywhere.
There are craft magazine dedicated to crocheting. Most of the time, these
magazines feature easy crochet patterns that are meant for beginners and even
accomplished crocheters. Expert crocheters who have been doing crocheting for a
long, long time design the patterns often printed in craft magazines.

The Internet is perhaps the fastest and most practical resource for crochet
enthusiasts when it comes to crochet patterns. There are countless websites on
the Internet that feature crafts like crochet. These sites offer a wide range
of services and benefits that every crocheter will surely benefit from.

In most cases, websites that offer free crochet patterns may require membership
before downloading any pattern from their site. However visitors that do signup
for the website membership become entitled to other parts of the site as well
as freebies offered. Online forums and chat rooms are open to members wherein
information exchange is done between amateurs and experts.

Other times websites may offer e-books that charge a small fee before
downloading. These e-books contain a compilation of crochet patterns that vary
in design and degree of difficulty. A simple search on the Internet will
immediately generate thousands of website hits for easy crochet patterns.

Go online today to find an easy crochet pattern to help past the time and learn
a valuable craft at the same time.

An Introduction to Crochet

Crochet came from the word croc, which is French for hook. Crocheting is an art
of fabric creation from a thread, cord or other materials using a crochet hook.


Some say that the craft of crocheting originated from some parts of South
America, Arabia and China. However, there has been no true evidence of this
claim. It eventually became popular in the 1800 in Europe. Some say that the
process used in crocheting was present during the ancient times but the hook
itself which is used in crocheting was not yet in existence. People back then
used their fingers which were bent to be able to make loops and chains.

It's somewhat clear that crocheting, as we know it today began to be seen
during the mid 1700s . This was the time when tambour embroidery, reached
Europe. Tambour embroidery was done using a smaller crochet-like hook. The
earliest evidence of crocheting dates to around 1800. Samples should have been
present in archaeological finds and missions if crochet existed before th e
1800s. Some claim that crochet pieces can be found in Egyptian tombs and some
say that there were crochet works which were made by nuns to beautify early
churches. It has been argued that crocheting is a very simple technique and it
most probably had its beginnings during the ancient times. But it is a fact, no
pieces have been found to legitimize these claims about ancient times crocheting.

In the 1800s, crocheting became a lace substitute. Laces back then were quite
expensive, and people turned to crocheting to be able to produce less expensive
fabrics. Crocheting didn't need much equipment and other tools and people of
every kind can do it. People started to crochet natural fibers and used hooks
which were made of brass, ivory and hardwood.

As history went on, crocheting became more and more popular, finding its niche
as a cottage industry. The craft supported some communities when their
livelihoods were displaced by imperialism. The items were purchased by the
middle class, or those who were emerging in society. Some say that fabrics
which were made out of crocheting were seen as a mere imitation of the symbol
of richer families. The people who were able to afford the more expensive
fabrics which were made from more expensive methods hated crochet.

Queen Victoria somewhat mitigated the bad impression of the people against
crochet. She purchased crochet laces which were produced by the Irish and
learned crocheting herself.


Crocheting was done mostly with thread from 1800 to 1950s. The most common
kinds of crochet methods were the filet crochet and the crochet in the round.
They were worked in rows of closed or open mesh to build patterns. Steel hooks
were mass produced and were popular beginning 1900.

In the 1950s, crocheters were already using thick yarns to be able to create
less detailed clothing and fabric. The craft of crocheting using thread was
popular up to the 1960s. Homemakers were so much involved in crocheting but
during the 1960s, more and more people became hooked to crocheting, especially
the younger generations. The popular patterns began to emerge such as the
granny squares. These were worked in round and incorporated bright and fun
colors. The interest of the younger generation in the 1960s gave crocheting a
much needed boost in terms of popularity.


In the modern sense, crocheting is done by doing a slip-knot on the hook, and
this is pulled with another loop. The second loop is pulled through the first
one and this pattern is repeated to create a fabric. The chain is worked in
rows or turned to create a pattern. Rounds are built by pulling many stitches
through one loop. These methods distinguish crocheting from other kinds of
fabric making methods.

Crochet is a fairly young kind of art if one compares it to other fabric-making
procedures. It has gone through several evolution steps to be able to become the
art which we know of today. With the advent of different technologies and modern
ways of making fabric, crochet is in danger of being wiped off its existence.
However, there are still many people who love crochet and hopefully, these
people will pass on the art to the generations after them.

The Cycles in the Fashion World

The fashion world works on the different seasons. The one thing that has
remained the same all these years is the colors. Light colors are used to
welcome summer and spring while dark colors are used to symbolize fall and

During these months, certain additions may excite the community and one of
these is crochet patterns. The first time these came out were often seen in

These are the curtains on the wall, the coasters for the glasses and at times
the table mats. Since fashion is about imagination and being able to make the
person carry it, designs have been made to bring it out into the streets.

The world's best designers do not just make designs for those who are young.
The designs are made to create a carefree and spirited individual who may be
old but have the youthful spirit at heart.

A simple pair of jeans could have flower patterns on the back pocket. The
handbag could have a double stitch with different colors. The top could be a
long sleeve jacket with a flower in the back or a patch in the arm.

Patterns like these and others may come in different sizes and shapes. Some can
be represented in the form of an animal. Those who are patriotic could follow
the colors of the flag with the red, white and blue in a top.

There are so many designs that the person can get from magazines and the
internet. By looking around or using a little imagination, some unique and new
patterns can also be made.

Some people have this notion that crochet patterns are only for women. There
are a lot of designs that men and children can wear as well. This is not only
for shirt that is worn but can be used to accessorize the jacket as well in the
form of a patch for the arm. People who want to stand out or individualize can
also make a hat or wear a pair of gloves that also use these designs.

Women can also make crochet patterns in scarves, capes and coats that will make
the person look fashionable even in a cold climate.

Making a crochet pattern is easy as long as the person has some basic knowledge
of cross stitching. The only needed after that is the needle and thread that is
used to make it.

It is a good idea to first draw it on paper before starting out. After making
the layout, it is time to go to the specialty store and choose the ideal yarn
for the item that the person is going to make. Weight is very crucial since
this will determine if it is expandable.

Beginners who don't do this often should always start with simple patterns
before moving on to the more advanced designs.

The best place to learn patterns these are through books. There also some that
can be found in the internet and is free. These sources not only show the
design but also how to do which makes it easy for anyone to catch on.

Another good place to learn some designs is by going to the mall. There are
some specialty shops that have it as part of the collection. By taking it off
the rack, wearing and feeling the texture, the person will have an idea and do
it upon getting home.

Crochet patterns from simple furniture items can now be turned into a fashion
statement. These can be used for everyday wear from top to bottom. The person
just has to decide whether to buy it from the store or take the time and do it
at home.

This could take some time but the hard work will all pay off when the person
gets complements from family member and friends who find out that this was done
at home. It takes a little imagination to make it happen and good hands to bring
it to life.

Crochet designs don't always have to be something new. There are some old ones
that were popular before and are now making a comeback. The designs sometimes
depend on the season and the direction of those who have some authority in the
world of fashion.

What is Crochet?

In the early 1800s, lace made materials are much expensive than the crochet
products. In Europe, some communities use crochet products to identify their
social status, which only indicate that they can afford crochet products and
other lace made items. The craft of crocheting only requires less expensive
supplies and materials, which are commonly threads and yarns that they can
purchase in nearby markets.

Many assume that the craft of crocheting and knitting evolved in countries like
China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. They have come up with this theory because of
the cultural tradition of clothing used by the people living in these
countries. Many experts also say that the craft of crocheting was more
essential to bend the forefinger rather than its necessity for creating crochet
and knitted products.

In the early periods of imperialism, where the art was practiced in the western
part of Europe recognize crocheting as the main source of livelihood among
people living in villages and communities. Most royalties consider wearing a
crochet product symbolize wealth and power. During these days, crocheting and
knitting is the pleasure of many people. It has developed as an art of creating
very good crochet crafts and designs.

A person can acquire a variety of yarns and threads that are used to make a
crochet product. There are different textures and colors he may choose
depending on the type of pattern or design that he will create. There are basic
types of yarns that are in the market nowadays. He may find baby/fingering,
worsted weight, chunky, sport/baby, and the bulky types of yarns, which are
commonly used in crocheting and knitting.

Yarns are typically labeled by their types to distinguish the yarns' quality.
This helps in identifying which specific yarn would be suitable for a
particular crochet product. Moreover, a person may also need to know the amount
of skein, care instructions, gauge, and the fiber content of the yarns.

Here are some other supplies aside from the yarn that are needed to create a
particular crochet product.

1. The knitting needles are very essential in crocheting. They are commonly
straight aluminum, wooden and plastic made materials. They can be availed in
different sizes from 2 millimeters to 15 millimeters. They are purchased in
pairs where they feature a knob and pointed edges. This design was made for
preventing the needle to slide when it is left on the unfinished crochet

2. The crochet hooks are used in catching the loops of thread used in
crocheting. They also draw the stitches made from loosening and sliding from
the chain stitches. They also come in aluminum, plastic, and wooden made
materials. The wooden made crochet hooks are the commonly used in doing a
crochet product because it is easier for the fingers handle and it is also
considered as the most affordable.

3. The pattern diagram is very essential in creating a crochet product. This
serves as the guide on how he will follow the instructions and outline of the
design. Most patterns are usually easy to follow especially if the person is
highly skilled n crocheting. For most beginners, there are patterns, which are
more basic and simple. They are especially designed for them to practice and
understand simple patterns of crochet products.

4. He may also need the use of other resources that will provide him sufficient
basic crocheting instructions such as books and magazines. There are
instructional diagrams that he may use in cases he would like to choose other
designs on how to make a crochet hat, crochet pillow, crochet scarf, crochet
bag, and other items that can be possibly made in crochet.

5. There are also special supplies that are needed in making special crochet
products. Lace made and doilies are required to be worked on using stainless
steel crochet hooks. These special hooks have a different size compared to
those regular wooden hooks.

Crochet products are mostly made for the pleasure of creating beautiful
patterned designs. They may be displayed in exhibits especially if the tools
and supplies that were used are certified crochet materials. The price of the
crochet product may also depend on how long it was made by a person. Although
others only work on crochet products for their own pleasure and satisfaction
for finishing a particular pattern, people still find it helpful in applying
their skills to generate income.

All About Crochet Thread: How to Choose the Best Kind?

Making crochet is one of the most popular hobbies in the Untied States today.
With over 10 million people engaged into crocheting these days, making crochet
patterns are, indeed, one of the most gratifying activities today.

To create a new product out of a ball of yarn or crochet thread is one of the
most exquisite reasons why many people are enticed to try crocheting. The
colors, the quality, and the way they create the frame of your masterpiece are
the ultimate purpose of the crochet thread.

Today, there are numerous types of crochet thread. The permutations are
endless, and each type brings new and interesting variations.

So wide is the choice, in fact, that it has been often difficult to be sure
which is likely to be the best fabric for a particular purpose because most
people who are into crochet making probably have no idea what many of these
crochet thread are made from.

As a beginner, one cannot simply tell from the appearance or the texture of the
material. This is because manufacturers, too, seem reluctant to reveal all by
clearly stating the content, including the actual proportions of the material
sold to the consumers, which can be so helpful when deciding what to buy.

Inevitably, people cannot simply force the manufacturers to do just that
instantly. Hence, it would be better if the consumers alone will try to exert
some extra effort to learn how to distinguish a good crochet thread from that
not-so kind.

Here are some tips that you must know in order to identify the best kind of
crochet thread for your project:

1. Decide on the kind of material the thread is made of

One of the most frequently used crochet thread is the one that is made up of
cotton. There reason behind this great preference is that it is very durable
and can last even a decade! Best of all, cotton crochet thread are so easy to

Synthetic crochet threads are nice as well because of its luster, but nothing
more than that. Besides, they are difficult to wash, so you probably would not
even consider buying this kind of thread.

2. Know the different types of crochet thread

In crocheting, there are only five major types of crochet thread. These are the
worsted weight, baby or the fingering type, bulky, sport, and chunky. Each
classification has its own unique "weight" or thickness. Among the five types,
fingering has the finest weight.

If ever you get to notice the word "ply" in the yarn label, this refers to the
amount of the strands that were entwined together to materialize the yarn.

3. Always start with a "beginner's thread" when you are just starting to crochet

It is always better to start with a bigger thread size when you are just
starting to make a crochet. Usually, the bigger the size of the thread, the

As you advanced\ to the next level, try to use some of the finer types. This
will enhance your skill.

4. Know the ideal thread

If you are already on that level where you have made some crochet patterns, it
is now time for you to try the advanced level. Here, the ideal thread that you
must use are those that have finer strands when it comes to thickness.

Using this type of thread will give your work an impression of a refined
finished product because of its feebleness.

5. Always have an extra ball of crochet thread or yarn

When buying crochet thread, it is always important to have an extra ball of
thread. After all, you would not want to come to an end before you can even
your work. This is especially applicable to the colored yarns. The point here
is that colored threads may differ if not bought at the same time. It must be
acquired on the same "dye-lot." Slight difference in color can really ruin your

When using the white-colored thread, it does not pose so many problems because
you can always start with it anytime.

6. Never go for the cheap ones

In crochet, getting a cheaper quality of crochet thread may only ruin the total
appearance of your work. Hence, it would be better to choose the best quality of
crochet thread to ensure the quality of your work. It is as simple as that.

Therefore, the next time you go to your local crochet shop, be wary of choosing
the thread. Keep in mind that the crochet thread is the major part of your work.
That is why it is relatively important to choose the best kind.

Learning Crochet Stitches

Crochet, a method of traditionally making complex crochet stitching designs as
well as craft products with the use of simply hook or needle, is now regaining
its popularity.

This hobby is very relaxing and can be learned easily. Crochet is a technique
favored by many who are into needlecrafts, mainly because crochet stitches
permit one to make pretty and useful home decor such as doilies, bedspreads,
blankets and tablecloths

Crochet is a very versatile type of needlecraft that likewise can create
sweaters, scarves, vests, hats and mittens and anything that the mind can

Whereas the European crochet directions usually uses a diagram, U.S. crochet
patterns and designs are written that tells the crafter which stitches are to
be completed as well as the order of stitches.

Here are things worth knowing before starting on a crochet project:

1. All crochet designs begin with a "foundation chain" that can be long (for
afghan) or short for a project that starts as a "circle".

2. Learning and understanding to work on stitching having an even pressure is
important so as to make the correct size of your project.

3. At all times, you should try out a sample then adjust the size of the hook
either down or up to reach the gauge required.

4. Hold the hook and the yarn in such manner that it is comfortable to you and
just let the yarn flow without restraint.

5. The loop that is on the hook is not always counted.

6. The correct number or counting of chains should be formed always at the
start of every row in order for you to continue at the correct height or length
for the succeeding row. This "turning chain" establishes the first or "initial
stitch" of the subsequent row.

7. At all times, you need to pick two loops that is from the previous row of
the stitch except when the pattern indicates back or front loop.

8. A "space" is described as the interval between stitches.

9. Do not make a "slip stitch" into your first stitch.

10. After your completed work, you need to pull through a "loop on hook" one
last time and cut the yarn and pull the end through.

Here are basic crochet stitches that you need to familiarize yourself with:

1. Chain stitch or "ch". Create a "loop in thread" and insert your hook in the
loop, and pull towards you the central length of the yarn through. Continue
drawing the yarn through every new loop that you form until you reach the
desired length.

2. Single crochet stitch or "sc". You will need to insert the hook underneath
two loops of a stitch then draw the yarn through the stitch, creating "2 loops
on hook", then thread over the hook and pull through towards your direction the
two loops.

3. "Half double crochet" stitch or "half dc". Create similar double crochet
stitches until you form three "loops on hook" and thread over the pull the yarn
through all of three loops.

4. Double crochet stitch "dc". Thread over the hook, then insert the hook in
the stitch and then pull the thread towards you through, making "3 loops on
hook", then you need to thread the hook over and pull through "two loops", and
once more thread over and pull through the remaining two loops.

5. Treble stitch or "tr". You need to thread over the hook two times then
insert the hook in the stitch and pull the thread through the stitch, creating
"4 loops on hook" then thread over, pull through the 2 loops, and thread over,
then pull through "2 loops", then thread over, pull through the remaining 2

6. Slip stitch or "sl st". Insert the hook through the stitch, then catch the
yarn, and with a single motion, pull both stitches through and the "1 loop on
hook". This stitch is used generally for joining.

7. Popcorn stitch or "pc st". Make one chain stitch, five double crochet
stitches then drop stitches from hook and insert the "hook" back in that 1
chain stitch and pull the "loop" through the "one on hook".

8. "Block (bl) and space (sp)" stitch. You need to create four double crochet
stitches over four stitches of the preceding row, making 1 block, then create 2
chain stitches skip 2 stitches, creating 1 space stitch.

The saying "practice makes perfect" is true in crochet. While this is can be
simple hobby to work on, a beginner can find learning the craft as well as the
patterns very complicated. With practice, patience and determination one can
easily make simple crochet patterns. Have fun while doing it!

How to Find the Best Place for Making Crochet Slippers

There never was a better time than now to start making your own clothes or
accessories. Of course, saving money is likely to be the compelling motive, but
there are all sorts of other equally good reasons. Even for the fortunate few
who are not feeling the pinch nowadays, it is by no means easy to find
precisely the clothes that suit you and the way you live. At the very best,
searching for what you want is irritating, tiring, and time consuming.

No wonder why most people are gradually opting for some ready-made kits that
consist of the different materials needed in their chosen venture.

For instance, some people are now fond of making crocheted materials, from
their hats down to their slippers. Aside from the reason that it makes their
time worthwhile, working some patterns into crochet provides a feeling of
contentment once they have finished the project. In fact, 8 out of 10 people
say that they become proud after seeing their work. They consider it as their

In Fitting Style

In fashion, it is important to achieve a perfect fit to create a remarkable
appearance to other people. Aside from that, there is another aspect to this:
comfort. You cannot look well dressed and assured unless you are comfortable --
and comfort goes hand in hand with fit.

This is where crocheting comes in. This is because in crocheting, you can
instantly make your own clothes without having to compromise the comfort as
well as the appearance.

One good thing about crochets is that they use very light materials such as the
yarn, thereby, creating soft, delicate and perfectly fit garments. Best of all,
crochets employ stitches similar to knitting, hence, it is assured that the fit
will provide utmost comfort because of the bagginess of the finished product due
to the composition of the yarn.

Therefore, for more fit such as those who are fond of wearing slippers in
style, trying to use crochet slippers is will be a great advantage.

Crochet Slippers

Especially good slippers are more expensive than ever these days. Hence, it
would really make a big difference if you will learn how to make your own

By using an uninterrupted thread of yarn and a single hook, you can start
making your own crochet slippers. The idea of creating crochet slippers is to
come up with a series of chains or loops by employing the concept of slip
stitch. From there, you can gradually work your way out into finishing the
product by employing different styles of slip stitches and loops.

In order to come up with a good pair of slippers, here is a list of some tips
that you need to consider before you start making crochet slippers:

1. Choosing the spot

Your first consideration must be where to work with the most efficiency and the
least disruption of other activities.

The basic requirements are space, light, and access to electric points. Choose
as bright and cheery a spot as possible.

When considering space, a purpose-designed crocheting-room will have separate
areas for laying out the patterns to be used in making crochets such as

Good daylight is also essential for crocheting the yarn together, and for
matching colors. However, too much light can sometimes be as troublesome as too
little. Venetian blinds fitted to a south-facing window will prevent sun dazzle
on bright summer days.

2. Everything in its place

Having furnished your crocheting nook with the basic necessities, you can now
set about the task of organizing the most efficient storage of materials and
tools, making the best use of whatever space that is available.

As with any workshop, the secret of good planning is to have everything you are
likely to need within easy reach, with first priority for items that will be in
constant use like the yarn and the hook. Time and effort will be wasted if you
need to pick up a pair of fresh roll of yarn.

3. Comfort and safety

For long sessions of crocheting, sit on a comfortable straight-backed chair. An
adjustable office-type chair might be useful if you also need to sit while
looping and crocheting as you move along with the flow. A standard chair will
be too low for comfort.

Indeed, crocheting your own slippers will not only give you a certain kind of
recreation but can also become profitable if
ever you have decided to sell your masterpieces. Just keep in mind that
whatever you do, think of it as something that you have never done before so
that every pair of slippers that you make is almost priceless.

Crochet Patterns for the Shrug

Crochet patterns can be done on almost anything. This can be used to make some
accessories for the dining and living room. It can also be used as a curtain
for the home.

Since these fabrics are light and easy to make, people have now decided to turn
this into fashionable items like clothes and bags. Those who don't want to wear
it can just wrap it around and that makes it possible to also use crochet
patterns for a shrug.

Shrugs are not really there to keep the person warm. It is simply an accessory
to the top that the woman is wearing underneath. This makes it ideal for those
who want to use it in the office or just hanging out with friends in the mall.

There many designs around and this can be buttoned, wrapped or tied in the
front of the person. This makes it easy to remove. This may come in single
colors and can be done in multicolor to make stand out.

The person can work on the open stitch design. This is called the Holey Squares
shrug since the holes in between are big and are shaped just like a square. This
can be made to fit the person based on the built.

Another good design to work on is called the Beatrice shrug. The holes are not
that big compared to the first and this can be in a multi-color design.
Accessories such as a bell can be added on the center making it easy for the
person to tie.

There are many kinds of yarns that the person can use to make a crochet pattern
and chenille is a good example. The individual can stitch to make a 1/4 sleeve top
that is only until the upper back of the person. Since it is wide, there is no
need to tie or button it.

Shrugs can have added details on the edges or in the center. This can be in the
form of stripes or shapes that may come in different colors.

There are many resources available that can help in making a shrug. This can be
found in books and magazines. The individual can also catch this on TV since
there are instructional shows that teach people how to cross stitch.

At different times of the year, the person can also watch it in fashion shows
that are broadcasted on TV.

It will also be a good idea to ask friends who also do this as a hobby for
advice to really make the shrug look good on the person.

Since it is a trend, a lot of retailers will surely have its own versions. By
paying close attention to the details and the fabric used, the individual will
be able to make something similar to those sold in the stores.

Those who know how to cross stitch and have done crochet patterns in the past
will not have that much difficulty. The person has to simply run to the store
and get the right kind of thread to work on this project. The person should
first draw it on paper to see how it should look like.

The person should be sure that the shrug that is being made is just right for
the season. Spring and summer should have light colors. Autumn and winter
should have dark ones.

By making a shrug that is in line with the season, people will get to
appreciate the intricate work done and not comment that it is not in style.

Crochet patters have been around for a long time. This gives the person the
oppurtunity to do some research first before deciding which pattern to work on.
Since this takes time to master, making a simple one should be the first

If after some time the person's skills improve, then it is alright to work with
different colors and added accessories. Cross stitching takes a lot of loops and
turns just to get it right.

With a little practice, the person does not have to rely on an instructional
video or a book anymore since these ideas will come from the mind. The person
should just put it on paper then with work on it to bring that idea to life.

Make Fabulous Shawls with Crochet

Crochet is a very interesting hobby. It makes the time spent worthwhile as one
can easily observe and admire the outcome of all the effort. It gives so much
satisfaction being able to finish one design or pattern.

It even feels better to be able to come up with items that you can use not only
as accessories, but as the main highlight of the outfit. One design that you
will simply enjoy making is the shawl.


The shawl is one of the best companions a woman can find. It is very
fashionable. It can be used for a formal event, for an ordinary walk in the
mall and very useful in beating the cold season. Any woman must have one in her

Shawls come in different materials. However, there is one that proves to be the
best among the rest. It is definitely the crochet shawl. This crochet shawl has
proven to be very much loved by the market that some instituted cottage
industries for this specific type of shawl.

The crochet shawl is so desirable. This is a good buy. This is also a great
gift idea for a girl friend. It is certified that any girl, lady or woman will
definitely love the shawl.

Making Your Own Crochet Shawl

If you plan to get a crochet shawl for yourself, why not keep one in your
closet that you personally made?

A good advantage of crocheting your own shawl is you get to choose the color of
the yarn. You do not even have to be limited to one color. You can combine
complementary colors or just whatever suits your taste. You can also determine
the size. Make it a just fit. Make it extra longer for more flexibility. You
can put in tassels for a more classic look.

Be as innovative as you can be. To have some guide and assistance in making
that masterpiece shawl, it is best to get some great crochet patterns.

Finding Crochet Shawls Patterns

The Internet is a good source for most anything, even for some ideas to work on
a beautiful shawl. It is very easy to find a good pattern for crocheted shawls.

There are crochet pattern e-books offered in the web. They are very convenient
as you can easily print out the pattern and instructions. This dispenses with
the need to carry a big craft book when you crochet, especially if you decided
to do it outdoors.

There are web sites online that sell designs and patterns per piece. You can
easily browse first through the different selections. You get to preview first
the expected outcome of the pattern before purchasing it.

Another better option is to get that crochet shawl pattern for free! Simply
enter the keywords 'free crochet shawls patters' in the search engine and you
will be given choices for web sites that give such offer. Click on any results
and explore.

Usually, the site you get to choose can also link you to other sites that offer
crochet patterns for shawls and for other items. So upon browsing the web site
and you failed to find a design that will suit your taste, simply surf to the
other links.

Some Tips in Crocheting

When you begin with the crochet shawl project, it is best that you do things
correctly. Thus after getting the perfect pattern of a very fabulous shawl, go
the extra mile. Be particular with the rest of the details in finishing that
crochet pattern. Here are some tips to perfect a crochet pattern:

1. Avoid forcing the hook or putting too much tension when you crochet. The
hands should be relaxed. This is to avoid getting the items too stiff or too
stubborn to follow the whole pattern.

2. If you tend to crochet tightly, get a larger hook than what is recommended.
Same goes if you tend to crochet loosely. Get a smaller hook than what is

3. Stick to the pattern as much as possible, especially for beginners.

4. Work on the foundation properly. This will determine largely the outcome of
your crochet. It is best to continue the pattern with another size of hook if
the foundation came too loose or too tight.

Crocheting your own shawl will definitely be a fulfilling experience for you.
So do the crocheting properly. Give it all your attention and heart. Make all
resources available to get the best outcome. Crochet shawl patterns are made
available so you can make a masterpiece with more convenience.

Crocheting a Scarf

Crochet is such an ideal craft. It can be so fulfilling. It can also be useful.
The craft can even make you such wonderful accessories that you can share to
family and friends, like hats, socks and scarves.

If you will choose a fashion accessory to give away to friends, the best choice
is the scarf.

A scarf gives the perfect last detail in the outfit of a lady. It is simply a
long and narrow piece of textile worn over the head or around the neck. It is
very useful to keep the lady warm. It keeps the hair covered and clean
especially during commute. It is even a great fashion accessory.

The wonders of a simple scarf are very much recognized that there are many
people who ventured into manufacturing scarves. Knitted and crocheted garments,
especially scarves, are important aspects of business in some countries.

Given the desirability of having a scarf, it is a must that every woman must
have it, even you. It can even be a better idea to make that scarf yourself.
Give it your own personal touch and your own details. Use whatever color will
suit your taste. Make it extra longer. Making your own scarf can give you so
much freedom and room for innovation.

At this point, you might want to consider learning more about crochet.

How the Craft of Crochet Came About

Many theories have come up as regards the history of crochet. Some believe that
people early on have been doing this with the use of mere fingers. Some would
say that it was plainly part of the sewing duties of a nun. Some even claim
that it is part of rituals in the South America.

People can only speculate, still the exact origin of the crochet may remain a

It is worth mentioning however that the craft of crocheting had been a status
symbol in the 16th century. Women members of the high society are the only ones
who share the skill of crocheting. It was only in the 1800's when the craft
became accessible to majority of the public.

This craft then spread through many households and families. Women will often
be found crocheting something for the household. The skill then is passed on
from one generation to another, with the elders teaching the younger ones how

Some people would actually think that crocheting is something for the old
person, or the old maid. However, this does not hold anymore today. People of
all ages, from all walks of life can now crochet.

Another good thing about crocheting as a hobby is that it is not expensive. It
is not taxing. All you need is to have the basic materials and dedicate a few
minutes of your time for each day.

Learning How to Crochet

Before starting, be sure to have all the supplies needed, the crochet hook, the
yarn and the pattern.

There are some basic matters to learn to start crocheting. All crochet designs
start with a slip stitch and a chain of stitches. Thus this is the first step
to learn. So it is best to learn this first step as well the rest of the
various crochet and stitches.

Traditionally, someone in the family will teach a youngster how to crochet.
Today, if there is no one in the household to ask for guidance, some people opt
to enroll on craft classes.

Learn the lingo. Be familiar with the terms used in crochet, as well in the
symbols or legends implemented. This will be very critical when you get crochet
patterns and designs.

The next most important detail to make that masterpiece is to get the perfect
pattern of a scarf.

Getting Great Crochet Scarf Patterns

There may be craft stores in your locality that offer patterns. However, the
choices can be very limited in whatever stock they only have.

The next best stop is to go online. The Internet offers a wide variety of
choices. There are endless lists out there. Some web sites offer instructions
book with patterns for a value and will have it delivered to your doorstep.

There are sites that give e-books. This is a better option as you can easily
get hold of that pattern in minutes, rather than wait for days before it gets
delivered. It is more convenient too. All you have to do is to print the
pattern and you can crochet wherever you please.

The best choice yet is to get that perfect crochet scarf for free. You can
easily surf the net for web sites that offer free patterns. Simply type the
keywords 'free crochet scarf patterns' in the search engine.

The results can lead you to numerous web sites. Simply click on a link and
explore until you find one that best suits your taste.

You can also join discussion groups and forums to meet other people who are
into crocheting also. This is one good way to meet friends and also to have
someone to exchange tips with and even trade patterns with.

So, grab those crochet supplies now and hold on to a great scarf pattern. Happy
crocheting to you!

Learning How Crochet And Making Your First Crochet Scarf

One must have the desire, determination and patience in mastering and
understanding crochet.

Keep in mind that understanding crochet patterns is not at all as complicated
as they seem to appear. Once you understand the basic abbreviations then you
are on the road to making your very first masterpiece.

All crochet pieces and projects start with a "slip knot". With your palm facing
you, position the tip of the yarn crosswise on your right hand palm from the
right going to the left and then back around so that it crosses over your right
palm again and laying the yarn across the tip of the very first yarn strand.

Starting from the top to the bottom of the yarn, reach underneath both ends
then draw up the "longest strand". Insert now the crochet hook in the loop you
have created and then tighten it to fasten the knot.

The very basic crochet stitches are single crochet (sc); chain (ch); double
crochet (dc); half double crochet (hdc); and treble crochet (tr).

Crete the "foundation chain stitch" or ch. Having the "slip knot" on the hook,
you have to do "yarn over (yo)" by way of taking your hook all around the
"long" yarn tip starting from left to the right and then pull the loop past
through the prevailing loop that is already on your hook. When you continue the
process, you can make many chains, as long as what the pattern requires.

Basic crochet stitches and abbreviations:

1. "Chain stitch" (ch). Beginning with a single loop, hook the yarn then and
draw it through, making one chain. Repeat when needed to make more.

2. "Slip stitch" (sl or st). Insert the hook into chain stitch, and yarn over.
Pull the yarn throughout the chain and also the "loop on the hook".

3. "Single crochet" (sc). Insert the hook into the chain stitch, and yarn over
and then pull through the chain making "2 loops on hook". "Yarn over" and then
draw up through both the loops.

4. "Half double crochet" (hdc). "Yarn over", and insert the hook into the chain
and then "yarn over" once more and pull yarn through chain, making "3 loops on
hook". Yarn over again and then "pull through all" of the 3 loops.

5. "Double crochet" (dc). "Yarn over" and then insert the hook into the chain,
"yarn over" once more and then pull the "yarn through chain", making "3 loops
on hook".

6. "Yarn over 6". Pull through the 2 loops. Now Yarn over again and then pull
through the 2 loops once more.

7. "Triple crochet" (tr). Yarn over two times and then insert the hook in the
chain and yarn over once more and then pull the yarn through the chain, making
"4 loops on hook". Then "yarn over and pull through 2 loops". Now yarn over
then "pull through 2 loops" once more. Yarn over then "pull through the last 2

Here is a simple scarf pattern for beginners:

Strat with Chain 15 -- meaning you should make 15 chain stitches.

"Row 1, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea of next 13 chs, ch 1 (to turn). (14

In doing a single crochet into the "second chain from the hook", do not anymore
add the chain found on the "hook". Only count the very first chain which
attached to the hook.

"Row 2, sc in ea sc across, then ch 1, to turn. (14 sc)"

Do a single crochet stitch in every single crochet stitch across. If the
pattern does not instruct to do one loop only, it is presumed that you crochet
in "both loops of the stitch", inserting your hook underneath the top loops "of
the stitch" so to start creating "the next single crochet".

This pattern requires you to work in the 2 loops of every "single crochet" for
the second row and all the additional rows.

For the additional rows, you need to do the second row, until such time when
you have already made the scarf's length that is ideal to you.

"Last Row, sc in ea sc across. (14 sc)"

Do a "single crochet" in every single crochet going across and never make a
"chain 1 at the end of the row". End. Leaving some length of the yarn to secure
and weave the end, "cut the yarn" and weave the ends.

Keep warm!

Crochet Scarf Pattern: Checklist for the Total Look

There are times when, however how much you care in planning a top-to-toe look,
something just misses. You may feel there should be more color or the neckline
will look bare.

Most people have managed to collect a considerable number of scarves over the
seasons and often one of these will serve to answer the problem.

However, good silk scarves are now very costly and an inexpensive way to
improvise one is to buy a square of the fabric and hem or fringe the ends. This
way you can get a completely plain scarf in exactly the color you want. The same
can be done with a square of the fabric in which your outfit is made and used to
soften a neckline or even tie into a turban. A splendid compromise for

Better yet, add some touch of chic into your scarf by coming up with the
perfectly designed scarves that were exclusively made by you.

Sounds impossible? Think again.

With the goodness of alternative sewing methods that are readily made available
today such as crocheting, creating a trendy and chick scarf is not so impossible
to produce.

All you need are some yarns, preferably those that are classified as
"worsted-weight" yarn (any color will do), a pair of scissors (small), yarn
needle (those with "big eye"), and some "G-crochet hook." And do not forget the
patterns. A good material will be totally useless without the right crochet
scarf pattern.

Always keep in mind that choosing the best patterns for your crochet scarf is
more than just visual images. It lays the foundation of your work. Without it,
you cannot simply start on your project, not unless you are so genius that you
can actually create something without even having to consult the experts.

Once you have gotten them all together, you can start sewing your scarf right
away. However, not all crochet scarf patterns are created equal. There are some
patterns that may not work for you, especially if you are just trying to get
your hooks ready and head for crocheting.

To have a better understanding of the area, here is a list of some tips in
choosing crochet scarf patterns:

1. Choose the right size

Theoretically, not anybody may be bale to wear the scarf if the size is wrong.
For instance, a too short scarf will not make any good as a too long scarf.
Hence, it would be better to create a crochet scarf of the appropriate size and

2. Taking measurements

Before you buy a crochet scarf pattern, it is best to take some of
measurements. Some people contend that because it is just a scarf, taking
necessary measurements is not necessary. What they do not know is that creating
crochet scarf is like driving a car without a fuel.

3. Choose the right pattern

One of the best things about crochet scarf patterns is that the instructions
that are entailed together with the pattern. They are clear, simple, and
technically easy to understand even by someone who has not yet tried crocheting
in their entire life.

4. Choose the right yarn

Having a good yarn is next to having a good pattern. Nearly 8 out of the 10
people, who were into crocheting and were asked about the importance of the
yarn, have contended that getting a good yarn is one of the most vital elements
in creating a really good scarf.

The kind of yarn that you will choose will put so much impact on the product.
For example, for more pizzazz, try to use metallic yarns in order to project a
more sophisticated and trendy look.

5. Choose a pattern that will best work for you

This would mean that you should also consider your capacity. There are many
cases of crocheting scarves, wherein some people, who have started the project
but were not able to finish, have decided to quit simply because the pattern
that they have chosen were too complicated based on their level of expertise or
knowledge about the craft.

If you are a beginner, or not yet had much experience, it is much wiser to go
for the quick-and-easy or simple-to-make styles that most patterns include.
Make a roaring success of these. Then you will be that much better equipped to
take on m ore ambitious styles with equally good results.

The bottom line is that, as you gain experience, go for some new feature or
technique with each new project with better patterns. Keep in mind that it is
better to use some patterns that should not be undertaken until you have
developed a fairly straight eye and skill in crocheting. Take it all in easy

Be Stylish With Your Own Work: Make A Crochet Poncho

You can now make a fashion statement with your crocheted project. Crochet
ponchos are getting more popular nowadays even with celebrities. Its soft
texture and stylish design makes it a must to include in your wardrobe.

If you are into crocheting, you can make your own poncho that will fit you
perfectly and suit your taste. There are several designs and patterns available
in the World Wide Web that you can access and follow for your personal use. Here
are some examples of the different crochet poncho designs that you can choose:

- Adult Poncho Sweater. This poncho pattern from Emerald Moon Creations is a
sexy kind of poncho sweater as it has the curve in the right place. It has a
wide neckline with sleeves falling just above the elbow and a v-shaped, wavy
bottom edges.

- Arizona Poncho. This wide poncho from Brons Fiber Stuff is more like a
rectangular poncho. When laid flat, it looks like a huge piece of crocheted
square pattern with a hole in the middle. This one is simple and easy to make.

- Asymmetrical Cross-Stitch Poncho. From Craftown, and contributed by a certain
designer named   Cristina Heredia, this asymmetrical poncho is striking because
of the color used. It uses the cross stitch pattern and can easily be followed
even by beginners. This crochet poncho is like a simple rectangular one but
with one side pointed or longr than the other.

- Bead-trimmed Crochet Poncho. Here is a different variation of the usual
poncho. It looks light and very comfortable to wear. What makes it different
are the bead trimmings on the bottom edges of the poncho. It is easy to do yet
the output is elegant-looking.

- Beauty in Bloom Poncho. This light blue, wide-necked ponchette is very lady
like. Its length just reaches slightly above the waistline. It also has dark
blue flower patterns just below the neckline. A free pattern for this crochet
poncho can be found in Crochet Pattern Central.

- Gentle Ripples Poncho. A crochet poncho good for plus-sized women, this one
has a simple A-type cut that falls up to the thighs. The ripple pattern used is
easy to follow, even a beginner can do. This one is designed by the Crochet
bythehook site owner named Dot.

- Black and White Poncho. This all v-shaped black and white crochet poncho is
ideal during the colder months. Its stitches are close together that will
surely give you the softness and warmth you need during winter. The pattern for
this crochet poncho is found at Crochetlady's page in Angel Fire.

- Springtime Poncho. Designed by Marie of Crochet Me, this spring-inspired
poncho is ideal for bigger women. It has a low neckline that falls like the
shape of a bell. This one is ideal to wear during the warmer months as it has
wide-spaced stitches. Those who want a much smaller size for this design just
need to use a smaller hook.

- Petite Poncho. This petite crochet poncho is for your little ones. It has an
almost-off-shoulder neckline with stitches that ends up to the midrib, then
tied to form groups of strands to form the bottom design. It is definitely easy
to follow and makes your little girls prettier than ever.

- Town and Country Poncho. A plain white crochet poncho, this one looks best
over a slim black dress. It looks simple yet very fashionable. It also provides
a fresh look to the person wearing it. This pattern was classified as easy, so
even beginners can do this. The pattern is found in the Lion Brand collection
of patterns.

- Monster-In-Law Poncho. Yet another asymmetrical crochet poncho, this pattern
has different pastel colors which makes it look fresh in the eyes. Its bottom
are formed by groups of strands tied on the bottom edge of the stitches. This
pattern can be printed out from the Lion Brand web site.

These are just a few examples of the different crochet poncho patterns you can
find in the internet. There are much more in books and magazines in your local
book shop. So whether you are just a first timer in this cool hobby or an
advanced needle worker, there is a pattern available for you. Even the most
stylish and fashionable poncho can be done by just a beginner. So what are you
waiting for? Start hunting now for that unique pattern and begin crocheting!
Have fun!

Guide To Crochet So You Can Understand Patterns

Learning crochet is easy and fun. All it takes is a bit of patience to get
yourself acquainted with all crochet terminologies and then you are off to a
good start!

Holding the hook

There really is no wrong or correct way in holding the crochet hook. It all
depends on how comfortable you are when holding it. There are crochet hooks
having a "thumb rest" for easy grip. You can hold the crochet hook between your
index finger and your thumb just like you would hold a pencil or you can hold it
in an "overhand" manner, much like you hold a knife.

Holding the yarn

Just let the yarn flow and feel free to hold it in a way that is again,
comfortable to you. With your right hand, you can hold the "slip knot" and coil
the yarn round your left-hand fingers.

Then, moving the "slip knot" onto your "left hand", hold lightly the knot in
between your middle finger and your. When you go ahead to crochet, you then
will manipulate the portion of yarn which runs through between your index
finger on your left hand and the hook.

Your right index finger then will be the one to move down or up as you perform
about to make an even pressure (tightness or looseness) in your yarn.

What is yarn over?

Catching or grasping the yarn or thread with the crochet hook is the basic
element of each crochet stitch; carry the yarn or thread over the tip of your
hook, then back to the front, catching or grasping the yarn in the hook's
groove. Slip knot

This is the very fist step when doing any crochet project. Create a pretzel
outline with your yarn, then slip the hook through the pretzel and pull both
yarn ends in order to tighten it and regulate tightness of the loop. Foundation

All crochet projects starts with the foundation chain. The stitches are similar
to a chain and you need to construct a certain number of rows as the pattern

First you need to create a "slip knot" and do a "yarn over". Holding your hook
in front, do a "yarn over" and then bring your hook underneath the yarn and
then up so to grasp the yarn.

Turn your hook so that it faces or pointing downwards, then slide it going
through your original loop bringing your yarn or thread with it.

Now you have successfully created one "chain stitch". Continue doing the chain
stitch so you can practice the technique and be able to do them evenly and

Starting a project

1. Pick out a crochet pattern that attracts you. Read carefully the
instructions and make certain that the pattern is within your level of skill
and prepare your materials as called for in the direction. However you may use
a different type of yarn also that suits your style, although you have to be
sure that the yarn must be of the same "weight" as in the instruction.

2. To start, make a swatch or a sample to be sure that your gauge or
measurement is correct.

3. Chain the foundation row in a way that it is slightly loose than your gauge
so that your project's bottom will not pull inward.

4. Carefully follow and understand the instructions for making the design.

Finishing your crochet piece

1. With the use of a "tapestry needle", you need to weave in the ends so to
hide all ends in the crochet body.

2. When creating a garment, position all the "right sides" collectively and
overcast the seams or you can join them by means of a "slip stitch".

3. Blocking is generally a method by which the crocheted item or project is
gently or lightly pulled or stretched into its proper or correct shape.
Blocking can generally be done by simple using an iron set into "warm" to press
the garment piece to its correct or precise shape or blocking can be done by
means of using a certain stiffening fabric solution like starch so to bring
about stiffness on the your crocheted project.

Learn to crochet today. Ask a friend to help you out or enroll in crochet
classes. It is a very relaxing, rewarding and satisfying hobby that you have
got to try. Have fun!

Grab Great Crochet Patterns for Free!

Crocheting is a craft. It is not a mere mechanical activity. It involves and
requires devotion of time, controlled movements and even a very beautiful
pattern to come up with a really intricate and to-brag-for result.

The History of Crochet

The word crochet is taken from the French word 'croche' which means 'to hook.'
In the early 16th century, being good in this craft is an impression of being a
well-bred and high society lady. Crocheting was very limited to the rich ladies,
while those with limited financial capabilities had to contend with knitting.

It was only in the 1840's when crocheting became popular. The skill is passed
on from one generation to the next within families.

The patterns then were merely put into a picture and one has to work and figure
out how to go around with the details. In some instances, there will be a brief
explanation for the complicated sections.

Getting Started to Crochet

You will need a crochet hook, a yarn and a pattern, at the least.

For beginners, it is best to get instructions on how to go about the basic
stitching. It will also be helpful to get familiar with the legends in the
pattern. The legends are the same for all patterns, so there is no need to
worry over being confused.

Those who can learn very well through visual means can easily to get an
instructions book on crocheting and simply follow the diagrams and explanations.

Making a Masterpiece

Now that the basics have been passed upon, it is time to get started with that
masterpiece. Keep in mind that crocheting will not be a mere chain of stitches
and manipulations of the hook. Crocheting is an art. That is why you have to
take seriously. Put your heart and mind into it, even if it will be just your
first work.

Aim high with whatever you will be working on. It has to be something that you
can show off to your family and friends.

Now, you have to decide on what you will want to crochet. Is it a sock, a table
runner or a bag? Whatever is that item you will eventually choose will be
critical in the kind of supplies you will have to get, the size of the hook and
the weight and material of the yarn.

For example, the Irish crochet is distinguished for the fine details and
intricate patterns it comes up with. It is done only with the finest threads
and hooks. It often has a motif of leaves or flowers.

However, for more practical reasons, soft yards are used now for making home
furnishings, displays and even clothing. You do not have to worry as the
information regarding hook size and yarn are often indicated with the pattern.
Simply follow the instructions.

Grabbing the Best Crochet Patterns

Before you know it, you are already moving from one masterpiece to another.
Finishing one work can really be very fulfilling that you will want to make

There are all sorts of useful items for the household and even for your own use
that you can crochet. You can make sweaters, socks, shawls and ponchos, hats,
bibs for the baby and even cozy blankets.

All you need is the right pattern.

The pattern is very important in crocheting. As you progress in learning how to
crochet, you will find it easy to come up with your own pattern to make a doily
or table top. However, there are designs that will need calculated counts,
specific stitches and certain hooks and yarns. This is why you need to get the
right pattern.

No need to worry. Most every item you can think of has a pattern, and they can
be found on the Internet. No need to canvass every craft store in town. Simply
click on that mouse and you are ready.

There are web sites that showcase all sorts of patterns. You can purchase the
patterns as well the supplies like the hooks, yarns and even needles.

However, why purchase the patterns when you can get them for free?

Many web sites online offer free patterns. Simply enter the 'free crochet
patterns' on a search engine and you can easily find your way to a site
offering the free patterns.

Most of these web sites have owners who really want to share to other people
their wonderful discoveries in the art of crocheting. They usually allow people
to make use of the patterns for personal use.

It will also be favorable find a discussion or forum for crochet enthusiasts.
This is another venue to get free patterns. You can start meeting people there
from all over the world and trade patterns with each other.

Waste no more time. Grab a great pattern to work on. Pick up those hook and
yarn and start crocheting. Start working on the masterpiece and be proud of it!

Crochet Patterns in the World of Fashion

The world of fashion is always changing. This can be the colors, the looks and
the fabrics that are used. Things that may be popular today may be gone
tomorrow replacing it with something new.

It also has cycles where the fashion in the 50's or 60's for example are making
a come back in the 21st century and designs are no exceptions. This is why more
designers these days are focusing once again on crochet patterns.

Crochet patterns in the past were often used for the home. This can make a good
blanket or a coaster for the drink but some people have found another use for
that and that is in the world of fashion.

The patterns used here are not just for young people. It can be used by anybody
and finding the right one that will go well with the top, the jacket or the
shirt is just the beginning.

Crochet can be done in different sizes and shapes. Some can be in the form of a
wheel or a star that has different colors in it. This can be done at home by
following a stitching book to see how it is done.

Another can be done in the shape of an animal like a cat or a bird that will
also take some time to develop it before being able to see the actual picture.

Other patterns can be done in argyle, Afghans, daisy and flower which are good
for any occasion. There are even designs that feature the spirit of Christmas
which allows the person to wear this all year round.

With summer coming, crochet patterns can also be used at the beach in two piece
swimsuits. Most designs are in plain colors but for the person to be flashy,
adding 2 or 3 colors will do just fine.

Stitches can be done in single and in double making it thicker which is good
for people who live in cold climates. This allows people to use it as scarves,
capes and coats that make it look great with anything the person has in the

Some think that crochet patterns are only for women but it can also work for
men as well. This can made into a patch for the arm, a hat and a pair of gloves
that are very comfortable for the one who is going to use it.

Crochet pattern is easy once the person has some knowledge about stitching. The
other thing also needed to make it work is some yarn and a few needles. Making
the thread go into holes around a certain area produces shapes and designs
which the designer and people will only get to appreciate when it is finished.

The first thing that needs to be done is to draw it on paper. After making the
layout, choosing the right type of yarn is important since the weight will
affect the gauge and texture of the thing the person will be making.

People should start with basic stitching before moving on to other more complex
crochet patterns. The best place to learn patterns is through books and some
information that is also available on the internet. These sources not only show
the design but also how to do which makes it easy for anyone to catch on.

While shopping, the person can also enter a store, study the design on how a
top was made then try to apply it. This will really help a lot improve the
skill of the person who maybe one day would like to sell the works done.

Crochet patterns can be done on almost anything. It can be the top that the
person will wear to the mall, the bag to compliment the outfit and the holder
of the palm or phone that the person is carrying around.

Since people have shown how easy it is to make, the individual does not need to
go to the mall and buy it at the shop. But rather go home and sit on the couch
and make it. There are many other things that people can make using the crochet
pattern. It just takes a little imagination to bring that idea from paper into a

Some Crochet Lessons to Stitch By

Learning to start making your own garments in a pleasurable way is one of the
best things that you can do in your entire life. And the best thing about that
is you can feel proud every time you see your friends or relatives wear your

In the same way, crocheting is more than just stitches and yarns. It is,
basically, a wonderful activity that almost everybody would love to engage in.
Who would not? With all those "calming effect" and sense of fulfillment,
learning crochet lessons is the ultimate way to hone your skill.

Contrary to most popular beliefs, learning crochet lessons is not that hard. In
fact, in order to get you going, all you need is a good crochet hook, yarns,
measuring tape, yarn needle, and some even pins.

The Yarn

Once the equipments are complete, the next thing you have to do is to learn how
to hold the yarn.

For people who are absolutely newbie when it comes to sewing in general,
holding a yarn could be tricky. Even if it only takes some time of getting used
to, it is still important to know the proper way to hold it.

Here is how:

1. Hold the yarn in such a way that you will let it pass through your fingers.
The sequence would be: little finger -- beneath the ring finger -- above the
forefingers and the middle fingers.

2. You can also hold the yarn by looping the yarn in the region of the little
finger, and allow it to cross the forefinger.

3. In holding the hook, it would be better to hold it the way you hold a spoon
or a pencil. In this way, it would be easier for you to heave the yarn from
your fingers down to your "loop in the hook."

These are just the basics. Hence, one should always keep in mind that holding
the yarn is actually a matter of partiality. So it would be better to always
try your preferred position until you feel comfortable doing it.

Identifying the Size of Hook and Yarns

One of the most important crochet lessons that you must learn is on how to
identify the right yarn and hook sizes.

Keep in mind that the sizes, whether it is for the hook or the yarn, pertains
to the breadth and depth of the item. For instance, the dimension of the hook
is specified using different letters. It can also be some numbers, while there
are cases wherein hook's size may use both the numbers and the letters.

In order for you to be able to identify which hook size is appropriate to use,
always keep in mind that in crocheting, the higher the letter or number, it
simply means that the hook size is getting thicker.

On the other hand, identifying the heaviness of the yarn is also the same as
the thickness of the yarn. But unlike the hook size, the yarn size is indicated
by a name.

Decreasing and Increasing

In learning crochet lessons, it is also important to learn how to decrease and
increase the breadth and depth of the project or pattern.

If you want to decrease the width a project,
deduct some stitches. This can be done by skipping a stitch in a row, and then
stitch into the next. On the other hand, in order to increase the thickness,
all you have to do is to insert more stitches in a row. This can be done by
joining two stitches of the same row together in order to come up with a solo
stitch on the next row prior to it.

Pattern Reading

It is extremely important for a crochet maker to learn how to read the
abbreviations in the pattern. This involves a little time because you have to
memorize all of the terms and abbreviations in the pattern.

Knowing them would simply facilitate your process and would make your work
faster. It can be very time consuming if you keep on looking back at your
guidelines just to know the meaning of a certain abbreviation.

The bottom line is that crochet lessons are significant things that every
crochet maker should do. Incorporating them into your work would absolutely
make your life making different crochets a lot better.

Understanding Crochet Instructions And Materials

Crochet instructions are actually not that difficult to follow and read once
you become accustomed to reading the pattern and understanding the meaning of
each abbreviated symbol.

Remember to search in the instruction the punctuation and the pause each time
that you see periods or commas. The basic element in studying crochet patterns
and instruction is understanding the style of writing, that includes crochet
abbreviations. However, it is not essential to learn and memorize the symbols
and abbreviations immediately because you can always refer to your list when

Having somebody at your side to read the directions aloud to you can be very
helpful. Although it is not important to memorize abbreviation, it is
significant to understand it, so that you will know what to do.

Directions generally make use of parentheses ( ) and asterisks (*) to show
pattern repetitions.

For instance, when the pattern instructs you to "repeat from *" you need to
examine and look back at the instruction of the row that you currently are
working on and then locate the asterisk (*). Crochet the instruction instantly
following that asterisk (*).

There are times when a certain pattern ask to "repeat from *" not just one
time, but more. If this is the instruction, you need to go back, locate the
asterisk (*) and then crochet the instructions following it, for how many times
the pattern requires.

Generally only one asterisk (*) in a row is found and the "repeats" will bring
you to the row ending so that there is no supplementary instruction required
for where you should end the repeats.

There are a few patterns that uses a "single asterisk (*)"at the start and at
the end of "the repeat". So that when you arrive to the succeeding "single
asterisk (*), you are aware that it is the spot where that "repeat" will be

At certain times patterns uses "single asterisk (*) and a "double asterisk
(**), where the "double asterisk (**)" is normally used to indicate where you
need to end the repeat; for instance, a pattern instructs you to "repeat from *
to **". You need to search for, going backwards in the instructions of the round
which you are working on and locate the asterisk (*). Then you need to crochet
the instructions at once succeeding that asterisk (*) and then continue till
such time you arrive to the double asterisk (**), then you need to stop and
begin to crochet once more at the course where you stop or left off before
making the repeat.

Directions normally state "work even", meaning that you should be working on
the same stitch and not decreasing or increasing any stitches.

Here are things to keep in mind when looking at a crochet pattern:

1. Crochet patterns and instructions are worked usually in rounds or rows.
Every crochet pattern will spell out if you are doing or working in rounds,
rows or mixture of both.

2. Almost all crochet patterns and instructions are generally ranked according
to difficulty level such as advanced, intermediate, easy or beginner. Select a
pattern with a difficulty level that suits your abilities, to avoid frustration
when trying to finish a pattern that has advanced level. As you continue on
working and increase your crochet experience, then you can work on to the next
difficulty level.

3. It is very significant to count the stitches that you have made as you go on
with your work so will be able to keep track of how many stitches are needed on
each round or row as required by the pattern.

4. At all times, you need to verify your gauge. To do so, crochet a sample of
about 4 X 4 inches size in the pattern that is used your crochet instructions.
When your gauge turned out to be larger than that indicated by the pattern,
then use a smaller hook; when your gauge turned out to be smaller, then try
using a much larger hook.

5. Enrolling in a crochet class can be very helpful when you are beginning to
learn crochet.

When just starting out, never be disappointed if you can not understand each
pattern and its abbreviations. Reading and understanding crochet patterns will
take constant practice.

Begin with simple projects such as a dishcloth, scarf, potholder, or any easy
and small patterns where you think you can read the instructions. With every
finished project or item, the satisfaction and self-satisfaction from achieving
your own artwork will inspire you to make different patterns every time at
different levels and soon, you will be capable of doing difficult projects with
much confidence.

Thinking of Getting a Crochet Hat?

Getting something to wear in the head is nothing new. People who are young and
old have used these for years to keep it protected from the heat of the sun or
rain and even to cover a bald spot.

The hat is made of different fabrics and designs. Given the wide selection that
people can choose from, it is also possible to make a hat using crochet patterns.

It is very common to find people using a hat in cold climates. Yarn that is
commonly used keeps the head warm. The person can add some color into it which
will not make it look dull. Those who are good with the hands can weave other
designs that can make it truly stand out.

There are stores and some on the internet that sell hats that have crochet
patterns all throughout the year. If the person has some basic knowledge about
cross stitching, it will easy to study how it was done and to copy it when the
individual gets home.

It sometimes takes a little inspiration from such manufacturers to push the
person into making a few modifications to the kind of hat that fits the
individual. This could be changing the color since the store may not have it or
just making it unique.

Another good source of information for such designs is the internet or in
fashion shows. Collections for the succeeding season are always launched months
ahead before it arrives. By knowing what the "in thing" is, the person will have
the right hat when these start selling in the malls.

Some basic steps on how to do this is also featured on instructional shows and
learning a thing or two will help in bringing the idea to life. Friends who
love hats can also give good ideas which will really make the hat different
than those that can easily be purchased from the store. The fashion world
always makes collection for 4 seasons. This is spring, summer, fall and winter.
Crochet patterns for the hat and the colors used are not different and are also
used here.

The first half of the year always starts with the bright colors. Adding a few
darker colors in the form of lines, strips or certain shapes will make the hat
not look dull and boring. It is also possible to add animal shapes or anything
about nature since this is the time that a season is welcomed.

Going towards the second half of the year in anticipation of autumn and winter,
this now shifts to a darker color. Some good colors are dark blue or navy,
black, violet, grey to name a few. As the leaves begin to fall, putting some
art work about nature can still give it something nice to show people.

Winter and Christmas is still done in the dark color. The most common during
this time is red which can have some add-ons such as snowflakes colored in
white, trees in green or a mixture of both with Santa Claus and perhaps the
reindeers on the side of the hat.

The person has to buy the materials needed such as the needle and thread before
starting on the project. This is available in various lengths and thickness so
it is best to get enough to avoid running out during the stitching.

Some people who don't live in cold climates can still wear a hat with crochet
patterns. Lighter fabric should be used and may serve as a fashion statement
for someone who wants to show some individuality.

Basic knowledge of stitching will give the person the edge of finishing the job
faster. By knowing what kind of design to work on with the materials already
available, the person can make many should this small hobby turn into a

There are so many crochet patterns to choose from. With a little practice, the
person does not have to use an instructional video or book anymore since the
ideas are already inside the person's head.

The person should just then find the time to sit down and draw it before
turning that idea into something that can be used for the head.

How to Make a Crochet Hat

From an expert's approach, a crochet is the method use to produce a fabricated
product from long threads and yarns. Crochet is simply derived from the French
word "croche" which means to make a hook or loop. It is always associated when
it comes to stitches, thread, and creating patterns of fabric materials from
creating a slipknot on the hook.

The process of pulling another knot on the hook to the second loop and
repeating the process continuously to make a chain of stitches is called a
crochet. The way the chains of stitches are made must be in rows or they are
combined from a step-by-step chain connection in rounds of creating a crochet.
A single loop of crochet can also be created depending on the rounds that were
used in the chain of stitches.

The stitches are made in the process of pulling multiple loops in the center of
another loop of the chain. This process explains why the crochet pattern
differentiates from a knitted fabric material where the crochet pattern is made
entirely on chains of loops and single hook stitches that will leave a free
space on the ends of the thread and pulling it on the last loop of the pattern.

To create different crochet products like a crochet hat, he must consider the
use of different supply materials to come up with a crochet made hat. A yarn is
very important supply to create a crochet hat.

He may consider the use of different colors and textures in creating the design
he would like to have in a crochet hat. Almost all yarn outlines need to have
specific types of yarns. The types of yarns, which are commonly used in
crochet, include sport or baby yarn, chunky yarn, bulky yarn, baby or fingering
yarn, and the worsted weight yarn.

These yarns vary in their textures and thickness. The fingering or baby type of
yarn should be the best yarn to create a crochet hat. It has the finest number
of strands in its ply. Although most yarns are made of natural fibers or
synthetic strands, they can also be combined to make yarns acrylic, which are
most convenient for people wash and wear these kinds of crochet hats and other
crochet products.

Another tool needed to create a crochet hat is the crochet hook. It is used to
slip the knot on the ends by pulling the loops of the thread and sliding them
through the crochet stitches. They come in wood, plastic, or aluminum, where
they are more popular and commonly known.

Sometimes they serve as size markings to some patterns that may involve
lettering designs. Those big crochet hooks are 19 millimeters while the small
ones are 2.25 millimeters. Some crochet hats with larger patterns may need
larger crochet hooks that may come in sizes of 6 inches.

Another supply that he may need is the knitting needles. They are commonly
straight and very thin. They are also made of wood, plastic, and aluminum. He
may find knitting needles with different sizes as well.

They range from 2 millimeters as the smallest and the sizes 15 millimeters as
the largest. He may buy these tools in pairs where they feature a knob and a
pointed end to the needles that help prevent any stitches from loosening and
sliding out from their place.

Now he may start choosing what type of crochet hat he would like to create. He
may have the option of different types of hats such as:

1. Crocheted plastic bag hat, which are designed to have a variety of colors
with highlighted letterings on the outline.

2. He may also want to create a Brimmed straw hat, which is mostly made of

3. Creative preemie hats, which are made of large designs of preemie. He can
make a smaller version by lessening the number of double crochet on the first
rows. It may depend on the patterned yarn that is used for this hat.

4. Pompom hats are mostly made of 100 percent wool, which is outlined on a one
crochet hook.

5. Amish hat is made of 100 percent wool yarn, and the ruffled hat which is
also pretty and can be made if it is crocheted.

The supplies and tools are very essential in making these different crochet
hats. The texture and the way he had made the crochet hat would result to a
better design no matter what kind of crochet hat he would like to create.

Learning To Crochet A Hat

Crocheting is one very popular hobby, creating economical, functional,
fashionable and fun pieces to make. The crochet patterns of today are more
inspiring and interesting than before, providing excitement when working with
fibers and different colors. For all of these, enjoy learning and studying the
wonderful art of "crocheting".

Here are more reasons why you would want to learn crochet:

1. Most individuals who are into this hobby finds working with yarns of
different textures and colors enjoyable.

2. Most say that this hobby is very calming.

3. One can make sweaters, hats, scarf and other accessories for oneself.

4. It is a social and fun activity to do with and family and friends.

5. One can take it along anywhere at anytime.

6. It maximizes one's idle time.

7. It provides one with a sense of achievement when she completes a project.

8. It is an inexpensive hobby and one can make gifts out of the many thing one
can create in crochet.

9. One can express oneself, invent designs and make patterns.

Starting your crochet hobby:

One could start crocheting with any type of yarn for knitting, making certain
that the yarn and size of the hook are well matched.

To start, one needs to purchase some yarn and a needle, recommended size for
beginners are H, G, or I size hooks as smaller hook sizes are much harder to

Crochet hooks comes in different materials and sizes. Steel hooks for crochet
are normally used with fine threads and doilies usually are available in sizes
00 up to 16, whereby the higher is the number, the smaller is the hook. The
hooks for yarns are identified with letters starting from B up to Q, whereby B
is the smallest and Q is the largest.

Purchase one dark colored and one lighter colored yarn so you can see your
progress and "how you are doing" with the stitches; buy an ordinary yarn,
preferably not wool or chenille as again, they are harder to work with.

When buying a yarn, test its strength by rubbing yard strands between your
thumb and index finger. When it unravels a lot, never purchase it and test
another one until you feel each type of yarn's differences and the one that
does not unravels are best.

Buy a yarn more than what the pattern asked for, as there is the possibility
that you will run out of yarn and that particular type can not be ordered
anymore, or is out of stock.

Here are crochet basics for making a hat:

You will need the following:

* "Worsted-weight yarn", of any color or a combination of colors

* Crochet hook, size G

* Yarn needle having a big eye

* Small scissors

How to start:

1: With your right hand, hold the "crochet hook in" and then create a "slip
knot on hook".

2: Carry the yarn over with the hook starting from the back going to the front
and then take it with the hook.
3: Draw the hooked yarn through with a "slip knot" and onto the hook, making
this one "chain stitch".

4. Repeat in sequence steps two and three for 28 times; take note that you must
create "29 chain stitches" and a loop will stay on hook.

5. The "first chain stitch" should be skipped.

6. Insert the hook to the center of the next "chain stitch". Draw the yarn past
through the "chain stitch" and work up to the hook; this results in two "loops
on hook".

7. Bring the "yarn over hook" starting from the back to the front, and pull it
through "both loops on hook". Note that there should be one loop that remains
or stays on the hook; this is now one "single crochet stitch".

8. In every remaining twenty seven chains, repeat steps six and seven, making
certain you "work in the very last chain". Now you have completed one line of
"single crochet".

9. Measure your piece, as it must be approximately 7 inches wide. When it is
overly wide, try once more with less beginning chains. When overly narrow, try
once more with by adding beginning chains.

10. Create a single "chain stitch" at the tip of the line or row and turn your
piece "counter-clockwise", leaving the yarn "hook in the chain". Now then you
can start making another row, making stitches by working through the "stitches"
of the preceding row.

11. Make a single "crochet stitch" in the first stitch and also in "each
remaining stitch" of the preceding row. Be certain to work also "into the last
stitch"; "chain 1, turn".

12. Repeat step 10 until you can make a block that measures 9" long.

13. "Cut the yarn" from the ball (skein), leaving only 6 inches end and pull
the hook directly upwards, inserting the yarn into the loop which remains "on
the hook" then thread the "yarn needle" and interlace the stitches "back and
forth" to secure it.

Here is a sample of a basic hat pattern:

Chain 4; join with a slip stitch in first chain to form a ring.

R1: Chain 2 (counts as "half double crochet"), 11 "half double crochet" in
ring; join with a slip stitch in top of ch-2 -- 12 stitches.

R2: Chain 2, "half double crochet" in same chain as joining, 2 "half double
crochet" in each "half double crochet" around; join in top of chain2 -- 24

R3: Chain 2, "half double crochet" in same chain as joining, "half double
crochet" in next half double crochet, * 2 "half double crochet" in the next
"half double crochet", half double crochet in next "half double crochet";
repeat from * around; join -- 36 stitches.

R4: Chain 2, "half double crochet" in same chain as joining, "half double
crochet" in the next 2 "half double crochet", * 2 "half double crochet" in the
next "half double crochet", "half double crochet" in the next 2 "half double
crochet"; repeat from * around; join -- 48 stitches.

R5: Chain 2, "half double crochet" in each "half double crochet" around; join.

R6: Chain 2, "half double crochet" in same chain as joining, "half double
crochet" in next 3 "half double crochet", * 2 "half double crochet" in the next
"half double crochet", "half double crochet" in the next 3 "half double
crochet"; rep from * around; join -- 60 stitches.

R7: Chain 2, "half double crochets" in back loops only of each "half double
crochet" around; join. Rs 8-14: Repeat round 5.
"Brim-Round" 15: Chain 2, "half double crochet" in same chain as joining, "half
double crochet" in next 2 "half double crochet", * 2 "half double crochet" in
the next "half double crochet", "half double crochet" in the next 2 "half
double crochet"; repeat from * around; join -- 80 "half double crochet". Rounds
16-20: Repeat Round 5. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Abbreviations: * = repeat whatever follows* (asterisk)..R=row

Now that you know how to make a hat, you can browse the internet for more
patterns, practicing from one simple pattern then moving on to more complicated
ones. Enjoy your new found hobby!

Crochet Patterns for the Hat

Hats are a common sight to see for people young and old. Some wear it to keep
the hair from flying but most want to protect the head from the sun and rain.
Though it doesn't give that much protection, it serves its purpose.

The hat can also be used as a fashion statement which is what crochet patterns
can do. These are available just like the regular hat, a cap or in beret.

Some people use this in cold climates since the thickness of the yarn makes the
head feel warm. There are a lot of people who make crochet patterns and these
are not always in plain color. Those that do well use a bit of imagination and
ingenuity to make each piece a work of art that those around will really

Hats can be worn all year round. Manufacturers who sell it make it available in
all sizes and the yarn used depends on the conditions of the climate. If the
person knows how to stitch, the person can get some good ideas from stores,
magazines and internet to make some hats then add modifications in the pattern
later on.

Before fashion designers launch the collection into the market, a fashion show
is always done. By catching it on television, the person can also get some good
ideas to incorporate into one's stitching skill.

There are also some instructional shows on TV that teach beginners and those
that have experience on what is the "in thing."

Friends who love to stitch can give some advice on the design to follow and

The fashion world follows 4 seasons. This is spring, summer, fall and winter.
Crochet patterns for the hat and the colors that are used also applies here.

During the first half of the year since the snow has not melted yet, patterns
for the hat have the lighter color shade. Small stitches of a darker color can
be used to blend well with it. Other things that can be added are lines or
stripes at the top of the hat or along the sides.

The arrival of spring enables the person to still make hats with light colors.
Putting birds and butterflies in the center of the hat or in the sides will
really the hat look good. Others would like different shapes which is perfectly
safe as long as the general color is in with the season.

Light colors changed to dark ones with the coming of the fall season. The hats
should be in colors such as dark blue or navy, black, violet, grey to name a
few. With the leaves beginning to fall, putting some art work about nature will
still be able to give it a nice touch.

There is so much that the person can do with winter on the way. Hats can still
be dark but touches of red and black are best. Christmas trees in green,
snowflakes in white are a good combination during this time that will really
bring out the holiday spirit.

In order for the person to do all this, the first that needs to be done is to
get some yarn at the store. This comes in various lengths and thickness so it
is best to get enough to avoid running out during the stitching.

Some people who don't live in cold climates still prefer to wear hats with
crochet patterns. This is a fashion statement for some about individuality
which can never be ignored.

The proper equipment for stitching crochet patterns in hats are easy to come
by. The person can just buy it then begin work at once. A lot of people
appreciate the effort that was put into especially if this was given as a gift.

There are many ways that crochet patterns can be done and with practice, the
person will be able to make one without the help of an instructional video or
book. Hats are for everybody. For those who want a young look, getting one with
this style will really make the stand out.

Those that do well may decide to turn it into a business and make some money
out of it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Crochet Christmas Stockings

It is that once a year, when good friends are dear, and if you wish to give
more, why don't you go for a crochet Christmas stocking?

One of the best things about making your own craft is that it gives you a sense
of fulfillment. It gives you the kind of satisfaction that you have made a
masterpiece at your own skill. And to give away crochet Christmas stockings is
just one of the many great ideas
that you can make out of crocheting.

It has been a long tradition that since the concept of Christmas was
established, Christmas stockings are one of the most visible emblems of this
wonderful celebration. And after the Dutch have introduced this idea to America
in the 16th century, it has lone been acclaimed as one of the most significant
emblem of the Yuletide season.

Hence, to make a Christmas stocking through crocheting is doubly amazing. Just
imagine how elegant and lovely your Christmas would look like if they were made
with some delicate thread intricately intertwined and stitched with your bare

So for people who are not yet aware of the benefits that they can get from
making crochet Christmas stockings, here is a list of advantages that you
should know:

1. It relieves stress

With the holiday rush penetrating deep down to everybody's nerves, developing
stress is definitely inevitable during this time of the year. The problem is
that people are busier than ever, working more than the usual, just to prepare
for the holiday season.

Shopping alone for the gifts that you want to give away can be stressful
enough. Hence, in order to eliminate all of the things that constrain you in a
stressful situation, why don't you try diverting your attention and make some
crochet Christmas stockings.

Psychological studies have proven that people who are engaged into sewing,
particularly crocheting, these people are subconsciously diverted to other
activities that are far less stressful than those that they are engaged with as
of the moment. In turn, hobbies like crocheting provides an artistic channel to
release the stress and for those who want to express what they feel through the

2. It is a cheaper way to hang stocking

All year-round, many people who are into crocheting are enticed to make
Christmas stockings. Most of them contend that they want to hang some good
decorations even if they do not have the money to do so. This is because the
materials required in making a crochet Christmas stockings are absolutely
cheap. With all those yarns and threads, it is definitely a cheaper way to make
a crochet Christmas stocking than to buy a ready made one at the store.

3. It is the thought that counts

Christmas season does not necessarily have to be luxurious celebration. The
main concept of celebrating Christmas is to reflect upon the ideas that God so
love the world that he gave his only son. And so, that is when gift giving was
a truly remarkable thought that has been going on for so long.

Consequently, with all those hobbies and craft ideas emerging in the society
today, many people find giving personalized gifts even more worthy. That is why
for people who wish to give gifts with meaning, crochet Christmas stockings
seems to be one of the greatest items that they could make and give.

4. A good source of income

For those who wish to earn more money before the holiday season comes, it would
be better to spend your extra time making crochet Christmas stocking. According
to the surveys, almost 80% of the consumers who buy Christmas decorations for
their homes would buy Christmas stockings. This goes to show that Christmas
stocking will always be in fashion whatever the trend is.

So if you really want to earn more money these holidays, why not start making a
crochet Christmas stocking today?

5. Gives you sense of fulfillment

For people who love to crochet, they insist that the feeling of accomplishing
something out of a ball yarn is absolutely gratifying. The minute they start
crocheting the yarns, turning them into loops and stitches and gradually seeing
the item taking its form is enough to create an excitement deep within. The
minute they saw their fingers move in every loops that they make and the minute
that they see the overall result of what they have been doing is, definitely, an
achievement like no other.

That is why more and more people are into crocheting and making crochet
Christmas stocking is the best project they could ever make. Once displayed,
these stockings can always remind you of how you painstakingly incorporated all
your effort just to come up with such a beautiful creation that is absolutely

A Consumer's Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Crochet Books

If there is one book that could make you an expert and turn simple yarns into
fashionable creations by simply reading all throughout its pages, it is the
crochet book.

Since its inception, making crochet and the basics of crochet could have been a
problematic endeavor and may have been a complete nuisance because of the
complicated topics if not for crochet books.

As we all know, books had always fascinated us many ways. Some books were
designed to bring you to the world of fantasy and get to see Cinderella dance
the night away with Prince Charming, while some books were created to trigger
some changes in history, improve one's life, and organize things that needs
some orderliness.

And there are some books that were meant to teach, to educate, and to edify a
person's knowledge about something. One good example is the crochet books.

It has been an accepted fact that one of the biggest bonuses of making your own
clothes is being able to create something that comes close next to your heart.
Added to this, which is what often attracts a person to crocheting in the first
place, is the advantage that you will be able to learn the basics of crocheting
without having to enroll in some expensive classes or hire somebody to teach
you how to start making crochet.

Hence, with crochet books, learning is such a breeze. With the detailed
instructions and explanations stipulated in the crochet books, making your
first crochet pattern is as easy as 1-2-3.

However, not all crochet books are created equal. There are good books and
there are good for nothing books. Therefore, it is a must to learn how to
choose the best crochet books and obtain those that will only work best for
you. Here's how:

1. Buy crochet books specially made for the beginners or newbies

For a person who has never tried to make a crochet before, learning the basics
would be easy if you will have the proper and the most appropriate beginner's
guidebook. This is because there are some instances wherein some beginners buy
book by mistake. Instead of acquiring crochet books for beginners, they were
able to buy those that are designed for those whoa re already on the advanced

In turn, they cannot understand what the topic is all about, plus the fact that
they have just wasted their money on something that they do not have any use of
even if the book was good.

2. Buy crochet books that suits your particular interest

If you want to focus on a particular kind or type of crochet, it would be
better to buy books that would suit your particular subject of interest. For
example, if you are in love with Afghans and you just love the ways it looks on
your bed; why not buy a crochet book that entails detailed instructions on how
to make different forms of Afghans.

3. Choose crochet books that are built to give you specific patterns

Despite the daunting effect of "going metric," in many ways life has never been
easier for most home crochet makers. Time was when the producers of the various
makes of patterns each worked to an individual set of average measurements. But
these often differed so much that to get a reasonable fit, even when the correct
pattern size had been chosen, was largely a matter of make -- or of luck!

Today, fortunately for the budding home crochet makers, the manufacturers of
well-known crochet books now work to more useful information on crochet
patterns. With crochet books, patterns are now available in more comprehensible
instructions and information that will perfectly suit every figure type or any

4. Compare prices

Finally, before deciding on a particular crochet book, it is best if you will
try to shop around and compare prices. Nothing beats a good savings as well as
obtaining the best crochet book that you need than shopping around and
comparing the prices of the books.

In marketing, some books are priced so high than the presumed value, and buying
this kind of book could only put your money to waste.

The bottom line is that before buying crochet books, it is important to
consider some factors, such as the ones that were mentioned, in order to save
more money, time, and effort. Besides, you would not want to waste you time and
money on something that will not generate benefits for you, right?

Crochet Bikini for the Beach

The coming of summer means buying a nice 2 piece suit to wear to the beach,
getting a tan and having fun at the beach. Instead of wearing the usual suit
made of polyester, why not try something new?

Why not show that body with a bikini made of crochet patterns? These 2 piece
bikinis are ideal for those who want to show some skin. Its design is just
great without revealing the private parts of the person.

There are types that are really skimpy where it only covers those areas then
connected with strings and there are those that are conservative.

The person can buy this online or in the shops. The price for a pair is around
$40 to $150 and is worth every penny.

There are so many designs to choose from. Some are haltered top which can be
worn while walking in the beach with a pair of shorts on. There are also styles
available that are strapless like the tube top.

A unique design that some would like to try is the floral design. This is also
a halter top that is available in different colors that will really bring out
the look in the person.

The bikini which has been around for more than 2 years has changed. In the
beginning, there were reductions made to the top for the person to show some
skin. Since it doesn't look nice on the bottom, improvements were also made
thus thongs and other styles which are revealing for both the top and bottom
have hit the market.

Crochet bikinis are not just for women Children can also have the same thing
that are also available in many colors and designs. This is usually made of
cotton and a little elastic for it to fit nicely on the toddler. The price
range tag on this is around $25 and more designs are sure to come.

Some customers who buy bikinis in stores are not happy with how it fits in the
top or in the bottom. Since this is probably the best there is, these people
will buy it rather than not having anything nice to wear at the beach.

For those who want the right bikini, there is another way and that is to make
one. The person can do this by first buying some needles and thread. It will
also be nice to get a magazine where a design can be drawn on paper before
starting on the project.

The picture in the magazine and the colors used doesn't have to be followed.
There are instances that the customer wants it in this shade but the designers
never made one. Another improvement aside from the color is using 2 or 3 kinds
of thread which transforms the basic bikini into something else.

The female body is different. To make the perfect one, it will be good to use
the bra and panty that is normally used as a guide. The waist and breast size
of the person should be drawn and this design depends on how much does the
individual want to reveal.

This can be a thong or a just the regular kind which really depends on the
taste of the person. After it is drawn, it is time to stitch. The person should
make sure that the bra and panty fits the bikini being made which will serve as
padding underneath the crochet pattern.

After it's finished, it will be a good idea to check if it will work. This can
be done in the bathroom in the tub or in the pool if the house has one. If it
doesn't fall off, then the person did a good job and will enjoy it once the
person is at the beach.

There are a lot of ways to have fun at the beach and having the right outfit
for the occasion is key. Wearing a bikini with a crochet pattern is something
that is gaining a lot of popularity which makes the person blend in with the

By buying it from the shop or making it with some thread, the girl will really
enjoy that day at the beach.

Crochet Fashion for the Baby

When babies are born, the body is very sensitive from the heat and the cold. To
make sure that the infant is protected all times, getting clothes that have
double stitching can really help.

Since most of the clothes are cotton or made of thicker fabric, clothes with
crochet patterns will do the trick and make the baby look fashionable in the

Some good designs for the baby could be represented in the form of farm
animals. An example could be a little lamb, a rabbit and a chick. Others could
be about nature in the form of a flower that symbolize the birth and growth of
the infant.

The baby can have clothes from top to bottom using crochet patterns. The hat
can be entirely covered in using a single color then a few things can be added
on the sides. The most common even for adults is having lines, shapes or other
figures along the sides. A design on the top like a star or circles will also
make it stand out.

The person should also give the baby gloves but should choose strong fabric
that will not tear away easily and is inhaled by the infant.

The top can be like a cape or a sweater to give added warmth for the baby.
Giving it some double stitching and perhaps using multi-colored fabric is a
good idea making it unique. The bottom for the baby can also be made using
light and dark colors. This should also be thick to give protection from the
temperature outside.

Crochet patterns are not only limited on the clothes for the baby. This can
also be used to accessorize the things that are used. A good example is the
milk bottle. Some plain color stitching can make it easier to hold and not slip
when it is used to feed the infant.

Since the baby is covered from head to toe, crochet patterns can also be made
for the socks. The person should first measure the feet of the infant then
after drawing it on paper, can start working on it. There should be some
allowance perhaps a size bigger so that the infant may still use this for more
than a year.

To complete the collection from clothes to all the other baby essentials, the
person can also make a wash cloth using crochet patterns. This is easy to make
since special add-ons are not necessary to make it work. The holes in between
can be big or small and depends entirely on the taste of the parent.

As the baby grows older, other things can be made. A very good example is the
swimsuit. A lot of these ideas are used for older women and if these people can
do it, so can the baby. Infants can have this in bright colors with creatures
like a fish on it.

Sweaters and a hat can now have better designs which will be very similar to
the versions of grown-ups.

The parent has the option to buy these ready made crochet patterns in the mall
or do it in the comforts of home. There are many instructional books and
designs that can be downloaded free from the internet to make this happen.

This task will be easy if the person has done some cross-stitching in the past.
The instructions given are very similar and with a little practice, this can be
done right away.

The materials for this project can be purchased at the specialty store that
sells threads of different widths and different colors. Some are multicolored
which will make it easy for the person to finish it faster. This place also has
needles of various lengths to be used for the job.

Crochet patterns for babies are cute. All it takes is for the person to be
imaginative and look at some material to have an idea on how to make it. The
clothes and other accessories are just smaller versions that people normally do
which will cut the production time.

By taking the time to sit down and do it, the parent may have a sufficient
wardrobe that is sufficient for daily use.

Crochet Afghan Patterns to Make Great Giveaways

Crochet afghan cover patterns are one of the popular crochet projects enjoyed
by both beginners and advanced crocheters. A crocheted afghan cover is a great
giveaway for family and friends. It can serve as a wrap or shawl as well as a
blanket during chilly nights. The term afghan was derived from the textiles
that are produced in Afghanistan since they are comparable to the shawls and
wraps used in the region.

Crocheted afghan covers can be used in various ways. There are numerous crochet
patterns for afghan blanket covers. An afghan blanket can be used as a mattress
cover for the top of the bed or as a comforter and even as a bedspread. It is
important to select the appropriate pattern that will fit the size of the
intended project.

Afghans also make great gifts during birthdays and holidays as different motifs
can be incorporated into the design. A Christmas afghan can help warm cold
winter nights while personalized baby afghan blankets can become family

Complimentary Crochet Afghan Patterns

Free crochet afghan patterns are a great way to put together a beautiful afghan
for giveaways or for personal use. Crochet afghan patterns can be very simple or
complex depending on the preference of the crocheter.

A crocheter may opt to select a simple crochet afghan pattern that makes use of
numerous granny squares that are put together to form the entire blanket. On the
other hand, complex crochet afghan patterns may consist of geometric shapes that
feature advanced crochet stitches.

Various resources like craft books, crocheting magazines and crafting websites
offer complimentary crochet afghan patterns. These patterns provide complete
instructions starting from what type of yarn and hook should be used for the
project. In most cases, a crochet pattern may also include helpful tips on the
differences between yarns.

Crochet afghan patterns can also serve as an inspiration for a crocheter to
create their own unique design. Keep in mind that patterns can be adapted to
suit the purpose of the project. Crocheters should not restrict themselves
strictly to the instructions of the pattern. It is important to exercise some
personal judgment that will help enhance the appearance of the project.

Creating an Afghan from Crochet Patterns

Creating an afghan based on crochet patterns is easy. There are numerous
crochet patterns for afghan blankets that can be great as gifts or decorations
at home. Simple afghan covers can even have a central theme. For example, an
afghan pattern may feature a floral design as well as the national flag.

Popular crochet patterns for afghan covers often feature a stained glass design
or can be part of a set of patterns. The afghan crochet pattern can be part of a
collection that may include patterns for a crocheted pillowcase or coffee table
doily. A striped crochet pattern for an afghan cover is another appealing
project that both beginners and advanced crocheters will enjoy.

Creating an afghan from crochet patterns can also be the start of a wonderful
tradition that a mother can pass on to their daughters. A free crochet pattern
for an afghan cover is not only a great way to start but it is also fun. A
mother and daughter can learn how to crochet at the same time by following a
simple afghan crochet pattern. Once completed the finished product can be given
away to family and friends.

Mothers and especially grandmothers will appreciate a handcrafted afghan cover
created by a young girl from a crochet pattern. When selecting a pattern for
the afghan be sure to choose a pattern and color scheme that would suit the
personality of the intended party. The type of yarn to be used should also be
considered, as it will directly affect the weight of the finished product.

Afghan blankets also make great donations for retirement and nursing homes. The
elderly will certainly cherish the effort that went into creating the afghan. At
the same time, they will appreciate the warmth of an afghan.

Afghans are an ideal project for anyone interested in learning how to crochet.
Afghans are relatively easy to put together and are a great way to learn the
basic crochet stitches. At the same time, afghan covers make excellent gifts
and keepsakes that last a lifetime.

Different Kinds of Carrie Crochets

Crocheting is now coming back as a great hobby for most women especially those
who are just staying at home. There are thousands of different things that can
be done with crocheting that hobbyists can make themselves busy with for quite
a period of time.

One of the variations of crochet products that can be found even in your famous
boutiques is the carrie crochet. It is difficult to define what carrie crochet
in particular is. There are online shops and fashion boutiques that have
crocheted items named Carrie. There is also a particular web site about
Carrie's crochet products. Nevertheless, they are all good finds and crochet
hobbyists may want to take a look at them and check if they can make one for

Here are some of the carrie crochet items that can be found in the World Wide

- Carrie Crochet Hat. This simple yet stylish hat is hand crocheted using 100%
cotton yarn. Its head part is just plain with rainbow pattern on the brim. It
covers the head totally which makes it fashionable. It is available in 3 colors
-- beige, pink and pastel blue. This nice-looking hat can be purchased from
Headcovers Unlimited for $19.99.

- Carrie purse. This red and silver, elegant-looking purse is made from the
festive fur kind of yarn. This design was created by a Daily Knitter staff and
can be seen from their website. This is not for sale though, but instead, a
pattern is provided for one to follow.

- Carrie Cotton Crochet for Kids. Little Lids came up with their line spring
and summer styles for kids. One of those is this carrie cotton crochet hat that
has a snuggle design. This one is totally handmade with a soft, pink, cotton
yarn. This flower hat designed with ruffles will surely look lovely in your
little lady.

- Fossil's Carrie Sweater. Fossil has its own version of a carrie crochet in
the form of a sweater. This elegantly crocheted piece of fashion clothing has a
6-button opening and a ribbon. It is available in three different colors --
bracken, safari, and silver pine green. Sizes available are from extra small to
extra large. One can get this from Fossil at $54.

- Guess' Carrie Crochet Corset. Yet another popular brand in fashionable
clothes has its own carrie crochet. This tan-colored corset is handmade with
ramie-cotton blend. It has a square neck with floral crochet designs along the
top edges. It closes in front with a ribbon lace up tied at the hem. Simple yet
elegant looking, this corset is available in three sizes -- small, medium and
large. The price of this nice piece of clothing is CAD $69.25 from Guess'
online store.

- Carrie's Crochet Page. This web site showcases Carrie's crochet projects for
sale. There are different hats and shawls available starting at $20. There are
pillow cases, mats and rugs in different colors and styles. Men's and ladies'
sweatshirts are also available that ranges from $45 to $55. Most of the
crocheted bed covers are in black and white and usually with diamond patterns.
These are surely nice additions to your room and all around the house.

One will surely not be bored in selecting crochet designs because each piece
can be different from another. For those who know how to do it, they definitely
will not be bored on same projects again and again because there are literally
thousands of patterns available from different sources such as the internet or
from needle craft books.

Origins of Crochet There are indeed more and more people getting hooked into
this hobby. But do you know where this hobby actually started and when?

There are a number of articles released talking about the history of this
not-so-easy-to-learn needle craft. But almost all of those do not exactly say
when crocheting actually began. It might really be difficult to trace back the
roots of this hobby.

However, there are some researches that suggest that crochet must have
developed from Chinese needlework and reached Europe in 1700s. But many still
believe the possibility of it being started as early as the 1500s.

But no matter when and where crochet started, it is still making its name again
in the arts and crafts scene and gaining fame to most people all over the world.

Crochet for Beginners

Many theorize that knitted and crochet items survived in the early period of
imperialism. Many communities in this era used this kind of industry as their
main source of living. The crocheted and knitted products are mostly purchased
by the middle class society.

Crochet was known to identify the status symbol of a person from the early
history. This kind culture was practiced by the royalties who were able to
afford buying expensive lace products and make the value of crochet products to

Many have theorized that knitting and crocheting was developed through the old
practices of people leaving in countries like China, Middle Eastern countries,
and in South America. Many people believe that crochet may have been practiced
by early cultures to flex the muscles of the forefinger rather than a fashion
hook. This theory was accepted by many craft historians because of the lack of
artifact crochet products as proof of its traditional practices.

In the early 1800's, many European communities have used crochet products in
place of the much expensive lace made materials. Crocheting only requires fewer
materials, and it is also widely accepted by different social classes. From
these periods, crochet was done mostly on thread. The most common widely made
products from crochet were filet crochet made in rows either open or close mesh
to make a particular pattern. While in the 1900's, the massive production of
steel hooks have introduced many products which are made from thread.

In today's time, crocheting and knitting is the pleasure of many people. It has
recently evolved the interest of many people on handicraft making that made it
so popular with the high quality of yarns and threads used. The pleasure of
making a crochet item is working it with different yarn textures and colors.

As a beginner, a person should learn the process of making a pattern row and a
single stitch crocheting. Here are some basic steps that will help a person
learn how to make a crochet product.

1. First, the person may need the use of crochet supplies like a size G crochet
hook, small scissors, worsted-weight yarn with any colors, and a big-eyed yarn

2. He may start by holding the crochet hook in his right hand if he is
right-handed. Then he may create a slipped knot on the hook.

3. He may slide the hooked yarn to the slipknot of the hook. This process will
create a continuous stitch or a chained like stitches. He will then proceed to
bringing back the yarn on top of the hook making the thread go into the hook
and grabbing the slip knot into the hook.

4. He can pass on the first chain stitch allowing the knot to be properly
hooked on the knot of the thread. This will allow the thread to be properly in
place so that it will not loosen. A much tighter knot would be better to create
a chain stitch.

5. He may insert the hook to the hole of on the next chain stitch, and then
slide the yarn passing through the center of the second chain stitch going to
the upper part of the hook. He may have now created two loops on the hook of
the threads.

6. He may bring the yarn back on the hook from back to front and slide the knot
in the center of the loops that he had created on the hook.

7. From the second loop, create another one chain stitch to make a counter
clock wise loop. This allows the hook to remain in the chain stitches. He may
start again in creating the following rows, creating the same loops on the
previous rows.

8. He may create a single crochet stitch in the first loop tightened going to
the following loops of the previous rows. He must be exactly sure to create the
hook on the last stitch to retain the stitches on their places.

To finish the work, he may cut the excess yarn on the skin. He must not forget
to retain at least 6 inches of the thread on the last chain stitch. This will
allow him to slide the hook up to the upper part of the loops and bringing the
thread into the last loops of the hook. As a beginner, he may find it difficult
to do especially on more detailed crochet products. He may start doing these
basic steps to help him get used with the techniques.

Crochet Design for Beginners

Crochet patterns have been done for many years. Recently it is becoming a trend
again in the fashion world. By learning about it, the person will be able to
come up with some great designs to show to people.

When people start something new, it is best to start with the basics. This
happens in almost everything and crochet patterns is no different.

If the person has done cross stitching in the past, it will be easy to
understand how certain designs are done. If the individual did not have any
experience in the past, then it is best to enroll in a class then after some
time, can move on to crochet patterns.

The fashion world is a very good place to learn more about crochet patterns.
Since this is dictated by some of the world's renowned brands, learning from
these professionals will keep the person up to date of the latest trends.

Fashion shows usually feature the upcoming clothes a few months before it is
launched. By watching then studying the fabric once it hits the stores, the
person will be able to make a similar design that is also abreast with what is
new and hot.

Should the person not be able to catch the fashion show, then the next place to
learn it is in reference materials such as books and videos that can be bought
at the local specialty store. This should have everything including the
materials to be used.

There are also some shows on TV and magazines that can be bought which feature
some of the basic to the more advanced designs. The person has to simply
understand the instructions given and work on it.

Basics should be done only using one color. The person should practice this in
making a simple object such as a wash cloth. Should this be successful, then
moving on to bigger things can begin.

A slipknot is one of the basics in making crochet patterns. The person does not
need to use a needle and simply work it with the hands. While one end is in
around the fingers, the ball of yarn can be thrown in the air.

After making a few loops, this will end with the individual making a knot using
both hands.

One of the many challenges in crochet patterns is switching from one color to
the next. This can be done by stopping with one color then slowly slipping a
different color thread into the needle.

Another basic technique that the person should learn is mixing. This is done
using 2 needles each with a different color of thread. By making these face one
another and letting one of the needles work over the other, the print will
become multi-colored.

Purl stitch is another technique used to make crochet patterns. This is very
similar to mixing. The yarn is already around one needle. The person will then
use the other to work its way inside until both have can be used to work
together to create a pattern.

Cross stitching is very challenging and will take a lot of work. After
exercising some of the basics, the person can move on to make figures, shapes,
lines and others to make it stand out.

The person has to remember that the fashion industry goes by seasons. This
means that the individual should work fast so that once it is finished; it can
still be used in the appropriate time.

Beginners should be able to draw it on paper to analyze how a certain design
should be done. By using this as a guide, the person will be able to monitor
the progress of the work.

Crochet patterns can be done on almost anything. By working on some small
household items then moving on to clothes, accessories and accessories, the
person's crochet pattern skills have dramatically improved.

There are a lot of designs and not everything is in the book. Some of it can be
from the person's imagination and after drawing it and working with needles that
idea can be brought to life.

There are many ways to learn about the basics of crochet patterns. The person
should just devote some time to read about it and watch how this is done.

Afghan Crochet Patterns: Getting It Together

It is an exciting stage in sewing when you start to assemble the pieces, and
then, the shape of the material begins to emerge. However, the gratification is
not fully recognized not until the person, who tries to come up with a
masterpiece, was able to claim that what he did was something that he did using
his own hands.

In a particular aspect of sewing, crocheting, as one way of creating a work of
art out of some pieces of threads in a yarn, is another form of strategy that
enables an individual to make something out of a simple element.

Through this process, one can create a special kind of baby dress, a hat, or
any garment that one could use to create a fashion statement. With the
combination of supple materials such as the yarn and the different fundamental
"crochet stitches," different items can also be made.

One of the most popular products of crocheting is the afghan. From babies to
old people, afghan had been used, reused, and was handed down from one
generation to another as it remained fashionable and durable blanket after so
many years had passed.

What is the reason? It is based on the way the material was made. This is
because afghans are made through the remarkable methods of crocheting. With the
meticulous combinations of different crochet stitches and the careful
manipulation of the creator in order to come up with a good material, afghan
crochets are, indeed, one of the best products this kind of pastime has ever

The history of afghan can be traced back to the time when "Afghan Oriental
rugs" were still very popular. Most of the people contend that the popular rugs
bear a resemblance to the afghan crochets. Hence, from that time on most of the
people that time had started associating this kind of crochet to the oriental
rug. Even if there were no solid validity as to whether the name "afghan" was
derived from the popular rugs, the name just stuck as history unfolds itself.

It is interesting to note that people who are trying to learn the basic of
crocheting considers the creation of an afghan as their initial full-size
endeavor. The reason behind this particular preference is that the concept of
making afghan crochet is absolutely simple, with no fuss and difficulty.
Besides, the main component of making afghan crochets is more on the
utilization of the fundamental crochet stitches along with the different afghan
crochet patterns.

Along with the simplicity of the item is the pattern. In fact, crochet experts
contend that, just like any sewing endeavor, crocheting would not be easy to
deal with if there were no patterns available to serve as a guide.

Since its inception, there are many different afghan crochet patterns that were
established in the market already. This is in connection to the demands of the
"crochet fanatics" who requested for more patterns to use so that they could
make results that are more varied.

However, even if there are more modernized afghan patterns made available in
the industry today, still the basic and the most fundamental afghan crochet
patterns are the best.

To know more about that, here is a list of some of the most common and most
simple to use afghan crochet patterns:

1. Single crochet pattern

Using this pattern, one could make a simple yet very elegant afghan crochet.
One good thing about this pattern is that it only uses either a pattern of
stripes with varied colors or a dense and continuous color.

With its solidness, single crochet pattern for afghans are usually used when
making a cover for a chair or on a bed.

2. Granny square afghan

This is one of the most popular patterns in making afghan crochets. Based on
its name, this particular afghan crochet pattern entails the utilization of
distinct shapes such as rounds or squares. These shapes are crocheted
separately and then they are fastened together in various motifs and figures.

3. Chevron stripe

This particular type of afghan crochet pattern is very helpful for people who
are just learning their way towards a crocheting. It is one good way of
learning the basics of crochet as they try to create a masterpiece at once.

These are just a few of the many afghan crochet patterns that every person
would be interested to use. Whatever afghan crochet patterns you will use, just
keep in mind that the real beauty of the product is based on the reason that it
was made by the hand.

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