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Dealing With Debt Disputes
by: Nichola Smith

Disputed debts are a pain! Every credit controller would agree that the time taken to deal with disputes on the aged debt is time which could be spent calling the customers/clients who do pay or the larger accounts where their group targets will be hit and a nice bonus is their's for the taking. However, no debt should be ignored. Take a look at your aged debt today with your credit controller or indeed your team. If there are any debts over 60 days ask them why. If the answer is 'well that's disputed' you have a problem. A worthy credit controller loves and nurtures and takes pride in the aged debt that is presented to them because it is a reflection of themselves and their performance. Disputes are dealt with quickly and treated like the parasites they really are and are swatted away because they do affect your cashflow and so will lazy credit controllers.

Persistence is the key to keeping that aged debt and your cashflow healthy.


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