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Healthy Aging

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The Body and Mind in Healthy Aging

As we all grow older, we notice many changes going on in our minds and with the
body. At this time, the body and mind is saying you need to take charge and keep
yourself active and in shape. Our health in very important and needs work
everyday to keep it in control.

Getting older is something we cannot control so taking charge now is very
important. It is always best to start youthfully. Our diets change as we grow
older, which the body starts to loose nutrients it requires to stay healthy. As
we grow older, the body loses vitamins it needs to stay strong. You might want
to think about taking a supplement to increase your daily vitamins, which you
are no longer getting from your meals. Aside from meals, you also need
activities to keep you strong.

Activities play an exceedingly important role in keeping our bodies and mind in
shape. As we age, we have a tendency to slow down. The slowness causes the bones
stiffen and the brain starts to slow down as well. Our brains and body need as
much activities as they can get to keep them from loosing the ability to
function, as they should.

Our bodies need exercise everyday or as much as possible. Get yourself into an
exercise program to keep the movement going and it will help the brain at the
same time. An exercise program can be done with a group making it more fun and
you'll enjoy doing it with others and at the same time as you meet new people.
Keep the body moving all the time so it doesn't get lazy and want to stop.
Exercising will help you lose weight, tone up, keeps you from getting stiff and
will give you something to look forward to each day. If you get bored doing the
same thing each day, try walking every other day for 30 minutes and on the off
days enjoy your curriculum with your new friends.

When starting a new exercise program take it slow and easy so you don't get
sore. When you start something new, such as workouts you are using muscles and
parts of the body that where out of use. The muscles are tight, so you want to
take it slow at the start. Begin with stretches always and end your excise with
stretches as well. Don't stop once you've started a program; keep going and
you'll notice a big difference? It takes time to see growth but it will benefit
you in the end.

If you're feeling sick, don't always take it into your own hands. Some things
have to be taken care of with medications, so if you're feeling sick especially
for more than a couple of days you need to consult your doctor. See your doctor
on a regular schedule for a check up, he can sometimes catch something that you
can't before it starts to develop. Your diet plays a vital part in maintaining
your health. Being overweight is common and it should be evaluated regularly by
your doctor. If you're overweight, it can cause many things to go wrong with
your system.

Diabetes has become increasingly in young and old alike. Diabetes if caught in
time can be controlled by medications and diet. Be sure to get the right amount
of carbs, fats, and protein in your diet each day to help keep the doctor away.
A well balanced diet slows down the aging process and makes a healthier you.
The best choice for keeping healthy, as you grow older is to exercise first,
diet next, visit your doctor often, and take control of your mind and body.

The Aspects of Aging and Staying Healthy

Money is the root of evil, and as we age, our money becomes less and less. You
still need to keep in mind that you have to stay healthy. Staying healthy is
the key to a long and better life.

The older we get the more we think we know what is going on when we're sick and
not feeling well. It is very important to know when it is time to make that
visit to your doctor's office. It is good to know how to take care of yourself
but there is some things that if let go to long it could be too late. Over the
counter drugs may not be the right decision. Recently, studies showed that some
over-the-counter drugs are causing serious side effects. Your doctor can help
you to find which over-the-counter, or medications to help you stay well.

When you do break down and make that appointment or go to the emergency room
for care you need to be able to work with the doctor. Your doctor needs to know
what you've already taken at home for the problem so he doesn't give something
that will counteract to your home remedy.

Tell your doctor about all your past history of illness. He needs to know what
immunization shots you have had and what treatments you've had in the past. If
you can't remember, keep records and dates handy. Knowing about your family
health is important as well. Some illness run in the family and the doctor
needs to have an idea what to look for when he makes his diagnosis. Always keep
a list of current medications your taking including the over the counter drugs.

When you go to see your doctor write down questions you may have. Ask him to
explain. Always ask questions if he says or does things and your not sure, what
they are for. Remember a question not asked is a stupid one. Tell him if you are
already taking a drug and you don't feel like it is helping. If you don't agree
with what your doctor is saying always feel free to get a second opinion.

Routine check ups are very important to a healthy you. Having routine checks
may not seem important but there could be something going on and maybe your
doctor can catch it in time before it progresses too far. Make sure you get
your flu and pneumonia shots every year as recommended. The shots may not stop
you from getting the flu but it can lessen it so you won't be so sick. Get out
to help that depression, which sets in on older people faster than others do.
Maybe take some classes on diet and exercise. There you will learn and meet new
people. The activities will be good for all. If you don't want to take, classes
try a support group to meet people.

Most importantly, don't take your health into your own hands. I know with the
high cost of medications and healthcare it prevents us from receiving the care
we need. Still, you will find resources available to help you get that care.

One little thing like a sore throat that won't go away could be a serious
problem and it is very risky in the end. So, don't just keep trying to treat it
yourself. This is what doctors are all about.

See your doctor especially if you're experiencing a squeezing in the chest,
having severe pain, your vision is blurred. Trouble talking and swallowing,
feeling weak on one side or the other, dizzy or confused, your doctor may find
something more serious than you think it is. In addition, if you notice blood
in your urine or stool, depression set in for any length of time and a fever
lasts longer than it should, you should see your doctor. Remember taking your
health into your own hands increases your risk of uncommon aging.

The Aging Body in Healthy Living

The body goes through many changes starting at adolescence. As a person ages
the brain, eyes, ears, mouth, smell, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, bladder,
colon, metabolism, and so on starts to change. The body functions start
declining which affects reproductive organs, blood, cells, tissues and so on.
To slow aging one must exercise, eat right and continue visiting their doctors.
Doctors are essential, since these caring souls take time to monitor your bodily
functions. Doctors will consider environment, overall health, hereditary factors
and more to maintain your health.

Who studies aging? Geriatrics are the men and women in the branches of medicine
that study seniors or aging. The experts often focus on aging or the aged since
the majority of disease all start in later years. In view of the fact,
geriatrics study the syndromes and disease simply because one disease that
affects the young will effect the elders in a different light. For instance, if
a younger person has a thyroidal problem, it may cause them to feel cranky, gain
weight and so on. However, if an older person has a thyroidal problem, they may
sink in and reduce themselves into depression.

Compare the diseases: If an older person has a thyroidal condition, they may
feel depressed, confused, withdrawn, fatigue, confused, and will lose memory.
If common doctors noted these changes they may deduce dementia or Alzheimer's
disease, since the symptoms are in like. Therefore, someone has to focus their
attention on aging only to understand the changes that older persons go through.

Older people are subjects to Alzheimer's disease, which is a progressive brain
dysfunction. The disease causes massive memory loss, which the person will
shrink back to infancy in time and finally die. Older people are subject to
Aortic aneurysm, which is a disease of the aorta where the walls start
dilating, rupturing the main functions and gradually causes death. Older people
are subjects to atrophic arthritis, which is in harmony with vaginitis. This
condition causes the urethra, as well as the vagina to shrink. As the organs
thin the tissues, various symptoms emerge, including burning sensations. The
person may feel pain during sexual intercourse. With the burning sensations
during urine release, a typical doctor could confuse this disorder as some sort
of infection, or sexual transmitted disease. (STD)

Of course, the average doctors receive valuable information from the study
groups of senior citizens. For this reason, the doctors stand alert to
challenge aging symptoms, rather than confusing the symptoms with other disease.

Elderly people are subject to bedsores. Due to prolonged force, this condition
causes the skin to breakdown. In addition, elderly people are subject to
cataracts, which the lens are clouded causing impairment of vision. Diseases
such as benign prostate hyperplasia often develops in the older generation of
men. This condition causes the prostate glands to expend large then normal.
Urine is blocked when this condition emerges. Understanding what you are
potentially, facing as an elder person, or youthful person can help you get
ahead of the aging game. While we have no control over aging, we do have the
ability to slow aging. To slow aging you will need to learn preventive tactics
and so on. Ask your doctor to provide you pamphlets that help you understand
common aging disease.

Elderly people face ongoing declinations of the body changes and can lead to
chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This disease progresses in a later stage and
grows. The condition can grow into malignant leukemia, which is cancerous.
Finally, elderly people are potential victims to diabetes type two, glaucoma,
hypothyroidism, arthritis, Parkinson's disease and so on. Don't be the next
victim take action today!

Success and Healthy Aging

How to understand healthy aging: Healthy aging is defined as a process that
does not implicate disabilities and disease. Living a healthy aging involves
removing these debilitating conditions. To leave this world of old age is
healthy living. When you can go out without having conditions that end your
life sooner, you have lived a healthy life.

Someone who stays active throughout their life can reduce aging symptoms, such
as crowfeet, wrinkles, etc. The person can maintain activities and take care of
self can also keep their teeth longer, at least most. Most active people will
enjoy life longer than those who sit on the couch holding it down.

According to medical experts, the number of elders entering nursing facilities
has decreased. Yet, people 85 years of age are becoming an increasing figure.
Disabilities of people between 74-85 have also decreased according to medical
experts. People 65 years of age and older has reduced incapacitating illnesses
as well according to medical experts. This means that people are taking life
more seriously, obviously; otherwise we would see ongoing conditions in
society. According to medical experts also, the average person living active
cannot live past "125," yet the number of people living past 90 is increasing.
According to medical experts the average life expectancy is past 90, yet some
people manage to live past 120. This is due to transience conditions and its
changes according to experts.

Ironically, common aging is complex for the reason that impairments and
illnesses may develop through the process of aging. Some of the diseases that
cause rapid aging are due to hereditary. One must learn the processes in DNA to
understand and relate to this factor causing rapid aging. One example of common
aging is seen when a person eats carbohydrates. As we grow older, carbs will
increase the level of blood sugar naturally. This is common, yet it is not
normal when the blood sugar rises for a person with any type of diabetes. As
you can see the senescence is obvious in natural changes, while it is not
always understandable with unnatural conditions.

On the same note, common aging includes forgetfulness, comprehension decline,
and so on. Yet, if a person has signs of progressive conditions, such as
dementia, which emerges from Alzheimer's disease, thus its clear aging is
unhealthy and unnatural. You want to understand genetics to relate to this
condition. Our body goes through many changes, which in medical terms is known
as senescence. Medical experts, as well as the general population find it
difficult to understand common aging signs, since avoidable illnesses,
accidents, etc, and non-biological aspects play a role as well. Unnatural
causes such as drinking alcohol excessively, drugging, overeating, and so forth
is factored into common aging and uncommon aging. Doctors also consider
prolonged existence when dealing with healthy aging.

When considering healthy aging one must take in consideration that longevity
plays a part as well. Longevity has changed since the 19th centuries. Nowadays
women are living well past 90 and men are living well beyond 80 years of age.
Again, transience or mortality has changed, which has increased living
expectancy. To live a healthy and long life one must take steps to reduce
aging. One must take care of their teeth, and overall body and mind. In fact,
taking care of your teeth and gums can reduce your chances of heart disease.
Experts found that the teeth and gum link to nerves that can submit poisons to
the heart, thus causing heart attacks, or strokes. To learn more about teeth
and gums, speak with your dentist.

Staying Fit and Healthy Aging

The aging process starts from the day we are born. A person may not realize it
but we need to work on staying fit and healthy everyday. In the end, you'll
feel and look younger all during the aging progression.

There are many things you can do to stay healthy and feel good. Watch your diet
and continue activities throughout the course of your life. Your diet has a lot
to do with aging and health. Your diet contains vitamins, minerals and other
nutrients you need to stay healthy.

If your over weight try getting yourself into an exercise program. Walking is a
great program to get involved. Start out walking gradually and work your way up
to 12 to 15 miles by walking two or 3 times a week. Walking brings up the heart
rate making it do its work. You can loosen the tight and stiffness in your legs
and besides loosing weight with diet it will help to tone your muscles.
Combined weight lifting with your walk agenda but don't over work, yourself
because it will make your muscles sore. Along with your new walking and
weightlifting program trim down your diet and take supplements to make up for
the vitamins you are cutting out. Exercising will burn up some of your vitamins
too so make sure you take enough but not too much of the supplements. If you are
not sure about the amount to take, consult you physician.

As you build new activities, you will be meeting people and that always gives
you something new to talk about to help keep the depression away. You will need
encouragement and support throughout your goal to stay healthy. Seek support
from family, friends, or people with the same goals.

As we grow older high cholesterol becomes a health issue with most of us. Your
new walking program is a good start to lowering your levels. 2 miles a day, 3
times a week will help you to lower your cholesterol by helping you lose the
excess weight you've put on in the last couple of years. If walking doesn't
seem to be helping to level out your cholesterol, try eating seven nuts. The
combination of both will sometimes bring it to a balance. Be sure your doctor
knows what your doing as these things continue. Grease is good in nuts and
olive oil to help lower the blood pressure and blood sugar as well. Try
changing your diet and eat more whole grain foods while you cut back on the
meat you love so much. Instead of using, spreadable fats use olive oil and
canola margarine. As a snack: sneak in those nuts:

Has your blood pressure gone up in your older years? Try adding three servings
of low-fat dairy products to you diet. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are
good to help lower that blood pressure.

Cancer is always a threat to us young or old so we need to start early on
trying to help prevent it. Vitamin D is a good vitamin to take along with
getting 10-15 minutes a week of sun with no sunscreen on. Watching your diet
and taking vitamins, helps reduce the risks of getting colon, breast, or
ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer for women is very common, yet women have the power to lower
their risks. Green and black tea 2 times a day or even eating an apple or
grapefruit will help. Anything that is high in antioxidants is good.

Mixing your foods to cover everything daily is a good idea so you don't get
bored eating the same things all the time. Mixing up what you eat in a recipe
or on your plate the nuts, maybe some black-eyed peas, whole grain wheat bread
or cereal and add a little peanut butter on that bread.

Changing your foods that you eat may not stop you from getting cancer but it is
known to lower the risk and help prevent it. Remember your not a doctor so be
sure to have regular check ups.

Socializing to Continue Healthy Aging

It is always a good thing to have friends, which you can socialize with. There
are so many good things about being around people. It is difficult living alone
without someone there to lend you an ear when needed. Unfortunately, we live in
a world filled with consume souls, which rarely take the time to share and
listen to others. Still, you can find someone in the billions of people in the
world who will listen. When you are alone you, feel lonely. At this time your
body and mind endures unwarranted stress from lack of socialization. Experts
tell us all the time to get out and enjoy life, since withering away, locked
behind the walls of your home will affect your health.

What problems can non-socializing cause? Non-socialization can affect your mind
and body. Usually a person who refuses to socialize will sit around dawdling in
self-pity. The mind starts to stress out, which leads to depression. While you
may enjoy being alone away from stressful relationships, you need balance since
sometimes you need company. You need to be active so you stay healthy you need
to socialize with people like you need the sunshine. With out socialism you
will feel tried and sick all the time.

Why is socializing good for me? Socializing is good for you, since it gets you
out to meet other people. As well, you keep active, which great for building
and strengthening the bones, joints and muscles. Studies were conducted with
proven results stating that those who stay active can live to healthy aging.

What can I do to meet more people? There are many ways to meet people. You can
visit your local stores and meet new people. Taking a walk is a great way to
say hi to passer-bys. You never know you might find a friend for life. Maybe
you would like to go to a local church. Church is a great way to meet people.
Perhaps you can get involved with church groups and join in group activities.
Give your time to a local shelter for people in need that would be a wonderful
way to meet people. Maybe at your place of place of employment, you can become
familiar with one of your fellow workers. Getting out to enjoy the world is a
great way to live a healthy aging life. If you just sit home, you are waiting
for something to happen. You are missing all the things the world has to offer

When you sit home, alone your health will slowly fade away. At what time your
health diminishes you will feel sickly. You have to get out and enjoy life this
way you will stay healthier and enjoy life to the fullest. Staying active will
make you happy and you will have more of a healthier life. One thing you want
to keep in mind, as you age your bodily functions start to change. You will
notice these changes.

One of the first things that start to decline is the musculoskeletal system.
This system is designed to give you strength and energy. When this system
starts to degenerate, you have less time to spend in the world. To keep the
system healthy one must exercise, eat right and socialize. When you socialize,
activities will follow. As you see socialism provides you a means to carry
forward in life without weakening the musculoskeletal system, more than aging
alone will cause it to degenerate.

You have options. On this note, take action now to live your healthy aging life
with success following your every path.

Sleep Disorders and Healthy Aging

The US studies has shown that around 70% of the citizens do not get the proper
rest they need. For this reason, people are suffering poor health, depression
and so on. Getting proper rest will help you keep your health in good
condition. When you lack proper rest, it affects your concentration. To stay
health you need proper rest, sustenance and exercise daily.

As a person ages the body goes through senescence, or changes out of the
ordinary. The bodily functions start to decline its actions. For that reason we
may suffer, sleep disorders, including insomnia.

What you should know: According to philosophers, theorists, experts, etc women
are likely to experience insomnia more so than men. While many citizens find it
difficult to fall asleep, some of us suffer insomnia, which is harder on our
health. On the other hand, if you sleep too much during wake hours, it will
affect your concentration, impair your memory and cause other problems as well,
such as sleeping at night. If you get too much sleep, just like insomnia you may
incur high blood pressure. Heart disease and strokes are commonly caused from
insufficient or oversleeping as well. You should also learn about Sleep Apnea,
which is a common sleep disorder. This disorder is harder to detect than any
other sleeping ailment. Sleep apnea is often noted by sleeping partners.
Doctors can rarely detect the disorder until a sleeping partner comes forward.
The disorder causes the person to wake up all through the night gasping for
air. During the day hours, the person often drifts into sleep uncontrollably.

The factors behind sleep disorders: Sleep disorders, which causes interruption
of restful relaxation can alter your internal organs. Your patterns and rhythms
may change often. Your bodily functions will flip out and feel confused, causing
a series of interruptions. You may experience joint and muscle pain, especially
at the legs, or you may snore at night. The factors can lead to high risks of
illnesses, depression, etc. To avoid such complications you will need to reduce
stress and perhaps seek help for your sleep disorder.

What should I avoid? When you find it difficult to sleep, try staying away from
caffeine after 7 p.m. Avoid nicotine and alcohol also before going to sleep. If
you find it difficult to drift into sleep, try counting sheep. This will bore
your mind watching visual captures of sheep jumping over a fence repetitiously.
Some people can fall asleep watching television. If it works for you do it. If
you are one of those people who listen to music and television and it starts
your adrenaline flowing, then leave it alone. You want to avoid eating or
exercise before heading to bed as well. Exercise will boost metabolism. Eating
may cause indigestion.

Helpful tips: If you find it difficult to sleep at night, try adjusting the
room temperature, especially if you feel uncomfortable. Turn out the lights so
that the room is dark, unless you need a night light due to consistent waking
at night due to restroom visits. If you are afraid of the dark, keep in mind
that burglars can easily trip in dark areas verses lighted areas. This gives
you the advantage of calling for help, since you are aware that someone is in
your home. If the lights are on, you are inviting the burglar to stroll freely,
tip-toeing through the house without awakening you. This country unfortunately
teaches us to run to a lighted area when in danger. Sometimes the light can get
you killed. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you will likely need
medical attention, especially if the problem is on going.

Simplifying Lifestyles in Healthy Aging

As we age, the preservation and expenditures are sometimes more than we can
afford to keep up our residence. As you grow older, your decisions have to
modify to your affordability. In view of the fact, you may need to consider
moving to a low-subsidized project. The housing communities make life simpler
for you. In the end, you will pay less, which clears up stress. This leaves you
room to plan for your future.

In the world are many housing projects, including the projects designed for
seniors. You will find townhouses, condominiums and apartments in your area.
You have many options, i.e. you can lease, rent or even buy some of the
low-cost homes. If you lease or rent however, the owners usually take care of
the lawn, which makes you life simpler. When you move to areas where people are
your own age, it often brings you rewards. You can meet new friends. New friends
are great, which you can plan activities together as you work toward healthy
aging. At clubhouses for seniors there is always something happening as well.
The clubhouses often provide seniors with free meals and fun. Some areas allow
you to enjoy bingo. For a diminutive fee, one can join these housings while
enjoying two or three meals per day. The meals are balanced and in proportion,
which gives you added convenience. You can save time cooking, as well as have
three balanced meals each day. Perhaps you enjoy golfing. Alternatively, you
would like to learn how to golf. If you enjoy golfing perhaps, you can find
low-cost housing in your community where golf is optional. Many communities
have low-cost housing near golf courses. Some areas offer golf lessons. While
enjoying golf, you can meet new friends here as well. Our bodies demand that we
enjoy activities on a daily scale. In view of the fact, you want to keep your
brain and body in active motion. Of course, you need to take time out to rest,
yet planning activities and enjoying them daily will help you live a healthier
and longer life. Learning golf will teach you new skills, which is always a
great thing to acquire. Learning new skills, artistic quality helps one to stay
in touch with self. Some community residential housing offers you the
opportunity to enjoy musicals, poetry reading, lobbying and so on. In the lobby
areas, you may enjoy watching the evening news with the new friends you have
met. In some areas, you will find projects that help to keep their seniors
happy by taking them on short trips. You will enjoy people your own age while
you learn, view new areas, and so on. Perhaps a group of seniors may visit
supermarkets, shopping malls and so on. Some areas that offer you such
convenience also provides you transportation. What an added gain, since you can
cut back expenses of high-priced car insurance, gas, maintenance and so on.

As you meet new, acquaintances or potential friends learn how to manage your
time wisely. You want to learn how to understand your friends by expressing
your feelings. Expressing feelings is a great way to relieve the mind of stress.

Put together your new life by discovering the meaning of life and your purpose.
Also, discover your peace of mind as you socialize daily finding new
relationships to share your journey through life. Lastly, you want to listen to
people around you, since you can learn how to manage your life by clipping out
patterns which people have followed to live a healthy aging life.

Things to do to Live Healthy while Aging

Aging is a natural process we all will face someday. As we age our bodies
starts to decline producing natural resources that we all need. As the body
declines, aging symptoms develop including wrinkles, crowfeet, weight gain,
weight loss, cellulite, and so on. To reduce the aging symptoms we must take
steps to maintain our health.

The do not list: Don't exercise before going to bed. Exercise will get you all
pumped up and your heart rate goes up, you'll get yourself going and then you
won't be able to relax. Exercise routines are best done in the morning, since
it boosts your energy. When you wake up, work out before you continue your day
since you will find it much easier. On the other hand, some people prefer to
workout in the afternoon. If this is you, the afternoon is good as well, since
it will boost the energy wasted from the earlier part of your day. Don't overdo
it rather work out at your own pace. Do what your body says you can do. You can
work out in the evening, only work out an hour or two before you go to bed. You
will increase energy, yet by the time you resume for the night you will feel

What keeps you awake? Snoring is something that can keep you awake at night.
Sometimes snoring occurs from obesity or sleep disorder and so on. If you have
a snoring problem, perhaps visiting your doctor will help you find the answers
to your problem. Loosing weight by exercising can give you the activity you
need for those bones as well as sleeping and sometimes loosing weight isn't bad
for us either. Your partner may snore as well, which keeps you awake at night.
If your partner snores ask him/her to visit, the doctor to find out if a
medical condition exists. It's better to know now, rather than wait until it is
too late.

Depression and stress can keep us from getting a restful night of sleep. Try
practicing yoga. Yoga will help you develop meditation skills. The skills you
acquire will help you to relax. Yoga workouts reduce ugly depressive symptoms,
which includes stress. Aromatherapy and listening to music will also help to
relax you and lessen that depression and stress.

If you don't seem to be having any luck with whatever you try and your still
waking up in the morning feeling like you haven't had any sleep forever consult
you physician. Talk to your doctor to see if he has any ideas that can help you
live healthy. Perhaps your doctor can provide you with healthy sleeping
remedies that allow you to sleep peacefully.

Eating healthy: Eating healthy is another great way to live a healthy aging
life. When you eat the proper food groups daily, you are building your body by
providing it with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it requires to live
healthy. As you grow older however, your body will need more of one thing than
it will another. Ask your doctor about a diet suitable to help you grow healthy
as you age.

Vitamins and herbs are a great way to increase your health and reduce risks of
disease. If your body gets the proper vitamins it needs, your body will work to
live longer. You have a wide selection of vitamins available to you, yet you
should learn about the two groups before taking regimens. Look up the water and
fat-soluble. Herbs will provide you a health kit that assists you with healthy
aging as well.

The Work Environment in Healthy Aging

Healthy aging is sometimes risky during your working days. As a younger person
you go where the money is at; then later you are sorry you worked there.

Aging is hard to think about when you are in your younger years. Money is the
only thing on our minds and sometimes that isn't good. Sometimes we have to
take what is available to take care of our family and at the same time, we
could be putting ourselves in danger later on.

We all have had to work in places that were not good for your health but we
have to make a living to keep a roof over our heads. Some work places are not
good to be in because of chemicals, dust, and smoke.

Working in a wood shop making furniture isn't good for the lungs and can cause
lung disease. Some machines require glue to put the parts together. Glue is
something else, that you can get fumes from into your lungs. Eventually you may
get too much sawdust or glue fumes into your lungs causing cancer or asthma.

Working in the coalmines is another bad place to work. Coal Miners working as a
lifetime worker is always at risk. The black coal dust gets into the lungs just
like dust from the furniture and it can cause severe lung diseases. It is known
that men have died from working so many years in the coalmines.

The sawmill industry is the number one dangerous job for anyone to work in.
Working in a sawmill during the winter, which is the peak of the season can
cause the men to get sick from the cold, respiratory problems can accrue from
the cold weather. Trees fall and men are stuck under them sometimes causing
death to them and/or many injuries. As we age, our bones weaken and brittle and
when a tree falls on someone in there 50's that isn't a good thing.

Fishermen working in the fish industry have a hard and dangerous job to do too.
Aging doesn't stop and these men are out in the middle of the river somewhere
and the storms hit sometimes turning the ship over. The work is heavy and
dangerous; could cause them back injuries; they could drown. Still, you are in
nature so the job doesn't put you at risk as some other types of jobs.

Truck drivers have a dangerous job being on the road all the time with a
schedule to meet in order to make the big money. Truckers will drive and drive
with lack of sleep endangering themselves and others too. Truckers on the road
in the 60's are at risk, since it isn't good for their health to be out on the
road all the time. Their health will drop due to the fact they eat many fast
foods, and lack of sleep.

As the aging process advances on us, we all need to think about what we are
breathing into our lungs or doing to our bodies. The diets we get at the work
place are not usually well balanced like they should be.

Pushing ourselves to make money is harmful to our bodies and mind. The mind
necessitates sleep in order to function properly the next day and the body
needs the right diet and sleep to keep from breaking down and causing a number
of diseases and illness. Without the proper diet and exercise, our bones will
become brittle and weak causing fractures later on in life. Consider your
workplace now so that you can live a healthy aging life.

The Stressful Actions behind Healthy Aging

Learning to manage stress can help you feel better about you, since you will
feel healthier. Stress can be a bad thing, yet you have the power to control
stress. If you let stress control you, it will affect your health. You will
likely feel sick all the time, or feel like there is not hope in your world
even if there is hope. For this reason, you want to learn how to take control.

How can I take control of stress? The first thing you need to do is to take a
long look. Is your situation so demanding that it stresses you? Get a view on
life and decide if you want the positive or negative things offered to you.
Figure out how stress will affect your health to see if it is worth hanging
onto the negative. Next, ask do you eat right and do you get enough rest? How's
your diet? Is it a healthy diet or is it a junk food diet?

How do people learn to deal with stress? People learn to deal with stress all
the time. It will take time, yet if you want it bad enough you will do it. You
have to learn how to cope with the stress before you can deal with it. However,
if you do this it will make it easier for you and you will stay healthy.
Therefore, the answer to your question is to learn new coping skills.

How can stress affect my health? Stress can affect you in many ways. Stress can
make you feel sick more then normal. Stress can make it difficult for you to
make decisions, since it affects your concentrating. Your normal sleeping
patterns can be affected by stress. Some people experience off balance eating
habits. Some people will eat more then normal and others will not eat at all.
You might develop high blood pressure. You could also be affected to the point
of living with heart disease. Stress causes anxiety and depression. Stress can
affect your overall mental and physical character. You need to learn how to
control stress before it takes over you and controls you. You cannot just jump
in and take control however, since it takes time to learn how to control
stress. Still, the effort you put forth is the gain you get back.

How do I find the ways to control my stress? You have many options. To learn
how you can control stress, consider who you are and what you want from life.
You can write down things that stress you the most. Keep in mind some things in
life you have no control. For instance, you have children who will cause you
stress. Perhaps you have a job, and sometimes it causes you stress. As you age,
sometimes as a parent you feel helpless, since you have no control over your
adult children. Remember, these children have rights to make their own choices,
which may affect you, but you have no control. Let it go. Do not spend your time
worrying or yelling at the children, since they are grown and will do what they
please, just as you did in your youthful years. Work on you, not anyone else,
since it is the key to finding ways to control your stress.

Learn how to say no and mean it. This is a great way to reduce stress. Do not
be afraid of hurting someone's feelings. If they cannot handle no, then the
person likely feels rejection and needs help for self. Setting limits mean you
have to do what has to be done first for you before someone.

Learning to manage your stress is not going to be easy but it can be done with
some work and will power.

The Social and Physical Environment Slowing Healthy Aging

As we age our mind and nerves are not as good as they were 20 years earlier.
Living day to day brings a lot of stress into our lives. Some of the stress can
be controlled but not all of it can. Everyone will always have a certain amount
of stress on a daily basis. The excess can either be your best friend or worst
enemy. It takes you to make it your own.

Are you a person that stays in the house all the time who does not know your
next door neighbor? Everyone need to get out and socialize with other people,
it will help you relieve the stress of being alone. Sometimes being with other
people, you can learn from them about how they handle stress just by observing
and being welcoming.

Get rid of as much stress as you can or it will lead into depression, maybe a
heart disease, stress can cause many things to happen to your body. As aging
progresses, we body lack the functions or abilities to maintain good health.

You have control: Get out of the house and join an exercise group. Take in some
vitamin D that comes from the sun by walking 15-20 minutes a day; make it fun by
asking someone to walk with you around the block. The sun is good for you if you
know your limits on how much you can handle and you can socialize too at the
same time.

Being around people is good for all of us. People teach you new things about
life. Having friends or acquaintances prevent us from drifting into depress.
Depression can be caused from many things; being alone and just thinking about
things you have no control over. If you become depressed for more than a couple
of days see your doctor and he can give you medications and advise you on how to
control it. Depression will take over your life and when it does, you can't get
out of it alone. Don't let this happen to you. What about your environment? Is
there a lot of violence in your neighborhood or do your neighbors argue often,
keeping you awake at night? If the neighbor's are making too much noise talk to
them and ask them to please quiet down because you can't sleep. As we age, our
sleep is very important to our health. Losing sleep effects our mental
capability as well as body functions. If we don't get enough sleep, we feel
tired all the time; we stop enjoy activities and begin lying around the house,
and maybe even to tired to eat.

Is there a lot of violence in your area? Does your area have too many breaking
and entering or stealing going around where you live? Violence and crime can
scare all of us to the point that we're afraid to go outside for that 15 minute
walk. Locking yourself in the house is not good, which depression will step in
again. Maybe it is time for you to relocate to somewhere your closer to family
or to another area where you'll feel safer to be.

We all need to be and feel safe and if it requires moving to another location
then that might be the answer. Don't let things around you be a problem if you
have to go to the area police, maybe they can drive around the area once in
awhile to keep an eye on things. Safety is very important for all of us.

Remember we all need to socialize with others and be safe at the same time. As
we age, things change everyday including the environment around us. Keep
talking and enjoying your friends and check with others about safety; maybe
they can help you decide on how the handle it.

The Heart and Healthy Aging

As we grow older we, experience higher risks of heart disease, cholesterol
increase, weaken joints, muscles, and so on. Most people who experience
illnesses often feel frustrated and experience feelings of despair. People who
suffer illnesses or tragedies unfortunately set themselves up, saying, "It
can't happen to me." It can happen to any of us, which is why we should take
the steps in our youth to prevent illnesses and tragedies. Many of us fail to
take the steps in our youth. It hinders us to a large degree, yet we have
options regardless of what we endure.

According to experts in aging and heart disease is rising higher these days
than ever. The aging progression alone slowly builds up through impulsive
changes of the body and mind. The maturity phase carries on starting at
childhood as the person works through puberty, teenage and so on. At this time
the body and minds starts to decline. As the person reaches mid-age or moves
into advanced aging, the person starts to decline its natural physical

Aging alone starts as we are born and carries throughout our life. Through the
process, the body has positive reflections on our bodily components and
development, yet as we age negative effects take fold, which include the
declining phase.

According to experts in medicine, no one can determine when our body becomes
aged. At one time people 65 and older where considered the aged, yet today
people are working further on than 65 years of age. In short, people are
working in the 70s, 80s and even 90 years of age today, which returned a
different view on the aged. Still, millions of American citizens are falling
victim to heart disease, strokes, etc. What can they do? How to relieve
emotional strikes after a heart attack: If you've experienced a heart attack,
likely you feel frustrated, hopeless, etc. The emotions are common after any
illnesses, yet you must take steps to control these negative emotions, since it
only causes stress on your body. The stress will wear you down and perhaps lead
to another heart attack. Let's stop it now. After illnesses, including heart
attack learn to focus on the day, instead of yesterday and tomorrow. You only
have control of each day you live. Instead of sweating weeks ahead, try doing
something you enjoy. Walking is a great way to reduce the risks of heart
attacks. You can also visit friends or family members that make you feel good
about you.

Support is essential. If you have support, you will have friends and family
members who will open their minds to your feelings. You should never allow your
feelings to linger in your own mind without expressing what you feel. Express
your feelings to people you trust. Take time to listen to them and let these
people know what you need. For instance, if you just need a friendly ear, then
let them know. Holding back emotions leads to soaring complications. If you can
find support groups in your area that is experiencing the same thing as you,
then join the team. The support will help you to share information with people
who understand what you are going through. It is frustrating to express
feelings with people who have not experienced similar illnesses or experiences
as you. Try to find someone that you can relate to and speak your feelings.

Exercise: Exercise is the leading element we have offered to us in life that
helps to reduce any disease, emotional reactions and so on. When you sit around
feeling anxious, depressed, or despaired, you are working toward worse health
conditions. Reverse your actions and take the steps to live longer by
exercising each day.

The Brain and Healthy Aging

Growing older and learning from your mistakes is a clear sign that our brain is
improving. The brain will improve as we learn. In return, it helps us to live a
better life. We live longer and learn new skills that help us to develop a
healthier way of living.

Our brain has learned a lot from our younger days. All those skills you
accomplished made the brain stay healthy. Remember practice makes perfect and
as we grow older the more practice we get. The more we learn the quality of
talking grows and improves even more. We need to learn how to manage stress too
because stress will damage the circuit in your brain.

As you grow you, become wiser. The challenges and opportunities along with
making decision were all improving the brain. Be positive on life and ready for
new challenges.

The brain works by increasing knowledge and it builds the connecting elements
in the bran that make us function well. You're never too old to learn something

As you grow older, keep your connection with your family and friends. The more
we stay in contact with our family and friends we are keeping our mental
sharpness working. You can learn from them and it will help to maintain your
mental sharpness each day that goes by.

Your diet is very important to keep the brain healthy, as we grow older. Eat as
many colorful fruits and leafy vegetables as you can. Vegetables are known to
help your brain to perform and become better. If vegetables can help prevent
cancer, it has to be good for the brain as well.

Fruits and vegetable are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along
with being low in fat and calories. Antioxidants have proven to benefit us,
since it contains Vitamins known to reduce dying or damaged cells. Eat those
blueberries the color is known to improve short-term memory.

Very few doctors disapprove of taking multivitamins and herb supplements. As we
get older, our diets change by eating less just is careful and make sure that
your dosage isn't going to react to your medications. Vitamins are good to take
to replace what you don't get in your diet but first consult with you physician
to make sure your taking what you need.

Stress busters: Stress can take over our lives making it harmful to your bodies
and brain as well. There isn't any way a person can relieve all stress but we
can decide what can be eliminated and concentrate on what you can do to relieve
the rest by bring pleasure to yourself. It is very important that you don't let
stress take over your life. Stress causes depression easier as we grow older.

The brain releases stress hormones to help use manage some stress but if to
many hormones are released it can damage the nerve cells. Depression can set in
if the hormones are released too much and fast.

Relieve those stressful elements that cause you misery: Relieving stress isn't
easy for anyone. You have to forget about the things you have no control over
and fix the ones you do. Try taking a walk or do somekind of activity to relax
that brain not stress it. Putting some fun into your life and make yourself
happy again.

Sometimes it takes awhile to make changes in your life, as we grow older to fit
your health and needs. Changes are hard to do and it sometimes becomes a
challenge but in the end, it will relieve stress and improve the brain by
giving it a new learning experience.

Seeing Eye Dogs and Healthy Aging

Aging alone is hard on us all, yet being blind too does not make life easier.
You have support however. Being blind makes it hard to be independent, feel
safe and secure, which could lead into stress and depression. Even if you have
blurred vision but can't read, a guide dog might just be the answer for you or
someone you know.

With the help of a guide dog, one could live independent and go about living a
normal life. Imagine living in darkness. This is when a qualified Seeing Eye
dog could give someone the healthy life they deserve by guiding them to the
light of safety. The feeling of being safe and still be able to have a social
life could make one safer and healthier knowing they have protection with them
at all times. The giving of dignity and self-confidence that a guide dog can
give a person is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened for the blind.

There are also hearing ear dogs trained to keep their masters safe and help
them live a normal and healthy life. Hearing ear dogs are trained just like the
Seeing Eye dogs to listen and watch for danger giving their master a safe
environment. They too are to protect them and help give them a healthier and
happy normal life.

A seeing eye dog and the hearing ear dogs have the life of 7-10 years and than
is retired and can be replaced. These seeing and hearing guide dogs are trained
to watch where the master is walking, to hear and see things that might harm
them in some way. People even work regular jobs with their friend beside them
guiding them through the everyday working tasks. Seeing and hearing dogs are
trained to work not play at all times taking care of their master always
watching and listening.

As we age, we need our exercise and socializing to keep us healthy. Being blind
and not being able to hear are two very emotional things that can be very
depressing especially if they were not born this way. If at one time a person
could see or hear normally and all of a sudden diabetes or maybe even a stroke
happens to cause them to lose their independence they are naturally going to
feel lost and be afraid. A dog is man's best friend and will give protection
where and when it is needed.

When someone decides they might want to have a guide dog but are afraid it
might not work out for them or can they trust each other enough to feel safe.
The dogs and the new owners are trained together once the dog has learned their
manners. The trainer will supervise during the training to teach the dog all
your needs and the area so he can guide you through a large city street even.
Don't worry these dogs are trained to keep you healthy and happiness will help
provide you with healthy aging?

Healthy aging means many things and one of them is the independence, dignity,
safe feeling of protection at all times. What better way to aging if you can't
see or hear than to have a guide dog be your best friend?

If you can't see or hear and thinking about getting you a guide dog do it soon.
You will not forget the experience. Just think you'll become more independent
and will be able to stay alone to have your own personal life again. Keep safe
with guide dogs, since being blind puts you at a deeper and higher risk in

Replacing Hormones for Healthy Aging

Aging can affect all of us by changing our hormone levels. As we age the level
of hormone that is formed by, our glands decline. Our glands produce the
hormones and release them through the blood streams. As we grow older, hormone
production slows. To correct the slowness sometimes hormone replacement is
essential. Before you jump the gun however, searching for replacement take note
that medical experts discovered that men who seek hormone replacement therapy
should consider carefully. The replacement therapy is behind, or part of the
cause of prostate cancer. You want to check with your doctor always before
taking any non-prescribed supplements, therapy treatments, etc.

Our body produces two major hormones that are very important. We start to lose
these necessary elements as aging progresses. Our body relies on estrogen and
testosterone to keep our metabolism, sex reproduction functions and so forth

Testosterone is not only important for the men but women too. Men need a
higher-level of testosterone. The hormones are what promote facial hair, larger
muscles, and deeper voices. Testosterone is what makes the men seem younger and
helps them to perform sexually, since it is their drive. As it lowers in men,
they lose their sex drive. On the other hand, too much testosterone in our
bodies can induce side effects, such as heart disease and enlarge the prostate
glands. For this purpose, you want to consult with your doctor before taking
replacement hormone therapy.

Estrogen is the other major hormone that our bodies need to keep up with life
in general. Women take estrogen to counteract menopause by taking a supplement
direct by their doctor. Taking estrogen can also help reduce the risk of
osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer's. Estrogen therapy reduces our risks,
yet side effects can lead to uterus or breast cancer. Some women experience
blood clotting while others may not. In addition, some women have endured heart
attacks and strokes after taking estrogen therapy units. Like all other
supplements or treatments over-the-counter, one must consult with their
physician before taking the treatments. Discuss the good and bad points of
taking replacement therapies, such as estrogen and testosterone.

Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? Maybe you're lacking the Melatonin
hormone. The lack of melatonin is known to interrupt sleeping patterns as we
age. Our glands produce Melatonin and it slows down, as we grow older. Study
shows that while we are sleeping during the hours of 8PM and 5AM, is when this
hormone is produced the most. By taking Melatonin supplements, it can help in
the reduction of breast cancer and help to reverse aging along with improving
our sleep. The side effects may include drowsiness. Melatonin can cause the
blood vessels to constrict as well. It depends if your body has sufficient or
deficient amounts. Again, talk with your doctor first. Melatonin according to
few can cause heart conditions. Melatonin is dangerous to those diagnosed with
high blood pressure. Like most things, it is very important to consult your
physician before taking this supplement.

Discussing the aspects of healthy aging: We have various aspects of the body to
consider when discussing healthy aging. Our body produces hormones, cell bodies,
neurons, and so on. When our bodily functions are interrupted, it affects the
body and mind as a whole and determines how fast we will age. Still, you must
consider that environment factors, doctors, medications, smoking, using alcohol
excessively and so forth plays a part in our aging process. In fact, we have to
review normal aging verses abnormal aging when considering healthy aging.

Preventing Bone Disease in Healthy Aging

Each day we live, we grow older failing to see that our bones and muscles
demand activities to continue strength, endurance and resistance to life's
nasty living demands. Our bones need continued activities through out our lives
starting as a child. Until we turn 30, the bones continue to build. After this
age, the bones begin to disintegrate. You can cutback this degeneration process
by taking care of your bones in youthful days. How it is achieved: Bone health
is achieved through activities, such as exercise. In addition, you maintain
healthy bones by increasing calcium. Supplements are available, which include
the FDA marked remedies to help reduce bone loss from natural aging.

Taking calcium is very important during our entire life. Children should drink
2 cups of milk each day and adults 3 cups. Calcium in food is better to take
than pills because you get more of it; food sometimes doesn't have the right
amounts in it due to the way it has been processed. Get that calcium in your
body at an early age and keep it there. Besides calcium however, your bones
demand a mixture of magnesium. You will also need a healthy dose of
phosphorous. Vitamin D facilitates calcium to flow through the bloodstream.
Free flowing bloods make a healthier you.

To improve bones, we also need to start at an early age getting plenty of
vitamin D. As we get older, we have a tendency to stay out of the sun more.
Don't sit in the house all day. Rather try to get outside around noon and get
some sun with all those vitamin D rays. Supplements can be used but again the
sun is better. Maybe take a walk for 15-20 minutes each day to get the sun.

As we aging into the later years of our life, we have to keep those bones
strong. You can benefit from weight bearing works, such as walking. Keeping
those bones strong will help you survive falls. Falls is one of the leading
reasons of bone breakage or fractures, especially as we grow older.
Unfortunately, adolescents don't realize the importance of taking care of our
bones. As these adolescents pass puberty however, their bones start to decline.
Once a person reaches 50, the bones start to deteriorate, which puts you at high
risk of fractures, disease and breakage. As the bones weaken, the muscles and
joints will also degenerate. Injures then can lead to gouty arthritis,
arthritis, osteoporosis and so on. The high-risks of bone fractures are
charted, which include hip fractures being the most common injure amongst the
elderly. Hip fractures may sound like a minor ordeal, yet the truth is hip
fractures are responsible for some deaths.

Weak bones are avertable even once you are middle age. It's never to late to
repair or mend our bodies.

Staying fit is the key to preventing risks of disease, hip fractures etc since
the bones will stay healthy. In view of the fact, you want to consider a daily
schedule, which includes activities and exercise. You want to keep those
muscles free to move, since the muscles protect the bones. Stretch workouts and
exercise will prevent your joints from feeling stiff as well, which joints
support the muscles and bones. When you exercise you, maintain weight. As you
start to age, the body fat increases to more than 30%. This is too much added
weight for the muscles, joints and bones. Carrying around this kind of weight
on the feet, legs, etc will cause problems later. Maintaining your weight will
help prevent and lower your risks of heart disease, bone disease, high-blood,
high-cholesterol, diabetes and so on.

Middle Aging in Healthy Living

When a person reaches middle age, they sometimes look back at the wasted years.
Sometimes a person may wonder how they obtained wrinkles, illnesses, crowfeet,
cellulite and so on. As they continue to look back, they may wander why they
didn't take care of self. The answers were in front of you then, so instead of
regretting your past starts taking steps to slow further aging now.

How body fat causes aging: As we start to age normal body fat increases up to
30%. The fat will spread out over the body, which usually the stomach gets the
highest volume of fat. The skin has less fat, which cause the skin to thin out.
As the skin thins it causes wrinkles to occur. Unnatural wrinkles occur when a
person smokes or else exposes the flesh excessively to the sun throughout their
life. As the skin thins, the functions and the body form starts to disintegrate
and aging continues to beg to be excused. Upon the declining phase internal
organ reactions or functions, begin to decline as well. After a person turns
30, the body starts to send many other regrets. Declination continues downhill
from there on out. The body's functional reserves helps the healthy aging souls
carry on, since particular organs can pull the weight.

As the person ages throughout his or her life the person may need to take
medications, vitamins, supplements, etc which due to the changes in the body
the person may experience effects from illness, environment and toxins in the
remedies and environment. This is because the immune system has weakened. As we
grow older, the kidneys weaken as well. For this reason the body is incapable of
dismissing poisons that come from environmental elements. A person can benefit
from CHIRO-KLEENZ at this point to maintain a healthier system. The herbal tea
works to detoxify your system while trimming the poisons and unhealthy elements
that you acquire. The tea is great for cleaning out the entire system. As we
grow older, our body is unable to remove the medicines or drugs taking, which
is why you would want to try CHIRO-KLEENZ.

Since many people engage in lifestyles deskbound these days or sedentary and
many people smoke, use drugs, drink excessively, eat unhealthy, etc, it is
often hard for experts to determine normal healthy aging from unnatural aging.
When a person lives unnatural lifestyles the anatomy and the physiology aspects
are overtly affected. This means that the nerve cells decline its action, which
affects the basic useful unit of the Central Nervous System. (CNS) The neurons
make up the cell bodies. The cells die, which are replaced by living cells. As
we age, the dying cells gather and the living cells fail to reproduce newer
cells to replace the older cells. This mark can lead a person to cancer, or
other types of deadly diseases. For the reason you want to learn remedies,
about vitamins, supplements, etc that restore dying cells. Of course you are
not capable of stopping nature from finally stopping living cells altogether,
but you do have a chance to slow natures process. One of the best solutions is
exercise. Studies have shown that exercise is the number one reason that people
survive many diseases and aging.

Once the cell bodies are affected, the dendrites in the brain start to decline
also. When the dendrites start to decline it is a sure sign that mental
confusions will follow. When dendrites are affected in the brain, other areas
of the brain are affected as well. As you can see the chain of declination
continues to decline until it finally reaches the main regions of the bodily

Longevity and Healthy Aging

Since the 19th centuries, common prolonged existence or longevity is greater
than before. At one time, the average male expected to live up until the mid
forties, while the average female expected to live until the late forties. This
seems illogical, since many of our older generation of people born in the 1900s
are still around today. As our system advanced, experts found that people were
living beyond the 70 and 80s. The longevity has changed dramatically providing
the people gain. Still, in recent times, men are expected to live over 80 and
women are expected to live past 90. Rarely do you see someone who has lived
past 100 years of age. According to experts, a person living past 125 years of
age has the same odds of finding a needle in a large haystack. Most people can
live past 90 however providing they have quality medical care and their
hereditary makeup is healthy.

Many illnesses today emerge from poor eating habits, lack of exercise, poor
sleeping habits, and bad habits such as excessive drinking, drugs, nicotine,
etc. Still, some people are marked at the beginning since they have genetic
makeup that poses threats to their health. According to experts, genetic makeup
is responsible for some cases of Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and so on.
According to experts, genetics influences a person's longevity. If a person has
a family history of disease, their risks are higher of coming in contract with
the same or similar disease. In short, if a person has a high risk of genetic
factors, the person will likely have a shorter living expectancy. How do
doctors consider longevity? Doctors review family history to search for genetic
factors that may show short or long life expectancy. If you have a history of
diabetes, the doctor will take actions to reduce your risks, yet it may not
help stop the disease. Doctors also consider your lifestyle. Do you smoke? Do
you have an alcohol problem? Do you have drug problems? Do you have anorexia or
bulimia? Do you exercise? If you answered no to each question, then likely you
will live a longer and improved life. On the other hand, if you answered yes to
these questions you can expect to live a shorter lifespan. Doctors will also
consider factors, such as environment when considering longevity. If you live
in an area where toxins are high, likely you will have unnatural exposure to
these toxins, which shortens your life. Even if your genetic makeup illustrates
longevity, your environment plays part in how long you can live. Doctors
consider medical care. If you have a history of visiting your doctor often,
then you will have a better chance at living healthy. Medical care is the
process of reducing risks of disease, preventing disease and finding treatments
for pending disease. What you should know: Did you know that some types of not
all cancers are curable providing the disease is spotted early? Did you know
that Alzheimer's disease is curable if the disease is caught in the early
stages? Did you know that most diseases are curable, providing the disease is
caught at an early stage? If you know this, you will see that medical care is
essential to live healthy while aging. Since the 19th centuries, medical
experts have come along way. In addition, the experts continue to find ways to
help people live a longer life. Doctors took their roles in life because they
care about your health (at least most) therefore listen to the considerations
that doctors focus on to help you live a healthy aging life.

Living Healthy and Long while Aging

Exercise has proven to keep a body fit. Exercise helps them to live a long
productive life. As we grow older, the bodily functions decline. If a person
fails to stay active in their lifetime, the aging process speeds up full force
ahead. If you work out when you are young, you will feel good for a long time
to come. Exercise should include cardiovascular workouts. Aerobics is a great
workout that helps you to work the heart. The workout will increase your heart
rate as well as pump your blood so that it flows smoothly to the heart. You
will also need to build strength to prevent injured joints. You may enjoy
weightlifting to achieve a resistance workout.

Studies have shown that those working out with weights can live a long and
productive life. Experts conducted a study while dividing three clusters of
men, which one group had a higher resistance since they lifted weights. The
second group failed, as did the third grouping of men, since these people had
little activities going in their life. The cluster of men where asked to walk a
great distances and at a particular length. During the study experts found that
those who worked out had lower cholesterol levels. Those who did not workout
had a higher level of cholesterol. According to the experts and study results
resistance workout can enforce freedom of blood flow and increasing improvement
of overall strength. Weightlifting has proven to boost metabolism, which gives
person energy. In addition, the workouts will strengthen the muscles and
provide you with the will to carry on through life while enjoying endurance.
Those who fail to workout should be alert that the density of bones decrease.
Once the bones density decreases the blood will slowly channel to the heart,
which puts you at risk of heart disease. Weightlifting has proven to decline
the risks of high cholesterol. In addition, working out will slow the aging
process. When weightlifting however, one should go at their own pace. It is
unwise to lift more weights that you can handle. If you are working toward
resistance, keep the weights low and the repetitions up. Repetitions on
low-density weight scales will suffice, unless you plan to become the next
bodybuilder. When working out you should have someone with you in the event the
weights are too strong. Having support at your side will protect you from

Dieting to live a healthy aging life: When aging begins in our youth, we start
to lose fibers, vitamins, and other nutrients. In addition, the dying cells
increase while the living cells decrease. For these reason you, want to add
supplements or vitamins to your daily diet. A person should incorporate at
least 30 grams of healthy fibers in their diet daily. Fiber will help reduce
risks, such as heart disease. Changing your diet now can help you stay on
schedule as you age. Some people find it difficult to change their diet, since
they are use to fast foods, or unstable meal plans. You want to set a scheduled
diet, eating three healthy meals daily.

You will notice improvement by making your diet a goal, plan, and scheduled
duty. We need to make many changes as we are aging to live a longer lifespan.
When setting your diet consider grains, fibers, proteins, and so on. Eat plenty
of veggies and fruits whenever feasible. Veggies and fruits are known to reduce
the risks of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and even cancer. Fibers
will assist in keeping your cholesterol and sugar level in accord with its
natural intention.

How Working Promotes Healthy Aging

Working is a good way to stay on top of your health. Many things about working
make a person feel good both inside and out. Knowing that you can do something
to make a difference in peoples lives is a great inter feeling.

How does working make me happy? Working will keep you healthy by keeping you in
shape so you can maintain. Working forces the brain to continue processing,
which is good when one is trying to say healthy. Work boosts your self-esteem.
Your self-esteem when satisfied will be so high you will not know what to do
with it. You won't feel depressed, since the stress is less on you. Just
knowing that you are going to meet your bills on time will give you a peace of

There is a lot of reason why you should work to stay healthy. Take someone that
does not work. These people are always sick and depressed, stressed out and not
knowing which direction to turn. However, if they were working they would be
feeling like a new person that can walk over a mountaintop. If your working you
doesn't have, time to sit and stress over things like paying your bills. You
know that you will be able to pay them on time. In addition, you will not be
stressing about things that you can't change in life like maybe a bad marriage,
or the children moving out of the house. You will be able to go to work and come
home a new person and love the change.

What can stress do to you? Stress can do a lot to your mental as we as physical
reactions. You have to be able to control your stress to avoid illness. Being
stressed out all the time can cause you to go into a depression and not be able
to get out without your doctors help.

When you feel stressed, it often brings you down. You feel worn and often feel
like nothing in life will help. Stress begins to burden you, which affects
your health and in time, you will not have control if you do not take control

Stress will cause you to lose weight or even gain weight. Stress can cause
headaches, which seems to continue. As you allow stress to take over, it
gradually breaks down your immunity system. This is when you experience
sickness, colds, flu etc. Depression follows symptoms appear similar to common
stress. At this point the mind takes over, playing tricks to confuse you

Some of the things that depression can cause are either too much sleep where
all you do is sleep or not enough sleep making it hard to sleep. You will find
it hard to achieve a good night sleep. Now we see fatigue during wake hours

Some people that are depressed gain weight. Often they sit around sinking in
self-pity, which means activities are out of the question. Now the muscles
start to deteriorate, since these natural sources need activities to survive.
As the depression continues, the person starts binge eating, or not eating
enough foods. Now we have a problem, since the intestines, and other vital
organs will sustain damage.

The person often feels saggy, Nagy, and unwilling to exercise. Now we have more
problems. Can anyone say Hello Obesity? As you can see, in the end it pays to
work, since you will feel better about you. The muscles and joints require
consistent movement to promote health. Learn how you can keep those muscles and
joints happy by learning more about healthy aging.

How Communication Promotes Healthy Aging

It pays to communicate frequently with your health care manager. When you
communicate frequently, you cut back the risks of various diseases that affect
the elderly. Studies show that people who frequently discuss their health with
doctors live a longer and healthier life. How far communication stretches:
Communication reaches further however than verbal words. When you doctor
reviews your health, you should be willing to participate. Participation
includes joining your doctors to find treatments or cures for your condition.
In addition, you can communicate well with your doctor if you take the time to
learn about healthcare, medicines, illnesses and so on. You not only stay
informed, but you can help your doctor find treatments when the condition is
swaying. For instance, if you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and have
knowledge of the condition, you can provide your doctor pointers when the
condition causes confusion. Arthritis is commonly seen in older people. One of
the leading causes is due to injuries and bones that hadn't healed during the
injury. The patient may have lacked knowledge to strengthen the bones, muscles
and joints, thus the condition lead to arthritis. Hereditary factors key into
arthritis as well according to few experts. It is up to your bone structure and
genetics that decide if you get arthritis. Contrary to these theories, it may be
worth while learning, since arthritis is treatable when you catch it at its
earliest stage. Alzheimer's is a mental disorder that affects the intellectual
functions. At the earliest stage, doctors state that cures are available. The
problem is due to lack of knowledge from learning many elders visit the doctors
at the later stage. Now we do not have a cure. Now, it these people would have
took interest in their own health and various disorders that interrupt elders,
thus they would probably miss dementia. Dementia derives from Alzheimer's
disease, which at this stage the disease starts progressing. Cancer is another
disease that affects millions of our older generation. Cancers according to
experts may have a chance if only the patient would have taking time to study
and learn. As well, if the patient would have visited the doctor regularly, if
the patient would have studied health care, thus this patient may had a cure.
Since few people take the time to learn about health care, we have a world
filled with patients dying from cancer, since no cures are available. On the
other hand, new studies has shown that the blood from a newborns umbilical cord
may heal certain types of cancer. The blood is frozen after tested and stored to
treat leukemia or other cancer patients. The blood creates new cells at rapid
paces, which is great for restoring dying cells. As we grow older the dying,
cells accumulate while the living cells degenerate. Perhaps these studiers of
medicines has found their cure.

When you take time to communicate with your doctor and study health care, you
will have the time to live for healthy aging.

Keep in mind the body's functions begin to decline when you turn 30. In spite
of the facts, when you are young it is time to take action by communicating
with your doctor regularly and learning more about healthy aging and disease.
Food for thought: To stay healthy you will need a primary health care provider.
You will need to continue visits, participate in testing, cures, treatments and
so on. You will need to contact your doctor when symptoms emerge, which you
know by now since you took time to learn about disease before it was too late!

Hormones and All that Good Stuff in Healthy Aging

Stomach weight is associated with making the arteries age. Your arteries supply
blood through out your whole system and if these become blocked it can cause
many problems for you. Obesity can lead to a heart attack, memory loss, the
skin will wrinkle and strokes can occur too, which is all caused from the
blocked arteries. Your diet plays an important role in helping to keep these
arteries clear. You need to include a certain amount of goods fats in you diet
if nothing else eating nuts for a snack.

Keeping the mind busy and enjoying activity helps the brain and it will help
prevent depression, anxiety and stress. Everyone seems to get these three
things as we age because we slow down and don't get out enough. It is very
important to be with people and get that exercise to keep your mind from
thinking and worrying so much.

Watch your diet keeping it in control and enjoy many activities. You'll feel
and look better as you age. We can consider all these aspects, yet to find a
clear vision of what healthy aging means to you, we have to consider hormones.

The glands produce several hormones, including the Human Growth Hormone. (HgH)
Science shows the body produces enough but it doesn't release all of it as we
age. The low levels of human growth hormone cause wrinkling of skin, reduction
of energy and sexual performance. Gray hair is incurred from hormonal
deficiencies. The hormone will also cause increases of body fats, and puts you
at the risk of heart disease. You will lose muscle mass from deficient HgH,
which can lead to shrinking of bodily organs. Studies were conducted that shown
results from 26 men. These men were between the ages 61 and early 80s. The
studies shown that the supplement of Human Growth Hormone slowed the aging
process 10-20 years total. After giving HgH, these men showed improvements,
which enhanced muscle strength. The skin tone was enhanced as well as the
memory. The overall of aging has not been stopped but important signs of
maturity are improved.

Vitamin A is known to help the eyes but in recent studies, it was discovered
that it is also helps release the human growth hormone. Just remember when
buying supplements in a health food store the labels are not always accurate.

When taking any hormone replacement supplements make sure that you consult with
your doctor, only he or she knows what is best for you. Since supplements,
Vitamins, or replacement therapies may include side effects, you want your
doctors advice first before administering these remedies. Women rely on
estrogen to maintain healthy bones. Women need these hormones to reduce the
risks of shrinking in bone density. Women will often experience symptoms that
form into osteoporosis when estrogen is deficient. Estrogen will often slow as
a woman ages, and usually after menopause the woman's lipid levels drop.

This can cause high cholesterol also, since LDL increases. In addition, lipid
levels when increased can lead to blocked arteries, or coronary blood
vessel/artery disease. After a woman goes through menopause she, starts to age
for the reason that the ovaries begin to slow the production of progesterone
and estrogen. These major hormones control menstrual cycles, which stop at this
point. Men rely on testosterone to maintain their youth. This hormone controls a
male's sex drive, facial hair growth and so on. We all have our hormones that
perform many actions, yet in some instances we need replacement, especially as
we grow old. Sometimes replacing the hormones will slow the aging process, thus
promoting healthy aging.

Herbs Helping with Healthy Aging

Many herbs can help you maintain good health. If you are healthy, you will feel
better in all areas. Herbs are like vitamins. Herbs are all natural so they will
not harm you. On the market, you will find herbs of all sorts.

How are herbs used and what do they do? Herbs are used for many reasons. Herbal
teas are used to cleanse the digestive system, or overall internal body. Herbs
are used as medicines, vitamins, supplements, etc. It depends on what you want
to use the herbs for which ones you get. You will find herbal teas used to
treat common colds as well. Herbs are available to help reduce wrinkles, or
other aging features.

Some of the popular herbs include Kava-Kava. Kava is used to reduce anxiety.
Kava will help you relax and sleep well. Another herb is Plum Flower. The herbs
are used to treat people who suffer with various illnesses, including migraines,
hypertension, cancers, heart disease, gastro intestine problems, common
headaches and so on. Emperor is great for the souls who feel restless often.
GUI-PI supplements are great for workaholics. The herbs work to nourish the
mind. ELEUTHERO- supports the system by providing you with improved blood
circulation. Gingko Biloba is a great herb that increases blood circulation.
The herbs will help the lungs function proper, while distributing or promoting
oxygen flow, which in turns produces freedom of blood flowing to the brain. If
you have difficulty with joints and muscles, which may be caused by arthritis,
bursitis, or some other type of joint, muscle, or spinal disease you may find
benefit from tea pills. Inflamed joints cause pain and swelling. You will find
Joint specific tea inflammation pills that assist with relieving you of these
symptoms. During mid-age you may take delight in the rejuvenating teas. The
teas will help you feel good. On the market, you will find many helpful herbs
that promote healthy aging.

One of the better herbs for those suffering with memory loss or forgetfulness
is Ginkgo Biloba herbs that support healthy brain functions. Gingko Biloba
designed to enhance mental alertness is a great herb as well.

How do I find more information about the herbs? You can find all sorts of herbs
you want at most Wal-Mart stores. Herbs are sold in malls, herbal stores, drug
stores and so on. You will herbs online as well. It is good to check out the
herbs online, since you will have additional details that help you to learn
what herbs are used for. Just remember to ask your family doctor before you
take herbs. Some medications work against herbs despite that the herbs come
from natural resources.

How do I know herbs are safe for me to take? Herbs are natural, so in most
cases herbs are very good to take. Herbs rarely cause side effects like many
other drugs sold. In some instances however, people have experienced side
effects, which is cause is not clear.

This is why you should visit your doctor first before taking any herbs,
over-the-counter meds, or vitamins. For the most part if you find the FDA
approved herbs you may not experience side effects. Keep in mind though the
FDA, US Government, Pharmaceutics and so on keep some herbs out of this
country, since they have proven to cure certain diseases. The US is backed by
greed, which enforces particular people to focus on month, rather than healthy
people. For this reason you should decide at your own risk. Most importantly
however, you want to consider the herbs and its purpose first.

Helping you with Healthy Aging * Wouldn't it be great if we could go to a
fountain of youth and stay young forever? Yet, we all have to face the fact of
getting old, since it's a part of life. We have nil control over aging, since
each year, you will get older on your birthday. Until we are no longer, able to
be here on earth we have to work to have a degree of control over healthy aging.
Nevertheless, you have choices, which include some of the things you can do to
help you feel younger. Do you recall that saying you are only as old as you
feel? If so then take care of yourself so that you will feel younger than you
are. * What are some of the things I can do to feel younger? You have several
choices, which includes exercise and diet. This will make you feel a lot better
as you start aging. You have to eat three meals a day, which your family doctor
can help you decide on the right diet for you. Then while you are at the
doctors you might want to ask him/her what kind of exercises you can do.

Walking is a good exercise to do, but swimming is the best exercise that you
can do as long as you swim in fresh water not a pool. The bleach in the water
isn't good for you. Swimming pools are great however, since you can keep them
as clean as you wish, providing you have your own pool. Remember when you start
out exercising, take it slow and be careful so you do not harm your self. You
can also take vitamins to help you as well. Vitamins will help the boost your
mood. Vitamins will supply ingredients that boost your energy so that you can
do what you want to do in life. You want to stay active to live in healthy
aging. Some people are too busy to incorporate activities into their life to
keep them healthy. Don't let this be you.

Socialize with people and visit different places, doing things that you have
not done but always wanted to do in life can help. Perhaps you can take a trip
to Paris or England. * What are some of the things I need to stay way from?
Some of the things you may want to stay from are unwarranted stress. Stress
will wear you down. Stress can affect your health, which in turn you feel ill.
In fact, unwarranted stress is not good for the heart. Stress will make you
feel depressed also, which shows stress is not good for the mind.

Depression is not good for you either this is another thing you will want to
stay away from if you are equipped to avoid it. You will want to stay away from
people that will bring you down in life. You need someone that will help uplift
you, not wear you down.

Remember when you want to stay younger you have to stay healthy in order to do 
that you have to exercise, eat right and stay as active as you can. Adhering to 
the golden rules will help you to maintain and be healthy. Also, remember to 
visit your family doctor before starting diets, exercise or taking supplements 
and vitamins. If you rely on over-the-counter medicines to treat colds, consult 
with your doctor first. What you take may be what costs your life later.

Some over-the-counter medications are responsible for increasing the risks of
heart disease, prostate cancer and so on. In fact, some supplements are
responsible for these illnesses as well.

Healthy Aging with Vitamins

Healthy Aging with Vitamin and Supplements

The aging progression in our bodies is an on going thing each day of our lives.
Bringing the clock to a standstill is out of the questions so we need to take
care of ourselves on a daily basis. It is a known fact that as we age we need a
dietary supplements and vitamins to substitute the declining bodily chemicals
and substances.

Dietary supplements are sometimes needed because as we age our diets change and
we eat less. Sometimes we eat more. As our skin and digestive system starts to
change, so do our vitamin levels. In order to keep these levels up we may need
to take a supplement to bring that level up where it belongs to keep us happy
and healthy as we age.

Not having the right vitamins can cause cancers and chronic diseases to
develop. We all need to understand the vitamins that we need and how they will
help keep us stay healthy and safe. In all, we have two different kinds of
vitamins, which one is the fat-soluble [A, D, E, K] and the second one is the
water-soluble [B, C, P].

The fat-soluble vitamins if taken too much of can turn into a poison toxic. Our
bodies produce Vitamin D and K, and the vitamins A and E need to come from our
food or a supplement to help prevent cardiac disease and some cancers.
Therefore, it is very important that you have the right amount of A, C, and E.

The water-soluble vitamins help the kidneys to rid of our excess waste on a
daily basis so it is very important to get the right amount daily. You should
consult with your physician to learn which vitamins and supplements are best
suited for you. TIP: CHIRO-KLEENZ is a healthy, natural herb tea that
detoxifies and trims the system. It is designed for both men and women. NOTE:
This tea will cleanse the body of poisons, yet you should note that the tea
would cause cramping, and frequent bowel movement.

As we get older, our diets change and we don't eat like we should. In addition,
the foods we buy sometimes don't have all or enough vitamins in them. The
farmers are putting fertilizer and chemicals to make their crop larger and
better and with all these chemicals, it lowers the vitamins that you get from
your diet. Not eating the right diet or not enough can cause your vitamin level
to drop. Some things you need to know are that Vitamin D is produced from the
sun and the older we get the less we are outside, so by taking vitamin D it can
help the brittle bones in our body and make them stronger.

You can find B-12 by eating the right lean red meats, chicken and drinking skim
milk. Taking Vitamin B-12 and B-6 it helps to reduce heart disease. B-12 will
help the red blood cells produce and maintain the nervous system as well too.

Are you not taking vitamins because it is too hard to swallow them? Some of us
as we get older have a hard time swallowing, stay healthy by buying liquid
vitamins. If you are not sure what ones come in liquid form ask your doctor and
he can help you decide what you need and tell you if they are in liquid form or
not. Some pills can't be cut up or crushed because they lose their strength, so
stay healthy and look for the liquid type.

One of the most important things about healthy aging is to have a well balance
meal three times a day. Take your medications and vitamin everyday as your
doctor has prescribed and enjoy life.

Healthy Aging Starts with Stress Reduction

People are often unaware of what stress can do to their body and mind. Stress
is bad for the heart. Stress will give you headaches, or make you feel
depressed. Stress can do many harmful things to your body and mind, yet in some
instances stress is good. Balancing stress is the key to living healthier. If
you live with unhealthy stress, you will need to take action to reduce the
volume. You have many options to relieve stress.

Where does stress come from? Stress develops from many different things. For
instance, bills can cause you stress. Not paying your bills on time due to lack
of funds can cause stress. Not having a job or kids can stress you out to the
max. In addition, bad relationships can wear on your nerves.

What can you do to get some relief from stress? Some of the things that may
help you to find relief from stress include reading a good book. Wrap yourself
up in a warm blanket or cool area depending on the weather and enjoy a good
book. Writing is one of the top keys that help you to reduce stress. When you
are overloaded with stress, write down your feelings, emotions, thoughts and so
on. Writing is a great exercise, put it to good use. Avoid overdoing it, so that
you learn to enjoy writing rather than feeling frustrated at the thought of
writing. You could also enjoy a nice hot, bubble bath. Add some candles around
the tub, soak and enjoy. There are many ways that people can find relief from
stress; you have to decide on the best way for you to find that relief. Go with
whatever works best for you.

If you cant find a way to do it on your own perhaps you can visit your family
doctor, a counselor, friend or family member that will guide you to reducing
your stress. Support is a great tool. Build up a support group that helps you
live healthier, rather than wearing you down.

What does stress do to my body? Stress will do a lot to your body if you let
it. It will control your emotions, thoughts, actions, behaviors, bodily
functions and so on. If you allow stress to control you, it will bring you down
to nothing, making you feel worthless. Stress can do a lot of damage to your
body as well as your mind.

What can I do so I am not so stressed? Stress can be reduced by minimizing bad
habits. Try paying your bills on time if possible. If you cannot pay your bills
on time due to insufficient funds, pay enough to avoid shut-off notices. You may
want to setup a budget so that you spend wisely. Help is only a phone call away
as well. Pick up your phone book, talk to people in your area, etc, since you
just may find money available to help those with low-income pay bills. Another
good way to avoid stress is to stay away from those who drag you down. If you
have friends or family members feeding you negativity, let them go and find
positive friends instead. Sometimes tough love is our way of saying, "I've had
enough." In addition, you can learn to eat healthy, exercise and put away those
things that wear on your health. For instance, if you smoke, drink excessively,
use drugs, etc, you are wearing heavily on your nerves. Put these things behind
you if possible; otherwise seek help to put these things behind you. You have
many options; check your resources to learn what is available to you.

Healthy Aging Starting in your Home

We can all appreciate the term, aging gracefully. Do we know exactly what this
means? When we think of growing older, it is always affiliated with pain and
discomfort. We read about ways to improve our inner mind and body but the focus
should also be about our environment. By taking care of our surroundings of
where you reside, can lead us to a healthy and happy years to come.

It is said that home is where the heart is, and your home should be a place of
sanctuary. It should not be a source of element and emotional stress. Creating
a healthy home is more complicated than you think. Many of us have allergies
that sometimes lead to illness. You may want to remove unwanted carpets or
other dust catchers, bathing pets on a regular basis, and investing in an air
filter. You will find dehumidifiers and humidifiers online, which can help
reduce elements in your home that causes allergies.

Your home should be nurturing. If there is lack of comfort in your living
space, try the following:

Bring the outdoors in. Cut flowers bring in pieces of rocks or other natural
elements that gives you a sense of nature.

Put green plants in your home. This is essential to filtering indoor
pollutants. The recommendation for the quantity of plants is two plants to
every 100 feet. In addition, the plants will distribute natural oxygen
throughout your home. What a great way to live a healthy aging life.

Fewer items means less frustration, clean out the clutter, let go of the things
you do not use or need. If you think you need these items, sit down and weigh
out the pros and cons. If you see that the cons are higher than the pros, get
rid of it. Let it go.

In addition, take advantage of the sun; allow as much sunlight as possible to
flow through your house. This gives you're home a feeling of warmth. Take care
that you avoid direct sunlight however for prolonged periods, since the sun can
cause harm.

Did you know that colors effect your emotionally and affect the way you feel in
a home? Every color has a significant meaning that could represent our physical
and mental state. For instance:

Red room: Energizing, supports energy and passion and creates movement. Great
for an exercise room, not beneficial in your bedroom.

Yellow room: Inspires organization, intellectual clarity with happy thinking.
Even by using the color yellow as accents instead of painting, all walls will
be positive.

Green room: Brings balance and tranquility but has the same energizing
qualities. Often used as a calming place for thinking for people in trouble or
just needing to feel refreshed, since natural is our first established home. We
all love nature, rather most of us do. Green plants, flowers, etc all bring
nature into focus, which makes the heart feel good.

White room: Essential for feeling cleansed and purified. Remember that too much
white brings a sterile environment that can also become isolated. Make sure to
accent a white room with a vibrant color when painting all white. This is a
perfect color for ceilings to brighten up with sunlight.

Improving your life could easily start in the home, whether its trying
something new with something natural or changing a color, these are easy
methods to create harmony and balance in your surroundings, not to mention
inspiration and warmth. The more effort you put into aging healthy, the more
you will see good results. Tip: Animals has proven to be a source of healing.
Allow a friendly critter to touch your heart.

Healthy Aging Means to Take Care of You

The aging process is going by each and everyday of our lives. Stopping the
clock is impossible so we all need to stay healthy and take care of ourselves.
There is no way you can turn around the process, as we grow older so except it
and take care.

Start working now to take care of yourself as you age. Taking care of yourself
now will help slow down those aging diseases. A person can do many things, as
they get older to take care of their health.

You can start out by taking your multivitamins and all other prescriptions your
health care provider has prescribed to you. Taking vitamins is as important as
anything else you can do is. Vitamins will provide your body with repair tools.
Vitamins will lessen the dangers and the risk of you getting some of the chronic
diseases that you can acquire as you age. Diet alone doesn't normally give a
person all the vitamins that they need. In fact, experts show that millions of
people in the world suffer malnutrition despite the fact that they eat three
healthy meals per day. People are known to eat too much fast food, go on fads
or quick weight diets that harm the body. This builds stress, which causes loss
of vitamins.

Maybe you're a person who eats many processed foods because of your busy life
style and there is just no time to cook the right meals. You could be one that
stops off at a fast food place to eat three or four times a week before going
to work or home from work because you are just to tired to fix supper. Remember
eating all that fast food isn't good for the digestive system and all that fat
from them fries isn't good. Take time to fix a meal and sit down to enjoy it;
doing this will cut down on the calorie intake and it helps to relieve stress
because your doing something good for you and or your family.

Stop worrying about everyone else; take time out for you. Stress is bad for
your heart, which affects your blood pressure, nervous system, and is hard in
general on your body. Stress can cause many things, even causing a person to
become obese. The world is turning at such a fast pace these days that there is
never time to take care of us, so start now.

Try doing a little exercise to stay healthy as you age. Every little bit of
exercise you do is better than not any at all. An average person should
exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. A person has many options when
it comes to exercise. Walking is a great exercise, since it helps you keep those
muscles more flexibly and stronger.

How happiness makes you live a longer life: Happiness is another way to stay
healthy as you age. If you are not happy find out why and turn it around so you
will be. Being happy and being with friends is always a good way to keep the
stress away to. Don't let yourself get depressed and down; it will make your
aging come upon you sooner than you want and it can cause you to be a very sick
person. Depression is a sickness and you want to stay away from all that.

Again, there is no way you can stop from aging so stay in good health and slow
it down. Keep yourself happy, do those exercises and take those vitamins.
Staying active helps keeps the stress down, keep you stronger and you'll feel
better for doing it.

Healthy Aging and your Quality of Life

The quality of healthy aging

From the day we are all born, we age everyday. As a young person, we don't
think about the later years in our life. We live in a very fast pace world
today and it causes a lot of stress in our lives and as time goes on, the
stress will affect us increasingly.

Everyone young and old, we all need to take care of our bodies and minds. By
taking care of ourselves, it keeps us thinking, moving and helps prevent major
illnesses such and cancer and many other diseases. We all have to work at
keeping ourselves healthy and there is no better time than right now. The
younger you start taking care of yourself the better it is; by starting early
your catching things before they have time to progress.

So right now, start of by eating healthy. Keep an eye on that diet and make
sure your not overeating, but eat enough to get vitamins you need to have. A
good multivitamin is a good way to start adding supplements to what you don't
get in your food.

Food doesn't always have the amount of vitamins anymore like they use to, and
that starts at the farmer's level. Don't blame the farmer for this because they
are just doing their jobs the same way we all go to ours everyday. The farmer
has to add fertilizer, chemicals and even water to their crops to make them
grow bigger, faster and for beauty too. Adding all these chemicals eat up all
the natural vitamins that you need. Water has chemicals in it too; one reason
why your water needs to be tested at least once a year especially if you have
well water. Once the food is grown and ready to be shipped it is polished,
coated to keep it nice and fresh looking during shipment, which is why this
will take away some of the vitamins as well. Try to eat as much, homegrown food
as you can and not processed foods. Fresh homegrown food is the best, since you
get natural vitamins.

A good multivitamin isn't going to hurt anyone. It is known that people who
take a multivitamin everyday is in better health than someone who doesn't.
Sometimes your doctor may want you to take extra vitamin, as we grow older
because our bodies change and sometimes require more of something. In addition,
as we grow older our eating habits change and we don't eat as much or we want to
lose weight and don't eat the right foods. Nevertheless, remember you can lose
weight and still eat right.

As we grow older our bodies and mind change. All the stress we had growing up
and continue through out our lives. Relieve that stress as much as possible
because it can do a lot of harm to us. Stress is known to be a major factor for
poor heart conditions, strokes, and it will lower our immune system, as we grow

A regular exercise program is good for all ages and helps relieve stress at the
early ages as well. If only families took time out maybe as a family with their
children and made it a part of their lives that would help relieve it during
the younger years.

A person who learns and enjoys exercising on a daily basis will keep during it,
as they grow older as well.

Exercising will help the older person to keep those bones more flexible so they
don't get stiff and weak. The heart gets benefit from exercising too. Exercise
will cause the heart to produce naturally, by working it harder to keep it
highly flavored. Exercising helps to keep our bodies toned up and helps us to
lose weight, or at most keeping the weight maintained.

Remember starting early can help later in years to make your life healthier and
more contented.

Healthy Aging and Doctor Visits

Many of us despise visiting the doctors all the time although doctor visits can
help keep us healthy. Some people enjoy visiting the doctors, since they are
aware that it will keep them updated with their health issues. This is a good

How visiting your doctor regularly benefits you: We should all go see our
doctors at least once a year to get our yearly exam, unless we have illnesses
that require frequent visits. This will help your doctor keep watch over your
health. The doctor keeps a watch on your blood pressure, check your heart and
so on. Breast exams, vaginal exams and other exams are essential for women.
Every six months women should seek a pelvic exam and once a year depending on
age, the patient should get a mammogram. There are a million reasons to see
your doctor regularly. If you stay healthy you will feel better and you will be
running stronger when the rest of us are laying in our bed wishing we would had

How do I find a doctor? Finding a doctor is not hard for some and harder for
others. You can check with people and ask them whom they have for a doctor or
you can call your local hospital in your area and see who is in your area. Keep
in mind that because you do not have a doctor now, it may make you feel
uncomfortable when seeing a doctor for the first time. You need to find a
doctor that makes you feel comfortable for this reason.

You have to have a friendship with your doctor this way you will feel more a
rest. If you do not like your doctor, other doctors are available that you can
visit. You just have to find one that you like and go with that one.

How frequent doctor visits make you feel healthier: You will feel healthier for
one thing when you visit the doctor frequently. Frequent visits will make you
feel much better in the end. If there is something, wrong with you the doctor
will be able to see it and can with hopes fix the problem but it you don't go
the doctor will not be able to fix the problems. Doctors are your best friend.
When you have a doctor in your corner the doctor will take extra care to make
sure you are healthy.

The doctor can help you to live a healthier life so you will look younger and
feel younger. Do you know that saying ole' saying, "you are as old as you
feel?" This saying can become yours by visiting your doctor frequently.

As we grow older, we often feel sluggish. The reason is that our living cells
are not replacing dying cells as quickly, as well other mechanisms within us,
such as metabolism is not producing as quick. This causes us to feel sluggish.
To feel better we need vitamins, herbs, and medications sometimes.

What we need is accomplished when we seek professional support, since that
support, team will evaluate and diagnose your problems. The diagnostics is what
determines what the doctor can do to help you feel better. If you ignore the
doctor, you may face Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, high
blood pressure, strokes and so on. Most diagnosis have cures, the problem is
most people do not seek medical attention until it is too late. If you are
seeking medical support, you can go online, type in your zip code and conduct a
random search. The sites online will offer you a list of doctors in your area.

Healthy Aging and a Good Nights Sleep

Healthy Aging is getting good nights sleep

As we grow older, we need to stay active to keep our bodies and system in
shape. The older a person gets the less our bodies want to function so keeping
it in shape is very important for all of us, even the younger people.

Sleeping is very important to all of us as we are aging. Aging brings on a
different sleep pattern and we need to learn how to control it so when it is
time to sleep we sleep well. It is normal as we age that it becomes harder to
get a good nights sleep and feel rested when we wake up. Sleeping is as
important as our diet and activities.

Did you know that it is hard for woman to sleep more so than men in their aging
years? Women have more tendencies to feel stressed out more and they sometimes
are just too busy to get themselves into an exercising routine. If you don't
get enough sleep at night, it will reduce your alertness during the day because
you're tired. Long periods of sleepless nights can cause high blood pressure and
isn't good for the heart either.

There are many reasons why some people can't achieve a restful nights sleep.
Sometimes you might sleep but it is a light sleep and we need to have a deep
restful REM sleep. Sometimes you may awaken during the night from pain perhaps
caused from arthritis. Sometimes you may experience heartburn, which causes you
to get less sleep. Snoring or feeling depressed sometimes can also cause you to
loose sleep. You may have a stressful day followed by the lack of sleep.
Muscles spasms can also cause a person to loose sleep.

How you can reduce the problems that cause you to loose sleep: Caffeine,
alcohol, and nicotine can cause us to lose sleep. Try not to drink liquids
before going to bed, and stop smoking. Smoking not only harmful to your body
but it can cause you to lose sleep. Excessive noise in the house, the TV or
radio in the bedroom and snoring are some more reasons that can keep us from
sleeping. Don't try to go to bed and watch TV or listen to the radio; this will
only keep you awake longer. You can learn to enjoy exercises to reduce muscles
spasms and/or arthritic symptoms. You can also reduce eating unhealthy foods
that cause heartburn, or drinking caffeine-based substances before you go to
bed to improve your sleeping pattern.

Do you have a pet that sleeps with you? Even though you think they are giving
you comfort it could cause you to lose that precious sleep you need. You may
not realize it but everytime your pet moves, maybe snores; you can hear this
while sleeping. Maybe you might have to get your pet a bed and let him sleep on
the floor next to you. If you have allergies, your pet may be the cause, which
can make you loose sleep as well.

Napping is not good if you take one during the day for more than 25 minutes. I
realize that maybe your not getting enough sleep during the night and you get
tired in the afternoon. However, when you lie down during the day and sleep for
a long time, when it is time to go to bed, you've had just enough sleep that
you're not as tired. Before you lie down to rest, you should also consider
drinking a warm glass of milk. Studies have shown that warm milk helps a person
to relax.

Fighting Obesity to Live through Healthy Aging

Being over weight will hurt you if you let it and do not do something about it.
It is not good to be over weight, obesity can cause your body harm.

What are something that can happen to me if am overweight? If you are over
weight there is many things that can happen to you. Obesity is responsible for
heart attacks. Obesity is behind sleep apnea, strokes, diabetes and so on. When
a person is overweight, they often hurt all the time. Sometimes it makes it
difficult to breath. Obesity causes the heart to work harder. You may have a
hard time walking across the floor. Obesity can make you feel depressed and not
want to go anywhere or do anything. Being over weight is bad on your health.

What can I do to help myself? You have several options, yet the first is to
gain willpower to take control of your body. The next step is to start eating
the right foods, getting some exercise and so on. If you can exercise like you
want to that is great, take it slow and do a little at a time. Do not overdo
it. If you over work your body, the body will let you know. Obesity prevents
many from staying active. A persons emotions and mental state is affected by
obesity, since you start thinking I don't want to do anything. You have to do
something. Get out of the house and take in a movie. Perhaps you could visit
some friends that you haven't seen in awhile. The more active you are, you will
start feeling better about you and maybe you will lose some weight. You need to
go see your family doctor to see if its ok to do this before you start. Your
family doctor may give you a diet to go by and maybe recommend the exercises
that will benefit you.

What should I eat? I cannot tell you what to eat. I can however give you a few
pointers. Instead of frying your food, bake it. Baking meats, veggies, etc will
help cutback grease. Baking will help drain the fat out of the food rather than
if you fried the food. Fried foods mean fat, fat, fat and can harm your heart.
Eat three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat plenty of raw
vegetables, and salads. If you enjoy chocolates or sweets, find substitutes.
Yogurts may offer you a new taste as well as reduce your risks, especially if
you choose the fat-free groups. Try to stay away from fast foods. Fast food has
obesity written all over its menu. Heart attacks follow. If you enjoy dining
out, then find family owned restaurants, since the family will serve you
healthier dishes. When you sit down to eat at home, avoid eating in front of
the television. You should avoid seconds as well.

Being over weight is hard on you both mentally and physical. If you have, will
power then try to lose weight? Start out by taking it slow. Don't go hog wild
since it will only make your heart race. You need to learn your limits to help
you lose weight and take control of your health. If you find it still too hard
to lose weight then maybe you should see if there is a local support group
around so that you can join it and get the support that you need. You might
want to stay away from people that do not give you support. You will need
lifted up not let down.

Fighting High Cholesterol in Healthy Aging

Too much cholesterol causes many medical problems for one. Cholesterol is
something that clogs the arteries in your heart. In addition, cholesterol when
out of control could cause massive heart attacks, or series of strokes.

"What can I do about my cholesterol?" If your body has too much cholesterol, 
it isn't good for you. You have the power within you however to take control.
Failing to take control only leads to problems. The problems will accumulate;
wear you down until finally abnormal aging takes your life. You can gain
control by exercising each day and eating the right foods. Visiting your doctor
regularly is another way to work toward healthy aging. Your family doctor will
give you medication to take to help lower your cholesterol.

When you have high cholesterol, you have to eat right and exercise daily. To
lower your cholesterol take action now. It will take some time to get your
cholesterol at bay, but it will happen if you take action now. You also want to
take time out for self, activities, socializing etc to keep your cholesterol at
bay. When cholesterol is out of control, the cause comes to focus, which is
arteriosclerosis. If you lower your cholesterol by taking action now you can
avoid strokes, heart attacks, and even death. Learn more about statins to
control cholesterol. You can also avoid smoking to lower your cholesterol. In
addition, you can lower your risks of diabetes, heart attack, and obesity and
so on by controlling your cholesterol. Keep in mind that high cholesterol
problems include the worst case scenario and the not so bad. The worst type is
the LDL. HDL cholesterol at higher levels is a good thing. If these levels
combined with triglycerides increase, thus your chances of stroke or heart
attacks are high.

What kind of foods has cholesterol? There is cholesterol in all foods in less
it has cholesterol free on the package. Some food has more in it then others.
Like your cooking oils and grease has a lot of cholesterol in it, some of your
bread has cholesterol. Eggs are very high cholesterol foods and so are your
butters. You have to read the back of the packages to determine the level of

What can happen to me if my cholesterol is high? The only way that you can tell
if your cholesterol is high is to go to your family doctor and get a blood test.
If you go to your family doctor like your suppose to you will have it checked in
the blood they draw. However, some of the things that can happen to you if its
high is that your arteries will harden. This means your body is building fats
and too much cholesterol. The normal or average reading should be 140 or 130
over 200 mg/dl. If you can maintain this level, you will be ok. If the
cholesterol gets out of hand, it hardens the arteries. This means the blood
will not flow through to the heart, making it to pump naturally. The heart will
pump at unnatural rates, working harder to keep you alive. High diastolic is
high cholesterol that increases risks of heart attacks, since your heart
doesn't get any blood to it due to clotting or breaking of blood vessels, then
there is stroke which is when the brain don't get enough blood due to oxygen
decrease to it because of clotting or broken blood vessels. High-cholesterol
puts you at risk of diabetes also, since it affects the hemoglobin. To learn
more, visit your doctor.

Examples in How the Body Senescence in Healthy Aging

Each day we all face the possibilities of getting some type of illnesses. Each
day we live, we face common colds, allergies, flu, pneumonia, joint injuries
and so on. Each day we live, we face the chances of reducing our life
expectancy because at any moment someone could die from an accident or
violence. Violence takes place in all our communities, which each day we all
face the risk of becoming the next victim. Sure, you can spend your life in
blindness believing that it can't happen to you, but what happens on the day it
does happen to you or someone you love. Are you ready to face the reality then?
If you built your strengths, you would prepare for the unknown or inevitable
because the fact is it can happen to you. Facing reality head-on is something
many people dread. The fact is when you face reality head-on you are preparing
to take action when the day arrives. For instance, if you prepare to prevent
hurricanes or tornadoes from destroying your home, you are taking steps to live
healthier and happier, since you will be prepared if that day arrives. Likewise,
when you consider healthy aging, if you take steps now you will be prepared to
endure whatever doors open in your future, including disease, wrinkles, and so
on. On this note we are going to discuss a few ailments or conditions that all
people may face as they begin to age. Your brain: Your brain is a natural gift
that holds dendrites, blood cells, tissues, cells, etc, and all these elements
channel down to your central nervous system. (CNS) As you start to age, your
brain will decrease its flow of blood and your many levels of chemicals in the
brain and body will decline as they go through the senescence of change. This
means that your CNS will also decline its functions.

Moreover, when you begin aging you eyes are affected as well. As you grow
older, the lens will stiffen. Your retina may feel less responsive to daylight
or artificial light. In addition, your pupils may start to react slower. How
the ears, mouth and smell are affected: As you begin to age your may find that
your high-pitch hearing frequencies are less responsive. Your nose may not have
the ability to identify scents or odors. In addition, you may not like the foods
you once enjoyed since your tastes will change as well.

How aging affects the heart: Aging affects the heart. Aging causes the pulse
acceleration to lower. Your blood and heart muscles will stiffen and decrease
production. In addition, your heart may not respond to natural things it once
responded to at one time.

Your lungs will lose its ability to obtain air, moving it freely as it once
did. Each breath you take will not carry the oxygen it once did to your blood.
Aging will also change your liver. Your liver may reduce in size. Your liver
may also decrease its blood flow.

As you grow older and these elements of your makeup change, it will affect your
kidneys, bladder, colon, or large intestines, skin, immune system, metabolism,
and your reproductive organs. A male will lose his reproductive organs ability
to function proper, since the prostate glands will enlarge. The male will also
lose reproduction of testosterone echelons. In addition, the blood will cease
its flow to the male organs, such as the penis.

As you grow older you will experience many changes, which is why it is time to
say now, it can happen to me and do something about it.

Enjoying Yoga to Live Healthy Aging

Yoga is a sort of exercise. Yoga assists one with controlling various aspects
of the body and mind. Yoga helps you to take control of your Central Nervous
System (CNS) and more. Enjoying yoga on a daily scale will build you up, which
you will notice changes (Good changes), such as a boosted self-esteem. Your
body will feel stronger also. For more than 5000 years, people have enjoyed
yoga. Yoga derived from the India nations, which many believed that the act has
helped millions of American citizens take control of their body and mind. Yoga
has proven to reduce stress, which promotes the nervous system helping it to
stay strong. Yoga when enjoyed on a regularly scale is a great method to help
you with many pressures. Yoga combines spirituality, exercise, positive
thinking, breathing and so on to help you enjoy healthy aging.

The Pros and Cons in Yoga: Yoga is a valued practice for many people worldwide.
Yoga incorporates fitness, health, gymnastics, and training in a set of rules.
Yoga helps you to maintain or loose weight. Yoga is a stress reducing machine.
Yoga will train your mind, since it teaches you to control your thoughts
through meditation and breathing. Breathing right is essential to yoga's
creators. When you practice yoga, it keeps you in contact with your inner self.
You learn to balance your mind and body, which leads to good health. Your
emotions are controlled as well, which means fears, doubts, and other negative
influences will not take control of your life. Rather you will have control. As
you practice yoga, you will feel comfortable with you and the people around you.
The world will become yours, since you learn to communicate effectively and stop
sweating the small stuff. The cons in yoga, includes that some types of yoga
training is not right for everyone. Another con inside yoga is that you
sometimes have to modify the workouts to benefit your body type and to withhold
the workout suited for your strengths. This is not a con necessarily, but it can
be if you have to figure out where beginners start.

How to get started: The first thing you should do is see your family doctor.
Make sure you are able to enjoy the type of yoga you choose. When your doctor
approves of your choice of yoga steps start out slowly. Guide your way into
mediate exercising. Yoga will put you in connection with your spiritual side,
so prepare to find a new you. When you first start yoga, perhaps you would
benefit from joining groups that practice yoga. The group sessions may inspire
you to continue your journey to healthy aging. Having support is essential for
all of us, which yoga groups can become your support team. If you cannot find a
group in your area, visit your local library. You can also purchase books that
train you how to enjoy yoga. Videos are available as well.

Where do I go after I've trained in yoga? After you have taking the steps to
get started, you will need to find a quiet area that makes you feel
comfortable. You want to avoid interruptions while practicing yoga.

When will I notice the change in me? Like everything in life, you will not
notice a change in you right away. It takes time to notice or feel the changes.
If you do this like your suppose to do on a regular basis you will see some
changes gradually. Keep in mind that yoga is teaching you how to control your
mind, body and emotions. Work with yoga and yoga will work with you.

Dealing with Diabetes to Enjoy Healthy Aging

Learning to deal with diabetes is never easy. It is bad enough we have to live
in a greed-based world filled with confusion, violence, media junk, and so on.
Still, those with diabetes can live healthy providing they adhere to diet,
medications and exercise. Diabetes is a serious condition. The disease is the
mother of all disease in the world and it is a killer.

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that you can get if you do not eat
right or take care of your body. Genetics play a part in diabetes as well. In
fact, hereditary is a hard cause of the problem. The disease can cause
blindness. The disease can lead to amputation of legs, or feet. Diabetes is a
disease that when your body does not produce enough insulin to break down sugar
in the bloodstream. Diabetes includes two types, yet various levels are
considered. Diabetes includes Diabetes Insipidus and Mellitus.

The first diabetes is where your body is incapable of producing enough insulin
to do what its supposed to do. This type of diabetes is treatable. You will
need medications, exercise and strict diet to maintain your health. Diabetes
Mellitus has five types. Each type results from insulin interruptions whereas
the system is disrupted. The disruption causes chaos within the body's ability
to function. The body cannot act naturally and it takes insulin shots to treat
this condition depending on the type.

How would I know that I have this disease called diabetes? If you go to your
doctors on a regular basis, your doctor will monitor your health. If you have
family history of diabetes, let your doctor know so he/she can conduct random
testing. A glucose test is necessary to find diabetes. Blood lab tests are
useful also to spot diabetes. What you should watch for? Drinking but not
filling your thirst quench. If you feel fatigue often and don't know, then you
should be tested. Diabetes, depending on the type makes a person feels weak,
endure pain, lose weight, gain weight, etc. The disease is so confusing to the
bodily functions that it doesn't know the direction to head.

What can I do to help me not to get this disease? No one has control over
disease but you. If you adhere to regular checkups, the doctor can spot the
disease at an early stage, which the disease then can be managed. You need to
eat right and do excises daily to help maintain your weight, since diabetes
takes delight in feeding the disease to the point of death.

What happens to those with diabetes? Unfortunately, the disease is not partial.
The disease targets young and old alike. Once the disease develops it puts the
person at risk of blindness.

Some people lose their legs or other limbs resulting from diabetes. Most people
with diabetes are at risk of kidney failure. If you already have diabetes then
listen to your doctor and follow all instructions. One of the top
recommendations to diabetes patients is to consume much fluids. Your body is
losing fluids as diabetes drains your bodily organs of its natural elements.
You will also need to avoid saturated fat foods and basic sugars. In addition,
your doctor will need to test you regularly to control your illness.

You want to take care when diabetes is present since it can lead to meningitis,
headaches, tachycardia, dehydration, muscle weakness, pain, and so on. In
addition, you may endure blurred vision, sexual dysfunctions, slow healing, and
so on. Again, diabetes is a killer; so take care of your health.

Controlling Disease in Healthy Aging

Once you have learned that you have an illness like cancer or heart disease, it
can be hard on you mentally and emotionally. At this time, you want to take
control of your disease. When you feel like giving up, you only allow the
disease to take control of your life. Remember you have people who care about
you, and when you give up you give up on them too.

How you can help you live through healthy aging: The first thing you have to do
is to accept the fact that you are sick. This can be hard for you but if you are
mentally able, you have to do this. Once you accepted it is easier to move ahead
and take the next step. Acceptance will help you to better understand your
disease. Remember, you are not the disease the illnesses is something that is
reducing your abilities to function healthy in life. Still, you can function
healthy by taking necessary actions.

You can get the information off the Internet if you would like to learn more
about your condition. Learning will help you by allowing you to understand your
disease. In fact, learning will help you to find interventions, preventions, and
perhaps cures for your disease. You can talk with your doctor as well. Learn
what you can from your family doctor. Once you have accepted what you have and
have learned about it then you can move on to the next step. Which is to, to
live your life to the fullest? Do what you can do while you can, go see places
that you would not normally.

How will my disease affect me emotionally and mentally? It depends on the
disease, but most illnesses we can safely tell you causes depression. You may
feel like being alone. At times, you will endure mood swings and not feel like
having anyone near you. You may feel hopeless.

How would I get a second opinion? Getting a second opinion is always important
if you've been diagnosed with any disease. You can start with talking to your
family doctor and see what he/she may think. Although a second opinion is good
for you to have if your not feeling comfortable, you want to continue seeking
advice. It is in your best interest to find a qualified doctor to give you a
second opinion. Sadly, you may have to visit a few doctors to find one that
makes you feel comfortable.

What can I do to help myself? We all have the power to help ourselves. We can
take action by eating right. We can improve health by taking vitamins and
supplements intended to help fight disease and make you stronger. You want to
socialize and avoid isolating you. Be social and don't stay in your room crying
to yourself. Doctors persistently ask their patients to express their feelings.
Expressing your feelings is helping you to fight for healthy aging.

Make sure you make all your family doctors appointments. You want to stay on
your toes when dealing with disease. Visiting your doctor regularly will help
you stay in control. When you feel blue, walk. If not outside maybe, you can
walk around your house. Walking will help you to stay strong.

You may benefit from participating with a support group of some sort. We all
need support; yet having someone that understands your disease makes better
friendship. At meetings, you can vent your emotions. What a wonderful way to
follow doctors orders, thus expressing your emotions. You also want to consider
friends who will allow you to express your emotions.

If you don't want to go out and be around your friends then why not get a pet
as a friend they can help you though this as well they will walk with you and
play with you and be your best friend though all of this.

Bodily Changes and Healthy Aging

From the beginning of our birth, our body endures many changes. As we reach
young adolescence, however the body experiences a series of senescence, or
bodily changes abnormal, which the bodily functions start to decline. The body
makes these changes, which most people will notice, the difference. The
musculoskeletal system is the first area that most diseases and illnesses
start. For this reason once, a person turns 35 years of age regardless of their
activities, athletic nature, etc. Still, one can reduce such disease by avoiding
injuries to the muscles and joints. You can do this by avoiding accidents when
possible, abuse, excessive alcohol, drugs, tobacco and so on. You can increase
your health by exercising, eating healthy, socializing with positive people,
and avoiding environmental toxins. Visiting your doctor is essential to prevent
disease as well. When you visit your doctor, he takes the time to study your
physical status based on the family history you gave to him. The doctor will
consider family history, including hereditary diseases. Your doctor will take
family history into consideration as he studies diagnostics, cures, prevention,
and treatment to help you avoid disease. As noted earlier, our body starts to
refuse by age 35, which our sensory organs will also start to take a rain
check. At this time, the eyes are affected since they cannot remain focused on
objects up close. In medical terms, this condition is known as presbyopia. This
is why you see many people in the world over the age 40 wearing glasses, contact
lens, bifocals and so on. Still, you see the younger generation with these same
needs, which is a clear sign that aging progression is starting earlier for
some. This is a note signaling hereditary makeup, or lifestyle based on
environment, etc.

Many people as they grow older lose a degree of hearing. In some instances,
people go deaf after 40. This condition is called presbycusis, which is a sign
of aging. Since this condition is common for those aging, it is natural to
dislike things you once liked. For instance, if you enjoyed concerts when you
were younger, and now find that you do not enjoy concerts at all, it is because
your hearing has changed, which means that the high-pitch of hearing is
affected, which slowly wore down the lower hearing tone. When hearing is
impaired, it often seems like those talking are inarticulate. Since the hearing
is tarnished, the person will hear speech differently. For instance, the use of
K may sound distorted, which affects comprehension. In other words, a person
older may here the CH in a word, such as Chute Up, and think that someone is
telling them to shut-up. The CH is distorted. You can help those with hearing
difficulties by learning sign and body languages to help them relate to you.
These people can also benefit from hearing aids, or Assistive Listening
Devices. The devices act as hearing aids, since it allows a person to block out
noise in the background while focusing on the speaker. We see natural healthy
aging in this picture, yet in some instances aging signs are unnatural. For
instance, if you incur lung cancer based on your history of smoking, or being
around second-hand smoke, then the cause is unnatural.

As a person grows older his or her, weight changes as well and more so for
those with family history of obesity. The body fat starts to change up to 30%
by the time a person reaches 40. The changes affect the body tremendously,
since this is the start of wrinkles and other natural aging signs.

Activities Promoting Healthy Aging

Lack of activities can prevent you from living healthy. When you do not enjoy
activities, you may feel fatigue or find it difficult to sleep at night. When
you awake in the morning, you may feel tired until you finally fall asleep. As
we, age our body change and we have to make changes to accommodate our lives.

Having a good night sleep makes the mind think more clearly. A good night sleep
also boosts your energy while controlling your weight. You can also make
decisions with less stress. Sleeping well at night makes our immune system
stronger to keep us healthier. Researchers have proved that a good nights sleep
is necessary for our health. Researchers have found that lack of sleep reduces
the growth hormones in our bodies, since it changes muscles to fat. Sleep
overall is most important, yet it stands behind activities. To improve your
health, try walking each day.

Walking will help to loosen our muscles, reduces stress and depression along
with anxiety. By reliving these things, it will help us to sleep for a longer
and deeper period. So, when we wake up in the morning we feel happier and more

When you exercise, you get a good night sleep, which promotes metabolism.
Without the right amount of sleep, our bodies crave energy. Our body will
release insulin or glucose into the bloodstream, which slows down metabolism.
This action causes the body to gain weight, rather than control weight.

When a person feels exhausted, they will feel weak and repressed from enjoying
activities. This leads to additional problems. Sleeping right balances out our
bodies giving us, more energy leading to more activities that will satisfy our
sleep needs.

What to avoid: To rest proper and feel active you must reduce your intake of
caffeine, nicotine, harmful chemicals, such as over-the-counter meds that keep
you awake, alcohol and so on. The chemicals and substances will keep you awake.
Try to avoid drinking anything after 8 p.m. in the evening. Nicotine should be
avoid if possible, yet if you must smoke try to avoid smoking after 8 p.m.

Start a walking program in the morning to help wake you up, while boosting your
energy. You will feel better since the joints will feel flexible enough to move
freely. In addition, walking will help you burn fat and calories. You'll notice
a big change in how you feel the rest of the day. Start out walking at a slow
steady pace for as far as your comfortable. Each day pick up the pace a bit and
walk further. Just remember when walking that you want to work up to a steady
brisk walk to make you sweat but not out of breath. Take a short walk before
and after meals to calm your nerves, and burn calories too, it will give you
energy, relieve that stress from the long day and help you sleep.

If you start a walking program for yourself, it is a lot more fun if you have
someone to go with you. Talk to that neighbor you don't know and maybe they'll
walk with you. Just think about it; you'll be acquainted with someone new, talk
about new things will relieve stress and get in you exercise as well. This might
help that neighbor too who maybe hasn't seen or talked to anyone in a couple of
days and than they can sleep better at night.

After walking that brisk walk your doing be sure to cool down. When walking at
a vigorous pace your heart rate will go up and it needs to be back to normal.
Just walk a bit slow and relaxing until you've cooled down.

If you can't go to sleep at night instead of getting up and turning on the TV
try pacing around the house. Do some stretching and shake your arms and legs.
Even walking around the house can relax you especially when everyone else is in
bed and you can relax more.

wander the earth believing they the lack the strength and power to achieve
their goals. This negative mechanism holds them down. You can gain motivation
and live healthier, by simply telling yourself "I can do it." Anything you put
your mind to, you can do it if you want to. How to tell self I can do it: Just
say today I am going for a short walk. Tomorrow I will walk a little longer
then the first day. You have to be in control of your thoughts, actions,
behaviors, etc by building your power of the mind. Nevertheless, if you do not
put your mind to it and you decide that you do not want to become active, and
then you are only living a life filled with shortcomings. Your negative
reflections will defeat the purpose of getting your thoughts in control. Saying
I will do it later, is another negative reflection. This is called
procrastination, which leads to laziness. Laziness leads to weak muscles and
joints, which gradually builds up to medical problems.

Take control of your thoughts. If you want to do something bad enough you will
do what you have to do to get where you want to be. You need to make a goal and
stick to it. Create plans that help you to reach your goals, and take action
each day to achieve. When you give up, it is a sign that you lack faith in self
and is a clear indication of weakness. You need faith to stay strong. As well,
you need positive thinking to strive.

Good results: Having a positive attitude will give you a jumpstart to a
healthier life. Keep on pushing. Do not stop once you get started instead go
until you reach your goal. When times get hard and you don't think you can go
on just remember "I can do" -- this always keep your head up and mind open.
Don't dwell on something you can't change, rather focus on the things you have
power to change.

How to continue positive living: To stay positive you have to admit your
feelings and express them. If you feel depressed or frustrated, just say it
aloud. There is nothing wrong with showing emotions, providing you do not beat
up your best friend physically to express those emotions. Stay in control and
express what you feel.

You have to talk about how you feel and don't blame your self but try to figure
out why you are so depressed or frustrated. Failing to discover your intentions
or reasons will reduce your control, especially if you do not understand what
you need or want. Do not worry about the cause, rather find your wants and
needs and the cause will come to you.

Here is some pointer that might help you to get where you want to be. You have
to look for a good role model and become acquainted with their way of thinking
positive. Try to talk positive and avoid negative talk. Seek some support from
friends and family.

Reward your self with a massage or listen to your favorite music. Make a plan
and stay with it no matter what. Just remember you can do whatever you want to
do and keep your mind set for the good things and not the bad things. This will
make you feel better and make you a happier person. If you're happy, you will
have a healthier life. Don't forget to create a goal. Don't make the goal so
high that you won't be able to keep it, but make it so that you can meet your

HEALTHY AGING AND YOUR WORKPLACE: More about your workplace and how it affects
your health: Some places that you work at can be dangerous to your health. They
can cause you a lot of medical and mentally problems. We know you have to work,
now days if you do not work your not going to get anywhere. We are not telling
you to run off and quite your job but we want you to do your work safely. So
talk a long look into your work environment to see if you are safe or not. Does
your environment affect your health?

What are some of jobs that are bad for one to do? Some of the jobs that are bad
for your health are sawmills and other mills the reason for this is because of
the small gains that you breath in your lungs. In sawmills, a person will
breathe in the sawdust, which effects your respiratory system. Other types of
mills a person will breathe in all the small gains like corn, or wheat, and
what ever else they grain up. Breathing all this stuff can cause you to develop
lung disease and/or lung cancer. Factories often cause bronchitis, allergies and
so on.

People in the southern parts work in the coalmines. These people have it bad
too for the same reason. When the person visits the doctor environment factors
are considered, which doctors often find damage due to the chemicals in the
atmosphere or environment? Coalmines are filled with black Sid. Black Sid will
causes diseases known as the black lung cancer. Once the disease is in your
system, unless your doctor caught it at the first stage, usually a person is
out of luck. Jobs may include the ones where a person has to spray to kill the
weeds and the bugs. Spray is used to terminate lime also. The crops require
such sprays to grow healthy, yet a person breathing in these hard chemicals are
at risk. The chemicals do not only kill what they are spraying, but it ends up
killing the person slowly. These chemicals could cause lung cancer or lung
disease. Alternatively, if you are one of the lucky ones that don't get lung
disease or cancer you just might various types of breathing problems.

What can I do to be safe while am at work? When at work and you want to stay
safe. You have options when it comes to workplace. You can play it smart and
ask your supervisor if a mask is available. A caring supervisor will have one
ready for you. If your supervisor does not offer you a mask, then you take it
in your hands, go to your local drug store, and buy one for your own safety. In
addition, make sure you wear the mask, it will help you in the end, since you
will be better off than if you do not wear it.

What kind of mental problems can a job cause? All jobs come with stress we have
no control over. However, you can learn to control the stress that is put on you
if you let stress control you that is bad for you. Stress will take control if
you let it. We all have deadlines to meet as well as making sure we are doing
our job the right way. Stress if out of control however can lead to high blood
pressure, heart disease, or even a stroke. Just remember you have all the
control to handle the stress or to let it handle you. If you learn to handle
stress and wear mask you will live a healthier life so play it safe.

VITAMINS PROMOTING HEALTHY AGING: People do not realize what vitamins can do for
them. Vitamins are great for those who need them. On the other hand, if you have
sufficient vitamins, then you will not need regimens of vitamins. Building
vitamins in your system, which has too much already, or sufficient nutrients
can cause harm. Vitamins will make you look younger and feel younger as well as
make you feel good about yourself, providing you need regimens suited for your

How do I learn what vitamins are good for me? We get natural vitamins in the
foods we eat. Some times, you do not get the right amount so you have to take
vitamins, which come in many ways. You can get them in a pill form, liquid,
powder, etc. If the vitamins you choose do not work for you, your doctor can
give you a shot. You can get almost all the vitamins you may need at local drug
stores. You will find vitamins at supermarkets, department stores and so on. If
you cannot determine which vitamins are right for you, check with your doctor.
He may have some recommendations. In fact, you should visit your family doctor
first and ask him/her, which vitamins may be suitable for your body type. How
vitamins help you: Taking vitamins will help you to relieve stress. Vitamins
will help control your weight, and help keep you from getting sick with the
common cold and the flu. There are many vitamins to help you out. You can check
out at your local pharmacy many different kinds. You pharmacist is your best
friend as well as your doctor. He/she may be able to help you find out which
vitamins are best suited for your body type.

What kinds of vitamins should I consider and for what purpose? You have a wide
array of vitamins to choose from, including B1, B12, B6, E, D, K, A, and so on.
B1 is designed to help your heart function in order. The vitamin will assist
your central nervous system as well, helping you to have a better attitude in
life. B1 will give you energy, since it is known to swap blood sugar,
transferring it to energy. B1 promotes a healthy mucous membrane, and will
promote the muscular and cardio functions.

How to decide if you need vitamins: Some things that you may feel if you are
low on vitamins are fatigue. You may feel muscle tenderness, or experience
insomnia. Insomnia can benefit from Melatonin supplements. You can get natural
vitamins from corn breads, nuts, oatmeal, cereal, wheat and so on. Eat plenty
of veggies and fruits also to get the vitamins you need. If you have colds, you
can benefit from Vitamin C. If you are searching for anti-aging vitamins
consider E, since According to experts, Vitamin E is responsible for preserving
oxygen in the blood, reduce more than 40% of the oxygen amount the heart needs
as well. Vitamin E also has been linked to influential anti-coagulants. Some
experts believe the vitamin will slow blood clotting by dilating the blood
vessels. If you searching for the vitamin to help you stay young and healthy,
then Vitamin E that contains 200 units is for you.

According to German experts Wolf and Luczak Vitamin E is a stabilizer for youth
and strong blood. If this is true, then dying cells will be replaced quickly by
new cells. Dying cells is responsible for many diseases, including cancer,
AIDS, HIV, leukemia and so on. In fact, T-Cells that deteriorate is responsible
for AIDS, certain types of cancers, herpes simplex, and so on.

VITAMIN E AND HEALTHY AGING: Did you know that at least 200 UI daily of vitamin
E can help fight various diseases? Studies found that alpha tocopherol, or
Vitamin E has proven to fight particular diseases. Studies show that Vitamin E
may help with oxygen preserving and potentially offers cure for various
disease. Taking 200 IU daily may trim down up to 40% or more of oxygen
preserves, which controls bodily organs and the heart. The vitamin seems to
have a "anti-coagulant" that has proven to support the overall bodily
functions. Vitamin E was discovered to reduce blood clotting and can help
prevent heart disease. The vitamin is said to assist with dilating flowing
blood vessels. This means the heart will receive the blood flow it deserves to
stay healthy. Vitamin E has also been linked to an anti-aging solution. Many
doctors believe that this helpful vitamin will stabilize a person's overall
development or maturity. In fact, German doctors called Vitamin E the fountain
of youth. In extensive studies, vitamin E was found to promote blood flow.
According to the findings, Vitamin E when present is an resister to aging.

Vitamin E is linked to promoting hemoglobin. Since aging has an unknown affect
on blood cells and bone marrow, doctors believe that Vitamin E's support to
hemoglobin is a potential solution to solving disease related to hemoglobin.
Our hemoglobin structure detains oxygen for an extended time, which means that
oxygen will flow smoothly. Vitamin E has been linked to reduced risks of
disease, since it is said that oxygen will stay within the cavities of
hemoglobin at a lengthier time. This means that the person will live a healthy,
youthful life.

Sometimes as we grow older, the blood that forms in our system slows. Vitamin E
works to allow blood to flow smoothly. In view of the facts, doctors found that
this vitamin may reduce the risks of anemia. Vitamin E was discovered to
perhaps purify the blood, which allows it to flow smooth throughout the body.
As we grow older, our body experiences many changes, which prompts aging
plaques. These plaques when build will cause wrinkling, sagging, crowfeet, and
other aging signs. Vitamin E works to maintain metabolism by potentially
keeping away fatty acids, which are saturated. (Learn more about hydrocarbons
and peroxides, which are aging toxins) At what time saturated fats join with
Vitamin E to slow aging. We need a degree of fatty acids, yet when the acids
build it creates elements that promote aging. Vitamin E has shown signs of
controlling the blood fats, keeping the fats at bay. Blood fat is also linked
to aging. Therefore, we can see that vitamin E has much to offer. Yet, some
experts argue that Vitamin E has side-effects that could cause harm; many other
experts uphold the ability of support that Vitamin E offers.

Vitamin E has also shown signs of reducing ailments of the muscles. The healthy
regimen of vitamin E daily according to experts can reduce arthritic symptoms.
According to experts, arthritis and its sister components may link to rapid

Vitamin E has shown to reduce leg cramps. In fact, studies were conducted by
qualifying doctors who tested their patients. The patients complained of leg
cramp, which doctors recommended Vitamin E. During this particular study the
patient who ceased Vitamin E reported cramping in the legs. The patient was
asked to start up the vitamin once more and when he returned to visit his
doctor, the leg cramps ceased. The studies were conducted at the California or
American Colleges of Physician. To learn more about vitamin E and what it can
do for you, research your topic to find your purpose.

LIFESTYLES IN HEALTHY AGING: Do you sweat the small stuff? Do you find stress
has increased in your life due to depressive episodes? Are you searching for a
new lifestyle, yet find it difficult to relax and find answers? We have many
options in the world, which gives us the convenience of having fun while
selecting a better lifestyle. When changing your life style you'll probably
have to make decisions that will be hard, yet you can do it if you think about
yourself and not others.

Aging for most of us is not something we are looking forward to. Life can go on
for many years. In view of the fact, we all need to learn how to relax and take
care of ourselves so we can see a brighter future. We all need to make our life
simple. Keeping it simple will help reduce stress. Sometimes we have to give up
our long-year running homes where our children were raised. As one ages the
stress of preserving, our home increases. Money usually becomes a big issue,
which causes stress. The maintenance and taxes alone are very stressful for
someone that is living on social security these days. How to decide: Do you
plan to stay in the same area you live now? Do you prefer to live in a better
climate? The questions demand an answer before mortgaging your home. If you
plan to move to a better climate to live healthier, consider the climate. Many
of us suffer from allergies, hay fever, or other ailments due to climate
changes. If you plan to live healthier and reduce, your risks of upper
respiratory conditions then consider your options before making a decision to
move. You want to consider your budget as well. If you are living a
fixed-income, consider the low-cost housing projects. In your community, you
may find housing projects for seniors. If you want to cut back your expenses
without moving to another climate, consider these options. You will find
housing for seniors however in other areas in the event you choose to move.
Many housing projects for the seniors will provide you with links. The links
are for your convenience, which includes free meals, cheap transportation and
so on. At the buildings, you will likely meet new friends, which makes life
more purposeful and fulfilling. Once you've decide where you are going to
relocate it takes burden off your mind.

Don't get me wrong there will always be some stress in your life that you will
not have control of. Now that you've made one of the biggest decision about
where you going to live, start thinking about enjoying life. Join an exercise
group or get some neighbors to join you for a walk. Walk on sunny days so your
body gets natural vitamin D from the sunrays. The vitamins will help keep your
bones strong. Exercising helps keep us fit and is a good way to meet new people
while having fun.

Don't forget to watch your diet and make sure your getting enough vitamins to
keep yourself healthy. If not sure what vitamins you need and how much consult
you physician he can help you make a plan or send you to a dietician to help
you with it. Sometimes as we grow older, we don't eat as much, so supplement
vitamins are needed. Your family healthcare provider can help you with this
too. The world is filled with various lifestyles, so make your life your own by
staying healthy and avoid sweating the small stuff. Making sound decisions is a
great start to living free, which promotes healthy aging.

EATING RIGHT IN HEALTHY AGING: You have to eat right in order to stay healthy.
If you do not eat right, your body does not receive the nutrients it needs to
stay healthy. You have to eat so it fuels your body. Similar to a motor
vehicle, which you add gas to travel; the body requires food that promotes
energy, making it go. Too much food is not good for you and not enough of the
right food can be harmful to your health.

Choosing good foods to eat: Not all foods is good for you, yet liver is loaded
with iron which is good for your blood, but to much isn't good for you either.
Fruits and vegetables are good for you but again not too much because the fruit
will turn into sugar and that's not good for you. Too much may give you the
gibes, especially if you have to watch your weight. You can get high
cholesterol as well from food if your not careful. High cholesterol can lead to
harden arteries, which follows by strokes or heart attacks. So you need to eat
but watch what you are eating and how much of it in a days time.

How will I know if am not eating right? When you go to your doctor, he will
tell you if you need to go on a diet. Your doctor will be able to tell by your
weight. Then he may put you on a diet to lose weight or a diet to help you gain
weight. He will tell you want to eat and how much as well as what not to eat.
Then he may tell you to excise everyday. You have to be able to burn up what
you take in so it will not turn into sugar or fat.

Remember that you should try to feast from the four food groups. Try to make
sure that you only eat the amount your suppose to, and get your excise that you
need to make you healthy. You can always call your family doctor to ask him how
to do something if you don't know how they will also help you to learn how to
count your calories as well it is a big job when it comes to dieting you have
to know how to count your calories and weigh your food. If you don't you are
not going to do want your suppose to do.

The world is filled with support groups that will help you if need support.
More then likely you can go to your local hospital and they will know how to
get you in touch with a group. These groups are great. The groups will give you
support during the time that you need help. At group meetings, you will meet
people with the same problems you have and you can give each other the support.
Just remember to set a goal but don't make it so high that you can't do it and
give up. Start out a little at a time and then as you get better you can get a
increase your plans. In addition, what ever you do try to stick to it, it takes
will power and control. Willpower the master: Willpower is a powerful mechanism
inside you. If you want to find this willpower take a seat, sit down and talk
with you to see what you can find. As you learn more about you, you gain
willpower that takes you beyond your abilities, which means you will have a
healthy aging in the future.

life taking notes from observing others, yet they fail to take notes to save
their health as they age. Medical records are kept by doctors for years, and
these men and women do this to keep track of your health. If the doctor cares
enough to take care of your health, why shouldn't you?

How to keep records: You will need a journal. In the journal, you want to
record dates, time, place, etc of your hospital stay. If possible jot down the
diagnostics and doctors who served you, write their names in the journal. You
want to record your family's medical history. Jot down each person in your
family tree and name the diagnose. For instance, if your family has a history
of diabetes, jot it down. On pen and paper, jot down any information that will
help your doctor monitor your health and make accurate diagnosis in the event
illness occurs. Do not rely on your memory. In time, you may not have memory,
since your family may have a history of Alzheimer's disease. When you use
medical records, keeping them on paper, make copies. Put the copies in safe
hands, someone you can rely on, as you grow older to give the copies to you in
the event you lose your copies. Put all your copies in a safe area.

You want to keep records of vaccine shots, or immunizations. You want to keep
records of lab visits, results, conditions, and treatments you obtained. The
records should be updated annually. For instance, if in 2000, you were
diagnosed with a disease that caused your liver to shrink, but the disease was
curable, write it down. The next year if you notice in similar symptoms, record
the new information in your journal. You want to give copies to your doctor as

Once you write your medical journal you can move to research illnesses you
might have had at one time. For instance, if in your history you had a
repetition visit of colds, learn more about the upper respiratory system. If
you had other illnesses throughout your life, take time to study these
illnesses. Understanding the illness moves to acceptance, which moves you to
prevention? Prevention is the keyword you want to focus on when it comes to
your health. As you age, your body's functions start to decline its actions,
which puts you at high risk of disease. Using your records you want to study
illnesses, you may have had throughout your lifetime. In addition, use your
records to study genetic disease. For instance, if you have family history of
diabetes, research the subject. Take notes on diagnostics, treatments, cures,
and so on. If you follow this friendly advice, as you start to age you will
have advantages. For instance, in the future, if you are diagnosed with
diabetes you would knowledge. The first thing you will note is symptoms. You
would know that the symptoms include prolonged hunger feelings, fatigue,
dizziness, etc.

You would take notes on symptoms that emerge when you feel sick and immediately
contact your family doctor. You are at the doctor's office now taking lab tests
and so forth to find out what is wrong with your body. Once you leave the
doctor's office with your results you will feel relaxed, since you know that
catching diabetes at an early stage gives a doctor the opportunity to slow or
cure the mother of all living diseases. This silent tormentor is a notorious
killer that everyone should understand. To learn more about healthy aging, seek
more information online, at your doctor, or visit your local library.

STOP SMOKING IN HEALTHY AGING:  Stop smoking now means you could live a happy
and healthier life. As you already know smoking is bad for everyone, not just
the ones that smoke but the ones that breath in the second hand smoke. Second
hand, smoke is harder on you then smoking. Forty-five hundred Americans start
smoking every year. Why would they want to do this to them self I can't truly
answer you. Because once you get started, you cannot stop. You are hooked and
that is not very good for you. Most people start at an early age in life, they
are curious or they want to be cool. The biggest problem is most people lack
education that helps them to see how smoking causes them to age faster.

The problems smoking can cause: Smoking can cause many problems when it comes 
to your health not to think about the expense. Smoking can cause cancer, heart
disease, and strokes, increase cholesterol and so on. Your heart is affected,
since smoking causes your blood vessels to build up with cholesterol and fat.
The results leads to harden of the arteries. Harden arteries mean that the
blood flow will not pump fast enough to support the heart's natural
requirements. This starts blood clotting, broken blood vessels etc. It can also
cause angina which will make you think that your having a heart attack but your
aren't its just not getting enough blood to the heart to make it pump right.
Then it can cause you to have a heart attack, since smoking is a blockage so
that there is no blood going to the heart.

Smoking can cause strokes or bronchiolitis. This disease is contagious, which most 
people do not realize it. The viral infection affects the airway, which affects 
breathing. The common cause of this contagious disease is smoking or second hand 
smoke. Smoking promotes bad breath, stained teeth, smelly furniture and clothes. 
You also get common colds and flu more often. You will start to cough and then you 
won't be able to breath they even may put you on oxygen. In addition, smoking is so
expensive now days. It is not worth it you will end up regretting it in end. On
top of this, you get addicted to the nicotine once you are hooked your hooked.

Bronchiolitis is a common viral infection, which affects the respiratory
syncytial. The condition causes inflammation. Once the inflammation accumulates
the airway is blocked, since the nicotine consumptions and infections causes the
airway to narrow, which the flow of air is obstructed.

Why is nicotine addictive? You get addicted to the nicotine because of all the 
chemical put into the tobacco. It's not so much as the nicotine that makes you 
sick it's the chemicals that they put in the tobacco, that cause you to get the 
disease like lung cancer and heart disease. In addition, what ever you get from 
smoking. Nicotine or cigarettes have several chemicals incorporated into it to 
causes addictions, and finally death.

How can I quite smoking? Once you are hooked, it is going to be hard to quite. 
You have to decide that you're going to quite regardless of what it causes, such 
as weight gain or being on edge.

You have to pull up the will power to do this and stick to it. You can say I
will have one now and no more, yet it don't work that way. You have to find the
way that best fits your needs and build the will power. You may want to consult
with your doctor who can offer you helpful suggestions on stop smoking.

NEW ADVENTURES IN HEALTHY AGING LIFE: is just another adventure if you really
look into its channels. On the first day we are born, we begin a new adventure
to healthy aging. After a while, we take our first baby step. Our muscles,
joints and bones have already started its progress of aging. Yet, we continue
to use our muscles, joints and bones throughout our life to balance our weight.
As we reach puberty, despite the notion that we maintained activities the
muscles, joints, and bones begin to degenerate. After puberty the declination
continues, which our body and minds start weakening.

Throughout our life, we depend on soluble fats to reduce heart disease. We
depend nutrients that prevent high cholesterol, which affects so many of us by
not eating and exercising correctly. We understand that incorporating the right
amount of fibers into our bodies daily will add bulk to our stools. It will
speed up to come through and out of our body. High-Fiber diets are something we
rely on to slow cholesterol in which the liver produces. We use fibers to keep
down the levels of cholesterol, which if increased we know can block the
arteries. Throughout our youthful days, our body changes, yet as we reach age
35 the same body we took time to maintain starts to decline, i.e. the bodily
functions start to decline despite the notion that we took time to provide what
our bodies needed. Along some time in our life we ask, do I need to lose weight?
Many of us ask these questions followed by food binges, ignoring meals, and
sitting on the couch hoping that we lose weight. Well couch potatoes, you
missed the point, yet help has arrived. High fiber foods links to potential
weight loss and control. Because fibers carry through our bodies, it takes some
excess calories along the way. Foods that are high in soluble fat are more
filling, we eat less of them, and there is the lost of more calories. When
trying to lose weight be sure to consult with you doctor before hand, because
it might not be the best choice for you. Diet supplements can be harmful even
the fiber ones. Our journey continues: As we reach 40, we start to look back.

Throughout our life journey, we have established a residence, vehicle,
children, and more. Now that we are older, we find it harder to maintain or
keep up with the bills. Seems the harder we try, the more difficult it becomes.
You might say I can't afford to live here anymore by the age you reach 50. The
home taxes, maintenance, etc is weighing you down. You start to wander in your
mind, what should I do. First, you must ask, do I enjoy traveling and meeting
new people while learning at the same time? At this time, you begin because
your situation requires adjustments. You take moments out of each day dwelling
on what you need to do. You check into your community to find low-subsidized
housing for seniors. You realize that one day; you may be that senior resting a
community housing arrangement. If you vision this now, take action instead of
waiting until you are too old to do something about your situation.

Unfortunately, many older folks lose their homes, belongings, vehicles,
insurance etc as they grow older, which causes them to sink into the world that
leads to death. Now is the time to save your future by checking into community
housing for seniors. Learn what these facilities have to offer you. In
addition, if you like to travel why wait until you are too old to move. Your
local travel agent to see if they have any outings planned in the future, that
you might like to take. Some times travel packages are cheaper and nicer
because they make the entire plan and you just go along with the flow of
things. Traveling can be educational as well as a relaxation time for you.

Seeing new things and meeting new people are both education. Seeing and going
to new places you'll be learning about things and meeting new people you'll
learn how others live and enjoy their life. Who knows socializing with others
may build your relationships up for more fun and relaxation.

Have fun with your new adventure and stay healthy.

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