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The Games Gamblers Play: Casino Gambling 101

Casino gambling. The first thing that enters our mind is Vegas, slot machines, 
bright lights and chips. If you're not a gambling person and you don't know a 
lot about casino gambling, then read on...

According to the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia, a casino is a building that 
accommodates casino gambling. Customers may gamble by playing slot machines or 
other games of chance and some skill. Casino gambling games usually have 
mathematically determined odds built in that ensure the house retains an 
advantage over the players. This advantage is called the "edge". "Payout" is the 
percentage given to players. Some statistically even games may take a commission 
or tax, a "rake" on bets customers make against each other.

There are a lot of casino gambling games which can get you hooked in no time. 
First of all, you have the classic slot machine. A slot machine is a coin-
operated casino gambling machine with three or more reels that rotate when a 
lever on the side of the machine is pulled. It includes a currency detector that 
validates the coin or money inserted to play. The machine typically pays off
based on patterns of symbols visible on the front of the machine when it stops.

Sadly, casino gambling games often offer the player the illusion of control in
which the player is given choices, but these choices do not eliminate the
player's long-term disadvantage. This disadvantage is caused by the casino not
paying the full amount that would be expected for the odds wagered. For example,
if one game was played by betting what number a roll of a die would give, 
instead of paying 6 times the amount bet for winning, the casino only pays 5 
times the amount bet.

This system is often found in famous casino gambling games like Poker, Craps, 
Roulette or Blackjack.

Poker is a very popular casino gambling card game. The players, with fully or 
partially concealed cards make wagers into a central pot, after which the pot is 
awarded to the remaining player or players with the best combination of cards.

Like Poker, Blackjack is also a very popular casino gambling card game. Much of 
its popularity is due to the mix of chance with elements of skill and decision 
making, and a practice called card counting. It is a skill in which players can 
turn the odds of the game in their favor by making betting and strategy 
decisions based on the cards that have been dealt. Players suspected of card 
counting are usually banned and blacklisted by casinos.

Craps is a famous casino gambling game using dice. Players wager money against 
the casino on the outcome of one roll, or of a series of rolls of two dice. The 
rules vary slightly from one casino to another, but the expected value of most 
bets is only slightly negative. All bets have a negative expectation, except 
the "free odds" bet with an expectation of 0, that the player is allowed to 
make after a point is established on a flat bet. Unlike in Blackjack, there is 
no possible winning strategy over any given period of time.

Roulette is a signature casino gambling game. A croupier turns a round roulette 
wheel which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land. 
The main pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 and change between red and black, 
with number 1 being red. In addition there is a pocket numbered 0 of green 
color. In most roulette wheels in the United States but not in Europe, there is 
a second zero compartment marked 00, also colored green. If a player bets on a 
single number and wins, the payout is 35 to 1. The bet itself is returned, so 
in total it is multiplied by 36.

Be very wary though, these casino gambling games are highly addictive (as they 
are intended to be). A lot of lives have been ruined by casino gambling and 
although it might be fun, please do try to regulate yourself.

Gambling Sites 101

STOP! Read the following first before tossing that dice. It may save you tons
of money and a lot of heartaches.
Many gambling sites offer several promotional incentives like bonuses (as much
as a 200% casino bonus), guarantees, equal winning opportunities, multiple/solo
player modes, higher bet limits and a whole lot more that can be quite dizzying
and makes you leap into them before looking into what they really offer.
Let's try and have a look first before you throw down that dice and before you
throw away your hard-earned money and miss out on all the fun that thousands of
gambling sites offer.

There are several considerations that one must take with prudence before
dealing with any gambling site.

The king of them all is to understanding their rules. Incentives are great but
you play by their rules. Not all gambling sites have the same set of rules.
Read them like you're about to take an exam. Look out for the fine prints,
somewhere there might be a catch 22 situation. Understand the procedures and
all the transactions they have pertaining to real money.

Just like any exemplary gambling site there is customer service support must be
on top of their list. You are paying good money for enjoyment and a chance to
win. They must have very excellent and professional people who would be ready
to take your call and entertain any questions or complaints anytime of the day.
Ask if they have toll free numbers.

Get to know the site better. You may do this by reading reviews, compare them
to other gambling sites. There are also several websites that offer a listing
of the gambling sites and their ratings. If you are new into online gambling
you have to know that there are millions of gambling sites out there. Some
better than the others.

Try out the games. Most gambling sites have features that lets you get the feel
of their gaming programs for free. Try asking yourself if the interface was
user-friendly and very intuitive. Does it have the feel of real poker game or
baccarat? There should not be any distraction like having to press a certain
key or key combination while the you are in the midst of a very exciting game.
Pressing the wrong key or clicking the wrong button could cause you the game.

You may also want to take a look at the support you are getting at your end
with your PC and Internet connection. You may want a higher end PC to be able
to play the better games that gambling sites offer. This usually means a higher
memory requirement and a better video and sound card. Internet connection must
be reliable and fast.

If ever you find yourself intrigued by a new game, understand how the game is
played. Do your research on the new game. Get to know the all rules and
strategies. Most often than not these gambling sites provide trials and test
features for new games.

Those are a few tips for you to get to enjoy online gambling better, but don't
roll that dice yet! Whether your sitting across your friends playing poker or
sitting infront of the monitor playing black jack on a gambling site you have
to come well prepared with a plan.

One more thing maybe a lucky rabbit would help.

So cross your fingers, say a little prayer and let that dice roll!

Free Gambling

So you want it free, eh? Well, the best things in the world are supposed to be 
free and I guess that includes gambling. There is nothing more exciting than 
the rush of blood in your head and body when you experience winning a straight 
streak but I bet, the excitement would double once you indulge on free gambling?

Is there such a thing as free gambling? Yes, there is. Before, free gambling 
does not exist because you should show the other players that you have the 
money to gamble before the games could commence. But now, thanks to invention 
of internet and computers, free gambling now exists. First things first, any 
person below 18 years old are not allowed to gamble neither free free gambling 
nor paid one. Even though the gambling is held in the virtual world, there are 
still rules and regulation that needs to be observed properly.

In free gambling in the internet, one could choose from the different types of 
games available in the internet. The only drawback here is that the features 
for free gambling are often limited because it is free. In order to access 
special features in that gambling site, one could register and then pay a 
certain amount. But if you are just a beginner in the world of internet 
gambling, then it would be advisable to join free gambling sites. This is 
because gambling skills are needed to be practiced. Through these free sites, 
a person could exercise his skills in gambling and at the same time learn from 
his mistakes. After a lot of practice and determination, in time, one could be 
ready to be a professional gambler with wits and brains to boot to other 

Free gambling is fun but it could sometimes be addictive. For a person that is 
just new in gambling, take your time to learn and practice but do not let free 
gambling consume you. Try to balance your life and view free gambling as an 
alternative and fun way to live life rather than living your life for the sake 
of free gambling.

Secrets To Win Any Gambling

Gambling can be a lot of fun. But it isn't when you are always on the losing
end. If you can not afford to lose your money, never mind gambling. But you can
make serious money in betting. Well, you can even be rich.

Contrary to the usual belief that you gamble solely on pure chance and luck,
adding in a little mathematics and some proven game strategies will not hurt.
In fact, it can guarantee you a good pay out.

Here are some secrets to win any kind of gambling.

* Know the right type of gambling for you.
There are hundreds of gambling games that you can try for yourself. Casinos,
sports betting, or even arbitrage betting. If you pick one, master it.

* Learn about the game.
Read related materials of the game such as basic rules and tips. As the old
cliche goes, knowledge is power. You can have the edge by investing on good
books or download tips and secrets on the web.

* Set a minimum bet in every game.
After a win, bet only half of the pot you put in the previous round. When you
lose, go back to your least bet. This is often regarded as progressive betting.
Use it rather than straight betting.

* Always check the odds.
Choose a betting game that has 3 percent or less casino advantage. Among
others, popular games are poker, black jack and craps.

* Watch the trend
Be attentive to your winning and losing trend. Get the probability and ratio of
your winnings and losing. If you think that you are on the brink of losing, then
don't bet.

* Stick to a strategy.
Pick a strategy that works best for you. There is no such thing as the greatest
strategy but there are proven ones. Collate all known gaming strategies and
select the one that is effective and works for you.

* Don't be overly greedy
Being greedy might give you a couple of dollars more but being overly greedy
might cause you to lose them all.

* Be optimistic
Muster some confidence that you will win those dollars. This attitude would
keep you betting until you get some good pay. But never expect to win all the
time, which barely happens. You lose some, you win some.

Keep in mind that winning doesn't mean you have to win a bet every time. What
matters most are your total net profit earnings.

Offshore Gambling keeps Vegas casino at home

Many gamblers have come across the term "Offshore Gambling", but are not
entirely sure what it means. A casino that deals with offshore gambling is one
that basically operates outside the jurisdiction of a given country or it can
be an online casino that has its servers in a country where online gambling is
not prohibited. In short, then, it is a casino that operates outside the
country of the player.

This form of gambling provides an easy and fun way to play all the games
normally found at a land-based casino, but without the hassle of making the
pilgrimage to Las Vegas. Online Vegas casinos are very safe, in that personal
details are not required to be sent out and the payouts and odds are just as
equal and fair as in a regular Vegas-style casino. Offshore gambling makes it a
win-win situation.

Online vegas casinos are regulated by three organizations. These are OSGA (The
Offshore Gaming Association), The IGC (Interactive Gaming Council) and the
Fidelity Trust Gaming Association (FTGA), which is a smaller IGC in effect, in
that it charges lower membership fees.

OSGA and Offshore Gambling

The OSGA is an independent "watchdog" agency that monitors the Off Shore Sports
Gaming Industry in an effort to provide the public an avenue to find reputable
companies to wager with. It aims to protect the rights of consumers and they
charge no membership fees.

The agency is a professional non-biased third party organization that gives
objective opinions, based on your feedback, independent research, phone calls,
tips and inside news.

For OSGA they resolved to keeping the philosophy that there are safe places for
sports gambling. Because of the climate in the industry today people need to
have additional information on offshore sportsbooks and online casinos from an
outside source.

IGC and Offshore Gambling

The IGC, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1996 in the US,
relocating to Vancouver, Canada, incorporating there in March 2000. The
organization was established to provide a forum for interested parties to
address issues and advance common interests in the global interactive gaming
industry, to establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that
enhance consumer confidence in interactive gaming products and services, and to
serve as the industry's public policy advocate and information clearinghouse.
The IGC does what it has set out to do, and more.

IGC membership has increased significantly since being founded, drawing more
and more attention from noteworthy industry groups to complement existing
leading industry players. We have members from the U.S., the U.K., South
Africa, Israel, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, Denmark and Sweden -- to
mention a few. The IGC has built a reputation for reliability, integrity and
credibility through its high standards, and appeal to legitimate businesses.
Affiliation with their association ensures that you have a trusted organization
fighting for the promotion and enhancement of our industry, fighting for you
when you need it and most importantly - with a collective voice.

The IGC regulates offshore gambling by utilizing a special 10-point code ff
Conduct and charges casinos a fee to display their logo. Unhappy customers can
also report their disputes to the IGC.


The FTGA was formed in an effort to set a standard for online gaming
operations. The agency believe that by conducting business with only reputable
companies, they can form an alliance of the most fair and professional offshore
gaming operations worldwide. To be sure that the companies they support are
reputable FTGA do comprehensive background checks on not only the company but
the individuals behind the company. According to them, they form a close
relationship with their members and monitor their business practices frequently.

With the boom of the internet over the last few years, everything seems to have
translated into an online version and offshore gambling has been no different.
There are organizations that govern the fairness of online gambling which
should serve to alleviate any fears of insecurity by skeptics. It eliminates
the traveling costs, but still keeps the basic essence of a Vegas casino, but
only now, in your very own home.

Temptation at Your Doorstep: Internet Gambling.

Can you imagine being able to place a bet with just a press of a button? Can
you imagine playing and betting as long as you want?

Can you imagine gambling from the comfort of your own home?

We know for a fact that gambling is risky business, and unrestrained gambling
is just asking for trouble. Compulsive gamblers already have a hard time
restraining themselves from the call of casinos and bookies, and now Internet
gambling just takes the ante a step further.

With Internet gambling, you don't need hard cash. Everything that is online is
so easy to access. Play Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Roulette or Slots.
Play all day, all night.

Before the 1990s, gamblers who wanted to place a casino or sports type bet in
the United States basically had two choices: they could travel to a legitimate
brick-and-mortar gaming establishment or place an illegal wager through a
bookie. However, with the emergence of the Internet in the mid-1990s, a new
form of gambling appeared; Internet gambling through gaming casinos and sports
wagering. Internet gambling can take place on any electronic device that offers
Internet access anywhere on the globe.

Internet gambling makes payment options for gambling individuals easy. They can
just choose from several types of payment options other than credit cards. These

VISA and MasterCard cards: These cards are tied directly to the cardholder's
bank account. Funds for all transactions are deducted directly from the
cardholder's bank account, but cardholders can make credit card-type
transactions that do not require a personal identification number.

Private-label debit cards: These cards are similar to check cards above but are
issued by private companies rather than credit card associations.

On-line payment providers: These companies send and receive funds
electronically for such uses as on-line auctions and purchases.

Wire transfers: Some Internet gambling sites promote this method of payment,
which allows Internet gambling customers to wire money directly from a bank
account to the site.

"E-cash" or digital cash: It is a digital representation of real money that can
be placed on a computer hard drive, smart card and other devices with memory. It
can be purchased from an authorized provider.

Internet gambling sites also offer money orders; traveler's checks; bank
drafts; cashier's, certified, and personal checks; and a number of other
electronic banking systems or processors as payment options. With Internet
gambling's easy payment options, even a non-gambler would be tempted to try.

Statistics also show that Internet gambling has nearly doubled every year since
1997 - in 2001 it exceeded $2 billion. It also boasts 110 sport-related Internet
gambling sites.

According to the American Psychological Association, Internet gambling could be
just as addictive as alcohol and drugs.

This is a confession from quoted from The Gambling Problem Talking Point

"... I am addicted to online poker, not to mention soccer betting and casinos
whenever I am in the vicinity of one.

For the longest time I thought I had the beast under control. Thought I was
smater than the pack, and shrewd enough to beat the pack. Considered my betting
to be more of an investment than anything else.

How much have I lost gambling? I am afraid to tally.

Has it ruined my life? Almost ... I guess being from a wealthy family, it
helped me to cover the tracks not to mention the losses.

But enough is enough and I would like to kick the habit alltogether.

I am sorry if I sound a little cocky or arrogant ... I have a problem. And even
now am half hearted to completely agree that I do have one.

Will I continue to gamble? I am not sure. I would like to stop, but it is just
so easy with the Internet and all.

I guess if I was in NZ, I could join a group onj a regular basis and get some
help in person. But in Malaysia, how do I do that?

From reading some of the posts here, I share all the common symptoms.

It is a disease, and can destroy the best of people, not to mention families
and loved ones a like.

What can I do? How can I help myself?

Internet gambling is a very slippery slope. It can ruin your life and the life
of your loved ones. So the next time Internet gambling knocks on your door,
think twice.

Gambling as a Game of Chance

By five in the morning, a mother had already dressed her two daughters for
school. After which, she will be heading next to a casino for an early dose of
gambling activity.

Seemed like a "too absurd to be true" situation? Guess again.

Nowadays, gambling seems to be an ordinary activity that most people tend to
overlook. By doing so, they do not see the potential harm gambling can do with
their lives.

Generally, gambling, more commonly know as betting, is a kind of behavior that
involves money valuables being put out to risk as a product of a certain game.
So to speak, the money or valuables are at risk because the probability of
winning is too low or is totally dependent upon chance. Unless otherwise one
will do something about his winning through evil ways, one could never be sure
of winning a gambling game.

Gambling comes in many forms: one that can be beatable and the other type is

Beatable games of gambling refer to games that can be trampled thereby creating
a positive numerical probability through proper strategy. These includes poker,
though this is better classified as a game of skill; blackjack, video poker,
Pai Gow Poker and Tiles, sports betting, horse racing, and slot machines.

On the other hand, unbeatable games makes a player eventually lose a game no
matter what strategy they use. More common examples of these games are slot
machines, baccarat, craps, roulette, keno, casino war, faro, pachinko, 3-card
and 4-card poker, red dog, pyramid poker, Caribbean stud poker, and Spanish 21.

Both beatable and unbeatable gambling games can be found in the casinos.
Though, there are other gambling games that are not played inside the casinos
such as lottery, mahjong, backgammon, coin-tossing games such as head and tail,
and carnival games like The Razzle and Hanky Pank.

There are also the so-called fixed-odds gambling that can be seen on events
like horse racing, football, golf, tennis, baseball, and other sports that
entice people to bet on the winner of the event.

All the same, they are all forms of gambling that never stand a chance of
winning continuously.

In gambling, people usually tries to gain back whatever they have lost in the
game. Some continues to play for the belief that they should not break the
monotony of luck. By doing so, they continue to bet and eventually place their
selves at the risk of losing more instead.

Most people who are involved in gambling contend that they only play for
pleasure or as a form of recreation. While others say they just have to earn
money and that gambling is an easy way to do so.

However, because gambling involves a variety of mental activity, coupled with
stress and the mentality of a winner, it can be a possible source of
psychological addiction. In the long run, this can be very harmful to people
who are affected by gambling.

With so much psychedelic effects of gambling, there are even those who engage
in betting with another person on premises that a certain statement is true or
false, or that a particular event will or will not happen at a given specific
time. This occurs commonly on situations wherein two people with strong
opposing views debate with each other. Normally, they place bets for fun or for
money reason but often to establish their stand on a certain issue.

Consequently, because of the negative effect of gambling, most legal
jurisdictions opt to not legalize any gambling activity. With this, any
contracts that led to debts brought about by a certain gambling activity are
deemed unenforceable by any legal process.

That is why gambling is such a risky activity. Those who gamble merely does not
realize what harm gambling can give them.

As they say, never put your good money after bad money. If ever you get to be
involved in gambling, discontinue doing bet so as to steer clear of an evident

The World of Virtual Gambling

First there was virtual reality and now there is virtual gambling. It seems
like the world is slipping into a world where everything is virtual and
possible. Nevertheless, virtual gambling has proven to be one of the most
favorite past time of people, regardless of class and gender.

The concept of gambling is not a new and modern term in the world. In fact,
gambling has long existed for almost 2,000 years. Of course the things at stake
back then were not money. Just like the other industries, gambling also
underwent a lot of changes and now, in the world of computers, virtual gambling
seems to be its latest form. Let's clarify first the term "virtual". Virtual is
often defined as something that is almost real but nevertheless an illusion but
this is not the case for virtual gambling. This is because virtual gambling and
the players here are real and also the stakes are real thus the normal
classification of virtual does not apply in this case. Virtual in virtual
gambling just represents the term "online" or "internet". It means that instead
of the traditional gambling wherein a person would go to casinos or even Las
Vegas to gamble, people could now enjoy gambling to their hearts content care
of virtual gambling in the comfort of their own homes.

There are so many choices in the world of virtual gambling and a person could
actually have a headache in just making a choice of which type of virtual
gambling would they indulge in the moment. A person could literary have
different types of virtual gambling everyday! Traditional games in gambling are
available in virtual gambling. These include casino games, pokers, roulette,
slots, card games, blackjack, and the like. There are so many choices in the
market and I bet that you won't have a hard time finding one. The only problem
that a person could have is finding the perfect one for them and also in
choosing that "one".

Aside from the traditional games in virtual gambling, new and innovative forms
of gambling are also available online. These include reality TV shows, world
cups, Saturday matches and the weather. It seems like everything could be in
the virtual gambling world as long as there is someone to bet and of course,
the money at stake.

Virtual gambling is also considered a safe and fun environment for gambling
because it is very hard to cheat online. The mysterious facade of the entire
player adds to the allure and temptation of virtual gambling. There are also
free virtual gambling sites and there are also sites which require you to pay.
The best way to know which virtual gambling site appeals to you is to try it.
After all, trying would eventually mean learning. Customizing is one of the
best features of virtual gambling because it makes sure that the players and
its customers are satisfied with the gambling service and features offered in
virtual gambling.

No longer would people have to stay late in casinos just to gamble because
people nowadays are opting to stay late in front of their monitors. Virtual
gambling just proves that gambling has certainly joined in the industrialized
world of today. For people that have gambling in their bloods, virtual gambling
is a very convenient, easy, and varied option for them.

Sports Gambling Basics

Combine two of man's greatest interests and you've got something called "sports
gambling." What could be more ingenious? Imagine a group of men cheering over
their favorite team, and almost always, bets are placed along with the racket.
Think about it. With every sport there are always certain highlighted games
everyone's talking about; something that, according to sports buffs, will
"Change the course of history." In order to get some of the action, spectators
usually attempt to guess who will win in the upcoming games. This all turns
into a friendly little "game" called sports gambling.

It might sound addicting, but sports gambling is really just for fun and a way
to bond with your friends. You can bet a little amount of money and still have
a good time. Sports gambling makes the outcome of a game more meaningful and
the whole duration of the game more thrilling and exciting. Here are some
basics to get you started on sports gambling.

To place a bet, all you have to do is go to a sportsbook, which is a place that
accepts sports bets. In the United States, there are four states where you can
do sports gambling legally, but illegally, you can do it anywhere so long as
you can find a bookie AND you are of legal age (over 21). Many of the sports
you can bet on are professional and college football and basketball,
professional baseball, professional hockey, and horse and dog racing. You can
bet on anything that involves sports, really, after all, it is sports gambling.
You can bet on the overall combined score of a game, on what round will the
opponent be knocked out, and even whether a coin toss in a game lands heads or
tails. All you have to do is place your bet depending on the statistical odds
(chances of winning/losing).

In sports gambling, bookies rely on statistics to help you decide which team
you think will win. There is such a thing called a "spread," which is a point
advantage given to a weaker team that is expected to lose
by X number of points. This is the odds maker's way of making even bets
possible for a Sports Book. For example, if a person may bet on a team that is
expected to lose, and still win the bet so long as the team loses by a given
number of points.

You might be asked to bet a few notches higher than the money you may actually
win. This is really just the bookie's way of making money.

In sports gambling, there are different kinds of bets. There are straight bets,
parlays, teasers, and over/unders. In sports gambling the most common type of
bet is the straight bet, where all you have to do is to pick the team which you
think will lose or win. Over/under bets are wagers on the combined number of
points scored in the game by both teams. Parlays are combined bets on several
games. Teasers are similar to parlays, but you can add or subtract points from
the spread to make your bets stronger. This is just to show you that sports
gambling can be made more interesting and challenging by the bets that you

There you go - the basics of sports gambling. Why don't you give it a try, and
have a lot of fun in the process. Just remember not to get too carried away and
spend your entire 401K plan on a whim. You just might end up regretting it for

Beat that Slot Machine

Slot machines are very popular in the casinos. Everybody seems to be drawn by
the look and the feel of playing it by spinning the wheel. The thrill of
playing a slot machine keeps anyone coming back either they win or not. Here
are a few reminders to make your game worthwhile and at the same time increase
your chances on hitting the jackpot!

Make sure that you know what machine you are playing. This may sound stupid but
there are a lot of players that have missed knowing that they were not able to
play the exact amount of coins for the most favorable payment there is.

Be sure to go for the highest reimbursement there is. This is a gamble. There
are chances that the fates are on your side. Go ahead, play and win!

Always play the maximum coins. Normally, jackpots are paid on the maximum coins
played. This way, not only do you get the chance of hitting the jackpot but also
you get a high payback.

Remember to see the payback percentage whether in a casino or online. Some are
even offering as high as 90% or more.

Keep in mind how much you are willing to gamble. It is always wise to plan how
much you are going to spend. With the thrill of playing and hopes of hitting
the jackpot, your money could be gone in seconds.

There are machines that require inexpensive games. These are the single pay
line machines. This way, you could still play and have the chance on hitting
the jackpot but doesn't risk of losing all your money.

Try playing on two or three-coin slot machines. This way you could maximize the
playing time of your money.

If you have a small budget for playing the slots, avoid playing the progressive
slots online. Their payouts are much lower than the regular slot machine does.
Plus, they could max out your budget in a few playing minutes.

You hit on jackpot at the first spin. It is likely for you to hope on playing
for another round. But as it is, this is a game of chance. You are not sure if
you would be hitting on the jackpot the second time or the third, etc. If you
win, take the money and quit, don't fall into giving back the money to the

The rules on beating the slot machine simply works the same way as spinning a
regular wheel that has to stop and produce a matching pattern of numbers or
pictures in some case. So go ahead, have fun, spin the wheel and hit the


Now online: online gambling.

Just like any commercial market today, gambling also took its chance of having
to saturate a broader area of gaming through the Internet.

Nowadays, there are as many online gambling games as there are gambling games.
Every kind of gambling game has their online counter parts in the Web. From
poker to sports betting, every gambling activity seems to be online.

Most proponents of online gambling assert that online gambling is just as safe
as gambling in known casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Just like the
usual casino, online casinos are also required to have their licenses and
permits before engaging into online gambling.

By doing so, online casinos are systematically regulated and audited by
professional firms. All online casinos use the secure e-cash facilities, in
cooperation with the credit card companies, so that the customers are being
protected from unauthorized use of credit cards or from cases of identity theft.

Generally, online gambling in an online casino will entice new players by
requiring them to deposit an amount by offering bonuses. An online casino that
will offer you a free $100 for a $50 deposit is a good example. In this manner,
more people believe that online gambling offers better chances than real-life
gambling. However, this poses more risk in getting addicted to the game.

For people who want to play online gambling, deposits can be made through
credit cards, fire pay, or 900 pay. Fire pay works like an ordinary online
debit card. Normally, the player places money into the account and can be spent
to any online merchants. Funds can be deposited through wire transfers. 900 pay,
on the other hand, is another way of depositing money by calling a 900 number
and the amount that is to be deposited is charged to the player's phone bill.

What's more, online casinos are further classified into two groups based on
their interface. Online casinos could either be web-based or download-based.

Web-based casinos are forms of online gambling wherein users may directly play
online casino games without having to load any software to the local computer.
Online gambling is mainly presented in the browser plugins like Macromedia
Flash, Shockwave, or Java.

On the other hand, download-based online casinos are the most common online
gambling sites in the Web. Here, online gambling users have to download certain
software in order to play the casino games. And because it has pre-downloaded
software, it is faster to initiate casino games on it compared to web-based

All the same, and due to the basic nature of online gambling, any transactions
with it are vulnerable to fraud. There are online gambling known as rogue
casinos wherein these sites refuse to pay the customers or contains a cheating

Plus, there are other ways of frauds in online gambling. Most of these cases
are player-based. Players who want to cheat usually uses Adobe Photoshop or a
comparable tool to maneuver the graphics of a slot machine screenshot in order
to deceive the casino into thinking that the player just hit a jackpot.

Whatever forms of deception, it is evident that frauds are more likely to
happen in online gambling. And if in any case, players get to be addicted in
playing online gambling, they must remember that their obsession did not happen
by mistake.

Online gambling is a highly interactive game, meaning whatever choices players
make are based on their own prerogatives. So, however enticing online gambling
can be it is a must that players must know their own dispositions so as not to
be deceived.

A Guide to Online Casino Gambling

The hassles of going to Casinos can be enough reason not to go there at all.
The traffic, hassles, and things to do seem not worth the trouble for a chance
to play at a casino but if you're the type who lives and breathes casinos then
online casino gambling would be the solution for you.

You do not need to go out of the house just for online casino gambling because
it could be easily access in your own homes (provided that you have a computer
and internet access). Once that is done, you are on your way to online casino
gambling! But before indulging yourself, there are several guidelines and
things that you must first know about online casino gambling especially if you
are just a beginner. So slow down those hormones and let your minds read and
absorb the following information.

The online casino gambling industry is very complex and varied with some bad
elements meaning that there are many dishonest and problematic sites. This
brief guide would be able to guide you in choosing an honest and trust-worthy
online casino gambling site. The first thing that a smart online gambler would
look for in an online casino gambling host is the type which has high winnings
odds. Be sure that the online casino gambling host has a tie-up with a
reputable accounting firm in order to audit their casino games payout
percentage on a monthly basis. This is helpful in your part in order to be sure
that the money that you would be spending in your future online casino gambling
spree would be worth it. Here are some other tips in choosing an online casino
gambling site.

Always make sure that the online casino gambling site is legal. How would you
do that? You do not need to go to a government office to check that out. What
you could do is search the licensing information on the casino state. If ever
that you cannot find any licensing information on that online casino gambling
site, do not even attempt to gamble there. The second tip would be to check if
the online casino gambling host has 24/7 customer-service that would help you
whenever you encounter a difficulty or a problem. If the online casino gambling
host does not have a 24/7 customer service, chances are it is a hoax site. Next
one would be reading carefully the different bonuses and promos that the online
casino gambling site offers because if you do not read it carefully and you
agreed, in the future you do not have any evidence against it. Remember that it
is better to be safe than to be sorry. Another advice would be to gamble first
in small amounts rather than spend big amounts of money right away. Check first
the integrity and status of the online casino gambling before taking any major
risk-especially financial ones. The last and most important tip in online
casino gambling is to never forget that gambling is all about fun and pleasure
rather than making money. Gambling is not a job rather a hobby that would make
you happy and your life pleasurable.

After you have observed these advice and tips then go and give in to the lure
of online casino gambling.

Why Senior Gambling Exists?

In the United States, gambling is a prevalent activity. In 2002 alone, surveys
show that almost 65% of the American population is hooked up with gambling.

In fact, there are professional analyzers that insist on their findings that
there are more people who spend more money in gambling than they would do with
the other nonsense items such video games, theme parks, and movie tickets, even
if all of these things are combined all together.

Since then, there have been numerous reports about how gambling is penetrated
in the society. There are still studies that lack evidence and conclusions
about senior gambling.

These should pose an alarming case. This can be attributed to the recent survey
done on almost 7,000 seniors, wherein, bingo had ranked as the second
most-played gambling game by seniors.

Moreover, the number of senior people who are into gambling have increased from
20% in 1974 to 50% in 1988. These figures can be very alarming in spite of the
long gap between 1974 and 1988. Also, this only goes to show that senior
gambling is gradually but steadily growing in number.

Because most of the seniors have already gotten their "nest eggs," they have
more tendencies to get involved in gambling because of their money.

So, for people who want to know why senior gambling is so rampant these days,
here's a list of some facts that could be of great help.

1. Senior gambling is prevalent because of the fact that they do not have
anything to do and that gambling is the only activity they find lucrative and
at the same time gratifying.

2. Lack of attention and deteriorating opportunities made available for their
social interaction, older people are more vulnerable to gambling these days.
They find gambling as one way of escaping the hard realities of life that they
could not bear. In turn, they gamble a lot so as to forget life's problems.

3. Another reason why a lot of senior people are so much into gambling is that
they have money, usually from their nest eggs or retirement funds. The more
money they have, the more chances of gambling more.

4. In reality, senior gambling does not delve more on winning but more on the
entertainment and satisfaction that they get whenever senior people gamble.

5. More privileges are available for senior gamblers, thus, seniors find it
more convenient and more pleasurable to play gambling.

What You Don't Know May Hurt You: Avoid Offline Gambling Scams

With commodities escalating to greater heights, more and more people are
continuously are getting poorer each day. Here, there, and everywhere, people
can be found seeking ways to sustain their daily lives.

Hence, getting into fraudulent activity is another way of combating the hard
times. No wonder why people are experiencing scam-related activities these
days, especially those who are into gambling activities. This is because in
gambling, more people are easily enticed to engage into activities that will
give them an easy way to win.

The Common Offline Gambling Scam

Contrary to most popular belief, gambling scams do not just happen in the
Internet. In fact, surveys show that there are more people who get victimized
by scammers off line than online.

One of the common gambling scams is the identity theft. This is so prevalent
because most of the people who play in the casinos use their credit cards to
buy the chips.

For people who are not aware of the scheme, they will fall easily as prey. In
fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has estimated 350,000 to 500,000 of
identity theft cases in the United States each year. This goes to show that
more people are not as aware of how their identity gets to be stolen.

How to avoid them

There is no better way to avoid any kind of scam but to educate one's self.
Proper information about these activities will definitely help people identify
any probable signs of scam at once. It is alarming to note that there are so
many cases of scams these days just because people are not aware of them.

In the Financial Crimes Division of the Secret Service, authorities receive
approximately 11 complaints a day from victims and 300 to 500 calls from people
who have related problems. Most of the reasons why they were victimized were
based on the fact that they did not know it was a scam and that the idea
presented to them seemed okay.

Indeed, if people are just aware of the things that are happening around them,
things would be better. So, in order to give those scammers the things that
they truly deserve, it's best to educate people about the activities so that
they can easily report the fraudulent person at once.

As they say, ignorance is not an excuse. It really pays to know everything.

Gambling Addiction: How to Get Rid of It

There are many vices lurking in the society today. One of which is gambling.

What's even worse is the fact that people who are so hooked up with gambling
have the tendency to get addicted to it.

Addiction is a serious social issue that society is still trying to muster.
With gambling addiction, gamblers just don't lose money but life and family as
well. That is why it is extremely important to solve the problem.

In reality, there are available measures and methods so as to treat gambling
addiction. Some of which are:

1. Through medications.

Usually, gambling addicts are treated through medications in the form of
anti-depressants or what medical experts call as Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
or the SSRR. This medication has been proven to treat pathological gamblers or
those who feel the blow whenever they win.

2. Through psychological treatments.

Most psychologists contend that the problem of gambling addiction is often
associated with a problem on their cognitive behavior. Hence, it would be
better to let the gambling addicts undergo cognitive behavior therapy.

In this process, the gambling addicts are taught how to get rid of the negative
ideas and replace them with positive ones.

3. Through group therapy.

Group discussions are also effective in treating gambling addiction. Through
this method, gamblers will get to interact and discuss their own personal
problems that led them to gambling.

One great advantage of this therapy is that gamblers get to listen to other
gamblers stories. They will be able to understand some angles that may sound
just like their very own situations but were unable to identify them because of
the feeling of rejection or shame.

Gambling addiction must be stopped at once. It has already dominated the
society and even perpetuated the problem among college students. In 2004, the
Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania has reported
that 11.4% of their male students are fond of betting cards at least once a
week. This was deemed alarming because they had only 6.2% on the previous
year's report, which made it an increase of 84% in just one year.

Moreover, according to the Journal of Gambling Studies, gamblers who are
college students make up 1.6% of the total population. It may seem little at
first but the fact that the percentage is gradually increasing is enough to
cause alarm.

So, the best way to cure treat gambling addiction is to lessen the chances of
playing. This is because the more people can play the greater chances they get

Tips on Beating the Odds!

There seems to be a thousand ways to gamble just as are there are a thousand
ways and chances to lose. But let's face it, for most betters gambling is not
about living the "bet-and-leave-if-you-lose" attitude. They play to win!

In any endeavor, it's essential to know the rules of the game in order to play
it better and stay on the winning edge. Keeping simple advice in mind and
mastering several gaming strategies before jumping into any gambling activity
will help you increase your chances of beating the bookies and eventually
overpower them.

While it's true that this article aims to develop your winning potential, one
mustn't forget that gambling is not all about winning. We gamble for fun while
keeping a system which helps us defeat the percentage of losing.

Here are a few tips which you can apply when engaging in any gambling activity.
It is also important to keep in mind that these systems are not perfect but
following them offers you a great deal of certainty in winning.

* Keep It Small - Going small time won't hurt and is good to your pocket. Big
time betting is perfect if you are sure that your chance of winning is always
100%. You may lose your money in the end but you may have enjoyed the activity
for a long time.

* Bet With Lucky Pals - There are hands and there are hands for gambling. Bet
with lucky gamblers of the day. No matter how you master the system operating
on every game, if the day does not favor your side then live with it. Joseph
Conrad once said that, "It is the mark of an inexperienced man not to believe
in luck."

* Eye on the Pattern - Go with the flow. Bet on the numbers/players which gets
the most wins. Predict its chances by keeping history of their wins and loses.
This helps you formulate a decision when risking your stake for them.

* Avoid the favorites! - Good betting is impeded by unhealthy judgment about
favorite players, numbers, etc. Improve your judgment by weighing the odds
while looking at other prospects that get the possibility of winning.

* Unleash Your Psychic powers - Confucius implied that the first thing that
comes in your mind is usually the best answer to a question. Playing on your
inner psychic power pays!

* Stop Ahead - Be in control of your winnings. Take over gambling more than it
takes over you.

* Gamble for fun - While it's true that some people gamble to win, we must also
consider that it was originally created to provide fun and entertainment.
Investing in gambling is a bad idea!

OFFLINE GAMBLING...For richer or poorer

Gambling is very popular, from way back when, and more so today. It is a scam
itself. In fact the oldest form known. Not only a scam, but very deceptive.
Statistics show that about six percent of adults that are involved in gambling
are severely addicted to such a "past time" as they call it. People who are
hooked on gambling have the urge to bet on almost anything. From horses, cards,
and the casino. The number doesn't end there. It continues to expand.

Casino scams are everywhere. High payouts and promising winnings are put up in
huge slogans thereby attracting people who want to earn money the fast, easy
and enjoyable way. A fact is gamblers waste a lot of their time, in the hope of
winning. So they don't give up easily.

Studies show that gambling problems can easily occur in individuals with no
self control. It is necessary for one to identify if he has problems, so it can
be identified and acted upon promptly.

Here are some questions one should ask to detect if there is a problem:

* After gambling, when you lose money, be it a small or a large amount, do
  regret it, or feel resentment?

* When you win, do you have a strong desire to win more, therefore you want to
  go back?

* When you lose, do you feel a need to go back very soon?

* Do you spend a lot of time gambling, usually longer than what you planned?

* If you have problems, do you gamble to forget them?

* Are you spending more time gambling than with work?

* Do you not stop until your very last dollar is taken up?

* Do arguments take place between you and your family as a result of your need
  to gamble?

* To finance your gambling, do you borrow money from friends or associates?

Gambling addiction can be destructive. Family, friends and your reputation are
at risk. It is a condition often times ignored. There are escape gamblers that
affect seventy five percent of women from their thirties and up. Usually the
reasons for gambling is to escape from the emotional pain that they are in,
being bored, lonely, depressed or that they make gambling their hobby or past
time. These types of addiction can be cured in three to six months.

The action gambler is much more difficult to deal. Most are men, where gambling
for them creates ecstasy like a drug addition. This is much harder to cure,
since the individual will deny the fact, when confronted. They will typically
not stop until left with nothing, financially.

As gambling creates a lot of scams, it is a fact that still more and more are
drawn to it. The primary reason is to win a huge amount of money. But then
comes in the most lethal of reasons -- that of feeling a certain euphoria.
Scams or no scams, an individual still continues to gamble and is a reason why
offline gambling still thrives today.

The Truth About Winning Blackjack

Today, more and more people are getting hooked on playing blackjack. In fact,
it is considered to be one of the most prevalent and well-liked games in the
casino. This is because it is relatively easy to play the game and with the
correct strategy, a player can lessen the dealer's edge and at the same time
get an advantage in winning the game.

In order to win blackjack, players must get cards that have a total of 21 or
closer to it. If the player gets a card over 21, they will end up losing the

In winning a game in blackjack, there is only one concept that players must
bear in mind. They should always remember to utilize the right strategy.

In order to win a blackjack game, the player must know the basic strategies.
This is because these strategies are considered as the vital element in winning
blackjack. The player's capability to use a line of attack and manipulate the
game is the basic skills that a player must learn in order to win.

So, for people who want to win a game in blackjack, here are some ways how to
do it. These things may not guarantee the players to win the game but using
them will give them a good chance.

1. Players should know when to hit or stand.

Statistics show that 3 out of the 10 people who play blackjack make hits or
stands without even knowing when to do it. Most of them merely rely on their
instincts. Instincts can be a pretty factor in winning the game but it is not
always like that. So, it is a must that a player should know when to hit or
stand just by looking at the cards already dealt and the cards of the dealer.

The idea of when to stand or hit is directly dependent on the dealer's card.

2. Players should always assume that the dealer's down card is 10.

This is based on the theory that if the dealer's down card is a 10 and he gets
a 6, chances are he will get the card. If he gets 7, chances are he would
either be busted or the player's probability of getting close to 21 is higher.

In this manner, depending on what card the dealer gets, the player can decide
whether to hit or stand. The players will then have higher chances of winning.

Winning blackjack is, indeed, dependent on the dealer's card.


Gambling can come in many different forms and manner, carrying with it risks of
varying levels. An individual can gamble and can bet on all sorts of things.
Gambling is currently very popular and continues to expand around the world.

Legal forms of gambling are those that are being run directly by charitable
institutions, companies for profit or government agencies.

Whereas illegal forms of gambling are those by which bets are placed on
underground gambling services, the internet, being such. Gambling among peers
or associates such as playing poker or pool that includes real money betting is
also considered illegal.

Each City or State has complex rules that dictate legal or illegal gambling.
Here are different forms of gambling:

* Casino. This is a form of gambling rapidly growing especially in the internet,
as an online gaming site. This is a set up, usually referred to as "the house"
wherein players can play in such games of chance, which include slot machines,
poker, black jack, keno and roulettes.

* Sports betting. In other parts of the world, this is considered legal. Here in
the United States, betting on individual sports events is accepted only as legal
in Nevada. This is partly because of the possibility for such events to be
"fixed". As certain cases does happen when gamblers pay sports teams to lose in
the game.

* Horse racing is the most common type of legal gambling. This is presided over
by the pari-mutuel, or French for mutual stake. This system works in such a way
that all the betting is place in a fund, where it will be divided among winning
bettors, minus a certain percentages that will go to the track.

* Lotteries. This works such that tickets are being sold for a certain set of
amount. A portion of the proceeds is given back to the winners, through random
draw process. In most cases, while other players choose their own numbers,
others allow the computer to pick numbers for them.

Such type of gambling offers different games. There are instant scratch
tickets, wherein an individual may win instantly with the right combinations on
the ticket and super lotto's that offer increasing jackpots until such time that
there is a winner. Eighty percent of States in the U.S. have laws that allow
lotteries run by government. Thus, twenty five percent of all legal gambling
revenues are from lottery.

* Other forms of gambling include bingo, dog races, pool, playing mah jong and
the stock market.

Gambling can be seen everywhere, especially today, where the internet offers a
lot of sites where such forms of gambling can easily be accessed. This is why
it is important to carefully assess the site or the place that you are in,
before making any move.


As the online gaming business flourishes on the internet today, so do online
gambling scams. These scams are rampant.

There many online casinos that are not "real". They look like casinos, offering
games and prizes. Often many fall victim to such traps. People trust too much
and are usually misled by such disguises.

Certain casino sites are a scam in itself. These sites offer pretty much the
same as the authentic sites. Once you have deposited your money, you might be
surprised that they have rules that prevent you from withdrawing your funds. It
is always better to read and understand the rules before registering.

Bonus scams targets players that have been banned or moved to other casino
sites. This is the simplest and most effective of all scams. Casinos are in
need of continuous flow of fund deposits from gamblers. Thus, bonuses attract
players in. They do this by sending emails to prospects, stating that they are
entitled to certain bonuses once they deposit money to their existing accounts.

After a deposit has been made, casinos will state that a player is not
qualified to receive a bonus. Yet players still continue to play their
deposits. This is what casinos are expecting to happen and they have achieved
their goal.

If you do suspect that you are a victim of such a scam, do the following:

* As soon as possible, stop making deposits.

* If you can cash out, do it immediately.

* Contact the site's customer care if your cash out attempt failed.

* They should respond within forty eight hours to your inquiry. If not, contact
  them again.

* If credit or debit cards were used to deposit funds, contact the establishment
  to inform them that you might have been a victim of internet fraud. So they
  could take all the necessary precautions. And as needed, cancel your credit

* If you have used Neteller take out all funds left in that account.

* If ten days have passed and still no contact was made by the casino site,
  contact them again. State your demand firmly.

* The Online Players association can be of help in mediating to settle disputes
  between parties. Ask their assistance.

* Wait and hope that all will be settled.

* Report to certain web portals the incident. So this won't happen to other

Here is a list of some blacklisted casino sites: 2

One would be surprised to see such a long list. Keep in mind, there are as many
"fake" casinos as there are "real" ones. Always check the site carefully. Better
be sure than sorry.

To Gamble Online or Not to Gamble Online - That is the Question

Compared to a real casino experience, here are some of the considerable pros
and cons of online gambling:

Pros of Online Gambling

1. Hot Offers

As a competitive business, online gambling can give so much to persuade
gamblers. They could offer bonuses for new customers to sign up, i.e.,
additional 10-50% of their initial deposit to their bankroll, random deposit of
money in customer accounts, and giving away vacations for particular levels of
total money bet.

2. Better Rules

According to experienced online gamblers, online gambling has better rules
compared to physical casinos.

3. Cozy Gambling

Of course, the online world makes online gambling another convenient way to
have fun in the comfort of home.

4. Less Annoyances.

Troubles with drunken people, smokers, thieves. With online gambling these real
casino troubles are avoided.

5. No Tipping Obligation.

Unlike playing in a real casino, you don't have to be obligated to tip the
waiters and dealers.

Cons of Online Gambling

1. Patience is a Virtue

Cashing out can be a bit tedious with online gambling compared to real casino
gambling. One may be prompted to wait for about 2-4 weeks for cashing out. With
this in mind, the use of debit card is advised since with it, it is a lot faster
to make your credit appear.

2. Customer Service Boo-Boos

Depending on where you play, you don't have that face to face confrontation
power with the online gambling site. Some sites may offer toll-free calls and
e-mail correspondence. But these are prone to delays compared to just talking
to the casino manager or something to that effect.

3. Online gambling casino calls the shots.

With online gambling, the player may have to deal with the casino's word as the
final word when any dispute surfaces.

4. Credit/Debit Card Overuse

Your ability to balance your credit or debit card statement might fail with
online gambling because of the temptation to play at a lot of places.

5. Inaccurate transaction documentations.

Transactions don't usually have the name of the casino you played at but
instead only the merchant bank is identified.

With this information, weigh the differences as to whether you prefer to do
online gambling or not. As long as you don't get too hooked up on it and you're
enjoying yourself, go ahead get a feel of the online world of gambling.


It's a fact that the legalization of some forms of gambling paved the way for
the construction of gaming establishments catering for these services
everywhere both public and private. While some argue that gambling forms part
of social ills the public have to deal with, indeed, the many benefits gambling
contributes far outweighs the social costs it generates.

Gambling has become increasingly popular. According to the Minnesota Department
of Human Services survey (2003), more than 80 percent of U.S. adults have
engaged once in gambling in the previous year. This figure alone gives you an
idea how much money is generated from this commerce.

There are a considerable number of legal forms of gambling and innumerable
places to look for them but before jumping into those busy tables let's have
some checklists determining which works best for you without you getting into

* Casinos are the way to go - If you would like to experience something more
personal, land based casinos are the best place to go. Casinos accommodate
majority of the most popular gambling activities. You can play games of all
sorts from poker to slot machines.

* Stop, Look, and Listen! - More often than not friends and acquaintances
provide you valuable information and help you decide which place is best place
to sweat on that excitement.

* Go high-tech - Latest research shows that 2 out of 25 Internet users have
wagered on gaming centers online. Love casinos but do not have much of time to
travel? Try it online.

* Watch out for Software! - Legitimate gaming companies openly inform the
public which gaming software they use to operate on their respective sites.
Among those that still remain popular and are protected by gaming policies are
Bossmedia, Wagerlogic, and Microgaming although some use Playtech or
Cryptologic. Keep away from Iglobalmedia, Electra Games, Handa-Lopez.

* Lottery - For most of us who cannot afford casinos, there is still another
way to make that bet! Lottery is the answer. This form of gambling is perhaps
largely participated and the cheapest way to put wager on. Select and win!

* Gamble with Sports - If you love both worlds, a handful of organized sports
events like football or baseball allows you to place your bets on your favorite
team through official wagers or bookmakers. In fact a handful of card games made
their way to sports. One of them is Poker while others are still being played
in-house such as Baccarat.

* Gamble Responsibly - While it's true that we gamble for entertainment, we
cannot underestimate the fact that some are predisposed to addiction. Only
spend what you can afford to lose!

ONLINE CASINO TRIVIA....Great bonuses!

What is online gambling?

* Exceptional and wide choice of games
* Allowing the gambler to train
* Exercise and refine one's skill
* Any game, at any time and anywhere

This is online gambling.

Considered as the fastest growing section on the internet, it offers online
gaming such as poker, black jack, slots and a lot more. With its availability,
a player can enjoy his games right in his home.

Though very overwhelming at first try, one gets to be at ease and enjoy the
game in no time. For winners, casino offers bonuses that players look forward
to. Trivia questions are one such bonuses or incentives given to the lucky

Bonuses are offered by almost all casinos online. This too, enables the player
to try gaming without a large initial investment. This attracts people to play
at certain sites, and hopefully keep on playing. Trivias are offered as

There are rules in bonuses or incentives. Try to familiarize yourself:

* The maximum amount that a player may win which comes with a free account is

* For payouts on the amount won by a player that include free accounts will take
  a while to be cleared. Screening and checking of the individual's records is
  done meticulously.

* Free account may be withdrawn only through certain methods of payment.

* Before requesting payout, it is a must that free accounts be open for certain
  number of days beforehand.

Here are sites with corresponding bonuses:

River Nile Casino - $15 FREE + additional casino bonus

Lucky Emperor Casino - $10 FREE + additional casino bonus

Virtual City Casino - $10 FREE + additional bonus

Jackpot City Casino - $25 FREE + additional bonus

Aceshigh Casino - $15 FREE + additional casino bonus

Club Player Casino - $16 FREE + additional casino bonus

Crazy Vegas Casino - $10 FREE + additional bonus

Casino Kingdom - $16 FREE + additional bonus

Aztec Riches Casino - $10 FREE + additional casino bonus

Usually, one goes though this process:

* Choosing a safe and licensed casino with good payouts and offer bonuses is the
  right start for the amateur gambler.

* Then one has to download the free software to start the online gambling

* After which, the gambler sets an account, providing all details where they can
  send one their winnings. So it is important that one should carefully type in
  all data as correctly as possible.

* Then, one now can try the different games his chosen site has to offer.

* After lots of practice, and if one now is ready to play for real money, then
  go ahead. This requires payment though credit card, Western Union, Stormpay or
  NETeller. So choose your options well.

* It is then time to claim your bonus. Try out all the available games.

* Then, you can now claim your winnings! Check out your casino site for details
  on how to claim it.

* Enjoy !


Gambling ebooks are dedicated to gambling fans in the internet. They offer
information on different casino games, statistics, strategies and tips on how
to win at all sorts of online gambling games.

If you are a gambling fanatic, then they are for you. They aim to give gamblers
the secrets of gambling online as well as how to manage your funds well for an
enjoyable and relaxing game.

Here are some gambling ebooks worth checking out:

* Blackjack - The Complete Strategy - This ebook contains information on
mastering techniques to win the game of blackjack. It includes card counting
tips, strategies, and how to manage ones' money. It also comes with four
bonuses and a one year money back guarantee.

* More Casino Gambling Made Easier, by Gayle Mitchell. This opens up accurate
strategies for live poker, roulette and sportsbook. It contains the ten worse
bets than can be made by a player plus a Worldwide Casino Travelogue featuring
the finest and the best casinos in and around the world.

* Loophole In Sport Betting System, by Richard Koh. Has information on the
loopholes in the Sport betting system that almost anybody can make a living out

* Casino Betting Systems, by Fawzia Awwad. It contains a lot of topics on online
gambling tips such as craps, blackjack, roulette, slots, bingo, lottery and
video poker contests.

* Probability Guide of Gambling, by Catalin Barboianu. This has a large
collection of probability results as well as strategies, covering and
discussing most part of major casino games. Also contains a whole chapter
giving attention to Probability Theory basics, for anybody who is interested in
probability calculus.

* Casino Gambling Made Easier, by Gayle Mitchell. Five online gambling best
games: video poker, craps, blackjack, slots and baccarat with information on
winning strategies. Also contains and covers roulette, wager management as well
as worst bets. Top Las Vegas and Laughlin casinos. Also includes eight

* Playing To Win . Has sixteen great casino gambling sites all in one E-Book.
There are sites for Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and other casino loved games.

* HOW TO BEAT THE CASINOS EASILY. This ebook shows one how to EASILY beat the
casinos at Roulette and Craps AND strictly keep one within his gambling budget.
Let this ebook show you how to make it more fun by walking away with the
casino's money.

* Winning Systems. Containing almost 50 winning gambling systems, these are
professionally written and studied gambling systems as well as guides that have
previously been sold for large amounts of money.

* Secrets Of Ex-Blackjack Dealer Revealed. Shows how one can be a consistent
winner at the game of blackjack using this forty page manual.

Lowering Online Gambling Risks


Online gambling has many risks, aside from the risks on the game there are also
the risks of scams and frauds. In the internet, these aren't really uncommon.
The internet reaches far and wide and it is no wonder that our dishonest
brothers have finally found a way to again con our more honest brothers out of
the money that they've worked hard for.

Online gambling risk comes in many shapes and sizes, aside from the addiction
risk, there are of course the risk of scams.

Therefore you should know if the online casino you're entering is legitimate or
not. In today's day and age, that is very hard to do. Scammer Casinos need only
to copy the layouts of legitimate casinos and adopt them as their own,
including memberships and certifications. Logos and banners are very easy to
copy so be weary of these.

The only way to make sure that you don't get scammed is to go to online casinos
approved by trustworthy organizations like the Interactive Gaming commission. If
however, you get invited, to a site, don't make any deposits yet. Look up their
certifications and make sure that these are indeed true by doing a quick search
on the organization that gave the certification.

Most online gaming organizations have a quick search function that allows you
to search for members. Usually, scammer casinos don't take the time to become
members because they usually "change names" in short periods, usually when
their scam gets discovered.

Like any form of gambling, the risk doesn't necessarily come in the game. The
risk is part of the game, but risks that we are talking about here go beyond
winning and losing money.

The highest risk is getting addicted.

Gambling should be a form of entertainment, and shouldn't be viewed otherwise.
It isn't a living and it definitely isn't a gold mine. This is what's wrong
about today's gamblers; they view it as a fast way to get money.

You should know that a low risk gambler views playing in casinos, online or
offline should be only a form of entertainment. Once you think that it's a
living, it's already the onset of addiction.

To lower your gambling risk, make sure that you limit yourself. Never play for
more than you thought you would, or for longer than you thought you will. Draft
the length of time and the amount of money you would play, kind of like
scheduling dinner or a trip to the movies.

How to Deal with a Gambling Problem

A gambling problem usually occurs when a person over indulges in gambling,
ending up being indebted and having dysfunctional relationships with loved ones.

First of all, Gambling is addictive. The risk and the winning can have a
psychological effect on a person, making him unreasonable and irrational.

The first step to solving a gambling problem is acknowledging it. Gamblers
Anonymous have the following set of questions to test if you indeed have
gambling problems.

1. Did you ever lose time from work or school due to gambling?

2. Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?

3. Did gambling affect your reputation?

4. Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?

5. Did you ever gamble to get money with which to pay debts or otherwise solve
   financial difficulties?

6. Did gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?

7. After losing did you feel you must return as soon as possible and win back
   your losses?

8. After a win did you have a strong urge to return and win more?

9. Did you often gamble until your last dollar was gone?

10. Did you ever borrow to finance your gambling?

11. Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?

12. Were you reluctant to use "gambling money" for normal expenditures?

13. Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?

14. Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned?

15. Have you ever gambled to escape worry or trouble?

16. Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to
    finance gambling?

17. Did gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?

18. Do arguments, disappointments or frustrations create within you an urge to

19. Did you ever have an urge to celebrate any good fortune by a few hours of

20. Have you ever considered self destruction or suicide as a result of your

A problem Gambler would answer Yes to at least seven of these questions.

If you are indeed a problem gambler, the following tips should help you out of
your gambling ditch:

* Never take credit cards or an ATM card with you when you gamble, just take
  the amount that you intend to spend that day.
* Limit the time you gamble.
* Remember, there are more chances of you losing than winning.
* When you win, keep the money and have an agreement with yourself not to use
* When you run out of money, give up, never borrow cash for gambling.
* Never hesitate to ask help from a buddy. Bring a gambling buddy who's not
  addicted and ask him to keep you in check.

Choosing the Best Gambling Game

With the introduction of the world wide web, gambling games have never been the
same. It used to be that people went to the casinos to play craps, black jack,
poker, slot machines and what have you inside the casino.

It used to be that people went to the bingo social hall to play bingo and be a
part of the rowdy, noisy group hollering, shouting, and jumping up and down to
announce their winning card. Bingo!!! Bingo!!!

It used to be that people who bet on horses or dogs went to the race tracks to
place their wagers and stakes and to experience first hand the outcome of the

But with the ever increasing complexity of the technology we now have, gambling
has already invaded even our homes.

The proliferation of online gaming systems has required people to be connected
to the world wide web to play mostly casino games such as poker, craps,
roulette, and slots.

Bingo has been turned into an online game too.

In some states, offline betting has already invaded them. So there is no need
to actually go to the race track to place a bet on your favorite horse.

These days it seems that you need not go out of the house anymore to get a dose
of adrenaline pumping through your veins to experience the high of winning or
the low of losing.

Choosing your game is mostly a personal decision and choice. Some people have
natural affinity with horses or dogs, thus they tend to play race track betting
games either on the racetrack, online or offline.

Some prefer the thrill of waiting for the next ball to be announced and be
ready to jump up and shout throughout the place, "Bingo! I won! I won!"

Some prefer the anonymity of playing casino games in the privacy of their homes
just so when they lose, no one is the wiser. Or if they win big, no one would
also be in the know.

Others prefer to feel the cards at their fingertips and would rather stay in a
casino nearby to play not only a card game, but the psychological game with the
dealer and the other players at the table.

The choice therefore rests on the player. All gambling games have their unique
risks. All have their highs and lows. The initial makes the decision to choose
which game could be considered the best gambling game.


Las Vegas, famous for tourism, entertainment and gaming, is "THE" entertainment
capital of the world.

In Vegas, playing can be a lot of fun. Playing can be very easy and winning
there, can take little effort too. But a question to ask is how to leave Las
Vegas with money. This is a deception that gamblers often encounter.

Here are a few general pointers to go home with your winnings:

* Set a rule for the pit games and as much as possible, stick to it. It could be
that you play no pit games at all, or if you should, set a strict budget.

* Have some rest. Playing can take place for hours. If you find yourself losing,
stop and have some rest. Take the time to do other things, like going up to your
hotel room to change, watch television, or sleep. After which you can then go
back to the game. Chances are, the winners have already left and losers are
already drunk, so take advantage of the situation!

* Look around and study the players first. These are unfamiliar faces. Be
attentive as to how they play the game. Never be hesitant to change tables for
better luck, if your game is not going smoothly.

* When playing thru a slot machine, change your bet every time you spin. Avoid
betting the same amount of coins every spin. This is good at machines that
offer free spins.

* At slots, don't bet on all paylines. Bet maximum coins on just a few.

* Say no to alcoholic drinks while at play. When high in alcohol, one tends to
have great guts. Avoid it; you might be very daring as to place a large bet for
not so good cards.

* Manage your money well. Allot a certain amount that you want to play with for
the day. Play the money through the slot machine only once. After that, take
whatever winnings you have or stop if the allotted money is all used up. If
playing pit games, do the same, play within a budget.

* If you lose, you quit, Simple. You will know your luck as you play along. If
you tend to be losing, don't push it and bet harder hoping you can win and

But, as in any game, the best strategy is patience. Watch a while, stand back
and study the statistics.
Gambling above all, whether one be an expert or not, is a game of luck.

Secret Formula of Black Jack Winners

When someone plays a game, they play to win. One of the many simple games at
the casino is Blackjack. For those who don't know how to play the game, it's
always best to start by learning the basics.

When playing Blackjack the most important feature to remember is that there are
four times as many cards that have a value of 10 (10, J,Q,K) as any other value.
With this information, one must always assume that the next card to be drawn
from the deck has a value of 10.

By keeping this in mind, one may realize that if one has any hand that has a
value over 12 one will likely lose or in blackjack terms bust (go over 21).
Likewise if the dealer's card is a 2-6 it is likely to draw a 10 card which
means he will have to draw again, likely causing him to bust.

Another way to make the odds more favorable to the player than the dealer is by
counting cards. This of course requires many pages and charts that must be
memorized. Having a professionally written guide is very helpful and there are
many different authors that have different styles and different counting
systems. It's always best to get more than one opinion to find out which style
works best.

Practice makes perfect. By investing time and money with online training
software learning the game, it will eventually pay off at the casino.

Upon entering the casino, one must choose the right table to play at. When one
observes that the players at a table seem to be winning a lot, it is a good
time to join in the action. Likewise, if you notice the dealer has a lot of
chips and the players seem to be doing more losing than winning, then look for
a better table.

Reward the dealer by tipping when one is winning. If the dealer knows he will
be tipped when the players wins, he may begin rooting and actually do subtle
things to help such as performing less thorough shuffles and penetrating deeper
into the shoe before he re-shuffles thus allowing the player to get a more
accurate count of the cards.

Though if the dealer starts losing too much money for the casino the pit boss
will likely change dealers.

Although it may be impossible to find the perfect game, one should be familiar
with how certain house rules affect the player.

Keep in mind that as a rule of thumb, the fewer decks the casino uses the more
advantageous it is for the player.

The Famous People in Gambling

Gambling is a recreational activity prevalent in society today. Young and old
alike, people are getting hooked to what today's society calls as the game of
the lucky ones.

Generally, gambling refers to any form of activities that involves taking the
risk of betting the money or any kind of tangible items of value, which
sometimes depend on chance or the skill of somebody to manipulate the game.

Since its inception, the profitability that gambling can offer to an individual
is endless. That is why gambling had continuously dominated the world of chances.

However, even if gambling like blackjack, poker, and slot machines are so
popular these days, people still don't have any idea how it started and who
started it.

Here's a list of the people who, in some way or another, contributed to the
development of gambling.

1. The first ever slot machine, known as the Liberty Bell, was invented by
Charles Fey in 1985. Fey was a car mechanic in San Francisco when he thought of
inventing the Liberty Bell.

The first form of slot machine was made of three spinning wheels that had three
featured shapes: spades, diamonds, and hearts plus a "cracked" Liberty Bell
drawn at each reel.

It was on 1907 when an arcade-like machine maker based in Chicago had thought
of reproducing machines similar to that of Fey's. The manufacturer was named
Henry Stephen Mills. The machine was called Operator Bell.

It was from this point that the slot machines have evolved until today's form.

2. In card games such as blackjack, nobody can ever tell how the game started
and who started it. This is because nobody tried to record it for the purpose
of history.

However, there were people who conceptualized the basic strategy for playing

It was in 1958 when Cantey, McDermott, Maisel and Baldwin had devised a
strategy that caused such commotion with both the statisticians and the
gamblers themselves.

These four people have created the basic strategy in playing the game all using
their hand calculators. After which, they created a book known as "Winning
Blackjack," which is now considered as one of the most valuable strategies in
playing blackjack.

In turn, this gave birth to what modern gambling now calls as the "card
counting techniques."

These are the people who have made the gambling world truly a phenomenon.
Though, there are people who do not accept them as great inventors because of
the negative effects of gambling in the society today. Nevertheless, they have
contributed a lot in gambling.

Compulsive Gambler: How to detect one?

A compulsive gambler is a person who is not able to resist the urge to gamble.
The compulsiveness leads to severe personal and social consequences. The desire
to gamble becomes so difficult to control that stress can only be calmed by
gambling more.

1. Walks, Talks and Breathes Gambling.

The compulsive gambler preoccupies himself with gambling. He tells story of
previous experiences. The compulsive gambler often discuss with anybody willing
to listen, his new schemes or next winning strategy.

2. More, more and more.

The compulsive gambler finds himself gambling more and more money. In most
cases he is not gambling for a bigger prize but for an increased thrill or
excitement. The time he spends gambling usually lasts longer than planned.

3. Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

The compulsive has repeatedly been unable to curb his gambling. Worse, he
becomes irritable and restless when attempting to cut back or stop altogether.
Unfortunately, gambling is a way of escaping or relieving his problems.

4. Lies, lies and more lies.

The compulsive gambler starts lying to family and friends in order to hide his
habit. But lies and brags about winnings. He denies having a problem when
confronted. Often becomes angry if the issue is pursued. The lies start to
become a way of life for the compulsive gambler.

5. Show me the money.

He starts depending on others to help in dire financial situations. He often
borrows from family and friends to support his increasingly worsening problem.
Mortgages and loans are refinanced. Life insurance is cashed in, as well as his
401k. The gambler may then start committing fraud and theft to finance gambling.

6. Self Destructing

Career is jeopardized or relationships with loved ones and friends are eroding.
There is a tremendous amount of shame and remorse felt after gambling. Will
consider or attempt suicide due to extreme helplessness of situation.

7. Losing control.

A shift in personality often happens to the compulsive gambler. He starts being
manipulative, irritable, argumentative, critical, and controlling. The
compulsive gambler starts losing interest in his regular activities and
hobbies. Then makes poor excuses or evades questions of his whereabouts. Often
withdraws from love ones and friends. Sees gambling as a way to cope and deal
with his problems.

8. No Sense of time.

The compulsive gambler begins gambling to celebrate and in crisis. He starts
spending his time gambling on holidays and special events.

Prevention is difficult and will not always be likely. Counseling may help
people who are more susceptible to compulsive gambling. People who know of
relatives that are compulsive gambler might be at risk and must be especially


Just as traditional medicine was replaced by sophisticated capsulated drug
production, the introduction of modern technology assisted gambling in making
its way to the online world.

Whether you choose to gamble your money through the traditional or the virtual
way the following tips will guide you on what's hot and what's not of the
gambling world. Should you choose to use online gambling products, here are a
few tips on how to avoid risking those wagers while keeping your online micro
gaming experience enjoyable.

* Who's who? - Current research shows that 3 out of 5 online gamblers fall into
mischief. Its important to know the online operator of the online gaming site
you are visiting before wagering those bucks so transactions will be easy
should disputes arise.

* Is it Legal? - Applicable laws pertaining to online gambling exist in every
US state so you may assume that every state varies in the provisions of the
laws covering such activity.

* Is it Legit? - Despite the strict laws existing against offending online
gaming sites there remain some people who prey on people's money. There are
online gaming centers which are legally commissioned to conduct micro gaming
events. And one way to recognize them is by the type of software from which
these sites operate.

Software such as OddsOn, Playtech, Cryptologic, and Microgaming, are just some
of the most favorite. Suspicious sites do not display these softwares. These
sites are not legally bonded and are not protected by active gambling policies
in the area where they are allowed to operate.

* Know the Rules! - Luck works and there are simply lots of psychology working
on those lethal moves. Master the simple systems at which the game operates and
you are certainly an edge away against the bookies!

* Read, Read, and Read - One fact about gambling is that most operators won't
disclose real information about the details of the payout. Read the fine
prints. It saves you in the long run.

* Develop a Strategy - As far as chance gaming is concerned, knowing when to go
flops or turn cards is just as important as planning a military assault against
your opponent. Varied but intelligently appropriate strikes are important.

* Risk it! - You tend to deregulate the amount of money coming out your of
pocket as you progress. Latest statistics show that sixteen US states are
currently financing gambling related problems. Gaming and gambling is a form of
entertainment so you expect to lose some money in the end. Given the
consequences, realizing the money you can afford to blow out is important.

Avoiding Online Gambling Scams Before they Happen

Gambling scams were never as recognized and as widespread as when it finally
came in contact with cyber space. Online gambling, although beneficiary for
those gambling aficionados, allowing them to gamble and avail of the enjoyment
at home, also has some of its downsides more specifically the existence of
online gambling scams.

Online scams usually include the refusal of a certain game company to "give
you" your winnings. Some gambling scams may even go as far as totally refusing
to let you win with absurd probabilities, and then refusing to let you cash out
the remaining money you've got left.

One way to avoid these scams is to know what they are. Here are two most
prevailing online gambling scams that you should be aware of, and should be
able to detect easily.

Illegitimate Bonuses

Some gambling companies even go as far as inviting their former scammed
customers under the ruse of "bonuses" telling them how sympathetic they are
about you being scammed, and offering a bonus if you play with them instead.
Just think, where did they get your contact details? Well they got it from that
short form you filled out when you joined the first scam casino, and they're
actually looking to rip you off again.

What do they do? When it's actually time for you to claim your bonus, they say
that you are ineligible to receive the bonus.

To avoid being re-scammed, never fall for these types of offers. Even if you
haven't been scammed yet, they'd still send you a bonus offer then refuse to
give it to you once you've deposited your money. A good rule of thumb with
online gambling, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.


One way to know a legitimate online casino is its affiliations and memberships;
one such is the Interactive Gaming Council (ICG). However, logos provided by
such organizations can easily be copied on the net, and what scammers do, is
they imitate, sometimes, go as far as duplicating the design of a legitimate
casino to pass off theirs. It is a good measure to look up the name of the
online casino on the members list of the certain organization. ICG and others
usually provide an easy to browse and search members list on their web sites.

To make sure that the casino you're subscribing to is legit, type the company
name and the word review in the search engine and read about them, you'll more
or less get an idea of how they work.

Things to Get Started in Gambling Business

Gambling is one of the lucrative gaming activities in the society today. It is
lucrative in the sense that it renders endless possibilities for a businessman
to earn more money.

This is where the reality sinks in, that, in gambling, the only person who
gains from it is the business man or the owner of the gambling business. This
is because people who play gambling games usually end up losing more as they
continuously try their luck by adding more bets and risking more money, and
even property.

With this fact, no wonder why more and more people are resorting to put up a
gambling business, especially now that the Internet is incessantly growing at
breakneck speed.

Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, setting up a gambling business
online is relatively easy. Best of all, you don't just get to earn more money
but get to penetrate the industry faster and even better because of the wide
diversity that the Internet can cover.

No wonder why in the United States alone, commercial casinos have accumulated
almost $29 billion in just a year of gross revenue.

In fact, commercial casinos are prevalent in the US nowadays. There are
currently 28 states that have Indian casinos, 11 have commercial casinos, and
40 states have lotteries. All in all, the US has 445 commercial casinos.

So for people who want to start gambling business, especially those online,
here's how:

1. If a person wants to start an online gambling business, it is important to
get the needed items first. The most important thing of all is the software. Be
informed that this costs millions of US dollars. This goes to show that people
who want to start an online gambling business must be really rich.

2. Whether online or not, starting a gambling business needs an approval from
the government. This goes to show that the gambling business being put up is
legal and conforms to the rules and regulations set up by the law.

3. For online gambling business, it is a must that the owner has to be a
licensee of an online gambling software provider. In this way, the business
owner will be able to receive the necessary equipments and software needed in
the online gambling business.

Indeed, gambling business can be very lucrative, especially if it is a legal
one. And just like any businesses, proper management is the key element in
order to succeed in the industry.

The Best Gambling Spots Online

Gambling has always been akin to mentioning Las Vegas in one breath. Nowhere
has gambling been as lucrative and as consuming as it is in Las Vegas. Thus, no
one has called Las Vegas the gambling capital without due cause.

However, the introduction of the internet has proven that traditional gaming
venues are becoming passe.

Thus, here is a rundown of the best gambling spots that you could find online.
A word of precaution to the buyer. . .be careful.

Feature Check

There are some features you need to check and verify before going into a
website and loading your credit card information.

The website must be licensed. It also must have passed testing by government
regulatory agencies. Thus, it must show and prove that it is regulated.

It must have policies against under age gambling, a code of conduct for players
and for responsible gaming.

It must also assure the privacy, security and safety of the individual's use.
Information needs to be encrypted to keep all client information confidential.

The games matter, thus, featured games must always be up-to-date, interactive
and challenging.

Sites to Choose From

If you are into internet gambling, some of the best spots you can go to include:

* is into the wagering system focused in online sports
gaming. It has been in operation for 15 years now and one of the largest online
sports gaming websites in the world.

* Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino offers a variety of casino games such as
video poker, slots, black jack, roulette, and craps. It has been in operation,
licensed and established since August 1997. It has won several awards since its
operation began, such as the "Best Reputation" award for three consecutive years
from the Gambling Online Magazine in 2001 to 2003. It has also been awarded the
"Best Payout/ E-Cash Program" from the readers of the Casino Player Magazine.

* Winward Casino is another online casino leader since its operations began in
1998. What Winward Casino has that others don't is its wireless capability that
individuals can play via their personal digital assistant (PDA) or cellular

Payouts from these online casino gaming sites are within the range of 95
percent to 99 percent each month. The customer service is also open 24/7 to
provide quality service consistently to every player.

These are just one of the few online gambling spots that anyone can check out.
But remember, always be alert and look for the safety features of any site
before divulging your personal information. Happy betting!

Tips on How to Gamble Responsibly

Aside from becoming one financial roadblock, when one gets addicted to
gambling, the preoccupation may just cause him his family and his whole social
life. Who wants to be entangled into such problems like those, right?

Gambling is supposed to be fun, not something that will ruin your life. Here
are some tips on responsible gambling:

1. Plan to Lose.

This is not being pessimistic. Keep tabs on your losses and give yourself a
loss limit. And stick to it strictly. Aside from the loss limit, setting a time
limit will also make you one smart gambler.

2. Don't ask for help.

This easily translates to never asking for some borrowed money to continue
gambling. If you have determined a quite manageable loss limit, you will never
have to borrow money to gamble.

3. Have a break.

Frequent breaks while playing online will not only make you relax, it will also
give you time to just rethink how much you have been losing then subsequently
quit it.

4. Don't just gamble, mingle.

Incorporate other less wallet pinching activities such as chatting with a new
acquaintance or some old friend who also happen to visit the casino. Don't feel
guilty when you don't get to gamble the whole night through. Practicing your
social graces is also one good way to spend the night. Who knows you might just
have let one investment deal pass just because you were too hooked up rolling
the dice.

5. Don't play when depressed and stressed.

Just like shopping and eating, it's never a good way to make use of gambling as
an outlet to belch out your woes or any trouble. Gambling when you are feeling
low will not solve you problem. It might even blow it up to some mammoth
proportion you never intended it to be.

6. Say no to ruining your budget just because of gambling.

Stay only with the budget you allocated for entertainment. Money for everyday
expenses should never be touched if it's only your craving to roll the dice
that you are trying to quench.

7. Don't go chasing your losses.

Acceptance is one mature way to deal with any problem. This does not exclude
losing when gambling. It won't be smart to chase your losses since it might
make you lose even more.

If all else fails to remind you that gambling should not be taken lightly,
remember that casinos are not built as charity houses to give out money. They
are making a business out of the gamblers' losses.

Is Offline gambling A Dinosaur?

Over the past twenty plus years internet technology has developed and attracted
millions. It has transformed the way people live. The way people consume
products or services has changed drastically. People want instant information
and service and by extension, people demand instant cash.

In cyberspace a gambler can have easy access to online gaming. Online gaming
plays like a real casino but instead of interacting with a dealer at a table
you use a web-based software instead.

What's missing online?

Apparently the lack of atmosphere or ambience when gambling on the Net was
cited in a study as one of the most important aspects of offline gambling that
is missing online. The online games on the internet try to imitate the real
deal by featuring graphics and text animation. Even including verbal

With every mouse click, the program gives a corresponding sound like coins in a
slot machine. The software-dealer starts talking if there are no action or
commands given. Despite all of this though, the atmosphere of a casino hasn't
been recreated.

The adrenalin rush in a real casino cannot be recreated online either. Playing
at home, an online gambler is playing alone and no amount of tinkering in the
program can create an atmosphere. The lack of atmosphere prevents a person from
gambling with friends.

The live casino has been associated with a socializing ambience and a lot of
gamblers feel an attachment to the environment.

Hey Big Brother!

The main reason people give for not shopping in the internet is a perceived
risk in security. That perception is much higher for online gambling. Although
most sites give an information link to the existing security technology, still
the perception remains.

Most people experience great discomfort in using a credit card on online
gambling. Not only the perceived security issues that gamblers feel
uncomfortable with, it is also the lack of any kind of control on the outcome.

Online people cannot move from one table to another and make crucial decisions.
The reality of losing money on the internet is distorted, most people cannot
feel that they are losing money. Simply because of the idea that you're just
sitting at home, how can they lose so much money.

All the light shows and sound effects an online casino can muster, it cannot
substitute for the action happening inside the halls of a casino. People feel
more in control when playing inside a casino, whether it's strategizing or
managing his money. The thrill of having a crowd and the joy of companionship
is also a very important plus. Dinosaurs? Maybe, but they are still giants and
very much alive.

The Untapped Benefits of Gambling

Some people cringe at the thought of being labeled as a gambler since the
stigma would forever hound them. People have different reasons as to why they
gamble. Some gamble to forget their problems, others for fun, or to while away
the time, those who play seriously and those who are addicted to it.

But all is not negative when it comes to gambling as there are untapped
benefits of gambling which cannot be seen within the walls of the casino, or
the race track, or in the bingo social hall.


In Las Vegas, a whopping 60 percent of the employment ratio is attributed to
the presence of casinos. Imagine what would happen to Las Vegas if all the
casinos suddenly stopped operating.


Self-discipline is the key. Gambling is for entertainment, as it was intended
to be. Others just couldn't handle a loss and always kept right on thinking
that the next card would be the one to salvage all that has been lost. But it
never does. And these types of gamblers only comprise one-fourth of the
gambling population who cannot gamble responsibly.

Imagine the other 75 percent who responsibly gamble. These are the people who
find the entertainment value of gambling and they are never blinded by the
illusion that hitting it big time just once is the key to financial freedom.

It is sad that only a small percentage of the gambling population gets the bad
rap of how gambling can be so destructive. Families, friends, properties, jobs,
crimes and deception permeate the destruction brought about by gambling but it
is still a small portion of the gambling population.

Charity Work

Winnings from gambling activities have contributed in providing the needed
financial support of worthy causes. They use gambling activities such as bingos
or lotteries with a percentage of the jackpot winnings tied with charity

Some celebrities even show their prowess in card games like poker to provide
entertainment for the viewers and winnings for the charity institution they

Health benefit

Studies have been found that retirees 65 years old and above who gamble have
less health issues such as depression, alcoholism and bankruptcy as they find
gambling to be therapeutic as it exercises their mind and keep them alert.

The study was not conclusive, however, because retiree gamblers are the
recreational gamblers who find the entertainment value of gambling. They are
healthier because they are healthy to begin with and not because they gamble.

In the end, it is not the gambling act itself that makes it beneficial or
harmful to the individual. It is the decision of the individual if gambling
would rule him or he would rule his gambling habit.

Ranking the Best Gambling Business

There are gamblers and there ARE the gamblers. For those who cannot control
their gambling addiction and those who want to delve into the business of
gambling, there are some areas to turn in a profit, day or night.

Knowledge of state laws is crucial in making your choice as well as other
regulatory and statutes that you need to be knowledgeable of. Remember, the law
does not exclude anyone.

As in any type of business, the most crucial aspect in establishing your
business is where to locate it. Location, location, location is the key. Unless
you want to jumpstart the economy of a certain locality, choosing the perfect
location is by far the most difficult decision to make.

Another decision you need to make requires you to evaluate which type of
gambling business you would like to get into.

There are a lot of options to choose from in going into the gambling business.
One can choose to establish a casino, a lottery outlet, a wagering system,
bingo social halls, sweepstakes and dice games.


Establishing a casino at the right location can make an individual (who can
afford to build one on his own) or a group of individuals rich. But the initial
investment is also very steep as the place needs to be at par with world class
standards to be considered as the in place to be.


Everybody plays the lottery. Who doesn't want to get rich quick? So getting a
franchise or a license to open a lottery outlet is also another way of making a
fast buck.

Wagering and/or Race tracks

Some go for the higher stakes of taking a chance on the outcome of the game
from a jockey or from someone else. Building a race track for horses, for dogs
or for any other animal is also a lucrative business that can be looked into.
Provided state laws allow these animals to be a part of the gaming industry.


People just love to play bingo. And formalizing a bingo social hall is just the
right business around that corner if your community is into it day and night.
Aside from its entertainment value, most charity institutions use bingo socials
to forward their causes and solicit funding for their activities.

Sweepstakes and dice games

These have fairly been in the community long before the more elaborate and
higher stakes gambling activities available now. However, these do not lose
their charms as they provide a high that most people just can handle in their
daily lives.

Last word on any gambling business you would want to establish, know your state

How to be Smart with Gambling Scams

With the advent of technological advancements, people can find ways on how to
do things differently. The problem is that some of these things do more harm
than good.

One of the greatest problems brought about by technology these days are the
scams. This is because with high-tech gadgets, most scammers can easily
identify the information that they need so as to get hold of a person's bank
account, credit card, etc.

One great example of scams is those that are used in gambling. These fraudulent
activities are so prevalent in gambling, especially online-gambling because a
lot of people want to earn money. They are so hooked up with earning money that
they tend to neglect areas that need careful analysis.

People who fall easily as prey are those who are vulnerable to ads that states
about easy money, sure win, or higher chances of winning.

However, there are still ways to deal with these problems. The bottom line is
to identify which gambling activity is fraudulent or not.

Here's how:

1. People should learn to assess things whenever somebody is pushy about a
certain thing. Chances are, if they are so pushy, they want to get what they
want whatever the case may be. It's like giving their victim a "now or never"

If a certain gambling activity claims it can't wait until the next day, chances
are, that activity is a scam.

2. Surveys show that when a certain gambling activity is offering lots of money
in a short span of time for just a small fee, there is a higher probability that
it is a scam.

The bottom line is that, if it looks and sounds too good to be true, chances
are it is a scam.

3. If certain rules and regulations are too vague to be understood, chances are
it may be a scam. This is because scammers will usually not lay down all the
facts. They have hidden agendas or costs that will reap more money once they
get their victim on the hook.

4. A gambling deal that would offer something for nothing is definitely a scam.
In most cases, people get something without giving in return…at first. What's
more, they even give people a money-back guarantee, which may sound so enticing
but all the more it is just like that, an enticement.

So, for people who fall to these kinds of situations, it would be better to be
wary next time around. As they say, a person will never know what a scam is
unless he knows how to spot one.

When Losing Really Matters

As they say, gambling is a game of chance. This means that nobody is sure when
one will lose or win.

However, there is only one fact that remains. In gambling, there is bound to be
a loser. In fact, most people contend that a game is not to be considered as
gambling if it will not have losers. This goes to show that when people gamble,
they are bound to lose than win.

Today, more and more people are getting hooked up with gambling. They see this
kind of activity as an outlet of their problems, a place where to get unwind
from a hard day's work, or simply a form of recreation. What they don't know
that when somebody starts to get hooked up with gambling, chances are he or she
is bound to lose great things in the end.

So, how does it feel to lose gambling? Is losing really a part of the game?
There are so many questions, yet, just a few answers. This is because people
are not aware of the probability of somebody's chance in winning the game of

Here are some facts about gambling and its losing characteristic:

1. If people gamble more, chances are, they will lose more.

This is one great way how to lose in gambling. People just have to continue
gambling and they will continue to lose more.

2. Because gambling entails a lot of money, most people tends to think that
gambling is more about winning. They just don't realize that losing in gambling
has more impact and has more probability of getting it.

3. People will never win in gambling.

Statistics show that most of the people, who play gambling, will never be able
to win because of the little chances that they have.

For example, in a game of card, there are 52 cards in a deck of cards, thirteen
of which are four suits. A person's probability of drawing the card that will
make them win the game is only 1 in every 52 chances, and the chance of having
a perfect hand of cards is 1 in 635,013,559,599.

Other examples are the games that use dice. Normally, each dice has six sides.
This goes to show that for every 6 attempts people will throw, they will get 1
chance to get the number that they want. Though, there's only 1 in 216 if the
person will be using three dice.

Indeed, gambling is really a game of chance, even if some people contend it
uses skills. With gambling, people are really bound to lose.


Roulette is a game played by one to seven individuals. Bets are placed by
positioning chips on a certain number that they would want to win. These chips
are only for roulette and can not be used for any other game. Each player have
a different color of chips, in order for the dealer to recognize who the chip
belongs to, making it easier for him to do the payouts later. With this, a rule
is set that hands are to be kept out of the table as soon as all the betting is
done. The dealer then, spins the wheel.

Bets in roulette are of two types, the inside and the outside betting.

A point to remember is that roulette is not a game of prediction and
possibility. All numbers that are on the roulette wheel lands unplanned, or at

If you are losing, do acknowledge the fact that you are not simply lucky
"today". Don't keep playing hoping that you could gain back your losses. You
may end up losing too much. Stop, because there are still better days to come.

As in any other casino game, before the game, consider following these

* Keep in mind that you are in the casino to enjoy yourself, to be entertained.

* If playing online, read carefully the rules as well as the terms and condition
  of the casino site.

* When playing online, be sure to check the authenticity of the site.

* Always allocate a certain amount for the game, for the day. Strictly stick to
  the limit.

While you are playing the game, keep in mind these guidelines:

* As with any game, a general rule is to gamble only the money that you could
  afford to lose. Never use the money allotted for paying other bills such as
  rental, utility bills, etc. You'll need professional help if you do gamble 
  this way.

* practice makes perfect. Before playing for real money, take the time to
  acquaint yourself first with the game. "Feel" the game.

* Don't gamble with so much money in just one spin. You may lose all in an

* In roulette, what counts are your overall winnings. If you are having a bad
  day, stop. You can go back and try your luck again another day.

* Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can greatly affect you decisions
  in playing the game. Have a clear mind when playing.

* Play when odds at a table are only zero.

Here are betting strategies to help you a winner at roulette:

* "Martingdale" is a betting strategy that is the most used by players. This
   works in such a way that a player begins with a fixed bet, which is doubled
   when a player loses. The doubling of the money continues until such time 
   that one wins a hand. With this, one automatically gain all loses. One thus 
   begins again, with a fixed bet.

* "Reverse Martingdale" is a betting strategy which is basically has the same
   concept as the "Martingdale" betting technique but is a reversal of such

* "Progressive Betting". This is applied in such a way that a player begins 
   with a fixed initial bet, and every time one wins the bet, he increases the 
   present bet by that initial amount. Whereas each time a player loses, the 
   bet will be, betting the current amount but the initial fixed bet is taken 
   away. This works well since as long as a player is winning continuously, 
   the bet is also raising in such a pattern. If a player is losing, the bet 
   will be also in a descending pattern.

"D'Alembert" Raising ones bet according to a fixed amount when losing and
lowering the bet when winning.

"Reverse D'Alembert" works the same as D'Alembert type of betting, but a
reversed method.

Roulette is an enjoyable game. One can easily have a lot of fun with it. And
that is what one should aspire. To have fun at casinos. Nothing more, nothing


Games at casinos are of two kinds. The game of skill which is one counts on the
acquired skill of a player. Such games include blackjack, baccarat and poker.
Games such as roulettes, slot machines and craps are games that rely on the
player's luck, which are called games of chance.

The game of crap is played with a dice. As all players know, each dice has six
sides with number one through six accordingly. Crap uses two dice. With it, two
(1, 1) the smallest number that can be rolled, and twelve will be the biggest
number (6, 6). Seven being the most common number that is rolled, establishes
and determines the odds.

Here are reasons why players often lose the game. Understanding this, one can
have a better game:

* More often then not, these gamblers rely on their luck.

* Usually these players already have losing in "mind".

* Often, players have very little understanding of the game.

Here are different strategies that one can count on in playing craps:

* Betting the Pass Line. When one wins, this pays an even winning. Place your
bet on the Pass Line area. If the result of the rolled dice is seven or eleven,
you win. While if two, three or twelve, you lose. If the results are other than
these numbers, you continue dicing until you roll a seven, you win. If it comes
out before a point, you lose.

* Betting the Don't Pass Bar. This is the exact opposite of betting the Pass
Line bar. You win when the result of the come out roll is two or three. You
lose if the result is seven or eleven. If the result is the number twelve, it
is declared a push. You keep on rolling the dice until such time a point seven
is rolled. You win id before the point, seven comes out.

* Come out bet. This type of a bet can only be done after a come out roll
resulting in the following numbers - 4, 5,6,8,9, or 10. Similar to the Pass
Line bet, if the result of the next roll is the number two, three or twelve,
you lose. While if the resulting next roll is seven or eleven, you are a winner.

The bottom line in any game is to always play wisely. Think with your head and
never rely on your luck when betting. Look at the statistics; they will
increase your chances of winning, as they will show you the betting
probabilities. Having a solid game plan, the discipline to execute them, as
well as effective and precise money management will increase your winning

A Matter of Winning and Losing: Tips on Playing Blackjack

Today, blackjack seems to be one of the most popular card games. This is
because playing blackjack is so easy to learn and play. Unlike poker, blackjack
does not have any combinations to remember.

In blackjack, the object of the game is to get the sum of the two cards close
to 21. When a person gets cards that are over 21, he or she loses the game.

Normally, a player receives two cards. After the players see their cards, they
have to decide whether they would hit or stand. When a person says "stand,"
this means the player thinks he or she is closer to 21 already. When a player
says "hit," this means that he or she still needs additional cards just to get
close to 21.

Players can draw as many cards as they want until they feel they are close to
21 already. A player who is nearer to 21 wins.

However, there are people who have devised some tips and strategies to get an
edge over the other players. There are times that these tips really can help
some people win.

Here's a list of some tips that players may choose to use them so as to win the

1. If a player gets 17 or higher, it is always better to stand, and if the
player has any number from 13 to 16 and the dealer's card is 6 or lower, it
would be better to stand. But if the dealer has 7 or more, it would be better
for a player to hit.

The theory here is that, if the dealer is showing a card of six or lower, the
dealer may take a card, assuming that the dealer's card facing down is a ten.
The players, then, assume that the dealer is banking on a bust hand, so the
other players have the tendency to maintain a lower card number.

The rule of thumb: players should always assume that the dealer's down cards is

2. If a player has aces or 8's, it would be better to split them regardless of
the dealer's showing card.

3. A player should remember not to split 10's. Chances are, they might end up
getting busted.

4. If the dealer is showing 4, 5, or 6, it would be better for a player to
stand on hard 12, or hit hard if the dealer is showing 2, 3, 7, or higher.

5. In order to win, players should always remember not to split fours, face
cards, and fives.

Indeed, gambling is a game of chance, but with keen observation, winning is

HOW TO WIN POKER...Is there a sure way?

As poker is very popular today and a favorite game to play among Americans, one
may ask, if there really is a sure way to win at poker.

The answer is simple. Study and check out these guidelines, try them at poker
time and see for yourself.

Before starting to play the game, keep in mind these simple suggestions:

* Inspect the site. Make sure that it is authentic.

* Read the terms and conditions of the site. Check the maximum payouts and the
  minimum bets.

* Allocate a budget for the day. That budget will determine how much you are
  willing to lose or to win in the game. Stick to the limit.

* Do not gamble if you can not afford to lose.

* Practice playing the game. Familiarize yourself with the game first before you
  play for real money.

At the table, here are some warnings that you should always remember:

* If you do make a big win, do not be greedy, stop. Making a big win and
  gambling it all over again is a big sign of greediness.

* In poker, overall winnings are what count most. If you are losing, or have
  already lost your allotted money for the day, don't try to win your losses
  back. You won't. Stop. Tomorrow is another day.

* Drinking alcohol is a big no no at poker time. It can serious affect your
  judgment. So stay away from it while on the game.

* Never take side bets. Usually these are just gimmicks, so that more money will
  go to the casino.

* Never gamble your hard earned money unless you are very much ready to lose it.

While in the game, here are some important ideas to think about:

* Gaze at your opponent's eye. Survey all their moves. Observe them, to better
  know them. This way, you will fear them less. This way, you will know when they
  are bluffing or not.

* Play in silence. Have that conversation with your self as well as think deep
  to your opponents actions. Concentrate.

* Base your decisions on what the reality is. See all movements as they are. Do
  not fear, instead, be calm and assess their moves accordingly.

* Don't take it personally. At the poker table, it is always unavoidable that
  your opponent can irritate you. Never give in to such responses. Stay within
  the good game. Be cool and objective. This is a bluffing game. But do keep in
  mind that just because your opponent has bluffed earlier, it does not mean that
  he does all the time. Think tight. Review each move.

* Think about what your opponents have. Create a situation. So when deciding,
  you'll have a better chance to be right.

* Know when to stop. Is the hand that you are raising now the hand you folded a
  while ago? This is a sign that you should go home.

* Play to enjoy. Do not play if you are sad, bored or tired. If you can't play
  having enjoyment as your goal, then don't play at all!

Losers! How to Avoid Becoming One

The chances of a person drawing a royal flush is the same regardless of who he
is. But why do some people lose so much and why do other people seem so damn
lucky. You know the rules and you know the odds, why is it your still losing.
Loser? Probably not, but to make sure check out this list. It won't guarantee
winning but might help you avoid the loser tag.

1. Decide on how much you are willing to lose (and win)

People lose a lot of money gambling due to lack of planning. They gamble way
over their head because they don't know when to stop. The reason being they
didn't plan when to stop.

2. Don't borrow other people's money to gamble

If you can't afford to lose money, don't play in the first place. The added
pressure of playing someone else's money is too much. Losing your own money is
difficult enough, so if you don't have some, don't play.

3. Set the alarm.

If you've already decided how much you're willing to lose, well and good. Now
it's time to set a time limit. You can't play forever and you shouldn't.,
especially if you're playing in a casino. The games favor the house in all
cases, the longer you play the chances of you losing increases. So, set the
alarm and then leave when it goes off.

4. Time out

Don't play continuously without a break. The excitement and the adrenalin can
probably get you going non-stop but when fatigue sets in, you start making bad
decisions and make mistakes. So, rest up and relax. Then go back in.

5. Do other stuff.

Preoccupying yourself with only gambling breaks your inner balance. True,
focusing gets good results but focusing only on one thing alone leads to bad
things. Doing other things gives you a different perspective on other things
that you do, it gives you possible insights that you may miss when focused on
one thing only.

6. Don't gamble when you're stressed or emotional

Not being in the right frame of mind can cost you big on the table. The most
obvious thing that you would be lacking is focus. If your mind is preoccupied
with other things and the state of your emotions is a mess. Those things lead
to poor judgment and critical mistakes.

Simple plays become more difficult and most things become confusing. The poor
emotional state you are in means playing emotionally instead of smartly.

Raking it in at Video Poker

Fact, of all the hands dealt only 21% are winning hands. The rest, which is
79%, are losers. The difference between a winner and a loser is what he does
with 79% of the hands dealt so that it becomes a winner.
To increase the chance of making money at video poker is to understand, embrace
and promise loyalty to these video poker tips.

Find a machine that pays 9 for a full house win and six for a flush win.

If you want to play on a progressive machine that pays 8 for a full house win
and 5 for a flush win, be sure that the nickel machine pays a jackpot of $250
or better, the quarter machine pays $2,500 or better or $10,000 on a dollar
video poker machine
To collect on the royal flush bonus for a progressive machine, be sure to bet
the maximum number of coins

Play on the machine with the lowest denomination if you are a new player. Wait
until you get better before playing on the higher domination video poker.

Use slot card to get credit for playing, if the casino offers one. First ask
the point equivalent for each dollar played. Then learn what those earned
points are worth.

Take time to read every hand you get. Remember you're not playing against
another person, it will not intimidate you for playing too slowly.

Players don't recognize that the jack is the most important card in the deck,
not the Ace. A Jack gives you a lot more lucrative hands than an ace.

The variety of video poker you can play is almost endless, but all have their
own payables that need specific strategies. The best way to start learning is
to limit your choices to two.

Improve your game by playing on a computer or a portable video poker game. If
you train this way, you get to test your skills with zero risk.

Here are playing tips:

1.  Don't ever hold a kicker with your pair. This reduces your payoff by 5%

2.  Don't draw four cards, if you can get a royal flush drawing three.

3.  Always stay on a winning five-card hand except when drawing a royal flush
    with one card.

4.  Never break a flush to draw a straight flush even with one draw.

5.  Always break your flush to draw a royal flush.

6.  Don't break your straight to draw for a straight flush.

7.  Don't draw five, if you're holding Jacks or better.

8.  Never leave a ten on a four card draw.

Lady Luck versus Mathematics: The Truth behind Lady Luck

In most cases, people contend that gambling is a game of chance that is why all
winning bets are based on lady luck.

Most gamblers would insist that lady luck is the goddess of fate and chances of
winning the game. They tend to believe that one stroke of lady luck on a players
fate would definitely bring about winning streaks and endless shots of fame and

However, the concept of lady luck is basically based entirely on the fate of
the person and not on the skill of the player depending on the game he or she
is about to play.

No wonder why people always utter, "There goes lady luck again" to somebody who
consistently wins the game.

However, the problem lies in the fact that the so-called lady luck is not
always consistent from day one until day two or three.

On its entirety, the truth behind lady luck is basically dependent on the
stroke of luck that falls upon the person right at that very moment.

On the other hand, mathematicians argue that they can combat lady luck into a
more realistic viewpoint by using numbers instead of fate or what their stars
tell them.

That is why critics of the "gaming industry" would rather call blackjack,
roulettes, and other games in the casinos as part of the gaming industry and
not gambling industry because they want to let the people believe that the
probabilities of winning is not based on chances or some kind of lady luck but
on the mathematical statistics of every move.

The Drawback behind Lady Luck

The problem with people relying on their lady luck to smile at them so as to
ward off any bad luck is that the modern game tends to fall back on the
superstitious beliefs of most primitive people.

Most of the losers tend to believe that they can ward off bad luck by using
some techniques such as spreading some salts to ward off bad elements that
bring bad luck.

Some even contend that the color of the clothes attract lady luck to come and
sit with them.

The Conclusion

Consider this; some mathematicians contend that the odds of having or getting a
royal flush are 1 in 649,739. This goes to show that if people will solely rely
to lady luck, chances are they will definitely lose more than winning.

The bottom line: gambling is not about winning, it is entirely based on losing.
The only winner is the casino owner who calls for the so-called "house
advantage" and there is no lady luck to the rescue.

Tips on How to Win Texas Hold 'em Poker

When people speak of poker, there is one name that cuts above the rest of the
poker classification - the Texas Hold 'em poker. This type of poker is considered
to be the most popular type being played in the casinos today, whether online or
in real casinos.

Generally, Texas Hold 'Em Poker starts with a batch of two players situated at
the left of the "dealer button." This dealer buttons refers to the round disc
being passed on clockwise on each player. It signifies who will be dealer in
the event that the deal was move forward from one player to another.

The betting starts on the first part of the game where the money is placed into
the pot before dealing the cards. Normally, the first blind is the one that
places half of the required minimum stake. The first blind refers to the player
situated at the left of the dealer. The second blind, on the other hand, is the
one responsible in placing the full minimum required bet.

Since the very object of the game is to win whatever is in the pot, it is best
to know some rules or strategies so as to get an edge over the other players.
Here's how:

1. The table.

When a player is playing Texas hold 'em poker, the best thing that he or she
should consider is selecting the table. This is because players, regardless of
their skills in playing the game, will be constrained to give their best shots
if the table is too assertive, too rigid or too loose, or if it consists of
players that are more skillful.

The bottom line: Even if the essence of winning the game is directly affected
by the skills of the player, it is still best to play on a table that has few
raisers but many callers.

The logic behind this concept is based on the fact that the more raisers there
are in a table, the lesser the chances of winning the game.

2. When a player is in the early position, it is best to raise with K-K, A-K,
and A-As, then, with A-Qs, Q-Q, J-J, A-K, T-T, have a call and then fold
everything else.

3. For players who already have a remarkable hand starters, especially when he
or she has a high pair, say JJ or even higher, it is best not to hesitate
raising it before the flop.

Indeed, playing Texas hold 'em poker requires skills also. It is not all based
on gambling. This just goes to show that games like this requires both luck and
skill to win the pot.

Offline Gambling with Lesser Risks

There is no foolproof way to always win when gambling. That is why it's called
gambling, you take risks and reap the benefits when lady lucks sides by you,
but this isn't always the case. Most of the time people end up being addicted,
losing all that they've worked for all in the belief that gambling is the real
get rich quick solution.

Gambling is addictive; therefore there is no real risk-free solution. But a
person can still continue gambling without really getting addicted or getting
drastically affected.

High risk gambling doesn't necessarily mean you spend a lot of money. Think of
gambling as a form of entertainment. Like other ways to get yourself
entertained, you sometimes spend nothing and sometimes a lot. Think of it as a
play that you watch, except you participate in it actively. Therefore, low-risk
gambling is essentially avoiding the mindset of losses, if you don't think you
lost then you probably didn't.

Low risk gambling is essentially a mindset, not a drug, not a shrink; you can
avoid gambling risks by thinking like a low risk gambler.

A low risk gambler knows that as time passes, most people will lose. The only
party that wins in this gambling arena is the company that runs the casino.
Never expect to win back what you've invested as this can only set your mind to
play and play until you realize that you don't have any money left to play

A low risk gambler should know that he is only playing for recreation, for
entertainment, and like all forms of entertainment, gambling has a cost. By
doing this, you don't recognize the losses as losses but rather expenditures.
Just put it in your mind that the money you lost is the amount you pay for the
entertainment, and don't necessarily have to be won back.

Low-risk gambling is social gambling. The gambling part should be done with
friends, family and loved ones. The presence of friends provides a content
sensation that is very different from winning, and can help you focus away from
winning. Gambling on your own can make it seem like a form of work, making it
serious, letting you focus on losing rather than enjoyment.

Low-Risk gambling should be limited, both in frequency and duration. If you're
trying to lower offline gambling risk, you should be able to draft a timetable
for yourself. Compulsive gambling should never be tolerated, and this may be a
sign of a starting addiction.


Poker is a very popular card game, where players with either fully or partially
hidden cards bet into a central "pot." To the player having the best card
combination, the accumulated bet in the pot is then handed over.

Before the dealing of the cards, one or more players, depending on the rule, is
required to place an initial bet unto the pot. After which, the cards are dealt,
face down. Thus the beginning of the game.

Strategy should be developed so that one will learn who plays fair or who the
sharper player is. By defining them, one can easily deal with them. Carefully
study each players move so you will prevent loss in your cards.

Poker is a game of strategy. Even with bad set of cards, a good poker player
still has a high chance of winning. Here are some tips:

* Hand strength. Any hand that is less than a pair should be folded at the
earliest opportunity that comes. Don't wait that other cards will remedy the
situation, because they will not.

* Display a poker face. This makes the other players wary of your cards. Your
expression will let your opponents know how good or how bad are your cards. A
point to remember, never project any clue to them, if you will, then make
certain that if you do have bad cards, pretend you have otherwise.

Do bear in mind that bluffing will not work if you are a poor player. Meaning
players who over estimate the force of their hand. Also, if a player bluffs
repeatedly or regularly, expert players will eventually sense their style and
would now know if they are bluffing or not.

* Never be afraid to fold. One threatening aspect in poker is placing your bet.
As to how much or how little one should bet, feel the game. As you go along,
you will then be knowledgeable and know when to bet and when to fold. A rule to
keep in mind is, don't expect later cards will improve your situation if you
have nothing in your hand. Be free to fold as frequently as needed.

* Control. Bet wisely. This means betting with your head. Bet only within your
means. You can not gain fortunes in poker, so stay within your limits.

* No alcohol. As alcohol makes one bolder and daring, it is wise to avoid it at
poker time. You might find yourself betting more in not so good cards. Avoid
alcohol especially when the stakes are high.

It is important for one to devote a lot of time for the development of your own
strategy. The more you play the game, the longer that you are exposed to it, you
could then have your own secrets to winning the game.

Beat your Online Poker Opponent

Playing and winning online poker is a science. It is both a skill and an art of
mastering things that most players take for granted.

If you are signing up for an online poker game, keep in mind never to choose
the "any game at this limit" option. By choosing this, you are also hindering
your capacity to take control of your position on every sign up list. There are
options that give you the privilege of having the top position by winning and
giving up the place by quitting and at the same time you could still rejoin and
have you name at the bottom of the list.

Always look for a card room that fits your style. This way you always get the
upper hand. If luck strikes in and you get on a bad round, look around the page
for another table.

Playing two games at the same time seems a nice idea. It seems that by doing
this, you could double your money in one playing hour. This could be true for
some players, but remember, it happens for a few and not for everybody.
Besides, playing two games at a time would definitely lay down your small blind
more and you sure are most likely to tilt. Keep yourself focused on one game.
This way you could have the upper hand especially if you're playing a major,
drawn-out pot. Playing one game at a time also helps you play straightforwardly
with only one opponent to concentrate on.

There is online software that has proved to be marvelous. However, there are
minor glitches that you need to stay away from. This is the "in-turn" button.
This button allows the player to act on hand before your actual turn and allows
him to go back trying on other moves. But there may be instances that the
internet connection may not be at their best. There may be a time that while
clicking the "check in-turn button," the action may already be on you. What
will happen is that the "call" button might be popping out on your screen in
the place where you are supposed to click the "check" button.

In poker, the only sure way of winning is by showing down the best hand. This
is true not only for casinos but for online as well. However, there a number of
reasonable ways a smart player could increase his chances of winning. The sure
way of acquiring winning poker skills is by checking out how players deal with
their games and keeping in mind the right moves.

Trade secrets of online casino winners

The online casino business is so vast that it can probably outgrow the
popularity of traditional casinos. With the onset of cyber casinos, interaction
of players from around the world can be possible. As any gambling games, online
casino can have rule breakers who can manipulate the game to their advantage.
But you win and bring home large amounts of money fairly. Intrigued by trade
secrets of online casino winners? Here are some of the known strategies and

Winning in roulette

* Bet on only one color and stay with it during the whole duration of the game.
* Once you loose, double up or increase your next bet.
* In the occasion that you win, stick with the number you originally bet on.

Online Poker

* You can download a strategy card for a complete poker system online. Some of
  them might need your credit card number though.

* Sacrifice your straight or flush cards to convert them to at least one Royal.
  You might want to trade an ace with two high cards into a four-of-a-kind
  card. There is a bigger probability that you are going to get the latter.

Slots Machine

* Try to keep track of the average number of spins. When doing so, bet on the
lowest available bet.

* Jot down the number of spins with a greater payoff. If your winnings are ten
times your bet, stop and count the number of spins that would get you the same
amount again.

* Increase your bet on the average number of spins that you have the greatest
payoff. This system will make the slot machine to pay a larger pay out when you
increase your bet.

Black Jack

* Just like poker, there is a strategy card you can refer to beat your playmates.

* Use only one value chip. In case you lost in one round, add another chip to
your bet. On every win, decrease your bet by 2 chips. If you win a bet twice in
a row, go back on betting one chip. Doing so, you bet more on the winning hands
than you do for the losing hand. This is the way to a big payoff.

There are websites that offer downloadable versions of online casinos without
betting with real money. This way you can put to practice some of essential
tips provided above. You can buy a book or surf on some websites that offers
online casino winning secrets too. Do some research and you will have a bigger
chance on winning.


When gambling online, select the casino site carefully to avoid being scammed.
Review the site wisely. Don't just give your credit card number to the first
site you find in the net. Take the time to ask yourself these questions:

* Is the site authentic? Look if it is government licensed. If not, go locate
another site.

* Does the site have a twenty four hour toll free customer service support? If
not, look for other sites.

* For slot machines and pokers, what is their smallest denomination? Look for a
variety in denominations. They should have nickels, quarters, dollar as well as
five dollar machines.

* How many versions of video poker do they offer? They should have at least
three, because this will be your basis that the site has money for the
software, therefore it can afford to pay you your winnings.

* Does the casino site have a place to record and keep track of purchases and
cash out?

* What about customer care? Test them. By sending them an email with a question,
you can assess their customer service.

* Does this site have a good reputation? What software does it use? Know how to
collect your winnings. They should have detailed information about this.

* How many days will it take for you to claim your winnings? Certain sites
require you to send them email stating your request. Others give payouts only
once a month, and others every two weeks.

* What are the rules about bonuses?

When gambling online, here are a few pointers that should be of help:

* Do your homework. Play only at authentic sites.

* Allot a budget for a day's game. Never go beyond that budget.

* Gamble only with money that you can afford to lose. Don't gamble the money
allocated for your home rental. You'll be needing help if you play this way.

* Never mix alcohol and gambling. They simply don't work together.

* Your data is to be protected at all times. When signing up, note that the
casino should have a secure and data encrypted link. Identity theft is rampant
on the internet.

* Spend ample time reading to familiarize yourself with the game.

* Play by statistics. Know the odds of the game. Study it by numbers. Hunches
have no part in gambling.

* Just stick to the game. Never mind the gimmicks. Side bets, insurance and the
"crapless craps" are offered in order to lure you to spend more so that the
casino will make more money.

* Know when to call it quits. If you are already winning, stop. Don't try to win
more, you may end up a big loser. If you are already losing more than your
allocated daily budget, stop. There is always another day.

* Expect that you can lose the game. Casinos are in the business because they
set the rules in such a way that the house's win is important. Generally, they
have the edge over you.

A fact is that ninety eight percent of casino gambling is designed for
recreation. Therefore, play to enjoy. To be entertained, you spend money. If it
gets to a point where it is no longer fun to you, where you play beyond your
means, then stop now, or else, you may not be able to stop later.

Bingo for Beginners

Bingo is probably one of the easiest games on the planet; all you need are
bingo cards, bingo chips, the ability to recognize numbers, fast eyes and a
prize, even children can do it.

Object of the game:

The object of the game is to complete the pattern called for in a certain game
with the lowest number of calls. Patterns are determined before the game
starts, it can either be a full horizontal, or vertical, a diagonal, an X, a
box, or what they call block out, in which you'll have to fill your whole card.

The Bingo Card

The Bingo card has the letters B, I, N, G and O across the top indicating five
columns. Each column hast a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 75.

The B column has numbers from 1-15, the I column has numbers, 16-30, the N
column has numbers from 31 - 45, the G column has numbers from 46 to 60, and
the O column has numbers from 61 - 75. Each column may only have 5 numbers from
their respective range.

The card forms a grid in which the middle grid, the third row of the N column
is labeled free, this cell need not be filled.

The Game

First you need a Bingo card, you may have more than one bingo card at a time,
depending on your labeling ability.

The game starts when the host tells everyone the pattern to be formed.

Listen for the fist ball, the host will call out a letter, either B, I, N, G or
O, for the column and then a number, e.g. O-70.

Look for this number in your card and label it immediately.

The host continues to call out letters and numbers until someone finishes than
pattern required.

The person with a finished pattern should immediately yell bingo! To inform
everyone that she has finished the pattern and has won the game.

The host will then verify all the numbers and their position in your card,
either by taking your card, or by you shouting out the numbers that made you
form the patter.

Another bingo game may resume afterwards, either with the same or different
pattern, or same or different prize.

The prize should be immediately given after a Bingo.


Never yell BINGO if you haven't formed a pattern yet, this halts the games and
can be a bit annoying for other players.

Facts about High-rollers Mindset

Gambling is such a lucrative activity where gains are manifested only to those
who have access to it.

Generally, gambling is considered as a game of chance. Everybody would love to
gamble because of the fact that it could provide them easy money without having
to toil and wait longer.

Others contend that the reason why people love gambling is based on the fact
that they consider it as a play, a game that gives them the kind of
satisfaction that they need. They find it as an outlet that deviates from the
usual life they have whenever they are at work or at home.

The Gambling People

In a typical casino environment, people who are seen playing poker, blackjack,
roulettes, etc. usually come from different walks of life.

Normally, they would put a reasonable bet on something that they think would be
enough to give them back their stakes plus a hefty amount of money if ever they

But there are people who place bets or stakes with large amount of money. These
people are known as the high-rollers of the casino. These high rollers are those
that usually deposit $1,000 or more.

The reason why high rollers exist in the casinos is based on the fact that
there are special bonuses that are only designated to people who deposit large
amounts of money. And most often than not, these high rollers are the ones that
usually win and take the money from other bets.

No wonder why a particular thinking had evolved. This is known as the
high-rollers mindset.

The high rollers mindset is a way of thinking of most casino players or
gamblers that conceptualizes the idea that the higher the bet, the higher the
chances of winning and getting bigger amount of money.

High-rollers mindset is usually employed by high-rollers or those who gamble a
lot of money. They believe that by placing large amounts of money as their
bets, they would be able to get the special bonuses being offered by the
casino. Plus, they can even have more benefits that are only entitled to the
high rollers if ever they get to win the game.

Having a high-roller mindset is not at all wrong, especially if a person has a
lot of money to bet. The only drawback is that it tends to let a person gamble
a lot of money just for the thought that he or she might win.

The bottom line: high rollers who gamble more have higher chances of losing
more. After all, it's still gambling where people are never sure if they will
win or not.

The Secrets to Avoiding Addictive Gambling

Narcotic drugs aren't the only things that are addictive in this world.
Gambling is also addictive. There have been a lot of incidences of people
stealing, getting too indebted sometimes even committing suicide just because
of gambling problems. In addition Gambling happens legally in 27 states in the

Some people say it's hard not to get addicted to gambling. Actually, it is only
a matter of self control and knowing when to stop. Gambling need not be
addictive if you don't view it as that.

Off course, gambling is all around us, simple bingo nights for charity, bets
with friends, these are all a gamble, but why doesn't everybody get addicted if
it's this widespread? The answer is everyone that's not addicted knew when to

Most compulsive gamblers lose their rationality and actually believe that they
are "lucky", that there's no way that they can lose.

First of all you must know that eventually, everybody loses in gambling. The
only party that wins is the company. Gambling was designed to produce net
profits for the owners.

If you are gambling for recreation and not for winning, it may only be a matter
of time before you become a professional gambler. These are the people who live
off betting and risking. A large win might be the single trigger to make you
believe that you'll always win. And this isn't the correct mindset.

If you catch yourself finding the urge to gamble, why not ask your family or
friends to play with you in a low-risk game, like bet tonight's dessert or who
gets to take out the garbage. As much as possible, never bet with money.

If you're starting to have gambling impulses, better stay off casinos or any
place that focuses on gambling. Ask the help of family or friends so that you
won't' be tempted.

When the addiction is really starting to get hold, it's probably best to find
an organization or a share group in your community that deals with these types
of addiction. Like Alcoholism, Gambling addiction is curable, and what better
cure than prevention.

Remember, gambling is your choice, you're not being forced into it; you don't
have to do it to have a good time. If you're starting to think of borrowing
money just to finance your gambling, tell someone close to you about it and
with their help, discuss the disadvantages and probable problems that could
come out of too much gambling.

Know which form of gambling is for you

Gambling has evolved into different forms. Gambling, primarily, is a form of
entertainment. It is a sport involving money, or whatever is at stake, in a
game of chance. Gambling or betting began as early as 2300 B.C. Gambling
artifacts, like dice, had been found in countries like Egypt, China, India and
Rome. In a recent poll, 63% of Americans support legalized gambling. Another
22% agree that it must be expanded. From dice to roulettes and to computer
mouse, which form of gambling is for you? Here are some choices:

* Casino games
These are gambling games usually played inside the casino. A player can win
with the right tactic and optimistic mathematical probability. Here are some

* Poker
Poker is the most popular casino game. It is believed to have been originated
from the game 'as nas', which is a Persian game. It uses a deck of cards for a
series of betting rounds. The player with the best hand wins the pot. Poker is
also regarded as a game of strategy and skill.

* Online Casino
These are virtual casinos that are played on the internet. The rules are
similar with actual casino games but players can either be a real or computer-
generated players.

* Slot machines
A betting machine that uses a coin to rotate a set of reels usually pulled by a
lever. You have to get identical patterns to win.

* Roulette
Roulettes were invented by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, in 1842. It
is a simple gambling game where in you have to bet on which number a small ball
will hit.

* Gambling with fixed- odds
These are certain types of game where in you have to bet on a specific outcome
of a given situation. These include horse racing, baseball, motor racing, jai
alai and ice hockey, among others.

* Sports betting
Even though illegal in most countries, sports betting have boomed in the
gambling industry. Bets are based on a point system of sports, like baseball or
football. Common sports bets are: against the spread, against odds and against a
combination of spread and odds.

* Arbitrage betting
You might often see this on the web tagged as risk- free gambling. The concept
is to put a bet on a particular result with varied betting groups. Being an
investment procedure, it involves a bigger amount of money compared to normal

Be sure to treat gambling as a pastime, and not a source of money. When engaged
in one, set a maximum spending limit. Practice gambling in moderation and don't
let it interfere with your set priorities in life.

Gambling Addiction

To people who don't gamble, or more so to normal gamblers, the thought that
they will progress to compulsive gamblers is ridiculous. The start of
compulsive gambling may be incited by situations or circumstance. But the
conditions are real.

What's the similarity between pathological gambling and chemical dependency?

The first distinct similarity is the inability to take control or stop the
addiction. The denials to the addiction accompanied by severe depression are
also similarities. Both diseases are progressive in nature and goes through
similar stages.

The first stage being the "chase", looking for that high or win. The use of the
addiction to numb the pain brought about by problems. The pathological gambler
and a drug or alcohol dependent person are preoccupied with nothing else except
their addiction. They look for immediate gratification and have very low

Pathological gambling not like chemical addiction is a disease not easily
noticeable. There are a lot of indicators that would identify a chemically
dependent person. But a gambler can exist normally for long periods of time.
The large debt that a gambler can incur requires attention.

Pathological gamblers require crisis counseling at the start of their
treatment, mainly because pathological gamblers have a higher suicide rate than
persons addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Is the level of addiction for all types of gambling the same?

Forms of gambling that give immediate gratification are the worst kind. The
slot machine and video are prime examples of these. The use of the instant
gratification and effective reinforcement, gamblers that play these machines
often progress into pathological gamblers more often than gamblers that play
other games.

The time it takes to go from the first bet to a chronic addiction is shortest
for this form of gambling. Before it would take many years before a person
would be considered "sick" gambling in races, etc. Nowadays, it is fairly
common for a person to be addicted to a slot machine or video poker with two to
three years.

Is pathological gambling biological in nature?

Recent findings would indicate that pathological gambling is a dependency quite
similar to a chemical dependency. A study by a psychiatrist Alec Roy, M.D.
formerly of the NIAAA showed that compulsive gamblers have low levels of
norepinephrine compared to normal gamblers.

The chemical is secreted from the brain when stressed, aroused or excited. A
pathological gambler engages in his addiction to raise the levels of

The findings reinforce the assertion of Dr. Henry Lesieur that pathological
gamblers are "thrill seekers" who gamble for the excitement brought about by
the game and not the pursuit of money.

When Luck Matters in a Gambling Business

For over a quarter of a century now, gambling has dominated as an industry.
More and more people do not just see this as a form of recreational activity
but as a lucrative business opportunity as well.

Nowadays, there are almost 445 casinos in the United States and still growing
more. No wonder why many business people are opting to start a gambling
business of their own because it seems to be the in-thing today. And wherever
trends come, business-minded people would surely dominate the scene.

However, like any businesses, operating a gambling business also entails
careful management and makes use of strategic methods so as to increase the
business' money-earning potential.

Luck or Skill?

Most people say that operating a business needs dogged determination, skills in
all aspects of the business, and luck.

Hence, it applies the same thing in gambling business. But where gambling
mostly relies in the stroke of luck, gambling business owners should not do so.
This is because operating a business, in whatever form, should not merely rely
on luck but on one's skills and determination.

Indeed, businesses also have the risk of losing or winning in the end, just
like gambling. But nevertheless, it still needs the proper management and
operative measures so as to have a successful gambling business.

Things to consider

Just like any kind of business, running a gambling business also entails money.
A person can never continue running a gambling business if it no longer has

People should keep in mind that running a gambling business is not a
"get-rich-quick_ scheme. Therefore, things that will be employed should be in
conformity with the law.

It also needs good planning. Of course, there is nothing in this world that
will be successful if not with good planning. Planning keeps the business right
on track. It gives the owner a special guide in order to make decisions properly.

Moreover, dogged determination is required. Surveys show that almost 65% of the
businesses, which were not able to succeed, had instantly given up their
businesses just because of some trials.

And lastly, good accounting skill is needed in order to run a gambling game.
After all, gambling entails lots of money, so it is just proper to keep track
of whatever comes in and out of the business.

The bottom line here is that running a gambling business, like any other
business, is not an easy job. What's more, it needs a good combination of
everything so as to get the business going, whether it includes luck or not.

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