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What You Can Get From Fashion Designing Schools

Talent and education combined are the most secured foundation you can lay on in
your pursue of career in the fashion industry.

Your talent is there, no doubt about that. But a free moving talent has lesser
significance against that which was properly oriented to the fundamentals of
channeling that talent into workable art.

The majority of fashion designers find great worth in attending fashion
designing schools. Such schools would not only supplement them with the proper
and structured knowledge but will also help them expand their basic skills
through applied art. The curriculums offered in fashion designing schools are
specifically designed to stimulate the interests of the students. Additionally,
the curriculums offered in fashion designing schools would stabilize the
groundwork for improving the innate talents young fashion designers have.

Normally, training programs in fashion designing schools are created ideally to
put challenge on the students by integrating both theoretical and technical
means of learning to produce creative and artistic designs. Sensible approaches
are also introduced to the artists to change and innovate fashion trends that
are apt for various present requirements.

Fashion designing schools exist primarily because both the greats and to-be
greats acknowledge the worth of sending themselves into formal trainings so as
to equip them with the knowledge and learning they need. It is not enough for
you to know how to produce your fashion creations, you must also take
responsibility in grooming yourself.

Fashion designing is not just about fame or being recognized by Hollywood. It
is not also only about making money out of your skills. It also deals with the
expression of art's beauty in your creative outputs- in the items you make and
in the justifications you give to the art.

As for those who are trying to find their veins in the fashion industry,
entering into fashion designing schools is the best way to orient themselves
with the basic instructions on pattern and clothes making, body measurements
and sewing.

While it is true that a couple of people in the industry undergone no formal
training, we still can't ignore the basic truth that those who schooled
themselves with the art fare much better than those who bargain on talent and
skills alone.

Attending in a fashion designing school would not only pave your way towards
creativity and artistry, it would also lay a path for you to achieve great in
the fashion industry. For one, the instructors in many well-renowned fashion
schools have the access to influences that could intensely increase the
likelihood for you to make a name in the field. An education in a fashion
school can practically increase your credibility and reputation when seeking
employment. This then will inevitably open wider options for you to take higher
roads towards success and fame.

Since the beginning of industry, some people have already initiated to create a
formal environment to hone artists. But these back then were often dismissed and
laughed at. Recently though, many were encouraged to enter such schools for the
refinement of their talents and skills. Thus, we can see the products in the
field now.

If you want to venture on the professional world of fashion designing, these
schools are one of the best alleys you can take. These are not your absolute
answers to career but they are sure to help you find your own niche and special

Services You Can Get from Fashion Merchandising Schools

Attending to fashion merchandising schools is not only about learning the
basics. It must also deal on the process of recreating fashion to move your own
way. Well, that might give an initial shock on you but you see, an artist like
you would not break grounds if you would only follow the works of those who
have preceded you. The fashion industry hungers for innovative ideas that would
keep the trends flowing. You might be having it with you but lacking the school
to merchandise and sell your ideas and concepts, your efforts might be done in

Fashion designing is more than creating new stuffs and sewing these stuffs
together to cater specific fashion senses.

Fashion merchandising schools specialize in sending consumers the idea that
your own line of fashion is good, it will help you drive the people's interest
towards your works. The assistance that may be had from such schools will also
help you pick up new trends while creating a name for yourself.

There are various factors that you should be looking into when searching for a
fashion merchandising school. Central to these is the optimization of your
merchandising skills and capacities to practically push you into the trade.

Services must also be considered when looking for a fashion merchandising school.
These cover a number of things including scholarships, facilities, the provisions
teachers may give and the assistance that could be given to both the students
and the graduates.

a. Scholarships - These services are probably one of the great helps when your
exact problem is your budget for the school. Most of fashion designer schools
provide scholarships of some sort. These would help spare you from a number of

b. Facilities - The equipments and the resources of a school must be well
studied before you decide to enroll yourself. While it is true that you can use
your own equipments, provisions from a school would perfectly help you in
sharpening your skills.

c. Teachers - Who can deliver education and learning more but the teachers? See
to it that the school you are about to enroll in has credible staffs that are
recognized in the fashion industry. In this case, you will have the confidence
to let them influence you to some degree.

You must also check into the number of students per teacher. The basic truth in
classroom education is that the bigger the population of the class, the lesser
focus a teacher can provide. Be wary though with too small classes as these
might imply the struggle of the school towards delivering trustworthy
instruction. Besides, if the class is too large, it is more likely that
hands-on and face to face teaching methods would suffer basically because one
cannot attend efficiently to a large number of people at the same time.

d. Job Placements - The assistance of a fashion designer school doesn't stop on
classroom education alone. Graduates must be given enough assistance as to
provide them with enough guidance after the training. The school of your
preference should have programs for landing you a job after you finished your
course with them. This might not be your greatest consideration for now. But in
the end, you would not want to find yourself between waiting for a company to
call you back or toiling for a job vacancy.

Wait til waiting realizes its vanities.

What to Look for From Fashion Designer Schools

There are lots of people who can tell you a thing or two about fashion designer
schools. They may be right- fashion schools may not add up to your talent at the
end of the day but you see, the other face of the coin might also be true. That
is, fashion schools would not only keep you informed, you will also get to
enhance your talents and special interests.

The truth is, having the talents is not enough. You need to be properly trained
to get this talent on the right track. One good way of doing this is to attend
fashion designer schools.

Like with everything, you need to find a school that can provide you with all
the stuffs you need while justifying the bill of their curriculum.

There are a number of things you should be considering in your choice of
school. Among them are: cost, services and curriculum.

The cost, both the initial and the extra charges, is probably the major
consideration among aspiring talents. Fashion designer schools are few and they
can't be simply accessed in every city. That would mean extra baggage on your

How much it costs to attend a fashion designer school, you ask. Well, this cant
be answered concretely with figures since these vary from one school to another.
Also, this issue is largely dependent on many factors including the popularity
of the fashion designer school, the spectrum of services it offers and the
facilities it has.

It's good if you are not bothered with the cost of the school. Sadly, most of
us tend to be practical when dealing with things. However, this does not
suggest that one should dive fast on the least expensive school you can get
your hands on. There are also dangers in this. Remember that with lower price,
the quality and the services of the institution suffers.

Now, that leaves you only to choosing between a well-performing school with
high tuition fee or a mediocre fashion designer school with much lower price.

Whatever your choice is, you have to spot on the balance. Find the one which
can give you the best of both worlds. Surely, there are those fashion designer
schools that chose to put income as secondary and exchange this for the main
aim of fostering passion in fashion designing among their budding artists.

The services a fashion designer school should also be taken into thought. These
factors cover the job placement services to graduate students, a number of
scholarships, a well-performing teaching staff and the general competence of
the institution.

Last on your list of consideration is the curriculum the school offers. Keep in
mind that you went to a fashion designer school to learn. If a specific school
can only provide you with the things that you can learn by other means then the
purpose of entering would be spoiled. Secure to it that you are well
supplemented with the ideals of the program.

Formal training must be the real aim of any curriculum. This then should be
combined with a good mixture of theoretical approach plus the application of
the learning earned from classroom setting.

The basic offers among fashion designer schools are fashion basics, modeling,
sales marketing and fashion merchandising.

These are just some of the many factors that you can first consider reflect on
so that you would arrive to a final choice of school that you will be contented

Basic Criteria for Choosing Your Fashion Design School

School, obviously, is the one main vehicle where you can acquire basic and
formal training. This is true to all fields and industries. And as such, the
fashion industry does not escape this reality.

You may have the talent and the unique sense for fashion but without structured
training, you might fail to understand and explore more on your gifts.

Besides, one's success in the field of fashion relies partly on your choice of
school. In this article, we will give you the basic criteria you can use in
exploring your options of fashion design school.

Cost- This is one of the main considerations that largely affect your choice of
school. The sad truth with fashion design schools is that they are too few and
among the relatively small number are the handful schools that can truly
deliver efficient education.

As with many other things, low cost fashion design schools are good but only if
they can give effective learning. This is rarely the case though. Often, with
lower fees, lower quality of education may be had. This is due primarily to the
reason that such schools can't afford higher paying professionals to provide
them with man power. Thus, they settle for people who can give service at a low
price. Don't let quality suffer over the limit of your budget. There will always
be some well-performing fashion design schools that will suit your means.

Area of Specialization- In the fashion industry, it is well recognized that one
should have special fields where they are greatly inclined to. This must be
triggered or further supplemented by the fashion school of your choice.

The first thing you would want to do is to study the nature of the fashion
design school. What fields does it cater? What courses does it focus on? What
are their main emphases in delivering the art? These are among the many things
that you should give intense consideration since the fashion design school that
you will be choosing would largely influence your career later.

The best aid for your choice of school is to know its reputation. A self
respecting fashion design school is one that makes itself renowned in the world
of fashion. Does your school of consideration participate in fashion school
competitions? This would be a sure mark of fostering excellence in the industry
and the school's commitment for brilliant education.

To maximize your strength, you must therefore find a school that focuses on
your own field of specialization.

Considerations on the Curriculum- As with college education, you must also
check into the curriculum offered in the school of fashion design. To get the
best offered in your spectrum of choices, you can compare curriculum from
various schools and decide what you think would best fit in your preferences.

Ratio of teacher to students- The size of a class against a teacher means two
things- the school is either too popular or it's the other way around.
Nevertheless, the larger the size of the class the more likely would education
suffer. It is often better to choose between schools of relatively fewer
students since this will normally have the implication of focusing better on
the students.

These are only some of the major points to consider in choosing your fashion
design school. As for your final decision, your best judgment must out rule any

Getting High with the Lures of School and the Fashion Industry

Through the years, more and more people have shown a great deal of interest in
venturing into the fashion industry. Its popularity may be attributed in part
to success stories of famous fashion designers the world over, like Tommy

It was told that Hilfiger drove to New York, bought trendy clothes, and sold
them to his townspeople for a huge amount of profit. This story is very
inspiring, knowing that Hilfiger is now one of the most expensive and sought
after brands out there. However, not everyone who is interested in the fashion
world was born with a sharp business knowledge and outstanding fashion sense
like Hilfiger's.

Here is where education makes the difference.

With this rising interest of people in the fashion industry comes a rise in the
competition, but then, so as with opportunities. It is getting easier to enter a
fashion school and obtain a degree - may it be in fashion design, fashion
merchandising, or fashion marketing.

These industries may focus on various aspects of the fashion industry, but they
do overlap in numerous ways, including the need for knowledgeable instructors in
the chosen industry. The competition may be stiff, but if you will be educated
and trained in the proper way, you are sure to get an edge in the competitive
fashion world.

First of all, you must determine which field you want to specialize in. As
enumerated, the three - fashion design, fashion marketing, and fashion
merchandising - are the top choices as far as the best opportunities in a
fashion career is concerned.

Here are some of the basic information about each:

Fashion Design. If you are a fashion designer, you are considered as the artist
of the fashion industry. You are expected to be a highly creative individual who
has the eye for an array of colors, lines and textures and has a good sense of

As easy as it may seem, a fashion designer's job does not start and end in
bringing visions into paper and doing sketches of masterpieces. Based on the
final sketch, a designer must still sort through different textures and
materials, and then predict how it will fit a fashion model or consumer's body.
Once the material has been chosen, the pattern must be cut from the textile, and
finally, sewn together. After numerous considerations, it is only then that the
"vision" or final product will be seen.

Fashion Marketing. This is an aspect of fashion that basically operates
behind-the-scenes. If you will become a fashion marketer, you will have to keep
yourself side by side with the ever changing consumer purchasing habits and
fashion trends; come up with advertising campaigns that will attract the
attention and appeal to the tastes of specific types of consumers; and mind the
various innovations that are introduced to the field every so often.

The visionary that is in every fashion marketer should foresee what would be
successful and interesting to specific groups, as well as making sure that the
apparel would be bought. Fashion marketers should be able to link fashion
designers and the consumers.

Fashion Merchandising. Fashion merchandisers and marketers go hand-in-hand.
Just like marketers, merchandisers must be able to foresee what is going to be
the next new trend and style and determine the specific needs of a target
consumer group. However, if the marketer is responsible for the advertising
stints, a merchandiser actually buys the apparel and presents them to the
various boutiques.

If you are going to be a merchandiser, you will aid the consumers in the
selection of the right clothes - may it be through proper lighting,
presentation, or simply giving valuable suggestions.

There you have it! Do you want to get high with a new career? Find yourself a
school and choose the course that is best for you! Submit yourself to the lures
of school and the fashion industry.

Advantages of Attending Fashion Schools

Fashion is where money is. The public has grown so obsessed with Hollywood that
encourages the fashion industry to evolve on its lucrative growth. Instant
popularity is at hand if you have the right combination of everything (say
right choice of endorser, right choice of fashion ideas, innovative and
creative sense of fashion and the likes).

Nonetheless, the fashion industry is a hard business to penetrate. You must be
equipped with the knowledge and influences that would provide you the maximum
exposure you need to deliver your creations into the industry. But still, most
of everything is commanded by your brilliance in designing that would give you
center stage.

Your talent might be there. It is an innate property that can't be stolen from
you. It is in your own discretion though to let that talent turn into passion.
But talent and skills are not enough. You have to undergo formal instructions
to be able to hone those special features and direct them specifically towards
becoming the best of your self.

This is the basic principle why fashion schools exist and continue to serve
budding artists. They provide guidance and supplemental training to drive the
artist to achieve with his creations. While online fashion schools have been
gathering fame in the fashion industry, this still does not negate the fact
that hands-on training and face-to-face instructions can't be equaled even by
the best online degree offers.

Since you are considering entering a fashion school, it is expected of you to
be knowledgeable enough on the fundamentals of fashion designing and basic
awareness on designing. However, this is not an implication that the student
must produce ramp-quality creations initially. Instead, you are expected to
bring out the brilliance in simple designs and create concepts that you may
have patterned on the works of some great fashion designers or better yet,
designs of your own concepts.

Remember that fashion designers only make name in the industry when they have
produced something genuinely creative that can cater the present fashion sense
while having the originality and good sense of distinction from other fashion

You may not be possessing this nature for the moment. But the thing is, an
efficient fashion school could best bring out the brilliance in you and in your
creations. Initially, you may be producing rubbish concepts but this would be
set off with good learning you have acquired from a formal school.

Some people may contend that even without proper education, an artist can
create fashion trends that will be embraced by the public. Yes, that might be
true. But remember that there are too few individuals who have made it into the
fashion scene with the littlest formal study. Besides, even the trends in
fashion change. What may have been true before cant be exactly true now. A
formal schooling would update you of the most recent trends and the analysis of
past styles that have recreated the industry.

A fashion school, like tertiary education will help you seek out your niche.
You might have creative ideas lurking in your mind but these free-flowing ideas
would be turned into nothing if not properly directed.

Moreover, the experiences of instructors in the fashion schools would be passed
down on you. Thus, you are less likely to fall into the same pitfalls they have
arisen from themselves.

Toronto: Within Canada's Largest City Comes Great Fashion Design Schools

Toronto is often mistaken as Canada's capital maybe because this capital city
of Ontario has the largest population in the entire country. The city prides of
a theater scene that can compete against those of New York and London.

Moreover, the city houses the Royal   Ontario Museum, which is the largest in
the country and its skyline also boasts of CN Tower, the world's tallest
structure. If housing the tallest and large structures is not enough, how about
the city serving as hosts to topnotch American filmmakers? Toronto serves as
venues of the Neilson Park Creative Center and the Museum of Contemporary
Canadian Art.

As an additional benefit, you will realize that the city is bustling with
action as most popular attractions are within walking distance. In other words,
a short stride will bring you to the waterfront, thousands of hotels, sports
venues, along with restaurants that serve fine cuisines, to name a few. Thus,
it suffices to say that the city is one heck of a cultural center.

These things show that the city, indeed, support and celebrate the arts, which
in turn provide inspiration for the creative minds.

And while referring to arts, it is inevitable that the fashion industry takes a
spotlight. Arts and fashion are closely related because of the one concept and
that is design. If you are creative, love the arts, and appreciate the dynamism
of culture, Toronto's fashion schools can provide you with the training for the
exciting career in designing and the arts.

Why Toronto is a great place for fashion design students?

The Neilson Park Center serves as a haven to the Rugcarfters of Etobicoke, the
Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinning Guild for anyone interested in textiles,
especially fashion design students.

Aside from this cultural venue, there is an array of opportunities for fashion
designers who do not become famous. With artistic talent and creativity,
fashion designers can work in a fashion illustration or textile design, work
for a garment manufacturer, or get into advertising or even retail purchasing.
For business-minded individuals, they can blend their skills in fashion design
with courses in business to prepare for a career in management, say fashion
wholesale or retail.

The competition among retailers make the city an affordable place to shop, and
this fact can be considered as a bonus for starting fashion designers. Also,
designers can work their creative minds on designing labels and bottles for
rums aside from apparels. This works in Toronto, too.

Now, if you have been dreaming or are already convinced of going to a fashion
school in Toronto, you can make it into a reality. Check out a couple of
fashion schools in Toronto that provide courses in marketing, fashion design,
and merchandising:

1.  International Academy of Design and Technology

The school has campuses in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando. They provide
program areas and a variety of degree levels designed to fit your unique career
track. In detail, they offer:

*  Diploma in Fashion Design
*  Diploma in Merchandising and Fashion Marketing

2.  Art Institute of Toronto

The school focuses on the business and creative aspects of the fashion design
industry. The institute also promises that career support shall be available
after finishing programs in:

*  Fashion Design
*  Fashion Merchandising/Marketing

The city is large so you can survey more schools. Your guts and your dreams are
all that you need to do to hone your creative self in this thriving city.

The Advantages of Attending a Fashion School in Milan

Milan is also known as the fashion capital of the world. This is the place
where it all happens. In Milan, the biggest offense you can commit is having an
imitation purse. This is the reason why people who want to learn about fashion
often dream about attending a fashion school in Milan.

So what can you get from attending a fashion school in Milan?

1) Experience - Being in the center of the fashion capital means that you have
the chance to see your education in action. You have a chance to see just how
fashion works in the real world. Experience is something that you truly need
when you want to be the best at something. Attending a fashion school in Milan
is like attending boot camp in the middle of Iraq.

Experience will help you get the best jobs because experience is the best
teacher around. Experience will teach you how to react in certain situations.
Experience will teach you what to do and how and when to do it.

2) Competition - Since Milan is the fashion capital, it is only natural that
people all over the place are competing with each other for the top spot. This
would help you become more competitive when you are in the business. You will
learn how to deal with the intense pressure of having competition breathing
down your neck. You will learn how to respond to criticism by improving your

Stiff competition is the best thing that can help the development of your
talent in fashion. By going to a fashion school in Milan, you are putting
yourself through the test of the flame.

3) Discipline - Because of the high expectations of fashion schools in Milan,
you will learn how to discipline yourself and this will help you succeed in
life. Fashion, although it involves creativity, requires a lot of discipline in
order to master. You will need to avoid various distractions and concentrate on
your work. By learning how to do this, you can be sure that your talent will
bring you to the top.

4) Opportunity - When you go to a fashion school in Milan, you will be opening
your doors to all sorts of opportunities. Attending a fashion school in Milan
means having the opportunity to scout the industry for when you graduate.
Because of this, you will be ahead at finding a job within the fashion
industry. You will be able to establish connections and get to know the
players. A good fashion school in Milan will also be able to supply you with
some contacts in order to get you started with your career. Now that is helpful.

5) Resume - If you are trying to look for work in the fashion industry, the
name of a fashion school in Milan would be a fine addition to your resume.
Everyone knows about Milan, and most people would equate it with high quality
fashion education. Here is a little secret about resumes -- companies rarely read
them. Basically, if a company is hiring, the boss will just skim through your
resume for any interesting detail. Having the name of a fashion school in Milan
written in your resume may be just what you need to find your dream job. There
are so many things that studying at a fashion school in Milan can give you!

What You can Learn in Fashion Photography Schools

People always admire models. They love the way that models look on the cover of
magazines and they love the way that models can showcase a certain product using
their looks. Whenever people see a good looking model on a magazine, they often
ask, "Who is that?" However, few persons actually ask the names of the fashion
photographers who made those pictures possible. This might be because they
think that fashion photography is not such a hard job. They believe that all
you have to do is point and click. Most do not even know that professional
photographers actually had to go through fashion photography school in order to
reach the level of expertise that they have.

Fashion photography school, you say? What can I learn from that?

1) Technique - not many people know this, but there are a lot of techniques
involved in producing a high quality fashion picture. Fashion photography
school can teach an aspiring photographer the various tricks of the trade.
Techniques in fashion photography can refer to lighting, motion, or other
effects that a photographer can add to make a picture stand out.

Technique also involves angles and instances. Sometimes, looking at something
from a different perspective can help make it more interesting to look at. It
is important for a photographer to know when to use a technique. A fashion
photography school can help you learn those techniques and can help you judge
when to best use them.

2) Interaction - when you are into fashion photography, you have to realize
that your subjects are living and breathing. Because of this, you need to know
how to properly interact with them. A great fashion photography school can help
you by teaching you the right way to interact with your models. You will be able
to direct them in such a way that will bring out the true beauty of your
photographs. You will be able to tell them the exact pose you want them to
hold. You will be able to ignite that glint in their eyes so that you can
capture it with your camera. That is interaction.

3) Editing - after you are done taking the pictures, the time has come to edit
them. With the right tools and the training from a fashion photography school,
you will be able to turn your photographs into masterpieces.

Picture editing today mainly makes use of the computer. Nothing is altered
drastically. However, a photographer can choose to adjust the picture in such a
manner that would place the emphasis in the real subject.

4) Selection - after all the pictures have been edited and developed, the time
has come to select the picture to use. In a single photo shoot, many different
pictures are actually taken. However, you need to know that of the many
photographs, only a few are often selected. With the help of a fashion
photography school, you will be able to criticize your own work and actually
find the best picture you can use. You can make sure that every little detail
in your photographs are accounted for when selecting the photograph you are
going to use.

A fashion photography school is designed to impart knowledge to those who wish
to immortalize people in a photograph. Because of this, it should be respected
snd that is that.

Mayo-Hill Centre for Modeling: One of the Best Fashion Modeling Schools

Go through this checklist:

*  Are you svelte and tall?
*  Do you have a pretty face?
*  Do you have a graceful way of walking and a regal bearing?
*  Do you look photogenic or even telegenic?
*  Do you love mixing and matching pieces of clothing with different
*  Do you consider yourself as someone with excellent fashion sense?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then, you might just have what
it takes to become the country's next top fashion model!

But then, success doesn't come overnight. You need professional training in
order to compete with the tons of talents like you out there. So, what can you
do? Most would say try enrolling in a fashion modeling school. And Mayo-Hill
Centre for Modeling might be just the school for you.

Mayo-Hill Centre for Modeling was founded in 1974. Mayo-Hill has been one of
the leaders in the fashion world for over 30 years now in terms of training and
developing numerous aspiring models. The institution has played a major role
over the years in the professional modeling careers of many individuals from
different countries worldwide, such as the Europe's key fashion capitals,
Paris, France and Milan, Italy, as well as the catalogue-producing metropolises
of Munich, Germany and Miami, U.S.A., not to mention Japan's money-spinning

Actually, Erin Williams and Page Parkes of Williams Talent and Millennia
Models, as well as Neal Hamil, who used to work with New York's Ford Agency and
is now the owner of Neal Hamil Agency, have all become successful in their
careers with their experiences at the Mayo-Hill Centre for Modeling!

Mayo-Hill believes that a top fashion model is created through the proper
training and right guidance, together with the will to succeed and
determination to make it big in the fashion world. With this vision in mind,
Mayo-Hill gives its learner confidence, which is a model's top weapon, as well
as the vital skills, aspirations, and encouragement he/she needs. Everyone is
expected to leave the institution with a higher sense of self and the training
necessary for success.

These are done mainly with the help of Mayo-Hill's instructors who have are
highly qualified and experienced - some of them being with the institution for
more or less twenty years.

Mayo Hill has produced numerous top fashion models with the likes of Anna
Wueller, Alis Shoemaker, Cherie Mansfield, Jennifer Massey, Kelly Stewart,
Steven Clark, Jason Kramer, Limor Luss, Bryan Mitchell, Frank Dicopoulos, and
many more.


Mayo-Hill's classrooms are especially designed to provide students with the
important learning experience in a professional fashion model's environment.
The school's facilities include complete runways, fashion show and production
resources, makeup and photo studios, camera and lighting equipment, video
camera for teaching and acting, stereo system and electronic equipment, and an
array of makeup tools and cosmetics.

Students will be provided with class materials needed for most of the lessons.


In terms of its programs, Mayo-Hill provides a mixture of lectures, activities,
and workshops that will teach you what exactly it's like to become a fashion
model. With their information-based programs and more than three decades in the
fashion business, it's no wonder that they have produced many of the best models
from Texas and have programs approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Programs include the Advanced Male and Female Programs, as well as the Teen,
Preteen, and Little Actors and Models Programs. They even have Acting Seminars.

Search for Mayo-Hill in the Internet today and start your career in the runway!

One of Europe's Top Fashion Marketing Schools: Polimoda Institute of Fashion
Design and Marketing

What moves the great looking fashion apparels of the world from fashion
designer showrooms to retail floors, and finally, consumer hands?

The answer is fashion marketing.

With the teachings of the fashion industry's professionals, well-organized
field trips, numerous projects, and labor-intensive internships, students of a
fashion marketing course are sure to gain a comprehensive understanding of the
fashion cycles, as well as the ins and outs of the clothing industry.

Students of a fashion marketing course are usually trained in a wide assortment
of disciplines, such as fashion merchandising and coordination, business
management, marketing techniques and advertising strategies, visual
merchandising, and retail management.

Do you have a good fashion sense? Do you know what's in style or not? Do you
have the desire and drive to take the qualities you have a notch higher - as in
use them in a rewarding and profitable career in fashion? A degree in Fashion
Marketing will give you a chance to become any of the following: a fashion
buyer, a fashion coordinator, a retail merchandiser, a visual merchandiser, a
retail store manager, or a boutique owner.

Fashion marketing is a mixture of design, advertising, business administration,
and a good understanding of the fashion world, as well as a sense of pop culture
and what would be stylish in the days, months, or years to come. Fashion
marketers connect designers and the people, all the while keeping themselves
behind the scenes.

As you can see, numerous job prospects await those who will venture into the
fashion world. You just have to make certain that you will be able to choose
the right kind of fashion marketing school, as well as a program that would
give you the right kind of training for a successful career in fashion.

Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing

With the continuous attraction of many to the fashion industry, there is an
increasing demand for fashion design and marketing schools that offer a one of
a kind professional education. One of these schools is the Polimoda
International Institute of Design and Marketing.

Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, Polimoda is recognized by many
professionals as one of the best fashion design and marketing schools in
Europe. With its closely-knit ties and continuous collaboration with the
fashion world, Polimoda maintains its ability to provide its students with
specialized training that is up to date with what is happening in the
contemporary international fashion.

A member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes, this
Italian school of fashion offers comprehensive undergraduate classes, as well as
graduate design master classes in the sales, production, merchandising, and
marketing sectors of the fashion world, whether in Italian or English.

Established in 1986 through the proposal and financial support of the Florence
and Prato city halls, a number of business organizations, and the Fashion
Institute of Technology of the State University of New York, Polimoda is
well-renowned for the professional courses in fashion marketing and
merchandising that it offers to its students. The institution is also known for
training students who wish to gain skills in fashion textiles and accessory and
footwear markets.

Polimoda's program for fashion marketing includes instruction and training in
areas like: Contemporary Fashion and Fashion Business, Strategic-Operative and
International Marketing, Psychology of Communication and Selling, Human
Resources and Economic Management, Organizational Communication and
Interpersonal Techniques, Retail Marketing, Merchandising and Visual
Merchandising, Cool Hunting and Trends, Complete Planning of a Fashion Product,
Software Programming, Information Technology, and Specialized English.

Not anyone can be admitted to Polimoda, however. Slots are limited and you can
get in to this prestigious institution by means of a good exam result.
Applicants, whether Italian or of another nationality, should complete and pass
an application form complete with supporting materials. If you are interested,
you may apply online or through mail.

Follow your dreams. Search for Polimoda in the World Wide Web now.

Different High School Fashions Today

High school is a time of growing up. It is a time of socialization. It is a
time of declaring who you are. All these and more are reflected on high school
fashion today. There are various looks that high school students have. Here are
some of them:

1) The Rocker - this high school fashion is very popular among fans of rock
bands. This may include shirts that make statements or shirts featuring their
favorite band. This high school fashion also often includes a lot of trinkets
including studded bracelets, a tribal necklace. Of course, taking on this high
school fashion needs the appropriate attitude to go with it. You need to be
truly passionate about the music. It helps if you have an ipod with huge
headphones to go with the look. Other optional accessories include a musical
instrument used in rock such as a pair of drumsticks or a guitar case.

2) The Jock - Just wearing the varsity team jacket will transform any outfit
into "jock mode". Some people who wear this fashion often try to hide their
poor fashion sense behind the huge letters and colors of the high school. The
jock look is easily accomplished by trying out for a school team and actually
earning the right to wear a jacket. The school varsity chess team does not
count, though.

3) The Goth - Goth fashion can be defined using one word: black. This high
school fashion is often used by people who wish to make statements of angst.
Weird looking accessories are a must, as is black eyeliner and black lipstick.
Although students who make use of this fashion claim to do so to show their
individuality, it is more commonly caused by wanting to belong to a group of
people who want to show that they do not belong.

4) The computer geek - in the past, geeks and nerds were distinguished because
of their not-so-cool-clothing. The thing is, they are too busy with other
projects to be too much concerned with what they are wearing. Today, though,
having geeky clothing is not necessarily such a bad thing. This is because of
the fact that geeks today are thriving because of computers. Even role playing
gamers have risen from the status of suspected Satan worshippers to world class
cyber athletes. Isn't that a big improvement? In order to achieve the look of
this high school fashion, you need to really be preoccupied with solving the
problems of the universe to actually care about what you are wearing. A shirt
with a witty saying or technological jargon would help complete this look for

5) The Fashionista - this is the hardest look to maintain since it requires
that you always be updated on the latest high school fashions. You need to
research thoroughly on the subject of what's hot and what's not. You need to
constantly scout out malls in order to be the first one to have the best outfit
ever. You need to have the instincts of Carson from "Queer eye" in finding the
perfect outfit. Your duty does not end here. As a fashionista, you will have to
establish the highest standard of high school fashion.

Of course, these are just some of the high school fashions in circulation
today. In order to learn more, just look around at your local high school.

Some Tips for a School Fashion Show

School fashion shows can be quite fun if done properly. If done the wrong way,
however, it could end up being one boring affair which is only occasionally
enlivened by the people laughing at a humiliated model. What you need are some
tips to help you.

1) Think of a theme - When putting up a school fashion show, it is always
helpful if you use a theme. A theme gives a fashion show a sense of
organization and people would be able to relate the fashion to the theme. There
are various types of themes to choose from:

a) Season - Basing your school fashion show on the season is always popular.
You could design and model various outfits that correspond with the time of
year. This would also give you an idea of how to decorate the venue. Basing
your school fashion show on a season can help you unleash your creativity and
make your brain cells work. How can you balance the freedom of creativity with
the confinement of the theme? This will definitely help you improve your skills.

b) Literature - Another great idea for a theme is literature. You should think
about basing your school fashion show on a great piece of literature. How about
basing it on the book The Great Gatsby? Ever tried creating fashion pieces for
Frodo? This can be fun as you will be bringing the visions of authors to life.
Basing your school fashion show on a piece of literature can also be a bit
easier than other themes since most authors actually have pretty detailed
descriptions of the clothes their character wear. This is especially true for
fantasy novels. Cloaks, anyone?

2) Music - The music sets the mood for the whole fashion show. It strikes the
subconscious of the watchers and thus, determines how much attention they will
be paying your school fashion show. This means, of course, that you need to
choose the correct sounds to accompany your school fashion show.

You need to choose music that grabs the attention of the spectators enough to
mesmerize them. However, you do not want the music to distract the spectators
from the school fashion show. The best type of music to use would be
instrumental. This is because instrumental music can set the mood for the show
without distracting the viewers with familiar lyrics.

3) Lighting - Proper lighting effects are always essential if you want to have
a great school fashion show. Together with the background music, the lighting
effects give the audience a general emotion to feel. How do you want them to
react when they see a certain ensemble? You can make them react as you want
them by simply combining light and sound.

4) Spontaneity - Students hate predictability. Because of this, the best thing
that your school fashion show could have is a surprise. You need to show your
students something unexpected and completely new. In doing so, you will be able
to grab their attentions and keep it. By being spontaneous, you will keep
spectators guessing as to what will come next. This will keep their eyes on the
school fashion show and off their watches and mobile phones. If you can make the
audience forget about the gadgets on their pockets, then you would know that
your school fashion show rocks!

How Online Fashion Schools Work

The internet has certainly changed the way we do things. It has completely
revolutionized our way of living. It has changed the way we shop, the way we
converse, and even the way we earn degrees. What was that again? Ye, the
internet today is used to earn various types of degrees. One of the more
popular degrees you can earn online is a degree in fashion design. Because of
this, more and more online fashion schools keep emerging and keep trying to
attract students.

How exactly do online fashion schools work?

Getting your degree without actually attending school is not really a new
thing. In the past, this type of learning was called correspondence studies. A
person would earn his degree through the mail. Basically, this is how online
fashion schools work. People who want to earn their degrees do so by
communicating with the instructor through the internet.

First of all, a person registers via e-mail or through a website. Students pay
through credit card or by electronic transfer. Once registered, a student will
be sent a manual/ workbook. He or she studies the subject through the use of
this book and through other media sent by the school. The pace of learning is
dictated by the student and he or she can stick to a personal schedule. This is
quite convenient since most people today cannot get enough time to study. Most
people who enroll in online fashion schools have jobs that they are trying to
hold. Because of this, they try to take all the time that they can in order to

How are tests taken? Well, tests are often included in the manual and answers
can be sent to the school for checking through email. Some people may question
the validity of such tests as students are given ample opportunity to cheat.
Because of this, online fashion schools employ another system. Some online
fashion schools schedule tests to be taken by students. The test is often under
time pressure and scheduled so that a student will not be able to cheat.
Sometimes, an administrator may watch the student through a webcam.

It is often the case that an online fashion school will design its tests to be
simple practical examinations which a student cannot cheat in. Some online
fashion schools may create tests that have no standard answers. Thus, the
answers to the test can be as diverse as the personalities of the students.

When you think about it, an online fashion school can create this type of test
easily. This is because fashion involves the creativity of the student. If an
online fashion school asks a student to submit a design of a certain article of
clothing, the design that the student sends will certainly be unique. A student
cannot really cheat since cheating can be easily detected.

Once you have completed all the necessary activities and once you have overcome
nameless burdens, you will receive a certification from the online fashion
school saying that you accomplished this or that task and now have the degree
of this or that.

As you can see, online fashion schools aren't really complicated. In fact,
these schools make all our lives a little bit easier. Online fashion schools
often understand the plight of the student and will help you reach the top of
your ladder.

One of the First Fashion Design Schools Online: Milan Fashion Campus

Do you dream of making it big in the fashion world someday?

I have good news for you! Your dream is now just a click away - may it be to
become a fashion designer, a web fashion designer, an image consultant, a
fashion magazine stylist, a TV program stylist, an event stylist, a fashion
journalist, or a personal shopper - with the Milan Fashion Campus Online
Fashion Design Course.

The Creator

Angelo Russica, a seasoned fashion guru who has more or less 20 years of
experience in the fashion world, created the course with his aim of not only
coming up with an Internet-based fashion design school that will teach the
history, aesthetics, and skills required of Italy's fashion, but extending the
Italian fashion sense to the world as well.

With more than 15 years of collaborative experience as a creative assistant to
different companies the world over, like Versace, Gruppo Max Mara, Marzotto,
Miroglio Vestebene in Italy; Induyco and El Corte Ingles in Spain; and Fujii,
Chori, King Company, and World Company in Japan, Russica was able to talk to
numerous young students from an array of famous fashion design schools who
complain about having spent lots of money on more or less three years of study,
only to find out in the end, that it is hard to find a job and almost impossible
to make a name. This is also one reason why Russica developed the first online
fashion design school in Italy - he wants Milan Fashion Campus to give many
aspiring fashion students a chance to learn about the wonders of Italian
fashion without having to spend so much.

The Course

This one of a kind fashion design course provides students with the opportunity
to be professionally in touch with Italy's Fashion Design Learning Method. The
intensive online fashion design course of Milan Fashion Campus also serves as a
venue for the realization of dreams - may it be to become a professional figure
or the famous designer of the future.

The lessons are sequenced in such a way that the students can easily follow
them. The course requires active student participation since lessons are geared
toward teaching learners how to do market analysis, how to locate valuable
sources of information, and how to discover inspiration. Students of Milan
Fashion Course will also learn the tricks of the trade, just like what
professional fashion designers do: examining the streets, examining fashion
stories, examining the music world, and examining the opinion of fashion

The Milan Fashion Campus Online Fashion Design Course, which can be downloaded
through, has seven sections, 27 chapters, almost 200
pages, and more than 170 exercises that will serve as guidance for students
from their first sketch to their first fashion show. The course also gives a
chance to students to specialize on different areas, like celebrity and men
fashion design, handbag design, color and rendering technique, and fashion
figure template.

One may buy the course chapter per chapter, too, especially if you just want to
try out the course first.

The course is in English and downloadable once you have paid the amount stated
in, may it be through Paypal or money transfer. This also
means that you may start with the course anytime you want.

For more information regarding fees and FAQ's, just visit

You will not only improve your fashion taste and sensibility, but also open
opportunities for a wonderful career in fashion.

Why is Old School Fashion Repeating Itself?

Fashion has certainly come a long way from the top hats and petticoats era of
the past. Clothes today have become a great combination of aesthetics and
function. One might think that because of the progress that we have maid in the
area of clothing, we would not look back at our past. Reality, as always, has a
way of denying what we all think. Today, we all see a resurgence of popular
fashion styles from the past. It seems that old school fashion is coming back.

First of all, what is old school fashion? Well, it constitutes of fashion
coming from 1970s-1980s. Old school fashion is being brought back by fashion
conscious young adults and teenagers today. Old school fashion is not only
determined by the clothes. Old school fashion is evident in accessories,
hairstyles and even in the attitude of the youth today. The question, however,
is why? Why is old school fashion coming back?

There are a variety of reasons why people are bringing back old school fashion.
First of all, this fascination with the past has started with television. Do you
realize that the people who are bringing back old school fashion are the ones
who grew up watching reruns of such shows as Happy Days? We are also the same
generation who enjoy watching TV shows based on the past such as That 70's Show.

Come to think of it, we have been exposed so much to old school fashion in
other media. Think of the movies: we are the ones who enjoyed watching movies
of old shows like Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels and other movies which
have been resurrected from the old death of camp TV to the new life of the

Well, the media certainly brought about the old school fashion revival. It was
the spark that created the fire. The question, however, is what fuels the
flames? The truth is, people like old school fashion. It looks good and helps
them reconnect with a past which was not as complicated as the world today. The
reason why old school fashion is constantly gaining popularity is the fact that
once it was reintroduced into society, people found that they actually liked it.

Old school fashion is also very popular because of the fact that there's just
something about it that is so sexy. Old school fashion was designed to show of
the beauty of the human body. Fitted shirts and pants, cool patterns and
designs, these are the trademarks of a past which young people have not

Another reason why people think that old school fashion is so cool is the fact
that, combined with today's technology of comfortable fabrics, old school
designs can be pretty showy and yet casual at the same time.

So why is old school fashion coming back? Well, some people would see it as a
metaphor for us trying to reclaim a past that never really belonged to us. It
can also be a metaphor for trying to extract the best things out of the past.
You see, when old school fashion was brought into this century, we never really
brought all of the bad memories with it. Old school fashion could either be a
great example of recapturing the beautiful past or it could be a bad metaphor
for selective amnesia. You decide.

London Design Updates: Bridge May Tremble But Not Fashion Schools

Have you ever heard a brave forecast such as this?

Now on a lighter note, consider this: Ramps are more dramatic than bridges. How
come? This is because ramps have provided the world with classic items of
Burberry to more liberal creations of Jimmy Choo. And these ramps were made
sturdy primarily by London fashion design schools. Top fashion designers like
Clements Ribeiro, Alexander McQueen, and Sophia Kokosalaki would agree just the

What makes it great about earning a degree from a fashion design school in

London lies in the central part of England. This is one of the busiest cities
in the world. It has taken part in many revolutions. The well known of these
revolutions is the so-called the Industrial Revolution.

As years went by, London, during the 19th century, received the spotlight for
men's fashion statements under the headship of dandies of Regency including
Beau Brummell. Not so long after, around the mid of1960s, London was, once
more, for a moment the heart of fashion statements and influence.

London nowadays also lies in the heart of the fashion industry. The same city
that has revolutionized many aspects and statements in the fashion industry
years ago is the same city that continues a legacy for styles and prevailing
modes of life. The key now lies to the competent trainings designers undergo in
various fashion institutions and even in the marketplace.

In fact, whatever you want to earn: a specialist course, a fashion school
certificate, or a university degree, you will definitely find a school in
London that can give you the edge and the guts to get along well with other
topnotch designers. Moreover, though there are a thousand of schools all around
the world, it is a fact that the UK retail garment market provides training
opportunities for high-end fashion, mass market, and even Asian imports. In
fact, the market shares a projected $ 50-billion sale, 75% of which account for
women's and children's clothing.

If you want to immediately run for a job-entry, a summer program or a year at a
London fashion school can provide you with fashion skills that are already in
the entry-level. If you are still on a shaky ground, consider enrolling in some
international schools with campuses in London.

The following lists of schools have links that will provide other information
about some schools in UK:

1.  The Royal College of Arts is a school of textiles and fashion
( UK).

2.  London College of Fashion is an international institution for technology,
design, sales and administration in the textile, accessories, footwear, and
fashion industries (

3.  Manchester Metropolitan University offers degree courses including fashion,
textiles and textiles for fashion, embroidery, and even fashion design with
technology (

4. University of Westminster, located in Harrow, UK, offers a degree in BA
Fashion Design (

5. London-Milan 2006: The Dual City Summer Sessions offer both novice and
advanced courses. Campus in Milan is called Domus Academy in Milan and campus
in London is the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and

No matter what type of school lands as your choice, you can rest assured that
you have three-fold benefits: style is globally-renowned, schools have
international connections, and the language used is universal, that is English.
Thus you can take carry your portfolio with pride.

You can say that a London fashion degree is a passport recognized by the world
and its diverse fashions. History, indeed, repeats itself.

Moda de Italia: All about Italian Fashion and Design Schools

If England has Rumpelstiltskin who spins gold fabrics, Italy has Count Giorgini
who spun the fabrics of the fairytale story of Italian Fashion. The remarkable
date was on February 25, 1951 when a fashion show was staged by the Italian
legend in front of a global audience in the beautiful city of Florence.

What has the Count done for fashion in Italy?

Count Giorgini revived the fairy tale ambiance of the elitists by setting up
his own palace as a place for fashion shows, thus providing courtly scenery for
the production of fashion anthologies. In other words, members of the high
society themselves, who wore the dresses that were considered fashionable
during those times, took part in epitomizing the standards of fashion and
beauty. From then on, the trend of presenting fashion for the nobles and by the
nobles was evident in courtly rooms of their own museums and/or abodes alongside
erected sculptures of this kind of fame.

He and his class have made a clear statement that dress can be a medium to
assert one's individuality. Subtly, he communicated that fashion can be a
language of desire. Furthermore, fashion can be a game of emulations, erotic
domination, and flirting glances.

There was also a time when even cinema was predisposed by Italian fashion. The
nuptials of Tyrone Power and Linda Christian in the year 1949 created a
stereotyped yet fantastic image of Italy as the Land of Love, of Art and the
Beautiful as the bride chose a dress made from Italy. Dress served as an object
of charm that can make beautiful transformations to an individual, just like in
well-loved fairy tales.

In the 1960s, about the same time when London took the spotlight in the world
of fashion, every majestic way of life in Italy has crumbled. During the
industrial boom, social status and social roles were also revolutionized.
Novice fashions in produced garments flowed into the marketplace and women
around the world started to realize that they could dress stylishly at a low

Global recognitions for Moda de Italia garments were gained with the success of
Pr't--porter" between the 1970s and 1980s. These were the years when Milan
grabbed the attention of the world and transformed itself into a fashion
landmark. Until now, topnotch fashion designers continue to create fashion
statements from the mini-skirt to denims or blue jeans and other various
evolutions continue to enchant the world.

Now, consider the following institutions that have been established to serve as
citadels that provide artists who can revolutionize the world:

1.  Moda Altieri, Accademia Altieri is located at 00187 Roma, 50 San Nicola da
    Tolentino (;

2.  Academia d' Belle Arte di Viterbo is located at 01100 Viterbo, 17 Col
    Moschin (

3.  Accademia Europea d' Moda e Costume d' Franco Reale is located at
    00186 Roma, 35 Lucina at Piazza San Lorenzo.

4.  Accademia Internazionale d' Alta Moda ed' Arte del Costume Koefia is
    situated at 00192 Roma, 203 Cola di Rienzo.

5.  Istituto Carlo Secoli can be found at 20154 Milano , 5 G. Prina

6.  Istituto Europea d' Design lies at 20123 Milano, 1 Giardino.

7.  Istituto Italiano di Fotografia (Italian Institute of Photography) is
    situated at 20144 Milan, 13 Forcella.

8.  Istituto Superiore di Alta Cataldo lies at 00184 Roma, 204 Nazionale.

9.  Polimoda campuses at 501443 Florence, 77 Pisana in Villa Strozzi

10. Scuola Progettisti di Moda, Universita degli Studi di Urbino can be found
    at 61029 Urbino (PS), 54 Bramante (

It suffices to say that the fashion of Italy has evolved from a sense that
dress confirms how one is situated in a social status into an instrument that
can create the appearance of a beautiful city and presently a place of
creativity and competency.

Choosing a Fashion Design School in Italy

Today, the word "Italy" is synonymous with the word "fashion". When something
is described as being Italian, it is either very delicious or very good
looking. Because of this people often go there to study culinary arts or
fashion design. People who want to attend fashion design schools in Italy
though, may find themselves facing a cruel dilemma. There are so many fashion
design schools in Italy, that most people have difficulty selecting one.

Choosing a fashion design school in Italy can be quite a challenge if you do
not have a guide. Here are some tips you can use to help you with this problem:

1) Learn about the history of the school - One of the best ways to find out if
you have chosen a great fashion design school in Italy is to check its history.
Find out if the school you are attending has produced any of the great names in
the fashion industry. You should also check out to see what generally happens
to students of that school after graduation.

The history of the school will tell you exactly what to expect from that
school. It will also teach you what the school expects of its students. In
getting this information, you will be able to judge whether or not a fashion
design school in Italy is for you.

2) Learn what it costs - You should definitely check out the financial aspects
of attending a fashion design school in Italy. You should try to find out
whether you can afford the kind of expenses involved when studying in a foreign
country. This, of course, will help you determine if whether or not you should
really enroll in a fashion design school in Italy. You will also learn about
the sacrifices you will have to make in order to truly follow your heart.

If you really want to go to a fashion design school in Italy, you need to know
exactly what you need. You need to be prepared to stick to the path you choose.

3) Learn how to get in - Are there any special qualifications required to get
into a fashion design school in Italy? You should learn the requirements for
admission so that you will not be wasting anyone's time when you learn you are
not really qualified. You should try to check out the various obstacles
hindering you from reaching your dream of attending a fashion design school in
Italy and you should try to find a way past this obstacle. Every problem has a
solution. If you have the will to get into a fashion design school in Italy,
then you will get in.

Getting into a fashion design school can be quite a challenge. However, if you
know exactly what you need and prepare beforehand, you might increase your

4) Learn what other people have to say - Sometimes, the key to making a solid
decision is to get the thoughts of others. If you wish to find carrier from a
fashion design school in Italy, you need to understand that there are other
people who may have experienced. Going to a particular fashion school in Italy
and may have many things to say about that school. By listening to what others
have to say about schools, then you would probably find the best school for you.
You need to be careful, however, as competition can be pretty intense between
schools. This means that you cannot trust everything that you hear.

High Heels, High Hopes, and the Role of Fashion Design Schools

The fashion world has long been filled with glitz and glamour. The ramp for
models is always long, dramatic, and well-lighted. The walk is certainly a walk
for fame, fortunately for aspirants but sometimes leading to a walk for shame.
Who is behind all these promises and/or even breakdowns? No less than the
fashion designers.

What, exactly, does a fashion designer do?

Basically, with streaks of talent, creativity, and sensitivity, fashion
designers, as if influenced by Rumpelstiltskin, craft accessory and clothing
sketches. They usually concentrate in one nature of accessory or garment such
as women's or men's apparels, swimwear, lingerie, children's garments,
handbags, and even shoes. They, sometimes, lead the groundwork of the creation
and promotion of their creations.

Famous fashion designers prefer to be self-employed and they cater for the
request of their clients. Some cater to high-fashion department stores or to
specialty stores. They establish fashion statements by setting the colors,
silhouette, and type of materials that are worn each season.

There are also some designers who are employed by manufacturers of clothes.
These designers just adapt fashion statements set by other designers for the
market. However, there are small manufacturers who just purchase or copy

Both designers sketch unique garments and follow certain trends in fashion.
Likewise, both need assistants who should get used to the fast-paced schedule
of the fashion business.

In detail, these designers execute the following tasks:

*  Draw their unique designs.

*  Create patterns for sample garments.

*  Choose textile and add-ons (accessories).

*  Apply tailoring and basic dressmaking principles along with draping
   techniques and flat pattern works.

*  Fit and alter the completed product, if necessary.

*  Set-up a fashion show.

*  Compare the performance of the merchandise against the competitors.

*  Keep self up-to-date of latest fashion trends thru magazines and other
   fashion shows.

*  Have frequent trips to fabric showrooms to keep self updated of latest type
   of fabrics.

Actually, fashion designers can be categorized as follows:

1.  Lead or Head Designers
    They take care of the executive and creative tasks.

2.  Assistant or Apprentice Designers
    They usually make patterns and sample garments. They may also teach sample
    makers how to make patterns and designer garments.

3.  Specialty Designers
    They coordinate with other designers about special lines of garments.

4.  Costume or Theatrical Designers
    They usually create costumes used in theater and movie productions on a
    contractual basis.

The foundations for their creations are their knowledge, skills, and abilities
honed in fashion schools and trainings in the long run.

*  Basic Design - This refers to technical know-how included in the creation
   and use of technical blueprints, drawings, plans, and models.

*  Idea Production - This is the ability of designers to approach problems
   creatively and resourcefully.

*  Dynamic Learning - This is being able to analyze implications of new
   information and materials at hand.

*  Operations Scrutiny - This is considering requirements of products to
   execute a design.

*  Uniqueness - This pertains to unusual cleverness vis-a-vis trying situations.

*  Harmonization - This is being able to having good coordination with others.

*  Visioning - This is being able to see how an organization works under real

The talents and skills of these artists are really important in the fashion
industry. The work requires an eye for a striking creation and business
management. Thus, aside from the portfolio of their usually creations, formal
education help these designers acquire the secrets of the trade in this
business. In fact, graduation from a college or school that provides training
on fashion and design is highly recommended in the industry, to keep incoming
designers updated on the advent of new techniques and technologies.

However, some leaders of this industry view vocational training schools and
community college as more capable of producing competent artists because these
institutions work along with clothing industries.

Vocational schools provide trainings in sketching, draping and grading, pattern
making, garment construction, textiles and trimmings, costume history,
principles of design and color; and how to plan and market seasonal fashion

High school students inclined in fashion and design should finish basic courses
in arts, sewing, mathematics, speech, English, and business.

Usually, vocational institutions provide a two-leveled program with certificate
that is consonant to the degree in Associate of Arts. For those who want to
enter the fashion field immediately, a first level certificate of proficiency
is provided. The next level of proficiency, the second-level requires a greater
time of completion. But upon graduation, artists are considered competent enough
to aim for positions as Assistant Designers. After all the necessary formal
trainings and specializations, those who have the guts and high hopes spin gold

The Wind Inspires it All: The Driving Force Behind Chicago Fashion Schools

Chicago, the "windy city" is known for its multicultural population as well as
its dramatic architecture and love for the arts.

In detail, Chicago has:

1.  at least 3 million people

2.  harbors, parks, beaches, clubs, and ethnic restaurants

3.  29 miles of lakefront, museums, neighborhood festivals, and cultural

People visit the city as often as winds do. Also, tourists favor the
mid-western hospitality of the people. They also share stories of their
enjoyment in going to exhibits in museums like Degas, Monet, and the whimsical
"Cows on Parade" of Summer 1999.

The businesses blended with the multicultural aspects of the city are said to
be the driving "winds" that spur creativity among people who visit or study in
Chicago. As always, it is inevitable to have fashion schools within a city that
celebrate and support the arts and dynamism of culture.

The following are some featured fashion design schools in Illinois:

1. The International Academy of Design and Technology is located in Chicago.

The institute offers the following degree programs:

*  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Fashion Design and Marketing
*  Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Design and Marketing

The curriculum of Fashion and Design assimilates the study of new trends and
innovations in the thriving international industry of fashion with the mastery
of traditional skills, thus providing a holistic background to both fashion
amateurs and masters alike when it comes to designing.

*  Bachelor of Arts, Major in Merchandising Management
*  Associate of Applied Science in Merchandising Management

The program of Merchandising Management provides students and professionals as
well as with the opportunity to contend within the job market by integrating
theoretical concepts with practical implementations. However, students can rest
assured that after graduation their skills on developing suitable visual
displays, and utilizing appropriate business practices and scales are honed to
help them achieve profitability in the long run.

2. The Illinois Institute of Art is primarily situated in Schaumburg. The
degree programs they offer vary by location.

The Illinois Institute of Art is, basically, an association of schools in
different locations. Collectively, the Art Institute is considered as a leader
in the area of applied science education.

Their courses such as Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design are restructured on
a regular basis to reveal ideas garnered from industry advisors, leaders, and
employers for relevance and practical applications in the marketplace.

The Art Institute also possesses seasoned faculty members who are also
affiliated to the local community of functions. Thus, this provides students
with plenty of occasions for consultation with industry professionals and
practicing designers. As students' knowledge and skills improve through the
programs, they are required to plan an initial design and execute it into a
finished product to cap their stay in the institution.

3. International Academy of Design and Technology

The school has campuses in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando. They provide
program areas and a variety of degree levels designed to fit your unique career
track. In detail, they offer:

*  Diploma in Fashion Design
*  Diploma in Merchandising and Fashion Marketing

These are only three among the plenty list of schools in this city. The
decision now lies in your hand. Within the "windy city" are competitions and
strict trainings from various places in the job arena. Where do you think the
"will of the wind inside you" will bring you and your high hopes of hitting it
big in the fashion industry?

Choosing a California Fashion School

If you are thinking about going to a fashion school, then California is the
place for you. There are many California fashion schools to pick from. Some may
be good, some may be bad, but surely you will find the best one for you. How do
you choose a California fashion school? Here are some tips and standards you
can use to get you started:

1) Location - some people may not care where a fashion school is as long as it
is inside California. However, you should realize that California fashion
schools can often be judged through their locations. Find a California fashions
school which is near fashion centers. This means you need to find a California
fashion school which is located where all the action is. This will help you as
a student since it will give you exposure to what's out there in the real world.

Some students would prefer a California high school that's located in a place
which would inspire them. Some choose to attend California fashion schools
which are located near the sea or close to nature. From the scenery, a student
can gain inspiration enough to produce a new work of couture art.

2) Affiliated or Independent - should you go with a California fashion school
which is a part of a prestigious university, or should you go to one which
stands on its own? There are cases when a California fashion school within a
university is better since the name on your resume will help you get great jobs
easier. However, there is also something to be said for an independent school
which can hold its own against the big names.

One thing you should consider is the fact that in a big school, you are mostly
paying for the name of the school and not for the quality of education. You are
paying additional cash to have the name of the university on your resume. This
would help you get a job easier.

The fashion world, however, rarely cares for the name of a university if it
does not perform well. If you have the name of a great independent school on
your list, you might find it easier to get a job.

3) Cost - there is also the cost to think about. California fashion schools
cost money. There is no denying that fact. The question that remains is: "how
much money should it cost you?"

There are, of course, schools which offer discounted tuition for various
reasons. Some are suffering declines in enrollment. Some may just be starting
their operation and are trying to break into the market. In opting for these
schools, you could save a lot of cash. However, you should consider that you
might be sacrificing quality for cost.

You could also consider going to schools which are more prestigious. These
schools may ask you to pay a lot of cash in order to study there. However, you
should remember that high cost doesn't necessarily equal high quality. You need
to realize that in some schools you will not be paying form an education but you
will be paying for the name.

Choosing a California fashion school might seem like a hard task. However, by
considering these tips and truly knowing what you want, you can make it a very
easy experience for you.

Choosing the Best Fashion School for You

The word "best" is always relative. What's best for you may not be the best for
others. This is the reason why you should not trust a business that claims to be
the best. You need to compare various fashion schools in order to actually find
the best one for you. In comparing fashion schools, however, you are going to
need some standards. Here are some standards you can use:

1) Cost - some people think that the best fashion schools are the most
expensive ones. These people think that just because education is expensive, it
is also high quality. What you need to know is that studying fashion is not
cheap. However, it doesn't really need to be ridiculously expensive. Some
schools just want to appear exclusive in order to attract more students. They
pretend to be the best fashion schools by charging outrageous fees to those who
wish to be students.

Because of this, you should understand that cost is not the best standard to
use in judging quality.

2) Location - there are people who think that attending the best fashion school
means going to Europe. They believe that in order for a fashion school to be
among the best, it should be located as far away from their hometown as
possible. There are some positives to this view. Schools located in fashion
centers tend to be more aggressive in their education. They also tend to be
more updated on the world of fashion. If this is the sort of school you think
is best for you then go attend it.

You need to remember, however, that some things require a lot of sacrifice.

3) Prestige - some people think that the best fashion schools are the ones that
get featured in magazines and the television. They believe that attending such
schools would rub a little of the prestige of onto them. People believe that
the best fashion schools are the most well-known ones. However, you need to
remember that sometimes, the best fashion schools like to keep quiet about
their greatness. All the magazines in the world could not compare to the
testimonials of other people. It is often the case that the best fashion
schools do not get known through the papers, but through the words of their

4) Instructors - some think that the best fashion schools are the ones which
hire famous personalities as instructors. In fact, they may have a point.
People in the fashion industry do not get famous if nobody likes their work.
However, there is one drawback to this: people in the fashion industry are
almost always competing against each other. This competition can be very
distracting and may hinder the learning process.

5) The alumni - there are also people who think that the best fashion schools
are the ones attended by successful personalities. They believe that the past
will be the guide of people to face the future. Because of this, people often
seek out the schools of well known fashion personalities and set out to fulfill
their dreams.

Before you use this standard to judge the best fashion school, you need to
remember that schooling is only a small part of a person's greatness. It is an
important part, of that you can be sure. However, you need to remember that
greatness always lies within yourself.

Fashion Design Schools: Choosing the BEST among the Rest

Do you know how to sew?

Do you enjoy creating designs?

Do you love following or changing patterns to come up with a piece of clothing?

If fashion is simply just your passion, then you might just be right for a
fashion design school.

Here are some reasons why you should attend a fashion design school:

*  You will learn about the most up-to-date styles that many people would
   consider buying.

*  If you are unsure whether you will be able to make a living out of your
   interest in fashion, your level of confidence will greatly increase once you 
   obtained a degree.

*  Studying about and later working on, a field that you love is very rewarding.

*  You will learn about the various principles behind the patterns you have
   worked on in the past, as well as the ones you will be working on in the 

*  You will also be knowledgeable on mixing and matching colors to magnify the
   shape and cut of your creations.

*  You will know more about keeping your clothes together - other than just
   stitching! Talk about endless possibilities.

*  Fashion design school will expose you to different kinds of people - working
   with them, incorporating their ideas with your own, and developing 
   relationships with those who share the same feeling toward fashion.

*  These relationships will set the foundation for meeting potential employees,
   employers, or business partners - all whom you will need when you start your 
   foray into the fashion world.

There are numerous fashion design schools globally. Central Saint Martins
College of Art and Design, found in London, is considered by some as the most
famous of them all. Other world-renowned schools are The Royal College of Arts
in London, the London College of Fashion, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in
Antwerp, AIU in Los Angeles, and Parsons The New School for Design in New York

Most courses in the schools mentioned above last for about three years.

The next question, however, will be, how do you choose the best school for you?

Here are 10 helpful tips to help you in your decision making:

Tip #1 - Determine what you would like to major in. From there, search for a
         school that offers the program that you like.

Tip #2 - Have a list of criteria that you would like to take a look into in 
         your search for the perfect fashion design school. These criteria may 
         include program offering, major and minor subjects, costs, location, 
         placement record, and many more.

Tip #3 - You may now construct a list of candidate fashion design schools.

Tip #4 - Gather all necessary resources and information about each of your
         candidate school. Find their websites and research.

Tip #5 - Narrow down your list further by using the criteria you have set in
         Tip #2.

Tip #6 - Inspect the schools left on your list. It would be good if you can
         visit these schools personally. But if not, try to obtain a video or 
         look for a virtual tour in their websites.

Tip #7 - File your application to the schools that met your criteria.

Tip #8 - While waiting to hear from the schools you sent your application to,
         search for scholarship grants in the Internet.

Tip #9 - Make your final decision based on the responses you got from the
         schools that you applied to, as well as the scholarship grantors' 
         response. Carefully review your notes, consider funding, and finally, decide.

Tip #10 - Get ready to embark on a journey that you have never quite experienced

Off you go to the one of the best fashion design schools in the world!

Reflections on the Back to School Fashion

We use various ways to express ourselves. We either use words or we use other
symbols. We make use of signals, we make use of gestures and we also make use
of fashion to tell the world what we want to say. When we put on our clothes
for the day, it is like we are declaring to the world our attitude for the day.
This is the reason why it is so interesting to observe the back-to-school
fashion preferences of people. The back to school fashion preference of a
person shows who he will be for the whole term in a nutshell.

There are those people who wear practically the same thing they did in the last
term. The bad thing about this is that this could be an indication of little to
no personal growth in the past term. This could be an indication that the
person did not mature in the past year. What could make this worse is if that
person had been wearing the same fashion for more than 5 years. That could be
an indicator of a serious problem.

The positive interpretation of this could be that the person has matured enough
to have found his or her identity in life. This type of back-to-school fashion
could indicate that a person is already perfectly happy with the image that he
or she presents and that they feel no urge to change. It could also be an
indication that the person has had a great past year and wishes to recapture
that year.

There are people who exhibit great changes in their back to school fashion.
There is also a good side and a bad side to this. The good interpretation of
this is that the person has experienced an epiphany. A change in back-to-school
fashion could be an indicator that a person has reached a new level of maturity
and is ready to face the world with a new attitude. He or she could be
declaring to the world that he or she is a new person, changed for the better
and willing to tackle the world head on.

There is also a dark side to this change in back-to-school fashion. A person
could have suffered from an event so cataclysmic that it required the person to
reject his or her old personality entirely. A drastic change in back-to-school
fashion could be akin to a person screaming, "I am not who I used to be. It
will not happen to me anymore!" not all changes are good and not all changes
are bad. That fact must be understood.

There are students whose back to school fashion is based on what a certain
group is wearing. The positive side to this is that it indicates social
acceptance. A person who has this type of back to school fashion shows that he
or she is sociable and knows how to make friends with at least a certain group
of people. However, this could also be an indication of a lack of initiative.
People who dress the way others do may do so because they don't really have any
idea of what to wear. They let their groups decide their fashion because without
the group, they really have no idea who they are.

Now you know that back to school fashion is a great indication of who a person

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