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Face Painting

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Tips For Face Painting

Face painting is not only fun, but it is also a very popular activity among
many people. Face painting interests people form young children to older
adults. There are some things that you can do to achieve some long lasting and
professional face painting creations. Here are some face painting tips that
will help you achieve the best results.

There are two different types of ways that you can do face painting. You can
either do face painting by using paint form tubs, or using stick paint. Both
are great ways to do face painting, but it is best to experiment with each one
to see which method is best for you.

In face painting, many people do not realize that to cover a large amount of
area, it is best to use a sponge. Not only is it much faster to apply the paint
with a sponge, but it also applies it evenly on the skin. When you are using a
sponge for face painting, to save even more time, use multiple sponges to
reduce time for washing the previous sponge that you used with a different

Face painting can be similar to regular painting in some ways. One way is that
your colors will mix if you do not take the time to let the paint dry. The best
way to achieve the goal of having the paint dry quickly, is to apply filmy
layers of paint. This way help the paint not only dry quicker when you are face
painting, but it will also strengthen the paint by having multiple coats.

Before you start painting, have a painting concept in mind. Whoever you are
painting on, whether it be a child or adult, will appreciate you creating a
great design in a timely manner. You do not have to have complicated face
painting designs in order to achieve a great result. Anyone can appreciate you
doing a nice design fluidly. Not only will this make you finish the face
painting quicker, but it will also make you look more professional as you do
not take time to think about what to add next.

To create designs quickly, feel free to ask the next person in line what type
of design they would like just as you are about to finish with your current
design. This will help you know what colors you will need to use and will allow
you to get immediately organized when you are done with your current design.

Baby wipes are a great alternative to such things as tissues and toilet paper
in face painting. Baby wipes are already mist and can easily wipe wet or dry
paint off and are low in cost. Another benefit of using baby wipes in face
painting, is that they can absorb more moisture then normal types of tissues.
This will come especially handy when you are face painting a large group of
people and can also be used to wipe your own hands off.

These yipe will help you not only work quicker in face painting, but it will
also help you do face painting with ease. Your face painting results and skills
will also look more professional.

Suggestions for Those New to Face Painting

Are you new to face painting? Welcome to a fun adventure that provides a little
bit of simple joy to everyone! Even people who don't want to have their own
faces painted get a kick out of seeing the artwork on the faces of those who
do. Not to mention the satisfaction the true artist will get by seeing his work
on those in the crowd around him or her. A newer addition to the face painting
supply family is the powder based paint stick. It activates with the use of a
wet paintbrush, dries quickly, and doesn't melt. Melting is a disappointment to
both the artist and the receiver of the artwork!

Here are some suggestions for supplies:

A bowl of clean water 3 paint brushes (from tiny detail, medium size, and a
wider flat end) 3 face sponges (do not clean with alcohol, this can cause
bacterial growth) Cloth for the painter's lap Basic colors, plus orange, gray,
and purple if you can't mix your own Paper towels Face painting patterns Wet
wipes (antibacterial is better) A display of your work

It helps to have at least 2 to 3 people to help with your booth if you'll be
serving a large crowd. This will give you someone to handle money if you'll be
charging for your services. One person can get supplies, such as clean water,
or a drink for the thirsty artist. If you use stencils for patterns, they may
need to be wiped off between faces. A painter must enjoy interacting with
children of all ages. It helps to give the young child an idea of what to
expect before you do each step so as not to startle. A wiggle could damage the
artwork in progress!

Experience and skill will set you apart, along with attention to detail
combined with your own style. Patterns are one of the most important steps. But
you also must decide if you need to set a minimum time limit for parties and
events. Will you wear a costume for effect? Will you want to specialize in
whole face patterns or small face painting patterns that just cover part of a
cheek area? It is good to practice your timing so you can get the most out of
it and warn your customers how long to expect to sit there. Using a timer with
children could be helpful. They should enjoy having their picture taken as
well, for addition to your portfolio and to use as an example for other
customers. Will you want to learn how to accept credit cards for payment with
bigger crowds and more involved artwork?

Even when using face painting patterns rather than freestyle take care when
painting around the eye area. Besides it being a sensitive area with thinner
skin and not wanting to get too close to the eye itself with the paint, a
squirmy recipient could create a poke in the eye with your brush if you aren't
paying close attention.

For supplies you could try a costume and face painting store.

What Supplies Are Needed for Face Painting?

The art of face painting can be a relative low-cost venture. Amateurs and
professionals alike can enjoy face painting either for profit or simply to
entertain their own children. Should you decide to give it a try, there are
books available for beginners for as low as $13. If you prefer a hands-on
approach to learning, a safe bet would be to begin with a kit. Adventurous moms
can find face painting supplies as close as their make-up pouches.

Most supplies for face painting include water based paints for easy removal.
The problem sometimes with the face paint is the quality of the product. Hot
weather can be an enemy as the perspiration can ruin the artwork or cause the
person being painted to perspire while you are trying to apply the paint.

Serious painters will find the need to invest in the proper, good quality
brushes. Detail brushes are sold as low as $3 each. A brush can make a big
difference in the finished quality of your work. If you purchase a cheap brush
with an end that is too big or frays or scatters easily, you could be sorely
disappointed in the outcome and having to fight the brush to get the effect you

Theme sets are a popular choice for face painting. Used especially at
Halloween, these are sold with instructions to achieve whole face outcomes. A
person can enjoy becoming like a lion, monster, pirate, mermaid, ghost, cat,
mouse, favorite cartoon character, and much more. Parent will want to be sure
their child is of the right maturity level to sit still long enough for the
paint to be applied start to finish.

If you don't want the full face effect, don't worry. Smaller designs can be
added to enhance the effect of your costume. Some stores sell rubber stamps in
their supplies for face painting. The stamps are created with a deeper
impression and simple designs to make fill-in work quick and easy. They have
foam backing for easier use. The cost is about $8 USD each and the size is 2
inches by 2 inches.

Some face painting kits are sold for as little as $4 a kit. These would be fine
for children to use for play or for beginning artists to use just for practice
or fun. They provide a low-cost option for charity events, such as school
fundraisers or church functions where the overhead must be kept low. Some kits
are sold with 6 face paint pencils, a sharpener, sponge, and white face paint
for a base color.

For the more advanced artists, stencils are sold at prices ranging from $35 to
$85; including a video. These are used with airbrushing, which has become a
more popular form of face painting. Glitter gels and stick-on jewelry can be
added to accent your artwork.

When choosing face painting supplies, you may want to include paper, pencil,
and markers to give yourself a starting point for ideas. You also could buy a
piece of poster board or cardstock to show your available choices for purchase
when setting up your booth. Maybe you'll want to invest in a carry-all, chair,
and small folding table as well.

Why You Should Keep Up With Face Painting Ideas

It may not seem important, but generating new face painting ideas are crucial
to the progression of any type of face painter. Many face painters, both
professional and armature, like to stay within the face painting ideas that
they are already comfortable with. Of course there are new learning procedures
when it comes to new face painting ideas. Some face painters do not like
generating new face painting ideas because of this. However, if anyone wants to
become a successful face painter, then generating new face painting ideas is
crucial to achieve success.

By creating new face painting ideas you are opening the capabilities to your
skills as a face painter. By taking the time to learn new face painting ideas,
you are able to provide a larger variety of face painting ideas to your
clients. This makes your skills as a face painter not only more appealing, but
it also makes you look more professional, as your face painting ideas are not
limited. By having a wide range of face painting ideas, you are able to cater
to different ages and different types of people. By limiting your face painting
ideas, you are excluding potential customers who could use your face painting

There are continually new characters, designs and things that go in and out of
style and popularity. By keeping up with face painting ideas you know what is
not only currently popular, but also have an idea of what you will be painting
on a regular basis. This will help you become more prepared and help you
anticipate what type of requests you will be asked for. This is very important,
because it will allow you to bring the necessary tools and enough paint to
handle these most common requests. By not knowing what the most popular
requests are based upon what is popular and what is not, you will not have any
face painting ideas that will really cater to what people really want. This
will not only diminish your popularity and abilities as a face painter at the
event you are working, but it could also lead to negative publicity as your
capabilities as a face painter.

By learning face painting ideas you will know what your capabilities are and
what types of face paintings you can use these designs as. With face painting
you can make full face art, cheek art, body art, and different combinations of
all three. By knowing what your designs are, will help you incorporate those
designs into different face painting ideas. This will benefit you greatly as
you can tell your clients what different designs you can use, what sizes you
can do them in and where they can be located at. This will help give your
clients more options to choose from. You can also use your capabilities to
suggest face painting ideas that maybe your clients are not aware of.

By having continual face painting ideas developed into your face painting
practice, you will create a professional appearance. By limiting your face
painting ideas, you are limiting not only your abilities, but also your
clientele and the strong satisfaction that you can receive form your clients.

The Art Of Face Painting Designs

When you think about face painting designs, you probably think about simple
kids face painting designs. Many people do not realize that face painting
designs go beyond the basic and simple shapes that we see on small children. In
fact, sophisticated and artful face painting designs are becoming more popular
and high in demand. There are many face painting designs that are used in
plays, Broadway shows as well as other types of major productions. Face
painting designs go well beyond basic shapes and extend into some very
beautiful and creative pieces of art ever seen.

Like any other types of art, there are a numberless amount of face painting
designs that can be used and made up alike. In fact, there have been many movie
productions that have used many unique and distinguishing face painting designs
to classify and portray different characters. These intricate and artful face
painting designs have also been the trademarks of many productions and
characters that we see in entertainment. Face painting designs are commonly
used, because it not only adds a different touch to entertainment characters,
but it also eliminates the use of masks.

Different face painting designs also can carry the unique character and
characteristics of the artist themselves. Just like paintings and sculptures,
face painting designs can be a expression from the artist. Different face
painting designs can serve as the artists trademark as well as displaying their
ability of creativity and design. Like any other piece of art, this is what
makes face painting designs so attractive and distinguishing.

Another great feature about face painting designs, is that they can accommodate
any person of any age. You can make a child into a tiger with a face painting
design, and still apply that face painting design to an adult. Many face
painting designs can work for a wide range of ages as well as genders. This is
also what makes face painting popular and also serves as a reason as to why
face painting is so successful.

Face painting designs can make a person to be anyone or anything they want to
be. Anyone can use face painting designs to transform themselves to almost
anything and anyone they want. It is a fun way to be creative and escape
reality as you would on Halloween. Not only can face painting designs change
your appearance and help you role play, but it can also serve as artful
expression of who you are as a person. Just like the clothes we wear and the
styles we use, face painting designs serve as another way for us to express
ourselves of how we view ourself and how we want others to perceive us.

The great thing about face painting designs is that there are endless design
possibilities. You can create face painting designs that could be viewed as
abstract art, or you can create face painting designs that represent real
things. This is what makes working with face painting designs so fun and
entertaining. With face painting designs, you can never come up with a wrong
design, and the designs are limited to your imagination.

How Face Painting Examples Help

Face painting examples are very useful in the art of face painting. One of the
greatest things about face painting examples, is that there are many reference
guides both free and for sale that will show you many different types of face
painting examples. Face painting examples are very useful when doing face
painting and can benefit all types of face painters. It is a fact that face
painting examples can be useful among beginner face painters, as well as be of
great use among experienced face painters.

Face painting examples can be used to help beginners understand how to make
great as well as realistic designs with face painting. There are many places
that show step by step face painting examples to show you what types of shapes
you need to make to form a final image. Many beginner face painters do not
understand that face painting is simply a combination of different shapes and
strokes combined together. This is the same way with any type of art. Once they
look at face painting examples, they can gain an idea of how these face painting
images use these shapes to make the image.

For face painting beginners, face painting examples can also serve to show them
how to use colors together in a face painting. This can be especially useful
when trying to make realistic images as well as such things like animal
transformations. The colors you use in face painting can change the way someone
looks at a image and can make it more realistic. This is why it is good for face
painting beginners to look at face painting examples to see how it is done right.

Face painting examples can even be useful for experienced face painters. There
are always new designs and shapes that a face painter can learn. Face painting
examples can serve as a great way to expand a experienced face painters ideas,
as well as help them become more creative with their face painting. Face
painting examples can serve as inspiration to experienced face painters, and
help them with the creative process for new ideas. It is good for experienced
face painters to continually grow their artistic abilities, and by using face
painting examples this can be achieved very easy.

Face painting examples can also be used to show experienced face painters of
new and creative ways of how to use different color schemes together, as well
as using different colors to set the tone for the image they are creating.
There are many different types of color schemes that can be done out there.
Face painting examples can even show the most experienced face painter how to
do very complex designs and complex face painting projects.

Face painting examples can be of great reference tools among any type of face
painter regardless of how much experience they have. Face painting examples can
serve as great reference tools as inspiration for new creative ideas, basic
shapes to create different types of images and to show how to use color schemes
and work with colors correctly in face painting.

Safety Cautions When Doing Face Paintings

Face paintings are not only a fun pass time as well as a great opportunity to
start a business or make extra money, but it is also something that requires
safety. Like anything else, when doing face paintings for fun or work, you have
a responsibility to take some safety precautions to not make your face paintings
pose a safety hazard to anyone. Many people who do face paintings do not realize
the safety steps that are not only used in selecting paints, but also in other
materials that you can use in doing face paintings. You must also know how to
properly clean your tolls that you use to create face paintings and things you
need to do to protect yourself form some possible problems. Here is a quick
reference to these safety tips to help you create a safe environment when doing
face paintings.

There are many types of paints to use in face paintings, but not all of them
are safe. The only types paints you want to use in your face paintings are skin
safe paints. It does not matter if it says natural, non-toxic, chemical free, or
any other reference to being chemical safe. Chemical safe does not mean that the
paint was designed or tested for skin use.

If you use any types of glitter, then you need to use only FDA approved glitter
for cosmetic purposes. This type of glitter fits the safety and types of
substances that are safe to use for the face.

When you clean your brushes and any other equipment that you use for your face
paintings, only use water to clean them. If you use chemical agents, then there
could still be residue left from the chemical that can pose a safety hazard when
using it the next time.

One very important tip when doing face paintings is to not paint on anyone who
has sensitive skin, has abrasions or injuries to the face, or who even has acne
problems that can turn into open wounds. These types of skin situations can lead
to some serious repercussions. To be safe, it is better to not take a risk and
avoid doing face paintings in these types of situations.

The most important aspect of face painting is to protect yourself. Always make
sure that you have your body in a comfortable position at all times. Many
people do not realize that you can seriously sustain an injury from doing face
paintings. This can happen due to continually keeping your body in different
positions, as well as bending your body, arms, wrists and hands back and forth.
Always be sure to make sure that your body is not becoming to tense and be sure
to to some small stretching breaks to relieve your bodies tension.

By following these safety precautions when doing face paintings, you will not
only have a safer environment, but you will also have less problems when doing
face paintings. These simple face painting tips will protect you and the people
you do face paintings on.

Patterns for Your Face Painting Enjoyment

Free face painting patterns are as close as your fingertips and your
imagination. You should first try practicing drawing and coloring your ideas
onto paper first. If your mind is drawing a blank canvas, let your fingers do
the walking through the huge expanse of the internet world.

Many family oriented web sites include crafts and fun sections for your
enjoyment. If you want to collaborate with other moms and dads and make some
new friends, join an online parenting group. Those who participate in theses
types of online get-togethers are usually extremely helpful and friendly. You
may be surprised at how many talented mothers are out there who are willing to
provide support, encourage, and share their own adventures in face painting.
Many will be happy to direct you to their favorite sources for free face
painting patterns.

Teenagers can be a great help at creating patterns. Adept at experimenting with
make-up, many times having taken their own art classes in school, and still in
touch with what is popular for the younger aged children, they would be
flattered to share their skills with a parent in need or maybe just a single
older friend having to come up with ideas for themselves. If you will be
attending a party and just need help painting your own face, it could be fun
and rewarding to enlist a young friend's help.

If you know an art teacher, you could ask him or her for helpful ideas for free
face painting patterns. Preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, school
librarians, even Sunday school teachers would know what the kids today like in
characters. A friend who enjoys painting as a hobby are all good sources to
check for ideas. They would have access to books and magazines with pictures
that would help prod the imagination.

Try looking at comic books, art drawing books, animal books, toy books and

If you need small picture patterns for painting on cheeks, there are some great
artists you could get inspiration from. Ed Emberly is a great artist of small
drawings, silly drawings sure to bring a smile. He provides easy-to-follow
step-by-step guides.

There is a book called Dinosaur Drawing Book by Ralph Masiello. Dinosaurs are
almost always a hit with small children, especially boys. You might want to
include some funny drawings of insects, too.

Dr. Seuss is a wonderful author who has colorful characters that are popular.
Try drawing your own version of a Cat in the Hat or a Grinch. Don't forget the
cartoons that are popular on television. There should be plenty of inspiration
there, or in children's movies. You might want to check the comic section of a

Many faces don't need a pattern. An example is a skunk face. It's all black,
except for the thin white strip that sneaks from the tip of the nose to the top
of the forehead. You could paint the mouth red for a dramatic effect. No matter
what choice of pattern you decide to use, remember to have fun with it!

How to Create Your Own Face Painting Pattern

Many books are available on crafts and painting and ideas for fun things to do
with kids. But face painting is simple and always a winner, especially with
younger children. The only drawback is that they have such a hard time deciding
upon just one!

There's a book called '100 Things for Kids to Make and Do' that has several
ideas for costumes and face painting. Most of the time a face painting pattern
is not actually something of material substance, but a set of directions and
photographs of the steps and finished artwork. It's just easier, I suppose, to
think of them as patterns. Many kids crafts books will have at least a small
section with a face painting pattern of some sort. The more complicated face
patterns will come in handy when you need the step-by-step directions. Good
directions will keep it simple, showing individual photos of each layer as it
is applied.

Halloween is probably one of the most popular times to paint faces, especially
the whole face painting. The choices are wide, including such as:

Vampires, clowns, witches, Winnie the Pooh, ghosts, pirates, genies, dinosaurs,
bumble bees and bunnies. Many parents just can't resist painting the ever
popular Winnie the Pooh. A ghost is low-cost and simple for those who are
strapped for cash at Halloween, needing only white paint (maybe a little black
circle around each eye if you want a better effect to emphasize the holes. Many
parents just can't afford the costumes or simply don't want to invest in
something that will be outgrown before the next year's event. This makes face
painting a great choice. You can paint the right face and wear one of your own
outfits to make it work!

A bunny face is a simple face painting pattern to follow as well. The most
relevant feature would be the buck teeth, followed by the whiskers. If you want
a mouse pattern, this is easy to follow. Use a dot of paint to accent the nose.
Place tiny dots atop each side of the top lip, apply whiskers coming away from
the dots towards each cheek area. If you want a little more pizzazz, add
darkened eyebrows, maybe creating funny shapes for them.

An unusual pattern that isn't overused here in the United States is the panda
face. It's best when used with a base of white over the whole face, big black
spots surrounding the eye area, a black spot covering the end of the nose,
black lips, and a black line from the base of the nose to the top lip. Then dot
some small black spots over the lip area under each nostril. Add a set of fake
ears and you're good to go!

There is a wonderful children's book by Don Bortolloti which provides excellent
close-ups of tiger faces you can use as a pattern.

But remember, whole face painting is not the only face painting you can do.
Sometimes all you need is a small picture on the cheek for just the right

Face Painting for the Entrepreneur

So, you've decided to undertake the wonderful art of face painting? It can
prove to be quite an adventure and satisfying for the artist as well as the
customers. As in any other venture, just be sure and do your research of all
the aspects of face painting. Insurance, taxes, supply costs, booth costs,
travel costs, investment cost, time consumed in the actual painting, prices to
charge, advertisement and so on.

One summer our church members decided to hold a fall festival. When considering
what I could contribute, I decided upon volunteering my services as an artist.
Little did I know how popular the face painting booth would prove to be! For
two and a half hours, I painted face after eager face. Sometimes the kids would
stand in line over and over again, asking me to paint on their hands when they
ran out of room on their faces. I allowed some to contribute their own ideas
about coloring and design, which proved to be quite helpful and drew them even
more into the experience. I finally had to begin turning them away in order to
wind it up and begin clean-up, painting long after the other booths had stopped
being active. While this adventure was a charity event and loads of fun, it does
prove the need for enforcing limits on your time when deciding to use face
painting as a profitable business.

Two valuable lessons I learned were: Limit the amount of conversation between
you and the participant during the actual painting and learn to control your
brush. If you make the child giggle, you may have to start all over when your
brush strays and smears paint in an unwanted area.

Make a picture chart of the drawings and colors you are able to offer. Know how
long each drawing takes, maybe charting the easier pictures on one area and the
more detailed pictures in another. You may want to set up the drawings as to
what category they fall into. Be sure your colors on your chart are similar to
the actual colors you are able to provide. Some simple ideas for face painting
young children are:

Flowers, bunny, sailboat, turtle, spider, duck, butterfly, ladybug, dinosaurs,
ghosts, cross, puppy, bear, kitty, fish, alien, dolphin, fruit with faces,
facial expressions, names, flags, clowns, feathers, birds, street signs. You
may want to include sparkles, pastel colors, glitter gel or rubber stamps and
stencils, and stick-on jewelry to accent your art work. If you want something
more simple and quick to apply, try temporary tattoos. Although not your own
personal artwork, these are still a form of art, and there are loads of them on
the market. All you need to apply these is a bowl of water and a face towel.

Should you decide to get more adventurous with your face painting, you may want
to try face painting using airbrushing. Investing in a class for this would be a
wise idea if you are new to the idea of airbrushing. It would better your
success over the long-term to be as well-prepared and informed as possible no
matter what type of face painting you choose.

The Benefits Of Face Painting Cheek Art

Face painting cheek art is very popular and is always in high demand at face
painting events. Some face painters try to promote many types of complex
designs that cover the full face to impress their crowd, which results in them
not focusing on or promoting face painting cheek art. Face painting cheek art
can be just as impressive and exciting as doing full size face painting as well
as body art. Face painting cheek art is very popular for a reason, and it also
holds many benefits to not only the face painter, but also to the person who is
receiving the design.

One of the biggest benefits of face painting cheek art is that it saves a great
deal of time. It is a known fact that time is a major factor when doing face
painting. It is also another fact that face painting cheek art can be done
faster then full face paintings and large body art designs. Not only is face
painting cheek art quicker, but you also use less amounts of face paint which
can also save you money. Face painting cheek art is more convenient for your
customers. Face painting cheek art can be a far greater alternative for your
customers concerning such things as cost, time and making the entire face
painting process fun. This will allow your customer to save money and make your
face painting services more affordable.

Face painting cheek art designs are much easier to create then larger and more
complex full face and larger body art designs. You do not have to use a big or
complex design to make a great pace painting creation. There are many popular
face painting cheek art designs that are small and extremely popular among all
ages. Especially with children's face painting cheek art designs, there are
many different designs that you can use that fit the sizes of face painting
cheek art. This is what makes face painting cheek art so great too. You can
resize any type of design to turn it into face painting cheek art. This can be
very popular among your customers as they do not have to wait long periods of
time or be covered in face paint to have the favorite design put on them.

Versatility is one of the biggest advantages to face painting cheek art. With
face painting cheek art, you are not only limited to doing face paintings on
the cheek. In fact, face painting cheek art can be done almost anywhere. Some
popular places that face painting cheek art can be done besides on the cheek
are other parts of the face, the neck, legs, back, shoulders, and stomach. Face
painting cheek art is very versatile in the locations of where you can put the
face painting cheek art due to the small sizes of different face painting cheek
art patterns.

There are several face painting cheek art, which can save you and your your
clients time and money, while being able to provide faster service. Face
painting cheek art is both fun and can be just as amazing as doing large
complex face painting projects.

Tips For Hiring Artists For Kids Face Painting

Before you hire a artists for kids face painting, there are some precautions
that you should take regarding kids face painting. With anything that involves
your children, there are some things that you can do to help ensure the safety
of your children and anyone else's children, especially with kids face
painting. These hazards are usually brought on by unprofessional artists who do
not follow proper steps when doing kids face painting, or any other type of face
painting. Here are some tips of how to correctly select artists to hold your
kids face painting events.

Before you make a decision for an artist to do your kids face painting event,
it is good to get a understanding of the artists personality and how they are,
as this will effect how they will interact with the kids. This is important as
the artists attitude and patience will either make the kids face painting event
a popular one, or a disastrous one. You can easily achieve this by asking what
type of kids face painting events they have held in the past, if they have any
referrals, and if they have worked with anyone else at the events who you could
talk to. All of this is important and relevant, especially if you do not know
who the artist is and you do not have anyone who can give you any reviews about
the artist and their work.

The next part about hiring a artist for your kids face painting event, is by
making sure they use the appropriate tools and paints. You must always make
sure that the artist uses FDA approved paint that is not only non-toxic and
chemical free, but is also made to be used on a persons skin. If you use paint
that is not no-toxic, chemical free and is not made for skin, then it can
produce some very serious risks that could lead to hospitalization as well as
medical attention. Also check to see if the face painting they do is only by
hand or if they also offer airbrush services. This will add variety to your
kids face painting event and can even lead to quicker face paintings with
airbrush paintings.

Before you hire a artists, always see samples of their work and have a firm and
legal agreement in place before you have them host your kids face painting
event. Any artist can claim to have the best work. It is not rude or uncommon
to see samples of their work whether it is on a website or a picture in their
portfolio. Bes sure that the pictures you are looking at are real live people
and try to make sure they are authentic. Most face painters take a camera and
take pictures of their work to use as pieces of their personal portfolios.
Always make sure that you also get a firm agreement that is legal and signed.
Make sure that you have a copy of this agreement. On the day of the event, tell
the artist that you will pay for half of the bill when they show up and the
other half when the kids face painting event is over.

By following these simple tips you will hire a professional face painter that
will make you kids face painting event a success.

Clowns and Their Face Paint

Clowns have been long known for their painted faces. Each clown face is a
painting in unique to the image that person wants to convey. The clowns must
match their face to the characters in their acts. Silly clowns often visit
children's hospitals to spread joy among gloomy patients. They are also known
to be one of the main attractions in many circus acts. What circus would be
complete without a clown of some sort? One circus scene is that of many clowns
stuffing themselves into a tiny car that is driven around the stage as they
perform their silly antics. Clowns can be rented for children's birthday
parties. Some have even been known to perform on busy city sidewalks in bigger
cities of the United States, accepting donations from charitable passersby.

Who hasn't heard of the famous clown Ronald McDonald? Part of his fame is
contributed to his well-known and loved clown face painting. It is a welcome
clown face to any town that sports the restaurant with which he is associated.
Many children have been drawn like a magnet to sit on a Ronald statue posted
outside a McDonald's restaurant. Collectors stock Ronald McDonald memorabilia.

Another clown who reached fame long ago was called Bozo the Clown. Bozo's face
had a large white base, covering even his neck area. There was a big red,
bulbous nose, exaggerated red mouth, and tall black eyebrows. He complimented
his painted face with crazy red hair. He was possibly the most famous of
clowns. There was even a Mexican version of Bozo. Each clown must perfect his
or her own face painting to convey their personality. There are sad clowns,
happy clowns, perpetually surprised clowns. They invest in their look,
carefully choosing supplies and additions to their painted faces that will last
throughout their act and must spend hours practicing to make each act its best.
For those who entertain the notion of becoming a clown, there are books
available to guide you on your journey to find the clown face and style that is
right for you. The eyes alone can speak volumes, so choose your design
carefully. A second revealing feature is that of the mouth area. The face is
meant to enhance the overall image you want to portray. It should compliment
your own features.

The supplies for a clown face involve concealer, foundations, highlights,
shadows, neutralizers, brushes, glitter, mineral powders, sealers, adhesives,
cleaners, applicators, sponges, and skin treatments. Invest in good quality
supplies for a long-lasting satisfaction with the products.

What else will you include in your act? Will you want a pet to add to the
delight of your audience? The props will be important as well, for you and your
pet or clown partner. How often will you want to perform? Should you invest in a
costume or just rent it when needed? What will you need to carry your supplies
and your stage props? Will you be dressed when you arrive or would it be best
to wait until you are at your destination? Whatever the choices may be, careful
consideration should be exercised for the most enjoyment.

Your Resources For Free Face Painting Ideas

There are many free face painting ideas out there that can accommodate us with
either finding new designs and styles to paint, or have painted on us. Of
course you can find many types of resources at many different outlets regarding
face painting ideas, but as there are many paid resources, there are also just
as many resources for free face painting ideas. There are many resources that
can be found in some of the most creative places which can provide some
excellent free face painting ideas. Just like good face paintings have to be
creative, so do your resources for finding free face painting ideas.

We will start off with one of the most passed up resources for free face
painting ideas. These resources consist of such things that you see everyday
and may even be subscribing to. These resources free face painting ideas are
such things a magazines, books, posters, advertisements as well as many other
things that we come across every day. Now you may be wondering how these are
great resources for free face painting ideas. In such things as your newspapers
store advertisement pages, you will see some of the most current pictures of
items and characters that are on the market today. You can use these pictures
as references to some of the great things that people are interested in
including characters for kids, and incorporate them into your face painting
ideas. Things you see on television, such as shows and ads, can serve as the
things that are currently out or coming out. These are new ideas that you can
incorporate into your face paintings. Even by seeing the current designs
imprinted on t-shirts, in the form of tattoos and other such designs, you can
use a references for free face painting ideas. The sources that you can find in
everyday life are limitless for inspiring new free face painting ideas.

To get some specific step by step diagrams referenced to free face painting
ideas, you can go to such places as art supply stores and even face painting
supply websites. These types of shops display different and free how to ideas
which can serve as free face painting ideas. They do this to serve as an
inspiration of what you can create, in hopes that you will buy the supplies
form them. This is a great marketing strategy which can serve to benefit you
with supplying you with free face painting ideas.

Other resources for finding free face painting ideas are such places as your
public library, bookstores where you can look at the books without buying them,
as well as going to public art resource centers at such places as colleges and
community centers. These types of resources can also provide you with some
great free face painting ideas along with tutorials of how to make the designs

Free face painting ideas are very abundant. Whether they are free face painting
ideas that come form everyday interaction, or form stores and public resources,
there are many free face painting ideas out there that we can use.

How To Create Simple Face Painting Designs

Simple face painting designs are not hard. Many people think that in order to
have a great face painting creation, they have to use complex designs, rather
then simple face painting designs. This is a common mistake that many people
make, because simple face painting designs create some of the best face
painting designs. However, because of this thought that you have to be a great
artist to be successful at face painting, many people do not even try to be a
face painter. You do not have to be an artist to be a good face painter.
Creating and copying simple face painting designs is very easy and can be done
with absolutely no experience at all. In fact, there are many experienced face
painters who still rely on simple face painting designs to create new designs
to use in their work. There are many benefits to creating simple face painting
designs, all of which can be done by any person with any level of artistic

Simple face painting designs can be very simple things that can use as little
as one or two colors. You can get a persons face and make a simple face
painting design by coloring half of that persons face one color and the other
half another color. You could even make it so that the design goes vertical,
horizontal or diagonal. There are many face painters who do simple designs such
as American flags, simply by using this two part technique, then add details to
the two different base colors that are split on the face. Some face painters do
simple things as painting a simple star, sun, moon, and other simple on shape
designs that people love. Kids especially love simple face painting designs
that can be done very easily with little effort at all. There are an endless
number of simple face painting designs that use common shapes.

When looking at pictures you can create other types of simple face painting
designs by recognizing the basic shapes that make that design. You can create
simple face painting designs by looking at the shapes that form a design to see
how all of those shapes together make that design possible. You can use these
shapes to make the design, as resources to create your own designs which can
result in such things as masks, simple face painting designs for cheek art, as
well as transformation designs such as animals. Simple animals like a puppy can
be done by painting a face white adding black to the nose, some black whiskers
and a black spot around the eye. By looking at this simple suggestion, you can
realize how easy it is to create simple face painting designs that still can
look amazing.

Simple face painting designs are not complex and can be done by anyone. To make
simple face painting designs, all it takes is some creativity along with some
confidence. Any type of face painting creation has a underlying simple face
painting design to it.

Temporary Tattoos in Place of Face Painting

The availability of temporary tattoos has made the art of face painting as
simple as an instant meal. Just add water! (This is a comparison only, folks,
no, you should not eat the tattoos!) Most temporary tattoos are quick and easy
to apply.

You place them on a cheek, cover with a cloth or paper towel soaked in water
(warm works best), hold a few seconds, and voila`! You now have instant face
art. The cheaper tattoos may not always come off their backing as they are
supposed to, creating missing places in the picture. But there are many quality
tattoos that are worth the effort. Sometimes the removal can be a bit tricky as
well, requiring a bit of baby oil applied to the area and some gentle scrubbing.

While temporary tattoos can be incredible in their colors and simplicity of
application, some may say they take away from the idea of actual face art.
After all, anyone can apply a simple temporary tattoo, right? Many artists may
be insulted to have their work compared to such a thing. Professional face
painting requires a dedication, a love of artwork, skill in the drawing and
painting and knowledge of supplies, and also people skills. But those who
design these type of tattoos do deserve some credit, for their choice of
designs and colors quantity available, and quality of the product.

The world has become fast-paced and face painting has evolved with it in the
creation of the temporary tattoos. Not only sold as facial stickers, they can
also be airbrushed onto the face, which requires a bit more knowledge and
investment. Stencil designs are used to bring ease of application. Airbrushed
designs transform the image into a face-clinging mask! They can be applied
quickly with experienced artists being able to paint as fast as one person per

Markers are a big help also for applying a face painting image. These are
available in the crafts section of many hobby stores and drugstores. For great
detail work, you can use an eyeliner pencil, which helps if you need to
outline. Artists who are good at detail can make their designs look like a
temporary tattoo. You can draw inspiration for face art from tattoo magazines.

If you just want something quick for your children to play with, these tattoos
are fine. They have become more popular with the young teens that are not of an
age to actually receive a real tattoo. Many times these low-cost face stickers
can be found in gumball machines outside stores or in pizza parlors or
children's fun centers.

You can hire artists who specialize in the application of temporary tattoos,
such as the airbrushed type. Many adults enjoy the non-permanent aspect. The
artists who apply such a tattoo are often extremely talented individuals.

For the type of tattoos that are applied with water, those that last longest
are water-resistant and removed with alcohol. They can last up to 7 days if
made of quality materials, applied properly, and worn gently. Make sure you
choose temporary face tattoos that are made of non toxic FDA approved
materials. Also, apply on clean skin with preferably no acne or sores in the
area to be covered.

What Do You Know About Mimes?

A mime practices an art form that is not always readily accepted by the public.
Some consider them annoying as one of their talents includes mocking the actions
of others. Some people see them as just plain creepy because they don't speak
and the faces are usually painted white. Others appreciate the art, talent, and
work that go into becoming an experienced mime.

Mimes perform as in a pretend world where sound is out of place, only an
interpretation of their performance is acceptable. There is a saying that goes,
"If you want to get someone's attention, whisper." Because a mime takes it one
step further, with no sound at all, often this makes the solemn expressions
intimidating. Although they may seem similar, mime face painting is not to be
confused with that of a clown. Clown faces vary more in appearance and usually
include a big red nose and furry, crazily styled wigs. Some clowns do, however,
perform in silence. Mimes have been used in Christian ministry, adding zest to
theater acts and plays to further instill Christian values in a captivating way.

Aspiring college students have often donned the stark white mime face painting
to practice their talents on fellow students coming and going on campuses or at
city parks. A mayor in Bogota, Columbia decided to use mimes to enforce proper
street crossing and safe driving habits.

A well-recognized and traditional mime "costume" is that of a white face, with
black coloring around the eyes, a red painted mouth, a striped shirt, and
suspenders attached to their pants. Painting a mime face takes at least thirty
minutes. It's recommended that facial hair be shaved and long hair be pulled
away from the face. Apply skin moisturizer (not greasy cold cream). Outline
your face in a white base, then start at the nose and work your way out to the
edges. Tip: Adding markings over cake makeup is easier than over grease makeup.
Otherwise, you'll want to lightly add white face powder to help the other paint
to adhere when you apply the black around your eyes and anywhere else you'll
need it. For best results, add markings as follows:

1. Eyebrows and other markings 
2. Outline eyes 
3. Add mascara 
4. Add lipstick

Although not everyone appreciates miming, they have to work to perfect their
performances. It takes skill to be able to get a story across to the public
without using voice. A deaf mute person is forced to learn to mime to help them
communicate effectively with others. This, however, is not an act, but a way of
life. There is no costume or face painting. A mother has to learn to mime to
her children when she loses her voice. It can be quite challenging and
frustrating to be unable to communicate. (Perhaps if she put on the white mime
face, she could gain and keep their attention easier!).

A mime is a silent actor, or actress, as the case may be. There are mimes that
travel all over the world, who live and perform in many parts of the country.
They perform live in theaters, travel to entertain school children, perform at
hospitals (no worries about causing too much noise)!

How to Get Free Face Painting Designs

Many people who have an interest in face painting yet lack imagination for
designs can find free ideas as close as their local library. If you lack the
talent to create your own designs, you could always trace pictures from a
child's storybook. Most storybooks for the under-five age group will have
simple pictures easy to trace.

Another source for free designs is a child's coloring book. They usually offer
simple, basic outlines with dark borders. You may have trouble finding the
designs small enough, but this can be accomplished using a copier that reduces
images. When tracing, remember not to infringe upon the copyrights of another
artist. You should transform the picture into something that shows your own
style and talent. You could add or take away something or change the coloring,
angle, or shape.

If you have a friend who works with patterns, such as sewing or embroidery, you
could ask to borrow these to transfer the pictures to your own collection of
free face painting designs.

Does your computer have a graphics program? Print some designs from that.
Choose a blank document setting, add a graphic or several, enlarge or reduce as
needed, then print in black and white. You'll want to transfer these into your
notebook or onto a piece of poster board to showcase your available artwork,
adding the actual colors of the paints you'll be using to give the proper image
for public viewing. This will help you avoid someone wanting colors you don't
have available, and will give a more realistic sample of your work.

Do you own cookie cutters with empty centers or know a mom or someone else who
likes to bake? Borrow their cookie cutters to trace the outlines. Add your
details and you have free face painting designs! Use stencils to trace designs
for transforming.

Checking out books at the library is one way to come up with ideas for face
painting designs. Ask your friends and family for unwanted craft magazines.
Check with teachers and neighbors, parenting groups in your area, community
centers, preschools. Don't forget the wonderful world of the internet. If you
don't have your own computer, check with your local library. Even smaller towns
are becoming more technology-friendly. Libraries now tend to offer free internet
service to those who aren't able to have it at home.

Of course, once you have practiced and built up your collection of available
designs, you may want to offer some free face painting to some of these
wonderful people who have assisted you in getting started with this new
adventure. It will serve a purpose for several reasons, returning a favor and
getting your work and name out there so people will become familiar with you
and your talent. Plus, it will allow you to find your voice for the public,
providing practice on dealing with your customers and where to set limits for
them and for yourself. You'll need to learn how much of your supplies to keep
on stock for the size crowd you're expected to draw, how best to set up your
area, and so forth.

Remapping Children Face Painting Designs

It is a known fact that children face painting designs is one of the most
recognized aspect of face painting. This is because children love face
painting, which is why children face painting designs are so popular and seen
so frequently. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced face painter, you
will come to find that the world of children face painting designs can
sometimes seem empty. This is especially true with children face painting
designs when you are looking for new children face painting designs to use in
your artwork. When you come to this problem, do not worry at all, because you
are not the only one. There are some things you can do to not only be creative
with children face painting designs, but also resources you can sue as
inspiration to create and alter your children face painting designs.

With children face painting designs, there are many free resources you can use
as inspiration. Many children like the current movie, television show, the
latest toy or cartoon character. All of these current things that are popular
among children can be your free resource for inspiration to create new children
face painting designs. These designs are easy to learn and you can practice a
few times with some low cost face paint so that you are not using your high
quality face paint. Feel free to practice on one of your own children or on a
model. Once you have the design looking like the character, then start to add
some variations to the design. It never hurts to make your design look unique.

With current popular designs that you do, feel free to add some variations to
those as well. You can do simple things as changing a current designs color,
expression, shape variations for different parts of the design as well as
adding new elements to the design. With children face painting designs anything
can be done and a child will always appreciate a unique touch added to their
design. It is great to be able to give a child options with your designs. If a
child says I want a tiger, ask them what kind of tiger? Do they want one
snarling with teeth, or do they want a goofy tiger with its tongue hanging out.
Children also do not care about colors, so you can also ask what kind of color
they want. The most important thing to remember with children face painting
designs, is that you are creating a design to please a child. This gives you a
lot more flexibility with children face painting designs as you do not have to
have a realistic replica of the design. Remember to have fun with the designs
and let your creativity roam free to create some of the best children face
painting designs.

With children face painting designs the only limitation is your own mind.
Reconfiguring old designs and adding the newest children's interests into new
designs will help you create fun and exciting children face painting designs.

The Art of Tribal Face Painting

Remember the American Indians getting ready for war in the old western movies?
Tribal face painting existed long before the cutes and expressive face
paintings offered in today's society. It's still possible to see the respected
face painting of American Indians at related festivals held around the United
States today.

Tribal face painting is not just and never was just a prelude to war. It is
included in several types of different celebrations in other countries. Tribes
have painted faces for weddings, religious reasons, celebrations of new birth,
victory over successful hunts, and as a way to aid their camp-fire storytelling.

Native American tribes took their face painting seriously. They developed their
own paints from earthy materials such as roots, berries, clay, and bark. (Woe to
anyone who may have had severe allergic reactions to any of these natural
substances!) The colors of their face painting held meanings, such as: red for
war, black for living (sounds strange, but it's true), white for peace, green
for night vision, yellow for mourning.

African tribal art is done with relevance as well, having spiritual meaning.
Red is associated with blood, sexuality, and fire.

Aboriginal face art is used in ceremonies. The Tiwi tribe in Australia practice
initiation ceremonies for children, using tribal face painting as a part of
their performances. The Yanyuwa people in Northern Territory of Australia
practice rituals on a beach. They paint their faces and bodies with ochre and
clay, re-enacting the deeds of beings in the mythical past. They then wash off
in the water to re-emerge as people again. (For information's sake, ochre is a
yellow or reddish-brown clay containing iron, used as a pigment).

Hunters all over the world, not limited to those considered tribal, often paint
their faces with camouflage paint. Dedicated American hunters believe firmly in
the art of camouflage, head to toe! Tribal hunters may only paint their faces
and bodies to signify that they are going on a hunt or to distinguish them in
their group as the ones who do the hunting for food.

In Kenya, Kikuyu men will don highly stylized headdresses and wear face paint
for warrior dances.

One place a person is almost certain to see painted faces is in a parade or at
a festival. There is a Japanese festival called Shichi-go-san, held November
15. It is for girls, ages 3 and 7, and boys, ages 3 and 5. The parents take
their young children to shrines for special blessings for healthy growth. The
boys wear suits. The girls wear kimonos. Often you will see Japanese dolls
dressed in brightly colored kimonos, wearing wooden sandals called geta. Their
faces will be painted completely in white except for the red lips. The hair
will be styled with floral adornments.

Tribes have also been known to paint the faces of wooden masks for dances. They
will wear costumes, often having designs painted on their arms, chests, and
legs. Usually no shoes are worn during these dances, and the dances are often
for celebration or story-telling.

The Importance of Face Painting Pictures

The art of face painting can be as simple or as complicated as the talent of
the person painting. More adventurous and experienced painters can put a lot of
detail into their pictures in an amazingly short amount of time.

When my son was 4 years old, an extremely talented artist, at a festival in
Northeast California painted a beautiful blue roadrunner bird on my son's
cheek. My son refused to wash his treasure off for 3 days, during which time
the paint had begun to chip, peel, and smear. Of course, I had to take a
photograph of him snaggle-toothed and grinning with pride. Face painting has
become quite advanced over the years. Some wonderful artists have perfected the
art of air brushing the face. Manufacturers now create face stencils, paint
pencils, face glitter, and stick-on jewelry to add pizzazz to face painting
pictures. Pastel paints have been developed as well to create a softer effect.

Family fun attractions have adopted face painting as part of their appeal. It
is offered in malls as well, although usually reserved for the holidays so as
to maximize on the profits possible at such times.

Devoted football fans have painted their faces for years, proudly sharing their
team spirit with the display of team colors upon their person. Sometimes this
will include the paw print of a mascot or maybe the name or initials of the
favored team, player, or player number.

The colors for face painting must be considered when choosing which pictures
you'll want to paint. Will you want to offer only a certain theme suited for a
nearby holiday or upcoming event?

You certainly wouldn't sell many Halloween pictures at Christmas or vice versa.
Monsters would not be appropriate for a church function. Children of today would
be less likely to choose an older cartoon figure from an adult's childhood. Your
choice of pictures can have either a negative or a positive impact upon the
reception of your talent and the success of your sales.

Plenty of practice before a big event is necessary to ensure your success as
well. Timing will decide how popular you'll be. If you should you take too
long, a young child is certain to become impatient. Take into consideration the
level of difficulty in a painting. Whatever pictures you choose, good quality
outcome is the key to pull-in customers. Offer only pictures you know you can
deliver well and quickly. Sloppy work will quickly kill any hopes of building
your newfound business. The more thought and effort you put in, the more
satisfaction you will get out.

Remember to take a camera and get pictures of your finished face painting for
your portfolio. This will be necessary should you ever need to send someone a
sample of your work when trying to obtain gigs. Don't forget the benefits of
doing some work for free in order to build your reputation in the business.
Last, but not least, consider hiring a partner to help you manage your booth.

About Tiger Face Painting

Tigers are thought of as ferocious creatures, beautiful in their own right, to
be respected for their strength and quiet grace. This, along with their pretty
coloring, makes them a popular choice for little children when one offers face

There is a famous female artist based in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada) who is
originally from Japan. She started in Tokyo in 1996 and works across Canada,
the United States, South Korea and Japan. She does bright and colorful work
face painting and offers skill and swift delivery of her artwork.

For the tiger face, she begins with a damp sponge, dabs on white around the
eyes and for the beard, followed by yellow in the middle of the face, an orange
border around the edges of the face, then brushes on black whiskers and stripes,
topping off her perfection with a dab of glitter. Within minutes, the customer
gleefully possesses the face of a tiger upon their own. She is a professional
who carries liability insurance and uses paints made only from safe
ingredients. If you choose to experiment with painting your own tiger face upon
yourself or a willing participant, there is a Crayola Face Paint Party Kit you
can purchase. It offers 3 stage instructions, retractable crayon paint, 2
sponges, and tiger teeth. It is not recommended for children under the age of
3. It's a great gift idea and is priced under $10 USD. The paint comes off with
baby lotion for easy removal. There are also how-to books on some web sites and
kits for the same price or less.

Painting tiger faces for sports fans is made easy by the many kits available.
While the price may not seem cheap ($20 to $25 each kit), keep in mind that any
specialty item costs a little more than a regular item of the same kind. Often
mascot face painting kits will be sold to help earn a profit for the school
they represent.

A list of tiger face painting kits can be found for the following teams:

* Clemson Tigers 
* Missouri Tigers 
* Auburn Tigers 
* Louisiana State Tigers

Snazaroo created a tiger kit with a step-by-step guide. Only four colors are
needed: red, yellow, orange, and white. The details for application are
wonderful. Red is used under the eyes, which is not a usual color for this type
of face. The red provides a distinct unique quality.

A good place to find tiger face paint kits would be a party supply store. Check
for wild animal kits as well, which can include the tiger design. Another idea
for face painting kits is a children's toy store. Some of the big, popular book
stores may offer kits or books on face painting that would include the tiger
face instructions.

Let us not forget the ever-friendly Disney tiger, Tigger. His face design only
requires 3 colors. It is one of the simplest tiger whole-face designs available
for a child. It is possible to paint this face with simply a finished picture of
Tigger himself.

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