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Horse Racing

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Are You Ready for Some Horse Racing Action?

One of the oldest sports in America that has got everyone hooked is horse
racing. There is no doubt in mind that a lot of people find joy and excitement
just by watching the race. On the other hand, there are also those that found
that they can really double their money just by choosing the best horse. But
then, if you are one of those who have little money to spare, this is not
something that you should venture into.

Like any other kinds of gamble, you can never be too sure if the horse racing
result will be in your favor. Those who have been betting in this sport for
long have realized that anything can happen especially if you do not consider
some important factors related to horse racing.

If you are intent on winning your bet in horse racing, you have to educate
yourself on how the entire sport works. Below are some of the things you need
to consider about horse racing.

1. The chemistry behind the sport.

Betting on a certain horse is not only about choosing the one that you think is
strongest or fastest. The first thing you have to do is to know the idea behind
the race.

Have a basic understanding about the many rules and strategies of the game.
Your first concern should be the horse you will put your bet on. If you do not
have any idea about these horses, the best thing to do is find a horse racing
magazines with the latest review on the horses that have already competed.

Through these magazines, you will read about which horses are among the
favorites of those who are placing their bets. Most often than not, you will
also see statistics that tallies the number of winnings of each horses.

From your reading, you will have an idea which horses are best to bet and which
ones to avoid.

2. Survey the horses and the racetrack personally.

Aside from reading the reviews, it is also advisable to personally check out
for yourself the horses that will be competing. You can do this by visiting the
racetrack early on when it is already open to the public.

SEE if your favorite horse looks good and well conditioned on that particular
day. Watch out all the horses' movements and check if they are in high spirits
and are capable of running a good race.

While there, you can also check out the racetrack itself. Do an analysis of the
whole scenario. From your perception, you will be able to tell the initial
result of the race just from looking at the place it will be held.

3. Money you can afford to lose.

Horse racing is a gamble. And just like any other gamble, money can be lost in
an instant. Always bear in mind that in this game, there are always winners and
losers. And you can become one of the losers.

Be sure that the money you gambled in horse racing is something that you can
afford to lose. Even if you feel that you are on a winning streak, luck can
change course any minute. As long as the race is not yet over, anything can
happen and your money is still on the line.

Bear these considerations in mind. Once you have educated yourself well and is
prepared to accept the consequences of your actions, then it is time for you to
enjoy horse racing.

Horse Racing Tips from Those Who Have Been There and Done It

The best horse racing tip is from those who have been there and done it. Simply
put, these are the people who have bet on horse racing for a long time and have
tried all the possibilities involved in this game.

These same people are also the ones who have come to realize that by following
some of the general tips in horse racing, they have more chances of winning
rather than losing.

What are these tips?

1. Check out all the horses that are involved in the race.

The most common mistake among bettors is that they tend to focus on the horse
they are betting and ignore all others. It is not wrong to play favorites since
you are putting on money on them. What is wrong is that you are not looking at
the potential that might be in other horses.

2. Observe as many horse racing events as possible.

Watching as many horse racing events will prepare you for the real thing where
there is real money involved. As a first timer, you will get a lot of pointers
by being an onlooker first.

By observing race events, you will get enough knowledge about how the race is
run and how the horses are performing. By the time you are ready to bet on a
horse, you will have an idea about some of the factors that will have an effect
on the outcome of the race. This way, you can come up with a sound decision when
the time has come for you to place on your bet.

3. Choose the better class horse.

No matter how you look at it, the best class will always have the potential of
winning. Horse racing is about the horse that is trained and conditioned to win
different races. Most of them are born to race.

It is best to check out which horse is of better class. You can tell this by
the form and the easy and expert way the horse is moving about in the racetrack.

4. Think just like a bookmaker.

A bookmaker is one that compiles all the necessary information to serve as a
basis later on. They make their own forecast based on events and other factors
that will prove relevant in the outcome of the race.

Read more about horse racing. You can get useful information from television,
magazines and newspapers. Analyze what these things are saying and look for
ways how they will work in your favor.

5. Past horse race history.

Be on the lookout for horses that have achieved sudden shift in the way they
are performing. There may be those who have lost and started winning from then
on. These are the ones that are worth monitoring and betting on.

Disregard past racing history and consider the way the horse is performing at
the moment. If there are a series of wins in its name, then that is a horse
that will be worth your consideration if you are after the best value out of
the bet you will place.

6. A certain horse for a certain race.

You can always tell if the horse is the perfect one for the race. It is not all
the time only one horse will win for every race. There are cases wherein there
is horse for a specified event. You can distinguish this by the racetrack they
are running and other outside factors that will affect their performance.

Follow these simple horse racing tips and you are guaranteed that you are not
wasting your hard-earned money for nothing.

Various Forms of Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most attended spectator sports in the world. This is
partly due to its nature as a gambling event. Many people, when they hear about
"horse racing" often think about one of the principal forms of horse racing. In
case you are surprised by this, you need to know there is more than just one
form of horse racing. Here are some of them:

1) Harness racing -- this horse racing form evolved from the chariot races of
old. Usually, this form of horse racing involves the horses pulling the jockey
on a two-wheeled cart. Another distinction of this horse racing form is the
fact that the horses are raced in a specified gait. Unlike thoroughbred racing,
this horse racing form calls for more strategy than speed. Since all horses move
with the same gait, tactics are needed to win.

There are two types of this horse racing form based on the gait used:

a) Pacing -- in this gait, the horse moves its legs laterally. This means that
the right front and right back hooves strike the ground simultaneously. Pacing
consists of the majority of harness races today. It is more popular because of
the fact that pacing is the more exciting variety of this horse racing form.

In pacing, the horses are able to run faster and the gait comes more natural to
them. Because of this, there are lesser pauses during a race. When a horse
breaks the stride or starts to gallop, it must be slowed down until it can
regain the gait.

b) Trotting -- in this variety of the horse racing form, horses move the legs
diagonally, which means that the right front leg and the left hind leg strike
the ground simultaneously.

2) Thoroughbred racing -- of course, we need to cover this most popular of all
horse racing forms. Thoroughbred racing is often referred to as the sport of
kings. Many people attend races with hopes of betting their cash on the right
horse and winning a lot more money.

Thoroughbred racing is the most popular of all horse racing forms because of
the fact that it is the most exciting. Although the "initial" excitement is
provided by the fact that the horses competing in this horse racing form are
faster than others, it is expounded by the fact that there are higher amounts
at stake. This increased amount of cash is actually caused by the fact that
people like to watch thoroughbred racing more than any other horse racing form.
Do you see the cycle here?

There are, of course, subcategories within this horse racing form. People can't
just take a random sample of the thoroughbreds available and then let them loose
in the track. Administrators need to make the race as even as possible in order
to encourage betting. A maiden race is a variety of this horse racing form
which is participated by horses which have yet been untried in a race. Many
people choose to bet in these events because of the fact that maiden races have
nearly even odds.

Another popular variety of this horse racing form is the Graded stakes race.
This variety of the horse racing form involves high class horses and high class
prizes. A lot of cash changes hands at these events. Horses which compete in
these events are often in the same class, gender and age. This means that all
competitors are evenly matched in this horse racing form.

Various Forms of Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular form of horse racing the whole
world. It is so popular that some people do not know of any other form of horse
racing. Thoroughbred horse racing is also known by some people as the "sport of
kings". Usually, a thoroughbred horse owner would hire a trainer to condition
the horse for only one type of race. This is because a good trainer knows that
there is a best training regimen for every type of race. The owner may also opt
to enter the horse in races that are somewhat similar to what it is in training

Thoroughbred horse racing comes in various forms. Here are some of them:

1) Maiden races -- this type of thoroughbred horse racing pits untested horses
against each other. This event is the debut of all race horses. Some people
find this type of thoroughbred horse racing more exciting because of the fact
that all of the horses involved are untried. The maiden race often determines
the whole career of a race horse. This event will show the world just what a
race horse is capable of.

Often, thoroughbreds of varying ages participate in maiden races. In this type
of thoroughbred horse racing, the horses carry similar weights in order to even
the odds. There are also no handicapped penalties involved in this type of
thoroughbred horse racing.

2) Allowance racing -- this type of thoroughbred horse racing involves horses
which have already participated in a maiden race but are not yet ready for the
grand stakes race. Usually, this type of thoroughbred horse racing involves
running for a purse that is slightly above the purse involved in maiden races.
Some horse owners use these races to actually train their horses.

3) Grand stakes racing -- this type of thoroughbred horse racing is the most
popular with people since it often involves a lot of cash. People who go to
this type of thoroughbred horse racing do so in order to bet their cash on
their favorite horse. The "grand stakes" in this race refer not only to the
money involved but also the reputation of the horse. A grand stakes race winner
usually goes on to become a celebrity among horses.

The dreams of countless people are also at stake in this type of thoroughbred
horse racing. This is because betting in this type of thoroughbred horse racing
can cost a lot. People pin their hopes and dreams on one horse. This is the
reason why this thoroughbred horse racing remains to be supported by people all
over the world today.

4) Handicap race -- this type of thoroughbred horse racing is, theoretically,
the most even of all races. This is because all of the horses participating in
such an event have been appropriately handicapped according to their
performance in other races. More people bet at this type of thoroughbred horse
racing because all of the odds are even. Theoretically, any horse can win in a
handicap race.

Although thoroughbred horse racing gains popularity because of the cash, there
are those people who see it as a test of spirit. There are horses which have
the potential to be the best. However, if that horse did not have the will to
win, then the potential would forever be useless. Thoroughbred horse racing is
not just a game, it is a reflection of life.

Interpretations: Different Types of Horse Racing Software

The term "horse racing software" can mean two different things. It could refer
to software used in racing horses or it could refer to a type of software which
people use to simulate racing horses.

Whichever interpretation you use, we know that "horse racing software"
definitely has something to do with computers. This just goes to show you how
much technology has changed our world. If you used the term "horse racing
software" in the past, it could have been interpreted by people as referring to
a cushion which can be placed on the saddle to make riding a more comfortable
experience. Nowadays, we know that software refers to programs used to make a
computer perform a certain task.

Let us get back to the two interpretations of the term "horse racing software":

1) Training use -- one of the interpretations of the term "horse racing
software" is a piece of programming that can be used in racing horses. This
could refer to the various types of software which are used in improving the
racing performance of horses. Not many people know the fact that horse racing
has been brought into the age of computers.

There are various types of software used to quantify a horse's ability to race.
There are types of software designed to monitor a horse's physical development.
There are types of software which try to predict the outcomes of various races
based on current trends and statistics. There are also certain types of
software which trainers use to prepare racing strategies. This is because horse
racing isn't just about speed anymore. It takes thinking and finesse to actually
win races.

There are also various types of horse racing software which help in the
conditioning of the horses. These are used to compute the various aspects of a
horse's development. This type of horse racing software raises the activity of
training horses to the level of an exact science.

2) Gaming -- let us now discuss the other interpretation of the term "horse
racing software". This can also be interpreted to mean certain types of
software that allow people to enjoy horse racing through the computer.

There are certain types of horse racing software which simulate different
aspects of the sport. Through this type of horse racing software, you can live
the life of a jockey, an owner or a trainer. This will give you an insight into
the sports side of horse racing. Some types of horse racing software also allow
you to challenge other players from around the world instantly.

There are also types of horse racing software which let people bet on actual
races online. This type of horse racing software provides people a chance to
enjoy the thrill of the race without even leaving their homes. Often, this type
of horse racing software comes with a program that gives you all of the
information you need to make a decision as to which horse to bet on. Some types
of horse racing software also include media players so that you can watch the
race from your home as it happens.

Interpretation is the key to finding the information you want. As you can see,
the interpretations of the term "horse racing software" are very different from
each other. In order to find the information you need, you have to know the
interpretation to use.

Love this Horse Racing Game!

Winning lots of money in the game of horse racing is very much possible. Some
people have experienced a lot of loses in this sport because of poor planning
that lead to poor placing of their bets.

The proper system can make all the difference. Once you have come up with a
system that works, you will be on your way to being profitable and successful
in the horse racing game.

It is a common belief that the best horse racing system can only be done by the
experts. This is very far from the truth. What you may not know is that you
yourself are capable of creating a system that can give you wins and more wins.


1. By looking at the last race the horse has run.

When was the last time the horse you are betting on has run in a race? Was it a
months or days ago? These questions are important if you want to know how
capable that certain horse is.

If it has not run for a period of time, it may have experienced some health
problems which will hinder the next race it will participate in. Besides that,
it might not be in the condition to perform well during the event.

But if the horse has just recently been in a race, there is a chance that it
will perform its best. This is especially if it finished with better standing.

2. By looking at the number of horses competing.

Make a simple calculation inside your head. The more the competition there is,
the lesser the chance of your horse winning. Even if it has a good track
record, its chances have become slim compared to when it is competing with
fewer horses.

Always think of it that way. Upon betting, consider the number of horses. If
you think there is another horse better than yours, then try putting your bet
on it so that you will not regret your decision later on.

3. By checking out the horse's recent place in a race.

You are making a big mistake if you bet on a horse that have come in last in
the recent race that is participated in. Even if you have faith that it will
not come in last this time, the odds are still against you.

It is best to bet on the horst that came in on the second or third spot.
Chances are, it will be able to attain the first spot once all factors are
considered and the full potential is practiced.

4. By looking at the distance of the racetrack.

If the racetrack is short, then it is possible that the full form of your horse
will not show. But if the distance is longer, then you can expect unexpected
things to happen. Moreover, your bet will be given a better shot at winning
that race.

5. By choosing "favorites".

Horses that are favorites by the majority have more than 33% chances of winning
as opposed to non-favorites.

Try to opt for these favorites especially if the bets being placed are well
suited to your budget.

To win in the horse racing game is a matter of having a system that will work
well for you. Form your own system based from the factors mentioned above and
you will get to love and enjoy this game.

Betting Using Horse Racing Selection Systems

Since then, horse racing has been a part of our society. It has been a popular
entertainment for many different people. Although many people think that it's
impossible to make money by betting on horse racing, other finds it quite
profitable using these systems. In fact, many people have gained wealth just by
betting on these races. However, it is also a fact that many have lost their
moneys because of this sport, too.

Now, ff you're a beginner, using selection systems before you know the basics
may tend to confuse you. You see, there are some terms used in these racing bet
systems that are not easy to understand.

There are many guides out there that will help you learn how to bet on horse
racing. In betting, you also need to make physical approximations on the
condition of each player. You need to look at the jockey and the trainer of the
horse. You must make sure that your selection must have a good run.

There are still other factors that are needed for betting and to find out about
them many people have made different horse racing selection systems that will
help you figure out the horse that may actually win.

However, it will take you a lot of time to figure out which type of horse can
make probable goods. You will need thorough research in order to have an even
higher chance of winning in every bet. For some people this is time consuming
and chances are minimal. However, what they don't know is that these systems
will provide valuable information as to which horse will win each race.

The use of horse racing selection systems is now wider because many have proven
these systems to be able to provide an easier way to bet on which kind of horse
have a higher probability of winning each race.

Most system work in a way that it relies on a considerable fact, wherein most
of the racing days at least 1 favorite will win one of the races. In a day,
there are at least three (3) race meetings in every day 6 of 7 races in a
meeting. Thus, this usually means that in other parts of a country there are
excess of 20 races.

Therefore, if 1 favorite wins out of the 20 races, you can already consider
yourself a winner, right? You can picture the probability that there's always a
single favorite winning out of the 20 races. However, this is small.

A horse racing selection system can be used in order to know which horses have
high chances of winning with regards to the most common types of horse race
bets. You can use these systems for making straight bet, place bet, combination
bet, show bet, pick 6 bet, reverse forecast, tricast, superfecta, daily double
and more.

You can try different horse racing selection systems. Most of these systems can
be found online, just use an online search engine and you will get a list of
companies that provide them. Now, it is up to you if you want to use them or
not. However, if you don't feel like you're throwing away your money just by
randomly selecting the type of horse that will win, it is advisable to use
these systems.

Guide to Betting Horse Racing

There are some people who want to bet on a horse racing but are clueless on
where to start. It just likes some other betting game where money is involved
but this time it is about horses. To understand more and win the race, here are
some tips on betting in horse racing.

First of all, ignore those with the jockeys silk and have nice colors or any
design and don't try and pick a cool sounding name. It doesn't give any chance
of winning the race.

Look at the jockey who's riding the horse and the trainer of the horse. Make
sure to pick the good trainer and then the good jockey who made more wins in
the race. There are sections that say's top trainers and top jockeys. It is
important to choose the top jockeys and trainers because they are the one who
takes care of the horse.

The next thing to put into consideration is the numbers written beside the
horse name. Look for the numbers 1, 2 and 3 that means first, second and third
in a race and also if it has a few of these in its last five races. It has a
good chance to run well because the horse had a time to take a rest.

Of course the most important in this betting horse racing game is the horse
itself. Choosing the right horse with a good form and winning record is the
perfect choice. Now how would you find these horses?

The first thing you should be aware for is if the horses have already been
successful in a competition on that distance or course. To recognize these
horses, you should check at the right corner where the name is placed. You will
notice a letter "C" if the horse has been successful in a race before. On the
other hand, a letter "D" will be seen if the horse has already succeeded a race
in the same distance.

Sometimes you will see a "CD" meaning the horse has won a race at this course
at the same distance. This is a perfect choice because it has already won any
race and it has the potential of winning again in at any course with the same

One important thing you should be aware of when coming across at this is the
type of the race. If it belongs to a higher level of class, meaning the horse
you had selected would be competing with better horses which lower its chances
of winning.

Also always see and check what odds the tab and bookies were offering and take
which will give a better return.

Horses with true odds are usually very short in betting ring. If you can get
better than 6/4 you are very lucky. But then there are plenty of true 3/1 or
2/1 chances or even worse than is offered in 6/4. Usually bettors get the short
odds because they feel more comfortable knowing lots of money have gone on that

So now we have chosen the horse with a decent jockey and a good trainer that is
showing a good form. The horse you have selected would have a good run and
hopefully would bring the buck for you with a good finish. Go to the horse
racing and bet the horse with a good record.

Advantages of Online Horse Racing

Bet on a horse racing without leaving your seat. Gone are the days when you
have to drive long hours and wait in line for tickets on horse racing events.
Now, with the advent of the internet, you can bet and even watch horse races
right at your very home.

Not living near a race track is no more a problem these days. While live
viewing is much better and is sure to raise your adrenaline, you still can't
risk of having missed a horse race betting. Besides, you are no longer limited
with the local horse racing events. Your chances of enjoying the whole stuff is
increased dramatically since you can bet and monitor your winnings even if the
race is happening in the other side of the globe.

Beware though, like in all other industries and businesses online horse racing
and betting do have their shares of scams and deceptions. Central to this is to
know the well-established registered, legal and well-recognized betting online
stations to secure both your money and your winnings.

The best thing to do is to go for credible web sites that have been established
and have been well-regarded in the horse racing world. You don't only get the
protection from fraud, you would also be provided with fairly straightforward
and transparent transactions.

The basic thing that you would have to do is to register your name on a
specific web site that holds online horse racing bets. Typically, some websites
would require monthly subscription payments that are subjected to various
agreements. Be sure to be very aware of the terms and conditions before
approving on them.

Normally, these monthly payments are waived from your payment if you exceed in
value with your winnings. But remember, this still depends on how the website
handles its regulations.

Once you are registered on your chosen site, the next thing you would do is to
make a deposit. Your losses and your winnings will be debited or credited on
your existing account.

Because the only difference with online and off line betting is that you are
working through internet, you are still subjected to pretty much similar
betting rules and types, race conditions, with some tinges of differences
depending on how the website carries its issues.

With too little delay, you can track and update your odds instantly. Some
websites even allow the tracking of live events through text messaging.

Online horse racing has three drawbacks though.

First, for serious handicappers a tiny monitor would not give as much
excitement as with the live racing track. Nevertheless, if there's no more
choice left then maybe you can bear with this inconvenience.

Second, like most things using internet, you are largely dependent on your
hardware and software. Some horse racing online sites for example work well
using Firefox but not with Internet Explorer. But as far as pc users are
concerned, this issue can be easily arranged.

Lastly, some people just don't enjoy things when they're not on the exact and
real condition. Online horse racing for some is a bit unsatisfying as this
detaches the handicapper from the real game.

Being an actual part of the live race, handling the money personally and
hearing the shouts and yells of everyone in the track, and seeing the graceful
but swift movements of horses can add real thrill on the game.

Against All "Horse Racing" Odds

Horse racing is a sport that is gaining wide popularity in all of the four
corners of the world. It is also considered to be one of the most popular
wagering games ever made. Usually, the horses that are used in the race are the
so-called thoroughbred horses. This sport is characterized as a race where two
or more horses ridden by jockeys compete on who's going to be on the first
place in the race track. The people who watch the contest lay a wager on which
horse will finish first. The betting maybe in the form of betting for the
first, second or third place. In the horse race term this pertains to laying a
bet on to win, to place and to show.

Now horse race is not easy to understand if you're not familiar with the terms
used in this exciting sport. What you will usually hear in this wagering game
is the term "horse racing odds." What do horse racing odds mean? Is it
something of high importance?

Horse racing odds specifically refer to the probability that is displayed on a
tote board. The tote board is a huge board where you can see the odds based on
how much money you will receive in relation to the amount that you will gamble.

How are these odds determined? The odds of horse racing are determined by
deducting the amount of bet and its percentage in the total amount of money
that was bet on the horses less a portion of the tracks take which is estimated
to be between 10-20 percent of the sum total.

Now if you have some difficulty in reading a tote board, you can follow this
simple procedure in computing for the odds on a horse. To have an accurate
calculation, you need to draw on some of the other figures in the tote board.
This refers to the overall amount of the win pool and the sum of money bet on
that horse. You must understand that the total pool is the money bet on all the
horses in the first. It does not pertain to the amount that will be pay up the
ones holding the winning tickets. The take that is from the winning ticket
holder is deducted between 14-20 percent. This may vary depending on the state
where you are in. All those money that is derived from the "take" goes to the
local taxes, the horsemen, track expenses and the horse racing earnings. The
payoffs employ the actual figures which are usually reduced to the nearest
dime. This may vary depending on the rules that were talked about at the race

If you still don't get the picture of what odds for horse racing are all about,
you can check out the Internet for some resources. An array of resources about
horse racing is found in the World Wide Web. It is important to find the right
online resource that will give you the detailed information on odds for horse
racing along with some horse racing tips and strategies.

Choose the online resource that will best meet your requirements. Consider some
of the most important elements you need to know such as the basics of horse race
betting -- how the whole wagering games goes and how you will pick the winning
horse in the race track.

Horse Racing Throughout the History

Man has been known to use horses for racing since this specie was first
domesticated. Historical evidences reveal that as early as 4500 BC, the nomadic
people of Central Asia has already developed systems of horse racing. In fact,
the Greeks are known to have incorporated horse racing in the Olympics since
638 BC.

Both the chariot horse racing and the mounted horse racing were popular during
these ages. These later became an obsession among Romans when they have adopted
the sport.

For thousand of years that followed, this type of sports was known to be
performed only for the noble men and royalties.

Modern racing is said to have started in the 12th century when the first
breeding between Arabian and English horses were made. These were sparred by
the return of the noble knights to the mother land after the Crusades. These
are known to have produced sturdy horses with excellent speed. Thus, breeders
maximized the potentiality of a racehorse and put them into tracks. This breed
is the Thoroughbred that we know of today which is still the most popular breed
in the United Kingdom.

King Charles II was known to have held horse races in his private courses
during 1660 to 1685.

By the 16th century, the English had been known to produce a number of
racecourses. Queen Anne who founded the Ascot in 1711 is known to have made
horse racing an official sport.

Halfway in 1700's, the Jockey Club was created through the initiation of the
elite figures involved in horse racing. This organization was the first legion
of jockeys that established the comprehensive rules and regulations including
the standards as covered by the sports. Thus, they became the overseers of the
sports and sanctioned horse racing events.

The Jockey Club was also the initiator for the regulation of breeding among
horses. Thus, James Weatherby, an accountant of the Jockey Club during those
times, traced back the family lines of all racing breeds in England. His
researches brought forth the publication of the General Stud Book, which was
basically, the basis of authority in terms of the breeds that could be put to
race. According to the General Stud Book, only those pedigrees that have
descended from the line of the "foundations sires" are considered as
Thoroughbreds. The foundation sires are the: Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and
Godolphin Arabian.

Only in 17th century did the sport arrive in America for which the very first
racetrack was seen in the Long Island. While it has become a favorite past time
among Americans, no one initiated the formalization of horse racing until after
the Civil War. Because of the already-established obsession plus the industrial
development, and widespread gambling on horse races, the sport grew largely by
the year 1890 when 314 operating tracks are known to be on regular operation in
the country.

Due to the lack of a governing body, this sport had become purely dominated by
criminal elements. In 1894 though, the most prominent and high-ranking stable
owners met and organized the American Jockey Club which was patterned on the
system as used by the Jockey Club in England.

Nowadays the sport has reached various countries across the globe. Governing
bodies were also formed to regulate the horse racing events.

History of Horse Racing in UK

Horse racing started in the ancient world of the Greeks. And like many other
events in the history, this sport was passed on to Romans who have learned to
become obsessed with the sport. The Greeks back then incorporated this game in
the Olympics, which helped it gain natural popularity.

The origin of the game in United Kingdom though begins with the importation of
Arabian stallions into England during and after the Crusades. The combination
of the stock from Middle East and the breeds in Europe led to the emergence of
a swift runner with a steady build.

During the course of Europe's horse racing history, we can observe that the
sport was dedicated primarily to the noble and royal families alone. The
commoners served as the spectators.

In fact, Charles II and Queen Anne were known to have been obsessed with horse
racing that both had private and public horse racing competitions held through
their own initiatives.

Horse racing in Europe was marked later with the development of various racing
arenas throughout the land. However, professional horse racing occurred during
the 16th century when the great classics were established.

Even before America has got its American Jockey Club, Europe has already
established the first governing body for horse racing. In line with this, it
has already accomplished various things pertaining to horse racing.

The Jockey Club of England was established due to the movement initiated by the
elite of horse racing. This then became the overseer of racetracks, races,
standards for horse breeds, and event rules and regulations. In short, they
formalized the sport, as we know of today during 1750s. The Jockey Club was
also responsible for the early determination of breeding lines of the horses.

James Weatherby, an official of the Jockey Club was the first to distinguish
the founding sires of the stallions that we now know as Thoroughbreds.

Throughout the development of the game, various types were formed. These are
called as the classics.

Among the most popular are St. Leger that was founded during 1776, the Oaks
which was founded 3 years after, the next year produced the Derby, 2,000
Guineas in 1809 and 1000 Guineas that was created five years after.

All these, among with other events, were created through the formation of the
Jockey Club.

St. Leger St. Leger was founded by a former Irish soldier Lieutenant Colonel
Anthony St Leger. The very first event under this category was held on
September 24, 1776. It has the longest distance among the English Classics,
which ran over 132 yards, 1m and 6f.

On our present sense, this range was relatively short which led to questioning
its worth since ranges seem to have switched to more glamorous distances. This
game existed for 227 years but was canceled during the Civil War.

The Derby This horse racing event rooted from a race that was devised by Edward
Smith Stanley who was the Earl of Derby during 1779. With his friends, they
intended to race only among themselves over 1 1/2 miles. This was named after his
estate, Oaks. The race has become successful that the following year saw the
second race of its kind.

The name of the race was then founded after the Earl won in a game of flipped
coin with his friend Sir Charles Bunbury, then was an excellent racing figure.

These are just two of the most famous English Classics. Central to all these is
that despite the presence of horse racing among other cultures, Europe is still
credited for being the proponent for the 1st formal exhibition of horse racing.

Online Horse Racing Games: Some issues

Online horse racing games are becoming more popular because of their
convenience. Truly, the internet has changed the way we look at a lot of
things. Today, a lot of things can be done online and horse racing is just one
of those things. People like online horse racing games because this enables
them to enjoy the thrill of a horse race without the hassles of having to go to
a track.

There are various types of online horse racing games. Some just broadcast the
results of actual races online and allow people to bet on those events. Some
are actual games in which a person can play the part of the jockey and race his
horse against others to win prizes or to get bragging rights. Other online horse
racing games put players in the shoes of a trainer. They take care of their
virtual thoroughbreds and train them for races against other players.

Although these games can be quite entertaining for some people, the fact
remains that most people play online horse racing games because of the
gambling. Online horse racing games provide what a gambler needs without
requiring that person to even leave the comfort of his chair.

Betting in online horse racing games are done electronically. People's bets in
online horse racing games can be categorized into two:

1) Monetary -- Of course, most of the people who bet on online horse racing
games do so with real money. How do they do this? This can usually done through
credit cards or an electronic transfer. Some people can also choose to apply for
an electronic account which may be reloaded through the bank.

One issue concerning the online horse racing game is the fact that the prizes
at stake are not really as big as what you would expect to win in an actual
race track. This may be because of the fact that online horse racing games are
still in their early stages. This means that fewer people bet on these races
compared to betting on the track.

2) In-game -- certain MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing
Games incorporate a sort of online horse racing game in order to add
excitement. Often, the prize at stake is a rare item which can be used within
the game. Simulation online horse racing games such as the training game talked
about earlier can also hold races with in-game prizes at stake. These items
often have properties that would improve your chances every time you race.
There are also people who sell these in-game items for actual cash.

One issue surrounding this is the fact that some gamers may take an online
horse racing game too seriously and would pay some heavy costs for something
that doesn't really exist.

Now, there are some concerns surrounding the online horse racing game. First of
all, computers do determine the outcome of races. How can a person be sure that
the race was actually fair? Computers can be manipulated by people to produce
their desired outcome. This means that the creator of the online horse racing
game can choose which horse will win. Of course, some people say that it is not
true. They often make use of programs that show accurate results without the
need for human intervention. However, the very fact that it can be manipulated
makes people wary. Think about this when you are looking for an online horse
racing game.

How a Horse Racing Forum can Help You

The internet today finds its value in two aspects: advertising and connection.
These two factors are the main reason why the internet remains alive today.
People either learn how to buy stuff through the internet or they talk to other
people. Connection requires special media.

The internet provides people with instant messaging, chat rooms, forums and
other means of communication in order to help them express their thoughts and
opinions online. Through online forums, people can share their opinions and
their various thoughts on subjects and hobbies such as horse racing. In fact,
many people today visit horse racing forums because of various reasons. Those
reasons are:

1) Expression -- many people go to horse racing forums in order to express
their various emotions regarding horse racing. In a horse racing forum, a
person can share his hopes of winning, the sweet feeling of success and the
bitter agony of defeat. Yes, a horse racing forum can help people share what
they feel. In the end, isn't that what communication is all about?

Why is it so important that people go to horse racing forums in order to
express themselves? For one thing, the conventions of society today prevent us
from actually expressing our selves the way that we want to. In the past, a
person could talk about the unfairness of gambling in public and have people
listen to him. Nowadays, the best thing you can hope for is that your friends
won't find you crazy. The worst thing involves prison and some very undesirable

2) Discussion -- of course, expression can refer exclusively to you having
other people listen to your ideas. However, horse racing forums also let people
discuss certain subjects. This means that people are able to react to what other
people have to say. You can read about the opinions of others and share your
thoughts on those. You will be able to interact with other people who share the
same passion as you do.

This is another reason why horse racing forums are important. Sure, you know
that you are not alone with your interest in horse racing. Other people love
the sport as much as you do. However, it is often the case that the people who
you can talk to daily and with whom you regularly interact do not share the
same passion that you do. This can be very frustrating. By going to a horse
racing forum, you should be able to find someone with the same level of
commitment that you have for horse racing.

3) Information -- many people who go to online forums do so in order to gather,
share, or exchange information. When you think about it, all the talking done in
forums is actually free exchange of information. To be more specific, however,
some people go to horse racing forums in order to learn how to improve in the
sport. They either get tips in betting, training, or riding. This can be very
important for people who do not have an inside scoop on the race track.

Horse racing forums can help people in a lot of ways. People who go to horse
racing forums do so in order to get an insight on minds of other people.
Collectively, we may know a lot. Individually however, we each have a small
fraction of the knowledge available.

Why People Look for Horse Racing Videos

Horse racing has got to be one of the oldest sports in history. Although
technology has continued to produce various vehicles that may be raced, horse
racing still has strong supporters all over the world. In fact, when you look
at the state of the internet today, you will find that a lot of people actually
try to find horse racing videos. Why do they do this?

Here are some reasons for looking up horse racing videos on the internet:

1) Technique -- many people watch horse racing videos in order to refine their
technique. Now, we all know that horse racing today exists mainly for gambling.
Yes, some people could reason out that watching some mammals run around in
circles can be exciting but the fact is, it is made more exciting by the
prospect of getting your hands on some cold hard cash.

Many people watch horse racing videos in order to refine their techniques in
either racing or gambling. Some watch horse racing videos in order to observe
which horses or jockeys can help them get their hands on some money. They
observe horse racing videos in order to perfect the technique of gambling. Hey,
we all know that gambling is often governed by luck, but what the hell, let's
make gambling into a science.

Some jockeys also watch horse racing videos in order to strategize their races.
They try to improve their techniques in order to gain the advantage in a race.
You see, horse racing is not just about speed, it is also about finesse. A
jockey needs to be able to plan out his or her passes while riding at breakneck
speeds. Improving these techniques, of course, will help jockeys win. By
watching horse racing videos, they can observe their old mistakes and make
improvements. They are also able to observe their opponents and study their
techniques. Through this, they can find a way to neutralize their opponents'
techniques and keep the advantage.

2) Entertainment -- of course, there are people who just experience a thrill
when they watch horse racing videos. They watch horse racing videos in order to
see just how far a man and animal could push themselves and work together in
order to achieve a single objective. People admire the way that a man could
control such a powerful animal in order to win a race.

People who watch horse racing videos do so because they want to be entertained.
Sometimes, those who go to the track do not really find the show to be very
entertaining. Some are actually left disappointed by the general air of
gambling within the race track. They come hoping to witness a battle of prowess
between gladiators and they leave when they realize that all they can see are
the heads and hands of people who are leaping because they just won the
jackpot. Winning can be terrific: unless you're just a spectator.

3) Passion -- some people just watch horse racing videos because for them,
racing is a passion. These people enjoy a good horse racing video no matter how
many times they have already watched it. They go "oooh" and "aah" at the various
sights of horse racing. They analyze every second of the horse racing video and
talk about how the winner raced his or her way to victory.

Learning from ESPN Horse Racing Index

Horse racing is one of the biggest spectator sports in existence today. Some
people may define Horse racing as gambling, but in fact, it has always been a
sport for the competitors. When you take a look at history, you will find out
that the people who first raced horses did not do so for money, people used to
race horses because of pride. They wanted to prove that they are superior to
their opponents. Do you want proof that horse racing is indeed a sport? Then
you should take a look at the ESPN horse racing index.

Many people are surprised when they learn that ESPN even has a horse racing
index. This just goes to show you that not many people think that horse racing
is still a sport. The ESPN horse racing index, however, is proof to the fact
that horse racing does have a place in the world of sports.

Just what can you learn from the ESPN horse racing index?

Of course, you can find news about horse racing in the ESPN horse racing index.
These bits of news tell what goes on in the track and what you need to watch out
for. This news can also help a gambler determine his pick. This is because of
the fact that the news on ESPN horse racing index tells of the latest events
which could significantly affect various races.

In the ESPN horse racing index, you can also find news regarding rising stars
of the track. Through the ESPN horse racing index, you can keep an eye on these
horses and try to see how they could affect you horse racing experience. The
news in the ESPN horse racing index also shows recent events which could affect
you. They show the condition of various horses. They report any injury which
could affect race results drastically.

In the ESPN horse racing index, you can also find the results of various races.
This makes knowing results very convenient for you. There are people who like
betting on horse racing but they may not have time to go out to the track and
watch the race. Some just go to the track to bet and wait for the results to be
announced later. Through the ESPN horse racing index, you can know if you should
go down to the track to collect your cash or if you should just stay at home and
try to forget that you even betted.

Several links can also be found in the ESPN horse racing index. These links
could link you to horse trainers who can help condition your horses for a race,
or they could link you to a track and allow you to bet through the internet.
There are also links which may lead to information concerning horse races which
you might not find in the ESPN horse racing index.

All in all, the ESPN horse racing index is a great information source for those
who are big fans of horse racing. The articles are well written and show the
sports side of horse racing. However, it can also be a great guide for those
who bet on horse racing. The news pieces show amazing insight into the world of
horse racing and could help bettors improve their odds of winning.

Features of Horse Racing Computer Games Today

Horse racing is one of the most popular spectator sports today. This is because
of the fact that the sport is exciting and involves money. We cannot deny that
most people who watch horse racing today do not come to observe "the behavior
of the equine on an oval orbit". Most people today go to the track in order to
gamble. Although, there are some people there who want to see how the labor of
the horse trainers will become fruit.

One thing we cannot deny, however, is the fact that most sports, like horse
racing is being changed by technology. People who cannot go to the track today
can bet, watch and win a horse race on the internet. People who do so either
have no time or no energy to actually go to a track. Why should you spend the
energy to get all dressed for complete strangers when you can watch the race
wearing shorts in your living room? In fact, technology has taken this even
further and produced the horse racing computer game.

What are the different types of horse racing video games?

1) Betting -- many horse racing video games today allow people to bet their
cash on a specific video horse. Some actually look like slot machines and allow
people to bet their quarters on a specific horse. Others are just video machines
that owners put up in bars in order to take bets from the patrons. Betting is an
essential part of horse racing since many people are only interested in the
sport because of the money. In many countries today, these machines are
actually illegal.

2) Training -- many horse racing computer games put the emphasis on training.
In fact, many trainers use this type of software to help guide them in taking
proper care of their horse. This horse racing computer game takes the data from
various trainers and races and tries to imitate real life. By taking care and
training your virtual horse properly, you can win a lot of races in this type
of horse racing video game. Some developers actually add a lot of realism and
even have features such as resource management and career profiles.

This type of horse racing computer game puts you inside the shoes of a trainer,
a jockey, or a manager. You need to be able to choose your investments wisely
and you need to learn how to train your horse properly in order to succeed at
this horse racing computer game. This horse racing computer game also places
your horse in simulated races against other opponents in order to judge how
well you have done. Of course, it goes without saying that you do not beat the
game until you beat the other horses.

3) Internet -- the internet holds the future of computer gaming. Many people
today are not satisfied with the action that a conventional horse racing
computer game provides. Sometimes, it is better to test your skills as a
trainer against another trainer. This is the reason why most horse racing
computer games today have internet connectivity.

People who wish to test the skills of their virtual horses need only go online
and race against each other. Of course, such races can be very big events and
involve big money. Hey, you didn't think that horse racing computer games would
be free of gambling, did you?

Betting on Horse Racing: From Traditional to Technological

Betting on horse racing does not mean that you have to be present right there
on the racetrack. Today, you can place your bet online and in the comfort of
your home.

This is the power of technology. Nowadays, everything can be found online. All
people need to have is a computer and an online connection and they will be
able to see the race action live on their small screen.

Even if it is not as good as the live one or as big as the ones you will see on
television, it is very convenient for those who are on the move and do not have
the right facilities for it. Just think. You will never again miss the action.
You will have a minute-by-minute account on the race that is going on. Besides
that, you will know first-hand if the horse you are betting on will win or not.

How does betting horse racing online works?

There are some sites that just need you to register into them and put in your
deposit. Once the result is out, your losses or winnings will be debited or
credited into your account.

Not all websites are like this though. There are those that require its
would-be members to pay an initial fee. Some even require monthly charges
depending on the frequency of your visit and stay.

Even if the betting horse racing is done online, the rules and regulations are
still the same. The types of bets and race conditions are also the same as the
ones you will see and get live.

Since the process is done through computers, you can expect a short delay on
the tally of your bets based on the overall betting system. For those who
cannot wait for the update, they are given a choice of the statistics to be
sent directly to their cell phones.

But with the advantages that people get from betting horse racing online comes
its disadvantages. They may be minors but it is still worth the glance.

1. Unsatisfying experience.

Some people find that nothing can compare to the feeling that they get when
they are on the racetrack and is part of the action. You cannot really get that
same feeling when you are just there watching it on screen.

Most of those who bet on this sport are after the excitement of seeing the race
from start to finish. They still want to shout and cheer with the rest of the
crowd gathered there on the stadium.

2. Miniscule screen.

Being confined in the small screen of your computer, you will not get a view of
what is happening in the whole event. You will just rely on where and what the
camera is focusing on. This is a total turn off for those who want to see every
corner and every move around the racetrack.

Those who are intent on having a better view of the horse race choose to have
their own satellite TV in their home to get a bigger and better view of the
live happening in the racetrack.

3. Computer system problems.

Slow computers and outdated hardware installed in your computers are one of the
factors that will hinder your betting horse racing online experience. If you do
not have the most advanced features, do not expect your viewing to be as great
as it should be.

However, if you can do away with these minor problems and your only desire is
to cut the suspense and see the result as it happens, then horse race betting
online is always there at your convenience.

Horse Racing Betting System Essentials

Horse racing is a kind of sport that is now popularly known as a betting game.
But you have to take into account that the horse racing betting does not only
refer to laying a bet on the horse with the most beautiful name or the one with
the best odds. In fact some people have this perception that one has to be a
horse racing expert to be a winner.

Here are some of the important things you must consider in making an effective
horse racing betting system:

Distance The distance that will be run by the horse to reach the finishing
point is a very important factor that you have to weigh up before you pick out
the horse that you will lay a bet on. If the distance is short, the horse has
only little time to show its best performance. Conversely if the distance of
the race is too long, there are several possibilities like the horse might get
tired or the horse rider might drop off. Keep in mind that the safest distance
of the horse race is in the range of 5 furlongs and not more than 3 miles.

Number of Runners The number of runners is also a very crucial element that you
should consider when betting. A horse's chance of winning is greatly affected by
the number of contenders in a race. If the field is big, then naturally, it
means there's large numbers of runners who will vie in the horse racing sport.
It is quite tough to choose which horse will do well in the race where there
are so many runners who compete with each other.

The Kind of Ground Another important factor that you should take into
consideration when betting on a horse is the kind of ground in which the horse
will run. The rule of thumb is that the "going" must be excellent. Examine if
the ground is soft or heavy. The smoothness or firmness of the "going" is also
crucial in the race. The size of the horse's feet has also an effect on the
result of the race.

When the Last Race was Run The last race of the horse is also another aspect
that you have to think about before you pick out your bet. You must consider
when the last time the horse have its race was. It is quite difficult to tell
if the horse is in good shape or not when it has been vacant in the horse
racing scene for a short time. Ideally, a good bet is a horse whose last race
was in the current season or at least 28 days ago.

Check the Horses Form You will notice that there are letters C and D indicated
in the horses form. The C here indicates that the horse has been a winner over
a certain track in the previous races while the D denotes that the horse has
been a winner over the distance being run in the race. When there is C or D in
the horses form, you should not think twice to bet on that horse. This
indicates that they're good runners.

Top Favorites You can also consider those horses that are considered to be top
favorites in the present season. Experts agree that there is a higher
probability that these horses come first in the race. Hence, check out some
favorites and their records in the racing field. If they have 3/1 or less in
the betting, then, that's an indication that they can be a good pick.

The Pros and Cons of Horse Racing Betting Online

The internet continues to change a lot of the ways we do things. Our whole
perception of the world has been changed by the connectivity and convenience
brought by the advent of the internet. Today, we can do practically everything
through the internet. We have things like online schools, online gaming, and we
even have online horse racing! Betting is made more convenient by the technology
of the internet. However, we should learn how to look at both sides of the coin
before we make a decision.

The Pros:

Online horse racing betting brings a new level of convenience to the scene.
With online horse racing betting, you don't even have to get out of your comfy
seat in order to participate in the action. Going to a race track really isn't
much of a pleasure anymore. Some people find it uncomfortable and they would
rather be somewhere else. However, the fact remains that the race track is
where the action happens. If you want to participate in the action, then you
need to go to a race track. Or do you?

Online horse racing betting is getting more popular because it actually enables
people to enjoy the thrill of a horse race without the inconveniences.

Another issue regarding horse races is time. We all know how important time is.
Today, it seems that people are always lacking enough time. Rushing is the most
common activity today. In fact, some people rush more frequently than they
breathe. Because of this, some people just do not have the time to spare to go
down to the race track.

Online betting on horse racing helps people bypass the problem of time. Through
online horse race betting, people who want in on the action only need to spare a
few seconds to get online and bet on the horse of their choice. After that, they
can continue doing what needs to be done and bearing the burdens that must be

Because of the increasing development of technology in the areas of
connectivity, people today can make use of online horse race betting systems
anywhere in the world. People today can make use of their mobile phones and
various other gadgets to bet.

The Cons:

Of course, with the good, there is always the bad. One thing wrong about online
horse race betting is the fact that it almost seems too convenient. Funny,
people rarely start to question the reasons why some things are just made to be
convenient. Somewhere in the world, a gambling junkie must have cursed the
heavens and Bill Gates when he learned that online horse race betting was
possible. The fact that it is now convenient means that more and more people
will get hooked by the rush of betting on horse races.

Another con is the fact that people participate on online horse race betting
using credit cards and electronic cash. Although these have practically the
same value as cash, people tend to see them as unreal. There's something about
watching numbers change screens that just cannot compare to the harsh reality
of crisp bills changing hands.

Online horse race betting is neither inherently good nor is it inherently evil.
Everything has a good side and a bad side. Just remember that in the end, it's
your money on the line.

The Factors that Affect Horse Racing Betting Odds

People who gamble their money in competitions like boxing matches or horse
racing know that they cannot bet their cash indiscriminately. You see, gambling
in events like these do not purely depend on luck. You cannot trust your money
to pure luck when you have other factors to consider. One thing that people who
bet on the track always do is consult the horse racing betting odds. These
figures help them decide where to place their money on. They bet their money
depending on the chances shown by the horse racing betting odds.

But what factors affect horse racing betting odds?

1) Reputation -- the reputation of the horses and their jockeys obviously
affects the horse racing betting odds. When you think about it that is the
factor on which they base the horse racing betting odds before it can be
affected by other factors.

The reputation of a horse and its rider sets the horse racing betting odds.
This is because of the fact that the reputation provides people with the
initial impulse to bet or not to bet. The reputation of a horse and its rider
is earned through countless races. Thus, a reputable competitor gets good odds
of winning a race. The horse race betting odds are affected by the reputation
mainly because of the fact that it is, in fact, an amalgamation of the results
of the horse's previous races. Thus, if the horse is a virtual unknown, then it
would be hard to set the horse race betting odds.

2) Condition -- before the actual race, many "experts" study the condition of
the competitors. This will help determine the actual horse race betting odds in
the day of the race. By "condition" we refer to the various characteristics of
the horse and of the rider before the actual race. This includes the physical
condition of the horse, which tells you about its potential performance in the
race. It also includes the emotional condition or "fighting spirit" of the
horse which will tell you how far a horse will go to achieve its potential.

Today, the condition of the horse is so important that various experts make use
of different equipment in order to observe it properly. Some people may see this
as an extravagant expense, but people who are in on the business know that a lot
more money depends on the condition of the horses.

3) House -- it is often the case that the "house" or the track actually places
a bet on the horses. Because of this, the horse race betting odds become
adjusted. Many people base their bets on the decision made by the track. This
is often the case when a gambler wants to win a specific quantity of cash. If,
for example, he or she bets on the "underdog" of the race, he or she could win
a huge amount of cash.

Of course, most people just go with the house since the house is actually able
to observe the competitors better. This way, they have a larger chance of
winning although their winnings would be comparably smaller.

What's important about horse racing betting odds is the fact that those figures
are information. Those figures help the undecided commit their cash to
something. Without the horse race betting odds, a person would have no way to
figure out which horse to bet on.

Horse Racing: Want to Bet on It?

Winning in horse races involves more than just betting the right horse at the
right time, also known as pure luck. You need the right strategies and proper
execution of these strategies.

Knowing about these important strategies will make the difference between
continuously losing that hard earned money and winning for a change.

Below are some of the things you need to look out for so that you will not be
sorry you put on that bet.

1. The horse.

This is the first and foremost consideration you have to make before betting.
Just by looking at the horses, you will be able to tell which one has the best
chance of winning.

The best option is to choose one that is not backed overly but has a fair
chance of winning the race. The reason for this is that this it is usually the
one that has the best value in the end.

Although the horse that is backed more tend to win often, they do not normally
have good value when it comes to bets.

2. The form.

When checking out horses, look for the one that has winner written all over it.
You can always tell this by the shape and form that the horse is projecting.
Usually, these are the horses that have shown their capability to win on
whatever type of race that they ran.

Read about some horse racing news in magazines and newspapers. Oftentimes, you
will read about a horse that has won two or more times in any race events. An
additional plus is when the bets are started off at much higher prices.

3. The jockey.

Not-so-experienced jockeys are effective if they are riding horses that are
sure winners. These usually are the horses that are known to run and sprint
faster than others. But then, even the fastest of horse will not be able to
make it to first place once the route it is running is not the one it is
accustomed to.

In this case, the expert jockey is the one who will make all the difference.
With proper knowledge of the course the race will take, he is able to manage
the horse and work it to its full potential.

Do not be fooled by the initial show of how fast the horse is. In the end, even
the slower one can measure up to it because of the way it is being handled by
its jockey.

4. The track.

The horse racing track is another major consideration. This is why you should
become an expert in analyzing the track and how the horses will run on them.

Take note that a muddy racetrack will definitely not favor the horse that has
taken an early lead. Sooner or later, the track will slow it down and will
therefore be overtaken by the other horses behind it.

5. The record.

The best horse to choose is the one that have just ran lately. Even if the
horse is in very good form but has not ran for sometime, there is a possibility
that it may not perform well during the race because it is not in the condition
for it.

Check out past horse racing records to choose which horse to bet on.

What is Barrel Horse Racing and Common Problems Encountered

Originally a sport created by rodeos for their wives and girlfriends, barrel
horse racing has now become a sport event where everybody can join.

Barrel horse racing has been around for many years now. This is basically a
game event that aims to display speed.

The race is pretty simple to watch. It is played on an arena with three barrels
arranged in an isosceles triangle pattern on which the intention of the racer is
to gain the fastest speed by circling the three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.
While there may be standards as to the distance of each barrel, governing bodies
normally have various preferences on how far each barrel should be set from one

The general distance is 90 feet from each barrel. However, some may use 60 feet
up to 100 plus feet. The setting applies to all competitors.

The game begins once the racer enters the arena towards the first barrel. On
this, the rider must enter at a slight angle since its much easier for the
racer if he would not come straight on to it. A complete turn must be
accomplished on the first barrel before moving to the second one.

A second turn, but this time an opposite one, will be made on the second
barrel. And again, the rider will have to race towards the third barrel. The
third barrel then will be circled around in the same direction as the second
one. After a complete loop, the rider will have to accelerate back to the
starting line, which is also considered as the finish line.

Like many other horse racing events, horse barrel racing has its common
problems too. We will help you distinguish some of the most common problems and
would try to suggest a couple of things to find a solution on it. Please read on.

The first barrel is usually termed to as the "money barrel". This makes the
most difficult turn since the horse has to approach it at full speed. Remember
that the main aim of this game is to take it as fast as you can. This is also
the most tricky barrel because if you knock it off, you are sure to be out of
the game in no time and if you passed over it, you will have the chance to take
some money with you.

The problem though comes with the horse that normally passes over this barrel
due to lack of rate. Because the horse is charging at top speed, it has the
tendency to become too aggressive. Thus, they may either knock the first barrel
off or they may pass over it. This problem can be resolved through conditioning
your horse to do the turn perfectly.

Some horses often have problems entering the arena. In this case, the horse is
called "barrel sour" or "ring sour". This is known to have rooted from running
too much in the arena or over practice. This can be resolved through taking
some time off the track and giving your horse a break from the barrel routines.
One ideal way of doing this is to do trail riding.

Some horses tend to have no breaks at all. In this case, you must not allow
your horse to run unless control is gained on it. Solution to this problem can
start with running at slower gaits until progress is achieved. Run your horse
on barrels only when you are confident enough of its speed and its capability
to halt.

It All Lies in the Attitude- Guidelines for Choosing Barrel Horse Racing Sale

It is not like buying a gold fish or a puppy. Buying a horse is real business.
Aside from the initial expenses that you would incur, there are other
maintenance costs that are relatively taxing. This is why you must be very
decisive when buying a horse, especially when you are on for a barrel horse

While we may benefit from on-sale items, we still must discern if we would
profit in the long run. Before indulging yourself with the least expensive
horse at your glance, be sure that you are secured with your choice and that
you will have no regret in the end. As we have said, buying a horse, any type
of horse for that matter, is a taxing business. You would not want risking your
money over an old horse that can't speed up while on track.

One of the major considerations when selecting an option for a barrel horse is
its speed. After all, barrel horse racing is all about speed, not on the beauty
of might or elegance of your steed but on its agility and performance. You are
against no subjective rules while on race track but your bane is the time.
Thus, you must give priority on how fast the barrel horse for sale can go.

You should also put in mind the training a horse for sale has gone. Early
discipline is vital with barrel horse racing as this is not only a discipline
-- based event for horses; it also incorporates focus while on track. Earlier
during the selection, you should ask for some display of skills.

There are horses that have problematic temperament, regardless if they are
oriented to barrel horse racing. Even some of the best in the barrel racing can
present difficult behaviors at times. Common problems include hesitance during
the race which may manifest during the onset of the game or the ending of the
race itself.

Some horses can be very aggressive during the first barrel which leads to
missing the angles that must be hit to be able to perform the cloverleaf
pattern perfectly.

Others, on the other hand, could be hard headed with following commands during
the race. Thus, common mistakes occur. Still others can be very timid or too
deviant during the end of the race which could then result to delayed
acceleration towards the finish line. Put in mind that a slight delay due to
the horse's hesitation while on the arena would mean lesser points on your end.
Thus, you must check into the temperament of your prospect horse. Lower price is
nice but if this would endanger your performance then it would be better if you
go with much priced barrel horse with greater capacities.

Another problem commonly encountered with horses is their tendency to become
tired of training. It won't hurt if you would ask bits of information about the
horse's background. This way, you would know how to get around the stuffs that
would stress the steed. Say, sudden change of environment would be detrimental
for the horse.

As much as possible, if the horse got fixed with a specific atmosphere that has
proven to be healthy for him, make it a point that this same environment can be
partly adopted. In such case, you would need ample assistance from the previous
owner of the barrel horse.

Lastly, but certainly not among the least consideration is the justification of
the price. Too low price, considering that the horse barrel horse is for sale
might imply lesser efficiency on the horse's part. High commanding price may
also be too advantageous. Either way, you must discern things properly.

A Guide for Philippine Horse Racing Aficionados

Considered as among the most popular forms of betting game, horse racing has
been embraced by so many countries in the world. As a matter of fact, the
countries that authorize the existence of this wagering game are reaping
enormous earnings through it. Only that some countries that patronize this kind
of betting game vary in the racing events that are included in the game, the
distances of the racing track and the technique used in racing.

For some people horse racing is just a contest but there's more to it that
makes people become horse racing wagering buffs. It is regarded by many as a
very exhilarating and money-spinning type of sport. If you don't know anything
on how this game works, then you're missing the chance to earn profits.

The Philippines like other countries are fascinated with the sport of horse
racing. Not merely because it's an exciting sport but because it's a game where
many horse racing aficionados bet for which horse will win the race track. It's
a gambling game that is already a part of the Filipino culture. This is why the
country is often coined as the most race-addicted culture in the world.

Now to help you understand more about the way the Philippine horse racing goes,
why not read this article. This article may enlighten you on the basics of horse
racing. Some Philippine horse racing tip is also discussed to give you a vivid
picture of what this game is all about.

If you want to learn more about horse racing in the Philippines, you need to
know first that a horse race is composed of two or more horses. And usually the
finishing points of the horse race are classified into three major categories.
They are called the Win, Place and Show. The first place is the Win while Place
is the term for second place and the third is Show.

Before indulging in this betting sport, you need to know first how the game
works. This means that you have to be on familiar terms with the game's various
betting tactics and rules. Because the main thing here is betting on which horse
will do well in the competition. To gain knowledge of the ABC's of the betting
game you can browse through a magazine dealing with horse racing and the
secrets of the game.

It is best to read the statistics found in the horse racing magazine. This way
you get the chance to know the favorite pick and why you should bet on it. It
also helps if you evaluate the winnings of the horses that are vying for the
race. Choose which horse you feel will make it on the competition based on your
readings and your perception.

Another best thing to do is to pay a visit to the race track. Check out the
horses that will compete in the contest. Analyze each horse and check if your
assessment matches your readings. You need to study the behavior of the horses.
Their behavior before the contest begins can greatly affect their performance.
See if there are signs of sweating, inattention, fatigue and limping. These are
signs that may indicate that the horse may not make it. You should place your
bet on the horse that possesses sturdy physique and smooth way of walking. And
most of all trust what your instinct tells you.

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