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The Wonders of Hot Tubs

As you may know, there's nothing better than sitting in a hot tub, after a hard
day's work or a long day of driving the kids from one place to the next,
grabbing dinner on the run and ending it near complete exhaustion. No, there is
nothing that can get you physically and mentally relaxed like a long soak in a
hot tub, that's for sure. So what is it about sitting a hot tub that helps take
all of the worries of the day and makes them disappear?

Seriously, it sounds almost magical, doesn't it? Is it the steam from the hot
water that grabs hold of the tension in your body and then floats it all away
that does it? Is it like the feeling you get when you walk into Disney World,
for the first time (or for the first time on one visit) and your eyes get HUGE
when you look down Main Street to Cinderella's Castle and you realize that
you're standing in the most magical place on the planet? It doesn't matter if
you are 5 years old, 60 or 102; that feeling is there and it is a wonder to

The thing is, there aren't any magical answers, there are just tried and true,
scientifically proven reasons as to why, when you step into a hot tub at the
end of a long day, that you are able to release all of the days worries and

All day long we walk around and our bodies are pounded, with each step we take,
by gravity. We wouldn't notice it unless we were concentrating specifically on
the force of gravity and how it affects every step we take; but it's there, and
it is constantly putting a huge amount of pressure on your entire physical self,
every single day. So, what does that have to do with the wonders of a hot tub?
When you sit in a hot tub, your body becomes buoyant and you are relieved of up
to 30% of the natural gravitational pull that stresses your physical self all
day long. As if that weren't enough, because we could all spend a couple of
minutes in a swimming pool for that effect, but there's more to a hot tub's

As you submerge your tired old self into the hot water, your body naturally
begins to warm and warmth brings about relaxation. It all happens because your
blood flow is in high gear, while your veins and capillaries are also in a
relaxed, not tense, state of being. So, it all works like this; blood does the
flowing, your heart works better, and you are not being driven to the ground by
100% force. Is that all there is to it? Well, basically yeah, that's the tip of
the ice berg and the basic understanding of why, after a day spent totally on
the hamsters wheel, all it takes is a soak in a hot tub to completely
rejuvenate the body and mind. Amazing, isn't it?

What You Need To Know About A Home Hot Tub

First, you need to know that the purchase of a hot tub will be worth more to
you than you'll ever know and if used properly will allow for more benefits to
your family than you can even imagine.

Safety is the very first point to be made. Because of the risk of drowning in a
hot tub, if you are going to have one, you must invest in a locking cover.
Children cannot fall into a hot tub is there is a locking cover on it. A cover
will also do two more things; it will keep the debris that is in the air,
whether the hot tub is indoors or outdoors and will lengthen the life of the
filters but it can also act as a heat-keeper of sorts. By placing a cover on
the hot tub when it is not in use, in many cases, the heat will not be able to
escape and it will be much easier to maintain a balance in the water

Hot tubs of today are much more energy efficient than they have been over the
past 30 years and what used to take a sizeable amount of money to keep heated
and operating now takes a fraction of that cost. The other option for heating a
hot tub is in the solar powered models. Because these tubs are heated by the
sun's own power, the use of electricity is not needed and will not impact your
energy bills whatsoever.

Hot tubs are self-contained and once they have been filled with water, they
will reuse that same water until it is drained and refilled. That being said,
it is important to keep the water clean in your hot tub. Water is pulled
through a drain and then is processed through a filter and eventually makes its
way back into the tub. Therefore, filters are very important to this process and
must be maintained regularly and it is even suggested to physically remove
filters and wash them off with a hose until they are clean on a weekly basis.
If the filter doesn't seem to be getting clean, there are filter cleaners that
can be used, but with the weekly maintenance, that should not be needed.
Filters do wear out eventually and a complete filter change every three to six
months should keep your hot tub clean.

Along with the filters doing their job to keep things clean, a hot tub owner
must understand that there are always particles that will end up in the tub, no
matter how clean you are, and if not treated, they can cause harm. So, what do
you do about them? The hot tub will need a chemical treatment that will consist
of chlorine tablets and an anti-foaming agent that is important for the extended
use of your hot tub. If you live in an area where the water is considered hard,
it is best to add an anti-scaling chemical which will help prevent the build up
of calcium deposits that could permanently stain your hot tub.

Buying A Hot Tub

The thought of buying a hot tub is both, exciting and terrifying, at the same
time. How do you know what to choose? What is the best material for your tub to
be made from, what about hydrotherapy jets, are they worth the extra cost? How
tough is the maintenance of owning your own hot tub? What color should you
pick? It may seem to be as difficult as buying a car, but rest assured, it is
not that difficult at all, and here are some tips to keep in mind to make the
process of buying a hot tub, easier for you.

First decide on the size of the hot tub you're looking for. How big is the
space where the hot tub will be put? How many people do you intend to
accommodate with your hot tub? Are you looking for an intimate, two person
maximum or are you thinking more along the lines of the Roman baths and the
more the merrier? Once you have determined the size you're interested in, next,
move on to the price.

There are hot tubs out there for $1000.00 all the way up to $10,000.00 and
everything in between! How much money are you thinking of spending? What can
you afford? It's very easy to get lost in what you think you can afford and
what you really can so be extra careful. If the hot tub is not something you
can pay for without financing it, it's probably too much; and you will need to
look for a lower priced model. Be realistic about the whole process because it
would be much worse to have to give the hot tub up once you have had it for a
while than never having had it in the first place.

What material should you go with? Tubs today are made from two materials in
most cases; wood or fiberglass reinforced plastic. When tubs are made from wood
they are usually made from hard woods like, Cedar, Redwood or Teak which are all
capable of handling the presence and effects of water well and these are more
traditional-looking, if that is what you are looking for. Plastic tubs are
lighter, they tend to leak less than their wooden counterparts and more often
are able to have more comfortable seating and seating options.

All hot tubs need maintenance, but the hot tubs of today are being made more
efficiently than ever and the upkeep is nothing like it was 30 years ago. There
are chemicals that will need to be added, shock treatments to keep your water
clear, filters that should be washed weekly and replaced every 3-4 months.

The purchase of a hot tub can seem daunting but in the end, the benefits of
your purchase will far out weigh any concerns you may have now. Get educated.
Know what you're looking for BEFORE going into a dealership and don't get
talked into something you can't afford!

In no time at all, you'll wonder how you ever lived without a hot tub in your

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Over the past few years it has become evident that the health professionals
endorse the use of hot tubs and spas as a way of healing the body.

When you think about how we all came into the world, we started in water, and
it makes sense that by having a place to relax in water at a perfect
temperature, how beneficial that could be (and is).

Americans today are much more contentious about their health and have come to
stand by their health care professional's opinions about the healing benefits
of sitting in a hot tub or spa. Whether you are looking for a way to enhance
your physical body or your peace-of-mind, the way to go is in a hot tub.

The heart is designed to pump blood in response to our body's demands or
requests. The heart has to work a lot less when the body's temperature is
elevated (not too much) and are in a state of buoyancy. You can relieve your
body weight by 20% when in a tub or pool up to your neck in water. Just the
effects of the natural gravitational pull that are lessened by doing this is
well worth looking into if you are pursuing optimal health.

While relaxing in a hot tub, the health benefits are numerous; and include the
simple fact that when you are immersed in water up to your neck the volume of
blood in your chest cavity and even in your heart will increase and that's the
best thing you can do for your circulation system. More of the health benefits
that can be gained by regular immersion in a hot tub include benefits to your
pulmonary, musculoskeletal, renal and endocrine systems.

By your heart pumping in the conditions of a relaxing hot tub and the fact that
you are not putting all of your body's weight in stress, these benefits will be
a great advantage for any owner of a hot tub or spa. While your heart's ability
to pump blood goes up, and your heart rate is enjoying a bit of a slow down,
your cardiovascular system can become more efficient right along with every
other working system of the body.

There are almost too many health benefits to mention that will be enjoyed by
the hot tub user that naming them all would take up too much time but here are
a few more health benefits; water has always been known to soothe pain away, it
can (and will) loosen up cramped muscles, sitting in the water up to your neck
you will also have the added benefit of having the vapors from the steam
entering your nose and possibly loosening up any congestion that is going on
within. One of the most beneficial ways regular hot tub or spa use can help is
with sleep.

How many nights have you spent, churning up inside over any and every little
thing and the more you try to sleep, the more wide awake you get? When you step
out of a hot tub, you feel naturally relaxed and drowsy and all you need next is
your pillow and a blanket in order to enjoy a good night's rest.

De-Stress with A Hot Tub

If you are an American adult, you have stress. It's everywhere, all around us;
whether it's the boardroom, the classroom, or the weekly volunteering you do at
the city museum, no matter where you are in life, you have stress.

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes and for most of us, the options of
dealing with our stress comes in the form of unhealthy choices; drinking,
smoking, eating, and so on. How can we address our stress without bringing any
of the questionable forms of relaxation into the mix, too? A hot tub will do
the trick and you can reap the benefits of de-stressing in a hot tub by using
it just a few times a week for 15-20 minutes.

It makes you wonder why every American home doesn't come with a hot tub built
right in. With the way the popularity of the hot tub is increasing and the need
for us to have a way to de-stress is always an issue, I wouldn't be surprised if
we were to start seeing just that happen, homes will be built with the hot tub
all ready to go when the owner moves in!

The medical communities have addressed the issue of everyday stress and the
harm it can do to if it is not taken seriously and dealt with. It is widely
recommended for a portion of the day, if it were to be spent in a relaxing
and/or meditative manner, that the benefits will be amazing to the individual.
Just getting into a hot tub can do the work of de-stressing for just about
anyone and the great relief in being able to let go of some of the everyday
stress is priceless.

What makes the idea of de-stressing with a hot tub and not just some quiet time
is that when you sit in a hot tub, your blood is able to move more freely in
your expanded veins and capillaries and your body is no longer being affected
by 100% gravitational pull. The fact that your body is able to have a buoyant
affect can take up to 30% of the pressure you carry around all day when you are
not in a buoyant state that adds stress to your physical body all the time.

There are hot tubs that come with lounging chairs and are equipped with jets to
blow water and air at any of your ailing parts that need the attention. Any
number of hot tubs can be specifically and personally equipped to address any
areas of your body that are particularly stressed. For some people it is their
neck and back. There are hot tubs with just that de-stressing component in
stalled; where the jets that are going to do the work on those parts of your
body are custom-fit for a specific seat in the hot tub.

Maybe the issue you have is that the bottoms of your feet are achy at the end
of the day. There are hot tubs that have the jets directly on the floor where
you would sit upright and feel their healing power. No matter where stress
takes its toll, a hot tub will help the de-stressing process.

Hot Tub Options

If you've been considering the purchase of a hot tub or spa, you may be
surprised to find out how many different options are available to you. As the
medical community continues to acknowledge the many health benefits that a
person can achieve with a 15-20 minute soak, the popularity of these has
continued to climb. As the popularity climbs, so do the options for the type of
hot tub you may purchase, no matter where your price range may be.

In the past hot tubs were not just of a limited variety, but they were
considered an extravagance that only the rich and famous could afford.
Fortunately for us today, the prices have become very reasonable and the
options that these units come in will accommodate any taste and/or price range
that is needed.

When they first hit the market, hot tubs were either built into the ground,
usually with a swimming pool or they were enormous, bulky items that you really
needed a lot of room in order for it to fit into your home or on your deck.
Today there are options that you may not even be aware of because at one time,
the average American just could not afford the expense of the unit itself, and
the increase in their electric bill along with the care and maintenance was too
far out of reach.

Today the options for hot tubs is enormous and they range from size to style to
how much room you need to accommodate it! It is still popular to include a spa
when having a built in swimming pool installed on your property and with the
different designs and ornate decorations that can be added to make the area
unique, the sky is truly, the limit.

Hot tubs, which are different from spas, because they are free-standing units
are available in the traditional, wooden paneled tub, there are fiberglass
options, there are portable hot tubs, kits you can get in order to build the
hot tub yourself and there are even solar hot tubs for those of you who are
contentious about the environment and concerned about what a hot tub will do to
your electric bill.

Portable hot tubs are all the rage with people who have a summer place, even if
its at a camp ground, these tubs are made of an inflatable material that when
rolled out, can be blown up and can be a source of relaxation no matter where
you might be. This is a great option if you're concerned about the unit taking
up too much room, if it were set up as a permanent fixture in your home.

Kits can be ordered online and although the companies themselves will usually
just supply the patterns and a list of supplies that will be needed, there are
other companies in their association where all of the materials can be ordered
and shipped right to your house.

No matter what option you are looking for in the purchase of a hot tub, there
is a manufacturer out there who can and will make it for you.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Owning a hot tub is a lot more fun when it's been maintained and cleaned
properly; where all you see upon gazing into its water is your clear
reflection. There are steps to be taken that are not too difficult, that if
followed, will keep your hot tub in good working order for many years.

One of the first pieces of advice to be offered is this: have a back up supply
of everything you may need to keep your hot tub well maintained and healthy.
There are sometimes when you'll need to add chemicals or shock the water that
if you were out of the supply, you may not be able to get to a dealership, and
will have to forfeit a soak in the tub.

Starter kits come with a new hot tub to get you started as soon as the water is
in and heated up. These kits will contain chlorine or bromine, which come in the
form of tablets or granules, a pH balancer and an anti-foam agent. These kits
will allow you to get your hot tub up and running but there is more to it when
keeping up with hot tub maintenance.

Thinking about a "shock treatment" when describing how it fits in with a hot
tub may sound counter-productive and even dangerous but rest assured, if you
have a hot tub, a shock treatment is a must-have. No matter how diligent you
are about keeping your hot tub cleaned, everyone gets a little side-tracked
every once in a while, and when your cleaning schedule is a little off, it will
lead to a build-up of organic materials in the water. When you encounter the
effects of material build-up, you will be thankful to have one or two shock
treatments on hand, because by adding these will usually clear up any problems
immediately. Again, I stress having one or two on hand at all times, so you
don't have to post-pone a relaxing time in the hot tub because you need to run
out to the store for the shock treatment products.

One of the most important qualities to an enjoyable time in the hot tub is to
be sure that your water quality is always at the clearest possible. There are
sparkling agents and anti-scaling chemical treatments that can be added to your
hot tub with regular maintenance that will keep the water crystal clear. If you
can add this chemical as a normal hot tub maintenance feature, you will enjoy
crystal clear water and always be a step or two ahead of the hard water calcium
build up that can turn even the cleanest water cloudy.

Finally, when addressing hot tub maintenance to promote healthy clear water,
clean the filter cartridge often, even if it is just by removing the cartridge
and hosing it down with a garden hose; by doing this you will cut down on the
maintenance needed to run an efficient hot tub. Hot tub maintenance would not
be complete without some understanding of the need to completely drain the hot
tub every three to four months.

What To NOT Bring To A Hot Tub

If you've been paying attention at all over the past few years, somewhere along
the line you must have heard about the wonderful health benefits that accompany
time spent in a hot tub. There are benefits that are for those who suffer from
arthritis, obesity, and people with balance problems due to a stroke and so on.
As much as it sounds like anything goes in a hot tub there are certain things
that should never find their way into the tub because of its ability to ruin
any benefits you may be experiencing.

The first item is not something that should NEVER be brought into a hot tub but
it is something that should be monitored and restricted and that is alcohol.
When someone sits in a hot tub and consumes alcohol, as they sweat their sweat
is replaced not with water but with alcohol and the effects can be devastating
if they are not paid close attention to. Numerous accidents have been
documented because people were in a hot tub, stayed in longer than recommended,
drank alcohol and passed out. Passing out or falling asleep in a hot tub is not
as hard as you may think; in fact it's quite easy and if you drift off to sleep
while relaxing in a hot tub, it's in your best interest to have a clear head if
this kind of thing happens.

If you are going to have some alcohol in the hot tub do yourself a huge favor
and don't use glass. Use plastic cups and it will save a lot of anguish and
headache if it were to fall and break. At least with a plastic cup there won't
be shards to worry about.

This point may sound like a no-brainer but it is worth saying and that is it is
not advisable to have any type of electronics near the hot tub. Let's face it,
electricity and water do not mix well and there could be fatal consequences if
something that was plugged in fell into the water. Avoid the tragedy all
together and only use batter operated items, if at all.

It is another big fat mess if you bring one other common item and mix it with a
hot tub, especially one with hydrotherapy jets; bubble bath. It only takes a few
spoonfuls to cause a serious overflow of the bubbly and it can wreak havoc long
after it has been cleaned up. Bubble bath on wood makes for a very slick
surface and a slick surface near water could pose a danger with little effort.
Because of the design of an above ground hot tub, there may be hard edges that
could cause quite a bit of damage if someone were to slip and fall into them.

In order to be able to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub soak it is important to
know what NOT to bring into the tub and why they are dangerous. Don't learn the
hard way.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub

If you own a hot tub, you know the great benefits it can afford anyone who
happens to use it, you know what it cost, and now you need to know how to
properly care for it. One study by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals,
found that an overwhelming 77% of hot tub and spa owners believe that cleaning
and maintaining of their unit was easy.

With just a few steps, your hot tub can last for years, and any effort to keep
it around for a few more years is worth any time that is needed to assure the
longevity of your hot tub.

If you have a hot tub from a few years back, or one that is new but made of
wood, the most important thing you can do to stretch its life longer is to
spend time, once a year, refinishing the wood surfaces. If you live in a
climate with varying temperatures and weather patterns, you probably already
know how much damage can be done to wood, when it is left unprotected. The
skirt which covers the outside of your hot tub is no different and a quick trip
for some supplies to your home improvements store will be well worth the effort
when you tub lasts for years, and still looks good, too.

One part that is common in every hot tub is the filter and that should be
cleaned with a hose every three to four months. It will normally just need the
water from the hose, but if you find that it's not coming very clean, there are
filter cleaning solutions that you can use that will take care of that for you.

Another feature on a hot tub that needs your attention is the safety cover. An
inspection each month of the cover will ensure that you are aware of any wear
and tear that may need to be addressed, which is a big safety issue, especially
if there are children around. The other maintenance required of the safety cover
is to be sure to wash it down, at least, once a month. Again, the longer your
hot tub lasts, the more you'll get out of it and by these few ideas of cleaning
and maintenance, you can be sure that it will be around for a long time.

As far as draining and refilling the hot tub itself, the best advice is to be
sure to read any directions that come with the unit and/or talk to the dealer
where you purchased the product, they will always provide important information
that should be read over or followed, pertaining to the re-filling of the hot
tub. Depending on the size of the hot tub and how diligent you are about
keeping the chemicals balanced will also play into the time frame of when to
drain and refill the tub.

It's imperative to remember to perform a quick water test before each use of
the hot tub, and to have on hand the supplies you may need to balance and most
manufacturers recommend using some kind of sanitizing or chlorine tablets once
a week. That will keep everyone safe who is enjoying the hot tub and is one
more small way you can stretch out the lifetime of this great resource!

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Maybe it's because we are living in smaller homes and apartments and we can't
afford the space to accommodate the area a hot tub would require, or maybe we
just like to be able to travel and bring our luxury items with us, no matter
what the reason, the idea of an inflatable hot tub was born.

Inflatable hot tubs come in just about every size to allow you to choose one
that will always afford the room you'll need for the number of people who will
be enjoying their time in it. If you are planning for the hot tub to mainly
hold up to two people, then a smaller size will work just fine, but if you're
thinking of using the hot tub for bigger events where more than 2 or 9 people
will need the space, they have inflatable hot tubs just for that purpose, too.

Let's say you own a summer place on a lake in New Hampshire that you visit
every weekend but you don't keep the house open all year round? An inflatable
hot tub could be an option to investigate because it can be set up early in the
season, even if it's still a little chilly in the mornings and nights and at the
end of the season it can conveniently be deflated and stored away until the
following year's season begins. This is a benefit because all during the off
season there will be no need for the expense in electricity that is needed to
continuously heat the water and there is also no need for the monthly
maintenance that is recommended for hot tubs.

Because these inflatable hot tubs are to be set up and taken down as en as
needed, they are made out of a very durable material that can withstand being
placed right on the ground without there needing to be a platform or other
construction built.

One caution would be to consider that there will be a certain amount of wear
and tear on an inflatable hot tub that there wouldn't be on a permanent model
and that just the process of putting it up and taking it down will cause its
own stresses, find a material that is heavy duty and built to last. The
inflatable tubs that are being manufactured today are almost all made from a
military-endorsed material that is reinforced to last; just make sure that the
hot tub you choose comes with a warranty. There are so many more things that
can go wrong with an inflatable hot tub that it's best to be prepared rather
than to be caught without protection of your purchase and a damaged hot tub in
your possession.

It is an amazing fact that there are such things as portable, inflatable hot
tubs that we are able to enjoy today and no matter what your concern; whether
it is about the space you have allotted for the hot tub or if you are thinking
of bringing it with you when you travel, the inflatable, portable hot tub is a
great option to have!

Hot Tubs for Hydrotherapy

If you've ever experience chronic pain or arthritis or any number of ailments,
you may not know that one of the best healing properties available to us today,
is the ability to sit in warm water, up to our neck for 15-20 minutes a day.

It's amazing the number of medical benefits you can get from one hot tub; by
sitting in a hot tub with air and water blowing jets you can relieve tension
from almost every part of your body.

Being able to recline in a molded seat that is equipped with jets that are
focused on your sore spots, whether it's the back of your neck, or your lower
back or calves, you will be able to find relief with a hot tub. The very nature
of sitting in water, with its buoyancy affect takes an incredible amount of
gravitational pressure that is with you when you are not submerged in warm
water. Sometimes the pressure lifted can equal up to 30% of your body's weight,
or weight mass, and there is so much more that can be done under these

The ability for people who suffer from arthritis are able to get some exercise
while in a hot tub, people who have problems with balance are much more likely
to be able to move around in water in a hot tub and hot tubs for hydrotherapy
have even been used in centers that treat people who are the victims of burns.

Isn't it astounding to think of the relaxing in warm water could be so healing?
This understanding, of water being a healer, goes back to Ancient Egypt who
would encourage people to bathe in the warm waters and they even went a step
further and added essential oils to further enhance the promotion of relaxation.

During the Roman Empire the big thing to do to relax was to partake in the
public baths and you could even combine some business with your relaxation time
as the Roman baths were viewed as a social environment rather than a means of
good hygiene.

Hot tubs for hydrotherapy are more than just warm waters, they are fitted with
jets that will, with the use of air and water, soothe tired muscles, massage
muscles that are tense and they can be strategically placed to concentrate on
any body area that is necessary.

Are you looking for a reason to purchase a hot tub for hydrotherapy? It's a
smart choice because of the money you can save by not needing to go to a rehab
for your exercises, or to a hospital, but is something you can treat yourself
to any time of the day or night. The benefits of hot tubs with hydrotherapy far
out weigh any cost because you can't put a price on your good health, not to
mention your mental health as well, which is greatly improved when your
physical body is feeling well.

The bottom line is this, you can't go wrong if you're looking for a hot tub and
why not equip it with the hydrotherapy jets, it'll only get better.

Hot Tub Safety Tips

If you are going to own a hot tub there are certain safety tips that should be
taught to yourself or anyone who intends to use the hot tub.

The very first item, as far as safety goes, is to never let a child near the
hot tub without adult supervision. It is the first point of critical knowledge
that is needed for hot tub safety. Even if you know the child to be an Olympic
swimmer, please, do not ever, for any amount of time, leave the child alone
within the area of the hot tub, it's just too dangerous and preventable to take
the risk.

Drowning, like in any pools or bodies of water, are the number one causes of
fatalities in regards to hot tubs. Because the effects of a hot tub are to
induce relaxation, awareness of how long a person should stay in the tub is
important to mention. Too many times there have been people, even adults, who
have relaxed to the point of falling asleep and drowning as a result. Always
keep in mind that the effects of soaking in the hot tub and the benefits they
bring can also cause dizziness, light-headedness and sometimes confusion so it
is best to be aware of these possible side effects whenever you or someone new
comes into your hot tub.

Two of the most dangerous problems with hot tubs are these: body part
entrapment and hair entanglement. When a drain is working properly, its
function is to suction the water from the bottom of the pool and circulate it
through the heating units and back into the hot tub. Because these drains can
be powerful, it is worth noting that there have been instances where a body
part has become sucked into the drain, which has caused the person to be held
under water. As you may know, if a drain is partially blocked, it will work
extra hard (producing more suction) in order to get the job done and this just
endangers someone who may not be aware of it. It is best if there can be two
drains working together so if one becomes blocked, it will allow the other to
pick up the slack and there will be a much less chance of causing a part of
someone's body to become entrapped in the drain.

The other safety issue is hair entanglement. This is particularly dangerous
when someone with long hair falls asleep or becomes too relaxed to untangle
themselves quickly enough and the end result is usually drowning because their
hair has caused their head to be held under water for too long. One safety
measure that can be helpful in this type of situation is being aware of the
emergency cut-off switch is located and responding immediately to turn the
power of the drains off, in order to allow the hair to become untangled.

It really doesn't take much more than good common sense to keep everyone safe
in a hot tub but it does require some understanding of what can go wrong; and
what to do if it does.

Upgrading your Hot Tub

Most hot tubs are built to last for a long time, so why would you want to
upgrade to a newer model? There are many reasons and the first is the advances
that are made each year a new model comes out in regards to the ease of
operating the system.

In the same manner of thinking, every year improvements are made on the
effectiveness of the massaging jets and if you're already in a hot tub and
enjoy the benefits of massaging jets, can you imagine how much better your
experience will be with the updated/upgraded options?

There is always the reason for changing your hot tub because you've changed
your lifestyle or your decorating style has changed. There is no reason to have
a gorgeous room that is modern-looking and beautiful only to have an
out-of-date, out-of-style hot tub lurking in the corner. The hot tub addition
to a room should always be to enhance the room, no detract from it. Meaning
that if your style has changed, why not change your hot tub in order to
continue the improvements?

Each year when the newer models are unveiled, an improvement that is worth
thinking about trading up for is the ease of the maintenance for your hot tub.
Where hot tubs of 30 years ago were mainly made of wood, they were much more
difficult to keep clean and if you didn't refinish the wood yearly, they would
eventually just rot because of the exposure to the elements and the exposure to
the chemicals that keep a hot tub clean and clear.

Probably the best reason for upgrading your hot tub is that when the new models
come out, there is almost always a form of energy savings and efficiency that
has been addressed and improved. If you're finding that as the years pass it is
costing more and more to keep the hot tub at a maintained temperature then it is
definitely time to investigate the cost savings to compare to the upgrade cost
and determine if the upgrade makes the most sense.

This article is not to suggest that each year there is a new and improved hot
tub model that you should go out and buy a new one, that's silly and it would
be like trying to keep up with computer technology so that you are always
guaranteed to have the latest and greatest computer on the market. There really
is no way to keep up but with a hot tub, they do last years and if you find you
are putting more money into its repairs than you should be, maybe it's time to

Also know that most dealers offer a trade-in deal where they will remove your
old hot tub and you don't have to worry about its disposal. It is a good way
for you to feel less guilty about trading up when you don't have to be
responsible for what to do with the old tub. You really can't go wrong by
upgrading your hot tub every ten or so years.

How A Hot Tub Can Add To Family Community

As far back as the Ancient Romans people would gather in public bath houses for
social or business opportunities. Bath houses were a place where you could get
together with friends in a relaxing atmosphere and in addition to the social
interaction with comrades; you would be able to reap the benefits that are
afforded when relaxing in a hot tub, full of warm water. You can't help but
enjoy the health benefits when spending time in a hot tub because you can't
make your blood NOT flow more easily, no matter what you do, the steam will
still help your sinuses clear up and you will, no matter what, enjoy some level
of relaxation.

Why wouldn't you want this same kind of interaction with the people that you
love the most? Can you imagine the conversations and sharing you could enjoy
with the time you sit in a hot tub with your loved ones? If that kind of family
time is repeated it will allow for even the most tight-lipped family member to
open up and share. I know because that's what happened to me. Hanging around in
the hot tub on Friday nights with the family got my two teens, 14 and 15, to be
able to talk about things they wouldn't normally because of the level of

There are a million family-oriented games that can be enjoyed in a hot tub,
too. Maybe those games won't involve a game board and moving pieces, but they
can test your intelligence and allow you to remain sharp by thinking on your
feet (or your seat).

With younger children, a fun game to play when together is; "I'm Thinking of
Someone Special." The rest of the family must as yes or no questions until one
person can name, by name, the person they're thinking of. These are fun because
often younger children only really know their teachers and close family and it
brings about a sense of, "that person is special to me." We all know that
having people who are special to you often means there are people out there who
you are special to as well.

Older children can embark on word association games like my kids play when
they're at a restaurant with their dad, his girlfriend and her two children.
The idea of this game is to say one word and the next person has to somehow say
a word that relates to the word the person before said. When my children taught
me they didn't allow proper nouns, so names and places were not counted,
and saying one meant you were out for the next round. But you could also rhyme
a word if you couldn't come up with a word that could be associated with it. I
will say, that saved me from being kicked out of the game many times!

If you're looking for a good excuse to purchase a hot tub, keep in mind that
these are very socially-oriented tools and can really bring about positive
communication within your family.

The Ultimate Extravagate Hot Tub

Imagine that you are awarded an amount of money that would afford you all of
the luxuries the world has to offer; now think about what you would do about
designing a hot tub/spa area.

Just for kicks, what extravagant options would you build into this dream of a
hot tub? There are so many options available today by manufacturers that your
choices are nearly limitless. Would you go with an in-ground model or one with
a deck?

The designing of a hot tub always begins with one question: How am I going to
use it? Who will be spending time in it? How many people do I expect at any one
time and would like the room for? Okay, so you figure you'll treat yourself to
the biggest hot tub around, which can hold up to 10 people! You equip the unit
with as many massaging jets as possible, a few reclining seats, a few where you
sit straight up where there are jets that force air and water up from the bottom
of the hot tub to do one job; keep your feet happy.

Do you need to build a structure to house this extravagant hot tub? Will you
have the walls without any obstruction so the air can move freely right through
it? Will you have walls and doors and windows for that extra privacy? Again, the
choices are unbelievable right now, for the options available to the hot tub
buyer and/or owner.

One of my favorite options that are available for today's extravagant hot tubs
is the use of light and LED screens. There are waterfalls that are built into
the unit that are lighted with color changing features that can change colors
with the rhythm of the music, if you'd like. Some of these high end,
extravagant hot tubs come with stereo systems and surround sound that most of
us don't have in our homes.

What about movies? Is it a dream for you, like it is for me to be able to enjoy
the benefits of a hot tub while watching a movie? It may be a movie you've seen
a thousand times, or for the first time. There could even be a TV attachment,
where you can watch your favorite programs and relax in the hot tub at the same

One of my favorite options is the one where there is a remote control device,
so you can check and adjust the temperature of the outdoor hot tub before going
out into the inclement weather. Picture it; you're in your warm fire-place
heated cabin in the mountains and there is snow on the ground. Earlier in the
day you cleared a path from the back door to the hot tub and you decide it's
time to hit the hot tub for a little relaxation. Do you walk out, through the
snow, hoping that temperature will be warm enough in the tub that you can just
get right into it?

What if you walk outside, in a bathrobe and warm slippers only to find that the
heater isn't working and you need to get back indoors as quickly as possible?
That kind of thing never has to happen with the most extravagant hot tubs; just
rely on your remote control to check the temp ahead of time, make heating
adjustments if needed and head out for an experience like no other, by sitting
under the stars, on a snowy night, enjoying your hot tub.

The Medical Community And Hot Tubs

It doesn't take much investigation to be able to come to the conclusion that
the medical community is all in favor of the healing properties that are
brought up by the simple activity of relaxing in a hot tub.

It's not just about relaxing, either, because there are athletes and trainers
who have been using the whirlpool effect with hot water to soothe athletes for

How many times have you seen the nightly news only to see a story about an
athlete who is feeling sore in a specific area and we can see him in the
background, sitting next to a big aluminum-looking tub with whatever is ailing
him submerged in the water? Coaches and trainers have known for years what the
medical community is just now advocating; by allowing submersion in hot water,
a healing can occur. No medications, no drugs, no shots, just some hot water.
Go figure.

Aren't we just amazed by what professional athletes put their bodies through?
Watch one game on Monday night football to gain a respect of what those guys
put themselves through for the sake of the game, that's all you'll need to
start to understand that if they find a healing property in hot water, why
shouldn't we?

I remember the movie North Dallas Forty from many years ago which is about the
Dallas Cowboys' football team. I remember a scene where the camera angle was as
close to the real thing of being in the place of the player and for just a few
moments, as the audience, could experience what it must be like to play that
game as a pro. It was incredible! Men weighing more than 200 pounds, wearing
cleats on their feet were actually stepping on one another to get that
football, it was painful to watch. Immediately after the game, it did not show
the players at a bar, enjoying a beer together or at home with their families.
What we saw was probably a lot more like the reality of players; they were
bandaged up, moaning because of their sore muscles and they were neck high in a
hot tub because they knew, without a doubt, that by sitting in hot water they
could reap some of the benefits of healing without the need for drugs.

Maybe I read too much into the movie, but the point is, the trainers and
coaches of great athletes have been using the hot tub-method for healing for
centuries and it is today, in the 21st Century that the medical community has
hopped on board and backed the findings that sitting in a hot tub will help to
heal sore muscles.

Today the medical community is using the idea of hot tubs for healing for all
kinds of medical problems; people with diabetes have been known to reduce their
blood sugar with a consistent use of a hot tub, people who have suffered a
stroke have been able to have that almost-normal feeling they had before their
stroke when they are in a hot tub.

Maybe it has taken a long time for the medical community to endorse the use of
hot tubs for healing, but the bottom line is they have come to the conclusion
and that's progress.

Hot Tub Gazebos

Having a hot tub in your back yard, or on a deck, is no longer the luxury that
only the wealthiest of people could afford. Today, hot tubs come in so many
shapes and sizes that it is feasible that all kinds of incomes could afford one.

When you have a hot tub out in the yard you are also afforded the option of
building a gazebo to add beauty and functionality to the hot tub experience.

Having a gazebo to enhance the beauty of the hot tub is another option that is
no longer something for the wealthy. There are many different types of gazebos
and they can be built for little money, by the owner or they can be ordered and
specialized for more cost. No matter which option is chosen, a gazebo for your
hot tub will only make the experience of soaking in it more enjoyable.

What types of hot tub gazebos are there? Some gazebos come with the idea of an
open-air experience. They are built with the roof and the supporting sides, but
the openings are left bare to allow for the breeze to make an impression. These
gazebos are less likely to be enough for those who are looking for more privacy
in their hot tub space but there is always the option of hanging some kind of
curtain when privacy is required.

How about the hot tub owner who is in close proximity to neighbors or a busy
street? If that is the case, there are designs of hot tub gazebos that have
screens, blinds, shutters and other options for the feeling of privacy. One
idea for lighting if one of the enclosed hot tub gazebos is preferred is to
fill the inside of the roof with tiny Christmas lights and it will simulate the
night sky. Or there are many other lighting options that will bring a sense of
customization that can be offered from built in lighting, where the lighting is
built into the ceiling and the support walls. Maybe you are more interested in
the candlelight effect? There are ways to custom build shelves that will allow
you to place decorative candles that will keep them within a safe range, where
they will not catch fire.

Today there are hot tub gazebos that have incredible stereo systems and they
can have the entire system built into the structure itself, or they can have
wireless speakers that are connected to the home's stereo system, where there
isn't a fear of having any electrical items too close to the tub itself.

Some companies offer the option of having a custom gazebo built and in that
case you could sit down with a designer, or architect, and design whatever you
choose for the enclosure of your hot tub. These custom-designs have a great
selling-point and that is; no matter how outrageous you want your hot tub
gazebo to be, if you have the imagination, it can be built. Close your eyes and
dream up anything, and it can be achieved.

Help for Arthritis Sufferers in Hot Tubs

If you've ever experienced the pain of arthritis or have had to watch someone
you know and love suffer with it you will be pleased to know the Arthritis
Foundation highly recommends the healing properties of hot tubs for its
afflicted. People with arthritis have a very difficult time moving and by being
submerged in warm water, they are alleviated of some of their discomfort and are
even able to get the unimaginable done; they are able to exercise with little

As always, with any new activity, if you are an arthritis sufferer and would
like to start enjoying the hot tub, please first check with a physician before
you begin.

When your doctor has said its okay for you to begin exercising in a hot tub,
start off by allowing your body to warm up for several minutes before starting
any exercises. This is one of those miracle uses of the hot tub for people with
arthritis because not only will they be able to get some exercising in, they
will be able to gain muscle by doing so.

It is extremely important to take things slowly when exercising in a hot tub
for several reasons; one is because you can strain muscles if you are not
properly warmed up before starting, two is the fact that it is possible to over
exert yourself in a hot tub by doing too much or doing it for too long to where
you become lightheaded and dizzy. Getting to that point won't help any
exercising, and it can be detrimental to your over-all health. The third reason
to take things slowly happens after you have exercised, keep in mind that now
that your muscles have been stretched and worked, it is important to keep them
warm for several minutes before getting out of the hot tub to allow your
muscles to relax before hitting the cooler air.

For the person who suffers with arthritis, the mere fact that they are able to
move with less discomfort in a hot tub or even a swimming pool is nothing shy
of miraculous. Those with arthritis are in constant pain and a lot of it has to
do with the simple fact that there is a gravitational pull to the earth we live
on and that is greatly alleviated if they are submerged in water. Warm water is
an added benefit because it will also cause the blood vessels to dilate, which
will allow for more blood and oxygen to flow to muscles and skin not to mention
the heart.

But it is an activity that if not followed and practiced properly could bring
on more problems than were there before. So if you are thinking about getting
some exercise in a hot tub where your arthritis will be lessened, don't forget
to talk to your doctor first and follow the guidelines that have been presented
in order to take the best care of you. A little warm water exercising will go a
long way on the road to better health.

Hot Tub Luxury

Remember the days when hot tubs were a commodity only the wealthy could afford?
Hot tubs sold today are different; you may still have all the bells and whistles
for a hot tub, but offered today are entry-level pricing that will allow all of
the medicinal benefits of its high end counterpart.

Take for instance the number of jets that are installed in a hot tub; more jets
is equal to more bubbles and more bubbles, whether an actual physical benefit or
not, just makes you feel better!

Luxurious hot tubs can consist of molded lounge seats, equipped with jets that
are strategically placed right on the areas you may have pain or where you
accumulate tension. Sitting in warm water, up to your neck, in a lounging
position, being massaged by perfectly placed jets is nothing shy of luxury at
its best. Within the same hot tub there may be seats that allow you to sit up
straight with jets pulsating at your neck and lower back and another luxury
option could be the jets that come straight from the bottom of the hot tub and
massage your feet. Reflexology is the term used that believes that all of the
points of your feet and hands affect another part of your body; and also, when
massaged on the hands and feet, will produce the relaxation effect to the
designated area. Hot tub manufacturers have taken this slice of luxury into
account when creating the seating and jet position of their hot tubs.

The luxury of hot tubs only begins with its jets; there are models today that
come equipped with such frills as a self-draining ice bucket, in order to hold
the bottle of champagne chilled while you enjoy the water. There are molded cup
holders for the other seats that are designed into your hot tub unit, to
accommodate anyone else enjoying the time with you.

I need to mention two cautions when advocating the above luxuries; it is not a
good idea to consume alcoholic beverages while soaking in a hot tub, in fact,
it's a really dangerous idea because the benefit of a hot tub on your physical
body allows for your blood to flow to increase and if alcohol is consumed, it
will have a faster affect and it may be a little too much. Anytime a beverage
is being served in a hot tub, please, make sure it is not in a glass container
but one made of plastic. This will ensure you and your guests will be safe from
broken glass in the hot tub and the only way to remedy broken glass in your hot
tub is to drain it completely and clean it out.

Luxury in a hot tub can even be the lighting that can be custom designed; there
are waterfalls and hot tubs that allow for aromatherapy. All in all no matter
what you pay for a hot tub and whether or not you have all the bells and
whistles; by just having one, you will be enjoying luxury every time you step
into it's healing warm waters.

Hot Tub Improvements Over The Years

Hot tubs have come a long way in 30 years. What was once limited in size and
shape has now become able to fit with every taste and sense of decor? Long gone
are the days of a small tub with a wooden skirt and a round shape and in have
come sizes and shapes of all the imagination can conjure up.

One practical obstacle that has been taken care of is the easy access to get to
the filters. These used to be more difficult to get to and as a result were less
likely to be cleaned, but now, because of the improvements made to the more
recent model hot tubs, these filters have easy access and will afford for a
much easier maintenance of the filters. When the filters are not hosed off on a
regular basis they get clogged and the water coming back into the hot tub will
be dirty.

There is a vast array of colors and styles to choose from today, too. Tub
interiors can be blue, white, maroon, pink brown or gray and the outside of the
tub can be made with a material that contains microbiological agents that will
not allow harmful bacteria to adhere to it, keeping your hot tub much more safe
and germ free. The outside skirts of a hot tub have almost completely changed
from wood to a plastic simulated wood that is more durable than its predecessor
and requires little to no maintenance.

Another improvement to the hot tubs manufactured today are the fact that each
one can be customized to fit the individual's specific needs without much work.
There is the number of seats to select, the seating configuration, the number of
jets that will accompany each seat. In some cases a seat can be specifically
molded to accommodate one person, where it is designed especially for that
person and the jets are all strategically placed in order to offer the best in
comfort and relaxation.

Today there are solar-heated hot tubs that can really cut back on the cost and
energy it may take to keep a hot tub temperature regulated and steady. For some
people, just the fact that there is a green or eco-friendly option makes the hot
tub more attractive to them. This is a definite improvement over the hot tub
designs of 30 years ago.

There are some models that have the capacity to hold aromatherapy essential
oils and while relaxing in the warmth of the hot tub a person can add to that
relaxation with the scent of lavender, ylang ylang or sandalwood. Adding
aromatherapy to a hot tub will simply enhance the effect.

There are bells and whistles that can be added today to hot tubs that were
never dreamed of 30 years ago; there are units that have their own,
self-contained stereo system with surround sound, and others offer TVs, VCR
and/or DVD players. My personal favorite embellishment for today's hot tub is
the addition of a waterfall and/or the use of color-changing lights.

Solar Heated Hot Tubs

Some people are concerned about the strain and cost they will encounter on
their electric utility if they were to purchase a hot tub. Ingenious creators,
eco-friendly, friends of the planet have come up with an option that will give
you all of the amenities that a hot tub will afford you and they've made it so
the tub is heated by solar power, not from a plug!

The first thing to consider when you're looking into purchasing a solar-heated
hot tub is understand that this is a unit that will need to be outdoors. If
your idea of the perfect hot tub setting is in a room of your home, there is
likely to be an absence of sunlight that you will need to heat your tub. That
said; the other consideration is the area where you live. If you live in a
region that sees little sunlight then the solar-heated hot tub is not something
that would work.

Let's say you live in an area that will sufficiently accommodate the
solar-heated hot tub and you are comfortable with the idea of having it outside
of the house, what next? Do you fill the hot tub and wait for the sunlight to
heat it up? What about when the sun goes down, what happens to the heat that
has accumulated during the daylight hours?

It is recommended that instead of having to wait for the sun to come out in
order to enjoy a hot temperature of water, there are types of solar heat
equipment that will allow you to store the heat that is solar generated in
order to be used later when it is time to enjoy the benefits of the hot tub
itself. It may appear to be an expense that is not worth it and it is an
up-front expense, but the pay off is that by having the solar heated unit; you
will never have to plug it in and further drain those resources. In the end,
the cost saving measures that a solar heated hot tub will allow, far out weigh
the need for electrical energy or propane gas.

Solar heated hot tubs, like their electric and propane powered counterparts
will always benefit from the use of a safety cover that is designed to contain
the heat generated, rather than having to waste time and money waiting for the
water to heat up itself.

If you are considering an eco-friendly option for a hot tub, the solar heated
hot tub is where you want to look. Keeping in mind that it will need to be
outside, that indoors is not an option; you live in a region that is sunny
enough to properly heat up the hot tub and you know ahead of time that there is
the possibility of the cost for the solar heater, by all means, go solar. Know
that you'll be able to reap the benefits of the use of a hot tub and you will
be doing your part in the effort to protect the environment.

Child Safety in Hot Tubs

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a child play in water. Hot tubs
are especially attractive to children because of their depth, which is usually
not as deep as the swimming pool and because of the warm temperature. But there
are dangers when children and hot tubs are mixed and there isn't a clue as to
what may happen if precautions are not followed.

First child safety tip in regards to a hot tub is to not allow access to any
child to the water, especially in the absence of adult supervision. How is that
achieved? That safety precaution is kept by having a lockable hot tub cover that
will not allow a child access to the water.

No matter what, under any circumstances, should a child be left alone near a
hot tub, if a phone rings and you need to answer it, take the child, too. There
isn't any reason for a child to be near a hot tub without adult supervision and
many potentially fatal accidents have been prevented by the attention of an

It is important to keep the temperature of a hot tub in mind if child safety is
an issue. While most adults can tolerate high temperatures, children are less
likely to because among other things, their skin is thinner than that of an
adult. With thinner skin, a child is more likely to become over-heated, which
can cause dizziness and light-headedness, which can lead to drowning. Children
should not stay in a hot tub, with a temperature more than 104 degrees than
five minutes or so. Again, this is where adult supervision comes in because a
child will not know what is happening to them if they become disoriented as a
result of prolonged time in a hot tub; and they may not be able to communicate
that they are feeling over-heated or nauseous. As an adult, the monitoring of a
child is entirely up to you, no excuses.

The environment in which we enjoy hot tubs can also be a breeding ground for
all kinds of bacteria and if not treated, can cause serious illness. If there
is any child with an open wound, they should not enter the hot tub, in their
own best interest. If a child is too young to tell someone that they need to go
to the bathroom, or if they are still in a diaper, they should not, under any
circumstances be allowed in a hot tub. Any fecal matter in the moist, warm
environment of a hot tub is a dangerous mixture and can cause many, many
illnesses. Be safe with this one by keeping the pH levels balanced and having
the proper chemicals on hand, if they are needed.

Because children are more susceptible to germs and have not been around long
enough to have produced the antibodies it takes to fight some infections, it is
imperative that their safety and the safety of those around them, not be
compromised by not adhering to the point that children not yet able to express
the need to use the bathroom be put in a hot tub, where they may cause fecal
matter to be introduced to the atmosphere.

How To Benefit From A Hot Tub

If you're considering the purchase of a hot tub, and you're looking for some
really good reasons as to why to do it, listen up.

If you are an average American with all of our average problems and some not so
average, you could cope with them on a steady basis with just the time spent in
a hot tub. That just sounds too easy, doesn't it? Well, it actually is that
easy. No matter what you are facing during your day; corporate takeovers, the
PTA, way too much Math homework, you can benefit from a few minutes a day in a
hot tub.

Hot tubs have always been used for relaxing and it has always been rumored to
have some kind of medicinal properties. These miraculous findings date back as
far as the Ancient Egyptians. We have proof that the Roman Empire encouraged
the use of its public bath houses, in much the same way. So how does someone in
today's American world benefit from the age old idea of sitting in warm water
for a few minutes everyday, and how does that work in our favor?

More than 70% of Americans believe that they have an over abundance of stress
in their lives and even more than that complain of some kind of physical pain
that is with them on a regular basis. If they were all to spend up to 30
minutes a day, up to their necks in hot water, like in a hot tub, the benefits
of that time in the hot tub would do more for them than any other remedy.

Most Americans are under the belief that if they have an ache or pain, there is
a medication that will take it away for them. What's wrong with that thinking?
All you would need to do is a little research on the percentage of Americans
who have become addicted to pain medication to understand what's wrong with
that thinking. The thing is this; taking medication is not a horrible thing and
there are instances when medication is the only option. The point is, maybe, if
before reaching for a pill, we spent the time it will take to sit in a hot tub
and possibly reach the same conclusion and outcome. Is it because we are lazy?

I don't know for sure but I do know that there are so many ailments that can be
addressed by the simple use of a hot tub that it should be at least, given a
shot. Not only could a hot tub soak heal aches and pains, but maybe the
continued exercise could bring about real healing. When we take a pill, our
symptoms seem to go away, but they only return once the drugs have worn off.
How beneficial could it be for all of us that instead of popping a pill, we sat
in some hot water and healed the way the Ancient Egyptians and Romans did?

It sounds too simple to some, but I really think it's worth the chance.

How Can A hot Tub Help You Sleep?

Maybe you never thought of the good it can do for you to soak in a hot tub for
15 or so minutes before you're ready for bed. Well, the fact is, just that
simple activity can bring on a good, deep night's sleep. A night's sleep that
is so good that when you wake up you're not still exhausted, you actually feel
rested and rejuvenated.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that soaking in hot water, like you find
in a hot tub or spa, before you head off to bed can ease the transition into a
deeper, more fulfilling sleep.

If a person has pain of some sort, whether its mild to severe there is an
anxiety that goes along with that that will often interfere with someone's
sleep causing them to still feel like they didn't get enough sleep. By soaking
in a hot tub for a half an hour or so before bed time will help alleviate the
pain and if the pain is gone, so is the anxiety; and if the anxiety is gone
there is an opportunity for a good night's sleep. In order to heal from pain
and to even attempt any pain management, there is one basic necessity; sleep.
Without rest and sleep it is very difficult to have any grip on pain
management, without the use of drugs.

Medically, it is believed that physical health and mental health are
intertwined and there is a good shot at mental health if a person's physical
health is in good shape.

This whole idea of all of the aspects of our lives having an impact on one
another sounds almost like, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" And
like that age-old riddle the most important thing to understand is that one
affects the other which affects the other. Which is more important to keep
healthy? The answer is simply having an understanding of how all of these
aspects of our lives affect one another has got us a step ahead of the game and
that's the best place to be when it comes to our overall health.

Good sleep will work wonders for the rest of your healthy life and a way to get
good sleep is to soak in a hot tub for up to 30 minutes before going off to bed.
When you have a good night's sleep your body is able to rejuvenate and
eventually heal it and that will bring about a healthy state of mind. A healthy
state of mind will keep the physical body in tune and able to sleep fully and
peacefully in keeping with the whole cycle.

It doesn't really matter which came first, "the chicken or the egg?" What
matters is that all of the cycle affects the rest of the cycle and on and on
and if that means soaking in a hot top for a few minutes a night to allow your
body to get the rest it needs, then so be it. Not a big price to pay, huh?

The Evolution of the Hot Tub

There was a time when owning a hot tub was something the average American
family could only dream of. The cost to purchase one and the cost of
maintaining and cleaning it was just too much for anyone except the rich and
famous; not to mention the cost in electricity to run it!

Somewhere along the way there began to be a murmur about the wonderful health
benefits that people who were using their hot tubs on a regular basis were
achieving that the medical community began to take notice. Their findings were
nothing shy of a paradigm shift in the ways people could heal. The possibility
that allowed patients to have medical benefits without necessarily the use of
medication, were almost hard to believe, but patients were showing signs of
physical improvement from simply soaking in a hot tub.

Once this information became common knowledge, a new, improved, affordable
option became something that many more families could enjoy. From then on, more
and more manufacturers were coming up with ways for the average American family
to be able to have their own hot tubs, without the extraordinary purchase cost.
They were even improved upon the cost of running a hot tub, and the maintenance
came down considerably in price, too.

Today there are so many options when it comes to buying a hot tub that more and
more people who could not afford them a few years back are now able to reap the
benefits of a soak in a hot tub.

There are hot tubs available today that will accommodate two people or ten. The
hot tub designs have become unique, too, and they are not a one-size-fits-all
option but they can be customized to blend into the decor-style of the
individual buyer. There are options for color, material it's made from, whether
it runs on electrical power or solar power, and so on. People can even opt to
have customized enclosures built which range from the bare minimums of a roof
and support beams up to something that will resemble what a Zen garden would
look like right up to an oasis of anything the imagination can conjure up.

There is no doubt that the people who are able to invest in a hot tub and spend
15-20 minutes a day simply relaxing in it will not only enjoy themselves but
will be able to enjoy the health benefits a hot tub can afford.

With the evolution of the hot tub, gone are the days when only a small
percentage of people could afford them and we are now all able to afford the
purchase cost and the cost it used to take to operate a hot tub has gone down
drastically, too. There are models that are made to be energy-saving and the
extra stretch on the electric utility may be no more than a $20.00 increase.
Not a bad price for what you can get from it.

What began its life as a luxury for only a small percentage has come full
circle and has seen its price accommodate whoever will benefit from its healing

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