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Host and Hostess Gifts Made Easy
by: NC

As the holidays draw near, many people will be receiving invitations from family, friends and neighbours to get together for some holiday cheer. Proper etiquette is to bring a little something for the host or hostess. Here are a few suggestions on how to pick a special something for the gracious host.

- Often people bring a bottle of wine. Why not complement it with wine charms, festive swizzle sticks or a wine topper? All are decorative and functional.

- Figure out how your host or hostess likes to spend their time. For example, if they entertain often, get something they can use when preparing or serving food and drinks. Consider stainless steel bar accessories like bottle openers, drink shakers and ice buckets, as well as serving dishes and platters.

- Find out your host's favorite scent and pick up a candle, candle centerpiece, or scented oil in their favorite scent.

- Bring along a decorative picture frame, photo album or photo box for the host to store holiday season memories.

- Think about your host's hobbies when shopping and consider pre-wrapped gift baskets and themed gifts for the cook, do-it-yourselfer, automotive, golf or hockey enthusiast.


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