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Creating a Plan for Home and Business Security

When it comes to the security of our homes and/or businesses one thing remains
true in all instances. When all is said in done, the protection of life far
exceeds the need for protection of property though both need to be considered
when creating the plan that will protect and secure them both. For this reason,
any security plans that are made for home or business need to secure life first
and foremost but not relegate property (and information) to the role of

The best suggestion anyone can give when it comes to securing your home or
business is to meet with an expert in the field of security and create a plan
that works for your unique situation. Homes are different sizes, shapes, and
have different logistical issues from one home to another. The same fact holds
true for businesses. No two businesses or homes are exactly alike. This means
that each will have its very own individual security needs and challenges. You
should also keep in mind that the same security measures that are in place in
your business are not always adequate or practical in order to secure your home.

Meet with a professional, discuss your specific needs and concerns, and allow
him or her to suggest a plan of action that will cover your security needs. No
security measures, no matter how great or small, will work properly without a
plan that draws them all together. You will need a separate plan for your home
and business security and there are some things that may need to be done in
order to secure them both that are unexpected though quite practical once

The act of hiring a professional to help you establish a security plan for your
home or business will instill faith in the process. Point out flaws in your
current security features, introduce dangers and risks that you may not
currently be aware of, and help you understand the process much more clearly
than if you were to try to go it alone and make the security decisions for
yourself. A professional will also point out that in most instances proper
security takes the efforts of more than one action working together.

If you have only a security camera pointing at the doors (which generally only
helps after the fact for identification unless it is monitored), this is
something that can be easily bypassed. Motion detection lights are great in
theory but still leave holes that a patient prowler could find quite easily.
Have them work together along with monitored surveillance, an alarm sensor on
every window and door, as well as panic buttons located throughout the house or
business (in the event that there are family members or workers present) and you
have a much better chance to deter potential security breeches.

Another thing that is particularly applicable to businesses is the fact that
giving employees each a unique security code can work to prevent inside jobs
when it comes to theft or deliberate harm. Many business security issues are
found to be inside jobs rather than the acts of those who know nothing about
the business. Many larger companies have adopted key cards in order to
accomplish this though many smaller companies hand out the code to the alarm
without considering the possible implications of doing so.

Do not overlook the importance of fire safety, storm safety, first aid, escape
routes, and pathways into the home or office building for emergency personnel.
Many people perish around the country each year because emergency service
providers cannot find a pathway into the home or business to save those that
are trapped inside quickly enough. Keep these things in mind when establishing
your security plan and take great care that you aren't trapping family or
business associates inside.

There are many methods in which your home and/ or business can be secured from
all manner of dangers, disruptions, and ill will. You must have a plan designed
to bring them together in order to achieve the most positive, pro-active, and
long lasting results from your security efforts.

The Advantages of Monitored Home and Business Security

There is an old saying that you can never have too much protection. While a few
years ago few Americans realized just how true this sentiment was, times are
changing. As a result Americans who once thought the need for added home or
business security was something that should be reserved for the fabulously
wealthy are beginning to discover that the wealthy are no longer the only ones
needing protection in this country.

Sadly enough, the middle class is becoming the more widely targeted group by
those who would bring harm to property or possessions. For this reason, it is
now more important than ever before to insure that your home and business has
adequate security measures in place in the event that the unthinkable happens.
There are few better ways in which to secure your business and home better than
having a monitored security service that is available to the average middle
income family. Some small companies can absorb the expense of security
personnel though in many cases it is not as cost effective as obtaining a
simple monitoring service for their security needs would be in the first place.

In fact, the number one advantage to having a monitored security service for
your home and/or business is the fact that it is often more security than is
currently present in the average household. This means that some security is
far better than no security in the big picture. Even if you opt to install a
security system for your home, how effective will it really be without being

The monitoring service fee is the one setback that most people feel when it
comes securing their homes and businesses and yet the monitoring service is
what makes this work to the advantage of home and business owners. One thing
you may want to consider in order to offset the monitoring fees each month is
checking with your home or business insurance policy and seeing if you can get
a reduction in fees for taking extra security measures. Some insurance
companies will reward this proactive stance when it comes to security and at
times it can almost completely offset the fees.

Another advantage to monitored home and business security is the fact that
there is someone to assist with security needs 24/7. This means days, nights,
and holidays, your home is being watched and guarded by someone with your best
interests at heart. Seriously if there are a rash of break ins in properties
that are protected by your service it would definitely be bad for business.
They have a vested interest in keeping your home safe from invasion or at the
very least ending the situation as quickly as possible should the unthinkable

For those who need a very distinct advantage, the costs incurred by monitoring
services are significantly less than those that would be required in order to
hire security personnel in order to secure your home or business twenty four
hours a day and seven days a week. Don't forget the additional expenses of
overtime and holidays. These things add up rather quickly and are far greater,
expense wise, than the average household or small business could or should
absorb. Check your budget and decide for yourself if a monitored security
service for your home and business might be exactly what is needed in order to
get the security your family and employees deserve.

Comparing Security Companies for Homes and Businesses

It doesn't really matter whether you are seeking a home security company for
your home or your business. Most will find that the benefits to one, the other,
or both are often clearly defined when searching through the materials. What may
take a little more work to reason out is the benefit of one company over another
in general. Study carefully the information, brochures, and estimates of several
different companies, particularly those that are unique to your home and/or
business, before deciding which company you are willing to stake the future
health and well being of either your family or your business.

Prices may differ and are sometimes an indication in the level of service and
what you get for your monthly monitoring fees. Other times however the prices
aren't really a true indicator of the value as some companies in certain areas
simply have lower operating costs than major franchise security and monitoring
services for homes and businesses around the world.

Features are going to be the place to look for the real indicators of services
and the small print that lists details such as terms of service, length of
contract, potential increases in fees, and the exact services that are included
for the normal monitoring fees and the services that will cost additional
amounts of money (such as calls to the authorities or physical monitoring that
results from alarms on behalf of the company). Remember that not all monitoring
services will offer physical inspections of the property in the event of an
alarm so this is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing your

You should also compare additional services that are offered such as monitoring
for health, fire, carbon monoxide, and other similar emergencies. Some companies
monitor for these things as part of the monthly fees and others charge extra for
this type of monitoring service. This is something you need to know before
deciding to buy-especially if you plan to use these services or similar
services. It could be that even with additional fees the company you are
considering is still the best bargain in town either way you need to know
before making a commitment and signing a contract.

You should also check and see if the company you are considering has won any
national awards for customer service, quick response, and basic good business
practices. These awards say a lot about the integrity of a company. If the
company you are considering has won many awards over the years, there is yet
another measure of comfort and security you have when choosing them over other
security monitoring firms that are competing for your business. Peace of mind
is just another layer of security for many home and business owners who are
faced with tough decisions regarding the safety of their businesses, employees,
and families on a daily basis.

When trying to decide which company is best to use for your security and
monitoring needs, the decision often comes down to a personal decision of how
confident you feel in the company's ability to protect your family or business.
If you aren't comfortable with the representative of a company for any reason,
there is no shame in going where you feel more comfortable. After all you are
placing the safety of your family and/or business in the hands of the
professionals with which you are dealing. This is one decision in life for
which you will want to feel confident and at ease.

Why Select Monitored Security for your Home or Business?

The security of our families, employees, and livelihood is very important to
most of us. It is so important; in fact, that many of us take proactive steps
in increasing that security each and every day. One step that many take is the
installation of a monitored security system for the homes or businesses we wish
to protect. So what advantages do monitored security systems offer over other
methods of security that exist?

The very first advantage is price. Not everyone has the good fortune to afford
the high price that goes along with private, personal security for his or her
homes or businesses. In fact, for the average citizens and small business
owners, the costs involved in procuring private security services are much more
than slightly prohibitive. That being said the monthly costs involved in
monitored security for homes and businesses in many areas is less than basic
cable services and provides a much better value for the money.

The next big advantage is convenience. You as home or business owner will not
need to worry about sick employees, covering shifts for vacations and holidays,
and you will not have to worry about whether or not your home or business is
being monitored. Even better, the monitoring is as simple as pushing a few
buttons on the keypad to enable or disable. Some companies even offer the
convenience of keycard or remote access for turning on/off the alarm system.
There really is never enough that can be said when it comes to making the
process simpler. Search for security companies and monitoring services that
offer ease and convenience as those are well worth paying a little extra each
month for most home and business owners.

Another great advantage to monitored services is the fact that many offer
additional monitoring for things such as fire, medical alerts (remember the
"help I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials?), smoke, and/or carbon
monoxide detection. This means that one service provides greater protection in
many cases than several different tools and appliances within your home in
other circumstances would be able to manage.

One final advantage to consider is the following. Even if you have a nice shiny
state of the art system that is quite literally ear piercing when it goes off,
this does not mean that anyone will be awake or around to hear it much less
willing to call the authorities if it does go off. With a monitored security
service you do not need to rely on the kindness of others to call for
assistance when assistance is needed. You will have a service that is ready,
able, and most importantly, prepared to do just that when the proper time

If you are considering the investment of a security system for your home or
business you owe it to your family, your employees, and yourself to seriously
consider the value that monitoring offers for the rather minimal price
involved. Many companies offer 24/7 monitoring and response services for less
than $50 a month depending on where you live. For the value it represents most
families and businesses can manage to scrape up that much cash each month in
order to receive the peace of mind and the benefits of security this affords
their homes or businesses.

Technology Adds Security to Home and Business Door Locks

There are many technological wonders in the world today. Not the least among
these wonders is the new technologies that exist in order to allow families and
employees to feel a little bit safer within the confines of their homes and
workplaces. One way this is accomplished is through a new technology that
allows people to unlock a door by entering a key. Well, this is not exactly new
technology though it is newly implemented in the average market. For perhaps the
first time, this is an affordable option for use as another home or business
security measure even for the smallest of businesses.

More than offering another layer of security for keeping intruders out, there
is an added layer of security for allowing family members and/or employees in
quickly even when keys are not easily found. Parents will never need to worry
about teens forgetting their keys and being locked out. More importantly,
families will no longer need to implement a hiding place for keys in this
unfortunate event. Cold weather, rain, and panic (because of noises in the
night) will no longer mitigate the ability to find keys in the bottoms of
purses, handbags, and backpacks-a simple key code is all that will be needed in
order to gain entry.

In addition to this benefit however is the added benefit that many of these
interesting door locks also have the technology to read a card in order to
unlock as well as a device attached to key fobs. You can also avoid fumbling
around in the dark trying to force the key to actually fit into the lock. This
will be taken care of automatically. No more lost time, broken nails, or
dropped groceries in an effort to gain entry into the home. This home and/or
business security feature can eliminate these issues all together.

For employers who own businesses, this adds another layer of security, as it
can be a requirement for entry into the building. Pass out cards to all
employees with a unique identifying number and at any given time there should
be a clear record of who was in the building after hours or who gained early
entry into the building. If anything is amiss there is a record of who came and
went when (of course this isn't infallible but it will help if ever there is a
need for this information).

Security is important to all of us in this day and age. In fact, security is
probably a greater concern for most at this point in time than it was during
the height of the Cuban missile crisis. No longer are the unseen enemies far
away but now they can work in the same office or live next door. The bad guys
do not always wear black hats and, unfortunately, they most often do not carry
signs around proclaiming their evil intentions. We need to protect our
families, our employees, and ourselves from the potential evil within as much
as the evil that exists outside our borders. This device allows business owners
to closely monitor who comes and goes within their business and that isn't
necessarily a bad thing in the modern world.

The technology exists and is now more affordable than at any other time in the
past. As a matter of fact, it isn't much more expensive to obtain this
technology as it would be to purchase one of the higher end door locks and
deadbolts that are on the market today. For this reason alone it is a good idea
to keep this technology in mind and consider incorporating it into both your
home and your business as an added security protocol.

If you are considering a security upgrade for your home or business, an
electronic entry system is well worth looking into. The benefits go far beyond
the typical security measure of keeping those who aren't exactly invited in but
also allows record keeping of those that come and go in businesses and much
easier access for homes.

Security Measures for Small Businesses

Small businesses are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things when it
comes to implementing security measures. These businesses are not on the scale
of larger businesses and have more specialized security needs than the average
home will need. This means that security for small businesses has often in the
past been either insufficient (more along the lines of what is appropriate for
home security) or overpriced along the lines of what is appropriate for larger

The good news is that many of the leading names when it comes to security are
beginning to understand the specialized needs of smaller businesses and design
security measures that address those specific needs rather than adjusting
larger or smaller scaled measures in order to fit into the very targeted needs
for security in smaller businesses. The good news is that smaller businesses
often do not experience quite the high volume of staff turnover that larger
businesses experience. This means the risks of theft by the hands of employees
is significantly slimmer than in larger businesses or those with high volume
turnover (such as fast food restaurants and mid-sized retail establishments).
It does not however eliminate the risks all together.

Small businesses do have the typical security needs that all homes and
businesses have. You need to eliminate blind spots on the exterior of the
building in order to avoid giving intruders a safe place to hide while breaking
in. You also need to leave some lights on inside the building so that police and
passersby may notice anything out of the ordinary as far as movement within the
building or pay special attention on nights when the lights aren't on when no
one should be 'home' so to speak.

You should also trim back any bushes, shrubs, or small trees near possible
entry points as they also provide the cover of darkness for those who have bad
intentions. Enabling coded entry methods that are individual to each employee
is another way in which employees can be easily identified as the one entering
or exiting the building after hours should anything go wrong with no witnesses.
This doesn't imply that these cards will eliminate employees as suspects or even
identify an employee as a suspect but it may identify who was in the building
that may have witnessed something that he or she isn't even aware is important.

Exterior lighting is another important safety and security feature for small
businesses. Not only do you want to protect employees that may be leaving after
hours but you should also do so for the protection of customers or patrons who
may be on the business property after hours. They can create their own unique
liability issue that also happens to threaten the security of your company on a
financial level. Insurance is another protection in this instance as well as the
right policy can help insure that you are not personally targeted if someone is
injured on your business property.

Have an assessment of your businesses security needs performed by a
professional security expert in order to discover specific needs that you may
encounter in light of your special small business security needs. There is
rarely a thing called too much security though there are often instances where
security can be more than you can reasonably afford-of course there are some
forms of security you simply cannot afford to be without. An expert will help
you identify your specific needs and create a plan that works within the limits
of your budget.

Exterior Lighting Provides Security for Homes and Businesses

We all want to keep our homes and businesses safe and well protected. There are
many ways in which this can be accomplished. One, rather simple, method for
assisting in this goal is often overlooked by the multitudes but is one of the
most effective measures that can be taken in order to protect not only the
property from intruders but also to protect those on the property from
unnecessary injury due to an inability to see what is going on in the exterior
after hours.

Seriously, poor lighting can make a home or business a much more attractive
target than the house next door which has adequate exterior lighting. Home
intruders may on occasion not be the sharpest tools in the shed but those who
are successful in this line of work are only successful because they do
understand the laws of opportunity. A dark shady area that is concealed from
the view of others presents a far more attractive target to would be intruders
than a well-lit and revealing access point into a home.

When designing the security plan for your home and business you really need to
try and think like a criminal. If you were going to break into your home or
business where would you try to gain entry? Those are the areas that need to be
well lit and offer little in the way of concealment opportunities for those that
would attempt to make an uninvited entrance. Do not build storage sheds near
windows and doors. Instead, keep them away from these areas. Storage units
provide concealment and shadow in areas where this should not be desired.

Not all security is simply from invasion. You should also be concerned about
the health and welfare of those who live and work in your home or business.
Having the area surrounding your home and business will not only reveal
intruders but also obstacles, holes, and etc. that could pose risks of injury
in addition to potential intruders. You should also keep in mind that not all
intruders have only possessions in mind when they make their grand entrance.
Making your home or business uninviting as a 'pit stop' for these criminal
elements also makes it safer for your family, friends, coworkers, and employees.

You do not need to light up your home or business like a military installation
in order to achieve the very security you seek. Motion sensor lights that only
light up the area in which motion is detected can prove basic enough protection
in many cases without inviting the neighbors to complain about the never-ending
daylight you manage to create.

Rope lights provide low level and decorative lights but they also invite
passersby to take a look at your property. This in itself makes your property
unattractive to intruders if there is any kind of regular traffic in your
neighborhood or an active number of neighbors that walk dogs, star gaze, or
engage in any other nocturnal activities.

If rope lights aren't appealing, many homes make judicious use of solar powered
decorative lights, as part of their landscaping in addition to a hopeful 
deterrent to would be intruders. Combining two or more of the forms of exterior 
lighting discussed above could net even greater results. Prevention is always 
the best course of action when it comes to things such as home or business 
security as well as the protection of those who live and work in your home or 
business from potential harm due to inadequate exterior lighting.

These are all things that should be considered when creating a security plan
for your home or business. Lighting is important for many reasons. Despite the
fact that many people have top of the line security equipment and can't find
their way across their lawns after lights are out far too few people bother to
take the need for adequate exterior lighting seriously. Hopefully those who
read this will have a new attitude when it comes to lighting up the night skies
and keeping your home and business safe.

Safes Add Another Layer of Security to Homes and Businesses

We live in a day and age, sadly, when information is probably one of the most
precious commodities on the planet. More specifically, personal information,
such as social security numbers and tax identification numbers are worth their
weights in gold in some instances and should be highly guarded, prized, and
valued. This information in the wrong hands can lead to financial and personal
nightmares the likes of which few are every truly prepared to experience.

There are many businesses, particularly those that experience high and brief
employee turnover rates that are often targeted specifically for the employee
information more than the money that may be hidden away in the companies cash
drawers or the merchandise that may be contained inside. The information in the
right hands is worth far more than the merchandise and much more difficult to
trace when all is said and done.

Many companies that keep this information on their computer systems are also
targeted. However, the targeting of this specific information is what is
prompting many companies to closely safeguard this information, for the
protection of present and past employees including current management. One way
in which they are doing this is by purchasing large safes in which to store the
information. Many businesses are going one step further however and purchasing
hidden safes that aren't immediately recognizable for what they are. This adds
yet another layer of protection and security to employees that may otherwise
feel vulnerable to identity theft.

When it comes to security for homes rather than businesses safes provide a
great way to protect not only important documents but also jewelry, letters,
gold, virtually anything of value that will fit into the safe. Another great
thing about safes in order to protect valuables in the home is that most safes
are also virtually fire proof. This means that the valuables held in the safe
are likely to survive in the event that a fire ravages your home. Not only will
a safe offer the security of "safe guarding" your possessions but also your
piece of mind by allowing you to know that the important documents and
information (including insurance papers) are kept safe from prying eyes and
those with evil intentions.

There are many companies that specialize in making safes inconspicuous so that
the casual observer wouldn't even realize it was in your home. In fact, a
dedicated professional can make them almost completely undetectable when
combined with the efforts of a skilled carpenter and they can fit in amazing
spaces if secrecy is of utmost importance for the safe keeping of your
documents and information. Even those who live and work along side you every
day can be oblivious to the existence of the safe if that is your wish and you
are willing to pay the price of having a hidden safe installed.

Other safes that offer security to your home and/or business (depending on what
kind of business you are in, of course) are gun safes. Quite frankly, in the
world in which we live the idea of having guns out in the open and freely
available to anyone who walks in the door is not only irresponsible but in some
cases criminal. It is wise, for those who own guns to have a gun safe in which
to store those weapons, keep it locked, and store ammunition elsewhere. Guns do
not provide adequate defense for homes or business and this should be kept in
mind when it comes to security. In many cases each year those who attempt to
use their guns for home security only manage to provide another weapon to the
intruder rather than managing to secure their belongings or protect their

Safes can provide great protection and security for homes and businesses when
properly used and guarded. Safes offer little protection however if everyone
and their brother knows the location and/or the combination to the safe. You
should keep that information closely guarded in order to receive the maximum
security that owning a safe can provide.

Pros and Cons of Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Hidden surveillance cameras are more common around the world than most of us
realize. They can be found in bus stops, convenience stores, fast food
restaurants, homes, and ATM machines on almost every continent. These cameras
are often fed into video recording devices though on occasion they are
monitored by real life security personnel in order to deter crimes and rapidly
identify offenders. Chances are fairly certain that if you've been in any
casino in the modern world that you have been carefully scrutinized on camera.
Actually, chances are that if you've been almost anywhere in America your image
has been captured by a hidden surveillance camera somewhere along the way.

Among the reasons for the extreme popularity and wide use of these cameras for
both home and business security purposes are the facts that they are small,
they do not take up a lot of real estate, they are not obvious, and they are
quite affordable when compared to other security methods. However monitored
surveillance methods are more costly, for those who would require this type of
monitoring it is well worth the price. These cameras are as effective in small
'mom and pop' type stores and restaurants around the country as they are in
identifying those who break into homes that have these cameras.

There are however, a few drawbacks that should be addressed when considering a
small, hidden, surveillance camera as part of a home or business security plan.
One of the drawbacks to these types of cameras is that they offer a very narrow
or limited view. If these cameras are being used to identify perpetrators in a
court of law reasonable doubt could easily be established unless the
perpetrator in question happens to be well within the field of vision for the
camera. Another drawback is that these devices are very small and do not
necessarily offer the best quality and highest resolution when it comes to

Another common complaint when it comes to the use of these cameras is that they
do invade the understanding of privacy that many expect. Most are more upset by
the fact that they were filmed and mistrusted in the first place far more than
the fact that they were caught in the act so to speak. People, especially in
the United States, have an expectation of privacy that many feel hidden
surveillance cameras trample upon. For this reason the use of these cameras in
order to identify perpetrators is hotly debated and highly contested. At this
point in time as long as there is no audio recording most states will allow the
video. Check with state laws in your area however before recording sounds as
some states require that those being recorded by audio devices are informed of
this fact.

If you are hoping to catch employees, nannies, and housekeepers in the act of
stealing from you or abusing their authorities and privileges then a hidden
surveillance camera is an excellent choice. The same holds true for customers
who would steal as well. These cameras can quite often be valuable tools in
identifying those who transgress against you. However, the hidden nature of
hidden cameras really prevent them from being an effective crime deterrent and
this should be carefully considered before relying on them as a sole means of
defense or security for your home and/or business.

Emergency Plans Make Important Security Measures for your Home and Business

There are very few people in the world or the United States who are not
vulnerable in their homes or businesses to one type of disaster or another.
Disaster strikes generally when least expected and not at all prepared for and
can have devastating consequences in the toll of human lives, property damage,
and the ruin of businesses. Prepare a disaster plan for your home and business
in order to maintain as much control of things in this situation as possible.

Home or business invasions should first focus on everyone getting out of the
house. Whether or not the invader is in the house when this is discovered or
not the first order of business needs to be to insure the safety of everyone in
the home or business. For both homes and businesses it is best to establish a
rendezvous point for this specific situation. Make sure every family member or
employee knows where he or she should meet everyone else in the case of a break
in. For families with small children it should be something as simple as a
neighbor's house for businesses it can be wherever you feel there is a large
enough space to accommodate everyone that will need to meet. Businesses should
also have a phone call protocol established of those who should be able to call
those who do not need to be present initially in order to avoid overwhelming the
situation and location with too many people asking questions and wanting answers
all at once.

For fires and weather related disasters home and businesses need to have an
emergency plan in place (this should be different in hurricane regions
according to the long range predictions and uncertainty of not only the routes
of hurricanes but the amount of damage that can lie in their wake). If
emergencies such as fires or tornadoes occur during regular office hours every
employee should know where to go for protection and/or escape. The same holds
true for homes. Families with small children should practice disaster drills at
various times during the night and day in order to make sure children know
innately what to do in case of emergency and do not panic and forget when and
if the crucial time should ever prevent itself. Knowledge saves lives in
situations such as this and having a clearly defined and understood avenue for
escape can be critical in a situation such as this.

More than giving workers and family members a clearly defined route to take
when disaster strikes having a designated and specific plan for emergencies
also gives them a sense of purpose that will often override the traditional
sense of panic. This is a good plan for families and work places across the
country to practice.

It was mentioned above that hurricane plans are slightly different and this is
true. Hurricanes present a fairly unique dilemma as we have discovered in
recent years because they can literally devastate entire regions with the
totality of their destruction. In these instances, information is needed to get
out quickly to employees and family members that not only allows them to know
who is safe but also the status of work, coworkers, and home and hearth.
Establish an email list in order to contact those that may be displaced and to
allow all who have an interest to know what the situation at home, work, etc.
may be. If a home or business is fortunate enough to be in place once these
'once in a lifetime' storms pass then family members and employees will take
great comfort of getting back into the normalcy of a workweek as quickly as
possible. Use the opportunity to let them know the situation and give them the
option of returning (if they are ready and prepared) or taking the time off
necessary in order to get their homes and lives in order. All in all having a
plan is the best way to go.

Do Silent Alarms Really Provide Security for Homes and Businesses?

Most people who are considering an upgrade in security efforts ask this
question. The problem is that the answer isn't a simple yes or no but a very
long, drawn, out and complicated answer that is both 'yes' and 'no'. I will
explain this below and hope it helps you make the best decision for your home
or business security needs. You are the only one that can make the final
decision as to whether or not a silent alarm is best for the needs of your home
or business.

Combined with a monitoring service, a silent alarm can let the monitoring
service know immediately that something is rotten in Denmark so to speak. The
problem is that it takes time for the security company to respond. Most home
and business owners have the option of response by the company in charge of
your security system or response by police. There are pros and cons on both
sides of the issue. The ultimate answer is that the alarm company
representatives are likely to show up in less time than it would take police to
respond (intrusions-even for businesses are not a high priority crime these
days) but the hired security guards are generally unarmed, somewhat unskilled,
and offer very little to deter a determined criminal.

Private security firms often employ low wage workers; some who have criminal
records themselves. This is enough for many people to elect the option of
having the police respond to alarms. Be aware however, that in many areas there
is a charge involved when police respond to false alarms. Some police will allow
two false alarms and then charge rather serious charges in order to avoid
wasting the time of officers that could be protecting and serving elsewhere.
All in all, many people will take the risks of security companies over the
risks of being forced to shell out too much money in the event of false alarms.
Be sure to check with the policies of your local security companies as well as
your local police before deciding which is in the best interest of your home or

When it comes to criminals, most of the good ones have been around the block a
time or two and are well aware of what the average response time in the area is
for both police and various security companies. For this reason many of them
will have staked out the place, have a good idea of what company handles your
security, where valuable items are located, and have a quick escape route
planned. In other words, having a silent alarm offers no real deterrent for the
criminal with a game plan and more often than not he or she will be in and out
and have what he or she is looking for well within the time frame of police or
security company response.

More importantly however, silent alarms do not attract attention. Attention is
something that the wise intruder seeks to avoid as it leads to capture and
identification. Loud alarms work best for getting the attention of neighbors
and passersby (for businesses) if nothing else for the annoyance factor.
Neighbors will head outdoors in hopes of getting you to turn your alarm off
only to discover that it isn't a false alarm. A neighbor reporting a crime in
the act (an eyewitness) is far more likely to gain a faster police response
than an alarm company reporting what may amount to a false alarm.

It is a great idea to have a security system installed in your home or
business. It is also great that many home and business owners are considerate
of their neighbors when choosing a silent alarm system. The truth of the matter
is though that silent alarms offer no real deterrent to criminals and that is
what most people seek when installing an alarm system.

Do Panic Rooms Provide Home Security?

There are many things you can do in order to make your home less attractive to
intruders. The truth remains however, that there are times when nothing you do
will affect whether or not your home will be invaded. It could merely be a
moment of chance and your home happened to be in the wrong place on the wrong
night of the week. In moments like these, it often doesn't matter whether
anyone is home or not. The intruders are going to take what they want and do
not care who is harmed in the process.

In larger homes that have a lot of ground to cover and many amenities to tempt
invaders one increasingly common safeguard is the installation of what is known
as a panic room. These rooms are designed as a safe retreat within the home in
which the family can meet and be protected from the intruders until help
arrives. The idea of a panic room, while relatively new to the average
household has been a common theme for homes of the wealthy and famous for quite
a while. We are seeing more and more 'normal' homes in America that have these
rooms installed however in recent years and the primary reason is the
safeguarding of family members in a 'worst case scenario'.

Unlike the recent movie "Panic Room" starring Jodie Foster, the average home
panic room isn't designed to hold off intruders for an indefinite amount of
time but merely to delay them from harming the family until help could arrive.
Phones are a necessity in these rooms or at the very least a cell phone that
has a signal and can place outgoing calls is a necessity. Most panic rooms are
very basic and not meant to hold a large number of people for more than a small
amount of time. They are essentially safes that are built inside the home that
can hold people (as well as some valuables though the purpose of the protection
of life rather than property).

For those who are handy or in the process of designing their own homes, it is
quite possible to incorporate a safe room within your home if you are willing
to sacrifice some space in order to do so. The average low-tech version of a
panic room does not require copious amounts of money or technical knowledge.
You are not creating a fortress merely a safe place within your home where your
family can hide in the event of an emergency intrusion.

Plans can be found online for those who can do the work of building a panic
room themselves and should be closely followed. It is amazing the amount of
protection and security that a room such as this can provide for your family.
The peace of mind alone is well worth the investment in many cases.

If you incorporate a panic room into your home security plans then you should
also take the time to make sure that it is stocked with essentials. Those
essentials would be some sort of seating or cushioning, water, non-perishable
snacks in case you need to be in the panic room for quite a while, and
blankets. You should also make sure that a cell phone makes into the room along
with family members.

Try to escape the home if possible. If escape is out of the question your panic
room should be a safe alternative for the family. Make sure whenever possible
that police are called immediately as they will do more to deter or limit the
amount of time invaders are willing to spend within the walls of your home.
Remember to try to keep your calm despite the need to panic. The cooler you
keep your mind in this situation the more likely you are to make it through the
moment safely and, more importantly, keep your family safe.

Are You Inviting Security Breeches to Your Home or Business?

Security is one of the most important things in life in the world of today. Not
only do we seek to protect our families but also (as business owners) our
employees from unnecessary disruptions in daily lives and exposures to risk.
For this reason it is important that we eliminate potential security risks in
order to protect all whom we hold near and dear.

A proper security system for our homes and businesses is often a good start.
There are many reasons why this is important and several reasons in which this
could work for the overall good of the family and the working environment.
First of all, in a family situation there need to be individual alarm codes
that are changed on a regular basis (preferably whenever a teen changes
boy/girlfriends or has a falling out with best friends in order to insure
maximum safety). In a business setting keycards work well in order to insure
that each employee has an identifying and unique code. Many instances of
misconduct, theft, and property damage done to businesses each year is the
result of disgruntled employees rather than outsiders.

Another thing that homes and businesses need to keep in mind is that a dark
building or home is an invitation to those who would invade. Darkness is the
friend of those who would like to enter unseen and unnoticed. Make a practice
of leaving some sort of lights on in the interior of the home or business in
order to allow passersby to see inside. If this is a habit policeman driving by
will be more likely to notice that it is out of the ordinary for the lights to
be off as well as having lights on allows them to see inside for potential
prowlers or misconduct.

Do not allow shrubbery or small trees to obstruct the view of the windows from
the road. This is where intruders prefer to make their entrances. If nosey
neighbors and prying eyes have a clear line of sight to these windows it is
less likely that intruders will find them to be attractive points of entry.
This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have bushes or small trees near your home
just keep them adequately trimmed so that they are not blocking the windows or
other potential entry points to your home or business.

Do not allow tools to be left lying around that offer intruders the means by
which to invade your home or business. Ladders and pry bars should never be
left out in the open as they will imply invitation to those who may not have
otherwise noticed your property as a potential target. Most home invasions are
matters of opportunity more than anything else. Do not provide them with the
perfect opportunity.

Lighting is another deterrent for potential intruders. Install plenty of
lighting around the exterior of your home or business. Motion sensor lighting
is an excellent choice for this as it isn't always on but will draw attention
when it comes on. Solar lighting just below the windows surrounding your home
or business also provides some added degree of security without incurring
additional electricity bills.

For businesses that have an open front door policy in order for clients to walk
in, install chimes or doorbells that allow staff to be aware that people have
either entered the building or left the building. The chimes usually alert the
staff and encourage eye contact as well as the ability to identify those who
would attack and/or invade. It also makes staff more aware of if or when those
who entered have left (minimizing the risk of locking intruders in the building

Little things make a big difference when it comes to security for your home or
business. Take some or all of the steps mentioned above and apply them to your
home and business. They will not only make your family, employees, and property
safer but will in many cases help them feel more secure as well.

Are Security Bars Worth the Risks?

There are many things that families and businesses do in order to secure their
property across the country and around the world. One measure that is often
taken in the name of security is the addition of security bars to doors and
windows. Despite the inherent benefits of securing property, these bars often
run the risks of endangering the people inside for whom the real home or
business security is often sought.

One thing remains true, many invaders will keep moving rather than attempt
entry into a home that has security bars on doors and windows. Home invasion is
almost the only security that these bars provides however and for many, the
risks involved in having these bars on windows is not at all worth the small
measure of protection that is provided. In other words, the good of these bars
is greatly out measured by the negatives of these bars when it comes to
insuring the safety of family members or employees inside these buildings.

Many people do not purchase new security bars but rather rely on the same bars
that have covered the windows of the home or business for many years. Some of
these are rusted and nearly impossible to remove when there is plenty of time
and effort available in which to
remove them. In emergency situations, every second matters and these bars can
be the very things that trap people inside a burning or flooding building
holding them hostage to the perils inside the home or business rather than
protecting them from the dangers on the outside.

Security bars are no longer the cheap alternative to traditional alarm systems
and monitoring services that they were touted to be in the past. They are in
fact, more often than not a greater risk than they are a benefit to business
and homeowners. Many larger companies offer free installation of alarm systems
and alarms as well as monthly monitoring services at more than reasonable
rates. More importantly not only are these monitoring services available for
invasions or intrusions but also for fire and smoke as well as panic button

While security bars may have had a time and place, they have been replaced by
something that is much more effective at preventing and deterring criminals as
well as something that provides a greater degree of protection for the most
precious assets of any home or business-the people inside. The costs involved
in monthly monitoring for some seems great but most will find that the value
this service provides if and when it is ever needed is well worth every penny.

Options to burglar bars that are not terribly costly include planting thorny
bushes below windows and keeping them trimmed back just enough that they do not
block a view of the windows. Most intruders do not want a complicated process
and they certainly do not want to be injured during the process by prickly
plants. Lighting is another option that is essentially less expensive in many
cases than it would be to install burglar bars. Intruders do not want to be
seen. If the area surrounding your home and business is well lit it will serve
as a deterrent. Explore options such as this before resorting to security bars.

To answer the question of whether or not security bars are worth the risks for
home or business protection the answer would be a resounding "No!" While we are
all well aware that prevention is the best cure when it comes to crime, there
are times when certain preventative measures provide far greater risks than
potential security and those are risks that shouldn't be worth taking to the
average home or business owner. There are other preventative measures that can
be taken in order to deter intruders that pose far less risk to family members
and employees. These options should be incorporated rather than those that pose
additional risks to those you should be taking every possible precaution in
order to protect.

Are Private Security Firms a Good Plan for Homes and Businesses?

There are many ways in which a home or business can revamp or overhaul its
security protocols. One of these methods is by availing itself of the services
of a private security service. Private security was once something that was
reserved for larger companies or the fabulously wealthy. Both of which many of
us are not. Today, however, private security has an entirely different meaning
than it has had in days past.

A private security firm for most homes and businesses is simply a service that
monitors and responds to reports of problems rather than live guards who
actually monitor and secure the property onsite. Most private security firms
have employees in a centralized location that monitor video cameras, alarm
systems, and combinations of the two from a centralized location and respond to
emergencies and potential problems according to the protocols included in the
service agreement drawn up and the specifications and desires of the home
and/or business owner in any given situation.

These private security firms often monitor several homes and alarm systems
simultaneously so the level of care and monitoring is not as dedicated as it
would be with onsite security staff but the costs involved, since you're
essentially sharing the service with other homes and businesses is greatly
reduced over what you would pay for private onsite security. There are many
differences in these two types of security that should be pointed out.

Onsite private security services actually secure the property. They insure that
everything is nice and tightly locked up and secure from trespass and invasion.
They will monitor who enters and leaves the property and in some states may
even carry arms while performing their duties in order to insure an added layer
of protection. When you hire an onsite security service you have the ultimate
say so in who is employed by you and are fully aware of any criminal past (as
you would likely perform a complete background check) they may have. You will
pay more for this type of service but depending on the needs of your family or
business, which is often a price well worth paying, particularly if you feel
your company or family is at risk for some unknown reason.

The typical private security firms that service multiple home and business
security accounts hires workers that are willing to work for lower wages and as
a result often have questionable pasts. Unfortunately you will not get the
ultimate say over who responds to your calls or monitors your home. Most of
these companies have limited staff that is stretched fairly thin in addition to
fairly high turnover rates. You must be willing to accept the personnel they
send or risk paying the higher price of having police respond to potential
false alarms. For some people this is a risk not worth taking while others are
perfectly willing to accept the potential risk for the probably security.

Carefully consider the differences above when making your final decision as to
whether or not a private security firm is the best decision for the security
needs of your home or business. Regardless of the choice you make, having
someone watch over your home or business when you aren't around to do it, is a
priceless luxury that has recently become more affordable even for the average
household or small business when it comes to security.

Are Free Security Systems Worth the Money?

While the title question may be a bit confusing to some, I am quite certain
that there are people reading this who understand the question completely.
Nothing in this day and age is completely free of charge any more. In fact,
those things that advertise their prices as free quite often make up for that
and so much more in the end. Ultimately, when it comes to home and business
security you will have to decide for yourself if the overall cost is worth the
thrown in freebies. When it comes to security however, most competent security
services will provide peace of mind that is well worth the eventual price.

One thing is certain however-read the small print before you decide to buy,
especially when the price is free. Most home and business security systems will
allow the equipment to remain as long as they are the monitoring service in
question or you have used their service and equipment for a specified amount of
time (again read the contract in order to find out the specifics of the company
you are considering).

Another thing you should keep in mind is that these companies are competing for
your business. If you see something you like with another company but the price
is different see if you can have this as a bonus (while they're giving away
freebies and before you sign anything). They may have a standard agreement but
that doesn't change the fact that security companies offer a service and that
service can be altered in order to meet the needs of the client. If not,
there's no harm in selecting the other company or attempting to negotiate with
them. You may find a better deal elsewhere even if you are required to pay for
the equipment.

In other words, don't get so caught up in the idea of free equipment that you
overlook the obvious price that is paid through inflated service agreements or
overlong contractual obligations. The fine print will often reveal this sort of
information as will the actual salesperson if you ask the right questions. First
of all, you need to know what equipment is included in the 'freebie' package and
what is being recommended or actually installed on your property. Never pay for
something you didn't agree to have installed and never sign anything with a
company such as this without reading the contract completely (you could be
agreeing to pay for the equipment you don't even know is going to be installed

While I would like to claim that all in the business of home security or
scrupulous to a fault this is not always the case. In fact, many agents of
these companies are out simply to get your signature and grab a commission. The
larger the sale, the more money these agents bring home. The place that most of
these companies get consumers however, is in the monthly service or monitoring
fees. Compare these fees when deciding what service to bring into your home and
that will ultimately indicate the largest of the hidden costs in your free home
or business security system. Keep in mind what these fees include when
comparing prices as well as the length of the term. You do not want to be
trapped in a lengthy contract with a company that you do not like (especially
when it comes to the security of your home or business) once all is said and

Are Fake Security Cameras False Security?

You hear people talking about them all the time. The infamous 'dummy cameras'
that are supposed to make your business or home suddenly invulnerable to crime.
The problem with this logic is that it isn't entirely correct. Cameras do not
deter crime, the fear of getting caught does. Unfortunately for home and
business owners that are relying on dummy cameras for security is that there is
nothing with which to identify these invaders if they are caught because the
camera that was supposed to be providing security was a fake.

The thing to remember is that cameras in and of themselves are not really crime
deterrents. They are not preventative measures at all. Cameras only work to
identify those who have already committed the crime rather than frighten off
those who may commit the crimes. The only cameras that are effective at
catching someone in the act are those that are monitored on the premises with
adequate security to not only monitor the cameras but also apprehend the
perpetrators. Dummy cameras do not provide any of these services, which renders
them fairly useless all around.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many would be criminals could honestly
care less if there are cameras and even less so whether or not the cameras are
real or fake. Criminals are well aware that by removing identifying clothing
and never looking directly at the cameras there is little that can be captured
that will identify them (even if they are real). They also are fairly certain
that even if the cameras are monitored there is often quite a bit of time
between the crime being captured and the authorities being notified and then
arriving. In fact, that is what the average criminal is banking on-the fact
that the police are often slow to arrive. Cameras, real or fake, have little to
do with crime prevention and more to do with identifying the perpetrators, fake
cameras simply cannot assist with that.

If you are considering a dummy camera or a few dummy cameras for the security
of your home and business you would do well to consider the cost of the cameras
and installation (if necessary) compared to the cost of having a viable security
system that is monitored. You are likely to find that price difference in the
initial equipment (especially when you consider that many security monitoring
services offer the equipment free of charge) is negligible when compared to the
security it provides for your home or business and the peace of mind it provides
you as the home or business owner.

That being said, there are some fairly convincing fake cameras on the market
and they may actually deter those who would commit crimes of convenience rather
than those who carefully plan the crimes they are preparing to commit. The
problem is that you will never really know as there is no way to really judge
the success of these units unless your business was consistently loosing money
until these cameras began appearing. More likely than not, the only crimes
these fake cameras will prevent are small 'petty thefts' like kids stealing
bubble gum and such. Save your money and invest it into a monitored security
system for your home or business to pay for the monthly monitoring rather than
dummy cameras that have very little real effect.

Added Security may Lower Insurance Rates for Home and Business Owners

One thing that many home and business owners neglect to check when establishing
security measures for their homes and businesses is whether or not the standards
being established will actually work to lower their insurance rates. Just as
many companies reward safe drivers and drivers who own cars with GPS tracking
enabled, they also reward home owners that take logical and practical steps to 
reduce the vulnerability of the homes to invasion as well as other security 
risks such as fire.

This is one question you should ask the security expert that assesses your home
or business for security measures and upgrades as he should be able to give you
a 'heads up' when it comes to this sort of information and which insurance
companies prize these sorts of upgrades more heavily. The bottom line is that
the experts keep up with this type of information in order to encourage
hesitant buyers to make the purchase. In all fairness toe the experts; the fact
remains that much of the costs involved in these security measures can be
recovered through the discounts that are applied to the insurance costs.

One thing that may be worth mentioning is that in some cases, the savings
translate into enough money to cover the monthly monitoring fees that the
security services charge. When compared to the insurance savings, the peace of
mind that is involved in providing these added security measures to your home
or business is well worth any additional costs in most cases. This is
particularly true if ever the time comes when these things pay off by
protecting your family or employees as these security measures are designed to

Insurance companies are well aware that property is not only damaged due to
theft but in many cases possessions are taken away from homeowners, never to be
recovered. Some of these possessions are priceless in value, as dollar signs do
not begin to touch their significance. However, by taking preventative measures
to protect your belongings, most insurance companies will find you a more
acceptable risk simply for taking the small step of hiring a monitored security

Other things you can do when it comes to the safety and security of your home
or business include getting a new roof that is fire resistant, installing a
fire extinguishing system, offering courses on fire safety (to employees), and
installing fire barriers in larger companies that should work to protect some
of the building even when all of the building cannot be protected.

Upgrading the electrical services in your home or business can also help you
save money on your insurance as it reduces yet another fire risk. Fire is one
of the greatest damaging forces that the average business will experience as
far as structural risks goes and one that is in many cases preventable by
taking certain measures. There is very little that can actually be done to
protect a business or home from the ravages of flood or tornadoes so there is
little hope available for lowering the price of your insurance premiums by
seeking to defend against these types of damage.

In many cases, small steps can net big rewards when insurance companies sees
the combined total of your efforts to protect your home or business not only
from invasion but also the dangers that often arise from within. Protecting the
structure of your home or office is only a small part of the security efforts
that should be implemented by taking the steps to do just that often make a big
impression on big business and will result in savings for you down the road.

Remember always that prevention is the best cure and insurance companies know
this as well as you know it. For this reason, they are willing, in many cases,
to reward those who take this information to heart and act upon it. Check with
your insurance company and see if your new security measures for your home and
business will actually cost less in the long run than you may have originally

Computer Security for Teens at Home

We live in a world that is increasingly dependent upon computers and the
Internet in order to achieve even the most modest of tasks that once would have
taken a drive to the library. This drive to the library could have taken
anywhere from a matter of minutes and a cursory glance through the card catalog
or hours spent sifting through dusty shelves and outdated collections of books
in order to find relevant information to the topic being researched.

Unfortunately, the clear advantages of the information age, such as ready
access to information twenty four hours a day seven days a week with just the
click of a few keys is also proving to be a logistical nightmare when it comes
to safeguarding the security of homes and businesses around the world. There is
so much information floating around in cyberspace and we unwittingly contribute
even more information each and every time we enter a phone number, address, or
bank account number into our computers. The problem is that we often need to
enter these things in order to get the information or merchandise we require
from our computers.

To safeguard your children from Internet predators and material that simply
isn't appropriate for their viewing needs enable parental controls on the
computer. Your children may protest but a few hours of their complaints is well
worth the peace of mind you have knowing that nothing should be getting through
that you don't want them to view. This will result in some uproarious moments
as favorite websites may be tagged for ridiculous reasons you'll have to take
those on a case-by-case basis and decide whether or not you want to allow your
children access to these sites that are often tagged with no real reason or
inappropriateness. No system is perfect but doing nothing would be far worse.

Another thing you should do in order to more closely monitor their Internet
activity is keep the computer in a centralized area in the home rather than
allowing them to bring computers into the privacy of their bedrooms where they
are unobserved. You should also keep in mind that even the best and brightest
among us are quite likely to be outshone by our children when it comes to
computer savvy. Do not trust that minimal efforts will net the big results you
are hoping to achieve.

Discuss proper online safety procedures with your children, especially your
teens. Remind them of these things on a regular basis and drill it into them.
Safety is the most important thing when having discussions online, in chat
rooms, or even in weblogs and websites. It is amazing how much information is
accidentally given away through conversations that would never have been given
away if direct questions had been asked in order to get that information.

For this reason it is even more important that you stress the urgency of
secrecy on the Internet. Team names, practice times, school names, and sports
participation should be kept to a minimum on the Internet as all of these
things can be used in order to isolate and identify your teen. Photos should
also be limited in all honesty, particularly those in cheerleading or ball team
uniforms that can easily be used to identify location as well as those that
include car tags and other relevant information that is identifying in nature.
While this may seem harsh to your teen it is much better to be harsh with them
than go through the heartache and uncertainty of a missing teen or worse
because of Internet predators.

The safety of your teen is the most important thing you can protect on your
home computer and if you do not make him or her aware of the risks he or she
will not take those risks seriously. Part of home security is protecting your
family members from themselves as much as it is to protect them from the world

Computer Security for Businesses

Many businesses in the world today operate on networked systems that allow
shared access of much information in order to streamline various processes.
This is a wise decision on behalf of business owners as it saves a lot of time
(and time is money in the world of business) that employees would otherwise
spend waiting for various files to download onto their individual computer
systems. The problem is that this also presents a logistical security nightmare
for many reasons.

The first reason that often comes to mind is a computer virus. Once one
computer in the network is infected it's a very slow business day, week, or
month all around and in some cases an extremely expensive problem to fix. Many
businesses have established policies in order to minimize these risks. If your
business does not have a security protocol in place for not only preventing
viruses but also handling the aftermath of viruses, it is time to talk with
your IT department or contact an IT specialist from outside the company in
order to establish protocols and procedures to combat the risks that viruses
pose to productivity and the valuable information held within your companies
computer systems.

Regular back ups of the computer systems is another issue that many people do
not consider when it comes to the security of computers for their businesses.
However, stuff happens. Hard drives crash and servers die horrific yet
spectacular deaths. The unfortunate truth is that these things never happen at
opportune times (because there is never a good time for the computers of any
business to go down). The lag time however can be greatly reduced if a business
creates daily backups of all computer systems. This can be done in a matter of
minutes each day and can save months of work trying to retrieve the information
should the unthinkable happen. It is well worth the costs and time involved to
back up your computers each and every day as part of your company's security

Visitors. Most businesses have venders and clients in and out all the time.
Many of these visitors have laptop computers and need Internet access. Rather
than allowing these visitors computers to have access to the information that
your business allows to employees it is best to have an external Internet
source for visiting computers that is completely separate from the network
shared by employees. While it would be wonderful if we lived in a world in
which we could trust visitors but the truth is we can't. Not only are visitors
not above sabotaging the competition they are also not above trying to steal
your secrets as well as the new products that are in the pipelines. For this
reason it is wise to pay the price for having an internal network and an
external network for your business.

Remote access. This is something that many companies offer employees as a way
of allowing them to work from home on occasion during family emergencies and
even after hours. Many employees see this is a perk and more and more
businesses are allowing this sort of access. The problem is that not all
employees are as security conscious, as they should be. Discuss with the IT
experts in your company or those you consult how to minimize the risks involved
in providing this 'perk' to employees. There are ways that can be incorporated
that limit the access to information that individual employees have while
working remotely that still allow them to access the files that are relevant to
their specific tasks and responsibilities with a password or code. Find out what
will suit the security needs of your company best and implement that system.

The information age poses new risks for businesses at every turn in order to
make up for the added conveniences. Be sure that your business takes the
necessary steps to insure maximum security when it comes to the computers that
make life so much easier.

Paper Trails Lead to Security Nightmares

While it isn't all about the paper these days there is much security that is
lost on a regular basis through the use of paper. Even utility bills in this
day and age can leave identity thefts with plenty of information necessary in
order to acquire the documentation necessary to pretend to be you or one of
your employees in some cases. The paper that is innocently thrown away each and
every year provides those who would steal your identify from you the ammunition
with which to do just that.

Unfortunately, identity theft doesn't begin to cover the nightmares that can be
accomplished by allowing slips of paper to fall into the wrong hands. There is a
reason that Enron has become almost synonymous with paper shredding. They were
at the very least well aware of the risks that documentation posed to their
efforts of covering up the crimes they had committed against their company,
their employees, and the faith many Americans have in their employers. Those
documents were the equivalent of a 'smoking gun' and the best solution they had
available to them was a paper shredder.

While this is by no means meant to condone paper shredding to cover up crimes
and misdeeds it does go to show the power that paper truly has, particularly in
the 'Information Age' in which we live. Paper remains one of the most effective
and convenient ways of exchanging information with large numbers of the
population. Books continue to be printed on paper, as do magazines, and
quarterly reports.

Despite the fact that many of us live and die by our computers, we still enjoy
the ability to take this information away from the computer and enjoy it over
coffee and toast for breakfast or while swinging in a hammock out back. The
thing to remember is that even though we can print off delicate and often
confidential material from our computers and take them along with us, it is
imperative that this information is not merely tossed in the garbage but
destroyed in the process. The price we must pay for having sensitive and
personal information floating around on paper documents is the necessity to
shred those papers and remove the information that could be used and abused by
others for more sinister purposes.

If you go through a lot of paper during the course of a business day that needs
to be shredded and removed it may be in your best interest to enlist the
services of a paper shredding company. If you have enough employees to take
care of the matter in house, you may want to invest in some serious document
shredding machinery.

There are more reasons for this than the obvious security risks however and
they should be addressed as well. Unlike information on a computer, paper takes
up an incredible amount of space in large volumes. This means that unless a
business has amazing storage capacity some of the paper information is going to
have to be removed after a certain period of time in order to make room for the
new paper that is being generated in volumes on an almost daily basis. Those
documents that need to be kept in perpetuity can often be scanned to a computer
then destroyed in order to make room for more papers (you should check with your
lawyers however before doing this in order to discover what types of papers the
original document is absolutely necessary to have access to in case of

Information fraud and identity theft are problems that are not limited to
businesses and the corporate world. The average household needs to have a paper
shredder that is big enough to handle the average volume of mail coming into the
home each and every week. Anything that has personal information that doesn't
need to be kept on hand should be immediately shredded in order to avoid those
who would do ill with this information from getting their hands on it.

Panic Alarms for Added Security in Homes and Businesses

Silent alarms are often thought of as something that is only suitable for
banks. The truth is that almost any home or business would do well to have a
panic button alarm system in the event of an intrusion, fire, or weather
related emergency. Panic alarms come in many shapes and sizes as well as
styles. Consider carefully the type of business you operate or the situation
within your home before deciding whether or not to incorporate a panic alarm
into the security plans for your home or business.

Some are simply a means of emitting a powerful and ear piercing alarm. While
these are not what this article is recommending to protect a home or business,
they can be vital protection devices for personal security while walking,
hiking, or biking. They deter criminals if noticed because most criminals do
not want to draw attention to themselves and often frighten them away when
committing a crime because they do make a spectacle of everyone involved. This
is a situation that is bad for business for most purse-snatchers or people
snatchers and will often frighten them away.

Silent panic alarms as a security protocol for business are especially helpful
for businesses that do a heavy amount of work with cash or businesses that sell
to those who may become unruly on a regular basis. They are also considered
quite valuable in businesses that sell firearms. In truth however, in this day
and age, any business would do well to have a silent panic button that goes
straight to a monitored service. The reason for this is quite simply-you just
never know. We live in a world where we simply do not know from one day to the
next who the next person will be to do the unthinkable. While we do not want to
admit to ourselves that he or she could be in the next cubicle the chances are
just as good as any that they may be.

In our homes, a panic button can be a life saving device, literally. Panic
devices exist that have live monitoring through speakers on the other end for
elderly people who have fallen and cannot make it to the telephone in order to
call emergency services. The unfortunate truth is that more often than not
falls of this sort do not happen within easy access of the telephone. These
devices can help those in need get the assistance they need no matter where in
the home they may be. They work by having a remote device that is worn around
the neck. In the event of disaster the panic button can be pressed and the
monitoring agent on the other end can render assistance. If you have a loved
one that is elderly and living alone this is a device that is an absolute must.

That is not the only option that is available for home security panic button
needs however. Most security systems have codes that can be punched into the
keypad that will automatically call the authorities. As an added benefit many
security companies are offering the added benefit of wristwatch devices as well
as key chains that allow a remote access panic button to interact with the
monitoring device in a panic situation without requiring that you be in the
room with the device in order to key in the code.

The decision to add security to your home or business is never one to be taken
lightly. There are so many variables and we all want the places where we live
and work to be as safe as they can possibly be. At the same time we do not want
to wallow in fear of what may happen. These panic button security devices,
whether for use in the home or office, allow an added layer of security and
comfort without serving as a constant reminder of all the many things that may
happen and let us get about the process of all the things that are happening
each and every day.

Nanny Cams for Home and Business Security

The term "nanny cam" has become synonymous with hidden cameras. These cameras
provide very little real preventative security for homes and businesses but can
provide a very credible tool for identifying perpetrators of harm within the
home when used properly. These cameras are appropriately named however for
their function as a method of keeping an eye on those who are keeping their
eyes on your children.

For home use, the ability to watch over nannies and caretakers is one of the
best reasons to make this sort of investment. One thing you should remember
when selecting your camera is that in some states it isn't legal to record
speech without the knowledge of the person in question. You should consult with
the laws in your state before making the purchase (the retailer where you
purchase your nanny cam should be able to inform you of this legality).

These cameras do have a security purpose that is often overlooked by the rather
secretive nature of them and that purpose would be to keep a watchful eye on
your children even when you cannot be in the room with them. This allows mom or
dad to prepare dinner, pay a few bills, or even take a much-needed coffee break
without feeling as though she or he should be in the room with baby. Children
can be monitored from a distance allowing them to build important problem
solving and self-entertaining skills while allowing you the peace of mind that
comes with knowing what is going on.

Another thing to remember when installing a nanny cam in your home is that not
only will it record the nanny and your children but it can also be used in
order to record the housekeeper and keep an eye out for potential theft that is
taking place. It is sad that we live in a world in which we should be suspicious
of everyone and yet that is exactly the world in which we live. A nanny cam can
make your family feel much safer and better protected just because there is
always someone watching over them. In the horrible event that something goes
wrong there will at least be a witness.

Small businesses also greatly benefit from the use of 'nanny cams' in order to
identify potential thieves in their employ. Most small business owners are well
aware that the vast majority of thefts are actually inside jobs. By placing a
hidden camera in the stock room and above the cash register much of the theft
within the store or business can be easily identified and quickly handled.
Small businesses can use nanny cam not only as security against employee theft
but also as a tool against the theft of merchandise by patrons.

Once again the laws of the state should be followed. If you live in a state
that requires the knowledge of employees in order to obtain voice recordings
then select monitoring equipment that is video only. At this point in time
video surveillance is allowable without informing those being recorded in all
50 states. If you are attempting to implement tighter security efforts in your
home or your business, you may want to consider the benefit of adding a nanny
cam to your security arsenal. You never know just how much peace of mind merely
having the camera will provide.

ADT for Home and Business Security

ADT is probably one of the most recognized names in the United States when it
comes to home and business security. Not only does this company offer security
services that are appropriate to homes and businesses of all sizes they also
offer monitoring services for home or business intrusions as well as monitoring
services for medical emergencies.

Part of the reason that ADT is so successful is because they are quite
aggressive in their sales efforts. Another reason that they are so successful
is that they do have a proven track record of not only deterring intrusions
simply as the result of their alarm systems but also a proven record of
responding quickly to emergency situations within the home and notifying the
proper authorities when necessary.

While some will argue that their sales tactics prey on peoples fears that is
quite honestly what they are in the business to do. Profit from the fears of
others (whether these fears are valid fears or not). The truth of the matter is
that in the world in which we live, there really is no such thing as a safe
neighborhood anymore. Even those that once left doors unlocked and keys in cars
have now taken on a policy of serious security efforts that had been relatively
ignored in the past.

Evil is no longer some faceless nation across the ocean it has made its way to
American soil and for that reason more and more people are taking a more
proactive role in securing their homes and businesses than ever before. While
there are some things that no security system can really monitor or prevent
there are others that are very preventable and easy to monitor.

One reason that ADT is so successful in deterring crime is that it makes home
invasions inconvenient simply by being there. Most home invaders are not what
one would consider craftsmen or women. They are creatures of opportunity
looking for an easy way to score large. Overriding a security system or making
off with serious loot in spite of ear piercing alarms is often not what the
average home invader would consider an easy score. In other words, many
criminals will see that there is an ADT sign in the yard or obvious indicators
of a monitored alarm system and move right on to the next house on the block
rather than deal with the hassles that the average security system adds to the

ADT is good about letting would be invaders know that the home is protected and
monitored by their system with stickers for windows and yard signs. Many
families also like the fact that this type of monitoring system can also deter
boyfriends or girlfriends or even best friends from making late night and often
uninvited appearances. More importantly it can provide a little bit of a
roadblock for errant teens trying to sneak out or back in late at night as
well. These alarm systems are often much more than protecting homes and small
businesses (or larger businesses) from intrusion but also in protecting them
from those who live and work there as well.

If you are considering an alarm system, I would strongly encourage you to at
least call ADT and allow them to give you a security risk assessment. This is
performed free of charge in most areas and may clue you in to strengths and
weaknesses you knew nothing about before.

Brinks Business and Home Security Services

Brinks is a name that is often associated with armor truck services for
businesses and banks that need to transport large amounts of cash. There is so
much more however to the Brinks name when it comes to security. This is
definitely a company should not be overlooked when seeking security services.
Brinks has much to offer not only the businesses in the area seeking better
security methods but also the homes in the area that are attempting to upgrade
their security measures in order for families to feel safer.

Brinks operates in more than 50 countries around the world and is a leader in
the field of home and business security services. In the United States, Brinks
is the second largest monitoring service provider for home and business
security. Being second in a highly competitive field such as this is definitely
an accomplishment to be proud of.

Brinks offers a little something extra than many security companies and that is
the armored truck services. Perhaps if their efforts weren't divided between the
services they would be number one in the field of home and business security. By
offering diversified services such as this, Brinks has managed to reach out to
multiple markets and is experiencing a very successful run in the business of
security around the world.

However, the fact that this service is offered and a great deal of time,
attention, effort, and training are devoted to this particular field for the
company means that they are well diversified and flexible. This is something
that most people should not only expect but also demand in the company that is
providing security to their homes or businesses. After all the protection of
family members and employees is no small task in the world of today.

Worldwide, Brinks is best known as a transporter of valuable goods. Money,
jewels, and priceless works of art are only a few of the valuable items that
this company has been charged with transporting over the years. However, they
are gaining an even greater reputation within the United States as a home
security service provider as well as a security service for business and
corporate properties in addition to being a well respected transportation
service for precious goods. They do have a reputation for being number one in
this particular department though they may be number two elsewhere.

Brinks has an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity in the communities
it serves. More importantly, Brinks is known for being effective and getting the
job done. When security is the issue and the lives and livelihoods of families
and employees are on the line there is no room at the top for companies that
offer a service that is consistently less than necessary. Brinks has a
reputation for getting the job done and that is a reputation you want in the
security provider you choose for your home or business.

If you are considering a new security system for your home or business or
simply considering the installation of a security system all together it would
be in your best interest to check out what Brinks has to offer in your area
that would be appropriate for your home or business needs. You just might find
that Brinks is the number one choice for the security needs of your home or

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