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What is the "Ideal Honeymoon?"

So you are planning your honeymoon -- Congratulations! The honeymoon is an
important part of the wedding experience. A much-needed break after months of
exciting and often exhausting wedding planning!

Most people grow up with a preconceived notion of what an ideal honeymoon
should involve. However, a bride's idea of tropical paradise and a groom's idea
of a ski resort might have some areas of conflict.

Paradise Comes in Many Forms: Different Types of Honeymoons

When it comes to honeymoon planning, most couples try to select the destination
first, while travel agents often suggest a more productive way to begin. Unless
your dream destination has already been set in stone, first decide what type of
vacation you want. Then you can narrow down your list of destinations

Resorts are very popular honeymoon destinations. They transport you into
another world, for a wonderful escape from the daily grind of everyday life.
They are often set in the most picturesque and beautiful places in the world,
including pools, private beaches and golf courses. There are wonderful
restaurants and relaxing spas for you both to experience.

All-inclusive resorts streamline the enjoyment process by including everything.
Your room, transfers, recreational facilities, meals and drinks are included in
the one price. Without the worries of wondering how much everything little
thing will cost, you are free to live the high life experiencing everything you
want as often as you want it.

If an all-inclusive resort sounds tempting but too stationary, consider taking
a cruise. Cruises are often floating resorts, which take you away to one exotic
port after another. Whether you want a cultural cruise to the Caribbean region,
or a wildlife adventure up the Alaskan coast, your travel agent will match you
and your partner to the perfect honeymoon experience!

Plan your honeymoon together

This is the trip you want to be "just right"! This is the holiday of your life
as you start out being husband and wife.

Whether the two of you have differing views of your dream honeymoon, or share a
vision of the perfect romantic getaway, you've got many choices. Depending on
your budget and time constraints, you've got a whole world of choices ahead of
you. It's time to start making those decisions!

Communication and compromise are needed with the goal to make your honeymoon
romantic, memorable and stress-free. Here are some questions to consider as
soon as talk of your honeymoon begins.

What is most important?

Suntan lotion, sand and surf, or the privacy and seclusion a mountain retreat?

Are you looking to experience new cultures in distant lands, or do you just
want to get away from it all?

Would you prefer to travel in your local area? Or would you prefer to travel to
an international location?

Do you want to spend more on the wedding or the honeymoon? Stay in a resort or
a do-it-yourself location?

No trip can ever be one hundred percent perfect! Unexpected discoveries and
last-minute plan changes can be part of the fun of travel. However, some
surprises are definitely best avoided. Such as the hotel room, that echoes with
the sound of the disco next door. The Bed and Breakfast with a shared bath and
you need to use it at the same time. Or even, that gorgeous ocean liner that
has everything, you discover has twin beds.

Please remember to focus on each other during your honeymoon. You can always
opt for a honeymoon that's close to home. Book an intimate inn or quaint Bed
and Breakfast. You can spend more time at the destination and less time
traveling. Leaving more time for each other!

Plan your honeymoon wisely

With so many different places to visit and see, the world and what it has to
offer, why not plan an unforgettable trip? To a destination you may other wise
never get to see or experience when planning your honeymoon.

There are so many beautiful parts to this world of ours. Far too many to list,
they say two heads are better then one, so if you both add your idea's you are
bound to come up with something or somewhere exciting to see and do on your

Australia is a wonderful travel destination! With so much to do and see! From
the vast outback, to the beaches and in between, make the most of your
honeymoon. After all, most of us only get to experience one honeymoon in our
life time. But then there is no reason why you can not take more than one
honeymoon in your married life. Some call it a second honeymoon.

A holiday is almost as good as any honeymoon. It is what you make of the trips
unique experiences. How you go about it life's little adventures. Whether
you're into the 'norm' or out their on your own on destinations, make the most
of your honeymoon.

Travel agencies can help you in planning your honeymoon. If you get in early
enough and find what you are looking for, then you can save for that special
event experience together.

Do not waste a minute! Time is so important. Not just on planning your
honeymoon. You don't want to miss out, especially if you decide on popular
areas. There are off-peak and peak times. Each is different with the amount of
people visiting.

Welcome to the world of married folks! May your life together be prosperous,
loving and a life time of wealth. Congratulations on choosing to share your
life together.

Make your honeymoon time count!

What a wonderful service your wedding was, and congratulations on your coming
together as husband and wife.

Now that all that is out of the way, you have the time to save for your

Where you would like to take it is totally up to you. Beyond the wide blue
yonder is a wealth of adventure just waiting for you to discover.

Life throws many challenges our way, and it is up to us as individuals, how we
cope with our day to day life on this earth. Making the most of any situation
that comes our way.

So to end your special wedding service, cap it off with the best honeymoon your
money can buy.

That does not have to mean that you put yourself into debt, ending your special
day with stress and worries you can well do without.

We all have our own expectations. It is compromising and knowing how far to go
to get what we want that is the important thing when it comes to arranging your

So start early with the preparations! Check out travel brochures and videos
that most good travel agents have. Search magazines as sometimes ads are placed
in them. Also ask your friends and family to help out too.

Instead of presents ask to be given money. It will come in handy towards your
honeymoon. Honeymoon Registries are often available from Travel Agents. How can
you go wrong with money? We all need it, we can all do with it and it is
surprising what we can benefit from it.

So what ever you plan to do on you're honeymoon, make the most of your current
situation. Arrange to your own ability, and more importantly enjoy you're time
spent together. After all you only get the one honeymoon!

Make your honeymoon unique!

So your big day is not far off now and you are still behind on where to go
for your honeymoon. Have you called in to visit your local travel agent? They
have many unique and exciting destinations to suit anyone and any budget.

If traveling abroad does not take your fancy, what about looking in your own
back yard or so too speak. A honeymoon does not have to be fancy, or have a
fortune spent on it. Often after the wedding, there is not much left over to
spend on an expensive honeymoon.

You can even take it at a later date. There is no written word that says now
that you're married, you must take your honeymoon here and now. You could spend
it doing what ever you're heart desires as it only counts for you and your other
half. It all comes down to where you want to be, or how you want to spend you're

You may be happy to break your honeymoon into three or four weekends throughout
a year. Or, perhaps, you will wait until your first anniversary and then take
that much needed late honeymoon.

So instead of listening to you're friends rave on about how much theirs cost,
and set them back, take a leaf out of your own book, doing what you and you're
future partner want to do. If finances are a little tight, enjoy your honeymoon
at time where you both can afford it. You do not have to put yourselves into
debt, when you are just starting out on a new adventure of a life time together.

Your honeymoon should be stress free. A lovely setting for two! Just you and
that one person that makes your heart swell every time they walk into the room.
Whatever you do, choose enjoy your honeymoon and you r precious time together.

Make your memories count

Honeymoons are a time to remember! Memories are created that last a lifetime
and can be cherished by the entire family. Listen to older people, such as the
grandparents and see what they have to say on their honeymoon. Some of the
stories are quite exciting and humorous.

Your honeymoon will be unique no matter where you both go. Only the two of you
will be actively participating unless you have children. Taking children on
your honeymoon, does sound a bit unusual and is actually quite common.

Blended families often use this time to get together and help create new bonds
between the members of the family. This is a time of celebration, where the
parents coming together have formed a new extended family. The children now
have step brothers or sisters to play with plus a new step mom or step dad.
Along with the extended family come other family members, grandparents, uncles,
aunts and cousins.

A lot of families will go to resorts that cater for families with activities
and accommodation to suit everyone. There is everything from bed and
breakfasts, farm stays, caravan park resorts to the up market resorts. Anything
is possible; it depends on the financial planning for how long you will be able
to get away.

Here in Australia families often go camping in the warmer months. There are
some spectacular National Parks and places to visit that do not cost much and
make the honeymoon more enjoyable for everyone.

Remember to pack your clothes, plus the tent and the cooking accessories
(unless you will be eating takeaway), the first aid kit and the sleeping bags.
Please be careful and respect the creatures of the outdoor regions. Some bite
and are not as nice as they look. Take the insect repellant as this is very
important -- mosquitoes bite and can make you sick plus very itchy!

Above all enjoy your family honeymoon and make it a time for everyone to

Questions you can ask

Honeymoons are supposed to be the most magical and memorable times in your
life, other than your wedding day. Now is the time to relax, unwind and enjoy
each others company. No matter where you both choose to go for this period, you
will have many memories to remember and cherish.

Everyone has a unique style they prefer for their honeymoon. Some couples
prefer the adventures of another country. During the planning, it is wise to
have a budget. This way a savings plan can help make your time away more
enjoyable. When you come home, there will be less debt to pay if you had to
borrow money for your wedding or honeymoon.

You hear of the all-inclusive resort where the one price caters for everything.
Many couples seem to prefer the convenience of an all-inclusive resort; one
package price pays for items usually ranging from tips and transfers to drinks,
meals, and activities. All-inclusives are a great option for honeymooners lucky
enough to be receiving the trip as a gift. For other couples, though,
all-inclusives are not such a good option because they are aimed at travelers
who plan to spend most of their time on the resort property and take most of
their meals right at the resort.

If you are considering staying at an all inclusive resort here are some points
to consider.

* What is your tipping policy? Some all-inclusives prohibit tipping; check with

* Are airport transfers included? Airport transfers can be a pricey item in some
  destinations; know if you should expect to be picked up at the airport.

* Is wine served with dinner?

* How many restaurants are on site?

* What cuisines do they serve?

* Is there waiting service or are all meals served buffet style?

* Is room service available?

* What sports are included?

Some ideas to consider for your honeymoon

Your "honeymoon" -- the very word rings with the promise of romance and passion.
Although the two of you may have taken many trips together, throughout your
relationship, no other journey will quite be the same. This is your first trip
and vacation as husband and wife. This is the trip you want to be "just right"!
The best hotel room for your special time alone! Trouble-free transportation,
things to do and romance. Romantic surroundings and time to spend together for
those cherished memories.

No trip can ever be 100% perfect! There will always be unexpected discoveries
with last-minute plan changes being part of the fun of travel. However, there
are some surprises that can be done without -- the hotel room that shakes from
the sound of the disco next door. The Bed and Breakfast with a shared bath and
you discover that you both want to use it at the same time! The wonderful
cruise that looked perfect. Fine dining and extreme romance until you get to
the cabin to discover twin beds. These types of mishaps are best avoided!

There are many thousands if ideas and options when it comes to planning your
honeymoon. Take the time to do you research thoroughly. Ask your friends and
colleagues what they think of a certain destination. Get a travel consultant to
help you or read on forums in the internet on places that interest you. Make
sure you plan something that suits you -- not just because it is the best deal
your money can buy. This is a special time in your life which will never be

So much time and effort has gone into your wedding. Even if you had a quick
wedding in an outdoor setting, you eloped or had a church setting. You both
deserve to be treated special as this time together is the beginning of the
rest of your life as husband and wife.

Savings Tips for Your Honeymoon

Are you worried about how much your honeymoon will cost? Take it one day at a
time like any other project. Here are some ideas to consider that may help you
save money for your special time.

Decide how much you can afford to spend on your honeymoon.

Setting up a budget is not as hard as it sounds. Once you know the overall cost
of the big day and your honeymoon, including travel, it is possible to get a
good head start on savings. Once you know the full amount of money needed to
cover total costs, see how many months are left to go before your wedding.
Divide the amount needed by the number of months left, as this will give you a
number to aim at saving every month.

Whenever possible in international destinations always use credit cards. Credit
card companies shop for the best currency exchange rates and can save you money.

Let the accommodation people know you are on holiday. Often they may throw in a
complimentary bottle of champagne or a basket of fruit.

Don't forget hidden costs like airport taxes, tips, taxi rides, and departure

Shop around for currency exchange rates in foreign countries. Hotels often
offer poor exchange rates. Also, check into the exchange fees. Get enough money
to last several days.

Visit a local market and pick up food for a picnic lunch. The meal is good and
the cost easy on the budget. Look for specials of the day in different places
to save money as well. Consider eating at local eateries away from the main
tourist scene.

Budget your meal money. Consider splurging on one extravagant meal, then
cutting costs for other meals.

Don't forget that the best things in life are free! Like a walk and a kiss on a
moonlit beach.

Love, romance and those lingering looks.

Love, romance and lingering looks! That sudden knowledge, that the one person
who has been under our noses all these years, and at some point in time, has
also been a thorn in our sides. Somehow they have managed to be there for us,
in one way or another. Continuing to be there to this very day, is that one
person, if taken from us we would miss whole heartily.

It is the one person who makes your heart flutter when he or she enters a room.
That is like being hit by a bolt of lightening, the thought comes too you that
this person and you were meant to be. Be as one, a pair, one of two halves.
Life would seem so endless if you were not together to share life's experiences
good and bad.

It has taken you both so long to finely find each other. Even though you both
have been right there, under each others noses, and in each others lives. You
have set the date for you're big day, the plans are in the making, and all
seems to be going well... have you missed something?

So what about the honeymoon?

Ok so you think you have twelve months to decide and settle on a destination.
Maybe so, plans have to be made for your honeymoon as well, and what better
time then the present to sit down together and make those plans.

Do not forget to consider that just because your plans have been made, does not
mean that everything will always run smoothly. Disruptions happen all the time
to all of us.

In some cases plans will have to be changed due to one thing or another. So is
often a good idea to always have a back up plan in place just in case the first
one does not work out.

The All-Inclusive Honeymoon

Whatever you are looking for in the way of accommodations from high-rise hotel,
o bed-and-breakfast or private villas, you will find exciting honeymoon
accommodations. Prices vary as much as the unique accommodations available to
you. Everything from budget motel to the most luxurious settings is possible.

Unlike a property on a traditional vacation or a business trip, your honeymoon
accommodations become a home away from home.

For many people, all-inclusive resorts are a blessing come true. Gradually
becoming more popular throughout the world, the "one price pays all" policy
makes the all inclusive trip a bonus. No matter who is buying the honeymoon,
the price includes such things as transfers, meals, drinks, water-sports and
more activities.

This means that you're free to try anything you like without blowing your
future vacation budget. Ever been curious about windsurfing? Take a lesson.
You're free to try it all. An all-inclusive is just right for you.

Perhaps the two of you want to try it all: scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing,
golf, or tennis. An all-inclusive is just the ticket for you as well. The
one-price-pays-all policy will be a better deal than paying for individual

You'll know how much to put aside for the entire vacation before you ever buy
your ticket. Once you arrive, feel free to live like a king and never have to
count how much money's left or how high the tally's going on your credit card.

If the two of you are using your honeymoon to blend a new family, you'll find
that you can still have a romantic trip with kids along thanks to all-inclusive
resorts with children's programs. The kids will have fun doing age-appropriate
activities, making new friends, and learning about a new culture, while the two
of you enjoy the start of your life together.

Treasure your time together.

Congratulations! Now you are getting married and are about to embark on your
honeymoon! What do you do and where can we go?

If the idea of lying on a beach sounds about as exciting as a nap shift into
another mode of thought and take an adventure vacation. This is especially
useful if you and your fianc share a kindred spirit for outdoor exploration.
Whether it's white-water rafting in Australia, hiking through Tibet or taking
an African safari, sharing the experience will become a vital bond between you

Historical and cultural trips are fascinating and romantic ways to reconnect
with the past. Visit a famous European city such as Paris, London, Rome or
somewhere else you would live to visit. Experience the culture! Soak in the
sights and experience their way of life. Discover the fascinating history of
the old world country from which your family originated. The unique perspective
you will gain can become a focus point for your family tree.

An excellent travel agent can save you money and time -- two important facts
for a couple planning a wedding and a honeymoon simultaneously. Through
experience and valuable resources, travel agents specialize in providing
personalized suggestions to suit your interests and your budget. And visiting
their office for a chat is absolutely free!

Would you try and bake your wedding cake yourself or ask a professional for
help? For stress-free travel plans -- especially those with multiple steps like
a honeymoon -- seek out the expert advice of a travel agent.

Make time for yourselves. Pad your honeymoon schedule with generous amounts of
free time. Plan a few enjoyable activities and leave lots of opportunities to
just relax and enjoy each other's company.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure this honeymoon is something both of
you can treasure for years to come!

How will you spend your honeymoon?

It's time to plan your honeymoon. So where to go and what to do for your
special time?

Depending on you're financial situation the possibilities can be amazing! You
don't even have to leave the state or country you live in. It all depends on
what you have in mind to where or how you spend your honeymoon. The list is
endless so choose wisely and enjoy your time together!

A nice quiet motel or cabin out in the wilderness, watching the moon shimmer
across the evening sky, ablaze with thousands of twinkling stars. Or go sight
seeing in Paris while enjoying that romantic spa bath together with rose petal
and a glass or two of champagne.

Your honeymoon will be special, no matter how you decide on spending your time
together. After all it is what you have both planned and saved for, so kick
back and relax and enjoy your honeymoon.

Whether it be just taking time off work to spend a few lazy days just hanging
out together. Or planning to visit some place, you both have decided on seeing
-- something unique for you to remember.

The Honeymoon is up to you both to decide on, what may not appeal to some does
not mean that it will not appeal to the both of you. Enjoy the time spent
together as husband and wife and do not listen to criticism of others. After
all, this special time in your life is for you to decide upon.

Your honeymoon will be special no matter how you decide on spending your time
together, after all it is what you have both planned and saved for, so kick
back and relax and enjoy your honeymoon.

Don't forget to pack your camera, to capture all those special unforgettable

Life begins for you both after you say "I Do". So make the very best of your
time together.

How about a second honeymoon?

Have you ever thought about exchanging your vows for a second time? You have a
ceremony and a new honeymoon to plan. This time round you can have a different
theme, look and honeymoon. What you do is entirely up to your selves and can be
exciting in all the stages of planning.

The first wedding saw you both making plans together, each choosing something
different to experience, on you're special coming together as husband and wife.
You will both take every step of you're life together, from this day on; the
memories of you're honeymoon and the adventures you both contributed together.

How special these memories are as no one can erase them and the wonderful
pictures you captured on film to show both families will be a reminder for many
years to come.

So now that you have aged just a little, and the grandkids are planning their
very own special honeymoon, you still have your memories to share and
photographs to complement them. Is it any wonder that you're family want to
hear all about it yet again?

With the wedding vows in place a second time round and you're family wishing
you the best, as you head out on yet another adventure, to recapture the thrill
and excitement of yester year, do not forget that things change. With your
little patch of paradise, is it the same? Or is it like everything else, or yet
again entirely different?

Take your time the second time around. Please don't forget to try and capture
your memories on film. Take as many pictures as you want, and most of all enjoy
and fill your second honeymoon with as much or as little as you choose.

After all it is not everyday that we can recapture and spend what had once been
the beginning of our wonderful life together.

Seeking a Bed and Breakfast?

Honeymoons are magical and special moments in your new life as man and wide! If
you are seeking peace and quiet, then why not consider staying at a bed and
breakfast? These are often secluded and quiet places where the two of you can
relax and enjoy each others company to the fullest.

A bed and breakfast inn can make the two of you feel special and before you go
and book, why not ask some questions.

Do they have a honeymoon package?

What features can they offer to make your honeymoon better than someone else?
What facilities can they offer -- horse riding, bike riding?

Do the innkeepers reside in the house?

Some Bed and Breakfasts operate as guesthouses; while management might be on
property during the day, at night it's just guests on the grounds. At other
properties, you'll find the owner or manager living right in the house. The
atmosphere in these two situations is usually very different. An on-site
manager and owner usually make the property far more like home, enabling the
guests to interact more.

Are the innkeepers professional innkeepers or is the property managed by the

The term "B&B" can mean many things: a home with extra bedrooms rented to
guests, a small inn, a property with multiple guest rooms and professional
hosts. You will find that the atmosphere is very different from property to
property. You will also hear the term "country inn" or "small inn" used
frequently; this often means a Bed and Breakfast that has a small restaurant on

Here are some more questions to consider asking before you decide which Bed and
Breakfast to stay at for your honeymoon.

* Do all rooms have private baths?

* Is smoking allowed indoors? Many Bed and Breakfasts are non-smoking; if this 
  is a concern, ask. You'll find some Bed and Bs that prohibit smoking outdoors 
  while on property as well.

* Do you have private two-person tables if we want breakfast alone?

* How many guest rooms does the property have?

* Is breakfast served at one time or as guests arrive? At some Bed and
  Breakfasts, breakfast is served at a set hour. If you sleep late, you may 
  lose when it comes to the morning meal at some properties. If the two of you 
  plan to sleep in (or if you're early birds), check on this policy.

* Do you really want to start your morning with a family-sized table of fellow
  travelers? Sometimes this can be a fun situation plus a great way to get to 
  hear the impressions of your fellow travelers about a destination. At other 
  times, "you want to be alone."

* What amenities does the Bed and Breakfast offer?

* Do they accept credit cards? If so, do they accept your type of account?

* What is the deposit for a room?

* Is there a non-refundable deposit? If so, how much is non-refundable?

* Is there a minimum stay? Is there a minimum stay for Friday or Saturday 

* Do you have a honeymoon suite? Is it any extra and if so how much?

* Are there any pets in the house? If either of you suffers from allergies, 
  this can be an important consideration.

* Are children permitted? If you have children then this is important as some 
  Bed and Breakfasts only cater for couples.

* What is your cancellation policy?

* What is your most private room?

* Is liquor permitted on site? Remember, some Bed and Breakfasts are private 
  homes so some do not permit liquor on the property.

* Is our room air conditioned? If not, then so you have ceiling fans?

* Does our room have a private entrance?

* What type of car parking is available -- undercover or in the open?

A Honeymoon Registry -- what is it?

What is a Honeymoon Registry? Going through the internet and looking up ideas,
I came across this intriguing concept. There are more couples getting married
after they have lived on their own and are established in apartments or homes.

They are often well set up and have many of the traditional wedding gifts such
as pots, cutlery, pans, toasters and dishes. Thus the nature of bridal registry
has been changing. One offspring solution to this problem is a "Honeymoon

A Honeymoon Registry Services offers a solution for these couples, their
friends and family, who still want to buy them meaningful wedding gifts. This
is done through a three-step process whereby it is possible to buy parts of the
honeymoon as wedding gifts.

First, make contact with your travel agent for assistance in planning your
honeymoon. Your travel agent can then suggest different honeymoon destinations
and put together packages tailored to your interests.

Step two -- your travel agent will then put you in touch with a honeymoon
registry service, to finalize your chosen honeymoon activities. Then they set
up a registry so that wedding guests can help pay for your dream honeymoon. The
honeymoon registry service should be able to make suggestions on possible
honeymoon activities.

Step three -- after a couples' honeymoon has been planned, the honeymoon
registry service can take those plans and put them into a registry list.
Instead of the list containing household items, it contains pieces of a
couples' honeymoon.

Friends and family can help the couple pay for airfare and resort
accommodations, and buy romantic gifts, such as a candlelit dinner. The items
on honeymoon registry lists can include activities or "extras" that the couple
would like to do on their honeymoon.

Honeymoon registries are a new way of helping the couple, begin their life
together. Dishes, toasters and china may break or get old, but a honeymoon gift
will always be a memory of a special time in their lives.

Your All Expenses Paid Honeymoon.

Here it is your honeymoon -- brought and paid for by your parents! No one has
told you where you are going. All you know is your passport is up to date, the
bags are packed and you are with the most important person in your life.

Love is in the air; romance is all around you! The sun is shining and the day
is perfect. Your honeymoon preparations are now done, being carried out on time
and you can now continue your married life alone.

Your honeymoon is paid for everything that needs to be taken care of before you
head out is done. Now you can both relax in deep cushions of the hired car, you
are now on your way. As the hire car pulls away from the wedding reception. You
feel wonderful and excited. With the plans that have been made for you, life is
perfect as you both drive off into the sunset.

While you are wondering where you may be going, you know that no matter where
it is, you will love it. As you are spending it with that one person who makes
you're life complete. All expenses paid honeymoon with not a care in the world!
All the time you both need to relax and enjoy each other, for the first time
since announcing you're plans to wed.

What could be better, and with perfect weather conditions ahead of you, the
beginning of you're lives have has started out without a hiccup.

However did you remember to pack everything you will need, like the camera to
record your honeymoon, film, batteries, sunscreen, what about you're special

So wherever you end up on your honeymoon, remember to enjoy yourselves. Take
care of each other and have a fantastic time, because life begins today.

It only gets better from here on in. Congratulations to the both of you.

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

When love blossoms into more, and you take that huge step towards marriage,
there are so many possibilities! Arrangements have to be made for the special
wedding day and also the much anticipated honeymoon. Then there are all the
details that go into the planning and fine tuning for your special time

The big ask is how do we accomplish it? Where do we start and how much is
considered over the top? It all depends on the individual! What we have in mind
and where you both want to go. How much to spend is entirely up to you. You
don't have to go over the budget. However you might like to consider going that
little but extra, to make your honeymoon a more memorable holiday.

You can always depend on visiting a travel agent for ideas. Ask friends that
have been there and done it all before us. Ask your parents and work mates, or 
simply go with your heart and discover some place for just the two of you.

Depending on each of you, interests will also have a lot to do with planning
your honeymoon. To be able to find something that suits both of you can be time

Whether you are romantic and fancy free, to the rough and ready of camping under
the stars or trekking through national parks or another country.

Arranging your honeymoon is all up to you! Spend some warm nights on a deserted
beach. Enjoy wild flowers growing in an abundance of colors, cascading
waterfalls, mountain peaks high on the horizon or relax by cool springs in the
middle of an oasis.

Your honeymoon is the beginning of your new life together! So whatever you
choose to do, careful planning and timing can create a wonderful moving
experience to last a lifetime.

Above all, enjoy your new life as husband and wife!

Honeymoon escapes -- how long to stay away?

How long should you take for your honeymoon? This all depends upon your budget
and the value you get for your money. Take what the two of you feel comfortable
in taking.. It's completely up to your own tastes, budget, and time constraints.

Package vacations usually come in three-, four-, and seven-night lengths, with
the option of adding additional nights if you like. If you're setting up your
own vacation, then the, your budget is the limit.

If your budget is a major factor, why not have a four-night trip. You'll have a
little time to start to feel at home and, get into the honeymoon state of mind.
Enjoy some well earned time together after all the planning of the wedding.

On a week-long trip you'll start to feel really relaxed and you'll also have
some time for exploring whatever region you choose.

A long weekend honeymoon may be just right for you. These extended weekend
honeymoons give you the chance to mark the occasion of your wedding with a
little time away from home.

So where will you go on a long weekend honeymoon? Close to home so travel time
is short. Consider a honeymoon suite in a downtown hotel as weekend rates can
often be a fraction of the weekday rate. Perhaps a Bed and Breakfast would suit
you both with some time to relax in a quiet setting.

Many couples postpone their honeymoon a few months. This gives them a chance to
settle into their new life together. This can also provide couples with the
chance to catch a bargain season at their chosen honeymoon destination.

Other couples choose to honeymoon right after their wedding. Straight from
their wedding they go into their honeymoon as man and wife.

Which is best for you? Only the two of you can decide!

Accommodation Options

For those of you who are seeking peace and quiet on your honeymoon there are a
variety of options available. Bed and breakfasts plus small inns offer great
getaways and a chance to immerse you in more of the local area.

Many of these small inns were made around historic great houses on former
plantations. These are often intimate properties that only host a handful of
guests at a time. Here the two of you will be part of a small group of guests,
and you'll get to know each other as husband and wife. Often the owners of the
inn reside right on property, so you'll receive personal attention.

For some couples, the idea of real romance is a private villa, without any
other guests. Its just the two of you alone, apart from the occasional visit by
a cook or maid. They are there to help to meet your special requests, to
introduce you to island cuisine, and to make you feel pampered. Italy, St.
John, Jamaica and Barbados are always popular destinations for villa rentals.

Many resorts also offer villa rentals. These homes are located on the resort
property. Guests can enjoy the security and services of the resort while at the
same time having the space and facilities of a villa home. Here you can cook
your own food and do what you want without being rushed or interrupted.

Let the hotel know when you make the reservation you will be celebrating your
honeymoon. Many hotels like to recognize honeymooners. Some hotels offer a
special gift or even a room upgrade if available. Remember, as much as you want
to have a good time, the hotel also wants to make this an extra special trip for
the two of you. What better way to get return visitors or referrals?

Budgeting for your perfect honeymoon

Imagine the perfect honeymoon -- the beautiful room, the wonderful meals and
romantic setting. Then along comes the word "cost". How much is this going to
cost us?

Budgeting for the honeymoon is a necessary part of the whole process. How much
you will spend depends on many factors: where you honeymoon, when you travel,
the length of your stay etc.

So where do you start? Begin by doing a little comparison shopping. Prices
differ greatly, from destination to destination. The price you are quoted if
you call a property is usually the highest. Booking your honeymoon through tour
operators and wholesalers, often enables you to receive large you can often

The price of air travel to your honeymoon destination will varies constantly.
On any given flight, there are more price classes than first and coach. Factors
like Saturday night stay-over's can influence the price; plus seating costs can
change daily.

Check with travel agents for special deals. Be flexible and try different days
for different flights rates. Another way to save money is to go online and book
tickets through that facility. If you have more than one airport in your area,
it pays to compare the price of departing from various gateways. The difference
can sometimes be several hundred dollars.

Another boost to the honeymoon budget is changing currency prices. While it
might not be enough to make you select a destination, favorable exchange rates
can certainly help the two of you afford to splurge on an upgraded room or an
extra special dinner during your honeymoon.

Regardless of the month of your honeymoon, you will find both high and low
seasons around the world. One destination's high season may well be another
destination's low season.

Another option is "shoulder" seasons, those months just before and after high
season. During this period, you will find lighter crowds than during high
season, good weather, and prices more favorable to the budget.

Honeymoon in North America

Why honeymoon in North America? A honeymoon in the United States or Canada is
your chance to experience an incredibly diverse and growing continent. North
America has something for every taste and budget. From the glamour and glitz of
Miami or Hollywood to the peaceful Prairie landscapes of central Canada -- and
everything else in between.

If it is world famous sights that you are seeking, look no further than New
York, home of the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. Visit
Washington, which is of course home to the White House. Montreal, Vancouver,
Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and so many others areas all offer superb
museums and art galleries to visit. There are wonderful picture perfect parks,
chic shops and a varied nightlife.

The North American landscape includes vast lakes, towering mountains and great
expanses of desert. The Great Lakes region in the United States is larger than
most European countries, and is a picturesque area offering all kinds of
activities. As for beaches, the white sands of the California and Florida
coastlines are hard to beat.

The Rocky Mountains run through both Canada and the US, providing a majestic
backdrop, for the many towns and villages that are set at their feet. The
surrounding region also encompasses many lovely natural parks and, in Canada,
an ice field.

Both countries have unique sights that will take your breath away. The sheer
size of Niagara Falls plus the actual depth of the Grand Canyon, have simply to
be witnessed to be believed. Photos can never do justice to the live experience.

Spend your honeymoon in North America! You will uncover a wonderful continent
full of wonderful landscapes, friendly people with much to see and do! There
are endless sights and landscapes to discover. Your honeymoon here will leave
you with memories to treasure forever.

Enjoy an English Honeymoon

An English honeymoon could be your chance to discover the unique blend of the
ancient and the ultramodern that London has to offer. Or a traditional
experience of drinking cups of tea, quiet villages and picturesque countryside.

The huge capital city of London is home to many world-famous landmarks and the
British Royal Family. The ornate architecture of the Houses of Parliament and
the spiritual presence surrounding St. Paul's Cathedral are unforgettable!
Another atmospheric experience is a visit to historic Canterbury Cathedral
which is more than 800 years old and a national treasure.

Much more ancient is prehistoric Stonehenge. An arrangement of huge stones
which dates back at least 5000 years! Marvel and wonder at this overwhelming
sight then decide on your answer to the eternal question: how did they get

Oxford and Cambridge are the two most important university towns in the
country. They are steeped with tradition, history and impressive buildings.
Following closely behind is the dramatic cathedral city of Durham in the north,
surrounded by water on three sides.

The largest cathedral in Europe is the Gothic masterpiece York Minster. The
ancient city of York regards itself as the capital of northern England, and
there is much to see and do here. A stroll along the ancient city walls is
highly recommended. From here you can gain an idea of the fortress
fortifications made all those years ago.

The vibrant Lake District is the most picturesque of England's national parks.
Covered with tranquil lakes and low mountains, the natural beauty of the Lake
District attracts thousands of visitors every year.

A honeymoon in England is your chance to experience the vitality of a modern
nation with a prestigious and ambitious past. Evidence of history is everywhere
you look! Many English traditions continue to this day and all of this is
waiting to be discovered on your honeymoon.

Experience the Emerald Isle

Why not spend your honeymoon exploring the Emerald Isle -- Ireland! A beautiful
country, with miles of vibrant landscapes waiting to be explored. Ireland
claims to entrance every visitor, and its people are reputed to be the
friendliest in Europe.

The colorful Irish capital, Dublin, is divided in two by the River Liffey. The
only problem knows where to begin exploring! As there is so much to see and do
in the city. The wide expanses of greenery are ideal vantage points to admire
countless refined Georgian buildings. Dublin also has many magnificent
structures from earlier times. Such as the Trinity College, the Bank of Ireland
and two major cathedrals are examples of unique architecture. Visit the college
to see one of the oldest manuscripts in existence, the illuminated Book of
Kells, which dates from 800AD. Dublin also boasts a famous 13th century castle
and of course a wide host of fine museums, restaurants and pubs.

Ireland's second city, Cork is a magnet for lovers of history and culture. It
has its own opera house, museum, art gallery, cathedral and an eerie 19th
century jail! Cork also has a lively night scene and many pubs where
traditional Irish folk music is often performed. A popular day trip from the
city is a visit to Blarney Castle.

In the southeast of the country stands the ancient city of Waterford which is
enclosed by medieval city walls. The city hall and the Bishop's Palace both
date back to the Georgian era. While many of the narrow alleyways which wind
through Waterford has existed since medieval times! There are lovely churches
in the city, including the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Galway, on the west coast, is where festivals celebrate the various aspects of
Irish culture are held annually. The medieval parish church in Galway is the
biggest in Ireland, and many age-old stone buildings are still standing
throughout the city.

An country of both overwhelming natural beauty and fascinating towns and cities
- Ireland is a stunning honeymoon destination and the island is waiting for your

A honeymoon in Switzerland

Having a honeymoon in Switzerland is your chance to experience the stunning
alpine landscapes, beautiful towns and cultured cities! Switzerland is a blend
of French, German and Italian cultures. Switzerland is a tranquil haven perfect
for a romantic honeymoon.

Zurich is a famous and creative city, particularly known for its superb art
galleries. The Limmat River runs through the city, which is set on the edge of
Lake Zurich, ideal for picnics, swimming or sunbathing. This lovely historic
town is a collection of houses from the 16th and 17th centuries. Everywhere you
look there are fountains -- over a thousand in all.

Geneva -- is a wonderful international city spreading along the shore of Lake
Geneva. There is plenty of fascinating architecture to discover and explore,
particularly from the Gothic and Romanesque periods. With a multitude of
museums showcasing all aspects of Swiss art, history and culture. Geneva also
has a lively entertainment scene which you are sure to enjoy, as part of your
On the shore of Lake Geneva, sits the 11th Century "Chteau de Chillon". This
imposing fortress includes a tower, dungeons as well as courtyards and is a
very popular day trip. For more Swiss castles, head to the Bernese Oberland
region in the center of the country.

Switzerland's Alps offer nearly year-round skiing and mountaineering. They also
present you with unforgettably magical views. Typical wooden houses, tiny
villages, lakes and meadows abound, with towering mountains dominating the
skyline. The Jungfrau region is superb, with the mountain towns of Zermatt and
Lucerne also being excellent value to visit!

Switzerland -- famous for its chocolate, cheese and breath taking scenery!
Switzerland does offer all this and much more -- it is a romantic and
unforgettable place to spend your honeymoon. So no matter what you both do,
curl up in front of the fire and enjoy all that this land has to offer.

A Scottish Honeymoon experience the romance and mystery

A Scottish honeymoon is your chance to experience the wild, unique, mysterious
and romantic nature in this wonderful country! From its historic and cultured
cities, to its stunning landscapes and enchanting islands, Scotland is a
plainly unforgettable land.

Scotland's three main cities are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Although
Glasgow is the capital, it is Edinburgh that attracts the most international
and local visitors. With the annual International Festival, the incredible
variety of architectural heritage and Edinburgh Castle, the former home to the
Scottish Royal Family, there is something unique to be discovered. I have been
told, one of the greatest pleasures of Edinburgh, is simply strolling though
the Georgian area of the city center, admiring the beautiful streets, squares
and buildings.

Glasgow has enjoyed a exciting revival over the last two decades! It is a fun
and lively capital city, with a great amount to see and do. Alongside the many
museums, art galleries, monuments and shops is Glasgow cathedral, a masterpiece
from the Gothic era in history.

The port city of Aberdeen is built almost exclusively of silvery granite, which
glistens the in sun or rain. There is also a wonderful maritime museum alongside
a prestigious art gallery.

St. Andrews is a beautiful town and home to the most famous golf course in the
world! Plus there are some fascinating medieval ruins.

The Cairngorm Mountains are spectacular, surrounded by rivers, lochs, forests
and home to rare wildlife. This beautiful region is popular for skiing, hiking
and water sports. For more breath taking natural beauty, the wild and lonely
Hebrides islands, off the west coast, are centers of Scottish whisky
production. They offer wonderful views as you explore their coastal walks -
windswept cliffs, mountains and bays will take your breath away.

Whisky, bagpipes, tartan and kilts are all inextricably linked with Scotland.
Other vital ingredients are the ancient castles, churches, and architecture of
every style imaginable. All of this and much more is waiting for you on your
Scottish honeymoon.

Australian honeymoon

An immense and sparsely populated country, Australia boasts numerous and
breathtaking natural features, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru -- formerly
Ayers Rock -- mountain ranges and lush expanses of rain forest. The country is an
awesome honeymoon destination -- your only problem will be deciding which area or
areas to explore!

You will find many cosmopolitan, cultivated cities in Australia. Each one
offers lively nightlife and entertainment plus an enormous amount of culture.
Those with a love of sand, sea and water sports should head straight to the
coast and what are reported to be the best beaches in the world.

Sydney is famous for its stunning harbor and unique opera house, the sight of
which never ceases to impress. Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart come very close
for the title of most beautiful natural setting -- Melbourne is located on a
beautiful river, while the latter two cities are sheltered by scenic mountain

Cairns, in the far north of Australia, are an ideal base for exploring
Queensland. Close by are beaches, rain forest and the longest reef in the world
- the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches along the entire coast of the state.
You could also choose to stay in the vibrant city of Brisbane, which is the
state capital. Another northern city worth noting is Darwin, whose proximity to
Asia results in a cosmopolitan, tropical atmosphere.

Uluru is revered by the Anangu Aboriginal people, and is a magnificent sight.
Over 2 miles long and 348 meters high, the rock offers spectacular views.
Particularly at sunrise and sunset, and it is located in the vast expanse of
the Australian outback, with many cultural sights nearby.

Australia is the perfect honeymoon destination for any couple with a sense of
adventure and romance. From cities to tiny villages, world-class museums of art
to ancient aboriginal paintings on cave walls, Australia is a country waiting to
be explored and discovered!

Belgium honeymoon with a difference

A honeymoon in Belgium will reveal to you a rich and historic country! This is
made up of diverse art, architecture and cuisine waiting to be discovered.
Belgium is a relatively small and modest nation by European standards. There
are beautifully preserved medieval towns; world class museums and excellent
cuisine await you on your Belgian honeymoon.

Brussles, the Belgian capitol doubles as the capital of the European Union and
therefore has a distinct cross-national feel. At its heart stands an ornate
central square, framed by historic buildings and some fascinating museums. That
show case art from ancient to modern times. Brussels also has superb array of
restaurants and shopping opportunities.

North of Brussels stands the city of Antwerp, a magnet for art lovers! Located
on the banks of the Scheldt River, Antwerp is home to the world's largest
diamond industry, plus its lovely architecture adds to the magical atmosphere
of the area. Villas, mansions, castles and the largest Gothic church in Belgium
are found here.

The 13th century medieval town of Bruges will transport you back in time. The
last changes to its architectural appearance were made over 5 centuries ago!
Take a leisurely boat ride down Bruges' river, or simply stroll through the
different picturesque streets, stopping to visit a caf, or one of the town's
many museums. Belgium's other city with a strong Medieval past is Ghent -- also
filled with a vibrant and fascinating history.

For a taste of Belgium's natural beauty, head to the Ardennes region of the
country. Here ancient citadels and sleepy villages nestle amongst densely
forested hills, cut through by deep valleys. Guided tours of the Ardennes are
available upon request.

Belgium is an enthralling nation with a dramatic past and a proud present as a
center of the European Union. For Medieval romance, a look at some historic and
intricately designed buildings, plus outstanding art museums and friendly
vibrant people, head to Belgium for your honeymoon.

Bermuda -- not just home to the triangle

Bermuda is a relaxed island with a captivating blend of British and African
heritages A honeymoon in Bermuda will be an experience you will never want to
forget! Cricket matches, cups of tea, pastel colored cottages, pink sand
beaches and reggae music are all ingredients in its unique cultural mix.
Bermuda has its own art forms with the best known being Gombey dancing. The
roots of which are found in West African tribal music. It also takes its
influences from the American Indians and the British military, and often the
dancing portrays biblical stories. It is quite fascinating to watch!

Your honeymoon in Bermuda is sure to be infused with sunshine and good food.
The island's seafood dishes are particularly tasty, and may be flavored with
local black rum, which is the national drink. The most traditional meal is the
huge Sunday morning codfish breakfast. This includes eggs, potatoes, bananas,
onions, tomatoes, avocado, and of course, codfish.

Hamilton, the capital, is a small city bustling with life. Victorian buildings
painted in bright colors line the waterfront. The mid-19th century Fort
Hamilton, situated on a hill, offers a birds-eye view of the harbor. You can
discover more of Bermudan culture through the city's art gallery and historical

The town of 'St. George" exudes real charm, due to its many unspoiled
historical buildings. These include 18th century St. Peter's Church, and the
Italianate Old State House, the oldest building in Bermuda, which was built in
1620. There is a selection of restaurants along the waterfront, ideal for a
romantic meal.

The coastal reserve of South Shore Park, one and a half miles long, is where
you will find some of Bermuda's most beautiful and romantic beaches. Relax on
the pink and white coral sands. Look out over the horizon, setting all your
cares adrift.

Blue Mountains -- Australia

Australia -- a wonderful island with much to see and do! Full of mysticism,
romance, exotic locations -- there is bound to be somewhere unique for your
honeymoon. For somewhere different -- the Blue Mountains in NSW are a special

Discover a tempting combination of romantic accommodation, fine restaurants and
indulgent shopping within two hours of Sydney, in the Blue Mountains World
Heritage listing. To travel there is easy with access by rail, road or air.
There are abundant places to stay in from the cozy Bed and breakfast to the
full resorts. The air is crisp and clear, with the views of the mountains
always surrounding you.

Breathe the fresh mountain air and relax, as you marvel at a majestic landscape
of waterfalls and awe-inspiring sandstone escarpments. Indulge at restaurants
known for their creative use of fresh, local produce. The Blue Mountains offers
experiences you'll remember for a lifetime.

Escape to a wonderland of warm balmy days with cool summer nights. Picnic
beside beautiful waterfalls, stroll through lush fern gullies and discover the
romance of a Blue Mountains summer.

Summer in the Blue Mountains equals outdoor activities in abundance by offering
unlimited opportunities to keep cool and have fun. The National Parks and
Wildlife service offers a highly successful series of guided walks to suit
anyone from the most casual stroller to the dedicated hiker.

The Australian bush doesn't show seasonal changes in the same dramatic ways as
the softer vegetation of Europe and in the wonderful temperate gardens that
grow in the mild climate of the Mountains, the variation in color is

In autumn the gardens are at their glorious best. You will see the flaming
reds, russet browns and gold's in close contrast with the rich colors of the
native trees and flowers.

Have a wonderful visit and remember the magical moments of your honeymoon.

Caribbean exotic and romantic honeymoons

Why choose to have your honeymoon in the exotic Caribbean? The Caribbean
Islands are some of the most beautiful island destinations in the world!
Palm-fringed beaches, turquoise seas and stunning sunsets, make a Caribbean
honeymoon a romantic experience never to forget. Bermuda, Cuba, Jamaica and
Puerto Rico each have a distinct cultural identity with a fascinating variety
of influences.

Sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere are common to all the Caribbean Islands. The
idyllic white sand beaches are perfect for soaking up the sun's rays, and the
many miles of coastline offer countless other activities. These include
swimming and snorkeling in the warm waters, to surfing, diving or water skiing
for the more adventurous! There are beautiful coral reefs in the waters around
both Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The interiors of the Caribbean Islands feature mountains, waterfalls, hills,
underground rivers, caves, tropical rain forests and much more stunning
scenery. Protected national parks showcase some of the most impressive
landscapes. There are guided tours available to help you explore and discover
areas in safety.

Caribbean culture is a vibrant mix of African, Indigenous, European and North
American traditions. This has resulted in unique forms of dance, art,
architecture, language, cuisine and much more. During your honeymoon, you may
like to wander through museums of Caribbean art, visit a traditional village or
witness a national dance performance. The music of the Caribbean -- reggae, salsa
and soca are just a few of the styles are an essential part of everyday life.
Rhythm and soul are very important to many people in the Caribbean islands.

Each of the Caribbean Islands has its own special appeal, and the most
difficult decision will be deciding between them for your honeymoon! With
sunshine, good food and stunning natural features guaranteed, your honeymoon in
the Caribbean, whichever island you choose, is sure to be unforgettable.

Denmark -- honeymoon with a difference

Denmark is a great country -- a warm and welcoming honeymoon destination. A
honeymoon in Denmark is great experience for anyone! The country has been home
to the Vikings, fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson and, most recently,
Lego land! This eclectic mix will ensure a honeymoon of new discoveries and
diverse experiences.

Denmark is the most modern country in Scandinavia, whose inhabitants enjoy
relaxing in cozy cafs and pubs, cycling, fishing, plus indulging in the
mouthwatering national cuisine.

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is the largest city in Scandinavia, and is
bursting with cosmopolitan cultural life! From street performers to jazz clubs,
pavement cafs to the official royal residence, there is always something new to
see and do! The area around the Nyhavn canal is particularly colorful, and there
are many quiet parks, squares and gardens for a relaxing stroll. The Royal
Danish Ballet is performed in the city from autumn to spring, and there are
many excellent museums to visit.

Another lively city is Arhus, whose beautifully restored old town now serves as
an open air museum! The largest church in Denmark is also located here. It is
predominantly 15th century Gothic in style, and parts of the structure date
back as far as the 1100s. Arhus' museum holds fascinating collections from the
Bronze and Iron ages.

Ribe, founded in the 9th century, is the oldest town in Scandinavia. Centered
on its huge cathedral, the town has a fascinating Viking center which is highly

Another major attraction in Denmark is Egeskov Castle, built in 1554 in the
center of a lake. The interior and exterior are both well worth visiting, and
the castle is set in a 15 hectare park which features a 200 year old giant maze.

Alongside its historic sights, the country also has some impressive natural
features, such as the stunning white chalk cliffs at Mons Klint, and a
scattering of picturesque islands. Enjoy discovering all that Denmark has to
offer you and make this a holiday of a lifetime.

Discover Austria's romance and history

Austria, the traditional home of classical composers! No other country in
Europe has such a rich musical tradition. On your Austrian honeymoon you will
also have the opportunity to discover superb architecture from different time
frames in history -- the Gothic, Baroque, Rococo and even the Renaissance
periods. The breathtaking and stunning Austrian Alp will take your breathe away
and steal your heart.

Vienna, Austria's capital city has an impressive history! As the center of the
Habsburg dynasty, this once ruled much of Europe. The Habsburgs' home was the
Imperial Palace known as the Hofburg, which is one of Vienna's top attractions.
Inside you will find a 14th century Augustinian Church, Imperial Apartments and
the Imperial Treasury, the Royal Chapel, the National Library and more.

Architectural and historical treasures abound in this beautiful city. This
includes two famous Baroque palaces and several museums. One of the museums is
dedicated to Sigmund Freud. Vienna has an extremely busy nightlife, with
countless lively restaurants, pubs and clubs in the newer areas of the city.

Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, is packed with medieval Baroque
architecture. Much of the town was constructed in the late 16th and early 17th
centuries. This charming old town testifies to the style of this era through
its many churches, plazas and ornate fountains. The city is sheltered by
mountains and there are several museums dedicated to Mozart. Standing 120
meters above the city is the 11th century Hohensalzburg Castle.

For those who love to ski, head to the Arlberg Region pf Austria. This region
is known for its superb slopes and snow coverage, catering from beginners to
the more advanced skier. The huge Eisriesenwelt ice caves offer another wintry
experience. They are open from May to October. Take a guided tour, which will
show you elaborate ice formations and stunning frozen waterfalls.

An Austrian honeymoon will take in snowcapped peaks, sparkling lakes, cultured
towns and cities, and much more. It will be a romantic experience neither of
you will ever be able to forget!

Experience the Middle East Magic

So you want somewhere different to go to for your honeymoon? Somewhere exotic
with plenty of history and excitement combined with places of beauty! Then the
Middle East may be your new destination for your honeymoon.

The Middle East is a spicy blend of ancient history! A variety of religious and
cultural legacies, as well as stunning sights! Not to mention friendly people,
excellent cuisine and lively bazaars, where you will be able to purchase
souvenirs of your Middle Eastern honeymoon.

The Middle East is the region of the world which links Europe to Asia and
Africa. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Egyptian city of Cairo, where
ultramodern office buildings and chic restaurants stand side by side with
mosques, citadels and churches many centuries old. This is the chance to
explore the wonder of the Egyptian Pharaohs -- see the old buildings, wonders
such as the pyramid and the Sphinx.

Watching the sun setting over the Nile is an unforgettable experience, as is
gazing at the great Pyramids, floating in the Dead Sea or exploring Jerusalem's
holy sites. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Biblical towns such as
Bethlehem and Galilee, or simply spend your honeymoon relaxing on a white sand

Middle Eastern music, painting, dance and literature can all be discovered
through museums, festivals and live performances. There is something mystical
and magical waiting to be discovered on your honeymoon.

Extensive archaeological excavations have been made in parts of Israel and
Egypt, revealing relics from the Roman age such as magnificent amphitheaters in
Beit She'an and Alexandria.

Israel and Egypt are both filled with history and tradition. A Middle Eastern
honeymoon allows you the chance to explore, uncover and understand these
ancient people. There are wonderful examples of architecture, excellent
shopping markets, cuisine and more. Make this your honeymoon to remember

Finland the last unspoilt wilderness

Why have your honeymoons in Finland? The largest unspoiled wilderness in Europe
awaits you on your Finnish honeymoon! Not to mention picturesque islands,
pleasant towns and cities with countless museums and art galleries to visit.

Helsinki, is built on a peninsula, is both the cultural and financial center of
Finland. Vibrantt parks and tranquil waterways are found all over the city, and
the sea breezes ensure that it is refreshingly free of smog. There are many
notable art museums to visit, plus regular operatic and ballet productions at
the city's theaters. A short ferry ride will take you from Helsinki to
Suomenlinna Island, where you can enjoy a picnic, explore a huge ruined
fortress and visit several museums.

Turku, on the southern coast, was the capital of Finland until 1812, and is the
oldest city in the country. Its cathedral and castle both date back to the 13th
century, and are well worth visiting! Another notable castle of interest is the
15th century Olavinlinna Castle in the stunning Savonlinna lakes area of
Finland, which includes two museums.

Rauma, is the largest wooden town still in existence in the Nordic countries,
and is a listed World Heritage site. Goldsmiths, lace makers and other artisans
all work in the old town! There are many house museums and a lively market
square. Rauma is without doubt one of the most charming towns in Scandinavia!

To discover a unique culture with both Finnish and Swedish influences, visit
the Aland province, which even has its own flag. Made up of over 6,400 islands,
this beautiful region is best explored by bicycle or on foot. The midsummer
festivities are celebrated in style here and you can witness performances of
traditional folk dances all year round.

A relaxed country with numerous highlights, Finland is a tranquil, scenic and
welcoming honeymoon destination!

Honeymoon in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is very different from its western counterpart. The region is a
fascinating and very scenic honeymoon destination. Whether you choose to visit
an island such as Crete or Cyprus! Or visit a historic nation like Poland,
there are enormous amount s of activities to see and do!

The landscapes of these countries are extremely varied and different. Crete all
has lovely coastlines with glorious golden beaches and aqua blue seas. The
latter three are also home to stunning mountain ranges. For a different
experience, you may choose to visit the great lakes of Poland, perhaps by
bicycle, or explore the vineyards and citrus orchards of Crete.

Greece in particular has an unrivalled early civilization. This can be
discovered through viewing the carefully preserved relics, such as the stunning
acropolis which stands over Athens.

There are many dramatic cities in Eastern Europe. These include Warsaw, Krak - w,
Athens and Dubrovnik. Each has a multitude of quality museums, churches, art
galleries, shops, markets, restaurants and cafes, thus ensuring that you will
never be short of things to do on your honeymoon. For a slower pace, head to
one of the many medieval towns in Poland or the mountain villages at the foot
of the White Mountains in Crete.

Just off the coast of both Croatia and Greece are collections of islands. The
Greek isles are particularly stunning. The coastal foreshore is dotted with
dazzling white buildings which contrast with the deep aqua blue sea. Here, life
is sun-drenched and relaxed, and it's a perfect place to discover delicious
Greek cuisine.

However you choose to experience Eastern Europe on your honeymoon, your visit
to this historic and highly diverse part of the world is sure to be

Honeymoon in Elegant Germany

Why not spend your honeymoon in Germany? Germany is a very elegant country that
has a rich and artistic heritage. Germany has created many philosophers, artists
and composers throughout the centuries. Their works are celebrated and displayed
in the countries countless wonderful museums and exciting annual festivals.

Germany has a wealth of proud cities to visit! Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart,
Munich and Frankfurt, all have their very own unique individual appeal. Germany
is known to have fabulous cathedrals and spectacular architecture. Germany has a
very diverse culture and a wonderful national beverage "Beer". This is
celebrated in the biggest festival in Munich and is called Oktoberfest,
attracting visitors from all over the world.

Berlin, the nations' capitol, is filled with majestic buildings, museums and
theaters. A stay allows you to uncover the city's unique historic legacy.
Discover some excellent German cuisine in its numerous restaurants and cafs.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany, and home to some of the best
museums in the country. The city also has a lively music scene, and its jazz
clubs are highly recommended.

In the south of the country, cut through by the Danube River, you will find the
Bavarian highlands and the Bavarian forest. It is the largest mountain forest in
Europe. The dramatic "Alp's of this region can be visited on a day trip from the
city of Munich.

Heidelberg and Lbeck are two attractive historic towns to visit in Germany.
Heidelberg has a superb gothic-renaissance castle which exudes romance and
offers magnificent views of the countryside. Lbeck is a charming medieval
style town whose puppet theater comes highly recommended and should not be

Germany is a very proud European nation! A German honeymoon is your opportunity
to explore more of this fascinating nation, get to know its people and
appreciate the unique culture.

Honeymoon is exotic Africa!

An African Safari is the ultimate in honeymoon vacations! Spending your
honeymoon in Africa, can be the ultimate romantic getaway. Imagine a candlelit
romantic dinner for two, served in total seclusion, right in the heart of the
African wilderness. Imagine relaxing after a big day of sightseeing, staring at
the brightly lit stars, without a care in the world and listening for the calls
of the wild animals. This is the reality of honeymooning in Africa, and
combined with a stay in Cape Town the Lost City, or Victoria Falls, makes a
Honeymoon Safari in Africa, a dream come true.

A fantastic option to consider is to combine a Honeymoon Safari in Southern
Africa with one of the world's natural wonders: The Romantic and Breathtaking
Victoria Falls. Southern Africa has some of the most incredibly romantic
destinations. Hotels, Lodges and the Honeymoon suites around the Victoria Falls
are also no exception.

The shear beauty and contrasts of the landscape in Botswana, plus the elegant
and remote lodges that offer guests total exclusivity, makes Botswana an ideal
destination for a Honeymoon. The Zambian side of the Victoria Falls is also on
the doorstep of Botswana which makes this such an excellent combination. Close
together and easy to experience.

The Sabi Sands (Kruger National Park) or the Malaria Free Madikwe Game Reserve,
are excellent destinations in South Africa for a Honeymoon Safari. Both places
have world class accommodation and provide the most romantic of settings.
Combining one of these destinations with the Victoria Falls is an excellent
idea for a truly unforgettable Honeymoon in Africa.

Holiday safaris in Africa can be exceptional for the couple starting a new life
together, to the extended blended family with children. There is something
magical, an element of adventure as each creature and unique features are
discovered. Mo matter what your situation, enjoy this once in a lifetime

Honeymoon in Italy

Italy is a remarkable country with a wonderful legacy. A honeymoon in Italy,
with its unique blend of history and culture, is an unforgettable experience!
Italy is a country with a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. It demonstrates
outstanding cuisine, has beautiful cities, a gorgeous coastline plus many sites
of dramatic and rugged natural beauty. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon
gliding down the canals of Venice in a gondola, or skiing in the Italian Alps,
Italy is a superb destination.

For a tranquil honeymoon in picturesque surroundings, head for the 31 miles of
the Amalfi Coast, with its sparkling sea and historic villages built into the
hillsides. Here, you can spend your days relaxing on the beach, or in a
traditional Italian caf with a cappuccino or an espresso.

When it comes to exciting and historical cities, you are spoilt for choice in
Italy. Rome is simply breathtaking filled with ancient palaces, churches,
basilicas and temples. Not to mention the Forum and the Vatican. Florence is
also overwhelming in its historical impact. Home to a fine collection of
Renaissance buildings, that creates a unique atmosphere. Milan is legendary for
its fashion and its cuisine. Milan also has the fourth largest church in the

The most romantic city in Italy is widely agreed to be Venice. Built on 177
small islands, Venice contains countless hidden delights and exudes a magical
almost mystical feel. Stunning buildings are everywhere, with the most famous
being St. Mark's Basilica. Venice is also home to a multitude of art galleries,
which house world-class works.

Extensive Roman ruins can be seen at Pompeii, where Mount Vesuvius erupted in
79 AD. Nearby Naples, set in a beautiful bay, has a fascinating historic center
waiting to be explored. No words can sum up the majesty of Italy; on your
honeymoon you will be able to experience it for yourselves!

Honeymoon in New Zealand

A honeymoon in New Zealand will introduce you to an awe-inspiring country!
Although home to several lively cities, such as Auckland, Wellington and
Dunedin, New Zealand is best known for its spectacular landscapes. The
coastlines of the two islands are edged with pristine sandy beaches, cliffs and
glaciers. Whilst their interiors feature mountains, lakes, rivers, geysers,
forests and much more!

New Zealand blends Maori and European heritages to create a totally unique
culture. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting souvenirs of
your honeymoon -- favorites are carvings of natural materials, and unusual
jewelry made from shells and stones.

Wellington, on the North Island, is the nation's capital. Superb views of this
vibrant city are on offer from adjacent Mount Victoria. Wellington has a lovely
harbor and offers wonderful shopping, dining and cultural activities as arts
festivals are held all year round.

New Zealand's biggest city is Auckland, also known as the 'city of sails' for
its inhabitant's love of yachting. The city is likened to Sydney due to its
coastal setting with a breathtaking harbor and bridge, and it is an ideal base
for discovering the picturesque neighboring regions of the Haurali Plains and
the Coromandel Peninsula.

Dunedin is a lively city with an enduring Scottish heritage. It is located in
the Otago Peninsula region, which has many spectacular natural features, such
as several huge lakes and forests, accompanied by caves, glaciers, waterfalls
and whirlpools. On South Island you also discover the beautiful Fjordland
national park. This encompasses glaciers, waterfalls, mountains and forests.
This area offers countless alpine walks with stunning views of the surrounding
landscape. Close by is Queenstown, set on the edge of a lake in an icy valley
and the number one destination for lovers of adventure sports.

Your honeymoon in New Zealand will be one of discovery!

Honeymooning Down Under

Walking through dense forests, lush green foliage, and nature in all its glory!
Through spring and summer, winter or autumn, see wild flowers in all their
glorious colors. For lovers of trees, there are many different varieties. Bird
lovers will be astounded by the unique and unusual birds.

The views from the top of the mountains are breath taking, with much to see and

Drive the great Ocean Road in Victoria. Follow the coast line, stopping at many
of the smaller townships along the way. The locals are friendly and full of
knowledge, to help your make stay in Victoria a pleasant one.

In Queensland, book a hotel room over looking the vast expanse of ocean. The
Great Barrier Reef is known as the place that welcomes honeymoon couples.
Snorkel, dive or swim amongst the coral reefs.

Across the Bass Straight, Tasmania is picture post card material. Ferry across
your vehicle and enjoy a drive around "Tassie". With many small quaint
villages, old churches, and settlements, there is a wealth of knowledge and
history, waiting to be discovered.

Adelaide in South Australia is gorgeous all year round. With much to do and
see, your family and friends back home, will be amazed. By the amount of
knowledge you gain on Australia, while enjoying your honeymoon in this vast
beautiful country.

Your local travel agent can point you in the right direction when visiting
Australia for your honeymoon. Whether you decide to live it up, or hire a car
and travel around Australia, making your own memories. Australia is a land
waiting to embrace you. Share all the wonderful, unique and unusual
discoveries, while you enjoy your stay.

Make your own memories! Pack your camera and video! Don't forget your passport,
sunscreen and hat. Have a wonderful honeymoon and enjoy your visit to Australia.

Honeymooning in France

Are you considering having your honeymoon in France? Experience the wonder, the
passion, the romance and atmosphere that is France! A country of breath stealing
beauty, from the Alps to the city of Paris, an atmosphere of total romance
surrounds this incredible country.

Paris is widely agreed to be the most beautiful city in the world. Chic
boutiques and pavement cafs line the wide avenues of the French capital, where
there are countless monuments to visit. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre
and the Arc de Triomphe are all unforgettable! A cruise down the Seine is one of
the best ways to take Paris' sights in leisurely fashion.

In the Ile-de-France region are the spectacular chateaux of Versailles,
Fontainebleu, and Vaux-le-Vicomte. These were built to demonstrate the
incredible wealth of their owners. These veritable palaces are overflowing with
unique and rare riches.

The Loire Valley region is also famous for its castles, such as the stylish
15th century Chteau de Chambord. France also has miles of lovely coastline and
some prestigious resorts. These include Cannes and Biarritz which attract
thousands of people every year to their sun-drenched beaches.

Provence, in the south of France, is famed for its natural areas of beauty.
Lavender fields, olive groves and vineyards stretch out in every available
direction. Many historic towns and villages are scattered across the region,
plus lovely cities such as Arles -- the former home of Vincent Van Gogh. Like
the famous painter, you too will become entranced by the city's well preserved
Roman relics, plus the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The French Alps are striking and stunning! They are popular for skiing, hiking
and walking. France has countless unspoiled landscapes, many historic monuments
and buildings to visit, and of course the timeless capital city of Paris. The
romance of France and a French honeymoon are sure to stay with you forever.

Jamaica -- island in the tropics

A Jamaican honeymoon is your chance to experience an island of stunning beauty
with a famously relaxed, friendly atmosphere! Gently sloping mountains, red
sunsets, white sand beaches and blue seas are legendary.

Jamaican culture is an intricate blend of a huge number of influences. Art and
music are key elements of the national way of life! Some of the most innovative
works in the Caribbean today can be discovered in the capital, Kingston.
Jamaica's African feel is pervasive, plus you can still see etchings by the
ancient Arawak Indian peoples inside many of the country's caves.

Kingston is Jamaica's economic and cultural center. This vibrant city boasts a
breathtaking natural harbor, the best views of which are from the heights of
the surrounding mountains. Downtown Kingston features a host of historic
buildings, a craft market and the National Gallery, that showcases Jamaican art
from the 1920s onwards. The most popular attraction in the capital is the Bob
Marley Museum.

The northwestern port city of Montego Bay produces excellent arts and crafts.
It also has countless shops and markets to discover and offers a wide range of
water sports. Of course, you may prefer simply to sunbathe on one of the city's
many beaches, or to enjoy a round of golf. Montego Bay is sheltered by
mountains, amongst which nestle traditional Jamaican villages.

Around 50 miles west of Montego Bay are the idyllic beaches of Negril. This
entire area is a protected wilderness zone and this includes the beaches, a
marine park, swamp land and mangrove forests.

The broad beach and picturesque harbor of Ocho Rios make it a favorite stopping
point for cruise ships. Verdant hills surround the town, and just two miles away
are Jamaica's most renowned attraction -- Dunn's River Falls. They cascade down
180 meters of limestone steps onto the beach below, surrounded by tropical rain

Netherlands another great European destination

The Netherlands, familiarly known as Holland, is an international travel
destination for many reasons. The Hague and Amsterdam host international
organizations which bring business and political conferences. Plus the many
tourist attractions in Amsterdam bring vacationers and honeymooners from across
the world.

Dutch and Flemish art museums, the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt's house and the
Anne Frank House are only some of the many cultural attractions in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is also the diamond cutting capital of the world.

Four hundred bridges span the canals lined by charming brick townhouses, and
16th and 17th century architecture characterizes the city. Aalsmeer is the site
of the annual Flower Auction, not far from the city. Between Amsterdam and
Utrecht is beautiful countryside with lakes, woods and small villages like
Vreeland and Loenersloot with its castle.

Haarlem is a quaint medieval village with museums and Corrie ten Boom's house.
Delft, where Vermeer was bornand home to the famous china and porcelain is a
cobblestoned canal town with medieval and classical architecture.

Drive through the Dutch lowlands and wonder at the expansive fields of
daffodils and tulips! Holland is famous for plus well many old picturesque
windmills still standing.

A honeymoon in Holland will give you a chance to experience this lovely
country. Cosmopolitan cities are scattered across an incredibly flat landscape
with numerous rivers, the largest of which is the Rhine.

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is a colorful, exuberant city with many superb
museums and art galleries to visit, not to mention excellent shopping. Best
explored on foot or by bicycle, the city offers an enormous amount to see -
architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries, tranquil canals lined with trees
and verdant parks perfect for a lunchtime picnic.

Moors, woodlands, colorful fields of flowers and countless windmills form the
countryside of this orderly, calm nation where traditions remain important. At
the same time, Holland is known as the most liberal country in Europe, and it
is this intermingling of modernity and timeless national customs which gives
Holland its unique flavor -- a fascinating and welcoming country to discover on
your honeymoon.

Oceania why honeymoon here?

Why not spend your honeymoon in Oceania? New Zealand and Australia bring
together vast landscapes, vibrant towns and cities, lovely coastlines and
fascinating cultures, making Oceania an unforgettable honeymoon destination!

Both countries have a combined Maori and European influence on their cultural
heritage, plus more recent south East Asian elements. Restaurants, cafs,
markets and traditional crafts all reflect this unique blend of ethnic groups.
Particularly in Northland in New Zealand, which is the cradle of Maori culture,
and the city of Darwin in Australia, is strongly influenced by neighboring Asian

Interestingly, the capitals of both countries, although well worth visiting,
are upstaged by other cities, whose names are known all over the world.
Auckland and Sydney boast spectacular coastal settings which lead to
comparisons being made between the two. Their harbors and bridges are
spectacular, and both also feature magnificent beaches.

Other cities of note include. Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide and
Dunedin. All have their own special appeal, bringing together great shopping,
cuisine, historic buildings and cultural highlights.

One of the best things about Oceania is that, whatever city you are in, you are
never too far from huge expanses of breathtaking natural beauty. The Australian
outback, the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand's many national parks are just
a few highlights in these countries of spectacular natural landscapes. Many
cities are sheltered by mountains and provide the perfect base from which to
discover the surrounding area.

Whether it's the Sydney Opera House or the glacial valleys of New Zealand which
draws you to Oceania for your honeymoon, your discovery of this stunning region
is sure to be an exciting, romantic and truly memorable experience.
For all areas in-between, there are wonderful seaside towns, inland towns and
villages, farms, shopping and so much more to be discovered on your honeymoon!
There is something to suit all ages and all budgets. So whatever you do, enjoy
yourself, in the most precious of times.

Scandinavia's majestic mountains and dramatic landscapes

Why would you want to honeymoon in Scandinavia? Many reasons actually.
Scandinavia is a region famed for its dramatic landscapes -- there are
mountains, fjords, lakes and glaciers that will fill your honeymoon with cool
beauty. Walking, hiking, cycling and boating are all popular ways to discover
these countries. For many spectacular views all you need to do is wander the
streets of one of the countless small villages that are sheltered by
snow-capped peaks.

There are cultured cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm. All
have vibrant parks, gardens, excellent museums, art galleries and excellent
purchasing opportunities in their lively shops and market places. One of the
most simple and enjoyable experiences is to relax in a pavement caf with a
steaming hot cup of coffee.

Scandinavia has a traditional folk culture of music, dance and costume that is
still expressed today. The Midsummer celebrations are an important annual
event, particularly in the Aland province of Finland and on the Swedish island
of Oland. For contemporary music and culture, head to one of the larger cities.
Copenhagen is highly reputed for its wealth of jazz clubs and eclectic musical

The region has many historical treasures. These include ancient cathedrals,
various castles, forts and wooden towns are scattered across the Scandinavian
countries. There are guided tours available for many of the castles and their
grounds. Lively cities, a fascinating history of Vikings and warriors, stunning
landscapes and friendly people all await you on your honeymoon in Scandinavia.

There are places that allow the more adventuress type of couple to go mountain
climbing, hot air ballooning, caving, kayaking plus other various actives. For
accommodation there are be and breakfasts right through to the five star
resorts. There is something suited for everyone. Whatever you do, enjoy and
bask in the grand beauty that is Scandinavia!

Spain another world away

Spain -- a spirited, vivacious country, the home of flamenco music, superb
cuisine, hot summers, diverse art and architecture! The Spanish people are full
of life and the country is packed with history and culture. Spain is a great
honeymoon destination!

Barcelona is the epitome of sophistication and romance! There are elegant and
extravagantly designed buildings, superb museums and a vibrant nightlife. There
are a multitude of prestigious art galleries to visit in the city. As well as a
gothic cathedral and many lively markets.

Madrid rivals Barcelona for culture and nightlife! It also claims the largest
bullring in the world. The elaborate cathedrals and palaces in the city have to
be seen to be believed! The shopping and dining possibilities are endless. All
budgets and tastes are catered for -- from the basic to a-la-carte!

Spain's third city is Valencia, whose highlight is a lovely Baroque palace.
Valencia is also home to two world-class art museums, and you can climb to the
top of the cathedral tower for a panoramic view of the city.

Spain has a long coastline with many wonderful beaches. Toledo is a stunning
virtually intact medieval city, and Granada's awe-inspiring Alahambra dates
from the period of Islamic rule in Spain. It consists of an 11th century
fortress, two palaces, patios and gardens -- all with a mountainous backdrop!
Seville is an exciting combination of the old and the new. A combination of the
magnificent Alcazar palace, a huge cathedral with vibrant parks and gardens,
there is something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

Spain's landscape includes five major mountain ranges, wetlands, plains and the
Andalusian deserts -- famous for the beautiful breed of horse the Andalusian. The
countryside is populated with traditional villages where you can catch a glimpse
of typical Spanish life. A honeymoon is Spain is your opportunity to discover
this diverse and enthralling country.

Why Not Consider Australia?

Welcome to Australia! We hope you enjoy your honeymoon with us and that your
stay here is all that you expect it to be.

Enjoy the long balmy nights, soft gentle breeze blowing in through the open
window, and the partner of your dreams sitting there beside you, for the start
of your new life together. Glasses click together as you toast the beginning of
your two week honeymoon. You are spending two weeks in Tropical Paradise in
central Queensland, Australia.

The waves are crashing against the shore, salt air stirring you into awareness.

There are bronze bodies sunning themselves, in deck chairs, across the great
expanse of soft white sand. The sun's rays warming you're pale white skin as you 
feel strong hands gather you close and cool tanning lotion is gently massaged 
into you're back. Not having to lift a finger as all of your needs are met and 
taken care of, as you and your wife take in the great Australian beach scene.

What you choose to do after that is totally up to you. Stroll through the many
malls Take a coffee while relaxing in the open atmosphere out on the side walk. 
Bush walking through national parks, or spending your time locked up in your 
hotel room with just the two of you enjoying each others company.

The possibilities are endless and you don't even have to stop there, take a
drive and discover Queensland, after all it is your Honeymoon we are here to 
make your time with us memorable. Sounds romantic doesn't it? It does not have to 
be a dream.

Queensland has something for everyone! From cozy bed and breakfast to
cosmopolitan flair and style! There is something for everyone to see, enjoy and
experience to help make this a honeymoon to remember.

Turn the dream into reality and enjoy our great outdoors.

Your African Getaway!

African Getaways are another popular honeymoon for the more adventures person.
For the complete vacation to Southern Africa, a safari should be combined with
a getaway to one of Southern Africa's magical destinations such as the Victoria
Falls, Sun City, Cape Town or the Garden Route to name a few.

Southern Africa has so many exciting and amazing destinations, which are just
so diverse and steeped in culture. Whether you fancy lying on a tropical beach,
viewing the spectacular Victoria Falls or living it up at Sun City there is
something for you! Spend a week or two in Cape Town; one of the world's most
beautiful cities. Venture along the world renowned Garden Route there is
definitely a getaway to suit every taste.

Kenya, "home" of the safari, still holds the reputation as the ultimate safari
destination! After all, this is where one of the greatest wildlife spectacles
occurs -- the Great Wildebeest Migration of the Masai Mara. Kenya is renowned
for its outstanding wildlife, wide open plains, breathtaking views of Mount
Kilimanjaro, and a glorious palm fringed coast with white sandy shores.

Amboseli National Park is simply stunning! Imagine this -- herds of elephant up
to 100 strong, while the snow capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, tower in the
horizon. Add to this buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, impala and
carnivores, including lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena, and you have all the
ingredients for an unforgettable safari.

The National Parks of Kenya's Great Rift Valley; contain an excellent array of
wildlife. These include black and white rhino, buffalo, impala and leopard to
name a few. Thousands of pink flamingos can also be seen at Lake Nakuru, a
large saltwater lake. Lake Naivasha, which is a fresh water lake, is ideal for
bird safaris, and is also host to buffalo and hippo.

No matter what you decide to do -- Africa offers everyone a unique and
unforgettable honeymoon!

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