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Tips for Planning a Disneyland Vacation

For many people, planning a Disneyland Vacation is part of the fun of the
vacation itself! For others, however, it can be a headache. Before you start
planning your vacation, determine whether or not you are really up to planning
the trip yourself or not.

If you don't want to plan your own trip, you have several options. Of course,
you can have a travel agent make all of the arrangements for you, but for the
best Disneyland experience, you might be better off using the Disney Vacation
Planning Services. Either way, you can have every single aspect of your trip
planned for you. Once you get there, all you will need to do is follow your

If you prefer the fun involved in planning your Disneyland vacation yourself,
there are some things that you absolutely must not leave out of the planning
stage. Before you can decide what you will be doing at Disneyland, you must
determine which dates you will be there. The parks offer different things at
different types of the year, with many different themes and entertainment to
choose from.

Once you know when you will be at Disneyland, the next step is to figure out
what you will be doing each day that you are there. Once you've set up your
travel arrangements and your hotel reservations, there are a few more things
you must consider.

Food is one thing you might want to arrange in advance. Disneyland is a very
popular place, and having reservations at some of the more popular restaurants
is recommended. These reservations can be made well in advance -- before you
ever leave home.

When planning which attractions at Disneyland you want to visit, use a map of
Disneyland as a guide. This will make it easier to schedule time for
attractions that are near each other. You want to see and do as much as
possible, so as much walking or travel time as you can.

Keep your budget in mind. Often, by making arrangements through travel agents
or through the Disneyland Vacation Planning Services, you will be able to get
better deals -- which can save you money. Look for these deals, and save as
much money as you can on your hotel and food. If you have small children with
you, keep their priorities in mind -- they have less interest in where they
will sleep and the food that they will eat, and more interest in what they will
see and do!

When Is The Best Time To Be At Disneyland?

When you are planning your Disneyland vacation, you should note that some days
are better than, others at the park. The days that you choose to be there will
depend greatly on whether you are more interested in attractions or
entertainment -- or both.

For instance, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's are the days when you will
have shorter l ines for the attractions, because there will be fewer people
there. On the other hand, the entertainment on those nights cannot compare to
the entertainment that is offered on the weekends. If entertainment is
important, plan your visit to Disneyland for the weekend.

If you will be at Disneyland for several days, however, plan to ride the
attractions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then enjoy the
entertainment, as well as the other things the park has to offer on the other
days. If you are visiting during the off-season, you should note that
entertainment usually isn't offered on weekdays. Also remember that the park
really fills up as the day wears on, so try to ride the attractions in the
morning if possible!

How to Avoid Long Lines at Disneyland

One source of frustration for many visitors at Disneyland is the long lines for
the rides. You can literally spend several hours of the day standing in line to
ride popular attractions. These lines can be avoided in one of three ways. Get
to the park early. The lines are shorter in the morning when the park first
opens. Instead of jumping in line for the first ride you see, head for the
rides that you really want to ride the most -- the most popular rides. Another
option is to purchase FastPass tickets for the rides that offer them. Again, do
this early to ensure that you get to ride those rides earlier in the day.

The third option to avoid long lines at Disneyland is to ride many of the
popular rides later in the evening, while the majority of people are enjoying
the entertainment. Disneyland has nightly entertainment, and this is a good
time to find shorter lines. Of course, it will mean that you probably miss the
entertainment, so if you can use one of the other options for shorter lines at
Disneyland, you should probably do so.

Getting Around Disneyland with Your Toddler or Baby

As a parent, you already know that you don't want to have to carry your child
around in your arms all day. You couldn't possibly make it through the day! You
also can't expect your child to walk all day long. The obvious choice is to have
a way to transport your child -- without wearing you or the child completely out.

Strollers are not only welcome at Disneyland, they are highly recommended. In
fact, Disneyland rents strollers for a reasonable fee. Strollers can be rented
for less than $10 for the day, and you can get a huge discount on a second
stroller if it is needed. The strollers are clean and well-maintained, but they
do all look alike. Tie something on the stroller, such as a brightly colored
ribbon, to help identify it from all of the other strollers in the park.

Never leave your child unattended in the stroller, and never leave any material
items of any value in the stroller either. Even if you bring your own stroller,
you should have some easy way to identify it -- there will be other strollers
that look just like it at Disneyland.

Take a Disneyland Tour

No Disneyland Vacation can be complete without a Disneyland tour -- especially
if it is your first trip to Disneyland. There are currently four different
tours to choose from, and Disneyland park admission is required for all tours.
It is strongly advised that you make a reservation for the tours that you wish
to go on.

Disneyland's Discover the Magic Tour may be the most popular of the four. This
tour will have you and your family working with Disneyland characters to find
clues and hunt for treasure. You can literally live out a Disneyland fantasy
with your family and loveable characters, outsmarting the Disney bad guys! This
tour includes lunch and an exclusive gift that can only be obtained on this tour.

The Discover the Magic Tour lasts for about three hours. There is a two ticket
minimum, and the cost is $49 each of the first two tickets, with additional
tickets costing $39. The tour is appropriate for the 5 -- 9 year old age group,
and adults. The tour is not really suitable for children under the age of five,
or for children who need strollers.

The VIP Tour lasts for about four hours, and costs $75 per hour for a party of
up to ten people. You must book this tour well in advance, or there will be an
additional twenty dollar fee. The tour is not recommended for children, but is
designed more for people who have a true love and interest in Disney and
Disneyland history.

The Welcome to Disneyland Tour is absolutely perfect for first timers. There
are many benefits to this tour, including priority seating at one of the stage
shows, tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your Disneyland
vacation, a brief history of the park, priority seating at one of the many
restaurants, instruction in using FastPass, two bonus FastPass tickets, and
much more. This tour lasts about two and a half hours, and costs $25 per person.

A Walk in Walt's Footsteps focuses on the vision of Walt Whitman, and is not
really suitable for small children. Filled with history and trivia about the
park, this tour lasts for more than three hours, and costs $49 per person. The
main feature of this tour is your peek at the exclusive Club 33.

Again, you should definitely consider making one of these tours part of your
Disneyland experience -- especially if this will be your first trip to
Disneyland. You may see things and learn things that you would not see or learn
without the benefit of the tour!

Start Your Day At Disneyland in Fantasyland

Any guidebook you read will tell you that you should begin your day at
Disneyland enjoying the attractions found in Fantasyland. There are several
important reasons as to why this advice is given, and it is advice that you
should strongly consider following.

Fantasyland is one of the most popular areas at Disneyland because there are no
age or size requirements. The only height restriction is a 35 inch requirement
for the Matterhorn. As the day progresses, Fantasyland will fill up. Getting
there first thing in the morning will help you avoid the long lines that others
will encounter later in the afternoon.

None of the attractions in Fantasyland have FastPass. This is another reason as
to why you should go there first. FastPass allows you to more or less 'set an
appointment' to ride certain rides -- but none of the attractions in
Fantasyland have this option. Cover Fantasyland first, then go get FastPasses
for the other attractions that you want to ride.

The crowds and the lines will start growing within a few hours of Disneyland
opening each day. Make sure that you arrive before the park opens so that you
can be one of the first ones through the gate -- and head straight to
Fantasyland before going anywhere else.

Since all of the guidebooks suggest this, many other early risers will also be
headed for Fantasyland. Even so, the lines won't get really long for two or
three hours, and by then, you will have already ridden all of the rides there.

From Fantasyland, you should start collecting FastPass tickets for the other
attractions that have FastPass throughout the park. It is best to collect these
early in the day -- the longer you wait, the l onger it will be before your
appointed time comes around, depending on how many FastPasses have been issued
for each ride.

While you are waiting for the appointed time for your first FastPass, you
should enjoy other attractions, visit the shops, or get a snack. Times between
FastPass appointments are great for visiting the restrooms or sitting down to
rest with a cool beverage.

Just remember that in order to enjoy the most attractions at Disneyland you
should start with Fantasyland, followed by gathering FastPass tickets. Enjoy
other attractions between FastPass attractions, but make sure that you don't
put yourself on such a tight schedule or such a rigi d itinerary that you
forget to have fun! Some people simply like to spend some t ime wandering
around the park.

Entertainment at Disneyland

There is always something to see or do at Disneyland, but Disneyland adds to
this with nightly entertainment during the peak season, and weekend
entertainment during the off-season. There is also special entertainment during
special occasions, such as the Fourth of July and Christmas.

Fantasmic is held twice each night during the peak season, and on weekends
during the off-season. The show takes place on Tom Sawyer's Island, and
features many characters, music, and fireworks. For the best seating possible,
purchase tickets for Fantasmic in advance, but note that free seating is also
available, and is included in your Disneyland park admission price.

The Parade of Dreams features large colorful floats accompanied by many
Characters. This parade takes place twice each day. During the parade, the
entire parade will stop three times to do a choreographed show, and most of the
Disney Characters are portrayed in the Parade of Dreams.

In the Fantasyland Theater, you can see a musical of Snow White. This show is
held several times throughout the day. This show should not be missed --
especially if you love Snow White. Since the show is held several times each
day, reservations are not necessary.

These are just a few of the shows that are available at Disneyland. Again,
entertainment is an ongoing thing at the park, with each day bringing something
new. One thing that you can definitely count on, of course, is the fireworks!
The fireworks show is held late each night -- before the park closes for the

Even if you can't stay for the fireworks, you can probably see them out of your
hotel window! Try to get a view of the Fireworks from in front of Sleeping
Beauty's Castle for the greatest effect. The fireworks on the Fourth of July
are out of this world.

To find out if there are any special shows or events during the time that you
will be at Disneyland, visit the website, call the park, or ask your travel
agent to find this information out for you. You may also want to inquire about
special events during specific months, so that you can plan your stay at
Disneyland for those days.

Most entertainment is provided free of charge, and is part of your admission
price. However, special seating, or priority seating usually requires a fee, as
well as a reservation. Some events require an admission price that is separate
from your park admission. Again, check the website, call the park, or discuss
events and fees with your travel agent when planning your Disneyland vacation.

Celebrate Birthdays At Disneyland

If you want to celebrate your birthday, or the birthday of a child at
Disneyland, you can easily do this -- and it doesn't even have to be done on
the exact date of birth! Start celebrating by going to City Hall, which is
located in Town Square, upon your arrival to Disneyland. Here, you will receive
a Birthday Sticker or button. This sticker tells everyone on at Disneyland that
you are to receive special treatment.

On your birthday celebration day, make sure that you eat in one of the full
service restaurants, and that you order the Birthday Bucket. It will be full of
Disney treats, and it includes a cake. This costs around twenty dollars. Eat
breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen and you can get a Birthday Bag for five dollars.

There are many ways to enjoy your birthday at Disneyland. You will receive
special treatment from all of the Disney Characters in the park. This can be a
memorable birthday celebration for you or your child -- so make sure you take
lots of pictures, and don't be shy about telling people who work at the park
that it is your birthday -- if they don't notice your sticker!

Disneyland Ticket Security

You must have your Disneyland ticket in order to enter the park. You must also
have the ticket to get FastPass tickets. Because this ticket is so important,
it needs to be kept in a safe place. Along with the Disneyland ticket, you also
need a safe place to keep money or the Disneyland Merchandise Card.

A wallet or purse is not very practical at Disneyland. Instead, you should
purchase a FastPass holder -- even if you don't get any FastPasses. This is a
small plastic pouch that hangs from a cord, which is worn around the neck.
These can be purchased at Disneyland, and they are very inexpensive.

If you think you might not want to spend a little bit of money on the FastPass
holder, you should consider what a new Disneyland ticket will cost. If you lose
your Disneyland ticket, you will not be allowed to enter the park the next day
without purchasing a new ticket. When you look at the small cost of the
Disneyland FastPass holder, you will see that it is well worth it.

Disneyland Baby Centers

Disneyland is a place for everyone, and at Disneyland, they have thought of
everything -- including the babies. The Disneyland Baby Center is located on
Main Street, behind the Plaza Inn. This is not a babysitting service. Instead,
it is a place where you can attend to your babies needs.

There are several characters present in this area, and their purpose there is
not only to amuse your baby, but also to help you attend to your baby's needs.
This area has rockers, where you can rock and breast feed your baby. No men are
allowed in this room, but they are allowed in other rooms within the Baby
Center. You can warm a bottle or a jar of food, and clean bottles as necessary.
Baby changing tables are available, and the entire center is very clean and
comfortable. There are even smaller toilets for children who are being potty

You can also purchase emergency baby supplies at the Baby Center. Diapers cost
about a dollar each, and several different types of formula and baby food are
kept in supply, although the selections are l imited. This is Disneyland's way
of making sure that the needs of every guest -- no matter how small they may be
-- are attended to.

Disneyland and Disabilities

Even if you are confined to a wheelchair or on crutches, you can still enjoy
Disneyland. If you are on crutches, you should consider renting a Disneyland
Scooter to get around the park. The rental fee is $35 per day, with a $20
deposit. A valid driver's license is required, and you must be eighteen years
old or older.

You can also choose to rent a wheelchair, which is not electronic. The rental
fee for a wheelchair is $8 per day, with a $20 deposit. You do not have to rent
your wheelchair or Scooter from Disneyland. You can choose to rent the apparatus
from a private company, and have the wheelchair or scooter delivered to your
hotel room. You may find that it is cheaper to rent from a private company, as
opposed to renting from Disneyland.

All of the restaurants and shops are wheelchair accessible, as are the
entertainment areas. When it comes to wheelchairs, your problem will be
accessing some of the rides. Some rides are not appropriate for people who are
in wheelchairs, while others are perfectly suitable. For instance, you will not
be able to enjoy Donald's Boat, Sailing Ship, or Tarzan's Tree house.

However, there are many attractions that you can enjoy, such as The Disney
Gallery, Disneyland Monorail, the Disneyland Railroad, the Tiki Room, The
Golden Horseshoe, It's A Small World, Mark Twain Riverboat, and Tom Sawyer
Island. Some attractions will require you to be transferred from your
wheelchair, such as Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones, and the King Arthur

Cast members and service personnel will be happy to help with Guest wheelchair
transfers, and if you should lose a wheelchair or scooter that you've rented
from Disneyland, simply show the ticket for the wheelchair or scooter, and
Disneyland will happily supply you with another one. However, if you lose a
wheelchair or scooter that was rented from an outside company, Disneyland will
not be able to help you replace it, and you may have to pay the rental company
the full value of the chair. This is something to consider when you are trying
to decide whether to rent from Disneyland or a private company.

Whether you can enjoy a ride in your wheelchair, or you must be transferred
from your wheelchair to the ride, you can actually enjoy most of the rides at
Disneyland. Do not allow the fact that you can't walk around the park keep you
from planning a Disneyland Vacation. Again, Disneyland was designed with
everyone in mind!

Disneyland Purchases -- Package Express

One of the nice guest service features at Disneyland is the Package Express
service. This will allow you to make purchases, and not have to carry them
around with you all day! Can you imagine trying to hold all of your packages,
your kids, and ride the rides?

Instead, have your purchases sent to the Newsstand, which is located near the
exit. This Package Express purchase allows you to pick your packages up as you
are leaving the park. If you stay till closing, note that the pickup line will
be very long. You should plan to leave at least an hour earlier than you had
originally planned if you have packages to pick up.

You can also have your purchases sent directly to your hotel if you are staying
at one of the Resort Hotels. This offers even more convenience, because you
won't have to leave the park earlier, or stand in the package pickup line.
Another option is to rent a locker, and put all of your purchases in it until
you are ready to leave. However, this means that you will have to walk back to
the locker after each of your Disneyland purchases.

Family Reunions at Disneyland

Everyone looks forward to family reunions -- and who doesn't love Disneyland?
You can bring the two together by having your family reunion at the happiest
place on earth. It is really easier than you might think to arrange this!

Start by calling the Disneyland Vacation Planning Services Department. Let them
help you book rooms at the Resort hotels, and admission tickets to the park. You
should be able to get discounts on the tickets by purchasing them in bulk.

The specific service that you need to accommodate all of your family members is
the 'Happiest Place on Earth Picnic.' This service is offered year round, and
includes admission to the park for your entire party. You also get a choice of
fully catered meals for the event. For 100 -- 300 people, your event can be
held at Big Thunder Ranch. For 300 -- 1000 people, the event will be held at
the Festival Arena.

If there are less than 100 people in your party, you may not be eligible for
the catering services. This is at the sole discretion of Disneyland, and you
will need to discuss this with Guest Services or the Planning Services
Departments. If catering is not available, reservations in the many restaurants
can be made instead.

You may be able to get a discount on your family member's rooms at the Resorts
as well, if you book well in advance, hold your event during the off-season,
and book a block of rooms. Airline tickets for those who will need to fly to
Disneyland should also be purchased well in advance, and in bulk for additional

Again, allow Disneyland Vacation Planning Services to help you with the
arrangements, and use a travel agent to handle any arrangements that planning
services doesn't cover. For best results, choose one family member to work with
the planning services and the travel agent, and relay information back and forth
between the services and the family members. Having one person collecting and
sharing information will cut down on a great deal of confusion and
misinformation when you are trying to make travel arrangements for a large
number of people.

It may take work and planning, but in the end, this will be one family reunion
that will never be forgotten. Talk with the Vacation Planning Services
Department to find out what other services are available to make this an even
more special experience for you and your family members. The Surprise services
would be a nice touch!

Personal Comfort at Disneyland

There is no better way to ruin your Disneyland vacation than trying to walk
around with blisters on your feet! It is vitally important that you wear
comfortable shoes that are already broken in. You will be doing more walking
than you normally would when you visit Disneyland.

It is also important that you bring a change of clothing. You can rent a locker
at Disneyland to store your extra clothes. You can rub your thighs raw if you
ride water rides in denim shorts, then try to walk around while you dry out!
Enjoy the water rides -- but then go change into dry clothing! Bring extra
shoes as well. Walking around in wet shoes is not only uncomfortable; it can
also contribute to blisters.

More than blisters can cause discomfort. Some people simply are not used to
being on their feet all day. If your feet are tired and sore at the end of the
day, soak them in cool water with Epsom salt. This will offer more relief than
soaking them in hot or warm water. After a good twenty minute soak, your feet
will feel refreshed and ready for more walking!

Pamper Yourself at Disneyland

You may think that Disneyland is only about fun, excitement, and activity -but
you would be wrong. Disneyland is also about relaxation and pampering. The
pampering you receive at Disneyland may not be the same that you would receive
at a world class spa, but it is relaxing and makes you feel special just the

The easiest way to get pampered on your Disneyland vacation is to book your
room at one of the Disneyland resorts, and upgrading your room to one that
includes Concierge services. The difference in the price may startle you a bit,
with rooms costing up to $300 per night, but the service you receive will be out
of this world.

First, your room will be much nicer if you have the Concierge service. You will
have free bottles of water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea at all times. You will
be able to check in and out faster at the Concierge check in counter, and a
nightly turndown service is included.

Access to the Concierge lounge is where the pampering really starts! You will
enjoy a continental breakfast in the lounge each morning. You can also opt to
take your breakfast back to your room. In the afternoon, while the kids watch
Disney Videos, you will enjoy a wine tasting in the lounge as well.

There are many more perks available with the Concierge service, differing at
each resort. To determine whether the Concierge service will benefit you and
your family, call the resort that you are considering, and simply ask what
perks are included with this service. Ask to be connected with the concierge
desk to ensure that you are getting accurate information.

Again, the cost of this upgrade is a bit high, but when you close your eyes and
dream of all of the pampering and special treatment that you and your family
will enjoy, and you tally up the cost of the free breakfast and drinks, you may
find that the cost is well worth it. In fact, depending on the size of your
family, you may even discover that the value of the free breakfast and the free
drinks even makes the entire Disneyland trip a little less expensive for you!

Once you've experienced the Concierge Service on a trip to Disneyland, you may
not be satisfied with anything less on future Disneyland trips. The service is
out of this world, and can only serve to make your trip more relaxing and

Disney Dollars and Disneyland Merchandise Cards

When it comes to kids and money, we all know what happens. The money either
gets spent the wrong way, or it gets lost. With Disney Dollars and Disneyland
Merchandise cards, you may be able to cut down on some of this.

Disney Dollars work just like cash at Disneyland. They can be used anywhere in
the park, and at certain hotels. They can even be used at local Disney stores
in your area. The Disneyland Merchandise Card works more like a credit card.
The amount of money you load on the card is how much is available. All of this
fits quite nicely into the FreePass holder, so there will be less chance of
losing the dollars or the card.

You can also purchase a Disneyland Resort Gift Card. This card can only be used
at the Disney Resorts, as well as stores that accept credit cards at Disneyland.
These cards also make great gift items for anyone who loves Disneyland, or for
anyone who is planning a trip to Disneyland. This is a great way to budget
money for souvenirs as well as snack items while at Disneyland.

Disneyland Weddings

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to
have the happiest day of your life at the happiest place on earth? Of course it
would -- and Disneyland has made that possible with Disneyland Weddings.

Women start dreaming of their weddings from the time that they are little
girl's. Now, you can really have a fairy tale wedding that is truly unique,
romantic, and enchanting -- and you can have your very own 'happily ever after'
wedding day at Disneyland. Disneyland weddings include a magical ceremony and a
creative reception that you can't find any place else on earth.

You won't have to stress over the details. Like Cinderella, you can have your
very own God Mother to take care of the details -- although in this case, it
will actually be a fairy God Planner.

Disneyland weddings are not last minute events. The planning stage starts one
year before the date of the wedding with a meeting with the Disney wedding
planner, a site tour, and a selection of the possible locations for the
wedding. Eleven months before the big day, the letter of agreement must be
signed and returned with a deposit. At ten months, announcements are mailed out
to the guests who are to be invited.

Eight months before the big day, the planning steps up. Planning sessions are
held by phone or in person with the wedding planner, and ceremony and reception
event orders are prepared. Everything starts falling into place, and the
planning continues until one month before the big day. Final payments are due
thirty days before the wedding date, and the final guest count is due four days
before the wedding is to take place.

Everything is planned with your input, and all of the details are handled
without any stress being placed on the happy couple. Flowers, invitations, and
catering are all included. After a ceremony that will l ive in your memory
forever, you and your new spouse will enjoy the reception of your dreams.

The receptio n will be handled by a white gloved staff, complete with elegant
resort table settings, a head table, floor length linens, and place cards. Your
wedding cake will be like nothing you could imagine in your wildest dreams,
selected by you from a variety of choices.

There are also honeymoon packages available at all of the Disneyland Resorts.
From start to finish, your Disneyland wedding will have all of your dreams
coming true, so you and your spouse can start your road to happily ever after.

Disneyland Vacations for Toddlers

Disneyland was designed for kids of all ages -- and toddlers are no exception!
There are many things that you can enjoy with your toddler -- so many things in
fact, that unless you will be staying for several days, you won't have time to
do them all.

Start with Toon Town. Here is where you will find your toddler's favorite
Disney Characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse. All of the Characters
have homes in Toon Town, full of things that will amaze your toddler, and make
them laugh.

Your toddler will definitely enjoy the Disneyland Railroad. This is a great way
to get around the park, because there are stations in New Orleans Square, Toon
Town, Tomorrowland, and on Main Street. This will amuse your toddler, and give
you a chance to see some sights
and rest a bit.

Its A Small World is very appropriate for toddlers. Music and colors will keep
your child mesmerized while you enjoy a relaxing ride across the water. The
Storybook Land Canal Boats is another good choice, as it will take you through
the miniature villages that your child will be quite familiar with from their
story books.

Rides that you and your toddler must not miss include all of the rides in
Fantasyland, King Arthur's Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Circus
Train, and the Mad Tea Party. Rides that are appropriate for youngsters, but
that may cause a little fear are the rides that are dark. These include Peter
Pan's Flight, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White's
Scary Adventure. Buzz Lightyear is a popular ride for all toddlers.

There are other areas of the park that have attractions and rides that are
appropriate for toddlers. Remember that Disneyland is a place for kids of all
ages. Pay attention to the height and age requirements for each attraction, and
avoid taking your toddler to rides that they will not be able to enjoy. This
will only cause your child disappointment.

Stick to the areas where the toddler appropriate attractions are located as
much as possible. As an adult, you realize that some rides are simply not safe
for small people -- but your small person will not comprehend this! Your
Disneyland vacation should be enjoyable for everyone, and Disneyland has made
sure that there is something for everyone at the park. It is up to you to keep
your child happy, and to keep them interested in the rides and attractions that
they are meant to enjoy.

The Disneyland Hotel

For the ultimate Disneyland vacation, you should definitely stay at the
Disneyland Resort Hotel. With 990 rooms in three high rise towers, this is the
original Disney Hotel, located in Downtown Disney. If you want to truly
experience all that Disneyland has to offer, you must stay at the Disneyland
Resort Hotel.

The guest rooms in the Disneyland Hotel are astounding. Offering standard rooms
and suites, each room has either a king size bed or two queen size beds, room
service, phones with voicemail, irons, ironing boards, refrigerators,
hairdryers, make up mirrors, and safes. Cribs and roll away beds are available,
as well as smoking and non-smoking rooms. The rooms are even sprinkled with
Pixie Dust! For families, the suites are highly recommended. Suites contain
one, two, or three bedrooms, and have all of the amenities of a standard room
as well.

The Concierge service at the Disneyland Hotel cannot be topped. Concierge
service entitles you to priority check-in, admission to an exclusive lounge, a
continental breakfast, an evening wine and cheese reception. Nightly turn-down
service is included, as well as DVD players and complimentary movies. You will
also have an unlimited supply of bottled water and soft drinks. The Concierge
serves to make your vacation as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible.

Disney touches are everywhere, and this is the closest you can actually come to
living in Never Land. The swimming pool even has a Never Land theme, and there
are several cove pools and a sandy beach. The hotel also features a children's
playground, a volleyball court, and Koi fish ponds. The recreational area
encompasses a 5000 square foot area inspired by Peter Pan. There are many
scenic waterfalls, tropical foliage, and mysterious caves on the property.
There is even a Team Mickey work out room full of state-of-the-art gym

At the Disneyland Hotel, you will feel like your Disney experience has truly
already started as soon as you walk in the door. This is where the famous
Goofy's Kitchen is located, as well as The Captain's Galley, The Coffee House,
Crocs Bits 'n' Bites, Granville's Steak House, Hook's Pointe, The Wine Cellar,
and The Lost Bar.

When you stay at the Disneyland Hotel, your vacation continues even after a day
of sight seeing and attractions in the park. In fact, your Disneyland vacation
begins each and every morning when you wake up in the Magic Kingdom that the
Disneyland Hotel represents.

Get More Out of Your Disneyland Vacation With FastPass

You don't want to spend your entire Disneyland Vacation standing in long lines.
This can be avoided by using Disneyland FastPass. FastPass can be obtained from
machines located near the rides that accept FastPass. This doesn't mean that
you get to immediately move to the front of the line. It is more like
scheduling an appointment for the ride later in the day -- at which time you
actually will move to the front of the line. In the meantime, you are free to
go enjoy other sites and rides around the park.

When you obtain a FastPass ticket, you will be given a one hour time in which
to enjoy the ride. For instance, your FastPass ticket may say 11am to 12pm.
This means that you can show up and move to the front of the line between the
hours of 11am and 12pm. You must have your Disneyland ticket in order to obtain
a FastPass ticket.

At Disneyland, FastPasses are available for Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Big
Thunder Mountain Railroad, Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin, Autopia, Space Mountain,
and Buzz Lightyear.

Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for a child. Spending the
happiest time of the year, at the happiest place on earth, could be a dream
that comes true for many children and adults. Christmas at Disneyland is an
experience that will never be forgotten, and can never be matched.

Disneyland works to make Christmas very special. Santa's Reindeer Roundup is
especially fun, allowing children to decorate Christmas cookies with Mrs.
Clause, play Reindeer Games, and make holiday souvenirs. Between seeing all of
the characters dressed up in their holiday costumes and enjoying the 'snow'
after the Fireworks, Christmas at Disneyland cannot be topped!

Make sure that you visit the Christmas Shoppe and buy a special holiday
ornament. Also, take part in all of the special holiday rides. Visiting
Disneyland at Christmas time is unlike any other Disneyland vacation you will
ever take. Make sure you get a picture of the Christmas tree!

Even though Christmas is considered to be 'off-season' you should be prepared
for crowds. Christmas is a very popular time to visit Disneyland. Make
reservations well in advance.

Disneyland Magic Music Days

Disneyland has always contributed to the education of young people in one way
or another. This tradition is continued with the Disneyland Magic Music Days
program, which is an educational program for students of music, vocal arts, or

Your group has the opportunity to showcase your talent and to improve even more
in a setting that promotes learning -- and you can have fun doing it! The
program is available all year, and is open to schools, studios, and other
organizations worldwide. Auditions for the program are required.

There are many workshops held to help improve the specific talents of each
member of your group. These workshops are taught by professional actors,
choreographers, comedians, dancers, composers, singers, arrangers, musicians,
and conductors. Where else will your group have access to professionals in
these fields -- all in one place? To sweeten the pot, many of these
professionals are famous in their fields, performing in both Hollywood and New
York, among other famous places in the world.

Instrumental groups can audition to perform on one of the Disneyland stages.
Marching bands can audition for the famous Disneyland parades. Along with
performing in the happiest place on earth, which is an experience you will
remember and talk about your entire life, you will also receive the benefits of
world-class workshops, conducted by world-class professionals. Vocal groups and
dancers audition to perform on one of the Disneyland stages, and are also
offered the world-class workshops designed for vocalists and vocalist groups or

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your group. The performance alone
will be unforgettable, but the information that these young performers will
learn in the workshops is invaluable. Instrumental groups and marching bands
will benefit from the soundtrack/instrumental workshop, the soundtrack jazz
workshop, the tune in seminar, and the percussion workshop.

Vocalists are offered the industry show choir workshop, academy show choir
workshop, the academy vocal workshop, the industry vocal workshop, and the
express yourself workshop. Dancers can take advantage of the industry dance
workshop, academy dance workshop, and the express yourself workshop. There is
something for all performers as Disneyland Magic Music Days!

Each member of each group will receive an 8 x 10 glossy picture of their entire
group, dressed in performance attire, in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Although you won't need any help remembering your time at Disneyland Magic
Music Days, you can share this photo with your friends and loved ones when you
return home from the most unforgettable performance you will ever have!

Where Are The Disneyland Characters?

A Disneyland vacation would not be complete without the Characters that we all
know and love so well. Often, however, people leave Disneyland disappointed
-simply because they never found their favorite character. The key to finding
the characters you love is in knowing where to look for them in the first place.

Start with the Character Breakfast. Here, you will probably see Sleeping
Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Mary Poppins, Jasmine, Ariel, Minnie and Mickey
Mouse, and many others. If you miss your favorites at the breakfast, don't
despair -simply go find them! Many characters will be on hand, right inside the
gates, to greet you as you arrive in the morning as well.

Start in Toon Town, where all of the Disney Characters live. Visit their homes
to see if you can get a glimpse of them. Go early, while they may still be at
home! Be sure to visit Goofy's Kitchen as well, since many characters pop in
and out throughout the day. If you've been through Toon Town, and you still
haven't seen your favorite character, your next stop should be Fantasyland.
Different characters can be located telling stories throughout Fantasyland.

How to Dine With Disneyland Characters

If you really want to delight your child -- or yourself -- you should arrange
to have a Disneyland Character meal. This will allow you and your whole family
to have quality time with one or more of the Disneyland characters. In fact,
this is the best way to really get to interact with them for any length of time.

Start by making a reservation. This can be done through the Disneyland Vacation
Planning Services Department. Reservations can be made up to sixty days in
advance, so don't leave this to the last minute. Make these reservations while
your Disneyland vacation is being planned.

Character breakfasts take place each morning at the park. You do not need a
reservation for these meals. These breakfasts take place in many of the parks
restaurants, but Goofy's Kitchen is a great place to start. It is located in
the Disneyland Hotel, and there are dishes to please everyone. Children under
three years of age get to eat free, which should be considered when you are
planning the budget for your trip. Goofy is always there, with Pluto, but other
characters come and go all throughout the day. You should definitely make
reservations for Goofy's kitchen, as it is quite popular, and the wait can be
very long.

If dining with Princesses is important, than Ariel's Grotto is the place to be.
Serving three course meals, this is elegant dining that both kids and adults can
enjoy. Each princess will come spend a little time at your table during your
meal -- one at a time. Reservations for Ariel's Grotto are also recommended.
This is one place in the park where both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are

The Storyteller's Cafe is another place that is highly recommended for
Character Meals. Characters are only here during breakfast, however. While time
is not spent at each individual table, the Characters do interact with the
children as a group. Both buffet and menu dining are available, and again,
reservations are recommended. Lilo and Stitch also have a Character Breakfast,
as does Minnie Mouse. Breakfast with Minnie and Friends is extremely popular,
so make reservations.

You should definitely include a Character Meal or two in your Disneyland
Vacation plans. This is something that your child will remember forever and
interacting with the famous Disney characters that we all know and love is part
of what Disneyland is all about! Be sure to make reservations as far in advance
as possible.

Disneyland Surprises For Yourself and Loved Ones

If you would like to surprise someone who will be traveling with you to
Disneyland, you can easily do this by using the Disneyland Vacation Planning
Service. This service has many different services that can be performed for
you, but one of the best ones is the Surprise service.

Simply contact the Vacation Planning department, and tell them who the
surprises will be for, which Resort hotel you will be staying at and what your
budget is for the surprises. You will also need to tell them when you would
like the surprise deliveries to be made, and what type of gifts you are
interested in. They will also want to know who the favorite Disney character is
of the person that you want to surprise.

After providing all of this information, your credit card information will be
required. You can be sure that the amount charged to your credit card will not
exceed your surprise budget that you have set. This is a great way to add more
value to your Disney experience, and to constantly experience great
anticipation of the next surprise to come!

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