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Holiday Tree Trends: Choosing a New Tree Theme
by: NC

Trimming the tree is an activity that captures the holiday spirit and reflects personal style. Here are some suggestions to dress up your holiday tree. Pick an entirely new theme or incorporate fresh touches to complement an existing look.

Top tree decorating trends

When considering a theme to complement your home decor, consider lighting, colour combinations, textures, and the mixing and matching of various materials.

- Modern metals - A contemporary, glowing look that starts with metals such as warm coppers, antique iron, glittery gold, rustic brushed tin or shiny silverplate. Mix with matte or shiny glass balls and metallic stars. Glitzy ribbon garland completes the look.

- Dramatic velvets - Velvet touches in rich red, blue or black can begin with tree decorations and carry through to the tree skirt, stockings and table linens.

- Red is hot - Traditional red looks new when put with silver accents. Start with silver-beaded snowflakes, add aluminum and wire figures and deck with silvery garlands to complement rich red ornaments.

- Exotic ornamentation - Think beading, embroidery, Indian silks and jacquards. Add touches of elegance with jewel-tone glass ornaments trimmed with gold flourishes, beaded stars and snowflakes, sequined balls and beaded tassels. Instead of tinsel, try using beaded garland.

Tree chic

Tree decorating is fun and easy to do in any size space if you select the right tree:

- Pre-lit trees save you having to string lights on the tree and are available with multi-colored or clear white lights.

- Fibre-optic lit trees are novel and have a bit of a retro look at the same time.

- Small spaces require a narrow tree. Look for slim-line artificial trees, such as the 7 or 8 foot Greenwich Pine.

- Tabletop trees are ideal when there is no floor space available.


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