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Green Tea

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Green Tea: Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking It

Everybody wants to have a healthy body. But, with today's very comfortable
lifestyle, it can be quite difficult to do. It seems like everyone is becoming
unhealthier and unhealthier every single day. You might eat the right kinds of
food, and you might be exercising regularly, but your doctor may still say that
it's not really enough. So, what's missing? To answer this question, you may
want to start drinking green tea.

So, just what's all the hype about this centuries old brew that it made
everyone absolutely crazy about it? From scientists, to health buffs, to
regular people, what it is about green tea that is so great that it seems that
almost everyone is drinking it?

First of all, this brew existed for thousands of years. The Chinese and the
Japanese have been drinking this for centuries, and is still part of their
daily life, and they even said that this tea can keep your body healthy.

Today, scientists have found that there is more to green tea than your average
everyday tea. To start, it has antioxidants that are known to help fight off or
prevent cancer, and it is also full of certain vitamins and minerals that
contribute to making your body healthier.

To name all the benefits, here are 7 reasons why you should start drinking this
miracle brew:

* Cancer

As mentioned before, green tea is filled with antioxidants that helps counter
the effects of oxidants or what we commonly know as free radicals. By fighting
off free radicals, it will help prevent cancer.

* Diabetes

Most people who are diabetics have been found to have low metabolism rate. This
means that they cannot get rid of carbohydrates easily which will be stored as
fat in the body. This will also increase the blood sugar levels in your body.
With green tea, it will increase your metabolism rate and increase your energy
levels, which will help in preventing diabetes. Studies on lab rats have found
that it is very effective in preventing diabetes and also proves to be an
inexpensive way to do so.

* Bad breath

Green is known to help in keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Also it helps in
keeping the mouth clean and free from odor-causing bacteria. If you have a bad
breath, then this brew can definitely help give you a fresher and nicer
smelling breath.

* Acne

Because green tea has antioxidants, it can help in preventing acne as well as
treating it. Also, it helps in reducing the inflammation that is associated
with acne. By drinking this brew, you will definitely see it as an inexpensive
way to treat acne and help you get a smoother skin.

* Alzheimer's disease

Another benefit that green tea provides is that it helps in protecting the
brain from Alzheimer's disease. Green tea has been found to prevent plaque
deposits in the brain, which is the cause of this very serious disease. With
green tea, you will definitely have a healthier brain and a sharper mind.

* Cholesterol
Studies have found that green tea can help in fighting and reducing bad
cholesterols. It is also a natural anticoagulant. All in all, it will help in
keeping your blood pressure low, as well as prevent heart diseases and strokes.
Green tea is also about giving you a healthy heart.


Last but not the least; green tea has been linked to help in preventing HIV.
Because green tea naturally increases the body's immune system, studies have
found that the EGCG that is naturally found in this brew can boost your immune
system. Therefore, it may not be very far in the future that green tea will
contribute a lot in HIV prevention and cure researches.

These are 7 reasons why you should start drinking green tea. Indeed, this brew
can do miracles to the body. If you want a healthier body, then this brew is
definitely for you.

Green Tea -- Why Drink It?

In Asia, green tea is quite popular. For many generations, the tea has already
been a part of family gatherings and even their day to day lives. There are
various reasons why Asian people loved to drink green tea. Aside from its
excellent taste, you can also derive some health benefits from drinking green
tea. Recently, medical communities and the western countries have recognized
the benefits of drinking green tea. There are various reasons why individuals
should drink tea and these reasons are found in this article.

The very first reason is that green tea is something different. You're probably
used to drinking softdrinks, coffee, fruit juices, and other beverages. Green
tea is something new that you should try out. It's not everyday that you get to
encounter something unique in terms of taste and most specially, very few
beverages have health benefits.

Most Americans drink coffee several times a day and since it contains a larger
amount of caffeine, some people are already looking into substituting green tea
instead. You will surely enjoy the tea's nutty aroma and its sweet grassy
flavor. Although some studies show that green tea also has caffeine, there are
now decaffeinated green tea sold in the market.

Still, if you want to go for the traditional green tea, it would help to know
that the caffeine content is lesser as compared to coffee. Some people get
jitters and you can avoid this by taking green tea in moderate amounts. Those
who plan to stay late or those who work at night should drink green tea instead
of coffee to help them stay awake.

The second reason why people should drink tea is that it contains healing
properties. Because of today's advanced science, many medical experts are
discovering green tea's healing properties. Green tea is mainly made up of
antioxidants which can help in improving the overall health of an individual.
If you lack energy to carry out the day's tasks and chores, don't forget to
drink your tea because you will feel a burst of energy especially if you drink
it everyday.

Healthy cells are also promoted by drinking tea. There are still other health
benefits that you can take advantage. You see, if you drink green tea, you can
prevent heart diseases, cancer, and other health problems. Those who often get
sick should take tea in order to boost the immune system's health. People with
weight problems can also take green tea instead of water and juices to reduce
weight since the tea can suppress appetite. You can take it anytime you like,
before meals, during, and after meals.

Are there still other reasons that you can think of? So far, there is no other
beverage that can give you a lot of health benefits. If you go to the
groceries, you can find different kinds of green tea preparations. It would be
best if you can grow a tea plant so that you can prepare the original serving.
But anyway, since people today live a busy lifestyle, they always prefer the
instant -- from food to their drinks. There are now bottled green tea which you
can purchase and they are ready to drink. Hurry and go to the local grocery now
to purchse your green tea.

If you want, you can also take supplements of green tea but before you buy any,
ask your doctor first. It would also be good if you check product reviews
regarding the supplements. That way, you will know which brands sell more and
which are effective. Seek the doctor's advice before taking any health
supplement so that your actions can be guided, most especially if you're a
pregnant woman or if you have certain allergies and illnesses.

If the Asian people benefited from green tea for hundreds of years, then
there's probably no reason why you shouldn't try it yourself. Medical
communities are already promoting the intake of green tea, so don't be left
behind. Join other people who are now discovering the health benefits of
drinking tea.

Identifying the Different Kinds of Green Tea

Green tea is categorized in many forms. Aroma and flavor is based on the
cultivation and processing of green tea. Below are the different kinds of green
tea to give you further information.

Hoji-cha -- using a high temperature, over-sized leaves are roasted. Upon
roasting, Hoji0cha has a very distinct small that is recognizable even from
afar. Leaves are darkish brown, after brewing, the liquid looks similar to
black draft beer. Preparation of Hoji-cha is crucial to keep the aroma even
after brewing. A large earthenware pot is used with large numbers of tea leaves
inside it.

Konacha -- also known as powdered tea, Konacha is considered as the most
delicious and delicate green tea. With its reasonable price, anyone can enjoy
its marvelous taste and enticing aroma. Agari is another term given to Konacha
which is drank with Sushi and is very much popular in Kanto District.

For preparation, use cloth or paper tea bags or a tea strainer for making
Konacha. To thoroughly enjoy Konacha, boiling water must be poured into the pot
very quickly.

Gyokuro -- leaves of Gyokuro are picked or cultivated from trees that are under
shade. Once shooting leaves begin, you'll notice an entire field covered with
reed shade. Because spread straws cover the field, cultivators had the capacity
to control photosynthesis to a level that maximizes vitamins to the desired
quality. These are done to add up to the nutrition aspects of the tea. With
high amino acid level, Gyokuro has richer taste; lesser tannin makes it taste
more refined and a bit milder.

Sencha -- deriving its name from the way it is drunk, Sencha is steamed first.
Then, it is hand-rubbed and afterwards, dried. Sencha is considered as the most
popular green tea that comprises about 80 percent of tea production in all of
Japan. The tree, wherein leaves are taken from, are not covered to accumulate
an increased level of caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and tannin. Leaves of
Sencha are beautifully thin shaped and have a glowing shade of green. Rubbing
is the secret in Sencha's true taste. Upon pouring, Sencha has a distinct
yellow color that has an aroma that is refreshing and light with a slight taste
of bitterness and sweetness going together in harmony.

Maccha -- this came from Gyokuro shaded leaves. Although, the process of hand
rubbing isn't included in the preparation. Leaves are only dried and steamed.
Deep green and foamy thick appearance would let you think of how bitter the
taste would be but that wouldn't be the case because Maccha has subtle
bitterness and mellow sweetness. Maccha flavor is deepened because of its
preparation that is stone-ground resulting to a powdered state that contains
all vitamins and nutrition needed by the body.

Yanagi -- also know as river willow, Yanagi is a product of fallen rubbing
products which came out flat and turned into numerous folds. Because of their
appearance that looks like a willow leaves after rubbing, that is where Yanagi
derived its name. it has a less lingering and lighter taste compared to Sencha.
And also compared to Sencha, Yanagi leaves are naturally longer.

These assorted kinds of green tea are drank preferably that is basically based
on the nutritional content that drinkers can benefit from or sometimes, just
because of the aroma and taste.

Green Tea: How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Today, you will see a lot of overweight people. It may be because of how we
live our comfortable lives today, and it may also be because of the numerous
amounts of junk food that we eat today. From your fast food joint, to your bag
of potato chips, it's really not that surprising why people are becoming fat.
So, if you want to lose weight, you can try getting a little help from a
wonderful brew called green tea.

First of all, green tea has been used by the Chinese and Japanese for
centuries. It was described as a miracle drink that is able to cure or even
prevent different kinds of illnesses. Today, you can even still see green tea
as one of the medicines being offered by traditional Chinese herbal pharmacists.

It has been known to prevent diabetes, cancer, as well as a cure for bad
breath. However, did you know that this tea can also help in weight loss?

For those people who want to shed off those extra pounds, then you will see
that this tea can do wonders. Because being overweight is linked to low
metabolism rate, green tea will be perfect for you. It has certain minerals and
vitamins that help in stabilizing your metabolism rate, which will help in
extracting energy from food faster and also burns more fats faster.

By increasing the metabolism rate and increasing the amount of energy from
food, you will also feel more active or energetic. This means that you will
definitely want to use the energy that this tea can provide you. It also means
that you will not get tired easily and will definitely look for physical
activities to use some of that extra energy.

Another key benefit of green tea is that it is an appetite suppressant which
helps in weight loss. By drinking this tea instead of munching on those potato
chips that you love so much, you will see that after drinking the tea, you will
have no more appetite in munching up on those bag of potato chips.

Also, by drinking this before dinner, you will be able to suppress your
appetite and avoid overeating during dinner.

That is why green tea is also known as a slimming tea by the Chinese. It's no
surprise that the Japanese and the Chinese don't have a lot of overweight
people. This is because of green tea and the proper diet.

You have to consider that drinking this brew is also healthier than following
some of the diet fads that hit the market. That low carbohydrate high protein
diet is not only ineffective, but is also very unhealthy. Diets like this are
hard on your kidneys and liver and can also disrupt your metabolism rate. You
have to remember that our body needs carbohydrate for energy. And, people get
fat because their body doesn't really use the energy that the carbohydrate
provides. Low metabolism is also a contributing factor for low energy.

If you have this, then green tea will be able to help. It will be able to make
use of the energy provided by carbohydrate more efficiently and increases your
metabolism rate.

As you can see, green tea can help in weight loss. It has been proven effective
and have helped a lot of overweight people get a healthier and slimmer body.

Green Tea Can Loosen Weight

Green tea -- a product of brewing from the leaves of a plant named Camellia
Sinensis. This kind of tea is said to have multiple health benefits that is
very advantageous to the human body. One of the many benefits of green tea is
that it can enable to enhance metabolism inside the body, thus, burning fat
faster than usual. With daily consumption, there is a hundred percent
possibility of losing weight in no time. So you can eat all you want without
feeling guilty on gaining additional adipose tissues because with just one cup
of green tea, it washes away your worries.

But wait, there's more.

The beauty about green tea is that is not fermented unlike other teas. Which is
a good thing because it doesn't take away the most important elements that is
essential for keeping the body healthy. That would include the fat burning

There are three steps in the processing of green tea namely heating, then
rubbing and lastly, drying. There are also different kinds of tea like: baked
green tea, dried green tea, fried green tea and steamed green tea.

Nowadays, green tea is becoming more popular in coffee shops or in grocery
stores because of its major benefits that consumers are discovering. Even
coffee shops are including a wide variety of natural green tea flavors in their
menu for greater choice. Green tea has become an alternative to orange pokoe.
Why all the changes and consideration in favor of green tea? Because you're
pouring the way for a healthier longer life.

Green tea is one of the active ingredients that is used in numerous weight loss
products. According to researches, thermogenesis, fat oxidation and increased
energy expenditure are just some of the result of what green tea can do to your
body as an effective product for weightloss.

What's in a tea?

Green tea possesses anti-oxidation effects which are highly effective. This
antioxidant is called as epigallacatechin gallate which is a compound that is
also know as EGCG. EGCG is from polyphenol that has the capacity to burn fat
effectively. According to a research from Switzerland, drinking at least three
cups of green tea regularly can cause 80 percent of calories burned without
even increasing the rate of heart activity and ruling out the caffeine content.


If you still have no idea what an antioxidant is, read on. An antioxidant is a
kind of "good" chemical that can be found in plants. Antioxidants are kinds of
substances that can protect a person's body from free radicals. Free radicals
are fragments of special molecules that damage the body in its cellular level.
Hurting the body through the cellular level will have great negative effects by
making the body more vulnerable to diseases that are degenerative like heart
diseases and cancer. Antioxidants work by deactivating free radicals thus,
minimizing the amount of damage that it can do to the body.

For centuries now, green tea has become the pride of China because of the many
benefits it can contribute. No wonder the Chinese take pride in their tea. It
is now considered as one of the most popular medicinal beverage that the world
has recognized.

Green tea can refresh, enlighten, soothe, promote inner happiness, calmness,
stimulate and more importantly, promote a healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea and Caffeine

It is very important to give proper attention to one's health especially in
today's times. There are individuals who encounter problems with caffeine and
as you know, green tea does contain caffeine. You can see a lot of
advertisements on television about the positive effects of drinking the said
tea but for those individuals who can't take caffeine, they should be extra

It seems that despite the good things about green tea, the modern community was
able to prove that it also has a negative effect. Well, before you decide
whether you will continue drinking green tea or not, read on and discover some
amazing facts about the intake of green tea.

Some of the harmful effects of caffeine intake in people are heart
palpitations, jitters, insomnia, and many other unwanted effects. Because of
this realization, manufacturers of green tea are now producing decaffeinated
extracts to cater to the needs of those who can't take caffeine.

In fact, there are now supplements which are also decaffeinated. You should get
this type of green tea and supplements especially if you're not allowed to take
beverages with caffeine. Although the caffeine content in green tea is much
less than coffee, a person who is extra sensitive to caffeine will experience
the same unwanted effects by drinking the tea.

For every eight ounces of tea, the caffeine content is about forty milligrams.
Are you already computing your tea intake and the caffeine that you're getting?
The caffeine contents are relatively smaller in green tea and if you can can get
away with it without any bad effects, you will also benefit in other health

Even if green tea contains caffeine, it also contains antioxidants like
polyphenols which can benefit the body. The antioxidants can help in preventing
certain types of cancer, lowers the bad cholesterol in the body, and it can
enhance the immune system. The health benefits are truly amazing and this may
the very reason why even the ancient Chinese continued to serve green tea at
home and to their guests.

The modern world enjoys advanced medical technology and so it is no longer a
surprise if scientists and researchers discover the good things about green
tea. More and more advanced clinical studies and lab tests are conducted to
prove the tea's healing properties. If you think that the positive effects of
green tea outweighs the negative, then there's no reason for you to stop taking

In truth and in fact, caffeine occurs in cocoa beans, tea, and coffee. Cola
drinks also contain caffeine because manufacturers use it to enhance the
drink's flavor. Green tea and black tea defintely has caffeine because the
plant (Camellia sinensis) itself contain caffeine.

If you're afraid of the effects of caffeine, you can just purchase the
decaffeinated green tea. Even if the tea no longer contains caffeine, it would
still taste the same; you will still get the great 'kick' in taste when you
drink it. Most of the tea's caffeine are removed in the decaf process. However,
some studies show that because of the decaf process, the healing properties are

If you do have extreme problems with caffeine, then most probably you will go
for the decaf green tea. For people who don't have any problems connected to
caffeine, it is advisable to drink the original green tea so that you can
benefit from its healing properties.

All in all, the benefits of drinking the original tea preparation outweigh the
negative effects. It is up to you whether you drink the decaf green tea or the
original one. There's black, green, and red tea. Green tea is obviously in the
middle in terms of caffeine content. So what's it's gonna be? Decaf, original,
or no tea at all?

The Benefits of Green Tea: Why It's Good For You

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been drinking green tea that has long
been attributed for its medicinal properties, which the Chinese believe to be
responsible for treating different kinds of illness, and it is also linked to
longevity where the Chinese have the highest rate for people over the age of a
hundred. However, although the Chinese have been drinking this kind of tea for
centuries, it was only recently that green tea has been introduced and became
popular throughout the planet.

Scientists and nutritionists have found that this wonderful brew does indeed
have medicinal properties that can help in preventing several types of
illnesses, which even includes cancer. In fact, there are even doctors who
recommend green tea and even endorses that this particular tea plays a great
role in maintaining good health.

Health professionals all over the world recommend that people should drink 3 to
4 cups of green tea a day in order to help in protecting the body against
various ailments.

So, just what are the benefits of this so called miracle brew that it even
baffled health professionals from all over the world?

First of all, this tea contains high levels of antioxidants, which are called
polyphenols or flavonoids.

What are antioxidants you may ask?

First of all, you need to understand that the body does millions of processes
occurring at all times. Even when you are asleep, the brain is active and will
require oxygen in order to function properly. However, the oxygen that we
breathe in can create harmful side effects, or what most people know as
oxidants. These oxidants or commonly known as free radicals are introduced to
our system through external sources, such as pollution, stress, smoking, diet,
and even exposure to the sun.

And, these free radicals are known to be one of the main contributors in the
growth of cancer cells.

So, in order to counteract the effect of oxidants or free radicals, we will
need to introduce antioxidants in our body. And, green tea has a lot of them.
Although some foods do have antioxidants, you will see that green tea has a lot

In fact, the antioxidants found on green tea are much higher than that found in
grape juice and red wine. This explains why there are a lot of scientists who
are studying the benefits of green tea.

Besides antioxidants, this brew also contains vitamins, such as vitamin B6,
which plays a vital role in the metabolism of the body, as well as vitamins B1
and B2, which are essential for releasing energy from food.

Another great thing about this tea is that it has key minerals and contains
magnesium, which is essential for bone growth and body development as well as
potassium, which helps in keeping the heart pumping normally and maintain the
body's fluid levels.

All in all, green tea can provide great benefits to the body. It can inhibit
the growth of cancer cells, it discourages diabetes from developing, and it
also is a very good treatment for bad breath.

And that's not all; there are some studies that found that green tea can also
fight acne, Alzheimer's disease, and fights of bad cholesterol which are the
sole contributors for heart diseases and stroke.

Today, there are also some scientists that claims to find that green tea may
contain the key ingredient for finding a cure to HIV as it helps boosts the
body's immune system.

These are just some of the great benefits of green tea. So, the next time you
feel like drinking tea or coffee, you might want to go for green tea. With this
brew, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy a refreshing drink as well
as a healthier body.

Losing Weight and Green Tea, The Relation

A lot of people are suffering from health problems these days. If you're one of
them, perhaps you've already taken the necessary steps in order to shed some
pounds off. Admit it, It's hard to follow diet plans especially with so many
temptations around you.

Drinking plain water everyday may have tempted you to drink fizzy sodas instead
without even thinking that these sodas contain a lot of sugar and of course,
calories. Have you ever realized that you can also drink green tea and
incorporate it in your diet plan? A lot of individuals with weight problems are
already into the green tea hype; so, do you want to join them?

Well, if you still don't know, green tea has many benefits and it can help you
in losing weight. As long as you can exercise regularly and you strictly
monitor your diet, you can take green tea as many times as you like. The tea is
capable of burning fat because of its certain properties and this is the reason
why a lot of people who want to lose weight are now rushing to the groceries to
buy green tea. You can check diet plans and see if they promote the intake of
green tea. Since medical communites are now able to look into the tea's
excellent health properties, perhaps it has already tapped the environment of
dieters, including the experts.

Dieters are usually discouraged to eat large amount of food and if ever you do
eat a small portion, you will always crave for more because you're still
hungry. Try to drink water if you do feel hungry especially before eating. If
you don't like to drink water, you can drink green tea instead. You can have it
cold or warm and if you're not that sensitive to taste, you can add a little
honey or lemon juice.

There are also dieters who prefer to drink green tea during meals. This is also
good because it helps in the digestion process and it will also keep you
hydrated. The tea is also known to suppress appetite so you will surely lose
some weight. If you no longer have the appetite to eat, then you will not be
consuming a large amount of food. Just a small serving of food will do and you
will already feel as if you've eaten a lot of food.

It's quite hard for dieters not to be tempted to eat between meals but by
drinking a few cups of green tea you can fill your hunger somehow. A glass of
tea can already replace your snacks. Learn to control yourself because that is
the only way for you to shed those unwanted pounds. Without discipline, you
will gain more weight. Aside from losing weight, drinking green tea has other

By incorporating it to your diet, you can boost the immune system, prevent
cancer, and it can make you a healthier individual. Here's a little secret --
in order to see the effects of green tea in your weight regimen, substitute a
glass of tea for your snacks. Make it a habit to drink green tea everyday and
you can also take the supplements if you want.

The supplements can act as your body's fat burners so that you can lose weight
in no time. If you start drinking it now, you will be able to see the effects
soon. Tell your fellow dieters about the amazing healing properties of green
tea and how it can help in losing weight. You and your friends can all try if
green tea is truly effective in losing weight.

Some stores sell the tea leaves and you can just prepare the beverage at home.
Ask the seller how to prepare the tea leaves. If you're in a hurry, you can
just buy the ready-to-drink green tea in plastic bottles. There are a lot of
bottled green teas in the grocery stores and you just need to choose the one
you like. Instead of drinking coffee and other drinks, shift to green tea.

It is not only a less costly beverage but it can help you lose weight and can
make you a healthier individual.

Top 10 Green Tea Benefits

Green tea have been present since ancient times. According to studies, compared
to any other drink, green tea give several benefits to health. Chinese have the
knowledge on how medicinal green tea can be. It can be the answer for almost
every ailment -- from physical to mental or emotional problems. This has been
the secret ingredient for a longer life passed down by the Chinese. Green tea
have been helping numerous ailing people for almost 4,000 years now.

Drinking green tea is a traditional treatment. But even so, it's paving its way
into helping out a lot of people regarding their weight, diet and health. There
are a lot of studies that shows how green tea has inhibited or reduced the
growing risk of cancer.

China's health history was pretty much a breakthrough because of green tea. It
is considered as a very important historical plant that can from the leaves of
the Camellia Sinensis and is produced through special processing.

What so special about green tea? The secret lies in catechin polyphenols which
contains a very powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCE).
This specialized antioxidant not only inhibits cells causing cancer but also
kills it in the process without even harming adjacent healthy tissues. It has
also been proven that green tea can be very effective in decreasing cholesterol
levels and inhibits the abnormal accumulation of blood clots.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some of the numerous benefits
derived from green tea.

1. Researchers have claimed that green tea can be the reason for cancer
   prevention and even the treatment of disease.

2. Can be able to teat cardiovascular diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Reduces the risk of the effects of esophageal cancer.

4. Used traditionally to treat multiple sclerosis.

5. Treat immune function that is impaired.

6. Used to prevent having Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

7. It is claimed through intensive research that daily consumption of green tea
   can prevent tooth decay. It is found out that green tea can fight and kill
   bacteria that are one of the leading causes of plaque.

8. It can result to decreased risk of heart attacks and heart diseases by
   reducing thrombosis formation.

9. Improves the ratio of good cholesterol against bad cholesterol.

10. Lastly, it is said to increase fat oxidation and metabolism inside the
    body. That is why it is used by many who wanted to lose weight without even
    compromising the health.

The difference of green tea apart from other Camellia Sinensis plant extracts
is the way it is processed. Leaves of green tea are steamed or brewed that
gives more reason for EGCG not to be oxidized. Black tea, on the other hand, is
made through fermentation. The process of fermenting the leaves of black tea can
covert EGCG into compounds that aren't even close to the effectiveness of the
original compounds found in green tea in terms of fighting and preventing
numerous diseases.

Caffeine in green tea?

Aside from its many advantages, green tea can have one slight so-called
"disadvantage" and that is its caffeine content. Caffeine can cause a sleeping
disorder that makes a person experience difficulty in sleeping which is also
known as insomnia.

However, compared to coffee, green tea has less caffeine. With proper
consumption, people can decreased the undesired caffeine content in their green

How to Brew Green Tea

To experience the utmost health benefits, green tea is preferably brewed rather
than fermented. Fermentation is most likely used in black tea but never in green
tea. There are basically three important reasons why brewing is used in green

Reason # 1 -- Brewing doesn't eliminate the important nutrients, vitamins and
components that comprises green tea. On the other hand, fermentation wastes
there components leaving other beverages with nothing but the idea that it is
tea and people can get something from it.

Reason # 2 -- Brewing can bring out the best in catechin and theanin for these
two elements contribute to a lower level of caffeine in your green tea.

Reason # 3 -- Enhance taste and aroma. Indeed, brewing has a very enticing
smell that can't be found in fermented beverages.

If you wanted to have a good green tea, brew it. Although, if you keep on
wondering why you're green tea tastes a bit strange compared to other great
tasting brewed green tea, maybe there's something terribly wrong with how you
prepare your tea.

Brewing green tea is easier contrary to what people think. To learn more on how
to brew the best green tea, read the instructions below.

Step 1 -- Water

Choosing what kind of water to use is a very important detail that you have to
take note of. Ideally, manufacturers would prefer brewing green tea using soft
mineral water or natural water. If you can't afford purchasing bottled water
daily, you can take into consideration tap water. Here, you would know how tap
tasteless water can be converted into one soothing beverage. If you're planning
to use European bottled water, don't. It's because this kind of water are
considered as hard water that is not suitable for brewing green tea.

Step 2 -- Chlorine-free

Chlorine must not be mixed with the process. To remove it, just leave your
water in your pot for a couple of hours before finally boiling it.

Step 3 -- Boiling process

Depending on how much water you have put will be the time it will boil. The
more water, the more time it will take to boil. When you have noticed that the
water is already boiling, take off the lid of the pot and let it boil
continuously for a few minutes more.

Step 4 -- Temperature

It is said that correct temperature of boiling water will vary on the kind of
tea that you are about to use. This is the moment when extraction of
polyphenols take place.

Step 5 -- Steep

Let your tea leave steep for about three to five minutes. With longer steeping
time, the polyphenol level increases while if steeping time takes only for a
couple of seconds, it will result to bring about more caffeine in the tea. The
moment the caffeine content in your green tea is increased, it will result to a
decreased polyphenol content which is one of the main reasons why antioxidants
are made.

There is an additional knowledge regarding brewing.

Tea leaves

Research shows that it is better to brew green tea leaves that are smaller
because of the fast infusion. Choosing large leaves or ones that are tightly
curved can have a longer infusion time.

Teabags or loose leaves?

It is more advisable to use loose green tea than green tea teabags. Loose green
tea enables polyphenols to freely float inside your cup of green tea instead of
locking them inside your teabag.

Green Tea: The Miracle Weight Loss Drink

Do you want to shed off those extra pounds you're carrying? Do you want to have
a healthier looking body? Nowadays, people are so into diet fads, such as the
high protein low carbohydrate diet that they don't know that this is not very
healthy for the body. It may slim you down, but you will put so much strain in
your kidneys and liver that the insides of your body may not be as healthy as
you might think it is. If you really want a healthy body and also a slimmer
one, then eat the right kinds of food and drink green tea.

Yes, that's right, green tea. For thousands of years, the Chinese and the
Japanese have been drinking this miracle brew because of its medicinal
properties. Only recently, this tea has been introduced to the west and it
definitely was a great hit. Today, you will see all sorts of people drinking
green tea. From the elderly, to middle aged people and even teens, almost
everyone is now drinking this miracle tea.

So, what's so good about it and how can it help you lose weight?

First of all, green tea is known to contain natural antioxidants that helps
fight cancer. And, if that's not reason enough
for you to drink this tea, then another reason is that it helps overweight
people to lose weight.

If you are overweight, then you will definitely want to drink this tea as it
has properties that naturally help the body burn fat and at the same time, keep
the body healthy.

The great thing about this tea is that it has essential vitamins that helps
raise the metabolism rate of your body. This means that you will be able to
burn fat much more efficiently and convert it in to energy. Aside from
maximizing your body's efficiency to burn fat and convert it in to energy, it
will obviously make you more energetic and more active.

So, if you are feeling really tired or you feel that you need an extra boost of
energy, then you will want to drink green tea. By doing so, you will be sure
that you will feel the difference. You will feel as if you need to do something
physical, such as exercising and you will feel as if you are so full of energy
that you can spend all day at the gym having an intensive work out.

Because you will have a higher metabolism rate, you will be able to burn more
fat much more efficiently. Combine exercise, then you will definitely be able
to lose weight much faster. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that drinking
green tea will make you slim overnight. You still need to work hard and
exercise. You have to remember that this brew will not burn fat by itself.
However, it will give you that energy that will allow you to burn fat through

Another great thing about this tea is that it helps keep the bad cholesterol
out. It will mean it will lower the risk of stroke and heart disease for a
healthier body that can withstand rigorous exercise.

This is how green tea works. If you want to lose weight the natural way, then
eat right, exercise and drink at least four cups of green tea a day.

Greatness on a Cup of Green Tea

For starters, all tea came from the same botanical source and that is camellia
sinesis, but the difference is on the processing of the tea leaves, giving each
and every type of tea its distinctive aroma, taste and even color, and also its
properties. Green tea is steamed and dried thus maintaining its color, chemical
properties and natural taste while other types of tea are fermented. Studies
proved that green tea had a lighter flavor and aroma compared to that of black
tea, which makes all the beneficial chemicals intact, putting greatness to your
enjoyable cup of green tea.

How to make a cup of green tea

* Brewing green tea is similar with other tea. Whether it is bagged or loose
green tea. It is important to remember not to use boiling water. Brewing with
water that's just about to reach its boiling point is the right temperature;
this is for the reason that green tea is more delicate than other tea.

* The best tasting green tea is brewed under one minute and let it steep for a
short period of time, it is recommended not to prepare it with boiling water
and longer time of steeping because it will make the tea bitter to the taste.

* However increased level of polyphenols in green tea is directly proportional
with water temperature and time of steeping. It means that the longer time it
was brewed under boiling water and the longer it is steeped means a greater
concentration of polyphenols on every cup of green tea making it more potent
than that of shorter time to brew and steeped. Polyphenols are the anti
oxidants found in green tea which contributes to the green teas' medicinal

Suggestions on how to boost antioxidant concentration of your green tea:

* Temperature- studies proved that with the use of boiling water more of the
polyphenols, the anti oxidants on green tea is extracted from the tea leaves.
The higher the temperature used for brewing tea leaves the greater is the
concentration of polyphenols to be found, thus making a more effective tea
against diseases and illness.

* Steeping time- in order to attain more of the goodness in a cup of tea,
longer steeping time is advised. Longer steeping time allows more polyphenol
presence. Tea should be steeped 2 to 5 minutes to allow more polyphenol to
emerge. Shorter steeping time means less or the polyphenol and greater caffeine
content in your tea.

* Size of tea leaves- the smaller the leaf is, the better, even in size, green
tea has proven the power of small things to create wonder. Studies have shown
that small loose green tea leaves infuses quickly compared to that of tightly
curled and large tea leaf which requires more or longer infusion time.

* Loose leaf versus Tea bags- it is more preferable to use leaves compared to
tea bags. By simply allowing the green tea leaves to float on the water more of
the polyphenol are being extracted while in order for tea bags to produce this
anti oxidant, the tea bags must be continuously dunked in the tea pot.

To this day, green tea has already proved to help cure and protect people
against a lot of health problems. In order to attain optimum protection against
illness proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle plus a cup of your favorite green
tea will do the job.

Cancer Prevention and Green Tea Intake

Green tea drinkers are said to be less susceptible to cancer than non-drinkers.
This has already been proven by some clinical studies. You see, green tea is
quite popular for many years now. The ancient Chinese are known to drink green
tea because of its many health benefits and now, more and more people all over
the world are drinking the amazing tea. Cancer rates in countries that consume
a large amount of green tea are much lower and that is according to statistics.
The polyphenol content of green tea is said to effectively fight cancer cells
from developing.

Animal tests have proven that green tea can help in reducing the formation of
certain tumors in the skin, bladder, esophagus, ovary, pancreas, and prostate.
The results were due to the antioxidant properties of green tea. EGCG or
epigallocatechin is the primary polyphenol which has anti-cancer and
anti-inflammatory properties. Other polyphenols also have the same properties
which can prevent skin cancer and even skin tumors.

The growth of cancer cells in the esophagus is also typical but drinking green
tea can suppress the growth of such cancer cells. Studies regarding esophageal
cancer produced different results. Women tested to drink green tea were
protected from esophageal cancer but the other group was susceptible to it. The
study concluded and recommended that futher studies should be conducted with
regards to esophageal cancer.

The human bladder is another vital organ in the body. Again, researchers are
trying to prove if there is a connection between the consumption of tea and
bladder cancer. Clinical studies among women proved that bladder cancer was
prevented vy drinking gree tea and another clinical study among men with
existing bladder cancer had higher chances of survival when green tea was
introduced into their diet.

The pancreas can also benefit from the anti-cancer properties of green tea.
Both men and women who drank green tea were less prone to pancreatic cancer;
however, further studies should be conducted by researchers before they can
recommend it for prevention of pancreatic cancer. Then there's the ever
increasing number of ovarian cancer patients. Conclusive studies in China among
ovarian cancer patients proved quite effective. With one cup green tea everyday,
the patients lived longer.

Test tube lab studies also proved that green tea can prevent prostate cancer
among men. So far, the studies in different types of cancer gave positive
effects when green tea was introduced. by simply increasing the quantity,
frequency, as well as the duration of taking the tea, the development of cancer
can be prevented.

Cancer has always been a health problem in different age groups. For many
years, doctors and researchers have fought against cancer and finally, they
came up with an excellent remedy that is not very expensive. So while you're
still young and healthy, make sure you drink green tea everyday. Make it a part
of your diet, whether you're trying to lose weight or not. There are a lot of
benefits of taking green tea and if you want to achieve a much healthier body,
start taking it now. Commercial green tea are widely available, as well as the
supplement forms. If you want to take the supplemets, you can ask prescription
from your doctor.

Although this may mean additional cost on your part, the money you'll be
spending is much lesser than having to go through a cancer medication program.
Help fight cancer; drink your green tea everyday. Just in case you want to be
extra sure, ask your doctor about the health benefits you can derive from tea
and you'll be surprised if your doctor agrees with you in taking green tea.

Tips on Minimizing Caffeine in Green Tea

When someone mentions green tea, what comes in your mind? Antioxidants? Health
benefits? Weight loss? Caffeine? There are a lot of benefits that can be taken
from green tea. Although, caffeine is not really ideal for most green tea
drinkers. They may have some objections or second thoughts when it comes to
drinking tea because of insomnia that can be caused by green tea's high
caffeine content.

Worry not dear drinkers and advocates of green tea. There is a better way of
drinking green tea without experiencing the effects of caffeine or otherwise
minimizing it.

Tip # 1 -- Start moderately

Fact is, a cup of green tea contains a caffeine level of about 20-70
milligrams. With this kind of caffeine in your diet, it's assured to keep you
awake from dusk till dawn if your body is not used to drinking such dosage.
Best advise is to take in small doses and try to observe your reactions. Start
with a cup a day, then, when things still feel normal, increase gradually.
Every time you increase, always observe for adjustments in your body. If you
feel uneasy and somewhat irritated, then you can decrease to the level that
your body can tolerate. If you are including it in your meal, and you're
feeling more calm and contented, green tea is for you.

Tip # 2 -- Get to know your tea

There are several kinds of green tea, Different kinds mean different levels of
caffeine. It is stated by researchers that, the type of tea leaf used, the more
caffeine it can produce. You can't indicate caffeine levels through color.
Gyokuro is highly caffeinated compared to Lapsang Souchong which is a kind of
dark tea.

Tip # 3 -- Brew half strength

Very good solution for caffeine intolerance. To control your intake of green
tea, you can choose to purchase loose green tea to allow you to adjust the way
your green tea is brewed. The normal loose green tea brewing is at least two
teaspoons. You can cut off the dosage in half. If you find the effects weak,
increase it bit by bit.

Tip # 4 -- Drink it while it's hot

Cathechin, the one that contains powerful antioxidants and theanine, this
provides freshness and sweetness, can both decrease the level of caffeine
activity of in the body. Brewing allows the molecules of catechin and theanine
to combine together with caffeine in hot temperature. This will render caffeine
to be less effective. If you let your hot green tea to cool off after brewing,
the molecules that is bonded with caffeine will breakdown and releasing

Tip # 5 -- Avoid teabags

Compared to loose green tea leaves, green tea bags can't give you enough
nutrition thus, giving you more caffeine in the process. Quality suffers from
teabags. Rather choose green tea leaves that are loose.

Tip # 6 -- Be familiar with your tolerance level

Several experts would recommend the consumption of not more than 300 milligrams
of caffeine daily. Green tea has been found out that it can provide a steady and
gentle source of stimulation. Side-effects like headaches and nervousness may be

With these tips on how to minimize the effects of caffeine contents in your
green tea, you can enjoy more tea with less caffeine.

Green Tea Health Benefits

According to legends, tea was discovered by a Chinese emperor about 5,000 years
ago. This Chinese emperor was boiling water to the belief that it can become
more potable and safer to drink. When suddenly a large gust of wind took over
and blew the leaves into the water that's boiling. By the combination of water
and leaves, a brown mixture was fashioned. Reluctantly, the emperor discovered
the mixture making a very fragrant aroma. The moment he tasted it, he described
it to be agreeable. From that moment on, green tea was born.

No matter how accurate this legend is, what's important is that green tea have
become one of the most popular drink in China. Drinking green tea made several
discoveries regarding health benefits. Aside from green tea becoming an
antioxidant, it is also claimed that it can help with cancer prevention, heart
protection, arthritis prevention and liver protection.

Cancer prevention

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases man has ever known. It has killed a
lot of lives in many forms and is continuously killing more. With the discovery
of green tea being able to help in cancer prevention and treatment, a lot of
studies are trying to support every claim. It is said that through drinking
green tea, cancer has shown significant evidences of diminishing cancer cell
results. Preliminary investigations have proven that green tea can prevent the
growth of cancer cells in organs like the digestive system, urinary bladder,
and the pancreas.

Heart Protection

Antioxidants in green tea are one of the main reasons why people are being
enticed by it. By reducing incidences of increased cholesterol level in out
body, it therefore reduces the body to experience hypertension and cardiac
diseases. Studies also show that green tea can help minimize thrombosis
formation which is also an associated factor to heart disease. When thrombosis
goes into blood circulation, there will come a time when the thrombus will
block the way of the blood that is supposed to go to the heart and this will
compromise the heart with blood supply. Preventing thrombus formation is one
very important effect of green tea.

Arthritis Prevention

Some say it's impossible for green tea to affect bone diseases but the tea have
proved them wrong because reports have it that green tea can prevent arthritis.
Not only can green tea prevent arthritis from occurring but also eliminate the
painful symptoms being contributed by the problem too. According to research,
green tea has a component that has the ability to reduce inflammation. Research
also suggests that antioxidants have the capacity to delay any arthritic process
that might occur and minimizing irritable symptoms as well.

Live Protection

Because liver is another agent responsible for metabolism, it is greatly
affected by green tea. There is strong correlation of bonds between liver
function and antioxidants. When the liver does it job, it filters the body from
toxins and washes it away through excretion.

Toxins are referred to harmful substances that we gather through daily living
like digested food, breathed air, consumed water, alcohol intake and even
remnants of cigarette smoking. What green tea provides the body is stimulating
and strengthening the immune system making the liver more capable of filtering
every single substance that can be dangerous to the body.

Green Tea for Improved Fertility

Health is the greatest treasure a man could have. The human body needs proper
nutrition and rest in order to function to the fullest. On other people's point
of view, having a healthy body means higher level of productivity, and improved
level of fertility, it also means increased level of resistance on certain
kinds of diseases and illness present in the modern time. With today's high
cost of living, having a healthy body is a must.

Being able to bear a child is important to every couple and along with this
having a healthy body to be able to have a healthy process of fertility. This
means having a healthier body makes higher chances of conceiving a child and
also a great opportunity of preparing the woman's condition of being a mother
in the future.

A person must practice a good health behavior by limiting the consumption of
alcohol and related beverages, substances and medications that can cause
addiction and have negative effect on health, and cigarette smoking. Having
green tea incorporated on meals is a non invasive method of improving ones

Useful Tips on How to Improve Fertility with Green Tea

1. A healthy body is equivalent to optimized or improved fertility. Have a
healthy diet that includes foods from the food pyramid like fresh fruit,
vegetable and whole grains, and foods rich in protein. Doing regular exercise
leads to normal development and function of the different systems of the human

2. Having a cup of warm green tea is a great substitute for your daily dose of
coffee or tea during breakfast. Green tea has more anti oxidants because the
fact that is not fermented instead brewed a process that helps preserving
important compounds on it.

Enjoying a hot cup of green tea is better than preparing it cold because live
antioxidants are very prominent and its nutritional value is also preserved.
Strong anti oxidants present on green tea leaves helps to eliminate free
radicals and helps to maintain healthy digestive system as well as preventing
the build up and accumulation of these toxins and waste helps gain resistance
on certain diseases.

3. For your lunch if you prefer an ice cold beverage, prepare yourself an iced
green tea instead of your regular soda drink and tea. Bottled green tea is
available in supermarkets and stores at the cold bottle section, it is handy
and it can be taken in your car and even at work.

4. Freshly brewed green tea leaves contain much anti- oxidants. It is good to
try other ways of enjoying green tea rather than buying boxes of tea bags.
There is even difference in flavor when it comes to freshly brewed green tea.

5. Green tea capsules are available at leading health stores and can be a good
choice of alternative of drinking green tea, for those women who do not want to
drink tea.

Tips and warnings

For those drinking medication and pregnant women, make sure to consult your
doctor before drinking green tea. Green tea contains polyphenols that might
interact with medications, consult with a physician before consuming the

Green tea contains caffeine, so for those who have sleeping pattern problems,
refrain from drinking green tea during late in the afternoon especially during
night time. The caffeine in your green tea might be the one of the contributing
factors on your sleeping difficulty.

The recommended intake of green tea is at least 3-4 cups a day. Higher
concentration of polyphenols can damage kidney and the liver. Most important of
all do not expect conceiving a baby after drinking a cup of green tea. Green tea
improves your chances of conceiving, and you must remember that there are also
lots of contributing factors on having healthy fertility.

If you are not conceiving a baby after lots of trials, go and see the doctor
about the possibilities you may try.

Green Tea Fat Burning Benefits

More and more people are getting hooked up with green tea. Especially those
that belongs to the category that is a bit larger than life. Green tea has been
proven to loosen that weight gaining body. Overweight is becoming a problem in
major growing countries. As a person grows heavier and bigger, their risk for
acquiring a disease is incredibly higher. But because of the impressive effects
of green tea, gaining weight can no longer be a health threat.

Measure of gaining weight

There are a lot of reasons why people exhibits unwanted weight gain. First,
because of their lifestyle. With someone who has the capacity to buy every
single food on earth, gaining weight is easy. A person's lifestyle can
definitely predict how healthy a person is. If the person's lifestyle is rich,
he will have all the money in the world to engage in bad eating habits like
increased consumption of alcohol, junk foods and fatty foods.

Another reason for gaining weight is lack of exercise. Without physical using
up of excess fats in your body, there is a great possibility for them to be
stored and not to be used up ever again. Exercise is very crucial for people,
especially bigger ones. Exercise can lower the risk of a lot of diseases thus,
keeping your body fit and at the same time working healthy.

Mental problem is another factor researchers are looking into why people
suddenly gain weight. One very good example is depression. When a person is
depressed, instead of crying her heart out, she gobbles up everything inside
the fridge. Which can be very unhealthy.

Modern solution to chubbiness

Today, for someone to get slimmer, a lot of people are resulting to surgery.
Surgical procedures that costs a lot are oftentimes the last resort of really
big people who wanted to be small in an instant. Liposuction is one type of
surgical procedure that answers to fat reduction.

Green tea to the rescue

Yes, the above stated solution can be very effective but people go into the
risk of having major or minor side effects. There is a better way to eliminate
those fats naturally. And the answer is, green tea. This is a different kind of
tea which have numerous benefits aside from being a reliable fat burner. By
incorporating green tea to every meal, a person taking it will experience
soothing effects. There are three things that fat burning green tea can do:

1. Increase Calorie Burning

Usage of green tea can accelerate the metabolism of calories inside the human
body. This processing is called as thermogenesis. What green tea does is that
it increases the heat inside the body thus, increasing metabolism and resulting
to calorie burn-up.

2. Diminishing Appetite

Green tea aids in controlling one's appetite. When a person's appetite is
controlled, the result will be, not wanting to eat. Nutrients that compose
green tea signals to the brain and stomach that makes a person lose his
appetite thus resulting in lesser food intake.

3. Energy levels are elevated

Green tea can shoot positive signals to the mind that enables the improvement
of positive mental attitude. Because green tea compounds act on almost all
systems in a human's body, it tends to put the mind in a relaxed and positive
state that make the body feel more balanced and in sync.

Caffeine in Green Tea

How true is it that one disadvantage of green tea is insomnia because of its
caffeine content? You may put it as a "disadvantage" but people who works on a
night shift will disagree. True, green tea contains caffeine but compared to
coffee and other tea, it has a lesser level but has a very incredible amount of

What is caffeine?

It is a kind of drug that acts as a stimuli that basically stimulates the
central nervous system and the heart. A person having caffeine in his system
can instantly increase his blood pressure but not having any evidence of
definitive long-term effects in the blood pressure itself. Long term increase
of blood pressure are still taking excessive amounts of green tea.

Caffeine content in green tea stays unless it is decaffeinated. According to
studies, green tea is more likely to be higher than coffee but with
preparation, a person can greatly reduce the caffeine that the body takes in.
how? Through the infusion length of hot water and how many times you have used
the leaves.

Surprisingly, caffeine in green tea is more beneficial than the caffeine taken
from coffee. It works through the body in a slighter difference than coffee.
Aside from caffeine, green tea has other constituents that work perfectly with
caffeine namely vitamins, oils and tannin.

Caffeine difference

As mentioned, compared to coffee, the caffeine content in green tea can have a
different approach in the human body. By its own substance, it doesn't have to
trigger increase heart rate and blood pressure unlike what caffeine can
instantly do. Typically, green tea is more applicable to drink for those who
wanted to lose weight but are caffeine sensitive.

Lose weight with caffeine Base on studies, caffeine has the capacity to
increase metabolism inside the body which results to helping out the body in
burning excess calories. Caffeine content in green tea is undoubtedly more
prominent than other beverages but you can lessen it based on the kind of green
tea that you have chosen to drink. Contrary to what other people know, oxidation
doesn't have the capacity to raise the caffeine content in the body. Truth is,
some studies were made and is found out that the longer the oxidation is, the
lower the content of caffeine will be present.

Green tea without caffeine For medicinal purposes, green tea is sometimes made
caffeine free. Green tea that is decaffeinated has a more pleasant taste and
has an impressive antioxidant activity. It is very effective in the prevention
and even treatment of cancer, decreasing cholesterol levels, collagen
formation, decreasing triglyceride levels and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, with caffeine present in green tea, it can decrease the metabolic
processes going significantly inside our body but not having any effect on
blood pressure and heart rate.

Caffeine content

Compared to the caffeine found in black tea, green tea is only composed by the
half of it. And compared to coffee, green tea only has quarter amounts thus,
making it the perfect beverage you can include in your meals. But there are
precautions that should be followed. One which is the moderate amount of green
tea that should be consumed within a day. It should only be at least 4 cups.
More than that will generate negative reactions that is felt inside the body.

The introduction of decaffeinated supplementary green tea, benefits were
further provided ruling out any unwanted effects.

Facts You Must Know About Your Green Tea

During ancient times, the Chinese have studied and proved the medicinal
properties and benefits of green tea. It is found that green tea has many
health benefits compared to other food or drinks. It is used by the Chinese
people to cure simple headaches to depression. Green tea had been used as
medicine for 4,000 years proving only that it is one of the most common remedy
among many illness.

Facts about Green Tea

* Reduces the risk of having cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells
especially on the colon, pancreas, rectum, bladder, esophagus, and stomach
without harming healthy cells

* Helpful for those who have rheumatoid arthritis

* Reduce the risk of having hypertension and elevated blood pressure

* Reduces the cholesterol level in the body

* Increases metabolism

* Helps body to fight viruses and bacteria by improving the defense action of
  the immune system

* Reduces the process of thrombosis which helps reduce heart attacks and strokes

* Green tea also helps destroy free radicals

* Helps in reducing fatigue and stress due to its calming action

* Fights cardio vascular diseases

* Green tea is also known for its antibacterial anti viral properties

* The secret of green tea is its catechin polyphenols, particularly
  epigallocatechin (EGCG) which is a powerful anti oxidants

* EGCG is twice as powerful as reservatol whose action is to lower the
  incidence of heart disease

* Green tea comes from Camelia sinesis plant

* What sets green tea apart from other tea is the way it was processed, green
  tea leaves are steamed which prevents the important contents from being 

* By contrast other tea brands are made from fermented tea leaves; as a result
  the other components are converted into other compounds that are not as
  effective as that of green tea

* New evidence suggests that green tea helps dieters by eliminating fat from
  the body and helps the body burn more calories compared to caffeine or a 

* Green tea can even help prevent tooth decay

* The bacterial actions of green tea can help prevent food poisoning

* Wide variety of beauty products now contains green tea are available in the
  market that claims to have great effect in beauty and wellness

* Green tea capsules are now available in health stores for those who don't
  want to drink tea

* A cup of green tea contains caffeine level of 20 to 70 milligrams

* There are several kinds of green tea that are available in the market they
  differ on the amount of caffeine content

Harmful effects

To the present study and research green tea have proven a lot of benefits and
medicinal properties but when it comes to harmful effects of green tea had been
reported to contribute to insomnia or difficulty of sleep experienced by users.
Green tea is advised to be taken at least 3 to 4 cups daily and not to be taken
as substitute for water.

Caffeine is the ingredient found in green tea that contributes to sleeping
difficulty but its caffeine contents is less compared to that of coffee and
black tea. Other components of green tea must also be controlled for it can
contribute to liver problems.

For pregnant mothers and for under medications it is important to ask your
doctor before consuming the beverage for some components of green tea might
have reactions with other compounds found in medications.

Green Tea Diet Facts

More and more are exhibiting likeness of green tea. Some are already
incorporating it into their diet. How do people see green tea? It's a miracle
drug that can enhance youthfulness, beauty, and a strong and healthy body. It
is also considered as the protector of the human body from numerous diseases.
For the fitness world, it serves as an agent in losing weight. These are just
some of the benefits of having green tea diet.

Working out a natural diet

By incorporating at least 3 cups of green tea in your meal daily, you are
enhancing a more balanced diet. Together with exercise, green tea has turned
out to be more effective than ever. There is no such thing as how many servings
every meal can green tea be incorporated. No exact doses. Just one cup every
breakfast, lunch, dinner and even during midnight snacks is sufficient enough
to be part of your daily diet.

Green tea preserves all its important compounds like antioxidants because it is
brewed and not fermented, It is advisable to drink green tea while it's still
hot because live antioxidants are very prominent and its valuable nutritional
affects are also preserved. It's better to purchase and brew loose green tea
leaves than the bottled or powdered ones because they are not as effective as

Black tea versus green tea Black tea is not similar to green tea at all. While
green tea is typically brewed, black tea is fermented. The fermentation process
of black tea tends to eliminate the important vitamins and nutrients that are
beneficial to health. Therefore, it is concluded that green tea is proven to be
more effective than black tea.

Green tea diet benefits

* Reduce the risk for hypertension and high blood pressure

* Destroy free radicals

* Maintain healthy fluid and electrolyte balance that can help relieve fatigue
  and stress

* Lower increased amount of cholesterol level

* Toxin prevention in the liver

* Antiviral and antibacterial properties

* Reduce incidences of cancer in parts of the body like colon, pancreas,
  esophagus, rectum, bladder and stomach by up to sixty percent

* Increased metabolism

* Strengthen immune system

* Stops thrombosis formation which is the cause for heart attacks

Caffeine content

Thoughts about the caffeine content in green tea have bothered and quite
alarmed avid drinkers of the beverage. Although, there are ways to lessen the
caffeine content in your green tea by adjusting yourself in the effects and
observing the tolerance of your body.

Warning on green tea caffeine

* If you have a medical condition or you're pregnant, be sure to consult your
physician first before consuming the beverage.

* Drink moderately. Caffeine is not the only thing that can do negative effects
when increased. Higher concentration of polyphenols can damage the kidney and
liver. Don't drink 8-10 cups of green tea a day. That can be very harmful
especially if you have a low tolerance level. The more acceptable intake is at
least 3-4 cups a day.

* Don't be fooled by energy drinks made from green tea. Aside from diminished
or very less antioxidants, energy drinks have high sugar content. Drinks like
these have already undergone a lot of processes that may lose important
nutrients upon reaching your body.

Green Tea: Cancer Fighting Miracle Brew?

For thousands of years, the Chinese and the Japanese have long been drinking
green tea. It has been attributed for helping fight off different kinds of
illnesses as well as help in weight loss, and this brew has also been linked to
fighting cancer.

Only recently, green tea has been introduced in the west. And, people love
them. Most people say that they never felt healthier in their entire lives, and
health buffs even said that this tea is a miracle drink. Ever since then, the
entire world is now drinking green tea on a daily basis.

So, is green tea really that wonderful? Does it really fight off cancer?

For starters, green tea has a lot of benefits. The main benefit of this brew is
that it has antioxidants which are known to fight off cancer cells. So, to
answer the question on whether green tea can prevent cancer, the answer is yes.
It gets rid of free radicals from your body which leaves it free from toxins
that can contribute to cancer.

This brew is full of the antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3 gallat or what
is more known as EGCG. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented, which
preserves EGCG. Because of this fact, this brew is much more beneficial than
black tea and has a more positive effect in fighting diseases, which includes

You have to remember that when free radicals enter our body, it will have an
effect to our cells. If this happens, it will make abnormal cells, which can
result in cancerous cells that can reproduce all over your body creating tumors.

Free radicals can enter the body in different ways. It can be because of
exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution, and it can even be because of exposure
to excessive sunlight.

Whatever it is, it is important that we should get rid of free radicals from
our body in order to keep it healthy and cancer free. Although some of the food
we eat contains antioxidant, you have to remember that it is not really enough
to fight off the amount of free radicals that enter our body. The best way to
counter free radicals is by taking in more antioxidants in your body. This is
where green tea comes in.

Because green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants, it will be able to
fight off free radicals more effectively. With just three to four cups a day,
you can be sure that you will be able to keep your body healthy and cancer free.

In fact, green tea is so effective that even the National Cancer Institute
conducted studies on this so-called miracle brew and found that it does help in
preventing cancer. Today, scientists are now looking at green tea as a key part
of creating a cure for cancer. In time, thanks to this century-old brew, we
will now see a cancer cure for the very first time.

One study even found that the antioxidants found in green tea was able to
shrink tumors and prevented it from reproducing more cancerous cells and

As you can see, green tea does help in preventing cancer. With the scientific
studies being done with green tea today, it is only a matter of time that we
will be able to see a cure for cancer.

The Antioxidising Benefits of Green Tea

People have been drinking green tea for centuries now. This is probably one of
the oldest beverage preparation in history. Have you ever wondered why people
drink green tea until now? Well, studies have proven that drinking green tea
has a lot of health benefits. For one, it is well known to have antioxidising
benefits. The animal kingdom needs oxygen in order to survive and that includes
the humans.

Body processes need oxygen. This element is abundantly found in the air and
with proper intake, it burns the glucose and fat present in the body to supply
the needed heat and energy. So you see, oxygen is an essential element needed
by the body but anything in excess is harmful and too much oxygen can also have
negative effects.

The byproducts of oxidation are free radicals. Sometimes, other molecules
interact with the free radicals and so these molecules are also turned into
free radicals which can disrupt the normal functioning of the said molecules.
If this continue to happen, it could lead to tissue damage and finally, cell

There are even times when the abnormal functioning of molecules can lead to
certain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid
arthritis, artherosclerosis, cancer, heart diseases, and Parkinson's disease.
Humans are quite fortunate because their bodies are equipped with the right
defenses in order to prevent the free radical's harmful effects.

By eating a lot of fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants, the free
radicals are prevented from causing any harm to the human body. Aside from
fruits and vegetables, you can also get antioxidants from green tea. As you can
see, by drinking green tea and eating the right amount of fruits and veggies,
you can prevent diseases and cell damage.

The tea plant or Camellia Sinensis is popular for its antioxidants which fights
diseases. The Chinese people have been using the tea plant for centuries and you
can usually find green tea in every household. The Chinese believe that the tea
is a very healthy beverage whic promotes good health and well being. Aside from
China, green tea is also widely used in Thailand, India, and Japan.

Traditional Chinese and Indian medicines usually contain green tea because it
can serve as a stimulant, an astringent (to heal wounds and control bleeding),
as a diuretic (to promote the excretion of urine), and an agent that can
improve the heart's health. Green tea is rich in polycatechins which is
responsible for the many health benefits. The tea also contains other
ingredients which further enhance its antioxidising properties.

Catechins are powerful antioxidants. Aside from it, green tea contains vitamins
C, E, and A. It also has properties which makes it anti-carcinogenic,
neuro-protective, cardio-protective, and anti-microbial. Green tea is well
known to prevent cancer because of the antioxidant called epigallocatechin

Now that you know the benefits of drinking green tea, don't you think it's also
time that you start taking it? Let healing wonders of green tea improve your
overall health. There are now a lot of green tea products sold in the market at
very affordable prices. aside from the green tea drinks, you can also find
health supplements which contain extracts of green tea. For optimum health and
well being, try to incorporate green tea to you diet.

If you're trying to lose weight or you simply want to maintain your current
weight, it would also help a lot if you make it a habit to drink green tea
before, during, and after meals. But always remember, too much of anything can
also be harmful. So just take green tea in the right amount.

Home Remedies of Green Tea

For more than millions of years, sciences have been finding effective ways of
preventing and treating every kind of disease. Diseases that are categorized
under those that can be cured only through Divine Intervention. There have been
so many discoveries on how to treat a particular ailment and many alternatives
have already been developed. It comes from eliminating heartburn by using brown
sugar through the intake of corn syrup for controlling nausea and other
remedies. But nothing can beat green tea as one of the most effective home

Green tea is not just your typical beverage. It's more than a liquid being
coordinated with every meal. With these trying times, it had become an
integration to remedies of body illness'. For most people who consume green
tea, they believe that it is a kind of miracle drink. It benefits almost all of
the body's functions. From teeth to skin care, green tea has already been a kind
of general measure for preventing certain diseases.

To prove that green tea has become an essential part of a person's health,
below are just some of the many benefits of tea when it comes to health.

Oral Indication

Green tea is said to have certain compounds that can kill bacteria in a
person's mouth, thus eliminating high chances of cavity accumulation. Cavities
can be good source for halitosis or bad breath to form. Before that happens,
drink green tea. With just a few green tea gargles, you can protect your teeth
from having tooth decay. Of course you have to lessen or eventually get rid of
sweets to totally protect your teeth from destruction.

Green tea has the properties of fluoride which can strengthen gums and teeth
and aiding in the prevention of decay formation. Commercialized green tea
mouthwashes are being sold that comes in different tingling and intriguing

Skin Indication

Regarding skin diseases, green tea is said to have exhibited positive outcomes
in treatment and further care of skin. Two of the most irritating skin diseases
are being discussed -- eczema and acne. If you have acne, you can use it as an
astringent that can be combined to other elements to produce concoction and is
applied to the skin with a cotton ball. It is an alternative to expensive
astringents and toners. Should you choose to drink it instead, the effect will
still be the same but you risk yourself in taking the caffeine too. Mixing
green tea with other ingredients like olive oil can help treat eczema.

Medicinal Indication

There have been a lot of intriguing knowledge about the medicinal contribution
of green tea to the body. It is said that daily intake of green tea can provide
further prevention for easy-accumulated diseases and infections. Because of the
free radicals that are circulating around a person's body, it has become more
prone to disease but not until the discovery of antioxidants which helps in
flushing out free radicals inside the human body. Free radicals can cause
terrible cell damage which can affect the body negatively.

With these benefits mentioned, no wonder a lot of households trust the
wonderful effects of green tea. It has proven a lot of medical result that are
exceptionally elaborate and more so, being effective in almost all aspects of
health and fitness.

The Side Effects of Green Tea During Pregnancy

It is very important to monitor the health of pregnant women to ensure the
health of the mother and the baby. Some expectant mothers are quite anxious
because of the various changes that take place in their body. Doctors often
recommmend a diet regimen for pregnant mothers and if you're among those
pregnant women out there, you should be extra careful with your food intake to
avoid any problems or complications.

According to some studies, drinking too much green tea during pregnancy is not
good. Why is that? Well, doctors and researchers were able to prove that green
tea contains caffeine. Caffeine intake is discouraged during pregnancy because
of certain side effects.

Despite the many health benefits of green tea which includes preventing cancer,
improving the heart's health, boosting the immune system, aids digestion, lowers
cholesterol, dental health, lowers the level of blood sugar, and many others, it
is not advisable to drink green tea when you're pregnant.

Studies have proven that green tea contains EGCG or epigallocatechins which
affects the use of folate in the body. Folate is very important during
pregnancy because it can help in preventing birth defects in the neural tube.
EGCG becomes harmful in pregnancy because it resembles the structure of
methotrexate. The latter can get rid of cancer cells by bonding an enzyme
called DHFR or dihydrofolate reductase.

The folate pathway contains these enzymes and since the EGCG is similar to
methotrexate, it also binds with the enzyme and when this happens, the enzyme
is inactivated. Once the enzymes are inactivated, the body can't use folate
effectively. There hasn't been any conclusive studies which show how much green
tea a pregnant woman should consume or how much folate can be affected.

Some doctors recommend pregnant women to drink moderate amount of tea as well
as coffee. If you're still unaware, green tea also contains caffeine and when
you're pregnant, it's not good to drink a lot of beverages which contain
caffeine. So if you want to be extra sure, don't forget to ask your doctor next
time you have an appointment. Always keep in mind that your health and that of
your baby is of great importance.

Besides, there are already studies which proves caffeine to cause miscarriage
and lower birth weight among babies. Drinking around six cups of coffee per day
can definitely affect your baby's weight at birth. If you don't want your baby
to suffer, you can have a cup of coffee a day or if you want, you can just stop
drinking coffee. The caffeine content in green tea is lower than that of coffee
and so you can drink more than one cup; but as said earlier, ask your doctor
about it first.

Pregnancy will only take nine months and so you need to enjoy it. Even if you
experience a lot of body changes, just think that you will rejoice the day your
precious baby comes. If you can avoid drinking caffeined drinks, then try to
stay away from them.

Although the health benefits of green tea are remarkable, it does contain
caffeine and no study has yet established the right amount of green tea intake
especially among pregnant women. If you're not pregnant and you don't have any
problems related to caffeine intake, then you can drink as many tea as you
like. Right now, be careful in drinking green tea; perhaps you can settle for a
small cup every other day just to satisfy your thirst for it. When you feel
anything abnormal, seek the help of your doctor at once. Besides, its just
going to be for nine months and after that, you can resume in drinking tea
again. Aside from not taking caffeinated drinks, you're also not allowed to
take just any kind of medicine because it can be harmful to your baby.

It goes without saying always think of your baby's safety before you do

Green tea to Cure HIV

For thousands of years, green tea has been widely used by the Chinese not only
for its taste but also because of its medicinal properties. Today green tea is
a very popular drink among all ages the world over because of its proven
efficacy on minor and even major health problems, and because of its proven
medicinal properties, complimented by growing numbers of testimonies and
therapeutic claims, scientists now see green tea to be a promising cure for HIV.

HIV is a major issue on health nowadays because lots of people have been
diagnosed of having this deadly disease. And the search for the cure against
HIV and including AIDS has proven to be very difficult.

Researchers from Purdue University had its study on the nature, property and
health benefits of green tea. They have succeeded on identifying
epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) a compound found on green tea which inhibits
the growth of cancer cells. University of Tokyo had made a separate study on
green tea and the result of their research is that, EGCg binds with CD4 cells
which action is to prevent HIV binding processes and later destroys the cell.
The studies suggest that green tea have substances like EGCg that could help
open new frontiers on the battle against HIV and even cancer.

It also proved that drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea a day can help slow down
the pathogenesis of HIV because of the potent content of EGCg. Scientists also
revealed that the results could lead them to the development of an HIV cure.
However they also revealed that the concentration of EGCg present on 4 to 5
cups of green tea is not enough to totally destroy cancer cells.

People often ask if other types of tea have the same benefits as green tea. The
fact is green tea has more health benefits compared to other types of tea.
Although all tea comes from a single source which is Camellia sinesis plant,
all tea have their own characteristics when it comes to taste, color, smell,
and even benefits. Green tea leaves are processed differently. Leaves are
steamed then dried allowing the components not to be oxidized in the process.
These makes green tea ten times more potent and effective remedy against
illness compared to other tea.

Green tea is proven to be helpful on the following medical conditions:

* Rheumatoid arthritis

* Helps to lower cholesterol level of the body

* Helps maintains a normal blood pressure preventing hypertension

* Cardiovascular disease and stroke

* Helps fight against infection due to bacteria and viruses

* Helps improve impaired immune response

* Destroys free radicals

* Helps maintain healthy fluid and electrolytes balance

* It helps prevent tooth decay by killing bacteria that causes dental plaque

* Helps relieve stress and fatigue

* Toxin prevention in the liver

* Stops thrombosis which is the leading cause of heart attack

* Green tea also has fat burning benefits

* It helps burn fat and makes the body feel more energetic

* Green tea is also used to calm the mind

Presently scientists are still making rigorous studies on green tea hoping to
find some headway on how to determine the exact mechanism of EGCg binding with
CD4, with positive results people can now stand a chance against a deadly
disease through enjoying the relaxing, soothing and delicious taste of your
favorite green tea.

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