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Protect Your Home with a Spy Cam
by: Shawn Davis

Most of the threats to your home and your valuables come from within. When you use a spy cam in your home, then you get a better idea of what is really going on when you are not around. How do your kids behave when you are out of town? Is the nanny or babysitter treating the kids properly? Is housekeeper doing nothing other than cleaning the house? These are all questions that can easily be answered with the use of a spy cam.

Your spy cam can look like just about any regular object. And these regular objects continue to perform their functions. If you choose a camera that looks like a clock or a digital radio alarm, then the clock will still display the time, and the alarm will still go off. But it is also to use objects like a smoke detector or picture frame to hide the camera. The best idea is to get more than one so that they can be placed in the main public areas of the house in different guises.

The spy cam will let you know if your kids had a party while you were away on vacation. Or, if you told them they could have a few friends over, you can make sure that those friends are acceptable. Since it is agreed that most parents are reluctant to put cameras in the kids' rooms (and this is reasonable -- some privacy is necessary), you can provide the den for gatherings of friends. That way you can watch them, even when you are not in the room.

Abuses by babysitters and nannies are becoming more common, and a spy cam can help you make sure that the person who watches your precious ones is truly who she or he says. Catch offenders red-handed and protect your children, or let the sitter know that you do have spy cams. That way he or she will always be on the best behavior.

Finally, you can protect your valuables and ensure that your housekeeper is not wasting time. If you pay by the hour, you want to make sure that work is the only thing happening. Additionally, if you have a cleaner that tends to steal, you can catch him or her in the act with a spy cam.


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