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Satellite TV Can Be An Eye Opening Experience!
by: David Lewis

There are many appealing aspects to satellite television. From the many freebies that the companies try to entice you with, to the appealing price of the monthly service, to the value of the basic service, to the quality of the picture and sound.

Satellite TV is a digital broadcast, and as such it has an enhanced picture and sound quality built in. Satellite TV also boasts an optional HDTV broadcast, which at 1080 lines of resolution makes it roughly 3 times sharper than regular television.

Many people are not even aware that with your satellite dish you can also get Internet service as well. For many people who live in remote locations, satellite TV is their only choice, but many are beginning to discover the value in satellite TV regardless of where they live.

With satellite TV there is no need to amplify the signal inside the house like you do with cable, and your Internet service doesn't go down because of signal degradation like cable can.

Unlike cable satellite TV is a 100% digital broadcast, which allows for a greater capability and programming. You can have 500 channels, which can be broadcast in different languages such as Russian and Arabic. Cable simply doesn't have the bandwidth to accomplish this level of programming. Only so much data can transmit through a cable line, but with satellite TV you are using an electromagnetic wave to transmit and receive data, which bounces off satellites in space, thus you have virtually no limitations in the amount of data that can be sent or received.

It's no wonder that satellite TV is quickly catching on with millions of Americans, and as many more discover it's value and service, millions more will join the wireless revolution and jump on the satellite TV bandwagon.


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