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Greeting Cards

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What Are Greetings?

When you dwell on a word, sometimes it can begin to sound foreign. You may
start to wonder if the word is truly spelled the way you speak it. Ever grab a
dictionary just to check it out? Think of the word "greetings", for example.
How did someone even come up with such a word as greetings?

The definition is: the acts or words of one who greets. So, then, what does
greet mean? It means to address with friendliness, to meet or receive in a
specified way. Well, then, what is the purpose of greeting cards?

As one who has studied the English language to any extent, a person should
agree that it is one of the hardest languages to learn. Just the word
"greetings" should solidify that fact. Greeting cards, for example, do not
always address one with friendliness. Sometimes they address a person's sadness
or forgiveness or anger, even grief. But when one thinks of greetings and
greeting cards, one thinks first of friendliness or joy. Greetings are meant to
bring acknowledgement. Perhaps acknowledgement of something negative, or
something positive, or even something completely neutral is in order.

Greetings are supposedly a way to touch someone in a kind way. When one sends a
greeting card, usually it is for a birthday or maybe even just to say hello and
reconnect with a friend or loved one. Sometimes, however, greetings are to
comfort. As in when one loses a loved one and a greeting card can touch their
heart and ease their loss in a personal way. Sometimes, greetings are a way to
bring a smile to someone who has been ill or hospitalized for an accident of
some sort.

Greeting cards can uplift a lonely soul. They can soothe the pain of a person
when he or she may think no one cares. There is such a joy in receiving funny
greetings from someone when you have had a terrible day or a terrible week. You
open the mailbox and think "What is this?" Maybe there is no name on the
outside. Many people send greetings without a return address. It can be
considered rude to some to expect anything in return.

Maybe you have angered someone or hurt their feelings and need to put your
thoughts on paper, but just can't seem to find the words. All you have to do is
go to a store that sells greeting cards and find the perfect solution. It brings
a sense of fulfillment to find just the right card. It can also be quite
time-consuming for those who don't really know exactly what it is they wish to
send! But, oh, the relief when you finally come across that card that says what
you want in just the right way. Many a relationship has been saved by something
as simple and low-cost as a greeting card.

There are, of course, greetings that are less tasteful when one wishes to
convey negative things. I do have to wonder about creators of greeting cards
that say things to purposely anger someone. I personally believe it warps the
meaning of "greetings" entirely!

Where To Find A Card

The card is a very useful tool which can be as simple or as complex as a person
chooses. It's all about choices! A card can be found as close as your fingertips
or as far away as your local discount store or mall.

Would you prefer a more detailed, expensive card or a low-cost, simplistic
version? You can find the expensive versions at any shop that specializes in
selling cards, of course. You can even order a set of customized cards from a
magazine. There are also your quick-stop stores that may have just the card you
want. Even truck stops sell cards.

I was delighted to find cards at our local dollar stores. They have pretty,
low-cost cards for every occasion. A card would seem a hindrance to some who
desire an easy, quick choice. After all, the choices are vast and impressive.
Choosing the perfect one is essential to one who wants to say just the right
thing. Hence, a card may be a dreaded thing to buy for someone in a hurry or
someone who just wants to "get it over with". Unfortunately, there are those
who buy a card as an obligation and those who find too many choices 

So, why not just make your own card? It's as easy as buying some card-stock and
markers. There is an endless supply of choices as to how to make a card. You can
find your own card in your art supply. You can find your card without an art
supply. Use your imagination. Find your card in your mind and bring it to life.

What about finding a card on the internet? Yes, there is a card for you out
there in cyberspace! If you would rather save your gas and not have to worry
about getting dressed to go to the store to search for a card, just turn on the
computer, sign on to the internet and take your card-searching adventure. Google

Some hardware stores even carry cards these days. Small towns need all the help
they can get to bring merchandise to their door steps. Hardware stores hope to
compete with the bigger businesses who offer an array of products and services.
Therefore, even something that seems as simple as a card can generate traffic
and bring business into their stores. Would you like a big card or a little
card? Cards are produced that wouldn't even fit into an oversized mailbox! Now
those are certainly eye-catchers. They can be found at truck stops and card
specialty stores. Have you ever heard of getting someone's attention by
whispering? Maybe the little card would be the perfect choice. However, rather
than risk them getting lost in the mail because of their tiny size, it may be
preferable to deliver a tiny card in person. There is also the choice of a card
printing shop should you find the need for a more professional appearance or
cards bought in bulk.

Why Greeting Cards Are Handy

One of the best ways to reach out and touch people is by sending greeting
cards. They are a way to touch someone personally and from the heart. They are
handy because often they give ideas of how to say just the right thoughts when
words fail otherwise.

Greeting cards are used to ask forgiveness, to convey sympathy, to send a perk
to someone who is sad, to share a special occasion with someone special, and to
send well-wishes to someone who has been ill or hurt. Greeting cards are handy
as reminders for someone who may be forgetful, to say thanks to someone who has
been helpful, and to renew friendships. Greeting cards can be handy to jog
memories of something long forgotten. If you are a person who saves special
things, greeting cards can be found years later in a box of old memories. They
can help revive old memories or be used to start new ones.

Many times humor from a greeting card may touch someone when a letter would
not. A greeting card can be short, sweet, and to the point or long, thoughtful,
and thought-provoking.

If you are grieving over a loved one, you may be sorting through keepsakes and
be soothed by a greeting card bought long ago. You can use these precious gifts
to begin a scrapbook of the person. You can share the greeting cards with family
or friends and revive fond memories. You can use these greeting cards in crafts
to make other gifts to hand over to a child or grandchild to keep the memory of
your loved one alive.

For someone who likes to save greeting cards as a hobby, you may find joy in
discovering antique greeting cards. Greeting cards can be used to teach a
child. They can be handy in helping a child learn how to read, how to
appreciate getting mail, how to keep in touch with friends or family they may
have moved away from, how to explore their own thoughts and feelings, how to
convey humor to others. They can also be used to teach a child how to count and
how to create. They can be used to teach a child about writing and publishing
and art. They can be used to teach a child about poetry. They can help teach a
child about animals, nature, cars, motorcycles, good manners, and friendship.

Are you low on cash? Sending a greeting card in place of a gift is a handy
alternative. Some people prefer to receive a card in place of a gift. The most
important thing about a special occasion is to let someone know they were on
your heart and in your mind. Sometimes just sending a card instead of a gift
will relieve someone of having to provide a gift in kind. Some people may be
secretly relieved to just exchange cards on special occasions.

Greeting cards can also be handy in business. If you have employees who need a
morale boost, use a humorous greeting card or maybe something to let them know
you appreciate their hard work.

All About Ecards

Perhaps one of the best things about the internet is the availability of the
ecard, also known as the electronic greeting card. There is such a huge
selection of sites that offer ecards, it is almost impossible to even conceive
of a number. The word "free" might in a sense be misleading, since the sites
have to have some sort of income to exist. Hence, pop-up ads and cookies that
provide for the junk mail we must endure for the seemingly free ecards. But to
many, it is but a minor annoyance to endure such things for the sake of
something free. Anything free seems to be a way to grab attention immediately,
however temporary it may be for those who quickly learn that free is not always
what it seems.

Ecards exist in an immense variety. You have the ever-popular all-occasion
sites, of course. There are the miniclip ecards, animated ecards, talking
ecards, musical ecards ecards that contribute to a cause for a small and
hopeful contribution, religious ecards, flash and Java ecards, and free ecards
if you subscribe to the site. Of course, that means more pop-ups and cookies
will be inevitably coming your way. But, alas, we must have advertising!

Ecards are vast and interesting. The ecards with themes should win over anyone
who has an obsession, such as Elvis or teddy bears or even motorcycles. You
also have ecards for all occasions and festivals of India. There are Hindu
ecards as well. Certain web sites even allow public participation. You are
allowed to submit your own pictures, drawings, photographs. It's amazing how
many web sites you can come across that offer free ecards. Know, as well, that
you can use different keywords to search for the ecards. Not to forget, the
different search engines should provide differing results.

The invention of the ecard was certainly an invention for the curious. It might
also be an invention to cause dismay should you have a slow internet connection
or should your computer suddenly shut-down on you before you are allowed to
finish viewing your ecard from a much-adored friend or loved one. It's like
trying to view a card you receive in snail mail, only to have it snatched out
of your hand before you get to the much-awaited punch line. Oh, the horror!

I suppose there are those who are hooked on sending ecards. They are, after
all, a source of amusement for many. Most people do need a good hearty laugh.
However, sending in bulk could be viewed in bad taste. No one wants their
in-box of email to be overwhelmed, even by ecards. So, please use discretion
and self-control when you discover the interesting and joyous world of ecards.
Besides, isn't there some sort of rules to govern good manners, even when using
our rights to something free? It's like taking the whole stack of napkins off
the restaurant table when you really only need a few. Someone somewhere has to
pay for them, and though they do offer them for free, there's really no need to
be greedy.

Who Is Your Valentine?

You may think that valentines are only for lovers and couples, but you would
definitely be wrong. You can send a valentine to anyone special to you, or
anyone you would like to be special in any way.

This important distinction about Valentine's Day is currently taught to
children around the country in public and private schools. Children purchase or
create valentines for each member of their class, as well as their teacher.
Everyone is a valentine in an elementary classroom. This is an important lesson
for children to learn, because by making everyone a valentine, no one is left
out, everyone feels special, and the children learn to love one another as we
are told to do.

Valentine's Day is also a day for adults to show their affection for special
people in their life, including and other than their spouses. Fathers send
flowers, candy, and a valentine to their daughters. Mothers may send a
valentine to their sons. Siblings may send flowers, candy, and/or a valentine
to each other. Children may send a valentine or make a valentine for their
parents or grandparents. Valentines are a wonderful way to make anyone in your
life feel special and remembered.

Friends also often send valentines to one another. A simple valentine to your
best friend lets him or her know how much you mean to them. By sending a
valentine to the special people in our lives, besides our spouses, it lets them
know that we have not forgotten them in the midst of our love for our
significant other. Many friends feel left out when a friend or loved one
becomes involved in a new and engaging relationship. By sending them a
valentine, it shows that they are not forgotten, but loved and remembered.

Sending a valentine to someone who does not have other family or loved ones to
receive valentine's from is also a great endeavor. Getting a valentine when you
least expect one is sure to lift anyone's spirits on what can otherwise become a
very lonely, sad day. A valentine from the heart of someone who cares about you
is the best way to keep anyone from feeling lonely.

One thing that has become very popular in these times is sending a valentine to
a soldier off at war in Iraq or Iran. These soldiers are far from home and very
lonely, and some of them do not have anyone to write to. Pen pal organizations
have been formed to write to these soldiers, and make sure that they know that
what they are doing is appreciated, and that someone really does care. Why not
take the programs a little bit further and send a valentine to a soldier in the
middle east? I'm sure it will be very much appreciated. Do an internet search
for Middle East soldiers pen pals to learn how to get involved in the program,
and send a soldier a valentine this year. Make a difference this Valentine's

The truth of the matter is, regardless of traditions, anyone can be your
valentine. So who is your valentine this year?

When to Give Romance Cards

Romance cards are no longer just for Valentine's Day. Romance cards can be
given to your loved one all year round. There are many occasions in which you
might want to give someone a romance card. It may be the anniversary of when
you met, a short term anniversary, or the anniversary of your first date. You
can also give romance cards when you are sorry for something, and include it
with flowers. Romance cards are also a great way to let someone know you are
interested in romance.

There are many types of romance cards. Some are very sentimental, and include
pictures of roses or other flowers, hearts, and fancy borders, and usually
include a very heartfelt poem. Other romance cards are funny and romantic, and
usually include a light-hearted poem or phrase with a funny cartoon drawing.
Some romance cards are sexy in nature, and include pictures of sexy women, or a
cartoon drawing, and a message that portrays what the person giving the card
would like to happen.

Romance cards are also a great way to cheer up that special someone. It is
proven that when someone is "down in the dumps," receiving a romance card will
lift their spirits. It makes us all happy to know that someone loves us, and
getting a romance card will always cheer up even the loneliest of people.
Romance cards can also be given anonymously, so that the receiver of the
romance card doesn't know who sent it. This gives a sense of mystery, and
allows the person sending the romance card the ability to woo their secret
love, well, secretly.

Another great time to send someone a romance card is during or just after a
pregnancy. Many women do not feel sexy or loved during this time. They only
feel tired, worn out, and fat, whether it is true or not. A romance card can
lift the spirits of a new mother, and allow them to feel joyous in the new
child and the extended family rather than focusing on the negative aspects of
late night feedings and baggy clothing. Romance cards are especially important
during this time, and all women should receive a romance card from their
husband or significant other upon having a child, and periodically thereafter.

Birthdays are another great time to send someone a romance card. Not only does
it let them know that you remembered their birthday, but it lets them know how
much you love and care about them. A romance card is much better than a simple
birthday card, because it expresses your true feelings about the person rather
than just saying "Happy Birthday."

Christmas and New Years are other times that you may want to send someone a
romance card. Christmas cards are often informal and impersonal, but a romance
card tells someone that the greatest Christmas gift you could receive, you
already have in them and their love. New Years is another time that romance
cards are well received. Starting the new year with expressing your love for
someone through a romance card is a great way to keep that romance going
throughout the year.

Really, there isn't a bad time to give a romance card to that special someone.
Whether it is a wife, husband, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or
just a romantic interest, romance cards are the only way to go.

When to Give Romance Cards

Romance cards are no longer just for Valentine's Day. Romance cards can be
given to your loved one all year round. There are many occasions in which you
might want to give someone a romance card. It may be the anniversary of when
you met, a short term anniversary, or the anniversary of your first date. You
can also give romance cards when you are sorry for something, and include it
with flowers. Romance cards are also a great way to let someone know you are
interested in romance.

There are many types of romance cards. Some are very sentimental, and include
pictures of roses or other flowers, hearts, and fancy borders, and usually
include a very heartfelt poem. Other romance cards are funny and romantic, and
usually include a light-hearted poem or phrase with a funny cartoon drawing.
Some romance cards are sexy in nature, and include pictures of sexy women, or a
cartoon drawing, and a message that portrays what the person giving the card
would like to happen.

Romance cards are also a great way to cheer up that special someone. It is
proven that when someone is "down in the dumps," receiving a romance card will
lift their spirits. It makes us all happy to know that someone loves us, and
getting a romance card will always cheer up even the loneliest of people.
Romance cards can also be given anonymously, so that the receiver of the
romance card doesn't know who sent it. This gives a sense of mystery, and
allows the person sending the romance card the ability to woo their secret
love, well, secretly.

Another great time to send someone a romance card is during or just after a
pregnancy. Many women do not feel sexy or loved during this time. They only
feel tired, worn out, and fat, whether it is true or not. A romance card can
lift the spirits of a new mother, and allow them to feel joyous in the new
child and the extended family rather than focusing on the negative aspects of
late night feedings and baggy clothing. Romance cards are especially important
during this time, and all women should receive a romance card from their
husband or significant other upon having a child, and periodically thereafter.

Birthdays are another great time to send someone a romance card. Not only does
it let them know that you remembered their birthday, but it lets them know how
much you love and care about them. A romance card is much better than a simple
birthday card, because it expresses your true feelings about the person rather
than just saying "Happy Birthday."

Christmas and New Years are other times that you may want to send someone a
romance card. Christmas cards are often informal and impersonal, but a romance
card tells someone that the greatest Christmas gift you could receive, you
already have in them and their love. New Years is another time that romance
cards are well received. Starting the new year with expressing your love for
someone through a romance card is a great way to keep that romance going
throughout the year.

Really, there isn't a bad time to give a romance card to that special someone.
Whether it is a wife, husband, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or
just a romantic interest, romance cards are the only way to go.

Greeting cards with love

Greeting cards are indeed one of the best ways to reach out and touch the
person to whom you wish to convey love. Love is one of the greeting card
industry's best friends. Love sells products. Love sells words and images. Love
even sells colors.

When you sell greeting cards, you sell emotions. Love is the strongest emotion.

The love that is shown with a simple greeting card can start a relationship
that will last a lifetime. Whether it be a friendship-only type of love or a
relative reconnecting with another relative after a long absence of closeness,
or the most common love of a couple seeking that special bond, a greeting card
can play a big part.

Anytime a greeting card is given to someone who is in pain, it shows a love of
someone who cares. When a person is hospitalized for a life-long illness, a
greeting card can be a daily reminder, placed by the bedside, that the person
is not alone in their suffering. When someone has suffered a hurt with another
kind of pain, the pain of losing someone loved to death or separation, a
greeting card can show a tender love of compassion. When someone has hurt
feelings, a greeting card can show a love from empathy or a request for
forgiveness. When a small child has been separated from their parent,
grandparent, sibling, or even a best friend, a greeting card can send love
across the miles. Love is the most tender of emotions.

The pictures on a greeting card can show love to introduce the caring that is
placed inside with the words of the card. It helps clarify and create the mood
when a greeting card has a loving picture as a preview to the feelings inside.
The card may even help melt a hardened heart that has closed itself off to love.

Never underestimate the power of a greeting card meant to send a bit of love.
While some scoff at the simple act of a card given, others depend upon the
card's power to smooth the way for a deeper relationship with the recipient. A
person's favorite colors, favorite flowers, favorite animals, or a hobby shown
on the front of the card can touch something inside their hearts or jog a
long-lost fond memory. The person then opens the card and may smile if a smile
has not yet been forthcoming. Once they read the words that were chosen with
care, it will seal the mood. After that, it is often only a bit of time before
a phone call or letter or even an email of much awaited thanks will evolve.
Once more, love is revived and celebrated.

Greeting simple and yet a saving grace for many. It should jog the
memory to recall the nervousness with which the first greeting card was given
by a shy teen to a sweet first love. Maybe the memory is of a lonely elderly
person trying to find a soul-mate after years of missing their spouse. Whatever
the memory, you can bet there is a greeting card involved somewhere along the

When to Send Thank You Cards

Thank you cards have become a thing of the past for many people. With busy
lives and so much to do, sending a simple thank you note has nearly become
obsolete. Yet some would argue that this lost nicety should be reinstated with
our young people. But when do you send a thank you card?

Thank you cards are, obviously, sent as a thank you. Thank you cards are still
often sent for wedding and baby shower gifts. Someone records the gift and who
it was from on a piece of paper, and then the bride or mother-to-be sends thank
you cards to everyone for the gift received from that person.

However, there are many other times that a thank you card should be sent.
Anytime a gift is received, a thank you card should be sent to the person who
gave the gift. Whether it be an actual item, a check in the mail, or a gift
card, a thank you is in order. These thank you cards should be sent at
Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries.

Thank you cards should also be sent to anyone who does something nice for you.
For example, if a young man mows your lawn for free to help you out, that man
deserves a thank you card. If someone helps you through a difficult class by
tutoring or simply answering some questions, a thank you card should be sent.
If someone sends you flowers because you are ill, or sends a greeting card,
that person should receive a thank you or other greeting card in return.

Thank you cards should also be sent to anyone who supports you in your
endeavors. If someone gives you a good reference that leads to a job, send them
a thank you card to let them know that you appreciate their effort. If someone
helps you out when you are financially in trouble, send them a thank you card
rather than just an idle promise to repay the money. This will let them know
that you truly appreciate their help, and sincerely wish to pay them back.

Send a thank you card to a favorite teacher that helped you get your diploma,
or to a friend that supported you through your divorce. Send a thank you card
to that special someone who sat by your hospital bed when you were ill, or
supported you through recovery from a surgery. Sending a thank you card in
exchange for these and other kindnesses will show those around you that you
truly appreciate them for all that they do, and will make them feel better
about doing the same for you and others in the future.

Thank you cards are simply a nicety that everyone should endeavor to uphold. It
is an act of kindness, gratefulness, caring, and just a part of good manners.
Everyone should try to send thank you cards to their loved ones whenever
necessary, to let them know that you appreciate them and what they have done
for you. So, who did you forget to say "thank you" to? Send them a thank you
card today!

When to Send Sympathy Cards

Often we grieve for our loved ones that have been lost. Sympathy for those who
grieve is a natural human emotion. Sympathy cards make the sender feel better
about their feelings of sympathy, and the receiver feels better knowing they
are not alone. Especially in cases where a spouse, parent, or only sibling is
lost, sympathy cards are very important in the grieving process.

Recently, my grandmother lost her last sibling. She is not terribly old
herself, not even seventy, but there was thirteen years between her and her
next oldest sibling. Because she is the last in her generation to survive, a
sympathy card was especially important to her grieving process. A call of
sympathy was equally important, because she felt very lonely. Without the
sympathy of her family and friends, she would not have handled the sibling's
death nearly as well as she did.

Although sympathy cards are a great way to support our loved ones at the time
of death, there are other times when you might send a sympathy card that most
people do not think about. Sympathy cards are also good to send people who have
gone through any rough time of their lives. Sympathy cards can be sent to those
going through a rough divorce or separation. Sympathy cards can also be sent to
people going through cancer or other terminal illness.

Some may feel that Get Well cards are more appropriate for those in the
hospital. However, family and friends of the person who is terminally ill
realize that time is short. Sending a sympathy card to these people supports
them in their time of need and lets them know that they are not alone in this

Sympathy cards can also be given to those in the hospital or recently released
that have gone through a major accident or surgery. Sympathy can be given to
amputee patients to let them know that you support them in their rehabilitation
process. Sympathy can also be given to surgery patients who have lost a vital
organ or gone through any other type of surgery to let them know that you
support them through their recovery process.

There are other times as well that you might send a sympathy card. If someone
has an infant or child in serious condition in a hospital, a sympathy card can
let them know they are not alone in their concern and worry.

Some sympathy cards are actually humorous. It might seem odd, but there are
sympathy cards available that actually make you laugh. These cards are for
showing "sympathy" for events such as failing a class, not getting to graduate
from a school, flunking a test, getting married, having a baby, getting a job,
failing to obtain a promotion, and other "tragic" events that occur in day to
day life. These sympathy cards are not designed to so much show support as they
are to cheer up the person who has failed to accomplish something, or as a joke
as in the case of a marriage or new baby.

No doubt about it, sympathy cards are the best way to show support, love, fun,
and cheer to your loved ones in any time of need.

How to Celebrate An Anniversary

Whether it is your two week, two month, two year, or twenty year anniversary,
you should celebrate your time together with your loved one in a very special
way. It should be a day (or night) to remember for ever. Many people seek
advice on how to celebrate an anniversary in a way that will be special for
both themselves and that special loved one. Whether you are in your first
relationship, or just out of ideas, it is still easy to celebrate your
anniversary in class and style.

Many women in a newer relationship expect a lot of their significant other's
when it comes to celebrating an anniversary. The best way to please these women
is to arrive at the door (or home from work, if you're married) with a dozen
roses or other flowers, a nice box of chocolates, and a sentimental anniversary
card that really shows her how much you care, then whisk her away to a romantic
dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Those in older relationships tend to celebrate an anniversary in a different
way. Especially those with children cannot get out as often as they would like.
In this case, a dozen roses or some other flowers, a nice box of chocolates, and
a sentimental anniversary card to let her know that she is still the love of
your life, is definitely the way to go.

Women should not ignore the anniversary celebration either. It has become
increasingly popular for women to give their significant other a gift and an
anniversary card on these occasions. Some women go so far as to buy their man
flowers as well, but many men will likely take this as too much, and unmanly,
even for an anniversary. However, it is important to keep in mind that an
anniversary celebration is not just for the woman of the relationship any
longer. It is important to make your man feel special as well by giving him a
sentimental, or even humorous, anniversary card.

There are many funny anniversary cards out there that fit many relationships.
Some relationships are not built on sentiment so much as having fun times
together and being good humored through bad times. Funny anniversary cards give
these relationships a way to express themselves completely, without the
restraints and tears of a sentimental anniversary card.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when planning your anniversary
celebration is what your significant other enjoys. If you know that he or she
enjoys a good joke and fun times at the bar, give them a funny anniversary card
and a gift certificate. If you know that he or she enjoys chocolate and romance,
give them a sentimental anniversary card and a box of chocolates from an exotic
location. If you aren't sure what he or she likes, then it's time to find out.
Drop subtle hints prior to your anniversary celebration and ask questions so
that you know what will please your significant other on this special
anniversary. Then, follow through by getting the special, perfect anniversary
card and gift.

Regardless of how you celebrate, an anniversary celebration is one of love and
togetherness. Make your anniversary special in any way you can, and a long
lasting relationship will be your reward.

All About Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions vary from country to country, faith to faith, family to
family. But some holiday traditions are very universal, and practiced all over
the world. There are holiday traditions for Independence Day, Christmas,
Hanukah, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, St.
Patrick's Day, and other holidays.

Christmas holiday traditions usually include a Christmas Eve dinner party, with
plenty of egg nog, caroling, and good spirits. Holiday dinners on Christmas Day
are typically turkey and stuffing, ham, or lamb with lots of yummy sides like
mashed potatoes, yams, and other holiday foods. Perhaps the biggest and most
popular holiday tradition is holiday greeting cards sent to everyone on your
Christmas card list. In recent years, new traditions have been formed to
include a Christmas letter with the holiday card, that is a summary of what
your family has been up to the previous year.

Hanukah is an important holiday for those of Jewish faith, but basically
consists of the same family, big dinner, and gift giving elements as Christmas.
When family cannot be together for this holiday, send your loved ones a dradel
and holiday card to let them know that they are still involved in the family
holiday celebration.

Thanksgiving holiday traditions in America include holiday turkey, and football
games. It's a time for family, and letting everyone you care about how much you
are thankful for their very existence. That is the essence of this
holiday-thanksgiving, of course! Because we all lead such busy lives in today's
society, and family cannot always be present on these special holidays, a new
tradition has arisen. Thanksgiving holiday cards are now available to send to
all of your loved ones who can't come to Thanksgiving dinner and watch the
games with you. Unfortunately, the turkey and big screen tv don't fit into the

Easter holiday traditions usually include an Easter egg hunt, baskets full of
candy left by the Easter bunny, and church services dressed in, well, Sunday
best. Easter holiday traditions are probably the favorite for most children,
and the bane for most parents due to the sugar high. However, Easter is really
first and foremost a time to celebrate Christ and family. When you cannot have
family present for this important holiday, send them an online holiday greeting
from the Easter bunny to lift their spirits.

Independence Day is a very important holiday to Americans, especially in light
of recent world events. With the war on terrorism in full swing, those who
should most celebrate this holiday are not in America, but the Middle East. For
those who miss out on fireworks and good spirits, it can be a depressing time.
Cheer up our soldiers with a holiday greeting card, letting them know that we
recognize their efforts for our country and the flag for which they fight.

The most important element to any holiday is family. When family cannot be with
you for one reason or another, it is important that they aren't left out.
Sending a holiday greeting card can change that around. A simply holiday
greeting card and a special phone call spreading holiday cheer can make it feel
like you are together, no matter how many miles may separate you.

All About Free Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to let your loved ones know you care about
them and are thinking about them. Free greeting cards let you do exactly that,
without breaking the bank. Greeting cards these days can be quite expensive or
very cheap, but occasionally you can come across a great deal where you can get
greeting cards for free.

Most free greeting cards are sent through email rather than on paper. Free
websites offer services to send free or inexpensive greeting cards via email to
your loved ones absolutely free (or close to it). Many websites that offer these
free services also offer other free services. For example, Yahoo, Google, and
MSN all offer free greeting cards as well as many other services such as email
and search engines. Other websites that offer free greeting cards are Blue
Mountain Arts and Excite.

Free greeting cards are not as easy to find as they once were. Even just a few
years ago free greeting cards could be found all over the net. Now, you have to
really search, and the selection is not the greatest. The best online greeting
cards are not free. The largest selections are reserved for the paying
customer, while the free cards are more like a teaser.

These online websites allow for many features. Depending on the site, you can
add many free features to your free e-card. Some of these free features include
music, a personalized message, animated graphics, and other visual and audio
effects. These features allow you to create a very personalized card that is
much more special to the person receiving it that just a simple store bought

Another way you can get free cards is to make them yourself on a computer. You
can get free templates for just about any word processing or desktop publishing
software by doing a simple internet search. These free templates allow you to
easily create cards on your home or work computer and print them on your
printer, which is essentially free for you to use. Unless you print a lot of
cards, the cost is so minimal it might as well be free!

You can also design your own free cards on your word processor. Simply set up
the page as landscape, and format the page to consist of two columns. The left
column is the back of your card. The right column is the front of your card.
Create another page with the same format. The right column is your personal
message, while the left column is where the poem or phrase of your card would
traditionally belong. Print the two pages back to back, and fold it in half. A
free greeting card, designed entirely by you and especially for that special

No doubt about it, free greeting cards are the best way to send someone
greetings for holidays, seasons, birthdays, anniversaries, valentines,
Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, thank you, sympathy, or any other

All About Birthday Cards

Birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes, types and methods. You can get
funny birthday cards, emotional birthday cards, and children's birthday cards.
The best place to easily find cheap birthday cards is to go to a discount store
like Walmart. However, if you want something really flashy, or just like to
spend a lot of money on your friends and family, you can always shop for
birthday cards at a specialty store like Hallmark.

You can also find great birthday cards online. You can find them to order in
print, order in bulk, or order several different birthday cards for many
occasions at the same time. Alternatively, you can send birthday cards
electronically, through email. There are many websites that allow you to pick
your general birthday card, then add your own birthday or other message to the
birthday card. You can also send musical birthday cards and animated birthday
cards. While some of these services are free, many of them require registration.

One thing that is becoming very common is hand made birthday cards. You can
find handmade birthday cards at flee markets and craft shops. You can also
occasionally find handmade birthday cards at wholesale clubs like Sam's Club
and Costco. You may think that handmade birthday cards are expensive, but
really they can be quite reasonable. You can often find boxes of handmade
birthday cards for around ten to thirty dollars.

These days birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes, and all genres. You can
find birthday cards related to every child's age from one to eighteen. You can
also find birthday cards related to every landmark age, such as age twenty-one,
thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, and eighty. I imagine they also have
birthday cards for ages ninety and one-hundred, but I haven't seen them. You
may need to special order these birthday cards, as few people reach that old
age in today's society.

Themed birthday cards are a lot of fun. Themes such as "over the hill" are very
popular. My father received an over the hill birthday card with the phrase
"you're a national treasure...unfortunately the government has failed to
allocate funds to your maintenance." These birthday cards are very humorous,
and make older men especially feel much better about having their birthday.

There are also themed birthday cards for the younger generation. Birthday cards
with sexy women, alcohol, or crude gestures are very popular with today's young
people. There are also Disney themed birthday cards for younger children. These
birthday cards include themes such as Disney Princesses, Cars, Aladdin, and
other Disney favorites. Some of these birthday cards are pop-ups, and some of
them are musical. Disney birthday cards are always a lot of fun to open, read,
and play with again and again. It's almost like another toy!

The best way to learn about birthday cards is to visit the birthday card isle
at any department store, discount store, or Hallmark store. Birthday cards are
so versatile, you are sure to find a birthday card perfect for your son,
daughter, grandchild, spouse, or other friend or family member.

Where to Find Free Greeting Cards

Free greeting cards are a great way to let someone know you care about them
while letting you know you still have money in your wallet! Greeting cards have
become very expensive over the years, and the ability to receive free greeting
cards is an advantage that many people are not aware of. So how do you find
these free greeting cards?

Well, that answer is actually rather simple. You can do a simple internet
search for free greeting cards and come up with many websites that offer this
free service. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, Lycos, and Alta Vista are just some
examples of websites that happen to offer free greeting cards, even though many
people are not aware of this. However, in recent years, these websites have
begun to limit the selection available for free greeting cards, and have begun
to charge a small fee for these cards.

Free greeting cards can also be found on websites that deal specifically in
free online greeting cards. Blue Mountain Arts is one such website. They too,
however, have gone to offering a larger selection for paying guests, and a
smaller selection of free greeting cards.

These free greeting cards websites typically allow you to add your own personal
message, choose your own silly saying or sentimental poem, choose your own
graphics, and some even allow you to add music to the free greeting card. These
features all allow you to create the most personalized free greeting card
possible, which you cannot do by simply buying a greeting card in the stores.

The best place to get free greeting cards is to look for free greeting cards
templates for word processing and desktop publishing software already on your
computer. You can easily find free greeting card templates at websites such as
Microsoft, cNet, and Corel. You can also find free greeting card templates at
other websites by doing a simple internet search for free greeting card

Once you have the free greeting card template, you simply save it to your
computer and add in the information you want to have in your card. You can
create free greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, sympathy,
holidays, invitations, and many other occasions. The more advanced user can
even add sound to the card. These free greeting cards can then be sent to
anyone via email, or they can be printed off on your home printer and sent via
snail mail.

Anther way to send people free greeting cards is to recycle greeting cards. You
do this by cutting off the front of the card that has the picture, and then
writing your own personal message on the back. This makes the card somewhat of
a post card, that has not cost you anything at all! Other ideas for free
greeting cards is to cut out poems and pictures on old greeting cards and paste
them to new greeting card stock paper. This paper is so inexpensive, that each
card is practically a free greeting card!

So you see, with free greeting cards you have more flexibility, more
personalization for your loved one, and a gift that is not likely to be easily
forgotten, and without spending a single dime! No doubt about it, free greeting
cards are the only way to go!

All About Post Cards

Post cards are a great way to let people know how you are doing and what you
are up to when you are away from home. However, there are many other times when
you might send a postcard to someone.

Postcards have their distinct advantages over other types of greetings like
greeting cards and personal letters. First, they are shorter, and take less
time out of your busy schedule or fun filled vacation to prepare and send off.
Second, the cost of a postcard is minimal compared to the cost of a greeting
card or special stationary. Finally, postcards are handy because they cost less
in postage to mail to your loved ones.

Almost anything can be a postcard. You can create a postcard out of a regular
5" X 7" index card. Simply draw a line through half of the back of the card,
and write the name and address you would like the post card to go to. Then, on
the other half, you can write your message. This is an ideal way to send post
cards, because you can write on the back of the index card if you run out of
room. Simply stick the stamp on the corner, and mail!

You can send a postcard from anywhere in the world while you are traveling for
business or on vacation with your family. Postcards are also a great way to
stay in touch while on a honeymoon, because you don't have to take time away
from your new spouse to chit chat on the phone or write a lengthy letter. By
sending a postcard, you valuable time is spent with your new husband or wife,
and your friends and family back home still know you are doing alright and
you're still alive.

Post cards can be sent at any time, from anywhere. If you just want to let
someone know that you have been busy and would like to get together for dinner
sometime, you can send them a postcard. You could also send them an online
postcard if you are really pressed for time.

Post cards also make great invitations. Not only are they fun, brief, and to
the point, they cost less to send. This can be a great advantage if you are
having dinner parties often, or if you are planning a wedding, second wedding,
anniversary party, family reunion, or vow renewal ceremony. These events can
often involve hundreds of people, and sending post cards is quicker, cheaper
and less time consuming than invitations.

One advantage to using post cards as invitations is that you can print the
postcards on your computer. Simply obtain a free template from the internet,
and enter your event information on one side. Then you can print the post card
invitations. Use labels and a word processor to create address labels for the
to and from sections of the postcard. Stick on the labels, fix on a stamp, and
you're ready to go!

As you can see, post cards carry many advantages, and can be used in many more
instances than many people believe. Buy a batch of post cards and send them out
to your friends and family today!

All About Holiday Cards

You may think of holiday cards as being Christmas or Seasons Greetings cards,
but really there are many more holiday cards than this one holiday. There are
holiday cards for Christmas, Hanukah, Easter (or Resurrection Day),
Thanksgiving, Halloween, Columbus Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day,
Independence Day, New Years, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Grandparents Day, and Administrative Assistants Day. As you can see, there are
many holidays we celebrate, and each of them have their own holiday cards.

Holiday cards were not always so popular. Only in the last several years have
holiday cards been created for all of the holidays we celebrate as Americans. I
was surprised to find Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday cards when I went
Christmas card shopping last year. I later discovered that holiday cards are
becoming more and more popular, as people send holiday cards all year round to
their friends and family. It is becoming increasingly popular to send holiday
cards to all of you friends and family at every opportunity, just to let them
know you care.

Holiday cards come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose holiday cards that
are uniform and simple, and send one to everyone on your list. Or, you can
choose individual holiday cards suitable for each person based on personality
and what holiday they celebrate. For example, if you know people who are
Christian and people who are Jewish, you may choose to send a uniform card that
says simply "Season's Greetings." On the other hand, you can choose to send your
Christian friends Christmas holiday cards, and your Jewish friends Hanukah
holiday cards. This way everyone feels special, and knows that you are thinking
of them specifically.

Holiday cards can come with fancy pictures or cartoons, sentimental poetry or
funny phrases, or even music or pop up figures. You can get holiday cards
specifically for each member of your family. There are holiday cards for
children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, husbands,
wives, and friends. There are romantic holiday cards, funny holiday cards, sexy
holiday cards, and sentimental holiday cards.

You can find holiday cards at any general store, retail outlet, discount store,
or holiday store. You can also find holiday cards at wholesale outlets, dollar
stores, and specialty shops. The funniest and most sexy holiday cards can be
found at novelty stores such as Spencer's, found in most shopping malls.

Alternatively, you can make your own holiday cards with a little bit of glue,
construction paper, a pair of scissors, and a lot of creativity. Children
rather enjoy making holiday cards for their friends and family. Buying a
holiday card is not nearly so much fun as making one yourself. Also, the
home-made holiday card from your favorite child means much more than a uniform
holiday card purchased in a store.

Regardless of who you are sending a holiday card to, you are sure to find the
perfect holiday card to suit that person's interests and hobbies. From Harley
Davidson to Disney, holiday cards are an absolute must in every season.

All About Postcards

Not many people think about or discuss postcards anymore. Postcards are usually
associated with travel. When someone takes a trip, they may say, "I'll send a
postcard." Postcards are sold in most convenience stores and travel stops and
are the lowest cost greeting card one can find.

The low rate on a postcard certainly makes it user friendly for even the lowest
budget. Although the postal rates have risen, the postcard is still a mere
twenty-four cents a stamp to send. Not a bad price to send a greeting to
someone to keep in touch.

Postcards were not created for long, windy letter writers, but for the short
notes that get to the point. Whereas you can have room to write quite a bit
inside a regular greeting card, the postcard allows for very little, but
sometimes a little says a lot!

A normal postcard size is 3-1/2 inches tall by 5 inches long. The card is
divided usually on one side, with room for a note on the left and a space for
the stamp and address on the other side of the line. The "front" of the card is
usually a picture of some sort, such as the state to which the person has
traveled. Although cards can be made from several different materials, I've
even bought a postcard made of what appeared to be copper, with the picture as
a 3-D type molded into the card.

Postcards were patented in 1861 by a gentleman in Philadelphia. However, the
first in the United States was created in 1893. Printers published this type of
greeting card for a penny.

There were eras in which the type of postcards changed. There was a linen era,
a photochrome era, and in France, erotic postcards appeared in 1910. The
British created cartoon postcards, also known as "saucy" for their humor. Who
knew something as simple as a postcard could be so complex!? There are at least
22 defined postcard terms. There are postcard collectors, postcard publishing
houses, postcard books, postcard pals, postcard associations, exchange sites,
and web sites all about postcards. You can even create an online postcard,
which actually look cute and appealing. There is a company that creates
something similar to a postcard, but it has unusual shapes. The company had to
get permission to allow these type postcards to go through the mail without an

There are postcards that include facts, which can be quite impressive. I once
bought a postcard with an Indian alphabet listed, which involved pictures with
interpretations. Postcards can show miniature maps of an area, which could be

Postcards are used also to enter contests. Many contests will state that you
may enter by putting your name and address and phone number on a postcard to
mail to their company, no purchase needed to enter. Of course, you do have to
buy your own postcard and stamp! Although, if you enter a contest with a
postcard, I would think that would take the "greeting card" definition away
from the card. After all, a contest entry isn't a greeting.

All About Online Greeting Cards

Everyone enjoys sending and receiving greeting cards. But not everyone has the
money or the time to put into buying and sending greeting cards to their loved
ones. That is where online greeting cards come into play.

Online greeting cards are more economical because they cost pennies compared to
dollars. Some are even free! Online greeting cards are sent by email, so you
also save the cost of postage. If your Christmas card list is especially long,
that can be a big bonus!

Online greeting cards are also more personalized. You can set them up with
personalized music, graphics, animations, names, ages, anniversary numbers, and
other features. This way you know that the person you are sending an online
greeting card to really enjoys the online greeting card that they receive. It
will be something to be cherished for all time.

Online greeting cards can be found at many websites that you already visit such
as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Excite, Lycos, and Alta Vista. Online greeting cards can
also be found at websites such as Blue Mountain Arts. Do a simple internet
search for online greeting cards, and be surprised as you see how many links
come up!

Other online greeting cards can be created using your word processing or
desktop publishing software with your email. You can create a one page or two
column document that you design yourself. This allows for even more
personalization for your online greeting card! Insert pictures from a birthday
or family reunion, fun graphics related to the person's hobby or one of your
own, embed sound files to make it play your voice or a special song, and
include your own poetry, story, or message. You can take this online greeting
card one step further using Microsoft Word by setting up the greeting as a mail
merge, and sending it through your Outlook email to everyone on your list. The
mail merge will automatically fill in the personal names and email addresses,
so that each online greeting card sent will be just for that person. Create one
online greeting card and send it to everyone on your Christmas list at the touch
of a button. All for free!

Online greeting card templates can be found to make creating your own online
greeting cards simple and easy. They can easily be personalized and altered,
just as with other online greeting cards. The difference is that the online
greeting card is saved on your computer so that you can use it again and again.
You can use these online greeting card templates to do the merge described above
and send to everyone on your online greeting card list quickly and easily, but
without putting as much effort into the design of the online greeting card.

As you can see, online greeting cards are a great way to send greeting cards to
everyone in your family and all of your friends, for any occasion. They can be
found by doing a simple internet search, save you money, save time and effort,
and allow you to personalize. No doubt about it, online greeting cards are
definitely the way to go!

Types of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a great way to celebrate any occasion, or just let someone
know you are thinking of them. You can find greeting cards for birthdays,
anniversaries, missing you, valentines, thinking of you, friendship, mother's
day, father's day, retirement, thank you, and any other occasion you may think

Anniversary greeting cards are very popular. You can find many types of
greeting cards for anniversaries. Many anniversary greeting cards are
specifically designed for the landmark anniversaries, such as five, ten,
fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, forty, and fifty. There are anniversary
greeting cards to wife from husband, to husband from wife, to parents from son
or daughter, to grandparents from grandson or granddaughter, and even from
niece or nephew to aunts and uncles. There are also funny and sentimental
anniversary greeting cards.

Missing you greeting cards are fantastic for friends who are far from each
other. You can find funny or sentimental missing you cards for any occasion,
whether you are on vacation, or simply live far apart from one another. Missing
you greeting cards are also available for lovers, husbands and wives, and other
occasions. You can even find missing you greeting cards for people who are in
jail or prison, if you go to the right kind of greeting card store.

Valentine's greeting cards are very popular. You can find valentine's greeting
cards for children to pass out in classes and to friends, valentines to send to
grandparents or parents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, friends and
family. There are funny and sentimental valentine's greeting cards available.
Some are even sexy or gratuitous in nature.

Thinking of you and friendship greeting cards are great for letting someone
know you care about them. Even if you live in the same town, or even on the
same street, you can send a greeting card to someone who is feeling down in the
dumps. It is proven that when people get greeting cards in the mail, it raises
their spirits and makes them happy to know that someone cares. That is exactly
why they have thinking of you and friendship greeting cards! You can get
religious, family oriented, friendship, sentimental, or funny friendship and
thinking of you greeting cards.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are great times for letting your parents, or
anyone who has acted like your parents, know how much you care about them by
sending them a greeting card. There are greeting cards available for mothers,
fathers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, step-fathers, step-mothers, adopted
fathers and mothers, and anyone else that might have had a hand in raising you
as a child. Mother's Day and Father's Day greeting cards are no longer just for
mothers and fathers. These greeting cards are for everyone!

Other types of greeting cards include retirement greeting cards, thank you
greeting cards, I'm sorry greeting cards, and Get Well greeting cards. You can
find funny greeting cards, sentimental greeting cards, sexy greeting cards, or
simple greeting cards with just a picture. The best greeting card, anyone will
tell you, is one that comes from the heart.

Why Birthday Greeting Cards?

Yee-ha, it's my birthday! I wait on the mailman all morning just to see what
joy he'll deliver in the form of birthday greeting cards. Yes, I have a mail
man, not a mail lady. I suppose the proper etiquette would be mail person, but
it doesn't sound as good to someone old-fashioned such as myself. However, I

We must return to the wonderful subject of birthday greeting cards. Ok, so I'm
at the mailbox, and I'm opening the door. Here goes, YES, we have hit the
jackpot! It's a sweet day indeed to receive the old-fashioned birthday card in
the old-fashioned mailbox. Yes, we have progressed mightily with the world of
computers. But there's still nothing like a birthday card in the mailbox to
brighten that special day.

Birthday greeting cards have been around for so many years, people don't even
think of their beginnings much anymore. So, let's take a few minutes to honor
the ages-old birthday greeting cards.

It all begins when we're children. Even though most of us hardly pay attention
to those birthday greeting cards once we've seen them the first time, there are
some who cherish each and every card we receive, saving them for years to come.
Some children hardly pay attention as their mom, dad, or sibling reads their
birthday cards. But to some who aren't allowed the luxury of living near the
dear grandfather or grandmother or the cherished aunt or uncle, even the
birthday card is a wondrous gift to be saved and given a place of honor on
the mantle or countertop.

There are those wonderful birthday greeting cards that may come with a bonus,
such as the twenty dollars we've waited for all year. To most children, that
twenty dollars is still a fun trip to the toy department of their favorite
store. The birthday greeting cards will hopefully be around for many more
years, bringing much needed joy and comfort in their acknowledgement of a
special day.

The elderly, especially, look forward to the birthday greeting card. It lets
them know someone still cares that they exist and that the fact of being born
is still meaningful. It brings a smile to know the grandchild who may be too
busy to visit actually took the time to go to the store and choose a birthday
card and send it. Maybe the grandchild even included a glorious photo for the
grandparent to share and brag upon to the neighbors or the mailman. Maybe the
son or daughter who are too far away to visit included a special note with the
birthday card to brighten the day even more. Yes, the birthday greeting cards
were a nice invention indeed. I found some in a drawer once from people I had
forgotten about, but was thrown into a melancholy mood to remember. The
long-ago party, the family gathered, the beautiful cake, were all brought back
to life by one simple card. Even if it was one that may have been bought in
haste, it still made a difference years later!

How to Make a Greeting Card

Making your own greeting cards can be both fun and rewarding. Many people
cherish home-made greeting cards because they are a true expression of yourself
and the person you are making it for.

The first step in making a greeting card is to determine who you are making the
greeting card for. What interests does the person have? What is the person's
hobbies? Is the person your friend, family member, brother, sister, aunt,
uncle, grandparent, parent, husband, wife, or significant other?

The next step to making a greeting card is to decide if you want a funny
greeting card or a sentimental greeting card. If you want a funny greeting
card, you will want cut outs of cartoons, or you might want to draw your own
cartoons. If you want a sentimental greeting card, you might gather cutouts of
flower pictures. If you want a Christian greeting card, you might cut out some
pictures of crosses or bibles. If you can draw your own, that's even better.
But not everyone is an artist!

You also need to decide why you are sending the greeting card. Is it for a
birthday, anniversary, thank you, sympathy, holiday, Mother's Day, Valentine's
Day, or other occasion? Maybe the greeting card is just because you care. If
you want to send a birthday card, a picture of a birthday cake might be best.
Or a picture of a flag for Independence Day greeting card would be nice.

The next thing you have to do is write the copy for your greeting card. You can
choose a poem you like or one that you know the person getting the greeting card
will like. You could also write your own poem. You should remember though, that
when you copy someone else's poetry onto your card, you cannot sell the card.
Copyright laws forbid you to sell someone else's work without permission. But
for the purposes of just making a greeting card for a loved one, copying a
favorite poem, saying, or scripture is more than acceptable.

Now that you know what you will put on the greeting card, who it is for, and
why you are sending it, the next step is to gather all the materials you will
need to put the greeting card together. You will want to gather cut outs of any
pictures you want to include, as well as scissors, paste or glue stick,
construction paper, crayons or markers, a pencil for outlining (in case you
make mistakes), and don't forget your creativity! You may also want some lace,
ribbon, doilies, pretty material scraps, paints, and other items.

The most important thing to remember when creating your own greeting card is
that the sky is the limit! There is no right or wrong way to make a greeting
card. The only thing limiting your greeting card possibilities is your own
creative mind! So break out those old magazines, poetry books, comic books, and
cartoon strips, get those creative juices flowing, and make the best greeting
card ever! Your loved one is sure to enjoy your hard work, effort, and how much
you care showed by your handmade greeting card for years to come!

What's So Great About E-cards?

Some wonderful person decided to invent something called an e-card. My first
e-card produced mixed feelings. I wasn't sure what I was in for when I found it
in my email. However, to my delight, it was uplifting, touching, and funny. What
a great way to reach out to people! I was amazed at the ingenuity of the creator.

Of course, whenever something is invented, it is inevitable that someone will
decide to improve upon what already seems to be a perfect idea. E-cards have
evolved into wondrous things, bringing delight to recipients worldwide. There
are those which are also printable, to allow the receiver to keep the memory
for future reference as a hard copy. If the e-card is interactive, of course,
this serves no purpose. The interactive e-card is fun for all. Who can resist
clicking on a card and bringing its parts to life!

E-cards are used by many online businesses to generate traffic to a web site.
It certainly draws attention and brings potential customers who may not be able
to resist the information the web site uses to enrich your knowledge of its
product or service. Some people may even decide to check out the other parts of
the web site as a favor for using the free e-cards. You can customize your
e-cards with photos and even videos, which make them much more personal. There
are programs available to allow a person to generate their own e-cards rather
than using the ones offered by the web sites. This is a gift indeed to those
who prefer more control over their choices. Besides which, some people really
get a kick out of taking pictures of themselves or others to share with the
world. Many people are talented and highly creative with free reign over their
own videos.

Would you like to send out wedding invitations? Send an e-card! This is indeed
a modern approach to an age-old event. Who wouldn't be delighted to receive an
e-card invitation to a wedding? It would certainly perk up the inbox! Of
course, e-cards can even be welcoming to those who don't want pesky
invitations. How so? Some people do get pleasure from clicking the delete
button, and it won't clutter up your garbage can!

Would you like to send flowers to someone far away, but can't afford to have it
arranged at some expensive gift shop? Just send an e-card with flowers and save
yourself tons of money. You can send flowers to as many family and friends as
you wish as long as your fingers can stand the pressure on the keyboard and
your eyes can focus on the screen! Yay! Everyone's happy.

Would you like to send out party invitations that rock the screen? E-cards can
make it fun. Make use of the endless supply of graphics and sound and
animation. Delight your friends and family and perk up their usually dreary
email. E-cards can also give you a way to connect with someone you may be too
shy and insecure to otherwise attempt to communicate with.

How Cards Are Made

Have you ever wondered how greeting cards are made? Let's explore some of the
many ways cards are created.

Many people get pleasure from creating their own cards. There are various types
of paper one can use to make a card. There are also various types of ink, paint,
accessories to attach, writing styles, cartoons, markers, and even crayons that
one can use to make a card. Some people get very inventive when creating cards.
Even feathers can be used to give a card that special touch. When making a card,
it's really all about your own personal style and what you wish to convey to the
recipient of the card.

There are those, of course, who pride themselves on making cards from their
home computers. It's interesting how many types of paper you can buy to make a
card. The graphics available for cards are of an astounding quantity and
quality. Of a more personal interest are the photos you can imprint into your
own card creations. This sort of card-making is especially fun during the
holidays. It will give your cards that personal touch like no other and a warm
memory for someone to add to their scrapbook or photo album.

Some artists enjoy printing on cards using calligraphy pens. It takes a special
talent to produce quality work using a calligraphy pen. Such a card would convey
thoughtfulness and care to the recipient. It would say how much the person
wished to please by their time and effort put into making the card. It would
involve much more than just what the card would say. It would also involve
finding the right tools to make the card one of quality. Special paper is
required for perfection in calligraphy, along with hours of practice, the right
pens, and the special ink that must be used. Children get much joy from creating
cards. A loved one or friend would hold such a card dear to their heart. A
simple piece of typing paper and a crayon can produce a wonderful work of
simplistic art only possible through the eyes and hands of a child. Even more
joy can be derived when children are allowed to delve into finger-paints or
glue and accessories. Buttons, yarn, tiny wooden figures, magazine cut-outs,
craft foam figures and alphabets, glitter, and even material can turn an
ordinary piece of cardstock into a card of wonder!

Many people, however, still prefer the age-old choice of cards created enmasse
by the seemingly endless card companies. These companies provide convenience.
They save people time, effort, resources, and money. They have also, no doubt,
saved many husbands, wives, in-laws, or even children from being put in the
"dog house"! Unfortunately, some people just aren't good with words, emotions,
or aren't artistically talented and are relieved that they can rely on the card
companies. Some people may even be unable to write and can count on the card
companies to produce just what they wish to say. Suppose you were
inconvenienced with a broken arm? Buy a ready-made card and save the day!

Why Virtual is Better

We all enjoy sending and receiving greeting cards from friends, family and
loved ones. But sometimes our lives are so busy that we don't think about
little things like greeting cards and remembering to buy stamps. Sending a
greeting card requires going to the post office, and buying the card from a
store, then getting stamps and mailing it off. These things may seem simple,
but many people don't send greeting cards as often as they would like for these
simple reasons.

That is where virtual greeting cards come in. Virtual greeting cards are easy
to find, easy to send, and cost next to nothing, or sometimes are even free.
Whenever you think about sending someone a greeting card, you simply go online,
create a virtual greeting card, and send it off via email.

There are many different types of virtual greeting cards. Some virtual greeting
cards are free to create and send. These are the best type of virtual greeting
card, because it only takes minutes to create and email off, there is no travel
required, and best of all it doesn't cost you anything!

Other virtual greeting cards cost a minimal amount, such as ten or twenty-five
cents each, or you can purchase memberships to virtual greeting card sites for
a few dollars a month. The price is so low it might as well be free, and it is
certainly cheaper than a stamp! Signup is usually quick and painless as well as
secure, and within minutes you're ready to send virtual greeting cards to
everyone on your list! A few minutes of personalization, and you're ready to go!

Virtual greeting cards are great not only because of the minimal cost, but
because they are more personalized than a greeting card you buy in the stores.
Virtual greeting cards can be personalized with a special message, names,
music, graphics, animations, and many other features that lets your special
someone know that you know what they like. Personalize a virtual valentine's
card with a poem you wrote yourself, and accent it with "your song."

Virtual greeting cards are also great for birthdays and anniversaries, because
you can choose the subject matter, the message, and customize the virtual card
to show the age or number of the birthday or anniversary. Virtual greeting
cards are also good for Christmas card lists, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day,
and Thanksgiving.

One of the best features of a virtual greeting card is that they can often be
saved to your computer or on disk. This way, even if something were to happen
such as a fire, tornado, or other disaster, the cherished memory of celebration
and caring is still there in your virtual greeting card. Nothing can take away
that precious and personalized virtual greeting card because it's not on paper
that can be easily lost or destroyed.

With the ability to personalize, the flexibility of time and effort, and the
low cost, there is no doubt that virtual greeting cards are much better than

Why Free Ecards

Would you like to send greeting cards for free? No envelope, no paper, no
stamps, no waiting in line at the post office, no crayons, no markers, no pens
or crafts materials are needed. These greeting cards could be quick and
convenient. Free ecards allow you to choose and click to customize using images
you choose, a personal photo is sometimes an option, and you can type in your
own messages or choose from a pre-made selection.

You can search for free ecards in several ways. Obviously, you could simply
type in the words, "free ecards", to your search engine. Or you can put free
birthday ecards, free printable greeting cards if you choose to go that route.
That does defeat the purpose of no supplies, but you still would be allowed to
stay in the convenience of your own home, in your pajamas if you desire, and
choose at your convenience to eliminate the hassle of shopping at a store, and
you can choose more than one card or send the same card to more than one person.

If you don't have your own computer and can take a trip to your local library,
you can still send free ecards. Many libraries now offer the use of public
computers which are connected to the internet. This is especially helpful
should you wish to send a card to more than one person at a time.

The best free ecards are laminated. Of course, this is a bit more
time-consuming because you have to search through the animations, which may
take time to load. However, the end results are worth the wait for those
patient enough to see a wondrous creation come to life on their screens.

One of the great things about free ecards, besides the very powerful word
"free", are the choices. People want choices, they need choices, they crave
choices. So, the almost endless supply of websites offering free ecards allows
one to practice their choice of freedom.

Searching for the free ecards is also a benefit to those who enjoy learning and
maximizing their experiences. It stimulates the brain and thought processes. It
allows you to explore, invent, create. It can also lead you to other web sites
you would not have found were you not searching for free ecards. You may
discover online worlds you never realized existed. Free ecards can lead you to
products and services you to which you were not otherwise aware until you began
your search. They can also lead you to charities you didn't know existed. They
can enhance your knowledge of what is offered on the internet.

Are you an artist? Searching for free ecards can stimulate your artistic side.
They may give you ideas for your own artistic creations that aren't even
related to greeting cards. A writer may benefit by the poems offered for the
free ecards, a painter may be inspired by the artwork involved, a reader will
be enriched, a tattoo artist may even enjoy the creativity of the free ecard
sites. Maybe a person doesn't even need to send a card, but only wishes to
stimulate their mind by visiting the free ecard sites. Whatever the reason or
the outcome, you can be sure to find some enjoyment in the benefits of free

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