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Is A Hospitality Career For You?

Although striving for hospitality career could be quite tempting, especially
with the very lucrative pay waiting for you and benefits in store, this is
still not a venture for the weak hearted. Getting into this kind of field is
not all about perks, benefits and big tips. A big ordeal of work is also
included in the package.

So, before you pass that resume or application to undergo training, try to
think carefully first if this kind of profession is really for you. Here are
some points to ponder on to help you see the big picture more clearly.

Humility: Do You Have It?

One very important thing you should remember with this type of work is that it
is service oriented. You are the provider of the service. Thus, you should have
humility towards the person you are serving. If you are the type of person that
cannot lower your pride, then this would be a pretty tough ordeal for you.
However, if you are the type who loves to serve and accommodate the needs of
other people, this would be pretty easy on your part.

A Perpetual Smile

Being in this kind of profession would mean having a perpetual smile on your
face throughout your working hours. You could never grunt or complain about
work, especially in front of your guests. No matter how bad your day has been,
you should be prepared to serve people with a smile.

Smiling is one way of being hospitable. It is also one good way to make people
feel that they are welcome in a new place. So, if you think you can't keep that
smile plastered on your face even if you're not in the mood, then this kind of
job is not ideally for you.

Ready To Work The Graveyard Shift?

Jobs in this field usually involve working in hotels, cafes, casinos and
restaurants. All of which are establishments that are open 24 hours a day, 7
days a week. In most cases, you are not the one who will be setting your
schedule but your manager.

Thus, you should be ready to work the graveyard shift. Schedules of working
duty also vary. This is why you should also be prepared to adjust to whatever
schedule was given to you. This doesn't mean that you only adjust your daily
schedule of activities. You should also be ready to adjust physically and

Goodbye Holidays!

Holidays are the busiest time of the year for this industry. Hence, you should
be prepared to give up your own holiday celebrations while you serve other
people so that they can have their holiday vacation of a lifetime. This part of
the job does not only affect you, but even also your family. Thus, they should
also be prepared and be able to understand the nature of your job. In most
cases, you would have to celebrate your holidays the next day after the real

Home Away From Home

Travelling is a part for most positions in this career path. If you'll be
working in a cruise or airline setting, then you should be prepared to have
your home away from home, which would be your ship or airplane. There are also
tour guide positions in which you would sometimes be on tour for a number of
days. You get to go home for about a day or so and you'll be off on another
tour once more.

So, do you think you can handle all these? If yes, then good luck with your
hospitality career venture!

The Top Four Careers In Hospitality

Hospitality Career does not only pertain to a single job. It is mainly a field
in which you can choose from a vast variety of specialties. It is a fact that
learning about these different fields could be fun. However, a person can only
do much to a limited extent, which is why having a specialization is a must.

With all the possibilities in this career, there are those that top the list.
So to help you out, here are the top four careers in hospitality that you may
want to consider venturing into.

Hotel Staff

It is undeniable that hotels are rampant nowadays. You could see high rise
hotels being built almost anywhere as long as there is a site to see or place
to visit. This is true not only for the United Sates, but other countries as
well. Whether it be a five-star hotel or a not so glamorous hotel, a hotel is a
hotel and one thing's for sure: they need people to work for them.

Positions in this kind of career could also vary and they are numerous too. You
can be the front desk person who assigns rooms for guests or you could be the
lifeguard at the pool area who watches over the kid's pool -- there are
abundant numbers of hotel staff positions that you could consider. Other than
the number of positions, the number of establishments you can work for is also
high. There are small bed and breakfasts and there are 5-star accommodations.

How high your compensation would be would depend on your job title. This factor
would also decide how you will be paid; whether by hour or in a yearly basis.

Event And Meeting Planner

This position includes responsibilities of being in charge of the features
regarding vital business meetings or wedding receptions held in hotels. You
basically have to act out as an event planner or organizer so that your client
would have a smooth program flow for their event. Also, it is part of your
responsibility to take care of the accommodations and amenities of a facility
of site. Thus, you need to have some knowledge on contract negotiations.

For this kind of specialization, you would need to have a bachelor's degree in
a particular area, along with 2-4 years of experience in the field are
necessary. The usual salary would be anything from $39,355 to $74,268.

Executive Chef

This career would generally involve managing the flow and direction of a
kitchen. You would be responsible for arranging menus and tables on hotels,
cruise ships, and other hot spots that tourists go to. You also keep track of
inventory and try to keep costs down. You decide which supplies and food items
are necessary to purchase. As time passes by, you will establish and modify the
menus so that there is an increase in profits and decrease in monetary loss. You
are also the one who is in charge of overseeing the overall satisfaction of your

A comprehensive understanding of local food sanitation regulations and rules,
along with federal state laws are vital. Generally, you should have a
bachelor's degree in a field of specialty and at least 7 years of experience
for you to anything from $45,562 to $101,865.

Travel Coordinator

A travel coordinator is the one who takes control whenever companies need
coordination for their travel plans. The typical responsibilities you may
encounter would be scheduling flights and hotel stays, as well as assisting
travelers obtain their passports, visas, and other required travel documents.
The usual salary would be somewhere in between $29,879 to $53,482.

The Promising Future Of Hospitality Careers

Hospitality careers are one of the fastest growing fields of work nowadays. It
is not only popular in the US but even in different countries that you go to.
This industry has an international scope which makes it a popular one.

A lot of literature says that the future of hospitality careers is very
promising. But how come do they say this? Well, there are a couple of factors
why you can have a very promising future in this type of career. Here are some
of them.

The Market: Tourists And Locals

The common misconception about careers in this category is that it only
pertains to job positions that could be found in hotels and restaurants. It
is true that there are a number of positions in hotels and restaurants that
take the responsibility of being hospitable but there are also other industries
that have this kind of role such as: car hiring trades, air-conditioning
services, building industry, plumbing, airlines, casinos, entertainment
organisations, IT companies, taxi operators, recruitment agencies, and retail

All these and more are included in the category of hospitality. As you can see,
most of these are what you may call the "essentials" in the realm of tourism.
And for sure, you know how important tourism is in whatever place or country
you may be. Thus, you can expect that an industry like this could definitely
bloom even in the coming years.

However, it is not only tourists that these jobs serve. Even locals alike are
served too. For sure you make use of the services of taxi cabs, plumbers and
most of all restaurants. This factor makes the whole industry more stable. Even
if it's not the peak season of tourists, locals are still there to keep the
industry alive and beating!


In relation to tourism, there is the factor of globalization. It is undeniable
that globalization is hastily coming into being. More countries are getting
connected with one another in terms of business relations and investments. This
is a pretty good sign for the hospitality industry as they can expect more
international visitors to be coming their way in need of hospitality and their

The Lucrative Compensation

Another factor why this career has a brilliant future ahead is because of the
huge possibility of attaining a very lucrative pay. The basic salary already
pays well. But there is that big chance of getting promoted, which gives you a
higher projected income. Unlike in other fields where you've been working for
10 years and nothing have changed, in this industry, the more experience you've
got, the more the chance you can get a higher position.

The Perks

Other than the high income you'll be getting, you also get to receive a lot of
perks and benefits. For instance, tips are very rewarding with this kind of
jobs. Just think of the many customers you can serve and the high potential of
meeting good tippers in just one day. The perks you get from companies are
great too. There are a lot of bonuses and benefits. However, it highly depends
on the company that you'll be working with.

Stressful Lifestyle

It is undeniable that times are pretty hard these days. This is why a lot of
people resort to paying others to do things for them. This is somewhat an
important factor in this industry. Since they've got the money, then they'll
simply pay others to do it for them. It is that simple in the life of the rich
and famous. So, why not take advantage of it?

The Perks Of Travel And Hospitality Jobs

Travel and hospitality jobs are usually put under the limelight nowadays and
you can expect this to happen for the next couple of decades to come. As
science and technology evolves, so does the availability of job positions in
different industries. This trend too is applicable with service oriented
industries like hospitality.

What Are They?

Jobs that would fall into this category are usually those that involve
providing services, accommodation and hospitality whilst travelling. These are
usually hospitality jobs that are based on cruise ships, airlines, and land
tour companies. Common job positions would be tour guides, discovery guides,
docents, and interpreters.

However, for cruise ship based jobs, there are much more positions offered. For
instance, you could be a chef and work in the ship's kitchen, a lifeguard where
you'll be based near the pool while watching children, a bar tender,
waiter/waitress, bellhop and lot more.

Where To Look For Hospitality Job Openings

The growing sector of hospitality services seem to be unstoppable these days.
This is very much evident with the continuous increase in the demand for
personnel along with the number of hospitality job openings that you can find
posted in almost all kinds of classified ads.

So, where exactly could you find openings for this kind of jobs? Well, there
are a number of places that you could begin your search with. Here are some of


One of the biggest industries in demand for this kind of jobs would be the
hotel industry. So, if you are considering a career in this kind of industry,
it is recommended that you check out with your local hotels. Try visiting their
HR department or their Web sites and check if they have some openings that you
might be able to fill in.

There's a vast number of choices of positions if it's a hotel you are eyeing.
This could give you a more flexible line up of positions to apply for. Also, if
there are new hotels being built within the area, then this would be good news
for you. Get hold of this kind of opportunity. For sure they would be in need
for people to man their newly built property and you could be one of the many
that they need.


Airlines are also one good source in which you can look for openings. The
higher gas prices are going, the more do people resort to flying than
travelling by car. Also, with the development of globalization, you can expect
more people travelling the globe via air. Thus, this means only one thing:
airlines are in need of people to take care of matters for them.


People love to eat. Admit it, there is nothing more fulfilling than giving your
palate something new to taste .It's because of this that a new restaurant is
built every once in a while. So, if you see a new restaurant being set up, it
is better to contact the management and ask them whether they may have some
openings that you could apply for.


Museums are staples for most places. Most of the time, people don't consider
working in museums since they think that only those walking encyclopaedia type
of persons are the only ones that are given the permission to work in such kind
of environments. However, this is considered to be one of the biggest
misconceptions done by people regarding the industry.


Although gambling is not being promoted for younger children, this is a very
lucrative industry and is considered to be the playground of adults. Just like
hotels, casinos are built quite often nowadays. So, next time you see a casino
still on its building phase, take the opportunity! Grab the company name and
get to know whether they have some openings of not.


Resorts and Vacation properties, like hotels, are other good starting points
too in locating job offerings. Whether you may be a life guard or room service
personnel, one thing's for sure: they have positions that need to be filled. A
lot of people are now seeking for vacations.

This is a very realistic fact regarding the said industry. So, try considering
positions in this kind of working environment.

Where To Get Hospitality Management Training

Getting into hospitality management can be a pretty competitive endeavour for
you. Most likely, for you to get a pretty good position in a good company, you
would need to have some special training on your part. This is why you could
find a lot of hospitality management training courses.

What Is It?

Such courses are basically programs that specialize on hospitality management.
Thus, it is more concentrated on the management aspect of the industry, rather
than the skilled working aspect. This generally involves learning how to manage
hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, spas, resorts and other hospitality oriented
facilities and establishments.

What Can You Get From It?

If you'll be obtaining this kind of training, then you are in store for a lot
of benefits in the end. However, you would also be up for some tight
competition. Positions that you may land in for getting this kind of training
would include being a general manager over the whole enterprise. You may also
just manage one division within the whole company. This would generally depend
on your abilities and how the company sees your skills along with their job

Although you can get such kind of training when you are on the job itself, you
can still choose to be trained in advanced. There are various courses and
degree programs that you van get, especially if you really want to be much
competitive in the practicing field.

Where To Get One?

There are basically three general sources for you to have this kind of
specialized training. Here's an overview for each source.

Colleges And Universities

Most colleges and universities are now much flexible. They try to cater to the
various interests of students. Thus, most would not have only medical or arts
related courses but also even hospitality related courses. In fact, it is
possible for it to become your bachelor's degree. There are now courses that
have this as a major. Getting into this kind of program under the name of a
pretty big and credible university would be a huge plus on your part.

Specialized Schools

Nowadays, you can find a lot of specialized schools that only focus on teaching
hospitality courses. The good thing with this kind of schools is that they would
only teach you the essential information that you would need for your course.
There is no nonsense, unlike in other schools that teach you a lot of things
which are not really useful for your future work.

Special schools are also good since you can be sure that this area of knowledge
is their forte. Thus, they would also have the best faculty members to teach you
everything you know via book and practical experiences. Schools like these would
also offer you four year courses or vocational ones. It basically depends on
your preference. They also have specializations. For instance, you may want to
specialize on tourism, management or cooking. You choose.

Online Training

It is also possible for you to undergo training on the Internet. This is much
true nowadays specially with the evolution and innovation of online teaching
and learning. Simply try making use of general search engines to find programs
like these. For sure your search would yield a number of results.

However, if you do want to learn online, you should practice some precaution.
Make sure that the program and company you would be interacting and learning
from are credible. You should also make sure that they are accredited by some
kind of authorized accrediting organization so that all your efforts would not
be taken in vain.

What Are Hospitality Management Jobs?

As lifestyle needs and services evolve through time, more job positions are
created. In fact, if you would be browsing the Classified Ads nowadays, you can
encounter certain terms that seem to not exist decades ago. Terms like white
collar jobs, blue collar jobs, and home based jobs are present, along with the
popular 'hospitality management jobs'.

But what are hospitality management jobs anyway? If you're not familiar with
this kind of professional field, here are the essentials that you need to know
about the said area of expertise.

Basic Definition

To put it short, these are basically jobs or professions that generally deal
with hospitality. The main principle here is that you cater services to other
people so that they would feel more welcome wherever place that the service is
catered. Thus, the main job here is to become hospitable and accommodating to
whomever you are serving.

Even though the given definition seems simple, you should know that this does
not only pertain to one specific job. There are a number of ways that you can
be hospitable and make someone feel at home. This is why there are also various
fields under hospitality management that you can venture into, if you think you
have that kind of niche for the position.

The Crew

In the field of hospitality, it doesn't really matter if you would be serving
your client face to face or not. In fact, more often than not, jobs in this
kind of field would include service in the backstage arena such as chefs,
planners and other positions that involve planning and preparations. However,
positions subjected to more exposure to customers are usually those that
involve upfront services like receptionists, waiters, waitresses, concierge,
park administrators, casino personnel, and the like.

The Working Environment

There is also a vast field of choices of where you can work in this kind of
field. For instance, restaurants and cafe's could be one good starting point.
Additionally, you can work in bed and breakfast accommodations and hotels.
Casinos are also one good working environment where you could expect to have
big tips. Resorts and museums are also viable. And the best part is you can
work in cruise ships and have the chance to travel all over the world!

It is also possible that you put up your own business. This is much true if you
have decided to specialize one a course related to culinary arts. You can put up
your own restaurant, if you want to. If you specialized on the tourism field,
you could put up your own travel agency.


The good thing with this kind of career is that it is very lucrative. Your
effort is very much rewarded equally with your salary. However, how big you
earn would definitely depend on your position and specialty. Sometimes there
are companies that pay by the hour. There are companies too that pay annually.


Since there are different job positions in this kind of career, there are also
different requirements. For instance, there are jobs that don't really require
a diploma and accept high school graduates. Usually positions like these would
include housekeeping services of hotels. There are positions however that
require educational backgrounds like chefs in which you should have finished a
degree in culinary arts.

In general, you can take Hotel and Restaurant Management courses if you want
to. This would be a very good advantage on your part. Tourism courses are also
viable. This is recommended if you want to specialize on a tourism oriented
hospitality job.

Tips On Landing Temporary Hospitality Jobs

Temporary hospitality jobs are just as widespread and in demand as those with
regular positions. In fact, this industry is considered to be the biggest
source of temporary positions. This may have something to do with the nature of
the job.

Why Temporary?

If you're thinking how come temporary positions are rampant in this kind of
industry, even though a lot of sources say that hospitality industry is a
staple to any kind of culture, there are a couple of factors that can answer
your question.

First off would be the nature of the job itself. It really depends on the
position of the job whether it is susceptible to being temporary or not. There
are jobs that fall under the maintenance category of hospitality in which you
do not really have to work everyday. They just call you if you have work to do,
or you have a scheduled time of the month in which those are the only times that
you need to report to them.

Second would be the season. There are times of the year that entails more
working force in the service industry. For instance, Christmas holidays and
other long vacations usually call for extra people. Big events also take in
temporary services. Companies would usually hire an extra number of people just
for a big event that they would be holding. This is one way that you get to have
a temporary position.

So, here are some tips that you can take in mind when applying for a temporary

Keep It Short

If you'll be applying for a temporary position, there is no need for you to
make a thesis-length resume. It is best that you simply keep it short and
simple. Just put in all the essentials that they need to know. Only put
information that are related to the position you are applying for. For
instance, if you'll be applying for a waitress service position, there is no
need to put in your resume that you won the 7th grade story telling contest.

Just place information which you think could help the employer see your
qualifications for the position. Avoid the fluff.

Dress It Up -- Right!

If you'll be having an interview for a temporary position, preparations are
still to be made. Don't underestimate the interview, just because it's for a
temporary post. Dress up right and appropriate for the interview. Try to find
something that would fit just right. Don't under dress and most of all, don't
over dress.

If you'll be using cologne, try to keep in mind that it is best to use a mild
one. This is so that you won't irritate the one interviewing you and you can
avoid allergic reactions in consideration of people around you.

Be On Time And Early!

If the company you're applying for is new to you, it would be best that you
visit their office one day before your interview. This is so that you wouldn't
get lost on the day of your interview. Thus, you wouldn't be late. It is best
that you arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled interview.

So, do all your preparations the night before and get a good night's sleep; in
this way, you wake up early and have more time to prepare on the day itself.

Tips In Finding Hospitality Career Internships

Hospitality career is one of the industries that would require having an
internship. This is because of the nature of the job itself. Practical skills
are considered to be much important in this kind of career rather than
theoretical knowledge and competency. However, a mix of both is still preferred.

The Course And Its Internship

If you'll be studying this kind of course, for sure you would be required to
undergo internship during your last year of college. There are various sources
in which you can find internship programs and for sure, you would not have a
hard time finding one. However, the challenge here is how you can find a good
internship program.

School Provision

For some students, finding a program would not be a problem anymore. Not
because they have lots of connections, but simply because their school would be
the one to provide the program itself for them. Most schools offering
hospitality courses nowadays usually partner up with an establishment. For
instance, your school could have an agreement with a prominent hotel, resort or
restaurant in your area.

Here, they would usually have a deal in which students of your school would
automatically be interns in the establishment once they have had reached that
certain part of the curriculum where internship is held. If your school would
be the one to provide you with an internship program, then good for you!

Going International

One good thing with this type of career is that you can easily access
international companies. This benefit does not only start when you are working
already but even at your internship. There are a lot of companies out there
that hire hospitality students and provide them international internships. The
good thing here is that these are most of the time paid.

Some companies that offer international internships also partner up with
schools. If your school has this kind of program then good for you. If not,
don't lose hope. It is still possible for you to get into a program like this.
All you have to do is contact the company. For sure they would be more than
happy to assist you with processing your documents and living arrangements in
the country you would be going to.

The Internet

If your school would not be the one to provide you with a program any you are
to look for an internship by yourself, one good place to look in would be the
Internet. With a little effort of browsing, you can find various companies that
are looking for interns. However, it may be tough for you to find a paid
internship program on the net. Nevertheless, finding one that is not paid would
be quite easy.

Big Companies

One thing you should remember if you'll be internship hunting is that you
should not be afraid of big companies. It is possible for you to land an
internship position with big and well-known companies. Do not be blinded by the
notion that they only hire professionals or those that has extensive experience
in the field. They do hire students as interns. So, don't be afraid to approach
them and send your CV.

Local Establishments

Sometimes the best internship programs are found not with the big names but
with the local ones. Don't hesitate to ask local companies or establishments
around your neighbourhood if they have programs in store for you. However, do
not expect to get a high pay with such kind of companies.

Things To Consider With Hospitality Job Opportunities

Since hospitality jobs are in demand nowadays, it is inevitable that you
encounter numerous hospitality job opportunities. Although all of them seem
tempting, there are still important considerations that you should make before
accepting a job offer. So, here are the things to consider with hospitality job

Relationship In The Working Area

Given that you are in this kind of career, by now you must understand that it
is a people oriented field of work. However, you should not only consider how
you would deal with your guests but also your employer, supervisor and

During your job interview, do not hesitate to ask your supervisor some
questions regarding his/her criteria of expected work satisfaction on your
part. It is important that you become realistic. If you think that his/her
criteria of judgement is too much for you to handle, then it is much better
that you find another job placement in a different company.

If you would be working with peers, which is most likely yes in this kind of
field, then you should also ask what is the nature of your prospected
co-workers. Do you think you can stand working with them? It may also be the
case that you would have subordinates working for you. If so, then you should
also ask what are their strengths and weaknesses are along with the common
problems encountered with them. Do some introspection on whether you are
capable of dealing with such kind of challenge.

Work And Life Balance

Since jobs in this kind of field are always on call, especially on holidays,
ask your employer about work schedule arrangements and day-offs. Think over if
you can handle the company's required working hours and holiday calls. You
should also be prepared if ever they assign you in night shifts. Do you think
you can handle working longer hours than expected? Think it over.


Although pay in this industry is very acceptable you should still research on
what is the ideal pay for the position you are about to get. Try to compare
income offerings from different companies and delve on the pros and cons of
working in each company. Some also pay by the hour while some pay annually.
This highly depends on the position you are in and the company you are working
for. Choose which method you would prefer to be paid.


If you would be applying for a position that requires some travelling such as
cruise ships and airlines, it is best that you ask about the lodging
arrangements and food provision. Are these taken off from your final salary?
Are they inclusive or not? How about documents and fees required for
travelling? How long would you be onboard? Ask your prospect employer first
about these factors and consider whether it is a fair deal with you or not.

Recruitment Agencies

If you would be under a recruitment agency, you should ask your agency about
the conditions regarding your pay. Of course they would have a cut one way or
another with your total salary. Discuss with them how much are they going to
get and also ask about other fees if there are any.

Perks And Benefits

Hospitality careers are also known to have a lot of perks and benefits from
their employers. It would be better to ask your employer from the beginning if
they have some perks and benefits in store for you, even if you are just
beginning in their company. Sometimes they also give incentives, especially for
those who have worked for them for a very long time already. Don't be shy to
inquire on these factors.

Do You Want A Beneficial Job?

If you want a job that has a lot of benefits, then you should get into the line
of travel and hospitality jobs. This industry is considered to be one of the
most promising according to experts. It is also an area where you would enjoy
growing and developing your talents.

If you have no idea of what are the benefits you can get from jobs like these,
then here are some of the common perks of travel and hospitality jobs given by
various companies.

Security And Stability

One perk of being in this kind of career is the high probability of having a
stable job. There is a continuous demand for these types of jobs. Once you're
in, your employer would definitely love to keep you in the crew, provided that
you work well and properly of course.

Additionally, even if you end your contract with your current employer, you can
still have a new job in a different company in no time; since it is pretty easy
to find job openings in this area of the industry. Thus, your income would
definitely be stable no matter what happens.

Lodging And Food

Usually, jobs in this industry are also inclusive of meals and lodging.
However, it would still depend on the position you are in and the company you
are working for. If your job requires some travelling, then there's a good
chance that this kind of perk is included.

For lodging, it may be the case that your company has a specified place where
you can stay or they may be willing to reimburse your lodging expenses. For
food, companies usually have a separate cafeteria just for workers where you
can take your meals or just like in lodging, they may be willing to reimburse
your food expenses or give you food allowances.

Huge Tips

Since this is a people and service oriented path, there is always the chance of
getting tips from customers. Other than that, there is also the chance of
meeting big tippers along the way. You can count on this opportunity especially
if you are working in big hotels and resorts.


If you'll be working in cruise ships and airlines, then travelling would
definitely be part of your job. The best part here is that you get to do it for
free. You get to see different places and different parts of the world with
minimal expenses on your part.

The Must Know List Of Job Positions In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry involves a vast array of expertise. It is not limited
to the four corners of hotels and restaurants. This industry is the type that
you can find almost everywhere you go. It involves various people working in
different positions and has varying responsibilities too.

It is really difficult for you to know all the positions in the field. Hence,
here is the must know list of job positions in the hospitality industry.

Food Oriented Positions

One main category of jobs in this industry would be food oriented ones. These
positions basically involve responsibilities dealing with and creating food in
the kitchen. It would also involve other aspects such as serving food and
making sure they are of good quality. Some of the job positions are, but not
limited to:

 1. Waiters and Waitresses 
 2. Banquet Servers 
 3. Cocktail Servers 
 4. Food And Beverage Servers 
 5. Room Service Servers/ Waiters
 6. Car Hops 
 7. Deli Clerks/Delicatessen Clerks 
 8. Deli Managers 
 9. Dietary Aides 
10. Drive Thru Window Order Taker 
11. Prep Cook 
12. Line Chefs 
13. Executive Chefs 
14. Back Line Cook 
15. Banquet Cooks 
16. Fry/Grill Cook 
17. Pastry Bakers Saucier 
18. Dish Washers 
19. Bartenders 
20. Cafe Baristas

Accommodation Oriented Positions

There are also positions that are accommodation oriented. Thus, the main
responsibility you would have here is to make sure that the guests are enjoying
their stay in whatever facility you are working for, whether it be a hotel,
resort or a restaurant. Some of the job positions are, but not limited to:

 1. Dining Room Supervisors 
 2. Greeters 
 3. Hospitality Coordinators 
 4. Hostess
 5. Hotel Managers 
 6. Hotel General Managers 
 7. Supervisors 
 8. Bell Hops 
 9. Luggage Carriers 
10. Hotel Receptionists and Concierge

Cleaning And Maintenance Oriented Positions

You can also opt for positions that involve cleaning and maintenance of the
facility. If you'll be getting a position like this, your responsibility is to
check whether the environment assigned to you is clean; not only that, but
clean to the point that it would pass the general requirements and standard set 
by your company. You would not only check, but you would also maintain this 

For those involving maintenance, you would have to take care of the machines
and other facilities found in your working place. You would do repairs whenever
they are broken. Here are some of the positions with this kind of orientation:

 1. Housekeeping Cleaners 
 2. Maids 
 3. Chamber Maids 
 4. Building Maintenance 
 5. Building Mechanic 
 6. Equipment Engineering Technician 
 7. General Maintenance Technician 
 8. Maintenance Electrician 
 9. Maintenance Engineer 
10. Maintenance Mechanic 
11. Process Technician 1
12. Maintenance Supervisor

Travel Oriented Positions

There are also travel oriented positions that you can choose from. Here,
travelling would be part of your job. You might work for a cruise ship, airline
or a land touring company. Most of the time, you would be on tours. Thus, you
are going to be away from home for a couple of days or even weeks. Jobs like
these are usually inclusive of lodging and food allowances. Here are some of
the positions that has this kind of orientation:

 1. Transportation Ticket Agents 
 2. Reservation Agents 
 3. Travel Clerks 
 4. Tour Guides 
 5. Escorts 
 6. Museum Guides 
 7. Land-Tour Guides 
 8. Docents 
 9. Flight Attendants 
10. Other food/ accommodation/ cleaning/ maintenance oriented positions that 
    are based on cruise ships and airlines

The Different Related Occupations In Hospitality Management

Occupations in hospitality management involve a wide spectrum of jobs. This is
true since more positions are being created as the needs of people continually
evolves and changes. Here are some of the most common positions that you can
find in this field of work, along with their general overview of
responsibilities and tasks.

Food Preparation Workers

This position involves performing various food preparation duties aside from
cooking, like slicing meat and vegetables, preparing shellfish and other cold
foods, and brewing tea or coffee. Some of the job titles you can get from this
kind of work would include: Dietary Aide, Dietary Assistant, Diet Aide, Food
Preparer, Food Service Worker, Food Service Aide, Nutrition Aide, Prep Cook or
Preparation Cook, Pantry Cook, or Slicer.

Some of the duties you are going to have would be cleaning of work areas,
utensils, dishes, equipment, and silverware. You would also store food in their
designated containers or storage areas so that spoilage is prevented.

You would also be the one to prepare various foods according to your
supervisors' instructions or customers' orders, following approved procedures.
It is also your responsibility to package foods to-go and sometimes serve food
to the customers. You also inform supervisors whenever supplies are going low
or when kitchen equipment isn't working properly.

Housekeeping Cleaners And Maids

This kind of work involves performing combinations of light cleaning duties for
the maintenance of commercial establishments or private households, like hotels,
hospitals, and restaurants, in an orderly and clean manner.

Some of your duties would involve bed making, replenishing of linens, cleaning
and vacuuming halls and rooms. You also get to carry linens, toilet items,
towels, and cleaning supplies by the use of wheeled carts. You would also clean
rooms, lobbies, hallways, restrooms, lounges, corridors, elevators, locker
rooms, stairways, and other working areas in order for health standards to be

Travel Clerks Or Transportation And Reservation Ticket Agents

In this kind of job, you would be the one to make and confirm reservations for
your clients. You also sell tickets to the guests of large motel or hotel
chains. You can also check the baggage and direct your passengers to their
designated pier, concourse, or track. Sometimes, you would be the one to
deliver the tickets and arrange documents for visas.

This work would also entail you to contact groups or individuals to inform them
about package tours that they can avail of. You also act like a tour guide as
you give them travel information, like points of interest, rates, restaurants,
and emergency services.

Gaming Dealers

This job would involve operating table games. You would sit or stand behind the
table and operate gambling games by giving out the right number of blocks or
cards to players. You also get to operate other gaming equipments. You would
also compare the player's hand against the house's hands and collect or payoff
players' chips or money. You are also the one to exchange real currency to coin
money or playing chips. You also check and ensure that all the table players
have placed their bets before the game begins.

Some of the job titles in this kind of job would be: Dealer, Black Jack Dealer,
21 Dealer, Pit Boss, Casino Dealer, Gaming Host, Dual Rate Dealer, Poker Dealer,
or Table Games Dealer.

Service In Style: Career Clothing For Hospitality Workers

Working in an industry such as hospitality would require you to have uniforms.
Although some would think this as a bummer, don't be sad just yet. Career
clothing for hospitality workers are not like any other uniforms. These could
be different since they can come in style. In fact, the category of hospitality
apparel is very interesting, especially if you keep a sharp eye on the different
uniforms of different companies.

Although clothing pieces would generally vary depending on your kind of work,
there are still some that are popular among different positions. Here are some
of the common pieces that you could wear to provide service to your guests in

Serving Gloves

This is usually a pair of white cotton gloves that is worn by waiters and
waitresses or anyone else in the position who would be serving food. Other than
looking good, gloves are one symbol of sanitary cleanliness among the working
place. This means that the hotel or the facility is mindful about their service
and cleanliness.

Junior Cord Housekeeping Dress

This is basically the customary blue dress with a white apron that has trims.
This dress is a staple among the housekeeping department and is a traditional
piece accepted as modest apparel for housekeeping. It is also a favourite piece
for lots of women in this kind of work. Dresses like these are also easy to
launder because of the fabric they are made from.


You can see this piece worn by both men and women. This is most likely a staple
if you'll be working in cafe's, restaurants, and other food oriented
establishments. Although it may be a simple piece to look at, it is actually
one of the most important piece of apparel for hospitality workers in the food
industry. This is mainly because of its functionality and helpfulness in regard
to the nature of their job.

There are different kinds of aprons. You would normally see men wearing the big
ones while women wear the small skirt-like ones, which are called tea aprons.
Tea aprons are very popular among maids or housekeepers too. Aprons may come in
different colors and designs. It basically depends on the company you are
working for.

Chef Coats

This is yet another staple in chef uniforms. They usually come in different
colors. The most popular are white, black and dark blue. There is a
conventional style and designs would generally vary on their trimmings and
color combinations. However, the cloth used would be a big factor on how good
or bad a chef coat is, since the kitchen could be a pretty hot place to be.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are one way to look professional in a not so formal setting. These
can be worn by both men and women. These are perfect for cruise ship workers,
since it provides both comfort and flexibility. They also come in different
colors and usually have the company's name or logo embroidered in one of the
front pockets.


These are popular for those working in a very formal setting or event. Waiters
and attendants in hotels are usually spotted wearing these. Black is the
popular color. The overall look highly depends on the trimming or added accent
with the suit. Both men and women could wear this too.

Most Wanted Jobs In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries that have a big scope
of almost everyday necessities of a lot of people. Because it is that big, this
industry also has a lot of different job positions to offer. However, just like
in any other field, there are ones that are considered to be most in demand.

To give you a clue on which are the most wanted job positions in this industry,
here is an overview for some of the said positions.

Food And Beverage Director

This position is not only applicable for hotels. You can also work in
hospitals, schools and other places where food directors are needed. The
average pay is usually $52,450. The general job description would be having the
responsibility to oversee the lounge/restaurant operations. You also get to
recruit and train employees. You would also be the one who would create their

Managing budgets and achieving sales targets are also part of your job, along
with maintaining close control of product orders and stock. You should also be
able to control and analyze food costs. Of course, as the director, you should
ensure that food safety and customer service are provided. Lastly, you should
communicate well with your team and be able to motivate them.

Hotel General Managers

Hotels are rampant nowadays. The bigger they get, the more people they need to
work for them. Thus, the more they need people who can take in charge of
everything. This is what general managers do. The pay is an average of a
whopping $62,320. However, it still depends on the hotel you are working for
and the status it has.

Your main job is to create and sustain a guest-driven hotel which goes beyond
guest expectations in criteria. You should also provide an atmosphere which
inspires your hotel team members so that they could do their best. It's your
job to watch over the quality process in order to ensure your guest's
satisfaction via consistent delivery of service and quality product in
agreement with your hotel's profitability goals whilst fulfilling the important
requirements of your guest.

This position would entail you to do daily routing of the hotel. You check in
and out guests, and inspect their suites for engineering and housekeeping
quality. You also get to participate in the Food and Beverage outlet where you
would have to greet and serve guests as needed.

You also have some responsibility with your subordinates. You will interview,
and hire people. Once accepted, you would also be the one to supervise and
counsel them. This would include the different department managers in the
hotel. Although the pay is high, this job would put a lot of responsibilities
on your shoulder and you should be up for it.

Housekeeping Staff

Whether it be janitors, maids or housekeeping supervisors, one thing's for
sure. There's a high demand for housekeeping staff. Another good thing is the
demand keeps on running for all seasons. This means it is normal to see a lot
of openings for such positions. Compensation averagely comes in $25,920,
$23,270 and $40,180 respectively.

Overall cleanliness of the place would be your primary concern. For the
position of janitors and maids, you would he the one to cleanup rooms and
facilities of your working environment. If you're a supervisor, then you would
be the head of the team. You would be the one to check if requirements
regarding cleanliness are met. You will also interview, hire and train people
who want to be part of your team.

Hospitality Job Opportunities In The 20th Century

Just like with any kind of industry, the hospitality industry has trends too.
If you are planning to have a career change and you are considering taking
advantage of hospitality job opportunities that could be an easy thing to do.
However, it is best that you are updated with the trends of the industry in the
time being. So, here are some of the latest and to watch out for trends in the
field of hospitality career.

Thank You For New Properties

Be on watch for new properties. These are said to drive employment growth in
the coming years. The launching and opening of newly built high-end resorts
along with their restaurants, hotels and other amenities would drive job growth
for the industry in 2008 and years to come.

This is pretty good news for you. For instance, big hotels and properties
usually need about 1,600 people to staff the place full time. Now, just think
of how many new hotels and resorts would be opening in a year? That would
definitely be a number of 1,600 staffs per hotel!

All-Inclusive Packages Means Jobs For You!

As you can observe, "All-Inclusive Packages" are the trend nowadays. So what
does this mean? More job positions of course! Whether guests would need room
service, a masseuse, or some help with game, the industry would have to hire
lots of people just to pamper their guests.

It is undeniable that everybody gets their dose of stress once in a while.
Because of this, people seek out to have a vacation. And when they do get a
vacation, they want nothing else but to be babied, pampered and served!

Too Much For Cooking

Another seen trend is that culinary schools are everywhere nowadays. In fact,
you could even see their ads on daytime television. So, what does this mean? --
they'll be producing tons of graduates of course! Hence, there would be more
competition. So, if you think you don't really have the heart for cooking, it
would be best that you skip this kind of specialty and try to go for a
different one.

Less For Management

If the industry is having an over supply for chefs, the contrary is happening
for management. Unknown to many, there is a great need for managers in this
industry. This is most especially true for food chains. Most companies are not
in need for trained chefs anymore, but instead what they need are managers and
supervisors that could efficiently deal with people, do the math and plan
things right. So, if you think you have this knack, then why not try management
for a change?

Go For Business Based Establishments

It is also better if you go for hotels that primarily serve businesses. If
you're working in a hotel that primarily serves individuals that book their
vacation one week ahead then your company is more prone to travel slowdown. It
is inevitable in this kind of trade that you encounter client back-outs and
cancellations, which is why it is safer to go for business based establishments.

Those hotels that serve businesses are usually booked for conventions one year
ahead. This trade has more security put to it than those depending on
individuals. So, it is recommended that you carefully consider the type of
company you'll be applying for.

Future Jobs For Hospitality Students

If you'll be observing career recommendations for high school students, you'll
see that most of them recommend students to take up hospitality career. A lot
of students have had considered this choice in the past years and most of them
are now studying different courses related to the field. However, a lot of
people still do not know what exactly the future jobs are for hospitality

If you are one of those who are clueless with this subject at hand, here's an
overview of the possible job positions that students in this kind of field
could have in the near future.

Hotels And Resorts

The number one environment that people would think about when they hear you are
a student of this kind of course would be hotels and resorts. They are correct
for thinking that way. However, your possible working environment is not
limited to these two. Studying hospitality could bring you places, literally.

But in the case of hotels and resorts, there are also a number of positions
that a hospitality student can have. For instance, you can be a receptionist,
room service personnel, desk clerk, usher, lobby attendant, baggage porter, or
a bellhop. With some experience you could be a lodging manager, operations
manager or a hotel general manager. These are just jobs related to the lodging
portion of the hotel.

Recreational positions are available too. You can be a lifeguard or skipatrol.
You can also be an activities personnel, activities planner, recreational
assistant, recreation therapist, gaming supervisor, spa attendant and a lot


Although being hospitable is not outright associated to places such as Casinos,
these are actually one of the biggest industries that are in need for workers.
Positions would usually include being a gaming dealer, gaming manager,
bartender, pit boss, gaming host, blackjack dealer, or any other table games

Restaurants found inside casinos would also need chefs and waiting services to
attend to the hungry gamblers waiting to be served.


You can also take part in any kind of social event. Positions like events
planner and meeting planner are also viable. Here, your main job would be to
organize whatever event it is that you are working on. Wedding planners also
fall into this kind of category. You provide the program according to your
client's demands. You also make sure that everything goes smoothly during the
event itself.


Since hospitality and tourism are closely related, airlines also hire students
from this field of study. You can be a flight attendant, flight stewardess,
travel and tours organizer, ticket taker, usher, or lobby attendant.

Cruise Ships

Another place that you can work in would be cruise ships. Just like in other
places you can be a ticket taker, usher, bellhop, receptionist, attendant,
recreations manager, executive chef, chef, room service personnel, events
manager, baggage porter, general manager, housekeeping personnel, housekeeping
manager, janitor/janitress, gaming host, waiter, food and beverage director,
gaming dealer, bartender, lodging manager and a lot more. Positions are
basically the same; it's just that you all these jobs in a cruise ship.


You can also work in places such as museums or other establishments in which
guides are needed. Positions would include: Docent, Historical Interpreter,
Discovery Guide, Interpreter, Guide, Museum Docent, Science Interpreter, Museum
Guide, Tour Guide or Museum Educator.

Finding Hospitality Management Careers In Miami

If you want to find a really good hospitality management career position, then
Miami is the place to go. There are a number of reasons why Miami is considered
to be a hotspot for this kind of career positions. Other than that, there are
also various institutions that you can find in Miami that offers courses and
training programs in relation to this kind of career.

Why Go For Miami?

Miami is considered to be a vacation paradise. It is a place where hundreds of
hotels and motels alike stand side by side facing the beautiful waters. Every
year, millions of people flock to Miami to experience its colourful nightlife,
pristine beaches and exquisite accommodation services. What does this mean for
someone who wants to pursue hospitality career? -- more job opportunities of

Go Gastronomic

Other than the numerous hotels and motels you can apply in, there are also a
lot of bars and restaurants that you could find a job position in. Miami has a
rich mix of cuisines from all over the world. It doesn't mater whatever kind of
cooking you may specialize in; whether it is American, Chinese, Mexican,
Japanese, Jamaican, French or whatever kind of food, one thing's for sure; you
can find numerous restaurants in Miami that caters your specialty! Thus, you
have more choices of where to apply!


Along with hotels and restaurants, there are also a lot of casinos in Miami. It
doesn't matter what district you are in, for sure there's a casino out there.


Miami is also known for its very lively nightlife. It is home to numerous clubs
that accommodate Miami's party people. If you want a bartending position, then
going to this place would be your best bet. However, competition can be tight
since the best in the field also have Miami as a target.

Big Tippers And Baby Boomers

Miami is also known to have a lot of big tippers roaming around. Since it is a
vacation hotspot, a lot of people from all over the world come here,
particularly the rich ones. Baby boomers or those rich people in retirement are
also considered to be as Miami patrons. Hence, tipping in Miami would be very
lucrative if you would pursue a hospitality career in this place.

Where To Find Positions?

There are various sources where you can find job openings in Miami. One would
be the Internet. You can try searching online and for sure you could find job
openings in various areas. There are also specialized Web sites where they only
post advertisements for employers in the Miami area that have openings.

Local Papers

The news paper is also one good source. However, it would be best to look in
local papers in Miami. In this way there is a much higher probability that you
can find an opening within the area.

Company Web Sites

Company Web sites are also great. Although you may not see their ads up on the
front page of their site, most companies usually have links toward another page
in which they place their job openings. Try to know the different establishments
in Miami and look up their Web sites on the Internet. As you browse through
their page, try to be watchful for small printed links leading to their hiring

Essentials For Starting A Hospitality Career

Hospitality career is one of the most in demand area of profession nowadays.
With the uprising number of recreation and accommodation facilities along with
the heightening number of cruise ships setting on sail, the bigger the need for
hospitality professionals and workers. This is why the field itself is becoming
quite popular too.

If you think you have what it takes to start this kind of career, then here are
the essential things that you need to know in starting out one.

Keeping Your Feet On The Ground

Realistically speaking, if you want to start in this profession, you should
understand that it is not an easy living. Although it does pay pretty well, you
should be ready to work long hours throughout the clock. You should also be
ready to sacrifice your weekends and holidays. Those are the busiest days,
which is why you would be most likely be working.

Additionally, even though a lot of people are pleasant and polite, you should
still be ready to accommodate rude guests with a smile on your face. You should
have an iron will in able to face this career. Definitely, selflessness is a
prerequisite as you see other people have the time of their lives while you
work your way just to please them.

The Perks

However, it is undeniable that this line of job has a lot of perks and
benefits. Of course there's the popular potential for acquiring good tips.
Also, there is a high chance of achieving a high-ranking position, compared to
other careers that seem like eternity before you get promoted. Last but not the
least, this industry is recession-free, meaning it is always lucrative and not
seasonal. If ever you get hold of these perks from this career, then you can be
complacent that you'll have a pretty good future ahead of you.

Are You A People Person?

One of the most important prerequisites would be being a people person. You
should be able to enjoy being among people. It is your job to be friendly,
energetic and adaptable at all times. Remember that this is a
people-service-oriented job. This is why this trait is very important.

Other Handy And Not So Handy Traits

There are also other traits that would come handy such as: great team work
skills, problem-solving skills, and being able to work in a customer-centered
atmosphere. If ever you feel rewarded with your guests' smiles and
satisfaction, then there's a high chance that you would excel in this field. On
the contrary, if you're the type that is reclusive, introverted, reserved, and
love keeping things to yourself while you work in a cubicle with a stress-free
job during typical office-hours, then you are a total misfit for this job.


Since there are various paths to take in this line of work, there are also
different ways for you to get educated and prepared for each path. However,
enrolling for a full-time course is an option and isn't always necessary.

It would be best that you first identify which area you are interested in.
After that, you can enrol for a full time program that is affiliated to a
particular industry. It's important that you make a couple of considerations
before you pick out a program. Considerations usually include: one, your
eligibility and two, your available time.

Do's And Don'ts Of Hospitality Management Application

Although there are a lot of openings in the industry of hospitality management,
applying for a job can still be quite competitive, especially now that a lot of
people are considering making career changes and pursuing this type of
profession. Thus, it is important that you have a cutting edge from the very
start among the rest. This is why your application should be smooth and

For your application to be that way, there are some do's and don'ts that you
should keep in mind during the application period. Here are some of them.

For Online Applications

One do factor that you should remember if you are applying via the Internet is
do be patient. There are times that it seems to take employers ages before they
could reply to your online application. Try to give it a week or so before you
move on.

Also, double checking the Web site of your prospect employer is another do.
This is a must. Try to read the advertisement over and over again. Make sure
that you do not miss on any fine print at the bottom. This is to avoid getting
into any kind of mess before you even send out your application.

Don't apply for the job if the job title matches what you are looking for but
the description does not really match what you have in mind. This would only
cause conflict between you and your employer. It would be even better to apply
for a job that has a different job title but you know that you can perform the
job description pretty well.

For Cover Letters

Do send a cover letter every time you send a CV. It doesn't really matter if
you are responding to an advertisement that you saw or having a speculative
application. It is a must for you to send a cover letter. Not doing so is
considered to be unprofessional in the field. However, do not send a letter if
the advertisement specified that you should not send one.

Do take advantage of your cover letter to sell yourself to your employer. This
letter is an important one and is sometimes the deciding factor on whether you
are going to get an interview or not. Some other do's in making a letter would
be: addressing it to the right person, checking your grammar, spelling and
punctuations, and customizing it by stating the name of the company you are
applying for.

Some of the don'ts include: addressing it to 'Sir/Madam', writing a novel
instead of a short and direct to the point letter, and using long words and
complex jargons just to impress your reader.

For CVs

Don't take your CV for granted. Do take time in preparing for it. This is your
number one marketing tool so that you can sell yourself. You CV should be well
presented. It should also be interesting for your employer to read. Other than
that, it should be easy and quick to read. Last but not the least, it should
contain the truth and nothing but the truth about yourself. Lying in a CV could
get you into really big trouble in the future.

Use your CV to highlight your skills and accomplishments. However it is a big
'Don't' for you to overload it with information. Just include the necessary
ones or the latest information that you think has a big relation to the
position you are applying for.

Do You Think You're Fit For A Job In Hospitality And Tourism?

Having a job in hospitality and tourism is a very rewarding position, not only
financially but also personally. Not only do you get to have a fairly above
average salary, you also get to help people and provide your services so that
others can have a pleasing vacation or accommodation experience.

Getting a position in this field is not as hard as rocket science. It is not as
easy as 1-2-3 either. It would require a lot of effort that comes from the
heart, if not, plastered smile on your face would do. So, do you think you're
fit for something like this? Well, here are some of the things you should think
about to help you decide on whether you're fit for the job or not.

Are You A People Lover?

One requirement for you to work in this kind of career path is that you should
be a people lover. If you are not one, then you should at least love to be
where the people are. Remember, most of the positions in this field would
involve facing people and attending to their needs. If you are scared of the
crowd or even facing one random stranger, then you would definitely have a
rough path ahead of you.

However, there are positions in which you are not required to directly face
people. Nevertheless, if you have this kind of position, you should still keep
in mind that the service you are doing is for your customer's satisfaction.

Can You Stand Being Away From Home?

If you really want to earn big in this field, then you should aim for
international companies. However, if you do, this would most likely entail you
to do some travelling. Working in a cruise ship is one of the most yearned for
dream of most hospitality workers. This is because having a position like that
is considered to be the most comfortable job that you can get.

The catch however is that you would have to travel. At first, this is very
exciting. It would remain exciting if you are up to it. But, if you are the
type of person that can not stand being away from home for a very long time,
then hospitality career may not really be the thing for you. This also applies
if you would be working for airlines and other tourism companies.

Can You Adjust Physically And Mentally?

Another important factor would be the work schedule. It is vital that you are
able to adjust both physically and mentally to the differing working schedules
given to you. Most establishments you would be working in are open 24 hours a
day. This simply means that there is a big probability that you would be
assigned to work in the graveyard shift.

Not to mention that you should also be ready to work during holidays. Remember,
it is during holidays that hotels, resorts, casinos and restaurants are full of
people. For sure, management would require you to work during these days of the
year, since this is when business is booming.

This is most especially true during important holidays such as Christmas. So,
think it over if you can bear spending Christmas at work rather than being with
your family or loved ones.

Choosing Among The Many Hospitality Management Schools

Getting a degree in hospitality management can be a very big advantage on your
part. It can bring you places, literally and symbolically. Having this kind of
training or degree can heighten the probability for you to secure a high
pedestal job that can give you a pretty big salary too.

Since more students and professionals alike are yearning for this kind of
training, a lot of schools have popped up from nowhere and are now offering
such kind of training. Although it can be tempting to just enrol in the first
school you see offering this kind of program, you should learn to hold your
horses down.

Just like when picking a school when you'll be enrolling for any other college
degree, choosing among the many hospitality management schools is also an
important decision that you should not take for granted. There are a lot of
so-called schools nowadays that provide fast programs for this kind of
training. However, such kind of schools are not to be trusted, especially if
the quality of learning and teaching is a pretty important factor for you.

As a guide, here are some of the criteria that you should consider while on the
process of picking out a school that you are going to train in.

The Curriculum

The program's curriculum is a very important factor that you should take into
consideration. This is because sometimes, the curriculum is different from your
expectations. Picking out the best school is a subjective matter. This means
what is best for you may not be the best for others and vice versa. Thus, for a
school to be the best, it should have a curriculum that would closely fit your
own career goals.

So, before you enrol, ask for a copy of the general curriculum. In this way you
can see an overview of what you would be studying. You would also see which of
the many school curriculums in your hand would likely be the one to bring you
closer to your dream job in the future.


You should also see whether the school is situated in a tourist spot
destination. It is also helpful if your school has a pretty strong
representation among major hotels. There is no harm in asking what are the
establishments which your school program is taken from. You should also know
whether leading industry companies are wiling to hire people graduating from
that school.

Is The Program Bogus?

Another factor to weight is whether the program is to be trusted itself. Take
note that there are now a lot of bogus institutions that have come into being
just to take advantage of willing to learn people in this kind of trade. One
way that you can know whether the program is legit or not is through

Accrediting bodies are very much to be trusted; especially, regional
organizations. So, see whether the school you want to enrol in has a regional
accreditation or not. If not, they should at least have a professional
accreditation from various organizations.

Credentials: Are They Fit To Teach?

The best school would always have the best faculty around. So, learn about the
faculty's credentials during your inquiry. See why you should trust them to
teach you what they know about the program at hand. Learn about their
educational attainment and their practical experiences in the industry itself.
The more experienced they are in the field, the better.

Best Ways To Find Hospitality Jobs Online

Hospitality jobs are one of the most popular jobs nowadays. It is a carer in
which there is a big demand for workers, not only in the local market but also
for the international arena. Not only is the industry in demand, it is very
important too. Just think how things would be, if no body is willing to serve
you or take care of your needs when you go on your grand vacation. That
wouldn't be a vacation at all!

The Job

Hospitality jobs are basically jobs that involve the act of giving service to
people. This could be done in a way that you accommodate people in a certain
place and do your best by giving a specific service just to make them feel at
home. In short, you become hospitable. Jobs like chefs, hotel managers,
receptionists, event planners, tour coordinators and hotel staff positions, all
fall into this job category.

Although having a job like this could be pretty hard if you don't have the
heart for it, it could be fun and very rewarding too. The pay in the industry
could be very lucrative. Also, due to the fact that there are a number of
places that you could work in, finding a job is not that hard.

The Hunt

Because of the very promising and secure future of this type of career, a lot
of people go job hunting for hospitality jobs. Other than reading your daily
paper's classified ads section, the Internet is also one good place to do your
search. However, cyberspace could be a very vast place to search in. So, if
you'll be looking online, here are some tips on where it is best to look for
hospitality jobs.

Your Local Paper Goes High Tech

If you want a job that is situated locally, one good option in which you could
look for one would be the Web site of your local paper. Don't worry if you
already have a printed copy of your paper. Sometimes, there are ads that papers
don't include in their publication. There's a big chance that you could find
these ads posted in their Web site.

Job Listings

Another good place to look are job listings. There are a lot of major job
listings online that you could try browsing. To make your search easier, try to
take advantage of these Web site's search box. All you have to do is type in
specific keywords on the position you are looking for and you would
automatically get results. It is best that you search various job listing sites
so that you can have various choices with the results.

Specialized Job Listings

Other than general job listings, there are also specialized ones that are
tailored fit for your needs. So if you are looking for hospitality career
oriented jobs, there are job listings that are only concentrated for
hospitality career positions. You can try looking in major search engines for
Web sites like these. For sure you can find a number of sites that you can look

Company Web Sites

Sometimes companies also post ads on their Web site. However, this could be
tricky because more often than not, they do not place their ads on their main
page. Try reading the small print on the bottom of their main page and see if
you could find a link that leads to a page in which they list their available
job openings. Also, try thinking of various companies that you think you would
want to work in and then visit their Web site.

Best Sources For Hospitality Job Listings

Hospitality careers are in demand everywhere. As globalization continues to
develop, so does the industry of hospitality. This is why the demand for
workers in this field also evolved and has grown tremendously.

If you would want to look for a position in this kind of expertise, then the
best bet you have would be hospitality job listings. There are a number of
sources in which you can find such kind of listings. As a guide, here are some
of them.

The Internet

The Internet is one good source to find job listings. There are basically two
kinds of job listings that you can choose from, if you'll be searching via the
World Wide Web. First there is the generalized job listing and second there is
the specialized job listing

The good thing about going online and searching for jobs is that you get to
access various sources. You also get to check out the companies first before
you even go and apply. Additionally, it has been a trend already that you can
apply via the Internet. All you have to do is send them your resume via email.
They'll contact you if your resume passes or not.

This is a real time saver and money saver! You save both time and money by not
needing to go to the company's office just to give your resume. At least, while
you wait for their response, you can have the liberty to browse other job
offerings from other companies.

Generalized Job Listing

The generalized ones are basically Web sites online that offer free classified
ads for different categories. Thus, not only could you find hospitality
positions but also other fields of work too like education, Internet based
programs, health services and a lot more.

However, you don't have to worry finding the position you like as if it were a
needle in a haystack. Web sites like these are most of the time organized by
categories. They also usually have search boxes, so all you have to do is type
it in and you get the results.

Nevertheless, this kind of source does not guarantee you that they would have
what need; unless if they are a popular Web site and a lot of employers have
posted their ads in the site.

Specialized Listings

These one would be Web sites that are specially made just for hospitality job
searching. Here you could be sure that all the employers posting their ads are
really inclined in the hospitality industry and are really looking for people
who can work with them in the industry. There is a bigger chance for you to
find more offerings in this kind of listing, compared to the general one.

Your News Paper

Although it may seem low-tech, the news paper is still a pretty good and
reliable choice. The classified ads section is also organized and all you have
to do is look for the category of Tourism/Hospitality. However, news paper is
only great if you're looking for a local position around your area. If you want
an international one, the Internet is still the best way to go.

Companies And Recruitment Agencies

Sometimes companies themselves and recruitment agencies post openings; try
browsing through their Web site or visiting their office to see if they have
something posted.

Professional Hospitality Resources For Quick Job Hunting Results

The demand for hospitality workers is evident. However, the biggest mistake
that people in search for jobs in this kind of industry do is look in the wrong
places. If you have been looking for a position in this line of work, yet have
had no successful results until now, then you may be one of those that have
looked in the wrong places.

Here are some of the best professional hospitality resources that you can try
signing up with or browsing so that you can have quick job hunting results.

Google Job Search

Google job search is one good way to find resources with job openings. You do
know that Google has a very effective search engine and the good thing is that
this also applies with their job search feature. You can expect that a lot of
companies have signed-up for this service. Thus, there is a high probability
that you would find whatever position it is that you are looking for. All you
have to do is type it in, press search and Google will do the rest for you.

Yahoo Hot Jobs

If Google ahs job search, it's counterpart in Yahoo would be Hot Jobs. This
feature is much like Job Search. It is also a place where employers could post
job openings. You can also have your resume uploaded on your profile so that
even employers could view it without having you sending it to them. This is one
way for you to get discovered by a company, with less effort on your part.


Craigslist is also a popular job search resource on the Internet. A lot of
employers have been posting openings for different kinds of jobs in different
industries here. All you need to have would be some effort in browsing numerous

However, the ads are categorized by industry anyway. Finding one that fits your
needs is quite easy. They also have a search box feature. All you need to do is
type in the specific position you are looking for and for sure there are
numerous search results waiting for you.

Company Web Sites

If you really want fast results with your job application, then why not try
directly searching in company Web sites? Although you may not find ads posted
on their main Web site, try searching for links leading to subpages in their
site that mainly tackles on hiring and job opportunities.

Most likely they would provide an email address of telephone number that you
can contact if ever you want to apply for a position. If not, you can try
dropping by their main office. If they think your are fit for their job
opening, for sure you would hear from them in no time!

Recruitment Agencies

Sometimes, companies prefer to hire from recruitment agencies, rather than
directly hire people to work from them. This is true if a company is in partner
of a recruitment agency. So, it is recommended that you get the help of
recruitment agencies. However, doing so would mean that you are going to have a
contract with your agency and not exactly your company.

So, if you think that the conditions set by your agency is workable then go
ahead. However, there is still more possibilities of getting advancements,
perks and benefits if you would be directly working with the company.

Basics of Hospitality Management International Work Programs

One good thing about hospitality management is that it can provide you easy
access to the international limelight. You could have the chance to travel and
work virtually almost anywhere in the world, as long as there is a need for the
job. The industry's support for globalization is very much evident with the many
working programs available for you to take.

As long as you're interested in working internationally, there is really no
barrier for you to enrol in one of these programs. However, you should not go
enrolling in whatever program you see posted on advertisements. There are still
some considerations for you to make before you get into any kind of training.

It is important to make these considerations so that you would know whether the
program you are eyeing for is in line with your personal career goals. Here are
some of them.

What Is It That You Want?

First off you should be able to establish your own career objectives or goals.
You should understand that there are different career paths that you can take
in this kind of industry. That is why you must check first the curriculum of
the program you are getting into whether they are in line with what you want to
be doing in the future.

If your personal goal is to supervise a large hotel or have a senior management
position in a well-known company, you would have to look for a program that
offer's a bachelor's degree, since this is required for the kind of job that
you want.

What Happens After The Program?

Next you have to consider the credibility of the Institution you are eyeing
for. Is it located in a tourist destination and does it have a strong
representation for major hotels? What resorts, hotels, and tourist attractions
is your prospected program drawn from? Are graduates from that institution
hired by the leading employers in the industry? Factors like these should be
given some thought on.

What Are Their Credentials?

It is also important to know the credentials of the faculty whom will be
training you in the program. It's also important for you to know their industry
experience, so that you can be sure that what they are teaching you are not just
by the book but also based from extensive experience on the field.

You would most likely encounter faculty in this field that have advanced
degrees in education, business, or other disciplines aside from hospitality and
tourism. This is quite normal as you can't expect all faculties to be sole
graduates of the study itself. In fact, it is considered a plus if the faculty
has a mix of academic achievement along with management-level experience in

How About Accreditation?

You should also check out the accreditation of the program you are getting
into. Is it regionally accredited? By the term 'regional accreditation' this
means being accepted by accrediting bodies which serve 1of 6 geographic regions
of the U.S. It is the responsibility of each accrediting body to serve the
majority of private and public higher education institutions in whatever area
they are assigned to. This kind of accreditation is very important if you plan
on completing a bachelor's degree or acquire some higher education.

However, there are also some other type of accreditation that can be helpful
such as professional accreditations. This kind of accreditation is what other
institutions have.

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